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Confused and Paralyzed During Dreams While Waking Up

I don't know how to explain it, but a few times I have dreamt that I am laying there awake and paralyzed or keep going in and out of dreams, but I don't actually know if I am dreaming or actually awake.

It's like I keep waking up and trying to force my eyes open and move but I can't and if there is anyone else there I am saying to them that
I know I'm dreaming. Before I have dreamt i am laid there paralyzed while someone is breaking in to attack me.

What I don't understand is what is going on and am I awake really or are they just freaky dreams??

Kevin's Response

This is a really interesting connection you've hit on between sleep paralysis and dreaming. You see, experiencing paralysis as you are waking up is precisely linked to dreaming, because the paralysis you feel is left over from REM sleep, the period of the night where you do your dreaming.

The body paralyzes itself during REM sleep (the paralysis is known as REM atonia) to prevent it from acting out the dreams that are going on in your mind during this stage of sleep. When you experience sleep paralysis it is often because you have awoken during REM sleep and the atonia is a little slow to go away.

Sometimes that is all that happens, and it is just a short bit of paralysis that people are left with as they try to wake up (that can be disgruntling enough though!). However, sometimes the dreams themselves can carry over into this paralyzed transition phase, taking on characteristics of your environment, and manifesting themselves in what are called hypnopompic hallucinations. (Hypnopompic simply means it occurs when you are waking up. Hypnagogic is the opposite, meaning occuring when you are falling asleep.)

What you describe sounds exactly like sleep paralysis with some hypnopompic imagery. The incident of you seeing someone breaking in to attack you is a fairly common hypnopompic hallucination. As long as this is only occurring when you are waking up and not when you are falling asleep, this is virtually always completely benign, more common than you might expect, and just a product of REM functions outlasting your sleep a bit--not something to worry about at all.

So to answer your question of whether you are asleep or awake, you are essentially awake at this time but your body is still experiencing certain aspects of REM sleep. Pretty interesting, huh?

I hope this helps shed some light on what you are experiencing. If you have any follow-up questions or comments please don't hesitate to submit them using the "Post Comments" link below!


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Jun 24, 2010
A Lucid Dreamer Perhaps?
by: Kevin

Teresa, what you describe sounds an awful lot like lucid dreaming. For more information on that and to see if perhaps you are a lucid dreamer, check out this article:

If these are lucid dreams you are experiencing, really try to take that article in, because lucid dreams are amazing instances in our lives that can be cultivated and harnessed to better ourselves in the waking world even. Sounds intense right? Check out the article to see what I mean.

(If that's not quite what you mean, feel free to describe your experiences a little more.)

Aug 12, 2010
Waking up and waking up
by: Anonymous

"Waking up" in dreams is fairly common and doesn't have to mean anything.

Sep 17, 2010
Afraid to sleep
by: Anonymous

I have had sleep paralys alot this year but with mine, i fall into a dream where there is a spirit in my house. It attacks me and paralyses me so that I can't move or call out for help. I wake up in this way, trying to shout out and move but I can't. How do I stop this from happening? Its very frightening and I am really afraid to go to sleep

Sep 18, 2010
Knowledge and Lucidity
by: Kevin Morton

Sleep paralysis and the dream imagery that often accompanies it can be frustrating, but the key to staying calm with it is possessing knowledge about how it occurs. You can learn about that here:

You may also want to look into lucid dreaming, a skill that can be put to use very effectively to combat and control nightmares.

Oct 19, 2010
lucid nightmare
by: Anonymous

definately lucid dreaming! in my dreams i am stuck in the dream unable to move i also always have a few false awakenings ( when u think that u have become awake but infact u are still dreaming.. in some of my dream i can move around in my bed .. but can never get out sometimes i can just reach to my bedside table and get my phone. i know if im sleeping because i can never read the time its like a blur.. ive heard in lucid dreams that u cant look at such things like mirrors and phones they are just a blurr. i usually just scream in my dream trying to wake myself which i always do after a while.. the dreams are very realistic and terrifying.. for a while i was on prescription sleep tablets and i had these dreams constantly .. i am now on natural sleeping tablets and i still have them not as much. ive only had these dreams whilst napping during the day or on medication. dont think i have had them otherwise.. soo could this be the reason ure having them ? some people say they can control there lucid dreams.. unfotunatly i cant . maybe one day !

Nov 01, 2010
I experience the same :|
by: Alex

I experience the same thing as the author and as the guy in the last comment - I'm awake in my sleep, I have false awakenings and I'm fully paralysed. But I never get attacked, and I never reach for my phone/look at mirrors. What really bothers me is the fact that it happens when I'm about to fall asleep. I manage to wake up after few false awakenings, but it often happens several times before I finally go into normal sleep. What may be the reason and what can I do to stop it? I'm only 17, I don't want to eventually become scared of falling asleep :|

Nov 03, 2010
by: CS

I have just read the above response and noticed you said "As long as this is only occurring when you are waking up and not when you are falling asleep, this is virtually always completely benign, more common than you might expect"; what does it mean if I am experiencing these hypnopompic hallucinations when I just starting to fall asleep but feel as though I am still half awake?

Nov 03, 2010
HypnaGOGIC Hallucinations
by: Kevin Morton

Hey CS, experienced at the start of sleep these things are actually called hypnagogic hallucinations instead. The reason for the qualification in my post was that hypnagogic hallucinations are one of the four main symptoms of narcolepsy, although they are sometimes experienced in individuals without narcolepsy too. You can read more here:

Nov 22, 2010
dont know whats real or not
by: Anonymous

when i dream and wake up it takes me about an hour to stop feeling the dreams and sometimes i dont know if i dreamt things or they real i wake up in the night and talk to my hubby for what seems like a long time before i suss hes asleep i hear sounds that are different to what other people hear and see shadows moveing fast that scare me and flashing lights and i feel things touching me like people pushing down on me i dont sleep well and havent done for some time am i loseing my mind help please

Dec 13, 2010
my dream
by: bridgett

I was sleeping. I was dreaming of a tornado and them not letting me get in my car and leave school. I did not listen in my dream. I ran outside got,got in my car,and was sitting at the stop sign. The tornado picked me up in my car and spun me every where,I woke durring this. I was unable top move or yell. I was seeing my room I seen everything around me and I was seeing the dream at the same time. I was scared to death. Is this lucid dreaming? what is this?

Dec 26, 2010
Sleep Paralysis Treatment
by: Kevin Morton

Hey Ron, try checking out this book by a sleep paralysis expert named Ryan Hurd. I read it a couple months ago and it's got some really breakthrough insights for dealing with sleep paralysis--stuff that I've never seen anywhere else. Here's where you can find my review of the book and a link to get it:

Jan 05, 2011
by: Nicole

I've have had these dreams ever since i can remember and i'm only 20 and cause of that i have to sleep with someone or sleep with the door open, it mostly happens when i sleep on the edge of the bed i dream of something then i half wake up see the room i'm in and there will always be someone there or i can hear someone, examples this one time i woke up and i could see the room i was in then i heard this person breathing scarily in and out and as it did the whole room started to move and it freaked me out so much that i can barely move or talk at most and i closed my eyes tell myself to wake up but most of the times i can't. This really scares me help?

Feb 03, 2011
I thought I was dead
by: Anonymous

I had this same thing happen to me this mourning. I thought I was dead. It scared the hell out of be. I feel a little better now after reading your article.

Mar 09, 2011
im confused and concerned about the comment
by: Anonymous

what do u mean as long as its not occurring as u fall asleep?

Apr 01, 2011
Concerned about sleep paralysis
by: Mona

My husband is on multiple medications and is battling cancer. A few minutes ago, he woke from sleep and was paralyzed - he also had shortness of breath. I walked by the room and he was unable to make any noise or movement to let me know he needed help. This episode lasted about 10 minutes. I called his doctor's office and spoke with a nurse and the nurse told me to get him to a local emergency room. He refused to go! He calls this "waking paralysis" and said that he has had it happened before but has had no incidence in many years. I worry that it might have been a form of a stroke or a reaction to a build up on one of his medicines in his system. Can you give me any insight on this since he refuses to go get checked out at the emergency room?

