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Can't Move, Can't Talk, Can't SCREAM...Im Scared To Sleep!

by Meghan

My Name is Meghan. I have been experiencing episodes that I now think I can link to sleep paralysis. I have yet to figure out if I'm actually dreaming or awake. I feel like I'm awake, but I want to rationalize it by calling it a dream. I am unable to move, scream or talk. I feel pressure on me, and I absolutely can't move.

I am currently living in the dorms at school, and have experienced this about 3-4 times since I moved in. I can recall a few experiences that happened when I was living at home as well. Overall it has happened frequently over the past 3 weeks.

Today it happened, and I couldn't move, I tried very hard to break through the "force" and was slowly able to move my fingers/hands and eventually opened my eyes. I felt like as soon as that happened, I fell right back into the paralysis, and then eventually became unfrozen. What's weird is the fact that I feel like I'm going through hell while experiencing this, but I wake up feeling totally fine. It scares me not to be able to move, I am trying so hard to open my eyes, and yell for my roommate, or pound on the wall...only to have no success. I'm afraid to sleep now, and don't know what to do differently.

Kevin: Hey Meghan, thanks so much for sharing this. You give such a perfect description of what sleep paralysis usually feels like. And now that you're experiencing episodes with some frequency, you should try to learn about why sleep paralysis happens, if you don't already know. Understanding that it's the result of a very natural process and is rather common (most people will experience at least one episode at some time during their life) is the best tool to defend against the fear and anxiety that can rise up while you are in the middle of an episode, as you describe.

Another thing that may help with this is reading about the sleep paralysis experience of others. A lot of visitors write in to this site about sleep paralysis, and learning about how they deal with their episodes or realizing that you're not alone in it can definitely be of some value.

Also, have you had the chance to talk to your roommate or any other friends about this yet? Sometimes being able to chat and laugh about it with the people who you will be seeing soon after you have any episodes can be really comforting. Anyway, just some thoughts. Thanks for sharing again, and feel free to write any more follow-up thoughts using the "Post Comments" link below :)


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Nov 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

dont be scared this i that your soul has left ur body possibly becose u are abusing ur body drink drugs sum times u can see a gohst aka ur sprit on ur bed u must stop this by relaxing and chill out just close ur eyes and guide ur spirit bak in you and u wil b fine the more u try to move or scream the longer it takes... the more u talk about this te more it may happen to those hu keep reeding about it i bert i happens more so dont fink about it if it happens tell it to f off

Nov 08, 2010
by: Kevin Morton

I would caution the last poster against stories of superstition and solutions of ignorance. You are right to emphasize relaxation, but incorrect in your rationale. I would encourage you to follow the links I included in my response above to find out scientifically why sleep paralysis occurs, because it is quite capable of being explained objectively through observation.

Dec 07, 2010
cant move or scream!
by: Davis

I've had this feeling about 5 or 6 times. I tried to fall asleep n I feel myself slipping away, almost like I'm fainting. I get to a point where I fell all weird in my brain, than I just slip away, into a state of paralysis. I can't move or scream. I hear things around me but I can't react. I made an appt with my neurologist to make sure. From what I read. Its exactly how I felt. I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing ur stories, and I'm lookin frwd to see what my doctor says. Wish me luck.

Jan 27, 2011
by: Charlotte

This happens to me were I can't open my eyes or scream for help, do you get vision or when it's happening do you know it's happening to you. Every time it happens to me I know what's happening but I just can't seem to open my eyes or move no matter how much I try, is this what happens to you.

Jan 27, 2011
messed up
by: Mariah

I hear ya, happens to me so often, I will fall asleep then its like im awake because I can hear whats really going on around me but I cant move, talk or open my eyes. last night was different though I actually felt a body beside me that wrapped their arms around me and started to squeeze and I couldnt breath, couldnt scream, couldnt open my eyes, couldnt move. then my sister came into my room and I snapped out of it gasping. sucks

Feb 19, 2011
Don't be scared!
by: Anonymous

I understand everything people are saying about this subject. What I do is I think about the name Jesus because you are not able to speak; once I do this that feeling leaves!

Feb 21, 2011
: )
by: Anonymous

Hi Megan,

You should be glad to know that you're not alone in this. There are many of us who experience the same circumstances. And of course, that includes me as well. I've been getting SP since i was (approximatively) 9. As a kid, i initially assumed it really was a visit from the devil. I cried every time i got it. I got it too often to the point that i chose to sleep with my parents! And also too often that for some reasons i could feel it coming(up to now)! However, as i grew up (and tend to get less superstitious), curiosity hit me and was very sure that there was a scientific explanation behind this. Hence, i came through SP. There are a lot of information about SP (for example;causes,prevention,etc.) that you can gain through the net. I advise you to browse through them. So once again, don't worry and don't be scared.

Ps*Do get some sleep!

Mar 26, 2011
cant move
by: Anonymous

Everytime that happens to me I move my lips or try to lick my lips. After I do I can move again.
It works for me all the time.

Apr 03, 2011
your soo right
by: Anonymous

this happens to me too.. i feel ytraped and i wake up choking

Apr 04, 2011
this just happened to me!
by: Anonymous

This happened last night to me, I really dont know if I was dreaming it or awake I feel like I was awake. My boyfriend was next to me and I couldn't move to get him to wake up to get his attention I wanted to scream but I couldn't it only lasted a few mins but it was terrifying!

will it happen again to me?

Apr 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

This happens to me,, it happend to me a few times before and i was soo scared!! it happened lastnight aswell but it was soo weird dis tym,, :/ it happend first which im used of but then again i think like 3tymz,every tym it did it i woke up with my heart racing like mad, and i was really scared,soo glad to hear im not alone in dis,lol :-)

May 06, 2011
and this too shall pass
by: Anonymous

happened to me recently and this thing tried to have sex with had on one occasion but since ive been cleansing and having a better/closer relationship with GOD - I pray to Him and the spirit leaves immediately. I now know what to do and Im ok - I dont fear the the spirit anymore.

May 15, 2011
Cant move a body part
by: Anonymous

Ah i have been experiencing this for past year & a half...i think its something thats out of science's reach....

May 18, 2011
Second time now...
by: Airman

Im glad im not alone, this morning the same thing happend to me as well and this is the second time. I don't understand why, Im just glad that im not making this up, its really hard to comprehend.

Jun 07, 2011
Night terrors
by: Al3x146

Well I have this problem alot, but when it happens to me, I can't move talk yell or anything. It also feels like I'm being watched and a billion things are racing through my mind all at once. And, right before I awaken, I see a very horrifying face like from the excorsist. It hasn't happened to me in over a week. One of the scariest parts though is that my ears roar really loudly like if gun shots were just shot off to the right. I'm 13 and this has been happening to me since I was 12 or so and when I asked my doctor about this problem so called sleep paralysis, he said it's just basically night terrors. He also said that this problem usually fades away as you get older so I'm not really worried. I hope my story and imformation helped some of you and good luck.

Jun 16, 2011
same here
by: Anonymous

this happens to me on occasion but its only when im drifting into sleep but im still barely awake. About a week ago i heard loud screaming and i was staring at the celing and i was trying to move but couldnt. i usually hear conversations with voices ive never heard in my life. I always get really scared everytime it happens. I found out that if i play music until i sleep it doesnt happen. It only happens when its dead silent in my room.

Jun 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Well I'm here to tell you that you are not alone on this I just got out in the state in being in sleep paralysis I. Kid you not, and yes trust me it feels bad but it eventually wears off, a good way to react to it is move around like for example move your fingers arms and head it works for me :), this may sound funny but I kicked out of a sleeping paralysis I don't know how I did it but I just gave it all I got and boom I freed myself, don't be afraid to talk about it share amongst your close friends and faily you are not alone on this god bless you and take care!:)

Jul 16, 2011
need help
by: jessica

I have been having this for a long time, I am 33 and it started when i was 28. I am frozen cant talk, yell or move. I pray when it happens. I can feel bad things around me, i hear this swooshing sound above me. But last night I was just mad about it, so during the episode I said the F word. I think i have had enough, I said F you to whatever it was and then I felt this instant warm feeling on my neck( like if you put ice hot on) there was pressure and this warm burning feeling( not fire burn, but very warm) it scared me so much. I got up after to see if I had marks on my neck. Thank god I saw no marks. I have been reading about sleep paralysis, but if thats what I have then why all the sudden when i get mad does my neck feel that. Really need some answers, anyone else have this happen. Please help.

Aug 01, 2011
What can I do?
by: Bethany

When I was little I used to have a recurring dream where I could hear my house being robbed, I would walk out of my bedroom to walk down the stairs to tell my mum and dad but when I reached the stairs I froze, I could not scream or move and I would be terrified. I can't remember when the dreams stopped, but now I am 22 and live in a new house with my family, over the past few months I have been having night terrors and not sleeping well, but last night was different, I couldn't sleep until around 6am and when I did I felt like I was awake and could feel something or someone in my room, I felt literally frozen, like some sort of forcefield I couldn't get past, I was screaming into my pillow and at the top of my lungs but no sound would come out, as if I didn't have it in me. It felt so real as if I was screaming for my mum and trying to drag myself out but nothing. When I finally came to, I ran down to my mums room in a panic, feeling stupid now as I am 22. It was only 6.50am and yet I felt like it was happening for ages. Should I see my doctor? Bethany

Aug 04, 2011
5th time in 3days
by: Anonymous

I patiently read everyone's comment here, im glad im not alone, its happening to me too, i observe things alot, i think we guys are connected somehow, im trying to figure somethings out. I assumed some possible cause of this episodes
1. Too many porn movies or masturbation(i masturbated alot within few days that this things happened to me)

2. Moving into a new house(we just moved to this new house, )

3. Stressing out your body and not sleeping enough to supplement it,

4. Or often times when you are dozing off you try to wake up maybe bcos you are watching movie or studying for exams, now when you really want to sleep you tried waking up again then you are too weak to do so.

5. Not saying your night prayers

Aug 13, 2011
here is a solution
by: Anonymous

say the name jesus continuasly and it will go away thats what i do when it happen to me. one time it happen and i left my bed and went to my brothers. Then all of a sudden i felt someone punch me in the gut. My body even moved on the bed i was wide awake eyes open and the feeling of being held down had stoped but yet that happen.

Aug 17, 2011
First time I've ever felt this.
by: Becca. Female, 16.

I patiently read everyones comments. and it made me feel great. Anyway, this morning, about an hour ago. I was laying on my side with my right hand on top of my left hand, in my bed, facing the wall. I was laying on top of my comforter. I remember being barely awake. then I fell asleep and about 10min later, I woke up. and couldn't move, talk, speak. I was barely breathing. My eyes were open. But, it felt like they were moving In different directions. I felt as if, I wasn't myself. I felt like I was being watched. And, as soon as i realized what was going on, my breathing became very faint. I was panicking. So, in order to break out, I relaxed & closed my eyes. Less than a minute later, I woke up & literally jumped outta my bed. With tears in my eyes. Now, the only person in my family that has experienced this is my older brother. That I know of. I am a little scared to go to sleep. But, God didn't give us the spirit of fear. But, of power,love&a sound mind. :-) peace.

Aug 18, 2011
scary day dream
by: rosy

i am going through same problem from last 3 months continuously. m 26 . m very very upset as it is increasing day by day. it always happens when i sleep in the morning. m wonder it never happened in the night. when it happened i feel like somebody try to rape me or somebody wants me to follow his/her orders.even sometimes i can hear stupid sounds. it is really very scary. i just want to get out of it i cant tolerate it m very stressed because of this

Aug 18, 2011
its possible to fight it
by: Anonymous

hi my name is joe and i have experienced this too on numerous occasions. It feels as if i am constantly falling in my attack and i cant open my eyes either or move or scream i get this crazy chill over my entire body as if someone or something is really evil but never seen anything just heard voices calling my name one time. So sometimes when i am really tired i can feel it starting to happen the best thing to do in my opinoin to prevent it from happening is when i get that feeling i keep my eyes open and try to move right away and it goes away but it is hard to do but you can achieve it all the time just what ever you do dont let it get the best of you. Try to move as soon as it starts and dont close your eyes. I hope this helps anyone who goes through this like so many others of us who experience this.

Aug 22, 2011
by: Chris

Last night I woke up about 2.30 as I woke up I was like half asleep I could see this man only for about five secs I tried to move but I was just Pinned to the bed the only thing I could move was my eyes I tried to call help but all I could do was moan like a sound of a cave man I think it lasted about a minute but the night before the same thing happend to my sister :/ I have asked the guys at work and they have had the same thing happen to them some say it's the soal coming out of your body and if you have a bad dream but your just awake in it but I think it's just that your body is so deeply relaxed but your brain is active and you think about all the things that has happend that's maybe why you can't move or talk because you need your muscles to talk but who knows ay??

Aug 27, 2011
oh man
by: muffy

this happened to me this morning, i thought i was losing my mind, good to see im not the only one this happened to, couldnt move or yell or anything, i thought this was some paranormal activity type ish. thanks

Aug 28, 2011
Me too
by: dmack

i feel and understand everyone's comments. my only this is that i feel as if i will die if i do not fight the feeling..if i just let it go it feels as if i will die keep fighting

Aug 30, 2011
It just happened to me.
by: Anonymous

Reading other's comments, I think my experiences wasn't so bad. It ALMOST became frightening, as I started seeing weird black things and I was home alone. But I just shut my eyes and try to chill, and just concentrate my body to work. I just believed that it was just some symptom, and even if there were some sprite bugging me, heck, I am alive and its' not. I got it out from it very fast, I think about from 2 min to 1 min only. The trick of it is to relax, relax, relax, and DONT FREAK OUT. if you freak out you will just frighten yourself and it will only get worse, I tried moving my fingers and feet, but it was harder to do so, so I just try to move my face muscle and head. once you can move, you will just come out of it fine. After I woke up I did few research on it, and it totally normal to have these experience and there is just no need to panic. It's just your brain and body not in sync and half dreaming :)

Aug 31, 2011
Scary Dream
by: Jon from TX

I've had similar dreams in the past with the exact same problems described. Only, mine differ in a way that has yet to be matched or similarly claimed. In my dreams, when i'm in the paralyzed state, it is because of another person; that is, another person is forcing this upon me. Unlike other commenters previously, I'm never alone when this event takes place. Another difference I find with other cases is that mine don't seem to be linked to sleep deprivation at all. My most recent instance, tonight, couldn't possibly be due to sleep deprivation considering the fact that I've been getting more sleep than usual this entire summer. No school means more time to sleep. Any college student can verify this. But over all, I find these dreams a complete mystery and a terrible inconvenience. If anyone can explain or help, I would really appreciate some help and answers.

Sep 08, 2011
this should help
by: luke

when ever this happens to you a good thing to do is to hold your breath. this will shock your body awake in a matter of seconds. this works for me so i thought i should share it.

Sep 09, 2011
Guess Im not alone!!
by: Anonymous

Wow didn't know this happens to so many people, including me. This has happened quite a few times, this time I decided to read up on it. I always just want to scream but cant, I feel like I can twitch, but can't fully move, today I saw a figure to my right & I saw smoke & I swear I saw someone walking, thought it was my nephew.....but I know a name that gets me out of this everytime &that name is Jesus. I do believe that this is happening in the spiritual realm, I will just have to ask Jesus when I get to heaven :-)

Sep 10, 2011
Sleep Paralysis
by: Liz

I have eventually got myself awake from sleep paralysis not so long ago as in tonight,it terrifies me,when i go to sleep i leave my hall light on as i have had it many times before,not that it stops it happening when it does.It has happened twice tonight within 6hrs of sleep(.I sleep on my side always)Same one both times tonight.It's like there is a man behind me in my bed&its exactly as my room is,it isn't in another place.I feel his force against me but not in a sexual way.He won't let me get out of bed or move.I don't know why i know it's a man in the dream/nightmare but it is.I was trying so hard to shout on my mum(i live alone most of the time as my son works away from home.It comes out as mumbles&i really believe the mumbles of me trying to shout on her are real&that i can hear then as i feel awake but can't move,he won't let me.

Sep 10, 2011
Feel worse now
by: Liz

I just submitted my comment minutes ago&i feel worse now after reading some of them because of the words demons ect being mentioned,im evn more afraid to try&sleep again

Sep 11, 2011
Sleep Paralysis
by: Anonymous

My Mom had same problems as you describe ... Please
read Narcolepsy under SLEEP DISORDERS... After years of doctors visits she was properly diagnose
with Narcolepsy.. Medicine did help .

Sep 16, 2011
similar experience last night
by: san

im Muslim and feel glad to know that all cultures are experiencing it, never in my life until last night have i had such strange paranormal experience, i could not move and did not know if i was dreaming and visioning this because my eyes were opening and both close and i was still visioning this black figure on my ironing board// but the only problem was i cud not see the whole figure and my body froze and i didn't know what to do but in my head i said " Allah (God) Help me" and honestly what i said was "ah ouzu bilaheeminshaytwa nirajeem" -i seek refuge from the satan .. this also means i seek refuge from anything evil and i was able to move again... being religious i felt it was something evil and by knowing its there is better than not knowing at all.

Sep 21, 2011
Just remain calm
by: Anonymous

This happens to me so often now that i can always tell when its about to happen, but sometimes i just want to sleep so bad i just let it happen and except the fact that i cant move, but that is only because i may be in a comfortable position so i dont mind it. However, when when i do try to fight it, i try to move just as hard as possible move whatever i can untill i break free. It freaked me out when it first happened, but ive learned that when this does happen to you, just remain calm dont freak out cuz thats what makes it worse, and just move whatever body part you can as much as possible, nothing bad is going to happen to you when this occurs so remain calm is the best thing to do

Sep 22, 2011
scary Feeling
by: Nancy :/

It just happened a while ago I was talking wit my bf by phone and I fell asleep before that my stomach was hurting and then I woke up slept on my bak and had a dream I was starring outside a window it was windy and dark as I recall I saw weird scary thing.!!!! I really cnt sleep now .!! I have skool tmrrw... well wen I finished my dream I felt as if there were a huge earthquake my bed was shaking really hard and I tried to move and I couldn't I moved my fingers but that was pretty much it nd den I said god plz help me plz god and I woke up I'm glad 2 no I ain't the only 1 but its a very scary feeling.!!!

Sep 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Im 19 years old and im always having crazy dreams but wasnt none like the time i had a dream as where i thought i was awake the lights were off and my sister was across from me and my eyes were open but my body was so still and i couldnt scream i was so helpless i was beyond scared i felt a bad vibe and it was a dark shadow of some sort of creature with a scary looking face standing over top off my body and all i could do was think jesus in my mind and i had woke up literaly grasping for air i was so terrified i didnt even consider of sleeping i believe this is more than just SP i had plenty of nightmares but none like that it was out of this world

Oct 10, 2011
Dont try to move
by: Anonymous

This just now happened 2 me, it was like i knew it was gojng to happen becase about a minute before it happened i felf a pain in my stomach as if i couldnt breath.. From experiencing this i learned that if yu try to move or nake noise it will last longer and you will be in Pain..btw im only 14

Oct 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am also only 14 and am getting this i have had it a few times. Everything goes white then the room starts spinning. I can still hear things but when i try to shout only a whisper comes out, i cant move at all. I can sometimes seem to control it.

Oct 13, 2011
by: anon

Have any of you looked into OBE (outer body experience) I have been reading about this and one post on here describing a loud gunshot...really amazed me because in the book im currently reading ( adventures beyond the body,astral projection by William Buhlman), the guys describes this just as he is about to have an outer body experience.
This of course is just my opinion. but if you believe in spiritual things like this, you should look into it. Its very interesting and there is even scientific evidence:) This happens to me also where i cant talk move etc. The key is to stay calm and try to wiggle ur toes and eventually your body begins to respond again.

Oct 13, 2011
have a read
by: Anonymous

Oct 15, 2011
SP is quite common...
by: Anonymous

It's been over 5 years since I experienced this last and it only happened to me twice. Didn't really realize how common it was until I spoke to friends and read about it on-line. I recall the first time experiencing SP being very scared. I tried to call my wife for help and only forced out a quiet mumble. Anyways, what helped me the second time was to focus on my breathing and trying to move my toes. Within about 30 seconds, I was able the move my body and talk again.

Oct 16, 2011
by: Sarah

It happen to me when I was 13,which is I am 13 right now.It was happening to me 2 times and I was scared after I woke up.I cried but I didnt told my mother but I told my friends.I just scared if this happen to me another one more time. :(

Oct 17, 2011
Your under attack
by: Faith

It something everyone goes through at least once. I've gone through it plenty.
Chose to believe or don't, your experiencing demonic attacks.
It's one of their classic scare tactics, get you don't get enough sleep 'cause your scared, you body get weak without rest and you can't fight of illness, and your emotions get wacky without sleep, and lack of sleep normally cause depression which can led to lots of bad outcomes.
I would suggest trying out some churches.
Don't settle for just any church, there's plenty that are totally fake and I know it took me forever to find a pastor that wouldn't blow me of and pat me on the head, but once I found one I could trust the attacks have all but stopped and it's become easy to get free when they do happen.
There's no quick fix for these things but this worked for everyone I know who deal with it.
I know a lot of people don't like to hear this but, Jesus is the only way to freedom from this.

Oct 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

There is a scientific explanation for this.

When you are sleeping, you are not controlling your body. This is good, cause otherwise you might have a dream about running, then actually start running. You could do serious damage to yourself or the things around you. Anyway, some mornings, it just takes a little longer for you to regain control.

You'll be fine.

Oct 22, 2011

THIS IS SLEEP PARALYSIS!!! I THOUGHT IT WAS A VISIT FROM A GHOST OR DEMON TOO AND I WAS SCARED. I THOUGHT IT WAS MY HOUSE AND MOVED, AND THEN AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS IT HAPPENED TO ME AGAIN, EVERY NIGHT NOW. I AM AWAKE AND ITS NOT A DREAM, IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I'M SLEEP AND WAKE UP OUT OF MY SLEEP, I'VE FELT SOMETHING TOUCH MY FEET AND ACTUALLY SEEN A FIGURE BY MY SIDE, BUT EVERY EPISODE I CAN'T MOVE, CAN'T TALK, I CAN ONLY MOVE MY EYES AND CAN MOVE MY FINGERS A LITTLE BIT. BUT, THIS IS SLEEP PARALYSIS: Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. Sleep paralysis occurs either when falling asleep, or when awakening. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes, with some rare cases being hours, "by which the individual may experience panic symptoms". As the correlation with REM sleep suggests, the paralysis is not entirely complete; it shows that eye movement is still possible during such episodes. THIS BASICALLY MEANS: YOUR BODY IS GOING THROUGH BEING PARALYZED IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SLEEP AND YOU WAKE UP AND ITS NOT FINISHED BEING PARALYZED, AND IT'S SCARY CAUSE YOUR BODY ACTS AS IF ITS STILL SLEEP, THEREFORE IN SOME CASES YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THINGS YOU'D ACTUALLY SEE WHILE DREAMING. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE, SPEAK, ONLY SEE, UNTIL ITS OVER AND IT WILL LAST A FEW SECONDS TO A FEW MINUTES AFTER WAKING UP. (I KNEW THIS WAS THE ANSWER WHEN I SAW THIS PAINTING: The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.) COPY THE DEFINITION OF SLEEP PARALYSIS AND GIVE IT TO YOUR DOCTOR...THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO DO.

Oct 22, 2011

Oct 22, 2011
Dream that m awake but can't move
by: Anonymous

I have been having these episodes more frequently now, and I dream that I try screaming out but my voice gets raspy and eventually fades into a night I actually yelled out so loud I woke up my husband who eventually woke me up. I know these are lucid dreams and that I am experiencing false awakenings and dream paralysis, but the only way I wake up instantaneously is if I call on the name of Jesus...only calling on him wakes me up instantly. I have dreamed that I have called my mother for help on my cell phone to no avail..only Jesus' name rescues me. I really don't think it's coincidence, there must be some spiritual meaning to be found...???...

Oct 23, 2011
too much sleep??/
by: Anonymous

please does anyone realise that they end up in sleep paralisys, when they sleep a lot??? coz it happens to me almost everytime i sleep a lot during the day and then try to sleep more at night...

Oct 24, 2011
Just happend
by: Anonymous

I had went to sleep at 5P.M and then i woke up at about 4A.M and watched some american dad on my computer and then passed out again, this time i was awoken by a sort of "ray gun" noise, it was really loud, i heard really high pitched voices saying "sam " (thats my name) and all i could move was my pinkie, but i was clearly awake because i knew i was, then it finally broke loose and my door opened, really creeped out.

Oct 24, 2011
by: Liam

This has happend to me many times over the past 7 years at first it was very scary and i never knew if i was awake or dreaming. Now i know whenever it happens i am dreaming. Luckily I've learned how to deal with it, when it happens i just tell myself im dreaming once i realise this i am able to move again and pretty much instantly wake up. Its amazing how real it feels though..
freaky stuff :)

Oct 24, 2011
i hate when this happened
by: kim

I've been have these episode since I was a kid. I'm 30years old now ...and experience this in many different ways a lot of what many of u described I've hard the loud nosies the flash lights the Felling of evil presence ...Las night it happened again im a single mother of two and I felt if it was someone in the house I every tryed to get up but it wouldnt let me so finally I got up to check on the kids and they was alright..I don't no if this is scientific or spritural but is always scary but I learn to deal with it and even pray on it if anyone want to talking more hit me up

Oct 27, 2011
Sleep disorder?
by: Anonymous

ToDay I was laying in bed watching tv an started to fall to sleep and as I falling to sleep I hurried up an opened my eyes because it was to early to go to sleep but as I layed there I felt my head go to the side as I was sleep I couldn't move talk all I could do was reach my fingers out an the whole time this was happening I could hear my self breathing so calmly an shortly after I was awake an it was over

Oct 30, 2011
the gift of seeing
by: Anonymous

my dreams are close to yours but much more different and i was told it could be a gift if i learned how to control it. this happens like everyday it happen last year i didn't know the dream i had links to the one i have now; it started when i dream of my door in my room and when someone would walk in i see the black figure i didn't see the actual person until i would wake up. then it got worse then i would dream in my dreams, then this is what they call the gift i started dreaming while i'm awake when this happens i have no control of my body just my eyes my mouth and unfortunately my sense of feeling pain. like the day i had a dream of rocks falling on me i could see it and feel it but nothing was there i could here it to i can hear it as it fell on my blanket everything was real.DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS?

Nov 01, 2011
Scared to sleep !
by: Anonymous

Hi , Im having this problem for 4 yrs .
At one time I was sleeping in the side of my body
Suddenly I felt the same way as you guys tld .
I heard weird sounds . I was keep repeating to my self say JESUS ! And it works .
But right now I'm feeling scared to sleep .
Tommorow I'm having class in the morning .
But nvm stay no fear Jesus is protecting us .

Nov 01, 2011
Astro travelling
by: Alfi

Hi, I have these dreams quite often and they are an awareness that your subconscious has whilst sleeping. I believe this can benefit somehow if we look at it in a positive way. Yes it is frightening for me when I am in this state but I have learnt to talk to myself and have actually concentrated on one particular part of my body to try to move it and eventually you can wake yourself. The frightening part is the transitioning moment from sleeping to awakening. This can be quite a fast and furious point of which snaps you awake. Then the stress from that is what we all hate feeling. Believe in yourself to talk yourself through it, you can say or Chant to yourself right before you go to sleep with positive affirmations. Like "I can and I will gently wake myself if this happens", or "I am going to be okay and I am not afraid".

Nov 03, 2011
just a thought..
by: Tan

I only seem to get sleep paralysis when I sleep in the afternoons. There seems to be something different about night sleep and day sleep for me. I have the same symptoms as you all: pressure, lucid and scared yet unable to move and wishing for someone or something to wake me, but something seems slightly off...while I am catatonic something inside me tricks my body into thinking its moving, like my soul is trapped and trying to get out. I feel as though I'm flailing around but have no sense of feeling in my hands ect but am also aware that I cannot move. Does anybody else experience this weird internal movement thing? And just a thought to the person who mentioned ACTUALLY moving as a trick to wake up, that does not work.

Nov 05, 2011
Don't worry about it!
by: chris

Has happened to me all my life, sometimes it's even weirder than that. Was terrified of it for years, but in the ned i got used to it. When it happens, just ignore it. Seriously, ignore it. The more you let it trouble you, the more you'll try to move and the more you'll fear it. It's just your body asleep and your mind alert.

Nov 05, 2011
by: Anonymous


I also firmly believe that this happens in the spiritual realm.

if it was scientific then can a scientist please tell us why it ALWAYS feels evil?
why does it always bring about negative emotions and it mostly occurs when you begin to slip away from your spiritual walk.

Scientists love to assume - just like news reporters.
im not negative about them, science has helped mankind in many ways however, sometimes People "Just Know" and I "Just Know" that its a spiritual thing.

it once happened to my Mum and I, we were in Separate rooms in our house, it was @ 12:00 Midday!
i spoke to her that evening and told her what had happened and she said that it also happened to her around the same time! now find me a scientist to explain that 1!!!

im currently studying for exams and took a nap but also not before looking at a bit of porn. for the entire 2 hours i was awake in my mind but really couldnt wake up physically. i felt like i was immersed in a totally different world but in the same flat that i live in.

there were people walking around in my lounge that i didnt know! they just looked at me and continued what they were doing. . . they looked like construction workers.
i went to the front door and looked out and the corridors looked like something out of a horror movie. totally dilapidated. during this entire other world experience i could still control my thoughts and i kept hearing the word "Sluggard" then i had remembered that i had read about that in the bible - in proverbs!

i was being lazy cos there was no need for sleep. it was ME who wanted to. but as long as "I" wanted to sleep i couldnt get out. i eventually opened my eyes and its now about 30mins since this happened so its still quite fresh in my mind.

i think that its a warning that should be listened to.

its happened to me many times before and as a few other peeps mentioned : Calling on the Messiah and living God - Jesus Christ ALWAYS works. i can even fall asleep immediately after and not be bothered.
the time now is: 14:50 in SA.

my solution - Maintain a close relationship with God and abstain from sin. Pornography is a warped and selfish desire of Human nature for Self Pleasure.

Your thoughts??

Nov 06, 2011
by: love

i am a shaman, please hear me out. we are spirit and dreams and meditation are real. you can even learn scientifically why, and we are light beings obviously condensed into very slow vibration., our dreams are our mind truly whats inside, and it sounds like your soul is telling you you are trapped or you not recognizing your soul and it is trapped. i have to say this because Ive heard these dreams a few times and Ive been very much right.. whether it be a person, an environment, or your actions that caused it. or maybe your just a very good person whom deserves to understand the circle of light and what dwells within your Mandelbrot. i am a spiritual guide, for all that wish to acknowledge thought, i am here for you. just a step up.. "the helping hand"


may love guide us all to new heights, and new thoughts.

Nov 08, 2011
by: supriya

jus now i experienced sleep has become a common phenomenon in my lyf..i get dem like everyday..jus knw i woke by my frnds call..i cud see my mom nd sister in my room talking about me dat see dis girl is still sleeping but i was not able to wake up nd tell dem dat no i m not sleeping...i told dem i got these type of feelings earlier but they didn beleive day same thing happened they to my room i was sleep paralysis(sp) dey wer discussing on some topic nd after i woke up i cud describe the whole situation to dem that see u wer discussing dis topi u said dis dis things...i still get very scared during sp,i cry during dat .i want to wake up but cud not,i knw that if i wont wake up i vil miss my lab den also i m not able to wake up...please sumbdy help me please

Nov 08, 2011
i feel vibrations in my body...
by: some1

I m also having same symptons bt additionally i feel vibrations coming from legs to chest n head....
I feel extreme vibrations in chest n head..

Nov 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a son that is terrifed to sleep
He wakes up screaming an than terrifed to go sleep. Its been three days scnice hes slept
His wife dose not want to sleep with him.
can someone help me help him please.
my email address is

Nov 13, 2011
My stories of terrified encounterments
by: Marisa

This has happened to be a few times, but the very first time i encountered this was about a month ago, i was sleeping and i suddenly started shaking, and couldnt move or open my eyes, i was facing down in my pillow at the time, i am not sure why, and i could feel some sort of heat and then i heard fire,it was like it was in front of me and then some person was screaming at me saying: "Your going to Hell"! I was scared out of my mind, didnt know what in the world to do.
The second time i encountered this was about 6 weeks ago, I had went to bed late like at 2:00 and around 4:00am I started to shake while I was sleeping and I couldn't move and I tried to open my eyes, and I did and saw this figure, it looked like a male wearing all black and whispered Hello, really slow, I tried to scream but couldn't, i finally woke up, terrified as i was I dared not to sleep, and I didnt scared it would happen again.Durring this whole entire Time i didnt know what was going on.
But the third and fourth time were similar to each other but this time when i tried to open my eyes they wouldnt open,and i couldnt move or talk.I felt some one shaking and massaging me i was really scared and didnt want to open them.
The last time I have had this happen was yesterday. All the same, shaking and parallized, i couldnt move or talk and I tried to open my eyes and i slightly opened them to see on the ground toys lined up with brown yellow bright light facing down on them, terrified i had closed them hoping to wake up, i eventually did scared, scarder than the first time.
I dont know when this will finnaly end but i hope soon, or i dont know what i am going to do.

Nov 13, 2011
by: rony

I had this universal dream last night. Its is monumental because one is dreaming of 'self' as 'yourself' in your bed in your room etc 'awake' yet you are asleep or in a quasi state of consciousness that you awake from yet it heightens & blurs the 'Dream" from 'Reality". yet the paralysis the increased heart palpitations are significant. My earlier encounter of this 'Dream' was looking to the left of my bed & there was a snakes head dancing then it opened its mouth & screamed so deafening it was silent leaving me 'paralysed'. Now when I have this dream it has advanced but I try to fight the fear or face it & if its to overbearing I try to wake myself up & then my reaction becomes oh its just another one of those dreams. It iss very interesting it appears to be a universal entity of our incarnate form & affects so many of us.

Nov 17, 2011
Added on my above post
by: Rob

Was ment to say in my last post, Im now 28, and it first started to me at the age of 6. If this is a cause of fornication and abusing my body with drugs... Come on?? Really at 6 years old?

Nov 19, 2011
its real!
by: Anonymous

it a demon messing with you! did you see flash of light ,hear anything strange like old music.. its happend to me ,the only thing i could do through it, was move my eyes to look around. if you feel tired all the time, dont want to do anything,get headaches,or hear ringing in your ears it means something is trying to attach it self to ya, and take your energy. PRAY!

Nov 22, 2011
i can't comprehend this feeling
by: james warcup, uk

It's been happening to me for year, for as long as I can remember I'm 22 now and I'm not a religious man but every time it happens to me I feel an evil essence around me as if there something there trying to hurt me. The Devil maybe but for me to say it's the devil means that God the one who help me break free, which I don't believe, but I also seem to get a fast sensation in my break like tonight before it happens as if someone's talking to me really fast in my mind, a warning or just my mind going through a vase I don't know, if anyone has any info please help shed some light on it. Really much appreciated if anyone can.

Nov 22, 2011
Turn to Jesus
by: Joshua

Honestly you guys it's demonic. No one has a legit ate explanation for it. This could he Gods way of reaching out to you next time it happens call out to Jesus Weither that be with your mouth or in your heart.. This stuff happens all the time and majority people sometimes even see things but know that God is greater than this. The bible says that "whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" make sure you are right with God

Nov 29, 2011
by: Mark Roxas (philippines)

That was happened to me last nyt. I slept and cant move,cant talk cant scream. But the scary part is when I saw a black girl standing over my head. That really scare the hell of me. I usually move my fingers ( the only part of ur body that can be move) and the thing just past away. Im happy now knowing that Im not alone. Thanks for this.

Nov 30, 2011
by: Jackie G.

I've b een experiencing this since I was about 5 I'm 19 years old now. There's always something coming towards me a big black shadow I try to scream out for help & move but it doesn't stop it continues to come, I squeeze my eye shut & I still feel it's presence then it finally stops... Everytime I wake up I'm TERRIFIED! There's was this time where I finally got to see "it's" face, it was one of the most horrifying things I've seen in my life time till this day I won't forget... One day I brought it up to my parents & my mom described the same exact thing I saw & my other family members have expierenced this too. Every place we've lived at I believe has been haunted, the things I've witnessed are rediculous! I believe somethings are just unexplainable & science couldn't even determine it. Anyways, I lay on my tummy & cover my head when I sleep, it became a habit it's the only thing that keeps me from seeing "it".

-P.s I believe in God but as much as there's good, there's evil.

Nov 30, 2011
scary sleeping
by: Stephanie

@Rony &Morpheous

Mine seems very similar too mine, the very first time It happened I was asleep but looking around the room I was in, the scary part is that My two brothers where playing in the same room and they where doing the exact same thing I seem them do in my "dream" and I vagualy remember watching my family walking around and the things I'm seeing at the tie is what they really are doing, I a completely paralized but I always fight against it, The first time it happened well the first 5 times I thought I was dying, It is truly terrifying to the point that I'm finding it impossible to sleep I've now been up for 48 hours and I have been trying to sleep I'm just to afraid to let myself

Nov 30, 2011
sleep paralysis
by: Lorenzo

I started experiencing this 2years ago, I was sleeping and I woke up but my body didnt want to move. So then i tryied to talk but couldnt, and i can see some what around my room. it was really crazy, i couldnt move, talk, or do anything at all. I thought I was being possessed by something. when I broke free i was flipping out and scared. trying to find out what had happend to me, there were no answers. what ever it was it kept happening here and there, still to this day it happens alot.. Last night it happend again, by that time I read into it but still I didnt know what to do. So when it happend lastnight I tried to get my girlfriends attention because I panicked, but then i stated to laugh a little in my head and told my self "im stronger then this" and layed there calmly. 2mins went by and I pilled threw it.. Now I know exactly why this is happening and it dosent freak me out anymore. I can go to bed knowin it might happen again and im ok with that...

Dec 01, 2011
by: becca (.Y.)

I've been having this problem sense I was seven and now i'm fifteen. I can't move or speak but i can hear everything thats going on around me. but when i wake up everything I've heard or seen actually happened. when i'm frozen I see people standing around me. one time I saw someones arm pulling my blanket over my face. I got so scared that I could actually move my arm and I felt the persons arm. another time I felt something cuting my legs and when I woke up the cuts were there. I have these types of dreams up to 10 times a night, every night since I was seven and some times they last up to 6 hours long. I'm so afraid to fall asleep.just a min ago I had one of these dreams and I felt someones arms rapped around mine and someone breathing on my neck. and my parents think i'm just making it up. and its so hard to breathe.

Dec 03, 2011
by: Ayme

This has been happening to me since I was 5 years old maybe longer but I don't Remeber. I will go to sleep and still hear everything going on around me. I'll still have a dream but I could still hear my what's going on around me when i wake up I am not awake my dream ends but I can here my tv if I left it on or my family in the other room. I can't open my eyes I can't move around and I can't make a sound. I don't wake up until someone comes in to wake me up or a alarm goes off. Last night this happen to me. I fell asleep watching a movie last night and i had a dream where I could see myself kinda stressing out cause anyone else in my dream couldnt see me or something. I finally tried to wake up and it was like still a dream or something cause I tried to push myself up and off my bed and I did, but I could still see my body there asleep. Then I mentally woke up, couldn't move or speak or open my eyes but I could hear the tv. I wanna know what's going on cause it's gotten to the point where I don't wanna sleep I'm 16 and scared to sleep cause I don't wanna feel hopelesss in the morning and not be able to get up. This isn't the only thing I'm confused about I also have a dream that repeats itself. This dream I Remeber getting all my life. In this dream I am standing on a railroad and I see a train coming at me as soon as its about to hit me I wake up shaking like my whole body moves like I'm having a heart attack. Can anyone please explain what's going on? I'm sick of being scared

Dec 08, 2011
Spirits or brain confused?
by: Anonymous

So this has happened to me before about twice but ice never been scared to actually sleep with tonights experiance i was on the verge of sleeping but suddenly woke up my body felt tingly and when i went to yell i just simply couldnt i used all my strength and i took me about 4-5 tries to get free but during this i felt as if someone or some evil spirit was watching me i was laying on my side when suddenly i felt something was literallt jumping on me or humping my thigh this is completley serious im a guy this made me feel uncomfortable and scared and i felt as if it were a spirit that it was a little girl when i broke free i was breathing heavily im not so religious but do beileve in god because its always good to believe in something i dont even commit sins well everyone does but like not constantly im an innocent 15 year old.. And now im not sleeping tonight smh im not sure if this has something to do with your brain thinking your still sleeping and in a dream and suce youre scared you just think if bad thought causing scary things to happen or if there are actually spirits messing with me let me know what you think and if ever had a similar experiance, thank you i pray tonight.

