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ATTACK of the DEMONS - Sleep Paralysis Throughout Cultures

Surprisingly, though, is the consistency of such reports made by societies and cultures with no previous knowledge of each other or their lore. The main details remain constant.

A man or woman is attacked during the night, usually lying on their back, when an evil entity sits upon their body, causes paralysis, and even sometimes chokes or smothers it's victim. Though their motivation may differ, (possession, revenge, or just wanting to upset the living) the attack remains strikingly similar.

And these stories are not limited to Western cultures, in fact, quite the contrary. In Thailand people refer to being Phi um (ghost covered) and phi kau (ghost possessed), and these experiences include a feeling of pressure, paralysis, and something black covering the body. In Japan, kanashibara ("to tie with an iron rope") is a common known and accepted experience. In the Far North one speaks of agumangia (Inupik) or ukomiarik (Yupik) in which "a soul" tries to take possession of the paralyzed victim. In Laos, da chor is described as follows: "You want to listen, you can't hear; you want to speak, you are dumb; you want to call out, you cannot; you feel you are dying, dying; you want to run away. You piss with fear in your sleep"

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Kevin: Thanks for drawing attention to the relevance of sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations throughout cultures, time, and location. It's an entirely fascinating subject, whether the consistency of such events can be explained by evil forces or simply physiological and biological similarities (what can happen to one human in Japan can happen to another human in Thailand). Your second paragraph seems to suggest the former explanation, while I suggest the latter throughout this site (in particular, here).

I attempted to find Aimless on Facebook, but a few targeted searches brought no results about a movie or sleep paralysis. Is the Page still up there?


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Apr 05, 2011
Demonic Forces
by: Laura

well i often have these sleep paralysis attacks, and definately it feel like demons..... i am a very spiritual person and these attackes normally happened in deep states of meditation or when i am going through some transition!

the it feel like something dark over me, and even if i try to open my eyes, or turn around to look at whatever is there it does not let me do so, like it does not want confrontation or or by me waking up it will loose it powers!

Anyway , what my main point here about these attacks, be they spiritual or science that i find most affacinating, is that the minute I say,
In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit, or Our Father who Art in Heaven, or Bismillah ir rahmanir Rahim or Auudhu Bilahi Minash Shaitaan ar Rajeem, these feelling of paralysis disappear and i begin to wake up!!!!
or the Evil entities go away...which is or Spirit!!!!

Apr 05, 2011
JESUS is the ANSWER...
by: Anonymous

Would you mind posting your experience at more people need to know that Jesus stops the scientific phenomenon...

Luke 10:17

The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

Jul 16, 2012
about demon attacks
by: Anonymous

Do not be focused on the forces of evil but be focused on Christ and His promises, his grace, and the forgiveness of sins that is found in Him. The emphasis should be on Christ not on the devil. The devil is more powerful than man. But Christ is more powerful than the devil. Be simple unto that which is evil and wise unto that which is good. Keep a pure mind, renew a pure mind, read the Bible and remember the great things God has done and His promises. The grace of Christ through His shed blood on the cross if you repent of your sins and trust in him is the victory which overcometh this world.
God does not speak to man in an audible voice. The angels of God do not reveal themselves unto men in a visible fashion. Any spiritual beings that reveal themselves to you are not angels of light but fallen angels. The devil can transform himself into an angel of light. The devil roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is the father of lies, the temper, the deceiver; he was a murderer from the beginning. Jesus said in John 10:10-11, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” If the forces of evil reveal themselves to you it is only for the purpose of attempting to get you to sin. If you are not saved they will try to keep you from trusting Christ. If you are saved they will attempt to entice you to sin so that they can then attempt to make you think that you either are not saved or that you have been delivered over to the devil because of being an unrepentant Christian.
Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ and not of works. The evil forces of this world do not have the power over your flesh unless you willing give yourself over to them. There is human technology that can be used by evil man in cooperation with evil forces to make you think that the evil forces have power over you when it is really physical technology used to manipulate your mind and body and physical emotions. Please read carefully these words of scripture and make sure that you have turned from your sins to Jesus Christ as your Savior.
2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 says, "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand." We live in the last days. This means that the time is drawing nigh for the Rapture when Jesus Christ who died on the cross 2000 years ago for the sins of the world and rose again the 3rd day will gather his believers from off the earth. This also means that the time is drawing nigh when the anti-christ shall appear.

Aug 26, 2012
by: Jewl

I get these attacks as well since I was a little grl. Don't happen as often anymore. I've had dreams that felt like I was being dragged off my bed on top of a blanket. Also being scratched by a cat trying to scream for help. Many dreams of waking up from it but then it just happens over and over again. I do have a relationship with god and I pray every night . In these dreams I pray myself out over and over and I wake up still praying. It's a very scary feeling and I hope one day it will all end

