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Evil Presence In The Room

by Erin Riddle

I had another episode last night. Now that I am 36 they happen less often. My mind wakes up but my body cannot move. The air in the room feels different, some how more evil. I know that it's going to be one of those nights. I cannot move my body. When I was little it felt like someone was holding me down. The only thing I can think of is to pray. I pray really hard that God will take away the evil in the room, take away the presence that is holding me down. Praying always helps me to wake up.

I tried to explain the experience today to a friend and found myself feeling crazy. How do you explain to someone that there is evil in the room or that you feel an evil presence holding you down without sounding crazy.

I know when I am going to have one of those nights. Even after I am awake I can still sense a change in the air in the room. I'm not saying that there isn't a scientific explanation for everything but I am saying that this is how I feel when it happens. When it's happening I am frightened and feel helpless I cannot move.

Kevin: Thanks for sharing this Erin. Prayer has definitely been noted to be an affective way of dealing with sleep paralysis and the feelings of evil forces that sometimes accompanies it. As you might imagine there are various opinions for why this is. Some attribute it to supernatural intervention of course. Others may suggest that the positive thinking the prayers tend to foster help change the negative projections of the mind (to which the evil feelings are attributed to) to more positive projections. And that this positivity in itself, as well as simply more time elapsing, helps end the REM atonia that causes the paralysis.

If you'd like to learn more about these feelings of an evil presence from someone who has experienced them often and researched them thoroughly I highly recommend reading this book by the sleep paralysis specialist Ryan Hurd.

For everyone else, for more information on sleep paralysis episodes like the ones Erin describes, you can also read our informational page here.


Comments for Evil Presence In The Room

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Dec 14, 2010
by: mike

You are not crazy and you are by no means alone. I'm having a new one lately. I can not move and I have a sence that thre is an animal with human intelligence in the room. There is a foul odor and I can feel its evil. When I find I can move I start kicking and flailing my arms because I know if I can wake up it will end. At this point my wife will give me a little shake and I will wake up. I'm afraid to go back to sleep so I stay up all night. I never tell anyone except my sleep doc and on sites like this where I won't be judged a drunk, druggie or crazy... lol...Join a Narcolepsy group/forum. They are very familier with your experience. I know a very good one that I have belonged to for 5 or 6 years. If its alright with Kevin I'll give you the address. Could you chime in here Kevin?

Dec 14, 2010
Narcolepsy Group
by: Kevin Morton

Hey Mike, feel free my friend. Thanks for asking.

Mar 23, 2011
Why evil?
by: Anonymous

I don't understand....why is it that every experience of SP I've read about includes people describing a feeling of an evil or malevolent presence?? I had a similar feeling. If it's just related to your sleep stage why is the feeling always negative??

Jun 03, 2011
must be evil
by: Anonymous

I have had these same experiences. I know it's about to occur when all of a sudden I get a chill to the bone that raises the hair on my body and it's not a peaceful presence! I can't open my eyes, can't yell for help-no sound coming out of my mouth, can't move anything on my body! This presence is litteraly on my back, holding me down by using my bed sheets around me; like making a cacoon. I start praying in the name of Jesus to rebuke it and it leaves. Once I am able to move, my breathing is awkward as if I can't get enough oxygen and I am trembling with fear. I wake my husband to hold me and we both pray for peaceful sleep. This will occur sometimes 2 or 3 times a night.

Jun 15, 2011
Evil Presence
by: Anonymous

I am new to this whole posting thing but last night was something to remember. I remember laying down to go to bed but I do not remember falling asleep. I looked at the clock and it was around 3 am. Then all of a sudden I felt like I was being held down and a hand went around my throat. I was able to mutter out the Lord's name and the presence seemed to release and vanish for the moment. I remember laying in my bed, heart pounding, sweating and unable to get back to sleep. I eventually feel asleep but started having strange dreams about 3 deamons in my room, standing over my bed. 2 female and 1 male, I remember feeling a sense of dread while in the dream and a sense that I could not escape. When I awoke, I felt very tired like I did not sleep at all. I am pretty sure the part about the 3 deamons was a dream, but the part about the presence holding me down and trying to choke me has happened before.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this??