Dec 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

When this first started happening to me I was extremely scared and didn't understand what was going on. Like you I tried to move and couldn't, and screaming for someone didn't work either. Since i've felt the sensation before I know exactly what's happening to me when I get it now and I just relax and slowly start trying to move, instead of panicking. I feel that by being calm about it I'm able to break out of it in a few short seconds, where as before it was terrifying and felt like at least a minute of non responsiveness. This seems to happen to a lot of people and is really nothing to be worrying about!

Dec 14, 2011
by: Helper

do you belive in god and ghost and all that stuff? because if you do that happend to me befor my mom had ti call ghostbusters to do that that means a evil sprit is holding you down idk why though

Dec 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

This just happended to me last night, i was having an extremley vivid dream like i remembrr almost every last detail, and when i realized it was a dream (people were smoking cigaretes in a mall) i woke up, and couldnt move, i tried screaming to get somones attention but it felt likr i was trying to scream with a rock ontop of my chest and.all that came out was a whisper, the only thing i could do was move my fingertips and when i did it felt like i broke free but after i blinked once i would be trapped again

Dec 17, 2011
My Experience
by: Mohan

Hi All,

Last night i had the same experience, due to that i am scared of some devil may caught me, now only i understand this is sleep paralysis, any way please explain me how to reduce it . and for what reason it is happening like that. i was think that i am attracted by the earth...

thanks for your comments...


Dec 21, 2011
Omg its gd to kno im not alone
by: Jose

Wow just now a few minutes ago this happend to me my brother and I were watching "we were soldiers" I was extremely sleepy dozing off after the movie was over I turned around on the couch to sleep but I swear I was still awake my bro even handed me my ipod walked out and left I herd him leave as soon as he left this black shadow rushed like full speed at me I felt hard as a rock I panicked as this isnt the first time its happend my neck starting hurting I tried yelling for my brother but couldnt my voice was locked out in my mind I kept saying oh god not again plz not again I tried with all my might to move out of this state of paralysis after a few minutes I was able to say my bro name I got up ran and told him it happend again he looked at me said dude I dont know whats wrong with u ove told ppl but they dont understand how scary it is or they to u.have problems demons ghost after u and it freaks me out I thought the same I thought spiritually these things were hunting me so just now right after that I googled it found this read few stories its the exact same makes sense still scqred to sleep I almost never sleep :/ I doubt ppl will understand still but nice to see im not alone that others feel the same also if u want to contact me to talk support expiernces or anything email me I have so much more I want know about this

Dec 22, 2011
spirits are real
by: Vixien

Hi and to all of you guys are having this experience. I have learn how to stop this from happening thank god ^_^. Please read my story it might help all of you :D

Okay here how my story begans. I'm a believe in budda thats my god. I'm laos/asian. I was born in Thailand and came in the us in 1991. Our family move into this house and we didn't know it was haunted. Until My grampa did some pray upstairs. I was sleeping with my causin at that time. 2 of my causing was sleeping on the other bed and I was sleeping by myself.

When I was about to go to sleep I see like a black shadow figure when I was about to close my eye. and something feel like it was holding me down. I starting to scream for help but was unable to speak. I was sweating. Then when I fall asleep I has nightmares weird ghost nightmare. Not gonna go into detail then I fall asleep.

After I woke up. I told my grampa what happen. He explain that since I was new to the house.
He said he had the same thing happen to him.

Years later my family move into a new house.
and a couple month after that same figure spirit
was on top of the ceiling. and had ghost dream again. So I told My parents. They know what is going on. So they gave me this necklace thing from the temple and bless it every night when I go to sleep. and told me to keep a weapon like a knife or a blade under my pillow to keep my spirit strong. cause when I had that spirit it was weak. When I go to sleep every night with the necklace and a blade under my pillow and pray then my Dad start to pray behind my bedroom door and I pray to tell buddha to help me keep the evil spirit away and it. stop and my friend told me to get 4 pennies each corner of my room
and pray every night before I go to sleep. And then it stop. thanks to all the people that help me.

So In what ever god u believe in try to pray everynight and do that same thing as I did then that would help cause there are spirits. good or evil.So keep ur spirit strong never been afraid to go to sleep.

Jan 01, 2012
What is this
by: Anonymous

My little 11 year old niece tells me that when she goes to sleep about once a month or once in two months she dreams of something bad something that scares her so them she feels that she is awake but she can't move or can't talk. She tries to breath but she can't. When she tries to breath she says that her heart beats soo fast that it feels like if her heart is going to explode so she tries to hold her breath for as long as she can and wakes up scared of what happens. She also says that she feels like numb sort of like when your leg falls asleep but different. Should I be really concerned or not. Is this sleep apnea or sleep peralysis. I thought that maybe it was because she was overweight (she ways 110 pounds) but i don't think that's the reason so please help me and her.

Jan 04, 2012
It happened to me also
by: Anonymous


I read the comments posted, and they are similar to my experiences. To encourage everyone, science calls it sleep paralysis, but it is a spiritual attack. The bible talks about this in Ephesians 6:10-12.

I have overcome this, by speaking verbally the following:

"I am a child of God and victorious, and Satan you have lossed. Therefore, Satan you are not welcome here because I belong to GOD"

Invite the holy spirit into every area of your home, and commission the Angels of Heaven to protect you day and night according to Psalms 91.

Remeber, you were brought with a price, and GOD desires that you have a stress free home and his beloved sleep. "For He giveth His beloved sleep" Psalm 127:2

Satan is a looser, but you are a winner through Christ Jesus so don't quit for anything.

Jan 06, 2012
dont be afraid
by: Anonymous

when you sleep late your muscles tend to fall asleep and your brain is still awake. when this happens you will feel like you cant move or talk, and you might also feel like theirs pressure on you. this could also happen if you hike alot or your a really active person. i suggest you sleep alot and eat vitamins. sory for my poor english 0-o

Jan 07, 2012
RE: too much sleep
by: Anonymous

It happens to me when i have too much sleep, i sleep during the day and then go to bed and sleep all night and early next morning i feel paralyzed in my dream and i feel someone is touching me all over and it feels so real and scary

Jan 08, 2012
sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

this happens to me as well i feel like something is in the room it kind of has got worse every time it happened it all started after when my dad passed away and when it first happened i saw my dad and i was talking to him then the next time i heard weird noises and now i just hear weird noises. my mum tells me it has happened to her and when she says says gods name and it goes away it seemed to work for her.. i have not tried it yet but when it happens i will. when it happens i know it is going to happen and i feel awake it such a weird experience.. i do truly believe that it has something to do with evil and it can not all be explained by scientific reasons.. that's just way of sugar coating the experience so that you don't get scared..

Jan 09, 2012
Try Screaming, Thinking, or Shouting Jesus! It WORKS.
by: Anonymous

It Worked for me and everyone that tries it on here, and I some more over the web.

The name of Jesus wards away shadow and evil spirits.

Jan 13, 2012
What's rong with me? ..
by: Gabbie

I'm 15 years old I have been have this every night for a week now i have been told its a witch hold down on your chest. Every time this happens it's for about 15 min. When it's over I useuily cry I know it's not my house because it's happen to me at a friends house. Is something haunting me ?

Jan 14, 2012
by: Jack

hi, in my previous rent basement flat, all of my family have experienced such a lack of this lock. my aunt told me that she was an old women sitting on her bed while she couldn't even speak, talk or move. it stayed for 3 mins and then she disappeared. when she disappeared, some kind of weird smell she experienced.well... that kin of thing happened to all my family in that previous basement flat. was that a real living spirit? or was it just a sleep issue? what!!!! its like a horror film man. any questions or suggestions please report your opinions to the following email id

Jan 17, 2012
by: Gem myka sy

I just experienced it twice and im only 21! Anyway i felt someone pushing me down, its hands are white and it has long red nailpolish, i can also hear sounds like the one's you hear in movies like the grudge. I kept on screaming and moving but i cant.. And i am totally aware of the tv in the surroundings

Jan 17, 2012
by: Jesse

This has happen to me about 3 or 4 times.It starts out with a paranoid feeling,then my heart starts to race and I get a buzzing in my ears. It feels like my brain is shutting down.I think I'm dying every time!Sometimes it happens 3to4 times each time.All I can do is think.For me being able to think was a good thing because of my last job.There I learned that counting puts your mind in to a different state.So the frist this happen to me I started to count and it takes me right out everytime...just count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 but do it slowley.

Jan 23, 2012
Need to talk
by: Anonymous

I'm having this so often...I'm afraid to close my eyes. I scream Jesus until I wake...then thank Him. I need to talk to.someone going through the same thing.

Jan 24, 2012
Ceiling Fan
by: Anonymous

This happens to me all the time. But I have found that licking my lips brings me out of it. I noticed that it only happened when I had on the ceiling fan....thank you for sharing this, as it helps alot! I'm starting to think its neuroligical, not anything else. I havent spoke to my doctor about it yet. But if you sleep with a ceiling fan try turning it off.

Jan 24, 2012


Feb 01, 2012
Strange event
by: Courtney

I am 22 I've had about 10 or more rents happen over the years. I Want to start off by saying that by habit I always keep my room door locked. Anyways I was almost asleep when I Hurd a noise it sounded like someone walking in my room fear of someone being there Indians open my eyes. As the noise went around my bed I was sure it was a person. Or burglar. It was now behind me. Curiosity set in and I just turned over . It was white I yelled out then I passed out??when I was about 15 my brother who was 6 was tolled to go get my 3 year old other out of my room because I was asleep as he did he ran and told my mother that something black was watching me sleep.??

Feb 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

well this happens o me alot its when the dead lays on top of you and the only way that it goes fast is by praying

Feb 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I was about to go to sleep and turned the TV off and I may have dosed off. But I started to hear a sound that sounded as if it was something from the movie the grudge and I went paraylised I couldn't talk or move.can someone explain this to me

Feb 05, 2012
cant talk scream move
by: Anonymous

I experienced this when i was in high school..its kinda scary...because all was normal then but i cant move my body and suddenly there was a silhouette girl grabbing my legs,,i tried to get away from it by kicking it..tried shouting for help but no voice comming from me..after that i noticed a man wearing a carton box head jumping towards me,,its freakikng scary but the only thing that helped me is the name of Jesus.. I whisper His name then all went to normal again...I always do it everytime it happens.
Thanks Jesus.

Feb 09, 2012
Mines different
by: Anonymous

I just read everyone stories and they are similar to mine except my eyes was open and I can see my room and it happened to me 3 times In a row last night and I even got thrown of my bed But nothing was there to throw me off and whatever was I'n my room was waving my covers up and down and plus I was managing to move it was like I was awake and I would knock things over I'n my room so my mom or dad would come I'n but then I would finally wake up and nothing had been moved

Looks like it's coffee for me to all night ! :)

Feb 12, 2012
Ive had that to
by: Anonymous

well ive had the same thing happened to me where I cant do anything .i told my parents about it they said when this usually acurs is when an evil spirit is near you.the best way that you can move it away from you is to cuz at it .a second think that you can do is to sleep on your side . Sometimes this happends when you have both of your hands on top of your stomach when you are asleep or if you have your your hand over your heart while sleeping so try not sleeping that way.

Feb 13, 2012
found this method wanted to share. hope this works
by: shani

this is the single best way to wake up from sleep paralysis and it’s really in a class of it’s own. When you realize you are in SP, scrunch up your face. In other words, make a face like you just smelled something bad. Snarl and squint. Do this two or three times in a row and the paralysis will break IMMEDIATELY. I’m not sure why it is so effective, but unlike the pinky wiggle, this method is foolproof.

Feb 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Science always tries to explain everything, but most of us know the truth. What is going on here in my opinion is that this "thing" is a GIN, yes a GIN look it up, sort of where they got the term genie from and the lamp. These GIN are not suppose to contact humans, they are good and they are bad just like humans. Always being mistaken for GHOSTS. So obviously since they are not suppose to contact us. The ones that do are evil. Make better decisions in your life and stay positive and pray. GOD is your savoir nothing else.

Feb 15, 2012
Terribly scared
by: Anonymous

Mine is a little bit different. I usually wake up, my eyes are open, sometimes i even sit up immediately, but im so scared i try to yell for help, I cant move, even though i want to run. this happened to me constantly when i was a kid, but finally i did my own experiment. The next time i had one, before it got to the point where i woke up, i told myself, nothing can hurt me here. These were frequent when i was a kid, but after doing that ive only had 2.

Feb 15, 2012
same very same...
by: venkat

i am experincing this for last 6 years.....At starting it scares me so much.. but now i became very used to of this...i feel like coming out of well. and suddenly my eyes open but i could nt able to move hand..not even for shoting to call my feel like someone drawing me up...............veryyyy scaryyy

14 feb 2012 ..i expierenced much about this...i feel same as i mentioned above .this time aiding someone hoding my neck tight and i also feel his hand..i tried to remove this but nothing happen....i feel the softhand very realistic.......and when i came to full concious ness i found my self in same state..where i m priorly sleeping... iam veryu afraid plssss help

Feb 17, 2012
Too many times
by: Bellatrix Cullen

Just close your eyes and speak to jesus!

Feb 20, 2012
by: sara

This happens to me every night. I get so close to sleep. I have insomnia. Which only makes this worse for me. When I fall asleep, I have these points in time where I open my eyes I can hear and see things in a blur but I can't move anything. I feel like a 300 lb weight is over my whole body. When I finally snap out of it. I'm afraid to even close my eyes again. It makes me feel like I'm going to die because I can't breathe. Any ideas how to stop this. Or help it at least ? It's been on going since I was about 9. I'm 18. So for about 9 years.

Feb 21, 2012
I have the same problem!
by: Nick

This only happens to me while I'm sleeping on my side. but it happens a lot! Once i start falling asleep i feel myself slip away into very vivid life like dreams and in my dreams i am usually with people. then out of no where i feel my heart beat very slowly and hard and then my hearing goes away and i feel like I'm paralyzed and just fainted in front of every one in my dream! Its the feeling as if i was about to die! i get so paranoid about it after i force my eyes open and every thing is ok but it scares the shit out of me when it happens. i need more answers! I'm only 19

Feb 21, 2012
Same here
by: Anonymous

I'm 34 now. When I was about 19 this all started sometimes I would have them at least 3-5 + times a night where I would wake up and couldn't move or do anything. Thru the years I noticed many things when this happened. I tried everything..Doctors said I was dreaming so I gave up on him. So I starting experimenting with it. I noticed that it would happen mainly when I DRANK to much ALCOHOL and didn't have nothing to eat. Even when I was sober it would do it but less.
1. I noticed when you need to urinate your body will wake up but you will not..untill you do!GO! 2. Have something eat (light snack) before going to bed. 3 If you have these symptoms DO NOT NAP during the day for hours and expect to fall asleep for another 8 hours! If your on a hangover DEAL WITH IT. 4. DO not overdose on advil for headaches etc...Advil is rotten and long term / life side effects are unbeleivable!!
5. Get your blood sugar checked if it's low your body is craving for natural sugar and will wake you up exacly that way to eat!!(hypoglycemia.
6.Anxiety / Panic if you don't have them...this is a warning sign! GET HEALTHY before they strike!7. Get an alergy test done! who know's!

There is so many things than can cause this I can't pin point the that I think is the problem....Alcohol or to many fluids during the day! And one more thing...DO NOT STRUGLE! you are doing more damage then you think. Stay calm untill you wake up! when you do..2 and 5 from the list above!

Feb 21, 2012
Sleep - Awake
by: Anonymous

I'm 34 now. When I was about 19 this all started sometimes I would have them at least 3-5 + times a night where I would wake up and couldn't move or do anything. Thru the years I noticed many things when this happened. I tried everything..Doctors said I was dreaming so I gave up on him. So I starting experimenting with it. I noticed that it would happen mainly when I DRANK to much ALCOHOL and didn't have nothing to eat. Even when I was sober it would do it but less.
1. I noticed when you need to urinate your body will wake up but you will not..untill you do!GO! 2. Have something eat (light snack) before going to bed. 3 If you have these symptoms DO NOT NAP during the day for hours and expect to fall asleep for another 8 hours! If your on a hangover DEAL WITH IT. 4. DO not overdose on advil for headaches etc...Advil is rotten and long term / life side effects are unbeleivable!!
5. Get your blood sugar checked if it's low your body is craving for natural sugar and will wake you up exacly that way to eat!!(hypoglycemia.
6.Anxiety / Panic if you don't have them...this is a warning sign! GET HEALTHY before they strike!7. Get an alergy test done! who know's!

There is so many things than can cause this I can't pin point the that I think is the problem....Alcohol or to many fluids during the day! And one more thing...DO NOT STRUGLE! you are doing more damage then you think. Stay calm untill you wake up! when you do..2 and 5 from the list above!

Feb 22, 2012
Sleep Paralysis
by: Jackie

Hello My name is Jackie. I have had exactly the same things happen to me. Sleep paralysis, i have seen stuff walking and talking. The reality is that this is a demonic attack. These things exist .And when we are trapped in the body but still see things this is our spirit in the spiritual world. This means that there is another life and the bible is true. What you should do is ask Jesus to help you before you sleep. Tell him to protect you and wash you with his blood. This is the only way to not experience these things anymore. I promise i have tried all religions.. Jesus is alive and he is the only one who can help you.

this is my email If you need any help just write me an email and i can tell you more about my experiences and how Jesus has set me free from horrible nightmares, sleep paralysis and OBE

Peace with you :)

Feb 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hello , im just 15 years old, just last night I had a dream like if someone pulled me off my couch , and some pulled me up to the ceiling and I saw my cousin sleeping on the other cpuch amd my aunt sleepibg , they were holding me through out my whole house and later it slowly put my down amd tried to have sex with me , I got freaked out I coulsnt scream nor talk or move , I woke up as if someone was holding me tight and slowly let go of me , its true ! I got so scared I went to slept next to my dad , I fell asleep for 4 min and some how the curtian was wrapped around me my heart started racing I have no idea what this is ?!?! Im glad im not alone though :) but I feel like if someone is watching me

Feb 22, 2012
my experience is...
by: AKO

i experienced the same situation for so many times ever since in highschool.I felt like everytime i went sleep i always fight for my life..i can't scream,move talk even breathing was hard. When i woke up i felt so tired and my body feels the force that i exert just to wake up myself. the most terrifying experienced i have is that i see myself still sleeping while i am standing. the other one is i woke up went out of the house and seeing myself inside the house looking at me. then i realized that i was still sleeping,what i did is always have my alarm clock besides me and wake up in the same time everyday..its simple but very helpful.

Feb 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

This also happened to me constantly for about a month, i thought it was some kind of ghost(since i had watched a ghost movie), the last time it happened was very scary i was about to sleep, out of no were i closed my eyes and felt heavy, like if something was holding my whole body, i couldn't move or scream. i felt myself trying to scream, trying to wake up but nothing would come out. its just a pain that happens and goes away, like when your foot gets numb. i would like advice please, how to stop this.

Feb 26, 2012
ELECTRIC static noise
by: Anonymous

This happened to me last night it wasn't the first time it's happend quite a few times in my life<<<< the last 3momths have been so strange about 3 months ago I was up with my eyes closed when I heard a static noice in my room I then heard my first name be called after the static I freaked out went down stairs to sleep.. Next day googled my experience & I was amazed that this had happend to
Someone else last night b4 the repeated experience ive heard another electric static noice there's a major electric connection in the waves in our solar system that has something to do with our soul... A true believer

Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one suffering with this problem. These episodes happen to me frequently and it is terrifying. I fall asleep and feel my body falling and when I try to wake up I can not move, scream or wake out of it. I sometimes feel someone getting into bed... literally I feel the bed sink next to me, other times whatever it is squeezes my body in a bear hug. I have also seen myself doing dishes and when I turn around I am in bed sleeping. The last time it happened I woke up with the bed sheet tightly wrapped around my neck... What a horrible feeling.

Thank you all for your writing of your experience, it helps to know that there are other people who can relate to what you are going through without making assumptions or negative comments...

Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

This has just started happening to me. Mine is a little different though. Ill close my eyes and just as i start to fall asleep my eyes will start flickering and i can't note my body my ears also start to crackle like when you yawn or you swallow but it will happen really fast and when i try to open my eyes and note they just flicker and i can't note my body its like when you sleep on your arm and its gone to sleep and you can't move it cause it feels like its numb I'v even tried to sleep with the light on but it still happens an im really scared its only happened twice but its been in the last two nights i foot know what it is please help

Mar 05, 2012
Too much sin
by: Anonymous

Its 1:40 a.m n I cant fall asleep ,Its been 3 times this month
it just happen to me like 30 mn ago I was awake or it felt likei was I couldnt move or talk or even scream I was tring to lifty self up buy the scary part is that I seriosly saw n felt a eveil spirit pushing or holding me down and I tjougjt I heard it say head it say something but I wasnt sure wat it said idk if its real or all in my head but latley I have bee abusing toomuchdrugs n doing negative things n all that atracts evil but idk I think it all connects ....but I know god is always with me!

Mar 05, 2012
there is hope
by: diane

I experienced this for many years, without really knowing much about it. I can assure you it's demonic, but you have authority in Jesus' name. How I know? I know because I woke up in such a state last year for the last time! I woke up and could hear myself praying in tongues, since I had received the baptism of the holy ghost a few months before that. I could'nt speak it out loud of course at first, but within a few seconds I could. It never happened again after that. Thank you Lord Jesus. The name of Jesus is the name above ALL names. For real!!!! The enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give you life. Praying in the spirit is a very powerful tool the good Lord has blessed me with. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and he will make your path straight.Proverbs 3:5 After speaking to someone at church about my experience, this person new exactly what I was speaking about and other also. Make Jesus lord of your life today. His blood was shed for you so you may have life through him. You will have authority over darkness through him.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Just be strong & keep positive thoughts as these things feed off of negativity. Idc what ppl say call me crazy but I do believe its some kind of entity just coming to fuck with you aye why not its the perfect oppirtunity your asleep & helpless. Science has a theory and so do I so kiss my ass also if ppl are able to prove ghosts exist & evil whos to say what we all believe why this is happening to us & multiple times at that!

Mar 06, 2012
by: camy

I'm having almost the same problem.
my eyes are closed I'm still aware of what's happening around me and when I'm abt 2 fall of to sleep my heart starts 2 beat fast I see all horrible images like really scary ones then I feel like I'm fainting then end up with a lock jaw if I don't open my eyes in time sometimes my whole body gets numb. I've been going through this for years now it really freaks me out and I hate whens it time to sleep coz I know what's going to happen... Is this sleep paralysis or is it some kind of demon.

Mar 07, 2012
Don't worry!
by: Pat

Hello everyone. I am 49 now and I have had this my whole life. I actually enjoy the ride now that I've had the experience so many times. I used to sit up and stop it because it always started with a ringing in my ears so I knew it was coming. It would often take two or three interruptions before the episode would give up trying to take me over. This was exhausting for me so I stopped. Now I lie still, enjoy the heightened sense of hearing and let it pass. It always happens when I am beyond exhausted. My body is going into the fourth or fifth stage of sleep while I am still dosing off. Don't worry about it! You are all fine. Worrying about it will lead to more serious sleep problems.
Sweet dreams.

Mar 10, 2012
Demons or an under lying undiagnosed disease
by: Pam

I was a child about 9 or 10,I woke barely able to breathe,tried to open my mouth to call my parents But I couldn't get past the force that was there my tongue felt as if it was swollen, hot and dry and felt like there was something holding my head down on the pillow.Thirsty.It was dark and couldn't see anything but I heard something in the room bumping against the wall near the foot of my bed I couldn't raise up to see what it was and couldn't scream.I slowed down my thinking I remember thinking I am dieing and something bad is here.I was barely able to breathe but if I fought the force to try to speak out to call my parents I couldn't get anything out so I lay still hearing the banging and thinking any moment they will come in cause it was loud.But they didn't come when I got still the sound stopped .I could hear nothing like my ears was stopped and then I gasped for air like someone coming up from drowning and could hear normal sounds outside night sounds and the snores of my parents my throat was hoarse and dry I was thirsty.My tongue felt funny tired and I felt very tired and weak.As a child was diagnosed with anemia.As adult diagnosed with Sarcoidosis,Lupus and Fibromyalgia.I bite my tongue in my sleep lately don't realize till I awaken the nest morning and see bite marks on my tongue in the mirror.Wondering if there might be a connection here with anyone who has been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.Never hurts to ask questions.

Mar 13, 2012
Freaked out
by: Kim

I just had this sleep paralysis happen to me 3 times in the same night. I thought I was trying to fall asleep then an overwhelming panic came over me. I tried to move but couldn't freaked out more then finally could move. I shook if off then fell asleep only to be abruptly awakened by a popping noise somewhere in my room. Couldn't move but felt in danger, felt a presence.....this happened 2 times during the night.I've never had this before. It felt also like pressure from the inside of me hard to explain. I got up and was freaked out enough to google.

Mar 15, 2012
pls reply
by: Corne

Hi, i have had this happen to me only once, it was about 6 months ago, scariest feeling i have EVER had! woke up, only my eyes were open but i couldn't move, scream or do anything, barely breathing. Don't know what it was but didn't have any feeling of being watched or that, but since then i have had a lot of trouble falling asleep, every time i go to bed and try to sleep its like a shock that goes through me like i'm gonna stop breathing or something and i shake awake! has anyone ever had that? really freaks me out and feels like im gonna die when i fall asleep. please tell me if you have the same thing. doctor says its stress and stuff but i dont know. feels like i might have a breathing or heart problem, feels like my breathing isnt right and that the paralyzing comes from deficient oxygen to your body witch makes you unable to move? but thats just what i think and it freaks me out? what do you guys think?

Mar 15, 2012
freaked out.
by: Anonymous

Last night i was falling asleep then all of a sudden i felt a horrible like presence around me i tried to scream for help but couldnt move any part of my body i could hear the tele and everything and i could of swore that i saw something above me black moving dont wanna go to sleep tonight

Mar 16, 2012
by: SYW

I havent had this in a couple of months now, but have expierienced this a couple of times.

The 1st couple of times, i woke up in my sleep, could see my bedroom but coudlnt move nor speak. I tried to scream out for help but nothing would come out. I tried to focus on moving my fingers but they wouldnt move. Like everyone else it wasnt untill i randomly though of jesus (and im not a religious person)i could move and speak.
The last time i had PS it was the same but this time i was shaking like having a fit and lasted a lot longer. It wasnt untill ive done some research i believe i was been shook by somthing'.

I have not yet to see anything like a shadow and hope i dont come across this.
I do not wish this experience upon anyone its 100 times worser than any night mare.
Touch Wood i dont experience this again.

Mar 16, 2012
i dont understand
by: it happened againAnonymous

It started after i had a visitor stay in a spare room for a month. Two nights after she left my sheets were pulled. Then a dark "mass" pinned me down a few nights after that. Then a week went by and several dark shadows pinned me down and I could actually hear them breath and saw hand prints on the bed around me and felt i was being lifted and assaulted. The next day I cried all day. I slept with the light on for a month and it seemed to subside. Nothing has been the same since she stayed with me for a month. I still have night terrors and off and on weird stuff happens I dont want to talk about. I had a house cleansing and everything was fine for about 6 months. I try to ignore it as much as possible, but when the dog freaks out its hard to stay calm. I just want a peaceful nights sleep with the lights off and with out getting up 10 times.

Mar 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

I went trough this as a littel was Reallohn fritningh there was a.......ghostface at the Window laughing and screaming at mother heard me screaming and at the next Day we went to a doctor he tolld me what that dreams are and that i can controll them . When it Happens now i can simpley be spiderman and now i Realy like it but its still Realy unnormal

Mar 18, 2012
scared to sleep
by: Alex

This happens to me all the time ever since i could remember and my mother gets it as well. People have told me that when i do i twitch a lot too and my eyes move around rapdily. other than that its exactly the same for me. i feel like i cant move and that in my mind i am very much awake. the only other difference for me is that my head hurts and I hear a loud piercing noise. i kno it sounds quite freightening but if you relax and maybe let it just take over you then you just fall asleep and before you know it you are waking up the next morning. also i figuried out that if this is happning to you, just think of whatever you want and its almost like you can actually pick the dream you want that night.

Mar 18, 2012
On My Side...
by: Aly, 12, Female

I had been up all night trying to see how long I could go before passing out, and I was having a really creepy dream. I can't really remember it, but all I know is that I felt like I was awake, but some part of me knew this was part of my dream, but I was seeing myself and trying to move my body to pull the covers up, because I was cold. My body was vibrating in the beginning...

Was this an OBE?

Mar 18, 2012
Glad to know Im not the only with this issue..
by: Anonymous

Im currently 22 and this just happened to me again.. Trying to get some sleep for work. I remember when it first happened.I remember watching the movie exorcism of emily rose that night with the family. Pretty frighting movie. I then went to my room and ended up sleeping but I was having an unusual dream about the movie where she was in that twisted position staring at her friend that had stayed the night with her. I suddenly woke up but I could only look around I try to move and scream and couldnt really breath either. I got freaked out and told my parents I was afraid I was getting possesed.. For nights after that It happened over and over for about 2 weeks straight. In the time I developed different ways to cope with it. When it happens use everything you got and push your way out of it. Like I couldnt move but I sure did give it hell. Second when I got it to stop I would always fall asleep thinking about good things. Putting my mind at ease or not stressing myself out. It helped to always have noise of some sort that changes. I live by a freeway and my window was open but noone was really driving by so I imagine I slipped into it. I expeirenced it falling to sleep also. Id catch myself. It felt like I was falling into a deep deep sleep.. So get up walk around read something for a bit to take your mind off of it. Drink some water and think about good things and it should help.. Well it does with myself.I hope my experiences help. :)

Mar 18, 2012
Freaked Out
by: Anonymous

Ive had the feeling of numbing in my body, can't talk, but only moan, since 2001. I know after reading everyone post I feel a little but better. I know I need to see a doctor like tomorrow. I'm so afraid when my husband gets this contractor job overseas that it's just me and the kids. That something will happen me.

Mar 19, 2012
Oh no
by: Miranda

I had something like this happen to me as well, but I couldn't open my eyes that considered the same ...ive been terrified ever since to sleep .. Sometimes it would happen if I closed my eyes ...

Mar 20, 2012
my dream/awake
by: lucian gribbins

i to have had these dreams because one time i was like awke but i was dreaming then i tryed openning my eyes which i did but only to see a dark shadow in a corner then my eyes shut again it was very scary i awoke the next morning and there was nothing there

Mar 23, 2012
its a dream
by: Anonymous

You ate something heavy before goin to sleep like pork ect ect.... Dont eat as much before goin to sleep wait a little bit its nothing about a soul or anything it happends when you that.. And yea when you feel that your dreaming your not awake ive had dem.. its just people and thier sayings every body has their own sayings like what they say if you sneeze it means your soul is trying to leave your body or yawn its bullshit... Just watch what you do before you sleep. And yea they feel nasty you cant move or scream and if you try to scream its like a low scream like if your whispering i and somethings on top of u holding you tight and down... Its a dream just dont do much or eat something heavy before going to sleep eat cereals or something.. and its normal i dont know this dream is called but in Spanish its called a PESADIA look it up itll.probly translate hope this helps..

Mar 24, 2012
Some experience I had
by: Jacob

I have had those kind of what ever you want to call them . While I am sleeping then all of the sudden I feel something is going to happen shortly , and I am trying very hard to get up , or even try to open my eyes with no luck , I can hear some spirits whispering in my ears , or those spirits talking to each other , some times i can hear them loud and clear talking to each other like completely a different world around us without noticing their presence . But what ever that is , I think It's something bad because one of the night I was able to open my eyes for less than blink of an eye , I saw a very ugly looking face looking at my face and it disappeared right a way as soon as I saw it . Please don't lough that is realy what I had experienced and I don't know what that is .

Mar 25, 2012
by: Violet

I'm 13 and this happens to me every week I fall a sleep and while I'm sleeping I fell like I'm awake and all I can see is black and hear like a million voices talking at once and I feel like someone is holding me down I try to move and open my eyes but I can't I try to scream and I can't talk and everyday before this happens before I go to sleep I hear voices in my head and gun shots but every time I tell someone they just laugh at me

Mar 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi dear, I just read your story too! this actually happened to me last night again! it has happened to me a lot of times since I was a child, Its just crazy, its like they lock you from outside and you are free inside but cannot show it! I have heard something about these small species that they have been mentioned in holy books too! so since then, every time it happens to me, I start wishing and reading some of the holy book, and they will go away! i did exactly the same last night and they left me alone! I hope you talk to me more about this experience! I am so interested to know more about this feeling!

Good luck anyway

Mar 26, 2012
SP Solution
by: Nat

I used to get this all the time - I know how scary it is to wake up, feel paralized and try to screem with nothing coming out. I also saw a dark figure at the end of my bed on one occasion and often felt like I was being dragged - sometimes I'd even wake up at the end of my bed - terrifying!!! I slept with a cross by my pillow in the end, but the thing that ended these night terrors was listening to music as I went to sleep. I listened to Enigma and this seemed to end the sp. Hope this helps!

Mar 28, 2012
i have no clue what it is
by: keith

im 14 and i have experenced the same thing except i know i was awake i woke up because i felt a huge force hit me and i tried to move and couldn`t all i could move was my head so i knew somthing was wrong so i tried to call for help but all i could manage was a hoarse muffled wisper and then i think i got into a convo with it
voice)oh no you dont
me)in jesuses name leave me alone in my head
voice)it`s to late for that boy
me)muffled whisper help
voice)ha ha ha ha
me)sobing help me leave me alone
voice)oh im going to kill you boy
and when i could move i was shacking none stop and i didnt want to go to bed

Mar 29, 2012
by: keith

also ever since then i feel diferent like im always being watched and i feel like i dont belong here and i really need some one to talk to about it because im alone alot and i hate it i feel so weak helpless and like a filure at being a man and i can help with questions to if needed

Mar 31, 2012
Sleep Paralysis
by: Anonymous

To all the people who have sleep paralysis, I have some advise for you, I have had sp for over 25 years now, and is a very scary moment when you are experiencing sleep paralysis. I was 12 yrs. old when I first had my first horrifying experience, I told my sister about it because I had been having the sp almost every night and she told me that whenever I feltl the numbness starting to overpower my body to hum as loud as I could and she would shake me the minute she heard me, and it worked. Now that im married my husband taps on my shoulder whenever he hears me hum because he knows that if I'm humming it means I'm having an episode of sp and also last night my 5 yr old came to my bed in the middle of the night and shortly after i began to have another nightmare and my son already new what to do...he tapped me and said, momma, momma wake up your at it again and my body snapped out of it. I loved one of the comments that said to say or think of Jesus....I will definitly be doing that next time!

Apr 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

ok well i have ben aving this problem too..but the thing is i have a lizard soyou kno they have to have there light on..but listen to this everyone wants to say it sp but in my case i feel its more only because when i cut off my lizards light an cut off the t.v. it happens and not only that my eyes be somewhat open and i feel multiple people walking around me smh...but when i leave the light on this neva happens or if im with my girlfriend it never happens but as soon as im alone it always happens idk why but it does and when i wake up i always feel funny more like the feeling when someone leave the room thats the feeling and i kant sleep after now yea it may b sp but in the same token its more on what it really is kuz even scientist say they have yet to find a 100 percent answer to why this has happened and is still happening to im just going off my experinces and it moreless happens every time im alone by myself and its not that im scared of the dark kuz i have overcame that fear when i was 4 im 22 now and all of this has ben happenin since i broke up with my first love and my grandmother and bestfriend passed away...ever since then its ben the same thing when im alone i actually feel someone touchin me and talkin over me and when i move it or w.e it is puts it hands on is very scary so i try my hardest not to sleep kuz im scared smh ive ben up for the last 3 days so far this makes 4 and if i have to i will stay up im not going to sleep nomore kuz when i say its scary it really is...its so bad that one time i had my friends dog andyou know how dogs sense things i woke up after and episode and the dog was barking at the wall then ran out the room as if he was chasing something smh HELP

Apr 02, 2012
Scared to sleep
by: Ashlee

About two months ago I had my first paranormal experience when i woke up and saw a balck figure standing across the room. I told my boyfriend about it the next morning, and from then on became very intrigued about the paranormal. I was watching movies, shows, reading books, so on and so on. Im now afraid i brought this upon myself. As the days have gone on, i felt the thing get closer and closer to me until one night it got in bed with me and touched my leg. It wasnt till two nights later that i had my first sp experience. I was awoken by the shadow and it holding me down. i couldnt move, speak, nothing. I felt hopless. I remember it talking to me and there were a few words i rememberd when i snapped out of it. I have been scared and paranoid since then. Im trying to seek help, with some christian counselors and blessings of my local church. Reading these posts really helped me to see that im not going crazy that this happens to a lot of people. But this isnt gonna stop my battle in overcoming this. I know there is a strength in all of us. Whether your sp is spiritual or not, we can beat it.

Apr 02, 2012
Has anyone experience not being able to breath

I had this happen to me last night. I was talking on the cellphone through my ear piece with my girlfriend, and during her fussing I was fallen asleep and started dreaming I was driving a car and couldnt turn the steering wheel, then I couldn't move or talk but could hear her and was trying to scream her name but could only make moaning noises. she heard me and was gonna call 911 but after about 30 seconds i was able to break free. But my question is a few years ago I had this happen and I couldn't move or BREATH( Itwas like I forgot how to breath and couldn't tell my brain how to breath). Then I slowly get the strength to move and break through. has this happen to anyone? it seems if It would have lasted longer I would be dead..

Apr 02, 2012
could'nt breathe
by: Anonymous

I had this happen to me but I couldn't breathe either, has anyone that had sleep paraysis not been able to breathe while this was happen?

Apr 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

if u can't talk, scream and feel paralysed however u can see stuffs and feel awake..this is called hallucinating..stop alcohol or tablets, drugs whatever u r having..u will be fine ideally..

Apr 09, 2012

This often happens to me when I was young and still does. I am from the pacific island of Vanuatu and here we still have old traditional beliefs of spirits.

My granny use to tell me that at night during midnight when other ghost is out wondering around they confused you from a death person, so they come and try to take your spirit out from your body that is why you feel a pressure and cant talk etc.... BUT they cannot remove your spirit from your body is because your still alive and our spirit is attached to our toes.

So when this happens you wrinkle your toes and you the ghost will know your alive and leave you a lone!!! It works for me every time till now I am married it also work for my kids.

I saw this website and want to contribute which I am sure will help others. Science is based on facts in your world BUT in my world where voodoos and evils spirits haunts you in middle the night we use fire against fire!!!!

Apr 13, 2012
Repeated nightmare with an evil being
by: MaggieAco

My name is Maggie. I have been experiencing the same episodes. But I can't say they're related to sleep paralysis. To be frank this is the first time I hear of sleep paralysis and will be definitely looking into it. I've had these horrible nightmares episodes for over 18 years now. They always happen when I'm sleep deprived, when I go to sleep so exhausted and so weak that I can't even keep my eyes opened even with fear. It's always the same nightmare. I'm sleeping on my bed on my tummy side and I feel this horrible vibe and goosebumps all over. Then gets on top of me and traps me there and starts to touch me sexually. Since I'm so weak from sleep he always tries to convince me that it feels good. But I know and feel his evilness. I try to move away. But like Megan describes I can't move, talk or scream, he is pressuring me down. So all I can do is start praying over and over again until I wake up with a scream. My mom bought me a crucifix for this purpose. Once I wake up I have to wear it and the "Evil Thing" leaves me alone.
By the way the nightmare only happens when I'm not wearing the crucifix. But sometimes I forget to wear it to bed. But last nights nightmare was completely different because I heard him laugh a horrible evil laugh that scared me more than ever. His laugh was like he was warning me that he was getting closer in possessing me. I also want to say that these nightmares started after one night I spent the nite at my sister's house and while sleeping I woke up and saw a something that looked like a black shadow leaving my body.
Any advise would truly be appreciated.

