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Being Held Down (Terrifying)

by James Mcleary
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

I have had too many episodes of s/p to remember them all, however my most recent episode was two nights ago as i was drifting off to sleep, suddenly i felt what seemed like an invisible force engulfing my whole body.

I was lying face down and it felt like someone or something was sitting between my shoulder blades and pulling my arms back as far as they could go, i felt like i was suffocating too and at one point thought i was going to die.

I could not yell out, much as i tried to, i could not move a muscle and the more i tried to move, the tighter a hold it had on me.

I also felt like something eerie was in the room with me because i heard some very low pitched "groaning" throughout the episode.

I have become accustomed to these episodes and can usually get out of the "grip" by sticking out my tongue or giving my body a good jerk but this episode was different and lasted for what seemed like hours.

Does anyone have any tricks to get out of the phenomenon?

thanks for reading this......james mcleary s/p sufferer :-)

Kevin: Thanks for sharing this James. SP is always incredible to read about--from the invisible force, to the pressure, to the eerie feelings, to the unique feelings that each person experiences differently. I don't have any tricks from personal experience, but a guy named Ryan Hurd wrote a book recently that's full of them. You can check it out here if you're interested.

From coordinating signals with bed partners to riding episodes into lucid dreams, it's all there. A great read.

Anyone else have their own tips for exercising some control over sleep paralysis episodes?


P.S. Make sure to check out our page about the causes of sleep paralysis, if you're interested in why it happens.

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May 01, 2011
by: K.L.

It is truly terrifying to be held down, then to re-account the episode the next day. You don't know if you are losing your mind, or just plan nuts. The sounds are real in your head. You know what you felt. You know what you saw. You know it wasn't just in your head. And, I have found when these attacks happen, it's best to say in your mind or aloud if you can, "If you are not here for my greater good, leave." If it's in your head or real doesn't really matter in that moment when you feel you are being attacked. And, the truth is who's to say which way. But, that sentence has always helped me.

May 26, 2011
Being held down hearing a humming groaning noise
by: Anonymous

The last couple of weeks I have had 4 times that I have been held down and it is totally terrifying and every time there is this sound its like a humming groaning noise.I try to scream or yell my hardest and nothing comes out.The noise comes from behind me and I try to turn to see and I cannot move a muscle no matter how hard I try.I am awoken by something and I am awake when this is happening to me and can see my room clearly not dreaming it is so terrifying when this is happening.It has happen throughout my life I am 44yo now and don't scare easily and this is a terrifying thing.Last night it happened again 5/25/11 I was awaken thought I was falling out of bed and in my head I said "Oh damn Im falling out of bed" and was ready to hit the floor and it took like 10sec before I stopped feeling like I was falling I was face down on the floor then I felt like I was being held down could not move or yell no matter how hard I tried I could hear that sound again and realized its happening again I could see the light shining from under me bedroom door I was awake the sound was in front of me I tried to look to see what was there and saw part of a black shadow it had movement with that humming groaning noise and for some reason I was let go I was freaked out and turned my light on in room I was like a frightened little kid or something I felt like.I don't want to tell people I know cause don't want them to think I'm crazy or something which I know I am not.

Jun 14, 2011
Held down in bed
by: LB

The other night something wispered in my ear "I am going to rape you", repeated twice. Then for what felt like 30 seconds I was held down on my stomach and could not move. When I was finally let go my heart was racing and I could feel a tingling/burning feeling in my arms and legs. What is this???

Jul 04, 2011
Emotional again 20110705
by: Frank - Bruxelles expat

I'm wide awake now after having another episode of being held down or something.
My first experience was many years ago when I stay with a friend at the time at his place in London where his mom has passed away. I was held down and something was covering my mouth so I couldn't breathe either.. It was the first most harrowing experience I have ever had. I was so terrified I managed to get downstairs to his sofa where I stayed awake with a lamp on holding my knees close to my chest.

Last night I went to bed as usual either on my side or on my stomach (around 0030 CET) and just woke up at 1445 unable to move with something hold me back. This time I was able to get some speach/crys for help - more whimperng, but more understanding I think if you could hear it that I was calling for my sister Jane. Whatever this sleep disorder is or if truly something does attack you in your sleep realised I was awake and finally left.
Usually I wake up a little cold and then my body temperature is hot until it settles again. Usually at this point I'm very tearful (as I am now).

Jul 10, 2011
idk what to think
by: javier

it was friday 07/8/11 about 2 30 am an for some reason i was awoke by sumthing and when i look at the end of my bed i saw a white shadow figure of a person and could not make out if it was a man or woman or wat it was so then i laid back down and put the covers over my head and then like 5 mins later i felt something come between my legs and then all of a sudden somthing was holding my legs and my arms down so hard that i could not move and i could not speak or say anything i tryed to get my girlfriends attenion i tryed calling her name and screaming but nothing would come out of my mouthno matter how muc i tryed and then i felt like i am fixing to die so in my head i started praying and then as fast as is started it or whatever it was let go..And now it is 07/10/11 and at somtime around 4am i woke up and looked at the side of my bed and looked up and seen myself standing there and then it was i went back to sleep and then for some odd reson i felt like i was standing at the side of my bed lokking down at my self sleep it felt like i was standing there like 10 mins watching my slef sleep idk what to think anymore it is all new to me i was want it all to stop i cant hardly sleep anymor i toss and turn all nite along i just want it to be over if anyone has any answers or have had the same problems plz plz post a comment

Jul 13, 2011
something gripping my wrists
by: Anonymous

Ive been having these experiences since i was 14yrs old, im 27 now, and everytime it happens its just as scary as the last. im always lying face down, just drifting off to sleep when this numbing sensation comes over me. i cant move or speak. i feel like the more i fight against it the worse it becomes. I always feel like someone is tightly gripping my wrists and pinning me down, i can sometimes hear someone breathing heavy in my ear. Other times it feels like my whole body is being dragged out of bed.
I find the best way to get out of it is just lie there till it passes, the more you try scream out or move the worse it gets.

Jul 22, 2011
people in the room
by: shane

I have experienced something similar myself. I am in the british military and am currently away on operations but am stayin in a hotel. I had worked through the night and came back to sleep at the hotel. I felt myself drifting to sleep but then heard talking which seemed russian or polish a little to close for comfort. I looked and there was two white males as clear as day one holding me down and speaking this foreign language as if interrogating. It felt so real as the room was exactly as it is and the force on my chest was so real, I couldnt kick out. I feel it is down to lack of sleep as I have experienced something similar at my girlfriends house where I felt dogs runnin around my head (which I have two of) and also on another occasion just like something evil was in the room. I think it has got to depend on what surrounding your in as to what happens and your fears at the time not neccasarily ghosts or demons.

Sep 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

When this happens to me I call on the name Jesus and it goes away... I have no idea why we experience this type of powerless phenom and I realize its scary but if this happens again don't panic remain calm and ask it questions to understand the purpose of the act. Seek to understand it rather then be fearful of it.

Sep 25, 2011
demonic attacks
by: Anonymous

I also call in the name of Jesus & rebuke it in his name! This happened to me again a couple of nights ago. I woke up to something climbing on my bed and as my bed sunk in I tried to look but I was paralyzed as if I was being pressed down by my neck & shoulders into the bed. I could not speak but I began to pray & finally mumbled for it to go away my house was filled with the holy sport and it should flee because nothing he wanted mattered to me I was a child off God. It took several minutes to rebuke it but as I called on Jesus it.literally blasted off of me. For you skeptics...examine your lives & see if their is room for the devils work and then remember that you can't believe in good and not evil.

Oct 14, 2011
Being Held Down
by: cricket

I've read about sleep paralysis, and what I'm reading here does NOT sound like that at all. As a matter of fact, I've had the same experiences several times. It's scary as hell and it's real! I have a history of epilepsy, so I'm fully aware of what a sleep paralysis (aka seizure) feels like...I've had those, too...they are in NO way similar to what I feel when this happens.

Here is my story: The first time I experienced this, my best friend and I had moved into a trailer we were renting. I was about 23 at the time. One night, I was awakened by this tremendous force penning me down in my bed. I tried to scream, but couldn't. I tried to move and couldn't. After about 30 seconds, it stopped. It never happened again until 3 years after I got married and we bougtht our first home. The former owners passed away. My husband was right beside me in bed, when all of a sudden, I was on my stomach and I could literally feel something grabbing me by the ankle and pulling me from bed. I tried to scream, but couldn't. After the third incident happened, I remember yelling out - "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" It suddenly stopped, and at that point I had already been pulled half way out of the bed.

My dog would NEVER enter that room from the time we moved in. I no longer sleep in that room. As a matter of fact, I've been sleeping on the sofa with the TV and all lights turned on. Over the months, I've become more terrified of the entity and have not slept for periods of 2 weeks at a time...which landed me in the hospital due to exhaustion. I'm now staying off and on with my parents, helping take care of them. I pray I never have to experience anything like this again, but who knows? My brother has the "third eye" (psychic ability). I, too have it, however ours is different in some ways. He literally SEES beings and entities. I feel them, smell them and hear them. Some call it a gift...we feel like it's more of a curse. We inherited it from our dad....his is VERY strong, but rarely speaks of it.

Oct 28, 2011
The Shadow People and the Ball of Light
by: Anonymous

With my experiences there are always 3 Shadow People and 1 Ball of light(the ball of light isn't always in plain site, sometimes he is in the back round) but the Shadow People are always there.
they seem to always touch and pull on me in someway, sometimes they are playful other times they are malevolent, the voices are that of women and men. once it felt like they were playing tricks on me by moving my unconscious body from my physical body. almost every time i feel the sudden feeling of free falling or being pulled very fast to somewhere very far. what i don't like is when they don't seem to speak English, when it sounds like they are speaking gibberish. and the physical sensation of them touching me and grabbing or pulling me makes me feel very uncomfortable, in a strange way i feel violated by it. the most frightening and violent experience was when i opened my eyes and saw them, then felt as if my eyes were being covered and was be strangled. i felt as if i was swinging my arms around but they kept being held down. my legs felt like they were being held down as well. i tried to yell but my throat had so much pressure nothing would come out. i could only see little bits of blurry figures without being able to open my eyes fully again. it went on for what felt like several minutes until i heard what sounded like a door slam and was able to move again and look around at the dark loft around me. in all honesty these experiences have scared the hell out of me for the most part. only when the strangers are playful do i not become overwhelmed by the situation.

Oct 28, 2011
by: Mike

Seems a lot of people are having the same experiences or at least very close to what I have had. The feeling of something climbing on your bed, feeling your bed being pressed down by some kind of weight, then the weight of something holding you down, not being able to scream or move at all, feeling like you are awake and aware of your surroundings maybe even sometime seeing a figure at the foot of the bed or in the corner of the room, also sometimes hearing groaning noises or maybe an evil voice. It’s very scary and it makes you to where you are afraid to go to sleep of it happing again. I think in most cases after reading about sleep paralysis that this could be what it is, not to say that in some cases it very well could be a paranormal experience. I am caught between what I think is going on with me, maybe it’s a combination of both and this sprit or sprit’s know exactly when to attack a person. No matter if it’s a sprit or sleep paralysis or both it’s scary as hell. My next move is to set up a camera and see if my bed is really being pressed down! But then again I might not want that answer of fear that it just might be.

Dec 07, 2011
Held down
by: Anonymous

Only happened to me in a house I onced live in. I felt like someone was trying to kill me. I will never forget how terrified I felt. It happened over 10 years ago, and it only happended in that house. I felt like I was being held down and going to be killed. This has haunted me since.

Dec 14, 2011
Being held down
by: Anonymous

Lastnight in my sleep I felt like I was bein held down. Now I've never ever had a dream like this before.. An it's scary as hell. I heard a deep voice, say my name.. An I couldn't move at all. I tried to scream for my dad but the words were barley coming out of my mouth. I was so scared to go back to sleep because as I was falling back to sleep, it felt as if it was going to happen again. I don't know what this is, but I hope it's the last time it happens.

Jan 07, 2012
same property
by: Ian

some years ago, when i was about 40, a friend of mine sold me his house in birkenhead n/w england, it belonged to his mother who passed away some years earlier, he lived with his wife by this time, and the house he sold me was empty, anyway, i had never in my life had any problems at all of this nature, then i had an episode similar to those here, i felt i was being held down in my bed, and was helpless, i couldnt move ot make a sound, it felt as if somebody was forcing me down into the bed, as i lived alone i found it very scarey, and strange, i could never figure out if i was dreaming or did it actually happen, i lived in this house 3 years, it happned about 4 or 5 times over those 3 yrs, i moved away, and nothing of this type happened since, the strange part of the whole episode came some time later, my friend who sold me the house had moved to turkey with his wife, i went to visit them after being made redundent, all this some 3 years after i sold the house, i was talking one night to my friend about this episode, when he just sat and looked amazed, he told me that his wife had similar things happen to her in the same room, after his mother died, they stayed in the house for a few weeks, and when she went to bed alone, this sometimes happened to her, when i saw her later that night, we exchanged stories and were both completely amazed that exactly the same thing had happened to both of us, at different times, in the same room, and both of us had never had this experiance before, or since, what a strange thing, as sleep paralysis is meant to be linked to the individual, but as i can testify, this is clearly not the case in this instance. this has completely changed my whole view of the world, and what is going on, i have no idea at all what happened to the both of us, but i know it never happened to my friend who sold me the house, just his wife, myself, and who knows who since, i would love to talk to anybody who lived in that house since, just to see what they felt there. scarey and strange. Ian

Jan 12, 2012
It only happens when I'm doing good in my faith.
by: Anonymous

I've had more then one experience of being inbetween sleep and being fully awake and having a demonic presence be on top of me.
You can't scream, you can't move.
All you can do is scream out to Jesus in your mind, until you force yourself to wake up.
I've read a lot of these posts and most all of them have a common spiritual reason.
I have too, thought I'm going crazy.
However I've never dabbled in witchcraft or have had anyone die in the house where it's happened.
I just happen to be a big fan of Jesus, and it's funny that my experiences ONLY happen when I'm doing well in my faith.
When I'm trying to live my life for God I get attacked.
That's all these are, silly scare tatics by the devil.
I'm almost flattered when it happens because I know it means I'm a threat to them.
Silly demons, trying to scare us.
But it is super scary... Just rebuke it in Jesus' name with your spirit and you all will be fine.
Scaring you whilst it's happening is only half of what they're trying to do....the other part of it is making you think you're crazy, or a psychic or something. Which you're not. :] Jesus is sweet, don't forget it :p

Mar 25, 2012
Last night
by: Nick

this happened to me last night, but what i dont understand is that my dog who was in the bed next to me wasnt the least bit concerned. i thought they are supposed to be able to see stuff like that?

also has anyone else seen a string/cord of blue/white sparkling light? also i couldnt turn my lamp on or find my torch? the lamp worked in the morning and the torch was where i left it (not missing)

Apr 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Too all who wrote in about these "dreams" need to get a Holy Bible and say this prayer over, and over.....and you need to believe in the Holy Spirit. He is the only one who will help you...the Devil wants you and that is why when you say a prayer he attacks harder but if your faith is strong in Jesus, your will go way....Psalm 59
1Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me.

2Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men.

3For, lo, they lie in wait for my soul: the mighty are gathered against me; not for my transgression, nor for my sin, O LORD.

4They run and prepare themselves without my fault: awake to help me, and behold.

5Thou therefore, O LORD God of hosts, the God of Israel, awake to visit all the heathen: be not merciful to any wicked transgressors. Selah.

6They return at evening: they make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city.

7Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?

8But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

9Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence.

10The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.

11Slay them not, lest my people forget: scatter them by thy power; and bring them down, O Lord our shield.

12For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and lying which they speak.

13Consume them in wrath, consume them, that they may not be: and let them know that God ruleth in Jacob unto the ends of the earth. Selah.

14And at evening let them return; and let them make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city.

15Let them wander up and down for meat, and grudge if they be not satisfied.

16But I will sing of thy power; yea, I will sing aloud of thy mercy in the morning: for thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble.

17Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy.

Jun 07, 2012
Held Down
by: Janine

I have lied in my house for 15 years but moved out into the self contained flat atattched to the house. Since being out here I have now had the feeling of being held down in my sleep I have read up and put it down to sleep paralysis but I am awake while this is happening. One particular time I finally managed to break free and turn on the light I jumped pout of bed thinking it must have been a dream but and excuse me for saying this it is not meant to be rude my nipples were hurting and erect like somebody had pinched them, I thought well if I was dreaming about being held down I was certainly not dreaming this as I at this time was standing next to my bed. Quite a few weird things have happened out here and my adult children will not sleep out here cause they say "Its Haunted" I think it must be sleep paralisis

Jun 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

so i was with some friends at was sleeping at my mates house.
The next morning she said that was telling her she was gonna die?
she said i was like''im gonna make you die''
''your gonna die''.
i was sooo freaked out and still am!wondering if it was true or not(hope so its not)she said i kept saying it and stuff and then had to make my other friend wake up to listen but she said she had so scared i dnt even know if its true or not i would never wana hurt her,and think every moment that she probly never wants to sleep next to me again??????????????
so i just wana know if its true or not?

Jun 09, 2012
Held down at night
by: Anonymous

I usually can sense when it's going to happen. I get scared but very very tired. That's when some force comes over me and paralzes me. I know I am fully awake put this presence is
holding me down, I can not move or yell out. I can see my cat sleeping next to me so close but I'm paralyzed to reach her. Sometimes it triesto take my mind somewhere deep and scary. It has even pulled me off my bed. I fight it with my mind praying to God, it's STRONG, put the praying releases it. Then I try not to go back to sleep because it will usually happen again. Just pray and keep a light on.

Jun 24, 2012
by: Tera

This has been happening to me since I was about 13 years old. I just turned 22 a few days ago. What people dont understand is that this "Sleep Paralysis" happens to every human being atleast once in their life. Some more than others. It happens when the body is awakened during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stage. Otherwise knows as the dream stage. The stage of sleep that we have our dreams in. Because of this, our body becomes paralysed so we cant act out our dreams. It can be very scary BUT it can also be an amazing experience when learn to just relax into and embrace it. When you feel like you cant breath, just tell yourself to CALM DOWN. Just breath. As evil as your surroundings and sightings may feel, there is absolutely nothing in or around you that is going to hurt you. Think positive thoughts and the fear will go away. Sometimes, I pray for the fear to subside and it eventually does. Breath in and out. And stop telling yourself that you are suffocating.
As you may have heard, Sleep Paralysis is the first step to having an OBE (out of body experience). A lot of people never get to fall into SP, therefor can never experience life outside of the physical body. So think of it as a gift. After you get past the fear, you can make yourself come outside of your body. And guys, I KNOW that most of you are skeptics and dont believe in this shit but im telling you right now that it is soooo possible. It can happen for anyone. If you want to know more on how to have an OBE, just Google it. You will find a lot of info on how to make it happen for yourself. And let me tell you, it is amazing... Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that your not alone and not to be afraid. Always remember to be calm. Focus on your breathing and your experience will be a lot better. Its normal and you are not crazy. Sweet dreams.

