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Am I The Only One Who Enjoys Sleep Paralysis?

by Christina

Hi There!

My name is Christina, I'm 30 years old and I have had sleep paralysis episodes since I was 14 years old. They first started a couple of weeks after my father passed away. I can still remember the first time it happened. I had never heard of sleep paralysis before and I was sleeping on the couch one afternoon and woke up completely paralysed as if some unknown force was holding me down. It was the scariest moment of my life!

During that time, I don't know if it was from the stress of my father passing away but it happened quite regularly and I was so scared I would tell my brother and sister to give me a nudge if I fell asleep during the day and they were nearby or at least if they could see my eyelids blinking.

I eventually researched my symptoms and once I learned more about sleep paralysis the idea didn't terrify me like it used to. Also, it was happening less, maybe once every couple of months or so. Still, when I was in this state it could be very scary. I usually hear disembodied voices near my ear though I usually can't understand what they are saying, also I sometimes hear something that I can only describe as an electrical humming sound. When I hear this electrical hum I usually feel it wash over my body as well in waves. Sometimes I think I can hear my family members walking and talking around me doing normal everyday things but when I eventually wake up they aren't there.

After many years these episodes have become less worrying and more fascinating. Especially now that they don't always happen as often. It could be a few months and I won't have any sleep paralysis and then I will
have a few episodes in a row, especially when I'm exhausted or stressed. One day last year I woke up paralysed, was experiencing the electrical hum and thought I would try to envision something purposefully and see how it felt. I don't know why I thought of it but I imagined making out with a celebrity crush.

It felt so real in my mind that all of a sudden I could feel him right beside me as if he was outside of my mind. It was strange but also funny and a fun experiment. It's a bit embarrassing to admit that but I thought I would share it because I haven't heard of anyone else enjoying sleep paralysis.

Now every time I have it I try to imagine a cool place I'd like to visit, stay calm and let myself fall back asleep and try to lucid dream. It usually works and I really look forward to it now. Sleep paralysis is the best way for me to jump into a lucid dream or cool hallucination and I really have lots of fun with it. It is great not to be scared by it anymore but to feel empowered by it instead.

Kevin: Such a pleasure to read this Christina, thanks for sharing. It's a wonderful perspective to have on sleep paralysis and definitely the exception, though you're not the only one. I think you'd have a great time checking out the writing of Ryan Hurd, whose recently published book on sleep paralysis is all about a paradigm shift in the way we view sleep paralysis--turning fear into curiosity, anxiety into enlightenment. Great stuff in there on riding SP into lucid dreams and OBEs as well. Here's also an article from his DreamStudies website on turning sleep paralysis episodes into enriching out of body experiences.


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Aug 21, 2011
I also enjoy it
by: Rochelle

I really enjoy episodes of sleep paralysis - knowing what it is I use it as an opportunity to hallucinate floating around the room. Often while it is happening I have the feeling as if I am shaking as if I am having a seizure - its really interesting and enjoyable - especially knowing its just some wierd brain phenomenon.

Sep 14, 2011
I sometimes enjoy it, but...
by: Ruskaya

I have two different types of SP, one is terrible, you can not imagine how, but the other type is when I feel like I can fly, and I have some control, that one is followed with scary things so often... And...I have to admit, I had the same idea as you, what to do :)))

Sep 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had a episode last night where I woke up but my body was still asleep. I've only been upset by these episodes once. Anyhow I woke up but I was asleep and I can't feel my feet. I know there is a foot at the bottom of the bed and I thought it was mine but it didn't feel attached to me. I start to wonder if I'm having a out of body experience and BAM I wake up. The foot that was mine but not mine was my husbands. One of mine was on top of his leg and the other in the crevice between the bed and wall. That was weird one.

Nov 17, 2011
by: Brittany

O..M..G... I am SOOO gonna try that next time this happens to me! Since I've always had a crush on Stewart Townsend as "The Vampire Lestat" in the movie "Queen of the Damned", I think I will try him out, LOL

Nov 19, 2011
by: Debbie

Hi, I have exactly the same things happen to me as you do!! I hear an electrical-sounding buzz and feel my body vibrate. Also I hear family members' voices. I have to admit to enjoying these sensations too!! I'm glad I'm not alone!! ^_^

Mar 23, 2012
Sounds like Lucid Dreaming
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you are able to perform some lucid dreaming while you are having your SP.

I often can turn the SP into lucid dreaming as well, and completely control my dream and surroundings, it usually only lasts a short period before the paralysis kicks off and I wake up. But if one can get comfortable with the paralysis, try to lucid dream.

Dec 18, 2012
Wake up
by: Anonymous

I get it a whole lot. You can control your breathing. So hold your breath and that will force your body to wake up. I'm able to jolt my arms to move, but most times I just see how long they will last and enjoy the ride.

Jun 22, 2013
SP frees me of pain NEW
by: Anonymous

I have SP about once a week or so. I look forward to it. I have chronic pain from a cyst on my spine. SP is a period of time when I am pain free. It happens to me shortly after lying down and also, after "waking up". I have always assumed it was a state of sleep where my conscious mind is awake but my body is asleep. I'm not sure if it qualifies as full SP because my conscious mind can turn it off as soon as I become aware of it. I usually don't turn it off because is feels so good to be pain free. I wish my conscious mind knew how to turn it on. I would do it more often.

Sep 14, 2013
learn to control and enjoy NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 41 years old and have had sp since I was in my early teens. At first it was scary but after many episodes of sp I have learnt to enjoy the outer body experiences and vivid dreams that you can control. Now I am disappointed when I wake up from the outer body experiences as I now find them exciting.If anyone finds these experiences frightening please don't fight the feeling just let it take you and you will start to enjoy it. Just imagine what it would be like to be awake in your dreams doing whatever you like because you know it is a deam or to be floating around the room, I think it is great.

Feb 22, 2014
to the guy above me hopefully NEW
by: Anonymous

that is OBE and lucid dreaming. sleep paralysis is literally being paralised while u are waking/falling asleep.

