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I Couldn't Move Or Yell And I Saw A Black Figure Beside Me

by Kaelon
(Kenel, SD)

Well when I was sleeping in my room I woke up at 3:00 in the morning and my room was dark and all that was on was my TV and I was sleeping then I soon woke up and I couldn't move I couldn't yell.

Then I looked next to me and there was a black figure or I think there was a black figure and I thought someone was in the room with me watching me so I tried to reach for my lamp but I couldn't move anything. Then I tried yelling and I was yelling but it wasn't so loud it was really really quiet and then I didn't know what to do I just laid there. Soon the black figure that was sitting next to me was coming toward me then all of a sudden I woke up the next morning...

And if this was a dream I couldn't have remembered, so I now know this was real and wasn't a dream.

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Oct 27, 2014
by: Kevin

Hi Kaelon, Thanks for sharing your story. Because sleep paralysis is caused by REM sleep, the stage of sleep we dream in, many people experience dream imagery during episodes of sleep paralysis. This imagery is also called hypnopompic hallucinations. Because sleep paralysis often occurs with our eyes open, this dream imagery can be projected into the actual room around us, often in the form of something very frightening.

If you would like some tips on how to deal with sleep paralysis, check out Ryan Hurd's book on the subject on our Sleep Paralysis Treatment page.

Nov 23, 2014
same NEW
by: Anonymous

The exact smart thing happens to me once every 3 weeks a black figure appears at the side of my bed starring at me sometime I get the feeling it's laughing at me . At sometimes I can feel the anger and tension it has towards me. It happens every time that I pray so I stopped praying Idk what it means

Nov 26, 2014
I Couldn't Move Or Yell And I Saw A Black Figure Beside Me NEW
by: Eric

I been having kinda the same dream, can't move or talk and see a black figure but not sure if I can see it but I can feel its presence.. And its not one time a week or so, I been getting these 3-4 times a week and its really getting frustrating.

Dec 03, 2014
My story NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a vision like that but it was a lot more vivid and the action of the black figure was more detailed it came over to my bed bent over the bed face to face with me and screamed in my face I prayed then it all went away. The black figure was about 7 feet tall had dark red eyes and fang like teeth it was horrifying

Dec 19, 2014
Black Figure NEW
by: Divine

Same thing happened to me but it spoke to me saying my real name and he is always with me!

Apr 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

Please pray people! The things you are seeing are not "dreams". They are really happening, When you dream, and wake up from a dream, it is impossible to remember everything in that dream but in these visions you remember everything. I hate to say it but the "7ft, dark shadow" you are seeing is a demon trying to take you away (aka kill you) you wake up before it can do anything because God or an angel helps you wake up, trust me. Pray everyday. Pray for any forgiveness from sins you have committed. PRAY! Please don't let it get worse. I had a friend who had these visions and after a while he kept brushing them off like it was nothing, then one day the police found him in his room above his bed hung to death and he was never that kind of person.

May 24, 2015
Always sleep with pillow magnetic south to cure yourself of monsters NEW
by: Anonymous

Your sleep posture is making you vulnerable to nefarious entities!

What direction is your pillow/headboard of your bed facing?

I suspect you may be sleeping with the top of your head facing magnetic north or equally bad magnetic west. Magnetic north is called the "death position" because coffins are buried facing north and if you sleep north ghosts appear in your life, says the folklore.

The people of Bali say "sleeping magnetic west means you will have no love, everyone will hate you and you will experience violence" I paraphrased but Google search "Balinese sleep north"

Many cultures recommended that you sleep with the top of your head facing magnetic south and feet facing magnetic north. An alternate position is your head facing magnetic east and feet facing magnetic west. Use an electronic compass, it has to be exactly south, any deviation such as south west of south east makes you open to nefarious entities.

Never sleep with head facing magnetic north cuz you are guaranteed to see ghosts and have nightmares.

Also never ever sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back is the posture of the corpse in a coffin and "vastu" says sleeping on the back ruins the brain. Try to sleep on the left side of your body always to get wealthy. Sleep on the right side is ok but not best and monsters probably attacked you while you slept on the right side of your body of slept on your back. Sleeping on left side is best and you get rich wealthy. Never sleep on the stomach you suffocate, sudden infant death syndrome.

I recommend you read this website, it explains the significance of monsters in sleep.