Jul 04, 2012
It's nothing bad fight it off
by: 12yr old girl

I know how u feel I had that feeling before but not with the groaning and stuff. And if your religious like me and tell your parents there going to say its the devil doing that but my family members have that feeling so they know how it feels to get away from the feeling you have to fight it off talk to yourself while your sleeping tell yourself what body parts to move to get out of the situation then do it as your done your awake I always do that and it helps I hope it helps for you

Jul 05, 2012
sleep paralysis
by: Terry C

Hi, i have just had my third episode of sp in the last three weeks and last night was the worst yet, very frightening it felt real, all i can say is i struggled for what seemed like 10 mins or so, as i was struggling i managed to move my left hand and reach around to pinch or prise the spirit or whatever it was holding me down and i felt a very hairy leg, it shocked me then i opened my eyes and could move, very scarey, i am a non believer in all supernatural readings but this was so real i am thinking a bit differently at the moment.i have read that stress can be a part of the cause , my life is quite stressfull recently, i hope it subsides soon and i feel for anyone who suffers from this problem, anyone want to leave any feedback on this problem i have it would be much appreciated.

Jul 06, 2012
Demonic attack
by: Al

People there is a real devil & real evil demons. Ephesians 6:10 on tells of this warfare against us.
Give your life to Jesus & ask Him to be your Lord & Savior. He loves you.
As far as my experiences ...back in the erly 1970s I started to astral body travel. It was very weird because I did not want or study to astral travel. A power would come over me & then I could not move my body ( only my eyes could move) then my mind would leave my body & then travel to various locations.
But a few months later I became a Christian after I prayed to Christ & had a very powerful supernatural experience. Upon learning the Holy Bible both Old & New Testament it warns 400 x to stay away from the occult or witchcraft arts. This includes astral body travel ouija boards astrology numerology etc etc....chanting new age crystals psychic
Read Deuteronomy 18: 10 on...
Also Acts 16:16

Once when I was laying face down on my bed invisible power ( demon) held my body down . It was so powerful as I could not move. I had to keep my bum tight because literally a pointed thing was pushing very hard. I kept praying to Jesus & asked for help. After aprox 45 secs. it lifted off me & left the room. Just in time too because I was growing tired holding my bum muscles so tightly closed. I was fully awake & not stoned or on any drugs. Ha !

Another time in 1977 I awoke from my sleep at aprox 3 am. I just could not get back to sleep. About 30 minutes later a very powerful invisible power was manifesting in the corner of my room. Like EVIL x 1000 kinda thing...I was so afraid. The demon or devil came closer towards my bed as I sensed it approaching.
I then spoke out " In the name of Jesus get outta here". Immeadiately the evil took off !!!!!!!

Listen folks all ya have to do is ask Jesus to be your Lord & Savior. Then if any evil comes in your bedroom at night just speak out: " in Jesus Name get outta here" Go to the 700 Club or CBN on the web to find out how to give your life to Jesus.

Jul 07, 2012
Being Held down...loud buzzing noise
by: Anonymous

I have had these experiences for as long as I can remember. Last time was last month while sleeping next to my wife. Always while I am sleeping lying on my stomach. Initially I just laid there trying to scream and move, and after a few seconds or minutes, I would wiggle out of it. Then I began praying to the Lord, and it would go away quickly. Also, there is always a loud humming noise during the episode. Although it is a scary experience, I never feel like there is some evil presence, but I feel like I am for sure being held down, and I can never open my eyes. I have prayed about it, and I think it may be my guardian angel or some protector shielding me from something. But during the last episode I tried to scream as loud as I could, and did waking up my wife.

Jul 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi i to have experienced this for at least 30 years. i am now forty, this problem has lead to insomnia because of the fear alone. It has also lead me to research the occult, relegion, mysticism. And just about any thing else viable. But what worked for me was to call upon the name of god. As told to the Hebrews (JEHOVAH) repeatedly until the presence leaves your body.

Jul 17, 2012
shadow people
by: johnny elizondo

Hi, I've Have Expierence Shadow People Before In My Dreams. Minutes After I Fall Asleep, I Encounter Them I'm Awake In My Dream I Could See Myself Awake Kicking And Punching Them While The Shadow People Grab My Legs & Others Try To Pull Me Down From The Side Of The Bed Under. From My. Expierenced That Help Me Wake Up Is To Say A Prayer Please God WAKE Me Up...Pray However. And Once You Wake Up Get Some Holy Water And Throw Some Around Your Bed On the Bed Also, Window Everywhere In The Room And The Door Room Also At The Same Time Saying A Prayer In The Name Of God. Place Holy Water In A Cup Under Your Bed Where You sleep. And It Works For Me...Hope This Helps Email Me For Any Question:

Jul 22, 2012
its demonic
by: Khosiytaah

I also experience the same thing sometimes, I used to be afraid of this, but after I got saved,I understood that I have power over it with the blood of whenever it comes,I simply rebuke it and it leaves.I remember this one time,it swore at me and left after I called out jesus name! Its nothing to be afriad of once you understand what it is..its just demons and we are more powerful than that. Jesus is the answer.

Aug 03, 2012
Non-believer runs to Jesus
by: Julia

Ok so Im in the middle of a dream with my cousin, and then I hear a few notes in my right ear like when the killer in the movie appears, and then a creepy laugh. This is when I "wake up" at first thinking it was weird to realise I was dreaming that sound. But the laugh didnt stop, and when I tried to open my eyes or move I was stuck. This is where it gets scary for me... The best way to describe it is that my body was being pushed down into my bed, firmly and increasingly so, whilst my "mind" or "spirit" or "soul" (or something I understood was important and needed to stay in my body) was being sucked out though my face and chest. I could feel it, its so hard to explain. But I freaked out and of course thought that a demon or something evil i never believed in was trying to take that important part of my soul/spirit thing. Haha so what do I do? Scream my heart out for Jesus to save me.. which is incredibly out of character. And guess what.. now Im here googling the internet trying to find out if what I experienced was real or only real to me. Either way, Jesus, or the thought of him, saved me from a prolonging of that awful awful experience.

Aug 07, 2012
It Used to happen to me
by: Anonymous

This used to happen to me.

From the age of 15 until I was 21. I went to see a Dr.

Doctor told me not to worry about a thing, it is quite common and I should not worry. It's one thing someone (especially a Dr) telling you not to worry.

My experience was... As I was starting to wake up (still asleep but aware of myself), I would try to move, nothing, then I would start to panic, heart races, breathing increases and then panic, then I woke up.

Chemicals in the brain for movement have not yet kicked in and are delayed or take a little longer.

And then it stopped altogether. I am now 44.

Terrifying I know... See a Dr. and you will be relieved that it's not an uncommon thing.

Aug 14, 2012
frightening as
by: Anonymous

Its the hellest thing i go aware wats happening a strong force against me n im tryn to scream n even hear my self getting out of it sometimes it lasts a long time i try my best to get out of it

Aug 20, 2012
Skeptic...used to be anyway...
by: JB

My folks told me of a shared experience that they had one evening... They both woke up in the middle of the night (neither knew the other was awake) to a shadowy presence that moved across the room to settle directly above them. They were both paralyzed but in different ways. My dad (who is a strong, sturdy guy) was unable to move or speak at all. My mother was unable to speak, but was able to move one of her arms to try to touch whatever it was above them. My dad saw her arm raise up as she waved it back and forth. They said that it felt very malevolent. My mother said she started praying silently in her mind as she could not speak. She said it then immediately let them go and disappeared. If this is sleep did two people experience the same phenomenon independently? They both had the same perceptions and things happen...

I was a skeptic until the same thing happened to me a couple of years a very similar way. I am a big, husky guy. I have always been hyper aware of my surrounding when I sleep. No one could walk into my room without me being aware of their presence. That night a couple of months back - early in the came for me. I was completely awake when it happened. I awakened because I was aware of a presence in my room. There was a darkness that was darker that the room around me. I felt an iron grip on my wrists, my legs, and my body. Something pressed me down into the bed. I am 275 lbs and this "thing" pressed me down like a rag doll. I could not move any part of me (even though I fought with all my strength to break free) and felt something was trying to cover my mouth to silence me. I was hardly able to get the next few words out and they were barely intelligible...I said, " I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ." Immediately, I was let go and as it let go it growled at me in a way I have never heard before...but I can tell you that whatever it meant harm...

Aug 22, 2012

I have had that 'held down' experience usually during the early hours of the morning...3 am, it lasts just a few seconds and it is actually a demonic witchcraft attack meant to paralyse you and afflict you. I have always overcome it by saying 'Jesus' in my head, as my mouth cannot move. There is power in the name of Jesus. If it happens to you, once it ends, get up on your feet and say a brief prayer, say thank you jesus for protecting me, you will not allow demons to afflict me as no weapon used against me while I sleep can work in jesus name. speak boldy to that demonic spirit and say 'I bind your soul, body and spirit with fetters of iron in jesus name and cast you out of my life', Ask for Gods angels to encamp around you AND GO TO SLEEP! dont allow fear to stop you from sleeping. many times its due to lack of prayer that such attacks are effective. You are welcome to criticise my comment, but for me, it always works

Aug 27, 2012
It is real, but Jesus is Lord over all!
by: L.M.

There are many things that can happen with our brain and our body. You also have a real enemy in this world, a powerful evil ruler with a whole horde of evil demons. You have to know that you also have a Most High God that is all powerful and loves you so much. He is on your side. So much so that He choose to take the punishment for every bad thing we have ever done. He says we are now reconciled to relationship with Him if we choose to accept the gift of His payment. I had similar episodes ever since I was a little girl. I had them first in dreams and then out of dreams. It Is by knowing Him and that I belong to Him that I am set free. Perfect love cast out fear, and as I understand how perfect His love is for me, I can stand in the midst of my enemy attack and say, " I belong to the Most High God and through the Name of His Son Jesus - fully God and fully man - you have to leave. The evil tries to come back occasionally, but I standing with Jesus, prevail over it.

Aug 29, 2012
by: Andrea

I am so happy that I cam across this site. It's good to know that I am not the only person who has experienced this.
Last night, I was half asleep. I woke up around 3 something with loads of stuff on my mind. So I tried falling back to sleep when suddenly, the room became very black then there was a loud howling... not like an animal but like the wind was literally in my house. Then I felt something grab my wrist. Whatever it was, it was very strong because I couldn't move a muscle. I couldn't even talk. No matter what I did, I couldn't move. Then I started humming a gospel song and screaming for Jesus in my mind. And just like that, it went away. Afterwards, I said a prayer and went to sleep peacefully. I don't know what it was but moving forward, my house WILL BE ANOINTED with God's presence. From the ceiling to the floor, every window and every door! This will never happen again!

Sep 05, 2012
you are stronger than 'them'
by: Anonymous

I've had these eperiences since i was a child they used to scare me i would pray for them to go away only for them to return the next night. Then i started praying for God's guidance, they do still come sometimes but i defeat them, they don't scare me anymore so they are starting to loose interest.

My advice do not only pray but know inside your head that you are stronger, don't let them scare you, the more you scared the more they make you a victim.


South africa

Sep 09, 2012
Not Terrifying?
by: Anonymous

I've experienced sleep paralysis on and off for a number of years now. At first I would freak out internally, as my body felt hot and cold and I couldn't move an inch (as many posts above have described), and would force myself to move, then trying to regain some sort of peaceful sleep. Nowadays I just embrace it, I actually find it quite interesting to just let my imagination take me places whilst experiencing this weird sensation. I'm not so scared any more (admittedly, it's not like I'm totally unafraid, but it's somewhat like an adventure for me).

The latest experience I've had with this was a few nights ago, where i was lying on my back- and i felt these periodic waves of pressure going over my body (in particular, over my shoulders) (accompanied by the sound of actual waves on the beach).

Naturally then, I begin to imagine myself at the beach. It's closing in on midnight, but the full moon is out so there is quite a strong bluish tinge about the scene.
Surrounding me was a multitude of these alien creatures- knee-high, dark, sort of totem-pole like (i couldn't really make them out) and they kept saying things in unison like "We are one, but we are many" and other weird stuff.

So I look out to sea, and I see this dark omnious cave formation in the middle of the ocean. I'm trudging through the waters (all the whilst these waves of pressure are going over my shoulders).... I get to the cave where the opening is on the right, and suddenly this thought "oh there must be treasure here" comes into my I turn.

I see this small treasure box sitting on top of a pillar near the back of the cave, and then, get this: (remember i'm still half awake at this point), my eyes roll up (in real life i'm sure of it) and the weirdest sensation (that pressure i was describing earlier) shoots up my whole body like a wave coming over me, my neck flicks up and my body involuntarily shudders. It's like- when you watch a horror movie, and you see what appears to be a dead person- but then their eyes suddenly shoot open? I guess the immediacy of my reaction to 'seeing' the treasure box was somewhat like that. It just happened really suddenly. I tell you, it was the freakiest and most surreal thing. And I'm pretty sure the whole time I knew I was lying in my bed, and the physical reactions I had, I actually experienced in real life.

After that I tried to force myself out of this state, and I did- but then the real world was boring so i tried to get back into it- but it wasn't nearly as intense.

Sep 10, 2012
I'M Scared
by: Krystal

As I was sleepin face up I felt like if my body was being attackd by an heavy froce.I could'nt move a muscle are yell for help. I was Terrified of what was going to happen as if I was going to die.I'm only 20 and I had many other dreams that took me to Wierd places and saw scary things ,but never anything like this. This was the first after I woke up which I don't remember what woke me out of my sleep ,but I was not able to fall back asleep worried that mybe the second time I woud'nt be able to even wake up. So I decied to get on the Internet and look for some information.That's when I found so many amazing stories. That's when I knew I was not alone and not the only one Thanks

Sep 10, 2012
should i be concerned
by: Anonymous

hi im 22 years old when i was 17 i traded rooms with my father who said there was something in that room that visited him once a month. honestly i thought he was just really drunk at the time, and was well aware of the three ghosts in my house an elderly woman an old man and a very small girl, all of which incredibly friendly. any way, i traded rooms and nothing happined to me for the longest time untill about 3 weeks later. i woke up in the middle of the night my dog was sleeping my door was shut, i saw some kind of figure with snakes for arms and it had four eyes it was not just a pressence or force i could physically see it. i tried to move and could not i tried to yell for help and could not i was completley paralized and had no idea what to do i felt like i was being choked. i could do absolutly nothing and was so unbeleivably scared. this went on for atleast 30 mins or so after i could move i shook my dog who acted like everything was normal. the next nite my lil sister who was maybe 5 at the time come down from my attick with some skates i no wernt there before because i keep vintage comic ooks up there saying that a man named damion gave them to her. the experience has not happined since i left the room but should i be conserned?

Sep 10, 2012
You have the power to make it go away...
by: Kesha L

I am sitting here reading these stories and out of all these stories I only see 4 maybe 5 who knows what it is and knows what to do. Do you all not believe in God and satin? Because they are both very real. The experiences that you all are having, being held down, hearing voices and groaning, it is satin or his demonic helpers holding you down, just keep saying "In THE NAME OF JESUS" I dont care if you have to say it 30x do not give in to the devil and do no be scared God did not give us fear that is the devil. I am telling you all this bc I am not 30 y/o and I have been going thru this for over 15 years, read your bible, get in church, give God some of your time, bc satin has no power over you, he has what we allow him to have. You all be blessed and I will pray for each of you.

Sep 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

This problem is spiritual and is caused by demons. The only way a demon gets into someone is if the person is not strong in his/her faith. These days, demons get into people through a number of ways such as by watching television, listening to music, fornicating, etc. When you find yourself experiencing this, the best solution is to repent and have faith. if you have faith and you command the demon to leave you, it will. Try not to be afraid. Dont allow your mind to put fear into you. Then pray fervently. If you dont do this, you will continue to suffer in silence and it will bring you a lot of badlluck. Good luck and God help you all

Sep 11, 2012
Jesus, god, Satan... Come on people!
by: Shane

All of this religion rubbish is pure garbage. I suffer from it and it is purely when I have had poor sleep or exhausted. I have suffered from this for years and all it takes is for you to recognise that it is all in your mind.

To say its demons etc Is just scaring people into believing in god.

I have no problem with people believing in any religion if that's what they choose to believe but don't try forcing it or scaring people into sharing your own views.

Sep 12, 2012
Held down
by: Anonymous

I am 23 I was staying at my 17 yr old friends house "babysitting" she had to get ready for school early in the morning, so after she left I crawled in bed with my daughter and fell back to sleep. I woke up it was light outside, so I thought we slept until she was out of school. I tried to grab my phone to look at the time, but I couldn't move! I heard footsteps coming towards me, I thought for sure it was her! But I heard them enter the room I was in.. I looked up and it was a black shadow, i couldn't tell if it was male or female, but it reached out and held me down. I tried screaming but I couldn't! Finally I started yelling "Jesus is my savior" over and over again. After the 3rd time of me saying it, it let go and I jumped out of bed horrified! This exact thing also happened to my boyfriend, and best friend!

Sep 21, 2012
Good bumps, loud humming noise, paralyzed!
by: Anonymous

I was trying to fall asleep and before I knew it I couldn't move, my eyes were barely open and my fists were clenched, my heart was racing and pounding, I was tense but relaxed at the same time I didn't panic, while I was paralyzed I heard this loud humming/buzzing noise like a force field holding me down and I heard something under my bed sliding around it sounded like a Komodo dragon moving around( of course I know it was a lizard or anything it just sounded like it) after a while I was able to move again but I didn't wake up startled or anything, that's how I know I wasn't dreaming or asleep I just moved around and found this site. Truly scary experience, Jesus Christ is my savior.

Sep 23, 2012
being held down
by: Anonymous

This is actually the first time this has ever happened to me.I was laying down I remember I couldn't sleep.It was early morning like around 6:30.I was laying down in the fetal position.My head facing the wall.When I felt this weight on me.I couldn't move.Then I heard this pitch noise.And every time I tried to move the sound would get softer but then when I stop trying it got loud.I don't remember how long it was.Thinking about it now it felt like seconds.I told my friend about it and she suggested it was my parents.There both dead she suggested that their trying to tell me something. They just have a fucked up way of doing it.I almost never pray at all .. so I was skeptical when my friend ask me to do it.So I did.And nothing happen last night

Sep 23, 2012
The incubus demon
by: Anonymous

All of you that have been held down, and have heard moaning noises or seen dark shadows, have felt as though someone is on their back or their stomach or even something as disturbing as whisper in your ear of sexual assaults of any kind.........this is not sleep paralysis. Alot of the time people say its sleep paralysis to dismiss what it actually could be. you are infact experiencing a visit from the 'Incubus' demon. This is a male form,(female is a succabus), and tend to target women. It lies upon sleeper in order to have intercourse with them, hence the heavy weight and the feeling of being held down. If this paranormal activity start to regularly occure, according to religious tradition it can lead to decline in health. . . if this activity continues or you are scared to sleep at night due to this. Invest in a good crucifix which you can have at the side of your bed above your bed or under your pillow. You could also reciet a prayer before you go to bed or reciet if you are caught in the paranormal state again -

Hail Mary full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
for thou hast borne Christ the Saviour,
the Deliverer of our souls.

