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I Bit My Baby In My Sleep

by Anonymous

It was the scariest thing. I woke up because he was crying and instantly knew I was biting him. And remembered that I was biting down hard..I was fighting someone off, in a nightmare..and the one time I let my baby sleep bed, arms, I bit his little face..I felt horrible.. I still feel bad.

I can't ever let him sleep in my bed again, and I'm scared to even cuddle n nap with him..I was very sleep deprived for about 2 weeks. And strangely woke up somewhat refreshed that morning, aside from feeling complete guilt and like a horrible mother..I pray this never happens again, to myself or anyone else.

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Jan 06, 2016
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I just did this, but I bit her arm. I feel horrible and have been crying about it because I feel so bad!

Jan 20, 2016
I did the same last night 😢 NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a horrible nightmare someone was strangling me and I went to bite their hand and I ended up biting my babies hand Ive been crying all day I just feel awful over it!! Ive slept with my oldest girl and now my newest and not once had something this crazy happened to me. Im just devastated I'll be never sleep with a baby again I feel like I'm a danger. 😥

Mar 04, 2016
Feeling terrible NEW
by: Anonymous

I did the same thing last night. I had a dream I was fighting with someone and went to bite them on the arm and woke up to screaming. I realized I bit my 3 month old on his lip... I've never felt so horrible in my life..

Mar 15, 2016
I bit my baby too NEW
by: Anonymous

I just bit the palm of my babies hand from having a nightmare. I can't stop crying. She's ok now just nursing away!

Apr 12, 2016
Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

I bit my little girl last night as I was asleep dreaming, I had a dream that I was fighting someone off me and I bit their finger but in real life i bit my daughters leg!! I feel so bad I honestly feel horrible.. She hasn't said anything about it and she's only 3 but when I put her in bed today she said she wanted to sleep in her room and although that's safer I was so upset that she didn't want to sleep with me anymore and that she might be scared of me.. She's been fine with me all throughout the day though.. Maybe she thinks it was the bed? But usually she'd never go and sleep in her own room she always likes to be with me 😢😢

Apr 23, 2016
My little boy bit me while asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

My little boy bit me on the back last night, when he was sleeping, I woke up startled, the pain felt like I'd just had an electric shock, he must have realised straight away what had happened as he's head was in his hands, he was sad ☹️ & felt so bad about it , I asked him what he was dreaming about & apparently he was fighting with his little sister 😩, must admit I'm a little worried letting him in bed with me again

Jun 19, 2016
ugh NEW
by: Anonymous

I bit my child too when I was asleep last night and literally questioned if I was possessed :( dreamt a nasty big man was trying to sexually assault me and had his arms around me, my first instinct being to bite and try to get away.

Woke up and realized I bit my baby's arm so hard and literally wanted to jump out of a window I felt so bad. I would never hurt my precious child and I feel like I should tie myself to a couch and stay away during the night so it never happens again :(

Jun 22, 2016
Feeling like the worst mom ever NEW
by: Anonymous

I did this last night. I bring my 3 mo old daughter in to bed to sleep with me after the 4:30 feeding. I was having a horrible nightmare that someone was trying to kill me and my husband. I tried to warn my husband (in the dream) and the killer clamped his hand over my mouth. So I bit - my daughter's face 😢. I left a mark on her face, and cried for hours. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself or trust myself sleeping with her again.

Jul 04, 2016
I just did that same thing NEW
by: Daisy

I was trying to fight this old lady. She was coming right at my face and her face was screaming at my face, so I tried biting her off but I almost bite my sons nose. He was crying so hard but it didn't leave any mark on him. He probably was scared. I cried and feel so terrible like I don't know how to describe. My husband told me to put my face away from him while I'm sleeping

Jul 21, 2016
I just did the same thing! NEW
by: Anonymous

Ughhhh this morning. At 5 am I was having a bad dream but so weird because I can not remember the dream :( and I bit my 7 month baby's hand/fingers to be exact =( I felt so horrible she starting crying and I woke up so scared! I cried and picked her up right away I nursed her and she was fine but I still feel so bad!!! My husband calmed me down I even checked her fingers for bite marks but couldn't find any but I know I bit her and after her little creases on her fingers where I'm sure I bit her are a little red :( I feel so bad!! This has never happened to me ever I feel like such a bad mom

Jul 26, 2016
Biting in my sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Im furiously hunting the internet for examples of this ever happening to anybody else as last night at 4 am I was having a dream about bitin! Its still a vivid dream about biting someones arm. Woke up and my 3 year old is crying and I just knew id bitten him. He has a mark on his arm and Im feeling awful. Can't believe Ive done it. I ran into my husband in panic and horror and he calmed me down but can't get it out my heaf!!!!

Hes going to the childminders tomorrow and Im worried she sees it and questions it. I think the explanation is so ridicolous its unbelievable. She could phone social work but not saying anything is not good either!!

Oct 07, 2016
I thought it was just me NEW
by: Anonymous

So relieved to know it's not just me! I was having a nightmare that my elderly father had a break with reality and he was trying to drive away with my 1.5yo (who is a brown haired boy but in the dream was a blonde 5yo girl) and he was sooo angry at me for some reason. And I was trying to get my child out of the car seat and somehow dad was stopping me, had his hand on the baby and foot on the brake and was in reverse. And every time I'd let go of him to undo the car seat belt, he'd let his foot off the brake and the car would roll back. And I kept yelling at him and grabbing his shirt and twisting it on his chest when he'd do it, which would make him stop, until finally he got so mad at me doing that that he just let his foot off and I grabbed the only piece of him I could, his hand, and started to bite as hard as I could and as I did I woke up realizing I was biting my boys forehead and started crying and kissing him while he whimpered and then nursed him back to sleep. I'm so ashamed and scared to sleep with him again but he's slept with me since he was born and we napped okay earlier. I told my husband he'd bumped his head on the bed frame when we slept. He's got two red lines on his forehead just below the hairline, like two exclamation points and every time I look at his poor little face I just want someone to do the same to me. 😓😓

