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Anyone else hear the buzzing?

by Courtney

I don't know that I've ever had sleep paralysis happen at night. Maybe once or twice in the morning. But when I experience it the most is when I take naps during the day, which I try to avoid for that reason. It's the same old thing, like everyone else I can see and hear but I can't move.

But what I haven't heard about before is that, every time it happens to me there is a very loud buzzing or humming sound in my brain. It's like all the electricity in the house is running through my spinal cord. And even before the paralysis "sets in" I can hear it coming. It's very strange. I know what's happening with the paralysis but I'd like to know if anyone else hears the loud hum?

Kevin: Hey Courtney, Thanks for writing in. You've hit on a key insight with highlighting the fact that you usually only experience SP during naps. I believe this is due to the fact that depending on the length of your nap, you can be much more likely to wake up during a REM period, and thus be more prone to your atonia leaking out into wakefulness. More on that here. You could try changing the duration of your naps significantly and seeing if it makes a difference in the frequency of your episodes (e.g. if you usually take around 40 minute naps, try 20 minute or 90 minute naps instead. This could make it more likely to wake up outside of REM.)

In regards to the buzzing, others definitely experience the same thing and I've heard accounts of the noise and the electricity tingling feeling a fair bit. A dream researcher named Ryan Hurd, who's suffered from SP since he was 14 and devised ways to control it since, writes quite a bit about it in his book, Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide, which you can read my review of here.


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Dec 13, 2010
your not the only one
by: Robert

Hi I have read your story and I just wanted to tell you I have the same feeling. Its hard to describe and every time I try explaining it to my family or friends they say its just my anxiety and thei feel stupid. When this started happening to me 3 years ago I was convinced that something was seriously wrong with me. I have undergone extensive testing by many different doctors including a neurologist and cardiologist just to be told there's nothing wrong with me. I have often felt like I was losing my mind until I heard about s.p.

Dec 14, 2010
what a relief
by: Courtney

wow Robert, it sounds like you went through a lot. but its nice to know I'm not the only one. thanks for your comment.
and thanks Kevin for your answer too. it was very helpful.

Jan 09, 2011
I've heard it too
by: Paige

You're not the only one..I've heard this several times it's like a warning to me that it's about to honestly sucks when the buzzing starts..this sleep paralysis ruins my sleep pattern because I have it so many times a night

Jan 20, 2011
yes i hear the buzzing. the dreadful buzzing.
by: anna

Yes. I hear the buzzing. It's dreadful and almost painful for me and it seems that when the buzzing happens is when I get the scariest of my "experiences", and like you, seems to happen when I take naps. It has been that way my entire life and I am 35. I am new to this site because I thought I was going crazy.

Jan 26, 2011
The Buzzing...Yep.
by: Ami

No, you are most definitely not alone. I, too, hear the buzzing right before SP and it starts out a bit softly only to get louder and louder until it forces me a feeling of not being able to move at all, which is panic-causing a lot of the time, and then suddenly, just as the buzzing gets the loudest I feel like I'm being thrown down a swiftly spinning tunnel that spits me out into a lucid dream.


Feb 06, 2011
The Buzzing. . I Hear That..
by: Louise

I think it sounds abit like a train coming in the distance, getting louder n louder until the paralysis sets in. I can feel like my head is spinning (like when you drunk n lie down with ur eyes closed) and the buzzing starts, then the paralysis, voices/hallucinations n sometime like someones touching my face.. and sometimes wake up after with a pain in my head. freaky stuff! but I jus try and think while its happening that its not real

Mar 07, 2011
I hear that too!
by: Emma

The "buzzing" for me is the scariest part as I then know what's coming! It's not really like a buzz for me but a really high pitched electric sort of sound, the same pitch, only getting louder and louder and then it starts to pulse. I then sense that there's someone else in the room with a hood on, who walks up from the doorway and bends down so that its face is up close to mine although I can't really see its face properly. Can't move a muscle even though inside I feel like I'm screaming out. I try and roll off the bed and actually feel like I'm lying on the floor but realise I haven't moved and still on the bed. The figure eventually goes away and then the noise starts to get quieter before going alltogether and then I can move again. Really horrible, I'm glad it's not just me x

Mar 08, 2011
Errors in spelling
by: June

I appoligise I didn't notice before that my iPad word correct changed a couple of my words, making someone think what is she talking about? Grrr

I wonder if this sleep paralysis could be caused by stress?

Mar 17, 2011
buzzing and voices
by: jknight

It's only happened once but I heard familiar voices saying random things, after a while everything seemed as a foreign language and i couldnt understand at all. After the understanding was numbed i then realized I didnt know any of the voices anymore....following by a loud buzzing sound, as if a large bee were near me. I tried talking, nothing. Moving...nothing. I sleep on my side. I was very tired though iy was dark and i was hallucinatin...or dreaming with my eyes open.

Mar 23, 2011
I've had the same sound
by: Anonymous

I have had a very similar buzzing sound in my head and ears and a weird tingling feeling in my entire body.

Mar 24, 2011
Wake up to buzzing orbits
by: GinebraUrbana

I wake up seeing these colorful orbits and the sound they make is just as you all described it like an energy field about to explode. The first experience was almost 5 years ago I woke up by the sound it was making and the first thing I see is this orange Orbit moving around my room...I couldn't move right away but I did scream out of terror and all of a sudden it was gone as well as the buzz.
Then three years ago I was also sleeping and then again this sound woke me up but this time the orbit was blue and it was moving around my room like the first one I screamed again and my mother came running to my room she then told me that she could hear me saying something like WHAT IS THAT..WHAT IS THAT but nothing was there at least she didn't see it, she also said that I looked like I was Hypnotized looking at something but I cant remember myself saying a word I know about my scream because it was so loud I scared myself.
And then last night I was sleeping and the same sound woke me up...bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz...I saw a very light red orbit buzzing like crazy it was right in front of my bed so close to my feet...I almost had a heart attack...I screamed my guts out and covered my head under the boyfriend came to the room and he was scared too because he didn't know what was going on. I have been thinking about it the whole day ...for some reason I feel like whatever those things are they are watching us...God I don't know what I am saying. Could this be SP? I don't feel paralyzed most of the time but what scares the hell out of me is the fact the I wake up to the sound it makes and then the orbit stays for a bit until I scream and then it disappears. Any logical explanation, somebody?

May 17, 2011
by: jess

So i just had for the 1st timewhat I've been told is sp. I'm 22yrs old and 6months pregnant, at 3:30am this morning i could of swore that there was someone standint beside our bed electricuting the bed my body felt to be shaking and I couldnt move.there was also the very loud buzzing noise which is what made it feel so real.suddenly it stopped and i rolled over to find noone there,dogs and hubby quitely asleep.I really hope this dosnt happen again or get we scary,I remember thinking I had to push hubby of the bed so he could save me,but i couldnt move.just as well,poor

May 19, 2011
you're not the only one
by: Sarah

I hear a ringing, but I definitely hear it too. The more I panic, the louder it gets. Ever hear strange voices?

Jun 15, 2011
sort of
by: Anonymous

I clearly remember hearing the buzzing when i was around 5, but now it doesnt happen anymore, it dissapeared as it happened more frequently

Jun 24, 2011
The buzz gets louder!
by: Chris

I have to admit that noone in real life understands.To get rid of my buzz i have to move. All my muscles are frozen, can not speak and it is a real effort to wake up! But thats not all, last night i didnt hear a buzz but it was my sisters voice, she was saying something and it got louder and louders and then strangely went into my ear (the noise was from surround)I am starting to hear more voices now, i hope this is not going to develop!
Correlations: Less sleep=more common buzz. Exam revision i was stressed and had no sleep, no time to relax.

Aug 09, 2011
beautiful buzz
by: ukmar

when you hear the buzz it means Game On.. when people hear the buzz, that's when they freak out. The reason is that this is the beginning of you conscious dream state. at this stage people normally try to fight it.. The reward. For me as a young boy when this started first happening I use to freak out, trying anything I could to wake up. I felt terrified. But then one time I decided to face the fear, I got angry as demanded I see it through.. nothing bad happened. What did happen was I realized that in this state I was able to control my dream state.. what is happening to you all is a gift. If you face the felling of fear and instead embrace it, you will realize that this buzzing noise is the gate to your world of lucid dreaming.

so much to say so little room here to say it.. good luck, be brave .. and enjoy the trip!

Aug 31, 2011
by: Saniya

I get these bunch of random sounds and voices that get louder and louder upto the point that it's kind of painful,and at that point I try to scream but my mouth is shut and I'm just kind of making internal noises. Maybe,I don't know,the voices are too loud. This happens at least two or three times in a row. I'm only fifteen and it's really freaking me out,I can't get used to it.

Sep 19, 2011
Buzzing & strobing!
by: TJ

Yep the buzzing starts it off... I get the buzzing even when I'm awake/just dozing during sp times but my body and mind feels like it's strobing like a disco light! I try to ride it out but it hurts being in that state and have to try move to wake my self up! Luckily I dont get sp all that often ( 10 times a year ) but when I do it's all night around 10 times a night.

Nov 03, 2011
annoying sound..
by: Anonymous

this just happend to me last nite the noise just kept gettin louder and louder wen this happens to me, i try to close my eyes but sum how i can still see evrything..i try screaming but i cant...before the episode was over i actulyy made a crying sound while it was happening and my mom actully hurt it!

Nov 28, 2011
Too scared to sleep
by: S

Thank you!!! :) I just had a real vivid buzzing noise occurrence, combined with shaking and hallucinations and complete paralysis. It's like a train coming on and you can't stop it. Truly horrifying. I don't dare to go to sleep, trying to stay awake... I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets this tho. Bless you all, hope you can sleep calm tonite.

Dec 23, 2011
I thought i was the only one in the planet.
by: Simon From Dubai

I am 24 now, and 6 year ago at 18(i had some stress related problems and abnormal seelping patters) so, in the morning of some day, when i was about to wake up, in just that split-second when i aware that you are waking up but still my eyes clothed i felt like all my body was paralyzed except the tip of my fingers, i couldn't open my eyes, screem, move or anything, the if i try to move but fail, Then there came the scariest day in my life, A great pain and strange noise, it was like a noise you hear inside a plane, when the plane has landed but not without the engine turned off (Best way i could describe it). Now, when ever i try to get up or do something, the sound and the pain gets 3 or 4 times bigger, which means, that you are more paralyses and the sound is quadrupled. Every time you try something, the sounded feels to run much faster than ever, there was no way i could stop it. After little attempt to fight it off, it, as i said got harder, and harder for... At last, i reached a point that let alone the greatest pain of all, but that unimaginably sound was enough to pass you out. And that is what i did, i just lost conscious, i lost hope to fight or even been part of my body. And when i lost all of that, i went to quite moment for seconds and heard this sound from my brain, as if a water were filling a cup, i heard that sound and then woke up. I froze in fear so much, that my legs couldn't walk, that i had to stand against the wall and walk at the same time to reach the bath room, it was in east Africa, so it was hope less to go to a doctor, but i did and was told i nothing was wrong. I seriously thought that, was how people get insane and felt like telling family i love them before something happened to me. In short those were the darkest times in my life.The worst thing was, i thought i was alone, checked the internet found nothing, i gave up and waited for my end. it happened 4 or 5 times then, after 2 months i left the country for other reasons and as my stress and sleep pattern were eliminated, so did the great terror. in the past 6 years after i've experienced 2 times an SP with the sound, and in those times both i greatly over slept, the second was today, and it was my fault, i didn't sleep all night yerstrday and over slept today for 12+. This time though, when i heard the sound i struggled with all my force and got up and decided to share this with other people. IT IS OK, You are not going to die, just take care of your sleeping times and don't worry too much about it. When i changed my life around, i experienced this only twice in SIX years, . And both times i was 100% responsible. wish i found this form right then, i had to be saint to everybody thinking it was the best thing to be before i die, i found comfort in reading someone's blog years later expericing the same thing, but was little late for me. Anyway, God bless and take care of yourself. you will be Just like before 100% . Ok, then God Bless (Sorry 4 boring you)

Mar 12, 2012
buzzing getting worse
by: C.C.

I'm glad I looked this all up, cuz it looks like the buzzing is pretty common. I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary, no stress or anything, but the buzzing is getting louder and louder, to tell you the truth...I even start hearing a voice. I hope it doesn't get worse than this.

Apr 14, 2012
sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

Initially, i felt a jolt as i was driftig off to sleep. Later i felt like i was levatating off my bed and i heard a buzzing sound. Similiar to my phone being on vibrate. I screamed my daughters name (with no sound) but as i was waking i was making a sound like i couldnt open my mouth. Something was definitely in my room, bc i moved a cup of liquid from my nightstand specifically to prevent me from knocking it over by accident. But, when i placed it on the floor, the next morning before my feet hit the floor, the cup had tilted over. When i woke i thought i may have been laying on my phone. Not only did i hear the buzzing but i felt it. I wasnt laying on the phone nor did anyone call or text me. No alarm either.

Apr 26, 2012
same here
by: Anonymous

I've had this happen to me twice and both times it's been the same thing. It starts out I hear a high pitched ringing noise so I open my eyes and it almost feels like a dream but I know I'm awake. And I can't move or scream and then I start shaking almost like convulsions. So I told my dad about it and apparently he has it happen to him too so I'm thinking it's hereditary. It's so scary and both times have been when I nap during the day.

Apr 30, 2012
I experienced this last night - first time in many years!
by: Freddie

I think it's been covered in enough detail now. Basically it's a big relief if you thought you were going crazy!