Jul 07, 2011
@ must be evil Anonymous
by: Anonymous

I would just like to say I get the same kind feeling before it happans, only I think I feel a heat wave and I feel like my head is vibrating... right after that is when I can't move and I see s**t. Last night I swear there was an old lady sitting on the edge of my bed, It was more of a torso with a head wearing a hood with long hair covering most of her face but I could see her eyes, I've only had these I think two or three times. The first time It happend I felt like someone was holding me down and I could see them, they had a hood on with a dark face. (grim reaper if you will) and it said just breathe just breathe and it went away and I sat up. This latest one with the lady torso I started slamming my foot on the floor ( so I thought) its all just a dream, no one heard me. They sure are crazy though...

Sep 30, 2011
All negative experiences, why?
by: Anonymous

I also had en "episode" last night, but have had them off and on throught the years. Good question, why does this have to be scientifically explained and why does everyone feel terror?! I woke up all of a sudden, ears ringing and vibrating, lack of breath and speech, eyes concentrated stright ahead and genuine terror feeling...not startled. Whos's to say there isn't entities outside of our 'senses' spectrum? Peace.


Oct 31, 2011
evil presence?
by: Anonymous

Years ago, while ordering drinks at the bar for myself and friends, this 'guy' just stared at me and I felt abit nervous, but when it continued and I looked up and at him, his eyes were VERY dark and went right thru me, the hair on my neck stood and fear went right thru me....I left the bar area and to my friends and told them that I was leaving and walked out....refused to even be around the area. I have NEVER forgot that feeling, it wasn't a normal fear...
Now, 20 some years later, just the other night, this creepy feeling guy, out of the blue, grabbed my left hand and squeezed it so hard that tears came to my eyes, I poured my drink on him as if to say WTH???? But the SAME fear ran thru partner said he re-appeard right behind me and touched my neck and said "Are you scared???" Honestly, it looked like the same exact 'person' that I saw 20 some years ago, and the fear was the same, and uncontrolable fear, one that can't be supressed....I just prayed.
Not sure what is going on, but even as I type this my arms are shaking....

Nov 22, 2011
Call out the name of Jesus.. NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi i stumbled on this site today after getting frustrated and was looking to see if there were other seemingly crazy people like me.
Well, i have had several episodes starting may 2010. The first time i could feel this evil presence lifting me out of my body and swinging me round my bed among other nightmares while asleep. It was very scary and i was really afraid of going to sleep lest i experience the same scary feeling.
Needless to say, i started sleeping with my Bible and made sure to pray often. The s/p as its referred to still persists and the most scary bit is when am feeling held down and helpless. I try to shout at my husband or pinch him hard but it amounts to nothing. I have resorted to calling out 'Jesus Christ' a few times and then it leaves.
I am comforted that i am not going insane. Thanks a lot to this site. God bless you. We will survive by faith. Amen.

Dec 26, 2011
Evil NEW
by: Adam

I'm only 19 and this has happened only 4 or 5 times. The first time I was in juvenile hall in a room alone. I woke up and could not move anything but I was saying something weird, the room got super cold and my eyes started watering. A minute later I twitched and got the chills, ran to my door and asked to use the restroom. When I told the staff what had happened they didn't believe me. After my stay that staff had mentioned to other kids about how he heard banging on the door and there was nobody in that room.

Earlier this week I was sleeping and when i awoke again I couldn't move the feeling of the air was thick and unwelcoming when I was able to move I went and slept in the living room.

Then again today I was taking a nap and when I woke up it felt as if something was touching my back, my heart rate boomed and my body started tingling and got really warm then went cold. Then it felt like something was touching my head and I was able to move again. The evil feeling wasn't so much there this time because it was day light but i still had that feeling.

