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6 Days Without Sleep - I Am Unable To Sleep At All

I have been having trouble getting to sleep for months. But now I cannot sleep at all. I have gone 6 days without sleep at all. Then I got two good nights sleep.

After I got those good nights I could not sleep again. I am currently on my 5th day without sleep. My body feels so fatigued but my brain does not stop thinking.

I'M SERIOUSLY SCARED THAT I WILL DIE. At the moment my heart feels like it's rocking my body back and fourth and my lips are tingling. I don't know what's going on please help.

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Apr 03, 2013
Compassion NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow! I feel for you. I am wondering what it is that's making you so anxious. Did something tragic occur to you recently? I have known the Omega's to help calm the brain so that one can function.

I have racing thoughts as well but I do tend to talk to calm myself down. I'm not sure if you are male or female but as a woman with much to do, I have found Essential Woman by Barleans to be extremely helpful. If you are male however, there's also a formula for you.

Visit and check it out.

I pray better days ahead for you.

Aug 22, 2013
Sympathy NEW
by: Anonymous

God do I feel for you... I went through that hell some months ago. I'm still mortally scared of the same thing happening again during schooltime. I still have trouble sleeping some days but I did find repetitive and cycling thoughts effective, tuning the same song over and over again. If you resolve to medicine, low doses of Xanax and Tolvon are good enough.

Feb 13, 2015
Unable To Pass The Hypnagogic State Since Getting Lyme Disease 20 Years Ago NEW
by: Jim

In 1993 I was bitten by deer ticks and ended up getting Lyme Disease. It was misdiagnosed at first and had become chronic by the time I was diagnosed.

I have had chronic Lyme Disease for over 20 years, and done massive amounts of antibiotics, including two rounds of IV antibiotics in 1994 and 1997.

In August of 1993 I went to sleep one night and when I awoke I was feeling very nauseas and fatigued.

This would be the last night that I would ever fall into an unconscious sleep. For the next few weeks every time that I would attempt to fall asleep at night, within seconds of dozing off I would stop breathing.

This sleep apnea was caused by the Lyme Disease.

Eventually, my brain appeared to sense that it was dangerous to allow me to fall asleep, and has since prevented me from falling into any type of unconscious state.

I am unable to go beyond the hypnagogic state.

This would appear to qualify as some type of permanent brain injury caused by the Lyme Disease.

I have lived like this for more than two decades,
where even though most of my Lyme Disease symptoms have subsided, the inability to sleep remains.

There is a woman named Heather who wrote about her inability to fall asleep after being in an ATV accident, and receiving trauma to her brain.

Heather is the first person whom I have read about who has stated that since receiving a brain injury, she has been unable to ever fall asleep.

And that this condition has prevented her from falling asleep everyday for at least a year.

I would be interested in knowing how many other
people have experienced this phenomenon where we are unable to get past the hypnagogic state, so that the best we can do is to nap at night..

I would imagine that this is extremely rare, since for the past two decades I have been searching for people who are unable to ever fall asleep, and until reading about Heather, was unable to do so.

May 22, 2015
Sleepless again.... NEW
by: J.R

I cannot sleep. At all. I have had spells of being awake for 6 days, 5 days and numerous 4 days. I went through a stage 12 months ago of 30 hours sleep in 35 days. I started taking Ambien that gave me a few hours per night..but never went back to sleep after wakening. Now the Ambien has stopped working so I'm awake again. We'll see how many days it will be before I catch my next hour...if I ever do again. I never nod off, doze or nap. I just lay there. I close my eyes and nothing's as if there is no sleep mechanism there.

Aug 21, 2016
Lost the ability to sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 42. I first experienced insomnia my sophomre year of college. It has been on and off since. However, for about this past 9 months straight I seem to have lost the ability to sleep. It is now after 2 am. I tried not to take a sleep pill.
I tried to get myself in a positive sleep mindset i.e. my body and mind are burning with exhaustion physically, I read some positive thoughts from a book but here I say until 1:45 am and finally take half a Lunesta. I have tried everything from herbal remedy to prescription medication. I have had terrible side effects from most i.e. difficulty breathing on them as I have asthma. This just seems absolutely INSANE to me.I am not functioning. My husband and 3 year old sleep the night and I am just wide, wide awake... I feel like I have completely lost this mechanism to actually fall asleep. I can't even fall asleep during a nap anymore during the day. What the hell is this and is there any help out there for this wiithout meds>

Sep 20, 2016
Try this NEW
by: Anonymous

Try marijuana, it works better than ambien.

Nov 30, 2017
Chronic insomnia NEW
by: Tina

I had to have a full hysterectomy about 15 years ago. Every night since then I have never been able to sleep at all. I have immense empathy for anyone who is totally unable to sleep. I hate taking any prescription drugs, however no natural remedy helped at all. I was desperate. Thank God my doctor prescribed Seroquel (Quetiapine). I only need to take 25 mg., the lowest dosage. I take it 2 hours before my desired time to go to sleep and wake up refreshed after a full night of sleep. I have never had any side effects at all! It works every night! I order it through The Canadian Pharmacy with a prescription from my doctor. It only costs $80 for 300 pills. Their phone number is 866.335.8064. I fax the prescription to them. I pray continually that someday God will heal me.