Nov 14, 2012
Believer Of God and Good
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from these attacks since I was a little girl. My grandmother always said I had a special gift . It never felt like a gift. I would try to scream or move an arm or a finger. I could see and hear everything. I saw ghosts. Actual figures but mostly eyes looking at me. Nothing ever touched me as a child. I would pray for gOd to protect me. I got to where I could make noise without being able to open my mouth. When I was able to scream I would. My family thought i was crazy until things began to show them selves to them. As I got older and married, it changed. Not as often and different. I had beaome more able to make noise in my throat. My husband knew to help me when he heard me. He would just have to touch me in most cases . My mother also did the same. I could hear her from other rooms. She called it night terrors. BUt it isn't the same as night terrors. My sisters and recently found out a brother also does this.
Recently , This happened one day during a nap after church. I tried to move and couldn't. I looked at my husband and an old woman , wild looking, stood at the side of the bed smiling at me. I knew she was a demon. I prayed in my mind for strength and I started trying to make vocal sounds. I began to say as well as I could, "I rebuke you in Jesus name! " At first the sound was barely there but it got easier ,and I made the noise louder. Finally my husband heard me. He was shaking me and looking in to my eyes but I couldn't come out of it. He was getting afraid because I could not get out of it. HE knew I was looking at something . FInally I got sounds out and then was able to come out of it. AS soon as I came out my husband said he could tell I was rebuking something.
I too have felt like someone was pulling on my pajamas pulling me out of the bed. I always call on GOd. My grandson who is 11 has heard my making sounds for help many times. Last week I had this happen and was trying to move but could not . I was trying to speak and could not. My husband heard me trying to make noise and tried to get me out of it. It wasn't working. He shook me , gently slapped me over and over but finally was getting afraid for me and grabbed my shoulders and shook me hard and then slapped me hard. HE said he saw the terror in my eyes but I could not blink. He told me he was afraid I was going to have a stroke this time. AS was I.
My daughter is addicted to drugs and been away from GOd for a while. We were trying to help her get off drugs. She experienced this often. Only her attacks always included dark shadows and something trying to smother her. She described shadows laying on top of her. I told her to rebuke them in Jesus name when it happend. She was terrified many times.

Feb 19, 2013
Jesus is the ony solution
by: Jesus is the ony solution

Yes i was demon posessed and demons where cast out of me so yes demons are real and jesus is real and he is the ony one wheo beat the devil

Feb 27, 2014
It is Spiritual
by: #SleepParalysis

Sleep paralysis has alot to do with your religious belief and your subconscious mind. Find out what is eating you inside.. it may be a sin... it may be someone you need to forgive.. you have to be your own psychologist and analyze your fears and worries and hidden desires. The terrifying experience is a hint of what is going on underlying in your life.. and it projects out during sleep when your subconscious mind has more control!!!

Jul 07, 2014
Hope in The Lord Jesus Christ crushes satin!
by: Anonymous

Very interesting that they given this a name "sleep paralysis I'm a Christian and I was working through some fears & strongholds in my life. The heavy loads we carry from the trauma in our lives from past failures, worries, guilt and shame. I asked the Lord to help me face my fears, so I could move forward to be his servant for his kingdom her on earth and in heaven. For a year, I would say about four episodes,I had the experience of being held down with a force that was not just physical thing, it was an intense feeling of an evil force and presence. I prayed for the Lord Jesus Christ to help,me knowing that "his spoken name" would rescue me. Calling the name of The Lord. . . It was very real" that was several,years ago when my business was in trouble.. I began to quote scripture before I went off to sleep. " I know the plans you plan for me says The Lord, plans to prosper me and to give me a hope for the future" (in Jeremiah). The more I allowed our precious Lord to love me and comfort me I have not had those experiences of fear and trembling. The results are that I am totally in hopelessly in love with the Savior who saves his children, yes we have a hope for the future, in the Lord Jesus Christ Amen. . . so be it

Oct 05, 2014
by: Jenny Lynn

Only the Lord Jesus Christ will rid you of these demonic attacks. Jesus himself wrestled with Satan on Earth and he gave all believers in Jesus Christ the power to cast out demons in Jesus' Name. The unbelievers do not have this power and will only make the demonic attacks worse by using Christian methods to get rid of demons. No paranormal investigators or scientists has ever got rid of a demon, only the Christian church can do this. Unbelievers should stay away from hypnosis, psychics, tarot, quiji, seances, and all dark arts, this will not eliminate the attacks, but make them worse. I am a Lutheran Seminary graduate and have a MA in Theology and I am just a few credits short of receiving my MDiv. I am quite knowledgeable on the occult, demonology, and Christianity. Please e-mail me if you need prayer to rid yourself of the demons. JenniferJeremy@aol

Oct 17, 2014
Demons lie
by: Daphine

It's ironic that I came across this post today. After having my eyes open up at church it seems like this is happening to me a lot. Last night though I was asleep when it happen. I saw wrapped twisted faces as they tried to drag me under in broad daylight. I felt things that I shouldn't of felt and when I woke up. I couldn't move anything but my jaw. I couldn't speak though I could move my jaw it felt broken. I kept screaming in my mine. "I rebuke you with the blood of Jesus." No amount of Scientology will make me believe that it wasn't a demon. It finally went away but I still felt like something has been watching me in my room since. Our newborn sleeps in the room with us and I couldn't help but bolt up to check on him.

Oct 23, 2014
by: Anonymous in Kansas

It’s been almost 25 years since I have had this experience, but I will never forget those times. They began in Germany around 1987-88, though my exposure to them began long before because my mother played around with the same things when I was a child. I was stationed in Baumholder Germany and lived in old World War II army barracks that were full of old demon spirits. This was a time in my life when I claimed to be a Christian, but I did not have the actions/"works" to back it up. Faith without works is dead. Even the demons believe in God and tremble.
I was drinking and partying every weekend if not more often, and engaged in (a lot) of what the bible calls sexual immorality; and I was even using Ouija occult "games" with friends. I’ve seen occult activity with my own eyes.
When I would sleep here, many times I would become aware of dark spirits on top of me and around me trying to crush the air out of my chest, crush my head and smother me. A strange sound was always present like a ringing, or humming of some kind. I was paralyzed and could not speak of move except for my feet. I learned that I was able to kick with them so I began to make sure my feet were in contact with the foot board of my bed before I would sleep so that I could kick the board and wake myself. Yes, I was that conscious of what was happening. I have had them try to drag me off the bed before also.
I have never been so aware in an unconscious state before, it was more like an "experience" than a dream. When I told people about the experience, many would not believe me; I have heard of many accounts such as those on this site, and they are all similar. Some demon attacks are perpetrated by an Incubus or Succubus which are– Sex Demons. I never had this happen, but have heard of it. After I began to rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus "yes this is also common in these stories" the attackers seemed to back off. Once I became what I would describe as (born again) in the spirit of Christ, and began to live what I professed the attacks stopped, and never bothered me again. It has been almost 25 years since I’ve been attacked. Praise Jesus!

