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Conversations While Waking Up You Don't Remember

by Cara
(Savannah, GA)

Hi, I've been suffering with some sort of problem for awhile, and i just need to know if I'm alone.

Having your eyes open and having a conversation with someone but not being awake could be categorized as sleepwalking, correct?

I can never wake up to alarms, so I have to have someone wake me up. And for example, nearly every morning after I do actually wake up and get out of bed, my mother or father will become angry with me, and blame me for things I haven't done that I supposedly said I would do. They will tell me that morning that we had a whole conversation about this, and go on telling me everything that was said and I can never recall any of it. This happens, like I said, nearly every morning.

I constantly get blamed for things and it's creating a wedge, and my parents think I'm faking it just to go back to sleep or get out of whatever it is they need me to do. I just need to know if this is some thing that other people suffer with or is it just me?

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Oct 31, 2015
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

You are not alone. At all. My boyfriend will claim that I have said certain things that I don't recall saying. My family says I do certain things that i don't remember doing. It is annoying because someone can take advantage of you and get really deep and secret information out of you without you knowing.Sleep talking went a ]way for a while, few years and recently started up again.

Dec 16, 2015
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I have conversations with my fiancée over the phone and dont remember them in the morning, and its causing real problems. I also used to do it when i lived with my grandparents. Do any of you by chance take anti-depressants? I do and i dont know if it could be a side affect.

Jun 22, 2016
Ur not the only one NEW
by: Anonymous

Im scared that people will ask me personal questions and uncover my secrets without me knowing and am desperately seeking medication or a cure

Jun 22, 2016
I don't take anti depressants NEW
by: Cara

To the commenter asking about anti depressants, it could be a side effect but I don't take them so it wouldn't be caused exclusively by that

Jul 09, 2016
I have this too NEW
by: Anonymous

This frequently happens to me, and it's resulted in things like missing appointments and other significant points of engagement as well as general frustration on the part of whoever I was talking to. I'll often say different things than I actually want, too; for example, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the lake and I said no. However, I had actually been looking forward to it and I was upset when I woke up and found out that they had left me behind. I take anti-depressants as well, and I can't remember this happening before I started them, so maybe it is a side-effect.

Aug 09, 2016
Me aswell NEW
by: Anonymous

My mum came up to say goodnight to me at midnight but I was awake and on my iPad however I remember switching my iPad off at 10 and going to sleep :O

Aug 27, 2016
Same! NEW
by: Anonymous

Sometimes on the weekends my mom will wake me up and I'll have full on rude conversations with her and not remember a thing.

Sep 05, 2016
Please help NEW
by: Anonymous

It used to happen when I drank. Now it happens sober. I wake up every so often usually in the first hour or two after falling asleep asking my girlfriend to.. do certain things... I am verbally aggressive and it is always the same topic and same 'conversation' always. I have no memories or control of doing this. It has happened at least 25 times. How can I fix this? Please help.

Sep 28, 2016
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

Probably in 2016 can't really explain
But my mom tried to wake me up for school because
I had some projects in science 3 projects.i woke up
and I looked to the watch and it was 10am
I was shocked and I missed school and it felt weird
And I told my mom: why did you not wake me up
THAT YOUR SLEEP!!.I said: I didn't felt that someone woke me up.she said: you opened your eyes and talked to me then you went back to sleep.i said: I swear I didn't remember any of this..
And then she got mad
My best day turned into the worst day ever.


Oct 31, 2016
by: Anonymous

something simular happened to me. My friend was sleeping over until her mom got from work and before i went to sleep i asked her to wake me up so i can walk her out. When i went to sleep i still had my clothes on from that night. She did wake me up from she left.....only i dont remember, and when i woke up i had pajamas on, like i put on every night, and this bugged me so i texted my friend and asked her what happened and did i wake up? and she said that she woke me up like i asked and then i got up and walked her out the house and waved her goodbye. and after i did this i must have but my pajamas on before i got back in bed. But the moral of the story is..... i dont remember a thing, it a complete blank

Nov 03, 2016
Same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

That happens to me too. My sister thinks that it's due to sleep deprivation. I don't know what is considered as sleep deprivation, but I get 4 or less hours every night. I am a really heavy sleeper and I have to be woken up by someone too. My sister wakes me up for school and I talk about getting ready and what I'll wear, then I fall back asleep and didn't remember any of it. This afternoon, I fell asleep, my mom woke me up and asked if I had homework and if I will wash the dishes. I guess that I said I didn't have any homework(I do) and that I will wash them. She's mad bc she said I lied, but I don't remember any of that. I'm worried that something is wrong with me too and idk what's happening bc everyone else always remembers shorts questions at night. And I can't remember full conversations in between naps at 3 pm.

Nov 28, 2016
Sleep amnesia or sleep drunkness? NEW
by: Out of hand

I'm so happy I'm not the only one. I've been trying to find out what it's called. I can only describe it as sleep amnesia. Yesterday before my mum and her friend went out I fell asleep. Next thing I know my mums friend is in the sitting room and my mums gone. My 4 year old brother opened the door which I always put a chain on. When my mum came back she said she woke me up before she left and that I was even sitting up. But I have no memory at all and this isn't the first time :(. The fact that my baby brother could have been at risk keeps troubling me.

Dec 20, 2016
Its weird NEW
by: Kim

In the morning, my mom would come wake me up and one time she said I yelled at her to leave my room... I don't remember. There would be other times she would wake me up or think she woke me up cuz my eyes would be open or sitting up in bed.I would go back to sleep and later on wake up confused...i don't sleep walk but the weirdest thing happened. I set my alarm for school and I either slept through it or I got up and turned it off. I have to actually get up to turn it off and my mom said it sounded like I turned it off but I don't remember.