Apr 14, 2012
Can't talk, Can't scream, Now I'm scared and paranoid
by: Nicole

Excuse my english.

In my dream what happened was, I were in a province far away from my home, and I was trying to find a ride. When I found one it took me to places then we stopped I entered a house and when I got out my ride was gone, so I tried to find other ones. When I find a car I couldnt get to them because I can't run fast enough and that scene happened again and again. When I got real close to a gang's large truck, I touched it then it tipped/fell over. so he chased me when he got to me he kicked me, but I didn't feel it. and that is where the "real" dream stops. And now the scary part, I entered a room and inside their was a scary person who got really close to me, and then I woke up. The door in my room was left ajar and the scary person was staring at me through the door with angry eyes. I was so scared I tried to scream for help, but i can't I couldn't say anything. Whenever I try to scream what happen is I swallow ( or any other word that is close to swallowing.)
I try to scream and scream but nothing comes out, I was panicking and I remembered to pray. So I put my hands together, I was shocked I could even do that, and I prayed "Angel of God" "Hail Mary" "Our Father" after that I woke up for real, and the door was still left ajar and the scary person was gone. It just happened an hour ago before i was writing this. After I woke up I was scare to get out of my bed and scared to stay in it. i stood up and walked to the door, opened it and winced because I thought the scary person would appear again. I ran to my mother's room and stayed there, I thought I was hearing things like a person humming and I thought "He was REAL!" While i was writing I still felt paranoid.

Email me if you can give me any advice about what happened to me because I dont know if what happened to me was real or just sleep paralysis


Apr 15, 2012
Being pinned to the bed and having a full on fight with a dark figure I
by: Kieran from Ireland

Hey Ivw been having these weird episodes were I feel myself being pinned down to my bed can't barely move or talk ..... But what's strange is that every time this happens! I'm in a fully blown fight with a dark figure ....
The first time this happened was frightening to say the least... It's like your awake but you feel pinned to the bed but the first time was were I saw a figure standing at my bedroom door.... All in black with a cloak and a hood covering the face..... And the next I knew, we was in a tussle .... I could feel his arms squeezing my throat although I knew I was in my bed struggling to move and I thought this thing is going to kill me if I dont do something ...... So I held my breath hoping that whatever this was would ease his grip, and I could feel the grip loosening from my neck .... So I managed to somehow just uppercut this thing .... And as just as that .... he fled!!!! .... And I suddenly found myself in my bed were a black shadow I saw left my room banging my bedroom and bathroom door .... Now I was really shocked by this thinking what the f***k ..... Considering to sleep in my car but I just stayed awake to the morning...... Now afew days later I told my friends what happened and put the whole thing down to a nightmare .... Then about 4 days later .... I was asleep and I felt this force again pinning me to my bed and I felt awake and then I saw the same black cloaked figure standing by my bedroom door with a drooping hood ....... And I thought ahh Jesus !!!! Not again !!!! The figure spoke and said I found you again !!!!! And me being thick I said what kept u..... And I could feel him attack me ..... I feel this struggle as if I'm half asleep were I know I'm being held down but I have use of my strength and I manage to be a handful for this thing whatever this is ...... Now I aways manage to be stronger than this thing ....... This happened three times an a week ..... Now a year has past and the reason Im posting this is ........ I had a visit from this thing lastnite , it's been a year!!! I'm not scared of this thing now because I give as good as I get .... And aways end up with me winning the tussle ...... I wonder do anyone have this happen to them..... ?
Kieran from Ireland ....

Apr 15, 2012
It is a demonic attack...
by: Anonymous

You must call on the name of Jesus when this happens. I also strongly encourage you to join a church where you are taught about spiritual warfare. Ask if they teach about spiritual warfare. We do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. You must give your life to Jesus. Pray and ask him to be your savior, ask him to come into your heart and you must confess that you need Jesus to forgive you of your sins. Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. No man or woman may come unto the Father except through Jesus. Also join a church where you are tought about the Holy Spirit and I encourage you to become baptized in water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I also encourage you to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that you will be filled with the power of God. The same power that raised Christ from the dead. I release the very presence of God into your life right now, I release the saving grace of Jesus Christ into your life right now. I declare that you are free because he or she whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Jesus loves and wants to fill your life and heart with His love and divine presence. Ask Jesus to come into your life and get a bible, begin to read it daily and in copious amounts. For simplicity's sake a King James Version will do fine, sorry about the old English... Or try New King James Version. Pray and declare the very love and protection of God over your life, out loud. Speak positive life affirming things over yourself about how much Jesus loves you! Ask Jesus to open the truth of the bible to you, ask him to make real His love and word to you. Find a strong and devout Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit to be a mentor to you. Ask Jesus for help finding such a person. He will bring them across your path, possibly in a very random way or through someone you know. God wants to prosper you and see you grow in freedom from demonic oppression. Remember cry out to Jesus. Get the word of God inside your life. has cd's and teachings that will help your Christian walk. Also via email you can request help and prayer. Jesus loves you and died for your sins and to set you free from sin and death and demonic oppression. Be free and choose Jesus!!!

Apr 17, 2012
scary as fuck!
by: Eddie

ok guys this "Sleep parlysis" happend to me last night but i dont belive its SP because why is it scaring me so much? some other guy that posted about this said his doctor said it happens to you atleast once in your life and its all ok.i dont beleiev that at all. i took a nap yesterday and when i woke up i kept itching my left bicep and then finially looked at it and it had 3 scratches on it. and i have 6 cats and there is no way it was one of my cats cause the scratces were way to big to be from a cat. then that same night i remember i woke up and i was laying on my belly side and i was pinned down, couldnt move and couldnt breath. my eyes were wide open and i trid to scream but it seemed like my mouth was glued shut. it scared the shit out of me. as im writing this now im getting gooseebumps. every1 that has this experience please beleiev in GOD. i dont go to church or read the bible but the reason why saying im God blessed and Jesus Christ is my savior works against these dark forces is because GOD AND Jesus are the strongest forces that there is. so the dark forces get scared cause they know Jesus and GOD could beat the hell outta them. please keep posting recent stories im sooooooooooo interested

Apr 18, 2012
this happens to me all the time
by: Anonymous

Are you seeing the room you are sleeping in as it really is? I mean like your eyes are open and you REALLY ARE AWAKE, but somehow you are not able to do anything about it? Here's the trick; those moments you are the most freaked out, shake your head. Seriously! Imagine you are shaking your head (it also helps if you think of something you want to eat... usually candy bars for me- and I never eat them) This has plagued me for awhile, most of the time during day time naps. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE your head

Apr 19, 2012
I dun wanna sleep...
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering from SP since 5 to 6 months... N it happens after somedays gap... Or sometimes daily... I dun know wat to do... Is it a dream or its real... I feel lyk m dead bt i can feel the surrounding... I cant move cant call out someone 4 help... Its too scary... Den after too much effort i slowly open my mouth and slowly move my hand and finally my body... After that i tried not to sleep coz m too scared.... Is this a serious problem... I feel shy to explain this to anyone... Plz iwnt some advice...

Apr 21, 2012

the thing most ppl have in comment here is that you believe in a GOD and when remembering him it goes away..maybe thats a sign that god does exist ans is savoing you each time from these demonds..reasearch this same topic with answers comming from muslims and see the refrences from the Holy Book..this is a real matter and its the devils trying to take over you..please dont be quick to judge muslims as shown by the media and look sincerly into it i promis when find the path you will be at peace and so happy and these evill spirits will leave you alone

Apr 23, 2012
im so scared
by: karee

I fell asleep about 45 min ago. I jus now woke up to me crying so hard. It started yesterday. I dont remember yesterdays dream but i know i was scared. In my dream i was thrown around like a ghost was throwing me around. I fell asleep on web cam with my bf so in my dream i was still on webcam with him. i was calling his name over and over. he was talking to me but i didnt understand him but then i look at the computer (in my dream) and it was broking. It was like i was in a dream but in a dream. i would open my eyes but it was like my eyes were so heavy. i could talk but not very much. when i (thought) i woke up but i was still in my dream, there was two men that i never met before watching me sleep. they would look at me whenever i opened my eyes. then i finally opened them (in my dream) and they came onto my bed trying to have sex with me. I dont know how i woke up but im glad i did..It scared the crap out of me. Im only 20 years old and i just want it to go away. please help

Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous.K

I'm 21 years old. I've been experiencing this about 5 times now in the past couple months. Today I just googled if this is common and it brought me here. One time I dreamt I was laying in my bed and a bright light was running into me again and again and I couldn't move my body while it was happening. Last night I dreamt I was laying asleep and this lady was standing in the same room as me and I could see her shadow.. I tried so hard to yell or move... I was trying so hard and my mind knew I was in this state that I wasnt able to do anything. BUT then finaly I was able to run after her and catch her. It was an older lady and I was asking her why she was there and she was saying she wasn't but i could tell she was hiding something.. I don't know? I think this is it?

Apr 23, 2012
by: Mani

iam in my late 30's and i had these sort of dreams and aways the same terifiying ones as if some being is terrorising me,very rare that i see them but i know me soul can feel them very strongly.Just last week i went to bed while my husband was downstairs,iifeel asleep and felt some evil faced demon came as a human very evil looking and he was lying next to me looking at me ,i tried calling for my husband but as usual i couldnt.I new i was dreaming and i was thinking that once i get up from this nastie sleep i'll run in full speed to my husband,i also told myself that i was dreaming and i want this dream to end,which did, and that the thing was gone.First of all these dreams are real and they go on in our spiritual side of our life which to most people is not true.there are alot of things that occur in peoples lives that are unexplainable.But these dreams are from the devils or jinns that are presently living with humans in this world,there are more devils and jinn are than humans in this world,people recall them as ghosts,ufos,and so on.There is a chapter also verses mentioned about jinn in the holy quran and most christians,jews and other religions believe.Have belief in the almighty god and the hereafter, be pure from the inside and out, these things cant harm you.I hope this was of some help.

Apr 26, 2012
Cant move or talk when i am aslee
by: Anonymous

Well its been happening to me only when i sleep on the couch during the day,but at night never...i can see & hear anythng around but i cant move or talk i try to get up but i cant..i always tel somebody who is around to touch me when am sleep then il hear & get up...or i try to move my toes then il be up.i dont see anythng like ghost when am asleep its just whoever is in the house my sister or brother or the tv coz its alwayz on.

Apr 26, 2012
Dont be scared of this
by: Anonymous

When this happens, Jump up really fast really sudden, You might have a total OOB experience or it will wake you up, I mean.. The total OOB experience is the 'Real' Awake.

Apr 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

This happened to me when I was 14. I am now 35. I could not move, scream or wake up. I felt as though I levitated a few inches above my bed. I knew it was something evil. There was much evil around my home as I was growing up as a child. My parents were on meth and crack. I found a book of witch craft at a drug house my mom took me to, started experimenting with spells and ouija board. Then I experienced this phenomenon and realized the evil around me. I changed my life and sought out Jesus to save me and now I have a better understanding of the evil in this world.

Apr 30, 2012
4/30/2012 2:15am
by: Anonymous

I'm 20 yrs. & this starting happing to me last yr. after the my daughter 1st birthday to be exact but i had the same feeling as everyone else i couldnt move talk cry for help my heart stopped but in my i had a shadow watching over me...the first 2 he gone but all i here is the voice repeating something i dont understand which isnt english or spanish. All i do is wake up and pray to God and hold my little girl cause im afraid of what this is...i just experienced one right now my heart stop..I work 2 jobs and am a single mother & maybe this is being caused my tiredness like some doctors says...but this is something i wish nobody has to experience. I feel like someone or something is out to get me..helpless & to think it finally over. My best advice is to PRAY..GODS will is stronger!

May 01, 2012
by: Tony Solis


May 01, 2012
Sleep Paralysis
by: Daniel

It's something natural that happens to your body so during your dreams you dont flail around and hurt yourself. Your awake when that is happening to you. It happened to me a few time, I felt like I was tripping on the heaviest dose of DMT or something. Dont worry about it, it's just a trip, first time it happened to me I was hearing demonic voices and my room kind of turned into a spirit world. The demonic voices thing happens to alot of people so dont get scared by it

May 02, 2012
How do I make this stop
by: Justin

I have bin having this since I was little and don't know what to do and it's always scary I'm 18 and still happens to me

May 04, 2012
mind over matter
by: Anonymous

This happened to me several times until I found out that I was having an out of body experience. You can't move your body or speak, because.....your really out of your body. You have to move with your mind. You have to calm yourself down and say float. You will do whatever you tell your mind to do! You will only be paralized with fear if you don't stop struggling. You are not really paralized..just gifted. Learn to use your gift.

May 07, 2012
This time I saw it.

Ive never had s.p. until after I was baptized on March 13th 1994 at the age of 22. My first experiance I remember clearly, my mind was awake, I was aware my husband was lying next to me and I was totally concience but unable to move, I felt if I yelled his name and he responded to me I would awaken,if I could kick him, nothing.I fought it and woke up, Once I opened my eyes and had full body sp, I could not move my eyes though.I have never seen anything untill the night before last, it always feels like a demon is doing it, call on Jesus on my mind and I am released everytime. The other night it was walking towards me it was cloaked in black with a white face and in my mind I said "Save me Jesus" and woke up. Whats going on? I prayed that God will protect me from them/it. Ive never asked Gods help with it before, I dont know why it happens, I just know the moment I say Jesus help me He does. We serve a Living God who is with us in every moment, even watching over his chidren in their sleep'

May 08, 2012
by: shiloh

Thank you so much i was freaking out i would llay down to go to sleep an i almost gat to sleep or really i dont know if i was a sleep or awake.ian my whole body would judt go conpletly nimd an all i could move is my fingers an i trin an i tried to move an talk .an it lasted about um 45 sec an then again.but to make it not happen again i have to get up an walk around,that usually works.i dont know still a litle cunfused

May 10, 2012
by: Jennifer

I've experienced this feeling a lot in the past two years. I am Hmong and in my culture, it means there is a spirit that is literally "sitting" or "laying on top" of you. Some people believe it's scientific but I believe it's all spiritual. I've gotten it so much that now it's just annoying. Whatever these spirits are, they just really need to go away and stop bugging me!

May 12, 2012
Try doing this before sleeping
by: Anonymous

I truly want to share something you..people don't want to see or understand what is happening to you but I believe you are being attacked by a spritual force..please don't think this is crazy but before you go to sleep, if you have a bible read something from psalms a pray in the name of Jesus and ask for him to protect you while you are sleeping..I promose you to be able to feel His peace and the problem will leave due to demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ

May 14, 2012
Feel dirty this a.m.
by: Addie

For a week or so now, I have what feels like someone's hand, resting on my hip (I sleep on my side). Last night, it decided to move to my midriff and eventually up my PJ shirt. I rolled over onto the other side, and it continued. So I was tried to hold my breath to see if it was my imagination or if the "touch" would move. It moved . . . I could feel fingers . . . carressing . . . the "touch" became more sexual and exciting and the more labored my breathing got, the more the "touch" began to move up towards my breasts and I kept thinking - this is the devil. I'm not paralyzed . . . I can talk, walk, etc. - but this morning (after I finally got 3 hours sleep), I felt like I had sex with an unclean spirit. Is there a scientific reason for this, or a spiritual one?

May 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

A word of advice, I'm a 48 yr. old female who can relate to most of your stories. I started having the same experiences at the age of 15. Please listen to what I'm going to tell you. Yes, this is a spiritual thing....yes you can call it demonic. For those of you who know a thing or two of the bible, you know this is a spiritual battle. Good against evil, for those of you who don't read the bible here's a crash course. Satan is a fallen angel, his name is Lucifer...he was Gods right hand angel. But Lucifer was so jealous of God that he started to turn some of the other angels against God. So God casted him out of heaven along with 1/3 of the angels to planet earth. So, Satan runs planet earth along with his dark angels. His goal it to take as many humans down with him. It's the great battle for our souls. He will try many tricks to deceive us and one of them is while we sleep cause that’s when we are the most vulnerable. Satan is very angry cause he knows that the battle was won when Jesus Christ was crucified. The blood of Jesus covers us all who accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and Satan can't touch you. I advise you to spend some time getting to know who Jesus is, and ask him to come into your life and to guide you in your walk getting to know more about him. By the way when you feel the nightmare coming on when sleeping, repeat the following " I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" if you can't say it think it. Repeat it as many times as you have to, if you say it with authority it will vanish instantly. Don't be afraid, you are a child of God, he created you and you are a perfect creation. God does not make mistakes, we do. As a child of God we have authority over Satan, but a word of caution. Don't have a verbal battle with Satan, don't talk to command him, tell him to leave, rebuke him. This is not a physical battle it's a spiritual battle. He may be in a form of just a horrible fear during your episode or you may feel a heavy body on top of you or like the person on the last posting described it, a sexual experience. The dangerous thing is what she did, she went along with it and she actually felt that she had sex with it. NOT GOOD, don't go along with anything, get rid of it ASAP. We are living in times where we are going to be seeing things we have not seen before. Get right with God ASAP, prepare yourself, God is calling us to make a stand, and the enemy is working harder then ever before cause he knows he is running out of time. I recommend you doing a research online on Prophecy of end times. Good luck to all and may God guide you all in your walk.

May 15, 2012
by: janispuritual


May 15, 2012
This Is What I Do to Prevent
by: Mersee

Hey ... you decribed EXACTLY what sometimes happens to me .. and yes .. I try very hard to shake it off and wake up .. because when it happens to me I feel like someone is standing next to me. So ... I started sleeping w/ my tv remote .. so if it happens I might be able to stuggle just enough to hit the on button to give some light in the room and wake me up fully.

May 16, 2012

I have been having this problem for years I use to think i was being over ruled by the devil bc i could see el Santa muerte on the cor.or of my wall I will try to get of run scream but i just couldent but as soon as i woke up I screamed my ass off then my parebts will come and ask me whats wrong and they said that tgey think im being cursed my the devil bc one day this happend to me and as soon as o woke up from this evil situation ifound out my cuzzin died in a car acceident ! Im 14. And I don't k.ow how to stop this

May 19, 2012
I just just had a sleep paralysis....
by: Josh C.

I just had my Sleep Paralysis last night... but i wasnt sleep chest-up... i was sleeping on my side... it was scary... i tried calling out fr my brother who sleeps in my room, but i couldnt speak.. only air would run through my mouth...
as i tried to relax i heard something very scary... my door was opening very slowly and it was creaking as it opened... and after it had stopped creaking open i heard heavy footsteps...
i was only asleep for a little while... say about five minutes. when i actually was able to move, the door was closed. I thought this experience was something like the fourth kind (movie)...where you dragged from your sleep to unknown places... and aliens probe you... thats where i got the idea from right after my door had creaked open.
please tell me this is normal..
email me at

May 22, 2012
there are monsters out there
by: Anonymous

that's a very common effect. that dream means you are feeling preasure and are unable to get away from it. i'v had much scarier dreams than that but i can give you some advise. i'd leave that dorm if i were you. saying nightly prayers and blessing the house could help you to.

May 24, 2012
a solution !!!!
by: manolita

i have been experiencing this all my life, and i have found a way to notify my partner so he can wake me up..i have found that i can control my breathing only so i breath really deeply and heavy until my partner wakes me up..

May 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

The message right above me is right

May 30, 2012
by: Syntheticshit

Ive been always expiriencing almost everyday . And its feels like yeah .... All you have to to prevent thisnis .dont eat before you sleep. Specifically sweets .. Its a kknda magnet . And also dont sleep superfatigue .. And i found it true . Just drinknwater before sleep and pray as always . THIS IS THE WAY. Contact me .

May 30, 2012
Your not alone
by: Anastasia Perez

This happens to me a lot but my body tingles as if it's falling asleep like when your hands fall asleep but my whole body feels that way and I can't do anything until someone wakes me up or I just stop trying to fight it off

May 31, 2012
Sleep Paralysis Truth
by: good Guy

Whatever you do don't leave your body. This has happened to me also plenty of times. It started when I was younger,but I have managed to decrease it. I am now 18 years old and got it a couple of weeks ago. What is happening is not natural it is spiritual as some might call it a ghost or spirit. Whatever the name I know it's a demon trying to enter the body. It tries to trick you by luring you out. Don't leave your body or this entity will posses your body and you will be stuck in a limbo sort of state. I find that knowing what is happening helps and praying a bit helps too. If you are a nonbeliever just realize and accept the basic idea that something wants your body. Don't let it take over yours. Sincerely , German G From CA

Jun 01, 2012
Prayer works
by: Anonymous

My wife was praying the other day and she saw a vision of a humming bird. My wife has similar problems, and she becomes lucid in her dreams, and fights the demons - sometimes she prays in her dreams and rebukes the things in Jesus name - they go if she does this.

Jun 07, 2012
science doesn't fully understand
by: Ricky Agnew

this kind of occurence is generally spiritual.i've found that in nearly every case that the person this happens to is either a spiritual person son or daughter of someone who would be considered religious or somehow close or has been very close to someone of that nature.generaly the christian seems to tie in somehow.i believe this ocurence is of a demonic nature but regarding the danger of it,i'm not sure.these occurences began with me when i was in my preteens and later in life after i got what most people call saved,i began to deal with them by using the the name of jesus and later his true name yeshua(yeh-shew-uh) the lat syylable being the more strongly pronounced (as yeh shew UH).scince may say wnatecver they want,but i know how i feel in thee dreams and i believe many of you understand that it's a strong feeling of another presence.i might suggest you use the name either of jesus or yeshua during these times.if you feel you can't speak,then think the names with the intent to say them ..being retrained or feeling smothered or some one chasing you& you running away and not getting anywhere(as tho' running in above waist high water) is also a typical trait of one of these so called dreams.and dreams they are,but with a freddie krueger presence involved.difference is preeence in one of these dremas can't hurt you buut can scare the hell out of you...every time you sleep..use the name of jesus..yeshua,,see how it turns out.i'm only ststing my past expreiences ,not telling people what they should do as though i'm some mysterious person or for that mattera nut..just try what i mention.if it works,then you know what to use from then on and who knows.these dreams might stop completely//.science only knows what's happening to a degree.they see the brains' action and reaction ,etc..there's more to knowledge than science.the spritual goes beyond where science has left off.

Jun 11, 2012
no idea
by: rachel

im 15 n i live with my mom n dad , i was sleeping in my room when i suddenly woke up n the room just kept spinning around n i could hear every motion of sound clearly n i get bad dreams visualizing the satan and this happened many times , n im not the only one facing this in my house , my elder brother was lifted from his bed in the air and when i was 10 or 12 i heared voices of both male n female spirits screaming into my ears saying that it will kill me and my family n my dad was really upset 4 me n told me to repeat the pslam 23 the lord is my sheperd n i did and soon after that it never happened again to me but later it spoke to my mom once that it will put her into test , im really freaked out as my family is facing alot of problems during the start of 2012 the only thing that can help me is my god n i nw theres many who is facing such kinda activity in there life may be worse than mine , RD

Jun 16, 2012
Allow me to point out the spiritual side of it
by: MrMarcosMiranda

While I fully understand there are always scientific explanations to what happens to the body while such episode takes place and the medical attempt to explain why it happens. What scientists are able to examine and report is only the physical reaction to what they've labeled "sleep paralysis" as you can read about on medical journals. No cure is known yet.

What I'd like to propose to you is another side or possibility of what is happening to you and how to effortlessly put an end to it.

From personal experience, there are various instances where I've personally dealt with demonic attacks (sleep paralysis) and I have known people who have also experienced the same to varying levels.

While doctors would have labeled it a "sleep paralysis" episode, I know very well what it was.

You're suddenly awake and conscious but you can't open your eyes or move. It feels like your body is petrified. You also feel a "pressure" or "heaviness" hindering you from moving or screaming. All you really have at that point is your mind and conscience. Oh, but let's not forget the terrifying feeling of fear, as if someone is actually there. Some hear words, noises etc...

I truly hope you won't discredit what I will say but there is only one thing that will end immediately these "sleep paralysis" episodes and that is calling on the name of Jesus while rebuking the demon that is oppressing you by simply using your mind, since it's the only weapon you have during these attacks.

There are various reasons why these attacks happen. Some people feel as if someone is caressing their body while others literally get chocked in the neck; but always with an overwhelming sense of fear.

I won't get into many details of what I've experienced and why, but try this next time.

Rebuking "it" in the name of Jesus next time you awake to this experience and you will see what will happen. Simply use your mind to go up against it. No need to say a word, even though you can't.

Trust in God, enjoy His peace in your life. Have no fear and enjoy awesome and restful nights of sleep. Don't be afraid.

Take care.

For further questions I can be reached on Twitter @MrMarcosMiranda

Jun 16, 2012
is this more then just sleep paralysis?
by: Sheila

I am SOOO glad there is more people who go through this. This "sleep paralysis" happened to me yesterday for the third time. I've had this happen to me when i was younger but I just thought it was a dream. I'm 17 now so it hasn't happened in awhile. It started out with a weird dream of a blue ghost cloud ghost thing. (I can vaguely remember now) but then my eyes opened and I felt crazy pressure on my body like i couldn't move and it was so difficult to breathe. I felt the springs in my mattress make noises and I felt there was a presence. I was so scared but I remembered my sister talking about this happening to her and she said she started praying and she felt the pressure come off her. So I started thinking (cause i couldn't speak) "I believe in God I, believe in God." Even though I am an atheist. And all of the sudden the weight lifted off me! I couldn't believe that it worked. I told my dad about this morning when he sat on the edge of my bed to tell me he was leaving to work. Then he started praying for me and all of the sudden I felt a massive force get a hold of my neck like cramps! but soo excruciating i started crying and it would not stop for 15 minutes. It still hurts now. And now my dad doesnt want me to be in my room now. I was just at my boyfriends house the other day and i was playing with his Ouija board thinking it wouldn't do anything... could this be why? I'm very scared now and I can't stop thinking about it. Has anyone else used a Ouija board and had this happen? I'm starting to question my spirituality and i'm pretty freaked out. :(

Jun 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

I just had one of these dreams again. Last time I had one I was 14 years old I'm now 20. This time I felt as If I was close to death and the more I gave up and stopped struggling the weaker I got. I wonder what will happen if I just stop next time.. Is this how people die in their sleep?

Jun 18, 2012
Please take a minute to read my story PLS.
by: Angelo

Hello. I'm Angelo, 24. I live in the Philippines. I have been troubled for quite some time because of all these things that are posted here. As detailed as you guys have experienced it. I truly lived a dark life and I became a Born-again Christian. Now that I know in my heart I am trying to align myself as best I can to the word of the most high, these things started happening to me. I cast it out, in the name of the Lord Yeshua and instantly I was able to get enough strength to move and intentionally make myself fall from the bed and I was released. I have NO reason to lie about this PLEASE AWAKEN and ACCEPT. I wasn't dreaming, I was awake and conscious when this was happening. I saw pitch black eyes and I know it was a DEMON. People told me this and that about this but now I truly know what it is. It became aware of my connection with the Lord and went after me. Please, I ask you to take time to know our Lord, he is a good God and he will never forsake us. You have nothing to lose, we are nearing the end times. I am grateful about everything I have read here and it just helps confirm what I truly believed in my heart. Please pray for me as I will also be praying for you guys. Please accept the Lord in your heart and take the most time you can to get to know him. He is a very loving God just waiting for you. To all the people who are already trying to align themselves too, please be strong as I have too. All the love and light to you guys. I will bookmark this page and check from time to time if any of you guys want to ask anything. May the TRUE God bless you guys. Come quickly, Lord Yeshua!

Jun 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

This happened to me frequently when I was in college. I found that, for me, it was caused by the large amounts of caffeine I was consuming. I had always prided myself that I didn't have to worry about drinking coffee or mountain dew too late because I never had difficulty going to sleep. I drifted right to sleep, but I would have nightmares similar to what many of you have been describing. I hope this helps some of you. If you don't drink coffee, consider what other sources of caffeine you might be enjoying (tea, soda, even chocolate) and consider cutting them out or if that is too difficult to give up at least try to limit them to earlier in the day.

Jun 19, 2012
i woke up inside
by: hi i my name is lilly im from ca

I was taking a afternoon nap and i just woke up inside i tryed to open my eyes and tom ove my body and scream i couldnt wake up and i felt by my top of my head like if somone was taping my mattress i was really scard then finally woke up. I dont know ha was happing to me.

Jun 21, 2012
somtimes to scary
by: brad

Hi i also have this pressure apon falling asleep for about 10 years usually once or twice every few months w and this is the first time i have tried to look it up so thankyou for decribing your episiode so well. when ever it would happen at the start of sleep it would give a overwhelming scary sence of somekind of horror and if i diddnt force myself awake it would get stronger and to scary not to wake myself almost immeacdiatly, few years into having what i thought was nightmares,
i had a girl freind and i relised that when this feeling started apon sleep my mind would visulise reaching out to my girfreind to try wake her , but when i woke out of the horror she hadent noticed a thing and cause it happened so quickly upon sleep she was still usually laying awake trying to sleep, and as most of the time the same thing would happen 3 of 4 times in a row i started to ask her to watch me and tell me what im doing ,but when i woke asking if i had grabed her han screamed kicked my legs she said no nothing happened ,,so what that made me relise was that although i was aware and thought i was awake i must be asleep,so after talking to a freind he told me about some wild sleep helmet which alerted you when you were falling asleep and could allow you to guide your dreams ,,,,so the next time i felt this feeling i woke myself straight up ,but the second time i let that feeling build till it felt to strong the each time i tried to let it longer and longer ,till onn night i relised im not going to die even though it give of that sort of feeling so i trusted my self and went for it knowing that when it started i was asleep but aware ,, its taken some time and still dosnt always work or feels to terible not to stop it,, but a few times when i let it go after a short time i feel like ive been pushed through some kind of freshhold and the feeling would subside and no lie its like im awake cant move cause im sleeping but can think about whatever and start creating dreams around them thoughts but with a ability to do thing that you can only do when your asleep , sorry for the long winded explanition but i was just wondering on your thoughts and also wondering if it is really a safe thing im doing not wakeing your self when you fell such a terrible vein exploding horror apon you,,
thank you for all posting your experinces

Jun 26, 2012
1 more thing
by: Hayzerx

I think almost all dreams I have had while or before the SP occurs, have me being pulled against some wall or thrown around by something invisible.. I guess my brain hasn't yet given it a form in my dreams because the first time I experienced it, the first idea I had was something medical... not supernatural.

Thats the direction I think in and this kind of thinking should be more helpful for overcoming the fear and through that, getting more control over it.

Jul 04, 2012
Heres the difference
by: White noise

Being seduced or possed in your sleep is 100%possible sleep paralysis is real but some can tell the difference like me.

Naturally I can feel spirits but very faintly since I dont train my self but I can feel them good enough but when a not so good one is around I don't stick around

My occurrence: I would sleep and either have no dream or a good dream but randomly I'd try to run as fast as I can out of my bed as if something was trying to get me bet I'd stop with my leg up some and half way off the bed but not able to move and I sleep close to the edge as a habbit. And since I'm so close to the edge IDE get stuck in a position that would seem impossible for I should fall . But that could half way be paralysis were I not in that position and able to breath. That's right I wasn't able to even breath or even put a thought In my mind and that is a ghost/spirit and not good

As of sleep paralysis you wake up and sometimes can't even open your eyes or move at all for even half a minuet or you wake up and try to turn over but don't even flinch that is simple sleep paralysis

Also for people who watch scary movies and get scared don't feel like a wimp you are actually more connected with your soul than others because the weird tingling feeling your getting on your skin and insides is a demon tuging at your soul and since you most likely walk away from the movie like me you have saved a big chunk of you soul by that I mean it's less fragile or easy to take and replace

Jul 09, 2012
by: Hayzerx

I'm not religous. Atm I do not belive in any god, but I'm open to the idea. (I have prayed to something in my life a few times)

But the weird thing is that the second time I had the SP and dream during being awake, what took me out of the dream was a thought of a bible........

This coincidence will definetly make me more accepting of the existence of god.

But still I belive that our subconsciousness is the so called "higher power".

I guess I'm now 30/70 with religion and scientology.
I wont blindly change my beliefs.

The bible idea might be a stepping stone, but something real needs to happen to me, to prove that there is something actually there other then the illusions created by ourselves.

Jul 10, 2012
Try looking into this:
by: Alessandria

Look up 'Lucid Dreaming.' I thought it sounded a lot like what you were explaining.. Might be right, or I might be wrong!

Jul 10, 2012
It's been happening to me for almost a year solid.
by: Kayla

For about a year now i have had at least two episodes 2 a month. And last night I had one I can never talk or scream or move but my eyes are open and I know it's simply a dream every time. I try to talk myself into staying calm but there is one thing that is always the same there is always someone there it's usually several ghost type figures. but last night there was one person a boy and he was at first not in my line of sight then slowly kept moving infront of me and eventually he was infront of my face and i kept trying to wake up and move and I was fearfull and the boy kept getting closer I awoke physically punching my fan. which I'm gratefull for my fan it has lead me out of so many of these events but they are still getting worse I fear soon I wont wake up from one =(

Jul 10, 2012
screaming noises
by: Anonymous

Hi ppl, I am 23, I have being experiencing this 4 the past 3years, wen I go to bed, I sometimes jst fall asleep very fast, n then slowly I will hear a noise, and it gets faster and louder, to a point we're I cnt take it anymore, wen this first happened I used to pray in my mind and will fade away, but now wen I pray it gets worse, the noise gets more n more louder as I pray, I feel as if there is sum bad 'thing' that catches me. Sumtimes I will experience it and jst as its fading off its starts again, so personally I dnt think that science has an answer 4 everytn, there are so many bad things in this world that most of us are unawre off. I was told it is 'bad wind', meaning that if you are out late at night, there are spirits that linger aroundi dnt knw how to say this but sumhow interferes with u, if there is anybody out there that agrees with me pls reply,

Jul 11, 2012
I need to correct myself
by: Hayzerx

*I guess I'm now 30/70 with religion and science.*
(science instead of scientology)

@ Alessandria.. You are correct but I felt the SP (sleep paralysis) during the lucid dream and after the dream.

Jul 13, 2012
Since I was young
by: Jarrod

I am 28 years old and have been experiencing S.P.
for over half my life.

I will never forget my first occurrence with S.P.

(for me) it starts while watching tv as I fall asleep. everything is normal, as if you are still
just watching tv as always. Then everything turns dark, but you are still conscious of your surroundings tv sound, fan blowing, etc.. Then for some reason this urgent feeling of panic rushes over you, and you cant see, hear, nor feel whatever this "evil" is around you, but you must wake up. I try screaming, I can feel my mouth open, but very little, and with no sound, I try kicking, punching, wiggling, just anything that will cause me to wake up. At this point you cant hear anything any longer its just cold and dark and you just want to wake up and escape this darkness. I can feel the sheets getting soaked with sweat, and I am freezing cold but cant wake up.

The first time this happened my stepmother found me on my bedroom floor laying on my stomach with my wrist's touching my ankles as if I had been handcuffed, but there were no restraints, and she came in and saw me like that and she said "I laughed" then asked "_________, what are you doing" she told me that she walked over slowly and then could see my face. She said there were tears coming out of my eyes, and my mouth was moving but no sound.

This was my first encounter, and by far the most extreme. This still happens to me on a regular basis but I don't end up on the floor or anything. I have no rhyme or reason for why this is happening to me, nor do I know how to resolve it. I would like to think that after all these years that I would have a way to combat this, or better yet prevent it.

Sadly my wife doesn't even know when it's happening she never hears me scream, or even feel me flinch, even though in my head I am screaming for her to wake me up.

I am not religious, but I grew up around grandparents who were. Although I am not religious I am however a good person, very compassionate, and giving. A friend told me something that made so much sense he said
"the bible is a book, I myself am not religious, but I am great full for the bible because it is the guidelines to be a good person". Religious or not you can't argue that fact. And besides sex (before I was married), and perhaps drinking (no drugs), I was and have always been a good person.

Jul 13, 2012
I was so scared
by: Brenda

I am so grateful to have come across this site. I had the same exact eperiences meghan was haveing. She described it perfectly! I was so afraid when haveing it. I thought it was a spirit or something like that. I have had it several times before and when it happens and I wake up I say a quick prayer and open the bible on my bed. I am so relieved to know its not something evil and scary. Thanks so much for the information now I don't feel scared anymore, because its normal.

Jul 14, 2012
Happened twice last night within 10 minutes
by: Gigi Gore

Hi I'm a 17 year old and this stuff is freaking me out.
Ok... It believe this started in March for me.
The first time out of no where I experienced a cramping sensation throughout my body. I couldn't move yet my eyes were open. I perfectly saw EVERYTHING in front of me, CLEARLY too. I also saw a dark figure beside me, talking to me, there was also a bright light outside of my window. I tried moving but I was stuck and I couldn't scream. I KNOW I was awake too because I heard my mom doing laundry.
Now this happened again last night... Not once, but TWICE. This time there was a white light that seemed like it was shining through my eye lids and it felt as if someone had hit my over the head and I clearly heard someone yell "HEY!" and I woke up. Then I opened my eyes and tried to see if anythig was there but then I ended up falling asleep and this time I was sure I was up. And the white light was there again, I can't remember much but trying to break free of this trance and somethig hitting me again. I'm honestly scared and now I believe I'm seeig things and feeling things touching me. Im going insane, I thought it was the caffine before bed, but I realized I didn't have any before sleep last night. At least not I know that I'm not alone and feel a bit better.

Jul 19, 2012
I've also experienced this
by: Parisa

This has happened to me as well but in my paralyzed dream i'm not alone. I'm among those who fall asleep as soon has they hit the hey and some time in the middle of my sleep (and I know it's a dream because when I'm able to shout I sit up and see none of the frightening things near me)I open my eyes and see a person in about a meter of where I'm lying who is flipping through my books or simply staring at me. They never reach for me or even come close and they are all black like a silhouette. Seeing them I want to move and run and scream but I can't. I can't move a muscle neither can I shout. I do scream but there is no sound. I scream so hard that my dents hurt because I open my mouth so wide but there is no sound. Those who are at home when I see such dreams have told me that I start making very week sounds of fear and after some time these week sounds change to be a loud shrill and it is when I can move and am awake. It is really terrible and has happened to me 6 times so far. My Mom has the same dreams once every two weeks but hers are different in the sense that the strangers in her dreams are involved, try to stifle her or drag her on the floor.
I deeply hope no one experiences what I do because it is profoundly disturbing.

Jul 23, 2012
this is crazy
by: Austin

i am 15 and im glad to know that there are other people that go through this i was starting to think that i was being haunted or something because i saw the room and i knew where i was butt i couldn't move a muscle or yell butt my eyes were open that's were im confused at i tried to scream for somebody in my house butt i couldn't be heard butt i heard people in my house doing things that's what really freaks me out and it happened like 2 or 3 times last night i thought i was going insane butt now i know that other people that go through this too and that helps a lot to know that im not alone butt i hope my story helps somebody like all these story's helped me

Jul 24, 2012
Watever it is
by: Anonymous

Yea i just had my 2nd experience im 21 now. My first one happened in front of people with lights on and everything. My eyes were open but they werent moving I could hear them talking about her dead sister then i had like an episode or somethin. And it was them with a shadow in the doorway and they were talking about her. Next thing u kno I cant move or talk there still in the same position but i feel like im the onoly one moving And goes over my face fast as hell. Idk her eyes were crazy but she was all black couple of seconds later i was able to move. and just like that i rolled over. I asked them wat they were talking about and they said they werent even talking. Idk theirs alot of weird explinations on the internet. But ..... That shit was to real.. wat does anybody else think. Cuz it just happened tonight. Not saying it is but spirits do exist. and lifes not a joke. any comments :/

Jul 24, 2012
Sleep paralysis
by: Gary

I've had SP for years, but it has gotten better. I trained myself with exercises, so when I enter this dream state I take a deep breath, and tell myself to twitch my legs. Not to move them, but twitch them.
All humans have a built in system of twitches that wake them up. Like the feeling of falling in a dream will wake you up, the leg twitch is programmed in all of us as a defence mechanism.
It takes a few times to train yourself to relax, but once you master this it's so easy to wake up with the leg twitch.
Now, 3 or 4 times a year I tend to enter into a SP dream, but now I can wake myself up before the fear sets in.
Only problem is when I twitch my legs it wakes up my girlfriend and she gets a little pissed at me.