Nov 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I was attacked by one the other night this has been happening to me for about a year now and I do not know why or what to do I'm not possess but I want it to stop

Nov 07, 2014
I love sleeping on my back-the journeys the nightmares
by: Mariona Vasquez

I have so much to tell. I'm an indigo child/adult. I'm trying to help a friend with extreme sleep paralysis. I don't like the name sleep paralysis. It doesn't quite hold the urgency or truth of what dwells in our mind. Sharing a strangers soul and determination to chose you for whatever reason they do. People don't make up demons. Where there's good there is evil.

Nov 10, 2014
by: ashley

i had a dream and idk what it was so i am 9 weeks pregnant and i had a dream where i was in a kitchen and the bedroom is off of the kitchen and i walked in there and there was a white thing and what it does is humps someone a few times screams and bites them and the person dies and then the white thing goes away well it happened muiltiple times till it was me and my mom left and my mom tryed to come up with a plan and she dressed me how she thought would help and so on but i happened to walk in to the bedroom and the thing was in there killing someone and i yelled for my mom and the thing turned around to attack me and my mom was telling me to hold on as the thing does what it does i tryed to bite the thing but it didnt work and i died ...... i dont understand my dream this is the first time its ever happened

Nov 13, 2014
by: Minister L

As I slept in my lazy-boy while watching College Football I was attacked. I tried to call out as my head was being forced down to my chest. I started pounding my foot on the floor to get my wife's attention to break the attack. She never came out and i knew i was going to die by this thing, so I just started repeating Jesus over and over and every time I said the name Jesus there was relief until I was able to come awake fully. I went into the room where my wife was in bed and I told her what happened. I asked her did she believe me and she said yes I do. She then got up and went to the kitchen to and took a tablespoon of a fat-burner diet liquid. she returned to bed and with in minutes she stated she was not feeling right. She sat at the foot of the bed then fainted, I picked her up placing her on the bed and she was turning light green, her face contorted to the point of unrecognizable. She stopped breathing I called for an ambulance she was seen at the ER and was told it was Anaphylatic Shock. She not allergic to any thing. So this evil spirit attacked her too.

Nov 22, 2014
Jesus is the answer
by: Sam

People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy. Repent and confess ur to Jesus,But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. Demons has no control over u
solution : Repent and receive Mercy

Nov 25, 2014
Thank you all.. NEW
by: The Movie Aimless

for sharing your #SleepParalysis stories.. we have created a contest to help support our film project about Sleep Paralysis.. type "Aimless Sleep Paralysis Contest" in YouTube.. I'm sure you all will like the prize.. GOOD LUCK!!

Nov 26, 2014
demon NEW
by: gretzky

I was dreaming one night and demon or monster of some sort was on top of my chest. I was laying on my back and it was choking me with its large mouth wide open like if was trying to bite or swallow my face, now as thats going on im trying to figure out if I am awake or not I felt like I was awake the whole time but I couldn't speak or move it felt so real and then out of now we're my black and white cat jumps through this demon as im fighting this abomination and it disappeared and I woke up with my cat write next to me and me sweating and out of breath. ....may the gods be with us.

Nov 26, 2014
demon NEW
by: gretzky

I was dreaming one night and demon or monster of some sort was on top of my chest. I was laying on my back and it was choking me with its large mouth wide open like if was trying to bite or swallow my face, now as thats going on im trying to figure out if I am awake or not I felt like I was awake the whole time but I couldn't speak or move it felt so real and then out of now we're my black and white cat jumps through this demon as im fighting this abomination and it disappeared and I woke up with my cat write next to me and me sweating and out of breath. ....may the gods be with us.

Dec 02, 2014
my experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I recently came across this page and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with these encounters since I just just woke up from it now but my story has a twist and I need advice seriously. Like most I've had these encounters so many times I can't count but I will bring up a few times where it has been alot different from the last and maybe someone can help me piece together the pieces. I've always had a gift but I really don't feel like it is and even prayed and begged god to tell me why I see the things I see only mostly in what I thought was just dreams but recently found out there really not. When I was younger and after my granny passes away I began to have alot of hate inside mixed with alot of other feelings from my past I remember telling god I hated him for putting me in a family and a situation I didn't understand and that is when the encounters began over the years I didn't know what to do scared to sleep and I remember this one particular Sunday I don't know how to explain it I had a voice deep down in my soul tell to get up now and go to church I ignored thinking I was just sleepy and layer down about 5 mins later I couldn't breathe and I heard the voice say now it was something about it that didn't scare me like the encounters but more as a parent as shaken as I was I got up after years of not going to church and went as I sat in the church angry with arms folded wondering why I was getting madder just sitting there I sat through and went home. Fast forward I'm in college in my first year of college I went through an extreme battle of going through hard times until I broke I couldn't take it I had no one and decided to talk to God and began to go to church faithfully so I noticed yes I sinned but I kept getting up and going and starting over until it became easier and easier for me to go to church without having anger in heart and then I gave my life to god I apologized for everything and repented a few weeks later I had an intense dream and this is when I realized they wasn't just imagination because other around heard me as I slept I remember sleeping and I had a strong sensation someone was staring at me I opened my eyes and above me stood this man who was completely black and his figure seemed blurry I remember that in all my encounters I have never seen anyone until now this man looked down at me and I felt extreme fear and hate coming from him I was frozen and breathing so hard my mom later told me she was screaming for me to wake up cause my eyes were wide open and I was shaken he looked down at me and my head slowly turned to the cross that was on my wall as though he wanted me to see and then i remember just saying god if you can hear please help me cause I felt as though he wanted me dead all of a sudden my hears popped and everything became peaceful I remember floating and all of a sudden I was sitting around this fire with a man sitting by me his voice was strong that when he spoke I felt like my soul shook but I wasn't scared because this was the same voice I heard years b4 telling me to go to church and thought out strong points through my life I will remember this conversation to the day I die as I write this with tears in my eyes he told me that child these encounters are not just dreams and deep down you know it but you see the enemy is angry at you because you finally decided to give me a try man on earth is soon coming to an end and I'm trying to save you there are many things you may and will not understand but I love you man doesn't know the things they do are say but soon it shall be clear I remember when I woke up my mom said I was hard down crying in my sleep and that she couldn't wake me for anything srry for this long story but I will say this I notice that God must have a strong hold on me cause even when I feel like I'm falling out of grace and I keep messing up he keeps catching me