Or simply ask for help. I had a episode once that scared me to death, i was so scared 'god' cam einto my head, im not an overly religious person but i believe in a god. And i shouted as loud as i could in my head oh please help me god. as soon as the sentance was spoken i was released and could move

feel free to contact me if you need helkp or want anything answering. my grandma wa sa medium and i do alot of paranormal investigations myself x -

Sep 30, 2012
Trying to call for Jesus
by: Wendy

My boyfriend left for work at 4:30am 9/28/12. I had a headache, took a pill, and went back to sleep. I was having just a normal dream about family when I was jolted awake from my dream. I was able to barely open my eyes and could see the alarm clock. It was a little after 6am. I heard a slight buzzing and felt like he had come back and layed next to me. I couldn't move. I was on my right side. Then my body started getting chilled and I was shivering, almost shaking. I tried to call out Jesus' name, but I couldn't. Only drool would come out. It stopped. My first thought was oh-no, an Incubus. Then it came back and I shivered some more. This time I was able to get a little sound out and as soon as a part of Jesus' name came out it stopped. The buzzing stopped and the weight stopped. I was able to move my hand, but was afraid to look at anything but the alarm clock. The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes. I told only 2 people about it. One thinks a seizure, the other thinks a spirit. I googled what happened and found this site.

Sep 30, 2012
by: Shane


That is typical sleep paralysis, I have had this on a number of occasions. It's simply your body waking up before your brain. Your half awake and the brain is half asleep... I believe we see and feel these scary things as naturally we are scared of being paralysed and not being in control and just like we have nightmares we bring these on ourselves at the time.

I think to say its a demon coming to rape you is a bit silly isn't it? And by saying Jesus or having a bible at your bed is going to scare this 'evil' thing away just sounds like more rubbish.

I believe that when you are in this state and you manage to get a word out is when the brain finally wakes up, it doesn't have to be 'Jesus' I find evolution or wake up does exactly the same thing without any help from 'religion'.

It's all science people.

Oct 01, 2012
Sleep paralysis ain`t wat u think.......
by: Casper

Sleep paralysis really is when ur brain sleeps while ur body wakes...vice versa for lucid dreaming(body sleeps while brain wakes) when your pc boots up.....u never know if it shut down with sum error..a virus maybe...a problem with drivers etc..Therefore,when rebootin....this mite affect windows causing boot failure,blue screen , missin sys files.....and so too the body doesn`t always function to its full potential.....
Generally people would call these abductions,demonic attacks, but i tell u it`s simply in your mind, an ur panicing cause the hallucinations ...because ...obviously it wasn`t real..u know what happened,still chose to overexagerate because u didn`t have any other explaination.....lemme tell u what happened...u was probably holdin ur own breath while sleepin when u had realise u didn`t wake instantly then paniced ...thats y u wasn`t really shoutin an couldn`t breathe....whatever u was thinkin to say didn`t really process because ur brain was still bootin up......the only reason the name Jesus worked is because u believed that it would make u stop panicing......not because it`s the only way....i`m a christian as well but i`m open minded to facts, and i hope to find much more in time ..religion iz man made,an yes Christianity. .....Jesus Christ originated from Zeus and Krishna that name isn`t the name of a God....Yeshua Ha-Mashiach is the messiah to whom christan refer to...the name Yaweh was banned from the Holy Bible by the Catholics because they`ve brain-washed us once again....
Anywayz... i used to get the same attacks as everytime in diff ways..... i thought a demon was attackin me during sleep but i woke up an was tryna fight back and scream for my help ....hahaha.....honestly ...i was chokin myself an didn`t realise until i learned to control myself when this happened...because i`ve learnt alot about lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis and astral travel even tho i can`t astral travel...the 1 time i was consciously doing it, it happen out when i was tipsy....lasted for near 2mins ....i could see myself jus layin there ...scary..i paniced when saw myself ....daz when it ended...i was tryin to breathe an shyt....then when i got back in my body twas by takin a large breathe .....i got up like wtf was dat...i not even gonna
say no more..if i ent say enuff already then peopleof little religion is love .......nun else

Oct 04, 2012
by: Haylie

This morning around 4:30 AM I experienced something that has never happened before. I was half asleep and kept hearing this high pitch ringing. It would go on and off, but it was moving around my room. It started get louder and louder. I was wide awake when all of a sudden it got so loud and it was right in front of my eyes. I couldnt see it but I could feel it. It felt like someone was looking at me eye to eye. I tried to move and scream but I couldnt open my mouth or move. It felt like something was holding me down. I tried to say a prayer in my head and it wouldnt let me past the first word. My body was so hot and fuzzy.. it felt like someone was inside me. Im 19 years old and ran straight to my parents room balling. Thats the first time ive ever slept with them and i still didnt feel safe.. help???

Oct 05, 2012
Jesus is the only Way
by: Anonymous

I've had this spiritual attacks before before! Please ask the Lord into your heart and bring your pastor and leaders of your church to anoint your home.

Oct 07, 2012
been held down/loud screamin noice in ears/...
by: jerome, NIGeria

I share in ur pain.I thought I was d only one in this!! iv had these 'spiritual attacks' for a long time now.the experience is almost thesame,only for me is..WHEN I SLEEP HEAD FACinG UP,there's a 95% tendency of a very weird dream,and the dream reflects in my physical.fisrt tin dat happens is,my legs don't move as if someones holding them down,almost immediatly it gets cold and the cold starts ascending upwards my the same time,I'm hearung these loud screaming/(like u screehing a cork cover on the floor) in my hands and body can't move aswell.I'm tryin tu shout JESUS dosent come out right,Wen it does it stops..else I just have tu struggle and fight hard. Funny enoguh,YOU KNOW WEN ITs ABOUT To HAPPn and it can HAPPn even wen sm1's lying close tu you!!! If your storys similar to mine, den I ges ur been attacked by marine spirits and you need deliverance FAST.Mine stopd after I was prayed for by a strong pastor and I was warnd to leave my "sinful ways".but it started again cos I kept sinning!!!!!!.quick WaYs tu get out of it is,,,pray on olive oil,place it in ur ears and feet before u sleep, or sing sweet worship songs to God aND I GUARANTEE yOU sOUND sleep.. Stay strong,hold fast..end times here..

Oct 14, 2012
Being strangled while being wide awake!
by: Anonymous

Many years ago as a young Christian, I was invited by a group of friends to go on a three day, prayer and fast retreat during one of the Carnival seasons in Trinidad. I accepted the invite and I went for the experience.

It was my first time fasting, so to say the least, "it was hard," really hard, but I did it. At the end of the fast, we all went our seperate ways.

I got home about 10 AM that morning. I had to get to work for noon that day, so I lay in bed reflecting on my prayer and fast experience.

I WAS WIDE AWAKE! I remember looking up at my clock to see the time. What happen after that is beyond me.

While on my bed, I lifted my head to look at the clock, something jumped on my chest and started to strangle me. I tried to shout but I was unable to speak. I tried to call Jesus but I couldn't say His name. I struggle with this thing that was strangling me, all the while I was trying to call Jesus.

Eventually, I was able to shout, "JESUS". When I did that, what ever was strangling me left. When I realised I was free, I darted for the door. I was scared out of my mind, and wondering what the hell was that.

I was afraid to go back into the house, but eventually I did. I shared that experience with my then co-worker who had invited me to the retreat, but he didn't thought anything of it.

Over the years I have prayed and ask God what that experience was about, but I never got an answer for it. My only thoughts about it is, maybe He wanted me to know that the "super-natural" is real.

Today, I take comfort in God's Word, knowing that as a "Born Again Christian" Satan and his demons has no power over me. And knowing that at the name of Jesus they have to flee.

Oct 15, 2012
Held down
by: Leslie

Last night I was laying on my back with my earphones in my ear listening to talk radio like I always do. My husband and kids were already asleep. I thought I heard a frowning noise so I took my earphones out and sat up. I didn't hear anything. Then when I layed back down I felt a dark presence over my body and I could not move at all. I was terrified and felt panic. I have never liked tight spaces so this felt horrible. I tried to speak and couldn't but in my head I was saying "get off of me!"nothing came out. Seems like it lasted only a minute. I finally got out the words on a whisper" in te name of Jesus get off of me"nothing I finally said " in the ne of the Blood if Jesus get off of me" then it stopped. I remember saying that atleast 3 times before it went away. It was a black blob figure that stretched across my whole body. I didn't wake my husband I just cuddles next to him on my side and finally went to sleep. I am scared to sleep on my back now! I don't want to tell anyone ecause try may think I'm nuts!!! But it did happen!!

Oct 16, 2012
something evil
by: claude

10-16-12 Last night I had this dream as well were i couldn"t move but felt something commimg over me the wasn't good it felt evil. I usually try and wake myself up before the evil presents take over... I could still use my voice so I yelled my wife's name so she would know something was wrong with me.. She woke me up as soon as she heard me calling her name..

I've had these same dreams off and on throughout my life. I'm 32 it started when I was about 8 years old... I believe in GOD but don't attend church like church going people. If anyone has some insight to this please email me

Oct 17, 2012
End sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

I said Yeshua , or Jesus Yeshua is Hebrew ,and it left real fast from the room. Say it it definately helped!

Oct 17, 2012
having blankets ripped off you
by: b3n

when i was around the ages of 3 to 6 and maybe even younger, i use to wake up in the middle of the night and literally my blanket would be ripped off me, and it really used to scare me it happened alot and it wasnt just like waking up and the blanket being half way down the bed i actually used to wake up by something ripping it off me, and the feeling i would get in that bedroom some nights i can never forget, i felt like no one else was looking after me and i was so alone it was terrifying, i also saw a lady in there its something ive never forgotten, one strange thing is, is that my younger sister had this habit of banging her head to go to sleep on her pillow or sitting up against the wall, everyone just thought it was a habbit, my friends moved into that house a few years after we had left it, and i must of been 17 and i was babysitting there children in that house one night, and me and my mate heard banging, so we go upstairs and there daughter was doing exactly the same thing banging her head now that is strange, ive also had the experience of being held down while ive been in bed and yes its scarey and in my opinion its something doing it, because it wont happen to you in just any house.

Oct 21, 2012
being held down by a spirit
by: Anonymous

Hi i have had the same thing to me Wat i do to avoid it is het a cup with water nd put it next to my bed but wen im in that situation i try to move away with my arms forcing my way out

Oct 22, 2012
really scary( not a disorder)
by: Devon

one sunny bright morning, i was sleeping like a baby, i was dreaming but it felt so real!! their was a dark figure was standing against my wall, where my window was. i tried to look away, but i couldn't move, i tried to cover my eyes with my blanket but i couldn't look away. then before the end of the dream, i was trying to open my eyes, then the black figure jumped through my stomach, and i felt it. i woke up couldn't breath, i had to rush to the kitchen and drink 4 full cups of water.then i prayed i never had the dream again.

Oct 22, 2012
JESUS is the ONLY way
by: Dayo

It happens to me occasionally; sometimes more often than not. It is that nonentity the devil trying to test one's faith. You have to have JESUS CHRIST in your life. Pure and simple. One's faith has to come under test. The Devil will show up but you have to be ready. You need to have a constant prayer life (morning, noon and night). When it shows up, if you can speak, just plead the blood of Jesus and that evil force will flee; if it holds your mouth, just focus your mind on either prayer, scripture in the bible or a gospel song. It will leave. The Holy Ghost and Evil spirit can't abide in the same place. One has to leave - and it's always the evil spirit. BUT you have to have JESUS in your life. If you don't know Jesus, accept him in your life NOW!

Oct 22, 2012
Me too! Me too!
by: Anna

Seventeen years ago I experienced my first episode; woke in my sleep to see a shadowy figure of a hooded caped man hovering past our bedroom in the corridor. I was absolutely frozen with fear and completely unable to move any part of my body and could not speak with muffled noises the best I could do. Did not see any more figures after that but did continue to experiece that pressure being held down feeling another 3 times over a period of 5 years and more recently over past 6 months this has occurred approx 6 times. Scares the crap out of me every time even though I know it will pass? I was dozing this morning face down when I felt a body weight slowly lay on top of me but first the paralysis thing happened. I was saying fuck off in my head as I was unable to speak. After 20 seconds the sensation like a forcefield just lifted and it kind of jolted me I think I hold my breath when this happens.
The two times before todays episode, sleeping face down
again I hear the dooms rustling around my ears and it feels like it is being slowly pulled off me - again my body and tongue are frozen as terror grips me unable to to a thing.
There is a pattern though, apart from the very first time years ago, these occur when i am dozing usually when hubby leaves the house at around 5am for the airport and it's too early for me to get up and out of bed. I have been awake briefly but then have tried to back to sleep.
So in searching for a solution to this problem, thinking it is a demonic evil coz that's the horror feeling this thing leaves me with, we've the house blessed and I burn incense and keep an eternal flame burning. Also have a cross under my pillow
and icons around the house. I sip blessed holy water for protection and say a prayer.
However my son told me two months ago that there was a scientific explanation hence sleep paralysis. I dismissed his comment then but remembered it today and read up on it. I'm so glad I got to read other people's experiences and accept the scientific reasoning because now it makes sense. I'll still shit my pants if and when it happens again but at least I know that it won't hurt me and it will pass. I.have to accept it and don't allow it to control me and my life. Sweet dreams everyone :-)

Oct 23, 2012
Your stronger than them
by: That guy

Im going to try make this short, a couple years ago I started to get held down, the first time it happened I thought I was having a seizure or getting possessed or maybe loosing my mind but then it started happening everyday sometimes multiple times a day even if I took a nap in the afternoon. I was starting to get sick and tired of it so I started praying everyday, sometimes it would work but not always so I just put it in my mind that I'm stronger than w.e is doing this to me so wen it happened, this happened almost everyday for about 2 years until I got use to it one thing that helps is that you stay calm and not panic because it makes everything worst and you get paranoid and scared, be brave and curse at it, when I started doing that it stopped but the reason I'm on this topic right now is because last night I was cleaning my house late then I took a couple garbage bags out around 330 am when I came in my mom was screaming at me because I was goin out the house so late, that same night I had a nightmare about my mom being possessed but I just thought it was a bad dream, the next day my mom came home from work and told me that something followed me inside the house that night and held her down and left bruises on her..... That's fucked up to jus know that something was watching me the whole time without me knowing

Oct 23, 2012
In under 10 mins of sleep....
by: Stuart

Im almost 39 and since I split from my partner in nov 2010 I've had at least 12 experiences of bring held down.

Each time I was in my bed (at first in my mothers guest bedroom as I had to move home for 6 months,( the break up was'nt pretty ) then the last 17 months in my rented room. My eyes are open and I can look around the room and the detailing and light conditions seem perfect but im held down and paralysed. Sometimes my arms are over my head and a couple of times I've felt hands around my throat trying to choke me. Once I could see a silhouette holding me down but mainly it's just a male presence.

After the first 2 or 3 times it stopped being scary and just made me angry. The last time before tonight I distinctly remember trying to repeatedly tell the presence to "get the Fxxk off me" as I was so damn angry at it but I mumbled it as my mouth was paralysed. I really wanted to punch that sucker out. (There's also been a time I could just about move my arm and could reach the lamp cord but couldn't find the switch on it, but when I did wake my hand was still next to my head,it felt completely real in the dream, the flex was bending correctly as i run my fingers over the cord). I had 1 again last night but the details are lost on me except that I couldn't move and it wanted to harm me .

The thing is that sometimes I know I'm asleep and it's not real, but in every single instance when I do wake I find i've been asleep for 25 mins maximum, my record is 6 mins.( when I close my eyes I'm normally asleep in under a min so it's easy to time)

I know there's stages of sleep and it's impossible for me to dream that quickly so I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Even when I'm having a great day or week it can happen and I never think about these experiences before I sleep so I can't think of a trigger. I could understand if it was underlying stress causing nightmares but they're so random in occurrence and happen so quickly. Answers or ideas anyone?

Oct 26, 2012
Sleep paralysis?? I don't think so...
by: Anonymous

I had this happen to me when I was 19 while staying at my uncles house in Brooklyn (also the house I grew up in as a child). It was early in the morning, maybe 3 or so, and couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning, as I turned to the left there was this black figure of a woman standing over me! At this point I couldn't move anymore and I was unable to speak. This figure then raised its arms and began to make stabbing motions in my chest (I couldn't feel this). I got very scared and tried with all my strength to move or speak. I must have prayed in my mind that God let me speak b/c then I was able to yell: "get out of here in the name of Jesus!" I kid you not, that thing left in a split second BUT not only did it leave my room; I heard the front door to the apartment slam shut! Needless to say I never went back to sleep that night. Just sat up with the lights on reading the bible, ANY part of the bible to repel that thing from coming back.

I am 28 now and recently have been born again. Looking back at this is one of the things that solidified my faith in the Lord. Believe me, I was far from religious when it happened (still don't consider myself religious actually, just a follower of Jesus) but I certainly believed in God. To anyone who is being afflicted by something similar: please understand it is more likely than not a spiritual attack and nothing to brush off as sleep paralysis or exhaustion and hope doesnt happen again. Unless you call on Jesus name, it probably will happen again. I believe these spirits see you as a threat for whatever reason and are only able to get close to you at a time in your life when your faith is weak or don't know God at all. If it happens again do yourself the favor and rebuke it in Jesus' name. Even if you're not a believer there is power in His name, wouldn't hurt to try...

Oct 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I just had this happen to me about 30 mins ago, I had just closed my eyes and felt something or someone pulling on me, I couldn't move or speak, I tried yelling at my husband but nothing would come out, I tried praying but for some reason I kept forgetting the lords prayer, I finally managed to moan and my husband heard me and called out my name then I was able to move again. Then I started drifting in my sleep again and I felt the same thing again, something pulling me off the bed, and again I moaned as loud as I could and my husband was able to wake me, its terrifying!! Don't know what to think anymore.

Oct 27, 2012
This is an attack by a Demon .
by: John Walker

What everyone has described has happened to me for the last two years . That is when the Spirit made itself known to me . I had moved into a haunted house and experienced Paranormal activity that started 5 years ago 2007 . I have experienced physical attacks since then and quickly became a disabled person and today 195 mg Morphine daily is not enough . When I don't feel its presents i have no pain , There are at least 2 possibilities .
I / We brought this on ourselves because of the sin in our lives and God allows this or God sent this demon to torment me / us so that we might reach out to him . I was saved at an early age but I took God Lightly and choose the commandments i wanted to keep So I have dishonored God with my sins all my life just about and the others i know of that experience this have confessed to sins of the flesh , Sexual in nature . There is not anything i have not said or done to make it stop and i never got all the answers I desperately needed . I can suffer terrible sharp pain like sciatic pain in one or both Legs or in my neck
( which i broke in a car accident ) that pain will travel down my back out into my arms , Serious sharp pain and I can say out loud , this is not my pain , I do not claim it . Stop causing me pain in Jesus name and the pain is gone in a matter of seconds . I wish i had a better explanation or answers but i fear the answer will never be known . I have turned my life around and started seeking God right away , confessed , repented all sins and forgave everyone that ever hurt me. I belong to a church now and have a position there but nothing has helped . The worst attack , My body was Paralyzed and it was squeezing me very tight , I try to move and a powerful force would come against me , I called out to Jesus and he came and gave me the power to overcome that attack and that one only . I was attacked a few days ago where it would Paralyze me several times in a row . I'm certain I made it angry with the name calling . Tell me please , does anyone else think the Spirit knows what your thinking ? Feel free to write me at

Oct 28, 2012
quit the jesus thing
by: b3n

hi i wrote a comment on here last week i think, about experiencing being held down by something and having my blankets ripped off me, and let me just say it was a real experience. and not a pleasent one, do i think it was a ghost? of course i do, infact i know 100% it was, i also saw her, point is im seeing alot of comments on here about jesus coming to the rescue if u call his name, for a start when your in this situation you dont have the energy or time to even breath let alone cry out for jesus, there are people like me that have actually had these things happen to them, and im sorry to say but crying for jesus doesnt mean hes gona come and save you, i mean did he save the millions of people over the world that have disease and hunger and get murdered? no he doesnt. im not saying i dont believe in him because i do, i just think he will pick his own time to come, so please some of you with your fake demon ghost stories, just quit the bullshit.