Jul 26, 2012
Same thing here too!!!
by: Leo

I've got the same thing b4. Eyes wide open but can't move, I spent months finding for the cause. I've finally found it. I slept at my side and it worked. Never had that problem in a long long time...


Jul 27, 2012
somebody help me
by: Anonymous

Every since I was about 12 I started seeing black shadows in my sleep, it would just sit on my bed and look at me. I could not move or talk until I would scream Jesus name. I am 27 now and it is getting worse. Other people around me are being affected when this happens, they wake up sick , cold, and having hotflashes. Recently it has began to touch me physically. It has choked me, and one time it touched my chest and it felt like my heart was being pulled out of my chest. This thing contacts me about every 3 months and lately I have had a panic attack after it. Sometimes when I try to tell my husband what happened I pass out. What can I do?

Jul 28, 2012
Happend for the 4th time and terrified
by: Corry Edwards

It all started about 7 or so years ago I was walking to the bathroom and as I was walking out after a short shower I froze in the door way... I couldn't move anything but my eyes and all I could see was the wall, I felt there was something tall and bulky strong figure standing infront of me stopping me in my tracks.... About a week later it happened again walking into the bathroom this time, same thing but I felt I was closer spiritually to it, I felt it was apart of me. This time I had a mental picture of it in my head and for those aware of the game "world of Warcraft" the body structure and height was of a night elf, I was not playing the game until a few years ago so I had no idea of any resemblance. A few months past with nothing happening then one night I was walking into my bedroom when it happened again.... I was terrified so I ran into my closet and hid as I tried to open the door, it was hot very hot. My mother opened the door fine but it was still hot to me. About a week ago I was staying at my girl friends house and it happened again as I was going to the bathroom but this time I wasn't afraid I knew it was there but I just igknowledged it and froze but wasnt scared? Ever since the 3rd time I've dreamt about it every now and then and it slowly relieves its self to me one facial part at a time.... What is going on?

Jul 28, 2012
somthing I'd like to say
by: Hayzerx

Jul 27, 2012
somebody help me NEW
by: Anonymous

...I'd slap you across the face when I'd be standing next to You. (Wakeup slap)
The one who can help You is yourself, change your attitude, know that there are alot of people suffering from this kind of terror.

We all try to overcome the fear with control, know that You have the power.
Next time when You see that figure, look for its weakspot, maybe try to figure out what the hell it might be, maybe only focus on your right hand's fingertips...

Thinking about something else rather then fearing what the figure/force will try to do to You, will remove the fear and make you stronger.

@ Corry Edwards, I sometimes see a pink haired girl with a face so deep and black that the the first time SP happened it sort of sucked me into it, then the other times I only feel just an invisible force.

I can only guess, but there is a logic behind it, that the figure comes from our mind.

Jul 28, 2012
+ I might be crazy
by: Hayzerx

Our brains are mysterious.. I belive that whatever we see during SP's is something our subconciousness(SubC) is trying to get trough to our conciousness.

Scary figure trying to strangle you - You made a bad judgment/choice, and You would want to punish yourself because of the guilt.

strangle - saying something hurtful
heart - breaking someones heart, doing something painful to others

Unendless connections, I would say that taking time to figure out those connections, might make You understand yourself a bit better.

I actually can't wait for another SP, I would like to have control over my SubC or a bridge between my conciousness and all my memories stored inside my SubC because I think that our SubC is an image of our character, our purest side.

Jul 30, 2012
Shadow man
by: Davilindo

Why is it that most of us see the shadow with the distinctive hat and cloak/coat/cape? That's the part that freaks me out the most! All other stuff can be excused as one thing or the other but not seeing the same figure especially all of us being from different cultures and geographical locations. I wish someone with resources would take a genuine interest in this phenomenon and do a study about it and shed some light on it. I am totally perplexed by this and I'm the type to not give paranormal/unexplainable subjects any thought. I haven't had another episode since my last comment a couple months ago and now that the fear of the experience is not fresh, I kind of wish I would have another episode so I can be more aware of what's happening and understand it. If any of you care to share anything with me please do so. We can exchange email addresses. I'd like to know if there are any connections, commonalities, ideologies between any of us with similar experiences. I will let all of you know a little bit about me. I am 37 year old Hispanic, male in California , a Leo, atheist, brought up in a strict christian home, professional, Have suffered from depression and severe social anxiety since childhood. Used to drink a lot during younger years but I don't now. No drugs. I do take prescription meds for depression and anxiety. I used to believe in religion (god/satan) when growing up but don't now. I believe in science over religion. I haven't always been good but I try to be.

Aug 01, 2012
Experiencing the same thing
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and have been experiencing the exact same thing for almost a year now everytime it happens i can't move or speak and i usually start praying until i can move again i used to get really freaked out about it but i never thought that it had something to do with sleeping disorders and i'm so happy to know that i'm not the only person going through this

Aug 01, 2012
im scared too!!
by: Cesar

hopefully it gets better....I've experienced this but I don't know if others see things. last time this happened to me I saw something or someone just standing there looking at me, but I can't move, talk or anything and I want to scream but I can't. I was able to "wake up" by closing my eyes (kind of ironic) and telling myself that it wasn't real and that I needed to wake up. this happens to me often and now it's scaring the hell out of me. what can I do!?

Aug 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Im 23 and have had this for a few months now but its becoming more regular. It's scaring the crap out of me. I have insomnia aswell now because I am so scared to go to sleep, I usually feel myself starting to fall asleep and then suddenly wake up feeling scared for no reason. Then when I finally do fall asleep I dream that I wake up in my bed and everything starts going really blurry, I know something really bad is about to happen and I'm shouting and screaming for it to stop. But no sound is coming out, I feel like there is loads of pressure on my head and I cant see properly, then I try and wake myself up but my mouth feels like its glued shut, I cant move I just feel frozen. It's so horrible. Sometimes i snap out of it and literally jump out of bed and run out of my room. But sometimes it seems to last for ages and i feel like im going to die. I'm scared to go to sleep every night even when im really tired. Please help me, should I go see a doctor?

Aug 06, 2012
Can't move !!!!
by: Cowgirl 244

This has been happening to me a lot in the car and in my bed I want to scream but can't it happened me today I slowly move my fingers and try to bang on something and then im all of a sudden unfrozen.

Aug 06, 2012
Its a spirit
by: Paticia

I have the same experience that Meagan have, when I am in my bed, its seems that I am sleeping and awake. It feels like someone is on top of me. I can't speak or move no matter how hard I try I just mumbles until my husband touches me and it goes away. I don't believe in sleep paralysis. I believe it is really some kind of spirit that is bothering me.

Aug 07, 2012
Devil is looser
by: Anonymous

I had these attacking since I become saved I follow the every thing like moving lips moving legs even call Jesus.. Speak in tongue nothing happening now I am used to it n I challenged before I go to sleep..this devil has nothin to do in hell so wasting his time he likes being defeated...haha god bless yu all..

Aug 11, 2012
Sleep good

Don't sleep face up it's bad don't know why but wicked spirits get ahold of you I had demons and evil spritz stop me from moving and breathing this happens every time I sleep this way I wake up calling god or Jesus no lie and it break me free .go and find god and read the bible go to church make sure it's the right church were at war with Satan and were losing put your life and spirit with god and Jesus

Aug 13, 2012
Happens alot
by: Anonymous

Well I've been used to getting SP,first time I got it was when I was 4 or 5.But the worst one so far was what happened last night,Well I thought I was awake but then I saw this man(totally creepy-looking)sitting infront of my bed.He was wearing black and was smiling at me,I couldn't scream but I could move the fingers in my left arm thats all.In the end,he stood up and was kinda like floating infront of my face.I tried to shout but I couldn't and then it suddenly stopped and I was wide awake sweating.

Aug 13, 2012
spirits? or just a dream?
by: Anonymous

ive had this happen to me a few times but last night was by far the worst.
i was sleeping not even 5 minutes when i opened my eyes, unable to move but i could barely whisper. It happened about 12 times within an hour. but one that really had me thinking was when the paralysis started but there was a large shadowy figure right next to me standing and holding my phone. He kept looking at my phone as if trying to figure out my password or something. After about 5 mins he put it beside me and i finally woke up really scared. the phone was in the exact spot he put it.
This isnt a normal thing with me either. i hope this doesnt keep happening...

Aug 15, 2012
I Know What This Is and How To Stop It
by: Anonymous

Please view this information with an open mind. What I am going to tell you is true and will work if you truly believe. What you are experiencing has been around for centuries. It goes by different names, one of them being "the night hag."

What you are experiencing is an evil spirit, you know it is evil and you cannot open your mouth or move your body. This is being caused by the Fallen Angels from Genesis 6. Asking for the help in the name of Jesus Christ will stop the attacks immediately. They are very afraid when you say this. You can say it in your mind and it will work.

Even if you don't believe me, try it and when it works then start doing your research on it yourself. Just doing this once will make you a believer, its not in your mind, its really happening. Alien abductions are not Aliens, they are the Fallen Angels. Many documentaries on YouTube about this, you just have to look. In the meantime you can see researchers have known about the power of Jesus stopping these attacks but do not tell the public. You can read about it online at AlienResistance just do a search for "stopping alien attacks with the name of Jesus." You should be able to find the article along with others stories and their success with this. Once again this stuff is real!

Aug 18, 2012
im not alone!!:))
by: enrique

ok this has happened to me sence 4th grade,i am now a jr in highschool.just happened to me last night..thanx 4 sharing! i woke up to a ring like metal to metal contact,then i prayed and it went away.after that i heard inside my head that sound wen u quikly pull out a sword and it got louder! and i woke up my body started tensing!hard to move! cant talk open eyes or scream!i walways thought it was an evil spirit (demon) but from what i hear here is a sleep paralysis?thanx everyone:))also another intresting sleep thing is sunds,i found it a little scary but feel free to look up SUNDS:)

Aug 21, 2012
this was very helpful
by: Anonymous

Am kenyan and as you may know we Africans are very superstitious and i thought that evil spirits were causing this it is nice to know that it is a common natural thing. This has occur to many times and i now feel at ease

Aug 26, 2012
Maybe You have tried those, maybe not, just throwing some ideas out.
by: Hayzerx


Try get someone to watch You sleep, from Your family or a close friend or anything close, maybe the feeling of safety(should be underlined) will mend Your fear and make You more relaxed after You've woken up.
The tv could also be an irritation when left on during sleep.
Maybe try moving Your furniture around a bit.
Try sleeping on the ground :O.
Test as many different things as You can(anything that pops into mind, like - You should hug someone or something constantly during the day?).

Just some ideas You can consider or not :D

Aug 28, 2012
me too
by: Anonymous

I had the same experiences when i was about 5 years old except i thought the prescences were friends

Sep 03, 2012
by: Katherin

I have experience sleep parylize for almost all my life well as much as I could remember! There has been time while being paralyzed I hear voices in my ear really loud! But last night was extreme I actually felt someone nibbling with their teeth my love handel in a sexual manner which it scared me so much but at the same time excite me! I try waking up but I had to fight my way to reality... I never experience this in my life ! I even touched it's finger which were placed on my chest! It was definitely a man; I'm so scared I ended up sleeping with the lights on! What's is this I'm confused??

Sep 04, 2012
It Started Happening this year
by: Durham Girl

Ive been a ble to sleep peacful all my life...... Untill a couple of months ago. I just woke up from this episode. It ussually happens when i sleep mouth up, but not this time. As i tried to move my fingers or scream i was competley frozen. As i kept trying to move my fan turned into the devil laugh and he was lauuging at me. i started singing songs that praise god n he continued to laugh...i thought what ca i do? then i asked for forgivness n his voice turned into a uh-oh n i started singing to the lord . I woke up although i felt as if i was never asleep. My friend once told me its death on top of you witch is why u cant move. Maybe God wants u to follow him n lead his people because u have a purpose. Everyone that expirences this is scared at first but ignore it pray n ask for forgivness. None of us are perfect.

Sep 05, 2012
It tried to tell me something while holding me down in my sleep...
by: Allistair

I was asleep & had a dream of going upstairs in a house I'm not familiar with whilst visiting friend when I had to go and collect something that I forgot. I had to switch the light on first in the room. As I reached for the light i felt strong pain in my mid-section almost like a cramp. Next thing I was on the floor on my stomach trying to call for help but my voice was blocked and the harder I tried to call for help nothing came out besides a groaning noise. I then felt 2 arms come from behind under my arms and then grab my chest as if to get me in a lock down position where I found myself helpless & paralyzed. I heard a soft voice trying to communicate behind me as if it was trying to tell me something. I kept on yelling but it was no use. I really thought that this was the end of me and I felt as if the life was trying to be taken from me. The force was strong and I was powerless. I woke up and I was able to scream for help. I burst into tears. What was this? 1st experience.

Sep 07, 2012
Please help!
by: Sammy1982

I have read your story and completely feel for you.
Over the last few months I have been experiencing something quite similar.
I am asleep but I can hear things going on around me for example: I am currently sleeping downstairs as I have a broken ankle and I was asleep on the sofa when I heard what I thought was my partner getting out of bed, I felt like I was awake but unable to open my eyes. I could hear footsteps and someone coming down the stairs. As the figure got to the lounge door I realised it wasn't my partner but a black shadow of a man. It started coming towards me, I wanted to scream, move and desperately wanted to wake up but couldn't! As the figure arrived next to me I managed to open my eyes and sat up taking a deep breath as though I hadn't been breathing, there was of course nothing there but I was petrified as it was all so real! This same thing happens no matter what room I sleep in, almost always I manage to wake up before it touches me, apart from once when I felt a huge pressure on my chest from the figure for several minutes before finally being able to wake up, crying and out of breath! What is it and how can I make it stop?! xxxx

Sep 07, 2012
Nightmares are real
by: DBrock

ok, I get these maybe 6 to 9 times a year, so it has been, this latest one a few weeks ago had me breathless after I was able to break out of it, but breaking out of it, seems like an eternal struggle, it just takes everything out of you mentally and physically. When I go into these dreams I can litarally feel myself being pulled in and I actually realize this and do everything I possibly can to escape it, but it doesn't happen, I am dragged right into it. There are shadows and whispering voices I can hear, but can not understand whats being said, and when the pressure on my chest feels like hundreds of pounds, a demonic face gets right into mine and all i hear is whispering and seething coming out, the face is that of a skull and the teethe are like long fangs, I tell you, I get scared, the pulling on my legs and feet and the tugging just seems all to real, I feel the tugging at my feet and legs and when i look down i see head shadows at the 2 posts of my bed and then slowly walking away, but i do see demons and to me they are all too real, I never said anything to anyone about it til a few weeks ago after looking this up on google, and the thought that there are others out there going through the same ordeal is frightening but comforting, never thought this had a name, but anyway when I do finally break out of this paralysis, i wake up out of breath and tired, and it last through the entire day, like had just been drained of my energy and emotions, there are some good advice hear on what to do in these dreams, well, sleep peacefully and may God be with all who is on here.

Sep 09, 2012
Sleep Paralysis
by: Kathy Rummery

My name is Kathy Rummery. This is the first time I've been able to call it something. This sleep paralysis that I've been reading is the same thing that's been happening to me for years. I can't move,talk,scream for help,and I feel a evil presence around me. For a long time I thought it was a fight. The Angels and the demons fighting for my spirit. When I would finally get lose. Well I knew it was good that won. This is just how I dealt with It. Now after reading about It on the internet. Seeing others who also have been dealing with the same thing. I feel somewhat better. But It's still not over. Thank you for letting me shair with you.
Sincerely Kathy

Sep 09, 2012
same thing happened to me
by: Chris

Hello everyone i have the same thing when iam sleeping for years now but as soon as i can say the name of jesus it stops and iam fine ? i am not trying to preach her its just the truth. and on my last one i heard cartoon sounds people think iam nuts...


Sep 12, 2012
cant move cant talk cant scream CANT HEAR!
by: Anonymous

hey this just happend to me 4 times in a row everytime it happend i was more awake but i couldent hear ether and i had music on so the 3rd time it happend i tryd turning it up to fight it i felt hand griped on my ankles the 4th time then only could hear grr grr grr grr grr or ha ha ha ha ha then my air condishoner then the music then the music stoped and my pages on my computer stoped working wiel i was laying ther able to move now but so confused scared and in shock and i have spirits throu my whole house i have witnesses and i feel the devil all the time and i have bin talkin about him alot the past few days also drinkin for almost 2 weeks first noght sober ......................

Sep 14, 2012
Can't move, can't talk, can't scream...I'm scared to sleep!
by: Yvonne Ramirez

I been having this feeling like someone is holding me down, I try so hard to move,scream or talk but i cant. Whats it mean, should i be scared. Its happening every night about 2-3 times the same day. Is my life in danger from this hasppening so many times. I feel that I am awake when this is all happening. I seen and feel a presence of something coming towards me when this happens.And at times i feel my soul leaving my body I can see myself looking down at myself.I don't sleep anymore I'm fraid to, anybody can you please tell me what's happening to me.

Sep 14, 2012
by: Yvonne Ramirez

I been having this feeling of something is holding me down, Icant talk, scream or move when this happens. It feels as if my soul leaves my body cause I can see myself looking down at me. It's happens when I'm asleep or awake.What does this all mean am I in danger is it a sign . Before this happens I see a dark shadow coming towards me it feels like I cant breath when its holding me down. If anybody has any advice for me please let me know.

Sep 17, 2012
is it the same
by: reece

i couldnt move or spek like stuck to my bed awake but not awake . i herd a noise like a screming firework out side my window i wanted to look but couldnt move at all then it was like the window cracked and a figer was standing at my door it came closer and lade on top of me and looked me in the eys i was stuck it was like 10 scends of hell i pushed it off some how then snapt out of it

Sep 19, 2012
trust me with this
by: Anonymous

just try saying " bismilah " itl go away. i have tghe same thing.

Sep 20, 2012
feeling like its death coming
by: darrill

i have had this happen to me all mylife when i was a young boy i would feel like some one was tring to take my soul for me and i would wake up and here doot steps know i just feel like my body is shutting down i cant move open my eys talk i wake up fearful that i might not be able to wake the next time on some nights feel like i am being lifted in the air or pulled off the bed i fight till i wake its hell this happens to me alot just wish it would stop.or there are treatments for it i need help for understanding these problems

Sep 20, 2012
I know where you comin from
by: cara

Hi Meghan thanks for this post, I know exactly where you comin from, been experiencing episodes too, i know damn well that I am awake but I cannot move or scream no matter how hard I try I'm not scared though, just worried that one day my body might never wake up, there were times that i wanna sleep but cant and times that i was sooo scared to sleep.. This is not nightmare am possitive, oh well.. Am just glad i found this..

Sep 21, 2012
This scared me
by: Anonymous

I do not recall ever having this happen o me before until last night..At first i knew i was dreaming of all hings "aliens".I was frightened in the dream..I tried to wake up felt as though a great weight was holding me down pushing at my chest..I could not breathe or scream.I remember kicking and fighting to break free of what ever it was so I could scream.I knew I was waking up when I heard my own voice and I was yelling for help. When I finally woke completely up I still felt a little bit of a weight on my chest and found myself rubbing it.

Sep 26, 2012
Asleep or awake??
by: Anonymous


I have just been reading some of the above comments for the first time.
I used to be curled up in bed, definately awake and would feel a force encompass me from behind. It would last for around 10 minutes and then gradually fall away from my body. I could move my eyes and that was all.
Last night, again, i feel that I am awake and there is something invisible next to me bed that I can reach out and touch and squeeze. If I squeeze it, it seems to push me and is a very strong force.
A few years ago, when I used to get the force encompassing my bod, I lost about 3 hours and also had some strang marks on my body ( I dread to think what that was)

Sep 30, 2012
by: jen

Am 52, dont drink/smoke etc, and I literally havent slept properly for 4 days. Last night was the worse ever, I kept hubby awake most of the night, each time I fell asleep I was being suffocated, either by a shadow holding a pillow over my face or strangling me, I try to scream, nothing, i try to reach for my hubby, cant move, cant say his name, then I scream, hubby wakes and holds my hand/arm, he has started to make sure he is actually holding my arm/hand as I fall asleep, it doesnt work, I feel as if i will die if I fall asleep, I literally cant breath, I just cried last night I want to sleep/NEED to sleep and I cant. i have rheumatoid Arthritis/Fibromyalgia/depression, am in pain all the time and even in bed i struggle to get relief , this really is killing me and I just dont know what to do. My doctor is not one to give out sleeping tablets even for a short term

Oct 09, 2012
"A Name Above Every Name"
by: Anonymous

This has happen to me several times,,it was the devil, I knew who it was, and I said I rebuke devil' in the name of "JESUS"!!!

Pray to the Father in Heaven,,and than call on the "JESUS CHRIST" to rebuke it,, Say In the name of "JESUS" be gone devil, he has to flee hes afraid of "JESUS"!!!

Bb <><

Oct 09, 2012
how to break free from this pressure .
by: Anonymous

I used to have this problem from when i was around 10 years to 15 years old until i spoke to a muslim scholar about this situation he didnt tell me much all he said was to me that when this problem occured that i should simply move my small muscles in my body such as rolling your eyes around, moving/wiggling your tongue and moving your fingers around. so the next time it happened to me i did as he told me to and it worked and i have never experienced it again (praise be to Allah swt)

Oct 09, 2012
This is exactly what I see!
by: Davilindo

just saw this on TV today. It's a movie trailer for a movie called "The Raven" You can see the trailer on youtube. Look at the frame on the 1:51 mark in the video that is exactly what I see minus the horse. Please look at it and tell me if that"s what you see also. This what I was describing in my previous comments. You can read my comments under Davilindo.

Oct 11, 2012
by: Annony

Hello , i've never experienced this before but if u hear like a TEEEEEET voice which is like a high frequency volume and you wake up but can't move or even talk , you have a Demon,sometimes you will see him and he usually looks like a Goats face and he will be sleeping ontop of you.Reciting ''A'auzu bi-Allah min al shaytan al rageem , bism Allah al rahman al raheem'' should work , atleast if you're muslim. Well try it , dosen't hurt!

Oct 11, 2012
to Anonymous
by: Davilindo

Anonymous, that used to happen to me frequently but the last time it happened to me I saw the "shadow people" I didn't think anything of it and dismissed it as sleep paralysis like the previous times until I thought about how unusual it was to of seen such a thing. While looking it up on the internet I came across this site. I was astonished when reading the comments on how similar or even identical the incidents people were describing. I never pay any mind to the "paranormal" but this is truly a ubiquitous phenomenon that most of the visitors here have experienced. It definitely is strange and frightening. If you do experience anything similar just remember it's happened to a lot of people across the world but no one has been hurt by it.

Oct 17, 2012
do not eat heavy meal before bedtime
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have also experienced such sleep induced paralysis off and on since childhood. Two conditions I have noticed are always present: One, I ate way too much and went to bed shortly afterwards and second, the room is too warm, or I have too many blankets on me. In my case this is a recipe for having nightmares, particarly the type where you feel like you cannot move. Hope this helps!

Oct 22, 2012
i dont wonna sleep
by: Dream Chaser (not)

A couple nights ago I had a dream where I was being thrown all over my room. I could see the things that were going on but I couldn't react in a way that I wanted to. I tried to scream for help twice but my voice was not there. The third time I screamed it actually came out, but I don't know if I was actually sleep or awoke when it happened because I screamed pretty loud but still no one heard me. The night that it happened I had just finished reading a book by Sylvia Brown entitled "Life on the Other Side." I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but I am scared as hell to go to sleep. I didnt see any images but I feel as though if I go to sleep the dreams will become worse.

Oct 27, 2012
Its a dark thing
by: Anonymous

It has happened to me since i was 13 yrs old,i would lay in bed and i could feel something coming down the hall then befor i knew it i was pinned down could move a toe couldnt scream i just know the terror i felt and still do it happens about once a year,in my mind im screaming but nothin so in my mind i call out for God over and again jesus help,it works everytime.that thing comes from a bad place i dont care what anyone says

Oct 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

every one says to relax and it will stop,but that is not the case for me. as soon as it happens i feel a ton of pressure on my whole body. its like the tingling that you get when your foot falls asleep.The part that really scares the hell out of me is when i dont fight to wake my self up the pressure gets real intince fast. so bad that i feel like i will die if i dont fight it. its like after your foot falls asleep and you move it. the tingle intinsifys 100 times.

Oct 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

My fiance' is convinced and has too convinced his daughter that she is gifted and that she can see beyond this life....... i want to honetly scream because i have know and experienced this too and once i got to understand what this condition is i am not longer afraid..... it has gotten to a point where preaches have to pray for her because this poor soul has been brainwashed into believing that she is gifted to see the "evil" spritual world........

Nov 21, 2012
Bad spirit, evil,demon
by: Tide (Hmong)

This is what is happening to me now. I or my people believes this is not sleep paralysis. It has nothing to do with whatever you do in life either, drinking,drugs etc. what you are experiencing is in the spirit realm. It's a kind of spirit. And this spirit also have to gender male and femal. So if you're a girl and this happens to you that means its a male. I went too far with this and I'm giving you warning. do not do what I did or you'll end up like me. I've been sleeping on the couch for two years now. Every time I tried to sleep in bed she comes so the couch is the only place that I can sleep peacefully. I don't understand why this don't happen on the couch for some reason. All this thing wants is sexual. First I fight it but then I've got tired fighting with it so I let myself to it. Once I let he'd take over me and not fight it, it become a bigger problems. It's like I'm saying ok I'll let you do what you want and just leave, well I've made a big mistake, it's like you're giving your soul to hell. I tell you why, once you do that this thing can not only make you can't move or scream, this thing will physically hurt you and touch you. It's what happening to me now. She scratches my chest once with her finger and you can feel it just someone scratch your chest. Second she squeezed my left balls it so painful. And the last time that makes not to sleep in bed anymore its when she came and sit right ony chest and squeezed my shoulder. This thing can hurt you do not let it take over you while it's happening.

Nov 22, 2012
by: Tide (Hmong)

This is a warning to everyone out there who is being effected. Whatever you do do NOT give yourself away or give permission to this thing to do whatever it wants. You bump in to it that's how it follows you home. WARNING keep fighting it and never give up I tell you. Or you'll end up like me. I've been fighting this thing for so long now and got tired of it so I said to myself ok when it comes I'm just going to let it do whatever it wants and then leave. Big mistake, now when it comes and I try to fight it this thing can actually harm you, yes it can hurt you. You will feel the pain is just that there isn't any marks when you got up. Before it can never harm me but after I give myself away it has controls over me. I can't not sleep in bed only on the couch for two years now. Three times this thing hurts me and now I really getting frighten and scared. First time it scratch me on my chest with all five fingers, second time it squeez my left ball omg so painful, third times it squeez my left shoulder. Don't make the same mistake like me it's a WARNING. good luck.

Feb 09, 2013
Scary as anything
by: Anonymous

This has been happening to me for years, it scares the crap out of me! Right before it happens I hear something or someone run up my stairs and my body gets literally paralyzed and someone or something takes of my blankets. I hate it and I can't help but think of what it is!

Feb 12, 2013
Sleep Paralysis
by: Bobby

This happened to me last night... Personally, I have had this happen about 5 times I can remember. I usually notice my lifestyle is a large indicator. Stress, Anxiety, Lack of water is a huge onset for me. Alcohol can sometimes cause this as well.

Usually when I exercise and don't drink water along with low potassium this happens to me.

It is a strange and horrible feeling. You mind is screaming and you can hear your heartbeat and breath. Although you cant move. The worst part is... when you know how to stop it by moving and you cant.

Typically your body would defend against this action by causing a myloclonic jerk (hope spelled that right). This happens when your brain thinks your body is dying and sends a nerve impulse. (Ever had you foot twitch in bed for no reason when your falling asleep)

Since you body is in a near REM state you can feel this relaxation in your arms and legs.

Best advice is learn about the triggers.

Feb 20, 2013
256 398-8116
by: chad gentry

Trust in god don't listen to a doctor it use to happen to me until I started saying jesus in my sleep then I would wake up put your trust in jesus call me at the number if you want to know more

Feb 21, 2013
Cant move
by: Amy

Hi my name is Amy and it happened to me last night I woke up couldn't open my eyes and tried so hard to move my hands......then I get a strange feeling in my body as though an electricity force gose over me and then I finally wake up

Feb 24, 2013
Half sleep half awake
by: Maggie

This is not a dream, you are awake but your body is still in a comatose state, when we sleep we go into a type of sleep coma, we cant just wake up from, happened to me a long time ago. the screaming to wake up etc., its because your mind is awake but your body is still in the sleep induced coma state.. nothing to do with spirits getting you or such nonsense

Feb 26, 2013
Prayer warrior
by: Messenger

To you Megan I" d like you to just simply try something not for me but for yourself. The next time you lay down. Say the following words. I am putting on the armor of GOD for my protection and IPlee the blood of Jesus over me and my room.if it happens again when your in that state just simply say I plebe the blood of Jesus in your mind and you" ll wake up just fine.GOD bless. Servant of CHRIST.

Feb 26, 2013
by: Mike

To all who have ears to hear and eyes that are not yet openend open up to the new testiment and let GOD's words be your guide you have a calling! Not need medication. What I" m prescribing costs u nothing to try. But doctors can't charge you for. Simply dare to find out for yourself. GOD bless u all.

Feb 27, 2013
I saw a spirit of a woman

Hey everyone my names jose i am 17. last night was probobly the second time ive experienced the same thing all of you guys did. But mines was a little different. I... I know or i think i was awake and saw this figure coming towards me, it was more like teleporting towards me as if it wanted me... For some reason i tried to yell but my body was paralyzed. As it got closer i saw it, it had hair.... Forced me to look it. And isaw that it was a woman with very bright hair and face. Itried to say the lords player but she fought it off. Help me. Email me to my user name.

Mar 02, 2013
Scared to sleep ..
by: Anonymous

Hey guys,
Ive also had this dream were im having a nightmare and i feel like i cant talk or cant do anything. A few days ago while sleeping i felt like someone was messing with me and sometimes i even feel like someone lifts me up and talks to me! It was really scary because i couldnt move or call for help, and sometimes people wont believe me! :/

Mar 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Ive also had this dream were im having a nightmare and i feel like i cant talk or cant do anything. A few days ago while sleeping i felt like someone was messing with me and sometimes i even feel like someone lifts me up and talks to me! It was really scary because i couldnt move or call for help, and sometimes people wont believe me! :/

Mar 04, 2013
Cant move ,cant talk ,cant scream
by: Anonymous


Mar 04, 2013
by: LC

Ive had SP for 25 yrs now but it has changed in the past 3 yrs. Im now visited my a male entity, sexually. He demands perverse things in an evil voice. I physically feel it touching me. Does anyone else experience this? I mean so intense? Thanks. Its good to have other people to talk to because my family thinks Im having delusions & mental breakdowns. LC

Mar 09, 2013
Same like this, just more SCARIER
by: Ed S.

Same here when i sleep sometimes i got stuck at on place,and starring ahead. I yell to but can't to,i'm trying to open eyes but it's hard because it feels weird and when i'm looking ahead there's coming something,AND IT LOOKS REALLY SCARY.

Mar 13, 2013
drinkind too much
by: Anonymous

all of this I believe is related to all the drinking and sins that i had comited my soul and body are trying to talk to each other or get away from each other?

Mar 13, 2013
Black masses/static noises in the dark/ shouting in my ear/ afraid but can't turn over
by: 36 and still afraid of the dark

This happens to me as well, as I came across this site by googling to figure out what's happening to me. I'm 36 years old. Ever since I was very young, I've hated going to bed, and I fight sleep. I'm going to assume this is an "overtired phenomenon ".
Here's a few examples of what I go through. I've always had the experience of waking up paralyzed. I do have great anxiety when this happens. I'm on my side, I feel like something's behind me, and I want to turn over so bad, but can't move. Through my research, I've settled on, it's what happens when the brain wakes before the body.
I have no explanation for the other weird shit, but it's getting worse. I've always seen a huge black mass hovering at the ceiling over my bed. If I stare at it, it does change shape, but never anything that makes any sense. When I was in HS, I've felt this mass get lower and lower and closer to me, and it is a heavy feeling, and it does feel like something is taking you over, and it does come with horrendous anxiety and panic. Then my eyes were shut, I thought maybe I was dreaming, but it felt so real like I was being taken over. I than began to hear my alarm clock being banged against my night stand, and a woman's voice was chanting, "oh my God!" Like she was scared and couldn't believe it. That was the worst one. I woke up the at 7 am just fine. This happened around 5:45 am. I saw the time just before the clock started banging.
What happens now is, my ears have become very sensitive to sound. It almost feels like my inner ear moves to zone in on where the sounds are coming from and it actually hurts my ears! It's the heightened sense of sound, but why? I've always heard like a staticky radio was on somewhere, but could never make out what it was saying or playing. I could hear talking, but no word recognition
Now, I'm 36, the black mass still hovers and moves above my bed, but now also those distant staticky voices are getting louder. And when I'm very tired and about to fall asleep they SHOUT right into my ear. I jump, my ear hurts, I get the chills and all my hair stands up. It's 1-3 words, but I can't understand. It's fast and a very high frequency. This seems like a common thing for people who have suffered a loss. My mom died when I was 8, but this started even before that. I remember being very little, and telling my mom about my nightmare where I actually felt the old lady sit on my bed, stare at my face and play with my hair. I'm starting to wonder a little bit, if something had always been there, and folliows me and is trying to tell me something. I too have a dog, he normally sleeps next to my bed, but on the nights that I feel especially creeped out, he does get up and quickly leave my room. And those are the nights, the staticky sounds get louder and something shouts in my ear. I was never thinking about demons, as I've read most of you are.. I am beginning to assume, the veil between us and the spirit world is thinning

Mar 13, 2013
Shadow figures
by: Davi

I am interested in finding out more about these creepy experiences.You can read my previous posts under Davilindo. Please contact me if you would like to share your experience with me. I think there could be a commonality between all of us; we just have to figure out what it is. contact me at

Mar 13, 2013
Hmmmm interesting
by: 36 and still afraid of the dark

Davilindo, I am 36, you are 37. We both suffer anxiety and take prescription meds for it, we are also both Leo's.
I was raised catholic, have very strong faith, but I don't go to church much anymore.
All this started when I was very young. I suppose I've always had anxiety. I wonder how many more are similar
Habemus Papam!

Mar 13, 2013
interesting indeed, 36 and still afraid
by: Anonymous

36 and still afraid, Those are definitely some interesting if not odd similarities. May I ask if you are male/female and what region/country you are from? I only ask because I'd like to see if we share similar environments, culture or any other ubiquitous force that could influence us alike. Something I forgot to mention is that I have sleep apnea and just started using a CPAP machine before the last episode. Thanks for sharing

Mar 13, 2013
by: 36 for Davi

I'm female, American with Italian heritage. Born n raised in a farmy lazy sleepy wooden section of America. Come from s long line of strict Catholics
I'm thinking all this is due to the thinning of the veil between us and the spirit world. I do not believe its demonic, I've never been held down or hurt.
I have an overwhelming fear that I need to look behind me, but I can not move to see what's there
That shape shifting black mass that looms over the bed is not there every night, could it be that my eyes ate tired and playing tricks?
But I can't explain the early morning when I was a teen and I felt it take over, and my alarm clock was banging, and I heard the female voice repeat," oh my God!" Over and over
Nor can I explain the static radio, and the new thing that shouts in my ear and makes me jump

Mar 13, 2013
to 36
by: Davi

I don't believe in demons or the spirit world but I can't dismiss anything at this point. I personally think it has to do with beings from another dimension. Either a being crossing into our dimension or us crossing over to theirs. It only makes sense to me why the figures are shadows but feel and look as if they have mass. It very well maybe that the other dimension is a spirit world like you mentioned. I'm just baffled about how a lot of individuals describe the so-called "hat man." You would think that only westerners would see something like that, but it's seen by people from different parts of the world and different cultures. I mean I would think if it's something we dream up, why isn't it unique to each one of us; instead a lot of us see and experience the same thing.

Mar 14, 2013
I wish I would have read ALL the comments before posting
by: 36, and going with that!

.... But that might take a month. I just read Bob Peterson's, ASP... I'm settling on that. Makes so much sense, and not in the least bit evil or scary. Though it still doesn't hurt to pray, and you should, every night no matter what.
But another thing I forget to mention, I have brain and spinal cord tumors, I've just started in October having temporal lobe seizures, also known as déjà vu seizures
Look that up, it's another, "I can hear you, can't respond " situation.
Everyone should google
It really will help I promise!! It helped me!!! Thank you to the prior link providers!

Mar 14, 2013
to: 36
by: Davi

Sorry to hear bout your tumors. Slender man? Gotta look into that. I guess it could be something not as malicious as we all think, maybe our natural fear of the unknown makes us feel that way. I will definitely look into Peterson also, I hadn't heard of him before. I was freaked out for a few nights after the last episode also. I'm a pretty big dude (5'11'/270 lbs.)and not afraid of much but after reading how similar the stories were, I was totally creeped out. Let us know if you find anything else that's interesting. Thanks for your replies.

Mar 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've been having this dream for about four years and it just happened now, I read the comments and i'm happy i'm no alone in this , I hoonstly think something is attacking me, but i've noticed that I only have these dreams when i'm on my period , I really don't know but I think it's something evil , I usually get better after saying some prayers , I wish it can be over ...

Mar 18, 2013
Mighty Jesus
by: Paul

Hi I dont call it SP I call it DA ( demonic attack) Its typical how satan operates and that's at night when your are a. most tired and b. most vunerable. I thought i was going to die i felt like killing myself i lost all senses of everything , I have never felt like this before and I knew where it was coming from . I awoke my wife and we prayed and took authority over the evil one just remember darkness cant live in light that is the holy Ghost powered light speak the blood of jesus over your self and mind and read Psalm 4.4 or a verse about sleep before you go to sleep and watch the devil leave on command, Remember Greater is he in you than he of the world, you are the righteousness of god through his mighty son Jesus Christ . god bless

Mar 18, 2013 2
by: Tee tee

Omg... So happy I found this page it also happens to me but when I tell people about this they say girl shut up you got a serious problem...and up until now I thought I did to...I can feel when it's coming I hear some kind of loud siren or something in my head and I fight going to sleep cause I know what's about to happen..something takes me down and down I can fight it for a while but then off guard it catches me and I drift out....I never seen any evil spirits or heard a convo but I can see everything in my room clear I can't kick scream or nothin then it seem as I can move my hand to my daughters hair to shake her beads but she don't wake no matter how hard I shake them...thought I was alone and crazy but I guess I'm scares me so bad I stay up in til it's daylight out side

Mar 18, 2013
To: Tee Tee
by: Davi

Tee Tee, the craziest thing about my experience is that it happened to me often also and never saw anything until the last time. When I stumbled upon this website and read the comments, I freaked out and couldn't sleep for days. I swore I wasn't scared of anything before.

Mar 19, 2013
What to do when a demon whispers in your ear while your sleeping
by: Mr. Pillow

Demons have pinned me while sleeping, dragged me off the bed just like in paranormal activity, whispered black stuff in my ear (best way I can describe it), physically moved stuff, possessed me, sat in the corner and 'stared' at me, and more.

I tried all kinds of stuff, including psychic protection techniques, moving to different houses, and metaphysics (magic: Runes primarily). Nothing worked permanently.