Apr 07, 2011
*How to treat it*
by: Anonymous

When you go into REM,your brain releases a chemical to paralyze your body when you sleep, its deference mechanism. **Hold your breath next time, you will trick your brain and you will wake up normal**

Apr 14, 2011
I can't stay asleep when i realize i am dreaming!
by: Anonymous

I've been trying to lucid dream, and the last time I had a dream I remembered(and this has happened other times before as well) I realized I was dreaming, but then either the dream ended or I woke up. Is there something I need to do to stay asleep when I become aware of my dreaming so I can control my dream?

Apr 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I believe your eyes could possibly be playing tricks on you while you are awaking from the REM sleep, as Kevin answered to this person's experiences. It could be possible that you are even hallucinating, as Kevin also explained above. To explain the sounds, your senses could still be in some sort of dream mode or being hyperactive. I've had periods where I awake from deep sleeps and think I smell cooking food. You might even be sleepwalking. This is all most likely just your senses being affected by the REM sleep and the dark causing you to hallucinate, but if it does become VERY troubling, I WOULD say that you might want to talk to someone about it. Dreams are odd things, and sometimes CAN have an internal meaning to the dreamer.PS I am no professional,ok? I've just been looking up a lot about dreams lately.

Apr 16, 2011
I too had this experience! Strange feeling it gives you!
by: kelly

I too had this experience. I was sleeping on my friends couch that faced the front door. I felt that strange feeling like when you forget where you fell asleep. The sun lighting up room like every other day and the room felt the same, as though I was awake. I just lay there (paralized, i guess) and was looking at the door and evey senario of who could might come in that door would happen. hen someone I know walked in something felt strange, or something odd would happen then I would wake up again to realize I was dreaming.. but again I was still dreaming.. and another senario would happen that was strange, and this started to scary me, and prayed to wake up in the real time.. I was like my brain didn't know what to expect when waking up, so it was making up it's own senarios until everything just started to feel right. I will never forget this..(I also sleepwalked alot when I was younger) I feel like the brain already expects, or is prepared to see everything that I see or go to look at as though things exist because we already know it is there, which I can see would give us a feeling of consistency and comfort in life, i think life could feel scary and chaotic if we didn't find connection to things that alreadt exist. Perhaps gives us a feeling of living in the now. I don't know if this totally makes sense..But this is the feeling this experience gave me. Weird!?

May 16, 2011
Assaulted during paralysis
by: Anonymous

I am a 32 year old woman who has suffered from sleep paralysis since I was a teenager. One night when I was about 17, I awoke from a dream that I was being dragged across the floor by my ankles. I woke paralyzed, unable to even open my eyes, but I felt the hands on my ankles and I was actually moving down the bed. When I finally could move, I was at the end of the bed. This was the scariest experience of my life until 2 days ago. I awoke from a nap where I had just been dreaming of walking in a crowd of people. Somewhere between the dream and consciousness, I felt hands on my body, one across my chest grabbing me, one prying my mouth open, I could actually feel a finger in my mouth, and one pushing my underwear down. I was paralyzed and could not move. I was so sure someone was in the room with me and I was about to be raped. Even after the paralysis ended, I could feel a cold sensation where the "hands" had been and my underwear felt out of place, though they were not. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I am afraid to sleep, which has never been an issue for me before, even with previous sleep paralysis experiences.

Jun 11, 2011
REM paralyzes
by: Dennis

June 11, 2010 location at my office work time 2pm to 3pm..i slept at the sofa of our office...during that time...when i was sleep i feel i would to urinate so i decided to wakeup...but problem is i can't move mybody i'm on a rem paralyzes looks like my eyes are open but not...looks like i can see the lights on the window but not...looks like somebody is on top of mybody straining me not to move...i tried to move mybody but i can't...i tried to drop mybody to the ground were i sleep just to wake mybody..but i can't...i'm fighting myself to wake myself-up...until...i gain control to move mybody...and when i woke-up mybody was very tired...looks like i haven't got rested...i don't know..i can feel some unexplained presences in the office...but i tend not to bug them..i'm already immune to there presence...or maybe there just playing with me...Please Help....

Jun 28, 2011
paralyzed while falling asleep
by: liz memdietta

I been having this confused paralyzed dream for about five years know and I get paralyzed when im falling asleep but it makes me fall in to a deep sleep like if im so tierd.then something unexplanible comes next to me and is tellimg me something in my ear I just cant explain what his trying to tell me try to open my eyes but I will only be able to see infront of me and I can think and pray at it or curz at it thats how I know that im awKe then my teeth start pressing against each other they fill like ther going to brake this is unaxplaynable .. But if I put a cross by me I wont ever have this dream if u can call it that.. Y do I have this

Jul 06, 2011
I think I am awake and getting out of bed
by: Mary

I have experiences where I am sleeping and I think I have woken up and am getting out of bed and then I realize I am still in bed and I can't move to get up. Then it seems like I do get up but I realize that I haven't and that I am dreaming. I go in and out of this, sometimes feeling like someone is outside my room or coming in and I am afraid. I can spend what seems like a long time trying to get up, thinking I am and the realizing I haven't moved. I believe I am going in and out of a dream, being almost awake and lucid and then falling into the dream again. I have to work really hard at getting myself to really move, really wake up, and get out of bed. When I do I repeat to myself that this is real.Sometimes the sense of someone being in my room is very frightening. I called out for help to a family member to help me wake up but I am not really doing it. What is happening?

Jul 09, 2011
Sexual Experiences During Sleep Paralysis
by: Kevin

To the commenters describing the evil-feeling sexual experiences during sleep paralysis, you both are by no means alone, as the commenter above suggests. In fact, sleep paralysis has long been known to take on darkly sexual natures for some. In fact, the famous 18th century painting "The Nightmare" by Henri Fuseli is thought to allude to this, where an incubus (a term used in many other cultures' names for sleep paralysis) sits on top of a seemingly paralyzed woman.

I wish I could offer more information on why this happens, but the only connections I can make without studying it more or experiencing it myself is that SP brings out fearful projections for most people, and REM sleep (whose mechanism REM atonia causes SP) is a sexually charged period of the night (the period of sleep where men naturally get penile erections and women experience processes related to clitoral stimulation). Combine fear and sexual processes, and you get the dark form of sexual encounters. That's the best I can offer at the moment, but I know it falls short of fully accounting for the insanely real feelings you both have during these experiences.

One more thing I can suggest though, and wholeheartedly, is to read Ryan Hurd's book about taking control of your sleep paralysis. It really sheds some empowering light onto how you can turn around the evil nature of many SP episodes and turn them into enlightening experiences. All the best!

Aug 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Maybe 20 times now over the last 3 years (i am 21 now) i have suddenly woken up in bed completely unable to move and overcome with what i can only describe as sheer terror. I can control my eyes and look around the room but have no other bodily control. Each time has been different, i have (thought) i felt someone pulling on my arm from the edge of the bed and have seen people standing at the foot or side of my bed watching me...The first thing i do is panic and try to force myself to move or force out any kind of sound to wake my girlfriend, i am usually able to regain control within a minute and instantly jump out of bed grab the lights and look around. I never had the courage to talk to a doctor or anyone about this as i did not think anyone would believe me... just having recently researched this online and finding out so many others experience it is quite a relief, there is a lot of literature on hypnopompic states linked on this page and i cant wait to read through them to find out more about this state of mind.

Aug 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had a dream the other day where all I can remember is that I could not move or scream, my heart I remember was pounding. I was paralysed lying in my bed face up. I did wake up eventually. It is now a few days later and have noticed my face looks a little swollen on the left side of my face. I am 54 and am worried if my be this was a small stroke. If any one has any info please reply.

Sep 13, 2011
wierd scared and confused
by: eric 15

I'm going to make this short since it it 3:30 at night where I live at. But I just had one of those dreams and in It I imagined that I was trina th rapper and me and my freinds were playing basket then my. ball rolled into a dark corner and when I walked to go get it I disappeared and all I saw was blurr and I culdnt move an my eyes were hard to open. And I still have the chills

Sep 25, 2011
Waking up paralyzed
by: Warren walker

Well waking up paralyzed is always the same for me but the weird part is that I've been reading more about this and my expieriences are slot like many others it's very frightning
The dream world crossing over to our reality I'm not so convinced this is mi expirience I awake my eyes are heavy from deep sleep I can only move my head so I started shaking my head frantically trying to wake then my hands start to move as well and but I can't talk and this is the worst part that some of you readers can relate to that blows my mind .. Thier is somebody in my room a dark figure moving about and making noises so I'm now desperatly trying to move and awake myself now and so my body goes into overdrive and I begin to move faster and this is where my expierience gets worst and is different than anything I've yet to read about .. I'm fully awake and mobile now but there literaley is still a being of some sort I'm my house moving around and making noises that somehow manifested from my dreams in some phenominal way so I go searching for it with a knife in my hands of wich I keep on my night stand but I never find it this is causing me serious insomnia this situation is out of control but now I know there is more intrlligance to this than well ever understand the way I figure where creating this situation somehow in our dreams and wich of now is also my reality .... Please comment I hope I'm not alone out here..