Feb 22, 2014
i wish i knew how to take it to lucid dreaming =[ NEW
by: Anonymous

since i can remember up until recently i used to get RISP 1st few times were not exactly scary but not pleasant as a kid. some people describe hallucinations but i never had any. although i have had lucid dreams i have never had an OBE because i never knew u could fall aslleep and focus on ur coniousness. also alot of people say "waking up" from SP. i have never had to wake up as i am always 100% awake but cant move a muscle. also challenge yourself i once tried to move a finger and it took soooo much concentration.
hopefully i experience more SP and lucid dreams as i seem to have lost my ability =[

P.S alot of people alot of people are kinda describing SP, lucid dreaming and OBE as the same thing which really annoys me lol

Mar 21, 2014
i do enjoy it too NEW
by: sheilabow

hey there very interesting to read your experience on sleep paralysis. i am 25 years old and have had sleep paralysis since i was 15 years old, i get them almost daily, every morning, or if i decide to take a nap. at first for the first couple of years it scared me, then i got used to them and i wasn't scared anymore, and today i have managed to almost control them, i know I'm in that state of mind i can think of a person i want to meet or see and things get very vivid, i can imagine music, people, places, landscapes, and through sleep paralysis i have heard the most beautiful music, and seen the most beautiful places, that i have never heard or seen in real life, i have experienced really weird feelings too, like felt the wind go blowing in my face, i sometimes imagine I'm on a big swing and i get that funny feeling in my stomach. of course i have bad episodes once in a while but when I'm abled to control this it can be wonderful.

Jun 17, 2014
Angry Asain Man NEW
by: Anonymous

Usually when I experience sleep paralysis it's really scary. I'm 18 and have been experiencing it at least once a week since I was about 15. Most of the time, there's a dark fog coming out of the corner of the room with freaky voices all around me. But last night was different. I don't freak out when it happens anymore so I was just laying there peacefully and all of a sudden I hear a sound that sounds like a hair drier. I very very slowly, with a lot of effort turned my head and there was a middle aged short Asian man standing there with a hair drier and straitener. He started yelling at me in jibberish and then he started attacking my arm with the straitener. It startled me when it happened but after I woke up, I couldn't stop laughing as I tried to explain it to my sister. I hope they're more like this in the future.

Aug 17, 2014
Sleep paralysis and astral projection NEW
by: Anonymous

Sleep paralysis is awesome, and the first step in having fully conscious out of body explorations. YES, you can leave your body, and go anywhere in the Universe, walk through walls, and so on.

Aug 21, 2014
Just terrifying NEW
by: Anonymous

I swear that sleep paralysis is the worst, it happens to me at least once or twice a week and that's a good week. Not only that but when it does happen it is both while I am falling asleep and waking up, sometimes multiple times a night! Now that and my overactive imagination and the visual hallucinations, the humming is terrifying to me, and it is the worst is there anyway to get rid of this condition I do not like being visited by aliens or possessed by demons. Thanks

Sep 03, 2014
Scary NEW
by: Greg

I had one of my first sp. Some hooded dark dude I could not see his face but it was approaching me. No noise. It freked me out. I am never scared of any freaky movies but this freaked me out.. Then I was struggling. And pulled out of it. I kept searching around the room then the house. It was the scariest feeling I have had in years. One thing that might have brought it on was some stress in my marriage.

Oct 19, 2014
i heart sp NEW
by: Anonymous

I constantly have sleep paralysis episodes, I found out that just sleeping on my back causes them, i look forward to tonights dream ;)

Nov 30, 2014
I love sleep paralysis! NEW
by: Anonymous

Everytime I have sleep paralysis I take control of the situation and can give myself an orgasm by command from a thought from my mind. It's the best thing I've ever experienced even better then a physical orgasm. All I do is simply tell that area to perform with a simple thought and weird control of energy pressure. Then before I know it I'm having a long and intense orgasm. As soon as my orgasm is done I entirly wake up. I used to be so scared of sleep paralysis, but over a year I have used it to my advantage. It's amzing how the mind can be so powerful!

Nov 30, 2014
I love sleep paralysis! NEW
by: Anonymous

Everytime I have sleep paralysis I take control of the situation and can give myself an orgasm by command from a thought from my mind. It's the best thing I've ever experienced even better then a physical orgasm. All I do is simply tell that area to perform with a simple thought and weird control of energy pressure. Then before I know it I'm having a long and intense orgasm. As soon as my orgasm is done I entirly wake up. I used to be so scared of sleep paralysis, but over a year I have used it to my advantage. It's amzing how the mind can be so powerful!

Jan 07, 2015
Same as last comment NEW
by: Anonymous

I started to have SP in my twenties (35 now) without knowing what it was. I could hear strong noises like my table or chairs
being pulled, glass breaking, someone typing on my computer keyboard, voices... I had exploding head syndrome too. Sometimes before it happens I was creating very complex music in my head. Sometimes it felt like if my bed was leaning forward and I could feel myself slipping down, I could even feel the sheets and cover moving on my skin. I had a few OBE too. But since I googled to know what it was It only happened once. There was someone sitting on my chest and whistling. I could feel the breath on my face but I realized I was having a SP and could break the paralysis quite quickly. Now the only phenomenon remaining are the orgasms without touching myself and it doesn't occur in the night like the other SP experiences I used to have but in the morning.

Jan 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

I had my first episode when I was 8. I Used to share a room with my brother and we had bunk beds. I had the top bunk and on Christmas Day morning I woke up paralysed and pinned down watching a man stood over me. I was terrified! Since then I have them rarely, the last one about a month ago but before that maybe four months. As the years have gone by Ive learnt to love them, and can't wait for the next episode. It terrifies my boyfriend when he's caught me and when I wake up with the usual gasp of air that you get as if you've been holding your breath under water. With experience though I love that I can do exactly what I want, go where I want any things possible it's like having mushrooms but decoding the trip your going to get!

Feb 02, 2015
I just started to enjoy it this morning. NEW
by: Mike

I have had maybe 6 episodes starting 5 years ago. but I had a 3 year gap between the first time and the second time. Last night I started trying to play with or create things while having the episode. I ended up making a bird and a dog, appear and could move them around my room. Now if only I could lucid dream.

I also found out I could trigger the episode myself. If I am very tired and on the verge of falling asleep I could take 3 heavy deep breaths and a few seconds later I would be in SP.

It doesn't bother me any more that I understand the science behind it. (:

Feb 09, 2015
It's just like watching a movie . . . NEW
by: Zalika

My SP used to terrify me as well. Well, sometimes it still does, if the dream happens to be a nightmare.

You mentioned that it started shortly after losing a loved one . . . odd cuz mine did too. I had my first sleep paralysis shortly after my grandpa died. Anyways, I have insomnia + type 2 narcolepsy.

My SP always comes with a hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucination. Nowadays whenever it happens, I enjoy it because I a.) realise it's a dream cuz I see my real-life surroundings, which allows me to relax about it and b.) the hallucinations distract me from fighting trying to get my muscles to move. It's like watching a movie! I just 'lay back" (ha, sorry) and watch it all play out!