I experienced this a couple of times in my adolescence. The first time I was terrified: paralysed, with an ever increasing sound of humming/buzzing/droning similar to a mechanical sound (jet engine/truck/etc). The sound also modulates or throbs in a distinct rhythm.

As a young boy, I thought it was a UFO come to get me so I was well and truly terrified!

Of course, the aliens didn't get me, so next time it happened I guess I paid a bit more attention. I discovered that I could mentally affect the speed of the rhythm which led me to understand it was just a mental phenomenon.

Strangely, I had the same experience last night - the first in probably 20 years for me. I remember feeling scared because I'd forgotten about it.

Don't freak out - you're not crazy - it's not aliens - it's just sleep paralysis coupled with some hallcinatory effects. Enjoy the ride if you can!

Jun 14, 2012
Yes I do
by: Matt

I'm glad I came across this thread.
Every now and again over the last 10 years, as I am falling asleep I get this electrical sensation and buzzing going from one ear to the other over the top of my head (feels like my brain is tingling). This feeling always pre-empts a nightmare which usually involves ghosts etc.
I try to tell myself to wake up and end up screaming but no sound comes out. I know my wife is lying next to me and I try to scream to her to help me wake up but she says in the morning she never hears a thing. It's like a battle with an unknown force that’s trying to stop me from waking. Sometimes I manage to wake myself up only to start drifting off to sleep again when the buzzing starts and I try to stop myself from falling asleep because I know what will happen.
When this started happening about 10 years ago I used to see myself sleeping during my nightmare. I also used to have the feeling of something dragging me out of bed.
Anyway, I guess my biggest worry was if the buzzing in my brain was some kind of mental/physical problem but if others feel it then perhaps it’s not that.

Jul 08, 2012

by: amber

That's exactly what happened to me. But in my case i started seeing things and like some one is standing beside my bed and try to harm me. When i can finally move my body there's on one beside my bed. Like everything's normal again. I told my family but they thought i'm just having a nightmare,but i know i'm not. Its feels so real. But now i understand after i came across this site.

Jul 13, 2012
by: Danny

Hmmm ok I've heard this ringing nose and than couldn't move than I felt pressure on my chest like someone was leaning on top of me. To this off I was sleeping on the floor of my sisters room because she heard things the night before. She was like what the hell is that sound. Idk call me crazy but than this happen like 7 years ago and she still brings it up like wow.

Jul 17, 2012
My experience
by: Neweggeek

I'm able to induce this this buzzing/Trainsound if I have a oscillating fan running. I also noticed that if I lay perfectly still while doing this it intensifies the sound. My body becomes numb and the sound of louder and louder. I did start to hear some really weird stuff after that. I got a little scared so I shook myself out of it. From what some people say this is the first couple steps to an out of body experience. This would explain why some people feel like they're being trapped by someone else or some other entity. They call it astral projection look it up. I would embrace if I could but my fears are too great.

Jul 25, 2012
Same thing happened to me this morning!
by: Sam (16 years old)

Hi, I literally just had this happen to me this morning. I did know that before i was officialy woke up, i was in a lucid dream surrounded by PITCH BLACK. Execpt, I couldn't move anything, and then yes, the awful loud sound came. Did you have a lucid dream right before you woke up?

Jul 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Continuesly as im slowly falling asleep, i sense something. I hear a loud noise sounds like a plane,or a jet engine.literally right in front of my gets louder and louder then the bed shakes and my body shakes.though i dont know if anythngs realy actually moving.i can move my fingers and open my eyes just enough to see thngs that arent realy there once i wake up.e.g people,objects.after 2 to 10 mins.depending how long it lasts im wide awake relieved but very the stage that i cnt get out of completely freaks me out.only when i sleep alone in the room.never when my husbands with me.any ideas on what it could be or suggestions on what to do.? It just happened for the 1st time in months.

Jul 29, 2012
Definately not insane
by: Anonymous

Your definately sane. We all are. I think that some people just wouldnt believe it if we told have to experience it. It definately is scary and can drive you absolutely crazy trying to put all the pieces together.

Jul 30, 2012
Not really sure
by: Caleb

Sometimes I hear the buzzing sound right before i sleep but i have noticed it happens when i get real mad or upset. Like tonight I had a fight with my parents and I tried going to sleep but then the buzzing started. It almost sounded like the tv was on a channel that didnt work and that sound the tv makes just got louder and louder. Im glad im not the only one.

Jul 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

I think we need to find a solution..asap.cos its driving me crazy.i hate it.

Sep 11, 2012
Is this normal and what can i do to fix it?
by: C_Mickey

So this has only ever happened to me twice now, but it really freaks me out. The first time it happened i had dozed off for only a little bit when all of a sudden i heard like a pulsating noise in my head and started having dream-like visions that i was smoking weed and was spinning out of control off a chair with my sister and her boyfriend, but i started freaking out because it was as if i was watching myself in a dream whilst still being awake-ish? i couldnt move or talk or anything so i started to panick but then i all of a sudden snapped out of it? The second time happened just now,it was worse than last time like the noise, the spinning, paralysis etc. and although i kept telling myself in my head not to panick, i honestly thought i was going to die. why does this happen and how can i fix it?! :(

Sep 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I know not many people are religious,myself being 1,but i found that if u say your gods name in ur head or outloud it helps.also try not plays a huge part..just breath and brace urself.get comfy as u fal asleep, thnk positive.relax and keep your mind does help..i knw its scary when it happens,but this realy helped me.

Sep 22, 2012
Buzzing not normal
by: Anonymous

I had same xperience in 2010 or 2011. I was asleep and through my closed eyes I sensed this bright light than a buzz sound like a bee started. It started out soft and got louder. I struggled to wake up because I was scared. It appeared that something was emerging from the light. I cursed at it and it vanished. I woke up and went to the bathroom and there was blood coming from my mouth but no apparent damage could be seen. I don't know what I was experiencing, but it was no any type of sleep disorder or s.p. I never had sleep problems before that.

Sep 25, 2012
Mysterious sounds return
by: Anonymous

I'm in Orange County, CA and been hearing rumbling and humming. Sounds like it's from the earth and the sky and it's been keeping me up til 2 in the morning

Sep 28, 2012
I get it too
by: Anonymous

I'm 19 but i've been getting these buzzing sounds since primary school. Its like an electric-pulsating sound that increases in loudness, happening only when i'm lying down about to sleep (and even after waking). But during my primary school days this never led to sleep paralysis (in fact i only remember experiencing something of the sort once in those days). Instead, the room would feel like its spinning and then i would be lead into a very vivid dream that i could control (what some fanatics like to call astro travel, but i dont believe in that stuff) - i'd be totally aware of the fact that i was actually asleep. In those days i used to get excited when i heard the buzzing sounds because they would tell me that i was about to experience a fun dream where i could do whatever i wanted. But a year ago i remember waking up unable to move a muscle. I could just open or shut my eyes. The scariest moment of my life, as you would understand, as this was like the first time this was happening. My heart was beating faster than ever. Now whenever i hear the buzzing its a warning for sleep paralysis. Sometimes i get the hallucinations too, in my opinion the audible ones (voices and footsteps) are more terrifying than the visual ones. Doing research and finding conversations like this helped me though, and im no longer terrified when i experience this, i just continue trying to fall asleep lol

Oct 02, 2012
Out of Body Experience??
by: Anonymous

Hasnt anyone ever hear of "out of body experiences"? Perhaps you should look into that, learn how to control the helpless feeling you get when the buzzing starts.

Oct 12, 2012
Loud high pitch sound.
by: Anonymous

It starded when I was in my 20's. I am now 55. What I have experienced many times over is, a high pitched sound that starts off low then get's very loud. This always happens when I was taken a nap or from sleeping through the night. It only happens when it is day light. following the high pitch sound, I am then immobilized, I can't move at all except my eyes. Something invisable is holding me down. I am awake looking around my invirenment. Then little men which to me looks like alien men 3 to 4 of them come to my side and they are very tiny like 2 1/2 or 3 feet tall with big heads. They are talking, but in a language not from this planet. I always try to move but cannot, so what I did every time is force my fingers to move, as I knew that if I can just move my fingers, I would be set free, and it worked every time. As soon as I broke that hold on me, at the same time the noise would disapear and so did the little men. I believe there are more than one reason this happens to people, but I know my story is about other species that come and visit. For me, it has nothing to do with sleep patterns. I know in my heart there are other life forms out in the universe. I know this to be true for me anyway.

Oct 22, 2012
by: Itnojcip

What's going on? SP or? Has been affecting me since I was very young and am 39 currently. For the first time I made a connection between first falling asleep and when I'm silent screaming to wake up. Before falling asleep tonight I felt small micro pulses in my head they felt like small electrical pulses that throbb randomly but controlled by somthing other than me almost like a radio wave. The last time I noticed these I rebuked them and said they were not welcome to be there and I prayed. It didn't happen that night. For some reason I did not pray tonight and I had the silent screams again. So next time I notice those pulses you can bet I will be praying to Jesus again. Why do I feel so violated when this happens also when I wake up my head won't stop tingling like my head has the chills or somthing. it feels like the skin on my head has been stimulated. any one else feel that?

Oct 23, 2012
by: Chintz

I was trying to sleep last night, but just tossed and turned for a long time. I laid on my side to see if I could fall asleep that way and this fast wooshing sound came into my head - sort of like when a race car goes by really fast, but a woosh, not a buzz. It started to repeat faster and faster and suddenly my whole body took a major shudder and then the electric tingling (strong!) began. That's when I couldn't move any part of my body. Totally paralyzed! It seemed to go on for a few minutes - I wasn't panicked or anything - just curious as to what was happening. I realized at one point that my mouth was hanging open and I felt a bit of drool starting to come out. I tried my best to move my tongue to get rid of it, but my tongue too, was paralyzed. Finally, I was able to move my tonge to the side of my mouth and the second it moved, everything stopped! Just like that. The wooshing in my head stopped, the electric tingling stopped and I could move everything. I am sure that I was NOT asleep while this was happening, as I continued to toss and turn for another hour or so until sleep finally found me. What the hell was that????

Oct 23, 2012
There's more to the buzzing..
by: Anonymous

The buzzing is one of the first signs of Astral Projection. Google it!! It's mind blowing and crazy cool

Oct 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Pray in Jesus name
Do not watch any of the movies such as the Paranormal etc...
Seek believers in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit to help you with this. Anytime you have a problem pray. God Bless all of you who have and are experiencing this. I stumbled upon this page accidentally well, maybe son mentioned some of these symptoms. Pray.

Oct 29, 2012
Me too, and I'm 51
by: Anonymous

The loud noise is always a signal I am about to have a strange dream of sorts. I have had this since I was very young. It scares you, you fight it and it only gets worse. You pray and it does not go away. You try to wake up,sometimes you can but sometimes you can't and you know it, and sometimes you dream you have, but find out you are still having a dream. It is so frightening. Now that Im older, since I know what is coming, I let it flow through me, I try and control the direction the dream is going which makes some very interesting dreams. I have flown in these dreams, swam underwater, gone to beautiful places, and very scary places. I know when it comes I am about to go into a very deep dream state but I am very concious about it. It doesn't get better, but you become less scared.

Oct 31, 2012
SP & Lucidity
by: Anonymous

I used to fear SP moments because I hadn't researched the topic. However, now that I understand the mechanics behind it (especially as they apply to me), it's MUCH easier to control… In fact, I haven't had many episodes at all recently. What is more difficult to control is lucid dreaming. Likewise, before I did research, I had wonderful lucid dreams…sometimes even false awakenings that I could transform into lucid dreams. Last night, I finally fell into lucidity again while dreaming of watching television in an apartment I didn't recognize. When I noticed I was dreaming, I tried very hard to maintain the lucidity, and forced myself to float up through the ceiling into the apartment above. It worked, but I didn't remain asleep much longer afterward. I woke up to the same vibrating/tingling in the extremities that always accompanies SP and lucid dreaming. And, yes… The buzzing is always fairly loud during these episodes, but vanishes almost immediately upon waking.

Nov 03, 2012
I thought I was alone..
by: Hollie H

I have felt so alone for almost 20 years. I have also experienced the same terrifying episodes and they seem to be getting worse. I have told my story many times, however I feel as if I've waisted my breath trying to reach out. I have finally came to agreement with my self that while ur in that state of sleep, think to yourself to stay calm and breath slow. I promise you will wake up faster.

Nov 06, 2012
kunalini syptoms
by: Anonymous

sounds like kundalini?

Nov 12, 2012
First Time..
by: Eddy

Um, I'm 14. I was sleeping at about 1 am, and out of a sudden i heard this annoying noise, that started soft and was to the point where i was praying in my dream. I thought it was reality. It wasn't. i guess i had a PS because i couldn't wake up, as hard as i tried. This all lasted about 10-15 seconds.. but felt like a lifetime. This noise was so annoying, i was really scared. I'm glad to see, im not the only one. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Like a certain sleeping routine to lower these sort of things.

Nov 17, 2012
i had the same for years
by: Anonymous


I had the same problem since i was 13! I could not move and i would feel that to get out of that state i would have to be very strong and the buzzing and electricity would fill my entire body. It was hard to open my eyes, but when i could, i would see my sister or anyone that was around and i could surely hear everyone! I wanted to scream to help me weak me up, but i could not talk either. It was easier to let go, but i was so afraid what would happen if i did let go that i would gather all the strength i had to weak my self up. It all stopped about about 5 years ago when i started taking Ambien to sleep! Now i don't take much Ambien, but i haven't had the sleep paralysis episode ever again! It was scary to me!

Nov 26, 2012
it happends to me
by: Anonymous

the same thing happends to me to i know what it is .its demons that come in the night when were a sleep or when were about to fall asleep

Nov 27, 2012
by: Eddy

Thats crazy..