Dec 20, 2016
Remembering the next day NEW
by: Anonymous

I must have been sleeping, but the next day I remembered something my roomate said to me. It was his voice saying something to me, but can't remember when he said it to me. I remembered a lot of what he said.
How strange is that?

Jan 08, 2017
Strange voice I remembered the next day NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had the same experience, but the roomate said sexual things to me in nature and it was his voice and think I even saw him standing next to me with his genitalia out and saying sexual things to me. But when I'm awake, he is the perfect gentleman. I can't be making these things up. It's so strange. I swear he was standing next to me touching my privates and having an erection. When this all started, he just talked to me,
now he is touching me when I sleep. So strange. I'm almost positive this occurred. Should I be concerned?

Jan 09, 2017
Me too NEW
by: Rockeremoprincess

I don't take anti depressant. But I've had this my whole life. I'd swing into random fits and tantrums and piss off anyone that wakes me up. Love to know y and how to stop it since it's upsetting the people I love

Jan 22, 2017
Same happens to me NEW
by: Anonymous

My mum always says she wakes me up in the morning and I have a full out conversation with her. Thing is I don't even remember any of this. I'm a heavy sleeper and have never woke to an alarm in my life!

Jan 23, 2017
Omg Same!! NEW
by: Anonymous

6 alarms on my phone supposedly go off, but they never wake me up, and when I eventually wake up it says that they're snoozing and it has X minutes remaining. My parents say they don't turn it off ?? How does this happen? Also my parents always ask me things in the morning and I never remmeber what it is and they'll follow up on it and I'll have no idea what they're talking about... like yesterday I took a nap and they woke me up and apparently; they asked if I wanted peas with my dinner and I said yes ? Like wtf I hate peas. And then they asked if I wanted them frozen or cooked and I said cooked. Then I later got mad at them cause they cooked me peas and they were like "you said you wanted peas". Wtf ?? Help lol

I think it's called "sleep drunkness" I researched it. Apparently 84% of people who had it in some study also had a mental illness of some kind which is interesting

Jan 23, 2017
Omg same !! NEW
by: Anonymous

6 alarms on my phone supposedly go off, but they never wake me up, and when I eventually wake up it says that they're snoozing and it has X minutes remaining. My parents say they don't turn it off ?? How does this happen? Also my parents always ask me things in the morning and I never remmeber what it is and they'll follow up on it and I'll have no idea what they're talking about... like yesterday I took a nap and they woke me up and apparently; they asked if I wanted peas with my dinner and I said yes ? Like wtf I hate peas. And then they asked if I wanted them frozen or cooked and I said cooked. Then I later got mad at them cause they cooked me peas and they were like "you said you wanted peas". Wtf ?? Help lol

I think it's called "sleep drunkness" I researched it. Apparently 84% of people who had it in some study also had a mental illness of some kind which is interesting. Apparently 1 in 7 suffer from "sleep drunkness". I don't get WHY though. Also is there medication for this ?? :( :)


Jan 23, 2017
Oops NEW
by: Anonymous

Crap it sent the same thing twice but the first one is different..... ignore the first one.

Jan 27, 2017
I am not alone on this NEW
by: Jon

I am 34yrs old and I have been having this same problem my whole life. When I was young my father would try to wake me during the summer and tell me to cut the grass. I would look at him with eyes open and reply. I wouldn't remember the conversation when he got home. Once I even took a swing at my mother in my sleep. To this day I have this problem with my wife. Sometimes I get the evil eye for things I say to her in my sleep or trying to wake up. She knows I have this problem which helps some. Knowing that I am not alone here is great to know. Wish someone could find a solution to this problem for us.

Mar 08, 2017
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I often do this as well. I will start conversations on the phone with my mom and in my sleep and come into consciousness half way through . This has started many arguments between us, because I guess I'm a real jerk in my sleep. I have also gotten up from were I fell asleep and walked to my bed and not remembered it at all the next morning. I thought maybe sleep-walking, but that apparently only really occurs in young children. I'm at a loss at this point.

Mar 13, 2017
The psychological study NEW
by: Anonymous

The study, out Monday in the journal Neurology, says one in every seven people suffer from sleep "drunkenness" disorder, also called confusional arousal.

Confusional arousal is when a person wakes up and remains in a confused state for a certain period of time before either going back to sleep or fully waking up.
These episodes typically happen, according to the National Institutes of Health, when someone is awakened during non-rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is a deeper sleep period. And they’re usually triggered by a forced awakening, like an alarm or phone call.

The study authors had more than 19,000 adults fill out a survey about their sleeping habits. They found 15.2% of the participants experienced one episode of confusional arousal during the past year.

Dr. Maurice Ohayon, lead study author and a sleep expert at Stanford University, was surprised by the substantial percentage. When he looked carefully, he says, he found over half of these participants have "confusional arousal one time or more a week, and that is considerable."

What’s even more interesting, says Ohayon, is how long confusional arousal seems to last. While more than one third of the participants who experienced episodes once a week reported they lasted under 5 minutes, 32.3% of people said their episodes lasted between 5 and 15 minutes and 30% of people experienced episodes lasting 15 minutes or more.

If someone is experiencing these episodes, they need to let their doctors know, says Ohayon. An episode can cause violent behavior during sleep, according to the study.

Apr 04, 2017
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had this all my life and I am 35 now. Mostly I have conversations with people and not remember anything.I sometimes sit on the bed in the middle of night and then go back to sleep. I have even had complicated work related conversations during sleep without any recollection. Yesterday, however I drank a whole glass of hot milk and can't remember.I have never taken antidepressant. This happens to me generally when I have not slept enough for a few days.

Apr 06, 2017
Thank God I'm not alone NEW
by: L.A.

