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Casually Telling My Story of Lucid Dreaming Inception

by Ian "Calibuur" Drotos
(Lacey, WA, U.S.A.)

This was probably my first dream in which I was lucid, and quite the crazy one at that. I don't remember all of it, because I'm not really focusing on lucid dreaming techniques, so I don't write in a dream journal or anything like that.

It may have either started off here or I just remember it this way, but I was sitting on a bus, which I took to be a school bus since I saw some of my friends from school. The seat I was sitting on was weird, very long and able to sit about 5 people, that's when I noticed how oddly wide the bus is, and in the surprise of this, I realized that I was dreaming. I wasn't really as excited about this as I expected later on when recalling it.

This seat had my friend whom I have a crush on leaning on me (this felt quite awkward at first but eventually we were cuddling :3), a couple of my other friends sitting around me, and me, relatively in the middle, and it felt overcrowded. This went on for a while.

Soon, somehow, I got to walking/panning like a camera around this neighborhood, suburb-like, street. There was a simple black pavement with simple white sidewalk--no signs or paint or anything. There were small but quite tall mounds of grass, most of which had tiny little mini-houses on them. There was a small space between these mounds which opens my view to another street just like this, which leads me to believe that this street (which btw bends to the right slightly) u-turns around to the left and slopes down, like the one I'm on, and again to the right further on down the street. Forever.

At one point I'm moving toward and through the separation of grass mounds. There was a cow pattern shaped like a blob just floating in mid-air there... didn't mind it, and continued minding my own business and exploring elsewhere, which led me to a rainy bus station with a lot of people I knew.

I took this to be a school trip, especially since there was a school bus waiting there. My crush was there as well. When I looked at her, she looked back with coyness. I walked over to her, and hugged her (I was lucid, and warmed up to the fact that I was only dreaming, so I took the opportunity :I) and she pecked me on the lips, all casually, like we were dating. This freaked me out a bit, but soon I calmed down. I don't
remember much from here on, but I'll say what I do remember, most likely not in chronological order.

I was scrolling through the same place, probably not wholly lucid, but maybe aware and not in control. It was the same exact place, scrolling in the same exact way, and it was like I was going over what I had just seen with a friend! Looking back on it was insanity!

Not remembering your lucid dreaming experience is quite annoying especially if it's your first one or a very eventful one. Learned this the hard way I suppose.... The next part I remember is in a desert-like area, with a small pond/river, and it was dusk. It felt and looked like I was in a server of a game, screwing around with some friends. I was using a GUI (Graphical User Interface. Menus in games, programs and such.) to spam vehicles and such into the area, from a sky view. I was probably aiming to get into one of the cars and drive around like an idiot, but I felt lucid again and turned my attention to a bar-party-like area up ahead.

Casually walking to it, I said to myself, "Yup, I'm dreaming alright." Then it hit me: the whole time I was only aware, not in control. Almost like half-lucidity. But NOW I feel powerful! I spawn some things with my mind, without a prompt or a GUI, I talk to some friends, I manipulate some people into doing things, (most of them I told to simply speak to me in my own voice, because I found it fun and was simply testing.) and had a good time at the bar.

Then I screwed it up with overdoing my reality check. I clamped my nose shut and tried to breathe- sure enough, it worked! I was overjoyed, so I intensely and excitedly breathed while holding my nose shut and became self-conscious, so I woke up. I'm sitting in bed thinking, "Damn it! I was having such a good time being lucid." I went on with what I always do in the morning: try to become lucid again... and, there! I'm lucid!

...Oh, wait.

So I wake up, sitting in my bed, and see everything's the normal brushed-steel futuristic atmosphere of my house. I wipe the sleep from my eyes, and look at my hands, still waking up. Yup, 12 fingers! All is good!

Oh, boy.

I woke up again and this time it felt really normal, like it should. This time I actually woke up. ...Finally.

Hope you like my story! :D

~Ian "Calibuur" Drotos

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