If I happen to have a SP w/ a nightmare, I'll watch it the same way and turn it into a lucid nightmare by trying to manipulate it. It's like turning the nightmare's bad guy into a figurative puppet...then it just becomes funny. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually regular dreams I'll just sit there and watch tho cuz I wanna see what happens next.

Apr 04, 2015
It scares me NEW
by: Nyah Lloyd

I've been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was six years old and I am now 16....Now, every time it happens there is always some part of my body that hurts, my arm still hurts from the last time.

Apr 10, 2015
I sure do NEW
by: Nate

Whenever I get sleep paralysis I get a massive boner! Once I wake I feel the need to wack off.

May 16, 2015
I ask for it NEW
by: Cristina


We share very similar experiences and names :) It's good to know other people enjoy it and welcome it like I do.

I don't know anyone in real life who has learnt to accept it as a gift as opposed to an unwelcome midnight intruder (although I can understand completely)

I have been willing the SP by falling asleep with thoughts of vibrations (generally in the ears because that's where it starts) and I find thinking of roller coasters helps. Picture yourself taking every bend and turn and as your body sways it will begin to vibrate getting the process going for you.

By no means am I fully experienced yet, it did take me a long time to move past the constant fear every time it happened. I would just be lying there, totally vulnerable waiting for it to stop. But now I've had some little wins, and experiences that are easily in my top 2 list. I won't be stopping. For example I was home alone one night and I thought it would be perfect to pull a random DVD from a stack of 100 and place it face down on the kitchen bench before I went to bed. That night I made it out of by pysical body and as far as seeing the DVD but the whole thing was so blurry I couldn't remember much of what happened before or after jus the main objective, the DVD.

I didn't train for this or really know what it was until researching after the first time but I love being weightless and conscientiously moving through vibrations as we naturally are. Last night I was shot out of body backwards and I just thought, no I want to go down and BAM I was hurtling willingly through what ever it is we want to call. Once you disconnect from the uncomfortable physical vibrations of SP and relax into Lucid Dreaming it is indescribable to people who have not felt it. It is not a dream that "totally felt so real", it is exploring the universe without leaving your room.

I love it and I wish more people know about it.

Jun 11, 2015
Other freaky sleep problems NEW
by: VLo

I don't have SP but I do have REM behavioral disorder. It's like the opposite because my mind is asleep but my body is awake. It's related to sleep walking but I will wake up in the middle of messing around in my room and remember why I was doing it even months later. There have been a few times where my eyes are open and I sit up because I see black figures moving around my room. I even jumped up once to see a creepy face right in front of me. Sometimes I hear people talking to me. The more I focus on these "spirits" I'm seeing, I wake up completely and they're gone. I usually experience these episodes during a period of stress and it's only been progressing since childhood. Most of the time I do things that make me laugh the next morning! This week some made up friend was laying next to me, talking to me so I decided I needed to turn the light on for them. I flick on the light switch to see no one but myself freaking out like a vampire with the light. LOL.

Jul 07, 2015
Missing my SP, at age 39 no longer happens NEW
by: Anonymous

I used to get SP all the time. Began around age 11 and occurred heavily for me in my twenties. I got really good at realizing I was having an SP episode and wasn't scared anymore when it happened. As I got older the SP episodes became less frequent and at my current age of 39 they're pretty much completely gone and I miss it. Anyone have the same the same thing happen as they got older?

Jul 28, 2015
Sleep paralysis is a blessing and can be very enjoyable NEW
by: Anonymous

Ive had sleep paralysis since about 16 years old and am 38 now. My experiences are often menevolent with demons and sould suckers and even dark energies trying to have sex with me. Nothing ever harms me although i do sometimes hallucinate physical pain. I am able to fight bad energy off and am generally not freaked out by it. I m always fully lucid and if i need to wake up i try and blink my eyelids or wiggle my toes.
Other experiences are enjoyable and include flying or floating, sexual encounters with imagined human looking figures, orgasms, and feelings of amazing energy all over my body. I generally hear whooshing sounds or voices before if starts and then feel the energy inside me . After that anything can happen dark or light and i generally justs go with the flow and try and enjoy it! I dont want it to go away and i feel it is more of a blessing than anything else.

Aug 04, 2015
happened today! NEW
by: jjmelady

It has only happens to me when I have the luxury of having a nap in the afternoon. It isn't scary at all and one of the main things that happens is I can't open my eyes or one of my eyes so I give up and just ride it out. That's the best time to lucid dream. Today I felt like there was a hooded guy in the room but he wasn't threatening (even though it sounds bad haha) I knew it all wasn't real so I let it roll. I just Imagined he was my boyfriend in another life and he was there to basically make out and have sex with me, it felt almost real and I was able to orgasm in a weird way without touching myself at all.
Crazy how powerful the human brain is!

Sep 12, 2015
Not really that bad NEW
by: Julie

My first sleep paralysis happened when I was young under the age of 13.At that time I just thought of it as a bad dream it just felt unconfortable.Strange thing was I wasnt scared I just lay there and it passed lol.Most of the times There is nothing in the room.Sometimes I have seen things but not evil.Just feels of a neutral nature.Sometimes I get paralyzed in my dream which actually feels different.Feels ominous and creepy.

There also have been times where it would last longer than the usual 15 sec.I get 1 minute paralysis episodes.Everynow and then.I would get 2 to 3 paralysis in a row.For example I would snap out of the paralysis I go back to sleep and get paralysed again.In total I have had at least over 50 sleep paralysis episodes.I have had 5 out of body experiences.I wish to have more.They are crazy fun.

I have also had 15 dream induced lucid dreams.

Sep 20, 2015
i ma nt the only mad NEW
by: Anonymous

glad to here I am not the only mad in here , it was scary at first but I got very good at keeping it last longer , it doesn't happen as much now but when I kinda know its coming just seconds before I fall a sleep ... last time I had it I felt few people massaging my legs ,feet and head I wanted to wake up and see whos there but I sadly I couldn't left my head up so laid back smiled and enjoyed the massage .
lately ive been hearing door knocking inside my head (not my ears ) the I am fully awaked trying t figure it out .

Sep 24, 2015
A special friend NEW
by: Anonymous

This makes for very interesting reading. I have been developing a relationship with a dream persona or a spirit of some kind, since I moved into a quite old house. He is a
very loving, affectionate man that I am very attracted to and have a strong sense of intimacy with but he will not let me see his face. I can only catch glimpses of parts of him if I concentrate very hard but I have to be careful. It is as though he will disappear if I try to learn too much about him or try to take the encounter to another level of intimacy. If I am tempted to become overtly sexual with him he seems disappointed with me and the spell is broken. When he is present, my body moves around the bed and room with him as though I have entered his world. I can not move my body on my own. He moves me by holding me and lifting me, kissing me, holding my hand. Sometimes I lie in bed with my hand open, hoping he will place his hand in mine and I feel disappointed if he doesn't come. This is so very real. I feel as if I am falling in love with a ghost.