I have always talked in my sleep, but only here and there, but for the past 2 weeks I have had conversations on the phone or have told my sister or mom that I'd do something for them. Then when they'd remind me, I don't remember a thing!!!Even with the phone conversations, I told my sister that I did speak to her, but my phone showed that I did. I'm so happy to know that I'm not alone, but honestly I'm scared, because although I'm not alone, I still have yet to find out why this happens to me. I also have outer body experiences, but that's another story for another day. If anyone knows or has found help, please let me know!! Thank you.

Apr 06, 2017
Thank God I'm not alone NEW
by: L.A.

I have always talked in my sleep, but only here and there, but for the past 2 weeks I have had conversations on the phone or have told my sister or mom that I'd do something for them. Then when they'd remind me, I don't remember a thing!!!Even with the phone conversations, I told my sister that I did speak to her, but my phone showed that I did. I'm so happy to know that I'm not alone, but honestly I'm scared, because although I'm not alone, I still have yet to find out why this happens to me. I also have outer body experiences, but that's another story for another day. If anyone knows or has found help, please let me know!! Thank you.

May 04, 2017
This can't go on! NEW
by: Anonymous

When I am woken up with a phone call, or after my alarm wakes me but fall back to sleep, I will be able to have a rational conversation with someone on the phone. For instance, today my father called and we made plans to have lunch. I woke up an hour later, realizing I had talked to Dad, but no memory of the specifics of the talk. I had to call him back and he was furious. He was in the parking lot outside the restaurant and I was late!

This happens fairly frequently. I do have sleep apnea, but sleep well.

However, I will be starting a new job where I will be on call at times. I might get a call in the middle of the night and need to respond?

What the hell can I do stop this????

May 09, 2017
me too NEW
by: Anonymous

last night I was asleep and my mom got home like at 10 cause she works at a restaurant and when she came to check if I was asleep she turned on the light I jumped up and said who are you but I saw her and I still said it in the morning when my mom told me i was so scared cause like why wouldn't I remember her she said I was half asleep and half awake but I don't remember anything at all

May 11, 2017
You are not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't take any medication so I know that is not what is causing this problem. Just this morning I shut off my alarm for school and ended up being late. My mom even said she woke me up and I looked right at her and said ok. I need to know why this is happening. I am tired of not knowing I said something and do not want to tell someone something I don't want them to know. I am only 11 by the way. If you know what is happening to me plz help.

May 11, 2017
Same exact problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes you basically just explained my exact problem. I also kind of feel that is if it makes me in a bad mood In the morning when I'm just trying to have a good sleep that I hardly get and I wake up to my mom trying to tell me to do something

May 15, 2017
This literally just happened to me. NEW
by: Anonymous

My dad always wakes me up from school and i usually wake up but this time he said he woke me up and apparently i had a conversation with him but my mom just woke me up and hour later and now im too late for school And my mom beat my ass

May 24, 2017
Waking up and not knowing it NEW
by: Bre

Lately I have been woken up by my aunt in the mornings but I don't remember getting woke up by her. Therefore, when my uncle comes to wake me up for work, he gets mad at me. I don't why this happens and he thinks I'm lying when I say that I don't remember getting woken up. It's actually scaring me bc it's becoming a common thing. Is there something really wrong with me???

Jun 01, 2017
I need help please NEW
by: Scared and confused

If someone tyres to wake me in anyway soft kiss sexualfun anything touch I wake and react violently and verbally abusive and I have absolutely no memories of this. I am afraid for my children and wife it has been hard on my wife the most I will say things I'd never say be so mean with my words and according to get there is pure hatred and anger In my eyes please this been on going for many year help me

Jun 06, 2017
I'm really mad NEW
by: Anonymous

Omg this happened to me. My mom told me she called and asked if I wanted anything to eat and I said no. I don't recall this happening, and now she's mad at me cause I told her I want something even though she already asked me. I looked at my call log on my phone and it said I talked to her but I don't remember a thing.

Jun 17, 2017
Same! NEW
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me more than once. My mom even said I talked to her with my eyes opened. I don't remember even waking up. Does it happen when you're exhausted or overwhelmed? I saw a comment about being drunk but I'm not even old enough yet. It's strange. I was worried about it so I searched it up and found this.

Jun 18, 2017
I have the same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Sometimes on the morning my mom would wake me up and asks me a question and she says i woke up and said no, she even says my eyes where open. This really annoying because i keep missing out on good things and sometimes it makes me ate for school as i am 15 and almost 16. I just wish it would stop.

Jul 05, 2017
by: Steve

Happens always when I get woken up, my mom brought me the phone I apparently had a entire conversation with my friend. I woke up wondered how the phone got to me

Jul 12, 2017
this isn't your fault, I do to NEW
by: Spencer Bain

Me to!! It is the worst! It isn't your fault. The brain has a hard time comprehending just after long rest. Going from sleep straight to working the brain in real world is harder. So if they wake you up, then give you five or so minutes then you will actually remember.when my parents wake me up they now know not to talk to me for a little bit. I won't remember it! I'm glad someone else has this to.

Jul 29, 2017
Me to just this moorning NEW
by: Anonymous

I woke up in a seated position talking to my father but i dont remeber being awake at all and the other case it was 12:55 am and i was in a seated position i mean how could that be i mean
How could i seat in bed asleep while gravity would pull me down if i was asleep but it seems that i was i wake but so little i remember

Sep 23, 2017
I have the same issue NEW
by: Anonymous

It's happened twice now so I came here, at least I'm not the only person with this issue. I'm a tired person and tend to sleep a lot but I was really freaked out when it happened. Apparently my sibling woke me up saying that dinner was ready. I was sitting up in bed with my eyes open (as I have been told) I told my sibling I didn't want any. My sister then decided to reiterate her point and more strongly said that dinner was ready and I should eat.To which I apparently very rudely told her to piss off and that I wasn't hungry. which is strange because I later went downstairs to explain I was hungry and my father told me that I should of eaten dinner and I told he shouldv'e let me know he was eating. He then told me he had. I don't remember anything from my conversation. Any help?