Oct 16, 2016
Stop feeling guilty NEW
by: Anonymous

For the first time ever with any of my children I bit my 1 month old on his eyebrow eye area during a nightmare,I'm not sure how hard I bit but it's red and a little swollen. The guilt I feel is ther and yes I feel horrible but we can't beat our selves up about something we did in our SLEEP.It happened once,dies that mean it will happen again? No, I don't believe it will because subconsciously it will be in our minds at all times now. As moms we end up feeling horrible about everything especially if we have a bad dream something happens to our children,they get sick,etc. Think of it this way, as soon as your little one has teeth they'll get you back eventually :) If they already have teeth you're going to get bit eventually anyway. Everyone stop letting guilt eat at you, it sucks but blow it off, you guys can laugh about it when the child is older! Things are going to happen and you can't beat yourself up about EVERYTHING,especially the things we feels society pressures us too feel guilt about as mothers. Enjoy your children and laugh this off, if you heard your friend tell you that happened you probably giggle a little yourself :)

Dec 23, 2016
:( NEW
by: Anonymous

I just did this! I don't even remember what I was dreaming about but I just remember something was happening and I went in to bite ! And I felt my baby girl move and I heard her crying and instantly knew I had bit her I flung my eyes open and I see that I bit her face right under her eye and on her lip. I feel like the worlds worst mom!!! She was crying and her lip was bleeding from where I bit her and under her eye is a little red.I feel so stupid and dumb I'm so upset. She's okay she just got done nursing but I still feel bad like I can't get over it I know my husband will freak when he hears what I did i feel so bad my poor baby :(

Feb 07, 2017
I hope I didn't break his finger NEW
by: Anonymous

My son -- 2 weeks old -- was sleeping on my chest. His fingers must have been in my face and I dreamed someone was attacking me. I bit down as hard as I could so I could "identify the attacker tomorrow". Now I hope he doesn't lose the usage of one of his fingers forever. I can't find any bite mark, though. I wonder if being in a dream impedes your ability to bite down hard. I hope so. I feel absolutely terrible. He cried and cried. His mother nursed him and now he is sleeping, but I just hope he is alright in the long term.

Feb 23, 2017
I bit my child in a nightmare and I'm terrified NEW
by: Anonymous

It's 4am and this just happened to me, I can't stop stop shaking. My youngest daughter, age 3, was asleep next to me and I was dreaming I was also being attacked and I lunged forward to bite the attacker. I woke to the feeling of my teeth on skin and my daughter crying. I was terrified and heartbroken - how terrified she felt, how confusing and in pain. I don't know what to say to her. I have three children, my oldest is 11, and nothing like this has ever happened before, I don't know what to do. Right now I am beyond grateful for this discussion because I was beside myself until I started reading.

Jul 14, 2017
This also happened to me this morning :'( !!! NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter was asleep on my side while we laid down on our king size bed after nursing and I had a dream that I was in an argument with my brother and I went to bite him and my daughters hand must have been near my face because as I lunged forward to bite my brother in my dream I had also done so in real life and bit my daughters finger! I immediately awoke to my daughters screams and I was histeric and without words as my husband came running into the room I just cried and gave her to him saying omg I bit her in my sleep! I told him I thought I was biting my brother in my dream but bit her instead in real life! We have been putting her teething rings on her finger all day off and on to help with swelling, and to also help with the pain. This is the worst feeling that no mom should ever have to experience! I now have her sleeping in her crib alone tonight and she is 4 months old. The first time she will be sleeping in there through the night as she sleeps on my chest. It's safer now anyways since she is getting older and is starting to want to roll. I had plans on transitioning her to sleep in there, I just wish it had not been this way. I am just so thankful that I did not break her finger! It is bruised, and we put socks on her hands to immobilize usage and she kept trying to hold her tiny finger :'( honestly ladies this was the worst day for me so far as a mom! I can't sleep and keep thinking about it. I know it was an accident but I feel horrible! Wouldn't wish this on any child.. but it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

Jul 14, 2017
This also happened to me this morning :'( !!! NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter was asleep on my side while we laid down on our king size bed after nursing and I had a dream that I was in an argument with my brother and I went to bite him and my daughters hand must have been near my face because as I lunged forward to bite my brother in my dream I had also done so in real life and bit my daughters finger! I immediately awoke to my daughters screams and I was histeric and without words as my husband came running into the room I just cried and gave her to him saying omg I bit her in my sleep! I told him I thought I was biting my brother in my dream but bit her instead in real life! We have been putting her teething rings on her finger all day off and on to help with swelling, and to also help with the pain. This is the worst feeling that no mom should ever have to experience! I now have her sleeping in her crib alone tonight and she is 4 months old. I am just so thankful that I did not break her finger! It is bruised, and we put socks on her hands to immobilize usage and she kept trying to hold her tiny finger :'( honestly ladies this was the worst day for me so far as a mom! I can't sleep and keep thinking about it. I know it was an accident but I feel horrible! Wouldn't wish this on any child.. but it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

Aug 27, 2017
Bad bite NEW
by: Anonymous

My poor baby I bit him on the forehead. I feel terribly guilty he has a huge read bump and my teeth marks are showing a little. He was sleep on my chest when I had a nightmare. I feel so bad my husband is making canabil jokes but I just can't see the funny side.i wish I could hurt myself as punishment 😣😓😔

Sep 26, 2017
Relatable NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad I stumbled upon this and now I don't feel like such a monster. This happened about 2 to 3 years ago. I was having a dream that my older sister and I were having a crazy fight, and I went to bite her arm and it was really my toddler's arm. I felt so fucking horrible and haven't told anyone to date for fear of them thinking I'm crazy or something. It was 100% involuntary but it's so hard not to beat myself up about it. This was refreshing to know it happens.