Oct 23, 2015
The Best Thing Ever NEW
by: Michael

At first I was fearful.
Then I learned what I was doing.
I was dreamwalking.
I had the full ability to be awake and still control what I see or hear.
Sleep Paralysis is a silly word for it.

Your body is paralyzed yes, but this is what happens when you have a fully spiritual and conscious experience. You are in the world of thought, dreams. You have all the power.

I used to love when I felt the tingling and paralysis, I would start moving things in my room around.

The thing is, when it happens to someone and they have no idea, they get afraid, you then control your own nightmare. You think you see a dark shadow or something evil, then you create that very image and experience.

I've even experimented with the thought of a woman seducing me and you'd be surprised the experience.

Nov 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

when i was about like 5 years old i had sleep paralysis. When i felt paralysed i wanst scared because i thought i was falling asleep and i wanted to dream, but i never fell asleep. i was just paralized. i wondered wjat was happening and then i saw a shadowy bunny standing upright like a person and adult sized! it would look like a person in a easter bunny costume. being 5 i wasnt scared because i thought it was the easter bunny! XD what 5 yr old would hate the easter bunny! I just started talking to it and when it hopped closer to me i just yelled at it. lol

Nov 13, 2015
Nice NEW
by: Anonymous

wow guys its nice because I really enjoy episodes of sleep paralysi. I also want to say that guys your all post really fantastic.
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Nov 25, 2015
My Experience with sleep paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

It started when I was getting the feeling that I was experiencing something during my sleep - but could not recall. I knew it started with a sound. Every time I heard the noise I would think I have to remember this.. but I did not.

So I decided to be alert while I slept. And this what I found: at one particular time of the night I would hear like wind chimes (nice). Then I would see twinkling lights.. first in the window, then in my room. The lights were very beautiful; they seem to move gracefully and kind of connected to one another (like trying to talk or communicate). But when I tried to move/talk I could not.. and this really horrified me -- so it went away, I guess.

In my experience I would hear the train .. or machine running.. I would feel I was flying (feel not see).. I felt the tingling thru out my body.

At this time I did not know what was this. I commented this to 2 friends... One told me.. You have achieved something I have tried but cannot not. He told me it was a state or stage of the mind etc.. which I did not understand.

My other friend told me.. At least you.. your experience was pleasant (but she found strange the fact that it scared me). She told me to wish it away.

That was what I did.. pray and wish it away

It has never happened again.

Dec 30, 2015
I had an orgasm while sleep paralysed. NEW
by: Sravan Dare

I was sleep paralysed while I imagined my crush kamali polury liking my male part, she was sitting on my chest naked and giving a blowjob.
From that day on I enjoy sleep paralysis.

Jan 29, 2016
love it for the experience! NEW
by: T.

I too enjoy being in a Sp state for the obvious reasons , but always like to push myself to move my body parts or at least try to stay awake as long as I can.For some reason always thought that this would somehow aid me if I was to be in some sort of coma not saying its the same ,but if my will was strong enough to wake me during SP or make me move then I might jst be alright...

Apr 21, 2016
Sleep paralysis NEW
by: Sarahbee

This is completely fascinating. I just experienced sleep paralysis for the first time and it felt incredible. My grandmother passed away last night and I didn't sleep well, so I took a nap this afternoon and started to feel very tingly as I fell asleep. My body felt amazing, like I was leaving it and falling deeper and deeper and I remember thinking, this is probably how my Grandma felt when she left her body. At that point I thought, I should probably wake up so that I don't go too far, but when I tried to move, I couldn't. But it didn't scare me. I just kept falling in and out of sleep trying to harness the experience, and eventually I was able to go anywhere I wanted to go. I've never done drugs, but I imagine that this is what it feels like when people say their whole body is heightened on ecstacy. It just felt amazing. Thanks for sharing everyone. I am relieved to hear others have also experienced this.

Apr 30, 2016
great experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I had sleep paralysis in my teen ages and then nothing till 40. Recently I had 2 episodes and was so scared and started researching this and learnt it is called sleep paralysis. Even though I was so scared in the last one till I get hold of my power to move, I felt so relaxed after that. Now I am looking forward to the next one.

May 02, 2016
Yes! NEW
by: Jetsanna

I was ready to argue the difference between lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis, but how can they not be connected? I love both. And why does the paralysis only seem to happen during daytime naps?

May 06, 2016
scared of it. NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm surprised that u guys have experienced sp! I haven. I just try to get it. To paralyse myself. I could recently do some stuff but wasn paralysed. The only strange things were the sound of an old door n pleasant music from heavens. I wasn focused n they ended so quickly before I realized them! I thought these stuff would show off after ur paralysed but I heard them while becoming numb. N ofc there was no source of these sounds. Like we got no old doors. I dunno what I might face next time , I'm gonna give it another try. I'm just scared ! Searching internet to see If someone can die due to a heart attack caused by SP!!? Its scary for most ppl. Isn it?

May 06, 2016
scared of it. NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm surprised that u guys have experienced sp! I haven. I just try to get it. To paralyse myself. I could recently do some stuff but wasn paralysed. The only strange things were the sound of an old door n pleasant music from heavens. I wasn focused n they ended so quickly before I realized them! I thought these stuff would show off after ur paralysed but I heard them while becoming numb. N ofc there was no source of these sounds. Like we got no old doors. I dunno what I might face next time , I'm gonna give it another try. I'm just scared ! Searching internet to see If someone can die due to a heart attack caused by SP!!? Its scary for most ppl. Isn it?

May 07, 2016
I enjoy them. NEW
by: Aluzky

Similar to you, I enjoy them. I can trigger lucid dream 99% of the time when I have a dream experience that I don't like. So, if a dream turn nightmarish, I suddenly snap and realize I'm dreaming and stop what I don't like. I guess that with sleep paralysis is the same as you are sleep or in a middle state and sleep paralysis doesn't feel good, BUT, if you are a lucid dreamer, you can make it feel good, for example, when I get paralyzed I see a shadow of a person and can't move(that is the scary part) then I become lucid and turn that shadow into my black Labrador doggy boyfriend (still a shadow, just doggy shaped)and imagine that he jumps on me and pines me down against the bed with his wight and french kisses me (now is the opposite of scary and I love it) till I wake up from being too aroused... we used to kiss like that when he was alive. I wish I had more sleep paralysis to "see him" more often, but it is SUPERVERY rare for me to have them.