Also Google search "vastu sleep direction" and search also "sleep facing south" to get more information. Sleeping facing south makes you wealthy and healthy, sleeping east makes you intelligent but not wealthy so east is for children still attending school.

The information I wrote was for the northern hemisphere, I dont know about sleep position for the southern hemisphere of earth.

Also, what is your blood type? If you are blood type Rhesus Negative (Rh negative) then this website might be informative

Best of luck! Feel free to Pass this information on to non-demonic people.

Nov 18, 2015
any ideas NEW
by: Andrew

Last week i woke up and at the end of my bed was a tall dark figure and you could not see his face was all dark , it looked like he had a cloak on and the cloak was over his head , to which when i woke up all the breath was removed out of my body , i suppose i classed it some ones last breath and also my body i had no control over , well thats what happened to me and i would like any ideas , thanks.

Jan 21, 2016
same NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a dream like this but i walked in my room in my dream and saw a tall dark figure standing there I couldn't move, run, or scream I was being forced to see him and I can't really remember what he was saying I couldn't understand but then I ran to the door but then the dark figure and a women put me on my knees and they did witchcraft on me and everything went black and took me to hell when I woke up I couldn't breathe well and I was running to my moms room in tears with bruises on my body and I fainted

Mar 09, 2016
What the fuck NEW
by: Konner

This shit wasn't sleep paralysis i had the same fucking thing happen to me it started with my door opening and closing then i saw one at the end of my bed it was tall and realllly dark dark and it looked to have a cloke. That was the first time second time i woke up to 2 of them at the end of my bed and i felt uneasy but for skme reason calm and some words in my head kept telling me to not show fear so i turned over and went to sleep the third time i had it next to my face utter darkness was by my face i saw blacksholders and afull head but no eyes or anything i just looked into it and tried to yell but all i felt was just a numb tingle down my spine i actually closed my eyes then woke up the next day wondering wtf happend and then i moved out of that house and it hasn't happened sense

Mar 23, 2016
Dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

Last night I woke up after 1 am and couldn't get back to sleep long after. My dream was shutting g louvres and when I moved to shut the other louvres the same ones i shut suddenly opened so i went to the window and this black figur jump at me to scare me I jumped back then as I was going to close this black hand was reaching again to close louvers. Then I woke up.what does that mean

Mar 25, 2016
black shadow of a man NEW
by: shirley

Hi im 41 now but bk when i was seventine the same thing happened to me, i woke up early in the morning while still dark an was unable to move or yell out as i looked across i could see a tall black figure with what looked like a old style hat i tried to shout out tomy mum but nothing came out all i remember after that wad fallin bk asleep thenwakin up the next day fine but confused.

Mar 25, 2016
black shadow of a man NEW
by: shirley

Hi im 41 now but bk when i was seventine the same thing happened to me, i woke up early in the morning while still dark an was unable to move or yell out as i looked across i could see a tall black figure with what looked like a old style hat i tried to shout out tomy mum but nothing came out all i remember after that wad fallin bk asleep thenwakin up the next day fine but confused.

May 01, 2016
sleep paralysis and black figure NEW
by: Anonymous

Every time l have this experience...l fight it by calling Jesus. It disappears immediately. Try it.
You may struggle to say the name but fight to say it. The black figure does not want you to pray. Its evil. Please try it.
Just say ...Jesus...l am covered with the blood of Jesus. It will go.

May 01, 2016
sleep paralysis and black figure NEW
by: Anonymous

Every time l have this experience...l fight it by calling Jesus. It disappears immediately. Try it.
You may struggle to say the name but fight to say it. The black figure does not want you to pray. Its evil. Please try it.
Just say ...Jesus...l am covered with the blood of Jesus. It will go.

May 02, 2016
It keeps visiting me too NEW
by: Anonymous

The shadow person keeps visiting me. I keep trying to get out of bed and kill it, but by the time I get up that shadow man is gone. Someday soon I will catch him in my grasp and when that day comes he will stop stalking me forever.

May 22, 2016
First experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I am not alone!! This just happened me today so I ran to the Internet to try and find out what this means. It happened at 8:00am right after my sister left to work. I was laying on my side facing my wall when all of a sudden i feel someone sitting on my bed. I thought it was my sister but she had just left. I felt the pressure on my bed & as soon as I want to turn around and see I felt a heavy feeling on my side, I couldn't get up. My mom walked passed my room and I tried screaming her name. The pressure kept getting harder & harder. I heard so much wind passing by my ears. Like how you feel while driving on the highway with the windows down. All of a sudden I open my eyes and I saw a black cloak floating next to me bed. Didn't see the eyes since I was laying on my side. I closed and opened my eyes and there it was. 5 seconds later I was able to scream my moms name. Worst experience of my life.