Oct 21, 2017
Yup, me too NEW
by: Anonymous

A few nights ago I woke up to one of my 7 week old twin daughters screaming in my arms. I was dreaming that some guy was squeezing all the pressure points in my hands and I couldn't use them so I went to bite what I thought was his shoulder. When I woke up, I thought I bit my 2 1/2 year old son or husband in the shoulder till I quickly realized it was my infants soft head. She calmed down quickly and saw that it left a tiny mark that went away quickly. Still scary tho! Glad I googled this and found I'm not the only one lol.

Nov 08, 2017
i bit my baby NEW
by: Anonymous

I woke up to me biting my daughters face and cant even remember what i was dreaming about just her crying so bad. I feel horrible but just remember ladies its from sleep deprivation and you cant beat your self up about something you did in your sleep! Its happened to so many of us its crazy but makes me feel so much better im not just some physco mummy its obviously a natural instinct to bite which is kinda scary to think about maybe we really are all apes. Don't stress mummas we are all doing the best we can and sometimes we cant help things that happen. This is something that should be kept out in the open and talked about because as you can see its a regular thing but youve never heard of it! Warn your other mummys and try not to co sleep as hard as it is.

Nov 25, 2017
Hard bite NEW
by: Anonymous

I just did this last night around 3:30 am, in my dream my dh was trolling me by keeping me from our baby and I just lost it and bit him as he had my arms restrained. The second my teeth felt flesh I snapped awake. I know it was a savage almost animal bite and the strength was confirmed by her screams. She didn't even sound human as she cried uncontrollably for 5 minutes and whimpered all night I her sleep. I don't know if I bit her belly or arm but I am so sick to my stomach, all day I am watching her terrified I really hurt or maimed her. Dh says she's acting fine and not to worry but I can't even look her in the eye I am so terrified and ashamed even thoughbut was an accident.

Dec 06, 2017
Bit my daughter's head in my sleep NEW
by: Mom x4

Last night I went to bed late and was super tired. When I went to bed, my 8 yr old daughter was in our bed. I moved her back to her twice during the night she got back in our bed. I moved her once and my husband moved her once. Apparently, she got BACK in our bed...pushing me to the middle with her in front of me (she was on the outside of the mattress facing outward). I didn't even realize she was in the bed. Five minutes before the alarm clock was to go off, I was dreaming that I was fighting off a predator and I went to bite him. I remember biting something...and then my daughter yelled out "stop biting my head Mom!" I woke up and was so shook up that I had done this. Thankfully she was okay...and thought it was a funny story to tell her friends at school. (I feel like a bad Mom and now the whole world will know) Glad to know I'm not the only one who's had this bizarre thing take place I'm worried that I could do something like this again. My husband said maybe we could lock our door to keep her out but....I feel bad doing that too! Hoping this never happens again!!!

Jan 15, 2018
I just did this and I'm freaked out NEW
by: Anonymous

It is 1:30 in the morning and I'm scares to go back to sleep for the remaining 3 hours before I have to be up for work. I don't remember all of my dream but I remember grabbing the person in my dreams arm and biting down hard. Next thing I know my 5 year old special needs daughter wakes up screaming and crying. I bit her. This has never happened. She has always slept with me due to her separation anxiety and that's the way she can only sleep, by having physical contact. I'm so scared to go back to sleep now. I don't want to hurt her. I have been sick with a stomach bug and haven't been eating and I have been sleeping alot. I just don't understand how this happened?

Jan 17, 2018
I bit my 3 month old! NEW
by: Anonymous

My son was asleep on my chest on his back and I had a dream that I was being attacked by someone drunk so I bit him in the arm. I woke up to my 3 month old son hysterically crying and i realized i bit the top of my sons head his hair was all wet. I cut into his skin a tiny bit and he bruised up. I feel like the worst mother ever!!! I can't trust to sleep with him but that's the only way he can sleep. I can't tell my boyfriend he will kill me. He's all happy now.

Mar 03, 2018
Same thing happened to me NEW
by: Anonymous

I just woke up with my 3 1/2 week old.... I fell asleep while nursing her and was dreaming about a fight with my bf I don’t know why I was trying to bite in my dream but I did and it was the forehead/top of my babies head I woke up instantly, she did to with the worst expression on her face and the most helpless cry and this happens last week too... now I’m really scared as to why it’s happening. I want to tell my boyfriend but I’m scared he will freak out on me... idk what to do I just want to cry so. Bad. I’m glad I googled it because I was about to call my sr so I can talk to her about it to see if something was wrong with me

Apr 12, 2018
Me just now!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Strangely after reading comments this happened to me at 4am too, is it related? I was having a nightmare about something really ridiculous though!! This old pirate was sailing away and turned into a massive squid like creature. It kept getting bigger and bigger with layers and it was going to eat my son!! So I ran up to the top of its head and bit down hard so I could kill it - turned out I bit my son’s thumb!! I felt his fingers going into my mouth, I even heard the crunch and he woke up screaming!!! I checked his thumb and kept saying I’m sorry to him and he was saying "mummy you bite my fingers!!!" He’s almost 4 but always comes into my bed in the middle of the night. I’m feeling so incredibly guilty and scared I’ll do it again or worse!!