Then I called on the name of 'Jesus' because I had at the time became a christian. God called me out.

I was suffering from the sleep thing where something (physically) pins you in fear and I started thinking 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..."

Almost instantly I was able to sit up and continued with my prayer as I was now able to talk. 'I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior!'

Did the demons stick around? Aw, hell no! They can't.

I had another instance where I kept seeing demons run around my house (like little dudes, fleeting shadows from the corner of my eye) and I could see a much nastier one trying to enter my spirit (I could physically see it trying as I looked in the mirror, almost as if looking at gas fumes on a hot road. Ever happen to you?)

In the name of Jesus mother fuckers! You heard me, I don't need to say it twice. Get the fuck on out of here.

I may not be a perfect christian, I sin. But, I AM a practicing christian. I believe in Jesus.
Christian do not set the standard, Jesus sets the standard and we as Christians work towards that goal. Principalities, Devils, and Demons (or whatever they are) relish sin as it causes separation from God and that goes well in hand with their goal of killing you.

Oh, and by the way... ever since I started praying in this manner I have not had a single instance of demonic attack (such as possession or sleep paralysis).

Man, being a Christian isn't easy. But, it is better than being psychically tortured by devils as so many are. If you can just stay away from being judgmental about what everybody else is doing and live your life in love and understanding while at the same time read and try to understand your Bible, and always pray to God for WISDOM. In the name of Jesus...

Also, I sense in my spirit that there is a principality assigned to monitor this board and cause confusion and stuff... A principality is a really nasty and giant sized devil - High ranking official with a lot of pull, resources, and minions. So... I don't know your name, but I see you. Now, principality demon looking mother fucker... Stay away from this forum in the name of JESUS!

Mar 20, 2013
by: julian

ok soo i was hearing noises in my room i fell asleep okat i started to dream knowing that i was dreaming i wake up from the dream knowing i just woke up im looking arround the room i can not talk or move and believe it or not i was pulled down my bed about 10 inches enough so my head slid off the pillow extremely scary i couldnt believe it i still try to doubt my self but i know 100 percent i was not dreaming

Mar 21, 2013
scary stuff
by: Jen

I haven't quite had the same experience that I've read throughout this post but a few years ago, for about 6 months, from time to time .. after falling asleep I would "wake up" and be able to open my eyes and see everything around me the same as it was when I fell asleep but I was unable to move, talk or scream.. the only thing I could manage to do is barely wiggle my fingers.. but I never felt as if was being attacked or in any type of threatening situation but it was scary. For awhile I never knew if it was all a dream or if I was really awake and temporarily paralyzed. The last episode I had I remember seeing the room I was in and spotted something that didn't exist n the room. It was a curtain hanging in the window and we didn't have curtains.. even though it was still scary it put me at ease a little bit to realize that it must have been a dream.. since that time I never recalled having an experience like this again, but I also have very little recollection of any dreams that I have.. I almost feel as though I don't dream at all and when I do I can only remember very few small details but about 30 minutes after waking up it's like the dream is completely wiped from my memory. Not sure if there's any connection between the two though.

Mar 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

im finally glad im not alone . Im 23 yrs old and this been happening to me since i was 17 . I would be laying down ready to go to sleep then i feel my body start to slowly tingle . then my body goes numb . i cant move but i can hear things around me . it feels like a bad spirit is around me i start to feel a heavy feeling on my chest. i yell i scream i still can not wake up.

last time this happened about a week ago... i was laying down asleep i felt my body go numb but i couldnt move i heard a female voice say shes dead shes dead . as i awoke there was no one in the room with me... smh i dont know what i fear this will happen to me for the rest of my life. i feel like there is something evil after me.

Mar 29, 2013
by: sachin

i just want to share my experience, last night around 5 am some special type of pressure i felt over me. i am forcing myself, i want to move but i hopeless to do that.

Apr 04, 2013
Please read
by: Kenya

My mom is a true believer she is a Christian women and can sense when their is an entity is around. She could feel it. I know it's not sleep paralyzation. This has happened to me a couple of times when I moved in into my mom apartments. Anyways I felt something watching me. I sleep on my side. So when I went to turn my face to see what it was. My body was unable to do so. I've tried to scream for help but was unable to. I tried to move but was unable to. Whatever it was it keeps bothering me. And I had enought. But I notice when I start saying Jesus and saying the blood of Jesus it goes away. It feels quite good to know that I'm not alone and let alone crazy. And to prove that it is an deciest being the landlord said people have died in the house.

Apr 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same problem but mine happens frequently like there's not a week that goes by that this doesn't happen, it keeps happening to me and its getting worse, what should I do?

Apr 08, 2013
i so scared to sleep sometimes
by: dripnsara

it happened to me 13 times,and theres something different because theres something that laughs and like someone is raping me,but sometimes i escape from the force's gasp when i scream immedately or struggle,then when the time i woke up,im in a pool of sweat,and my heart beats so fast,like someone chased me,its like a succubus,the worst case happened to me is when im in school while taking the test,and after i finished the test i fell asleep,then happened to me

Apr 11, 2013
some of my thoughts...
by: Growing Faith

I too experienced this when I start to dose off. I noticed SP happens when I commit sins like: lust, pride, etc. Eating too much, not praying everyday. There is a Spiritual side and a logical side. Science can only explain whats going on in the physical aspect. Therefore you cant always rely. Spiritual matters is what I see. I had one experience when I went upstairs to take a nap. I laid on my stomach I became instanly paralyzed when staring at my closet. I saw a Black shadow swirl towards me making my vision pitch black. I woke up having false awakenings, felt very real and vivid. I had another experience with me being dragged into some warm area into darkness;a growl behind my ears. I never see the entities because I dont allow it. I have more logic on this.

Apr 11, 2013
to: Growing Faith
by: Anonymous

In my last experience I saw a couple of shadow figures that made me see nothing but pitch black. I pushed the figures and then I was able to see them, they were two shadow figures holding me down. Once I pushed them off of me, I was able to see my room and was trying hard to move but I couldn't.

Apr 12, 2013
It never stops
by: Jamal

This happened to me last night. I was on the phone with my girlfriend and after a while I started dozing off and then I felt myself almost fading and my heart slowed down I couldn't feel my body and I couldn't open my eyes. I thought I was moving but it was something that held me in place and I just stopped fighting it. I took a few seconds to relax and then I shook myself real hard to wake up... moments later I dozed off again and it kept happening. I don't know how to get passed this I've even tried things I've seen in other peoples comments. I haven't slept in days.

Apr 14, 2013
sleep paralysis
by: Gabriel

I have been reading everyone's comments and I recognized the fear and pain you share. I also noticed many of you believe in God, and that's good to hear. Although you may not be practicing you believe. Fear is one of our most powerful emotions it either keeps us from doing the things we want or need to do in life or it drives us to do what is necessary out of the fear and consciences of not doing it. The sounds and images you see are manifested by your fears. Your fears open a door that should remain closed. My Father once told me; when we walk in this world do not fear spirits, fear the living. Don't medal in spirit world or invite them in. But be afraid of living because it is through them that evil walks among us. So the next time you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear. Use the one thing you still have that cannot be frozen, your mind, and keep repeating to yourself "My Lord God is my Shepard, and is with me always. I am getting stronger cannot be harmed. Now it is you who should be afraid, run, run while you can and never return."

Remember evil doesn't belong in this world and it can't do its work without help.

Rest assured it works and you don't have to be afraid, it should.

Apr 18, 2013
Help me please
by: Darren

My girlfriend is having a hard time sleeping in her room cause of her ex husband death an I think he is hunting her while she sleep's an I heed help on how to make this stop she say that the thing is licking her and holding her down an still around in her room but when I'm their sleeping over nothing happen please someone help me out on what to do

Apr 23, 2013
Can't breath, scream or move!!
by: Anonymous

Im 14 right now and this has happened to be about 3-4 times. It feels like I'm being pressured down I can't scream or yell for someone to help me. I try moving my legs and arms but it feels like I lost everything. At first I thought it was the way i sleep because I remember waking up every time in the same position as before in every episode like that. Eventually I wake up panting. I thought I would die in my sleep from not breathing at all.
I told this person who knows stuff about what some of the dreams mean. So I asked him and he said its some ghost/spirt/jiin that just sits in you and annoys you it doesn't to any harm or anything.
I'm just glad that its not only me I thought I had a heart problem.

Apr 25, 2013
by: Evy

Sleep with the lights on. Don't sleep in the dark. Try it please.

Let me know if this worked.

Apr 26, 2013
sleeping with lights
by: Growing Faith

I do this sometimes when I get a weird feeling in my room. Prayers are good to be said. Praying often I heard you'll get closer to God. So try to eliminate your fear so the spirits will not feed on you. (more thoughts...)

Apr 28, 2013
You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I have experienced this since I was a very young girl and I now have grown kids so that was many years ago. But the thing i do is call on the name of Jesus with my spirit man (from the inside)and he will bring you out from under that attack.

May 01, 2013
dont worry (REAL ANSWER)
by: Noah...

this happened to me... two times... don't listen to the guy who says your soul has left your body, i can defiantly tell you if your soul left your body, you would ether die, your your consciousnesses would leave with it... anyways, this comes from the opposite of lucid dreaming... your awake but your brain doesn't know that... to get rid of this simply close your eyes and fall asleep... this happens when the brain disconnects from the body, the brain does this so it doesn't mimic anything you do in your dream...

May 01, 2013
My son panics, and is just as scared as I am
by: Carol Carmel

After reading so many comments on this site, I realize that I am suffering from Sleep Paralysis. This sucks to learn its a "condition". But, my post is not so much about what I am suffering, and experiencing. It's about my 19 year old sons reaction. For example, last night I could hear myself trying to scream. But, I knew I was hardly audible. I tried to scream louder, and louder. The pitch of my scream slowly rose. It seemed like I was laying there for hours, trapped inside my body...trying to just release the scream I wanted so desperately to let out. Then I suddenly heard my son..."mom!, Mom, MOM!" He was just as scared as I had been. The instant I was conscious, and fully awake, I was not afraid, and I realized it was just a "dream" or better described by me as a "nightmare". But, my poor son, he was terrified. I realized he must've been in a deep sleep, and then suddenly waken up by his mother trying desperately to scream. I feel so bad for him. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? I'm worried he will now have nightmares as a result of my attempts to scream during the night. Any suggestions?

May 02, 2013
whats wrong with me
by: corne lombard

last night.,i laid on my bed.,and just when i was about to sleep.,seconds before.,it felt like i was dizzy.,or having i light kramp in my head.,i coulnd breath.,couldnt move.,eyes were half opened.,it scared the hell out of me.,it lasted for a few seconds.,after that.,made some coffee.,laid down again.,and it hapened again.,the same thing.,im 29 years old.,im phisacally strong.,believe in god.,and all those things.,it really made me scared.,it happened to me three times before.,but last night was the worst.,.,.,is there any remedies out there for this.,or do i maybe have a tumour in my brain or something.,it really felt weird.,and really scary

May 06, 2013
Can' move, can't blink, can't scream, can't BREATH!!!!
by: Anonymous

The same thing happened to me, but only for about five seconds. I was just laying down in bed day dreaming, thinking about a song from a movie and only in my left ear I heard the music get louder, like it was actually playing in my room. Just when I was about to get up to see if their was anything actually playing in my room my whole body just froze. It felt like there was a force that I couldn't brake through, like something was above me. I read some other comments saying they felt a person on top of them or squeezing them, but I didn't feel that. To me it was just a force or like I was in a cocoon. The first thing I tried was to move or wake up as if it was a dream, because during any dream I have I can jerk my body awake anytime I want, but I couldn't do that. Next I tried screaming, but I couldn't find my voice, and then I realized I couldn't move my eyes to look around. I also realized I couldn't breath. That scared me the most. So I stopped fighting and relaxed. these weren't the exact words, but in my head I said "God, what ever this is...just stop it" And I was able to move again. My mother told me it happened to her once too. This was my first time experiencing this and I think I handled it well! :)

May 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

This is a chemical in your body that freezes you so you dont punch walls in your dream and the like.

FIST THING you take any MEDICATION that affects the Central nervous system? Because this was the cause of mine. Meds can break down the layers of protection your mind has from this.

I dont get it anymore. Make sure you are breathing well too--not smothering yourself with the pillow or under a blanket because lack of air will cause dreams of claustrophobia and suffocation--being trapped in bad tunnels and the like.

So antidepressants, ambien, --anything that affects the CNS is usually the culprit if you're taking them.

May 15, 2013
It happened to me for the first time on 5/15 2013
by: Zach

Hi I'm 12 years old and I experienced it last night like 7-8 times I could move my foot just a little I Tried a to kick my wall and I'm very frightened cuz I don't no if 7-8 times a night is normal. Is it?

May 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

Just had this right now. I was dreaming about my mom, who passed on 2 years ago. I vividly remember talking to her and giving her a hug. Then I woke up, or so I thought. I sleep with a TV on and heard it but couldn't see it, even though I was facing it. Then I heard what sounded like clothes hangers being rattled around in a closet. I thought it was my dad getting ready for work, then I remembered it was Sunday and 5am. I remember mouthing "Hey" but nothing came out. I did 3-5 times and since I suffer from anxiety, I immediately thought the worst. I did wake up and realize it was a dream. Scary. Our brains and bodies do some crazy things to us. This has happened before this but never while I thought I was awake. I fear the worst case scenario with EVERYTHING due to my anxiety. I'm 23 and just recently started working the night shift.

Jun 02, 2013
cant take it anymore
by: austin

the same things keep happening to me although before it happens, i have a nightmare . Ive had them sense i was five . then it moves to where i cant move,i cant breath, i cant yell, i cant open my eyes , i try to yell for help but i can. its happenend sense age five and it wont go away. my sideaffects are the same . IM TIRED OF LIVING LIKE THIS.

Jun 07, 2013
sleep ghost
by: thill

Ive had some crazy stuff happen, i was asleep then woke up paralyzed, i had this loud and i mean loud ringing noise in my ears coupled with a sick feeling of fear but the fear was not from what was happening it was i felt. as if something else was there, this has happened a few times before but its best i can explain it, can anyone elaborate on this

Jun 09, 2013
Scared to death
by: ron

When I 18 I was awaken by the Devil pulling at my feet. I saw a shadowing figure at the foot of my bed. I have seen what my children looked like before they were born. I have seen things happen and know that I have seen it before. I normally don't dream at all. Recently I have had nightmares about the devil trying to get to my children.
Last night I was sleeping when I had a dream and it goes as follows. I am in a room, the shadows are off the wall and surrounding me. I hold my youngest girl as the demons try to take her. The next scene I look out the living room window when a figure runs past, I look out and there are 3 hounds of hell circling at the door. The door gets knocked down. The wall turns into a door to hell, I grab the hound that comes toward me as I push my child away. I wrestle it into the door as I fall into hell. The dreams is so real I scream and wake up. Others in the house wake up because they hear me screaming for help in my sleep.

Please help me before I go crazy.

Jun 14, 2013
Clawing away at the skin - scream with no sound - why won't it leave me alone
by: Dreamland mutany

I wanna talk about it, but I can't. So i thought id look it up. allof your posts are almost exactly what i go through.. just up it alittle further. what i hear and feel tell a little different story, but at least i now know when it's coming now, because of what I see in the dream before the dream is taken over.. I never speak out loud about it, its like its in my head, or out there waiting, like I'm somehow giving it permission by speaking. I don't sleep - I won't even try to sleep without taking something. I'm afraid of that dreamish thing.

Nov 02, 2013
its not acary its annoying.
by: Anonymous

I seen what demons try to do. They jump on you and try to shut your mouth. Its not your spirit trying to leave your body. Just pray to Jesus and ask god to not let them mess with you tonight and god will act on it. I guarantee you that all that I'm saying is 100% true. Don't be scared of spirits that can't kill you. Satanics leave their body and go to people houses to mess with people too but they don't have a body at the moment so all they can do is try can scare you. Its annoying seriously.

Nov 10, 2013
Scared to death
by: Chris

I just now had this happen to me and it's happened once before. I could swear someone else was in here talking and standing over me. I could not move, I felt like something was covering my mouth to keep me from yelling. This has happened once before, with the exception I swear I could hear someone screaming, and that froze me in terror. Is there any logical reason this happens???

Nov 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

Yea I have expirienced something similar to that I'm sleeping and it feels like someone or something is pushing down on me and shaking me and I can see the light to my tv and I try to talk but I can't do anything about it and when it stops I get up and no ones there and it was happening to me every night until I got a dream catcher now it's just occasionally but things are getting worse I have a nephew an he said that there's a guy in my room talking to him and he's scared to go in there now so I anyone has any responses to my problem anything would help..

Nov 23, 2013
It's been happening to me a lot...
by: Greg

Its been happening to me also lately. The feeling can be explained by saying, 1st off it's "evil" like pure darkness wanting to pull me under. It's as if it's a force that wants me to give in. I am a big man 6th 220lbs, not much scares me but doesn't does not feel earthly. I have had ppl tell me " I'm not getting enough oxygen" b.s. I'm sleeping face up mouth wide open taking in lots of air. I have been able to stop it lately very fast and easily. When explain how I stopped it you may say I'm "crazy" or "superstitious". I am not a religious fanatic do, do not even belong to a church. I recently stopped this by calling out to Jesus. The first time I stopped it I actually said the Lords prayer, before I made it half way through the prayer, it stopped. Believe it or not , call crazy but it works everytime. Those with the "voice of reason" or "rationale " would probably tell me " well u just calmed urself down while saying the prayer is all".. Yet any other way to break free is the opposite of calm it takes everything in u to fight and move to break free. So, I don't want to hear the "relax" crap. It's as if this "force" (as she explained also) is trying to get me to give in and let take over, to bring me deeper in to it's darkness. All I'm saying is try it next time it happens cause it will happen again. If it doesn't work " just relax" lol and see where it takes ya. I wish you the best ;-)

Nov 26, 2013
it tried to grab me
by: Adam Nunez

I was asleep and happen to notice that I woke up but not awake I felt this presents over me trying to grab the sheets off of me I tried to scream but it wouldn't let me scream . I cried out to God and asked,Him to forgive me and after crying to Him it let me go but I could feel it crawing up my legs trying to take ahold of me. It has happen to other times in my life . I still don't understand

Dec 07, 2013
Vocal Cords Paralyzed
by: Anxious in Anchorage

Fell asleep on air mattress about 1:00 a.m woke up when I felt the mattress dip once by my thigh and again behind me. I felt an instant sense of dread,it took everything I had to open my eyes just a fraction. I felt something spooning my body on top of the blanket behind me. The terror in my heart was paralytic to say the least.Just as I felt an enveloping presence around my shoulder area, I tried to move my mouth, it felt like my vocal cords were paralyzed. I instantly thought JESUS,repeated his name in my head once more and my vocal cords broke free, so I started singing "yes Jesus loves me" until my heart and head calmed down. I have had dread upon waking before (no dreams) but nothing like this...something definitely crawled onto that air mattress with me. Now I'm drinking coffee relaxing cause I know the name of JESUS always saves from any and all, call it SP or whatever...but do call on JESUS in your head when it happens. Sleep in peace.

Dec 08, 2013
My experiences get worse
by: Anonymous

I have been having these "sleep paralysis" experience since I was small. It went from when I would see a dark patch in the corner of my room, to now feeling fully submerged by an "evil" force. I had no idea what the causation was and being a hypercondriac, I googled to find out, oh there are others who kind of experience this too. Mine seem to worsen after each one, and they all seem to relate to some type of spiritual battle, because I always had nightmares about the Devil wanting me really bad but the Lord always triumphed when I prayed for him. However, I JUST had an episode about 5minutes ago. I took a nap, after making breakfast, then it started, i felt the cold shivery feeling, my eyes feeling like they blocked, the pressure went all the way. covering my whole body. I then feel like I am being pulled to the edge of my bed, yet I do not move. Sometimes I hear strange noises and normally I do not try open my eyes, I pray continuously to the Lord, and then all is over. Yet, I prayed this time, and it didn't go away at first, I then tried to force it and I heard like growling, like a cat growling at me when I was trying to fight it. I then was able to open my eye, and as I did, looking into my closet I saw a hand waving at me to come to it. I IMMEDIATELY closed my eyes and prayed none stop until this feeling went away. Does anyone else feel like, besides the condition of sleep paralysis that theirs seems to be some type of spiritual battle as well?

Dec 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

This happened to me just about an hour ago. First time ever. But for you who believe in scientific explanations,explain why this happened to my boyfriend just about 2 hours prior to it happening to me? All I know is I prayed and kept praying and it finally stopped. Jesus is the answer. Time to start getting on the right path. Repentance is key.

Dec 16, 2013
ive been having episodes like that since i wad a child
by: meggan

Since I was 6 years old till just the other day I've been having the exact same thing happen and I'm 29 now its seems they occur most often when I'm stressed out or my anxiety is high

Dec 16, 2013
This is all spiritual warfare
by: Eye Opener

Every time it happens to me is when I don't repent for my sins known and unknown. To the guys that say this is normal it's only normal when you never ask for forgiveness of your sins. Also Witches can put a spell on you. Theres secret witches that run Satan's kingdom in this world. THIS IS NO JOKE OR GAME. SATAN works behind the scenes that's why folks don't believe he exists. The TRUTH can be stranger than fiction.

Dec 20, 2013
Sleeping issues
by: Anthony

Megan described exactly what happens to me at least 3 or 4 times a month only with me when I can't break the "force" I can see and their is a cloaked figure floating horizontally directly above me or sitting beside me with a arm over my chest and when I wake up I'm fine but it's like I feel someone watching and that feeling comes and goes throughout the day every day. Any ideas?

Dec 22, 2013
sleep disorder
by: bryce

I am almost terrified to post this but when i get this some times i wake up in different places when i do im stuck can't move or talk but sometimes when i would get lucky to have my ex gf laying with me when i wake i feel like im on fire literally wake up with fevers of almost 104 and can't move or talk to get her to wake me but i can try and hum words or move the tip of my fingers or toes it has been where she was scared because i couldn't snap out of it it was only once i have been able to wake her up to try to wake me up and she couldn't it to ten min to snap out of it she said it looked like i was in pain and was being tortured sometimes it does i really have to calm my mind down just to breath i have woke up standing in front of my mirror S T A N D I N G and wake up and same thing happens it happened only twice but the worst of them all i was stuck for 25 min least watching my face in the mirror get redder and redder when it was over i collapsed those times standing instead of it being just hard to breath i also felt like my chest was folding out ward as if my chest was coming out like a pyramid and it hurt i was awake and conscious every time this has happened in bed or out of it i truly am terrorized by this no one has taken me serious its been going on since i was just a lily kid im 25 now and am more pf a manly guy so these things art lied about or exaggerated in any way no one ybelieves me or thinks any of it is true my mother thinks im a hypercondriact and i am a lil bit but i have never got anything checked cuz she just thought i freak over everything but a lily cuz my mom has the worst diseases and breast cancer and so much more so ya i worry about turning into her but really i haven't checked my body once in 20 years i think was my last real doc apt besides a few shots and fisicles but im so terrified to sleep sometimes i live on 50 mg pm sleep aids ink what to do if anyone could email with help or advice i would greatly appreciate it thanks try for the story

Dec 30, 2013
totally awake
by: Anonymous

I am 14 and a couple days ago i was having trouble getting to sleep for some reason, i turned my t.v on and pulled my blankets up, when suddenly i saw something out of the corner of my eye when i turned to look at it i was unable to move or speak for what seemed like hours. I couldnt hear my tv at all and when i was finally able to move i bolted to my parents room and actually slept on their floor even though i am 14. I want to believe this was sleep paralysis but i was fully awake at the time. Any explanations???

Dec 30, 2013
totally awake continued
by: Anonymous

hi again i would also like to add that i am an atheist and that the thing out of the corner of my eye was very dark.

Jan 07, 2014
you can stop sleep paralysis.
by: Anonymous

It may look to u guys a bit strang but i have tried it and i worked for me.
So before going to bed put a knife under your sleeping pillow.
Since i have been doing this i didn't had this sleep paralysis again please respond if this works for you.thank u for ur attention

Jan 11, 2014
I know am too late
by: Anonymous

I know many say its sleep paralysis but its not.its a demon.a lesser demon which can only torment you and if you dont react to that. paralysis, you will die peacefuly or get possessed.. it happened to me once and I sent myself on a spiritual jouney to read the Bible and reesearch bout demons..never try to sermon them under any circumstance..they will hart you.the only best thing is to yell out by any means the name "JESUS" will flee immediately..and the ones that try to have sex with a boy during that paralysis moment are called succubus .and one having sex with a girl is an incubus..once they succeed, they leave part of them in you and you will always be attached to it..remember,"Jesus"..i could write more about it if anyone asks..

Jan 21, 2014
by: Stephanie

This just happened to me last night. I had a bad dream with "demons" so I was trying wake up cuz obviously I don't not like the dream and that's when it happened. I felt heavy, like my whole body was pin to the bed, I felt paralyzed, I could berly see and could not talk. As soon as I was trying to move I felt pressure on my chest and could not breath, started seeing white glares like I guess when you faint and you start to see black but white this time. my parents sleep in the next room so I tried my best to scream for my Mom. I did but it sounded more like a zombie or something lol. I was able to move my ties and fingers and that's when I broken free. It has happened to me a few times, I really hate it but I know why it happens.

Jan 30, 2014
Payers always help
by: Grace

Well what im reading is not that far from me, exactly the same feelings, paralized in bed. this happens to me too but recently i' m always praying before getting to sleep and keeping a picture for the holy Virgin Mary or Jesus under my pillow or even sometimes handling the picture in my hand while sleeping this help to get away negative vibes.
It's been 4 months that this is not happening to me, after months of continuous such situations.
I believe this is the best solution to prevent this situation.
Trust me; Honest Prayers r always answered.

Feb 03, 2014
hope it helps all
by: ras asha


Feb 15, 2014
happening from bday and im scared
by: rose

it was my 10th bday and i was happy then i took a nap. i woke up feeling finethen i try to get up i try to yell for help nothing i am getting scared its has been happening alot. plz help me more!.

Feb 16, 2014
by: Anonymous

it used to happen to me quite often and somtimes still does but i figured a short cut out when i was litte... it was to exert as much force as possible at once every where and try to bite my tounge lightly

Feb 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

It would happen to me often I would try to scream nothing would come out i would feel this pressure holding me down. It happened and again but this time I called out in the name of jesus and kept repeating it in my head till whatever was holding me paralized slowly loosened. I felt parts of my body start to shake then suddenly it was all over I could move freefly.

Feb 27, 2014
I experienced it last night
by: Hemanth

Last night I experienced something very weird. Yesterday's exp was not the first time though, but it was the worst of all that I had so far in my life. I am 35 and I have had such experiences for around 15 to 20 times so far. First time it happened to me when I was 16. Until now I was thinking it to be something else and thought some dissorder of mental state, I never tried to explore much on this. Since the last one was worse of all I wanted to know what it is and thanks to this site a ton. After reading the info here its so relaxing. I always tried to do some chants and manthras of the GOD I believe and it has worked all the time for mw even yesterday.

Mar 09, 2014
A phenomenon beyond science
by: Clever

Hello reader,

I must sincerely first state that there is a phenomenon regarded to as sleep paralysis but this in no way should be confused with what most of you feel such as; an immense pressure on you when sleeping, a presence unexplainable; the feeling right before the pressure, the noise in the ear, your inability to move, talk or do anything while under this pressure. These feelings do not occur nor are symptomatic of sleep paralysis (hope you truly understand what I mean). Sleep paralysis make you totally numb in your normal room environment. I have experienced both and can well tell the difference. Worst thing is that I suffered more from the other.
For a long time, I suffered from this and was made to believe it was sleep paralysis. I relaxed and enjoyed this torture until I was made to know the truth.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"
John 8:32
So, what is the truth?
Before you stop reading, thinking this is another gospel like before. Take a deep breath and ask yourself a true question and be sincere with your answer.
Do you really think what you go through is sleep paralysis?
If yes, how about an explanation for the evil presence, and the sometimes darkness?

The existence of evil and evil spirits is beyond scientific explanation, just as the existence of this world and all in it. However, the Bible shed enormous light to these phenomena. What you think and regard to as sleep paralysis is "an oppression from evil spirits". The good thing is that it can be stopped and most interestingly; it can be stopped for ever.

It is simple. Recognise that all that is in this world both evil and good was made by God and are both subject to his will. He protects those who are His from all evil.

"Just as the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so is the Lord round about His people"
Psalm 125:2

All you have to do is to kneel down today and ask him to forgive you all your sins and watch you clean, ask him to receive you as His child and promise to turn from all your evil deeds. You know the good thing? He will not refuse you, because He longs for you to do this.

"A broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise"
Psalm 51:17

Finally, every night while in bed, right before sleeping say your prayers. Ask the Lord to protect you with His angels as you are dead asleep, thank Him for saving you through the day and ask him to protect all your loved ones in their sleep.

"The name of the LORD [is] a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and is safe"
Proverbs 18:10

Have a wonderful sleep for the rest of your life!!!

Mar 15, 2014
LIving in Scotland
by: Steve


I am 48 years old and never knew until this evening until watching a programme that this was what I had experienced when I was 14 to 16 years of age it was terrifying lying in bed unable to move totally frozen but awake I never told my mum or dad but when I was 19 I had full blown epileptic seizures but went to see an absolutely brilliant consultant in Aberdeen who perscribed an anti convulsants 20 years later and no problems whatsoever the only thing is I never me mentioned the episodes when I was 14 to 16 years old as I did just not not put 2and 2 together they may be linked perhaps not but I just wanted to put my experience out there as it may or not be of help to others also I lead a very successful and enjoyable life with my family and at work Regards

Mar 18, 2014
I'm way to scared
by: Ryle

On Saturday, March 15, 2013, I woke up early in the morning. I could tell everyone was asleep because there was no sounds. I tried toturn on the light, but I couldn't even move. I almost screamed when I heard a sound, but it was like someone super glued my mouth and then duct taped it. I looked around and only saw shadows... It was scary. The door started to open and then it slammed open but no one woke up. No one was even there when I moved my eyes there. Slowly I started to being dragged down and I started crying and trying to scream. Then I started singing a church song in my mind and it all stopped after about 5 minutes. Like God actual watched and helped. I heard my cousin moving muttering something I couldn't understand. Spirits in my house haunting me or just scaring me for some reason. The same thing happened to my cousin that sleeps in the same room. Anyone else have the same thing happen and believed it was evil spirits?

Mar 23, 2014

by: Tiffany

I have never had this happen to me it sounds scary but I just always get very frustrated because I have had a great time then come home and realized how much time I wasted when I was supposed to be cleaning my room and all that kind of boring stuff like homework.

Mar 26, 2014
deafing silence
by: JJ

I had to look it up finally. and I'm glad I am not the only one who experiences this. I am 32 and this has constantly happened to me since I was a child. I actually just finally woke up and out of it a second ago so it is still fresh in my mind. I can hear the rushing in my ears ad my eyes are open I think. I feel as though I am moving. ad I try moving off the couch to roll to the floor to feel any kind of contact to break the silence and the numbness. the harder I move the more I hear the rushing in my ears. when I was younger I could actually get myself to move really high up from where I was laying but in reality I was actually no where. it's like trying to move underwater. even slower than it in fact. it's crazy and it would b nice to never to it again but I have not yet found a true cure. terrifying.

Mar 30, 2014
by: mike

Can't wake up can't move can't scream I 'm yelling help me many many time's but no one in my house can hear me .still scard .I hope this as the other person said I hope this helps you are not alone I'm going to give it to God I don't know what else to do Love mike.

Apr 10, 2014
fat ghost.
by: cha

i'm Hmong in my cultural we have allot of this happens. if u want to get rid of it put a knife under your pillow. and my belief is Shaman. the knife under your pillow will not give you any bad dreams or anything bad cannot harm you when u go to sleep. hope this help you. want to know more about sleep paralysis? go to hmong ghost or just find it in facebook here is the sites and you'll know allot more about it. hope this can help u more what this thing really is.

Apr 22, 2014
I have never been so scared as I was this night
by: Anonymous

One night I had to spend the night at my parents house. I went into my old bedroom which I had shared with my sister growing up. We always thought it was haunted. Long story. Anyway, I was lying on my side facing the dresser and not far from the door. I woke up feeling my hair being moved by my ear and then the sound of a wolf or demon growling in my ear. It was next to my face, I could feel it, but I couldn't scream, I could not move, I was terrified. I started saying in my mind over and over again the name of Jesus and it finally went away.

I had episodes where I awoke and felt something holding me down on my bed. I could not move, I was trapped. Again, I would call out to Jesus in my mind and I would get free.

I changed some things in my life, and since then I have never had this happen again. I am telling you the truth, I believe I was awake each time, yet I questioned myself. It was horrible.

Apr 24, 2014
Happend Today
by: Anonymous

I just had this happen to me, not but five minutes ago. Searched up what it was. My experience was different from what im reading. I was able to move at first a bit but it took alot off strength. I felt like something was getting angry like as everyone else said a spirit. Through the dream I continued to move around on my bed. Then I just started floating from feet first, so I started fight that and pushed down and I was winning. Next thing you know I feel a slam and this heavy force on me that made it evem harder to move. Couple seconds after that some figure runs in my room and holds down my hands. I was overpowering him little by little till I was about to touch his face. Then I woke up. I wasn't scared but the figure was an ill looking figure. He had the head of a dead cow and a pale beaten body.

Apr 25, 2014
The help
by: kasha j

When that happens in your mind just say Just say Jesus Jesus Jesus until it break an watch it's going to let up me an my kids been experiencing that we don't anymore because we overpowered it but next time do that an you will see then pass it on to someone else

May 05, 2014
The Blood of Jesus
by: Anonymous

I find your description something more on the lines of what I used to hear the older folks call being ridden by the devil. Best way to test my theory is the next time this happens, just think to yourself "THE BLOOD OF JESUS, THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!!" Repeatedly, if that is it, it will have no choice but to stop. My mother used to describe it the same way you just did and say she thought she was trying to hit my father to wake him up to help her or screaming and he said that simply wasn't true. My prayers are with you no matter what it may or may not be; I hope you do get some help!

Jun 06, 2014
Wait it out.
by: Anonymous

Ehh, I get it once in a while. It's no big deal. You just have to be aware of what's happening. You already know what it is. Why be scared? You know you're gonna wake up. Just wait it out.

Jun 11, 2014
my sleep problem
by: blake bohe

When it happens to me I am just about asleep.just the other day I remember I was thinking or dreaming about riding in a car and we rolled. And as soon as the car body in real life just locked up. It felt like I had pressure on my chest. My breathing felt difficult and I couldn't move or talk. I have to literally force myself out of it every time. And I'm just worried what will happen if I don't or can't? And it only happens if I decide to take a nap during the day..never at doesn't happen all the seems like every 6 months or so I'll have a couple episodes.

Jun 13, 2014
This happens to me all the time
by: Billy

I am very experienced with this and feel it is evil spirits taking over your body.Mine has gotten worse and now I am actually having nightmares of scary situations where I am semi consious and not just laying there anymore.

Jun 13, 2014
by: Jaheda Sultana

There's no solution to this problem.. i read many articles about this problem in internet and i am unable to figure out any Antidote..It's like i'm helpless. I can't sleep when i'm alone. I think of it all night when nobody is around.. i am scared that it would attack me any time.. i become sick if i can't's horrible..

Jun 22, 2014
i had it worst.
by: ashly

since i was four years old I always had a ghost precense i saw them heard them and fwlt them. by age 6 or 7 i began to have a demon sleeping on my chest i think is what u call it. i couldnt move talk or scream i felt someone ontop of me i wad sweating i was to afraid too look.. years later i still had that i had dreams as well but dreams that told me future stuff i had a gift. recently i had the last that i remember demon on my chest an i looked... i saw a little boys body in a brown suit just standing in front of me i could not see his face,,,

Jun 25, 2014
by: warbo

Had it a few times now unable to speak move heart wanting to burst out of my chest and a feeling of fear no idea how long it goes on for.remember the first time it happened I thought I was being abducted by aliens or something stupid hey kinda makes me feel better other people have it to though and it's not just me.

Jun 28, 2014
Someone needs to find a solution
by: Anonymous

I almost died at 10 from this when I experienced an extended period of sp after turning face-down in my pillow in my sleep. I woke up not able to breathe and unable to move for approximately 10 minutes. The only reason I didn't die is because I forced myself to slow down breathing and take deep, intentional breaths. I was also molested at 13 during an sp episode. I would have thought it was just a nightmare, but there were witnesses and I woke up with my bottoms around my knees. It's completely ridiculous that doctors keep telling people that they're fine and everything is normal. They need to find out why it happens, and how to prevent it or stop it completely.

Jul 14, 2014
aware but can,t wake
by: Jeannine

Although I,ve had typical sleep paralysis, this repeating episode is different. I find myself out of my body, sometimes beginning by finding myself upsidedown. (I have chronic pain, yet never question why it,s absent and don,t even remember it.) My first thought is that I want to wake up-knowing that I must be asleep, and immediately go to the light switch. I guess I figure that turning on the light will wake me, never wondering about the fact that its location is seldom where it should be. As I turn on the lightswitch I feel sure that I am now awake. When it doesn,t work I get anxious after several trys, then I try forcing my eyes open, sometimes revealing a slit of brightness. I try to yell,sometimes into the face of someone I find. I,m scared one day I won,t wake at all. Help?

Jul 15, 2014
This may or may not help.
by: Anonymous

I had this happen to me when I would take Adderall during school to study. The worst time I was hanging halfway off my bed.. I was trying to knock on my bedframe to try to get someone to help me before I fell onto my neck.. that was a little scary, but I have not had it happen since I stopped taking Adderall or Ritalin. For the record, I was prescribed neither of these drugs.

Jul 16, 2014
Feel Unable to Move/ Insane Amount of Pressure?
by: FFP

as weird as it is to tell you this, the reason why we have dreams like this is because of how we live in sin. the insane amounts of pressure or being unable to move in a dream is your spirit body under attack. The best way to describe it is in the movie the exorcism of Emily Rose. remember the scene of her on the bed? it's the same thing in your dreams. you don't have to believe me. you can do your own research. no amount of medication or talking about it will help. if you have a dream like that pray to God our Father. that is what hell will be like. except it will be never ending. and the amount of fear you feel will be 1000 times greater. all you need is a good player. as God says, "try me." Our Father is the perfect Healer. give him a try.

Jul 30, 2014
It's a jin lover
by: Anonymous

In islam we call this a jin lover which you got on you best person to get rid of it is a person who does Ruqyaa basically they say few verse from the Quran n they can communicate with them and make it go away.

Aug 27, 2014
sleep paralysis
by: david

I'm not sure if this is sleep paralysis or not. I will be sleeping and then I'll see something that just can't be real. I come to the realization that I'm dreaming. I then test it by slapping myself in my dream. When I don't feel anything I try to move and my body won't exactly respond. It's like I can move bit something is holding me down. So I put every ounce of strength I have into moving just my right arm. After about ten seconds or so I awake to myself throwing a punch into the air above me. Is that sleep paralysis?

