A Collection Of Interactive Lucid Dreaming Stories

If you've ever experienced a lucid dream before, you know just how amazing of a place the lucid dream world can be.

Lucid Dreaming Stories

But how does everyone else experience the lucid dream world? It is this question that has prompted me to create this platform, where anybody who wants to can share their own lucid dreaming stories, and the world can perhaps gain some further insight on the phenomenon that drives people to explore deeper into their very reality.

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If you've ever experienced a lucid dream, whether once in your life or multiple times every night, I heartily encourage you to share your experiences. By filling out the form below you'll have your own page published on our site containing your writing. You'll add to the collection of lucid dreaming stories found on this page for others to learn from, and provide yourself a chance to possibly see the thoughts of others in response to your dream in your page's comments section.

And without further ado, I leave you with what I think is an incredibly soul-probing quote, followed by the form for sharing your stories, and a list of the already submitted stories just below that.

Happy Exploring,

"Dreams are real while they last -- can we say more of life?"

-The sexologist and writer Havelock Ellis (1859-1939)
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Can You Lucid Dream? Do You Want To Learn How?

If you have ever experienced the wonders of lucid dreaming we would love to hear about it. Whether you're a full-fledged lucid dreamer or happened to have an isolated incidence, share your story and insight with us!

Additionally, if you are not a lucid dreamer but want to be, or maybe are just fascinated with the idea of it all, share with us your thoughts, your challenges, your desires.

Read Other Lucid Dream Stories

Click on the links below to read stories of others that have either experienced the wonders of lucid dreaming or hope to one day. They were all written by other visitors to this page, just like you.

Natural Lucid Dreamer 
Recently I've stumbled across lucid dreaming and as it seemed, I have done it in the past without any training at all. There is this case where I …

Controlling Lucid Dream Unknowingly  
I would like to share a really unique experience with dreaming. It all started very gradually. Now I am able to term all the things that were happening …

Embarrassment Induced Lucidity  
So I've been trying but not really trying to have lucid dreams. I had kind of given up on the concept 2 weeks into trying. Then tonight I woke up from …

Lucid Dreaming Can Be Scary 
I suggest you should only lucid dream a couple times in your life. Lucid dreaming is awesome. You can control your location, what you're wearing, who's …

Asking My Subconscious A Question In A Lucid Dream 
Before I went to bed, I had planned to ask the characters in my dreams questions since I see them as my subconscious and wanted truthful answers. So I …

Lucid Dreaming Is Scary But Exciting 
I have only ever experienced "lucid dreaming" twice. But both times have ended the same. The most recent experience I had with lucid dreaming was awhile …

Craziest Dreamer Ever? Lucid Dreaming And I Think I Have Narcolepsy 
Alright guys, I'm not sure if I have narcolepsy or not but I really think I do. Because I know that I have cateplexy, which is a disorder that comes along …

I didn't know there was a name for this.... Learning while dreaming 
I never knew there was a term for this.....and sure never knew that a respected school is acknowledging and teaching about it, ect. I have had dreams like …

My Reoccurring Dreams  
I often have lucid dreams of being an angel. I'm very shy, but when I can I enjoy helping people. There are many young people who need much guidance …

Is It Really Possible To Be As Lucid As People Say In Dreams? 
I used to have dreams all the time where I knew what was going on and I knew it was a dream, but it always felt unclear and I wasn't in control. I want …

Lucid Dreaming To Help Figure Out Reality 
I am female and I lucid dream reasonably often. For the first while, I used it to have fun 'changing' the dream landscape; clothes I was wearing; etc. …

Hearing Real World Sounds While Dreaming-Very Funny...And Interesting 
So, I was in High school when this happened. 9th grade. Sleeping during math class, I could still hear all of the 'real world'. Everything my teacher said …

The Odd Beginning - Body Freezes When I Tell Myself I'm Dreaming 
Today I had my first lucid dream . But before I go on i'd like to mention I am constantly aware I am in a dream, but when I announce out loud "I am in …

Casually Telling My Story of Lucid Dreaming Inception 
This was probably my first dream in which I was lucid, and quite the crazy one at that. I don't remember all of it, because I'm not really focusing …

False Awakening, Lucid Dreaming and Paralysis 
Where to begin..? I've been a lucid dreamer since I can remember, although I only discovered the term because of the film Inception . I believe it …

An Almost Lucid Dream With A Far From Lucid Awakening (S&D) 
This morning upon awakening I sat up with a smile, pleased with myself for having awakened. I sauntered out of bed believing I'd just earned myself a …

Lucid Flying Through A Home-Depot 
The single most lucid dream I have ever had came when I was about 12 years old and I will never forget the sensation of flying that I had. I don't …

Falling...The World. My First Lucid Dream 
At the age of five or six, I experienced a lucid dream for the first time, after I experienced something mentally scarring. During this time, I felt …

My First Post-Inception Ludid Dream 
As far as I can remember, I've only had a handful of lucid dreams in my lifetime. After watching the film Inception , I started doing more reading about …

Zombie Apocolypses and Slanted Rooms? 
I've had a few instances of lucid dreams , such as realizing im dreaming, then instantly waking up, then being lucid for a few seconds, then falling back …

Lucid Floating And Battle With Creature. 
Just this morning I woke up then fell back to sleep immediately and fell into my 2nd lucid dream that i can recall. I will preface by saying i am recently …

My Experiences With Lucid Dreaming 
I'm a high school student and I'm intersted in lucid dreams. I have a lucid dream like once a week or two weeks. I found some facts on lucid dreaming …

Aware, But Not In Control 
I have lucid dreams , but they never start that way. When I become aware that I am in a dream, I usually wake up shortly after, but just before awakening …

I Want To Stop Lucid Dreaming! 
I read an article about lucid dreaming a few months ago and since then have had a constant amount of them, however now there getting pretty regular and …

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I Lucid Dream A Lot. It's Pretty Cool. 
I sleep quite a bit for an adult. If left alone on a Saturday morning I could sleep 15 hours, no problem. It's in those later hours that I usually …

Overcoming a Nightmare Was the Start of Lucid Dreaming??? 
I am 20 and when I was about 12 I had bad nightmares quite a lot but there was a series of bad nightmares I had for a good couple of months. They used …

Unintentionally Lucid Dreamer - Preventing Problem Solving? 
I've only rarely been unaware that I was dreaming at the time of dreaming. This doesn't mean I have any control over what happens - it's just that I know …

Taking Control Of My Nightmares 
I am 34 years old, and I have experienced several different problems with sleep for the majority of my life. One of the worst problems is with extremely …

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