Oct 03, 2017
I have the same issue, but know a “cheat” NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I once got out of bed answered the phone in another room and talked to my sister for at least 20 min then went back to bed. The only reason I know this happened was my mom asking led me how my conversation went (she had talked to my sister later). I had no idea what she was talking about.
That was not the only time, this happens to me a lot, but fortunately for me my parents believed me. My dad, to insure that I was awake would ask me semi complicated math questions. Math is one thing that you cannot do in your sleep. Things like 2+2 won’t work because most people know that by rote memory, but 252-176 would since you have to think about it.
When one of these episodes happen and he would ask me a math question I’ll be either forced awake(and will actually remember some of what we talked about) or won’t answer at all and my dad would shake me awake and try again.

Oct 27, 2017
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m a high school student and I feel you. Omg! I knew for myself that I was talking and having a conversation with someone else, for example my grandma earlier. I checked the time rn and it’s 9pm. I probably slept @7 because I’m so tired cause of school. I can’t get enough sleep. I haven’t even done my homework cause I’m so tired. So I’m here thinking rn that probably because I’m so tired.

Nov 09, 2017
Scared NEW
by: Jessica

I recently was told I told my boyfriend to sleep somewhere else and I deserve better. I've never had theses thoughts before and he said I looked awake. It really scared me cause I don't remember anything and don't know why I would say that.

Nov 24, 2017
is there a cure for this? NEW
by: Anonymous

I was interested to see these comments as my son does the same and it can have bad consequences. Does anyone know what to do about this?

Nov 26, 2017
I do work when I sleep NEW
by: Same

Every morning I feel fatigued, it seems I get up in the night and start working on my pc, for example I draw things in Photoshop or continue programming some projects, but I don't recall ever doing this or that. What worries me the most is that whatever I draw or make is disturbing.
I have this in school aswell, I suddenly "wake up" and if I ask someone what I just did they just said I was acting strange and unnatural

Nov 27, 2017
I have that too. NEW
by: Anonymous

My dad woke me up twice this morning. I only remember my dad wake me up once.

Nov 30, 2017
Rare occurrence s NEW
by: Anonymous

During night on holiday I fell asleep, after waking up
My friend said that he had woke me up and we had big conversations that lasted 15 minutes and he apperntly showed me a video of which I don’t remember my sister has the same problem and my mother knows about it so it isn’t anything serious plus I don’t walk around I just stay in the bed but it is still interesting that I can have full conversations with people

Dec 10, 2017
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

This happens to me a lot.
My boyfriend often goes to bed a few hours after me, and he claims that I wake up, and that we talk. Sometimes a few words but mostly we have half-long conversations before either of us falls asleep.

It happened when i was growing up as well. My mom would wake me in the mornings, or when she came home from work in the evenings.

No matter how hard I try I can never seem to remember even a tiny bit? I remember going to sleep at night, and then waking up in the morning to my alarm. But all these supposedly 'long conversations'? Nothing.

I'm not even a heavy sleeper or anything.
I do take antidepressants though, but these things happened even before that.

I might ask my boyfriend to do the math trick to check if I'm actually awake next time.

Dec 20, 2017
Lack of sleep - Sleep drunkenness NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a very regular occurrence for me, I believe it is called "Sleep Drunkenness".
I have had trouble waking up all my life, with countless fights with parents/siblings/friends about unusually rude things I said or promised to do in the morning that have I then have no recollection of.
I used to have trouble with daily routines and waking up to an alarm clock, but have long since adapted to get by. My solution was to buy a particularly loud alarm clock and place it in a safe next to my bed. The time it takes for me to open the safe is long enough for my sleep drunkenness to wear off so I will again be in a rational state of mind and won't go back to sleep or forget that I ever turned it off like I do with ordinary alarms.
I have found that lack of sleep makes it somewhat worse, and having a specific time I wake up regularly makes it somewhat better.

Jan 28, 2018
Constantly NEW
by: Anonymous

I still go to school and so I have my mom wake me up because alarms just don't work for me at all. She always gets mad at me because I have a conversation with her and I don't even remember having the conversation in the first place. It has had such an effect on my life that I ever have nightmares where I do or say something that I don't remember doing/saying, and I get abused or executed for that.

Feb 19, 2018
Same for me NEW
by: Anonymous

Just this morning my mom said that she came in to wake me up for work because I don’t like alarms. She said that I sat up and told her okay and had the lights on and everything. I don’t remember even saying anything to her or even waking up. The only thing that I remember she ran into my room and yelled at me and told me that I was late for work.

Mar 01, 2018
Phone calls for hours and no memory NEW
by: Anonymous

So three days ago I was really upset and needed to call my boyfriend but, he was busy so I fell asleep after asking him to call me even if I was asleep. He did after I was asleep for about 2 hours and we talked for almost 3 hours until the call ends. I woke up an hour later super upset with him for not calling me,but he and my call logs say that we did call. He says I was super duper sweet and we made up for fighting, but I have no memory of it so I thought he didn't care about me.
Last night its the same thing, I ask him to wake me up so we can talk and it last 1 and a half hours and I was sweet. wake up 2 hours later upset he didn't call, but again we did.
This is really messing with me, I really need to remember those sweet conversations because of hard times I'm going through and waking up feeling unwanted and alone is wearing on me.

Mar 04, 2018
Have had this problem for years NEW
by: Anonymous

SO glad I found this. This has been going on since I was at least 10 years old (I'm 22). It's so bad that it genuinely concerns my mother.

