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Alien Abduction

by Joanna Martinez
(Hollister, CA)

I had been sleeping most of the day that day, and so i didn't fall asleep until around 230 only to wake up at 3:13 to realize that i had just had a really scary nightmare. I have sleep paralysis before so it was another episode.

I fell asleep on the floor, just like i sometimes do, and i was faced down, just like i sleep always and all of a sudden i had a dream, my friend Matt was in my room playing music, and then he left and never returned, i fell asleep on the floor and i realized i couldn't move, my face felt extremely distorted and i was compleatly frozen. I had no control over my body, i was alone and defenceless it seemed. It was so scary. I started to hear loud buzzing, VERY LOUD i covered my ears and i could still hear it, it was so LOUD i thought my ear drums where going to explode.

Then i felt a presence over me, holding me down, i wasn't able to breath, i was so scared, i started moving and trying to tell myself that it was just a dream, it was my paralysis, but it didnt work. i stopped covering my ears and then i dropped from way up high, and it felt like i was sky diving down, fast, like i was not going to be alive when i landed.

When i landed i woke up, very frightend. It felt TOO REAL, TOO, TOO REAL. Not like any nightmare i've had before or dream.

I've also had this happen to me plenty of times, but not as vivid as yesterday night, thats for sure.

Prior to this i've had another really bad experience. I was faced down again ...wich is wierd because so many people say that when they go through this they sleep on there back.. well anyway i was faced down on a bed and i felt as if i was awake and my body was dead. And there was an evil presence on me over me, holding me down, gripping me violently, i tried to get up and walk but i couldnt becasue it wouldnt let me..

i dont know, but im done experiencing this after last night! where can i go? what can i do? i need help.

Kevin: Hey Joanna, I recommend reading a copy of Ryan Hurd's book about treating and controlling your sleep paralysis. Empowering stuff from a guy who's been in your shoes.


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Apr 10, 2014
hope this helps NEW
by: Anonymous

You may not have been abducted based per say based on your experience, but you may have been drained. I'm not discounting abductions, but this may have been something else. Try meditation, develop your spiritual energy and remove negative energy from your life. Be the change! :)
These entities feed on our energy just as our physical bodies need sustenance. If you can confront these entities in your spiritual form, they may leave you be. This worked for me. They seem to simply observe now rather than feed.

Apr 23, 2014
What is life and our existence. NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't know may be your exhaustion made you fear a lot. And if it is about alien, then at the most they may be only observing your physic. i never ever had this experience. But i am awaken to infinite consciousness. Thoughts become things, so you must not fear of. Cause when you question your authority as "who am i" and meditate in violet flame it will heal your whole mind. You must understand that in this world nothing is harm, its only our "fear" make tricks, moreover you may be very much good to make connections. But try to grasp much knowledge on everything happening in this world. Remember there are no accidents, its just an incident to understand or learn something. Question your-self. I got consciousness after 2012 (by surgery for 2 hours where i had out of body experience),this is natural, now i know what is my purpose and what is visible and invisible energy. You have right to understand everything about others and personal too. Take good sleep and why you born, to do what, or what is it all about and your existence on this physical world. Understand your inner world, the real world of cosmos. And why we have out of body experience and why we transcendent to different dimensions, etc. Study about indigo's and wisdom thoughts, about all humans. 12-12-12 on 12:12 pm, our earth grids connected, why ??? Ask and search more. Have a nice day.

May 24, 2015
Always Sleep with pillow magnetic south to cure yourself of monsters NEW
by: Anonymous

Your sleep posture is making you vulnerable to nefarious entities!

What direction is your pillow/headboard of your bed facing?

I suspect you may be sleeping with the top of your head facing magnetic north or equally bad magnetic west. Magnetic north is called the "death position" because coffins are buried facing north and if you sleep north ghosts appear in your life, says the folklore.

The people of Bali say "sleeping magnetic west means you will have no love, everyone will hate you and you will experience violence" I paraphrased but Google search "Balinese sleep north"

Many cultures recommended that you sleep with the top of your head facing magnetic south and feet facing magnetic north. An alternate position is your head facing magnetic east and feet facing magnetic west. Use an electronic compass, it has to be exactly south, any deviation such as south west of south east makes you open to nefarious entities.

Never sleep with head facing magnetic north cuz you are guaranteed to see ghosts and have nightmares.

Also never ever sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back is the posture of the corpse in a coffin and "vastu" says sleeping on the back ruins the brain. Try to sleep on the left side of your body always to get wealthy. Sleep on the right side is ok but not best and monsters probably attacked you while you slept on the right side of your body of slept on your back. Sleeping on left side is best and you get rich wealthy. Never sleep on the stomach you suffocate, sudden infant death syndrome.

I recommend you read this website, it explains the significance of monsters in sleep.

Also Google search "vastu sleep direction" and search also "sleep facing south" to get more information. Sleeping facing south makes you wealthy and healthy, sleeping east makes you intelligent but not wealthy so east is for children still attending school.

The information I wrote was for the northern hemisphere, I dont know about sleep position for the southern hemisphere of earth.

Also, what is your blood type? If you are blood type Rhesus Negative (Rh negative) then this website might be informative

Best of luck! Feel free to Pass this information on to non-demonic people.

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