Aug 28, 2014
Unclean spirits
by: Anonymous

You need to pled the blood of Jesus in the apartment this a spirit that is trying to attack you some one has given place to the devil there and the only way to stop it is to pray it out through prayer and some times fasting take some olive oil and anoint each door inside and out and say in the name of Jesus Christ I command all unclean spirits to leave keep doing this every day until the demonic spirits are gone If you have a bible sleep with it and you will see we fight not against flesh and blood against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities of spirits

Aug 30, 2014
small remedy but a great releif
by: Try this please- rekha

Thanks to all for describing hw it feels and hw scary it is. First of all, pl bare with my english, I'm not that good at it.
I had this problem for almost 20 years, sadly didn't even thought we could consult a doc. Anyways, sometimes talked about it to friends and relatives, bad luck nobody had this type experience or something and they even didn't understand its really happening, its not just a simple nightmare. Almost I stopped talking about it, in the initial stage itself like after first few months. Still this problem continued and tried almost everything mentioned by many person in this thread. Like praying, fighting, being strong and more. Reaptedly, I myself started to analys every feeling or every effects its giving me. Its another long story.
Finally, I cud see, if we do something to avoid ur throat getting dry, then it would help. So I just tried to swallow a half tea spoon of honey or oil, may be coconut oil or olive oil or sesame oil and went to bed. It really surprised me. Wonderful. U can also do this after getting up by experincing that scary thing AND go to sleep immediatly, the problem does not return.
During daytime, drinking lot of water also helps.
Good luck and love,

Aug 30, 2014
pl try this- step by step
by: Rekha

1. During daytime while awake, drink lot of water.
2. Try to do any breathing exercise, just inhale and exhale deep breathe slowly. Just 5 to 10 times, twice a day.
3. Before going to bed, drink a glass of water and swallow half tea spoon honey or any edible oil, like coconut oil or olive oil or sesame oil. Do not eat or drink after taking this oil. You can do this everytime you go to bed.
4. Or you can do the step 3, immediatly after getting up by experencing that scary thing.
Simple try this, if it works its a great releif. No need to be scared to go to bed again, no need to loose ur sleep.
Try this and pl reply if it works. It'll be happy, to know someone finds this useful.
Thanks and love

Sep 05, 2014
I hear ya
by: Beverly

Hey Meagan & Kevin, I agree & love knowing there's others out there just like me. My 1st experience was I believe (due to inexperience) ) and got so while dealing with my paralyses state or dream all I could do was keep telling myself it was a matter of controlling your brain not to go into panic mode & keep the thought it would pass. I would love to be able to tell ya if this is a weird mode of sleep or could be a freaky type seizures. All I can say its a matter of mind over matter so u gotta keep those thoughts positive at all times, DO not go into panic mode. I know ok! the weight holding you down will eventually be gone like it never happened. funny thing is you'll feel like you fell asleep before it lifted, even though you know you couldn't risk letting your brain relax your last thought will feel like you just woke up but you can do like me each night and check the time. No way could all that happen when it was a few seconds later duh, weird huh?

Sep 10, 2014
i hate it
by: zedii

its as if i was a wake and i saw this lady face on my pillow and i tried to move bt i cant and my eyes kept on shutdown and that happen about three times before i got up to research about it so i think by watch a cartoon or a little kiddies show it might help

Sep 16, 2014
Time looped dream
by: Cylas

Oddly enough I have a dream where I can't move and once I'm barely able to move it restarts over and over again each time I can move more. By the time I wake up I am terrified it's still a dream and that it will all start over.

Sep 18, 2014
by: christine

i am a medium and i can astral travel but have never experanced this in the way that am looking over myself and i wasnt asleep not deep as i could hear what was going on around me i could move just feel it very strange and it has spooked me for the first time ever as i get the paralying a lot which dont bother me but this totally has and now i wont go to bed xxxx

Sep 19, 2014
I know what Sleep deprivation is and I can help you
by: Amal

I know what Sleep deprivation is and I can help you. I had it a few years ago it started when I move to a new apartment I was feeling the same things that you were talking about but then I never figured it out what it was I never know how to figure it out I never tell anyone because I didn't even know how to say it then I moved first floor because I had daycare and the neighbors was complaining the children footsteps, i'll tell you exactly what happened or even I might make video, but it ended when I moved downstairs that was the end of the problem and I figured it out exactly what it was I'll tell you if you need more and I will explain to you exactly what it was and how it happened if you need help you can email me if I think a lot of people might need help with that or if they email me then I don't have a choice I have to make video for you guys that explaining to you what it is and how to solve the problem. Please know that I am a Muslim and that's how I figured it out what it was if you're not a Muslim you might be moving from the house which is easy for you or you don't have to be Muslim even but you will solve the problem in the Muslim ways if that is okay with you, you can email me at and please know that your email is going to my junk so I need to get it from the junk which I have 100 emails to my chunk every single day, the only think I might be chicken is the subject of Sleep deprivation, please use your subject as Sleep deprivation, I hope I can help because I know how it feels when you know something is controlling you and I know how freedom feels. Thank you.

Sep 24, 2014
25/09/2014 4:38 am
by: Taughrian

Hey, your not alone on this, Megan.
I'm 14 I be been experiencing this at random times for the last two years. When I asked about it to my mum she told me to pray but it never worked. This episode occurred to me 10 minutes ago. Most times I feel like someone is sitting on my stomach and all I could see and hear was a fuzzy TV screen.
This time was different my stomach was compressed and filled with a burning sensation and i could see everything around me but i heared someone saying to me wake up over and over again. The voice was yelling over someone banging pots and singing horribly. I tried screaming for someone but no one was there and no one would be able to hear me. It took me five minutes to break out of the trance.

Sep 25, 2014
God is with me
by: tulip

I had this an hour ago.and calling Jesus Christ many times to help me wake up. I couldn't move and scream.and all I could see is black. I tried to relax,and move my fingers and it worked. I got so scared,I cried when I get up. I believe it was the devil. it happens during the day though.

Sep 27, 2014
It happens to me very often.
by: Chris Hoffman

It is scary as hell. What ever it is I am usually awake eyes open and cant do anything. It happens as im trying to fall asleep the I feel it. Pressure like someone is holding me down. Very ugly feeling. The other night it happened over and over starting to anger me so i would fight it by trying to yell and move. When i finally moved it was as if i through myself up and yelling. The next day it happened again but in a dream. I was fighting it trying to sit up. It felt like gravity is 10x normal and the closer i got to the sitting potions suddenly got 2x that. I eventually sat up and told myself i need to wake up. I woke up not felling it. So i asked my brother who stays with me if he heard me yelling the night before and he said that he did but thought i was talking to my daughter. So i now its not a dream. And is very scary to go through.

Oct 03, 2014
Happening to me too
by: Anonymous

This is also happening to me... And am a bit scared too.

Oct 07, 2014
by: gabriel

This happens to me but only after/before I have hella lucid dreams where I can move and talk like my subconscious knows I'm dreaming but wont acknowledge it. It's bad and good dreams and in still aware of the outside world I can hear the noises though its slightly distorted. Also its not evil spirits just relax and calm down and you will stop shaking I have been told that this is your spirit reentering your body. These also happen when I'm sick/conflicted/or achieved success I have also had dreams that are true and it kinda scares me...

Oct 08, 2014
same thing happenes to me
by: Armando

Dang it happened to me....real talk i aint gonna sleep tonight....i had experienced before when i was younger just that u cant move and just by feeling youre vibrations in trying to move it scary

Oct 10, 2014
I need help...
by: Anonymous

I'm only 14 and I can remember this clearly happening to me (once last year and once this year) an dpossibly more when I was around 7 years old.
I can hear ringing and several different frecuencys in the air and I was wondering of anyone here has ever experienced this.
The first time this happened I had been laying down for about 2 hours after I woke up and it happened. It wasn't right after I woke up. It happened to me this morning at about 5:40 and I've been up since 2:30 this morning.
I can't understand why this is happening because I haven't been diagnosed with ANYTHING by my doctors and I get check-ups regularly.
I can't move or speak but I also feel some convulsions and hear the ringing.
Does anyone know what this is?

Oct 18, 2014
by: Gavin

Hi, Gavin
I have gone through everything the people above me has said.
Thanks for sharing everyone.

Now that I have gone through so many of these episode I am scared but I know if I struggle I will not be able to get out of the paralysis. The only way I know how to get out of it is just to relax and not struggle, if I do this I normally just wake up. If I do struggle the pressure ( it like something is holding me tight or pushing on me) on me gets higher and it gets more scary. I do scream but I know my family wont hear me. I have told my parents what has been happening but they just think its a nightmare.
But my uncle has gone through sleep paralysis once before so he knows what im talking about.
I thought I wasnt going to talk about it but there you go.


Oct 21, 2014
Your body hates you.
by: Anonymous

Tell the thing to F off and say gome menutha esta pourqe vien no puta.

Oct 21, 2014
it happened to me
by: julz

This happened to me 2 nights ago. Don't know if I was asleep or awake, thought I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, opened my eyes but couldn't move or speak. I felt really scared, it happened about 6 times . One time it happened I was facing my partner and I couldn't do anything. I trying to move and talk to get his attention but the more I was trying, the more I was getting scared

Oct 22, 2014
the dumbest
by: mia

hi who ever is reading maybe you are scared to sleep now that it where do u live in what house?

Oct 23, 2014
happens to me too.
by: Anonymous

Last night it felt like someone or something was touching me and choking me, I got mad and force myself to speak. I said in a mean voice "get away from me!" and "who are you?!" and my husband woke up and told me he couldn't understand me... I just woke up and stayed awake. It was really weird and scary, but I prayed and felt a lot better.

Oct 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

That Also happened to me!! I'm 14 btw. Whenever I wake up(i dont know if im actually dreaming or What) i try to open my eyes but they won't. Whenever I need to move my body , i can't. And whenever i scream, somethibg is like Holding me back. Actually i sleep in the side of the bed, and i can recall that there's a person standing. (I know , creepy) thos happened to me more than 3 times. Im really scared guys :(

Oct 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

That Also happened to me!! I'm 14 btw. Whenever I wake up(i dont know if im actually dreaming or What) i try to open my eyes but they won't. Whenever I need to move my body , i can't. And whenever i scream, somethibg is like Holding me back. Actually i sleep in the side of the bed, and i can recall that there's a person standing. (I know , creepy) thos happened to me more than 3 times. Im really scared guys :(

Oct 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

That Also happened to me!! I'm 14 btw. Whenever I wake up(i dont know if im actually dreaming or What) i try to open my eyes but they won't. Whenever I need to move my body , i can't. And whenever i scream, somethibg is like Holding me back. Actually i sleep in the side of the bed, and i can recall that there's a person standing. (I know , creepy) thos happened to me more than 3 times. Im really scared guys :(

Oct 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

That Also happened to me!! I'm 14 btw. Whenever I wake up(i dont know if im actually dreaming or What) i try to open my eyes but they won't. Whenever I need to move my body , i can't. And whenever i scream, somethibg is like Holding me back. Actually i sleep in the side of the bed, and i can recall that there's a person standing. (I know , creepy) thos happened to me more than 3 times. Im really scared guys :(

Oct 27, 2014
Me tooooooo
by: Maine

This happens to me a lot...a lot! I notice that it happens when I wake up completely under the blankets or a bunch of blankets and I'm super hot. I'm gonna be 22 next week

Oct 28, 2014
I know its long but comments are appreciated
by: Oscar

This happened to me yesterday. It had happened like 2 or 3 times before. I find it curious that it always happens to me when im cuddling with a girl. Anyways i would like to share my experience.
So we were watching catching fire on netflix. we started the movie around 12. I fell asleep immediately. I woke up a couple of times to switch positions because cuddling in couches is uncomfortable. I am not sure if she slept or not, i dont really care.
Ok so when the movie ended we turned off the movie and tried to sleep. I went directly from being awake to a lucid dream. I dreamt about some coworkers. we were hanging out in a dark room. I couldnt see their faces but i knew who was in the room. The room was absolutely pitch dark. Suddenly there was a door and someone started jiggling the handle form the other side. everyone began to run away. Since i knew i was dreaming i knew i had control over the scene and i jumped through the floor that i was standing on and yelled "see you suckers" i laughed as i fell. I kept falling and falling. I realized i had no control over my own dream and fear began to set in. I woke up only to find that i was stuck in sleep paralysis.
I could see the living room. I though i was awake. The back of my neck felt really tense, kind of like when you ride a roller coaster and tighten up your body. I tried to move my arms but it was useless. I was a bit scared. I tried to calm myself down by thinking to myself
"Its ok this has happened before. ill be fine"
I thought of ways to wake up and the only thing that came to mind was to wake up my cuddle buddy. i started to try and shake my head side to side, slowly i was able to move my head just a little bit but enough to wake my cuddle buddy up. She woke up and put her hand on my chest, then turned around and laid back down. This was enough to wake me form the sleep paralysis. Strangely enough i just went back to sleep. I didnt feel like bothering her with my troubles.
The reason i write is because this is the first time i was able to "control" it in a way. I was able to calm myself from the absolute panic and horror i have felt in previous episodes. Also, when i woke up i noticed that i was facing slightly left then what the sleep paralysis had interpreted therefore proving to me that it is indeed a dream. I in a way enjoyed the experience and as crazy as it sounds.... I cant wait for it to happen again hahaha
Good luck everyone, make the best of it. You cant die so dont be scared. I heard that the more you embrace it the faster it goes away, but im no expert. That was my third or fourth time. :)

Oct 31, 2014
my advice..
by: Anonymous

I come from and indigenous family and we believe that it a spirit that has been roaming around the area or if you happen to go to place where someone has past away and that spirit just followed you home. You can try burning some sage or a cigarette parent have told me that spirit don't like smoke .... I've had experience situation like that so i understand how scary it get ...

Nov 01, 2014
This is why
by: Tibbz

Some people say that this happens when you wake up but your brain is still asleep. Usually when people are sleeping they don't move much and your muscles calm down to where your brain shuts down almost everything except for the things that keep you alive aka heart. When you wake up your mind isn't ready for this. Sometimes this may happen when you sleep on your back. Try not to do that next time it may be uncomfortable but it probably helps. Also stay calm and relax with it and let it happen all that about your soul leaving your body is bullshit. You have survived right and this doesn't kill you so relax when you have the next one. Just let it happen and you will see things if you open your eyes so don't try to. Also this could be lucid dreaming to where it looks so real. I can say I'm half asleep (in the morning or when I try to sleep) and I think about falling and I jump up and move fast because I think I'm falling, but I'm really not I'm just thinking/ half sleeping dreaming. This is hard to say what causes this since I haven't had these experiences but try to do what I said and see if it helps. Thanks ~~~Tibbz

Nov 02, 2014
Just relax
by: Anonymous

I've learned to just relax and tough it out. Moving my legs is what works for me and wakes me up. But in the meantime I tried to just relax and understand what it was i was experiencing. It felt like a super strong wind was blowing against me. like either i was stuck in a wind or just moving really fast. and it was really loud. and i realized it wasnt that bad and that i would make it, still always a scary experience none the less.

Nov 03, 2014
by: dominic johnson

What I've always noticed after is that I'm laying on my back neck is tilted back if looking up. I've had it happen enouph to control my feeling and where it feels and imagining that it's almost my spinal fluid was being blocked which gave me a paralyzed state why brain is still functional

Nov 04, 2014
Hope this helps
by: Anonymous

This happened to many plenty of times but the first time it happened at that point in my life I was on drugs anyways I could see the tv on my ex laying next to me I couldn't move speak or do anything until I noticed this figure In the corner of the door with claws trying to get towards me I was terrified somehow I managed to get up and burst into tears . Then it happened again I did feel as if someone was with me again so all I did was close my eyes and prayed to Jesus until I got up. So a few years later I got clean became pregnant and two days after I had my son it happened in the hospital nothing scary like the first two but if I get scared I just pray and scream leave me alone . I know when it will happen it's like I'm fainting and go into a coma I can't move . I'm not sure what it is but I'm glad I'm not the only one with it ..

Nov 04, 2014
Can't talk,can't move, something is pulling my feet, i can open my eyes but don't see nothing.
by: Leo

I've been getting different S.p's countless times. Sometimes i get pulled down the bad waking up head away from the pillows, sometimes i feel a small shoe lace like rope around my neck strangling me. Hearing weird sound around me.. At first i couldn't open my eyes but as years go by i learnt to fight it but didn't have the strength, then i thought maybe if i could sleep with my other hand close next to my eyes maybe i can try to open them because at that time moving my fingers was the only thing i could do. I tried it and it worked but didn't see nothing not a slightly dark movement, now i can open one eye just enough to pick, its not easy. I do not know how it happens and why but i do not think it has something to do with your body being tired..

Nov 05, 2014
by: The Chaos Girl

The funniest thing about all this is that real life, scientific, medical answer has been given- its called Sleep Paralysis and yet people are commenting and still thinking its something supernatural and you have to say god's name or jesus to get out of it. Hello! Sleep Paraysis is the answer, f*****g uneducated morons. No, it's not something evil happening to you or a ghost holding you down, and no, saying 'Jesus' or praying will not help. Our mind and bodies are mysterious in the reasons why we do things, one mystery would be sleep paralysis, maybe we don't understand why it's happening but it's still medically named Sleep Paralysis. There are so many uneducated idiots in this world that hear a bump and immediately call it a ghost. A- they're either too lazy to figure out the real cause of said bump. B- they're too stupid to figure out the cause of said bump. C- their moron parents have conditioned them to immediately claim it's supernatural because their parents were ignorant as well.

Nov 05, 2014
how to stop it hapening
by: Anonymous

it happens to me & has done for 20 years,i do it on purpose these days as im guided by something that takes me places,but thats a hole different story.

do you come out of it as if you've been holding your breath? & just before you go into it,you can feel it coming, then it grabs you by the back of your head & makes your brain throb?

don't sleep on your back,sitting up or on your right hand side,this will spark it off.
worse when your on your back.

Nov 06, 2014
I want to sleep
by: E . Sharp

When it's happens to me feel like haven't went to sleep yet I can't move can't open my eyes trying to wake up I guess getting hit I can hear me talking yelling for my wife to help I'm getting turn of laying down it goes on every night with me

Nov 06, 2014
Me too!!
by: Daniella Val

Thank God I'm not alone. It happened to me a lot. It stills happens to me. Besides it happened with me today!! That's why I came here to get informations. First I tought that it was the devil. But then I didn't believe that anymore. Sometimes when i get it, i feel like someone's in my room. But I try to ignore it. I hate it when it happens. When i feel it, I try to move something else of my body. Like my hands or sometimes my waist. And it works! When I do that, I can slowly move again.

Nov 07, 2014
I know
by: Anonymous

My mom is like this as well, last night she woke up, couldn't move, couldn't talk, couldn't scream. She told me she thought her boyfriend was sleeping beside her and she reached out to him for help. As loud as she could she whispered help. He reached back to her. Then my mom realized it wasn't him and started sayin' Jesus I am your daughter, put your hands on me' and in the name of Jesus I rebuke you.she told me she started to see all these things and that she couldn't physically breath. She said someone was whispering in her eye. She was crying this morning she was so afraid. This is not her first incident, mine, or my sister's, thou it's have been different, there all still the same. I do not believe everyone on here is being delusional from lack of sleep. I will say that I believe it's better to stay ignorant n not try to draw attention to bad things.

Nov 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Its funny how everyone talks about being paralyzed which i do get myself but no-one ever talks about this person that i cannot see but is always touching me but when i try to turn my head or grab his arm or some sought of movement, he slides behind me or makes it even more difficult for me to see him or her. It freaks me out because its been a while since ive encountered these dreams after teaching myself how to break out of the cycle. At one stage, it turned into a movie scene, lasted longer than before, the more i tried seeing this person touching me the more the dream went on or relevant... i really dont know but is there anyone feeling like theres an external force trying to do any of the above mentioned activities in their dreams.

Nov 10, 2014
Last night was weird
by: Anonymous

I get the same thing ! But I always wake up and be like that was scary and just go back to sleep. But last night I had one and I woke up so terrified , I was breathing heavy . One side of me was like damn that was intense let me go to sleep tho. But all of a sudden I start crying . I'm 15 and that's never happens before , it was like I had a panic attack or something. I couldn't speak or breath right , and I was shaking idk if that's normal ?

Nov 10, 2014
I'm going crazy.
by: Gloria L.

Okay, so Ive been going threw the same thing. But like I read it's different for everyone except the can't move and can't speak, okay well I think mines is the worst. Unless seone has something worst. Well at first it started out as if like a lucid dream. I would be just about to fall asleep but my thoughts are running wild and I suddenly can't open my eyes. Like I try but it opens slightly but then closes. Then I realize I can't talk. That's when I try to move. But ofcourse I can't. I'm just laying there waiting. This lasts for about 30 to 40 seconds, but this isn't the worst part. The worst part is I can't breathe. At least I think I cant. My boyfriend told me I breath very heavy when it looks like I'm dreaming. He doesn't believe me. But I'm telling you I try so hard for this not to happen but it just doesn't stop. I sleep regularly and rarely fall asleep during the day. But I found a way to calm myself while going threw the episode. I just lay there and think " IT WILL BE OVER SOON " think of it really loudly. Your second voice will break you out of the episode. Trust me I've went from 30 seconds to 10! Hope this helps 💕

Nov 14, 2014
sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

Anyone who is experiencing sleep paralysis should see a neurologist, I have these episodes too,I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy 4yrs. ago, with medication these episodes happen less often.

Nov 16, 2014

I don't know why they happen. Stay calm. Focus on breathing and waking yourself up. I know it's scary. Just focus on your breathing and waking up. Then once your awake relax, I have rarely had it happen more than once. Once your relaxed, go back to sleep. If it happens there is one sure cure, Get dressed and goto Denny's for a Early breakfast.

Nov 17, 2014
what the hell is going on!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

It happen to me last night I was sleep right beside my girl friend and I couldn't move or scream or nothing but My eyes was open and I was able to see her I tried so hard to wake her up but was unsuccessful many times I thought I was dreaming but it seemed so real my mom tells me it's just the devil riding your back at this point I believe her this is not the first time it happend and I hate it

Nov 20, 2014
Get rid of it
by: Anonymous

To all the people who really want to get rid of this...
This is not a good scenario where in you loose control over your body. This is an indication that your spirit is getting weak.
but you can definitely get rid of this.(IF YOU WANT TO)
let me give a reason as to why it happens , cause if we know the root cause we cant get it rid of it.
So first you need to know that when you go into sleep you go into parasympathetic nervous system.. this is where the dreams come to us and give us indication or show us path in our day to day life. Many of us must have experienced that we get an answer in our dreams...These answers come to us from the same power from where we got out life.
Now When we grow up, usually our attention moves in different ways ans sources. and indulging into various activities cause a weak attaention. So when we sleep, we go into parasympathetic we encounter these spirits and they take a charge of your Body.. hence you loose control and you feel paralyzed.

How to get Rid of this:-
Lit candles occasionally around the place you sleep..and some times across your house. This will burn any negative influence you carried after coming home. you can check thsse cancled will burn and the more soot coming from candle that means it is clearing the place.

Secondly before sleeping put your attention on good things, or remember good things. Never sleep with a Bad feeling or heavy heart. Remember :Sadness attracts negativity and joy rebukes them. So be joys and thankful for what you've got.

Clean your self properly before sleeping.

Keep lemon under your Pillow.. It is citrus.. Negativity can't stand citrus...(remember we use it to bring conscious to over drunk people)

wash your feet and face properly before sleeping.

and lastly meditate to make your spirit strong so nothing can over power it. (drinking, porn movies etc makes your spirit weak)

Guys we have been created by some source.. remember the one who created the Lamb also created the tiger... so always remember your limitation.

Good Luck!!

Nov 20, 2014
Get rid of it
by: Anonymous

To all the people who really want to get rid of this...
This is not a good scenario where in you loose control over your body. This is an indication that your spirit is getting weak.
but you can definitely get rid of this.(IF YOU WANT TO)
let me give a reason as to why it happens , cause if we know the root cause we cant get it rid of it.
So first you need to know that when you go into sleep you go into parasympathetic nervous system.. this is where the dreams come to us and give us indication or show us path in our day to day life. Many of us must have experienced that we get an answer in our dreams...These answers come to us from the same power from where we got out life.
Now When we grow up, usually our attention moves in different ways ans sources. and indulging into various activities cause a weak attaention. So when we sleep, we go into parasympathetic we encounter these spirits and they take a charge of your Body.. hence you loose control and you feel paralyzed.

How to get Rid of this:-
Lit candles occasionally around the place you sleep..and some times across your house. This will burn any negative influence you carried after coming home. you can check thsse cancled will burn and the more soot coming from candle that means it is clearing the place.

Secondly before sleeping put your attention on good things, or remember good things. Never sleep with a Bad feeling or heavy heart. Remember :Sadness attracts negativity and joy rebukes them. So be joys and thankful for what you've got.

Clean your self properly before sleeping.

Keep lemon under your Pillow.. It is citrus.. Negativity can't stand citrus...(remember we use it to bring conscious to over drunk people)

wash your feet and face properly before sleeping.

and lastly meditate to make your spirit strong so nothing can over power it. (drinking, porn movies etc makes your spirit weak)

Guys we have been created by some source.. remember the one who created the Lamb also created the tiger... so always remember your limitation.

Good Luck!!

Nov 22, 2014
your not alone
by: randy j torres

it like if my soul was leaving my body i seen a black shadow it scared the shit outta me but then i seen a light like if god was helping me then everthing went away things will get better....

Nov 23, 2014
by: John

Ok..i have read some others that have Sleep Paralysis...and to me..the people that explain this to us that are having tbese episodes ...saying its normal...doesnt seem to realize...this isnt normal. How in the hell is this not being able to breath or scream or move n you are awake..!..i have actually seen myself ...heard myself and woke my partner up because..eventhough iwas screaming for her..just came out as real light groan sounds. How is it normal..when jt feels like someone or something is holding you down so hard with forces on your face on your stomach and on your arms and legs..that you cant even breath and you feel like you are going to die?!... this is very terryfying!!...not normal. Happens to me once or twice a week...and sometimes multiple times in a row this morning...3 times!....and every episode is followed by some sort of weird someone is closing or shutting something made out of rusted metal like a wood saw blade...continuesly.

Nov 23, 2014
black tall figure
by: Anonymous

Every time it happens to me there's a dark figure of a person at the side of my bed starring at me while I lay there and sometimes I can feel as if it's laughing at me and sometimes I can the tension and anger it has towards me Idk what it is it happens once every 3 weeks Idk what it's supposed to mean ?

Nov 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

It feels a little less scary to know that others have experienced the same things I'm going through. The first time I can remember this happening I had gone to sleep in my kids room when they babies. I woke up and there was this dark shadow over me but I could tell it was a man. It had big arms and looked like it was wearing a bowler hat. It was tugging at me and it felt like it was pulling my soul from my body. I couldn't breathe or move but I could see my baby in the crib and my toddler asleep in the bed. I started hearing a grandfather clock go off and I thought I was dying. Then, I started thinking the name of Jesus and I heard someone say to 'Leave her alone'. Then, it disappeared and I sat up gasping for air.

The reason I found this site is because it happened again but not as dramatic. I felt a 'finger' slide down my back and I woke up but didn't turn around. It jumped on me and I couldn't move. I kept thinking 'no, no, no' and then it got off of me but I could still 'feel' it behind me. I told it to go away and then I turned over and nothing was there and I didn't 'feel' it anymore. I'm still afraid to go back to sleep but now I have this killer headache. But I had to find out what that was. Thank you all for sharing.

Nov 24, 2014
maybe this will help?
by: NN

Hi! this have happened to me a lot,and I often get it when I've slept very late or not enough. But, it helps to not sleep straight on your back, with your head facing up. You should sleep on your side. It also helps to have music or noise in the background,so you will feel less scared. Knowing that my sister is in the other room awake and talking makes me feel better.

Nov 24, 2014
to Kevin
by: Anonymous

My name is Nigel and Im 17 and I'm experiencing this to. Just pray in your thoughts & it would go away.Stay close to the Lord trust me

Nov 25, 2014
im scared to sleep
by: Anonymous

I am so scared to sleep i had a night mare and woke up but i couldnt move or speak and im scared it will happen again.

Nov 27, 2014
It's a dream
by: Matt

Now, I don't know what people out there think, all i know is what I've researched on and experimented with.Sleep paralysis is a function your body preforms when you fall into REM sleep (rapid eye movement). REM is the deepest and most relaxed type of sleep you can have. When in REM sleep your body intentionally shuts down your ability to move so the sleeping you doesn't act out what the subconscious you is doing in a dream. If I were you I would be so excited because you are able to do naturally what a lot of us have to practice and that is having what we call a "lucid" dream. In this state of REM dreaming you become aware either by a practiced trigger or unintentionally, some trigger examples are: Time not making sense (9:86), peoples faces not looking right and others. What lots of us dream enthusiasts practice is being able to subconsciously "wake up" while dreaming (lucid dream) and realize that you are in fact IN a dream world. At first, seeming to be awake on my bed surrounded by nothing but black and not being able to move was damn terrifying but now, when it happens to me, I immediately realize I'm not actually awake. This is why I said I would be so excited if I was you. Once you become aware that you are still sleeping and that the only reason you feel like you cant move is because your REAL body is in REM sleep then the possibilities become endless. It takes some work but, eventually you can control your dreams to the point where you can "get out of bed" (really hard to do when you first try to have a LD), Fly, have super powers, meet people you never thought you could and do all the dream things that would normally happen without you "making" it happen. Tons of stupid sites and people ill inform others by saying "DEMONS" "YOUR SOUL IS LEAVING' "ASTRAL PROJECTION" and scaring tons of people instead of informing them on how badass it is once they overcome that initial scare. If i were to give you advice I'd say this. the next time this happens to you, relax. The only real way to get past it is to know that it's just a dream, repeat that to yourself, it is just a dream. Keep reassuring yourself, it's just a dream, close your eyes and just keep that mantra going, it's just a dream. Now if this settles you like it did for me then do something we call a RC (reality check), the best one is to plug your nose and then try to breathe in through it, if you can then you are definitely dreaming because the subconscious is the one reaching up and plugging your nose, but the REAL WORLD you is still sound asleep so you really aren't physically doing it, it's all mental. If this works for you and you are able to break from the "paralysis" and start to control your dream I advise to not get too excited because that is one thing that will wake you up and cut your amazing dream ride short :D

Dec 01, 2014
You're Awake and Sleeping
by: Jimmy the Geek

I've had this happen to me several times. The first and second time it happened I freaked out. The third time it happened I rationalized with myself that I'm sleeping and that's why I can't move. Once I realized I was sleeping, my paralysis broke and I was able to "walk" around in a dream state (out of body experience) and fall back to sleep. Every time that happens now, I just wake up. I've never been able to stay asleep and wonder around since that third time. Now I also have lucid dreams and can control them once I realize I'm dreaming. I like to fly like Superman once I realize I'm dreaming, but I always s wake up when I try to fly into outerspace. I've also heard myself snoring once when I was thinking about work in bed and didn't realize I had fallen asleep.

Dec 01, 2014
first time this happened to me just now
by: jack

I was nodding off barley awake then all of a sudden i heard a horrid scream, i felt a massive amount of pressure i couldn't open my eyes or talk or move it felt like i could look around at whats going on around me but i actually couldn't then at this point I was freaking out! i eventually managed to open my eyes a little and there was a black figure at the bottom of my bed and it was big, the room was dull looking at there was some sort of cat or some animal just next to me then my heart started pounding and i closed my eyes thinking i was going to die then it stopped felt like a mass amount of weight had just been lifted off of me and i started crying and i called for my girlfriend next to me. was this some sort of paranormal shizz? Or an outer body experience or something ? IM scared

Dec 02, 2014
Woke up screaming
by: Tina

About a week ago while asleep, I felt as tho I was awake but couldn't move. I don't remember dreaming but it was pitch dark wherever I was. All I remember was being afraid for some reason. I tried calling for help but couldn't speak. All I remember is waking up screaming help me. I heard and felt myself yelling it at the top of my lungs once I was able to get it out. But my friend that I was sleeping with nor anyone else in the house heard me! I can't shake this spooked feeling.

Dec 02, 2014
Sound Helps ME
by: Ken

I have this all the time, im 32 now. It really does feel evil, but I do not understand what it is and why it is. Demons...Scary, Aliens...Scary, something weird in my brain...less scary..but wtf? What has seemed to help me is turning on the TV. I notice it happens to me when my TV goes off, I know when it's happing because the silence becomes loud, and I know I am in one of these dreams, then the scary evil feelings come. If I turn on a long movie and keep it low, I sleep like a baby. Hope that may help some of you. Just have to get used to the TV being on, I turn the brightness and contrast all the way down but leave the volume enough where I can hear the talking.

Dec 04, 2014
scary as hell
by: misty

My experience was alot like most I read above but my eyes were uncontrollably rolling into the back of my head and after I managed to get them to stop, I felt the sheet being pulled with me on it to the edge of the bed. That's the part I want someone to explain. I had the can't scream can't move experience with it as well but to physically feel me being pulled across my bed is what scared the hell out of me. I've always been able to see shadows ever since I was a little girl and it's never scared me but this incident was beyond scary and real.

Dec 04, 2014
by: can't move!

I feel tingly all over my body like when your foot just wakes up and the I cant move, or speak and I cant scream for help. one time it was like I felt hands squeezing me and the next morning when I woke up i saw two imprints in the bed. I would just lay there in bed nice and warm then bam I cant move but I found that if I move or talk I cant go into "shock" as i call it. but when I can move and it passes I'm freezing no matter what temperature it is in my house. once i thought i saw something in my house but I couldn't tell if I was imagining it or not.

Dec 05, 2014
crazy scary dream thing
by: kofi

I'm adept at waking up when I feel like it. such as when there is a nightmare or whatever. But when i tried to sleep an hour or so ago, it felt like I was being pulled or pushed into something and it felt very wrong. I could tell I was being pushed into a nightmare or something. So, my instinct was to wake up, which I couldn't. I could barely move or open my eyes. Eventually I forced my self awake by trying to move me entire body. A couple seconds later i tried to sleep again and the same thing happened. This time I couldn't break it and was thrown into a dream. my subconscious didnt know what happened so it took this as a normal dream. I had my baby sister in my hands and i was playing with her (it was night) and she was laughing. Then I heard a knock on the door which I assumed was my mom or dad asking for my sister back. I figured out this was a bad dream when I didnt hear anything after this knock. Before I could wake up a ghost/spirit appeared across the room. it started to come towards me swaying from side to side. I tried to wake up but i felt my body bing pushed down (same feeling as before) and I remembered what had happened before I slept. Then I got mad and said fuck you to the ghost, and it just looked at me and laughed. I woke up arely able to move again and I havent tried to sleep again since.

Dec 05, 2014
crazy scary dream thing
by: kofi

I'm adept at waking up when I feel like it. such as when there is a nightmare or whatever. But when i tried to sleep an hour or so ago, it felt like I was being pulled or pushed into something and it felt very wrong. I could tell I was being pushed into a nightmare or something. So, my instinct was to wake up, which I couldn't. I could barely move or open my eyes. Eventually I forced my self awake by trying to move me entire body. A couple seconds later i tried to sleep again and the same thing happened. This time I couldn't break it and was thrown into a dream. my subconscious didnt know what happened so it took this as a normal dream. I had my baby sister in my hands and i was playing with her (it was night) and she was laughing. Then I heard a knock on the door which I assumed was my mom or dad asking for my sister back. I figured out this was a bad dream when I didnt hear anything after this knock. Before I could wake up a ghost/spirit appeared across the room. it started to come towards me swaying from side to side. I tried to wake up but i felt my body bing pushed down (same feeling as before) and I remembered what had happened before I slept. Then I got mad and said fuck you to the ghost, and it just looked at me and laughed. I woke up arely able to move again and I havent tried to sleep again since.

Dec 05, 2014
Cant sleep cant talk cant move
by: Anonymous

It happened to me!!
I was asleep the demon did not let me move or talk !
In my mind i said I rebuke u in the name of JESUS
I command u to let me go!!! At that point it let me go I sat up in my bed and was angry now no longer scared!!
I yelled out loud! I will serve God i give my life to Jesus!
Do not come back!! Again i said out loud I rebuke all evil demonic spirits in the name of Jesus!!

It never bothered me again!!
Glory to God!!
Jesus is the way the truth and the life!!
Dedicate your life to serving God turn from your evil ways and he shall set u free!!

Dec 05, 2014
Say Your Lords Prayer!
by: Tony

I too have this dream and encounter it quite often when sleeping on my back. I have since purchased a new bed and, knock on wood, haven't had this dream yet. I have had it to where saying the lords prayer has either brought me out of the "Dream", or misreading it in the "Dream" intensifies the experience giving me a weird force/vibrations/pressure over my body. If anyone is Catholic or Christian and is having this dream, try saying the lords prayer when having it. You will become aware of it in the dream and be able to recite it. Thinking upon some of what was said above, it makes sense that relaxing can make you come out of this and by saying the lords prayer over and over again until said correctly in my "dream" may be the relaxation part being achieved to make the dream go away. Either way whatever it is, we are all still here, healthy and alive, so it cant be anything more than a bad nights sleep!


Dec 06, 2014
afraid to sleep
by: rambo

this happens to me around 30 times,now only i came to know about SP.till now i was thinking a devil was coming on to me,but i am glad that there is scientific reasons around this.

Dec 06, 2014
just happened again
by: german american kid

Im not alone on this?! If i only knew sooner i just had it for the 6th time but the other times was a long time ago but now i had to know. I never knew if i was awake but i would feel super intensly frightened and i knew that it was evil. But i never had a breathing problems im used to not having to breath in my dreams.the scariest one was a little black shadow with a white face or mask at my feet and it jumped my face. Thats one of 3 times it would touch me or approach me qickly.

Dec 07, 2014
spiritual attack
by: Anonymous

Your under spiritual attack.if your spiritual you know that the feeling isnt a feeing of the lord, because why would Something Good want to paralize you and stop you from breathing? I was hunted by snakes months before it happen and one night a snake went under my bed in a dream and thats when I became restrained as something tried to pull me threw the the bed but at the same time someone was holding my left hand.I started to pray and I was released.this was very scary.

Dec 08, 2014
for protection.
by: Anonymous

This is the third time that it has happened to me in a span of a week.
The attacks have been gradually
Increasing in intensity. The last time
It happened was 4-5 years ago when
I was awoken in the middle of the
Night and was being attacked by two
Dark figures which resembled evil
Spirits waking me up to see another
Demon on the ceiling crawling like a
Centipide dragging towards the other
Room as if to hurt my family.
Many will try to give you a scientific
Answer to this problem but it is clearly more spiritual than anything
I noticed a pattern of negative thoughts, feelings and actions around home or in life in general which would explain why these lost spirits enter so easily to this dimension and cause damage.
I have been spiritually gifted as so have you who share these experiences with me,
They are real and what is even better is the solution. Think positive, choose to only harbour love and find God, get to know God and Love him. God allows evil to test us out so we may in return get closer to God more. Nothing that is harmful comes from God but evil does exist and the best way to get rid of the darkness is with Gods light, his love and what better way than to pray, meditate, practice loving God first among all and treating others the way we would like to be treated.
Second, wear a cross or put one under your pillow, pour holy water and white sage around the house while sending love and prayers to all spirits lost in the way.

Dec 11, 2014
It's Nothing
by: Anonymous

It happened to me almost everyday in the past. What I did was actually licking my lips . It really worked. Don't be afraid because it's nothing. It goes away after some time when you're totally used to it.

Dec 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have these dreams to and have outer body experience, I had one when I was in my room and I can hear my brother's playing a game game and my mother watching tv, I can hear them plan as day, also I was lifted up out my body when this happened, I can see them to as if I was beside them, but I was in my room floating around I new what was happening, I said to the heavenly father do not take me , my mother want bare it , and he put me back in my body and I looked out my room and my brother's were playing a game mortal combat as I seen sitting in the same way I seen , my mother was watching her show on t.v as I seen , I was shocked when it happened again my spirit went in the ground I don't know what I was saying but God the almighty grabbed me back. 3rd time I went up in the clouds looked around like I never seen so high up before, then I said again to God, I don't want to Go and leave my mom , I know all my brothers would've missed me, but I felt in the sky pain from my mother that she couldn't bare anything else, and it went away for a while then came back, with darkness and can't talk and move just like the other dreams,

Dec 13, 2014
Pinned to My Bed
by: Anonymous

I woke up to pitch darkness as I lay in bed. I felt a presence of something--non-human. It's attention was focused on me, though I could not see it. It was evil and wanted to destroy me. Before I knew it, I was snatched up from my bed and suspended in mid-air over the bed. Then it began to deliver repeated blows to my body, moving through me between each blow. i couldn't move, I couldn't scream. Then I woke up to pitch darkness as I lay in bed. I didn't know if it was a dream. I didn't know if the whole deal would start again. Terrifying.