If you people can't tell, I'm a zoosexual. guess if I where into humans, I would imagine a good looking dude or girl being on top of me and doing sexual things to me. :)

Jul 15, 2016
Enjoyable, no fear at all NEW
by: Anja

I have it quite often and thought it was totally normal. I actually really enjoy it and have never felt any anxiety about it!

Jul 25, 2016
Funny experiences with sleep paralysis NEW
by: Jim

I have regular sleep paralysis, for most of my life it hasnt included any visual or auditory elements, just a sensation of being watched. The first time this changed I felt something slink into the other side of my bed and then a violent shaking as if someone was bouncing the other side of the bed with there arms, I should of been terrified but all I could think of is after all these years you finally make a move and you miss, wrong side of the bed idiot, woke up in hysterics, laughing so hard I think I woke my neighbours.

After this first instance I get all kinds of crazy stuff happening when my SP kicks in, my particular favourites are a Mexican with poncho an sombrero, and most recently a four armed astronaut sat at my desk drink coffee with a sideways smile.

Jul 26, 2016
I fear them for my life NEW
by: Jonathan Smith

If it's a succubus (still not recommended).

In worst case you can die but it's rare. It depends what demon you have managed to lure upon you.

The most evil one (at the night guests) has a name but to you it's better not knowing it. If you even think that name while going sleep, you might summon it.

I know that name because he told it to me just before I got my stroke and almost died. So you nor me don't want to get it's attention.

Aug 02, 2016
polar opposite of fear NEW
by: Anonymous

I find if you concentrate on the love from your heart instead of falling into fear, an intensity may arise which is very beautiful, it may take will power and concentration but it can be a good place to launch into a lucid dream from, or even to lie there and feel its healing power. i like to think of the love as a force field against any unknown spirits.

Aug 17, 2016
Can someone help me? NEW
by: Anonymous

I like sleep paralysis too. But, I like it for he scary part. I just like the thrill. There is no way to explain it, it's just how I feel. Is there any way I can get myself to get SP any time I want to?

Sep 02, 2016
Can't decide if I love or hate it NEW
by: Lucy

I too have had this from a young ages at the moment I'm having it a few times a night and then again in the morning if I nod back off. I had one recently where I was stabbed in the heart by five people and they free a star sign on my chest with the knives sometimes I feel scared and shout out to my partner and he wakes up to comfort me but when I do actually wake up he is still asleep. I feel like I have been moving and can't believe he has not heard me shouting his name. I hear a really loud noise like waves as soon as I am falling asleep then go straight into a dream sometimes I can turn the dream into something I want and sometimes I see horrible faces and it's really scary. This morning I heard running water in my bathroom and my partner in the house but I knew even though I was in this state he had actually left for work. I am not sure if coffee or stress brings this on as I can go a couple of weeks without having an episode but then have if every ugly for a while. A few times I feel like I have been floating and have actually seen myself on the bed. I have never been to the doctors about it but have often tried to research on the Internet and this thread is the one I have personally related to the most with my experiences. Does anyone know if there is any chat groups / forums about this ? Thanks

Sep 25, 2016
I enjoy it too. NEW
by: Lulu

No.. youre not the only one that enjoys it. It has hapoened to be too sincr I was 14 or 15 too. I remember people I bhighschool were talking about sleep paralysis but I ignored the convo. When I got home.. I want to my room to take a nap. I was "fighting" with this thing that day and everytime it happened. Then. I was curious to ser what would happen if I stopped resisting. So then I experieced lucid dreaming, astral projections or O.O.B.E and talking control interno what happen on my sleep paralysis. Yes I enjoy it so cause now I Can control it... Not the sleep paralysis controling me.

Oct 26, 2016
You're lucky! I hate SP NEW
by: Maria

I've had SP since I was 17 and I'm now 31. There are times I experience it several times a week and there are months it doesn't happen at all.
Two days ago I experienced it in a very different way. I suddenly found myself in SP looking at my bed from the ceiling. I was standing upside down (I could even feel the blood pressure on my head) and a man wearing black clothes behind the bedroom door. Gosh, it was terrifying!
Today I was reading about this to see if I could get some ideas on how to stop it (I never know how to wake up) or how to move to lucid dreaming... I am also sure that SP can lead to an OBE experience. Once I had to fight hard not to leave my body, it was the scariest feeling.
When I'm awake I regret not being braver to try this kind of stuff during SP, but when I find myself in SP I freak out :(

Nov 02, 2016
I like it too NEW
by: Dan

Used to have terrifying expetiances as a kid. I am 50 years old now and learned to like the thrill of it, and am sometimes disapointed when the experiances dont happen for a while.I never feel paralyzed, I just see things. Today I woke up and had a little teddy bear looking at me. :)

Nov 05, 2016
I try to reach SP NEW
by: Danny

I started having SP as a young child. I can tell it's going to occur shortly after laying down. As my body becomes very heavy I start to vibrate. I then force my soul to leave my body. If I can't get out, I'll subconsciously ask for help. Many times people from the other side will reach out and pull my arms. Once out I can just think of where I want to go and instantly I'm there. I can fly, swim underwater without the need to breathe, and go through walls. I wish I could do it will...

Nov 07, 2016
Finally got to lucid dreaming through SP NEW
by: Maria

A few days ago I posted here saying I hate SP, and I guess I still do... but I have been reading a few tips on how to "enjoy" it and I made some progress I'd like to share :)

Before, when I got to SP I would freak out and try to move to wake up, but it only made it worse. I couldn't wake up and would see shadows, hear steps, etc.

The other day I read that first you should try to stay calm and have peaceful thoughts. When you achieve that, you need to concentrate on what you'd like to experience.

Last night I had a couple of episodes.. I woke up at 5 and when I fell back asleep again it happened. I concentrated to calm down (and closed my eyes to avoid seeing any creature, which would immediately freak me out) and then imagined I was flying... it took me a few seconds, but then I started to move my arms and legs like I was swimming and crossed the wall behind my bed... Everything was dark, but I was flying/swimming (who knows :) ) and I tried to focus on seeing a landscape, but I ended up flying above a city at night, which was pleasant too. Then, I landed and tried to fly again, but it didn't work anymore. Finally, I went back to SP.

I don't control lucid dreaming 100%, I guess it takes practice, but it's the first time I achieve lucid dreaming from SP, and I've had this for 14 years, so I'm quite excited!!

Does anyone have tips on how to control lucid dreaming??