May 10, 2018
I hate myself!! NEW
by: Anonymous

This just happened to me less than half an hour ago and I’m still crying. I don’t know what nightmare I had but in that nightmare I bit something without realizing I bit my two week old baby boys forehead. The one time I let him sleep laying next to me. I woke up to his screaming and see his skin almost peeling. I feel like a horrible mother and I’m a first time mother. I can’t let him go and I won’t stop crying

Jul 30, 2018
I have done this 3 times now! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have literally bit my husband in my sleep 3 times now over the course of a year. All three times I was dreaming that I was fighting someone and all three times I woke up biting my husband's back. I thought I was crazy but I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. I'm surprised he even trusts me enough to let me sleep up against his back anymore.

Jul 30, 2018
I have done this 3 times now! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have literally bit my husband in my sleep 3 times now over the course of a year. All three times I was dreaming that I was fighting someone and all three times I woke up biting my husband's back. I thought I was crazy but I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. I'm surprised he even trusts me enough to let me sleep up against his back anymore.

Jul 30, 2018
I have done this 3 times now! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have literally bit my husband in my sleep 3 times now over the course of a year. All three times I was dreaming that I was fighting someone and all three times I woke up biting my husband's back. I thought I was crazy but I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. I'm surprised he even trusts me enough to let me sleep up against his back anymore.

Jul 31, 2018
by: Anonymous

I can’t believe I found all these comments I did this too my 4 month old last night we were having a bad night so she fell asleep in my arm and I can’t remember what I was dreaming about but all I remember is biting down hard on her little cheek I feel so bad about it she was screaming bloody murder I feel so horrible never will I sleep with her in my arms again!!:(

Aug 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

I felt insane! I was having some kind of dream where I was fighting someone off. We co-sleep and my baby and I were face to face. I bit the person in my dream but woke up immediately to my baby’s screaming and crying. I was so disoriented when it happened I didn’t know where or how I bit him. I jumped out of bed with him and took him to the bathroom so I could see where I bit him. I noticed blood on my chest so I ran back in my room and woke my husband up while bawling my eyes out and was frantically trying to find where I bit him. My husband swore it was just a bad dream and that it was a coincidence that I dreamt of biting when he started crying. We couldn’t find any bite mark, but his little nose was so red and irritated. Thankfully I bit through a blanket so no serious harm was done, just a bloody nose and a scare. I feel so guilty, and feel like a threat to him. I read that rem sleep disorder is a side affect of my new medication, but safe to say we won’t be co-sleeping anymore.

Sep 17, 2018
Me to :( NEW
by: Anonymous

I went back to sleep after feeding my 3 month old son. I've always had vivid dreams but this morning I woke up to my screaming child I had bit him on the nose :(

Nov 10, 2018
But my baby’s finger in my sleep while having a bad dream NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel freaked out as last night was dreaming someone was attacking me and woke up to my 15 month old crying as I had bitten down on the tip of his finger while I was asleep next to him. I immediately picked him up and rocked him but feeling terrible about it. He has a little red mark on the skin of his finger but otherwise he is fine. I’m still very shook up about it, have only told my parents. My mom says she’s never heard of anything like that happening before.

Mar 27, 2019
Worst nap ever
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I found this forum. I have been sick with a stomach bug and I went to sleep with my 8 month old in my arms. In my dream my partner kept doing silly things with my phone and his finger was curled and I bit down on his finger, woke up to my poor baby screaming and could immediately see I had bitten her cheek. I feel so awful! But reading these stories made me laugh and feel not alone. There is a little mark but she is ok and laughing and playing as normal.

Apr 08, 2019
Just happen 2me2 NEW
by: Anonymous

it happened to me2 i feel so bad i was figthing someone in my dream that was trying to take a phone from me that i needed to call for help so in my dream i bit his hand and i woke up to my babies crying coz i bit her head.I chk her she is fine but i feel so bad this never happen with my first born. Tonigth was the first nigth i cold slept some of the week.

Apr 11, 2019
I,'m not alone
by: Anonymous

Lots of mommys having the same reaction after a nightmare. Just happened with me. Thats why I'm here. I felt terrified and horrible mom, sorry for my forehead's 4my baby. But after reading so many mums in the same situation, I feel sorry for ourselves. We arent bad mom, but the society says we have to be the perfect and we agent. Never ever conscientious I could bite my baby. But it happened and makes me feel sick. My question is... what next?
Can it happen again?
How to sleep safe with him again?
Should I get help somehow with the GP or health visitor?
Or they can make a note as me putting my baby in dangerous?
Well, I never would hurt him and even. I did it.
Its hard ans its ends with so many questions.
I'm not alone, you arent alone.

Apr 17, 2019
It Bit His Head... WTF!? NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a dream my sister was sexually assaulting me. I went to bite her and woke to my Baby screaming. I bit his head.

May 02, 2019
I bite my 3 year old really hard
by: Anonymous

I am going through a nasty child custody case with my daughters father. Last night I dreamt he was attacking me and I was screaming and yelling and bit him very very hard. As soon as my teeth bit down into my daughters hand I woke up. She started crying but I didn’t see any marks and checked her hands for over an hour and couldn’t sleep after this. Now I feel like a shitty mom and wonder if she should even sleep with me anymore.

Jun 10, 2019
dreaming gone wrong
by: Anonymous

I had a dream my boyfriend was strangling me and my first reaction was to bite him to hopefully get him off of me. As I was putting my teeth down, It seemed so real.. 3 seconds later as I bit semi hard in my dreams my daughter started crying like crazy. I BIT HER HEAD!!!!! She was sleeping right next to me. I feel like such a piece of crap.. My poor sweetie.. It even left a mark :( and shes 3 month old. This has NEVER EVER happened to me and out of the ordinary this one time it does?? makes no sense.

Jun 22, 2019
My daughter was taken from me NEW
by: Anonymous

My baby girl was six months old and her dad had physically assaulted me. I moved out and was staying up late preparing for court for custody.

