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I Bit My Baby In My Sleep

by Anonymous

It was the scariest thing. I woke up because he was crying and instantly knew I was biting him. And remembered that I was biting down hard..I was fighting someone off, in a nightmare..and the one time I let my baby sleep bed, arms, I bit his little face..I felt horrible.. I still feel bad.

I can't ever let him sleep in my bed again, and I'm scared to even cuddle n nap with him..I was very sleep deprived for about 2 weeks. And strangely woke up somewhat refreshed that morning, aside from feeling complete guilt and like a horrible mother..I pray this never happens again, to myself or anyone else.

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Jan 06, 2016
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I just did this, but I bit her arm. I feel horrible and have been crying about it because I feel so bad!

Jan 20, 2016
I did the same last night đŸ˜ĸ NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a horrible nightmare someone was strangling me and I went to bite their hand and I ended up biting my babies hand Ive been crying all day I just feel awful over it!! Ive slept with my oldest girl and now my newest and not once had something this crazy happened to me. Im just devastated I'll be never sleep with a baby again I feel like I'm a danger. đŸ˜Ĩ

Mar 04, 2016
Feeling terrible NEW
by: Anonymous

I did the same thing last night. I had a dream I was fighting with someone and went to bite them on the arm and woke up to screaming. I realized I bit my 3 month old on his lip... I've never felt so horrible in my life..

Mar 15, 2016
I bit my baby too NEW
by: Anonymous

I just bit the palm of my babies hand from having a nightmare. I can't stop crying. She's ok now just nursing away!

Apr 12, 2016
Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

I bit my little girl last night as I was asleep dreaming, I had a dream that I was fighting someone off me and I bit their finger but in real life i bit my daughters leg!! I feel so bad I honestly feel horrible.. She hasn't said anything about it and she's only 3 but when I put her in bed today she said she wanted to sleep in her room and although that's safer I was so upset that she didn't want to sleep with me anymore and that she might be scared of me.. She's been fine with me all throughout the day though.. Maybe she thinks it was the bed? But usually she'd never go and sleep in her own room she always likes to be with me đŸ˜ĸđŸ˜ĸ

Apr 23, 2016
My little boy bit me while asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

My little boy bit me on the back last night, when he was sleeping, I woke up startled, the pain felt like I'd just had an electric shock, he must have realised straight away what had happened as he's head was in his hands, he was sad ☚ī¸ & felt so bad about it , I asked him what he was dreaming about & apparently he was fighting with his little sister 😩, must admit I'm a little worried letting him in bed with me again

Jun 19, 2016
ugh NEW
by: Anonymous

I bit my child too when I was asleep last night and literally questioned if I was possessed :( dreamt a nasty big man was trying to sexually assault me and had his arms around me, my first instinct being to bite and try to get away.

Woke up and realized I bit my baby's arm so hard and literally wanted to jump out of a window I felt so bad. I would never hurt my precious child and I feel like I should tie myself to a couch and stay away during the night so it never happens again :(

Jun 22, 2016
Feeling like the worst mom ever NEW
by: Anonymous

I did this last night. I bring my 3 mo old daughter in to bed to sleep with me after the 4:30 feeding. I was having a horrible nightmare that someone was trying to kill me and my husband. I tried to warn my husband (in the dream) and the killer clamped his hand over my mouth. So I bit - my daughter's face đŸ˜ĸ. I left a mark on her face, and cried for hours. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself or trust myself sleeping with her again.

Jul 04, 2016
I just did that same thing NEW
by: Daisy

I was trying to fight this old lady. She was coming right at my face and her face was screaming at my face, so I tried biting her off but I almost bite my sons nose. He was crying so hard but it didn't leave any mark on him. He probably was scared. I cried and feel so terrible like I don't know how to describe. My husband told me to put my face away from him while I'm sleeping

Jul 21, 2016
I just did the same thing! NEW
by: Anonymous

Ughhhh this morning. At 5 am I was having a bad dream but so weird because I can not remember the dream :( and I bit my 7 month baby's hand/fingers to be exact =( I felt so horrible she starting crying and I woke up so scared! I cried and picked her up right away I nursed her and she was fine but I still feel so bad!!! My husband calmed me down I even checked her fingers for bite marks but couldn't find any but I know I bit her and after her little creases on her fingers where I'm sure I bit her are a little red :( I feel so bad!! This has never happened to me ever I feel like such a bad mom

Jul 26, 2016
Biting in my sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Im furiously hunting the internet for examples of this ever happening to anybody else as last night at 4 am I was having a dream about bitin! Its still a vivid dream about biting someones arm. Woke up and my 3 year old is crying and I just knew id bitten him. He has a mark on his arm and Im feeling awful. Can't believe Ive done it. I ran into my husband in panic and horror and he calmed me down but can't get it out my heaf!!!!