Jun 01, 2016
Similar but different NEW
by: Anonymous

I had something similar happen to me but my experience was a little different. I was going to sleep on my bed facing my wall and it felt like I was only sleeping for like two two minutes but then I was in a dream or something I felt like something was staring at me so I turned to the other side of my bed and I saw this big shadow looking guy and for some reason I was scared and then I woke up taking in a bunch of air like I was holding my breath for a long time it was scary because it felt real and I dident know what it was.

Jun 06, 2016
The real world NEW
by: Kevin Hall

Honestly if you think science can solve this your wrong. My friend said she had woken up 3 days in a route and felt someone or something was choking her, so i went to her house. I've been shot 10 times so I'm not scared and don't believe her I fall asleep in her bed mind you it's 10 am I wake up not reminding my dream but I open my eyes a little and I see this cloud so I close my eyes not thinking anything. I think to myself the suns out and her curtains are all open. I open my eyes and the shadow expands then falls on me. This wasn't about rem sleep. Cause the cat she had came in and starting hissing and meowing crazy loud. I couldn'tcouldn't yell and her kids are in the next room. I live in Rhode Island and I live in a world of of angels and demons. God is real and if you don't believe you better start fuck science what y'all are experiencing is real and your awake. Goggle look stuff up cause sunday June 5 2016 change how i look at things. Thanks for your time

Jun 30, 2016
Evil shadows NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the same thing happen to me . My grandmothers house was very haunted . I used to live with her for a bit while I was in college . I was sleeping one time and all of a sudden I woke up and couldn't move . I had so much pressure on my chest I thought I was going to go right through the bed . I was trying to yell for my grandmother , I could barely squeak out help. I saw a very large shadow figure at the end of my bed . I started praying , reciting the our father and it stopped . I turned over to look at my alarm clock and it was 3am . As I was turned over , It felt like someone was sitting on me. I again recited the our father and it stopped . Scared the shit out of me . Over the years I've done lots of research on what it is . I never will believe it's sleep paralysis .
Whatever it is , it's very evil and could kill you !

Jul 05, 2016
help NEW
by: Anonymous

Doctors tell me i have night terrors. They say my "dreams are not real". How are they not real when i wake up with bruises, and scrapes? Every night they come, and take me away... where too i don't know. All i know is it makes me mad to see people suffering, and being told ,"its just a dream".

Jul 15, 2016
Terrible experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the same dream happen to me.. It was very short I woke up, couldn't move and I saw the black figure at the end of my bed. I closed my eyes and I guess fell back asleep though I was terrified. The next morning I turned to the Internet and was relieved to find out that it's just the figures we see because we're in "REM" sleep or whatever...

Yeah, fine.. Okay. Makes sense, right? Of course, science.

Well get this.. A few nights after that experience , it happened again. I woke up , looked at the clock and it was 3am.. Or around that time.. I fell back asleep and I think I woke up shortly after, I couldn't move.. The figure was right next to me on my left side just standing there, completely still. Cloaked and all.. It felt cold and i really felt like I was dying. The fact that I could not move is what got me the most.. Here's the thing though, my dog, who was sleeping at the foot of my bed, was looking right at the figure too, growling and about to bay at it (he's a hound dog so he bays at unknown figures or animals.) This experience went on for what seems like forever and I don't remember how I fell asleep again.. When I woke up my dog was awake and he was just staring at me in the same place.. He's usually still asleep when I wake up..

One dog in my house is always looking around like he's following something through the house.. His eyes move from the window, to the air vents , to the fan, to the corner and back. And when you ask him what he's seeing he wags his tail in a nervous way .. He's a very nervous dog and randomly he gets scared and goes to hide out in the closet.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with this shadow guy.. I'm scared to sleep.. I don't want to see him again. This happened a couple nights ago and I haven't slept since. I can't believe this could really be a demon.