I had a nightmare that he was assaulting me again and poking me in my arm over and over and I bit him in my dream and I woke up to my daughter screaming. I had bit her on her arm. The next morning I had to give her to him because it was his day to have her and I was hysterical but went into autopilot and brought her to him and told him what happened and then went to work. He called the police and went straight to the hospital and had her forensically tested (which was a very invasive procedure).

Social services was called and I was charged with assault and battery of a family member against my six month old baby. I was breast-feeding. She was taken away from me for 10 weeks. After two full years of fighting I finally got primary custody of my baby girl. It was hell on earth and I pray no one would ever have to go through this ever.

Jul 19, 2019
Wow though I was the only one for 9 years
by: Anonymous

Hi was still in hospital with my newbord when she lied next to me in the bed after feeding her. I was dreaming the weirdest dream. I dreamed I was a dog biting someone and ended up biting her eye. I felt bad even till this day. Before we had any children (she is my middle child) I dreamt on night my husband was looking at a lady stripping while I was talking to him and I bit him in his neck to get his attention, but I was actually biting him om his chest so hard my teeth hurt.

From the day this happened my husband and my daugher is very close to me and my daughter is actually suffocating me sometimes as she want to brwith me 100% of the time. I cannot help to think if this hadnt had a psychological impact om her. We have a lot of issues with het emotionally and she is the only one with weight problems my other 2 are athletic. I wish there were more studies done on this.

Sep 13, 2019
Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

Someone was assaulting me or trying to killl me and I lunges into bite him... it was the only way to get him away from me..
I bit my 9month old on the forehead he has a mark and I feel absolutely awful!!’

I’m not lacking that much sleep either -

This is so scary!

Jan 07, 2020
I did the same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I was having a terrible dream last night that my partner was hitting me, (I went to bite his fists) and woke up to my poor little boy screaming 😢I’d bitten his forehead. I’ve never felt so horrible.... He has a mark on his forehead and all. He’s only 3 months old

Apr 23, 2020
So crazy... NEW
by: Anonymous

I did the same thing last night and I’m horrified. My son is 2 and he likes to rub my face for comfort when he’s half awake... well, I must have had my mouth open and he must’ve put his hand in there right in the middle of my dream because I FELT myself bite down on his hand twice! Like some sort of monster... he started screaming and I just held him and apologized and cried.... I can’t believe it. Makes me never want to cuddle him again at night :(

Jun 15, 2020
Same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I was always against co-sleeping... until I had my daughter and nothing feels better than snuggling with my 2 month old baby and making her feel safe and comforted in bed with me. Until this morning that is. Like everyone else, I had a dream about arguing with a crazy woman. She had killed my cat and I was so furious with her that I grabbed her hand and bit her finger. I was startled awake by my daughter screaming and I could still feel the feeling of biting flesh... I prayed I hadn’t actually bit her, but when I looked at her finger, it was red with a little speck of broken skin. I have been suffering with some postpartum depression and I can’t stop crying. I am just so glad I’m not the only one who has done this. I already miss sleeping with my sweet little girl in my arms because I can not trust myself to do it anymore.

Jun 19, 2020
I just did this :( so upsetting NEW
by: Anonymous

This just happened to me this morning.
We had the worst night hardly had any sleep and been breastfeeding and let baby sleeping on me and she just wouldn’t settle in the crib.
Ended up having her next to me fallen asleep while kissing her face to calm her.
Then I woke that I was having a nightmare fighting with my husband and wanting to bite him(which is something I would never ever do!!) and I woke for a feeling that I bit her face.
Absolutely horrified, screamed for my husband in total shock.
Been looking up what this, was so upsetting.
The midwife just been and she asked about the marks on her face, I told her everything, I was crying so much since.
She was very reassuring and said I look very loving towards my baby but we got to make sure I’m getting enough sleep....
I just want to send my love to all of you experiencing this as I know how horrible it is.
It is sleep deprivation and not anything malicious but i want to make sure baby goes back to crib after feeds from now on as I don’t want anything like this to happen again. My poor little baby girl... :(:(

Jul 08, 2020
Guilt Ridden NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't believe this happens to so many people. Horrible nightmare last night and woke up to my little one crying and a red mark on her. I thought it was just a nightmare...I didn't know this could happen? Maybe a co-sleeper wasn't the best idea here. Must be sleep deprived. I feel horrible and like I'm going to be sick. My poor baby!

Jan 02, 2021
Same thing
by: Anonymous

I can't stop crying, I dreamed I was being attacked and I bite my 2 year olds head, I didn't even realize he had climbed in my bed during the night. I am so devastated and feeling like the scum of the earth, my poor boy has raised welt looking marks on his forehead but did not puncture skin im so so sad I did that

Jan 08, 2021
by: Anonymous

My feelings are so hurt my 2 month woke up screaming and her dad ask what’s wrong I didn’t want him to look at me as a bad person so I didn’t tell him my heart so broke I was fighting off a predator in my dream n I bit her cheek .. I woke up n her face was swollen 😩💔

Mar 03, 2021
Bit my 5 month old NEW
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from night terrors for a while now, but have not acted out in a long time from then until now 😟 woke up to screams I had bit my baby girl on the stomach while having a horrific nightmare about my partner. I have never felt so horrible in all my life there is red mark and teeth marks I can not leave let her stay with my mum this week as she doesn't not understand things like this. Feel like I don't deserve to have her now 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Mar 13, 2021
Bit / scraped my babies fore head NEW
by: Anonymous

It was 4:30 am and my 2 month old woke up after 15 mins so I took him to my room and cuddled him. I was only sleeping for 20 mins and I had a terrible dream that a gross man was grabbing my breast. Next thing I wake up to my baby crying. I bit / scraped his head. It looks like a quarter sized scrape and was red and bleeding a little. I had to get neosporan. I feel so terrible. I have 2 other kids and this has never happened to me. My poor little guy. Feeling by a ton of emotions right now.

