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An Elevator, a Train Station, and a Field

by Levi
(California, United States)

To begin I have to admit that I am a man and in this dream I was a small girl. Weird, right?

To start off, I remember having many friends trying to help me escape some people that were after me underground. Unfortunately, I found myself at a dead end with the bad guys fast approaching. I looked around frightened for any form of escape and saw in the wall, a very small sort of dumb-waiter sort of elevator and climbed in, this elevator looked small from the outside but I was able to stand up in it and there was even a sort of old lever that required me to lift it to go up and push it down to go down. I remember hearing the voices of the bad guys as I was going up and I was terrified. I kept going up in this elevator and suddenly I saw another little closed door and promptly stopped the elevator. I pushed open the small door and looked outside to see the inside of a stall and, curious, I got out to see where I was.

Peeking out of the stall I saw another little girl around the same age as me washing her hands. Seeing me she turned and asked where I came from, I showed her the small door that had lost its doorknob so I couldn't open it, I was terrified. She said it was ok and I could live with her parents if I wanted to. I followed her out of the bathroom to find myself in a very small train station with all these women in elegant gowns and all the men in suits and top hats. They all seemed at ease and were talking to one another, seemingly waiting to go on the train which obviously couldn't carry that many people.

She dragged me past the train and into a field, just beyond it. This field was not entirely free, it had netting draped all over the top, quite high up and was much like a sort of an upturned bowl made of netting. The only way in and out was the entrance I had just entered through. It was beautiful though. In the field was a quiet looking house which she took me too. Her "parents" where outside, working on the garden. I was introduced and the parents told me I could stay there
as long as I worked to which I agreed to.

Now, I remember working the next few months in that area, sweeping off the train station and cleaning the small house, working. I remember in this time that the parents were actually horrible to the girl that introduced me to her parents but whenever I entered the room I was greeted and they were kind to me. I don't know why they were so unkind to their own child.

My favorite area to stay was near the edge of the field, the closest to the train, I like to watch it leave with all the elegant ladies and upright gentlemen. I turned to look towards my new home and saw the old bad guys talking to my family, hurting them to find out where I was, and turning, they saw me. They started to came towards me and I was completely afraid, after all, this field was a prison, with only one way in and one way out, which they were protecting. I had to get to my new family, I had to protect them, so I started running towards them.

As I ran several wolves/coyotes came behind me, scared I looked around and saw them running at me and I ran faster. In desperation I screamed, "Why are you attacking me?! You should be attacking those men!" to which they replied by slowly directing themselves in the bad guys direction.

After feeling amazed, I remember them taking their place behind me again. This time, I told them to attack the bad guys again with more authority and tried to not lose focus. They ran ahead of me and attacked the men at the entrance. Then I eagle came behind me. I pointed to the people attacking my family and it flew ahead of me to deal with them. A bear also came to follow and I sent him ahead of me to fight the bad guys. When I got there my family was already destroyed and couldn't recover, I knew I had to go before it happened to me too.

I ran past the men being attacked by wolves/coyotes and ran into the restroom I first arrived in. This time, there was a doorknob which I used to open it. I climbed in pulled the lever up and continued up until I saw another little door, opening it, I woke up.

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