Dec 08, 2014
lost faith NEW
by: Anonymous

i've been getting these things holding me down for msny years now,maybe demons i think..i cannot hear or move but i try to speak and my mouth moves but noting comes always happens when im drifting off to in between sleep and awake...mostly it feels like im being held down by some serious force cause ima big guy..i can handle alot of weight but the force is to much..recently this demon or whatever it was tryed to touch me..grope feels realy evil..dont know why but it just feels evil...anyhow i've lost my faith a few times cause of alot of things happened in my life...but when the demon was touching my grabbing me i blessed myself and said some prayers...i always have 3 prayers i say...hail mary,act of sorrow,our i was saying the prayers noting was happening but when i got to our father the evil stopped...i was glad and i dozed off to sleep...then i had a dream i was fighting and killing everyone that came in contact with me at this party at a house...i suddenly went to leave the party in my dream and a dark skinned priest put his hand on my chest..i was about to swing for him in the dream but he realy calmed me down and told me everything would be alright...then i just woke has scared me since and that was just last confused about what has happened..sorry for ranting on but what i just told was so true....thank you for reading this..i hope i get a positive response...

Dec 08, 2014
Demonic Attacks NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering from these kind of attacks for many years, since a child, I haven't overcome this yet. I don't really want to say much about it at the moment, other than it is definitely what would be referred to as demonic. I am exploring a way out, a way to break these things off of me. I am surprised at the sheer number of people who seem to suffer such similar afflictions. These things are definitely trying to destroy my life. I know that Jesus is the answer. I have found a site I am going to work through that looks as though it may be of help. I understand that those who do not believe in Christianity may not be interested, personally I will give most things a try! Most people don't believe you anyway, unless they witness something. The link I was referring to is I haven't done much more than have a brief preview of it, but it may help. I am determined to fight back, If I can't do that when trying to sleep, then I will have more time awake to do so. I aim to help as many people as I can. Hope to you all.

Dec 18, 2014
sleep attack NEW
by: Anonymous

I started getting these attacks when I was a little girl. I have always been able to see unexplained things that people have never believed when I've told them. When I was little I lived in a house that was inhabited by many evil entity's. In the house was the spirit of a little boy and little girl that seemed to be my age that were trapped. I've had this proven as when I was 4 years old I was caught talking to them and my uncle did research to find out the little boy and girl were actually murdered in this house. I moved out of this house when I was 5 and shortly after these attacks started. They always start in a dream where I can see myself talking to someone I know and when I try to say something to the person in my dream that I'm aware of this the attack begins. I have tried fighting and have been able to wake myself from the dream to discover a great black shape with a distorted face above me. I then have to demand this off of me in the name of Jesus and thi ins this is the only thing I've found to break it. About 3 years ago I found a necklace with the Lord prayer printed on this in a flea market and with this I pray very night. I have not had an attack since.

Dec 30, 2014
Awake but asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a dream where it felt like I was awake but asleep and I was laying on my back on my bed and everything went black and I woke up in this weird position with my whole body shaking and I couldn't move I couldn't speak I couldn't look around but my eyes were slightly open I woke up with my whole body tingling and my vision was a little blurry I woke up confused not knowing what happened I had a lot of ghost and demon encounters and it wasn't at home, it was all at school I always get feelings that someone is watching me and I sometimes see things that I don't know if their real or not I am wondering what had happened to me

Jan 16, 2015
Scared. NEW
by: Molly

Ever since I was a little girl I have felt nothing but followed. When I was 8 my mother passed away, I used to think it was her, but it isn't. I feel watched and its starting to get to a point where I cannot handle it. As a child I lived in an apartment for about 6 years and the entire time I would constantly hear men talking, things dropping, the basics. But one night I remember feeling weird, oddly touched, I was a little girl and I didn't know. Now today I try my best to block out the memory of a demon defying me. But it wont go away, about 3 weeks ago I experienced my first sleep paralysis. I was on vacation from school and I had stayed up a little later then usual. Because of my experiences before I am terrified to sleep with my tv off or my back facing the tv, I have my bed in a corner and sleep in between the walls. I refuse to sleep on the outside but for some reason that night I shut my tv off and laid with my back facing the tv and my face facing the wall, sleeping like that is uncomfortable and really scares me. I remember falling asleep, but then I woke up. I could not move obviously and I heard a loud ringing. It was odd because my eyes were not open but I vivdly remember being flashing between looking at my bedroom and looking at the wall. Thing started to fly all around my room, it just kept flashing..... it wouldn't stop it felt like a good 15 minutes of things moving. At one point I remember shaking and violently moving with no control I felt surrounded. All I remember repeating in my head was "you have no power over me" I said this the entire time in my head. I wasn't sure if the words were coming out or not but I did think it and hoped it would help. I wanted nothing but to leave my room. I woke up eventually right after and began crying. I felt like something was trying to enter my body and control me. I am not very religious seeing as both of my parents were taken from me between 8 and 14 and honestly I really don't know what todo.