I'm a heavy sleeper so I always kind of assumed it had something to do with that. I have trouble with alarms and need to set multiple alarms and hope that my asshole half-asleep alter ego doesn't just turn them off and go back to sleep. When someone wakes me up I can get really pissy and have taken swings a few times. It sucks cause it genuinely doesn't feel like it was me and I have no recollection of it but when I do wake up the person is angry at me for it. Or angry because I didn't do something I said I would while in that state. It's so strange that I must be that convincingly awake for people to take what I say seriously and assume I'm in a normal state of mind.

One of the worst instances was when my mom woke me up to tell me that my uncle had suddenly died. I don't know what I said at the time but I went back to sleep. I woke up with a feeling of dread but had no idea what had happened. You would think something like that would wake you up but I didn't and I felt really guilty about it.

Creeps me out that this is a form of Parasomnia. I was watching a documentary about sleepwalking and thinking 'thank god I only did that when I was little'. And then I realized that this isn't far off from that. I'm at least glad that I'm not the only one with this problem.

Mar 10, 2018
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I have this to and my mom always tells me I yelled ,cried, argued with her and I never remembered. She always gets mad for these things and I don’t remember me doing anything

Apr 10, 2018
Hi im 11 and ever since that happed to me i wake up at 5:00 am for school and some times my mom wakes me up and i dont remember then later i wake up to my late alarm and in a rush to Catch the bus and NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi im 11 and i have to wake up at 5:00 A.M
In the morning to catch the bus for school and some times i sleep though my alarm so my mom wakea me up and i dont remeber and thrn wake up to my
Mom going in my room and saying im going to be late for the bus and me saying y didn't she wake me up then my mom says that she fid and she doesn't belive me i cant belive im not the only one

Apr 28, 2018
Me too NEW

Sometimes, people will ask me if i wanna do something when waking up. I wanna do said thing, but my sleepy brain just says no to the thing and i also dont remember ever saying no or actually saying anything. Its annoying and its really bad.

May 14, 2018
Same deal and more (zombie sex) NEW
by: Anonymous

Yeah I apparently do this also. I have also had conversations when people call me when I sleep that I don’t remember.
When I used to work odd hour with little sleep which I would take naps between jobs, I would drive without knowing to home or to a job and could come to mid conversation with someone. The drives could be a few 100 miles with no recollection and with no incident.
When I’m talking and functioning in this state people couldn’t even tell.
Now this is the strange bit.... I would also try it on with my girlfriend in the middle of the night.... apparently she can tell that I’m not the real me/ sleep awake mode because I’m a much nicer person and more passionate ( which to be honest my normal mode is I’m a bit of a bastard) again sometimes I would wake up in the middle of proceedings ( not a bad way to wake up) and sometimes I wouldn’t remember a thing and be told next day. I told a mate about this and we have come up with the terminology Zombie sex.

Jun 16, 2018
Sameee NEW
by: Anonymous

This morning my mom told me I got up @ 6:00 am and walked out of my room claiming there was a spider on my ceiling ( got a fear of spiders ) and 1 there was not spider and 2 I just went back to sleep and I don’t remember any of this and sometimes I try and fight my family in my sleep when they wake me up weird right lmaooo!!!!

Jun 17, 2018
Forgetting someone died NEW
by: Anonymous

I had basically the same experience as anon a few comments up. Dealt with sleep drunkenness most my life. Was told a loved one had passed early in the morning so of course I had no recollection. However I also had the feeling of dread you mentioned.

Perhaps we do keep a very vague memory of it? If our minds treat these encounters like dreams it would make sense for some other situations I've been in too. Most times I completely forget, sometimes I wake up with a feeling that something happened but the memory slips away fast, both of these are just like dreams. When waking up I have also asked people "did X happen or was that a dream?" a few times but perhaps thats something else.

Not sure, thoughts anyone?

Jun 24, 2018
Thank God Someone Else Does This NEW
by: Anonymous

I get usually little to no sleep at night. When I do, I usually get about 4-5 hours of sleep. I have those days when my mom will wake me up for school, or ask me if I need something. But, like you I have no recollection of it. One day I was supposed to go see someone I haven’t seen in forever at 1:00 p.m. I got about 6 hours of sleep that night, however I still fell asleep during the day. My dad woke me up at three, and supposedly I got up, talked to him, and was about to get ready. But then, I fell back alseep, and woke up hours later not remembering a thing.

Jun 29, 2018
Depression NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was probably 14 or 15 this used to happen to me all the time. I would come home from school and immediately fall asleep, while my parents and sister would say they would wake me up for dinner and I would come out, eat, and have full blow conversations. The next day I would come out and ask what we had for dinner last night and we would all proceed to be very confused lmao. At the time, this was also the height of my depression and my sleeping habits were severely fucked bc of it so I just attributed it to that or some form of sleep walking. I'm 20 now and haven't experienced it since then and I'm not sure why completely bc my sleeping habits are just as fucked as they were then???

Aug 01, 2018
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

The same happens but alarms will wake me up my sister told me that she gave me a cup of water like 3 am I don’t remember it at and my mother said that I was up 3 am last night and could not fall asleep but I went to bed 12 am and never woke up again till 9 am or I was up idk

Aug 20, 2018
Not remembering things NEW
by: Anonymous

So, I have chronic pain and take something to help with nerve pain, and I previously took anti-depressants as well. We stopped the anti-depressants because we thought they were affecting my sleep and personality. I took them to help me sleep at night because they were supposed to help me relax through the pain. I’ve been off of them for a week, but I still have the same issues.

I get woken up by my parents after I sleep through my alarm, they have a full conversation with me about the day, I fall back asleep, and then wake up when it’s time to go wondering why no one woke me up. I never remember the conversation, or the things I say. This happens whether I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep, or two hours of sleep. My parents think I can control it, but that I choose not to. That could not be further from the case. I have no idea why this happens and most of the time, I don’t even control if I go back to sleep. I see that there are a lot of people like this, but I just want to know what’s wrong and if there’s a way to fix it??

