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Falling Asleep While Doing Homework, And Sleep Writing

by Sidney
(Norco, CA, USA )

I'm a junior in high school and I have AP/honors classes and soccer 4 days a week. I usually don't start homework until 8 because my practices are usually 2-3 hrs long, and I typically stay up until 1:30-ish. The earliest I've gone to bed was 9:40 because I literally could not handle the stress and sleep deprivation.

I end up staying up so late that I actually zone out and start to "sleep write." For example, I was doing APUSH notes last year and in the middle of a paragraph about Africa and slavery I fell asleep and woke up to "and then my mom wouldn't let me take a picture of her without her permission".

Lately this has been happening a lot, even beginning at 10:00pm. I was doing math homework about a month ago and began falling asleep and woke up to "3x(23.5-4)=my sisters crayons.."

Mind you this isn't the only other time I've done this it happens all the time it's just one of the ones I remember. I usually zone out for a few minutes and wake up to misspelled words, random words, or just scribbles/drawings..

Can anyone provide an explanation for this? And I suffer from social anxiety, I've already been to a therapist and that didn't help at all. I've tried googling my symptoms but nothing relevant came up, and this never happens to anyone I know. I really would appreciate some explanation for this and a way to stop it because frankly it's annoying.

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Nov 14, 2015
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

When you find out let me know. Because I do the same thing!!

Nov 14, 2015
I will try NEW
by: Anonymous

I'll definitely try and let you know, I'm now a senior and it hasn't been happening as often but still occurs. And I still haven't found anything on it

Mar 05, 2016
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

This would happen to me while I was in class writing notes. One time I remember writing notes for theology and falling asleep. When I woke up I closed my notebook and left because class had ended. I came in the next day thinking I would quickly look over the notes before the test only to find "The Synoptics are holy shit I want my ecig where my blunt". Well the Synoptics are not ecigs and blunts so I failed that test. Several times I fall asleep while taking notes in class or doing homework and find that I have either written really weird things or have continued with the correct words for about 3 words in completely different and very sloppy handwriting that ends with a pen or pencil line straying all the way down the page. I have several issues with falling asleep during the day and EDS. I am going to a sleep center to be evaluated very soon for what my pediatrician and psychiatrist call "narcoleptic" tendencies. I hope we both find the answers we are looking for

Apr 23, 2016
Sleep writing: another here NEW
by: Jikani

Too funny. Yes I remember writing "Friday ovens
And If you leave them in the skies you've been smoking too much.

Oct 13, 2016
sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Haha this has been happening to me lately
I have AP calculus and AP English and have Band practice 3 hours a day two days a week so on those days I really am exhausted by the time I get to my homework. I was working on an economics project and wanted to Google "How did Disney get started" and instead Googled "how dod yearnookl get do good" which doesn't even make sense. I am in yearbook but dunno why I wrote that. also in my chemistry class last year I would always fall asleep during class whole taking notes and my notes would be fun to look at later with friends. Last night while doing my calculus homework, I wrote a function and instead of t^2 I wrote 2^t= isaiah. I did not notice until I went to brush my teeth to wake myself up and gave up on calc so I went to put my notes away and noticed that. don't even remember writing it or know what isaiah I was dreaming of

Dec 02, 2016
Sleep writing NEW
by: Anonymous

This has happend to me however my answers were not false or funny sleep mistakes. They were correct! It just happend to me last night when I feel asleep thinking about my recent math quiz when I started doing equations in my head and got them right! I remember it all vividly almost as if it was a dream. This has also happend to my sister, she did 3 pages of vocabulary while SLEEPING. Again all of her answers where correct. If anybody has any explanation to this bizarre "sleep work" I would like to know what's up with it. Thank you

Jan 05, 2017
by: Me

I'm also a junior in high school and I do the same exact thing! It'll be late and I'll be working on my homework and then zone out and see really random things that I wrote, thinking I was writing something else. Have you found out anything else??

Jun 02, 2017
sleep writing NEW
by: ishmael beah

maybe it's a high school AP/Honors thing lol
this happens to me a lot when i do homework in bed. some of the things ive written are still inside jokes among my friends and i ("Ishmael Beah eventually eats a blue raspberry jolly rancher" and "1/5 < conman, 2/5 = double tie he balder eyes falls directly he really")

Jun 09, 2017
Falling asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

This happens a lot to me. Try sending your boss an email and go into a sleep stage. Didn't know I even sent it until I received a auto reply that she was out of the office. Let's say I freaked because it was talking about pizza and vacations. Made no sense. I wrote an apology email blaming the computer lol. It was bad. Note taking in meetings are no longer an option either. Never make sense. Everyone said I had my eyes open the entire time. I need to see a doctor because it is getting worse.

Feb 02, 2018
Sleep Writing NEW
by: Megan

I was Doing my Homework and I fell asleep. When I woke up I found myself writing VERY sloppy and automatically awoke later.

Feb 07, 2018
Chiken egg? NEW
by: Anonymous

"Fell Asleep" for maybe 1 minute in class. The lecture was thromboembolism and this is what I wrote in my notes:

Skin/feet no important for when cardiac output won’t make chiken egg

Yes, I know chicken is misspelled, but I was half way asleep.

Mar 01, 2019
Same happened to me. NEW
by: Augus

I'm in high school and I can't even describe how many times has this happened!! I wrote such idiotic things in my books that i could die from embarrassment. I write things from my dreams and I'm gay so that becomes a lot of problem.... It seems painful.

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