Nov 30, 2012
I hate the Buzz
by: Anonymous

Im 16 years old and this is the first time i have SP Im scared because, seconds before Im about to experience SP I heard a buzz, at first it starts soft then seconds later it gets worst, and I cant move any muscle just my eyes, this happens when im fully awake.

Dec 02, 2012
Buzzing, electrical, static feeling.
by: Anonymous

I have the same feeling. Buzzing in my ears and an electrical current going through my body. I feel terror at this point. I don't know why and suddenly a painful jolt through my body, like somebody flipping a switch. Finally, I feel like am slipping off the side of my bed horizontally. I don't remember much after that.

Dec 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

All these are common symptoms of the Sp episodes. However, I'm not convinced science studies have it right. I've had quite a few of these. But, I figured out the first time I had one ' while having a conversation with my husband ' awake! That they might have this all wrong! All the symptoms starting happening as soon as I jumped in bed. First, the electrical feeling, then heard the electricity sounds in my head (Almost the sensation of hearing a power lines), the short split seconds I couldn't move and I knew if I didn't move around, it would take over. So, I loudly announced to my husband what was happening. And it lasted about 20 min. while I was talking to him about it. Sleep Paralysis? I think not.

Dec 15, 2012
The buzzing

I've heard the buzzing and I've had SP a few times over the years, but I think the buzzing is something totally different. I heard it one night wit my husband, i was afraid because it was so unexpected and I was the only one who could hear it. I heard it twice in one night and it got my attention. A few months later he woke up around 3 am because he heard the same noise but he was the only one that time. A few weeks later and now a friend of mine says she's heard the same noise without the SP. What ever it is its more than just stress and its effecting a wide range of people. Some might say its like trumpets, the voice of God is said to sound like that. Others say ailens. What ever it is its comming and it wants to make itself known. I dont think just stress or because of a health issue. somethings comming. I just dontn know how to explain what it could be. If anyone agrees with me or has more info on this pleas email my username

Dec 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Your buzzing come from a drug your brain releases during rem sleep called dmt look it up it is the most powerful trip in the world and responsible for our dreams your lucky a lot of people risk a lot to get that experience but anyway I think that is what you guys are experiencing run with it and don't let it freak you out and you may just see things that we wernt ment to see it is possible bit only for a lucky few lol
(Dimethyltryptamine) dmt read about it tell me if you think I'm on the money or not ?

Dec 17, 2012
Make up your own mind
by: Anonymous

I think what your all experiencing is due to dmt (dimethyltryptamine) look it up it will blow your mind but fact is its apart of us and I think you all have high amounts of it in your brains and its affecting your sleep your experiences all sound very similar to a dmt trip and I reckon its the reason you hear what you do make your own mind up though just a possible answer for you all so you can rest easy so yeah do some research let me know if you think I'm right or not

Dec 23, 2012
by: Anonymous25

hey courtney, i had it. Once i was sleepin and i heard some hummings, some chords in my head that they sounded horrifying, they were not good. Like some stupids strums the gutitar with no music, you know what i mean. And some noises, mixed up. i woke up and i walked to the bathroom and realized i could still hear them. That was baaad and went to my siblings bed and napped then it gone. Oh it was bad. And seldom do i hear a man talks in a quiet place no image just blank black , i guess it's at the rem, anyways man speaks fast and fast and fast then he slows, ohh what a scary sh*t, so then he just starts talking fast and loud, its like i have the control over it if i tense it than i suppose i get tensed and the man's speaking changes, and at that time, it's whole lucid, and you cant make urself awake, thats so bad. The worst part, sometimes you are able to hear your real enviroment what people speak and it amps.

Dec 23, 2012
by: Anonymous


Hi, its me Anush I'm 18 years old ,i have rad ur story but i didn't achieve anything .it was really funny i like it but also stupid . by the way friend i'm also dreaming a woman who doesn't have teeth ............................If u have free time make new story ..

Jan 28, 2013
Freaky sh##t
by: Wills

Hi I to have expeirianced the buzzing starting as high pitched then to loud droning in head as wellas sp.i would like to know how comment by akrum who said its start of lucid dreaming knows this and how long the noise lasts before you start to dream as noise is unbearable?Also as a boy I have been dreaming and in my dream I was aware I was dreaming if you know what I mean,and what is cause

Jun 13, 2013
While Wide Awake Reading A Book
by: Gamediva2112

I was lying in bed reading an engaging book, and this buzzing, like an electric motor just before it engages, or an amp that is turned on but with no input. Steady, and unwavering. Finally, I get up to investigate. The minute I stand up, it stops. I put my ear near all the electrical things in my bedroom and all were silent. I walked around the house and heard nothing.

I wonder if it has something to do with depressed blood flow? I have sometimes held my head at a bad angle for some time while watching tv in bed and had it affect my ability to focus my eyes.

Could this be the hearing centers of my brain crying out for oxygen? I probably need to go get my carotid arteries sonogrammed, huh?

Jun 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

Its not like dmt for the anonymous person I have been having this since I was a child I'm now 25.IM not sure what it is I have always had it with the loud buzzing never voices though. I didn't use to be saved a true Christian. But I had this when I was a child not doing anything far as drugs or being deep in religion or the occult. As I got older I got into drugs in particular cccs which has that dxm or dmt whatever is in it I have experienced those trips and its not that at all. Fast forward God delivered me out of all the mess I was in I am now preaching and the praise and worship leader at my church and I still have it from time to time with the buzzing and everything.I have tried to call Jesus but of course I can't talk during it i have thought it in my head but i still happens from time to time I have prayed about it asking for the cause to be revealed. Folks I'm not sure what it is but let us recognize that God is in control.

Jun 25, 2013
Buzzing sound, levitation and being paralised
by: David (Bolton England)

I believe I was 16-years-old when I slept at a friend's house. I slept on a doubt sized bed alone. I was awoken by a weird buzzing sound (sounded like some sort of machine) in my left ear or it might of been left side of my brain. As my mind woke up I couldn't move my body or even open my eyes. So I'm seeing total darkness while being paralised n hearing a weird machine noise in my left ear!! But even more weirder the fact I could also feel my body was weightless n I could feel my body levitating across the right side of the bed!! I was thinking to myself what the hell was going on here!! I was freaked out n kept trying to understand what the hell was happening to me!! The weird buzzing sound stopped and was able to open my eyes n move my body too. I looked around the room which was very dark n quite a big room too. I was scared as I looked around the room in case I saw something there. I never saw anything though n glad I didn't because I was already scared out of my mind. I personally believe I was being abducted by aliens or was being tested in the room or something. I think these beings knew I was conscious so they stopped what they were going to. I've also awoken once before while feeling as though a heavy weight was on my dhest n I couldn't move at all while being fully conscious. This is scary stuff I'll tell ya!! I'm 27 now but have had these two experiences that I'm aware of when I was 16.

Jul 02, 2013
the loud noise you hear
by: Anonymous

the first time this happened to me was the scariest thing in my life. i felt like i was being pined down & could see a black figure right above me. i've learned to deal with this now & actually don't mind that feeling you get when it feels like electric is running through your body, it's just the things i see i can never get used to. i even think i've found out what the loud buzzing noise i hear is. i believe it's the teeth grinding together at a rapid speed & it makes it sound like a terrible sound because you can't open your mouth & it sounds like it does because of that. would like to hear if anyone else thinks it could be the teeth.

Jul 29, 2013
Astral projection
by: Anonymous

These are all examples of the beginning state of astral projection where your soul leaves your body to go into the astral plane.

Sep 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

Have any of you ever wondered if these episodes could be seizure activity? I have had these episodes on and off for years. I can tell before I lay down that they are going to happen. They also seem to happen only around the time of my period. I have some other neurological stuff going on and have been meaning to ask my neurologist what she thinks.

Sep 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi, I've been hearing the buzzing noise for a long time since I was in middle school, but it always happens right before i go to bed. Mine doesn't sound like electricity though, it sounds more like when a fly flys by your ear real quick. Well I'm 20 now & about 3 years ago that buzz started to sound like a person screaming my name. Now its turned into a laughter. & everytime I hear it, I get this sense like something or someone is coming closer to me then I feel my body drifting around my room. I try opening my eyes & scream for help but I can't. I'm not asleep when its happening, I can hear everything clearly in my surroundings.

Sep 19, 2013
ME TOO!!!!
by: Tammy

Oh my goodness!!! I have NEVER, EVER, in my entire 53 yrs of life had anyone else even remotely know what I was talking about when I tell them I hear this very high voltage electrical "zap", sometimes even painful because it's so loud, then I immediately go into the paralysis phase. Every single dr. I have talked to about this looks at me like I am a total freak and they have never heard anything of this sort....WHY??? Why don't drs' know about this? I am so super over joyed right this minute< I just can not even explain it, to FINALLY know there are others and I am not a "nut job".
THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for posting your experience. You have helped me tremendously!!!!

Oct 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

A lot of doctors would most likely suspect it was some type of tinnitus. If your in a quiet room, try to just listen and see if you have some sort of ringing (high pitched frequecy) coming from your ears. This is formally known as tinnitus. I feel like I have this and I also have the buzzing sensations in my head from time to time. What I "believe" it to be is the receptors in your brain - the area affected by sound - has certain patterns and when they are affected in such a way they can go off in a simultaneous waves which are seemed to cause the sort of sounds that everyone are talking about. It's perfectly normal, but most doctors relate it to tinnitus. This is what I have gathered in all my information searches on the web. Anyone that has this my advice, being I have it to is not to worry about it. It is normal.

Oct 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've always experienced this and it happened to me this morning as well! I also hear the buzzing sound, and when i hear that i automatically know whats about to happen... i usually try to prevent it by trying to open my eyes but it doesn't work out for me all the time. Its really a terrifying feeling to me. Just not being able to move or call for somebody. Some people usually call this the hag, i did too untill i found out about SP... but when i happens i just repeatedly call on Jesus, n it stops for me..

Oct 13, 2013
i hear it
by: Richard

This has been happening to me since I was very little. I've just now started to read about all these different experiences. I've told this to many people and only once has someone told me about it. They explained it to me almost exactly as I have to other people word for word. I'm 25 and want to face this fear but I get the scariest feeling when it happens. I always feel the presence of something in the room. However I am too scared to try and look. I cannot move or shout, the only thing I seem to be able to do is control my breathing. Whenever I hear that sound its like I can either try to avoid it (sometimes succeeding) or just give in soon to be paralyzed.

Oct 13, 2013
Buzzing,seizures and doctors...
by: Tammy

I am still so grateful for this site, it has helped me tremendously, just knowing that I am not alone. However, I STILL can't understand why every single doctor I have ever had the nerve to discuss this with has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and each one has stated they have never heard anything like this before, and I get the look like I am a crazy person! In response to "Anonymous" 9/9/2013, I am currently being treated for seizures bcs when I talked to dr. about it he says "sounds like some 'sort" of seizure...? Also, I can't remember if anyone else has said on here that the buzzing, (for me is like a VERY high voltage electrical charge sound) but is it PAINFUL to others as well? Right now as I type I have a tremendous amount of pressure in my ears, almost to the point I can't concentrate well to write, but I know once I get still, the buzzing is going to be bad tonight. I do hear and feel the buzzing during awake times, but doesn't paralyze me unless I am about to go to sleep..I think alot of you are very courageous to "experiment" while under one of these episodes. I have never made it to that point. I have only tried yelling for attention, or to move some body part, (usually my pinky finger) to shake myself out. I hate the sensation of this and would give anything to have them go away..for ever!!!

Oct 13, 2013
To "MICKI 7/27/2013
by: Tammy

I just read your post and feel so bad for you, that your mom thinks this is the devil...Not trying to bash on your mother, I just don't think she understand this. The only thing I can think that would cause you to heat up like that is that if your feeling afraid, maybe a little panic too, that your blood pressure may be going up some and your probably very sensitive to it. I hope this helps. Of course I am no doctor, but I think that could possibly be what is happening to you. I wonder if you found some books on this for you parents to read, maybe they could understand you a little more. Best of luck to you dear!

Oct 14, 2013
by: Robert

Please consult a sleep specialist. Medications can most definitely help with the electrical shock like buzzing feelings and pressure, however it must be the right medication. Anti-seizure meds will not help. Even though this is not a psychological condition doctors will often put people with this disorder on a sri or anti-depressent to help balance the chemicals in the brain. This type of therapy is highly effective. Please consult a sleep specialist they will know exactly what youre talking about. Finding the right professional is the first step in the fight against this disorder. Once youve done this you will instantly start feeling better. My heart goes out to you and i wish you the best of luck.

Oct 16, 2013
sp is great
by: simon

Next time it happens just go with it don,t try to fight it and you will get your eyes can control this thing to the point that you enjoy it . Astral projection my axx lol

Nov 03, 2013
by: Chris

I woke up a second ago. My body felt numb. I could move, but I couldnt feel it. I couldnt control my thoughts and I felt delirious. Any help? It was not s.p though.

Nov 04, 2013
by: gavin

the first time this happened to me i opened my eyes & a black figure was floating above me & felt like it had me pinned down on my bed. the buzzing sound came after a few more times of it happening & i sometimes see figures floating outside my windows. i'm also curious to know why we all seem to see this black figure or feel an evil presence. the reason i question if it is just SP, is that i had never heard of this before it happened, but i see the same as others. surely there is more to it than just SP? i'm not a believer in demons or anything like that, but this has really got me stumped. i'm at a stage now where i can instantly pull myself out of it as soon as i hear the buzzing

Nov 09, 2013
its real
by: Anonymous

for people going through this, it's very real! the same symptoms that have been posted here seems the norm. I can say this for most of you it's not a medical problem or sleep problem dealing with your health. when this happened to me, at that time I was living on a farm and 20 feet behind my place were horse's living in their barn with a open gate to the coral. they would go in by themselves at night. now I was there for 3 years and there was never, ever a problem with the horse's escaping . well when this happened 3 different times, the horse's went crazy running around and making noise and then and kicked down their wooded post the morning the horse's would just be walking around the property. just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. our fight is not against flesh and blood.