Sep 29, 2011
My story
by: Diamond

I. Just had it around 5:am and I fell like it was because I had a hard time sleeping and when I finally want to sleep out of nowhere. I found my self walking up but not moving and then I saw this stange black shadow of a alien in front of me so I tryed closing my eyes but I feel like I'm going to die the weird thing for me was. I was facing the wall then I started hearing buzzing sounds and found my bumm starting to hurt and it felt like someone was hold a object to it then I moved my left leg and I was out of the trans so I had to look it up
one of the first times i had it was around 8or10 and I was at my grandma house in the living room and I found my self not moving but in font of me I saw a rope that was used to hanging then a woman in a dirty white dress was haning from there then all of a sudden she started to get in my face and I got out of the trans it sound like something of a moive but it was the scraest moment of my life so I tried repressing it as a dream but when ghost moment started happing to me like the acttic door was opening up and dog would bark out of nowhere all mean and look at the celling so i didn't know what to think but I'mnever really payed attenchen to it and digg into the house because it was hapenping at my house but I saw alien so I thought I was hunted or something but Ive been look on the net and found answers

Oct 14, 2011
by: Warren

Thank you diamond for the comment it made me feel better about it. what happened in situations like ours is unheard of you hear about ghost and aliens and yeti and every strange thing under. The sun but this it's incredible no answers though .

Oct 14, 2011
Lucid dream turned into nightmare
by: Sylvia

I experience lucid dreaming and probably sleep paralysis from time to time. I use to dream I can't breathe and thought I had sleep apnea, but the apnea test was negative. Sometimes I dream that I wake up, see my room, stand and walk, talk to people as in real life (false awakening) Then smth unusual happens and I realize I am still dreaming and I struggle to wake up but I can't. After reading more about lucid dreaming I started using the trick of jumping off tall buildings in the dream to wake up. After that I always wake up and know that I'm awake from the first moment.

Today I had a scary experience, just after waking up from a lucid dream turned into a nightmare, I wasn't sure if I was really awake or not. I kept asking my bf if I'm really awake, because the scenario was similar to the other false awakenings. It took me some minutes to realize I am really awake and not in the dream anymore.

Here is the dream I had: I was out in my neighbourhood with my bf and we went to an outdoor party. The people attending the party were strange, some wearing elegant dresses, others dressed like goth and wearing piercings. Then it got scary, one guest had an axe coming out of her chest like in a horror movie, I could see the blood and the wound. The others also turned into zombies. I told my bf we should leave, we found an excuse like his mother is visiting the next day and left. After this I realized it was a dream and wanted to wake up but wasn't able to. So I used my waking up trick: me and my bf went on top of a building which was close to the location of the outdoor party so the party guests could see us and I screamed "hey, over here". They looked and saw us and in the next minute they were coming after us on top of the building, but before they could reach us, we both jumped off the building and then I woke up (for real).

When I woke up I saw my bf next to me was also awake and asked him if I'm really awake or still dreaming, because I just had a nightmare. He confirmed I was awake but I still needed few minutes to reassure I was awake, as I previously experienced false awakenings when I see the same image and talk to him and it's still a dream. This never happened to me before, when I wake up for real usually I realize it right away, this time the dream was so real that I wasn't sure if I was really awake or not.

Did anyone else experience smth similar? And do you have any advice on how to check if you are really awake or still dreaming? Or how to transform a lucid nightmare into a normal or even pleasant lucid dream? Is it better to wake up using the trick or try to transform the nightmare into a nice dream? It was a strange and scary experience and now I'm afraid to fall asleep again.

Nov 07, 2011
by: Dorothy

I have experienced this since i was about 9 but it has gotten worse i am 20 now. When i was younger i would have a hard time waking up out of my sleep just feeling paralyzed and screaming only for no one to hear me because they said it wasn't really happening. It scared the crap out of me. It stopped for about 4 ears and returned again. Since i have been in college the feeling of something standing over me, like a presence that i can literally feel is there and i am awake but i cannot open my eyes or move any parts of my body. It feels like i am fighting with all my might to wake up. One night i was sleeping and i felt something stand next to my bed and lift the covers off my shoulders and lean to look at my face. I felt the cover slowly slide off my body down to my waist and was fighting with all my might to wake up. After what seemed like forever i finally managed to move my head and look at my roommate who was across the room in her bed. She laughed and said i never moved. And that none of it had ever happened. I know that I'm not crazy and i know what i felt i don't believe its a dream. Should i see a psychologist ?

Jan 27, 2012
by: Khris

Almost every single night call paralyze dream. Not sure as well if I am aWake or not. I can't move before I can close my eyes. I start to wear watch and look at the time so i know what time when about to close my eyes and ten minutes or half hour later I woke up from awful dreamt but then I am not sure if it was a dream because Most of the time I see myself as my spirit falling away from my body. Sometimes I seen myself somehow crying so hard and screaming PLEASE WAKE UP.... My spirit begging me to wake up.

I cannot help what to do because I have five times or more in one night and most of the night sometime I feel I don't want to sleep.

Feb 06, 2012
Intense sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

Last night as I went to bed I would fall in and out of sleep, each time when I would wake up I couldn't move my arms or legs, at one point during the night I experienced hallucinations of bein thrown around in my room. I called out to my roommates a d couldn't say anything Nd they couldn't help me, at another point during the night I had another Hallucination that a dark figured samurai was in my room I opened my eyes and he was there charging towards me with his samurai sword, the hallucinations and dreams felt so real and each time I woke up and couldn't feel my legs and arms longer then the previous time. I felt like I was being possessed by something, it was intense and the hallucination were so real, that's my story, has anyone had this happen to them multiple times?

Feb 13, 2012
Same old dream for years...
by: Anonymous girl

I've had these type of dreams since I was a teenager. It always starts the same. A terrible feeling of fear coming over me, my brain feels like its humming from an overload, I'm shaking. Something is coming into the room, something I'm very afraid of. I try and wake myself up before it gets to me. I cant move. I know I'm awake. I try and make noises. Any sound I can, so that someone can wake me up (and sometimes the sounds that come out doesn't even sound human). I'm terrified of it getting to me.

Feb 25, 2012
relieved but still scared :(
by: Olly :D

First I need to thank kevin and many others. I am no longer scared about these dreams where I can't move, but please someone tell me is it weird that I hear very loud pulsating noises during? I am still a little scared someone wrote on the comments above it was bad to have these dreams before you sleep, that just happened to me for the first time.. But I got out of the dream..I hope. Is it a bad thing that I had one of these dream things happen to me before I fell asleep? I remember the first time I ever had one of these I was down stairs sleeping on the sofa after a long and bad night of feeling dizzy and sick. Even though I was in my dream about my house getting repainted and having the floor done up, I was aware outside of the dream of my dad coming into the room, about to set off to work... I was asleep but slowly waking up, at first I couldn't move at all then after ages of trying to get up and move and trying to open my eyes I in the end did open my eyes and got up but I felt very weak but yet also very heavy, I was trying very hard to keep my eyes open... It was so hard even though I knew u was walking over to my dad, I was drifting in and out of my dream the only difference between the dream and the real life ( I remember them feeling the same) is in the dream I felt light and could hear but in real life like I said felt heavy and restricted and couldn't hear anything apart from the faint sound of my voice saying "dad, dad help me"and he said something but I couldn't hear a thing. I do not remember anything else.

Mar 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

this often happens to me. I try to remain calm and tell my self just relax and you'll be fine soon. sometimethough i cant help but struggle and panic. regardless you will wake up to your normal self soon.

Mar 03, 2012
Too much Rem sleep
by: Sandra

It is helpful, but I have a hard time understanding something, you see when I go to sleep at night everything is normal, my biggest problem is when I (Very rarely) take an hour or two hour long nap in the afternoon.My body paralyzes after about 20-35 minutes, and im still just falling asleep but I'm half awake and I literally have to force myself to speak if that is even possible, and sometimes it's not and I have to fall asleep then wake up about twenty minutes later. I thought rem sleep happened after about an hour of sleep...what is this then?