Oct 29, 2012
Terrifying, but not anymore
by: Anonymous

In the past year, I've had 4 experiences and believe it or not, the last 3 weren't terrifying. My first experience this was absolution terrifying, I didn't know what was going on and it came apparent when it started that I was dreaming but when I woke up, I was still pinned down in my bed with a dark being that seemed to blend in with the shadows of my room was on top of me on my bed. The feeling of something engulfing me, accompanied by the dull humming under my skin was odd and scary. All of these experiences have lasted about 30 seconds.

The second time it happened I was half asleep. I could see my room clearly in the dark and there was nothing in my room holding me down or anything. I was finally able to move and then the feeling dissipated. It only happens when I almost enter REM. If you click on the link to the other website, it talks about how you can utilize these experiences to lucid dream. I have been able to do this (and it's not that hard to lucid dream, everyone has this ability)and now I actually welcome the feeling.

Yes there are those experiences where there is an entity wishing to cause you harm but not all are like that. I have been lucky to not have to deal with this all 4 times being someone who is scared of the dark.

Oct 29, 2012
My Body Being Held Down & Couldnt Wake Up Till I Said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus
by: LovelyRella Bella

Ive been having the same thing happen to me it has been going on for a few years now I want to say that the first time it happened I was maybe about 19 or 20 years old..Now Im 25 the it has happened to me to maybe 3 times this year(2012)And I never said anything to anybody other than my Mother,Brother,And now my husband..It just happened 10/29/2012 I was sleeping at home with my husband whom Ive known for 10years and never once have I told him about this ever hapening to afraid he would think Im crazy but I was sleeping and normally I sleep kinda on my side with my arms folded under me but my husband got up to to get our nephew to the bus stop it had to be after 6am almost 7am I was up for a little while then I rolled over to my stomach and curled my arms under me and all of a sudden didnt seem like I had been sleep long I felt my back get heavy and a force placed upon my whole body I couldnt open my eyes I couldnt move my legs or my feet hands head or anything I tried calling out for my mother but couldnt I could hear myself trying to talk but it sound as if I were crying or whinning but I could so I tired to wake myself trying to give myself a good shake or jerk but it felt the more I fought back the more force was placed on I was able to partly open my eyes and see that I was in my room and that the sun had cam up but that was it so I started trying to get out I rebuke you in the name of jesus but was only able to mumble I rebuke you and each time more force was applied so i could fell myself trying to fight and wake up but my body was just to heavy and final i was able to complete my sentence I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and literally after that I was fine I and was able to open my eyes I began to pray and called out for my husband and he cam ea laid next to me cause I was scared to go back to sleep but Ive been trying to live my life the way God wants me to and each time I have it in my heart and try to lean more on God I have this happen to me..Honest Im a stronger believer in God and I also know that an idle mind is the devil playground and sleeping our mind is idle which is why its important to pray before going to sleep trust and put our faith in God and know that he is our beginning and end and with him we can win any figth against any evil brought our way..All I know is I dont have SP God didnt create that or any of the other disease or disorder that we are told we have as explained to me ask god to cover your body in the blood of the Lord and have faith and believe you are healed..That whole incident that happens to me and others is just evil.devil,satan trying to deter you from your path and as I was told to stay stronger and get my faith and the Lord togther and stay in the word and study my bible..So the next time you have this incident again just say in you mind I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!

Nov 02, 2012
God will help u get through this
by: jenn

I have had many lucid dreams like the ones posted above. I am also a psychology major. And they say ur body wakes up before REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep ends. I used to believe this. But recently found Jesus and fully accepted Him as my Saviour. Now when I go through SP. The nature of this phenomenon is different. Its more of a malevolent nature. I sometimes hear whispers of sexual profanity. While being fully awake and feel charges over my body as though something is caressing me. This happened to me this morning. I was sleeping in bed with my boyfriend and he was sound asleep. I told the entity to Stop and that I am with Jesus. And it stopped. I firmly believe if u accept Jesus in your can rise up against them. I asked Jesus to send me a sign that I am on the right path in my faith. I had the most beautiful dream that my son and I rose from the Earth while looking down and seeing people scattered below us. And I turned into a beautiful angel with green wings.

The power is in the word of Christ. HE Gives u the strength to overcome the demons of the night. Just believe. And speak His name. He and His angels will protect you and give you a way out of the demons grasp.

GOD bless

Nov 03, 2012
this is all real!
by: Anonymous

people when it happens to you, your soul will let you know what it body knows good from evil. thats why you feel overwhelmed with fear. i read some posts saying that its normal or your body wakes up before your brain, this is science, i mean you got to be kidding me! there is a war for souls. evil dosn't knock on the door of evil. there are 2 sides and whether you know it or not, your on one or the other some just don't know it, but they do! get strong in your faith with your Father in heaven!

Nov 06, 2012
NOVEMBER 4, 2012
by: Anonymous

I never had a episode like this. i was asleep on my back. it felt like something was laying on me suffocating me. My right side was in pain, it felt like a knee was in my side. i thought i was to going to die. But then i cough. That woke me up.

Nov 19, 2012
Creepy Dreams!
by: Dreamer

For the past year I have experienced this almost every night! And it happens almost everytime I take a nap. Most of the time I can see everything that is going on in the room but then something is holding me down causing me not to breath or move. I can feel when drifting off to sleep that it will happened and brace myself for it I haven't seen any shadowy figures tho. I find that when im sleep with my boyfriend he is able to hear my moans and wakes me this shit is very creepy!!! I want know if my eyes are open during these dreams because I see my surroundings so vividly and when I tell it to my boyfriend he says that everything I seen n my dream actually happened (as far as whats going on around me)

Nov 21, 2012
questions about 'being held down'
by: Anonymous

This strange phenomenon has happened to me quite a few times, beginning at age 15 until age 26, I'm 29 now, knock on wood. I believe it has a strong connection to telephone poles and wires, wondering if anyone else thinks the same. ??
Also a solution I found helped me was to lay in a different position. I had to make myself sleep on my stomach for it always happened on my back.

Nov 22, 2012
Still think about it.
by: Daniel

This used to happen to me very often as a child. I'd have a dream about the same group of men standing around me in a circle, then I'd wake up to the feeling of being held down. I could barely breathe and when I tried to call for help nothing came out. It hasn't happened in years but I still think about it all the time. Some scary stuff.

Nov 22, 2012
Still believe it is science not 'demons'
by: Calvert

I feel it is something to do with our brain and it being over active whilst we sleep, maybe by dreaming but the body isn't fully asleep or In REM sleep yet?

And as for a few comments above saying science is silly and it is all about good vs evil and demons? Seriously? Have you any proof of this? And don't say the bible or Jesus as using the bible as evidence is like saying look at this old Harry potter book wizards on flying broomsticks did exist..

Nov 23, 2012
Closer to Jesus
by: Anonymous

It's obvious that if we've been having similar experiences, there's validity to our stories. The closer you are to Jesus, and the more you study the bible and attend church, the worse the attacks get. I actually woke up from my sleep mad as hell, rebuked it in the name of Jesus, and fought with it from my bedroom to my bathroom and back. I'm not that same scared little girl any more! I am a doctor and this is NOT sleep paralysis. People who believe there's a medical explanation are ungodly or never experienced it. It is hard to move. It can be scary until you realize the God within IS more powerful. Call on The Lord in your head if you can't talk. They try to fight it but the cowards do flee as soon as a Heavenly spirit takes over. I literally tore my apt up and was drenched in sweat by the time the fight was over. I celebrated and rewarded myself the next day because I no longer fear the attacker. He fears the God in me!

Nov 25, 2012
this is not good
by: Joseph

I also saw a light on my ceiling. I was lying on my bed, which were with my head to the window. Flat on my back I lay, speaking negatively to myself. All of a sudden with my waking eyes I saw a light at the top thru my curtain railing. I thought to myself this cannot be good. Even as I though, a voice next to me at my left ear said "HE-RE", its an Afrikaans word meaning lord, or maybe it was of a language I did'nt know. The voice was terrible, like a snake speaking to you. But I wasnt scared because I'm not scared of spirits, so I remained calm, though a chill went from my neck, working its way down my spine. It felt like some being is trying to take my body, and yes I was pinned down right after I saw the light. I could not speak so I said in my mind "My Vader, My Vader, Help my in die naam van u gesalfde", which is "My Father, My Father, Help me in the name of your anointed one". Immediately it ceased.

For me it was terrible, even though I remained calm, and had a good expectation that I knew exactly what to do. So my heart breaks for those who walk in the darkness, having no hope. I choose to believe in the age-lasting life to come in the next age. 6000 years is 6 days according to our Master in heaven, and the 7th day which is called the Sabbath is the promise of age-lasting life and rest for the 7th millenium.

"And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Master Yahusha shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty messengers" 2 Thessalonians 1:7

Yes he will come at the end of this age/day and bring in a new one. So who's gonna rest with us?

Nov 26, 2012
Most Terrifying feeling
by: Anonymous

This weird feeling of being * held down has happend to me Too this has happend to me atleast 3 times and I was really spooked out the first time it happend to me... witch was when I was laying down and I closed my eyes for just one second and all of a sudden I felt something ontop of me holding me down I tried to lift my hand up but I coudnt I also tried talking and screaming out but I just couldn't I was really aware that I could feel someone on top of me but I never knew what it could have been when the feeling went away I ended up punching my fist up bc I was sooo afraid of what was happening.

This is still pretty creepy to me and I really dont want it to happen no more

Nov 27, 2012
by: Joseph

Ok, I'm pretty much someone who focusses on the facts wherever it leads. I'm an engineer who loves science and researching new stuff. I'll mark your words when you say "It is sleep paralysis", and I also marked the fact that in the past when I dreamed, I used to move alot in my sleep. Kicking, punching, as do many people, some even sleep walk while they sleep. This appears to be 2 different things, being "held down" and being able to move around freely.
So I'm not just gonna leave it at "sleep paralysis". There's some people who just want to rationalise thing according to their way of life.
For those "its just science" types, let me drop some logic for you. I design structures where I work out what shape would be best for carrying a certain load. This is also inside the bounds of what we would call science, our physical universe. So look at it this way. We can percieve 2 dimensions, such as images in our 3 dimensional world. Those 2 dimensions is always supported by 3D structures. This should lead you to ask, by what are our 3 dimensional world supported? It isnt self existing, that would be a religious assumption, not scientific, not logical. And if its supported by 4D, by what is that supported. Down the line you should realise this cannot go on into infinity. It has to have an origin. And that origin has to be infinite, almighty, otherwise none of these things could exist. So there has to be an almighty Power which started all these things. Basically when you say "this 3D world is all there is" is your religion speaking. You limit yourselves to what you can see and therefor becomes irrational beings, that revile esteems, dignities, and people who believe in the almighty Creator. The invisible things can be understood by our 3D world when you open up your mind to logic.

The name of our Creator as he proclaimed unto Moses is Yahueh, which actually means, one who is self existent. He is the uncaused cause. It is religious people like atheists who stands in the way of science and logic.

"For the invisble things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and divinity, so that they are without excuse" - Romans 1:20.

Nov 30, 2012
i dont understand what it means and why its happening
by: denise

I'm 15. And when I try to go to sleep I feel something, someone. ( spirits ) I start to close my eyes and they just shut with force, not bye me. My shoulders are being held down and at the same time I'm being suffocated by something. I can't move or yell, scream, see or nothing. I feel Like their trying to take my soul. This has been happening for about 1 year off & on. But its getting worser. And my family are starting to think I'm making it up and im crazy. But I'm not.! This is really happening, and I don't know Why, or how, or what to do.!! Please help.!!

Nov 30, 2012
by: Joseph

Hey Denise.

This could be due to your lifestyle. You should make some positive adjustments, and very importantly, stay calm. Staying calm always help in any situation, whether it is your mind playing tricks on you, or spirits bothering you.

Always make an effort to stay positive. You say this has been happening on and off for a year. What has changed in your life during the last year?

Nov 30, 2012
Update from Sep 30
by: Wendy


I have been keeping track of other people's posts since I originally posted Sep. 30, 2012. Some of the posts are similar to what happened to me, others seem made up from ideas from movies or something.

You mentioned a light. When I opened my eyes, everything appeared to look normal. I didn't see a light, however there was a slight red glow. I figured it was just from my alarm clock which I could clearly see. But... my alarm clock has a green light.

I also had that shiver going down my spine. It was a cold electricity type feeling. I didn't feel like I was being taken; however I did feel like something was climbing in my body.

For the next few days and nights after this episode happened to me, I was afraid to be alone in my bedroom. I felt I was being watched or something. I said out loud that whatever this presence is, does NOT have permission to be in this house, does NOT have permission to to be around any of my family members or pets, all in the name of our Lord.

I have never had an incident since this. This was my only incident I had this extreme. I vaguely have some memories from childhood, but they are foggy.

I have had night terrors, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations when waking from sleep before. This was different.

Nov 30, 2012
similar experiences
by: Anonymous

It's interesting to see others have the same experiences. The last three experiences in one month had me wondering about it being a medical condition or an attack.

I've had experiences with evil spirits since I was 8. I remember thinking that's what people were talking about when they'd say "the boogie monster". I've always associated it with demons, and I dealt with it plenty while awake too and others witnessing and verifying, so there's no doubt there. But I've also always had them show up in my dreams as a type of being, and a few times a ball of darkness or light.

This time is different. Just a sudden dreadful feeling while in a happy dream, humming from behind, and pulling me backwards. By this time I'm half conscious and can hear but can't get up or look around. I thrash while screaming until my voice comes out and my wife wakes me up. She said last time she couldn't get me up for half a minute. My hair literally stands up across my body in not a chilled manner but electrostatic sort of way. I get a cold feeling like a breeze blowing on me but blankets are still on me. I lay there praying with sudden feelings like I'm sinking or being put under/drugged with a crawling feeling going from head to toe and then wide awake again back and forth a few times.

I don't tell others any details about experiences because I don't like talking about them, but I've always been sure of myself before because there was something to associate it to whereas this time it had me feeling crazy because its all just feelings.

Nov 30, 2012
Some advice
by: Anonymous

For those under attack and in need of riding demons, do 3 things. Ask for help, rebuke them, and get rid of their physical attachment. Call upon the Gods name Jehovah aloud, and ask Jesus to send righteous angels to protect you. Rebuke them by calling them out - let them know that you know who they are and are not welcome there. Often times wicked spirits will reside with a physical object (they come with it and leave with it). Think about what is new around the time it started. Most say they feel like they're being watched. What room do you feel this the most in? What direction in the room? Do you feel that a specific inanimate object hates you? Often times its where you subconsciously don't look - turn towards the feeling of fear to find it and get rid of it. Personal past experience and helping others its been a chair from a burned down building, a doll from ebay, a kids toy from a rummage with multiple ouija boards, a dress from Goodwill, a clock received as an anonymous wedding present.

Dec 04, 2012
A bit off subject..
by: Calvert

Joseph thanks for the insight to your career.... I personally am in the Air Force and have been on multiple yours of Afghanistan not that it has any relevance lol.

I totally agree that we do not fully understand our minds and the universe itself but I really struggle to believe in the whole demons and god thing. In this day and age science has proven that so many stories and religeous beliefs are, well... Impossible. For example the age of the earth, existence of dinosaurs, the DNA structure of apes being so similar to ours leading on to evolution etc.

I do love science, the unknown and I am completely aware that we do know very little about ourselves and the rest of the universe. I would like to believe that we have spirits and that we possibly could move on to another life but to believe in some god watching over us I just can't see it. Especially with the way the world is today and the suffering of innocent people

Dec 04, 2012
Arab Woman - Sleep Paralysis
by: Mariana

I was having a random dream when all of a sudden I "woke up" and saw an arab woman staring at me by the end of my bed. I closed my eyes telling myself that was not true; I opened them and the woman was still there a step closer to me. I tried screaming, moving, doing something about it but could not make a single move at all. I closed my eyes one more time and the woman was now standing super close to me, I was terrified but still unable to move. Then, she kind of turn around and a few seconds after that I "woke up" screaming but very low, nobody heard me. I have the theory that either she just left by turning around or that somebody arrived (my guardian angel?) and she got to leave.
I went to bed at 11pm, checked the time and was 11:50pm.
So scaryyyy

Dec 05, 2012
by: Joseph

Hey Calvert, and all.

You must understand that evolution is a religion not based on science. I can give you an account of every scientific flaw being promoted to advance this religious system, but the rest will be up to you. These atheists do not promote evolution because they don't believe in a Creator. They do this because they don't want to believe.

If you take time to research both sides of the debate, with an open mind, you should be able to confirm this. Like for instance the age of the earth, the different layers was thru speculation long before radio metric dating. And radio metric dating is just a plain inaccurate dating method. For instance, the samples from the the eruption in 1980 of mt. st. Helens was taken and "dated". The results ranged from 0.36 to about 2 million years. I still have biology textbooks still promoting scientific fraud, proven wrong since 1874 till this day.

Like I said its not because of their "science", its because of their religion. And I'm not interested in debunking every detail, because at the end of the day its up to the person to willingly choose between fact and error. I hope your case is to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

As for the world. It is very messed up yes. With tensions there in the Middle East, its going to get alot worse. But you're missing the point. The whole point of creation is for something totally different than what you're seeing now.

Here's a link to an article if anyone want to read:

[url〓""]The Assembly[/url]

Dec 08, 2012
Dark Shadows and strong forces
by: Anonymous

As I'm typing this I can't believe how many people have had similar experiences like mine. These episodes started when I was 7months pregnant back in 2004. One night I was asleep on my back then I was awakened because I felt like someone was in my room. When I opened my eyes all the way I saw a shadow at the foot of my bed and it moved once it saw me looking. When I tried to get up a strong force rushed me pinning me down. I tried to scream but nothing was coming out of my mouth. I also tried to kick, move and fight back but the force was so strong I couldn't move. I just started praying then finally I let out a big scream and it stopped. I thought it was over I was wrong it happened a few times after that but the one that really scared me was back in June 2009. My boyfriend and I were asleep the bedroom door was open as I was rolling over I saw a shadow standing in the doorway. Then it rushed me extremely fast pinning me down. I felt strong fist punching me in my face and whispering "I'm going to get you" in my ear. While all of this is happening my boyfriend was next to me sound asleep which made it more terrifying. I couldn't move I couldn't scream I was thinking "why is this happening to me?". Finally the force faded and I was able to scream. I was screaming and crying my boyfriend jumped up and was like "what's wrong?". I tried explaining what happened he said I was crazy and to go back to sleep it was just a dream. It wasn't a dream I was awake and what I saw and felt was real. The most recent one was a few nights ago. I was asleep this one was weird because I was standing beside my bed watching myself sleep and as I'm watching myself sleep I saw a man watching me bent down and whispered something in my ear. I was again pinned down by a strong force I couldn't fight back or scream. Once I was able to fight back it was gone. I don't know what the meaning of these experiences mean I just wish they would stop. It's beyond terrifying!