Nov 29, 2013
by: LoreBel

Hi folks,
I've had the same experience that many of you have had multiple times. The scientific community refers to this as SP however for those of you who can think outside of the box and tap into the spiritual realm, research Astral Projection....which is what you are truly experiencing. In short, AP is when your soul separates from the physical body (which we all fact, several time a week). During the spirit's re-entry into the physical body, there can sometimes be instances where the body appears to be awakening, yet the spirit is re-entering....this causes the "heavy feeling on chest" that many referred to. The episode of being unable to move or speak, feeling the heaviness on the chest, etc. only last for a very short while, albeit it feels like forever. Oh...and the feeling of someone else being in the room -that's you! Educate yourselves and you'll soon find out there is nothing to fear. There is so much more to life than the human eye can see. Also, we only use at most 5% of our brains so just imagine the possibilities if we used 1,2,3 percent more! If AP is something that interests you, you can actually train yourself on it so the process is more controlled and you have recollection of where you've been and what/who you've seen. Believe me when I say you can travel anywhere - the moon, other dimensions....anywhere! Good luck in your astral travels.

Nov 29, 2013
by: LoreBel

Hi folks,
I've had the same experience that many of you have had multiple times. The scientific community refers to this as SP however for those of you who can think outside of the box and tap into the spiritual realm, research Astral Projection....which is what you are truly experiencing. In short, AP is when your soul separates from the physical body (which we all fact, several time a week). During the spirit's re-entry into the physical body, there can sometimes be instances where the body appears to be awakening, yet the spirit is re-entering....this causes the "heavy feeling on chest" that many referred to. The episode of being unable to move or speak, feeling the heaviness on the chest, etc. only last for a very short while, albeit it feels like forever. Oh...and the feeling of someone else being in the room -that's you! Educate yourselves and you'll soon find out there is nothing to fear. There is so much more to life than the human eye can see. Also, we only use at most 5% of our brains so just imagine the possibilities if we used 1,2,3 percent more! If AP is something that interests you, you can actually train yourself on it so the process is more controlled and you have recollection of where you've been and what/who you've seen. Believe me when I say you can travel anywhere - the moon, other dimensions....anywhere! Good luck in your astral travels.

Dec 07, 2013
Robert, Gavin...Thank You!
by: Tammy

Thank you so much for your comments and your concern. I actually have an appt. w/ an ENT dr. in a few weeks regarding something totally different, but there is a sleep dr there who is supposed to be really good. I just never knew who to see b4.
Will let you guys know what I find out.
Thank you again!!!!!

Dec 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

Also when the ringing starts it changes frequency, when it first started it it sounded like someone was changing wave patterns almost doing something to my brain, and when i went into my bathroom the ringing faded (yes very strange). When the loudest ringing started which lasted a few days my head hurt so bad i had the worst headache. i even tried blocking whatever was entering my head aluminum foil, and although i felt i must look crazy doing this, i felt it was necessary to figure it out, and when i looked in the mirror, my ears were vibrating as if whatever was trying to enter was having problems with the foil. But it was stronger then the foil so i stopped and took a bunch of aspirin, and then went to the beach...

Dec 11, 2013
The ringing
by: Anonymous

I posted an earlier comments a weeks ago. Your story struck me because of the noise. I've also had regular sleep paralysis. As I posted before, I heard a very strong noise, vibration, static, ringing, (maybe voices). As it was happening I had a strong feeling that something was tuning my brain to a certain frequency. When it seemed like it was locked in is when I had my out of body experience. My experience was not good.

What sort of animal was it btw?

I have been determined to find answers, though I know they will be limited. I do think there's something strange, or other-dimensional going on because of what I know I experienced. One thing I found interesting was the commonality of that noise or vibration. In the documentary DMT, one guy describes it perfectly before he had an out of body experience. Tibetan Monks also claim to be able to leave the body using om chants and believe the soul is where the pineal gland is. DMT activates the pineal gland to induce those types of experience. Maybe there's a connection there. I dunno, I'm still searching for an answer.

Dec 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had the same exact feeling! But I felt a strong sense of evil as well. I definitely did not enjoy it. I remember seeing images almost like they were attempting to program me. Very weird

Dec 12, 2013
The voices
by: Anonymous-z1

The Voices sound pure evil, i have told a friend about the voices, they really freak me out...

I am now prepared and ready for the voices in my sleep, and they do try to interfere with my dreams or sleep by talking to me, but the voices are so electronic that i recognize them as the evil voices and i immediately wake up... then say to myself.. here comes the high pitch

and it comes

Dec 16, 2013
by: CJ

I have believed the same thing for a while now. It does sound crazy. It is crazy. But, I believe it. Like I said in an earlier post, I tried to say, but called out to Jesus with an inner voice because I couldn't talk and it was over. They have a lot more influence over this world than most people know.

On a lighter note. I had a much more pleasant experience just this morning. My first pleasant OBE. I didn't fully come out of my body, but my arms did. The looked more like light or a hologram of my actual arms. I couldn't lift my whole body out. It felt too heavy. There was a wind-type of noise in my ears and a vibration, but no horribly loud static-electronic vibration this time and no sense of an evil presence. And I felt much less awake and more in a state of lucid dreaming, so it seemed less real.

Dec 23, 2013
by: tony

yeah this humming noise drives me crazy,im writing this at 4,30 am 22nd December 2013 its woke me up again humming in my brain its still humming now as I write this,it makes me feel as if im spaced out as soon as ive awoke,this is not normal most probably to do with HAARP IONOSPHERE HEATERS which they have scattered all over the earth with this and the GEOENGINEERING IE CHEMTRAILING its not natural we are being EXPERIMENTED ON and I for one would like to see the folks who do this in JAIL peace god bless

Jan 01, 2014
by: From Greece

I usually sleep after 3:30 and wake up at 7:15. I 'm sleeping 2 to 4 hours per day for about 3 decades now but not feel tired or something, its my usual. But sometimes when i go to sleep very very tired, i hear a very very loud explosion inside my head, i weak up, first times with fear. I don't think its an ear malfunction or something like this. I think its an REM thing, something like a reset of earing center inside my brain... My brain doing this for its own purposes. No one else can hear this sound, means that sound does not exists, only inside my brain, not in my ears. I also sometimes listen to this explosion at the same time i see a light explosion! I am also sure that this happens when i go to sleep very tired and get to REM immediately after lying to bed... Sorry for my bad English, i tried hard to explain!

Jan 08, 2014
buzzing sound by:shazia
by: Anonymous

yah now i m 19 years old and i experienced this buzzing sound from last two years it was hapen when one night i was sleeping and suddenly i was a awake my one ear was in pilow and i heard that sound then i had asaked to my elder sister is she was hearing that sound she told no sound was coming please let me sleep and from that day i continously heard that buzzing sound when i go for sleep

Jan 09, 2014
This is natural, just be brave and calm in peace
by: Indian

Yeah me too, from one weak !! my heart became so fast, that it is disturbing my sleep, but i am just relaxed and moving my body slowly. Same time i heard ringing bells of some temple or church for 2 to 6 minutes, then everything became calm and normal. And no headaches or stress. I knew that there is no temple or church near by, if so, they all get closed before 10 and same sounds i never heard in day or afternoon time, so i confirmed it very well, as my astral projection is 100% ready and i know some guiders or helpers may be humans or aliens, who ever they are (may be) helping me to fulfill my intention of world & universes visits. But may be or just my-self is realizing it, let it whatever it is, i myself not prepared to do it, so finally its got settled down, in calm manner. And today i browsed the google,(to confirm more and to be prepared of astral travel). i saw many but not accurate, then i got one topic called as "THE BOOKS OF LOBSANG RAMPA", there one can see a subject as "DOCTOR FROM LHASA" and there it is..."Part II, Astral travelling and the force of imagination"..Extract from page 88. Take some time to read that, everything very precisely written there, and be sure to have faith and hope by believing only the SUPREME CREATOR WHICH IS UNKNOWN BUT CREATED EVERYTHING AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE WORKING LIKE HEALERS, just like how we work in physical reality on this Earth to help the needed one and love our family. ONE NEED NOT TO BE FIX IN ONE RELIGION OR PRAY FOR IT. You will all get more courage to live PHYSICALLY more, BUT NOT TO SACRIFICE OR DEATH FOR THAT. At present human living with 5 bodies so called "physical, mind, sole, astral and etheric. All are important and must be mastered being ALIVE !! As these are already created by GOD principle means GENERATING-ORGANIZING-DESTROYING principles are fixed by supreme creator for every living beings may be humans or aliens or stars or planets or any masters. So posting again, visit this directly into... (" THE BOOKS OF LOBSANG RAMPA" "DOCTOR FROM LHASA"... next "Part II, Astral travelling and the force of imagination"..Extract from page 88") one can understand that we are living in DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES and FREQUENCIES MATCHES ONLY OF HEALING AND COOPERATING, but not of destroying or hating by any means. So be healthy and proud of your physical body, just be strong by heart and fulfill your dreams physically and be happy always :D

Jan 09, 2014
Same experience, the ring is quiet to painfully loud.
by: jason

I finally decided to look this up. I've experienced this for almost 20 years and am 33 now. It rarely happens anymore, maybe once a year.
Same experience it begins with a quite ring at which point I realize sleep paralysis is happening. I'm forced to snap myself out of it or the ringing gets painfully loud. Every time it happens now, I try to tough out the ringing, but it gets too severe and I have to snap myself out of it.
These posts are frustrating me because nearly everyone is leaving out the plot in a sense when discussing this topic.
Ok we get it, the ringing starts and it gets louder. Why would you leave out the middle man?
at what point does it stop? how do you stop it?

Someone on here claimed once they hear the ringing they can roll with it and get into a dream cycle which they can control. Very cool,but I've tried over and over again and it doesn't seem like an optional thing.
Sleep paralysis happens to me when I'm exhausted and need to get much needed sleep and the last thing I want to do is wake myself up, but the ringing gets too loud. Besides, the overcoming emotion of fear also pushes me to wake myself up. Now in the beginning I assumed the fear was due to the paralysis, which in the beginning it's obviously extremely scary, but that is not where the fear is rooted I have found (for me at least, but I assume it's the same for everyone). I became so used to sleep paralysis that the notion didn't/doesn't scare me at all, but the emotion of fear isn't optional, I am overcome with fear every time it happens and the fear is there upon waking up.
Anyways, I surprisingly didn't come across anyone explaining what their snap out process was like, but I will.
Once I hear the ringing I realize it's sleep paralysis. The ringing gets too loud, until I fight against it and snap out of it. I can only describe it as; it's like I'm trying move or flex every muscle in my body until I snap out of it and completely awaken. With every amount of effort given the quieter the sound gets, every time I ease up the sound will get increasingly louder. I could do this for as long as I want too or as long as it takes, but being in the limbo state isn't desirable (because I'm exhausted and want so badly to get to the next stage of sleep), so essentially there is only one option and that's flexing myself out of sleep paralysis. This only takes me about 5 to 10 seconds now. Upon falling asleep this is likely to re-occur, which is frustrating because I need to get sleep. Eventually I will fall into a normal sleep state.
Anways, is this similar to what happens to other people here? I would love to hear from someone who can proceed to continue past a paralysis episode into the dream state? It seems impossible to me, because of the ringing, not to mention, being overcome with a sense of fear.

Jan 19, 2014
samething happens to me
by: Dameon

This same thing happens to and its very often because when I know its about to start ill hear some low than very loud frequency kinda noise than ill hear everything around me and I tried to see if someone can watch me while.I.sleep to see if I was giving them some sort of signal it was happening but I felt I was doing it but it never seen me do it. Thats why alot of time I try not to sleep bcz the visions I have with it is crazy but they feel so real at the same time. But everytime this about to happen ill hear the frequency noise and sometimes it hard not to go to sleep because your eyes just gets heavier and heavier. I thought I was going crazy

Jan 30, 2014
I get that too but at night time
by: B

why do we have that? I can hear the frequency and then my head starts hurting. What is going on?

Feb 17, 2014
Nothing to worry about
by: Caitlyn

Honestly, I also thought something was wrong with me, but I believe everyone hears it some people hear it more then others, because if you listen closely it's always there, it's just at night when everything is quiet you hear it more, it's nothing to be worried about, but sometimes (like me) it's an extreme humming or buzzing whatever you may call it and it's sometimes painful I usually breath heavily to tune it out. Try sleeping with a light radio on something for your ears to focus on that's all I hope this helps (:


Feb 21, 2014
Can i control it ?
by: Rob shekler

This happened to me last night and my god was it scary ! I remember it felt like i heard a noise and i woke up but i was laying there and could hear a high frequency noise and it got louder and louder, it was that loud it was actually really painful ! And it felt like i could feel a presence of someone in my room in a orange bright colour standing there i couldnt move at all felt like i was inside my body banging on my insides to wake myself up but i was already awake and couldnt move i was trying to scream but my mouth wouldnt open! It was the worst experience of my life! I just want to know if you can control it people say its the gate way to lucid dreaming ! If so how to i begin the lucid dreaming and get rid of the crazy noise/pain in my head !!