Hes going to the childminders tomorrow and Im worried she sees it and questions it. I think the explanation is so ridicolous its unbelievable. She could phone social work but not saying anything is not good either!!

Oct 07, 2016
I thought it was just me NEW
by: Anonymous

So relieved to know it's not just me! I was having a nightmare that my elderly father had a break with reality and he was trying to drive away with my 1.5yo (who is a brown haired boy but in the dream was a blonde 5yo girl) and he was sooo angry at me for some reason. And I was trying to get my child out of the car seat and somehow dad was stopping me, had his hand on the baby and foot on the brake and was in reverse. And every time I'd let go of him to undo the car seat belt, he'd let his foot off the brake and the car would roll back. And I kept yelling at him and grabbing his shirt and twisting it on his chest when he'd do it, which would make him stop, until finally he got so mad at me doing that that he just let his foot off and I grabbed the only piece of him I could, his hand, and started to bite as hard as I could and as I did I woke up realizing I was biting my boys forehead and started crying and kissing him while he whimpered and then nursed him back to sleep. I'm so ashamed and scared to sleep with him again but he's slept with me since he was born and we napped okay earlier. I told my husband he'd bumped his head on the bed frame when we slept. He's got two red lines on his forehead just below the hairline, like two exclamation points and every time I look at his poor little face I just want someone to do the same to me. 😓😓

Oct 16, 2016
Stop feeling guilty NEW
by: Anonymous

For the first time ever with any of my children I bit my 1 month old on his eyebrow eye area during a nightmare,I'm not sure how hard I bit but it's red and a little swollen. The guilt I feel is ther and yes I feel horrible but we can't beat our selves up about something we did in our SLEEP.It happened once,dies that mean it will happen again? No, I don't believe it will because subconsciously it will be in our minds at all times now. As moms we end up feeling horrible about everything especially if we have a bad dream something happens to our children,they get sick,etc. Think of it this way, as soon as your little one has teeth they'll get you back eventually :) If they already have teeth you're going to get bit eventually anyway. Everyone stop letting guilt eat at you, it sucks but blow it off, you guys can laugh about it when the child is older! Things are going to happen and you can't beat yourself up about EVERYTHING,especially the things we feels society pressures us too feel guilt about as mothers. Enjoy your children and laugh this off, if you heard your friend tell you that happened you probably giggle a little yourself :)

Dec 23, 2016
:( NEW
by: Anonymous

I just did this! I don't even remember what I was dreaming about but I just remember something was happening and I went in to bite ! And I felt my baby girl move and I heard her crying and instantly knew I had bit her I flung my eyes open and I see that I bit her face right under her eye and on her lip. I feel like the worlds worst mom!!! She was crying and her lip was bleeding from where I bit her and under her eye is a little red.I feel so stupid and dumb I'm so upset. She's okay she just got done nursing but I still feel bad like I can't get over it I know my husband will freak when he hears what I did i feel so bad my poor baby :(

Feb 07, 2017
I hope I didn't break his finger NEW
by: Anonymous

My son -- 2 weeks old -- was sleeping on my chest. His fingers must have been in my face and I dreamed someone was attacking me. I bit down as hard as I could so I could "identify the attacker tomorrow". Now I hope he doesn't lose the usage of one of his fingers forever. I can't find any bite mark, though. I wonder if being in a dream impedes your ability to bite down hard. I hope so. I feel absolutely terrible. He cried and cried. His mother nursed him and now he is sleeping, but I just hope he is alright in the long term.

Feb 23, 2017
I bit my child in a nightmare and I'm terrified NEW
by: Anonymous

It's 4am and this just happened to me, I can't stop stop shaking. My youngest daughter, age 3, was asleep next to me and I was dreaming I was also being attacked and I lunged forward to bite the attacker. I woke to the feeling of my teeth on skin and my daughter crying. I was terrified and heartbroken - how terrified she felt, how confusing and in pain. I don't know what to say to her. I have three children, my oldest is 11, and nothing like this has ever happened before, I don't know what to do. Right now I am beyond grateful for this discussion because I was beside myself until I started reading.

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