Dec 09, 2012
unseen nightly visitors
by: Troubled in Texas

As long as I can remember I have seen things unexplanable and that noone else can see. My latest experience was just last night. I had been asleep about 4 hours when I was awoken by the sensation that somone was climbing onto my bed and then crawling from the foot up to lay beside me. I remained laying on my side with my eyes closed pretending to be asleep. I then began to feel the sensation of warmth on my back like there was another body there while the other half away from the visitor remained cool. Suddenly I was pulled onto my back and felt pressure over my entire body. My eyes now open I searched for any sign of my visitor but there was none. I layed there unmoving and tried to pray out loud but my voice would not work so I was left to pray internally which was still difficult. After what seemed like hours I finaly crawled out of bed and stood there staring at the bed in horror. My mother is set in her mind that there is a medical explanation for my experience. Diabetes (I do not have), hormonal imbalance, stress, etc.... I is just so real and I know I was awake. Everything I read about night terrors says it happens when first falling into sleep. Sigh.... I am still just the crazy daughter that believes in the things that go bump in the night.

Dec 10, 2012
can't move
by: jc

I had something like this happen to me when I was 12. One night I woke up int he middle of the night and I couldn't move. I felt really scared like someone was there but I didn't see anyone. The pain was so intense all I could do was cry. I was too afraid to move but after awhile that went away and I tried to sit up but I couldn't. I screamed for my mom but she couldn't hear me. I could move my legs but if I moved the upper half of my body It hurt intensely. I managed to sit up after awhile but the pain was still there. My mom took me upstairs and I fell asleep eventually. When I woke up the next morning my whole body ached and did for days. Weeks later I was walking and the same sensation came over me. I couldn't even breathe because it hurt to much. I teared up and remember pleading for someone to go away like I did that Night it started. I don't know who it was I couldn't see anyone but I felt like someone was doing it to me and I even prayed but I don't go to church. That has happened a few times. I can't talk, breathe, move, I have to breathe through it painfully and force it to hurt more until it goes away. Even talking about it used to make me tear up and I don't cry in front of people. The doctors said it was growing pains but I don't think so. Even today I wake up in the middle of the night around 4am and sometimes get extremely scared for no reason and tell "someone" to go away or I just pass back out before I can react. I'm now 16.

Dec 11, 2012
Scary happens
by: Anonymous

I was in the same spot as y'all all I woke up after bong attacked and got on my phone then something knock my phone out if my hand and started holding me Down

Dec 12, 2012
spirtualy bondage
by: Anonymous

When that happens to me I simply just say JESUS and I keep saying it and it go away .....

Dec 17, 2012
by: Blake

Well, i am a quite religious person. but, you may not be. well, basically the first thing that came to mind for me was to fight. but, that didnt help at all. i fought and fought for a good 5 minutes. then all i thought was god please get this "demon" as i called it. And within a matter of seconds. it was GONE.

Dec 18, 2012
18 yr old

I have had an experience like this I was wide awake lying in my bed one morning and I could hear loud footsteps making their way up the stairs and I knew I was home alone so I yelled hello but there wasn't an answer and the footsteps got louder until I could hear them come into my room, I couldn't move at all at this point and was trying to yell out but couldn't, the footsteps didn't come all the way to my bed they stopped and then made their way all the way back down the stairs then all the way back up the stairs back to my room where I still couldn't move and right next to my bed where I lay. I then felt as though something was pushing down as hard as they could on my chest and I could hear a deep humming noise, I was trying to scream and move and still couldn't then afterwards once it stopped I heard the steps leave my room and I could move again. I am not religious at all and it definitely wasn't s/p! If someone has any info on this I would love to hear it so I can try to get a better insight on what really happened to me.

Dec 22, 2012
I am sick of this thing!!!
by: Dianna

I have suffered with this horrible thing for years. It used to come periodically but now it is a regular visitor...I hear no noises! It makes no sounds just comes upon me when i am sleeping and has now attempted to cover my face to prevent me from breathing. It has gotten brave by coming while i am sitting up in the bed while i am in my sleepy mode. I have discussed this with my husband and so we try to have a system where if i sleep close to him i can take my foot or my finger to touch him when it happens so that he can shake me to wake me but it is smarter than that because it won't allow me to have a strong enough touch for him to feel me. I really need my rest because i have to work in the mornings and i am just worn OUT!!! I have been prayed over and everything. It does give me a break for a few days periodically but it comes back on me with a vengeance!!! Just this morning it got me about 4 times...

Dec 23, 2012
The answer
by: Anonymous

I know for some of you people don't really believe or want to believe what the answer will be. Everytime when you guys go to sleep you see the figure first then feel someone is sitting on you right? We called this "Getting sat on". It's hard to believe what it is, but what you think it is a "ghost"! I had many friends and families had experiences it. It's normal for everyone to had these kind of experiences. There are many reason why you got sat on, and I am going to tell some I know. It can be because you go out late or too much, and when you come home a ghost follow you home. It can be your too sad over something, and a ghost heard or see it and want to be the one loving you or take you with them. It can also be that your house does have a ghost inside already. Everytime when you get sat on try to switch position or change room so that ghost can't find you. If anyone have more answer to add they can. But, I know that it's not sleep paralyze.

Dec 27, 2012
forces are real
by: Robert

Good day folks ,I am from Trinidad and Tobago . I often heard of Spirits , but a while now I find myself being held down while in bed . I Must mention that I am also a trained Black BELT , The funny thing is Last night once again ,I got up and what ever it was I asked it to show itself ,what I saw was swirls in the shape of someone in the dark .I went out -side to make sure I was awake ,Yes it was not a dream ,and I am still in disbelieve .Speechless .

Dec 29, 2012
Epilepsy and Demons?
by: Anonymous

I'm in my 50's now but as a Child and Teenager between 6-18 years of age I use to have something happen to me. I could always tell when it was going to happen because it was like a buzzing in my head like bee's then I wouldn't be able to move, I knew I was awake as I could see the clock and I would scream for help but nothing came out I could feel myself turning but when I looked at my body I was still in the same position this last happened to me after I got married and I remember turning to grab my husband but I hadn't turned. I don't know of anyone that had this. I heard a voice telling me to say that I hate God and I would say no over and over but it seemed to happen more when I would pick up the Bible so I had stop reading it. This would scared me so bad I would hop out of bed past the hallway to the steps sliding down and screaming after it was all over and of course my parents thought I was nuts and didn't take me seriously they thought it was a bad dream. I also remember a time when my mother had a episode with her heart and I remember being on top of the family car laughing but as to why I was doing it I didn't know why surely I didn't want anything to happen to my mother. I know this might sound stupid but after I had kids my Daughter started having Grand mal seizures and I don't know where she could have inherited it could that be what I was having when I was young I started thinking so, and if that was what I was having do all people that have Epilepsy hear voices telling them to hate God?. And no I'm not crazy there is only a select few I have talked about this with and they were family. I'm just wanting to find out what happened to me when I had these those long years ago it still bothers me to this day. The voices also use to tell me that I would never be happy and to this day I haven't been so what was that?.

Jan 01, 2013
What this is.
by: Anonymous

Okay, you can take or leave this, but this is basically what is happening in many of these situations: this is basically what we call a demonic atack. A demon is an evil spirit.

I have known people who have experienced being strangled as well at night, or suffocated so that they thought they would die. The evil presence in the room is a classic symptom.

Some of the voices are evil, and the things being said are inciting hatred of God or threatening harm.

The demon has a door into your life by way of something that has happened in your life - it could be agreement with occult activity, agreement with a curse from a tarrot card reader etc or just an occasion when you tried to call up spiritual beings (other than Jesus) in the past that has opened something up in the spirit world. It could also be something in your family line that is trying to get on you, i.e. someone else has opened the door.

To get free of it you need Jesus basically. Jesus is the only person with authority over demons, and he gives that authority to beleiving christians as well, so if you know any, they can help you. He can break this off, close the door,and bring you peace and rest. Even if you start to call to Jesus during the attacks and ask him directly to help you and protect and give you peace it will make a big difference. You will see the difference. But ultimately to be truely set free for good you have to come to him fully and let his rule and peace be established in your life. That would involve deliberately renouncing and turning away from whatever occult involvement you had.

If you want to know more, you need to find a good church that understands this sort of ministry and can pray with you to set you free.

Jan 02, 2013
People talking
by: cnimngrl

I'm not schizophrenic if that's what you may think right off the bat. I don't normally hear voices, ever. Just this one night. I HAD taken a lortab, and that may have helped it along, but I still feel these voices were real. First, it was just a few people who seemed to be arguing about something. At least 2 women and a man, may have been another man too, not sure. They seem to be arguing about me. About whether or not to bring me "in". They knew I was listening to them and they knew I was scared about it also. they did nothing to ally my fears, just continued their discussion. It was all very strange actually and I felt fear at different times and I made myself pull out of the trance on purpose. I was running from them for sure. Later I would return to that state of mind and there they would be, and I would practice getting in and out of that state. I don't know if they mean me well or ill you see. I need a safety line to fine out. What if they are my psychic guides and I'm running from them? What if they are arguing because of trying to bring me to them in the best way? I just don't know and it's really becoming comical!

Jan 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

one of the express purposes of the spirits of darkness is to create fear. light illuminates good things. darkness conceals them and isolates them. The only way to remove darkness is to shine light. God is by nature light and you can ask Him for His Presence to illuminate your room and remove all darkness and He will. Jesus made this possible when He already died on the cross. Ask God to fill you with the Spirit of Holiness and then wait for Him to come and He will. Just wait with an understanding that He will come. If you don't think He is coming you will miss it when He does or be distracted. When you have Him you will have peace every day all the time and those spirits that have been harassing you will have to leave you alone because God is bigger than them and darkness, by nature, can't resist light because it is merely an absence of light and has no substance in itself.

Jan 03, 2013
really scary
by: Anonymous

Hello guys really happy I saw this forum. I have had this type of situation since I was about 8 years old till date, am 33 now. Its been off and on but really increased(attacks) during my wifes pregnancy because she had to travel so I was home was happening every night,even if I wasn't a strong christian then I prayed and it ceased. But immediately she came back the attacks doubled and on one particular night it felt as if someone hit me with something. Since then I've been feeling terrible but the lord has been my strength, I thought the attacks didn't matter but its a lie the attacks are from witches and they wait to get you at your lowest spiritual strenght,but we serve a living God who is forever falthful so people be close to God because only Jesus can set us free,human strenght can do nothing.

Jan 03, 2013
by: Kim

A couple of years ago I experienced this same horror. I was awake, face down and when I felt something crawl on top of me, I made a mental note that this can't be a dream, I am awake! I suffered with insomnia during "the change" and was awake often. My husband was either working nights or on hurricane duty. Anyway, I felt a dark presence and tried to scream out and my mouth was muffled, I could not move anything and the thing was starting to touch me in sexual ways. My eyes were open but my face was in my pillow. I tried screaming Jesus' name but the sounds were muffled. I am telling you it was real. I said the Lord's Prayer in my head, I knew I was in the presence of evil and it eventually dissolved away. I have never felt such a horrible fear in my life and could not believe it was actually happening to me, but I did remember a dear friend of mine who had a similar experience so I knew instantly what happened. Dan was asleep on his back (in his early 20s at the time) and he was frozen, as if paralyzed and a black thing was floating over him and staring him in the eyes. All he could do was close his eyes and he kept them closed until it was gone. Mind you, we are both practicing Catholics and love Jesus. My only other comment is when my son moved to Colorado and was the caretaker of a campground, he started having what he thought was nightmares about being paralyzed in bed and a floating old woman him pinned down and she screamed in his face. This happened several times. Once he had the place blessed the thing went away. If it weren't so common and happening to people all over the world, I would think it was some kind of hoax. It felt more real than when I am awake and I hope it never happens again.

Jan 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

I was doing a science fair proect at 1:50 pm and i was wide awake watching tv and then my alarm went off for some random reason but i didnt have an alarm set for three days and it scared me so bad i thought i was paralyzed and i couldnt move and i was stressed so i just sat there and i couldnt say anything and i heard growlinng but i hear it now still its pretty loud but no airplanes in the sky this is wierd but my whole family is christian and jesus pictures everywhere! even in the bathroom! The alarm just randomly went off I didnt hear it for a whole week! Ir was so scary! my hands are still shaking. This is bizarre this never happened to me before! I hVE ALways seen wierd things in my room AND felt them but this is new.

Jan 04, 2013
shadows, paralysis & voices
by: lainey

I have had two experiences of hearing voices. One happened when I was shuffling paperwork at my coffee table focused totally on work when all of a sudden I heard an audible voice say, “Lainey, take care of yourself.” I raised my head swiftly to look around, shocked to hear this. I laughed and rationalized it was from my own mind.

The second was a few years after that, when I was trying to sleep, a little depressed, finding it difficult to sleep. After lying there for an hour or so, I finally felt myself slipping away when all of a sudden I heard a voice say, “We love you Lainey.” I have never risen as quickly as I did that moment. But again, I rationalized it away and went to sleep. However, when I awoke the next morning I actually felt a sensation of the deepest love throughout my being that I have never felt before or since.

My most recent experience was not of love, though. I was asleep on my back and felt as though something was holding my entire body down. I have experienced the sensation of being paralyzed and unable to move many times during my life. But this one was different. I actually felt a presence of some kind was holding me down. I struggled to say something and couldn't, as usual, so I kept struggling to wake up. Suddenly I awoke more fully and saw a dark cloud over my body (it was nearing morning and there was a soft morning light coming through the windows). I say cloud instead of shadow because I don't remember being able to see through it. I immediately got up and turned on the light and it was gone. I didn't hear voices this time. Has anyone else seen such a cloud/shadow when having a similar experience?

I'm now reading the Whitley Strieber Communion book series. Some of the experiences mentioned in this site sound like some of the experiences mentioned in these books. Some sound like they are related to sleep issues. And some sound spiritual. It's an amazing world full of mysteries that tease us. I wonder if we are supposed to find the answers, at least in our present physical world. OH, ONE MORE THING. I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MIGRAINES. When suffering with them I have bloody evil dreams that I couldn't dream up if I were trying to write a book. Maybe that's a clue to someone out there who may be studying these phenomenons.

Jan 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

this is not a sleeping problem, this is actually demons troubling you, i have experienced the same thing more than once in my life just last night i did.

Jan 05, 2013
held down during sleep
by: Anonymous

this is no doubt demonic angels. Its been happening to me these past days. When it does happen I cant move my limbs or even open my mouth to call on the mighty name of Jesus Christ. While i cant move my limbs or call on the name of Jesus Christ I have however noticed that I can freely call on the name of Jesus Christ in my heart. as I do so the demonic forces vanish then I wake up and pray and even sing praises to God if possible. what you need to know people is that you should not fear. Give your life to Jesus Christ and pray to Him every day. The name of Jesus Christ dispels all our fears and gives us power over satan and his demons. If Jesus Christ is for us, who can be against us.

Jan 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

All these comments posted sound too familiar to me. I have experienced this more than once throughout my adulthood and it is horrifying. The last time I had and "episode" was even scarier than the last which was a couple of months ago. I know I was awake and I felt my head being turned and my wrists were being held and I felt something sitting on my chest and ofcourse could not breath. I know I was yelling at my husband for help but he never heard me. My 7 yr old daughter does not sleep in her room because she hears things and she sleeps with me and my husband and these episodes are also happening to her.The last one was a couple of weeks ago. She also will wake us up screaming and yelling and tell us she was being held and couldnt breath. If this really is something demonic I'm even more scared than ever, especially since it's happening to my daughter. I just wanted to share my story. thanks for reading.

Jan 08, 2013
by: John Walker

I have no doubt of the cause , I have been physically attacked by an Evil Spirit or Demon what ever it might be I am not afraid . I was at first then a friend told me that having fear is also having a lack of Faith , Trust in the Lord . This Spirit comes on me as a vibration . I can tell , feel where it touch's me I have Pain , sometimes terrible pain . I've Been paralyzed by this so many times I lost count last year . When I try to fight it I feel a Great force come against me and the worst attack it was squeezing my body so tight i thought it was trying to kill me . All I could do was use my mind so I called on Jesus and he gave me the power to over come this attack . I could visualize me prying it's claws off of me and the attack ended there . I think it over stepped it's bounds , it did more to me then the Lord allowed it to so he rescued me . I have to think the reason it happens in the first place is because of the repetitive sin in my life and or because i had decided to do what ever it took to ensure salvation , eternity in Heaven

Jan 12, 2013
by: nobody

demons.theres all kinds of of demon some of a higher rank then others.the realm on this earth the spirit realm.where these spirits the bible it speaks of heavens if someone not see that.cause it does.and i believe this is one of them. if fear it will get worse they feed on fear don't fight with words of your own it will also get worse.and don't think there human may leave when who ever comes in your house to rid of it.infact the ones who claim they are spirits.are weekest rank of demons.many fairytales are some are made after half horse half man it is a kind of demon.or a is to be as a demon too. the only way to deal with them is through Jesus christ.And if not go away that means you did't trust in was done as a last second thing,as in just in case it works.i have many stories of demons.pulling me off the bed showing me things that i should not know.mateing with another demon.doing the worst to drain my mind.

Jan 13, 2013
frightening dreams
by: Anonymous

Its been 4nites that I dream that something is helding me down and im trying to yell out for help but no one can hear me and something is laughing wicked by my ear and holding me back stronger that I fight to wake up from my dream abd it wont let me. I find myself to close my eyes to go back to sleep and I pray so I wont dream that again but I do and would find myself cry cuz the drean is wicked.

Jan 13, 2013
Weird experience
by: Anonymous

I have seen a ball of light since I was little. It has every color in the spectrum. I don't know if that has anything to do with this but, I noticed other people see the light.

However just five minutes ago when I was laying down I felt tons of pressure like I was in the middle of a whirlwind and I was being taken somewhere (almost flying or something). I was literally trying to scream but all I could do was groan. The noise was like strong wind and I could feel it on my skin. What the heck was this?

For some reason my experience didn't feel evil like other people's though. But definitely weird/eery and I was feeling an uncomfortable scared feeling from this unknown experience.

Please help

Jan 14, 2013
This may sound strange
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone above and below,

next time this happens to anybody, although it sound strange, cry out for Jesus Christ (if you can't cry out, think it). Many of these things, although it is said they are sleep paralysis are not. (because although a lot of science is right, some things it just has no idea about).

Ask Jesus for help, and, as strange as this may sound to some of you, he will. They hate his name, because they know it is powerful.

If they enter into any more dialogue, don't engage, just keep on asking for Jesus.

Once you've received help from him (because he is good) it would be wise to find out more about him, he doesn't just have authority over demons. There are many more riches in him, not only that but he's a loyal friend and a great king.

You can think I'm crazy if you like, I don't care, but next time it happens, call out.

(just for the record, I'm not saying sleep paralysis doesn't sometimes happen, however, many of the things that are happening here are not just sleep paralysis. They are much more sinister (although nothing to be afraid of if you know Christ).

Also, if any of you have been involved in seance's and wigi boards and possibly the spiritualist churches or anything of that nature, it would be wise to stop. For some of you this is probably why this stuff is happening.