Thanks guys * Rob Shekler * Facebook message me if you know any more about this just search my name Rob Shekler ! Thankyou

Feb 24, 2014
Does anyone else get the noise any time of day not related to sleeping or SP ?
by: Glen k

Ortho I have experienced SP a couple of times in my life, Its this noise in my head / body that really effects me!
Sometimes when run down and or tired this noise can take over my body in the middle of the day while sitting at my desk or just talking to my wife as it did 2 nights ago, this was after a couple of nights with only 4 and 5 hrs sleep, (I normally need 9 - 10) But id just under gone some Ozone therapy and was feeling GREAT!,5 hrs sleep and i was still feeling good! But it caught up with me I guess?
I have to continually try to snap my self out of the nose to stop it taking over and getting louder. Its normally an electricity ruining through my entire body buzzing kind of scream, but a couple times it has been triggered by a loud noise, like a loud voice or laugh in my hear that continues to Eco and amplify after.
FB me if you experience anything like this ( Glenkimpton )

Mar 06, 2014
For everyone
by: Case

I have posted here a few times. Very strange things have happened to me, but I do believe this is a spiritual something and not a neurological issue. This video was very helpful in putting some, I repeat, SOME of the puzzle pieces together.

God bless everyone and sleep well!


Mar 06, 2014
weird noise
by: Anonymous

I just wrote a whole post and i diddnt see it show up. ?

Mar 08, 2014
Horrible Images
by: Anonymous

I have had this happen 8-9 times. It is very clear when it happens, and I am usually in bed right before sleep. On more than one occasion I have slipped in and out of the "sleep paralysis" without actually being asleep. I have not had one in probably a year, but as much as I can remember it was more of vibrations like I have never experience before in my life. I would describe it as tingly, vibrations, consuming my body. After I experience the sensations I am generally sucked out of my body into outer darkness. The next thing that happens is evil images and impressions overcome me one after the other until I feel like I am going to be overcome by some evil influence. All I can do at this point is pray to the lord Jesus Christ that I am delivered. The book of Mormon references some thing similar to this by Alma the Younger.

I can't pretend to claim this is of a spiritual nature or purely scientific. For all I know they join in the middle some where. My own theory is that sleep paralysis is the portal to the spiritual realm.

Apr 07, 2014
Painful ear/head vibrations with mild seizures
by: Jennie

I have had this experience 1 to 2 times a month since adolescence.(I'm 33 now) It always happens at night as I fall asleep, or in the rare chance that I take a nap. I feel like I'm still awake, and then a buzzing sound starts to enter my ears. It gets louder and louder, almost like my ears are sucking in a high pitched vibration. Yes, it is painful, but only temporary. This situation always ends up one of two ways: #1 ~ Sleep paralysis. The sound reaches a climax, then silence. I then believe I have awakened from my dream and am lying in bed. Then something happens; my phone rings, someone calls my name, there is an evil presence in the room, something compels me to get out of bed and I experience typical sleep paralysis with shaking/mild seizure. Situation #2: The sound reaches a climax, then silence and I feel a very real sensation of being pulled out of my body, toward the sky. At this point I recognize that I am dreaming and have vivid lucid dreams(dreams you can control). I am not a mystic/new age person that believes in astral projection or OBE's, but holy cats - does it feel so real. Oddly enough, my husband suffers from frequent sleep paralysis, so when the other is having that type of dream, we recognize it and wake each other up. However, I have never met another person who experiences the painful ear vibrations, and I would love to know if there is a scientific explanation for it.

Apr 12, 2014
I just woked up from one
by: Anonymous

I've always had this when I was little. I'm 23 years n I hate the feeling... I was dreaming that I was in the park with my brother playing soccer in a baseball field.. And all of a sudden a bull was inside chasing people with red. My brother had red sweats m he took them off n we started running to an exit... N when we made it to the exit n the bull was behind me THE BUZZ IN MY EAR STARTED.. But I always manage to wake myself up before the paralysis is fully set on me..
Us Latinos call it "EL MUERTO" WHICH means the dead person or spirit...
I know the comments are from 2010 but I read a lot of them n it helped me n made me feel like I'm not the only one... Sorry my name is Alex alvarado I got to excited to write my experience I forgot my name...

Apr 12, 2014
I just woked up from one
by: Anonymous

I've always had this when I was little. I'm 23 years n I hate the feeling... I was dreaming that I was in the park with my brother playing soccer in a baseball field.. And all of a sudden a bull was inside chasing people with red. My brother had red sweats m he took them off n we started running to an exit... N when we made it to the exit n the bull was behind me THE BUZZ IN MY EAR STARTED.. But I always manage to wake myself up before the paralysis is fully set on me..
Us Latinos call it "EL MUERTO" WHICH means the dead person or spirit...
I know the comments are from 2010 but I read a lot of them n it helped me n made me feel like I'm not the only one... Sorry my name is Alex alvarado I got to excited to write my experience I forgot my name...

Apr 14, 2014
I heard a loud sound like a jet with a rain pf super bright particles
by: Rox

Hello! Everyone, I am 31 years old n from India. I remember i was deinking water when i lost my concious n dropped on floor, I don't remember anything after that except a loud sound like a jet plane and a rain of very bright off-white coloured particles inside me. When I got up after almost 2 minutes, I was taken to the specialist neurologists and radiologists, N they examined me through CT scan and otheR tests and ultimately concluded my problem as 'CEREBRAL DYSRYTHMIA'. According to medical sciences it happens when the electric signal of any one or more of the micro veins of our brain interrupts or gets disturbed. But still I couldn't find the answer for that sound and light. I felt like if m flying through a bright tunnel like a jet plane. Can anyone explain.

Apr 22, 2014
Me too
by: Liz

19 year old here, and I too experience the buzzing sound. In fact, I just woke up from a short nap where I experienced it. I can't even take naps during the day anymore. I hear it all of a sudden and think to myself "okay, here we go again..." And then it starts and I get scared but I power through it until I can move again. It feels like my head is on vibrate sometimes. I'm really thankful that I don't have any hallucinations, though. That just sounds terrifying.

Apr 28, 2014
together with the buzzing i get a shaking feeling inside too
by: giselle

i read ur story courtney, i actually just experienced it and got up,for me i have a fear of it being supernatural

May 12, 2014
by: Bark

I have shared my experience several times on here. This sounds almost exactly like my own experiences with this. The only difference is I never fell completely asleep. It was nightmarish, but I wasn't asleep, yet it all still happened.

May 15, 2014
Shadow Person Buzzing
by: Kalin

This has only happened once to me before but I experienced the buzzing while laying in bed one night. For me was like a static crackling sound accompanied by very high pitched tones that would get louder and louder. I had my eyes close at first and I saw a vision of my best friend at the time and a pair of head phones my friend was saying something and it was traveling through the wires and coming out of the head phones that floated right next to my ear. I couldn't tell what he was saying but as soon as his voice got louder I snapped out of the dream state and opened my eyes in my room. I was still hearing the buzzing and tones while being completely paralyzed. I saw a dark featureless figure standing in my doorway to my room. The shadowy figure slowly moved towards me while I struggled to move and scream but couldn't do anything. I was desperately trying to call for my parents in the room next to mine. The figure got right next to my bedside sort of towering over me. As soon as it got really close I seemed to break out of the paralysis just enough to shout, "Who are you!? Go away!!!". As soon as I shouted it was over and I found my self sitting up in my bed in a cold sweat. This was by far the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me and I firmly believe it was something more than just sleep paralysis. I have had lucid dreams before and experienced the fun side of the dream world but this felt different and more real in my own house. It happened so fast and seemed so forced on me i had no options but to just be terrified.

May 28, 2014
humming noises in ears
by: Anonymous

I have had a humming sound, like a train on a railroad track from morning till evening for the last week, it doesn't stop....

Jun 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Idk i've read a couple of comments but mine is a little different cause i know why i get it! Now that the summer started i realize that for the first time i have bee hives out side my house there little n there is not that many bees but i see them out side n i know they are there nothin serious though. But now i hear the buzzing specially when i go to bed. I need a fan to go to bed i just need the noise or else i cant go to bed so now sometimes since its summer i leave the windows open and any noise outside automatically becomes bee buzzing in my head specially at night even thogh i know bees dont go out at night and i just dont know how to getbrid off this buzzing in my head its frustrating cause i dont like bugs n i know that im being paranoid about it but still i cant make that buzzing stop in my head which always makes me think what if theres is an actual bee and its about to sting me But than again i know im being paranoid about it but it still sucks it wont go away!! And it only happens in my house ofcourse!!

Jun 06, 2014
since I was a child
by: Anonymous0

I've had similar experiences, but somewhat of a combination. Haven't told hardly anyone as I'm afraid of what they'd think. Started for me as a young child, feeling of floating off my bed, weightless. I noticed what I later learned to be a type of vortex at the foot of my bed, that's all I remember as a child. Years later as a teenager I had a different experience that still brings tears to my eyes even as I'm typing this(I'm 34 now). I considered myself an atheis, at the time, for a long time afterward not so much. Now before i get into details i want to stress I'm still not very religious, i believe in a higher power, that's it. Here's what happened...i never had the slowly progressing extremely high frequency, painful noise at the time, but whatever dream type state I was in, I was aware of a being or presence, it was a shadowy figure, I could see it moving its mouth and could hear multiple indistinguishable very fast speaking voices from it. I walked closer but was unable to make it what the figure was, I was too afraid to look. When I was close enough the only thing I could bring myself to look at was its  tongue and the multiple voices became one. The tongue looked like interleaved thorns with the thick ends toward the dudes of the mouth and the pointy parts meeting at the center. The voice was saying "You're never going to get away, you can't escape from me, you can't run", this was said almost as a whisper but still extremely fast paced over and over again. Very shortly after I heard another voice from behind me, I turned to see a white wolf also taking very fast and in whispers, believe it or not, it was saying the lords prayer, the scary thing is I didn't even know the lords prayer when this happened. Shortly after I woke up crying. The reason I'm typing this is I've read a lot of similarities from other posters. Every now and then I get that increasingly high pitched noise, very painful, if I try to control it or myself it gets progressively worse, like I'm being punished for fighting it. Sometimes when I see these apparations (they feel evil), I tell them to leave me alone and it ends shortly after. That's my experience that I've only told a couple of my most trusted friends. I dont know what it means and maybe never will.

Jun 10, 2014
by: Cody

I have experience this too but not after sleeping or before and when it happens to me I also can't see, all I see is white for a few minutes. I am 15 and it has hapened twice and I don't know what to do.

Jun 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yes, this all happens to me too... are any of you on Xanax or Klonopin or any other Benzos? I've been researching this and it appears that it is more common in people that take those meds. I'll be asking my dr. about it and see if she can prescribe something else for sleep/anxiety... Because these experiences are terrifying... gives me more anxiety and makes me afraid to go to sleep! The very thing that's supposed to be helping me calm down enough to go to sleep MAY be making me afraid of going to sleep! Just a side note: you cannot quit benzos abruptly... can get some pretty bad withdrawal symptoms from what I read. Anyways, you should always check with your dr. first. Maybe there is something else we can take instead... and see if these experiences stop???

Jun 15, 2014
levels too this sh*t
by: Anonymous

Face ur fear n control that sh*t, im bout to ri now I kno im not suppose to fear it, but this is tha best thing that cud happen too u, u dnt need drugs lmao. Theres levels too it

Jul 05, 2014
Not in my case
by: Anonymous

I don't use drugs. I drink on occasion, but not near enough to experience withdrawals. That's definitely not what it is in my case and my guess is it's not the case for 80-90% of people posting here. There really aren't any good explanations, only the term, "sleep paralysis". You can medically explain all of the symptoms, except for all of the beings that people see. Why are people seeing beings with the same physical characteristics? Old Hag, the tall man or Hat man, demons, aliens...It has been happening for centuries now. I saw the hat man before I had even heard of sleep paralysis.

IMO There's a spiritual realm that exists and because of my experiences, I am completely certain about that. Science can't and won't touch it and I understand why. We are living in a new age of reason. But the scientists of the past, those we consider some of the greatest minds in history, believed and often practiced metaphysics and other sciences that are now considered "pseudo".

Jul 05, 2014
Other realms
by: Miah

I agree with both recent comments. The hypnagogic hallucinations have been described medically, and are often attributed to drugs, times of severe stress, or other emotional/physical turmoil.
Often similar themes are present, which are threatening and frightening.
As far as similar "beings" that is likely, in my opinion, due to the fact that for whatever reason, probably unbeknownst to the person affected, they are in contact with the astral plane. Edgar Cayce described this plane, and it is a well known plane of consciousness is ancient studies. The man in the hat and others are probably dark ones trapped or living on the astral plane.
I believe it is possible to be healed spiritually and prevent further episodes, but it must be done in the right way. Forcing energy to higher chakras, improper meditation, etc., can worsen the situation, or at the very least cause more damage to the etheric body.

Jul 06, 2014
by: Matilda

I have only experienced this once last year, I could hear a faint hum and I know that I was in an Alpha state of sleep. I remember being able to move but was afraid to. I thought there was an alien being (lol) in my room, buzzing around my ear,it was hurting my ear and I remember my ear pulsating and hurting. I could 'see' behind my eye lids a bright white light circling. The humming turned into what sounded like high pitched electricity, similar to the sound of a rattle snake (we don't have those in Australia, only much louder. I wanted to open my eyes but too scared to open them in fear of what I might see. Then all of a sudden it was gone and I stayed in my bed with the feeling that what ever had 'visited' me was still in my house, It was weird and it scared me. I didn't know what it was, which led me to this site. Its comforting to know that I am not the only one... my family think I've lost the plot! :/

Jul 06, 2014
Me too
by: Anonymous

Mine happened almost exactly the same way, Matilda. The only differences being I started out as being awake and looking around the room and the loud noise/electric static type sound seemed to cause me to have an out of body experience that seemed like I fell through my bed and into another place. It felt like I was in a silvery coffin and images were being put into my head. I prayed to Jesus and that got me out of it. I guess we are all crazy. :)

Jul 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

This happens to me quite often. I'm always conscious of it happening. The first time I felt the intense vibrations.. Like a hurricane was blowing in my ear canal,I sensed a presence and heard my bedroom door creak open. I remember communicating with the presence, almost challenging it and telling it In my mind im not scared of you. When I did that the vibrations in my ear became deafening. I came to with a jolt and I was terrified. It happened another Time again
There was a presence on the other side of the bedroom door, this time I floated up toward the ceiling. The first few times I was really scared now I'd like to experiment with it. I'm also an empath and a bit psychic. Before I read anything about it I always thought I was somehow crossing with another dimension.