I was attending a church where the pastor taught a message called "The Dark Side of the Paranormal" in which he discussed the reality of demons and the devil. He explained from the Bible that these things are real and not to be dealt lightly with, and that Jesus himself spoke directly to demons. I knew what he said was true, and described what I had encountered.

I memorized a verse from the bible, and left it by my bedside: "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."

The next time I woke up unable to move I recited this verse. Before I could get to the end of it, the presence was gone and I could move again. It has never happened to me again since that day.

Dec 13, 2014
Evil Presence
by: Anonymous

I woke up to pitch darkness as I lay in bed. I felt a presence of something--non-human. It's attention was focused on me, though I could not see it. It was evil and wanted to destroy me. Before I knew it, I was snatched up from my bed and suspended in mid-air over the bed. Then it began to deliver repeated blows to my body, moving through me between each blow. i couldn't move, I couldn't scream. Then I woke up to pitch darkness as I lay in bed. I didn't know if it was a dream. I didn't know if the whole deal would start again. Terrifying.

I was attending a church where the pastor taught a message called "The Dark Side of the Paranormal" in which he discussed the reality of demons and the devil. He explained from the Bible that these things are real and not to be dealt lightly with, and that Jesus himself spoke directly to demons. I knew what he said was true, and described what I had encountered.

I memorized a verse from the bible, and left it by my bedside: "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."

The next time I woke up unable to move I recited this verse. Before I could get to the end of it, the presence was gone and I could move again. It has never happened to me again since that day.

Dec 13, 2014
Happening all over the world
by: Ken

This has been happening to me alot more it seems. I have started researching what it is. I understand certain chemicals trigger feeling, emotions, paralysis, etc, but I want to know what is triggering the chemicals. I am not convinced it is just my brain, but I really feel like something is there.

So I have been googleing places like France, saudi arabia, Japan, Russia, and others. I use google translate to paste in the phrase "sleep paralysis" and I use translate again to read the articles and comments in each countries domain.

What I found is this is not isolated to America, it is everywhere. People are experiencing this, thinking it's demons, bad karma, etc, and usually believe their religion is the cure.

It's really weird, I was hoping it was an isolated phenomenon so I could blame it on something, like drinking water, GMO's, or anything, but it's not.

Of course this does not answer what is causing it, but at least we know it's happening to many around the world. The most common one I read about is a demon sitting on the victims chest. IDK it's really weird and scary if you ask me

Dec 13, 2014
Body contact
by: Jigsi

I had more than a few encounters and I need answers.
1st event). This neighbour of my grandfather was a good friend to him. Every morning he beeps his horn when driving hes car passed my grandfathers house 9am. We would also say hello. Then he died. After many years of the the family feud I decided to come back to see my grandfather, my grandfather brought me to he's place by dropping me off at at 9am, and then I got all excited as I saw he's neighbours face in a ghostly form looking at me during daylight, but my grandfather did not see him. I wanted to wave but then I felt redicoulous and I smiled instead.
2nd event). I was entering in the kitchen, then I stopped. I turned around and suddenly I felt something heavy pounded my foot I stood there and after nothing happened.
3rd event) I have these moments where my body shakes when I encounter apparitions as I am standing when I am awake. For an example, it was in my bedroom I was on the bed studying then felt like my feet was becoming warm I got up to see what it was, nothing. Then did the same thing a few times until I decided to walk to the wardrobe door had no idea why, a foot away from the door I stood still and I placed my hand away from the door and quickly a black figure passed by who was quite short in hight and my body shivered.
4th event). During the family feud, I had no connections of my grandparents to remind you, my mother had passed away 14 years ago . So, apparently, I was dreaming until I felt my dream shifted to another scene where I was in my grandfathers body and I could see doctors around him using the electrical pedals on top of his chest. Apprently, my aunty confirmed to me that we nearly lost him but it seemed like I saved he's life? During the process before and after he kept on asking about me.
5th event) I was speaking to my grandmother on the ipad and she was with my cousins family I told her that I was worried about her and afterwards my aunty told me my grandmother was crying when I told her after the conversation and later in the evening she had collapsed without me realising I was sleeping then I felt this huge pounding on the front of my head where I heard a female voice calling my name three times and I woke up,
6th event) I have this habit where I can sense people about to die and reaaly it's freaken annoying. This year my grand mother passed away, and I had to see her before she did as she too was asking about me and it was two weeks after that I saw her last. There was this woman in the hospital who would inform family friends to see their loved ones before they die but I didn't expect my grandmother would've gone in that week as it was unpredictable. When I went in I knew immediately but my grandmother wasn't pale she laid on the bed couldn't move much and she was looking at me wanting to give me a hug and I just started to cry and from that she knew and passed away later in the week.

Dec 15, 2014
my story
by: sam

Thank god I've gone through this website.I was very depressed about my situation.some times I haven't slept for hours fearing this.I felt like squeezing my heart and body and i can't move my hands or body a bit.I felt like my soul is going out of my body.The exact description of what meghan and others gave.Only thing i do is calm down in that situation and pray for god.But thing happens to me when I am very weak like when i get fever or something like that.Thanks for all who have shared your experiences.

Dec 17, 2014
by: Mistercap

I am experiencing the so called sleep paralysis from last year. I actually get very scared when this happens,everytime it happens it is always followed by a dream. I pray to God everyday to cure me of this temporary paralysis.but actually my sleep paralysis experience is really very scary. Can anyone please help me through this.
The scary part is I sometimes hear sounds while this shit is occuring.Dont know if it's an illusion or reality.

Dec 18, 2014
Can't Move, Can't Talk, Can't SCREAM...Im Scared To Sleep Read more:
by: Ashley Samuels

Hey at Meghan thanks for sharing your story it really help me..I always wonder what was the name for what I was going through I experience going through the same exact thing and feelings.. I also be scared to go back to sleep... Its like I'm fighting to open my eyes and the whole time I'm thinking if I could just open my mouth and telling someone to please wake me up...please keep it touch my email

Dec 18, 2014
me too,
by: Anonymous

this has happened to me once, after my brother died, odd things where going on in my house so ask my other brother to sleep with me, he was Talking all of a sudden couldnt move, i could still see him talking but could speak or move, then i closed my eyes yelled his name an jolted half of the bed.
i think its stress anxiety lack of sleep.
it was a horrible feeling,
amazing what your mind physicaly an mentally can do.

Dec 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

I get the same thing most days, I found with mine is that if i stay in the state instead of trying to awaken I slip into a dream after a while of pain and can fully control my dreams knowing well that I am asleep, still does not last long in real time

Dec 20, 2014
Choosing to stay a sleep
by: Boston

I was deprived of sleep for several days when I started to have this issue. I had 3 jobs and one I had an hour and 30 minutes break. I started to have this issue while trying to take a nap on my break, but luckily it was kind of a busy area with lots of noise I trained my self to focus on the sounds and slowly will movements to the point now were I can choose to relax and go back to sleep or wake my self up its not easy archive, it took me weeks of scary frustrating learning. I would not have been able to develop this with out the noise good luck I hope this helps.

Dec 22, 2014
Same here
by: Anonymous

Same thing happens to me my opinion is that those are evil spirits one because one time I got to see a black shadow jump on top of me and that's when I felt that I couldn't move or scream second there was times they would tell me things but in different languages like in Spanish, English, and some other language!!! There was one time I felt like I couldn't move or scream and suddenly I saw evil spirits fly all over my room that's when in my mind I started to pray and God send some of his angels to be with me I saw an angel standing in the door and the evil spirits flew out my window so yeah they are evil spirits!!!

Dec 23, 2014
In my opinion
by: Anonymous

I too suffer from this so I will give you a short explanation as to what causes this and then tell you how to get out of it! I find for myself if I'm physically active when I wear myself out and I'm tired I sleep fine! 95% of the time it happens during the day on weekends or days off when I take a nap. So what I believe that it is is you wake up but your brain hasn't somehow connected to the rest of your body in order to make it move! So you're caught in this limbo state which is terrifying because you can't move your telling your body to move but it won't! You have to concentrate as hard as you can to wiggle your toes or fingers and keep doing that until you snap out of it that's one way! The other thing I do now that's I'm older is I breathe real heavy violent breathes and some of the times people in the room will come over and shake me thinking I'm in a bad dream but in reality I tricked them in to waking me up and then I tell him what just happened. And 100% of the time when I'm alone the breathing method works!!!

Dec 23, 2014
Breathe very sporadic and fast
by: Anonymous

Try breathing really heavy and really fast that always works for me it'll snap me out of it every time

Dec 24, 2014
Im one of you
by: Kramde

I`ve experienced all you mention above..most ofhenall is when you try to move, all tension is going through your head..and it feels like its gonna weapon is just to relax and when i feel the tension is falling..i move very quick that my body dont know that i will move or get up once the tension in my head falls..
i experience it when im very tired or stress..when i force myself to sleep or very tired from work i think there's a chance it will happen..i think its connected to our physical and mental health..take care of yoursel..dont force your brain to think too much and also dont force your physical strength..and most of all kneel down and pray..that the best weapon..

Dec 25, 2014
by: Anonymous


Dec 25, 2014
I thought I was alone
by: Terri

I have been having these episodes Often! My recent one was Tues Night but just my neck and head this time! Freaks me out! I was beinging to think this was in my head or i was dreaming but knew i was awake as well! I am unable to sleep for days after an episode! Today is Christmas and i am exhausted been up since 2am because I was afraid to close my eyes!
Helps me now knowing I am not alone and I plan on talking to my dr about this now
Thank you

Dec 26, 2014
Don't be scared
by: Anonymous

Hi this has happened to me to & every time it happens I start to pray in jesus name & it stops straight away don't know what it is or what causes it but....There is power in the name of Jesus...All things tremble in his name....

Dec 28, 2014
cant move breathe scream anything only think
by: Holly

my name is Holly and I have been experiencing sleep paralysis I think. At night I'm not sure if I'm awake or asleep I feel awake And I start to vision something scary the first one I ever had I visioned I was on my way to Heaven and I dropped down to hell And I was screaming but nothing was coming out and I couldn't breathe I could only think to myself am I dead I tried to move but something was holding me still and when I finally came out of it I was shaking and tingly and my heart was racing And I have had several after that I had one a few days ago and I always have a scary vision that feels so real. Is that sleep paralysis? Or is it something else? Should I see a doctor?

Dec 28, 2014
To Holly
by: Anonymous

Wow, That seems pretty scary however I'm guessing that you should see a doctor or psychiatrist because if you're a really bad person you might be having a bad dreams about not going to Heaven because of the things you did. However, If you really feel like you might of been in death than see a doctor immediately because it's not a good sign if you're dreaming about this. Or it could just be a sleeping terror.

Dec 29, 2014
Is this sleep paralysis?
by: Katie

My name is Katie and I have been expirencing this sort of sleep paralysis state for some time now. It is very scary and the thing is that people have been commenting on having visions, but whenever this state comes upon me I don't have visions or anything I don't have that heavy pressure on my chest what happens is that when I'm falling asleep I'm asleep for maybe a couple of minutes I snap 'awake' (since I can't really tell if I'm awake or dreaming) and my heart is pounding and I feel paralyzed. There is little to no pressure on my body but I can't move this happens several times (about 2-4) until finally I just stay awake for a couple more hours once I'm out of that state. Any advice or help?

Dec 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

I came across this trying to find find a song by its lyrics. I have done this plenty of times since I can remember and it has always terrified me not knowing what was going on. Luckily I found that if I just remained calm and then tried open my eyes I could. I honestly thought that I was on the verge of being possessed. Appears I've been watching too many ghost shows and came with that solution. Reading this and finding it is not what I thought it was now makes me feel more comfortable to fall asleep. Thank you.

Jan 04, 2015
Its going to be Okay
by: Alex

My name is alex. I am a 20 year old female. I have had these experiences for a few years now. I pray to Jesus and the experience stops within the minute. It stills happens often, but now it's not as terrifying because I have faith that God has the final authority.

Jan 05, 2015
Sleep paralysis
by: Shikha gupta

I experience exactly the same thing that Megan expressed.I am scared to sleep alone. If i have to then i leave my tv on with sound. Today i experienced even more horrifying thing.i clearly felt a head with hair beside me nd before i cud understand i was attacked with d not so visible is 5 AM nd it happnd to me jus a few secnds bak nd m on google trying to figure out wats happening..

Jan 06, 2015
alittle different
by: Barb Adam

I'm 43,and i had my first episode last night. Only thing different was my whole body eas shaking uncontrollably. Then i thought i felt two little hands grip mine. Then i was able to scream help.

Jan 09, 2015
sleep paralysis
by: vickie

I use to have sleep paralysis , it only happened if I was in the bed by myself. It was horrible. I had them so much I got use to them. I would relax and say the Lords Prayer until I came out of it.

Jan 11, 2015
Too scared to go back to sleep...
by: Alecia

Just fell asleep around 4:30am... Had 2 very vivid dreams. The second one was so real that I'm still extremely frightened. In the second dream I was lying in bed next to my husband, Richard. I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye, then saw something move in the bathroom. Immediately, I was paralyzed, unable to breathe, and unable to scream out. I kept trying to yell, 'help me'... But nothing would come out of my mouth. This went on and on. I thought I was going to die. I was finally able to twitch my left hand and kept hoping it would hit Richard and wake him up. Sounds started coming out of my mouth as I kept trying to yell for help but they came out in a whisper. Then I heard my 18 month old walk up to the side of my bed whimpering. I couldn't move to pick her up. I just kept hoping that she would cry loud enough to wake my husband. After some more time passed, I was able to move my left hand a little more and hit him a couple of times in the back. He awoke and looked at me. I was still silently mouthing the words 'help me' while trying to get a breath. I felt myself slipping away... He finally grabbed my face and looked into my eyes. I could still hear the baby crying on the other side of me. And I still couldn't breathe, or speak. And the look in his eyes felt like he didn't know what to do to help me. If only he would just pick me up, maybe then I could break free from whatever force was paralyzing me.

Then, just like that, I woke up. I now have a terrible pain in my neck. I can't breathe due to a cold, and my mouth is extremely dry. The baby is still sleeping in her room, but I'm scared to go back to sleep. I've taken a couple of aspirin, a mucinex, and drank some water. But, the anxiety is still there and I'm still trying to distinguish between reality and nightmare. Maybe it was a little of both?

Jan 12, 2015
Please read this
by: Sam

Hi, please take this comment seriously. I've had this many times over my childhood but the past three days have been the worst. It feels exactly like someone is pinning you down and holding your mouth shut.

I'm from a Christian family and I've heard that it's actually a demon. I understand you probably won't believe me but hear me out...

Last weekend I had a strange dream about an orange creature. I woke up breathless and sweating and my jaws were firmly shut tight. Last night I had two. The first, I don't think I was fully asleep. I kept on hearing aggressive noises and seeing threatening words. I know this doesn't sound frightening but it was, my mind was surrounded with loud voices shouting at me, I felt like someone was lying on top of me. The second, I dreamt I collapsed on my bed, paralysed and unable to speak. I was making a noise because my mum heard me and woke me up, but my teeth were so firmly shut that nothing was coming out.

My mum told me she had a similar experience as a child. She said she saw a black shadow coming towards her in her dream and felt a weight on her body, she said she couldn't move or talk.
The only way I end these dreams is by saying 'Jesus'. After eventually getting the word out, it instantly ends.

No matter what believe in, just try to say Jesus, instead of trying to scream

Jan 13, 2015
by: Koko

I've always had these episodes and I just now had 3 back to back I'm scared asf , and don't no what to do I'm tried of this and I feel like it's going to kill me

Jan 13, 2015
by: Marvin

My name is Marvin.

I can tell everyone that I have had these experiences many times. In my case, it feels like I have a person on my back, the power is overwhelming.

Last night was the scariest. It happens twice within seconds. One minute I was in a dream, and then I could not get up. I felt what I know was a figment of a lady, holding me down, as she kissed the left side of my neck. I was able to relax, and it stopped.
I got up, looked around my room. I laid back down to try and fall asleep again. No sooner than I laid my head down, I heard voices. Simultaneously, as I heard the voices, than felt the presence slowly crawl up my back, I could feel knees going across my back and onto the bed, sitting on my back and once again, gently started kissing my neck.
OMG!! Out of all the years experiencing these episodes, this was by far the realist, and worst feeling.

Jan 13, 2015
by: Marvin

My name is Marvin.

I can tell everyone that I have had these experiences many times. In my case, it feels like I have a person on my back, the power is overwhelming.

Last night was the scariest. It happens twice within seconds. One minute I was in a dream, and then I could not get up. I felt what I know was a figment of a lady, holding me down, as she kissed the left side of my neck. I was able to relax, and it stopped.
I got up, looked around my room. I laid back down to try and fall asleep again. No sooner than I laid my head down, I heard voices. Simultaneously, as I heard the voices, than felt the presence slowly crawl up my back, I could feel knees going across my back and onto the bed, sitting on my back and once again, gently started kissing my neck.
OMG!! Out of all the years experiencing these episodes, this was by far the realist, and worst feeling.

Jan 15, 2015
Am I awake
by: Natalie

Last night I was lying in bed , quite restless trying to sleep. I turned over and suddenly I got a weird intense ringing in my ears and an unpleasant buzzing sensation all around the back of my head . It was really alarming . It got stronger . To the point where I thought something awful was happening ... Like a brain haemorrhage or something . I decided I needed to get downstairs to tell Lula so she could help me and I made my way across the room, opened the door, staggered down the hall and down the stairs . I'm gripping the banister with each step because I'm scared of falling. As I reached her door , I became paralysed and I literally could not move my body . I shouted out her name but nothing came out of my mouth . I realise this has all happened before . I had this same experience a few weeks back ... I'm still shouting her name and Then Suddenly I can feel the quilt on me and realise I am actually still in bed . Then suddenly the ringing again . I KNOW I am awake this time. And this time I have to get to her because I may be dying and no one will know . This time I can hear the squeak of the door handle as I open my bedroom door . the bathroom light has been left on and it hurts my eyes, so it must be actually happening . I can hear the creak of each stair and I can feel the cold of the drafty hallway . I'm smiling this time because I am actually awake and she will no doubt hear me as I call her . But Then I realise I am in bed AGAIN . So now , I am convinced that something so weird is happening , I have to wake someone up for help and I lean over to Ida who is sleeping next to me . I shout at her to help me . I desperately try to move my limbs but they are like lead . My eyes will not open despite me trying with all my might to open them . I scream out loud "WAKE ME UP IDA" but she is sound asleep and can't hear me . For a second I keep still. I'm terrified. I keep thinking I'm awake but I'm not . I am utterly paralysed . I have this overwhelming need to get out of bed and tell someone but each time I try I realise I am still asleep .
And finally ... Finally I actually wake . Really wake up . This time there is no ringing in my ears and I go downstairs, make strong tea and sit down to write this. So I don't forget what just happened . So I know I am actually awake this time. I figure if this is actually happening I'll get a response from someone :-)

Jan 17, 2015
sleep paralysis cant move, scream, or talk and feel someone walking over my head.
by: Lydia De Souza

This is my fourth time that I have sleep paralysis the first time it happened I didn't know what was going on and I was trying so hard to move and speak I couldn't do it when I finally started to open my eyes there was a little girl sitting behind me on the living room sofa. The third time I was sleeping on my bed and it happened to me again when I finally open my eyes a dog was trying to pull me off the bed. And the fourth time I had sleep paralysis again this time my eyes were close and I couldn't move but this time there was someone or something was running over my head it scared me very much I was trying to scream but I couldn't. what does that mean please help.

Jan 18, 2015
what I do
by: Anonymous

This happens to me all the time since I was 13 and I'm now 22. The thing that helps me is I relax and twitch my body as hard as I can and I can normally wake up after the first twitch.

Jan 23, 2015
by: Donte Ross

Hi my name is do
Once Ross I am currently experiencing the samething the only delifference. Isnwhen I sleep my body feels locked up. Can't talk,move,or call for ive called for help before but no one could hear me period. Its like my voice was gone. And another thing I don't dream when I sleep and that happenes. What do I do. Imnscared to gontoo sleep at all so I have to drink coffee capachinos to stay awake. I need help.

Jan 24, 2015
horrid dream/awake
by: alana

I feel as though I'm awake and can hear everything around me. It feels as though I can sense someone conning closest to me but can't move or open my eyes. I try to scream but its like I'm completely paralised. Can any one help me.

Jan 25, 2015
basically same as above
by: Anonymous

i'm 18, i live alone some 600 miles away from home. i just had this dream where i was laying in my bed sleeping (that's right ,sleeping inside a dream) then i wake up to footsteps coming near me. i try shouting "get the f*** out motherf*****" to no avail. i couldn't make a sound. Then no more footsteps so i simply relaxed,and it passed eventually... it was pretty damn scary

Jan 28, 2015
by: Chris

Hey all,

I've kind of had this happen to me A LOT, like...Daily basis even through out my life (I'm 22 now.)
It started around the age of 13-14 I think, which was when I saw 'Figures' while being unable to move, breath well, speak, scream, anything. Except I COULD open my eyes and move my eyeballs around, just not my head. So the vision was really only about what was infront of me, practically.
The worst time was when I suddenly heard odd 'Music' of sorts and noticed a cloaked figure infront of me. It felt as if liquid came out of my ears (Sorry if it's disturbing).
I shook myself back to 'Normal', and turned around as it was still very 'early' in the morning.
When I fell back 'asleep', it happend once more, this time without music and the figure was closer this time.

The reason why I am posting this now, is because today was different/weird in a not so bad, yet just completely 'Confused' way.

I was laying on my right side, facing the wall. I was awake and didn't feel tired at all but I thought I could try to sleep more (Since I usually dream a lot and (I think) can do lucid dreaming/control my dreams, to not have nightmares/bad things happen), and as I tried to fall asleep it was as if a 'Switch' was pulled/triggered. It was as if I felt light headed but not in a bad way, perhaps even a tingling sensation on my forehead.
When this happend I couldn't move, but I could open my eyes. I looked around and the things I heard were the things I heard while I was awake; Cars driving by outside, my cat meowing downstairs, music that my Father was listening to, etc.

I tried to calm down, which was easy since I wasn't afraid (While I normally was), and told myself this time "I will wake up, nothing's wrong." in my mind. Yet I didn't wake up, so I tried to talk. It was as if I grunted/groaned but couldn't make audible talks, also it was harder and took more Energy and Air to do so, feeling a bit out of air afterwards, but able to breath perfectly fine.
I waited for a few minutes yet nothing happend and thus I focused and with a forcefull pull, pulled myself back to 'Normal'.
I tried to sleep again when the same thing happend, yet still nothing scary. I could think perfectly fine, my room seemed normal (For as far as I could tell facing the wall) and no weird sounds/movements/feelings that something was watching. None of that.

Pulled myself back and then laid on my left side, only for it to happen AGAIN.
Opend my eyes, could look around without moving my body/head, all that. No weird sounds, no fear, nothing.
Normally I have pain aswell, and also problems breathing. The only thing I did notice was that sometimes it felt like my heart didn't beat, or that I wasn't breathing.
Each time I noticed this I actually felt my heart beat again and my breathing continued.

Is this sleep paralysis? Because seriously doesn't feel like it, and it isn't weirding me out, it just makes me curious is all.

Jan 28, 2015
How can I stop it from happening
by: Anthony

This just happen to me and I often have these episodes but the 1 I just had was the worst...... I couldn't move talk or open my eyes.... My heart was beating real fast at the ame time this was happening In my sleep.... i just wanna no wat is this called and how can I fix it

Jan 30, 2015
can't move, can't talk, hear voices
by: jackie

Sometimes when im getting ready to sleep i feel like my whole body is frozen up and like im floating and falling even deeper into an endless whole...Im glad to see that there are more out there who have expierence this in some way the same, I get scared when i start to hear voices...that has never happened to me before, last night while this was happening i could hear music being played saying "Batmsn id coming to get you " repeatly i know its wierd and if you are wondering im not scared of batman xD. but i dont know if it means something???
than as i tried to move i felt like a big pressured was on me i began to try and repeat "The blood of God has power" to try and keep what ever it is that is making me afraid away... than i could hear myself sing along to a song i cant remember.. all of thing got me even more scared..

Feb 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

This happen to me for 30 nights in a row, every night at 3:00am... I felt an evil presence, but unlike the others I could speak, so I said the name, "Jesus" and it let me go. But it would wake me every night at 3:00 in the morning, I would say the name Jesus or call or Jesus and immediley I would be released.

I prayed to God asking why and how could this be happening to me, because I was a Christian. waiting for answers, finally one day sitting in my living room, while watching Benny Hinn,
He was prophesying, and he said and I quote, "there's a woman sitting in her living room watching this program, Who has been woke up and paralyze by satan for the past 30 days.

He continued by saying, God said tonight when he returns at 3 o'clock in the morning for me to say any scripture from the Bible, and he will flee from you and never return, stating this will never happen to you again.

That night, at 3 o'clock in the morning the evil returned, I couldn't move, but could talk and see the clock, 3:00 on the dot!!! Not 3:01 or 2:59!!! This was every night.

I subsequently then said, i quote, "satan I know this is you, and I'm not afraid of you, go back to the pit of hell were you came from,(scripture I quote it was) Man shall not live by bread alone."

I was quickly released in the presence of evil was gone.

Have know FEAR just call Jesus and he will deliver!!

This happened in the year 2000 and this is 2015, this never happened to me again..

Psalm 91 New International Version (NIV)

Psalm 91
1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
2 I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."
3 Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
8 You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
9 If you say, "The Lord is my refuge,"
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10 no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 "Because he[b] loves me," says the Lord, "I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation."

In Jesus name Amen..

Feb 05, 2015
It happens to me too, and I HATE IT
by: Jaykob

I'm 11 and the exact thing you described happens to me 1 tim everyother day and for a week or so sometimes it will be 1-2 times a day. I usually wait it out but the whole time I am terrified. Sometimes I will try to move and scream for 1-2 minutes then I just sweat and pray and cry untill I wake up. Your post influenced me to tell my friends and family and it seems to be happening less often week after week. Thanks a lot and to anyone who this happens to you aswell try telling someone. Thanks again hope this helps

Feb 09, 2015
by: Shane

I have had these episodes over the years and asked my psych professor when I was in college and he said that you think about a lot of things before you fall asleep and you are not getting enough sleep causing sleep paralysis. He told me to take melatonin, it will help your mind from thinking about things and rest better. It has really helped me.

Feb 10, 2015
God Is Good but This expeirence was terrifying
by: Shai Sweet

This happened to me last night also. it started when I heard my baby sister's voice in my ear but she wasn't there but it was echoing in my head and when I woke up, I realized what was happening, it was weird because this has happened before and its like I was imagining myself moving.. but I wasn't? if that makes sense, as soon as it was over, I started praying. I know it wasn't nothing but the devil and I rebuke him in the name of jesus, and the reason I know this is because the previous house we stayed in, this happened but when I was sleep and was supposedly sleep, I fell off my bed and this dark figures arm came out from under my bed and started choking me to the point where when I woke up, I was chokng and crying, it was terrifying , but I know God gots me.. im not gunna lie tho, I thought it was m y time to go , thankfully I didn't, aint god good? (:

Feb 13, 2015
Maybe Narcoleptic Traits
by: hekutoru2kx

This is one of the Symptoms of Narcolepsy. This happens sometimes to me. Actually I'm writing this after one episode alike. Read about Narcolepsy to know if it applies to you, if not, just make your around and yourself comfy before going to sleep.

Feb 18, 2015
Couldn't. Sleep
by: Daniel

It was horrible, I dream I was in a bed and I couldn't move or scream I was hearing everything that was happening around me at the time of the dream like if I was in between worlds. At the same time had two different dreams involving three people that have passed already.. I was able to brake lose and scream but is not a good feeling.. I was scared after that.. I do believe in science but I also believe in good and evil and to be scared like that im taking the religious route..

Feb 18, 2015
Why couldn't I move or anything in my sleep
by: Casey

So it was sleeping and all the sudden I was awake and couldn't move or anything I couldn't move for it felt like forever but when I finally snapped out of it I was so confused I got up made some hot tea and went back to bed but it happend again later that night but the second time my ears were ringing and the bed was shaking

Feb 20, 2015
Glad I am not alone.
by: Alexandra

Wow, this is an old post but I''m glad to know that I wasn't alone. SP has been happening for quite a lot of times that I have lost count. It started around mid-year last year and I've tried talking to my siblings and mother about this, but my mom doesn't believe me at all and just laughs.

But one time it happened while I was on vacation with my family and I was sharing beds with my sibling and it happened in the morning, they were already awake when it happened. I struggled to scream or move. I could hear them talking in the background too saying like "what's that sound Alex is making? Iher snoring sounds so weird!" And they just laugh it off, which made me so upset when I did gain control of my body again because it made me think that they didn't care about me.

And it happened again just a few minutes ago when I was taking a nap. I was lying down on my belly and Incould barely open my eyes – like I could literally see what was going on, I could see my hand but I can only open my eyes half-way and couldn't even move or scream, just muffled "mmh!!" sounds.
And eventually opened my eyes really wide and jumped up, gasping for air. And the pressure was instanly gone and I felt fine. I'm wondering if this will ever end...

Feb 23, 2015
with open eyes and whistle.
by: Syed Shah

Hi Everyone!

It is 2:00 AM in the morning here in Toronto. I just went through sleep paralysis. I experience the same thing with two differences.

1) I can feel it coming ahead of time and my eyes open when I hear a constant and slow whistle sound.The whistle continues till the end. I can also hear everything around me other than the whistle.

2) I am in the habit of sleeping on my back. Every time it happens to me I also get levitated couple feet in the air. I can see everything in the room around me and also the ceiling . You guys are not going to believe that as I am lifted in the air I can see the distance of objects around me increasing or decreasing. I mean when you get close of ceiling you know that you are getting close to it.
One time I was on my side somehow, which I am normally not, When I got levitated this time I can see my head-print on my pillow below me and my eyes where wide open.

I never searched this issue on the internet before I am so relieved to find that I am not alone.
I am still wondering if someone of you have experienced the levitation.

I also think that our soles are tighten up with our body from the elbow and forearm area cz when i try to lift my hands up my forearm area burns.


Mar 02, 2015
My story
by: Anonymous

A few times I have had this happen but less limited. I was able to see, but I could not move, or control breathing. My breathing was very slow and heavy and I eventually was able to move after spazzing out but barely, I kind of started to roll a little bit and I could see my bed. Eventually I have complete control over myself.

Mar 07, 2015
Freaks me out!
by: B.E.

It happened to me last night! It all started by me thinking about my cousins new newborn. The thought of the newborn turned into what seemed like a nightmare of sorts. I was in bed with my better half, I began dreaming the newborn woke up from a nap and was possessed. Next, I find myself being held down by an inexplicable force that did not allow me to scream nor move. I had my hand on my partner’s arms; I began to freak out while laying there without any movement. I felt helpless and began to pray. I noticed that as I was saying my prayer, I was able to move my fingers, so I began to move my fingers resting on my partners arm. My partner woke up to the movement and then I felt a release of sorts and was able to speak and move. I was so freaked out and just prayed and then went on to tell my partner what happened. He freaked out.

This is the 3rd time that I have experienced this. The first time was back in 2008, second was in 2012 and now last night, March 6, 2015. I find some of these stories on here interesting and also feel a sense of relief as I’m not the only one experiencing something like this.

Mar 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

Im jamie a filipino im also experiencing that. Almost every day.the most scary thing is that there is one black shadow came at me and trying to choke me but then ive started to move my feet..and i got awake..its so fcking scary

Mar 21, 2015
Two Words
by: Ira


Mar 30, 2015
we all faced it.
by: pankaj

hello everyone please read my story patiently. this so called SP is not only my problem my whole family even including my grand father and mother everyone experienced it. and they all believe that it is something supernatural. as i am from india people here believe in such things too much. if anyone of us get that attack, another one sleeping beside him touch him to wake him up. then he wake up panting and terrified and speechless. what we fell there is that someone is just sitting on us and make us unstirrable. we could open our eyes and stare at the ceiling or the moon but we cant actually see the attacker. i thing he attack our innocent soul in order to decieve us. so we need to pray and keep our soul clean.

Apr 12, 2015
Sleep paralyse NEW
by: Thomas H

So this happened to me last night. It happens quite a bit and it's scary biscuits. I'm glad I googled it and seen that it can't do you any harm because that's what I was worried about ! In saying that will I remember if it happens again?? I woke up at 2.30 as my wee boy was crying after he went over I got back to my bed and lay awake for ages unable to sleep. Then it happened !!! I couldn't move, talk, scream I made grunting sounds in an effort to wake my wife up but she was totally oblivious to this. Eventually I was able to move but as soon as I tried to relax to sleep the same thing happened again. I'm sure this sounds silly but I got a feeling that someone or something was in the room with me like a presence ! Does anyone else feel this?

Apr 13, 2015
Scared NEW
by: ShelbieMartin

Iv just woke up from a dream were. Was getting held down and dragged around the bed and couldn't move or breath or scream for help I've never been as scared in my life what does this mean? It also felt like someone was pushing on my face then a pillow came over my face and I couldn't open my eyes is someone trying to kill me ? Help help I need advise Im terrified to go to sleep

Apr 14, 2015
Jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

Read a lot of the comments and it amazes me how calling on Jesus works, cause that's exactly what I do and it's the only thing that works for me!

Apr 14, 2015
fr NEW
by: Anonymous

To be honest I'm glad I'm not alone...but everyone is talking about how there eyes were shut but every time this happened to me I would be able to see my ceiling and like last night this happened to me and I was laying there then I opened my eyes and couldn't move...I panicked (I know I wasn't supposed to) I tried yelling anything it wouldn't work and I felt like an ugly presence and like for some reason I heard like a screaming type of noise and I started to cry badly when I moved I got up...this usually happens to me about five-ten times a week usually in a row I would wake up and then I would be so tired I would shut my eyes then it would happen to me over so about the third time I'm usually up...and I also have dreams where like I fall from a building because like something pushed me and when I was about to hit the ground I woke up but it was like a jump when I woke up or when something pushed me on railroad tracks as the train was passing but when it was about to hit me I woke up! I sometimes to get scared though mostly a lot!!

Apr 14, 2015
suffering from sleep paralysis NEW
by: Saniya

I am also suffering from sleep paralysis,It happens with me frequently , but now It has become even more scary and em confused that why it is happening to me .Em not addicted to anything like smoking or anything else :( I seems things happening around me, i cant wake up , i cant open my eyes , move my hand ,and if some how em able to open my eyes i see everything inverted ,,horizontal scenes change to vertical ,but what I see is not how exactly my room is ,,,

Apr 17, 2015
Strong presence of two girls NEW
by: Valerie

I had this ten years ago.. I was laying next to my ex and drifting off to sleep, however a few minutes later whilst half sleeping half awake, I realised that I couldn't move just breathe, this wasn't just it though.... I had an over whelming feeling of two girls standing very close I could picture them in my mind (obviously as my eye lids where nailed shut!) they both had dark hair one was taller and I sensed they were in some sort of despair?!! I breathed in and out fast and hard to try to wake my ex up as I couldn't move an I was beginning to panic, it worked he woke up and as soon as he touched me I was able to move.. My god trying to explain what had just happend wasn't great :/ but I'll never forget the strong presence of the girls I'll never forget it and would love to know why they were there at all - in my mind or not

Apr 18, 2015
Possible changes NEW
by: Anonymous

Might want to look at your diet, exercise habits, medications... think about what has changed in the past month or so that could cause a change in your normal daily life.

Sometimes medications or a new supplement or something you could have a negative reaction to over time may be to blame.

Sometimes just a new food you're eating often could cause a chemical shift your body isn't used to.

Apr 20, 2015
by: Rakid

hi Meghan
nice name, i am rakid. just this morning i have sp after a long time. i used to have SP very often but nowadays its quiet diminished until this morning. today i woke up but i could not move surely i am familiar with this condition but it scars me every time cause not moving is okay but while i am having SP there is something happening in my head that cannot be explained. it fells like sort of intense pressure in my head building up every moment i let this SP happening. and if i cant get out of it, it may cause damage to my brain.
i Know many people says while they are having SP they hallucinate mostly something or someone sitting on their chest or squeezing their neck. Although these are scary but i think its good. i think it may be our brains defense mechanism. people got scared and try to struggle with it and results in breaking the SP.
in my case maybe because from childhood i have this strange ability like i know that it is a dream while i am having it and believe it or not i sometime wonder around in my dreams. But it is Fading away now a days because I don't dream much.
back to the matter, when this Sp first happened to me i recall i also saw something scary. but some freaky conscious made me see all this stuff not real and as a result nowadays while having Sp i just wake up and freeze. what i do is this, i check my breath see if its okay, the check my body posture( i sleep like a dog) where my hands and legs are, try to move my finger concentrating my right hand. try that couple of time until i succeed. sometimes it's easy and sometime its not. if i failed to move my fingers first couple of times i try this first i stop trying and strengthen my conscious then tell myself i am move my fingers on the count of three. 1. 2. 3 snapped out of it. Then i wake up drink water, wash my face with water and go back to sleep.

Apr 21, 2015
I need advice NEW
by: Kvs

This happened to me just now after few months. I had this problem from years. I ignored it. At first i was scared trying to scream but now its like 100 times . And i know what happens i just open eyes hear the real conversation going on in the house. I Try to call them so that they will help me move and then adopted my own way to get up, which is not good. I try to bite my tongue which brings me back into consciousness and simultaneously increase my breathing so fast that others recognize me that im in a problem.

Apr 21, 2015
I need advice NEW
by: Kvs

This happened to me just now after few months. I had this problem from years. I ignored it. At first i was scared trying to scream but now its like 100 times . And i know what happens i just open eyes hear the real conversation going on in the house. I Try to call them so that they will help me move and then adopted my own way to get up, which is not good. I try to bite my tongue which brings me back into consciousness and simultaneously increase my breathing so fast that others recognize me that im in a problem.

Apr 26, 2015
Spirit NEW
by: Debbie

Hi everyone,

Im in Australia and have experienced this since i was a young child, i am 50 now, My son who is 32 also has experienced this since a young child and spent most of his young life sleeping with me, he felt safe, my husband has witnessed me having these attacks in my sleep, and i have witnessed my son also, My son when he was 14 had an attack and i had one not long after on the same night.. I could see something forming itself in the bedroom, my son also described seeing a figure in his room as well. I do not believe in a diagnosis of sleep paralysis, as I have spoken to people that have experienced this and they usually have been involved with the After life, or pyschic , I not hear people who have passed over, and my son actually see's them, I am an educated business owner and certainly would classify myself as an educated person. I do see and hear things and know things before they happen. I have spoken to our local catholic priest as we are catholic, and he believes me.

May 01, 2015
its coming back NEW
by: jeweliet

I have had this experience to many time to count. I remember the first time very vividly when i was about 7, i couldn't move or talk and my bed was shaking and i felt a huge gush of wind and it felt like it lifted my legs and torso off my bed I assumed it was just a nightmare. I didn't have another experience like this until i was 14, my arms were above me while i was on my back sleeping and I instantly woke up feeling like i was stuck, couldn't move or scream. Its happened a lot more times since then, always feeling like im being watched to. I am now 15 and this experience was different than other times. I had the feeling and I could see my whole room. I could also hear things being rumpled around, I tried squirming off my bed and screaming, I felt like i was lifted up by around me arms and placed back on my bed also felt a negative energy, I think its more than just SP. Hope this helped!

May 01, 2015
will i die because of this NEW
by: tyler

It scares me and it happens more and more i just want it to stop it happens when im asleep im only 14 i don't know how to handle this when it happens something new begins every time it just happened in my dream where i was dying but no one helped me time slows down i can see my whole room and my body from every angle i stay up every night until my body gives out but what i don't get is why it doesn't happen when my dad is near me please i need help i need it to stop my heart feels strange and i can't take it

May 01, 2015
sigh.. nothing wrong with you ffs. supernatural is bullshit. NEW
by: JustListen

Okay, so i don't have a goddamn degreee or anything but luckily i'm not illiterate so i can read shit.

This is how i know that what you are experiencing is quite common. Not in the amounts that you are experiencing, but it definitely happens to many people.