Jan 18, 2015
Demonology NEW
by: Luke

These demonic attacks are real and not anything to do with one's sub-conscious. I have experienced these many times over the years. They are demonic spirits that try to take control of your body when you're vulnerable. My experiences often involve wrestling with them. Often the demon tries to bind my wrists. On all occasions without fail upon rebuking the demon in Jesus' name it departs. On one particular occasion before I resorted to the never failing rebuttal I got angry with the demon and it got more violent with me. On another occasion I've had my arm forced back with such power it hit the wall as I was 'asleep'. This is definitely not a dream state but a conscious state between sleep and awakenes. By His grace I've often been shown by God the future many times in dreams of things that happen the next day or few days in real life and I know what dream state is very well. Only just recently the most unusual encounter was when I could feel a demons entire spirit try to enter my body parallel/horizontally laying above me trying to wriggle in if that makes sense. After rebuking it in Jesus' name it fled. On another recent occasion for the very first time a female demon sat on my chest and tried to wrestle me. I knew this was a female because she had long hair and that's all I could see. It was also the very first time I physically saw one or part thereof as I just saw her long hair as she fled. The 'enjoyable' aspect of these encounters is that I'm never afraid, and always know I'm going to win the battle because I call upon Jesus and rebuke them in His name. One other occasion I wrestled with one (when wrestling they always try to bind my wrists/forearms) it went on for longer than usual and I asked it what his name was. He didn't respond the first time but did on the second time I asked and he tried to impersonate my brother. I know that when I'm good they leave me alone for a while but try to come back and break down your guard. As long as you walk in the light as He (Christ) is in the light you are untouchable. Refer to Psalms 34:7. Also refer to 1 Peter 5:8. I've seen 'miracles' almost every day when He shows me what transpires in the future (I call them miracles as they are to me but a true miracle is an instantaneous healing). If you want to learn more about demons search for and read the sermon titled "Demonology" by William Marrion Branham -- then you will understand.

Jan 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm not one to believe in demons or anything religious or supernatural but this had me running to the nearest church

I had trouble sleeping due to disturbing sounds surrounding me eventually I ended up falling asleep and it felt as if I could feel myself going through the stages of deeper sleep while being awake eventually I felt myself being treated like a puppet (in the dream) I entered a house and got sat down on a couch with my bf standing to my left like everything was normal when he jolted in which I saw in my dream and felt (assumed he jolted in his sleep) he looks up ducking down I hear something running on the Celin and in the corner of my eye watch him follow the sound with his sight, all this going on while in my dream my eyes are closed yet I see everything and as I see everything from first person I also see it as third if I were awake day dreaming yet as if it was all actually happening I felt something jump down and hold me down I couldn't move I couldn't open my eyes I new I could see it in front of my face but yet I couldn't. I was unable to speak move or see I could feel it slowly putting more pressure on me and my chest not being able to breath I started to wake up and I could still feel it I woke up I could hear my bf on my right breathing but like the dream I couldn't speak move I could see i knew I was awake and still felt pressure until all of a sudden after about 6-10 sec after waking up it was just gone that instance I sat right up gasping for air holding my chest crying I had never been more terrified in my life

I couldn't sleep after that no negativity in my life I'm happy and everything's going perfect for me right now nothing like this has ever happened before and before this happened I was calmly and happy with a clear mind.

Feb 25, 2015
this is not sleep paralysis it is evil NEW
by: Anonymous

So Ive grown up in the churchmy whole life but just recenctly ive fallen reallybhard in love with Jesus. Last night I had a feeling that someone was and I am never afraid of night or the dark so this concerned me. I stayed up and drabk coffee because I justbwanted to be with God and I was my bible and sinfing to Him then I went into bed and justbsatbtalking to him. I was saying my normal prayers before going to bed when I heard someone whisper my name. immediately after that something started pulling me down bed by force and it wasnt me falling asleep my eyes were wide open and I was conciius. I couldnt move and I ws going deeper and deeper and I said maybe four times " I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and then I was realeased. I think I was speaking aloud be c aise I could hear myself I dont know but afterwards I was just confised but I thanked Him for what he did for me and then went to sleep,bit to be honest I didnt have solid sleepni just felt I was in that place between being asleep and awake all night. I jnow evil is real Ive head satan tell me before that I was going to die and I believed it until I told my father and he said that he told me that because he knows that the life I live will be for God and satan doesn't want that. Im waging dull war on satan I hate him with all I have within me and thank God I know that we Christians have the victory in the end. Satan trying to take my life twice does nothing but strengthen my faith in god and makes me even more confident that I have purpose or else he wouldn't try so much to take my life. Jesus is the only name that demons listen to and who has conquered death so I will forever call on his name. to Him be all glory, honor, and power forever and ever and ever amen.

Mar 08, 2015
prayer is the best weapon of all evil NEW
by: Anonymous

I experienced a lot of "sleep paralysis" since i was on the age of my 20's until now. I dreamed of someone standing beside me or sometimes in my chest and its evil(like demons you see in movies) and they want to come inside of me or want to hurt me but i cant even move or talk. Even i sleep at afternoon i still experienced it. But every time it happens i always make a way to call the name of jesus"in jesus name"after i that i pray to make it stop until i wake up. But they always disturbing me last time i sleep between 4:30 pm(actually i am awake that time)but when i close my eyes i see a room with fire i hear voices then some force bring me inside and i think its inside of me i hear a voice of a big evil man(a demon) saying words that i cannot understand and i think it want to go inside of me but i shout and force my self to speak the words of GOD until it stops then i wake up. I get my bible and pray i did not tell my husband about it because he once saw me screaming and saying words that he cannot understand while i am asleep and that time i am dreaming of a demon. I always pray before i sleep so they cant disturb me again.

Mar 11, 2015
In Jesus Name NEW
by: Anonymous

I used to suffer from sleep paralyses on a regular basis. I became a Christian and ended up speaking to my pastor about these terrifying encounters and he told me to rebuke them in Jesus name. I explained that I couldn't speak when it happened. He told me to think the name of Jesus and it would go away. It worked and although it has happened again on the odd occasion, Jesus name brings an immediate end to the attack. Praise be to Jesus Christ. He is the answer in every way.