If any of you would like individual prayer, that would be fine. Message back on here.

Jan 15, 2013
He is Right , Jesus has helped me Over Come
by: Anonymous

I have a Spirit attached to me and I suffer from Physical attacks . These Spirits know the human body . This one here can make every nerve in my body jerk , it's like getting hit with electricity . Can be mild or strong enough to throw me out of my recliner . Since they know the body , they can wait until I / we just go to sleep then wake me up and use the sleep paralysis against me but I still feel a Great force come against me when I try to move . I might have mentioned this before but the worst attack it was squeezing my body so tight i thought it was the end , all I could do is call on Jesus and he instantly gave me the power to over come the attack . I could visualize me pulling it's hands off of me and Honestly that right there gave me a lot of hope .

Jan 17, 2013
Scary stuff
by: Anonymou

Omg this is the first time something like this has happened to me...something was pressing ma neck and a heavy weight was on top of my body. I could feel its hands in my neck I took one hand out of my neck but then the other hand grasped my neck again. I couldn't speak a word no matter how hard I tried .. Suddenly it stopped and now I am confused was it a dream or real ..

Jan 18, 2013
by: Paul

One day I woke up, and I heard this booming sound, as if its played by a "surround sound" system all about me. Suddenly I was grabbed back into some state of dreaming, yet I knew I was awake. And I was faced with this guy with blond hair and blue eyes, and he came over and told me to "stop my transgression". As I tried to ask "what are you talking about, he came over and pressed me, and I was pinned. As he touched me, I was automatically made known why he was so upset. Well, here I have to explain. I always knew of the existince of a Creator out there, and my life for the most part was very terrible. Nothing ever seemed to work out for me. And guess who I blamed for all this. So one day I was in Biology class senior year. And my teacher asked me something about the theory of evoltion. I told her the answer is obvious, and said the punchline. She got so angry, with emotions and dismay in her face. That she just blabbed out some irrational nonsense. This was her religion after all. If it was based one science she could have plainly. She started asking me silly questions with he whole body tensed up. She asked stuff like: "are you tryin to say genes and DNA isn't real" and "So dinosaurs isn't real?" I seriously had no words for her. This was obviously her deep feld religious views. And since there are no basis for it, she got extremely emotional. The whole class were seeing a different person. Also like someone possessed. We late talked about this after class. And we just couldn't wrap our mind around it. She acted extremely silly. "It was weird" one girl told me "and she was so tense". After she asked me those silly questions, being baffled by her strange behaviour (I mean really strange, Some bomb just went off in her mind), I could not for a good reply at the time because of my disbelieve, I all of a sudden just shook my fist at it all. I was done with that class. I got A's all year long and with great pain I wrote that paper about evolution. I know it was crap but I kept on writting what they wanted to be written down and I got 79%. A first time in the whole year I didn't get an A for biology. Well technically evolution isn't science.

Anyway, getting back to that strange dream. When that guy pressed me, I could not move, and as he touch me, I immediately knew that he was upset about the whole thing that went off in biology class. He beckoned me to stop my "transgression". But since I could not move, he in a sarcastic way say "try and shook your fist not". So in a effort of defiance I tried, and couldn't. He laughed. So I tried again, and I raised my hand a bit in one last effort. He got angry. All this time I knew I was awake. And that booming sound was looming all about me. With that last effort, I shook my fist, and I was snatched back, and I set up. I set up smiling with relief, and found myself saying, "it is done".

All this time I wasn't scared. But I get why people called it "terrifying". Just hang in there.

Jan 19, 2013
Jesus, will never put more on me, then I can bear.
by: Zcha

I believe I just had one of those episodes.. I clearly saw a shadow in my dream of a man with two horns coming out of his shadow couldn't move until I said "Jesus", whatever it was immediately lifted off of me. I'm still feeling tingles as I type this, just amazing how powerful he is.

Jan 19, 2013
Helping S/P
by: Med Student

I have had several encounters with s/p, and similar to many stories, each episode was accompanied by a terrifying dream or sensation. For those of you who don't know (or if something similar has been posted) it is important to understand that you are not being possessed, or attacked, or touched in any way.

When you enter REM sleep, your body actually goes into a paralyzed state. In fact, it is this same paralysis phenomenon that is largely responsible for snoring, or sleep apnea if the 1 airway muscle that does not undergo paralysis is insufficient to hold open the airway while the others rest. In s/p episodes, your conscious self begins to wake up before your muscles are active again, which is why you can't move or scream.

Once I understood the science behind it, I was much less afraid. The best thing to do when you're having an episode is to welcome it, and know you are not going to be hurt. Remember, you are regaining consciousness again, so you can control your thoughts. Understand what is happening and dont be scared. To get moving, work on something simple like wiggling your fingers or toes, and eventually you will break the spell.

In fact, once I was no longer afraid, I found that the dreams and sensations accompanying the episodes changed from terrifying to peaceful and/or really cool.

Jan 20, 2013
Just another experience
by: Dani

Ive Had these experiences in my room. I personally love incents and also the smell of sage. Though my room is haunted I know not to light sage in my house let alone my room. Don't want to piss off the wrong spirit. Any how. I know my room acts as a portal to the other realm whether you believe in it or not I've experienced more than enough too do so. Well it's gone as far as horrid nightmares strapping me down and holding me inside a dream. It's happened to my sister many times more as well as worse than me. I've struggled to get her out of a dream for as long as three hours. She talked to me throughout it and we've had to make a door to this world in her dream or into a different dream to get her out. I haven't been so lucky I struggle to get out of thm being I know sleep in the room alone. Well pertaining to the being awake and tied down its happened to me countless amount of times it's happened to both my sisters my mother as well as myself. It started happening to me once both of my sisters moved out and I was the only one in my room. I had to have my mom sleep in my room at times as well. It's just so strong I remember one night she slept with me and I had the dream. She didn't feel me moving or screaming for her I felt like I was slightly jolting my body trying to fight it but nothing. And I know she couldn't hear me because I couldn't hear myself no matter how hard I tried to yell for her even though she was right by my side. Well it continued to happen repetitively and on some nights I could feel its presence before even knocking out. It was just there waiting for me. And one night I knew it was there I could feel it creeping up on me. I told it to go away that I wasn't up for it that night. Probably not the smartest thing it came on even stronger, but I was secretly ready for the fight. So that night it held me down at first I screamed for my mother but nothing came out. Nothing new really, so than I struggled a little bit I was able to slightly pick my head up , I looked up to see if I can see it sitting on me but nothing. I gathered all my strength and no longer forced my body to move, and only my head. I turned to look at my door (nothing) I looked at the edge of my bed, (nothing) than I looked to th left side corner of my bed to where I was lying and as I looked all I could see was a dark shadow it was bent down feet on the edge of my bed hands around its knees, head slightly turned to the side it had a slight grin it's eyes indescribable and noises I cannot explain. I stopped, my body completely frozen where I layed.

Jan 20, 2013
The rest
by: Dani

All I could do was stare it was about 2 seconds when I noticed I finally found what it was and I told it leave me alone, I felt the force get stronger, than I screamed louder leave me alone. No sound came from my voice but I know it could hear me. Once more I said leave me alone. I know i spoke than. This was about a year ago since I've only bad several episodes. And when I feel it in my room I repeat leave me alone in A strong demanding tone and for the most part it will leave. But I haven't had episodes repeatedly in a night or night after night. Well yeah that's my story now I only deal with ghosts throwing stuff off my walls or messing with my dogs. Most Are good they haven't hurt me yet. It's usually just one or two that show themselves at. Time I know for sure there is an older man and woman and several children. The kids are usually the ones throwing or touching stuff. There is one bad one who loves to torment me before I sleep at times though. It will give out noises or run its fingers across the window tap my tv or dressers that one has pulled my hair once and will mess with me well I sleep other than that the others protet me for the most part

Jan 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm very worried I'm 19 and I've been having similar problems since I was 13 it never happened often and I always put it down to having a bad dream but recently something worse happend I was in bed with my boyfriend and I woke up feeling like there was something evil in his room and I saw a large labrador dog stood on its back legs and I screamed and told my bf he said its a sign of evil to see an animal on its bk legs in a dream. The next night I woke up and felt like there was something evil watchin me I heard a grunting like a pig and felt something scratch my hand I woke my bf up and started to cry and tell him he said to pray and I should ok after while we had sex and as he was inside I felt something holding my wrist dwn I screamed and we stopped, a few days afterwards I had lots of dreams of evil and something trying to kill me and I dreamt I was having a baby and that the evil wanted my child. I recently found out I am pregnant and I have a very bad feeling that wahtever this is wants my child I'm terrofied and don't know what to do. I'm so scared all the time I need some guidance

Jan 22, 2013
I think the other world is trying to connect with us humans
by: Patrick Aquino

this happens most of the time of my life. Well right now it is 4:19am this incident Happened right at 3:40 am i seriously was dreaming about something telling me to change his name to lucit or something but he didn't like it so he changed it to L and thats when it began.. l i felt awake and i knew that because i could see the light from my bedroom door. I was sleeping on my stomach as i hear this groan in my ear it felt like someone wants to take me away or tell me something, i felt like i couldn't move a muscle or anything i could speak nothing ! So in my head i prayed and yelled out for jesus and the groaning in my ears were slowly going away then one last groan just popped up and i could feel my heart pumping twice as fast as if i was running 1km. So everything stopped i could move again. I ended up searching this website and read everyones comments and i gotta say its similar;

Jan 22, 2013
keep praying , prayer is powerful
by: John Walker

This was a demon that visited you . Keep praying and confess all sins right away . If you don't then that is considered giving the devil a foot hold in your life . God Bless

Jan 28, 2013
My experience
by: Christina

I had a dream that I was being held down but when I looked at my surroundings it looked as if I was awake but I could not move. My Pastor would say to always call out Jesus Christ when I have these dreams. Well, I attempted to do that and like an x-ray, a light scanned the face of this being. I saw his face. He had scarred tissue on his checks as if he suffered from third-degree burns. His nose was very small and pointy. His ears were pointy and I dont remember him having hair. He began to smile as I tried to free myself. His teeth I remember were razor sharp.

Jan 28, 2013
Jesus Name is Powerful
by: John Walker

I have been Paralyzed by this Spirit more times then I can count / remember . Jesus did allow me the power to over come the worst attack and that gave me hope . Every single time it has happened to me I cannot see anything and often suspected that I was in the Spirit world during this time . I don't have a clue why I would think that unless it was planted in my mind by the enemy .
I actually have a spirit attached to me that attacks me physically and mentally day and night . I am at a point after 2 years of this that I can't take another day of it and am terribly depressed so please everyone pray for me ok . Thanks God Bless John

Jan 28, 2013
Happens to me
by: Anonymous

Man this happened to me when I was locked up in a juvinile institution I was sleeping n dreaming about ghost and my dads house cause of all the story's he's told me so I was deeming then all of a sudden in my dream Im in my cell like my actual cell I see the two metal beds my big metal door with the same little window and then boom I saw a black figure over me and it was holding down my arms and I couldn't move and I was terrorized and I tried screaming but all it was were gasps I air I could hear them even while I was sleeping and it's was wierd and I couldn't move then and while I was looking up a white sparkling sounding and chiming sound thing came out of the cement ceiling and that black figure looked up or something and got off me and disppeared and the white thing come down but went up and disappeared at first I though I was tripping and I was like man was that a demon or what sure there's murderers and evil peoAple and satanists but later I I heard about s/p and was like oh that was probably it but its happened several times even when I was out with the black figure but I think it happens and I start dre aming wierd crap idk was always wondering

Jan 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm only 13 years old And I'm experiencing these things tonight I went to sleep at 3:30 a.m when I was asleep I was awaken by something ! It felt like someone was holding me down I try scream out to my mom but nothing comes out all i could hear is all these cyrins I could see the shadow through the mirror this is not the first time it's happen to me its been happening to me since I was 11 it scares me to death I just want this to stop already I'm scared to go sleep . :(

Jan 30, 2013
Jesus Said Several Times
by: John Walker

Do not be afraid , I am with you . But i understand how you feel . There was a time i was afraid to go home because of the Paranormal Things going on . Then my friend Kathy told me that being afraid is also having a lack of faith in God , So from then on i was never afraid the Spirit knew that and those kind of things stopped . Just be strong in the Lord he has already won the battle .

Feb 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

Just woke up from a dream where i was panicking because of the outcome.... i wish i had not! As i started to come to lighter sleep i heard a noise like water pouring into a bowl of ice cubes, with an echo of sorts. This was in my face as i lay on my front, i woke up and stood and shouted get the hell away from me!!! a thud like a balloon being rubbed with a wet finger then something fell in the next room! I knew a candle had been knocked down, how? Ive had experience of this before, too terrifying to tell, don't want to be reminded. Im still looking for what went on my floor? Oh yeah, i farted massively when i moved, lets hope not huh? I'm freaked out, but i had this crap all my life, not scary when you're wide awake, different when you don't know where you are.

Feb 05, 2013
Attacked after dream of experimenting with satanism
by: Anonymous

(Strange that most sufferers here had their first experiences in their early twenties, anyone noticed that?)
I'm 23 and I'm too scared to sleep after my first experience of being held down and feeling a presence grabbing my face and holding me down. I felt my mouth being prised open.
I was a skeptic but this was too real.
I had been dreaming of experimenting with satanism at it's most basic- praising satan as the dark saint because in some religions he is seen as a necessary evil with a purpose. I made the decision to wake up as I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, then the paralysis came on and I felt cold hands puling at my face and hair, moving down to my mouth. I instantly regretted my dream, believing that it had attracted interest from an evil spirit. I was unable to say a prayer, the words were taken from my mouth and the right side of my mouth was prised open.
I am terrified that if this was an evil spirit that I FAILED TO FIGHT IT OFF and it may be still with me.

Feb 07, 2013
by: Mark

i don't even know if to submit mine!

Feb 08, 2013
Attacked after dream of experimenting with satanism
by: John

If I had to guess I would say this spirit gave you the dream in the first place . if you understand how temptations come then you would know . When ever spirits try to put thoughts or feelings into your mind there is scripture you need to say out loud .
( we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. )
2 Corinthians 10: 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Have faith and in your mind picture yourself standing strong in the Lord . resist Satan and he will flee from you . The Bible tells us we are what we believe we are . so if I believe I am being attacked by a spirit then I am but if I should happen to think of it as a medical condition , then it is .Don't fall for Satan's lies , don't give him a foot hold to your life . I did and I am attacked all the time so don't make the same mistakes .

Feb 12, 2013
dark shadows and whispering
by: lee

It seems so many people suffer from this strange and terrifying experience. This feeling of dark shadows bearing down on me and holding me frozen so I cannot move has happened a few times over the years. Starting in my early twenties. I am now 34 and last night it happenned again but the worst one to date as there was a female whispering in my left ear whilst the dark shadow held me motionless. I was dripping with sweat and scared of going back to sleep. . Is there a way to stop this happening again. I do not want to discuss with my doctor as I don't think he will take me seriously. I am not a religious man and do not mess with satanism so why does it keep happening. .

Feb 12, 2013
dark shadows and whispering
by: lee

It seems so many people suffer from this strange and terrifying experience. This feeling of dark shadows bearing down on me and holding me frozen so I cannot move has happened a few times over the years. Starting in my early twenties. I am now 34 and last night it happenned again but the worst one to date as there was a female whispering in my left ear whilst the dark shadow held me motionless. I was dripping with sweat and scared of going back to sleep. . Is there a way to stop this happening again. I do not want to discuss with my doctor as I don't think he will take me seriously. I am not a religious man and do not mess with satanism so why does it keep happening. .

Feb 12, 2013
dark shadows and whispering
by: lee

It seems so many people suffer from this strange and terrifying experience. This feeling of dark shadows bearing down on me and holding me frozen so I cannot move has happened a few times over the years. Starting in my early twenties. I am now 34 and last night it happenned again but the worst one to date as there was a female whispering in my left ear whilst the dark shadow held me motionless. I was dripping with sweat and scared of going back to sleep. . Is there a way to stop this happening again. I do not want to discuss with my doctor as I don't think he will take me seriously. I am not a religious man and do not mess with satanism so why does it keep happening. .

Feb 13, 2013
Being Held Down
by: John Walker

God is in Control of everything . Nothing can happen to you without his knowledge or consent .I believe it happens because we have certain Sins that are repetitious . I know this might sound strange but I also think he lets it happen and hope we search for him .
You have experienced this several times now , I have had it happen to me dozens of times in the past two years . I came to realize that it does not really hurt , Yeah it's scary to be sure and what has helped me the most is an online friend who is a Psychologist and a victim of these attacks told me that having fear is also showing a lack of faith & trust in God .so my fear was replaced with anger .
I have not found the answers i need to make it come to an end but it's a good idea to not dwell on it , think about something positive instead and don't ever acknowledge it as a spirit or evil spirit , don't watch Ghost Hunters type TV shows or show any interest in it . I hope that what I say here has helped some of you guys and if anyone should be interested in asking me any questions feel free to message me , John - .

Feb 17, 2013
My experience
by: Anonymous

I was attacked for the first time when I was 13ish. I was wide awake in my room when a voice yelled to me to "get out, he's coming!" I'd never experienced that before. I jumped up and ran to my mom's room.
When I passed the stairway, I looked down the stairs & there was some dark greenish looking myst coming up the stairs. I knew it was coming for me.
Anyway, I ran in my mom's bedroom and woke her up. I asked her if I could sleep by her. She was annoyed but said I could.
That thing came in the room laughing. It went around the bed right up to me and grabbed me. I couldn't see anything. I tried to fight but it felt like my arms and legs were moving outside my body.
It let go of me for a second. It was still there, just observing my reaction and enjoying it. Then it grabbed me again.
It did this a few times. Finally I sat up and screamed "It's going to kill me!" My mom woke up and I told her what was happening. She let me get in between her and my dad.
My mom said she could feel it too, and it was trying to go through her to get to me. She said it couldn't get through her and told me to go to sleep. Like that was going to happen.
In the morning my mom told my dad to bless the house. Guess what? Didn't do a bit of good. That thing came back over and over again.
One night I woke up in a panic. I thought I was late for school. By this time I was in high school and very accustomed to atacks. I jumped out of bed and went to go get ready, but when I looked at the clock I noticed it was about 4 am. I was so happy I wasn't late.
I could feel the thing in my room watching me. It was standing by my closet. I ignored it. I was out of bed so I did a little happy dance that came with a song "I'm not late for school, yeah! I'm not late for school, oh yeah!" At the end of the song, the last "oh yeah!" I turned to the thing and did shooter guns and went to jump on my bed to go back to sleep.
Well, I guess that made it mad. Cause I jumped and it caught me mid-air. There I was, in the air, not touching anything, just looking down at my bed. I didn't think it could do that. My mom told me they couldn't do that. She was so wrong. I told her it did that, she still refuses to believe me. She says I was asleep. No I wasn't. I know the difference quite well thank you very much.