Mar 23, 2021
I bit my 7 y.o. Son NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a father of two but usually sleep with my eldest. I love him very much... but these past few days I have been in situations that triggers my anxiety disorder and gave me sleepless nights, I have been monitoring my blood pressure, pulse rate; its above normal ranges. Tonight I had a dream that a cannibal tried to eat me alive so i bite him back then suddenly my kid shouted and cried. I woke up and see the back of his shoulder bleeding.. I felt very guilty of what happened then ask my wife if I could sleep alone on the floor tonight.😭😭😭😭😭😭

May 15, 2021
I bit my baby NEW
by: Anonymous

My baby was sleeping beside me. I was having a nightmare that I was fighting off a sexual assault and when the guy tried to get his fingers down "there" I tried to bite his arm. But when my two front teeth reached his skin I was awake because my teeth hit the top of my 3 month old girl's head!!! She instantly was screaming and I instantly knew what I'd done. I hurt her. I bit the top of her head. What if I bit her soft spot!? I screamed at as well in panic to wake my husband and he sat straight up and I cried "I bit her head in my sleep" and he picked her up from me and took her away to calm her while I sat in bed crying feeling like an awful mother. I listened to her screaming from pain/upset that I caused. I love my daughter more than I love myself and I would rather have had the nightmare than hurt her.
My husband calmed her from screaming to mild crying and a few minutes later I nursed her back to sleep. She likes to use my breast as a pillow plus I cant reach her with my teeth down there but I feel scared. I kept apologizing to her and my husband and praying for her to not be in pain or for me to have damaged anything. I cant find a mark on her head but I can still feel her skull on my two front teeth.
I am so grateful for this page. Although I still feel deep shame I know that I am not a horrible monster and if you are reading this you arent eother. My daughter means the world to me. I'm scared to go back to sleep. Plus this happened a few moments before my alarm went off. I wonder if I was getting ready to wake up. Anyways it's good to know I'm not alone.

Aug 07, 2021
Happened to me as well
by: Stephen S

Was woken up by screams from my wife this morning. She informed me I bit her or something in my sleep. All I remember was having an extremely vivid nightmare. The last time this type of event happened was 4 or 5 years ago. I guess I woke her up choking her while we where both asleep. This doesn't happen often to me but it has me worried.

Sep 03, 2021
Literally happened to me last night NEW
by: Anonymous

He cried, I cried. He's only 8 weeks old. It wasn't hard as I can bite but it wasn't gentle. I feel so bad I can't stop thinking about his sad face after I bit him. 😭😭😭

Sep 03, 2021
Literally happened to me last night
by: Anonymous

He cried, I cried. He's only 8 weeks old. I can't stop replaying his sad little face. I was having a really vivid dream and just bit down on his arm thinking it was in my dream. I feel like a monster. 😭😭

Dec 23, 2021
Feel horrible but glad I’m not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened a couple of hours ago. I often have vivid dreams but I’ve never done anything physical in my sleep. My daughter is 7 months old and we’ve always coslept. Me and her dad are her comfort. I love nursing and sleeping with her. Well at 3:30 in the morning I was having a vivid dream of arguing with my husband. We’ve been having arguments lately. Nothing aggressive. But very frustrating communication. So in my dream I was so frustrated at him because I felt like he was refusing to understand what I was saying. In my dream I was so mad that I tried to bite his finger off! He wasn’t even attacking me, I was just so annoyed and pissed off at him. And the crazy weird insane thing happened. I bit my daughters finger. I only saw one other comment on here where someone dreamed of biting a finger and then actually found a real life finger to bite. I don’t understand how I bit her finger. She does like putting her hand in my mouth when we are awake. Maybe she was kind of awake and did that, and maybe the sensation of her fingers in my mouth caused me to dream of biting my husband’s finger. Anyway, when I bit her we instantly woke up, she was crying pretty hard like not harder than I’ve ever heard her but as loud as she ever has. I immediately tried to nurse her but she wouldn’t, my husband was asking what’s wrong what happened and at first I was just like oh my god baby oh my god are you ok I’m so sorry, I told my husband to turn on the light and only after examining her hands I title him I bit her! I didn’t see the mark at first because in my dream I but the front and back of the finger. I think my husband was the one who found two little marks on the sides of her little ring finger! Luckily she didn’t bleed but the skin was a little bit broken. I think she’ll be bruised. It was slightly swollen so I called her pediatrician’s 24 hour emergency nursing line worrying that it might be broken. That was two hours ago and thy ey haven’t called me back. But we cleaned it, put on a bandaid that she’s now taken off, gave her Tylenol and now she’s smiling laughing and playing, using her hands totally normal with all her toys. I’m so glad I found this page. This seems like a highly unusual thing but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was worried about our relationship but luckily my husband got her to calm down pretty quickly, and then once I calmed down I nursed her in bed again. But pretty soon it was the time she’s normal awake so she’s awake and happy now. My husband doesn’t want us to cosleep anymore but I want to repair our relationship and sleeping together feels like it makes us emotionally close. I’m glad to see she feels normal around me right now and happily nursed in bed. She’s not scared of me or bed. Knock on wood. She’s so precious and my greatest fear is hurting her. I told my husband I will still nurse her to sleep but then out her in the bassinet. It’s gonna be hard for all the of us, parents and baby. Because she has a strong cuddle- sleep association. So we’re all gonna have rough sleep for a while.

The other weird thing is that we both woke up covered in my sweat. I’ve never sweat that much onto my baby. It must have been a really intense dream. As soon as I could tell she was okay, I cried so hard and I said to my husband, I must have an an anger problem! I was so mad at you in my dream that I wanted to bite your finger off! I tried to bite it like a carrot! I can’t believe I did that to her. But since she’s playing I’m 99% I didn’t break her finger. But it felt like I bit her tiny finger so hard. I still feel a ghost finger between my teeth. This has been horrible but I’m so glad Google led me to this page.