Aug 29, 2018
by: Anonymous

I think some of you guys who are having lengthy memory gaps might have Dissociative Identity Disorder. A lot of people don't even realize they have it, and only begin to notice something is wrong because of memory gaps. There's some good videos on YouTube where people describe their experiences with it.

Oct 14, 2018
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

My sister says that anytime I wake up, I have a blank expression on my face and start talking gibberish. Or that’s what we think anyways. She takes videos of it sometimes and I just have red eyes and talking like, "" I don’t even remember it though. I dont reply correctly anytime someone asks me something, I just continue talking gibberish. But I do follow directions like when I was asked to turn on the light, I actually did it....and I don’t remember it.

Nov 15, 2018
Sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

I have same exact thing but imagine your parents emotionally beating you down and giving you shit. Taking away all your things because "I don't listen and wake up." Then just doesn't help you anymore and you have to try your hardest to wake up but it never works out as you plan and you miss a couple days of school. Mom doesn't talk to me anymore all because of this and she thinks i'm disrespecting her so she punishes me and leaves without even trying to wake me up for school. I want to kill myself..

Nov 29, 2018
Saying things while asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Yeah this happens with me, when my mum comes in and asks me something, I am still half asleep, she said that she came in this morning to ask me if I was working and I just said "LET ME SLEEP". A few times she came in and ask me something and I would just agree and say "yes yes yes OK ok" and then when she says it's time to go I won't know what she's talking about. I also tend to be pissed off when Im woken up, a few times when my boyfriend tried to wake me up for work I kicked him, I also said GO Away when he tried to kiss me before he left, then when he tells me later I feel kinda bad

Dec 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

Once my mom said she woke me up cause she just came back from the store with my brother.She said she gave lot of candy and Oreos and I hand fed my self and talked for about and hour woke the next day didnt remember a thing.

Jan 25, 2019
Same, it sucks
by: Wes

Apparently I wake up sometimes and get on my phone and say things to people I wouldn’t or shouldn’t or talk to people I have no interest in talking to and it gets me in trouble with my fiancee, sometimes I’m verbally abusive to my fiancee and I wake up and she’s not there or is pissed off all day and I have no idea why. Some days I cringe when checking my phone in the morning praying it hasn’t happened again, it’s so embarrassing.. I’m not sure how often I do it but to my knowledge it started almost a year ago and has happened once every month or two. I just want it to stop because the things I do in my sleep I would never do while I’m awake it’s like I’m a different person and it’s causing problems and embarsssment in both sides of my relationship.

Jan 28, 2019
Really annoying
by: Anonymous

This keeps happening to me also, my sister will wake me up (I NEED to get up every morning) and then I later on she will wake me again but I don’t know that she had woken me before. Later in the day she will often tell me what happened but I had no idea, as far as I know the second, third, fourth time I woke up is the only time I woke up. This makes is very hard for me because I know it annoys my sister, but there is nothing I can do.

Feb 07, 2019
Scared NEW
by: Anonymous

Same! My family just had to lightly wake me up and I'll be awake having stupid conversations with open eyes and moving around. I'm scared my family will take advantage of me and ask me personal things.

Feb 26, 2019
Is this a sleeping problem? NEW
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend usually calls me late at night when i am alreayd sleeping, and she says i answer her calls and we talk lfor several minutes. When i wake up in the morning and she asks about something we talked about the late night conversation i could not remember anything, i couldnt even remember that we had a phone conversation.
Can someone help me what this is? It happened so many times already. Beginning to think this is a serious issue

Mar 29, 2019
me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I stood up went to the toilet and went back to sleep, at least that's what I was told.

Apr 03, 2019
Confused?? NEW
by: Anonymous

I think it might be sleep deprivation. Similar has happened to me. I’ve been getting little sleep lately, someone I know works late and I wanna be able to talk to them when they get out (a bit after midnight) but it’s also exam season so I’m always stressing. Putting these together, I’ve been getting less and less hours of sleep. I’m a heavy sleeper, but I ALWAYS would wake up for my alarm/ringtone whenever anyone called and sometimes even texted. But lately, I’m sleeping through it like nothing (which scares me). Last night, I told the person to call me when they got out of work (around 2) and I put my phone to charge at the foot of my bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, the phone was next to me on the bed, fully dead, so confusedly I put it to charge. When it turned on, I checked my messages and call log and it says I facetimed the person on the phone at 1:50 AM for 2 HOURS? I’m so confused. I don’t understand and I’m going to ask what happened on the phone. Im hoping I didn’t do anything embarrassing or say something wrong

Apr 30, 2019
Makes no sense NEW
by: Blank Slate

I have conversations I dont remember but not in the morning and i sleep 8 hours a night. I have had conversations accusing people of things that angered them. I told my landlord that he is at fault for things he didnt do. I have changed and canceled doctors appointments without realizing it. I've been told I was throwing up when i dont remember. Told I've been screaming when I dont remember

The consequences have never been dire I've just pissed people off when a good relationship is important. It's really stupid. How am I supposed to be responsible for myself when my body just does whatever it wants. Makes no sense

May 24, 2019
Same here NEW
by: Anonymous

The same thing happens here and It's really confusing. My parents often say that they wake me and have full on conversations with me but when I actually wake up I dont remeber any of it. Sometimes though, they say they couldn't get me to wake up at all. I've missed dinner multiple times because of this.

May 27, 2019
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me too my mum will come in and say goodnight to me or talk to me about something at night but I won't remember anything about it in the morning. When she talks to me about whatever she said the night before she says I replied back to her but I don't remember.

