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14 Year Old Sleeps So Deeply He Wets The Bed

by Suzie


My son who is almost 14 has wet the bed since day 1. We have determined over the years it is caused by his sleep disorder. My son immediately goes into that 4th stage of sleep the second he falls asleep, I believed called REM.

It is so difficult, nearly impossible, to wake him up. My husband and I take him to the bathroom at least once in the middle of the
night and let me tell you its scary. He never remembers any of it and is totally asleep the entire time.

Besides the bed wetting, the deep sleep scares me tremendously. I am not kidding when I say a train horn could go off and it would not wake him, which means smoke or security alarms would not make a dent.

I am nervous any time at night if he is home alone that he will fall asleep and god forbid if something like a fire or break in were to occur. The bed wetting is extremely hard on my son and keeps him from staying the night at friends' houses, going on trips my husband or I won't be there on, etc.

We are very good about letting him talk about it only if he wants and the last thing we would ever do is tease him about it! Shame on those parents! We are all very discouraged as we all thought he would have grown out of it by now.

We have done the pills prescribed by his doctor that are supposed to help your body slow down the production of urine. We started with 2 as prescribed and it did seem to help for a short time.

Then before u know it doc said to take 4-5 since he was getting immuned. That's when my husband and I decided to just take him 1-2 times a night and no more meds. Now we only use meds for occasional trips or sleep overs.

Please someone HELP!!! Is anyone going through the same thing or have similar experiences? We are out of options at this point any help would be great!!!!!

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May 04, 2016
My son is 13 and does this also!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 13 and he also seems to do this. I am at my wits end with him. I have constantly thought he had some sort of sleep disorder. He sleeps so deeply he cannot be woken at night, he wets the bed nearly every night, unless he takes ADHD medication during the day, and then he still wets the bed at times. I had to remove him from his adhd medication now (for one I don't think he truly has adhd and for two it was making him extremely aggressive). I just don't know what to do. He is exhausted by 9 p.m., he talks in his sleep and yells, we could walk him around town and he would never know. Was your son actually diagnosed with a sleep disorder, and if so what was it?

Jun 01, 2016
Deep sleeper NEW
by: Melissa

My son is almost 18 and still sleeps this deeply. Did anyone get any answers other than he's just a deep sleeper?

Jan 24, 2017
Something to consider NEW
by: Mark

I used to wet the bed when i was a primary schooler.
My mum took me to a clinic where i was assessed and loaned a small sheet with wires in it and a loud alarm box.
The sheet looked like a denser version of a car rear window heater and went under the bed sheet and under where i was most likely to pee.
When i pee'd on the sheet, the alarm sounded and woke me up. And so i learnt to respond to it by quickly stopping my pee.

In this day and age, i wonder if the alarm could be connected to an under-pillow, vibrating unit, as offered to deaf people in place of an audible alarm.

Jan 23, 2018
My 13 year old son has this problem NEW
by: Mel

I know that this thread may be a little old by now but I just decided to browse for answers to this same problem with my son. I was also a bedwetter until 12 years old, and my parents tried everything including the alarm but I never even heard it go off. My son is the same way, I have a special alarm for him and my daughter who also sleeps hard but no where near how my son does, that could wake the whole neighborhood but he won't move a muscle. I have to physically shake him and call him for long periods just to get him to come out of it. He has even fallen out of bed before and never stirred. It is so scary and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten any answers because I plan to take him to see his doctor soon.

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