Mar 03, 2019
Sleepless NEW
by: Anonymous

I don’t sleep every single night cause I would sleep during the day. But now can’t fall asleep during the day as well. It suxx!

Jul 21, 2019
feel u. NEW
by: analimus

hey! i feel you. the longest i've been without sleep is 8 days. i just don't feel tired, and im on 3 days. heres some things u can do that have worked for me:
-watch asmr (sas asmr, that gets me sleepy sometimes) let it be food asmr, or any kind, just let it relax u.
-find things that make u sleepy!
-workout,something that drains u up to a point all u wanna do it lay in bed, and sleep.
-bore urself out. listen or watch things that bore u.
~if these dont work, search some up or consult a doctor about it!

Apr 12, 2021
Don’t drink soda NEW
by: Anonymous

Make sure your diet is not causing this.
Avoid sugar and soda, and try no milk and no cheese too

Try fasting 24 hours, if you sleep perfectly then it’s conformed a diet problem

Feb 14, 2022
Unable to fall asleep NEW
by: Leonardo

Hi! My name is Leonardo, I've been living in the UK since 1996. My unfortunate story is that I'm unable to fall asleep period! Unfortunately I had a very bad experience at the hospital. It all began about the 4th of Dec 2021 when I had covid and then 2 days later on the 6th of Dec I had a kidney stone. Unfortunately because I had to have an empty stomach for the surgery and it kept getting delayed, I was left out without any food or water for 3days (I thought I was going to die) eventually I got surgery on the Friday and cought an infection making matters worse for my health, the following day I was gasping for air so they put me on oxygen for the day and the following day after that my left side of the body kept Jerking violently and was talking shivering, the doctors thought I was having stroke so they put me in this big scanning machine but everything was OK, was told that it was covid so they put me on antibiotics, eventually I was discharge on Wed.
Started to have a lot of problems with the stent, was in and out the hospital for quite a few days but anyway, my sleep problem began on the 10th of Dec, the day I had the surgery. Eventually when I was out of hospital completely, I spent a few nights without any sleep, called the GP and was prescribed sleeping pills, unfortunately they only worked for one night, a few more sleepless nights, called the GP again and was prescribed stronger sleeping pills and yet again they only worked for 1 night, then afew more sleeplessness nights and began to get really anxious, called the GP again and eventually they had to put me on antidepressants.
The antidepressants worked for a week helping sleep but unfortunately they stopped working, so I freeked out, called out of hours GP on sat and was prescribed stronger dose of antidepressants but unfortunately they only worked for the one night, freaking out and GP unable to help any further I'm still very unwell, now having suicidal thoughts and unfortunately when it comes to sleep, there isn't enough help out there, many people I've seen like counselling and mental health workers they all seem to think it's just on my head, they can't seem to understand that I just can't fall asleep.
I'm totally losing my mind, I'm mentally and physically exhausted, I really need some professional help, my life it's been ruined, I'm unable to go to work, I'm a walking zombie, my wife drag me to hospital last Thursday coz I was acting insane, don't remember much of it, got scanned but shows normal, spent the night at the hospital, got some new sleeping pills and worked wonders for the night, was also put on some new antidepressants but unfortunately they don't work. I'm going to die if I don't get any help and just want to make sure it doesn't happen to anybody else, I'm mentally ill now.
Also there is a supernatural aspect of this. It was a test of faith by God and unfortunately I failed him.
I will challenge anyone to put me asleep for a month let alone a week.
Kind regards Leonardo

Mar 21, 2022
Sleeping deprivation NEW
by: Anonymous

Sorry, you're going through a problem.
I had health issues and I have solved them naturally.
Try to change your diet, if there is a natural health store where you live, stop by the store and describe your health issue to the clerk who might recommend some supplements to take.
Food and Supplements work. Good luck

Mar 21, 2022
Leonardo NEW
by: Anonymous

The comment about the sleeping issue is for whoever is having sleeping problems. Diet is number one to help ourself in any issue we are having in our health.
Juicing vegetables only and one fruit to sweeten the juice you are making at that time but not a lot of fruit and they are all sugar
Search online to help what to eat and what to avoid

May 04, 2022
oi DEcaprio

wrong, incorecct imbilicle you cant go without sleeping or eating or drinking for a month you impotent fook. We know you're mexican and work for the tax federal agency.Do you speak Ambien? i wish to know how to speak the chemical compounds as you do such as NaCl. Yor account on thursday informed our team that u kick aka 'coz' this could be a sign of nearing the end afraid of sleepyness thus go to your GP again and ask them a fourth time for a STRONGER STRONGER STRONER anntidepressant. Have yiu red Heather's report on the ATV \ccident which made her infertile and unable to sleep for months.MY advice on this matter, as self diagnosed doctor you should def get heklp from me. get in contac with me PS touch grass for heaklth beneittts green = healf

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