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I lost the ability to sleep!!!

by Kathy
(Denver, CO, USA)

Three months ago I lost the complete and total ability to sleep. My eyes don't get heavy. The first episode came out of the blue and i went over 60 hours before grabbing an OTC med that helped. Since then I have not slept one minute on my own. I only sleep when the meds work. I cannot take a nap. I'm the next Michael Jackson or suffering from sporadic fatal insomnia.

No one believes me but I've lost the ability to sleep. So I'm only one night away from never sleepjng again. I need help but there are no answers. I have seen sleep specialists, done sleep hygiene, meditation tapes. You name it, I've done it. I CANNOT sleep. I lost that ability and before that episode i never had a sleep problem. I don't have occasional trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I repeat, i CANNOT sleep. I fear I'm dying a slow, painful death.

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Sep 12, 2015
by: Kathryn

Your body may not be producing Meletonin, the sleep hormone. You will need to see a Naturopath as regular Doctors don't do this testing. My son has been going throught the same as you for the past 4.5 years. Has done everything possible to fix it. He started seeing a Naturopath lately and she has just sent him for this test. We are hoping this is the is the answer. It is a good place to start. Good Luck.
I wish Doctors would take more responsibility for sleep problems, but if they can't fix it with a pill or surgery there is nothing they can do...

Oct 12, 2015
Suffering serious ailment NEW
by: Jaskiran

I am suffering the same problem exactly the same but m shock that m still 19 n i get this serious problem i completely lost my lovely sleep i miss it soo much plzzz help me so that i can sleep plzz plz plz plz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Oct 23, 2015
Same here NEW
by: JusT me

Same, like I've listen to my story - it's been like this for 2 years now. No answers from doctors - sleep hygiene, meditation, milk before going to sleep... What the f*** are they talking about!!!? I don't have like 2 hours of sleep every day or 5 hours of sleep - I don't sleep at all - not even a minute - normal body is tired and automatically going to sleep after 12-14 hours - for us is like 3-4 days without minute of sleep - what should we do? ---- this is also reply to the guy on the beginning - I feel you bro - I'm in the same shit - if I hear bullshit about "sleep hygiene" I want to kill a dickhead with a newspaper! I don't know what is going on with us bro - all I can tell you is - you're not alone!

Oct 31, 2015
Same thing here NEW
by: Jaku

Dude Im experiencing the exact same bullshit I dont feel the need for sleep either, mine started 9 days ago out of the blue Im only 18 and my mum and dad think im crazy as fuck thinking that i have sfi, what ever this is, hope we can all get through this

Oct 31, 2015
Insomnia NEW
by: Jaskiran

I want my sleep back .............i totally forget. How the sleep was that was the beautiful days .....but this insomnia suck my life

Nov 01, 2015
Me 2 NEW
by: Jaku

Same here. it gives me more time to do stuff sure but, I just want to feel sleepy and dream like the good old days, I fear this is something that will end up killin me but i May just be panicking.

Nov 01, 2015
INsomnia NEW
by: Jaskiran

Ya dr its discusting thing ever😟😟😟😟😟

Nov 02, 2015
help NEW
by: Lance

Have any of you found a solution to this problem im a sufferer of this also and I just need to know if theres hope.

Nov 13, 2015
Bullshit panicking NEW
by: Daryl

Hey dude i feel the same way too i cant back the good all days of good sleep...i think the reason why we experiencing this is all about stress resulting to panicking...i think we should not hold back...our family will be the best factor in helping us relieving this bullshit...just keep on holding on dont surrender may God bless us all...

Nov 20, 2015
Fuck NEW
by: Anonymous

I am suffering from the same shit i ve gone through this a times ago omg wtf is this i think we need that lttle shit melatonin i dont fking know i bought that today i was able to sleep atleast 5 hours omg if this work iam gonna be proud best luck for ALL

Dec 04, 2015
Me toooo NEW
by: mike

Me toooo.... I am so afraid now about whats going on with me :( i have not slept for 3 days already literally no sleep i am very tired and my body wants to sleep but my fins if f*cking awake still :(