Aug 27, 2014
WOW! I just read that first pert!
by: Anonymous

And you describe it perfectly! Now I have to read it all and find out what you all know, cos at 40, I've been experiencing this "buzzing" and sleep paralysis (especially during naps) for YEARS and got sick of doctors looking at me sideways when I tried to explain it! So I am not alone?
I'm commenting too quick because I'm excited, I can hardly believe what I just read, I was googling for something else entirely.
What the hell is this thing that happens?
Time for me to read the whole page 😊

Sep 01, 2014
A loud noise
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 24 years old and I been experiencing the same thing over 4 or more years already and as you said when I tell other people about it they think am crazy . What happens to me is like if am just laying in bed watching tv and suddenly my body goes in shut down .. Basically asleep and then I start hearing that noise like electricity or even as I explain it like the noise the machine makes wen someone is dying .. The noise just keeps getting louder and louder the point I feel that if I don't wake up my brain is going to pop! It's very difficult for me to wake up .. I believe it takes me seconds or maybe even minutes to wake up , but when I do I always wake up with a really bad headache..the rest of the night am scared to fall asleep again because I feel that will happen again and there has been times I actually get 2 episodes like that one after the other .The Next day I feel like if I didn't rest at all and continue having the headache through out the day..:/

Sep 09, 2014
Buzzing in my head
by: Jesse

I hear the buzzing in my head after I get home from working graveyard shift and I'm so tired is this nornal

Sep 11, 2014
Sounds like a wasp/bee
by: Anonymous

The buzzing I hear is similar to that of a wasp or bee, and since I have a huge phobia regarding them it can really made for a horrible night. The reason I'm up is that I keep hearing this buzz that sounds like a bee/wasp not too far away. It gets louder if I lay down in bed and go to sleep. It's also what woke me up. Can this really all be in my ears? That this sound isn't really there? I have a history of poor sleeping and today I had a nap in the middle of the day due to have to wake up much earlier than normal.

Sep 26, 2014
Buzzing noise
by: Anonymous

Hi am 24 years old and I been experiencing this buzzing noise over years already .. It starts out of the no where as if my body shuts down but my brain it's still going ..this buzzing kinda electricity wires or something like that keep going in my head and it gets louder and louder , to the point that am scare to not wake up and my brain is going to pop! .. It's crazy because am actually awake I see my self exactly how I was and I know when the noise starts it's like fighting for my life . Last night it happen to me and besides the noises in my head I started to hear voices and felt te presence of someone next to my bed side and if as someone was trying to hold me .. It was very scary and as usual I woke up with a really bad bad headache.

Oct 24, 2014
Had them and still do. NEW
by: Juan

I have also had these, and yes they occur with sleep paralysis most often. I think it's a natural thing, it must be if not then why are we all having it? The only thing is that we don't notice it most of the time because we don't become aware of it because our mind falls asleep before it happens. Anyhow, it can have something to do with lucid dreaming and some say outer body experiences. I have had lucid dreaming, and on one occasion I can truly say that right after hearing the buzzing sound, which is totally scary, I just laid calmly in bed and let it take over, after that in an instant I was in a dream which I could control what I was doing. Anyhow, I'm trying to learn how to get these more often than not, like today I got one but I was so excited I did that I think it didn't turn into a dream in time, plus it was in a nap, so didn't have much time. Anyhow, there are a lot of youtube videos that explain lucid dreaming and outer body experience that explain how this buzzing sound is essential for them. Peace!

Nov 03, 2014
Just had another one NEW
by: Anonymous

I just woke from one, one of many throughout the years. The vibrations and hums used to scare the dickens out of me, at first I thought it evil and maybe at times evil is around, but I got tired ,so tired of being afraid, that I learned to control it, and best described as flying. I learned I can control the flying and although still feels like I am a novice, it is quite fun and liberating/freeing although those words aren't quite right. Hard to explain.... Now when it happens, although unpleasant, I go with it, with a specific goal in mind, to practice flying. Sounds crazy, but either I flipped the script because I was tired of being terrified or simply was a progression, I really don't know. I know for those of you just having these experiences, it will sound crazy, but when you feel it coming on, summon your courage because after all you are in control. Don't wast e years as I have done, so wish I would have confronted much sooner....not near as scary.

Nov 07, 2014
weird things what happen whilst I'm asleep NEW
by: sandy

These weird things what happen to me have been happening for as long as I can remember. I hear a buzzing noise like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then I think crap its happening again I physically try and get up or scream out but I can't move a muscle or I can't scream out as I am totally paralized I physically try and fight to move or scream but I'm totally unable too then what I can only describe as an electric current runs throughout my whole body and the zzzzzzzzzzzzz noise continues until it has totally past through my whole body. I'm totally freaked out by this happening and have to put lights on and get up etc after the ordeal. Don't know what causes this to happen used to happen very often years ago but just happens a few times a year now just at a loss as to what it could be, for obvious reasons don't tell too many people its just nice to know I'm not the only one thanks for sharing sandy

Nov 10, 2014
similar experience NEW
by: Anonymous

hey courtney, i had the same thing happen to me while falling asleep in the afternoon. i had a like ringing in my ear but it was amplified and sounded like you explained like electricity buzzing. i was trying to wake myself up and my whole body hurt and i could barely move there was so much strain i tried to yell out but i couldnt it felt like i was almost there almost fully awake but i slipped back into sleep again, which lead into a bit of a nightmare, when i awoke i thought it had all been part of the dream until i looked this up!

Nov 30, 2014
weirdest of many NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 44. I started having these experiences in my mid 20s. It starts with a light ringing noise, then changes to a pulsating, buzzing, mechanical sound. I dont really pay attention to my body tingling anymore, but yes, it feels like when ur leg or arm falls asleep, that total relaxed tingling. When I first started having them, I felt a presence or plural, in the room. I was scared, tried to move and scream, but I could only move so much, and my screams came out like I had a bad case of hoarse throat. If I move slowly, I can get up and "float", but The few times I have done that, I went outside and everything was dark and strange. The reason I searched and found this page is cause earlier, after lunch, I took a nap. The ringing started, then the buzzing. In the upoer corner of my room, floating, I saw what looked like a cloud of burnt ash, about 2 feet wide by 1 foot tall, and it was pulsating with the buzzing sound. When I saw this, i noticed a figure/person, dressed in a black robe, below and to the left of the cloud, to the side of my bed. The figure was itself was blurry/out of focus, but I could see my dresser, behind it, sharp and clearly. It slowly moved closer and closer to me. I have never seen anything like this during my sleep paralysis, and was scared. I tried my best to yell, "Go away, in the name of Jesus!", but it got closer, to the point where it was face to face with me, but still I saw no face only dark. At that moment, I woke up completely. I have been thinking about it all day, and I feel that whatever the figure was, it wasnt there to hurt me, it was curious of me and not afraid like I was... This all sounds crazy, but maybe some have had a simular experience...

Dec 23, 2014
I am buzzing while I write this NEW
by: Anonymous

First time I had this. My head is buzzing--Ringing. I woke up to this. It's some what loud and steady, non stopping and had been doing this for 30 minute so far. It is giving me a head ache. I took Advil hoping maybe it would help. I tried to lay back down but that didn't help. I tried cleaning my ears. Not helping. It's been 45 minutes now. I do remember having a dream before I woke up. there were people trying to hurt me and I couldn't fight back. My arms and hands wouldn't work and I couldn't stop what was going on. I woke up with this ringing in my head. Not sure one has any thing to do with the other. I was scarring me but now I am calming down and trying to relax. Ringing is still going. But trying to take control of what's going on. still ringing but not scared now. Before I felt sick a little. it could be electric going threw my head. that could be what i'm feeling not sure. nearing and hour now and I'm going to try laying down and see if i can sleep. Randy in Florida

Dec 23, 2014
Solution NEW
by: Anonymous

Listen everyone. It happened to me so I'll give some tips to help as many as possible. You can loose the buzzing and REM or Sp being sleep paralysis by making sure of the following

1 don't sleep with headphone or any equipment with magnets like laptops near your this can causing buzzing

2. Make sure the your posture is not blocking blood dolly to your brain. During the buzzing thing keep a feel for the blood gushing in ur neck area. If you are turning or creating blockages you will feel your head is colder than the rest of the body. It's feels numb too. This causes buzzing too

Lastly for man with a good other scary dreams and sleep paralysis related things.

Understand that your timing play a very important role in this. During day your body is making a serotonin and during night melatonin So if your sleep timings are odd serotonin can kick in causing you to gain consciousness while the body is trying to sleep. This doesn't not happen when your body is sleeping and producing melatonin since that harmon keeps you sleep
Never sleep facing up you will get nightmares. We don't knw why it happens but gravity plays it's part always sleep on one side

Dec 29, 2014
The Buzzing NEW
by: Elizabeth

It's the same with me. I hear a buzzing and a bright light flashes behind my eyelids. It's usually when I'm about to fall asleep for a day nap, and i get pretty shaken up. I feel frozen for a little while, but since i've moved in with my friends, it's been less stressful and it hasn't happened yet. It's called Exploding Head Disorder.

Dec 29, 2014
The Buzzing NEW
by: Elizabeth

It's the same with me. I hear a buzzing and a bright light flashes behind my eyelids. It's usually when I'm about to fall asleep for a day nap, and i get pretty shaken up. I feel frozen for a little while, but since i've moved in with my friends, it's been less stressful and it hasn't happened yet. It's called Exploding Head Disorder.

Dec 29, 2014
The Buzzing NEW
by: Elizabeth

It's the same with me. I hear a buzzing and a bright light flashes behind my eyelids. It's usually when I'm about to fall asleep for a day nap, and i get pretty shaken up. I feel frozen for a little while, but since i've moved in with my friends, it's been less stressful and it hasn't happened yet. It's called Exploding Head Disorder.

Dec 30, 2014
Same thing here NEW
by: Eduard Razvan

I must say : even if the same thing happens to me, I love it. It happens at night also. When I'm about to fall asleep I feel like in a state between awakeness and sleepness and I can feel falling asleep. I also like not being able to move. Combine that with the abillity to control your dreams (A+ when you know that you are dreaming) and you'll get some very nice experiences.

Jan 02, 2015
Like a tazer NEW
by: Anonymous

My experience was that i was laying in bed and the buzzing started in my lower back center spine. It was buzzing but also like i got hit with a tazer or stun gun. I could not move and it felt as if the voltage was being turned up more powerful. The buzz moved up my spine to my brain and i could hear rapid laughing of one voice. Just laughung but not mean ir malicious. I did not feel the fear many others soeak about but i was more curious and i spoke in my mind "what is this, what does it mean?" I did not try to break free or struggle but it faded quick because i had no fear if it. I hope it happens again so i can study it more.

Feb 16, 2015
you are victim NEW
by: Anonymous

The govt has militirized the suburbs and are fracking people w covert, secret brain experiments. Your feet will tingle. They read minds. You must be highly intelligent....

Feb 19, 2015
had this before NEW
by: Lauris

more or less it starts like normal dream when suddenly this buzzing sound kicks in your brain, it starts quite and then getting loader and loader and it feels like it coming closer, waves by waves. in same time dreadful fear overwhelm your all body, it is so strong that I instantly trying to escape it by trying to wake myself up from sleeping. Usually it helps and I can make me wake up but once I try to "fight it back" by not waking myself but facing it. What I got it from it, was that continuing burning my body by fear that didn't stop, eventually i woke up from it as well.
Over all my 25 years I have experienced this most of my teens years. but still last one was like 2 or 3 years ago, but I can clearly remember as it was like yesterday.

Feb 19, 2015
noise sample NEW
by: Lauris

this is the buzzing noise what kicks in.

its about same 40hz and as I told before it starts quite but then comes loader and loader.

Feb 24, 2015
I wouldn't call mine 'buzzing' NEW

I'd call it a "mechanical noise" at about 40 decibels.. but could be experienced lower sometimes..

And according to one of my friends/associates.. it's Astral related/beings.

Mar 16, 2015
Demonic Dream NEW
by: Mr. Sistrunk

So it was mid-summer (2013,I was in the 6th grade) and I had a dream I was playing a Byond game The Last Conflict where I really was watching the screen. Then suddenly a chat card came up that read " Legion: My god gives me strength", to which I snapped awake only to be paralyzed with the extent of hearing a buzzing sound. I looked over at my computer and saw a woman in a black dress with entirely black hair, a black face and to emphasize my point even more effectively, he had entirely black eyes. After 13 seconds the buzzing stopped and I was able to move again. I looked back over to dining room and saw no one there.

Can someone explain to me if this is a dream, or a demonic encounter?

