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Baby Boy Doesn't Sleep At All And Screams Through Whole Night

My best friend's baby boy rarely sleeps at night. It only started about 5 months ago. He only turned 1 this month. She never gets a good nights rest. On a good night he wakes up 3 - 4 times. They've tried leaving him to scream it out, but it never helped. She has to get up and sooth him until he falls asleep again.

On a bad night he sleeps only for 10 minutes at a time and wakes up screaming like all hell broke loose. She sits with him, holding and soothing him until 5 am in the mornings.

At first I also thought that he was being naughty, but after hearing him scream the other night I realised that something else must be wrong. The medication that dr. prescribes only makes him sleep for a little while, he keeps on waking up constantly screaming with or without the medication. What can she do? She never gets any sleep.

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Aug 14, 2011
we have a similar problem
by: Cath

My grandson is 11 months old. I witnessed for the first time the other night what his parents are experiencing every night and I was shocked.
This baby does not wake up, but sobs uncontrollably for long periods during the night, as if he has been distressed and not pacified.
During the day he is bright, alert, active and presents as a normal, happy baby boy. When he has a sleep during the day, he does not present with these problems.
He generally sleeps well for the first three to four hours, but will then have these episodes on and off for the rest of the night.

Oct 21, 2011
My 3 yrs old boy does not sleep at night
by: Mokete

My son is 3 yrs old, he does not sleep at night everynight he wakes up at midnignt screeming as if he is afraid of something.

Nov 01, 2011
Sleep deprived mum
by: Anonymous

Same story in my house, my boy has never slept through the night, we are sleep deprived and depressed and feel that this will never end. We have had a routine in place since the first few weeks, but he never responded. We have worked with a sleep nurse who ran out of ideas and then we went to a sleep clinic who advised controlled crying as our last option, we were willing to try anything it had some success in that we maybe got a few hours but then stopped. My son was every few hours and then usually for a long period, say 3-4 hours of loud screaming. It is endless and my marriage is at breaking point. Also he has developed night terrors too which is another thing all together and terrifying and sad to watch. My son wakes every day between 4- 5 and will not resettle, just screams and bangs the cot. We try to resettle but it is pointless. This goes on to 6ish when we give up and get up, usually only having had 3-4 hours sleep total. By 8ammy son is exhausted and needs a nap. We have no live any more.

Nov 21, 2011
endless sorrow

listening to others' sharing, i certainly can feel the pain. my son is 22 months. since around 6 month old, he always seems to have nightmares/terror in his he goes to bed around 9pm, falls asleep fine then at 1 or 2am, the crying starts. sometimes it is short lasting, sometimes it is inconsolable. we normally give him a bottle at that point to settle him which works most of time. then he sleeps well until 6am, where he either sobs, screams, cries, trashes every hour interval. these ones he normaly fall asleep himself but occasionally we need to get up to help soothe him to sleep. then he wil sleep to about 8am...if we are lucky... also he naps for 2 hr+ during mid day too.

Jan 28, 2012
None sleeping baby's
by: Anonymous

To all I had the same problem with my now 2yr old daughter.The older she got the less she slepted at night.I also tried everything.Finally I broke her from the bottle yes it was tuff cause like many it was a help.It was easier though than breaking her from the breast.No that didn't help a hole lot but some.Then i started waking her up at 6am nap at 1pm and bed at 8:30pm it was tuff for about a week but I got amazing results she now sleeps through some nights but most just 1 to 2 times.Hope it helps.Yes she screamed with night terrows be up for hous sometimes wanting to play people thought I was crazy.Please try it.

Oct 19, 2012
same here
by: Anonymous

My son is 11months old and is such a happy baby, during the day. at night he wakes up screaming wanting to just throw himself around. he doesnt wamt a bottle or his pacifier. if we cry to give it to him he screams louder. this just started about 4 days ago and i really miss my sleep. not even baby adbil works. please help.