Dec 21, 2015
by: Christian

Hey guys im going through the same thing. Normally i read stuff and people are complaining about a few hours of sleep and I would die for that because I get no sleep at all literally! I never feel tired I tried medications and Advil pm did help me until last night when I took it and I was up. This worried me I never used to take it everyday just when I went a few days with no sleep. After I would sleep fine and perfect without meds. I worry every minute of my life that eventually I'm going to die from not sleeping. Now that I know Advil pm won't knock me out anymore I just worry that I lost my ability to sleep. I feel like I have no control over this situation and I just have to make everyday count because I don't know when it will be my last. I hope and pray we all get better. This can't be life. I'm just 24 going on 25 why is this happening? Good to know I'm not the only one maybe we can all keep in touch through here

Dec 21, 2015
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

Yeah same thing here dont give up guys we can get through this I also agree with daryl this all seemed to have started for me when I had to do a presentation (I have a fear of public speaking) After that I developed this problem we just need to find a way to get the anxiey to piss off so we can be normal again

Jan 26, 2016
Same problem - no sleep at all NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened to me over a year ago. Tried every sleep pill they make. I also thought I was going to die from it. To make a very long story short, after hospitals, Drs, MRIs and every sleep medicine tried, I was prescribed Seroquel. It is not a sleep medicine but causes sleepiness as a side effect. It was the only thing that worked. It is a med for bipolar problems.
It is a drug that takes time to get used to, made me feel drunk during the day. i take it an hour or two before bed. It also has to be started at low doses and build up until it starts to work. Took me about three weeks before the drunkiness stopped.

Jan 30, 2016
same NEW
by: Jakku

Hi im back and same ive been put on seroquell coz they think i have bi polar my problems started after a period of high anxiety and the seroquell is bloody brilliant
does it still work for u man? or can u get normal sleep agaain?

Feb 02, 2016
Hmm... NEW
by: John Doe

Ok, I'm obviously not alone.

Meh, given my current situation, I stopped caring. I have more important things to do.

I balance with booze. Every few days I simply get drunk and pass out. It may not be the best thing, but until I can start exercizing I'll have to hang on. And frankly, being hung over is much more pleasant, than being without sleep for 2 or 3 nights. I don't know about you, but I prefer being without hallucinations.

Once I'll go through a bit of surgery, possibly 2 or more bits, depending on how badly my joints are off, and get some parts of my body functional again, I'll simply start exercizing. I'm quite certain, that 4-6 hours of exercize can get me at least 3-4 hours of sleep. I can live with that. I have done so since I was a kid ( meaning A LOT LESS than 18 ) until university... Then I didn't have the time to exercize.


For all of you, who can't sleep, but can move properly, try this: Work out. And I don't mean measly 40-60 minutes. I'm talking about wearing yourselves out past most limits. So much so, that you are barely able to crawl to bed. It's a bit... well... exhausting, but that's kinda the point. I can't do that, for now. But one day, I will, once more.

Good luck

Feb 17, 2016
The bedroom temperature has to be 65 NEW
by: arizona

It's because of stress. I stopped watching tv. Every night when I go to bed (same hour) I pray to Jesus to protect my mind for not going insane and I pray for the melatonin to take effect into my body.and it works. I reach REM the stage with dreams and my dreams are not nightmares. Because Jesus is with me. You should try it too. I inhale oils like peppermint and lay down.

Feb 29, 2016
Hmm... NEW
by: John Doe

Arizona: Well, what you are doing is basically meditation, quite a common form, actually. That's, what any real prayer actually is.

I personally don't do Jesus, or any other religions. The way my mind works, I can't. One has to believe in a deity or deities, which I am unable to do. But whatever works for you is fine.

For everyone else: The technique is fairly simple, but requires a lot of concentration, and may be even used as a sleep replacement, if you can't actually fall asleep. Needs a bit of practice, mind you, like many things. It rarely works first time. And once you drop out of practice, it takes some time to get back into it.

- Try to get rid of all disturbing elements from your room.

1. Lay down
2. Try to steady and slow down your breathing, make the breaths deep.
3. With every breath you let out try to relax your body more and more.
4. Your heartbeat will tell you, if you are advancing properly. Should you feel your heartbeat rising, or feel out of breath, it means, you are advancing too fast. In this case, adjust your breathing to allow sufficient amount of oxygen in your blood.
5. Meditation music, relaxation music and aromatic oils can help as well. The music is especially helpful to aid with adjusting the breathing frequency until you get a knack to it.
6. This whole process gets more complicated when your mind is cluttered. Don't worry about your mind skipping to some problem. It happens a lot, until you get sufficient practice. Just try to get back to cleansing your mind.
7. Rinse and repeat.