Feb 07, 2017
intentional sleep paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

I endured my first episode of sleep paralysis about three months ago, complete with a malevolent presence and all. It was absolutely terrifying.

Two days later (I needed time to collect myself) I set about trying to induce sleep paralysis as an exercise. I have done it 3-4 times since then, none of which were scary. Enjoyable, actually.

I try for it every night.

Feb 13, 2017
Communicating with the outside world in SP NEW
by: Aaron

I have had sleep paralysis a LOT. I'm sure over 1000 times since I was a child. While it used to be scary, I've had plenty of good experiences the older I've gotten. Most recently, I've begun to experiment with trying to communicate from SP to my girlfriend who may be awake next to me.

I'm still working it out, but I have been able to ask "can you hear me?" and have her laugh and ask "did you say 'can you hear me?' because it sounded more like 'mmuuuhhhh muuoooo hmrrrrr meeaaa' " but I'll take that as a success. I have used the same technique to tell a friend in the room to please "wake me up - i'll explain."

I don't know why I find the communication part so fascinating, and it doesn't always work - I still get auditory and visual hallucinations which can totally mislead me - but It's a start!

Feb 25, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have sleep paralysis all the time. I love it. Sometimes I feel like something grabs me by my feet and drags me out of bed and pulls me in circles around my bedroom floor.

Feb 26, 2017
Yeah probably NEW
by: Anonymous

I guess it depends on the sleep paralysis episodes of the individual? Mine have been nothing but the feeling of sinister evil alongside creepy hallucinations. Although ive researched and understood the condition, it hasnt changed the outcome except that i dont panic, ive accepted this creepy shit, but ill still wake myself up and its always calm just like opening your eyes...its really interesting to see this perspective, and i thank you for the insight...btw does anybody else have visual hallucinations, or merely sensational?

Mar 19, 2017
all the time NEW
by: ct

I've been having them for about 10 yrs. At first I didn't know what it was and they always scared the shit out of me. I just feel this evil feeling. Lately It's been weirder I'm having orgasms but I can feel everything happening but not see anyone. Then after this last one I woke up feel back into one it felt like someone was on my back whisper in my ear it was a male's voice but he wasn't saying my name. Sometimes they freak me out so much I don't want to go back to sleep. Btw mine happen when I fall asleep at night or take a nap.

Apr 04, 2017
SP can scary fun......sometimes!!!! NEW
by: JuiceMan730

Well, Sometimes I can control the SP, sometimes it's a horror show!!! However when I relax, count to 5 & tell myself I am safe..... man I go directly into a lucid dream, it's an amazing experience!! The other night I was in full SP & go into a lucid dream, I'm in a club with a beautiful girl and I have a drink in my right hand, i could feel the cold on the glass, absolutely amazing, my perception of the events become considerably heightened. Now I still know I am dreaming and the intensity of the dream is incredibly real. But instead of consciously guiding my dream, i become sucked in to a nightmare plot and begin consciously observing whatever comes up. Your unconscious is so powerful in its intent, you can't overrule its manifestations. So I often relinquish control of my lucid dreams and allow my unconscious to show me what it wants. I am still lucid dreaming because I am highly self aware, the dreamscape is ultra-vivid and I can consciously react to the dream elements that are unfolding!!!!!

Apr 29, 2017
Once you're aware of what it is NEW
by: Anonymous

It took me like a month to realize that I can control this thing. I used to see hands reaching through my curtains and hear voices whether it was some random hot chick laying on top of me or some fucked up demonic shit. I was sleeping in my living room on the couch and said to myself that I was gonna try and see something if I tried on purpose and sure enough that same hand that used to terrify me was reaching out of the lampshade on the table next to me. Ever since then I knew all this is imagination and there is no religious connection. Plus lucid dreams are dope af. I mean you can fly, destroy everything or have sex with anyone. Who would be against that?

May 01, 2017
Am I the only one who enjoys sleep paralysis NEW
by: Vibration

I started having sleep paralysis when I was little. It scared the hell out of me that sometimes I would be afraid of going to bed. SP really tortured my childhood sleep, it tormented me day & night. In the day it would be more torturing because I would hear my family members talking, laughing and having fun while I would be in hell. Until one day, as I was paralyzed in the middle of the night and having breathing difficulties an image of soccer just appeared from nowhere. Soon, It seemed as if I was really watching real soccer and I fell right back to sleep. Now SP is adventurous for me.

May 03, 2017
New to SP NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I know this is an old thread but this is something that has just recently started happening to me! It has happened probably 10 times in the laSt few weeks and it has never been scary for me. The first time it happened I immediately got up and Googled "tingling sensaton and buzzing sounds during sleep" and was immediately directed to sleep paralysis info. Since the first time, I have actively been seeking these dreams, much like you describe. I experience the buzzing sounds, intense tingling (almost orgasmic). I have not yet gotten to the point of luCid dreams, but today I am embarrassed to admit, that I did imagine a sexual encounter, but woke myself up right before I got there. This is what usually seems to happen before I get to the point of "controlling" my dreams, but I am certain I can get there. It is almost like I get too excited. I am very new to this and was wondering if there are any tips on how to stay in the dream state without waking myself up. Thank you in advance, I don't even know if anyone will see this, but I will be interested to see if I get any responses.

May 15, 2017
Being snuggled by my hallucinations during sleep paralysis :) NEW
by: Mag

This is so interesting to read because everything I've read about sleep paralysis seems to be negative. It was a bit scary for me too when it started a few years ago (I'm 29 now), but since then it has become something I really enjoy.

Usually I can predict when it will happen because it tends to manifest when I am really stressed out or overtired, usually when I fall asleep at a weird time of the day or return to sleep after waking. Recently for me it has been pretty sexual... as soon as it starts I can feel the presence of another person touching me and talking to me. Usually I orgasm while this is happening. It's actually amazingly comforting even though I know the person isn't actually there. It's sometimes confusing but it's happened enough that I know it isn't really and that I shouldn't be afraid of sounds that aren't really there or people touching me because it isn't real.

Reading this back it sounds kind of creepy and weird but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has enjoyable experiences with sleep paralysis!