Mar 17, 2015
Yes, I always hear the buzzing! NEW
by: Lea

Yes, I always hear the buzzing, and my body vibrates violently. It sounds like a really loud dishwasher, and it escalates in volume as it moves toward me. It usually comes around my side of the bed and lingers beside my face, and evil thoughts audibly accompany the buzzing and blend in with it, although no actual English words are spoken by it. I think last time it thought something at me like "We are always present." The thoughts have a mechanical sound as well. At the moment I am able to come awake, the sudden silence and stillness is shocking.

Mar 19, 2015
Some if these descriptions sound like simple seizures NEW
by: Karen

Some of the descriptions here (buzzing with blue, white or red disco lights), not being able to see right away upon waking sound like simple partial seizures. Typically they are caused by lack of sleep, or for some (like me), flashing lights during the day or too much time on the computer. This is a type of mild epilepsy and can be controlled with medication - typically Lamictal. Lamictal is a very safe medication and has helped me greatly. Might want to give it a try.

Apr 09, 2015
Nonstop buzzing for two months NEW
by: Noonmoon

I have had a humming sound in my ears for a couple of months now. It sounds like the sound fluorescent light tubes make in an office. It varies in loudness. It started the day our cat died. I think she is doing it. I have had this before when other pets died but it never lasted more than 2 or 3 days until this time. The sound can be almost painful in a way. I could block it psychically I think but I do not because I really think it is her and if she wants to be here for some reason then I will let her. I had my boyfriend and I each draw a picture of her the night before last night to let her know we think of her and the buzzing sound has been super loud since about half an hour after we drew the pictures. The sound used to stop when we went somewhere but now it comes with me to the store and the movies and so on. I feel like she wants to tell us something but I do not know what.

May 04, 2015
Devilish yell NEW
by: Anonymous

I went through this once while I was stationed in Okinawa Japan back in 2006 I layed down and couldn't move a muscle on the inside I was panicking and then this loud yell or roar was echoing through my ears I thought it was the Devil I was extremely terrified and then I calmed my self and said God help me and snapped out of it immediately yelling and my roommate and friend was looking at me like I was crazy and that was my one and only time ever happing.

May 14, 2015
Solution NEW
by: Anonymous

OK, So the loud buzzing and the sp along with shaking of the couch I was laying on happened to me. I had little trouble ending it though. I have accepted Jesus as my savior and all I had to do was rebuke the being or beings causing this in his name and it stopped. This problem is caused by demonic beings. Science, new agers, fortune tellers, shamans Catholic priest (Catholism is pagan religion in disguise that's why people prey in front of statutes) and others can not stop it nor will they ever figure it out. Although sometimes the demons will play possum to deceive you and act like they are gone after you seek help from the aforementioned. Demons are very real and good at doing evil and they can visit and torment you in your sleep. That's why people even hear voices and even see figures or orbs. They can also affect your everyday life without being detected. We can not defeat them without God and his son Jesus. They may not torment you in your sleep for a period of time or they may even stop or seem to but they do not go away. Demons will take many forms as they have the ability to morph. They could appear as grey aliens (Yes, Aliens are Demons and people are seeing them when awake as well) in your sleep and cause sp and other weird things. They feed on your fear. They can put immoral ideas and opinions in your head when you are awake and even drive insane. They need to do this gain strength. But they were defeated when Jesus paid for our sins at the cross. So all you have to do is ask God to come into your life ask for forgiveness for your sins and next time this happens to you just command them to go away in the name of Jesus and they will flee instantly. Is that simple. God loves you and he cares about you like no one else. Demons are getting stronger and more common as we get closer to the end. The more we accept homosexualism, promiscuity, abortion (which is a form of human sacrifice to them) and we keep kicking God out of our life, more and more people will experience SP and buzzing and much more. The worst is yet to come though. So if you are reading this, your only hope is God. Besides he offers indestructible immortality without a price because he already paid in full on our behalves. And you get power over the tormenters trough Jesus. How can you beat that? Hope this helps. It sure helped me and it felt good.

May 14, 2015
sleep paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

I too have experienced sp since I was 20 yo and what's called old hag syndrome as well, (someone in the room with you). I used to panic thinking it was demonic activity and I would try to move but couldn't. Last night though, for the first time, I heard something buzzing around my ear and dreamed I was trying to raise my hand to shoo it but couldn't move. When I did wake up there was no flys.

May 18, 2015
Fan Noise NEW
by: Anonymous

My experiences have never happened while taking a nap. Only when I go to bed for the night. The latest one was really strange. I dreamt I was riding on a stationary bike in a strange room. There was a buzzing type noise coming from behind me, but I could also feel wind or air behind me as well. The fan was a very large industrial size fan. I felt that the fan was not turned on me, but away from me. The electrical noise of the fan would get louder and louder. As the noise became louder I became more and more unable to move. It was quite terrifying. The noise increased and I recall thinking that maybe I was having a stroke. My face was the last thing that became paralyzed. I sat there on the bike panicking until slowly I awoke out of the dream.

Jun 08, 2015
Shadow people figures followed by ringing in my ears NEW
by: Anonymous

im truly not going mad and this has happened to me about 4 times now each time unique and each time I will never ever forget. The last time I tried to communicate with the figure but it was gone and I was left with righing in my ears.

I can only say we do not know all around us and that there is another life form of some sort made of energy or dimententonal or moves so fast or reflects light in a way that it cant be seen fully. But each time the figure is there or ive gotten tingley sensation on a spot on my arm or legs hair like static as if somthing is touching me then the rigning will appear ive seen unexplained fast moving shadow figures like dark people then also the ringing will appear.

At first I tried to dissmiss is telling myself I was tired but there r times when im not one time I was driving.

Im writing this to say your not alone if you see the shadow figures that move very fast with no sound seems through walls then u get the ringing. I can only feel its a alien or undiscovered life form that is not been discovered yet.

Jun 15, 2015
symptoms of this sleep disorder NEW
by: Anonymous

If you get sleep paralysis and/or hallucinations upon falling asleep or waking up and you also have excessive daytime sleepiness, you may have narcolepsy. FYI: Not everyone with narcolepsy falls over limp (severe cataplexy). Some people have no cataplexy at all.

Jun 28, 2015
Buzzing in left ear NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamt I was being chased by an electric triangle and circle hovering in the air. It was illuminated and then approaches me with close proximity. I slowly reach my hand towards it then I suddenly wake up. I am neither quite awake or asleep and hear a loud electrical buzzing in my left ear and then shut my eyes again. I then see an alien aircraft hovering above me, I then remembered reading somewhere to fight them with psychic thought and force, so I try to push them away using my mind and that is all I can remember. I awoke and felt strange the following day and felt hugely drained. My pet cats were behaving strangely and refusing to come near me and seemed on edge. In the past I have experienced UFO sightings and didn't believe or understand what these things are until I started looking for explanations and answers. I have seen 3-4 Reptilian males peering in through my window in a lucid dream before. I have dreamt of being aboard a craft and seeing planet earth from the window get smaller and smaller as it ascends further and further away. They want something from us, I think they target certain people. They don't like people with the metagene as we are a threat to them as they target people with certain abilities. They are telepathic and target certain humans and monitor us. I believe through faith and prayer you can stop them from intefering by negating their energy with your own.Stay strong and stay connected to the divine, meditation and prayer are our tools.

Jun 28, 2015
Buzzing in left ear NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamt I was being chased by an electric triangle and circle hovering in the air. It was illuminated and then approaches me with close proximity. I slowly reach my hand towards it then I suddenly wake up. I am neither quite awake or asleep and hear a loud electrical buzzing in my left ear and then shut my eyes again. I then see an alien aircraft hovering above me, I then remembered reading somewhere to fight them with psychic thought and force, so I try to push them away using my mind and that is all I can remember. I awoke and felt strange the following day and felt hugely drained. My pet cats were behaving strangely and refusing to come near me and seemed on edge. In the past I have experienced UFO sightings and didn't believe or understand what these things are until I started looking for explanations and answers. I have seen 3-4 Reptilian males peering in through my window in a lucid dream before. I have dreamt of being aboard a craft and seeing planet earth from the window get smaller and smaller as it ascends further and further away. They want something from us, I think they target certain people. They don't like people with the metagene as we are a threat to them as they target people with certain abilities. They are telepathic and target certain humans and monitor us. I believe through faith and prayer you can stop them from intefering by negating their energy with your own.Stay strong and stay connected to the divine, meditation and prayer are our tools.

Jul 09, 2015
Sleep paralysis when stressed out NEW
by: Anonymous

It happens to me when i'm on mid terms or final exams. I usually only experience the lack of movement, but yestaday i got so scared i started hearing a buzzing similar to racing cars.

Aug 13, 2015
It's called exploding head syndrome NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had it for years. No it's not aliens/the devil/astral projection. It's called exploding head syndrome. Google it.

Aug 17, 2015
Buzzing and Noises NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi All
For a few years I have had ringing, buzzing etc in my ears and head. I live with it, but some experiences I had recently this year is so weird, I have been to specialist and had MRI and all normal, Well I am woken with a thud, it sounds like(I will describe it this way) Jack and bean stalk, when the giant takes the step and it a thump. Now a grate like heavy metal moving. It woke me and I thought what the ----
Then it has increased to 2 to 3 time till I actually wake. I have noticed its before an earth quake (weird). I also felt like a screw driver embedded in my crown chakra once and then woke speaking a weird language. I can speak it and its exactly same every time. Like a transmitter implanted. Wow I needed an explanation and found that I am not the only person with this gift.Its actualy amazing and my psychic abilities have increased.

Aug 23, 2015
The buzzing. NEW
by: Richard K

Hello, I have just been reading about sleep paralysis and came across this thread. The buzzing is the main feature of my sleep paralysis. i have exactly the same feeling like an intense electrical noise running through my head. I have experienced it about 20+ times and have episodes where it will happen a few times a night for a few nights once or twice a year. The first ten or so times it happened it was a really scary experience where, even though I'm a grown man i tried to call out for my mam hehe. But over the years I have taught myself to be calm and let it pass as I know it will not cause me no harm. The buzzing is what is a clear indication that I am about to experience sleep paralysis and probably the most distressing part of it. The sleep paralysis I've come to terms with but the buzzing still gets to me.

Aug 31, 2015
Horrifying noises NEW
by: Anonymous

It was still fresh in my memory when I last experienced it. I first felt someone just sat on my bed, then these loud noises came in, noises like of the big bugs, I've felt like they have been surrounding me while I was asleep. But I can't see them. I try to fight it, kick my legs, shout and move my arms, but my body was so stiff. Then I reminded myself to stay calm, and I tried to move once again and woke myself scared and horrified, I refused to sleep again afterwards.

Sep 08, 2015
Its spirits NEW
by: Anonymous

Eveone says sleep paralasis...but the truth is we live in a spirit world and when this happens its actuslly a spirit trying to mess with you..i had a out of body experience ..when this happened i felt powerfull and a little evil i floated to my living room and saw the wife watching tv then went back to my body...its in the bible .demons are trying to take over our bodys..but doctors/scientists have to come out with an explanation to sound like they got it under control..but this is the real truth..!

Sep 15, 2015
I hear it NEW
by: Anonymous

This sometimes happens to me except it only happens at night. I was about to sleep when I hear a buzzing sound although its not that loud. When I do sleep, the buzzing sound gets louder and I can't even move. I panicked (<--plsspell) and tried to move really hard but it made the buzz sound louder. I only panicked (<--howtospell) when this happened the 1st to 4th time.

Oct 06, 2015
Buzzing and Tingling Galore NEW
by: Maria McMahon

I first started experiencing the 'buzzing' about 2 years ago, and it was after a very stressful but short-lived event. However, it's never scary - in fact, I quite enjoy it and have been having 'body buzzing' episodes 2 or 3 times a month every since; sometimes more frequently, like this morning; I woke at 5pm and then fell back to sleep about 7am, and it was during that time that I had 2 episodes. They do often occur if I've had interrupted sleep like this, but not always. I'm trying to find out what is causing this to happen - the sensations are so real! My whole body is buzzing like I've been plugged into the Burg Khalifa! But it's not painful, and I am always consciously aware that it's about to happen. It always starts with what's best described as a strong feeling of goosebumps, always at my sides... and then it's game on! I do sympathise with those who have the scary monsters in their midst and can imagine how terrifying that must be. I watch the film 'Nightmare' recently to learn more about SP. I also read Erin Pavlina's book about Astral Projection and that seemed to fit my experience more than anything else. This morning, I was aware that part of the sheet was over my left ear, and the buzzing was even louder and more concentrated in that area... I could swear I felt the sheet vibrating! As a hypnotherapist and brainwave entrainment aficionado, I'm very interested in brain science. I'll be visiting this site a lot more now that I've found it - it's a fantastic resource!
Maria McMahon
BSc (Hons) Psychology, Dip. H.E. Hyp/NLP.

Oct 13, 2015
creeped me out NEW
by: Anonymous

Myself, like all of you, have experienced the buzzing. It only happened once about 2 years ago. I was sleeping when this extremely loud buzzing took place. I have never experienced anything like that before. When I try to explain it I call it more of an electrical shock. My entire body is vibrating with electricity and my head is filled with this buzzing sound. I remember not being able to move and calling out for my daughter. I also felt and heard people in the room with me. I know that sounds weird but that's the only way I can explain it. I felt like I was awake the entire time but 10 - 15 seconds later I remember looking around the room and it was like it never happened. If I was calling out at 2am my daughter or even the dogs would have heard me but the house was completely quiet. I don't know what it is but it scared the crap out of me and I don't want it to happen again. AB

Oct 19, 2015
electrical style buzzing during sleep. NEW
by: chinook1410

I've had the buzzing in my head, it's always sleep related for me. It starts like a distant electrical hum or buzz that seems to get closer and louder in much the same way a truck or train does. It builds to a frightening but exhilarating crescendo. Then it's gone in the same way you would turn a very loud stereo off with the power button. Gone,stopped, silence. I look around the bedroom at the walls, my wife, the windows, all normal. I can't help feeling that the experience is kinda cool and exhilarating,but very scarey at the same time. I'm not sure what it is or why it happens to me but I find it very interesting.