Jun 03, 2019
This is very scary....
by: Anonymous

This happens to me several times a week. I'll fall asleep on the couch, and he'll try to wake me up so I can go to bed. Most times it's ok and I'll go to bed just fine (even though I don't remember). But what happened last night happens a few times per year, and I just don't understand it. I was rude with him to the point of being violent. I said the most awful things to him - that he wasn't good enough, that he's fat, that I don't love him, that he's not a good father, and so on. I got mad at him for waking me up so I slammed the toilet lid down and broke it. I'm not usually a violent person, but for some reason I am in these cases. HELP!!! So it doesn't ruin my marriage....

Jun 10, 2019
You're not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

I also can't wake up with an alarm, so my mom wakes me up. but instead of waking up, i talk to her and when she leaves my room I go back to sleep. Then she comes back after me not getting up and this repeats multiple times. Then when I finally get up, I'm grounded, but I don't remember anything that happened. Anyone know what I can do to prevent this? I don't think that she believes me, and I have no idea how to fix this. I really feel bad, because I don't mean to be disrespectful, as I am 16 years old and she shouldn't have to wake me up, but she does it for me. But I don't just get up like I should, and if I actually were awake, I would. Any advice?

Jun 21, 2019
Same problem here! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem, my parents make me up in the morning a good 6 times and the last time they come in (usually around 9am) I wake up and they tell me why didn't I wake up the first 5 times they shouted me? and I honestly do not remember a single time they had shouted for me to wake up while they claim that every-time I had told them that I was awake and out of bed.

It's really confusing and annoying because its the same for me, they believe that I am just faking it and believe I'm trying to get more sleep in although I do not remember it and therefore in my mind it's not a conscious decision that I make and so I have no idea on how to improve it, it could be a sleeping disorder I have no idea.

Jul 12, 2019
The reason NEW
by: Anonymous

just like everyone else in the comments, i have the same problem. i'll have conversations with people when they wake up but not remember any of it when i finally "wake up", luckily for me, my people believe me. the reason behind this is because of the long process of waking up. when you wake up enough to talk or do things but aren't awake enough for your brain to store the memory, that is when this happens. waking up is a process that takes much longer then most people may think and for some, like us, this can lead to talking to people, getting up, or even more things.

Jul 31, 2019
The cause NEW
by: Anonymous

The reason is that your body has not had enough time to wake up and is going through a stage of 'sleep drunkenness'. During this time, your brain has trouble processing actions into memory because it is not fully awake yet. Waking up is not instantaneous. If you had a good nights sleep, waking up can take only a few minutes. But if you had say only aboit 4 to 6 hrs of sleep' it could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to become fully awake. I hope this helps

Aug 05, 2019
Kinda scary NEW
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me multiple times. I am not on any medication so it’s not a side effect of anything and I’m naturally a heavy sleeper so maybe that has something to do with it? In my sleep I’ve had multiple conversations with my mom and even answered my phone and talked to my friend all without knowing, also on multiple occasions turned my phone alarm off -I usually set about 3 and my mom comes to wake me up-

Aug 13, 2019
It scares me NEW
by: Anonymous

To be honest I really scared me, not being able to remember anything. My mother keeps telling me I'm just making excuses and that I need to take more responsibility, but I genuinely don't remember being woken up, let alone talking and then going back to sleep. I just want something to fix this.

Aug 24, 2019
I don’t remember waking up
by: Anonymous

Just yesterday my parents woke me up at my neighbors house and took me home, but I don’t remember waking up or going home, and the worst part is my sleepwalking self took off clothes and went to bed and put on headphone and had my phone out on YouTube. And I have no recollection of this happening.

Dec 06, 2019
Help this is destroying my relationship NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been married for 10 years and as long as I can remember I have always been extremely hard to wake up and more times then not I'm told about thing that I say or do with no memory of it at all im told that i yell at the people closest to me and my wife doesn't believe me that I dont know what is going on can some one please help me before I lose my family

Jan 25, 2020
My boyfriend says hurtful things but doesn't remember
by: Crystal

My boyfriend has been saying hurtful things but doesn't remember saying them and for me its aggravating because i am hurt and upset but then the next morning he doesn't know why so i feel bad for being upset or sometimes we argue over it. Is this happening to more ppl and if so how do we fix it.? I have noticed it only happens when he has been working 6-7 days a week for a while but he won't slow down. What can we do.? Any advice J don't want to lose him we are fixing to have a baby and he is an amazing man except for this little problem..Plz help..

Feb 17, 2020
they don’t believe me
by: Anonymous

I’m going through this as well. My parents would "wake me up and tell me to do somethings like take out the trash or recycling" but i don’t remember anything about that and they would get mad at me and today was the last draw. I Went up to my dad and asked him what did i say to him and he said " all you did was look at me and said huh and then looked away and went to sleep" and he also said that he can back in my room and told me that i better get up and take the trash out but i apparently just ignored him and went to sleep. so while i was down stairs i looked up "my dad keeps telling me that he woke me up and talked to me but i don't remember anything" and i found this page and i showed this to him and i read it as we'll.
I’m so glad that i'm not the only one that is suffering from this

Feb 17, 2020
they don’t believe me NEW
by: johnathan

I’m going through this as well. My parents would "wake me up and tell me to do somethings like take out the trash or recycling" but i don’t remember anything about that and they would get mad at me and today was the last draw. I Went up to my dad and asked him what did i say to him and he said " all you did was look at me and said huh and then looked away and went to sleep" and he also said that he can back in my room and told me that i better get up and take the trash out but i apparently just ignored him and went to sleep. so while i was down stairs i looked up "my dad keeps telling me that he woke me up and talked to me but i don't remember anything" and i found this page and i showed this to him and i read it as we'll.
I’m so glad that i'm not the only one that is suffering from this

May 20, 2020
me to NEW
by: Anonymous

My parents say they woke me up all the time whilst i have no memory of it. Apparently Ill often tell them to fuck off or go away.

