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I Can't Fall Asleep PERIOD

by Jim W.
(Chehalis, WA, USA)

I'm getting sick and tired I hearing the same things over and over again. Only to be asked a stupid question like "so do you find yourself taking naps during the day?" If I was taking naps that would be sleeping. NO I can't fall asleep.

Yes I'm tired, yes I close my eye's that's as far as it goes. Then I lay there and listen to world around me. Wife breathing (not snoring) house creaking, my heart beating.

What I discovered is I don't get past stage 1. My body does not disassociate its self from its surroundings. I hear everything. Without medication I can easily stay up for three to five days non stop. Then I might doze off for 2-4 hours start all over again. Now I take ambient 12.5, Lunesta 6.0 mg and zquel and that will get me 4-6 hours. I need to get to stage two. Help.

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Sep 05, 2015
I understand you NEW
by: Josh

Un going through the samw. 29 days of the same thing. I get stuck at stage 1. I even snore but im aware of everything around me. Im scared! Please tell me you went through it.
I am confident God is going to heal me/us.

Oct 13, 2015
no sleep no nap at day NEW
by: macky


Apr 21, 2016
tireed NEW
by: Ashkan

im like you guys.did you find any solution yet?

Apr 23, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

josh and jim and macky,please leave a comment i hope you are getting better, i have the same problem and im so worried...

Apr 23, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

and also did you use any drug like xanax or ambien before this happen?

Nov 25, 2016
Same NEW
by: Paul

I'm on the same boat as you. I just shut my eyes and nothing happens for hours and hours. I tried everything in the book: exercise, meditation, going caffeine-free, you name it... Nothing works.

The only thing that truly helps me is one pill of 25 mg promethazine (Phenergan) two hours before bed every Friday and Saturday night. It's a powerful hypnotic that makes me sleep for a good 12-15 hours. I can't take it during the week as it makes me really drowsy the next day, so what I do is live like a zombie throughout the week and then spend the entire weekend sleeping. I have virtually no time for hobbies, going out or pretty much anything that doesn't involve work or basic household chores. But yeah... It's either that or accumulate a sleep debt that will probably kill me some day. Life sucks when you can't sleep like a normal person.

Sep 09, 2018
54 and tired NEW

I have been going through this for years as well.
I take ambien 10 mg. Without it i go days of no sleep. With it i average 3-5 hours.
Still stuck on 5 minutes of stage 1 sleep. No going any further

Jan 05, 2019
Me too
by: Anonymous

I am feeling the same way. I have been awake straight for nearly 2 years now and I'm terrified. Insomnia is ruining my life. My headache is getting worse by the day. Everything is. As each day passes my anxiety worsens, my thinking and concentration worsens and I am becoming spaced out and zoned out and I am constantly trying to remember what's happening because it's like a scary bad acid trip like I'm losing my mind. As each day passes, I thank God that I am alive another day as I am extremely amazed I am even alive right now. I keep praying to God every day and now I am still here to tell about it. It is a real miracle. I have been afraid of dying these entire 2 years straight and God has kept me strong. As far as treatment goes, the only thing that has been helping me is cannabis ( I have a medical card) , it puts me in the deepest state. If you qualify for medical marijuana, talk to your mmj doctor and they will probably give you a strong indica strain for sleep. That was my best bet. Everybody is different , but if your insomnia is caused by tbi or trauma ; than a damaged brain could be keeping you awake. Studies show magic mushrooms have been effective in healing the brain from damage and trauma and to actually grow new brain cells to repair the brain, the studies showed that they also boost IQ points. Keep praying and stay positive everyone,it can't last forever.

Jan 07, 2019
by: Anonymous

I’ve been stuck in the same situation for months! I only get ton stage 1 sleep and nothing more. Nights go by where I don’t sleep at all. I’m terrified. Has anyone gotten out of this?

Sep 04, 2019
Please amswer NEW
by: Anonymous

Did you guys take any benzo drugs or sleeping pills before this happened to you?

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