Mar 21, 2012
hardly sleep
by: lee t

all my life i have talked and thourt in my sleep, the past year my mind has gone mental i see big spooky dead faces before i go sleep so it takes me a while. but the past two week its like im dead. i cant move so i dont get up, i wake up hours later confussed sweating and angry. takes me a hour to sort my head out. i take 45ml mertazipine a night and i have the past three year, why do i experiance this and how can i make it stop

Apr 05, 2012
paralysis nightmare while beginniing to fall asleep! Almost scared to death!!
by: brenda

i have had numerous sleep paralysis, but the timing is different. it happens about ten minutes, if that, falling into sleep. last night i felt as if there was evil?? present-actually thought i physically felt it. of course, could not open mouth to scream for my husband, could not move limbs. finally, after slowing opening-almost peaking out of right eye out of fear-i can finally move, talk. but what worries me the most is that my heart is racing/pounding so fast/hard, scares to to death-almost!! i am 54 yr old woman, and when i do have these, i remember them being in beginning of sleep. can you give me any help? i sleep on side.

May 05, 2012
Paralysis and pulsating lights/noise.
by: Anonymous

I have a situation, unsure if it is a dream.
It has happened three times in my life but not for at least twenty years.
I am aware that I am lying there, I am aware that I am completely unable to move.
There is a pulsating humming noise that is making me really sick and an extremely bright pulsating White light.
It is growing with the pulses and I can't stop it. I feel so sick and scared it is inhuman.
After whatever time I am locked into this thing, when I come to and manage to get up (I have to get up then whatever the time because it has been so traumatic) I walk around in a semi concouse state absolutely scared out of my wits. I find a corner and huddle up there so scared I shake. I will stay there for hours till people start to wake up.
Sometimes I am in bed and I feel the pulsing start slowly but then it drifts off. I want to experience it again to see what the he'll it is but I think I know. I just need to know if anyone else has had it.
Please contact me if you have

Aug 06, 2012
Can you help me?
by: Abby

A lot of nights I have this dream Of a person covered in a bright white light and another person covered in a dark light are fighting. I try to move and yell stop, but I never can. Then suddenly the person in the dark light will turn his head at me and he has the scariest face I've ever seen. He'll laugh and point at me, and then I'm on the ground, screaming and curled in a ball. When I wake up, I'm still like that and I can still feel the pain. Nobody comes to my room when they hear me screaming anymore because they're used to it. I'm only 12 and this has been happening since I was 5. Can someone please help me?!

Sep 19, 2012
Can't sleep been a few days now...
by: Jeffery Duncan

Well okay here I go. It was three days ago. And I laid down for maybe ten minutes still awake. I looked at the clock and it was 12:30 when I fell asleep. And what's odd about this is that as soon as I closed my eyes. It hit me I feel like my eyes was open and I was laying down with my girlfriend. And I could not move,talk or even controll myself. And I know this is werid but after alittle time I sept trying to wake up not only I couldnt move or anything. I seen my dad.. And he was controlling my like my arms. I tried waking my girlfriend up but could not even if I got one arm free.. But anyways he made me mess with her.. And also after that I seen alittle girl walk pass me in the mirror only time I seen her and I've had 17 of these dreams these year and once when I was 6. What do I do? I can't sleep bc I'm afraid to go to sleep again. I need help bad.

Oct 14, 2012
by: Ana

I'm twelve years old now.and the first time I got stuck at night I was eight I was confuse and scary I tryed everything screaming , kicking but when I was screaming I heard myself but no one heared first I though that someone was Coming to save but I realized that now one was coming I though like my hole family was dead or something.and I was tie up and someone was coming to hurt me but I did not feel any ropes on me I just said to me it ok don't be scared just close your eyes and go to sleep Nd then I woke up and I though something was really wrong but I left it aolny (: because I was just really happy that I was out of it. I'm twelve now and it still happens to me I always get scared at first but I alway calm myself down and now that it been for year I found I trick of getting out of it I start with my feet up I can move me toes a little so I just keep wiggle then and then it feels like I can me but I don't want to and then it feels like I am still stuck then I just get up but still stuck I thing it because my body is just now realizeing that its wakeing up but now I have learnd to deal with my uncle has it to that's where I thinking get it from no one that I know of has it in my family and I just resintly found out that my uncle has it to and he told me that it call sleep deprivation and I'm glad I now more about it now so I know what's going on well thanking for listen I will be on here a lot to tell people what happens while it goes on we'll thank you for your time and the girl who had the since she was eight our s old and now is 32 I think you should try to move your feet and start up and see if that works bye (:

Oct 22, 2012
by: Meagan

This is scary it happens to me also and everytime I fall asleep its like a nightmare n I open my eyes n fight to wake up but can't . It only lasts for a min or so. I hav a lot on my mind also believe its stress n I'm not gettn enough rest so as I sleep away i strongly sleep away n it's hard to getup.

Nov 04, 2012
couldnt breath
by: fergie

What if instead of some one breaking in all I could hear was a familiar voice? And it appeared that a friend came to help me move but I could not speak it felt as if I could bearly breath

Nov 15, 2012
sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

What is the best thing to do to not experiencing dis again... its scarred me a lot... please help me...

Nov 29, 2012
Weird sleeping
by: Anonymous

Sometimes when I'm falling into a deep sleep, or am asleep I feel like things are spinning.. Sometimes while I'm alseep and having a bad dream I feel as if I cant move my body at all. I cant move, but my mind is able to function and I try to tell myself repeatedly to wake up, but its hard for me to do, but eventually I do. Another weird thing that happens to me is sometimes while i'm asleep i get this feeling as if something is sitting on me. Its like a pressure that sits on me or is moving on top of me and its hard for me to move as well and wake up. This is all very weird to me. This stuff didnt start happening till pretty recently. I've only had one really frightening experience with whatever this is. One time i was asleep in my dorm room and I'm assuming i dreaming.. anyways,in my dream i was in my bed and I woke up to this black figure hovering over me. I remember i tried to move and scream but nothing came out and it felt as if i was paralyzed from the neck down. I felt this heavy pressure on my chest. All i could make were little moans and whimpers. Then i just woke up. What on earth is going on?

Dec 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Mine only happens when im napping ive never have it happen during the night. but i will be paralyized its like i am up and trying to get out of bed but cant. It feels so real that i keep thinking that i am up and pictureing my self trying to get out of bed. Its like im standing next to myself i see the bed the covers and room . Ive actually have had it literally made it feel like i was not breathing. In one instance i was paralyized and couldnt breath i was gasping for my breath trying to call my husbands name,the next thing i know im paralyized and couldnt move then my husband woke me up because i was fully awake when i saw him but it felt sooooo real like i was actually not breathing. why does it happen only at certin times. Its made me not want to take a nape during the day

Dec 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I dream when I sleep and when I wake up there is confusion between dream and reality ... what does this mean?

Dec 12, 2012
by: Nicole

I have been experiencing sleep paralysis for a couple of years now and after alot of research I am trying to not be so scared when it happens. My question is how is it that when Im awake I know what sleep paralysis is and what to expect from it and to not be scared of it but when its happening I am terrified and have no idea whats going on? I really want to turn it into something good maybe link it somehow to my lucid dreaming..but when it happens i feel like im hyperventilating and that im never going to wake up.

Dec 15, 2012
by: Nikki

Early this morning I had about six dreams? Or maybye it was a lucid dream but in each dream someone would be out to kill me for example in one I was in my room and there was a low knocking that continually got louder and I forced my eyes open to my Heart beating really fast and the house was silent and with each dream I had I forced my eyes open because I was so scared and I knew I was dreaming and it happened six times??????

Dec 17, 2012
I just call for help
by: Marcus

I used to find this experience scary when i was younger but now it is quite normal for me, especially during periods of stress or excitement. These episodes used to terrify me when I lived alone but now that I live with my girlfriend I can sometimes cry for "help". If on the occasion I am able to vocalize then my girlfriend just holds my hand at which point i stop to panic and wait until I wake up calmly. :)

Dec 19, 2012
scared the s#!t out of me!
by: Colleen

Ive had sleep paralasis a few times since i was 19, i just turned 30, on the 12th. I woke up today around 3 something in morn, was on couch, tried to scream to my boyfriend as hard i could, but all that came out was a god awful pathetic moan! The worst part was, i felt something at my feet, and yelling at me, in an un human voice, and a different language. Im still shaking. Its been about an hour since i broke free from it, also, i felt a strange vibration. And the weirdest part was my cats face, he was laying across the room, with a look of terror, looking toward me. Any one ever have anything like that happen?