Nov 14, 2013
Solution, better late than never! NEW
by: Anonymous

Get some melatonin 1mg chewables. I get ours at I give my boys this about 30 mins before their expected to lay down. It helps them fall asleep & stay asleep. They wake up rested & ready for the day. At nap time for my youngest, oldest has outgrown naps, I give him ½ a tablet & it helps him easily transition into "it's nap time & I'm going to give in & take a nap, rather than fight it for the afternoon".

Nov 27, 2013
Another restless sleeper here NEW
by: Shannon

Please tell me it got better... My daughter has been a restless sleeper since 5 months and she is now 17 months old. If one more person tells me to try a routine... I am at a breaking point. :( What finally worked for you and your babies?

Nov 29, 2013
1 year old NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, our little one year old never sleeps through the night. On a good night he may sleep an hour, then he wakes up screaming. We have tried everything, but nothing seems to help. We are exhausted most mornings. He was born with hydronephrosis but the doctor says that has nothing to do with it. He acts fine during the day and even sleeps peacefully, but every night its the same thing, constant crying and no sleep. If anyone has a diagnosis please share, we are extremely concerned.

Nov 29, 2013
Restless sleeper to sleeping beauty - What worked for us NEW
by: Anonymous

I totally feel your pain! Our daughter who was awesome during the day, was up almost every hour at night. I was suffering big time. Thankfully, we have found a solution for us: We took her to an Osteopath. It was expensive, and I thought it was hocus pocus at first, but for the first time our 1.5 year old is sleeping through the night.

Apparently, if you have a different birth - too quick, too long, or a c section (which was my case), it can effect the babies tension levels or something. I am terrible at explaining this, but if you google search "cranial osteopathy" or "osteopathy for babies", you might find some better explanations.

All I know, is that it worked for us!

If you have any other questions about our experience with this, I would be happy to answer them.

Good luck!

Jun 24, 2014
Various ideas NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a friend who's son was screaming a lot n not sleeping turns out he was actually allergic to some of the foods he was eating and he actually had bad tummy pain from it.
I have also heard that babies can see n feel spirits and most of your babies can't sleep at night maybe the vibe in your house isn't good n they can feel that..

Please if it is getting to much please seek help from family or friends or put your baby into daycare during the day and get some rest then. You hear to many sad stories of babies getting roughed up n smacked badly from frustrated and over tired parents..

Jan 03, 2015
When will I sleep?!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Same boat here! She's fine during the day and at night it's a nightmare we have tried every thing and spent lots of money on all kinds of colic drops but nothing helps. I'm so tired of this I don't know what else to do anymore =(

Jan 14, 2015
Vaccines to blame NEW
by: Anonymous

I had same problem with my daughter who is now 12. I dont think aré nightmares I blame the vaccines..

Jan 14, 2015
Vaccines to blame NEW
by: Anonymous

I had same problem with my daughter who is now 12. I dont think aré nightmares I blame the vaccines..

Jan 31, 2015
someone needs a reality check NEW
by: Anonymous

Vaccines for real? Cheap excuse... My goodness. That is the worst thing I've ever heard.

Feb 02, 2015
My son never sleeps and screams constantly... NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 10 months old.
He never sleeps and if he does 5-10 minutes is the longest he will be down for, he won't sleep during the day either and during all of this my son will scream constantly like his getting murdered... I don't know what to do anymore I have tried everything, the dr prescribed a sedative to help him sleep but that doesn't even work.... He wakes up my 2 yr old son constantly because of the screaming and so my other son has a lot of broken sleep... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Mar 14, 2015
my baby boy 8 months.he is not sleeping in night. NEW
by: sradha jain

Hi.I am Sradha 8 months baby is not sleeping in night.please help me.for any medicine.

May 06, 2015
osteopathic manipulation ? NEW
by: Anonymous

To the lady who took her baby to an osteopath for cranial osteopathy, did it take several sessions, or was it immediate w/ just one session? Our grandchild was taken to an osteopath, but being in the military, and having so many moves last year, there was only a couple of appointments over a few months.