Jun 02, 2020
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

This happens to me too! Today my mom woke me up to go to school 2 times and she said that she asked me if I am gonna go and I told her no. But don't remember all this. And this happens very often

Feb 08, 2021
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

My sister said she woke me up and she saw my eyes open but I don't have any memory of it happening.

Jan 01, 2022
Does anyone think this spiritual?!?
by: Anonymous

This has been happening to me since I was real little except for when someone wakes me it's like I totally snap on them But normally i'm kind hearted and a psitive person not me at all Its really freaky to me but i feel theres something more to this it can't just be a "sleep realm" theres has to be something deeper.

Mar 08, 2022
Wild NEW
by: Anonymous

This is crazy, there's way more people with this than I thought. I've experienced this, not as bad as some people but it usually lasts about 10 minutes. I've learned to set and alarm every 5 minutes for 1 hour. I usually either sleep through 2/3rds of them or you know trun them off without remembering but the last 1/3 of the alarms wake me up. I don't know a good way of fixing it but that's how I get around it. I'm lucky that my family understands that it is something that happens but that took alot of time and explaining. I also don't get aggressive while being sleep drunk which is something new that ive learnedthat happens. My theory for the causes are, a mix of all or some of these;Heavy sleeper, Not enough sleep (i sleep 12 hours on the weekend), Drugs (any kind), and stress. Good luck everyone, I hope we can find a solution.

Sep 07, 2022
by: Anonymous

I came here because I was just curious and wanted to know why sometimes I have conversations with someone in my sleep, but never remember them when I wake up.

After reading some of these comments I realized that I turn my alarms off while I'm still unconscious. Normally I would get a notification if I miss one of my alarms, but I can recall many times where I just woke up to the last one and there were no missed alarm notifications. It's crazy because all this time I have just assumed I was a deep sleeper and miss my alarms sometimes

Sep 26, 2022
I had no recollection
by: Anonymous

Hi I had a similar situation happen twice, once at my mums and one with my guardian. This morning i woke up around 9:50 and realised i was late for school and that was weird because my guardian usually wakes me up around 6:50 for school and so i called her telling her i messed up and that i just woke up and she said what are you talking about. she then told me she did in fact wake up and that we had a conversation for a few minutes but i have no recollection or memory talking to her let alone waking up. The same thing happened another time last year when i was living with my mum. Does anyone know what this is?

Nov 05, 2022
Sleep stuff NEW
by: Anonymous

Ur not alone my sister has gotten up in the middle of the night and sat on the floor when I asked what she was doing she said she was thinking when I asked why she had gotten out of bed to sleep she said "he" tolled her to sit there. Then she woke up and didn't recall leaving her bed of saying anything. It freaked me and her out completely.

Nov 05, 2022
Sleep stuff NEW
by: Anonymous

Ur not alone my sister has gotten up in the middle of the night and sat on the floor when I asked what she was doing she said she was thinking when I asked why she had gotten out of bed to sleep she said "he" tolled her to sit there. Then she woke up and didn't recall leaving her bed of saying anything. It freaked me and her out completely.

Nov 29, 2022
Parasomnia Issues
by: Anonymous

I also struggle with this problem. My fiance tends to need me at night and tries to wake me up but he says I respond in such a rude way he wants nothing to do with me when I finally awaken fully and have no recollection what's going on. Hes briefly told me what I do but won't ever explain the full thing because he's so angry. I've been doing this for weeks apparently and I've slowly struggled with a drug addiction that has gotten better but I use them to sleep and it tends to not let me wake up throughout the night so I can get some sleep. He wakes up so angry and treats me so harshly he doesn't even care that I am there anymore. I am desperately seeking for help on what to do because it's like a drug induced coma and I think that could be the problem because I've never done it sober and all of a sudden he's needed me more and more since we've been together for almost 2 years now and all it has gotten was worse and worse and the more it happens. The more mad he gets and the worse I get treated.. Is he going to leave me over this matter. He continuously tells me I'm the problem when I finally snap and wake up and ask him why he's not holding me or even touching me anymore. What do I do before this gets even worse and he leaves me. PS he's never been like this before and it has only started since I've been talking in my sleep with no recollection.

May 24, 2023
Highly Sensitive NEW
by: Hannah

I’ve always been a heavy sleeper. I have to set about 10 alarms in 5 minute increments to be able to wake myself up. but it’s odd, whenever I have a conversation with someone while i’m still asleep i’ll remember bits and pieces of the conversation. like I am going in and out of consciousness. Like i’ll remember someone talked to me but I won’t know the details so i’ll have to ask them later on in the day. I think it’s interesting that a lot of the people that deal with it have overlapping things such as depression, trauma, anxiety, etc. it’s like this only happens to highly sensitive people (in the spiritual way). I also think this could be a form of our brain protecting us?

Jun 20, 2023
Alter Ego maybe?
by: KC

I have a lot of the same coincidences as the previous comments but here’s my story. I literally sat here and read through every comment because of a conversation I had with my bf and friend. Apparently the same personality I have been giving off when I’m at a certain level of drinking (Social drinking) is the same personality that my bf gets when he tries to wake me up. And the reason I know it’s the same personality is the patterns or things I’ve said or done under this personality. I’m normally a quiet and reserved person with a hint of attitude. Lol. But this personality is rude, says what it feels and is the complete opposite for how I normally behave or act in public. We literally sat here joking and saying we gotta give this personality a name and I got this, hold up, wait a moment (thanks ADHD for the pattern recognition) feeling. And realizing this has only been happening the last year or so of my life. And it made me think what if it’s an alter ego? You hear people talk about it all the time and they always say they never remember anything when that alter ego come out. I don’t know. It was just my thought and experience that I’m experiencing

Send me your thoughts if you’re thinking the same IG:mama.smokey


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