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Demonic Somnambulism?

by Brandon
(Vista, Ca)

Last night (as well as many other nights in the past) my wife says that she has woken up with me "hovering" over her. She said that I was responsive and talking to her, although I don't remember any of it.

She tried waking me up because she has seen me do this in the past, and I guess I started acting really demonic and speaking in a strange language.

My dad also told me a story about when I was younger and I was sleeping on the couch, he was watching TV and I just sat up with my eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I was speaking a different language. Shortly after, I just laid back down and was fast asleep again.

These are true stories, I would like to see if anyone has ever heard of this before because
my wife is getting really scared and I'm starting to wonder if I should seek professional

Any suggestions/comments?

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Jan 14, 2014
Demonic somnambulism NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, can anyone help I am really scared for my husband and 5year old son. I am 40yrs old and I have suffered from disturbing nightmares since I was a child. Recently I have started acting them out, last nights nightmare has really disturbed me. I woke hovering over my husband with a carving knife muttering something. I love my husband dearly and he is the most gentle person you could wish to meet.
When I woke I remember feeling frightened and confused, but I had a residual feeling that I was going to hurt him. My husband informs me that I slept very little and calmed me throughout the night by talking to me. At some point in the night I recall my husband not being able to wake me with the knife (not sure if asleep or awake) today in work I have been physically sick worrying what would happen if my husband didn't wake of even worse my little boy. Can someone please help I am too afraid to go to my Doctor incase he thinks I will hurt my son.

Sep 30, 2015
Seek help NEW
by: Anonymous

Maybe you were just dreaming about being possessed,still, seek help to be safe. Hope its nothing serious

Mar 10, 2016
Demonic sleepwalking NEW
by: Anonymous

I know someone who might be able to give you some advice but I'm not sure how to get u connected. I'll see if u write a post back and if so I can email her ans copy and paste the response on this wall

Jun 29, 2017
Sleep raper NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok so I laughed when I titled myself a rapper, but seriously my hubs tells me all the time of our early night romps, where I literally am waking him up bc I'm trying to get his clothes off, and once I do..well willing or not🙄 it's happening. He says Its amusing to watch me cuss a wall bc I can't find (whatever). He didn't believe I could be sleep walking bc I talk to him, until I read this article to him. I find sleep walking scary. Bc apparently I'm a Randy walker (What happens if i stay a night away from home? ) .. try and rape whoever I'm staying with. So no cure?

May 30, 2018
Demonic influence NEW
by: Anonymous

Yap it's true,this is an influence of a demon activity trought the can search delevery here

May 30, 2018
Demonic influence NEW
by: Anonymous

Yap it's true,this is an influence of a demon activity trought the can search delevery here

Oct 15, 2018
2018 / 10 /15 NEW
by: Ernest Mokwena Kushete

Well I just had one today this morning since childhood. I felt like dreaming,

and my lil bro asked me for some blanket Man I woke up and threw the blanket over to him through

only to realise I had to blanket to get over the night myself, then I woke up by that time.

Spiritually I'm challenged many times, but this Time I really felt it was a Demon or something strange like that.

Nothing wakes me up when I'm asleep Smh.

Aug 15, 2019
prevention NEW
by: Anonymous

not too long ago there was an incident in which this young man was having days with insomnia, he drank coricidine medicine next day as he wake up he call 911 saying I think I killed my wife ( 120 stabs ) thereis is blood all over me ( homicidal somnambulism ) .... another case nelly Vazquez Salazar her daughter became sleep walker she clamed with a stranege guttural voice some thing in her daughter treat will kill her the mother unknowingly at some level of demonic possession
( as the daughter was in her sleep ) killed her daughter ( 14 stabs ) .... Did prior tenants of the shelter practiced Vudu rituals or the Ouija
leving demonic infestation in the premises .... is it necessary when moving into any premises for precaution to have blessed the premeises you are moving into and and when it gets to extreme situation an exorcism of the premises and not take the risk getting to a homicidal sleepwalking ? I would or move out of the house before it is too late

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