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Anime & Manga Causing Me Sleep Deprivation

by Rainie A.

Ok I’m 13 and at this very moment it is 5:05 am and I have not goon to sleep that all since last night. My mom tells me that I’m backwards because of how mess-up my life is and if you seen me from across the room you would be able to see the big black circles around my eyes.

Sometimes I well be doing something and all of a sudden my vision well go a baler or when I wake up in the mornings I will be walking down my hallway and everything will go white and I’d get all dizzy. And I also notated that I started to fall asleep in weird places like I’d see my cat sleeping on the floor and I’d go and lay down beside him and 3 or 4 hours later I’d wake up and have no memory of what had happen and how I get there.

I have a problem, I’m addicted to the computer and on the computer all I do is watch anime and read manga and that is what I’m addicted to the most and I stay up all night because of it. And when I go to school me and my friends talk about it and tell each other about the ones we read or watch and we tell each other which ones we should read or watch. But I find it so interesting and cool and I love it and the only bad thing it is doing is making me have less and less sleep.

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Aug 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

My best advice to you is to limit your consumption, and set a bedtime for yourself and do your best to stick to it. At your age, sleep is incredibly important for your growth and continued well-being. Realize that the anime/manga isn't going anywhere when you go to bed.

Aug 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am the same way as you, but I'm 15 and I'm addicted to harry potter. I've had countless all nighters and its starting to change me in ways I don't enjoy. I've been doing it for a while now and I can see the toll it has taken on me and I just want to tell you that you should just make time to sleep. You will notice a big change in you. I had a couple good night rests and I was happy for once.

Dec 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Haha, funny read, your not an insomniac, quit with the computer n just go to bed haha

Jan 15, 2012
me too! D: NEW
by: Anonymous

I was the exact same way all throughout the 7th (and part of the 8th) grade! I remember when I first watched code geass and death note... I managed to finish each one in like, a week or less. (those were my first 2 animes, and I WORSHIPPED them at the time) Although I didn't usually stay up that late to watch many other animes, I did get addicted to AMVs and fanfiction... summers were the worst since I didn't have to be anywhere and could sleep in as late as I wanted the next day... I just remember waking up as late as 5:00 PM some days, majorly depressed and with a killer headache and thinking, 'man, is this what a hangover feels like?'

LOL you probably don't care but anyway I've been there done that and trust me, it's not worth it. sadly to say, it took me almost two years to "grow out of it" naturally b/c I couldn't bring myself to stop sooner, but you don't have to be like me!!! :O watch anime during the day if you must, or set a time where ur computer shuts down or something... maybe even something like 3:00AM an gradually decrease it, idk lol

Jan 16, 2012
=__= NEW
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, I'm addicted to the computer,anime,manga, and second life Anime RP :(

Dec 31, 2012
anime, video games, manga NEW
by: Anonymous

lol, I'm in the same place you are, I will be 13 at the end of march, and I am a super fangirl....Hetalia, Death note, Black butler, bleach. Also I'm a video game addict. Mw3, and earthbound FTW. but anyway I never get much sleep, usually 3-4 hours a night but I always take naps throughout the day. So I'm pretty sure I'm nocturnal now.hehe
Right now it's 7:20 and I'm not sure weather im tired or not

Jun 12, 2015
LOL that's what I'm doing right now NEW
by: Jessica

I usually finish anime in about a day or two and it is SERIOUSLY aproblem. But, I'm not sleep deprived. Why? Because I don't wake up at 7 I wake up at like 2PM. It's seriously becoming a problem but I'm going around the world so it isn't a problem rn. I'm hoping too get out of the habit after my trip. What I do is I take my computer to my bed and watch anime. After like 5 minutes, I'm about to fall asleep so I put my computer away, crawl into my sheets and fall asleep. Just don't eat a lot of candy or caffeine. LIke the people say, "The first part to getting over your addiction is admitting you are addicted." So good job and good luck getting over it. For once just cuddle up with a bunch of blankets , your favourite anime character plush and relax. The hero will probably win the battle and save the other character or town or the world.

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