Mar 16, 2015
Stronger then the demon NEW
by: Cody

Ever sense I was Little I have suffered from restless nights and screaming out in the night I Iam seeking help Cus I don't know who to talk to or get advice on this matter but iv always had dreams of death and destruction also with these demons that try and hold me down at first I can't move or speak y it holds me down but as soon I realize what is happing I start to fight back and start to push it's arms up back towards it as I start to do this I can start to get my voice back and as I'm screaming and finally get it off is when I wake up screaming out loud as I sit up drenched in sweat and wore out . I don't know what this is supost to mean because I see on all the sights iv researched that people fight back and still can't move untell it's over or say Jesus name. Iam. Worried that all this means in the end is that I'm just a stronger demon and I don't want that at all so I realy need help with this. This is my email address if anyone thinks they could help me thanks for reading this .

Mar 26, 2015
this is real and evil NEW
by: Anonymous

2 years ago when I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back from work I decided to lay on the couch on my new section, it was dark in the living room and I usually don't sleep in my living room but for some reason I wanted to lay down and take a quick nap, when I wnt to lay down with my back flat in the couch, I remember turning my head to the side, when I felt pressure on my chest, I thought it was my boyfriend I looked up andall I saw was blackish, and it was talking in a language I didn't understabd, it happens so fast, I stood up and noticed it wasn't my boyfriend I for the first time experience shock, I was in shock for at least 2 minutes like wtf just happened, I ran to my door and open it and felt such a relief.
I havnt been able to talk about this for 2 years, I actually googled this yesterday and it brings tears to my eyes because I now am 100% sure it was a demon, because just wat happened to me this article explains to the T, I was actually living in a really bad area so I also thing that's another reason, I sometimes hear my voice called out once when I was laying down and another when I was standing up, and this all happened while I was living in a bad area, please I would like to know more, and reason why I was chosen, my email is, please fell free to email me, I would really appreciate it,
Thanks for reading my story

Mar 31, 2015
Sleep Paralysis? Ha! Try Demonic ATTACK! NEW
by: JP

I get so sick of people trying to provide a scientific explanation for EVERYTHING! The subconscious and underlying issues and blah blah blah! There is no "scientific explanation" for being plastered to my bed and having death in the form a HUGE 8ft black robed being in the corner of my room. #1. These aren't dreams, they are EXPERIENCES and SPIRITUAL ATTACKS! You are well aware of where you are and what you're thinking and everything in the area (TV dresser bed etc.) in most cases is in its exact spot. You can be lying in bed and just began to feel this overwhelming sensation of fear and discomfort. I'm able to look around my room in most cases but I am unable to speak, move any part of my body or scream. I've experienced this dream for the last probably 20 years (I'm only 24). When I was a little girl I experienced hearing multiple voices whisper in gibberish in the dark. The whispers would start off in a distance and make their way beside my bed followed by seeing a silhouette of a woman in the doorway of my bathroom right across the hall. After the voices got closer she would began to quickly make her way to me. I don't have enough room to explain those nights in detail but after about 5 years of of going through I got out of my bed in the dark and faced it. The whispers went away but the demonic attacks began. I've went through to many to name. I have a minimum of about 2 per month. But more recently in the last 2 weeks I've began to experience them in broad daylight while laying on my side and not my back. I've even started having them while laying next to my husband. I able to remember experiencing them but not in vivid detail like before. My husband said I called out for him 3 times ,actually looked him in the eyes and I got up and layed at the opposite side of the bed and positioned my body at an angle. When I woke up I was in my original position. Smh people, for all of you unbelievers in Christ out there with your "scientific explanations" for something that is clearly demonic, I dare you to REBUKE! REBUKE this "sleep paralysis" in THE PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Take it from a young woman that's has Bern going through it for years and just recently realized whose name to call on to bring me out! Jyat cry out in your mind, Jesus Help Me! and see if he doesn't come to your aid. I'm praying for everyone on this forum. God Bless!

Apr 03, 2015
I Pray Against the Demons Before They Come NEW
by: Anonymous

I also get these demonic attacks. Though they don't come regularly. They come maybe several times a year. The best way I've learned to keep them from happening is by pleading the blood of Jesus against any demonic attacks, evil entities/demonic spirits before I go to bed each night. I plead the blood of Jesus over the room and the whole house and cast them out in Jesus name. So my prayer goes something like this: "I plead the blood of Jesus against any evil spirits, demonic entities or demons that may try to come against me. I plead the blood of Jesus against any evil spirits or demons in this room and over this house. I cast them out in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus. I have full faith in what I've just plead the blood of Jesus over. In Jesus name I pray, Amen." And like other people have said, whenever I get attacked by one, I speak Jesus's name or simply say, "Praise the Lord," but it is so hard getting the words out when they've got a hold on you. So like one person said, maybe just thinking it will do it. Usually I say "Praise the Lord" with my spiritual voice and it works, but again, hard work when they're sitting on your throat or paralyzing you.

Apr 11, 2015
It's happened to me NEW
by: Maria

This happened to me twice, many years ago. I was in my late teens early 20's. I was asleep on my back both times. The 2nd time was the most frightening. I saw a demon, he was half animal, half manlike. He had huge wings and a face I will never forget. He stood at my door, I focused at what I was leering, and it moved swiftly, to the foot of my bed. I looked again and it moved!!! It was on top of me and I couldn't move. Almost like a heavy weight was placed all over my body and I could not lift my arms. I was petrified, I looked straight at it, it's demonic face displayed a evil smile. It leaned into my face and inhailed taking my breath. I could not breath. I could see my roommate, asleep in the bed next to me. It was fighting!!! My roommate heard me moaning. It released me or I broke free, I fall out of bed on to the floor. I'm on all four, trying to regain control of my breathing, almost as if I had, had a bad asthma attack. I could not breath, it took awhile, my heart was pounding. My muscles and were sore all day. And my throat felt as if I had burned it. It never happened again and pray it never does.