May 06, 2015
re: osteopathic manipulation NEW
by: Anonymous

Taking my daughter to the osteopath worked for the first few days, and then she went right back to her old ways of waking up in the night. Same thing happened at the second appointment, a few weeks later. I gave up/ran out of funds after that. Maybe it would have worked if I had stuck with it. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help. Good news though - at 2.5 years old, my daughter is finally sleeping through the night on her own. :)

May 06, 2015
osteopathic manipulation NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your quick response. Glad to hear you finally got some relief.

Sep 25, 2015
baby doesnot sleep NEW
by: nabina

i m feeling hopeless these is 2 months does not sleep neither during the day nor night.she feel sleepy while i m breastfeeding but when i keep in bed after 5-10 minutes she cry a loud and throw her hand and feet .she scream too much in dream.she feel sleepy but couldnot sleep .i dont know what to do.i my baby doesn't sleep | BabyCeplease help me.

Oct 15, 2015
screaming baby NEW
by: cammommy

My 8 month old wakes up around the same time every morning screaming bloody muder and it breaks my heart.I barely get any sleep cause I'm up holding him it has gotten to the point were I have to lay him on my chest just for him to go to sleep only go him to wake up screaming again.

Nov 01, 2015
Any answer. .sufferi ng the same NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello I know the post is old but I am going through it
Anyone has any answer please tell me

Dec 19, 2015
I feel your pain. NEW
by: Ramon

My wife and I went through this with our 11 month old 2 months ago. Our son would wake up every 2 hours with his eyes closed screaming. My wife would rock him to sleep for atleast 30-45 minutes and an hr and 15 to an hr and a half it was the same thing all over again and this went through out the night. I came here as well as I did on other websites trying to find a solution. On one of the answers I read that he was probably not getting enough food throughout the day and before he went to sleep. That was our first plan of attack. She gave him baby oatmeal with milk and a bottle and i told her i had read to not rock him to sleep. First 2 to 3 days he cried then he started falling asleep with little to no assistance. He cut down from waking up say 5 times to four. My wife kept on insisting he was having nightmares or that he was traumatised from a nightmare he had and could not recoperate. I proceeded to ask my wife if she cried alot when she was a baby to ask her mom. She gave me the look. A couple of days later her mother got back from Mexico, her mom told her yes you were an awful sleeper and what we did is the Mexican tradion is we boil lettuce and let cool down till its warn and bathe the baby before he goes to sleep and put a piece of lettuce under the pillow. That worked for her. For us between the lettuce bath pillow and the feeding my wife got him down to 2 times of waking up during the night. Then my wife remembered a comment I had made when our baby was born and started to do but all of a sudden stopped. See my son was born on January he started crying and wouldn't go to sleep like by Feb March that's when my wife said the baby's alot like you. I pawned that thought for a couple of days then later I told her you know what I don't like sleeping with cold sheets under put a warm one underneath the baby she did and the problem was fixed. The summer came she stopped because it was too hot. November it got cold and December. She gave me a call on Dec 10 2015 and said finally the baby slept all night I asked her what did you do she responded the warm blaket underneath. It's been 9 days total of great sleep for us. This is my first comment ever on a website I wasn't gonna do it but I woke up great its 7:30 am and felt obligated to share it with you guys I can't continue getting answers to things from other people on websites and never sharing. And yes as I'm typing the baby is still asleep. Hope any of this helps someone. Best of luck to everyone.