- It does help, if you can keep a nice image of a location, you feel nice about, in your head. The location can be real or totaly made up, it depends entirely on you. Just make it an image you like. Another point: This image is actually a part of the meditation. So the more detail you add, the more details you go through, while creating the image place, is sort of a crutch, to help you into a proper meditative state.

Mar 01, 2016
I lost my ability to sleep too. NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm right in the same boat with all of you. Can't sleep at night. Can't nap during the day. It's just gone. I feel like total crap.

Apr 03, 2016
20 years old and can't sleep. NEW
by: baarro

This is a total nightmare. It started with sleep getting effected by a particular stress-or. 5 Nights of not sleeping with recurrent sleep paralysis gave birth to the idea of 'I can't sleep'. So far, from what I understand, it is only our state of mind. Our insomniac 'state-of-mind'. The horrible idea that we can't sleep. But even such realization has not helped so far, every-night, I bloody try so hard to focus my brain towards something positive but it isn't working. Worse, even sleeping pills won't work. I might knock-off for 2-3 hours. But then again, it hurts even more.
Im thinking of trying hypnosis to eliminate the memory of the idea; 'I have insomnia'. Maybe then I will be able to sleep normally. Otherwise, this wakeful nightmare will either lead to death or suicide.

I want my life back! Let's be positive. It's our mindset and a few other sleep habits that need to change.

Love and peace for all,
May you sleep well.

Apr 21, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

i am like you guys.i cant sleep anymore.what to do its getting worse every night.sleeping pills doesnt only 23.did anyone find a solution?

Apr 21, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

baarro can u sleep now?!

Apr 21, 2016
Sleeping better NEW
by: baarro

Hey Ashkan,

I am so sorry for your struggle.
As far as Im concerned, my sleep may not be the best but it certainly has improved. Once again, Im working on it through changing my belief patterns. Also, Im trying to consult several hypnotists who could help my unconscious brain rewire the habitual patterns. Remember we can always sleep un-aided. We don't need pills. This situation won't last long. We can always do this. I know there are days when I feel out of whack, hopeless and suicidal, but life is too beautiful to give-up. Once we are insomnia free, we will find it as a blessing. It teaches alot.

Do you have any other forum where we can communicate and check on each other's progress? Sending good vibes

Apr 21, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

hey glad that u are getting better sorry if my English is not that problem started when i used stay up for more than 24 hours working with pc and suddenly i felt something in my head and body.stress came and it was like passing dad gave me one xanax pill and after 15min i became relax and could sleep.the day after i couldnt sleep the whole night and im using xanax every night which it has no effect anymore.i cant go into deep sleep when i close my eyes wakeful all night something bothering in my head.but i wont give up same as you.i think that day which i stayed up for like 30 hours broke my head..

Apr 21, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

anyone else here reading this please leave a comment of his progress i hope all of us become healthy again

Apr 25, 2016
suffering no sleep NEW
by: sleepless20yrold

I am so happy I found this website. Please hear me out - I desperately want to help someone! I went from Doctor to doctor unable to sleep , having to drop out of school for a semester because I could not sleep for three days at a time. I have tried Melatonin, Ambien, Fisher Wallace Stimulator, therapy. Doctors didn't listen to me when I told them it was a physical problem!!!! I acquired this insomnia (I believe) from coming off antidepressants. I was completely fine until I got off of them and have been messed up ever since. Anyways there is a cure. I read about psilocybin curing depression and I though why not insomnia too? I tripped and was able to sleep six hours a night and at least when I got bad again I was responding to sleeping pills. Then, I was fully cured with acupuncture!!! Nothing else in the world helped except these two things. Sadly though, I took the antibiotic Cipro and it threw me back to no sleep so I need to repeat my treatment. Take things into your own hands when doctors cannot help. Don't lose hope. So many nights I cried and thought I was going to be dead soon. I prayed and prayed and was given the answer to be cured for a six month period of time and know we all can get back to normal.