Jan 01, 2013
cant sleep alone in night
by: Jenis

i cant sleep alone in night. when such moment comes i start dreaming as if someone is standing next to me but i cant see his/her face. M trying to open my eyes or lift my face to see but i cant. i try a lot but could not. I wanted to know why such things happen with me. why cant i sleep alone peacefully. Also if any day i sleep alot than regular that time also i feel the same. please help me out

Jan 02, 2013
it is ok
by: Anonymous

I also know what you mean I get that all the time and really you are awake but only your brain and continuous functions work like your eyes, lungs, and heart. The rest of your body is not awake. And when your body sleep you can't move them and when half sleep you feel a annoying tingling felling.

Jan 05, 2013
End of the world
by: Anonymous

I felt something strange happen 2 nights ago I had just gotten in to bed or so it seems. And my mind was still very active yet I was very tired. I laid in bed and listened to the sounds of my refrigerator and concentrated on the sound . As if in an instance the sound stopped and I felt as if the room around me was shaking and the darkness of the room got darker . I could see my room but was asleep . I remember in that instance feeling worry that my life was ending. And I remember then my eyes opened and everything was normal. It was bizarre because I felt awake and asleep at the same time.

Jan 08, 2013
Just had the worst one
by: GC

Have had these attacks for years. Yesterday was the worst one. My husband usually has to get me in an upright position for me to come out of it. Until that happens, I am DEAD WEIGHT like a rag doll, my head lolling freely about. Usually 5-10 minutes. Yesterday, after 30 min, he called for help. I remember trying to tell him to call 911 or my grown son for help. He could not understand me. I was repeating to my self that I was dying this time. It really scared me. They stood me up briefly, still like a rag doll, and applied cold rags to my face. I came out finally. I am always worn out for an hour or two.This all lasted about 45 min.

Jan 09, 2013
First sleep paralysis experience.
by: Ashley

I just woke up from what I believe was sleep paralysis. I felt like I was getting held down and saw people standing around me.. I guess it was the dream i was having mixed in with my waking up. So strange... My dog was sitting next to me looking at me like wtf is wrong with you!? Lol

Jan 10, 2013
the reoccuring dream the recent one
by: Autumn

At least once or twice a month i have this dream, I'm running in the street from a man who is trying to murder/rob me, when I think im escaping, I freaze in place, or i cant move.
The other dream scared me, extremely. At 3 am today I was dreaming that I was in a deep narrow cave. My freinds mom was there too. She had a ring that she had dropped down the long cave, which was why us 2 were in the cave, I went to pick up the ring, but when I reached for it I saw there were Now somehow two rings. I don't know why, but oi conected the two rings together. when i did that the rings formed an eye. It was a deep brown with a dialated pupil, it had veins everywhere, it had specks or blood in the eye, and iit was leaking. It looked so real. When i saw the eye I images a woman. My freinds mom then said we dont want anymore freinds and we left quickly. Please I know its long but im scared

Jan 13, 2013
Fill my house
by: Anonymous

So last night I fell asleep and I dreamt about being in my bed and not being able to move while some people start to fill my house with dirt except for my room but I couldn't get the door open when I thought I was awake because of the dirt behind it. It just kinda scared me and I was wondering what it meant.

Jan 16, 2013
Horrifying Dreams??
by: Rain

Ive had a reoccurring dream for a while now.. It happens in different ways every time though, with different people in the dream. Its like Im so exhausted in the dream and it feels like Its happening for real. In the dream I find myself trying to wake up or stay awake, but my eyes are so hard to hold open. And I try to get up and walk around but I stumble around like a drunk and fall every time. My mom was in this recent one I had the other night and I begged her to help me, and he laughed at me and told me I was faking it. I couldnt keep my eyes open, but they wouldnt close wither. It felt so real and I panicked because I thought I really couldnt wake up... But this cant be an hallucination because I woke safley in my bed right? I wasnt really trying to walk down my hallway, and I didnt really fall... But I felt it.. I didnt know if I was dreaming or awake...please help???

Jan 18, 2013
Scary and Awful
by: Anonymous

I was in a state of trance last night where i wasn't asleep but i wasn't awake and i saw a small human body sitting and leaning against the side of my bed. i couldn't see its face and i went to shove its knee. It show under my bed and started to pull me under too. i tried to scream, but my trance-like state wouldn't allow me. I finally shook it off and woke up only to realize that i was still getting tugged under my bed. i freaked out and grabbed my crucifix. Help Please

Jan 23, 2013
Half awake
by: Lawrence

I keep having dreams and I feel like I am half awake while I having them why is that

Jan 27, 2013
Frozen body!
by: Anonymous

Hi! I dont know with whom should i discuss this. I had a very bad dream at 3am and when I tried to come out of it..I realized that I can not move my body..My eyes were wide open but body was frozen. As that dream was also very horrible I took time to calm down my mind. Still this happened for may be third or fourth time. Can you tell me something about it.

Mar 09, 2013
Does This Relate?
by: Anonymous

Dear strangers,
I've experienced almost the same thing as the first person stated. I'll sometimes wake up in the mornings and feel restrained... Like I can't move, can't breathe, but I'm gasping for breath and it feels as though I'm going through a faint series of spasms that are oblivious to the people around me. What's wrong with me?
Best regards,

Jun 02, 2013
dreams so rela wake up and feel the pain all day
by: Anonymous

ive had bad dreams whare there in the fuchur or past but when i wake up im sweating and breathing hard but i feel like i aculiy did it and hurts its so real and painfull all day like i did it and some times ive found when i start to lie down to sleep ive seen whare my leg or arm will jurk with out me doing it .if u think u need to talk to me my face book is and howard bacon

Jun 30, 2013
Weird false awakening
by: Anonymous

It's kind of a blur, so I'm going to write about it quickly. It started with me playing a video game, however a new character appeared on the screen and before long, all the other character slots started to disappear. I selected the new character and managed to play for a few seconds. The game then crashed and the room fell into total darkness. More things happened after that but the only other thing I remember was fear, and the need to wake up. Then I had what I'm guessing is a false awakening. I thought I was finally awake, however I was greeted with a demonic voice laughing hysterically. For some reason my attention was drawn to the roof of my room where something was written in white. This false awakening happened in about 4 seconds so I didn't get a good look at what was written up there, and my memory of it is fading. It might have said hypnogic action( or something)? Anyway, just glad I'm awake now.

Oct 06, 2013
by: claudette


Nov 14, 2013
Weirdest dream within a dream
by: Anonymous

Just woke up to the exact same feeling? Is this a cause for concern?

Nov 22, 2013
by: Ashley

I love hearing all of your stories and experiences :) thank you to everyone for making me feel like I am not alone. I just had another one of these waking dreams. I am a psych student so I know the cause of this but it is so difficult to explain to someone else who has never done it. I have had these falling asleep and waking up. To Ron the police officer.. Your post scares me because I too hear old time radio big band music when falling asleep before this happens. Then I felt pressure on my chest like a demon trying to choke me. Tonight I dreamt that a giant head like the wizard of oz was the demon I was screaming no no no and I could feel my eyes fluttering. As you all know it takes a toll to force yourself awake. I dreamt my mothers voice and immediately woke as if it broke the ties to the dream and grounded me in reality. Once I dreamt witches were trying to drown me by forcing water up my nose. The lingering feelings are horrid. Glad I'm not alone :)

Dec 08, 2013
your not alone
by: Anonymous

I had this once and it scared the shit out of me. Im glad im not the only one haha.

Jan 07, 2014
Sleep Paralysis--can't open eyes or move
by: Anonymous

I can relate to not being able to open my eyes or move during a dream, but yet I am partially awake. The dream is melded with reality. Usually, I am dreaming that I am in a situation where I need to move or see and I cannot open my eyes or move! This causes me great anxiety, and I am fighting to open my eyes or move! I never experienced this until a few months ago. It happens about 3 to 4 times per month, but seems to be increasing in frequency! I know, logically, that it won't kill me, but when you are experiencing sleep paralysis, it is quite traumatic and I feel like I am suffocating and dying, and I PANIC until I am fully conscious! I think that my sleep paralysis is being caused by the stress and anxiety I have been under due to life events the past year. Has anyone been able to control this?