Apr 17, 2015
Its not a dream NEW
by: Tip

Ive had so many things happen to me thats its not funny and when you cabt tell people that havebt experienced it because they won't believe you.I have felt a person clenching my head and heard a womans voice saying follow the light...i saw a light but i fought the woman off me,after i did that i asked my son to close my livingroom door and he rab in my lap and i asked whats wrong he said he said"mommy im scared i see a lady that looks like a monster,I got pissed because i dont want my kids experiencing what ive went through and the next fday my grandma tried to find me some straw,to foght off spirits...ive taken a picture and looked in the background and you can see a woman behind freaked my family out,i have levitated off my bed and turned over and saw a woman laying by me and staring at me...a bed that my grandma gave me and i didnt know a woman actually died in that my grandma gave me smh,i kept seeing a frequent set of numbers...everytime i looked at the time it always was either 4:41,1:41,1:14 always just 1s and 4s...441 is a highway in my town,141 spells ada which is my grandmas name...i have also played with a Ouija board when younger that actually works!!!I have to much that i can write but im not i just wanna say if youre a hard sleeper either keep something on which sound so you cant catch it and snap out of it...i am a true believer and it will try to kill you.just fight back.

Apr 17, 2015
Its not a dream NEW
by: Tip

Ive had so many things happen to me thats its not funny and when you cabt tell people that havebt experienced it because they won't believe you.I have felt a person clenching my head and heard a womans voice saying follow the light...i saw a light but i fought the woman off me,after i did that i asked my son to close my livingroom door and he rab in my lap and i asked whats wrong he said he said"mommy im scared i see a lady that looks like a monster,I got pissed because i dont want my kids experiencing what ive went through and the next fday my grandma tried to find me some straw,to foght off spirits...ive taken a picture and looked in the background and you can see a woman behind freaked my family out,i have levitated off my bed and turned over and saw a woman laying by me and staring at me...a bed that my grandma gave me and i didnt know a woman actually died in that my grandma gave me smh,i kept seeing a frequent set of numbers...everytime i looked at the time it always was either 4:41,1:41,1:14 always just 1s and 4s...441 is a highway in my town,141 spells ada which is my grandmas name...i have also played with a Ouija board when younger that actually works!!!I have to much that i can write but im not i just wanna say if youre a hard sleeper either keep something on which sound so you cant catch it and snap out of it...i am a true believer and it will try to kill you.just fight back.

Apr 21, 2015
Peace from attacks. NEW
by: Anonymous

First and foremost I want to share that I am a Christian with a growing relationship with the Lord my Father, I also have a degree in psychology and have studied sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis could be explained scientifically of course, however it is 100% a result of a demonic attack. Do not be afraid. I've read over most of these comments and some shed a lot of light, some are misleading.
Since I was a little girl I have had vicious nightmares about demonic possession. I have heard my name whispered and have experience this sleep paralysis dozens of times. Last night I experienced it again. My boyfriend and I try our hardest to live with out sin. As a believer I Christ I am more of a target of attack when I sin, however I am stronger than the devil himself when I refrain from sin, fast and pray. Well last night I sinned, I don't know why I just did. When falling asleep twice I was attacked. I felt my body vibrating and my body was heavy. I couldn't move and I opened my eyes and there was a black thing with glowing eyes. It was all blurry because I had my glasses off. I knew exactly what it was. I have had this happen since I was a little girl. All I could do was from my throat slur and mumble "the blood of Jesus." I moaned it until I was actually screaming and broke its foothold. I asked my boyfriend about this who is a teacher to me. He said that sometimes when we sin our protection is lowered. So what does it mean to sin? Most people know the obvious big sins like drug use or adultery. I'm sorry for those that get offended but you must know if you are getting attacked: sex before marriage, sex with a same sex partner, living together before marriage. These are just a few that a year ago I didn't agree with that was hard to understand. A year ago or more I was living with my ex and was in an abusive relationship. That's what brought these attacks back. In order to stop these attacks you have to refrain from sin. Stay away from ouiji boards. That should be a given its witch craft. Lastly, if this happened to you as a child or its happening to your children you must pray to renounce a generational curse or generatinal sins and soul ties. Children are born In sin but they do not know what sin means. So if they are being attacked it is from the sins of their ancestors. This is why I was attacked as young as 3. Pray. Fast. And use the ne of Jesus.

May 06, 2015
help....pillows moving like a breathing chest..punched..and levitated NEW
by: Anonymous

last night pillows where expanding like a chest when you breathe..shadows..and something was grabbing my legs...i would get off my bed..investigate..and try to go to sleep...the pillows continued to move and expand like a i got tired of it and grabbed them and held them under my arm and my cell on my hand..but then something started pulling the cell from my hand..and at the same time slowly pulling the pillow from under me head..and then suddenly..from under my pillow..something puched me on my thing i remember..i was floating down back to my bed.....i guess i was levitating...this happened at about 3:45am..and around that brother in law was passing by my bedroom window and called my sister to tell her that he heard me as if i was trying to break free from something..i don't recall grunting..this must have happened right before i started floating back down....after this happened..i was freaked out..check on my mom..she was ok so i went outside..i started recording and when i went through the video..i caught a low sounding male voice..i think he is saying I AM THE i going crazy?? what is going on..what can I might be demonic..please help.