Feb 18, 2013
My Experience continued
by: Anonymous

I should also tell you that my mother told me to rebuke "the spirit" in the name of Jesus Christ. She told me to say "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave."
That never worked either. Those things, they come when they want and they leave when they dang well want. Don't tell me different. I lived it. Great if Jesus worked for you, but possible it was bored already.
It never worked for me.
The attacks stopped when I was 23. I married the worst mistake of my life. I was bullied as a kid severely. For years and years I was emotionally abused by classmates. Then I married a bully with muscles. He was great before I married him, but changed afterward.
The reason I bring up my marriage to a bully and a cheater is because I think these things stopped attacking me because they found a better way to watch me suffer.
I'm divorced, but still have not been attacked again. And I don't believe in the Bible anymore. I believe there is more when we die. I believe in good and evil. There's just too much wrong in the Bible for me. Too many people have had their grubby hands on it changing things and rewriting to suit their own wants.
So if it's sin that brings this crap on, I'm more sinner now than I ever was as a kid, supposedly. But no attacks. So what about that?

Feb 25, 2013
by: chloe

I've been having trouble sleeping latleY this is the 3rd time that I can remember this happening to me. 10 mins ago again so I've looked online to find some more info.
I txt some one at 1:17 am and after the episode it was only 1:37 am

I'm in my bed with my daughter and I can see my room in darkness all of the sudden I can feel a pressure pushing agaisnt my chest I can't sit up n my throat was getting tighter, I couldn't reach for my baby. I was asking god to help me but it kept getting worse, I tried 2 grab my phone to call for help but still couldn't reach right next to me. I started saying the 'our father' but towards the end I couldn't remember the words. Finally after what seemed like forever I some how got up and put my arm around my child. A few mintues later she made a noise which sounded like she was struggling I begged for what ever it was to leave her alone.

Some thing like this happend a days after I had given birth, were I was laying with her on me after just giving her a night feed and I felt a pressure holding me down but couldn't feel my child on my chest. It felt like she was being pulled down off of me. I couldn't get to her or call my parents for help. When it stopped I got up as if to get her 4m the bottom of the bed when in fact she was still sleeping on my chest.

This experiance is terrifying and makes it 1000000x worse when you have a child there next to you.

Feb 27, 2013
Help me understand
by: Anonymous

When I was little it happened. Then it stopped & started back up. I wouldn't b able to physically voice it but I would yell in my head " Jesus loves me this I know....". Now I hate to say it out loud but it hasn't happened again for the last few years but I have bad nightmares that an invisible something is having intercourse w me & oddly. I'm excited. Horrified. It scratches me & cuts me. & I cannot pull out of it or if I do. It's like a next level dream that me in that dream woke up but I physically never did. I just now woke up from that. That's y I'm researching the Internet for answers. I just want to b normal

Apr 22, 2013
Being pinned down while sleeping facedown NEW
by: Rina

I'm a strong Christian, read bible daily and pray before I go to bed. I guess this is the reason i found it strange when it happened to me the first time December last year. It's the same each time. It's either when i was getting ready to sleep, or when as I was about to doze off. I was conscious everytime, not like in the middle of a sleep.
The forces would come suddenly and i will be well aware of it after many similar experience. ]
It's a strong pinning down at exactly the right spot on my back as I was lying facedown. Hence i never get to see it. It's like a dark invisible force pinning me down at a spot. I will try to rebuke it in Jesus name or utter Halleluya. Each time i did this, the strength of the pinning will heighten as if it is mad at my reaction. I guess this part convince me this is not a sleep paralysis but a demonic attack. I will persist till a point whereby the forces release and i will open my eyes knowing i'm awake and aware of what is happening. at this time there will be spokiness surrounding that i cannot chase off singing hymn.
But I know and am sure that Jesus is above all things.. and all dark forces should leave in the mention of his Holy name.

May 06, 2013
Lonely, long nights!! NEW
by: A Abbott

All of my life I had been terrorised by spirits holding me down while I slept. I thought that it was natural and that everyone experienced it, but when I spoke about my experiences to friends they would look at me wierd. Then I realised that something was happening to me. After living with this for twenty eight years I sought help through a Catholic priest who was an exorsist. He took me through what had happened to me all my life and a member of the team who discerned for the group (the priest belonged to a group to did the exorcisms) through prayer I was told that when I was three years old I was molested and the man left these spirits with me (then the memories of this incident surfaced). Now I was not possessed, possession is when the spirit takes over the body and the mind, I was harrassed by them. Over the years however my attacks got worst, no longer only taking place while I slept and no longer were they only holding me down. They were now hitting me at the back of my head (when I turned around there was no one), in broad day light. it was always more than one and I would be struggling for a long time to get away when I was asleep, once I almost dislocted my hip, fighting getting away from them.
I no longer slept, I was up all night waiting for them. The priest exorcised me, no nothing came out of me, because I was not possessed, but I had to pray alot during this exercise. I strongly believe that I was not possessed because I went to Holy Mass every day and consumed the Host.

May 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have Experienced a lot more then being held down and want to connect with others that experience Mental & Physical Attacks by Spirits . Please We can Help Each Other ! John
Yahoo Msg jwesley44 Email

When The Spirit comes along and attacks us , We believe it has a right to and that is the Lie .the bible says we are what we believe we are so imagine yourself standing strong in the Lord . to believe anything else is a lack of Faith and Trust in God and our Lord Jesus Christ . Pray , ask God to forgive you for this lack of Faith and this is the hard part , You have to Change what you believe . Believe God Loves You and would not let this happen to you . Do not Ever Talk to or acknowledge the spirit in any way shape or form . when you suspect it is near Listen to the bible online or play Christian Music Giving Praise and worship to God .

May 07, 2013
This was the strongest yet... NEW
by: Noah

I am trying to turn my life around from my former life of partying. I've now been sober for 3 1/2 years, and am in the process of getting clean. My girlfriend is religious, and I have never been. She works graveyard shift, and this is the story I told her when I picked her up in the morning. I went to bed at around 3am, and there was an uneasy feeling in my room from the time I first layed down. I thought about letting my 3 dogs in to sleep inside, but brushed it off as foolish. Not long after, I was laying on my side and thought I heard a noise, either in my room or outside...I couldn't tell. Just as I was rolling over to see what it was, I thought I felt my cat jump on the bed behind me. But then I realized that my cats were outside too. Just as I realized it, my entire body was held down with such a strong force, that I couldn't even get a word out of my mouth. I was wide awake staring at my wall and I couldn't move a muscle no matter how hard I tried. I remembered what my girlfriend told me she did when this happened to her. I started trying to call the name of Jesus Christ. I was finally able to form the words and started shouting "Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!" It let go. I was left trembling in bed like a child. I'm a grown man, 37 years old, 6 feet 210 pounds, and was left paralyzed with fear. My girlfriend said that it's the forces of evil trying to bring me back to them because I am trying turn my life towards good. I am going to live a good life. The evil can try all it wants, but the good in me will prevail. I wish you all the best, and hope you all find peace. Blessings.

May 07, 2013
This was the strongest yet... NEW
by: Noah

I am trying to turn my life around from my former life of partying. I've now been sober for 3 1/2 years, and am in the process of getting clean. My girlfriend is religious, and I have never been. She works graveyard shift, and this is the story I told her when I picked her up in the morning. I went to bed at around 3am, and there was an uneasy feeling in my room from the time I first layed down. I thought about letting my 3 dogs in to sleep inside, but brushed it off as foolish. Not long after, I was laying on my side and thought I heard a noise, either in my room or outside...I couldn't tell. Just as I was rolling over to see what it was, I thought I felt my cat jump on the bed behind me. But then I realized that my cats were outside too. Just as I realized it, my entire body was held down with such a strong force, that I couldn't even get a word out of my mouth. I was wide awake staring at my wall and I couldn't move a muscle no matter how hard I tried. I remembered what my girlfriend told me she did when this happened to her. I started trying to call the name of Jesus Christ. I was finally able to form the words and started shouting "Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!" It let go. I was left trembling in bed like a child. I'm a grown man, 37 years old, 6 feet 210 pounds, and was left paralyzed with fear. My girlfriend said that it's the forces of evil trying to bring me back to them because I am trying turn my life towards good. I am going to live a good life. The evil can try all it wants, but the good in me will prevail. I wish you all the best, and hope you all find peace. Blessings.

May 23, 2013
What lies beneath. NEW
by: Anonymous

My most recent one happened like this. It was approximately 10 - 11pm. I was sleeping with my mrs.Whilst i was still awake i heard footsteps in the hall, but i also felt a strong energy. I was already filled with fear then i heard the bedroom door creek a little, then i felt something on the bed next to me. Next thing i feel this force holding me down, i couldnt move, and when i tried to yell for help it was as if some energy field was around me and my yelling could not be heard. When whatever it was left i yelled out help which woke my mrs up. Told her what happened and went back to sleep. This occurrence has happened on many other occasions over the past years. Still to this day i could only feel it but never see the cause.

May 24, 2013
My Bible tells me , Do Not Give The Devil A Foothold NEW
by: John Walker

If you Google Do not give the devil a foothold in your life or read everything the bible says about it then you will find the devil can come into your life , You gave him the Ground , Permission to enter because of your sins . After 3 years of being physically attacked by a Spirit to the point of becoming a disabled person and that included being held down or Paralyzed , when I tried to move I felt a great force come against me . Now I have the power to stop this but what it has done to me has always changed or progressed into being very painful physical attacks .

In Ephesians 6: 10-18
we are told to put on the whole armor of God. Your certain salvation is your helmet and your faith in God is your shield. However, the key is in your confidence in Christ to overcome the attempts by the devil to torment you, and this comes through standing upon the Word of God.
sins not mentioned if not put away can grieve the Holy Spirit They sadden or hurt the Spirit of God. Satan wants to get a foothold in our lives thus we ought to repent our sins and not hurt or shame our Lord.

The more you are immersed in the Word of God, the promises in His Word, and realize the power of His Word you will find that Satan will quickly go looking for someone else.

I have a lot more information that I would gladly share if your interested message me

God Bless John

May 29, 2013
The Devil is kinda smart and a Lier NEW
by: John Walker

I was just attacked a few Minutes ago , The last few times I have been able to fight my way out of it . These Spirits have been around for How many thousands of years ? I happen to think they are Highly intelligent and take advantage of our bodies . they know when to wake you up so you will experience sleep paralysis , but I have felt a Great force come against me when I tried to move in the past . I've had it happen so many times I lost count . what I realized is yeah its a very strange experience but looking back it never really hurt it's more of a scare tactic . Remember they thrive on that and besides showing fear is a lack of faith and trust in God . Nothing can happen to you without God's knowledge and consent . I still believe this happens so we might search after God and find him but the real reason is the sin in our life , when we sin we give the devil a foothold in our lives and he has authority to come in and attack us . The Good news is we already belong to God ! if we belonged to the devil he would not attack and make us search out God .

Jul 10, 2013
Mysterious Lady NEW
by: Anonymous

I was having a hard time falling asleep so I thought to myself to stare in one spot until I fell asleep. I finally fell asleep on my back facing up when I had a feeling that someone was holding down my wrists and choking me. I could hear my heart beating rapidly and it started slowing down until it stopped I was terrified. I somehow shook the feeling and broke free. when I opened my eyes I seen this dark figure standing before me all I could make out was the jaw line. whatever it was began laughing and that's when I realized it was female then it vanished. this all happened in a split second. I never figured out what happened to me nor do I want to relive it.

Aug 11, 2013
This was the scariest NEW
by: Anonymous

This is the worst one to date. I have tried to type this 5 times and it keeps disappearing but I will get this story out. My mother is visiting me from Florida. I gave up my room and bought a sturdy airbed and slept downstairs for the past week, always with the lights on. Last night, I felt the urge to turn out the lights and did so. About 2:30, I felt the presence get on the air mattress to my left as I was lying on my side. It engulfed me and I did the usual noise I make to get it to stop but realized, no one can hear me because I'm downstairs. I decided for the first time in my life to not fight it, but be still and hope it just goes away. It didn't and I began to try fighting it off again. It was at that moment, the presence said shhhhhhhhhhhh, as if to tell me to be quiet and let out the creepiest laugh in my ear. Of all the times this has happened to me, it has never spoken, nor have I heard anything. I was awake, but unable to move. Shortly thereafter, it released me and I went upstairs to find my mother in prayer on her knees by the chair in my room. I asked her had she heard me and she said no. I told her reservedly what had happened. The next morning, my mother, daughter and I all went downstairs to find the airbed was moved. It's not easy to move it. It was moved as if there had been a struggle. I went in the kitchen and my mother came in to tell me which Bible verse to read. At that very moment, the light in my kitchen began to vibrate. That has never happened. I had my home built 9 years ago. No tragedies have ever occurred here. My mom continued telling me about the precise verse in Psalms and it stopped. I burned Sage and incense while reciting the 27th Psalm and pray throughout the day as always. The last time this happened, I warned my daughter that if she ever heard me struggling in my sleep, to please shake me. Last year, my last episode, my nine year old daughter was in my bed watching television as I drifted off. She was on my right side, the presence came on my left as usual. I felt it brush my left foot when the paralysis began. I began making the noise I normally make and my daughter immediately began shaking me and it let me go. She didn't see anything, but I felt something as usual. I don't really accept sleep paralysis because some of the issue occur while I'm awake. I'm afraid.

Aug 24, 2013
Long fingers NEW
by: Singer

This just happened to me last night when all of a sudden im in my bed and this dark shadow with long fingers is gliding on top of me and holding my wrists and arms and what I did was move my hands and I eventually had sat up and said ''ok?'' And then it was gone. This hasent happened to me in a long time over 6 years ago when I use to do many drugs. Now im clean and very surprised this happened. I was worried it was gonna come back once i closed my eyes but it didnt. The one thing that creeped me out were the long fingers. I always break free thankfully and never have a very traumatic experience but it is a very disturbing thing

Aug 25, 2013
in spirit NEW
by: truth

some worry they are losing their minds, others blame demons, or ghosts, and others know the truth. i.e that these are spirits. either they are projecting these things on to you, or they are really doing these things to you. whichever it is, you need to find out and act accordingly. these could be the spirits of those whose physical bodies are either alive or dead. if alive, the physical being may not even be aware of what their spirit is doing unchecked. another thing you must consider is that it might be happening with the consent of your own spirit, acting on your own unconcious thoughts and desires. or your spirit may have hooked up with another, and your whole being is being taken advantage of a lying and deceitful spirit. whatever is going on, i think we will all agree that you need to get a handle on it, and deal with it.

Aug 25, 2013
p.s NEW
by: Truth

invoking prayer only works if you yourself truly believe and even then it only works against entities who have a modicum of belief (and a healthy respect) in that which you are invoking or else for those who draw the line at doing anything with anyone who they see as a whack job. in addition, your spirit must be in agreement and must also be strong enough to back up your words of faith. (i do not say i consider the religious as nuts, because i do not in any way, but there are those out there who do.. many of them are so strong in their own religious beliefs that they consider anyone else who hold different beliefs as misguided at best.. and there are those who have no religious faith whatsoever and consider anyone that does to be whacko.).anyway, you can try it, but it may make things worse so be prepared. if that happens, set aside any prejudice against other faiths and seek to bring in their clerics. but before you do anything, try and communicate with the entity/entities involved and seek a peaceful resolution. call them outside times when you might expect the attacks. be brave. and be polite. you may have to be persistent and determined. dont give up and eventually, you will uncover the truth and knowing that truth, you will be able to act on that truth and find closure.

Aug 25, 2013
by: John Walker

Do not talk to them , do not acknowledge them in any way . These are Demons to be sure .

what demons do is just wait for any Christian to cause a hole to occur in their protective hedge. And how do you cause a hole to occur in your protective hedge giving demons a legal right to be able to come directly after you? By engaging and crossing over into any direct sins and transgressions that are expressly forbidden by God the Father in His Word.

Once you become saved and born again through the Blood that Jesus has already shed for you on the cross, this does not give you the right or the license to be able to keep on sinning.
Though we have all been made perfectly righteous in the eyes of God as a result of Jesus’ righteousness now being imputed to us, we still have to make every effort on our end to stay on the righteous side of the fence in our walk with our Lord.
We have to do the best we can to try and live righteous lives and stay out of any serious sins and transgressions against our Lord – especially those of the heavier kind that will be listed below.
In this area of spiritual warfare, there are certain types of sins and transgressions that will give demons the legal right to be able to come directly after you if God should so choose to allow this to happen. If you choose to engage in some of these heavier sins, then you could possibly break the protective hedge that you have around you with the Lord.
The demons will then be quick to see that opening when it does occur, and they will waste no time in trying to come directly after you. Our Sins are like the Fragrance of a Flower to Demons
Demons just wait for people, especially Christians, to cross over into any kind of door-opening, hedge-breaking sin and transgression, which will then give them the full legal right to be able to launch an all-out, full scale attack on that person and their life.
When looking at what some of these kinds of sins and transgressions are, the first thing you will notice is that they are a much heavier type of sin and transgression.
Here are some of the heavier sins and transgressions, if committed with any type of frequency or intensity, that can get you into major trouble with the Lord where He will then pull back His hand of protection and cause a major hole to occur in your hedge – which will then give demons the full legal right to be able to start coming directly after you for a major attack.
The occult
False religions or cults
Any part of the New Age Movement
The homosexual lifestyle
Any type of Satan worshiping group
Any involvement with abortion or the abortion industry
Abusing alcohol
Doing any type of drugs – including pot
Any type of extreme verbal and/or physical abuse on your mate or children
Any type of promiscuous, sexual lifestyle
Any type of criminal activity
Bringing a cursed object into your home

Oct 17, 2013
Twice now, third time unlucky? NEW
by: T J

I've had two one when I was in my 20's asleep on the couch I woke up my eyes were open and I couldn't move or scream and I felt a presence walking around the sofa, eventually I could move and my eyes had tears, the second just last night but this was worse my girlfriend left early for work I stayed in bed and I heard the bedroom door open and close again and Someone jump into bed, i thought she had come back in the apartment for a last snuggle but then the presence starting smothering me with the blankets, eventually like last time I got free but it felt like eternity

Oct 18, 2013
by: Ricky

It was 24/10/13 around 2.30 in Essex, UK. I am a 27 year old male.

I heard something scratching my bed sheet from my feet, slowly making its way towards me. I keep lovebirds and thought one had escaped and was walking on my bed. BUT as i began to
gain full consciousness from my sleep, the one scratchy noise turned into 3 or 4 (Can't remember how many, but definitely more than two). The sounds were making there way towards my head, but from different directions. They where slow and constant, but not heavy enough to make the whole bed move.

To begin with, I was puzzled rather than scared. I was laying on my front, looking towards my left shoulder. As the noises got closer to my face, i decided to raise my head. BUT I COULDN'T. I panicked and sharply moved my arms to my side to push myself up. I then felt a strong force/pressure (Not like hands) across my shoulders, neck and head.

I tried to say something, but i was scared and nothing came out. All i could do is increase my breathing rate. I was held for around 20 seconds. As i rose to my feet, i felt a strange cold sensation, but only around my bed. I was along in my house and couldn't sleep without my light on (I know, sad for a 27 year old man!)

Since that day i have had terrible bad luck. My long-term girlfriend left me three day after our 10th anniversary (Completely out of the blue), I had bad news regarding my health issues, I was demoted at work, coming close to losing my job and lost out on a big business deal (Separate from my 9-5 job). As well as a several minor bad-luck incidence (i.e Car breaking down in the worst place). All in the space of 3 WEEKS!!!!!

I need to know if these are related and if so... WHAT THE HELL VISITED ME THAT EVENING!!!!!

Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated...?