Mar 03, 2014
Happens when waking up....
by: CIP

Since I was 16 this has happened to me and although its less frequent now it happened recently. I think i have woken up - everything about the room i am in is exactly right (whereas usually in a dream i'm in a totally different room/house etc). So i believe i am awake - but then the first thing is this loud noise in my ears like when you yawn that thundery sound but it goes on and on and then i'm paralysed i think of it as something evil coming to get me and sometimes its lifting me high off the bed and getting closer. the first few times this happened i thought it really had but as the years have gone on i know its a dream and i can control it a bit. The other morning i thought i was awake and was looking at my mirrored wardrobe doors thinking it was all over but then my eyes actually opened and the room was the same but the colours were brighter and i feel thats the first definite sense of yes i am dreaming all of that stuff. I dont feel as frightened of it anymore and it prob only happens a couple of times a year and its always in the morning as i'm waking up.

Mar 13, 2014
by: ALejandro Taylor

Has anyone else had a dream where you are in a maze, and are being chased, then these buildings close around you and you feel that the pressure is growing, and then you feel that you are being held down, by all that pressure but at the same time you feel so light like a feather.

Apr 10, 2014
Falling off tall buildings but not waking up?
by: Shannen

Recently, my dreams have been perfect normal however towards the end of my dream I end up on a tall buildings I normally can control my dreams but this is uncontrolable. I step up onto a ledge, I'm never alone however the people I am with constantly wear masks, every time I hear one shout '1,2,3 GO' I jump with everyone I try to stop myself however i can't. The strangest part is when I hit the ground I don't wake up nor do I die, after the jump my dream carrys on for aprox. an hour.

Apr 22, 2014
i dont think that i am suffering from parilyis
by: Anonymous

I go to sleep then I wake up I can't move I yell for help but nobody hears me. That may sound like parilyis but I don't any one attacking me. When I was 9 I was at my aunts house and I was lying there whatching tv then I just couldn't move, I screamed but she didn't here me and she was right next to me. It happened once when I woke up at 2:30am but not until an hour after I woke I don't know what to do I haven't really slept in 4 years because I'm scared one day I won't snap out of it and that I'll dye trying.

May 22, 2014
by: Bones

My situation involves this, but im not sure its the main reason, the dreams start out normal or what i would call normal, then they take on a tone or a real intense feeling or atmosphere will out of nowhere or something makes itself known, and i get extremely scared and will start screaming in my dream for myself to wake up, ill try moving around and trying harder to wake up, then when i do my heart rate is high and im terrified, even thinking about whatever it is thats in my dreams gives me the chills, and its slowly getting worse. I only saw it twice, it was a shadow in the shape of a person that will come from a dark corner or such and move towards me.

May 23, 2014
sleep walking or night terrors ?
by: Anonymous

I would sleep walk but I knew i was awake like I felt stuck in my own body I always felt a panic like I needed to get out of the house or get to water I knew that if I could figure out how to get water that I wouldn't be trapped in my own body or sleep that I would wake up ? my mom said many times she had to lock the door because she would wake up in a panic and couldn't find me in the house..she would walk out the door and I was sleeping on the sidewalk right outside the house! Once she followed me said I had my eyes wide open but they were glazed over and she was scared because All I kept saying was water and I was shaking I went as far as standing in the shower trying to turn it on ? Not sure if it was a night terror or what but it went on for years started when I was six

May 28, 2014
Same here... But I'm not allways sleeping in my dreams
by: Anonymous

This has only happened to me a few times but the resent time I was trying to wake up and I could barely open my eyes and my head could move slowly side to side. The I could slightly see the light turn on and I could hear my mom trying to wake me up but I couldn't yell just kind of wisper. This was very scary but then I woke up for real. Another time a was in the bathtub and the water wouldn't turn off and I tried to yell but couldn't and then my mom was their but she didn't know what the problem was then I woke up... I am so glad I'm not the only one and that there is this ardicle on it.

May 29, 2014
the dreams of the dreams of the dreams dreams
by: the guardian

this is what happened to me,you see all you said, are also in my dream, do not worry because this is just a dream, I also had monstourus nightmares wierd and also different_______________________ dreams of the dreams of the dreams dreams, pretty hard right? thing aren't the way before, but every dream has a reason every dream relies adventure.I know some of you said "that is not true because some times my dream is one of the worst" YES! that is right sometimes, but that is only dream.that is only the work ON YOUR MIND!your just like on the theater, I am a stranger and I hope I help you.thank you ¬_¬ •_•

May 29, 2014
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I liked your idea and I will try to look at it in that way. Thanks (ps sorry everyone for posting my last comment so many times. The site told me it wasn't posting it. :O)

May 31, 2014
half asleep half awake ? HELP ME
by: Anonymous

Im 9nly 14 years old and i have these word dreams i feel light like a feather during my sleep or i feel alot og pressure . one of my dreams i was flyng I couldn't stop flying I try to wake my self up but I couldn't move or talk . ivwas feeling heavy nd ky heart beats fast . another dream i had while falling asleep i be laying in my bed nd feel my self getting heavy like someone pushinh dowm on me . i try to wake up but i can't i try to open my eyes but i see things moving nd spiders crawling on me or the walls i try to wake up but i feel STUCK wen i wake up i see nothings there and my head beggings to hurt idkaay whats going on but if anyone would like to give me solutions please reply and help me out thank uu

Jun 03, 2014
by: Rena

When I have these dreams that I cant wake up they really scare me. Every one I have I am asleep but I'm dreaming and in some way or another dying. In all the dreams I say to myself in them you gotta wake up or your going to die. I can't move or speak . The last one I had just last night there was a black shadow moving across the wall and over to me. It had hedge clippers and was cutting off my fingers and I couldn't stop it because I couldn't wake up or scream. I even felt the pain while it happened. Still scared when I woke up. It makes me breathe hard and my heart race. Are these types of dreams common too?

Jun 06, 2014
Somewhat different scenario, my partner is freaking
by: Anonymous

3 times in the past year my significant other has heard me dreaming, making odd sounds and has tried waking me, and not being able to wake me he has called 911 and I eventually wake to find a crew around my bed insisting I was not responsive and I have to go to the emergency room. Slowly I fully wake, feeling really groggy, and not dizzy or incoherent, fully functional, able to walk and dress myself. Cat scans and blood tests and 3 ER visits, I now think he has been trying to wake me out of a deep REM sleep. None of the DRs. even inquired about how long I had been asleep, or about my erratic sleep schedule each time this has happened..I can stay up 24 hours straight with no effort to get work done. What do you all think? I have tried to make him see there is nothing really wrong but he panics when I don't immediately wake when he wants me to. Appreciate and and all informed comments.

Jun 07, 2014
Dream and real world mashing up
by: Anonymous

I am 13 years old so this was pretty scary to me I was just having a normal dream I mean I could tell it was one and then it skipped to me in My room it was so so so realistic I was in a blacken and dark room I could only see the light from the crake of the door I feel asleep withe my headphones in and as I was laying ther unable to scream shout or move I couldn't then I started hearing staticky sound coming from my headphones then I saw a shawdo or apparition so I tryd to open my eyes and get up but I couldn't it's like I was trying to scream in my dream / sleep paralasis to wake my real life self up it felt like my dream and the real world wher mashing up and the I opened my eyes in the dream and then I woke up I started crying went to my mom and now I am weighting this

Jun 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

You Westerners are quite funny. The rest of the world acknowledges the existence of Jinns or whatever you call them in your culture, but you guys are so persistent in denying things like that, as if it would deny science. There are thousands and thousands of people of know they exist and are still scientists and doctors, etc. Most people outside of the US and Europe know where these night terrors come from.

Jinns are weaker than human beings, so they attack us when we are most vulnerable: when we are unconscious. So when you are sleeping. They appear to you in dreams, but that means they are next to you in real life.

We should never fear them, but the reality is that these experiences can be frightening. There are many ways to protect oneself from them. I urge people to look into Jinns. I am Muslim, and we all know about Jinns and the ways to protect ourselves from them. Christians and Jews also have ways, yet they are not really known (and Jinns are called demons or devils).

Or you can believe that you seeing someone barging into your room and choking you every night while you can not even move or wake up is just your brain playing tricks on you. Every night.