The apartments I am at are built on an indian burial ground so im wondering if something is trying to communicate with me or doesn't like my being here.

Mar 14, 2012
Maybe its you? NEW
by: Jelly Belly

Maybe the evil presence is you. Maybe God is telling you something. Like you can't pray your way to heaven, and only when you start acting like a decent human being, rather than going to church every sunday and paying the rent on your preachers soul insurance, then you will start to feel better.

May 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

The name of jesus is feared by all evil spirits. Get your house blessed. Use holy water everyday. say the st. michaels prayer. Go through your home and get rid of items that are not right. Through prayer you will find what they are. Repent if you have ever used astrology etc. You could have opened a door you must close it. Go to confession. I hope this helps. One done they will leave you alone. SAY JESUS JESUS ALOUD & THEY WILL FLEE!

Jul 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I also had expericence when a presence held me down and it woke me up out of my sleep, I was sleeping soundly when all of a sudden, huge pressure i feltonmy back and i tried I opened my eye;s a little and barely could speak, I called for Jesus and it was still there, I spoke to my paster about it he said thats a demon tryingto possess your mind,I told him i called for Jesus he said you was suppose to say the "blood of Jesus" to cover and protect me, anyways after a few more seconds it let me go and i was able to move again, some people may have SP but that was NOT the case, that spirit woke me up when it got on top of me. So happened 2xs to me and once to my mom, No that it was not a good felling at all.

Sep 06, 2012
felling bad things in homes and here things in kichens NEW
by: lanette

evey sence i was little i seen things hard things and as i got older it didnt happend for an long time but one day i was over my friends house and i was the only one up hearing noises in the kichens like someone was in there.i was scared so i went to go lay down .i end up going to sleep and the next thing i know the cover was off me ,so i cover myself back up and thats when it happend the bed was shaking and i could not talk and the door shut .i called out the lords name about 3 times then the door open and it stop

Nov 23, 2012
blue light whispering to me NEW
by: Bri

Something like this happened before when I was younger.. i'm thinking 10 or 11. I was sleeping in my room and then i saw a blue light enter the window.. it started pressing down on my stomach and whispering things to me. It sounded like a bunch of jibberish.. While this all was happening, i was screaming and screaming but I wouldn't hear myself scream. I tried to get up but i couldn't because whatever it was, was holding me down on the bed. Then finally it stopped and it left and I heard a continuation of my screams and I got up and ran to my mothers room. It was one if the scariest things that ever happened to me besides the day I almost drowned when I was a kid. But anyways, at the time when it happened, I was so convinced it was real.. but now that I really think about it, I could have been sleeping still. I hope I was sleeping still.

Dec 29, 2012
Turn Off SP NEW
by: Warren

You can turn off Sleep Paralysis. I suffered from sleep paralysis from as far back as some of my earliest memories of 4 years old. It used to happen almost nightly well into my late 30's. I saw round shadow type of people standing in my doorway when I was younger but had no other hallucinations associated with it. The fear and feeling of an evil presence though was with every occurrence. I was in my mid 30's when explaining what was happening to me to a friend. Then he told me I was suffering from SP and people who have suffered with child abuse and have had other trauma are more likely to have it than those who haven't. Some people dream negatively anyway. Even without SP happening I usually have nightmares of negative dreams. So why wouldn't I have these intense feelings when experiencing SP. Now this is how I know its all in your mind. Keep in mind that I suffered from this for over 40 years and from the age of 4 until the age of 28 I had it almost nightly. So I consider myself knowledgeable in its effects. Once I learned what SP was a huge weight was lifted from me. The very next time I had SP I woke up (still sleeping)not being able to move and feeling tremendous terror. But even in this state I told myself its SP a medical/sleep problem from childhood abuse. Immediately the terror went away and I went back to sleep. This happened repeatedly and I told myself (while experiencing SP) " this is SP it is not an Evil Spirit" and I fell back asleep. Well once it happened and I asked myself "what if I am wrong and its not Sp its an Evil Spirit, and low and behold the terror started again, UNTIL I told myself "NO its SP a medical Condition. Simply telling yourself it is evil or its not evil seems to have an effect on your state of mind and regulates the fear. For someone who has had SP literally thousands of times I rarely get it anymore since I have been practicing this sleep exercise when it happens. The only one time I cannot explain was when I was 28, and was having SP and while I was laying there unable to move yet not having fear because of telling myself its only a sleep disorder I was compelled to go to my vehicle in the middle of the night when it subsided and found flowers on my vehicle from an ex girlfriend. I still wonder about that but no longer fear SP and rarely have it since I trained my mind against the fear. Good luck and I hope this helps someone. Trust me I know how terrifying it can be. Warren