Jul 08, 2017
I got SP because of meditation :) NEW
by: Anonymous

In the last year or sow i started practice meditation 25 right now.
About amonth or two afterwards
I started to expirience SP.
It happened to me 2-3 times during my life
So i was aware of that expirience.
The first time it happened to me since i started mdditate, i was during one as suddenly i felt like my whole conchious is falling in an exponential increasing speed into idk where and it freaked the shit out of me haha i was so teriffied.
And as long i kept medidate i would expirience episodes for almost every night,
As i hear the wooshing sounds and vibrations all over my body they were very powerfull feelings.
I have had few bad expirinences mostly at the beggining but after a while i started practice controlling them.
Alot of time i feel like floating in thd room or leave it completly to other realms ,flying a million miles an hour in the sky seeing beatifull landscaps and general feeling of bliss love and happiness in my heart
This specific episode started as i wake up paralised i i told to my self i had to explore this was a battle of concentration and will power to actually be able to get out of the body (first time) and to pass my seiling into the sky but it was Totaly worth it.
Also when i have an episode i can move some sort of energy or vibration to my gennital and expirience great pleasure and sex drive as soon as i wake up i have a lot of sexual energy to use haha

Sep 08, 2017
Me too! NEW
by: David

I was afraid of sleep paralysis too. I remember as a child very young experiencing this. I also have had an OBE as a child and seeing my self asleep on the ground scared me and made me wake up.Just to wake up and finding myself in the exact spot on the floor where I saw my self. It was creepy. After trying for awhile now, I can actually control when I want to have sleep paralysis and have a lucid dream.Glad I'm not the only one. Thankfully I am no longer afraid to fall asleep.

Sep 13, 2017
I love you NEW
by: Nick

I was sleeping on the couch and went into sleep paralysis while about to wake up that morning I then discovered I was awake and my body was not I then heard a heavy buzzing sound of waves come from the front door over my body in behind my head I then heard a voice say I love you and I turned fear into acceptance and began to smile and laugh and take the experience as an enlightenment practice I then raised my Astral arms and saw that they were detached from my physical body I then looked around the room and turned my head to see how much I can see with my Astral eyes I got halfway around the room until my physical head moved and I snapped back into reality very intriguing experience and next time I will wiggle my Astral fingers as well as my toes to fully detached my Astral body from my physical body very interesting events in my life and the angelic beings was keeping me safe because I had good intentions of gratitude

Oct 31, 2017
Sleep paralysis disorder NEW
by: JuiceMan

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, not able to move and feeling like there’s something in the room with you?

I have, i wake up in my own real life horror film on a regular basis, confronted by extremely strange visions and super terrifying sounds.

I have absolutely no idea how these symptoms manifest. Sometimes I may find the feelings to be vague and almost indescribable, while other times I experience terrifying events in grim detail. Either way, the feeling of complete immobility and total awareness will be present every time it occurs.

Often the visual hallucinations I experience represent common manifestations of scary figures – such as ghosts, demons, monsters and the dead.....or even the undead!!!!!

Nov 18, 2017
feeling dead NEW
by: Anonymous

i had a recent attack today 18 november 2017...i am 19 years old felt like i am just going to die and at that present moment i thought that's how people die ..first there body get paralysed and they can't scream for help ...and it felt like something is taking my soul away from me was a terrifying experience and i will remember this my whole life...

Dec 05, 2017
i love my sleep paralysis! NEW
by: james

I've had regular SP since i was around 4 years old, now 39. i always enjoyed it, I've never found it scary, some of the hallucinations can be very real and if you allowed them, terrifying, but even as a young child i wasn't scared because i always feel in an extremely relaxed trance, it's like i'm watching it from my eyes, but somehow not if that makes any sense! its really hard to describe how it feel, but i always get a buzzing noise, then an amazing feeling of floating over a red plain of nothingness,sometimes getting pushed into in by something pinning me down, but the redness feels so warm,soft and cosy, i emjoy getting pushed into it. i do sound insane having just read that! oh well sleep is a funny thing!

Mar 25, 2018
I enjoy it too NEW
by: Anonymous

Due to work, I often go to bed late and lack of sleep sometimes and that leads to SP. And I really enjoy it. I can control what I want during that time. Sometimes I fly above the forest and see the most beautiful scenery from above or jumping through the trees. A really nice feeling I have to say. I wish it lasts longer. Sometimes I can have organism if I want to.

Apr 11, 2018
the same here NEW
by: Anonymous

I just researched " not moving after waking up" and found sleep paralysis. Most of the posts / links say it's frightening but I find them interesting and always want to get back to that dream I woke up from probably toon fast. Then when not possible I am a bit disappointed that I need to get up !

Apr 12, 2018
Positive aspects of sleep paralysis NEW
by: Jeff

Excellent article, and portrays how in the absence of being at one's own emotional "helm", the fears from sleep paralysis manifest themselves, take over and drive one to extreme terror.

In my childhood sleep paralysis episodes, which initially were terrifying, I learned not to fight it or try to wake up from it, but instead heighten my lucidity by telling myself that I've been "here" before, and what I see or hear is not real and that it will end soon. I also learned to immediately grab hold of my emotions and calm myself down and was surprised i could do that even in the midst of all the grotesque/hideous things I was seeing and hearing. This changes one's own subjectiveness to SP and is how I learned to manage my episodes.

What you're describing of purposefully envisioning something during sleep paralysis and then having that manifest itself with such realism is called "self hypnosis" and it also works in the lucid dream state. The prerequisite for being able to do this is being very calm, relaxed, and open to suggestion, like having a curiosity to explore.

Jul 12, 2018
I love it NEW
by: Anonymous

Most of the time I have a SP, I just go fast in the universe, very faaast, super sonic fast, trying to get to the odge. I can’t wait for my next episode.. it happens if take a nap, usually in the morning.
One time I stood up and I could see my body lying there. I could see my apartment, everything was the same but it was like if it wasn’t mine.. the mine feeling was removed from the objects.
One time it was my energy vs some other enrgy, neither one of us had a form, just energy. he was trying to frighten me but I decided not to get scared and fight him, at first my energy over took him but then he got way bigger than me and screamed very loud at me, it was scary as fuck, I almost shit my pants but that was the last time I saw him. Since then only pleasant experiences..