Dec 21, 2015
Its possible NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 mo old son who had never slept through the night. He would wake up screaming a horrible high pitch shrill. His Pediatrician advised me to let him cry it out and not give him bottles to soothe him. I tried this and it not help at all. He is my 7th child and I have never experienced anything like this. Being Catholic I asked my pastor about it because I had been expeience other odd things around our home. I didnt want to sound crazy, as im sure most will think! He told me your'e not crazy, I just came to your neighborhood last week because another family there is having things happen at thier house. He came and blessed our home, and prayed over my son. Now it could be coincidence, but that night he slept through the night. Since then he still wakes up, but his cry is a low tired one, not the high pitch bloody murder scream. I know most wont believe me, and I wouldnt blame you, but it is possible that your children may be seeing things. I say, have a priest come bless your home, its worth a shot and it doesnt cost a dime. If it doesnt work, at least you arent out a ton of money. If it does work,you and your little one will be at peace.

Jan 01, 2016
11 month old lb NEW
by: Anonymous

My lb is the same he is such a pain at night time he just doesnt sleep he is constantly on and off so I'm up and down trying to offer him his dummy or a bottle he's 11 months old and slept through 2 times since birth and that was when he was poorly!! I'm piland I've also shot my self in the foot cause when be awake late I put him in bed with me but even when he's in bed with me he figiting just restless I just then this is effecting him through the day as he will just windge. All day cause he hasent had a decent sleep he's a nightmare I have 3 other children but they were all good sleepers pretty much ffeom birth!

Jun 02, 2016
Maybe this might help NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is exactly the same , no sleep wakes up screaming and so on . Hope this helps - started playing soothing music and rocking him gently as soon as he wakes up . Seems to help as he goes straight to bed and just keep repeating the process untill the gap between episodes gets bigger and allows for more sleep .

Jun 13, 2016
Bedtime bathe NEW
by: Zoe

HI my son is now 7 months old he was the exact same when born no sleep in day and always wakin up at night. We bathed him every night and gave him his last bottle after his bath then put him down to bed. He slept well he did wake up but only for his feed as his a hungry little man lol but I do believe a good bedtime bath routine for a solid week or two helps a lot. And as for drying out your babys skin use some oilatum! Can be prescribed or baught a bit pricey but worth a good sleep guys :) hope I helped

Jun 22, 2016
Try something new :) NEW
by: Happy mommy healing hands

To all the the parents who can't understand why their child cries.... please understand they want to be close to you. Both of my babies slept with me or in a safe bed next to me. If I didn't do that then I would not get sleep either. My 16 month old sleeps with me, we have a bed rail so she won't fall off :) and I nurse her so when she is hungry i just role over and nurse her in the middle of the night. My 5 year old has her own room but she prefers to sleep on a mattress next to my bed. Then I put her mattress back n her bed in her room during the day. That sometimes gets tiring but she's worth it! And I get to sleep because She is happy :) that's all that matters. When she is ready to sleep in her room she will :) untill then I see no need to force her or my 16 month old to sleep alone. If you can, sleep with or next to your baby and or child safely,and they will feel more assured being next to mommy and or daddy :) try it out. It feels natural to us and no one cries and everyone sleeps. Win win! Kids grow fast and once they are old enough they won't want to snuggle anymore, instead they will want to sleep in their rooms, so what's the rush, enjoy your closeness and your children. Don't be in a rush or go against the grain. You can always tell if something is not going to work when you feel like your going against the tide because life should not be that way, instead go with the flow... every night my girls and I do bath time after dinner, we might take a nice walk, then play some games or watch a movie, and then when it's around bed time, I get my 5 year old and 1 year old snuggled up next to me and I sing our favorite songs softly untill they fall asleep about 10 pm. That's what works for them right now and they are both extremely happy healthy girls. My 1 year old nurses to sleep as well and that's awesome!!! Nursing can help in so many ways but that's another topic. So then when my 5 year old is asleep I pick her up and put her in her bed next to mine :) it's really no trouble and I don't mind at all. I can't blame her for wanting to be close to us when she sleeps. I know she will grow out of it eventually so for now I enjoy the way things are and I live fully aware in each moment. Life is the way we perceive it. If our children are crying for whatever reason it's our job to resolve and bring comfort and in doing this we teach them that we are there for them and that brings self confidence and positive up bringing. Never ignore your child especially when crying, it brings them anxiety. Even when your child is acting up, a hug and redirecting them instead of getting mad can do wonders. Take a deep breath mommas out there and one day at a time. Everyone is different and different things work. Your kids can feel your energy so if you find yourself getting worked up and over tired, just step back s moment and remember that you are mommy with magic healing hands, embrace that, embrace your love and renew yourself in that moment. There's always a solution and it's in you, be creative like I did and lose the schedules. Nothing has to be exact in order to work, try something new. I love Being close to my children at night it soothes them, how sweet :) that works for me and them, maybe it could work for you. The biggest thing Is to listen to your instincts, not other people. Take the good, leave the bad. Most of all be natural, it's natural for our kids to want to be close to us. Sometimes it's the most obvious things that are a resolution to the matter. Good luck moms out there power to you :) sincerely a stay at home happy mommy of two wishing you light and love to you and your babies and families!!! I am also a reiki healer. I have found that taking a spiritual respectful approach to raising your children and life itself has a beautiful outcome for the world and your family. We lead and teach by example, pass this love forward. Btw if I misspelled stuff or repeated anything it's because I'm in a hurry but I wanted to quickly reach out to you. Thanks and much love!!!!

