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Break-Up Bridges And Time Warps (S&D)

by Kacey Marton
(Los Angeles, CA)

I should mention as relevant back story that, at the time of this dream, my boyfriend and I were in the process of an amicable "going-to-college" break up. There were no hard feelings, it had been a long and wonderful relationship, and I feel like this dream somehow summed up the situation and sentiment.

Though I never look in a mirror, it is clear that I am not in my own body - I look distinctly like famed clothing designer Donna Karan - bleached platinum blond hair in a messy ponytail, eyes covered in smeared black make up, a funky but polished powder pink business suit and lines on my face evident of the 15 or so years older that I apparently am in this dream. It is twilight and I'm in the park near my house, which now has incredibly tall trees. I'm some sort of authority figure, as I begin directing the suddenly-appeared men around me to cut down the trees around us and build a wooden path to the other side of the park, which now extends to the opposite side of the planet. I'm proud of myself - a visionary entrepreneur, building bridges and whatnot. As the trees are cut down, it begins to rain fairly hard. I remember not being bothered by this at all.

Suddenly, from the direction which we're building the bridge, comes a horde of men.
They are from the past as they are riding horses, carrying swords and wearing Mongol Hun-type armor. They seem displeased with me and my path, and I am alarmed. Yet in a fuzzy sequence which I can't remember too well, I somehow use my awesome authoritative skills to fix the situation, and they leave.

After the path is finished I remember suddenly being in a bar that was somehow in the style of both the 1910s and the future, with shiny copper walls, rustic wood furniture, warm lighting and cool physics-y marble and glass toys and sculptures around and hanging from the ceiling. It was a happening place, and I remember vaguely thinking I was responsible for this establishment. It is at the end of the path, and I am celebrating with strangers. There was an address posted on the wall with a post-it, and though I've forgotten it now I could for a few days after this dream remember the exact numbers of this dream address.

I leave the copper bar and am suddenly in my own body and standing at the brink of my childhood park again, except where there is in reality a parking lot and soccer fields there was now only beautiful green grass. I am with my parents, waving happily and peacefully at a setting sun, and I smile warmly with them while looking into the distance. I am content.

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