Sep 08, 2018
Amazing and exhilarating experience NEW
by: Anonymous

First incident happened 2 years ago when i was 14 (currently 16), i was pretty scared for the first couple of times but after that i loved it. It kept happening for the next two years probably a few times a month. About 3 months ago my grandfather was killed and the whole week i had so much emotional weight, then one night i experienced probably 10-15 instances of sleep paralysis in a row as i would go into and out of a state of paralysis every few minutes. The best part was getting in and out of it so frequently, it was so thrilling that i was menacingly laughing the entire time, it was almost like a mentally orgasmic experience. It took off a lot of the emotional stress i had after my loss. Unfortunately it has only happened 1 or 2 times since then but im desperately waiting for another one after reading this

Dec 04, 2018
Not alone
by: Papacv

I didn’t know what SP was for the longest time and it was terryfying but kinda trippy. Then I found out about it and the tie into lucid dreams and I love it. Still scary everytime I mean you’re in your bed just like before fall asleep so seems like a real fckin ghost is approaching you! But fairly quickly I realize the situation and try my best to pop into lucid mode. Only happened one time really well where I became the master of my universe and could do essentially anything I wanted to like a God and was fantastic. I’ve never gotten that to that extreme since, I usually just awake partially to get out of it and rinse and repeat many times which can be scary in itself where I don’t know how to fully get out or lose touch with actual reality at times. But back of my mind even if I want out...I kinda want in as it’s just such an experience. Only those who have had SP can truly relate I think. I tell my friends or wife they think I’m nuts or can’t imagine what I’m talking about

Jan 04, 2019
Orgasms like never before
by: Anonymous

I started having SP when I was about 17. They were very scary at first and I hated it. Demonic sights and sounds, buzzing sound taking over my whole head, sounds of people walking all over, I hated it. This morning though out of nowhere I learned to control it and switch it on and off and actually visualize and feel what I wanted to feel. I found I had to be in the same position each time laying flat with my left leg on my right leg in a "4" postition. Then I slowly doze off and there it goes. I don’t know who I’m having sex with during this time because I haven’t learned that trick yet but I’m in the same room just facing the wall so i can only see their shadow and hear their grunts. But I completely control what they’re doing even down to slapping my butt. It went on for 3 hours this morning of me waking up and going back into it. I literally felt like I was shaking uncontrollably and having the best orgasm of my life. Idk if I actually did or not but I woke up and could feel my lower abdomen tingling. Idont want to get out of bed now lol

Jan 11, 2019
IM not affärsidé anymore NEW
by: Hans

I been living with this for so long that I miss it when it’s not with me anymore. I try every night to make it come back, bet it seems my medicin will not allow that to happen again. Maybe I should stop taking my medecin and feel the feel again.

Jan 11, 2019
Not affraid
by: Tight

I had this since I was young and I I do no now how to coop with it,

Jan 27, 2019
I am enjoying SP now NEW
by: Anonymous

I used to sleep alone at my room when I was 16 years old. One day I felt terribly wrong ,in my case my eyes were closed,I felt weight on my body,and as mentioned above electrical waves passing through out my body , it was terrifying and neither I can move . After many tries to move ,I can get rid of it , having sleep paralysis and waking up in midnight is really terrifying. Those days I had SP almost every day for two weeks and even twice in one sleep . Nowadays frequency of SP low , once in month or twice , but nowadays I wish that I had sleep paralysis because it feels like beyond the world and I can achieve internal peace inside my mind .

Mar 17, 2019
My first experience NEW
by: Anonymous

Today marked the first time I experienced sleep paralysis.

I was sitting in the tool crib at work (A locked room that only I have access to). Sitting in chair resting my eyes with the conscious attention of not falling asleep.

Paranoia in regards to someone finding me, followed by flash of seeing someone walk past me, followed by bothersome sense that someone was in the room with me. This coupled into the inability to move my limbs and a loud shaking sensation. Audible ringing in my ears occurred.

Due to this being my first experience with this, I began to panic slightly that I could not awake or move. Felt almost like drowning.

I calmed down and registered what was occurring and eventually pulled myself out.

I immediately looked up this on my phone and sought out to try again.

I repeated the exact feeling of fear/paranoia multiple times to successful place myself into sleep paralysis. Each occurrence was accompanied by loud vibration (no audible que to the vibration, just a full body sense of vibrating. Almost like I was trying to break through an invisible barrier.) Accompanied by very very intense ring. Ring comprised of a large multiple of notes but all very close in pitch. One note/a hundred notes.

Each time I attempted to force my body to move, as to in a sense astral project or lucid dream. At one point I was giving it everything I had and this created a sense of my lips snarling in struggle. When forcing myself to move without moving, I began to hear a chorus of voices, hundreds of voices. None clearly speaking but all audible. I wish I could have heard in detail what they were saying. During this same experience I had a complex pattern of kaleidoscope detail begin to swirl, comprising my entire field of vision. Each line in the pattern began to shift hues into a spectacle of variance.

Upon failure of reaching complete lucidity, I decided to pull myself out. At this point I recall vividly opening my eyes and seeing my right hand next to my face. I blinked twice and it was not actually there, but on my stomach where I had originally left it.

This entire process, including multiple attempts took in reality only 20 minutes, but upon full body control and getting up it felt like it took hours if not days.

The entire world felt eerily silent and looked like it was 1/10th of a shade wrong in color. I experienced fleeting and reoccurring cold chills/goose bumps with no physical/emotional stimulus for roughly 30 minutes after. It should be noted that my depth perception seemed more tuned afterwards as well. I felt like distance was more accurately understood/defined when looking at far away objects. (Not that they were more clear, just that the distance between was more understood.) I also felt more energized mentally and had an odd sense of wonder to the world around me.

Time passed interestingly quick for the next hour until I began to level back out once human contact was reinitiated.

I will most certainty attempt again and enjoyed it!!

Mar 27, 2019
I love it NEW
by: Anonymous

Wiggle your toes to wake up.

I enjoy floating around the room. It took years to lose the fear. It’s very fun. You can fly, do magic, move objects, it all seems very real.

There are slight variations in familiar surroundings that indicate you are not in reality. A misplaced door, ceiling fan, something.

Have fun with it

Jun 08, 2019
I enjoy SP and assumed everyone experiences it positively NEW
by: Anonymous UK

I have had SP for as long as I remember. I had no idea that it did not happen to everyone until my early 40s. I always knew it as that feeling when you are awake but your body is still asleep. Sometimes it is a frequent occurrence, sometimes it happens only a couple of times a year. I have always enjoyed the experience and find it quite restorative. It is great to be able to control dreams or just appreciate the magnificence of sleep. I am lucky that very few of my experiences have been negative. Even then I have an awareness that it will pass so I do not feel too frightened. I assumed it was a positive experience for everyone until I started reading about it.

Jun 12, 2019
benevolent goddess encounter
by: Anonymous

I had a pretty trippy and very benevolent experience a month ago. I was on my side and felt a pleasent female presence brush it's wings across my body, causing an intense ripple of light/warm flowing through me, like a combination of wind and sun rays passing through a collection of clouds. The waves moved from head to toe like waves, but only one half of my body, like I was cut straight from the middle. I slowly managed to move my hand from the 'cold' side of my body into the path of the wing-like strokes, but this did not affect it. About this time I woke up where I was.

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