Oct 18, 2013
I can help you Ricky NEW
by: John Walker

I am sorry to tell you Ricky but that was a demon , Evil Spirit , one or the other . There are so many different things that they can do . I had a Demon attach itself to me in 2006 - 2007 but it was 2010 that the spirit made itself known to me by many Paranormal things happening in my home . Since then I have endured many Physical attacks .
I would be glad to help you Ricky . Contact me John . @ . I used to be ignorant of God's word not any more . God Bless

Nov 01, 2013
Held down by What? NEW
by: TheresaH

I had the experience of being held down years ago in my 20's. It felt evil but nothing specific. 20 years later one morning my husband left early. I decided to sleep in. Sleeping on my side facing the wall, I felt the bed sag and felt my husband "spoon" me also feeling that he was "happy to see me". Half asleep I realized my husband had left and almost joking to myself thought I should check to see if it was him. I opened one eye and peeked over my shoulder. Nothing was there and the pressure was gone. I assumed I had been dreaming and closed my eyes to sleep. As soon as they were closed the "pressure" returned. I went to leap out of bed but could not move. There was no pain but I was mad and scared, struggling. I calmed myself, prayed to gather strength and fought. I heard my front door open and close & later learned my hubby returned for something. After a few minutes I was able to break free. I know some people have sleep paralysis and think it paranormal. Sometimes it is paranormal. I am a strong Christian and use the power of Jesus. I also think 90% of the time its not paranormal. Rule out everything else first. Stay healthy. Exercise and eat right. You'll sleep better.

Dec 04, 2013
scary episode NEW
by: Anonymous

Scariest episode yet... I was laying in bed watching tv, just started to drift off when I all the sudden couldn't move. I saw the movie playing on the tv but couldn't move or talk. I was laying on my side and felt the heaviness on my back when all the sudden I see an eye right by my ear and here the thing whisper in my ear "yea, right there" as clear as day. I started yelling at it in my head and struggled until it finally went away. I'm 29 and have had these episodes since I was about 13. That was the first time I heard anything talk and am completely freaked out.

Dec 05, 2013
scary episode NEW
by: John Walker

I have had it happen to me more times then I can count . Contact me , I can help you understand , How to deal with it . God Bless John

Jan 29, 2014
held down NEW
by: M Kubit

Over the past year I've had many incidents of being pinned down while just falling asleep ;at first it was really freaky and only really seemed to occur in the early morning hours accompanied by a high pitched unearthly sound but after I while I've grown accustomed to the cowardly presence. My earliest technique was to pray and beg but it didn't seem to go to far, I than started keeping my rosary next to my bed and would grab it with all my might every time the attacks occur. Eventually I just started wearing my rosary at all times and I slept peacefully for a few months until a few weeks ago when the phenomenon began to resurface ; the past few times I've just began taunting whatever it is and trying to force it to present itself but I'm yet to see whatever it is yet.

Jan 29, 2014
It happened again NEW
by: Wendy

After you read this, see my other post on Aug 30, 2012.

This morning it happened again. I recognized the feeling at the beginning. I was laying on my left side this time. I felt weight behind me like someone was climbing into bed next to me. I thought, not again! My house was blessed a year ago and nothing has happened except for knocks on my wall at night. (Don't say come in if that happens) For about a week straight I was hearing 2 knocks on my wall at night. Quick knocks. I said go away.

Anyway... back to this morning.

After I felt the weight on my bed behind me, the shiver/ electricity feeling was going up my spine. I was able to say out loud go away and moved my arm behind me to hit anything there. Nothing was there. The feeling left. I rolled over. This time I saw it. It was above my window clutching to the ceiling or wall or curtain rod. Couldn't tell. It was ugly, but I wasn't afraid of it this time. It was red and hairless. Almost lizard looking with a big head. Strange. I never imagined anything like that before. I wasn't scared though. It looked scared and it was trying to get out in a hurry. I said, "you cannot come into my house. Leave me and my family alone. Jesus is here" It disappeared just like that. I could hear the humming sound though. I grabbed my phone and texted my boyfriend right away. He had just left for work again. (just like last time)

Jan 29, 2014
It happened again NEW
by: Wendy

After you read this, see my other post on Aug 30, 2012.

This morning it happened again. I recognized the feeling at the beginning. I was laying on my left side this time. I felt weight behind me like someone was climbing into bed next to me. I thought, not again! My house was blessed a year ago and nothing has happened except for knocks on my wall at night. (Don't say come in if that happens) For about a week straight I was hearing 2 knocks on my wall at night. Quick knocks. I said go away.

Anyway... back to this morning.

After I felt the weight on my bed behind me, the shiver/ electricity feeling was going up my spine. I was able to say out loud go away and moved my arm behind me to hit anything there. Nothing was there. The feeling left. I rolled over. This time I saw it. It was above my window clutching to the ceiling or wall or curtain rod. Couldn't tell. It was ugly, but I wasn't afraid of it this time. It was red and hairless. Almost lizard looking with a big head. Strange. I never imagined anything like that before. I wasn't scared though. It looked scared and it was trying to get out in a hurry. I said, "you cannot come into my house. Leave me and my family alone. Jesus is here" It disappeared just like that. I could hear the humming sound though. I grabbed my phone and texted my boyfriend right away. He had just left for work again. (just like last time)

Feb 13, 2014
Dont be afarid God is with you always NEW
by: Anonymous

God has given me a vision, about Heaven and hell. I just want you all to know Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. From fear, lust, hurt, pain, and we wouldnt have to go to hell. You see Jesus loves us so much that he had saved the world. Well as i dozed off . I remeber i was in stuck in this black cell it was really drake smelly all i heard was so many people yelling for help. They were all pulling on me crying please help me and calling on Jesus to help them all escape this torment bad place in hell. I noticed where, i was and they where ready to get thrown in the lake of fire. So i heard a soft voice it was Jesus saying "Fear not my child for i'am with you dont be afarid. But i was still afarid because i thought i had died and Jesus had sent me there because i probably commited a sin for not repenting daily as i should or unforgiveness in my heart. Secondly, evil voice came upon it was satan saying" You BELONG TO ME JESUS IS NOT WITH YOU! but i followed Jesus, voice by believing he was with me. After i remeber Jesus had taken me away from that torment evil place. As i stood up i was Heaven where the saints where singing out to Jesus, and i saw them in white robes some had white big wings like i never saw before and everyone had gold beautfuil crowns bowing down to Jesus. There voiceses where so soft as the ocean like i never heard in my life before. As i looked i saw King Jesus standing looking around with his Golden crown smileing . I had bowed down to my father because he had written me in the book of life. Im not going to lye but i thought i was on my way to hell. Jesus has gave me message to tell the world that Heavn and hell are real. But who ever once believing in him shall have ever lasting life. Im here to tell you i had been torment with evil dreams from satan because he knows i'am a child of the king. And he will try his best to torment you because you are Gods child. And if you say: I dont know the lord as my savior and i want to accept him in my life. Just say this prayer with me: Say this prayer: Lord Jesus i repent to you as my sins. Father i for give those who had hurted me through the past or now; thank you for dying on the cross for me because you cared so much for me. i'am with you always becsuse you are my child. Also he says to repent daily it is written in the bible. Have a blessed Say this prayer: Lord Jesus i repent to you as my sins. Father i for give those who had hurted me through the past or now thank you for dying on the cross for me because you cared so much for me. Lord i accept you as my lord in savior and help me to love myself and others. Help me

Feb 13, 2014
Dont be afarid God is with you always NEW
by: Anonymous

God has given me a vision, about Heaven and hell. I just want you all to know Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. From fear, lust, hurt, pain, and we wouldnt have to go to hell. You see Jesus loves us so much that he had saved the world. Well as i dozed off . I remeber i was in stuck in this black cell it was really drake smelly all i heard was so many people yelling for help. They were all pulling on me crying please help me and calling on Jesus to help them all escape this torment bad place in hell. I noticed where, i was and they where ready to get thrown in the lake of fire. So i heard a soft voice it was Jesus saying "Fear not my child for i'am with you dont be afarid. But i was still afarid because i thought i had died and Jesus had sent me there because i probably commited a sin for not repenting daily as i should or unforgiveness in my heart. Secondly, evil voice came upon it was satan saying" You BELONG TO ME JESUS IS NOT WITH YOU! but i followed Jesus, voice by believing he was with me. After i remeber Jesus had taken me away from that torment evil place. As i stood up i was Heaven where the saints where singing out to Jesus, and i saw them in white robes some had white big wings like i never saw before and everyone had gold beautfuil crowns bowing down to Jesus. There voiceses where so soft as the ocean like i never heard in my life before. As i looked i saw King Jesus standing looking around with his Golden crown smileing . I had bowed down to my father because he had written me in the book of life. Im not going to lye but i thought i was on my way to hell. Jesus has gave me message to tell the world that Heavn and hell are real. But who ever once believing in him shall have ever lasting life. Im here to tell you i had been torment with evil dreams from satan because he knows i'am a child of the king. And he will try his best to torment you because you are Gods child. And if you say: I dont know the lord as my savior and i want to accept him in my life. Just say this prayer with me: Say this prayer: Lord Jesus i repent to you as my sins. Father i for give those who had hurted me through the past or now; thank you for dying on the cross for me because you cared so much for me. i'am with you always becsuse you are my child. Also he says to repent daily it is written in the bible. Have a blessed Say this prayer: Lord Jesus i repent to you as my sins. Father i for give those who had hurted me through the past or now thank you for dying on the cross for me because you cared so much for me. Lord i accept you as my lord in savior and help me to love myself and others. Help me

Mar 02, 2014
Therapist Oniha of the is AMAZING NEW
by: duff

Therapist Oniha of the is AMAZING!!! I’ve had readings cast by him to get by beloved wife back together and he’s been accurate and easy to communicate with in every help. He was able to tell me things that no other spiritual worker could – answers that I’ve long waited to hear. I finally feel now after so many years of searching for answers that my life is getting back on track. His work is fast and results are very worthy. I am thankful to him you can keep his contact for more readings in the future.

Mar 02, 2014
Therapist that cast readings , Cast Spells for wifes return ? NEW
by: John Walker

Your spiritual worker is a Psychic
How much did you pay for all that ? More then you know because you have angered God !

What God has to say about those who contact Mediums and Psychic's

Leviticus 20:6
“If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.
Leviticus 19:31
“Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.
Isaiah 8:19
And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?
Deuteronomy 18:9-12
“When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.
Revelation 21:8
But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

Leviticus 20:27
“A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”
Exodus 22:18
“You shall not permit a sorceress to live.
Deuteronomy 18:10-12
There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.
2 Kings 21:6
And he burned his son as an offering and used fortune-telling and omens and dealt with mediums and with necromancers. He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, provoking him to anger.
Isaiah 47:13
You are wearied with your many counsels; let them stand forth and save you, those who divide the heavens, who gaze at the stars, who at the new moons make known what shall come upon you.

Mar 03, 2014
shadow person held me down and ive seen it my whole lufe NEW
by: brett w

Hi well just saw a shadow person it really has me shookin up ive been hsunted my whloe life ive never came out with it cuz i felt like i couldnt tell no one out loud .it started when i was 4 years old off in on i grew aware of it . Its the same one i believe not tall tho . Bout 5,10 or so lil shorter than me i believe in it, does this make it easy for it to get to me?? Im never thinking ofit tho when it happens like its reminding me its still with me or can get to me ,, why me and ive been held down many times id wake up in a bad panic try to set up and omg its over me go me held there paralized idk from fear or what but it really never got to me so bad till now i thoufht it was over but was i wrong. Whats it mean anyone . Im 26 no kid and a man , and i know its real,too real i woke up at 3:27 am walked in kitchen thought it was someone who i live with untill i realized i just got out bed she was in bed still so i froze and when to swing but couldnt move

Mar 04, 2014
They are Evil Spirits , Demons NEW
by: John Walker

Contact me , I can help you .

Start reading bible-knowledge Here >

Mar 05, 2014
Sleep Technician NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey ppl in the world.

There is no secret cure, in a special secret place, hidden in the all the wisdom of the world.

You're not going crazy.

You have to find your faith in the Lord Jesus and just call out his name in faith and im TELLING YOU it will disappear in an instant.

This has happened to me often in one period of my life, and He is the only one with the power to remove it.

I had the presence in the room, the heavy breathing, the pinned down feeling, the cant wake up out of it feeling.
I even thought i could somehow call my dad to show someone that it was real, and the damn thing mocked me by saying 'im here'.

Im a sleep scientist, i've worked in hospitals for many years, working with ppl with various sleep disorders.

Jesus is the answer and if you don't like that answer, im sorry! but if you truely believe and call on him, its the only thing to work.

Peace out!

Mar 05, 2014
Sleep Technician is 100 % Right NEW
by: John Walker

Only the Lord Jesus can help us .
Sleep Tech , How did you over come it ?
Please let me know , I have a Spirit Physically attacking me day and night for 3 years I know of .But it was 2007 when I moved into a haunted house .
Jesus came and gave me the power to over come the worst attack .

Mar 06, 2014
Oniha is a psychic medium NEW
by: John Walker

This Therapist Oniha is a psychic medium This is her info below . I urge all Christians to stay away from this kind of activity .

Hello My Dear. Therapist Oniha. psychic medium ... You are welcome to the win ex back spell. A place to make your relationship strong, . perhaps you assumed the psychic's "gift of prophecy" came from God. This is a fallacy or a a mistaken belief, esp. one based on unsound argument.
this has helped many people round the world getting their troubled problems solved with no delays. I help people in bringing back their lost lover back,helping them solve their relationship difficulty which they thought will never be solved through my spell casting preparation i will solve your problems and this is only going to take 3 days to start working and you have your result as you ever wanted that i assure you. Just say your problems and how you want me to help you so that i can start with the spell casting preparation and consider everything solve as you ever wanted.
Expect to hear from you.
Therapist Oniha.

Mar 19, 2014
Jehovah Stopped the Attack NEW
by: Anonymous

I had an episode where I felt as if I was being lifted up from my bed and having the covers lifted off from me. It was terrifying and I called out to my God, Jehovah. The attack stopped pronto and I was able to go back to sleep. The day before I had been watching something on YouTube about the government working with aliens, and I think this probably triggered this episode. Be careful about the wrong kind of stimulation!

Mar 20, 2014
Jehovah Stopped the Attack NEW
by: Anonymous

You could not be more wrong . Have you not read some of the others . Something silly like an alien's story has nothing to do with it . it is all SPIRITUAL !

Mar 23, 2014
There is Salvation in no other name but the name of Jesus Christ NEW
by: Barbara

Reading these many comments says there is a common enemy. I have been visited in the night time also. But I have learned of Jesus Christ in the Bible, who came to destroy the works of the devil. I John 3:8. There are two spirits, named Incubus and Succubus. They want to produce orgasms of pleasure for you to accept them, and then they start their harsh and cruel works upon you. The forceful ones would be spirits of control and terror: monsters of the night that children see. The Bible says to submit to God and the devil will flee from you. And, that all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. We must know God, our Creator and Redeemer, because we cannot fight the devil on our own. There are two kingdoms, and we must know which one we are living in. It is one or the other. The spirit realm is very real, as you have discovered. The only way to fight is to be in the kingdom of light, knowing the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ. When you abide in His Word, He gives you power over all the enemy, and he shall not hurt you. God's Word is the sword with kingly authority.
In the book of Hosea, God tells us that for lack of knowledge we perish. It is the intelligent people who think they know everything that cannot see. But the meek who seek knowledge of God will see, and know exactly what to do. They will live, and live with abundant life. John 10:10.
You can try to explain things with science and psychology, but where is the solution? Besides, God made science, and the mind. What voice do you now listen to? These evil things are not you, but they want to have you. You know why? Because God loves you so much, you are His treasure. Satan hates God with a passion and so, goes after you, God's treasured children.
We are in a spiritual battle, whether we like it or not. Let's choose life and not die. Study God's word to be free, and then know how to help others. This is the only solution. But praise God for it. Jesus died for you to be free. If there are any sexual sins in your past, repent. If there has been assault against you, forgive them, which is putting them in God's hands.
Be Blessed.

Apr 03, 2014
My sister was visited by something NEW
by: Drew

Today my sister (17) told me about a paranormal experience she had about one week ago. She told me that she woke up in the middle of the night but she couldn't move so she just looked out the window. But then she said she heard heavy demonic like breathing next to her. She couldn't move and was obviously terrified so she started saying "I am with god" in her head. She told me that the breathing got heavier and she felt an angry presence with her. She kept repeating the fraise and then she felt something touch her back and whatever it was went away. She told me that half of her room was pitch black and the light slowly started to reappear and then she could move. She also told me that her room was very cold that night. Please write back because I believe in God and the Demon and I am very worried for my older sister. Was it a demon or a spirt?

Apr 03, 2014
Is a demon a spirit? NEW
by: Barbara

Drew: To answer your question, If I may, a demon is a spirit. To be free from anything in the kingdom of darkness, we must be in the kingdom of light. In other words, you must know God. You must know His Son, Jesus Christ, as Savior and Lord of your life. Scripture says Submit to God, and the devil will flee. Tell him to leave in the name of Jesus Christ !

Apr 10, 2014
In response to the victims NEW
by: Spiritual Development

In response to all who have had similar experiences.
Many of the posts speak of these appearances as a form of attack which from a human perspective seems that way. Everyone should understand however that these dark hooded figures (some may call hags) are feeding from our life force or energy. One comment described the person's back being sucked by one of them. The primary reason why a majority of you are being 'targeted' is because you are fountains rich with energy. This energy is spiritual and can be both negative and or positive, drawn from the elements and others if you allow it. An abundance of negative energy seems to attract more attention from certain entities.
Maybe this is what they are more familiar with or what is needed to draw from in order to maintain balance? Whatever the reason, In a perceived reality of horrible things, negativity can be difficult to overcome, but it can be done.
Some of you spoke of attempting to break free from the physical paralysis and in doing so, your spiritual body or body part lifted from your physical body. Through positive prayer and meditation, you can learn to control your spiritual energy and being to serve as a positive defense against future feasts by these hooded entities. One visited me 10 years ago. It began as many indicate in the comments. It came from the corner by the door and floated right over my body with its black ragged cloak and disfigured face. My eyes were open but I was paralyzed. As the figure began consuming my energy which was visible at that time, I focused my intent and my fear subsided. Shortly after, my spiritual arm lifted out of my physical body and grasped the hooded figure's neck with the intent for it to stop and never return. Once I grabbed it, it immediately stopped feasting, eyes widened while jolted back and vanished. As soon as I grabbed it, my physical body became free as well. This was the last time I was visited by this hooded entity. This experience helped me further see the importance of positive spiritual development for myself and others and strengthen my connection with GOD and Jesus Christ
It is important to surround yourself in divine light when meditating and understanding the flow.


Read more:

Apr 19, 2014
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 21, 2014
Yes Drew it was a Demon NEW
by: John Walker

I lost count of the many times it has happened to me . I have Demons attached to me since 2007 .
if you want the attacks to stop make sure your Sis has been Baptized . That she surrenders herself to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .
I have made a lot of mistakes in my ignorance of Gods word . I decided above all else I wanted to go to Heaven . But i could not give up my life style and stop sinning . it was the sins of the flesh that gave the Devil a foot hold in my life .
Please don't make the same mistakes I did . Have self Control make Jesus your Lord call on him he is waiting for you . God Bless

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