Feb 11, 2022
I’m very glad i’m not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

Just last night I had bit my baby too but in my sleep. i was having a very intense and surreal dream i got into a fight with someone but not even physically and i bit them but i woke up and i had slightly bitten my son a little hard and he started crying. god i was so devastated but looking it up led to nothing but this page. i’m happy that i’m not alone but seeing all of these common situations happening and remembering my mother biting me in her sleep when i was very very young makes me think that maybe this has some sort of connection to having children. i wish someone would look more into this and do a deeper research on it because i know it would benefit us mothers a lot to know the psychology behind it.

Mar 09, 2022
by: Anonymous

Has anyone found out why this is happening? It happened with my daughter and 4 month old while she was sleeping. How is this prevented? Does that mean she can never sleep with the baby again? Has anybody gotten any answers? Or what did you do to change the situation. Obviously she feels horribly and terrified. I told her she was sleeping. She would never hurt her baby. But what prevents this other then not sleeping with them?

Thank you!

Good luck!

May 29, 2022
Same :( NEW
by: Anonymous

Woke up last night biting my daughters leg! I was being attacked in the dream, woke up to her crying! I left a round bruise on her from my teeth :( I feel so bad. We’ve been bed sharing for 11 months and I’ve never bitten her or anyone else.

May 30, 2022
6 years later- baby is fine! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey Mamas!

I posted on here 6 years ago when my daughter was about 3 months old. I was having a nightmare and bit her on her forehead. It was bad. I left a bite mark and literally cried for hours. I thought I’d never be able to safely hold my baby again. Every few months, one of you posts that the same thing happened to you, and it brings up the memory. Got a notification today, and I felt like I needed to give you guys an update!
My daughter is 6 now. She’s super attached to me and has absolutely no recollection of me biting her head when she was an infant and I was a sleep deprived new mom. As far as I can tell, the incident doesn’t haunt her and she has no recollections of it. She doesn’t bite me or anyone else (except for a few times as a toddler lol). So to the sleep deprived new moms out there- please know that you’re killing it and babies are creating to be able to withstand new (and sleep deprived) new parents. You’re going to be great ❤️

Sep 27, 2022
I bit my baby's head and I can't stop crying
by: Anonymous

I can't even remember what I was dreaming about, all I know is I woke to her crying and I Just knew what I'd done. I bit my baby's head. I hugged her and kissed her and gave her a bottle and some Calpol.
I've never felt so bad about anything. I haven't told my partner because I'm so ashamed.
I've been googling if I'm mentally ill or if I need to go to the drs. I haven't got pnd, I'm not particularly sleep deprived.
All I could think about this morning was dropping my little girl at her grandparents house and then walking out Infront of a bus because I feel like that's what I deserve. I could never ever intentionally hurt my kids
.I never ever did any thing like this to my son, he's now 5. I don't have my daughter in our bed, I only did this once because she was unwell the day before.
Now that I've found this thread I feel a little more normal. I've cried some more because it's a relief to know I'm not the only one

Sep 27, 2022
Why isn't this being studied???
by: Anonymous

I just found this thread because I just bit my babies head very hard during a nightmare! I'm mortified and feel like I have a pit of guilt in my stomach the weight of 100lbs. She had a big welt with teeth match on the crown of her head. I was dreaming that i was walking my dogs and I came around a corner to be confronted by a bear. The bear tried to grab the smaller dog and I was holding its mouth with my hands. As the bear lunged forward further, I thought the next best thing was to bite its head to see if it would let my hands go. Next thing I know I wake up with my teeth on a solid little head and a crying baby girl. I was so shocked. Was not sleep deprived and I have never done this in my life. I have had people fall asleep in my arms a thousand times, and it never bit or hit them. I'm in shock. What I'm realizing by reading this, is that this is not as uncommon as it seems!! If we are all here, imagine the many who are too embarrassed or ashamed (or don't care) to even post here. Maybe because we sleep so deeply with out babes? All I know is from now on I will not be sleeping with her head by my face anymore or in my arms. If I do cosleep with her she will be laying in the bed away from me.


Nov 02, 2022
Horrible mom NEW
by: Anonymous

I just bit my baby during sleep. I was searching for answers on google and found this thread. I am still crying until now.. i felt i am a horrible mom. I have a 2 yrs old son. He was crying loud when i bit him. I alreAdy disinfected it with alcohol and antibiotic cream although there were no blood coming out i just want to make sure. I was not sleep deprived. I was having a nightmare. I am so scared right now.. i'm even afraid to tell my husband. I was calmed a bit when i read this thread that i am not the only one who experienced this. I am a horrible mom to my son. Huhu. I even bit myself because i felt bad.

Nov 02, 2022
To the commenter above
by: Anonymous

I just want you to know that you are not a horrible mom at all. After I calmed down from my incident, I was able to let go of the guilt. I have since co-slept with my baby many times and have had no other bite events. I'm not sure why this is so common, but you are not alone. Please do not beat yourself up. It helped me to tell my best friend and my husband. Both of them could see how upset I was and neither of them made me feel bad. If the baby is ok, bar a red mark, then nobody should hold it against you. It wasn't intentional at all. You love your baby so much, and that is clear to me. They won't remember it.