The thing is, the brain "paralyzes" the body as it sleeps. This is so that you don't start flopping around like a fish on land when you dream you are running, fighting, doing physical movement etc.

If your brain is too slow to de-paralyze you when you wake up, you will awaken in a paralyzed state.

Many take this experience for something it is definitely not; a supernatural experience, which is bullshit.

The feeling is similar to what a someone who are truly meditating feel when they achieve complete relaxation in body and mind, however in this case it is of course not actual paralysis, but something that i don't know anything about and therefore cannot explain you any further.

May 01, 2015
Tyler Listen.. NEW
by: litterate

Tyler for fucks sake man.

Alright listen kid.. It's nothing supernatural. Don't worry, it happens to many people.

What happens when you sleep is that your brain shuts down your body to something mimicking a paralyzed state. This is so that your whole body don't flop around like a fish on land, when you're dreaming that you are trying to outrun a bloody t-rex or some shit.

If your brain does not "turn off" this paralyzed state fast enough as you awaken, you will be partly awake, but unable to move. Due to the fact that you are half awake and half asleep, you can be decieved by your brain into thinking that you are watching your own body from the outside. as if your "spirit" has left your body and you are looking at it from its point of view. This is the part that is the dreamstate. you are still kind of dreaming.

You can think of this as the opposite of sleepwalking.

May 02, 2015
Can't Move, Can't Talk, Can't SCREAM NEW
by: Anonymous

When this happens i always say in my mind even if you cant speak but just pray the our father or just say the blood of Jesus Christ .It always works for me .

May 03, 2015
Just relax NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey there! My name is Ben, and I would like to offer some advice, but before I do allow me to tell you a little about my experiences with sleep paralysis. So, within this week alone I have had 2 episodes of sleep paralysis (I'll just call it "SP" for short) and I can assure that I know exactly what you are talking about. My advice is, when it happens, just let it happen. I know it's weird feelings but there's nothing you can do to break out of it. Just relax and feel your body go through all the weird things your feeling, it's actually kinda cool and a little fun. But yeah, just let it happen and don't try to move. AT ALL!!! It makes it so much worse and it'll last much longer. So yeah, just relax and let it happen, think about it in a positive way and it almost feels like you are going on an adventure.

May 04, 2015
So scared! NEW
by: Anonymous

Recently, in the past 6 months I have had 3 sp episodes so far. I was extremely relieved to read all these stories, and know that it was a normal thing. I am up right now, and should be asleep, but don't know if I'm going to be able to relax. So happened to me twice after an afternoon nap, around 2. it really freaked me out. one has happened at night, and that's when something flashed in front of me. for some reason it was me going to get water and then I had to tell my dad something. it super weird because then all of a sudden I realized that it wasn't real, and woke up. SP is the worst feeling. it is very terrifying and frusturating! I just felt like that was going to be the end of me. I felt so much pressure on my whole body, and the most frustrating part was that I count yell for help, and was struggling to keep my eyes open. I knew I was awake, because I could see my surroundings, so that's why I thoughts life was over. I could really use some support right now, and wish I could have someone to talk to at this moment. but I'm very glad I'm not alone!!! thanks to everybody who has shared their stories, it has helped me a lot.

May 09, 2015
Afraid NEW
by: Gisselle

I went to sleep around 4:30 pm on Friday and woke up around 2:00 am on "Saturday". I had a bunch of energy so I started my homework and stayed up until maybe 4:00 am. I soon started to fall asleep. This is where the story begins. I was at the park with my brother and we were rising to get up by the slide ( where the pole to slide down is ) and instead of climbing we were slowly floating up until we reached the top. Instead of stoping my brother gave me a strange smile and we kept on flying up. Then sense came into me. This IS a dream. I was sleeping at home. This is not real. If I concentrate I will get out of this. I immediately stopped flying and this ringing in my ears started to occur. Everything turned grey. The buzzing/ ringing continues. I was awake. But now I couldn't move. I was lying down in my bed and the buzzing continued. I felt a presence near me. I tried to move but it was impossible. My whole body felt numb. I tried to scream and when I tried I only let out a whisper. I felt myself going back to sleep. No. I saw the grey background again and the buzzing sound was still going on (never went away) but this time I saw a face of a woman with grey hair and pale skin. I opened my eyes again and I still couldn't move. 2 minutes later the buzzing noise stopped completely. But I still feel the presence.

May 09, 2015
5-9-15 Sleep Paralysis? NEW

It was so strange. I totally knew I was awake and I was doing something in my head which sent some rush through my whole body. It was the weirdest sensation.I did that without out moving my body. I stopped and scratched my nose and the sensation was still there. Then the sensation hits me hard and I feel like I'm moving or something is moving through me. Then I see that I am in my bed and I am on moving train tracks but no train. So I jump off the train onto the tracks and then back onto the bed. Then I realize I can't move my arms and freak out, but then I calm down. The only part of my body I can move is my feet and I try to relax and control the dream but I can't. Then I wake up and I'm scared and the sensation wont come back to me anymore. Also this happened in the morning hours after I woke up.

May 10, 2015
no voice NEW
by: Anonymous

As a child I would wake up in total fear. I would go to my parents room trying to scream but I had no voice,I could eventually get to them and shake them awake and Mum would just tell me I was having a bad dream, I think something was trying to get me Im not sure but I am now 33 and can remember it quite clearly. As I started to google this tears came to my eyes and a feeling of sadness or something came over me. What sparked this was watching a movie where a boy could astro travel which Im pretty sure I did as a young fella either that or I was just dreaming it.

May 15, 2015
Can't Move, Can't Talk, Can't SCREAM...Im Scared To Sleep! Read more: NEW
by: Ahsan

Dear Friends..... many times i was scared in a gap of months last night i also felt just like MEGHAN. i was sleeping on righthand side suddenly i feel that my body is not working my voice is not clear & not to support to wakeup somebody i pressurised to cry but my voice was just like bear. i tried to shake my hand to wakeup somebody but i was unable to do this.... this is not first time many times i felt this problem but not regularly yeah but within 4-6 months.. i faced it 50-60 seconds but last night i felt it 20min. i fought with myself to wakeup some body suddenly my mother shake me and i feel as normal as i am now.
am i a patient of SLEEP PARALYSIS,

May 15, 2015
my xperience NEW
by: praveen

Thank you friends for your experience. Its been happening with me a couple of times now but one thing I've noticed that when I lay both hands on my chest and sleep it has to occur for sure. I constantly fight to open my eyes or move but its so strong but then I think of Jesus and Mother Mary and say that whoever or whatever you are now show what you are. It leaves me instantly. Then my aftermath begins I try to recollect what visions they were and somehow I realised that they were telling me or warning me about future which I could avoid easily. In my vision I saw my friend watching TV with me and suddenly left me in an empty room and it was noon however when I went to the balcony it was night. These visions are correlated and I think its we who have to understand them. I might sound stupid but some things cannot be judged by scientific scrutiny. I even saw my mom in my vision she was crying and I was yelling at her which I have never done. But yes now I realize that I've made a mess to my body and that's why she cries in my vision. Sometimes these visions are so scary that I feel I'm screaming like hell but when I ask my roomie he said that I was making a sound like a shivering trumpet. Sometimes I feel exhausted as if it was happening for real. I have now realised that there is a constant fight between good and evil not only in this world but also in our minds. Satan tries his level best to acquire our soul and while we are asleep he finds a chance to enter. Its all about our free will if we let him enter he will. He is a charmer something's look pretty but actually those are illusions. Many times we tell ourselves that its right to do this but that's where we,'re trapped. This dosent happen to me daily but when it happens I recollect and find that I was doing something wrong and I cannot continue doing it. One thing I've realised that whatever it is is afraid of God and I challenge him in the name of god and it flees away. I might sound like a priest but this is what I've experienced and I have my own ways to fight it. I have a locket which has a cross and I hold it tight and shout in my mind Leave me. It works for me .Then I promise that I will change my lifestyle and lead a good life but again Im that dirt.

May 29, 2015
Sleep paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened to me 5 times this night. May 29 2015. However I've learned to control it by realizing it's a dream and laughing. It's also pretty neat what you can do. For example one dream tonight I was following a girl up the stairs and she opened a room and a doll jumped out. I froze time and flew around the room and realized I was dreaming. So I imagined a keyblade and sure enough it appeared in my hand and I smacked the doll and woke up sweating. The first dream I've ever had like this I was frozen and felt vibrations with a loud noise. Then my eyes wouldn't open and I felt the prescence of a figure in my room. I could see a blinding green light in my room though even with my eyes closed. Eventually it stopped. How did I fix it? As a man of science and not so much religion I researched it. DO NOT sleep on your back or stomach. This can cause a hiccup in your transition from dreams to long term sleep. I slept on my side since that episode 6-7 months ago. No problems. Recently (3 months ago) I suffered an injury in soccer and pinched a cervical nerve so I've been having trouble sleeping regardless. Also I've learned to illuminate your room with 1 or 2 night lights so that you can calm yourself down if it's severe.

Jun 02, 2015
crazy NEW
by: Anonymous

Im ten and a girl.So I woke up because I heard my mom getting up for work. Then I went to use the restroom when I got back I tried to go back to bed but I couldn't. It seemed like a very talk dude all black was standing over meh,then I saw something pass me. Next I started to stare at something at the stairs thats when my eyes started going crazy I could see only the colors orange and yellow I couldn't talk or move , when I tried to say mom nothing came out my mouth. So I just waited there. At that time nothing was on my mind it was blank and I wasn't scared at all. After that I told my mom the story. She looked at my eyes and said that my pupils where dilated. I dont take medication or do drugs and I dont have sleep disorders I was perfectly awake. I thought that I was gonna die for some reason and that I was possessed. Ive been having hot flashes and.feeling very dizzy. Sense it is the summer I've been taking a lot of water but it still isn't working. Im very spiritual and I think that someone was trying to get threw me. When I was I kid I used to hear people call my name ans used to see demons and ghost. If u know someone pls help

Jun 02, 2015
the aliens are coming NEW
by: jhamariluv68

This is my third time having symptoms of sleep paralysis, the first time it was a out of body experience, the second time it felt like something was pulling me back or holding me down as i screamed for help but when i opened my mouth nothing came out, that was over three and a half years ago. Now it is 2015 and this morning it happened again and this time i was watching a movie on my computer and out of nowhere it took over my body. I couldn't move, speak, or get the attention of my wife in the other room, i was simply terrified. When i broke out of this i immediately turned to the internet to see if this happened to anyone else to my surprise it has happened to alot of people but no real answers of why it happens.

Jun 03, 2015
The knowing NEW
by: Daniel Quarles

I just want to thank you for sharing this with us because I now know I'm not the only one that this is happening to but I have a question? When you can't move talk or do anything what do you see or hear because I see and hear things when that happens to me. If you can please email me at and tell me what you hear or see.

Jun 06, 2015
Paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

I dont think its demonic. I think its scientific. Its sleep paralysis. I think it happens with to much sleep or to little sleep. It seems to me after reading comments that whatever people are afraid of is what they dream about. I just slept for 12 hours then drifted back off to sleep. I felt like I was waking up and lifted my head and the blanket was over my face and I couldnt move it away. I felt like I couldnt breathe and started fighting to try to move. Then I realized it wasnt real and calmed down and tried to go back to sleep and after a minute I woke up for real. In real life I cant stand blank ewe ts over my face and am terrified of not being able to breathe. Just our minds playing tricks on us.

Jun 11, 2015
My dream poltergeist NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so pleased to have found this site! I have spoken to people about these dream states, but have never come across any person who has experienced this type of dream. The second time I experienced this type of dream I named it my dream poltergeist because it felt as if an apparition was literally throwing me around the room, shoving me against the wall, pulling me out of bed, and holding me down against my will. These dreams are very vivid; my first encounter I believed it had really happened and for years I thought I had been visited by a spirit and all the while contemplating what it was trying to reveal to me. Description of the first encounter: As I was lying in bed I was not necessarily trying to go to sleep, I was just lying there thinking about nothing in particular. Out of nowhere my attention was caught by feeling a presence in my room, standing in the door way. I could not see it, but could feel it. I politely asked it to go away and it did. Moments later it was back; only this time I could not only feel her, I could see her in my mind. She was standing at the door way, which was at the corner of the foot of my bed. She was very frail, thin, and sickly. Her hair was black and stringy; her skin was ashen-grey. Her energy indicated that she was going to attempt to take something from me or she needed to show me something. After several times asking her to go away, she would leave only to come back and every time she became more persistent as well did I. Spontaneously, she jumped inside my body through my feet and immediately a strong current of energy and vibrations surged through my body with high intensity, paralyzing my every move. With all my will power, I kept trying to scream "get out", but the vibrations kept getting stronger. I finally was able to push out the words "get out" in a muffled, strained tone and she left my body, exiting through my head and out the window. Immediately afterwards, I had a vision of sitting in the back seat of a car, although this person was not me, I could only feel and see the situation. She had dark hair, was wearing all black with a big black rimmed vintage hat. She was sad, almost crying as if she had just lost someone she loved. The car was a black Mercedes and was parked in a square somewhere in London, the year was sometime in the 40's, and it was raining. After the vison, I opened my eyes and starred out the window at the moon. I was 20 years old when this happened to me. I am now 35 and up until now I was convinced that this was not a dream. In the last month I have experienced 2 more episodes of these dream-like states. The only similarities of all three of these dreams are being unable to scream, unable to move, and my body being taken over with sensations of energy currents or vibrations. The last two episodes were not followed with any type of visions, or being visited so frankly by an apparition. Description of the second encounter: I was spending the night at a friend's house, sharing a room with her daughter. As I was lying in bed, again, I was not trying to sleep; I was just lying there thinking. Spontaneously, something grabbed my feet and threw me against the wall. I was startled and scared, but something felt familiar, thinking "here we go again", almost as if I knew some supernatural energy had come to visit me. I got back up and climbed back into bed thinking it was strange, but it was over. Again, lying in bed the energy entered by body and I felt like I was falling and woke up immediately. "Now that was a dream", I thought. I was then again picked up by a force and thrown against the wall, and then thrown against another wall, then against the dresser. Whatever was throwing me around was very angry. At this point I was in a pure state of fear. The surge of vibrations were overwhelming, like I was on a roller coaster, but the g forces were constant. I kept trying to scream "help, help", but I could not push out the words. I kept crawling toward the bed, but kept getting pulled away. I realized then, that my body was lying in bed, but I was not. It was like I was trying to get back inside my body. I started to focus on my ability to speak. I kept pushing out the words "HELP", with each time getting stronger I was finally able to hear myself say "HELP" with again a muffled, strained tone. I finally opened my eyes. This time I was convinced it was a dream, yet I kept asking myself "was it?" Now that I think of it, it was like having a vivid dream within a vivid dream. Description of the third encounter: this encounter was similar to the last except I was being held down by something. I had the same vibrational G force sensation, although I was not being thrown about in the room. During the dream I felt as if it was real, but I was in a different room that was not familiar to me. As the energy was pushing down on me I was able to call out my boyfriend's name after several attempts. Although strained, it was in a stronger, less muffled voice. This dream was last night. So this morning I began to do some looking on the internet and found this site. I find these dreams very exciting and enjoyable. Although they evoke the pure essence of fear inside me at the time, when I wake up I find myself in a very peaceful, tranquil state. I hope they come and visit me again and again. I feel like exploring them in more depth or maybe being able to control it or perhaps just letting go of the sensation will in some way bring inner self knowledge or a release of energy. Regardless, they are very interesting and well, entertaining.

Jun 11, 2015
The sleep NEW
by: Daniel

Ok people I left a comment on here before and the dreams that most of us are having are called sleep paralysis it's like lucid dreaming

Jun 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

any filipino here ? i'm 14 and i experienced this last monday and i dont know what todo please help me :(

Jun 17, 2015
hello NEW
by: Anonymous

This happen to me. Every morning i exercise, eat breakfast and rest. little bit tired so i fell asleep. In my deep sleep i coudnt move my body, sometimes i cant breath, i hear voices of my family but i coudnt speak I tried to ask help to them but they cant hear me. The next thing i did was to relax and pray. I said to god that please take care of me. And then after that im awake. Another tips while ur sleeping is elevate ur head. Put two pillows .hope this will help :)

Jun 18, 2015
I am scared to sleep because of my nightmares NEW
by: Anonymous

I am scared to sleep at night because of nightmares at night. I do not do drugs I may have two or three bears every once in awhile but I do not drink alot I am also scared to sleep because I am scared of what might happen to me why I am asleep I cannot take any over counter sleep medicine or anything cause of how it affects me and I refuse to go talk to anyone because they would just want to give me drugs to help me sleep and I do not want that I cannot meditate cause I cannot close my eyes and relax like that I have t4ied and cannot do it. I just do not know what to do can you give me some advice.

Jun 18, 2015
I am scared to sleep because of my nightmares NEW
by: Anonymous

I am scared to sleep at night because of nightmares at night. I do not do drugs I may have two or three bears every once in awhile but I do not drink alot I am also scared to sleep because I am scared of what might happen to me why I am asleep I cannot take any over counter sleep medicine or anything cause of how it affects me and I refuse to go talk to anyone because they would just want to give me drugs to help me sleep and I do not want that I cannot meditate cause I cannot close my eyes and relax like that I have t4ied and cannot do it. I just do not know what to do can you give me some advice.

Jun 18, 2015
I am scared to sleep because of my nightmares NEW
by: Anonymous

I am scared to sleep at night because of nightmares at night. I do not do drugs I may have two or three bears every once in awhile but I do not drink alot I am also scared to sleep because I am scared of what might happen to me why I am asleep I cannot take any over counter sleep medicine or anything cause of how it affects me and I refuse to go talk to anyone because they would just want to give me drugs to help me sleep and I do not want that I cannot meditate cause I cannot close my eyes and relax like that I have t4ied and cannot do it. I just do not know what to do can you give me some advice.

Jun 19, 2015
Same here NEW
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me for years now.... Got to a point where I feel as though am fighting to hold on to my cover that is being dragged off me..but when I wake I do have it on... And all goes back normal. It even attacks me in the day time. One time in the night my mom came knocking on my door asking if I were calling her,, I was during an episode,but I definitely knew she wasn't hearing me... Someone said it was my spirit that actually was calling her.. Funny thing though any interruptions and it just cuts...hmmm.
Glad to know am not alone.

Jun 20, 2015
12 NEW
by: Anonymous

I had my first one last night, my mom thought it was a demon, I have (as my dad) have been very sensitive to demonic stuff. I was FREAKING OUT.

Jun 22, 2015
My dream NEW
by: Diana

I had this like once in my lifetime and it scared the crap out of me bc I never had these types of dreams ..... It happen when we moved in this new house and So anyways I was asleep but then I thought I was awake and saw this shadow standing beside my bed and the shadow scared the me and my sister on the other bed was sleeping and I tried to move to get to wake up and help me bc the shadow was just looking at me and I felt like I was screaming my lungs out calling her name but you couldn't hear not like I was screaming but no sound and out at all and I tried to move but I couldn't move either .... And then after 10 or 5 min passed screaming and everything I woke up from my dream and I thought it really happen so I look around the room and I saw my sister stilling sleep and I was scared so I lefted the room ..... After this dream it never happen to me again really scared me

Jun 22, 2015
Idk wat happen NEW
by: Diana

When it happened to me ..... Idk it was just standing there staring at me and was really creepy 😁 I just know I hope it don't happen to me ..... I have been doing some research on weird dreams and I found this amazing site but I thought I was the only one that experience this ...! But I'm not alone ..... If u wanna share your experience with me just 👉 text me at my email 👉 👌

Jun 25, 2015
Weird NEW
by: Lhea

This happened to me long time ago, and then last night. I had my 1 month old baby beside me that night. As I was trying to sleep, I suddenly feel like Im sleeping but Im awake. Its a weird feeling and I cant explain. Then, i figured that I cant move, I cant talk nor I cant grab my baby. I saw in my own eyes that I did grab my baby's arm but I cant feel it. Im like a spirit or something. I tried to scream, and I heard myseld screaming but my baby is still peacefully sleeping meaning, she couldnt hear me ;( Im so scared. I thought it will happened again. Then I tried to close my eyes (my spirit eyes) I can see dark stuff, dark tress and a dark hallway. I dont know what is the meaning of that but I saw it. then Suddenly, my 'body's eyes' open, just one coz Im trying to be awake. And then i tried the other one too.. Im so sleepy last night. So its hard for me to be awake, but then I tried. And then Im fine.

It happen to me before too. When Im beside to my grandmother. Still, tried to sleep, but then right when I close my eyes, I saw my self sleeping next to my grand mother. It feels like Im floating or something. Its really weird. But Im not scared. Its just I cant move, talk and cant open my 'body's eyes'... But i tried to wake up again, then Im fine.

I think its just because we over think too much.. Because sometimes, my brain is working at night and so lazy at day time. Maybe I need to pray before going to sleep. I know HE wont leave me.. I thank God because HE wake me up those nights that I have that feeling...

Jun 26, 2015
I thought I was dying !..... NEW
by: Crania

I am 14 years old growing on 15 and I have never heard of this or experienced this ever. But why now? It was during my first year of high school in 2014 and theñ it randomly happened. I'm always awake in my dreams, its like I'm watching myself and I usually wake myself up when things start to get tense. But this time when I tried to wake up it was so hard to. It felt like I had a lot of pressure on me and I was shaking . I could still here my thoughts but couldn't move or open my eyes no matter how hard I tried . I tried to yell out something but my mouth would'ñt and nothing came out .I was so scared that I thought I was dying. I didn't go back to sleep that night. And it just now happened again June 26,2015 . I thought I was dying again and I've had enough and started to look into this

Jun 26, 2015
I thought I was dying !..... NEW
by: Crania

I am 14 years old growing on 15 and I have never heard of this or experienced this ever. But why now? It was during my first year of high school in 2014 and theñ it randomly happened. I'm always awake in my dreams, its like I'm watching myself and I usually wake myself up when things start to get tense. But this time when I tried to wake up it was so hard to. It felt like I had a lot of pressure on me and I was shaking . I could still here my thoughts but couldn't move or open my eyes no matter how hard I tried . I tried to yell out something but my mouth would'ñt and nothing came out .I was so scared that I thought I was dying. I didn't go back to sleep that night. And it just now happened again June 26,2015 . I thought I was dying again and I've had enough and started to look into this ..

Jun 27, 2015
I think this is how I'm going to die NEW
by: Anonymous age 18

The paralysis part doesn't scare me, but I move in my sleep and I've had this happen when I was facing the bed with my face press against the mattress. I can't breathe out my nose and I know I'm sleeping but I can't wake up so all I can do is hope I wake up before I die from lack of air

Jun 28, 2015
Had for years NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm a 27 yr old male. For me this is anxiety driven. For a while I was smoking weed every night. That right there stopped it from happening. But it's not a permanent solution. I decided to start making myself happier to help curb my anxiety. I head to the gym at least 4x a week, picked up hobbies to keep my mind at ease, started eating right. Doing things that made me feel positive about myself has seemed to help out greatly.

Jul 01, 2015
I found out after years of sufferingthere is actually a Facebook site if you type in sleep paralysis in the search bar you'll find plenty of other people sharing their experiences. I first had it when NEW
by: Barbara

There is also a famous painting demonstrating sleep paralysis I think it's called the nightmare

Jul 02, 2015
Dream Paralysis Solution NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm the only person I've ever heard of actually solving this. I used to get it just like you except that I would eventually "open my eyes" then go "back to sleep". Dream within a dream for the Inception fans. It was truly terrifying and was happening more frequently. One night, after the usual failed attempts at breaking through the "force", I gave up and completely surrendered. Next thing I know I feel an incredible rush of energy flowing intensely into me through the top of my head, then I wake up and it's morning, feeling peaceful. The was years ago and it's never happened again since. This is no easy prescription especially when you feel like something evil is in the room, but it worked for me and its the only thing I've ever heard work. Be courageous dream warrior, give in and let what will be, just be. Not a bad prescription for life also. Take care.

Jul 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 years old I have been experiencing since I was 8. I first told my mom when I was 13 and she imeddetly said pray. I did some research on sleep paralysis and recently discovered this is normal and is not actually spiritual. I told my mom and she seems to not care about it! Every time I slip into *paralysis* I first hear a strange sound in my head, kind of a ringing sound going loud and soft and loud and soft, then I can see but can't move...most of the times I feeling hands push on my chest!!! I can't sleep!!! I'm afraid to sleep!!! The worst case was when I was 13 sleeping, then I couldn't move or talk, I felt hands rubbing my chest and legs!!! I tried to fight it but nothing happened, I was proabably I think the paralysis for a long time, the other time was when me and my older sister were sleeping and both experienced an "outter body experience" where we couldn't move but saw ourselves, I have been experiencing sleep paralysis a lot recently. Is there anyway to prevent it!?

Dylan Smith

Jul 20, 2015
Sleep Paralysis NEW
by: Bdean

I am 31 and have had several of these experiences, but what I usually see looks like a witch. This is quite common with sleep paralysis and people often refer to it as a "hag". However, people see all kinds of different things as they have this experience. IT IS NOT A DEMON. It doesn't matter what you say or do it will subside eventually. These people who keep spouting off religious crap are ignorant and are spreading fear. You will not die and you will not be possessed. That's crazy talk. Anyone claiming to be dragged off the bed ect needs to have their head checked. You could repeat "Cheeze-It" over and over and have the same effect. Lol It always stops and you are able to move. It might be scary, but it's not supernatural.

Jul 21, 2015
having nightmares NEW
by: coolio

It's 06:13 AM now,I just woke up from that kind of dream and am a little scared to sleep again.This is my first time having this kind of dream in my life...what scares me the is the way my primary culture explains it.I'm Xhosa man,my primary culture is praising the ancestors,but I'm a this dream felt exactly the way Megan felt,but what's weird is that,these blankets were heavy like nobody's business during this nightmare,I tried to move but I couldn't,all I can see are moving shadows on the wall while I'm alone in the room.So I just woke up and rebuked this dream in Jesus' name because I took it as demonic spirit,but I don't feel comfortable still,maybe my faith isn't strong after I prayed,I thought of researching about this kind of dream,and found this....I just hope it's a normal dream that occurs from any1,I hope I'm not exaggerating things.

Jul 21, 2015
having nightmares NEW
by: coolio

It's 06:13 AM now,I just woke up from that kind of dream and am a little scared to sleep again.This is my first time having this kind of dream in my life...what scares me the is the way my primary culture explains it.I'm Xhosa man,my primary culture is praising the ancestors,but I'm a this dream felt exactly the way Megan felt,but what's weird is that,these blankets were heavy like nobody's business during this nightmare,I tried to move but I couldn't,all I can see are moving shadows on the wall while I'm alone in the room.So I just woke up and rebuked this dream in Jesus' name because I took it as demonic spirit,but I don't feel comfortable still,maybe my faith isn't strong after I prayed,I thought of researching about this kind of dream,and found this....I just hope it's a normal dream that occurs from any1,I hope I'm not exaggerating things.

Jul 25, 2015
Scary NEW
by: Patrick E.

I just experienced what you are explaining, I couldn't move at all, I didn't feel shocked exactly, I just felt like everything was off, and as if I was locked somewhere that wasn't me, ( if that makes sense) and right before everything went blank, I have never felt so scared before, and them everything was okay. I'm kind of scared to fall back asleep

Jul 28, 2015
Help me! NEW
by: Zoe

I have been expierianced this a lot and I thought I got rid of it and now I'm dreaming bout this again please help!!!!

Jul 29, 2015
Mine's Different! NEW
by: Anonymous

Well, iv'e already experienced Sleep paralysis and got used to it but last night was very different, RIGHT AFTER i closed my eyes and was about to sleep ( i even checked the time on my phone and it's 1 am ) i suddenly got paralyzed and saw a very bright light and i heard a unfamiliar ( Male ) voice , if i remember it right, the thing he told me is
" You shouldn't be sleeping here. " then i woke up 5 mins after that ( 1:05 am ) sorry for my grammar.

Sleep paralysis? or not?

Jul 30, 2015
fading NEW
by: brian

I have had this happen to me many many times and only now have I chose to look into it. Unlike the experiences ive read im always aware its happening to me and Im always able to open my eyes but its not easy it feels like something wants me to let it take over. ive layed there for minutes tyst seemed like forever watching the t.v cant move most of the times ive even almost suffocated cus my dog put her head on my face. I get this horrifically uneasy feeling if I let myslef close my eyes and let w.e happen I will die honestly. Im able to wiggle my head slightly now side to side over and over (one time it took prolly half hour) . till i slowly feel my hand or foot nething and many times It tajes back over like its fighting my will to live. But I do that till I overpower the complete helplessness of i this. No exaggerations this is exatly what I feel and do in the face of this obvious problem

Jul 30, 2015
fading NEW
by: brian

I have had this happen to me many many times and only now have I chose to look into it. Unlike the experiences ive read im always aware its happening to me and Im always able to open my eyes but its not easy it feels like something wants me to let it take over. ive layed there for minutes tyst seemed like forever watching the t.v cant move most of the times ive even almost suffocated cus my dog put her head on my face. I get this horrifically uneasy feeling if I let myslef close my eyes and let w.e happen I will die honestly. Im able to wiggle my head slightly now side to side over and over (one time it took prolly half hour) . till i slowly feel my hand or foot nething and many times It tajes back over like its fighting my will to live. But I do that till I overpower the complete helplessness of i this. No exaggerations this is exatly what I feel and do in the face of this obvious problem

Jul 30, 2015
fading NEW
by: brian

I have had this happen to me many many times and only now have I chose to look into it. Unlike the experiences ive read im always aware its happening to me and Im always able to open my eyes but its not easy it feels like something wants me to let it take over. ive layed there for minutes tyst seemed like forever watching the t.v cant move most of the times ive even almost suffocated cus my dog put her head on my face. I get this horrifically uneasy feeling if I let myslef close my eyes and let w.e happen I will die honestly. Im able to wiggle my head slightly now side to side over and over (one time it took prolly half hour) . till i slowly feel my hand or foot nething and many times It tajes back over like its fighting my will to live. But I do that till I overpower the complete helplessness of i this. No exaggerations this is exatly what I feel and do in the face of this obvious problem

Aug 01, 2015
Something on top of me invisible and I can not move NEW
by: Anonymous

Listen I'm not sure either what it is but for some reason it has happen to me over the years while lying in bed resting not sleeping you can hear everything around you but you feel like something is on top of you but there is nothing there you can not scream you can not mood its feels like a force this is what i do every time I use my mind I call out in my mind JESUS!!!! and as soon as I did what ever it was it feed from me next time anyone have this issue call on JESUS and I assure it will go away immediately I hope this help it has happen to me I'm not sure why but we all need to stay prayed up, thanks for reading
God Bless and good luck

Aug 04, 2015
falling asleep NEW
by: davie

this happened to me in my teens and early 20's, just as l was falling asleep, pretty scarey at the time being unable to move or speak but l could move my eyes and and hear loud buzzing, it lasted a few minutes each time and as its now over 30 years since it last happened to me l can safely say in caused me no long term problems , l researched this years ago and the best answer l could find was that it was the nervous system closing down as l was going to sleep , dont worry too much about this

Aug 07, 2015
cant move talk or scream NEW
by: Anonymous

I think you right bout most of the parts cause i cant move i cant scream but its a feeling of someone else's presents i hear em calling me scaryimg me & allat so if my spirt out of my body where do it goes when tha something around me i would say its ah dream but havimg that same something come to you every night aint no dream its gettimg haunted or sum. Ion kno but if so how to.stop it ?

Aug 09, 2015
part of the routine NEW
by: Anonymous

This always happen to me. There are times that i see a woman infront of me and the eager that you try to scream and move the more that it affects your breathing , and in one night this incident occurs to me times in a row . I may advice that once you are in this state try to relax and close your eyes ..moving your toe will not make any difference just relax and close your eyes and you will wake-up..and once you woke-up change your position when you sleep again. This is like a routine to me ... This is very scary. And always pray before you sleep you might not know if that is the last time you will sleep. Have a great sleep

Aug 09, 2015
part of the routine NEW
by: Anonymous

This always happen to me. There are times that i see a woman infront of me and the eager that you try to scream and move the more that it affects your breathing , and in one night this incident occurs to me 4 times in a row . I may advice that once you are in this state try to relax and close your eyes ..moving your toe will not make any difference just relax and close your eyes and you will wake-up..and once you woke-up change your position when you sleep again. This is like a routine to me ... This is very scary. And always pray before you sleep you might not know if that is the last time you will sleep. Have a great sleep

Aug 13, 2015
by: Toni

I had woke up to turn on my fan because I was hot, and went back to sleep. Literary a couple minutes later my hears were ringing so loud to the sound of the fan, I couldn't move at all and my eyes were zoning in & out. I tried to yell & nothing. I'm also pretty sure I saw a face in my tv but somehow I managed to move my foot, and the rest of my body slowly unfroze. I thought it was death knocking on my door but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing it.

Aug 15, 2015
Help me u guys NEW
by: Tahji

Every time I fall asleep I see an man with all black with an scary face I try yelling && moving but for some reason I CANT I don't know what to do

Aug 15, 2015
this comment might help you when your in SP. NEW
by: Anonymous

you know what?, just have a deep breath while youre in SP, just about 5 to 3 of your deepest breaths and slowly you can able to move your body. ive done this for a lot of times, i dont even remember of how many SP ive been through tough, im not scared. dont panic when you have SP it will go worst. i hope this is helpful.

Aug 18, 2015
Scary Dream NEW
by: Emily

This happened to me the other day I was in a dream and I was dreaming I was in my old house, there was no furniture or anything all bare..

I went to open the door of my old room and as soon as I did, I got sucked straight into the corner, like I actually felt like I was pulled by the back of me, and I went to call out in my dream and I couldn't, I couldn't speak! It was so scary!

Aug 18, 2015
It's an unexplainable feeling .... NEW
by: Brandee

It's happened to me several times. It happened when I was falling asleep, then I feel like my entire body is numb and I cannot move. My hearing sounds like I am in a tunnel, or something...very hard to explain. I could not move or could not feels numb. I have not seen anything scary around me. Just one time, it happened I felt like my bed was shaking and I could not move. I was trying to move and it's such a frustrating feeling. Then I kept thinking, I want this feeling to stop and then eventually, I can move. It is good to know that others are experiencing this too because I thought something was just not right. It's just a weird experience, I guess something's cannot be explained...

Aug 21, 2015
Can't move NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was waking up I couldn't move or talk but I could see.I was on my side staring at the wall it felt like something was behind me but the only thing I could do was nothing. I was so scared eventually I started to growl then I could move my legs so I jump up ready to fight

Aug 23, 2015
I couldn't talk or move NEW
by: Anonymous

I felt asleep and I couldn't move at all so I try to move but I couldn't move and I try to yell to my brother but I couldn't talk and I felt that I was being chock with my own hand I was so scared finally I woke up and couldn't fall asleep again

Aug 23, 2015
Same (but hearing things & feeling$ NEW
by: Anonymous

So I don't know if I was dreaming or awake but it seemed really real. I'm a weird sleeper and I sleep under my covers, so my eyes were open so I figured I was awake, and I tried to get up and couldn't move and then all of a sudden I heard this demonic like voice saying "la la la" and my covers slowly started to move off of me. I heard my mom talking in the other room and I wanted her to come to check on me so bad but no. So after trying to call out to her (which I couldn't speak) I managed to call my sister but she kept ignoring me. So then I had actually woken up and told my mom because she's had a dream like that before and sure enough some of the conversations I heard in the dream were actually real, so I don't know if the dream was real or fake but I was scared.

Aug 24, 2015
Unable to move or scream in response to an obvious evil spirit attack NEW
by: Tracy

I have just read through years of comments! I am so pleased to have found this thread to not feel alone in this. What brought me to this search was an experience I had the other morning. I was awakened by this feeling of being vigorously humped to put it bluntly. It happened so fast, but I was awake...I heard my fan in my room and seen the curtains blowing with the breeze, yet I was unable to move. My boyfriend was yet cuddling me from the nights sleep, but he didn't hear me screaming his name. I tried to move my legs and couldn't. Finally I screamed for it to stop and it did. I was able to move, and was watching the same curtains moving without I know it wasn't a dream. My boyfriend had felt nothing, though his body was spooning mine at the time and his arm over me. I am 44, and haven't experienced anything like this since my teens. That experience was much more frightening. I woke feeling like something was on top of me, forcefully kissing me...I could not get up nor scream for help. There was so much pressure on my body and I felt as if it entered me sexually (I was a virgin and had not yet known this feeling, but I felt a forced intercource). Raped. I was young, before the days of cell phones and Internet and was too scared to share such a frightful thing with anyone. The only other dark experience was during the same teen years moving into our home, prior to the evil spirit rape. I would hear footsteps pacing outside my second story window at night. One of those nights, I actually seen a dark figure outside my window. I don't remember paralysis of body, but my cries out to my mom were faint. On a positive note, I have experienced good spirit. I have lost my son, but in times of morning this loss I have experienced things as my bed move as if he sat at my side (the bed moved and felt a presence) to comfort me. Another time I distinctively felt him kiss me on my forehead.
I believe in God, creation, spirit, afterlife. I believe that both the evil and the good spirit experiences I have had are very real. I hope my sharing has comforted you as much as others sharing has comforted me. There is peace in not feeling you're alone, crazy, or evil yourself. I believe homes and people and things can carry evil spirits and that we can be attacked by them. But, I also believe we can fight them off with the help and protection of God, loved ones passed, and Angels.

Aug 24, 2015
scared NEW
by: meshell cantila

This happend to me 5 to 6 times,i want to open my eyes i can't open.i want to talk i can't talk,i can't move,i'm dreaming bad ,and then i'm scared too sleep,so after that in a few minutes i'm force too wake up.And then after i search in google what mean about that... Thnk you for sharing about this..

Aug 26, 2015
Just try saying jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

hi Megan I have a bit of information for you and it's quite helpful most people do not like to accept the fact that we are not in this world alone as being but here's a little story for you I often ask myself this and I definitely went through the same thing, one day I was reading research on aliens abuction as I was reading and paying attention to this documentry, the people who claim to have been abducted by aliens in this researchers study he noticed that every subject who said that they was aducted by aliens had the same story and it ended the same way saying that they was unable to stopped the event as I continue to pay attention to the researchers study something he said about his subjects sent me into a mind boggling process all of his subjects who were claim to be abducted by aliens all of their symptoms were described as the very same thing I go through when I'm laying in my bed and can't move can't talk and cant scream I was shocked to learn there symptoms was the same symptoms I had I said to myself how is it that these people who claim they was abducted by aliens have the same symptoms I have just by laying in my bed and as I said earlier everyone had the same story until one day the researcher ran across a subject that said he was able to stop it, he was curious in learning more so he went to visit him and he said out of all the thousands of people I studied none of them said that they was able to stop the event but you said that you could and I'm curious how did you stop it and he said well as I was being held and stuck and unable to move thought of the name of Jesus he said this thing looked at him as he had been hurt and the event inmediately stopped I said Wow what do Jesus have to do with alien and more so what does aliens have to do with my dreams; shortly after reading this I was in my bed and it happen again but I was able to remember what I read and I just simply said Jesus and I woke up immediately when this happened a revelation was given to me that these people who claim to be a ducted by aliens were not really alien they were demons and the result of them trying to do whatever it is they wanted to do in this event are the people you see today on the street talking to themselves mentally unhealthy I hope this information is helpful because I'm not the only one who yelled out Jesus name and this event stopped. Jesus is the way ....

Aug 27, 2015
parylize NEW
by: Anonymous

OMG this just happened to me yesterday and I was scared I couldn't talk or scream I was so frieghtend
and didn't know what to do and it happened 3 times in one night but thank you vod for making it happen on a school day

Aug 27, 2015
help me NEW
by: Anonymous

This has happen to me to but i want to know if anyone has seen something you know is not there because it has happen to a lot of times. Also i have been experiencing Loud creepy laughing and it starts off low then gets really really loud and i have tried closing my eyes but it doesnt help what should i do

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