May 14, 2015
since I was younger. .... NEW
by: Anonymous

Where do I begin... the first time i can remember something not right was when i started having the exact same dream... but this night and this dreamq true story my parents will tell you the same. It was around Christmas time and i was maybe 6 or 7 cant remember exactly but one night my parents were talking about going into Drnver the next day to pick up my moms outfits for the Christmas skit for church. I didnt think twice that night i dreamt that we went my mom left me and my dad in the car, and a rough looking man walked up and held my dad to gun point to ask for money while my dad was reading the newspaper in the front seat. He knocked on the window with the gun.. so yes normal dream from the unknown for the next day. Well next day we go to Denver, keep in mind that morning at breakfast i spoke about my dream and said maybe we shouldnt go today. Parents being parents we went anyway, so mom went in the store dad and i had to repark the van so we wouldnt be blocking the door way. Sitting there for a min, i start to panic as i see the guy from my dream start to walk and look at our van and my dad reading the paper, now remember after moving the van dad got in to the passenger side. I start to beg my dad not to get out of the car but to climb over and move the van. He said mikala stop i then really get scared as i tell my dad that is the guy from my dream. My dad must of believed me because he said get down hide. Me not being able to move much started to pray, the gentleman did knock on the window did have a weapon not sure what but my dad said i have no money my wife has the money aNd ahe is in the store i start to cry, and pray my mom doesnt walk out the store at the moment and i must of been praying loud because the gentlemen looked back at me and left. Now this has never happened again with my dreams. Im now 29 but what does happen, these dreams you speak about not being able to move, speak scream yell, as you are feeling attacked. No one believed me for years about this until a brother of mine started experiencing the samething, we now comfort eachother he has brought it up to his therapist she states in anxiety. I dont believe that for one min, because as soon as i say to myself during these attacks, i comand you to leave in the name of jesus. Or as last night there was one i hadnt ever experienced as i was being attacked with demons putting thoughts in my head of things people will never know in my dream awake i run to my parents room climb in bed tell them its coming not to believe a word or thoughts they put in your head... my dad slips away with the darkness i climb on my mom stomach up held her hands and start to yell together i rebuke you in the name of Jesus leave.. i rebuke you in the name of jesus leave.. when i awoke my kids were talk8ng in there sleep. I quickly prayed over them for sound thoughts and dreams and prayed for a guardian angel.

May 16, 2015
terrified NEW
by: Anonymous

i havent lived a moral life though i have ever hirt another person and i understand people arent perfect so i dont have hate in my heart..i have had these dreams from childhood started with just shadows in my room and wakeing up in strange positions i the bed my childhood was abusive so i put it down to that but its getting worse last nite i was aslp but felt awake n cud c white foggy images then felt my two hands being held together at the wrists n something hard pushing btween my legs i couldnt move but said hail mary n ourfather over n over when that didnt work i just kept sayn God bless me God bless me thankfully it ended and i so afraid of this happening again as each dream gets worse im always bein pulled dwn or fl like bein molested ..i cant talk to a doctor r anyone cause this just sounds mad ..maybe it is my own guilt at a life that could have been lived better ..i just pray that theres no such thing as demons i cant deal with this ..its good tho to see im not alone in this..

May 16, 2015
A Response To The Person Above Me 👆👆👆 NEW
by: Anonymous

There is a such thing as demons. They are real and so are these demonic attacks. Next Time whatever you say to break the prayer you end it in "The Name Of Jesus" or just simply call his name... Jesus!!! Take it from a young woman in her mid 20's who has been going through this more years than she has been alive. Call on JESUS!

May 18, 2015
Experience, evil carnival music. NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened before I moved changed my room up. I am religious but have been not as close to God as I should be. Well a couple of years ago, I feel asleep as usual then awoke. I thought something is unusual. Well, I was right this music started playing. It was like carnival music with a very evil tone, to it. I laid there for what seemed like minutes listening to it. I am not sure if was unable to move. When I could move I immediately ran to my parents room, still alseep of course. Waked my mother up and explained it, but she didn't hear anything or any panic. We checked my room, and the only source was a globe type then of Moses that played that tone. Very terrifying, final years later(now) I learned I was attacked. May not be like everyone else, but when it does happen it is scary. Recently I added a painting of a rancher carrying a calf in storm, he is carrying a lantern glowing. It verse, saying I will carry you and where it came from. As I am going to sleep, I think about the painting and how God carries me as a stray sheep, and the many blessings he has done for me.

May 24, 2015
Always sleep with pillow magnetic south to cure yourself of monsters NEW
by: Anonymous

Your sleep posture is making you vulnerable to nefarious entities!

What direction is your pillow/headboard of your bed facing?

I suspect you may be sleeping with the top of your head facing magnetic north or equally bad magnetic west. Magnetic north is called the "death position" because coffins are buried facing north and if you sleep north ghosts appear in your life, says the folklore.

The people of Bali say "sleeping magnetic west means you will have no love, everyone will hate you and you will experience violence" I paraphrased but Google search "Balinese sleep north"

Many cultures recommended that you sleep with the top of your head facing magnetic south and feet facing magnetic north. An alternate position is your head facing magnetic east and feet facing magnetic west. Use an electronic compass, it has to be exactly south, any deviation such as south west of south east makes you open to nefarious entities.

Never sleep with head facing magnetic north cuz you are guaranteed to see ghosts and have nightmares.

Also never ever sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back is the posture of the corpse in a coffin and "vastu" says sleeping on the back ruins the brain. Try to sleep on the left side of your body always to get wealthy. Sleep on the right side is ok but not best and monsters probably attacked you while you slept on the right side of your body of slept on your back. Sleeping on left side is best and you get rich wealthy. Never sleep on the stomach you suffocate, sudden infant death syndrome.

I recommend you read this website, it explains the significance of monsters in sleep.

Also Google search "vastu sleep direction" and search also "sleep facing south" to get more information. Sleeping facing south makes you wealthy and healthy, sleeping east makes you intelligent but not wealthy so east is for children still attending school.

The information I wrote was for the northern hemisphere, I dont know about sleep position for the southern hemisphere of earth.

Also, what is your blood type? If you are blood type Rhesus Negative (Rh negative) then this website might be informative

Best of luck! Feel free to Pass this information on to non-demonic people.

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