Dec 30, 2022
Glad I’m not the only one NEW
by: Maria

I bit my baby boy in my sleep last night during a nightmare. He woke me up screaming and I knew right away what I had done. I had a nightmare that someone was trying to take him away from me and I went to bite them in a rage.
I felt so fucking bad and still do. He is fine tho, a little red mark on his forehead but nothing worse.
I googled to see if I was the only one because I felt so wrong and weird and abnormal for doing something like that. It does make me feel better to read so many comments from so many amazing mothers who’ve experienced the same.
We aren’t bad mothers - if we were, we wouldn’t be in this comment section to begin with, worried out our minds.
Mom club is the toughest club there is and we’re strong as hell.
Thank you all for sharing, we aren’t alone in this confusing but amazing life that is motherhood ❤️

Jan 09, 2023
New mom
by: Anonymous

My son just turned 8 months old. We co-sleep. I woke up to the sound of him screaming. It was then that I realized I bit my baby on his head. I turned on the light to make sure I didn't break skin or that he wasn't bleeding. He has a small circular bite mark just above his eye. I feel absolutely terrible. I called my dad and just cried. I need to know that I am not alone in this and that I am not a terrible mother because I look at his little face now and feel like I don't deserve him.

May 02, 2023
i feel so guilty NEW
by: Anonymous

i don’t even know what i was dreaming about, but what i do know is that i woke up feeling something in my mouth and biting so hard then the sound of my baby crying shook me awake & i just knew. i felt and still feel like an absolute terrible mother. she’s got red teeth marks on her little hand and it is literally killing me every time i look at it. it didn’t break skin thank god, but the guilt is so immense. i wasn’t sleep deprived & my baby is 6 months so we’re used to sleeping next to each other by now. i have no clue what happened and i’m scared of it happening again

May 09, 2023
:( NEW
by: Anonymous

Omg I can’t believe how many people have done this. I haven’t told anyone apart from my partner as I’m scared my baby will be taken off me. I thought it may have been a side effect of my new dose of anti depressants but maybe it’s because I’m sleep deprived then? Like a lot of you I was arguing with a man in my sleep, he got in my face and I bit him woke up then to my 11 month old crying as I had actually bitten her cheek. No mark thank god but oh I feel like the worst mother. My question is do I tell my dr or will they take her away? I don’t know what to do

Jun 16, 2023
i bit both my kids when they were a few months old NEW
by: Anonymous

why is this so common?? i just bit my 3 month old. i’m not sure what my dream was about i just remember biting and waking up to screaming. you know what’s even crazier is i did the same thing to my now two year old when he was a couple months old. i don’t even feel sleep deprived though? i get pretty good sleep so what caused this and why does it happen to so many other moms? there definitely should be a study on this.

Jun 29, 2023
yes this just happened with me a second time. he will be ok bur no more co sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

twice for me

Jul 06, 2023
Dream about biting ends up biting my son NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been sleeping my kids for the longest time. I usually have nightmares every now and then. I usually kick or make sudden movements. But last night was the first time ever. I dreamt of fighting with something and to defend myself i was about to bite the arm part. Then I suddenly woke up and was holding my son's arm. I quickly checked and did not feel any bite mark. But when it was morning, that was the time I saw the bite mark I did...I feel awful..why does it need to happen?what does it mean? My son btw is 11 years old.

Jul 15, 2023
by: Anonymous

I dreamt i was being attacked and bit down hard only to realise it was my babies arm i had bitten she woke up screaming ,next morning she still had the teeth marks i vowed from then on i would never take a child to bed with me i felt so bad this was 38 years ago and it still haunts me 😪 so glad to realise i'm not the only one.

Jul 20, 2023
Scary NEW
by: Anonymous

Very terrifying that this happened to my child and I yesterday morning. Currently has a small bruise but she is happy and doesn’t realize what happened. I pray to God he helps me because I feel like I will never forgive myself. We were napping , I don’t remember what I was dreaming about to the exact tee but I recall my child’s father and a new girlfriend on something of a social media aspect. Idk my child’s father very well but he has just tried to renter our child’s life as my baby is 9 months now. Very stressful situation . I was trying to change the channel on the t.v. because that’s where I seen it then I became posessed by a different ex boyfriend and I remember feeling myself do it and being like WTF WTF! I’m actually doing this!!? I woke up us both scared, crying and Idk if it was my ptsd from these shitty men but it happened and I’m spiraling because I am by no means a terrible mother. I called my mom asap. I love my baby so much. Day in and out I would never hurt my heart or place her in danger but it was a major wake up call. I do believe this is serious and should not be taken lightly!!!!! Ever!!!! It’s so easy to fall asleep with them but we have to restrain and remember there’s a reason people tell us it’s not safe to sleep with them. We are not ourselves when we are asleep. Now idk who to vent to, I don’t trust not only myself but anyone I would normally trust with something like this, even my poor mother I’m scared she’s telling people. I also want to try to reach out to my doctor but I’m so scared cps might get called and she’ll be taken… lesson learned though.

Mar 19, 2024
Will I forgive myself? NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened to me today around 2:30 AM. I was dreaming that someone kept trying to put their foot in my face so I went to bite their shin and I woke up to my son screaming. I felt and still feel so horrible. I don’t like knowing that this is something that will haunt me. things that traumatize me often pop up in my mind at random moments and i know it’s going to continue over the years. He is fine. He has a red mark under his eye and on his cheek. But I still feel so fucking bad. I don’t know if I should tell my psychiatrist or not. I don’t know if she will view it as me doing it purposely. My fiance took my son and slept with him the rest of the night but I got up and just went and cried to my mom. She said it’s time to transition him into his crib. I know this process will be hard but it’s better than something like this happening again.

Mar 26, 2024
it will be okay NEW
by: Anonymous

my comment is from march 19 2024. i have started to forgive myself. i told my psychiatrist and she didn’t report me or anything like that. she told me anxiety and stress can cause you to act out your dreams!! so please please don’t blame yourselves. this isn’t a well known thing. from now on, if you continue to co sleep, if you feel yourself thinking about all your stresses before bed, redirect your thoughts before letting yourself fall asleep.

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