Nov 14, 2016
To the long comment about having babies sleep with u NEW
by: Angrl

Such long comment about talking down on us cause we don't co sleep. Dear mam, I do co sleep, my 4 week old does not stop crying just cause I co sleep. I feed her, burp her, swaddle her, not swaddle her, hold her, swing her..we tried every trick in the book. We tried "colic drops " gas drops and gripe water. We tried skin to skin,co sleeper attached to our bed, crib, expensive mamaroo swings etc etc. Nothing works. Our daughter hates all products...including my chest to sleep on. to us in bed, swaddled..not swaddled. She fights feeding and she gets around 4 hrs of sleep in 24 hrs period.
Stop talking down to women..ur post makes u look as if YOU know better cause u bed share...these women on here have tried it all. ..IT DOESN'T WORK. JUST CAUSE BED SHARING WORKED FOR U, DOESN'T MEAN IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE.
A very drained, exausted, exasperated, lost, hopeless mom and dad, of a a 4 week old that cris literally 16 hrs a day (yet pediatrician says all looks good).

Nov 24, 2016
Been there NEW
by: Anonymous

Wish I could help.. My son is seven and we went through a lot of this when he was a baby.. To the people who think it's simple they don't realize that with these babies it's different. My son cried and I could not console him.. I jus had to walk around holding him and trying to calm him down.. Sometimes he nursed or took a bottle but I don't think he woke up from hunger. My mother once begged me to try the cry it out method.. It was awful. He cried for hours and couldn't,calm down.. She ended up going in to him but for the rest Of the night He was still distressed and would keep crying on and off in his sleep. He also had a hard time falling asleep at the bag of the night. I read"the no cry sleep solution" and tried a lot of things. It took a while but it helped. He has sensory issues and recently we were told he might be on the spectrum.. So getting OT is very important. He still wakes up most nights and climbs into my husnands bed. Recently it feels as though he has been waking up even earlier than he used to. Tonight he was up at 11. I stayed with him till he fell asleep.. And he woke up again a few hours later. Still looking for help.. How do we get him to sleep through the night?