Look up Jinns, Roqia/Roqya, Islam and Jinns.

Jun 27, 2014
sleep paralysis
by: gutentagcdo

Thank you for the detailed information and explanation. I have experienced sleep paralysis with my entire life. I would dream being in the middle of a war. This is probably because our bedtime stories from our grandparents were recollections of their WW2 plight and the positive adventures they have with the American GI's.

I would dream that bullets and tanks will be following us, and being afraid to dying. I would tell myself that I am just dreaming and I would wake up. But then when I experienced this during my adult life. I would experienced strong heart palpitations as if I was gonna have a heart attack.

I would tell myself to wake up. My eyes awake and I can see the ceiling and the walls, but I cant move. Fear of heart attack made my heart palpitate more. So I learned to relax and let go of the fear and close my eyes. I actually return to sleep.

I tracted the instances when this sleep paralysis occurs. It seems that when I go to bed anxious and worried about something. I experience this. So I now practice letting go of my worries in life and say things like " all is well" as I crawled under my sheets. It has worked for several years now.

Jul 02, 2014
sleep paralysis
by: leslie

Last.. night i woke up because i couldnt breath, and i was just starring at the roof for a long time then i started to feel so scared and weak.

Jul 03, 2014
It seems worse
by: Lyssa

I have had similar dreams for aprox 20 yrs.. some lucid some repetitive.I know that I am not asleep the moment that I "awake" into an identical world because I am familiar with the way it "feels".I could always claw my partner, grunt or somehow alert him to wake me. Last night I screamed for what felt like hours and tried to viciously shake my partner, scratch him or anything. He said I never moved or made a sound until the end. He woke me believing I was having a seizure. I had been unconscious for 3 hours fighting to wake. This is the first in a couple years but the worst I recall. Is their any treatment that works?

Jul 14, 2014
Sorry it's late but,
by: Anonymous

What does it mean when while I am dreaming, I kind of experience what my body feels like while I was asleep? For example this one time I was dreaming, and then all of a sudden I felt my left foot get numb, and then when I woke up I realized I had shifted into some weird sleeping position, making my left foot feel numb. I don't know if it's something or nothing though.

Jul 15, 2014
Paralyzed Dreams
by: Nab

I haven't experienced a paralyzed dream for over a year.. I try to stay focus and not think about it.. too much thinking and worrying can have a major reaction and stress can bring it on... I just over look it.. don't dwell on it move on.. and you will notice once it doesn't scare you anymore it will go away.

Jul 21, 2014
Anxiety related
by: Rafael

Most people relate this sensation with paranormal events, which is wrong.

I have also been experiencing this since I was in college, to the point that started getting worried about it, so I decided to consult with doctors.

The answer is, anxiety and concerns. It started happening to me mostly, when I was during Finals and turning in projects. And it still happens when I have too much stress.

Doctors explanations, is that because you have a lot in things in your mind, you are commonly thinking about those concerns before going to sleep. What happens is that as you start falling asleep (as previously said in this forum, you are starting to fall in to REM) your body starts to "disconnect" from your brain, but your mind is still awake, aswell your hearing senses.

That is why you still can hear, and sometimes even see around, and you are kind of aware of whats going on in your environment, but you cannot move your body.

To avoid this, try to relax yourself before going to sleep, maybe reading a book, but avoid watching tv or listening to music, which are common causes of keeping you away from totally falling asleep.

I hope you find this comment as reliefing as I felt when doctors finally gave me a logical scientific or medical reason, instead of all the common reasons lots of forum in the Net talk about, ofently saying things about Incubus Sucubus and other paranormal things that will deprave you from sleeping even more.

Doctors say, it is really really common... And more nowadays with the stressful kind of living most people have daily (including myself)

Jul 25, 2014
what the what?
by: Dray

So ive recently been taking 25mg of Amitriptyline and suddenly im able to dream, and remember them. Btw, im taking med for a muscle relaxer. Anywho, i had an experience this AM ive yet to come across.
During my dream, i knew i was going to be attacked so i got a knife to defend myself. When i woke up i knew that instead of the knife it was my phone in my hand and i laughed a little. Pet my cat as he stirred beside me and got a cig and lit it. I was awake. Then the man from the dream came charging me from the hallway,he got about 3 ft from me, then darted towards my left and was gone. After i calmed a bit, i was thinking to my, ok it was just a false awakening, then i realized i was smoking the cig i lit when i was supposedly still dreaming. Can you make sense of that??

Jul 28, 2014
Strange happenings
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend and his mother have been experiencing something similar in the last several months. Most of the conditions are the same in which they see her son, my boyfriends brother, who has been dead for several years. They turn to speak to him and wake in the next moment. When they wake, they have racing hearts, tense chests and can't open their eyes no matter how hard they try for several minutes. They then hear what sounds like three gun shots and look out the window to see two cars racing off all three times. I myself have heard the three bangs but it lead to nothing serious in the end. What I want to know is if maybe this same form of sleep paralysis can happen between people who are close. I've never heard of anything like this happening before. Could it be that seeing their loved one puts them in this paralysis even though they believe he is there to warn them of some danger? And if it keeps happening should they seek help?

Sep 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I fall asleep but when I wake up im still in my dream and cant move and I know im dreaming but I cant wake and I cant speak yell or do anything then I feel like theres some one there and I onow I csn ro anything. Some time like a shadow grabs me and shakes me and just so scared im 20 years old I dont know what to do.

Sep 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I fall asleep but when I wake up im still in my dream and cant move and I know im dreaming but I cant wake and I cant speak yell or do anything then I feel like theres some one there and I onow I csn ro anything. Some time like a shadow grabs me and shakes me and just so scared im 20 years old I dont know what to do.

Sep 06, 2014
Astral Projection
by: Anonymous

this is all astral projection and the entities you are seeing are more concious than us and realer than this simple dimension, it depends on your vibrational frequency on what entities you see. just be a positive person. these negative entities feed off the energy you release while in a fear state. so raise your vibration with love and light and happy travels!

Sep 29, 2014
Same here
by: Anonymous

Mine are exactly the same as that, but I'm yelling and moaning while in this transition and feel like a presence is over me at the same time.

Oct 11, 2014
Extremely Realistic Dream
by: Anonymous

Everytime I party and drink alcohol, I have extremely Realistic Dream about the party. Then I wake up and think about the dream. And sometimes I get confused for example. I think did I say that at the party or did that happen at the party or was it in my dream. Is this normal or should I go to a doctor. .

Oct 14, 2014
Everytime. Why shadow's, why?!
by: A pissed off person

This happens every damn time, every time i try to lucid dream i sleep and i successfully enter it but i see myself being pulled or terrorised by dark beings. These dark beings look like

1. Looked like a cloaked shade, no human just point black and was pulling towards me after i opened my door while trying to lock it.

2. I was in my bed and i felt something trying to climb up, i kept kicking it out and tried to escape since i knew what i was dealing with but i hurt myself and was shocked that nothing happened. I tried to scream and escaped.

3. Horned man thingy pulling me towards it. Dead bodies are near it while i'm in a dark room with it.

And if it helps as a kid in new years i saw this shadow person in my kitchen (The lights weren't lit) i saw somebody, totally black blank and with a hood and was just looking towards me. Didin't even move just staring scared me. I asked my mother if she knew and she just regarded it as my imagination. But that wasn't imagination, imagination dosen't give you the feel of fear and wanting to escape.


Nov 03, 2014
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

"Jul 03, 2014
It seems worse
by: Lyssa

Last night I screamed for what felt like hours and tried to viciously shake my partner, scratch him or anything. He said I never moved or made a sound until the end. He woke me believing I was having a seizure. I had been unconscious for 3 hours fighting to wake. This is the first in a couple years but the worst I recall. Is their any treatment that works?"

Lyssa I can totally relate. It's truly awful. Have you managed to get any help? I am still trying...
I've tried so hard to wake up i have even fallen and hurt myself in varying degrees, ended up at A&E on the worst one...

Nov 26, 2014
stopping breathing NEW
by: lilian

I can relate to so many of these comments. I do actually stop breathing sometimes and one time, even though paralysed tried to hit my husband to wake him up so he could wake me so I could take a breath. Whilst "asleep" I'm telling myself to take a breath but can't. I managed once to wake my husband and he woke up wondering what on earth was going on! I have just woken from yet another hallucination of me wondering if I'm awake or not, but telling myself my bedrooms not right so I'm still asleep. It's tiring!