Jan 16, 2013
evil spirits NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi its funny i never thought other people went thru this,i had an episode where i fell asleep in my car and the spirit held me dwn.This been happening to me since i was a youngen,well it actually showed it self to me,a brown head shaking it self like saying no,it had blood everywhere,my gurl texed me,thts why i woke up gradmoms house always had an evil presence there,the house is old its been there since 1952.Im not religious,but im very clairvoyant.I been wrestling with these things since i was a child.My grandmom is gone now she died in October of 2012,its nt her im sure of it.Thank you for your comments

Mar 31, 2013
change in the air NEW
by: Anonymous

what do you mean by saying that there is a change in the air? I have never experianced something like this but I'm very interested. when was it the first time that you experianced it and what do you feel like this evil present in the room is? I mean, how do you realy imagine it? as an animal? a beast? or a person?

Jul 03, 2013
I see you NEW
by: Ha, fool

Most mortals are not prevalent to my movings. People like you who can sense me are my love, are my toil. Hahahaahahahhahaahha see you later my friend

Oct 20, 2013
Science can't explain everything NEW
by: Steve

I've had a handful of attacks over the years. Some continuing on after waking, sensing the presence of what was in my dream in the room with me, to the point where I know exactly where in the room it is, and that there is noticeable temperature change in the room. So no, I don't buy the idea that it is only a biological thing combined with hallucinations. I've even had one occurrence that included my wife. I awoke from the attack only to find my wife experiencing the same thing simultaneously, except she was wide awake the whole time and was seeing it with her own eyes. If I merely hallucinating, then please explain how more than one person can experience the same thing at the same time, and at different stages of consciousness?
Sorry, science can't explain away this one.

Mar 27, 2014
spirits in the night NEW
by: Anonymous

I am very spiritually sensitive. Can feel the presence of evil easily when it's there. I know scientific minds always want to have a medical/natural explanation for this and call it SP, but seriously, these evil spirits flee at the name of Jesus. Some may be more stubborn or more unwilling to go than others.

In my case, sometimes they try to paralyze me and are successful UNTIL I can manage to speak or mumble "Jesus". They immediately leave (for me) when I speak his name. My husband has also had that same experience. Other times, like last night, I can't fall asleep because a sound -- like my husband snoring, for example -- and my normally peaceful bedroom environment changes. I sense evil and the air feels oppressive/heavy or a start sweating for no reason. When I sense evil spirits it feels somewhat like VERY STRONG "DREAD". It comes on rapidly and if I don't speak against it quickly, it will paralyze me for a time. Last night, I was awake and this torment and dread feeling continued for a while until I got up out of my bed at about midnight. I went into the bathroom to pray. Took a sleeping pill and was able to fall asleep.

The thing is, Jesus gave us power over all the enemy -- those of us who believe in Him as the Son of God. My husband and I are able to heal the sick by using that authority and we've been able to remove demonic spirits. I've definitely heard of unbelievers using the name of Jesus because they don't know what else to do -- and it works. I don't fear evil, like I might have as a child. I know the spirits must go if I tell them to go in Jesus' name. They try to act powerful and put us into a state of fear. And if you "see in the Spirit" they can be pretty scary -- appearing in all sorts of different physical forms even though they are spirit beings, not physical beings. I don't usually see them, but sense them strongly.

