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Conversations While Waking Up You Don't Remember

by Cara
(Savannah, GA)

Hi, I've been suffering with some sort of problem for awhile, and i just need to know if I'm alone.

Having your eyes open and having a conversation with someone but not being awake could be categorized as sleepwalking, correct?

I can never wake up to alarms, so I have to have someone wake me up. And for example, nearly every morning after I do actually wake up and get out of bed, my mother or father will become angry with me, and blame me for things I haven't done that I supposedly said I would do. They will tell me that morning that we had a whole conversation about this, and go on telling me everything that was said and I can never recall any of it. This happens, like I said, nearly every morning.

I constantly get blamed for things and it's creating a wedge, and my parents think I'm faking it just to go back to sleep or get out of whatever it is they need me to do. I just need to know if this is some thing that other people suffer with or is it just me?

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Oct 31, 2015
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

You are not alone. At all. My boyfriend will claim that I have said certain things that I don't recall saying. My family says I do certain things that i don't remember doing. It is annoying because someone can take advantage of you and get really deep and secret information out of you without you knowing.Sleep talking went a ]way for a while, few years and recently started up again.

Dec 16, 2015
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I have conversations with my fiancée over the phone and dont remember them in the morning, and its causing real problems. I also used to do it when i lived with my grandparents. Do any of you by chance take anti-depressants? I do and i dont know if it could be a side affect.

Jun 22, 2016
Ur not the only one NEW
by: Anonymous

Im scared that people will ask me personal questions and uncover my secrets without me knowing and am desperately seeking medication or a cure

Jun 22, 2016
I don't take anti depressants NEW
by: Cara

To the commenter asking about anti depressants, it could be a side effect but I don't take them so it wouldn't be caused exclusively by that

Jul 09, 2016
I have this too NEW
by: Anonymous

This frequently happens to me, and it's resulted in things like missing appointments and other significant points of engagement as well as general frustration on the part of whoever I was talking to. I'll often say different things than I actually want, too; for example, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the lake and I said no. However, I had actually been looking forward to it and I was upset when I woke up and found out that they had left me behind. I take anti-depressants as well, and I can't remember this happening before I started them, so maybe it is a side-effect.

Aug 09, 2016
Me aswell NEW
by: Anonymous

My mum came up to say goodnight to me at midnight but I was awake and on my iPad however I remember switching my iPad off at 10 and going to sleep :O

Aug 27, 2016
Same! NEW
by: Anonymous

Sometimes on the weekends my mom will wake me up and I'll have full on rude conversations with her and not remember a thing.

Sep 05, 2016
Please help NEW
by: Anonymous

It used to happen when I drank. Now it happens sober. I wake up every so often usually in the first hour or two after falling asleep asking my girlfriend to.. do certain things... I am verbally aggressive and it is always the same topic and same 'conversation' always. I have no memories or control of doing this. It has happened at least 25 times. How can I fix this? Please help.

Sep 28, 2016
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

Probably in 2016 can't really explain
But my mom tried to wake me up for school because
I had some projects in science 3 projects.i woke up
and I looked to the watch and it was 10am
I was shocked and I missed school and it felt weird
And I told my mom: why did you not wake me up
THAT YOUR SLEEP!!.I said: I didn't felt that someone woke me up.she said: you opened your eyes and talked to me then you went back to sleep.i said: I swear I didn't remember any of this..
And then she got mad
My best day turned into the worst day ever.


Oct 31, 2016
by: Anonymous

something simular happened to me. My friend was sleeping over until her mom got from work and before i went to sleep i asked her to wake me up so i can walk her out. When i went to sleep i still had my clothes on from that night. She did wake me up from she left.....only i dont remember, and when i woke up i had pajamas on, like i put on every night, and this bugged me so i texted my friend and asked her what happened and did i wake up? and she said that she woke me up like i asked and then i got up and walked her out the house and waved her goodbye. and after i did this i must have but my pajamas on before i got back in bed. But the moral of the story is..... i dont remember a thing, it a complete blank

Nov 03, 2016
Same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

That happens to me too. My sister thinks that it's due to sleep deprivation. I don't know what is considered as sleep deprivation, but I get 4 or less hours every night. I am a really heavy sleeper and I have to be woken up by someone too. My sister wakes me up for school and I talk about getting ready and what I'll wear, then I fall back asleep and didn't remember any of it. This afternoon, I fell asleep, my mom woke me up and asked if I had homework and if I will wash the dishes. I guess that I said I didn't have any homework(I do) and that I will wash them. She's mad bc she said I lied, but I don't remember any of that. I'm worried that something is wrong with me too and idk what's happening bc everyone else always remembers shorts questions at night. And I can't remember full conversations in between naps at 3 pm.

Nov 28, 2016
Sleep amnesia or sleep drunkness? NEW
by: Out of hand

I'm so happy I'm not the only one. I've been trying to find out what it's called. I can only describe it as sleep amnesia. Yesterday before my mum and her friend went out I fell asleep. Next thing I know my mums friend is in the sitting room and my mums gone. My 4 year old brother opened the door which I always put a chain on. When my mum came back she said she woke me up before she left and that I was even sitting up. But I have no memory at all and this isn't the first time :(. The fact that my baby brother could have been at risk keeps troubling me.

Dec 20, 2016
Its weird NEW
by: Kim

In the morning, my mom would come wake me up and one time she said I yelled at her to leave my room... I don't remember. There would be other times she would wake me up or think she woke me up cuz my eyes would be open or sitting up in bed.I would go back to sleep and later on wake up confused...i don't sleep walk but the weirdest thing happened. I set my alarm for school and I either slept through it or I got up and turned it off. I have to actually get up to turn it off and my mom said it sounded like I turned it off but I don't remember.

Dec 20, 2016
Remembering the next day NEW
by: Anonymous

I must have been sleeping, but the next day I remembered something my roomate said to me. It was his voice saying something to me, but can't remember when he said it to me. I remembered a lot of what he said.
How strange is that?

Jan 08, 2017
Strange voice I remembered the next day NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had the same experience, but the roomate said sexual things to me in nature and it was his voice and think I even saw him standing next to me with his genitalia out and saying sexual things to me. But when I'm awake, he is the perfect gentleman. I can't be making these things up. It's so strange. I swear he was standing next to me touching my privates and having an erection. When this all started, he just talked to me,
now he is touching me when I sleep. So strange. I'm almost positive this occurred. Should I be concerned?

Jan 09, 2017
Me too NEW
by: Rockeremoprincess

I don't take anti depressant. But I've had this my whole life. I'd swing into random fits and tantrums and piss off anyone that wakes me up. Love to know y and how to stop it since it's upsetting the people I love

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