Apr 25, 2016
tired NEW
by: َAshkan

hi "suffering no sleep".dude thanks for answer but what is psilocybin and how can i get it exactly? i think we don't have it here.and about acupuncture u mean that needles work on body?
anybody else please tell your current progress. baarro i hope u be better now.

Apr 28, 2016
suffering no sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

In response to "tired:" I'm referring to psilocybin as in magic mushrooms. The longer the trip the more powerful the lasting effects. Many studies have been done on its benefits for depression, anxiety, addiction, and other various mental issues. No current studies I have found for insomnia - but again it allows treatments to work again. The problem being its not legal, but honestly that doesn't matter anymore when you go 60 hours without sleep. Life isn't worth living anymore if you are painfully awake. You will risk anything. Anyways, if you do trip, I am assuming and serotinogenic hallucinogen would be okay - one dealing with one of the many 5-HT receptors. I hope someone reads this and is helped by this if you do read this and try it please respond I want to hear if you have progress. Lastly, psilocybin may not be the immediate cure. For me, I slept as soon as I hit the pillow fpr three days. Then, I couldn't sleep until 4am or so for a very long time until I found acupuncture, yet even then I was so thankful!! Feel better. There is hope!!

Apr 29, 2016
Can't sleeep NEW
by: John doe

Hi guys,

I have the exact problem I can't sleep and night or nap during the day I feel proper brain dead, it's been going on for almost 4 weeks now. I have not had 1 single night of full sleep. Usually I used to feel worn out n tired by 11pm and could sleep for 12 hours straight with out waking up. Now I close my eyes and there's nothing there I can't even think of memories to try and lie to the mind, it feels as if I have bed drinking red bull and the caffeine is not wearing out. I can't rest during the day either. One night I had my eyes closed for 8 hours and I couldn't sleep I've tried all this bullshit milk n slow music.....people who are not going through it will not understand how it feels, I have forgotten what it feels like to have a good nights sleep. I sleep for 2 hours then wake up sweating or randomly then stay awake all night....I have lost contact with reality I'm forgetting what it feels like to be all started with a funny feeling in my head on night felt like an electric sensation like a buzzing surge behind the skull.....ever since then I have totally forget on what proper sleep feels like..........Is anyone else experiencing similar symptoms if so please reply!!

Apr 29, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

hello guys,"Anonymous" thanks for replay i have not tried your methods yet but i'm gonna do it soon and i'm happy too see that things are working for you.
john doe i'm suffering from the same hell happened to me but i'm not sure whether i had that feeling in the head or not.nothing works for me too.i can't sleep most of the days on week and if i can i get 2-3 hours max and i'm not sure its a sleep because i'm somehow awake like twilight and i'm tired. but i have some questions from you which i'm not sure that it's related to the problem or not.
was u ever using any antidepressant pills? or benzo pills like alprozolam(xanax)? and are you person who works with PC or other communication devices alot? i heard from someone such things may affect on brain and sleep."drugs,the ray from devices,unhealthy sleep behaviors such as not sleeping at nights and etc.."

Apr 29, 2016
John doe NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Akshan,

I am very pleased you replied to my message.

I have not taken any sleeping pills and I doubt I ever will as they are not natural and can alter the brain and its functions in some ways.

When I was 18 I suffered severely from anxiety Attacks I pretty much got every symptom in the book from it, after a few years it went away and have never felt it since.

I am an accountant I'm always on my phone and Pc, do you think this can have implications?

Sometimes I feel like I am depersonalised and dearealsation

I sleep at night only when I am extremely tired and my body can't take it anymore I sleep for 3 hours max I wake up and feel confused and have wiered dreams, do you feel the same?