Nov 26, 2014
stopping breathing NEW
by: lilian

I can relate to so many of these comments. I do actually stop breathing sometimes and one time, even though paralysed tried to hit my husband to wake him up so he could wake me so I could take a breath. Whilst "asleep" I'm telling myself to take a breath but can't. I managed once to wake my husband and he woke up wondering what on earth was going on! I have just woken from yet another hallucination of me wondering if I'm awake or not, but telling myself my bedrooms not right so I'm still asleep. It's tiring!

Dec 01, 2014
Evil face NEW
by: Anonymous

I've just woken up from what i know now was a dream now I'm awake
So I was lay on my back in bed and and could hear what seemed to be music from my house mates room I was thinking I can't remember the telly being on then a dark face (devil face) with white eyes came fastly in front of my face an laughed evil at me it scared me and I couldn't move or talk and i was just lay there while it was center meters from my face I tryed to talk an was thinking wake up wake up an j awake already as my room looked how it would in the dark no changes then got angry and said what you looking at you (#*#^) and it diserpieted and I woke up as I was speaking out loud
I'm so confused !!

Dec 01, 2014
Evil face NEW
by: Anonymous

I've just woken up from what i know now was a dream now I'm awake
So I was lay on my back in bed and and could hear what seemed to be music from my house mates room I was thinking I can't remember the telly being on then a dark face (devil face) with white eyes came fastly in front of my face an laughed evil at me it scared me and I couldn't move or talk and i was just lay there while it was center meters from my face I tryed to talk an was thinking wake up wake up an j awake already as my room looked how it would in the dark no changes then got angry and said what you looking at you (#*#^) and it diserpieted and I woke up as I was speaking out loud
I'm so confused !!

Dec 14, 2014
fighting to wake up... NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had dreams where i know i am dreaming, they are normally nightmares, i try to wake up, find that i do awake, only to find that i am still in the dream trying to wake up. I normally awake again, only to find i am yet again still in that same nightmare... It normally takes a few attempts to fight my way out of it... Any thoughts..?

Dec 24, 2014
Dreamt of multiple deaths. A dream within a dream within a dream, followed by paralysis! NEW
by: Tiffany

I just awoke from a dream where the setting was current (this evening) my boyfriend, my son and my clothes were exactly what we are wearing right now even the sheets were the same and this was consistent in all three dreams. The first dream involved my deceased dog (i was extremely attached to him). I knew in my dream it was his last night to live so i placed him in our bed for one last nice sleep. That dream transition into me "awakening" to my 8 1/2 month old son with his face covered in red bumps and slowed breathing i shot up to get my boyfriend and screamed lets go to the emergency room now! Then my son stopped breathing in my arms and i screamed call 911 over and over. Then the dream transitioned into my boyfriend, my son and myself in bed and i was telling him about this crazy dream we both stood up hplding hands and he said it's ok hes ok...we're dead. Then we were all back in bed together i could feel my life drain at the part when life went black i was "awake" i thought i was screaming and hitting my boyfriend to wake me but realized i couldnt move or speak or even hear. I then was able to begin quietly begging to be woken up. After however long i could hear him say you are awake and asking what am i talking about. At that point i must have woken my son who started moving which finally woke me. The lofe slipping from me felt so real...all of it did but particularly that part. Please someone help i am terrified to go to sleep. I have had paralysis many times before, however this was entirely different.

Jan 21, 2015
My weird scary dream NEW
by: Tyler

I hade a certant dream when i was little kid many times and rarely do now. I wake up on the floor of a realy tall work building and i decide to go down to the 1st floor and on my way down many vary VARY Scary things, people, and places. Also at the end i get to control my dream but i can't control the entire dream. Is that normal for my little me dream.

Jan 21, 2015
My weird scary dream NEW
by: Tyler

I hade a certant dream when i was little kid many times and rarely do now. I wake up on the floor of a realy tall work building and i decide to go down to the 1st floor and on my way down many vary VARY Scary things, people, and places. Also at the end i get to control my dream but i can't control the entire dream. Is that normal for my little me dream.

Jan 29, 2015
Is this dangerous? NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys! I literally just woke up and searched the internet to know if what happened to me was dangerous. I really don't know if I was dreaming or not but I had the same experience with the person that opened the topic. I was forcing my eyes to open then i can hear sounds that seems like someone is walking in my room then I saw a girl that was a burglar and I really can't stand up because I was so sleepy and my eyes kept on closing even though I'm already forcing myself to be awake. After a moment I woke up (real world haha) then the sounds that I had in my dreams were actually there but it's from a plastic that was in my room and I'm so surprised because what my room looked like in my dreams was literally how it is when I woke up. I am really scared because I got confused if I was really dreaming or not.
Is this dangerous? Is there a possibility that if ever this happen again I won't be able to wake up?

Feb 16, 2015
Please Help NEW
by: Aaron P

I know I couldn't wake up from my dream but that's not the freaky part. I was stuck in my actual bed with a uninvited guest. They had a knife and was trying to kill me but somehow I took the knife and stabbed them in the head. (This is when it gets a little crazy). They were still alive and I couldn't say nothing (while I was trying to wake up), my breathing became heavy and my body became stiff. When I finally got free and was able to open my eyes I seen two strange looking heads beside me. The heads were not of this world and I think that's what was holding me down. PLEASE EXPLAIN PLEASE HELP ... I AM NOT LYING I REALLY SAW THIS

Mar 07, 2015
Confused and Paralyzed During Dreams While Waking Up NEW
by: antony

I had the same type of dreams in the age of 28, now I am 39. Those days I had very lack of sleep. So whenever I sleep. I will have very deep sleep (of course I will be very tired when I got to bed) then latter stage when I try to wake up I could feel that someone is holding me down to the bed.. I take my all power to come out of from the sleep..
Latter I understand that, sometimes if we sleep when we are very tired then this kind of experience we will have. So sleep in time. Adopt a punctual life.. Pray every day to the God you believe..
You will see the things are changing and getting peaceful sleep...
I am taking from my own experience...
Thanking you all..
God bless you all...

Mar 09, 2015
Suffocating Fear NEW
by: x

I have had these sporadically throughout life and always thought they were just random nightmares. my boyfriend would say it's sleep paralysis but I always assured I never experienced SP because I thought my eyes had to be open. well I've oddly had 5 instances of it in the last few days and decided to research it and found this site. oh my god I've never read so many accounts of exactly how I feel! mine usually have scary "themes" (almost being raped, monsters/creeps, drowning or dying), but even if they are benign (which is rarely but kept happening today) it is always the same terrifying feeling of fear washing over me, coming down on me. I can't breathe and I try to flail my arms or cry out for my boyfriend to shake me awake, which neither work of course. it feels like i need to "break through" out of the dream. they often accompany false awakenings. I suspect that I might actually stop breathing and that's what's triggering it? and then my brain panics. right now I am kind of scared to go to sleep because of the recent frequency. they really are the most terrifying feeling. My suggestion is to sleep on your side and see if that helps. I never knew this was a specific thing, makes it kind of creepier.

Mar 20, 2015
Thanks kevin NEW
by: Marcus

Thank you for explaining that to me. You see for the past 2 months or so I have been experiencing this and I'm constantly freaking out about it. Esspecially the first time it happened, the night that it did happen I wouldn't let myself go to sleep afterwords for two days and I did go to sleep on the third, but only because I know sleep deprevation is a bad thing. But yes It usually takes about 1-2 minutes before I can accualy move and open my eyes, and the way that I would do it is I would put all my concentration into moving my hand and lifting it up and hitting the bed.But I do have a question about this and that is does this affect the way you sleep. Like patterns or how long I can sleep. Or will it intern mess up my dreaming? Because latly I havnt been able to dream but when ever I do this happens to me and it still scares me. So if you can help me with anything I'd be very nice thank you. I also hope you understand what I'm asking.

Mar 30, 2015
battling these dreams for years NEW
by: Anonymous

For ten years on and off I suffered from falsely waking up in dreams, waking up while still dreaming, paralyzed or not, woke up to myself screaming, or fighting, sometimes throwing my poor cats. I'm 30 now, but 8 years ago I was told I had night terrors and violent sleep disorder after a sleep study. I found that to get out of any dream, alseep or awake, if I could get angry enough to scream aloud, it would wake me up. It takes a lot of determination. But it helps.

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