Jan 20, 2017
Nothing works NEW
by: Noellia

Since my almost 6 'month olds birth , we have not had a dime of sleep. I have a 19 month old who luckily sleeps in another room but is still woken up sometimes by the constant wailing of his little brother.
During the day he is happy and crawling etc, but doesn't sleep for more than five mins at a time.
At night he has the same routine as his brother (it's easier that way) with dinner, bath, milk and sleep, only it will take us one to two hours to get him finally down. He will then wake an hour or so afterwards, then sleep for maybe three hours, then wake constantly throughout the night after that screaming. Screaming like he is in pain, eyes closed, constantly rolling around the cot. I first tried feeding him his solids twice a day to see if it was hunger, but that hasn't changed a thing.
My poor son since birth has been to more doctors than I've been in my life to find out wtf is wrong with him.
I have literally spent thousands of dollars on pediatricians, private doctors and an ENT specialist.
He was born with laryngomalacia and had bad silent reflex as a symptom, for which he takes liquid losec twice a day. It helped a little for a few months but since he's been about 4.5 months he has this constant pain wake. Seriously you rock him, tap him, try to co sleep in the bed with him, but something happens to the poor kid that he will randomly scream and have genuine discomfort. I try giving him infacol, infants friend, nitrogen and Panadol and absolutely nothing works!
Not only do we have absolutely no sleep at night, but I have absolutely no break during the day because the kid won't sleep unless you hold him in your arms and constantly move him around. Even then he's not comfortable and will have an uncomfortable and broken sleep.
I have seen everyone I possibly can about this and there are no answers.
I think it might have something to do with his bowels but not one professional wants to consider this.

Mar 20, 2017
Among the masses NEW
by: Anonymous

I spent the last 15 minutes reading every single comment with NO RESOLVE..

Has anyone found any type of real solution to this is there any follow up from past posters... I am to the point I am thinking about starting diagnostics on my son in search of a chronic illness or disease.. As with all other pediatricians mine specifically has the same response to ANY symptom its normal baby stuff.

someone please chime in with some closure on this matter my self and 100 people above me is having.

Oct 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

Stomach pains may be the case or too much medicine, an overdose of medicine causes stomach pains and other complications!!!! Natural remedies r better- honey raises our insulin slightly and tryptophan!!! Tryptophan is the compound that helps people sleep! 💤

Nov 14, 2017
It’ll get better NEW
by: Aimee

Do NOT give an infant honey!

Children under one do not have a matured enough digestive and immune system and honey can put them at risk for a very serious botulism infection.

I will chime in that I empathize with everyone else that has posted here. My son is 10 months old and since he was 6 months old has been waking 7-8 times a night with inconsolable screaming. He was diagnosed with reflux and is on medicine for that but we still have no answers for his sleep issues. It’s too intense and too chronic to be teething and he screams even if he’s being held so we know it’s not separation anxiety. Our pediatrician said it was unlikely to be night terrors given the frequency of the wake ups (she said night terrors are usually a once a night kind of thing).

We power through it all the same. Some nights I’m very annoyed with my son as we continue to lose our hearing with his very loud screaming but I just remind myself that eventually it has to end. Even if that means he’s 18 years old and on his own screaming at night haha.

Nov 20, 2017
2.5 year old screaming, thrashing and hates to be cuddled at night NEW
by: Darcie


I co-sleep with my son's (always seen it as the easiest option rather than getting up throughout the whole night) but my youngest son (2.5 years), has been waking up throughout the night screaming as if from night terrors, thrashing and punching me at times saying "go away". If I touch him he escalates at gets more angry and distressed.

He has recently gotten sick again from child care with hand foot and mouth and is now spending hours screaming (in pain) but at me and gets angry and violent if I try to soothe him.

I am so exhausted and heartbroken for him, I don't know what to do.

Unlike all of the well behaved day time children, my toddler will lash out at his family members and day care kids when he gets frustrated. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. He screams if I give him food, if I then take the food away that he was screaming about.... screaming all the time.

I speak as calmly as I can (most of the time) to explain to him that "that is not the way that we speak or treat people in our family" and then show him how we should speak and what we should say.

I am so emotionally exhausted though. His language development is poor for his age and we are seeing a speech pathologist but I am thinking we may need to see a paediatrician for an assessment.

If there is anyone with anything similar in terms of the non-sleeper who thrashes, screams, punches and doesn't want to be soothed at night, please let me know :-(

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