Apr 29, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

hi again john.i'm very pleased too.something is happening to us and it's rare as we can see no one knows the cause exactly doctors do nothing and they make it worse by prescribing chemical pills. i'm 23 now and i had some kind of anxiety Attacks when i was 20 like went away btw.
about implications of devices, i saw it first on a video from a Professor or maybe a doctor(i don't care about them anymore they all are the same) who said all of these devices affects on body,brain,nervous system specially wifi signals from phones and laptops,it makes anxiety.but we can't say that its the cause since lots of people are using them.anyway i'm trying to keep them away as much as possible.
i also have to say i was using xanax pill for five days because my anxiety attack came back somehow and i stopped since it made me worse.
i feel the same about sleeping with a little difference which is i don't dream at all or maybe i do and i don't remember and it shows i don't get any REM sleep.REM sleep stage we dream on it.
this is absolutely hell but losing hope is the worst,found some good things for this too,u check this link and maybe something works for you,it seems the guy had the same whatever he says and who knows maybe a miracle...
i hope god heals us soon,life is short yes,but i don't want it like this.

Apr 29, 2016
John Doe NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi ashkan,

I saw the video and it seems ridiculous and nonsense what the guy was talking about. Anyway, how long have you been suffering these symptoms?

Do you feel dizzy or lightheaded or weak from lack of sleep?
I don't feel normal any more

Apr 30, 2016
suffering no sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys I'm back I took mushrooms tonight and still have not fallen asleep at 6am. I plan to schedule my acupuncture appointments as this is the combination that helped me before. I'm so afraid my heart will give out. I'm 20 and sick on 3 antibiotics right now and can't kick anything because my immune system must be shot this is what happens when you literally can't sleep ever. :( I am averaging one to two hours a night and feel like I'm going to die. Also am so thirsty. I took Lexapro for a year and after getting off of it I got this insomnia. I always slept like a baby before it!

Apr 30, 2016
tired NEW
by: Ashkan

Hi john.yes the video seems ridiculous but the guy says that he is getting better by looking at sun at sunrise staring on it.beside that blue blocker glasses and magnesium supply but i doubt those do anything no effect on me.
about 3 weeks since the first night.i feel dizzy and fatigue on my body and my mind can't do normal jobs my eyes getting red and almost left my education.

May 01, 2016
weep weep NEW
by: baarro

I am wits end. Askhan and Sleepless 20yearold.

God knows it's insane. My heart cries looking at everything I could and am not able to because my head hurts so much. I have been crying non-stop is
it gets so scary when I imagine my future with this form of invisible torture. Note with note sleeping enough we're at a high risk for psychosis, and so many other neurological ailments.

I do however, still believe we can sleep un-aided,
however,I need to fix my Vit D and B12 deficiency as they are directly related to poor sleep. You two look into it as well. Please.
It's insane. I hope we figure it out,
Sending love.

May 13, 2016
Same here. NEW
by: Joshua

I am from Hong Kong and I have the same problem here. Cant sleep at all.

I used to fix this by lying down for a very long time until my mind stops.

But it seems that now it needs more than that for me to sleep.

I can keep my body physically functional by lying down at night. But my mind is always awake.

I need to find a method to fix this.

If I found a method, I will post again.

May 14, 2016
I'm not alone, yay!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I found this site! I thought I was going insane! 2 months ago I lost the ability to sleep. A simple physical inability to sleep. I have no stress to stop me sleeping and I don't suffer from anxiety or depression. I just go to bed and can't sleep, even after four days and being totally exhausted. Saying that, I can't function either. Still trying to work full time and run a family. My brain isn't functioning but it won't let me sleep so it can function. Got to crises point. First the doctor tried me on endep anti depressants (for sleepy side effect), all that did was make me hyper alert. Then he tried mirtazapine for same reason and that did the exact same thing. Then he didn't know what to do so started me on Melatonin and zopiclone. This is working, but he said for two weeks I may have the zopiclone only, then I may stay on just melatonin for two months which will hopefully "reset my clock". He has also referred me to a sleep clinic for overnight stay. I work in the health industry and have access to a lot of medical information. Nothing the dr has tried works but here is something I've worked out that I find very interesting and which is why I believe it's a physical issue, for me atleast. About ten years ago, another GP gave me 30mg tablet of mirtazapine in his office (was feeling low from divorce proceedings). I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Half hour later I was almost in a coma and slept for 26 hours straight. I couldn't have stayed awake if you gave me a million bucks. Now I've had it again and it did nothing. Something else interesting, my brain also doesn't respond to panadol, ibuprofen or codeine since my "insomnia", where as it did before. I can now drink like a fish and not get drunk, where as before if I only had two or three beers I was quite merry. I feel the melatonin tablets don't do much. Zopiclone allows me to sleep but gets less effective every day and I know it's a drug that hits different receptors in the brain. I'm sorry peeps, I don't have the answers, wish I did, but thought I'd share my experience so far. Is it physical? Depends! Have you tried sleep hygiene, no alcohol, meditation, cut caffeine and you know the rest of the BS? Still an insomniac? ITS A PHYSICAL CONDITION! problem is, the medical profession don't understand it. Could quite simply be the invention of the electric light. Hope you all find answers, hope I do too.