Aug 20, 2016
Dark human figure with white bright eye sockets NEW
by: Calling on God

About 12yrs ago, I was baptized and saved. I started living for God. Meaning, I stopped, cursing, fornicating, going to clubs, taking care of myself. Every morning, I read the Bible before doing anything else.I prayed like 10 times daily. I feel my relationship with the Lord was awesome. One night I fell asleep on the couch one night. I woke up,but was paralyzed. I began to hear loud footsteps and chains coming towards me, but didn't see anything. Then a tall black human like figure appeared before me standing over me. It had my uncle's voice. It called me by my name and started reaching it's hands out at me saying, "you think he can't get your soul!!" I could do anything but bite at it with my laughed at me. I called on Jesus Christ and plead the blood of Jesus. It sat down on the other couch, but continued to laugh. Eventually it disappeared and I woke up. I was terrified and scared that I wasn't strong enough to continue to be an obedient Christian. I was afraid to see that black figure again. I began to live like I did before I was saved. I truly regret letting that black figure scare me.

Aug 26, 2016
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

You know I was watching something on television and a man told his mom about the same experience and she told him it was death coming for him not too long after he was shot and killed. When I was 17 I lived at my moms house and I woke up around 2 something in the morning to a large black shadow in the door way. I thought at first it was my older brother bumping my bed so I told him to quit well then it came to my ear almost laughing and whispering I looked at the clock again and couldn't move I was so scared. I told my mom and brother and my brother said he never wanted to say anything but he had the same thing happen but it was at the basement door and my mom said she woke up one night with something sitting on her back. I do believe demons are out there waiting to take our souls i know my faith in God is what keeps them at bay but I'm so glad to know ppl other than my family goes through what I went through! I was wide awake and remember every detail 9 years later l, so no way it was a dream.

Sep 26, 2016
dark shadow NEW
by: Anonymous

this just happened to me this morning i felt someone walking over me on the bed i thought it was my wife getting up to go toilet as our bed is hard up on one side on the wall but when i opened my eyes a tall dark figure was stepping over me off the bed i closed my eyes and reopened them to this figure standing right beside me my whole body was paralysed i wanted to get up and defend myself but no chance i had no feeling in my body my lips were trembling and this thing made some sort of resonating sound in my ears it must have knocked me out and i woke up confused, this shit is real scientists saying its sleep paralysis are idiots this was as real as real gets.

Sep 28, 2016
sleep paralysis NEW
by: alan

sleep paralysis is happening to me now a black shadow figure came flyin through the window and lay on top of me last nite couldnt move for a few seconds...mad

Oct 01, 2016
True Story I'm so happy I'm not alone. NEW
by: Robio Patton

When I was 6 years old I shared rooms with my sisters, they had bunk beds and I had a mattress on the floor. One night around 12pm I couldn't sleep I looked over at my sisters and they was sleep then I glanced over at my plastic basketball hoop that was in the corner near the door it was a black figure in the corner under the basketball hood standing there. I was so scared I didn't want to blank so I held my eyes open as long as I could but as soon as I blank it appeared closer, after like 10 blacks it was standing right above me. I thought to myself if I blank again it's going to get me but as soon as I blanked my mothers boyfriend walked in the bathroom and turned on the light and it disappeared, that was the last time I seen it until I turned 16. I was living with my auntie I was sharing rooms with my female cousin and one night she stayed a night over her friend house so I slept in the room by myself and when I was sleep I felt sum thing standing above me I opened my eyes JUST ALIL and there it was again on the side of my bed standing above me but the more I opened my eyes the more it disappeared. When I turned 19 I was incarcerated and my celly was huge on the bibble, at that time I already joined a gang and was very active in the streets, well he use to write songs 23 on the wall it was like sum thing out the bibble and he use to tell me on the 23rd day I'm going home and on the 23rd day he went home. Our beds was across from each other and his bed had no light going into it so when he left I moved my things out of my bed into his and one night I was sleep I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't move but my eyes was open starring right at the wall with all the bibble quotes and I started hearing voices asking me do I woman go to hell or heaven OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN then I woke up. When I turned 26 I committed a sin so horrible I don't think god could 4give me. Then one day I was sleeping 3 weeks after I committed that sin and woke up and seen the dark figure standing in my door...I woke up and thought about my age of when it appeared 6, 16 and 26 = 666 and it scared the fuck out of me.