Nov 01, 2015
Maybe something else? NEW
by: Diva

I have had this on and off for several months. It starts with a buzzing then I feel like there is something that is inside me. I feel like I'm floating underwater. It's very hard to describe. But it all starts out with a ringing buzzing sound. I feel like I can wake myself out of it but I just lay there and wonder if it's my Dad who recently died somehow trying to communicate with me. It isn't painful. It feels like some sort of energy.

Nov 01, 2015
Maybe something else? NEW
by: Diva

I have had this on and off for several months. It starts with a buzzing then I feel like there is something that is inside me. I feel like I'm floating underwater. It's very hard to describe. But it all starts out with a ringing buzzing sound. I feel like I can wake myself out of it but I just lay there and wonder if it's my Dad who recently died somehow trying to communicate with me. It isn't painful. It feels like some sort of energy.

Nov 06, 2015
Scary Buzzing NEW
by: Jess

Hey I'm 20 and you're not alone! I hear a pulsating buzzing noise in my brain that starts off quiet like a warning so I know what's about to happen and there's nothing I can do! If I try really hard, I can will my arm or something to move when the buzzing is in its early stages which snaps me out of the sleep paralysis. Otherwise it runs its full course, sometimes to the point where I feel like my whole body is having an electricity-fuelled spasm, often being so vivid it hurts! The feeling is so real and somehow so sinister! I do not hear voices or see figures but I do have the feeling of being pressed down into my bed. Such a relief when I wake up!

Nov 06, 2015
weird NEW
by: Anonymous

Is it supposed to sound like television static

Nov 09, 2015
asd NEW
by: Anonymous

damn it my brother always experience s.p and i just laugh at him saying that it's ok you'll get use to it until today im at work my lunch break took my lunch at the 1st 15 mins i feel my teeth is grinding then suddenly hear a loud buzz on my left ear and i open my eye the scenery is different what i supposed to see then i feel that my body is moving i feel like someone is pulling me from the bed then a weird creature is slowly approaching me and try to get me on the back but but i know i have to relax then i'm ok but i dont want to experience it again it's terrifying really

Nov 12, 2015
Stupid noise NEW
by: Phil

I have had this buzzing noise in my head/ear for the last 5 yrs its so annoying........i could have the noise all week then it,ll die off where its beareable to cope with.....then i,ll have a sleep an wake up an BANG......!!!!! theres the noise back again............

Nov 20, 2015
buzz.. buzzz.. cause by naps and bad sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

im in my 50s, first started a couple years ago... took me a long time to figure out a pattern.. just thought I had hearing issues.
As it stands now, 100% of the time if I take a nap.. or just fall asleep watching tv.. wake up, buzzing in the ears.. that will last until I get a good sleep. also at night if I get a bad night sleep( like get woken up in the middle of the night, im a firefighter so happens)... boom its back... occasionally if I can get back to sleep for at least an hour.. its gone!
Figuring it out has made it so much tolerable.... as I don't take naps (unless like its raining and the days shot already...) and I know if I get it from waking up in the night.. I can either try to take the time to sleep some more, or just wait it out till the next day because most of the time it will be gone. unfortunately means I have it probably 50 % of the time, but like I say figuring it out makes it tolerable. hope this helps someone.

Nov 22, 2015
UK resident going mad over humming sound NEW
by: Anonymous Turd

Interesting article that made the press

Nov 22, 2015
I guess I have a unique gift I don't want NEW
by: Toby

Well, I have not found what my problem is. So far there are no discoveries that conclude to my unique condition. I find it difficult to explain, but I would say simply "I am not allowed to have nightmares". But what are the relationships between having a strict mind of what dreams I can have, and what I cannot have. You might say that I may be blessed for not having nightmares. That may be true, but the process is strange, and I would like to know how it works. Although I have never had nightmares, I do not want to be left in suspense of the condition I have. The relation I was looking for with buzzing noise is similar to the process I go through. Usually, in the beginning of a nightmare, (so I call it yet nothing wrong is yet to happen) I do not know I am dreaming. I dream for what seems like days, it is until I get closer to what I am guessing is the danger of the dream that I become more conscious of what is real. It is until minutes(after days of dreaming) before the danger that I am in a state of lucid dream. I am completely conscious, but I cannot change the surroundings like I can in a normal, so nightmares are very different. I am for some reason able to sense something very dangerous that is to happen. Once it does get to the point in (I guess dream time) right at the second the horrible thing is suppose to happen( I know because I can sense it) I feel my brain vibrate. The shaking of my brain is very painful, I have not tested the full extent of how hard my brain can vibrate, because I dont know if it can kill me. The reason I mention it possibility of being deadly, is because it vibrates stronger as I let it go on continuously if I try to stay asleep. I can hear the sound inside, it is loud but not as loud as they say it would be if it were exploding mind syndrome. I think it could get loud but it gets more painful the stronger my brain shakes. I don't know if it is my whole brain, but I doubt it because I remain conscious in the state, so it may be a part of my mind that shakes even though it feels like the whole mind is vibrating. Any ways in the dream, when I sense danger I don't fear, I never undergone anxiety when I dream, or any negative emotion, In fact I am not sure I undergo any emotion, but there are dreams, rarely with positive emotion, and I hate getting woken up in those. But I usually feel nothing, and when I lucid dream in my emotionless dream all my emotions restore and my dream is strange and always experimental, I experiment because there seems to be scientific laws in these dreams that were suppose to be emotionless not physics but dreams, almost computational,(inputs and outputs, or consequences none of which are negative. In my dreams that are suppose to be nightmares, I always lucid dream in the end, and am not fully conscious in the beginning, I think this applies to everyone,(in nightmares they only become conscious when the bad things happen). One time I dreamt a kid puts on a toy futuristic mask for children, and a teen girl said "take that off!, that's psychological ) and My brain vibrated, another time I was in a history clas and a ancient doll older than any of our finds, I think it was time travel but they believed it was ancient people, the history teacher was describing how mocking it's stare was( the doll's ) and when something bad was to happen my mind vibrated. There are even times that as soon as I sleep my mind vibrates and as soon as I close my eyes again my brain vibrates again as If there is already a nightmare waiting for me. Bit I guess I will find out its cause later, or maybe I am not unique and this really is a normal thing and I am not researching the wrong thing, either way, I don't like the suspense

Nov 23, 2015
by: Toby

Sorry about the errors if this is difficult to read.

Nov 30, 2015
by: Ben Kruger

The same thing happens to me. This buzzing noise.
I heard that it could be sugar levels in your blood. Bloody irritating. Can anybody help. PLEASE !!!!!!

Dec 06, 2015
Unbearable buzzing NEW
by: Emili

Hi, I am so glad I am not the only person undergoing this crazy episode in my life. It is a truly terrifying experience. Just recently, for the first time, I was woken up by a faint buzzing noise in my brain. The more I fought the sound, the louder it became, until the volume level because unbearable. As I wake up, I am unable to move, scream, or even shut my eyes again. When the noise is at full volume, I painfully begin to feel what seems like electricity coming from the buzzing, through my entire body. It is horrifying and something I wish I never go through again. To add to the craziness of my experience, a red light is orbiting at the end of my room. It is a huge relief to read all of your comments and know I am not the only one that has lived this nightmare. I wish you all luck in the future, and hope you are all able to control this problem, or completely stop it from occurring.

Dec 22, 2015
Cracking NEW
by: Rose

The first time I heard the electricity I was really tired and had just laid down, when all the sudden I had the buzzing, lost vision for about 30 seconds and paralyzed for about 2 minutes. Now i hear cracking and sizzling like a down power line.

Dec 23, 2015
What's wrong with me? NEW
by: KJ

I just turned 16, but for a few years now I've been hearing noises. I hear someone breathing very heavily in my ear, quiet screaming, and a loud buzzing/ringing. I hear these things anytime it's quiet. Please tell me how to fix it or to get help. The noises induce panic attacks and night terrors (which induce panic attacks upon awaking).

Jan 02, 2016
Not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

I have recently experienced this buzzing sound that I could only describe as demonic along with hearing voices and it's very scary! I call out to Jesus and rebuke and either I wake up or it just goes away...I find if I can pull myself up when i first feel and hear it coming on and get up and walk around the room it won't come back if I go back to sleep, so hard because usually happens when exhausted! It feels like a seizure because your body and mind are fighting so hard! I also find when you tell yourself to relax and fully trust and give it to God and not give into freaking out it goes away. Good to hear I'm not the only one to experience this, all I could think of when it first happened to me was the Amityville horror movie with all the bees at the window during exorcism, God bless and he is in control!

Jan 08, 2016
sleep buzzing and electric NEW
by: janet

Sleep I'm 60 years old and I've been putting up this siince I was in my early teens. iI went to a drDr in my early 30s he laughed me out of his office. I never brought it up after that. I have 2 or 3 a year some times it gets very painful.

Jan 16, 2016
spirit people NEW
by: Anonymous

hi there my brother had buzzing and says 4 spirits lisa miranda pete and paul are annoying him day and ,night they say you can watch tv next minute no you cant watch tv they repeat over and over agai wolverhampton birmingham new street or we are leaving over and over again day and night he tries to sleep then they startbuzzing one ear then the next and the back of the head,when they stop buzzing he feels the blood rushing back down the back of his head but they seem to be tapeing all he does then playing it back to him! He has prayed in church to god for itto go away and had a priest up to him at his home and these insane spirits still dont go away for good.we have both been to mediams it still wont go away please has anyone got an answer! We have also beenripped off by fake mediums! Thanks for any help.

Jan 16, 2016
spirit people NEW
by: Anonymous

hi there my brother had buzzing and says 4 spirits lisa miranda pete and paul are annoying him day and ,night they say you can watch tv next minute no you cant watch tv they repeat over and over agai wolverhampton birmingham new street or we are leaving over and over again day and night he tries to sleep then they startbuzzing one ear then the next and the back of the head,when they stop buzzing he feels the blood rushing back down the back of his head but they seem to be tapeing all he does then playing it back to him! He has prayed in church to god for itto go away and had a priest up to him at his home and these insane spirits still dont go away for good.we have both been to mediams it still wont go away please has anyone got an answer! We have also beenripped off by fake mediums! Thanks for any help.

Jan 26, 2016
You are being lied to NEW
by: Secret squirrel

Sleep paralysis or SP is not a result of what they are telling us. We are being abducted by alien beings and experimented on. Read some of the comments. People are hearing voices and also seeing things. I've heard voices telling me to relax and everything is going to be ok. I do not believe for a second that this is a hallucination or my imagination and so shouldn't you. This is all an elaborate cover up to quell panic and fear by giving us a logical medical reason for it occurring.

Jan 26, 2016
Read NEW
by: Anonymous

Just had my first experience today. For some reason, I hear a loud pitch while not being able to move. I'm reading comments of people saying that they can hear or talk to the dead. I'm not really a great listener, but i for some reason the song 'Kansas - Carry on wayward son' at 1:08 describes it well.

Jan 29, 2016
I can relate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been experiencing this for about ten years now. Always starts with buzzing, or at times it has sounded like something was flapping around inside my ear. I usually have some kind of visuals involving energy patterns moving in circles or solid orb objects buzzing and sometimes even glowing. Other times this happens I can see the whole room I am in and even walk around and look outside of the room and how I observe my surroundings in the dream is how they look when I awake.
The whole time this is happening I feel like I am trying to wake up out of a deep sleep and become very uncomfortable and annoyed. Over the years I have been able to catch these episodes right before they happen and have found that if you relax and observe these states you can use them to meditate and to lucid dream in. A whole new side of your psychology can be revealed. The whole thing is fascinating yet uncomfortable and sometimes just plain "weird." There is something to it though...

Feb 02, 2016
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

I hear like a humming sound and it feels like the bed is vibrating and am up typing this and still hearing and feeling it plz help

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Publishing sleep stories and questions from our visitors is meant to create a forum for open and proactive dialogue about an extremely important portion of our lives (one that occupies 1/3 of it and affects the other 2/3) that isn't talked about enough. It is not meant to substitute a trip to the doctor or the advice of a specialist. It's good to talk; it is not good to avoid consulting someone who's profession it is to help you with this kind of stuff.

If you are in any way concerned about your sleep health, don't wait for an answer on here, and don't necessarily rely on them. See a sleep specialist in your area as soon as possible.

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The Stanford Sleep Book

Stanford Sleep Book Picture

Dr. Dement's pioneering textbook has been the core text for Sleep and Dreams since 1980, but it has just recently been made available to the wider public for the first time.

In it you'll find a more detailed account of the most important things you need to know about sleep, alertness, dreams, and sleep disorders. Studies, statistics, plus plenty of Dr. Dement's classic anecdotes painting the history of sleep medicine.

Preface | Intro | Contents | Get A Copy

More Sleep Resources

The Zeo

A revolution in personal sleep tracking, the Zeo is a wireless headband that transmits your brainwaves in realtime to a dock (pictured here) or your smartphone. The result? You can wake up and see exactly what stages of sleep you were in during the night! Unprecedented personalized sleep knowledge.

Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide

Sleep Paralysis Treatment Book

Ever woken up paralyzed? A surprising number of us have, believe it or not. But few know the actual causes of this phenomenon, and fewer still how to exert control over it. Dream researcher and sleep paralysis expert Ryan Hurd shares breakthrough insights into how to do just that.

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