If you "see" them, you may have the gift of "DISCERNING OF SPIRITS"

Apr 09, 2014
Demon? NEW
by: Ally

For most of my life I have had vivid dreams, occasional sleep paralysis, intermittent sleepwalking epidodes and visits by shadow people. Lately though, things have been getting frightening; I started getting these scratches on my back during the night, they usually came in threes and were about half an inch thick and pretty deep. My boyfriend and I tried to recreate a scenario where I could possibly be doing it to myself but they are nothing like scratches made from my nails. The scratches usually followed an episode where I would be caught in a nightmare, once sitting up in bed and shouting at something to "go away" my boyfriend would wake me and put me back to sleep and in the morning the scratches were there. A couple of weeks ago I awoke around 3 am and for some reason was drawn to look in my mirror in the bedroom only to see a horrifying vision of a horned demon with a manacial smile like grin. I looked at the spot in the room where it would be sitting but it was gone. Last night I woke up screaming, a blood curdling sound, the energy in the room was pure evil and there was a foul smell; I could sense that there was something there. I tried to just pray and fall back asleep, and I did for a short time before sleep screaming again and getting caught in a sleep paralysis, I saw a swirling black energy coming toward me. After that I turned on the light and had a terrible restless sleep and the feeling of being watched. I didn't want to think that there is an evil presence visiting me at night, but it keeps getting worse, any suggestions how I would get rid of this?

May 08, 2014
something to to with a story NEW
by: Anonymous

I have started this week having similar issues and in fact my whole. Family has started waking up also and a while back I read an article about how Russian scientists and military leaders kept a group of p.o.w.s awake with a stimulating gas seems to me that the evil has a directlink to humans and sleep if you can find the said article I think ppl would understand what I am speaking of

Aug 14, 2014
Astral NEW
by: Mell

Me myself had all of these same experiences since i was little. Falling asleep and even dreaming up untill you have enough rest in ..where it just pulls you from a dream and suddenly your lying in bed not fully awake but also not asleep being able to only move your eyes at min...i hated the energy around me when this happens and has because since jy son was born it hasnt happen to me again but i can sense its happening to him ,anywho i heard that this happens when your stuck in the process of astral projecting which ive only succeeded in 4 or 5 times in my get the sound like vibrations all around you and many such as myself fear this demons no ghost its simply the process to projecting which most fail or chose not to. i always pull myself out imidiately by imagining myself being struck at full speed by my own soul and then being pulled out by force usually extremely exhauzted when i wake up. I got this talent from my fathers genes yoy should all ask parents if your still previlidged to if they ever had similar experiences..the awnser will most prob be yes. Anyway its mostly uncontrollable not to fear but aslong as your aware its no evil but a mere gifted 6th sense talent that runs in your genes...if u dissagree think of aaaalll the dejavus you ever had in life..another fortunate thats included in the 6sense.m

Aug 14, 2014
Astral NEW
by: Mell

Me myself had all of these same experiences since i was little. Falling asleep and even dreaming up untill you have enough rest in ..where it just pulls you from a dream and suddenly your lying in bed not fully awake but also not asleep being able to only move your eyes at min...i hated the energy around me when this happens and has because since jy son was born it hasnt happen to me again but i can sense its happening to him ,anywho i heard that this happens when your stuck in the process of astral projecting which ive only succeeded in 4 or 5 times in my get the sound like vibrations all around you and many such as myself fear this demons no ghost its simply the process to projecting which most fail or chose not to. i always pull myself out imidiately by imagining myself being struck at full speed by my own soul and then being pulled out by force usually extremely exhauzted when i wake up. I got this talent from my fathers genes yoy should all ask parents if your still previlidged to if they ever had similar experiences..the awnser will most prob be yes. Anyway its mostly uncontrollable not to fear but aslong as your aware its no evil but a mere gifted 6th sense talent that runs in your genes...if u dissagree think of aaaalll the dejavus you ever had in life..another fortunate thats included in the 6sense.m

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