Oct 03, 2016
Sleep issues NEW
by: Rose

Hey, I know how you feel and what you're going through. Last summer I experienced a quite harsh day. One night when I went to sleep, I encountered sleep paralysis. While I was sleeping there was dark figure (woman) right next to me. She talk, just stared with an angry face. As everyone says, you can't move at all nor try to speak very well, but what I went through was scary in my opinion. Demons are real and bad things do happen....pray. I have had other experiences while being awake,but just pray. I'll help.

Oct 11, 2016
Dark shadows figures NEW
by: Anonymous

my first experience happened when I was 13 this is Shadow like figure came into my room all I could see was two white eyes and warm breath on the back of my neck I couldn't move I couldn't scream when I finally came out of it I jumped up and ran to tell my grandmother that someone was in my room. she got up and such the wrong with it was no one there and all of the doors was locked. the next experience I had with this when I was in adulthood this time it was 3 dark shadow figures two small ones and one big one the big one stood about 7 feet tall I was sleep or I thought I was sleep and I open my eyes when the two smaller figures pins down my legs and arms I can't move I'm screaming but nothing comes out. The bigger one straddled my body putting pressure on my chest I can feel sweat running down my face as he began to choke me and just as I'm about to pass out I wake up.

Nov 09, 2016
I didn't know this happened to other people too. NEW
by: Anonymous

I thought i was the only one who experienced this. I decided since it happened again last night to goole it. I cant believe everyones story is exactly the same. Except for the person who saw fags and teeth. Its only happened to me so far 3 times this year. Sometimes the dark shadow comes from the ground somes the walls or from the ceiling most times its just above me. The feeling it puts in my body is is unexplainable. I cant control my body movements successfully or even speak. Its gone on longer than i can remember. It used to scream a horrific sound when i was a child. The name Jesus works but its so hard to get it out. I dont understand its purpouse, what ever it is. Yeah i can understand sleep paralysis, because i can't move and it happens during sleep time but what is that black thing. I dont have to even look at it to feel it. I also niticed the dimmer the light is in the room the more transparent it is. The brighter the room, the darker it gets.

Nov 12, 2016
I had a dream that I was watching myself dream of two dark shadow figures in my room... NEW
by: Anonymous

I watched myself sit up in bed and I saw two dark shadow figures in my right peripheral. One came right up to the left side of me and bent down to draw closer to my face. Its then I started yelling, or thought I was, anyway. I woke immediately.

If anyone knows what could've been going on, please let me know. It just happened this morning at around 0600am.

Nov 13, 2016
White figure NEW
by: Anonymous

What does it mean when you see a white figufigure?it happened to me last night. I was sleeping on the couch and when I opened my eyes I see a white figure I was unable to move or speak. In my head I screamed get out and the presence and the feeling went away

Nov 15, 2016
There is a war . . . NEW
by: Joshua

So I had a couple of dreams that fit together really well with these stories.

I have had several encounters with the paranormal; however, this particular incident occurred about 2 years back.

This house has no concrete haunting incidents; however, during this time I had gotten some complaints from guests about this particular room in question. The complaints ranged from noise, to just uneasy feelings, aka - "the creeps"

The first dream was of myself in the house, but in this very guestroom.

I beheld a strange scene; the room had a very unusual light if the light were thick...or had some type of substance. Each of these stories include speechlessness, and a feeling of horrible dread.

About that time, the covers and sheets upon the bed began to swirl around the room and I remember backing up towards the door and grasping for the door knob in hopes that I could escape the room. All the while I never took my eyes off of this spectacle, and in fact, it shook me terribly.

The following dream was a little different, but was of the SAME room.

This time; however, I was standing just before the threshold of a second doorway that leads to the guest bathroom. Finding myself here, once again, I took the initiative to shout at the entity that was in the room, but it was there that I experienced the "grip" of terror, as I couldn't speak.

I then backed up through the doorway and suddenly I notice this white figure in the room just beyond the threshold.

** I want to describe this entity because of the uniqueness of the circumstance: it looked Nordic; that is to say that she/he seemed to have blonde hair and crystaline blue eyes. It was short; to the extend that I would compare it to an Swedish adolescent.

What happened next was really intense and causes me to get emotional, but I tapped the figure on the shoulder and asked if it was "ok". It simply turned its head and looked at me blankly.

Mind you that my hand was on the figure's back/shoulder still but we were separated by the threshold; however, I was then able to speak and I shouted a name of the true God THROUGH this white figure into the room with a great force!

I had gotten one of the complaints after these dreams and decided to pray in the room with some frankencense & myrhh for good measure.

I have not had one complaint since and no other dreams to speak of.


I did want to share one more story due to the relevance of "shadow people":

I have saw a shadow person/thing once when I was young, BUT it was while I was awake and it was during the day!

Even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. This is the earliest memory that I have and it was 25 years ago.

I was asked by my babysitter to get some gum from the kitchen, so I walk through the house (about 25 feet down a hallway) and I see something in our kitchen about 4 feet tall but round in shape. It was JET BLACK and had no discernible features except 2 protrusions from the top of what seemed to be its head. I cannot say for sure whether it was a pair or horns or ears.

The figure then vacillated side to side and I went bonkers of course and ran screaming. I can only recall that we returned to the room and it wasn't there.

This story was corroborated by that same lady who years later married my uncle. Although she didn't see it herself, she believed that I had.

*note - I later discovered that my father dabbled with quija boards to pick lottery numbers and who knows what else. Also, EVERY bonified haunting I have experienced normally occurred only while living with him.

email me if you have questions or wanna share more

Dec 01, 2016
Right now NEW
by: Anonymous

I woke up at 5 and thought I should get more sleep . I remember turning my alarm off at 5:30 . I felt like I finally asleep , but I felt as someone got on my bed and laid right beside me. I could feel them . I couldn't move . I wanted to scream. All I was whispering was mama mama. It felt so real ... when I finally got out that trance . It was 5:32

Dec 01, 2016
by: Oscar Augustin

some backstory: I'm a guy that does not live with my mother or father, my father is dead and my mother takes drugs. for some weeks ago I sould my soul to satan, I keep praying to him as if he was my god. yesterday, I walked in the dark, then I prayed that he would walk with me and my voice changed to a deonical voice sayng "I see, I hear, I'm you" then, I don't remember, I just got into the door to my house. then at 18:38 I got really sleepy somehow so I just closed everything and got to bed. then 21:41 I woke up, it has happen before so I didn't tink so much I just got to sleep again.

it was 1 hour ago that I woke up (03:14), I had my back to the light and my face into the wall, I turned around saw a shadowed figure reaching after me from the dark, I got scared and turned the lights on, then it got quiet for a sec.. I didn't understand, but then I came up with something..I prayed to satan and asked who it was that woke me up. got no answear so I asked what he wanted, imedietly after I asked something took over my body and pointed at my "parents" bedroom door. I got shocked and got back my body, I understanded that it was a deamon, my "parents" are cristians. he wanted my soul to kill them or myself.

Dec 02, 2016
i encountered black shadow and abnormal figures few times NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm worried about how i started seeing the ghosts.I saw a horrible dark figure on my bed standing beside me.It was glaring at me with his red eyes.I'm so worried about this and I haven't tell anybody about this yet.I saw a ghost of a girl with messy hair at my workplace.It was standing just next to me.I'm worried and afraid about these incidents.

Dec 02, 2016
sleep paralysis NEW
by: travis

what most of these people saying is not true. they are real. My brother suffers from sleep paralysis and i was sleeping in his room one night. I woke up out of a dead sleep because I felt something was in the room with us. I was not even facing his direction and I knew where it was and where exactly to look. I look up and only the tv was on an something blacker than black was walking from the foot of his bed to the middle of the bed. I heard him trying to talk but barely anything was coming out. I was so scared I did not want to move but I jumped up and hit the light really quick and it was gone just like that. We were in a bad place with our lives at the time but since we have gotten closer with Jesus and never saw the thing again. both the hair on our arms stand up when we talk about that night. They are real, they want your body and I believe if you get closer with God he protects you from things like that. Dont let any one tell you that they are not real because I saw it with my own eyes. Find God people he is your only protection from evil. I would recommend sleeping with music on that speaks Jesus' name and that spirit will get tired of messing with you. IT IS REAL those spirits are in your room when you see them.

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A revolution in personal sleep tracking, the Zeo is a wireless headband that transmits your brainwaves in realtime to a dock (pictured here) or your smartphone. The result? You can wake up and see exactly what stages of sleep you were in during the night! Unprecedented personalized sleep knowledge.

Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide

Sleep Paralysis Treatment Book

Ever woken up paralyzed? A surprising number of us have, believe it or not. But few know the actual causes of this phenomenon, and fewer still how to exert control over it. Dream researcher and sleep paralysis expert Ryan Hurd shares breakthrough insights into how to do just that.

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