May 19, 2016
Pretry sure I can't sleep at all NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok, so this problemail of me not being able to sleep started back in mid-January. It's now May, and I still can't sleep. I was diagnosed with anxiety back in January, but I have a hard time believing it, since the supposed symptoms I mention are actually real things. For instance, my swallowing is messed up, and I'm almost 100% sure whatever I "swallow" does not get digested properly. Also, I can't feel any part of my body, whether I am standing still or "walking". When I am walking, it feels like my legs aren't doing any work. When I pick something up, it feels like my arms aren't doing any work. Basically, my brain is allowing my body parts to move, but my muscles aren't being stimulated at all. This makes driving more of a chore than it really is, since I can't gauge my speed that well with a leg that feels frozen. The worst part is, I am never tired at all. My eyes never become heavy before my scheduled bedtime. They will not consciously shut. I do not know what to do about this. I am pretry sure that I am going to die soon from not sleeping. Not sure if I have FFI or SFI. Sleeping pills don't work at all, and my stomach makes abnormal noises. I am only 21, so that too young for me to die. Anyone else have the same issue?

May 20, 2016
I can sleep again !!!!!!!!!! NEW
by: Joshua

I can sleep again!!!! I wrote a post earlier and now I can sleep again!!

I want to share how to do it.

1. Make sure you are not stressed by something.

in my case, I was stressed by the pressure from job hunting. And I was not aware of that.

2. Napping is good for you.

Forget those stupid advice. You need to nap during day time. First, Sleeping at night will be very stressful to you. It is likely that you cannot sleep at night. Second, you need practice to sleep again. Cuz you forgot the feeling of sleeping.

3. Don't sleep on your own bed at 1st.

your own bed and the darkness at night will be a great pressure to you. It is better for you to nap on the couch at daytime. And sleep on the couch at night also.

4. wear clothes that keep you comfortable

you need to have the right clothes on, not too hot, not too cold.

5. when you sleep, don't care about what happen to your body or your surroundings

after you lost sleep for a long time, sleeping could create some strange feeling for you.
and you may want to run away from it. But dont.

6. Try to stay still as much as possible.

Yes, Dont move a bit. Staying still can help your body to sleep. If you stay still long enough, you can feel that your body is sleeping although your mind is still conscious. later, your mind will sleep as well.

I opened a facebook page for people here.
But the comment says no HTML.

So you can search helpforinsomnia on facebook.
you will see one page named with chinese characters and end with Consultation for Insomnia.

you can PM me if you need help. I will share my experience with you.

I know how it feels when nobody understand what going on with you.

Hope you all can sleep.

May 22, 2016
I'm afraid of not being able to fall asleep NEW
by: girly

Okay so way back on December 30, I couldn't sleep at all that night and a few days after that I got really anxious about sleeping (It was all I could think about). But then school started again and I was surrounded by friends which kept me from being anxious and depressed all the time so I didn't have any trouble sleeping for a long time. Now it's summer and my anxiety is back and I've had three nights in a row where I only had 2-3 hours of sleep. Ever since then I think about me not being able to fall asleep at night all the damn time. Even when I actually get a decent sleep I still worry over it. I've been sleeping well for the past two weeks until last night where I couldn't sleep at all. Anyway I guess what I'm trying to say here is, there are going to be sleepless nights, but there will also be better nights. So just stay positive and um pray for me.

May 23, 2016
Pretty sure I can't sleep at all NEW
by: Anonymous

It's been more than 4 months without any sleep (maybe a little). Hopefully, I will be able to sleep better again.

May 24, 2016
One more Thing! NEW
by: Joshua

Just one more thing!

Dont expect yourself to be able to sleep at night.
The expectation will put great pressure on you.
then you will be stressed the whole night.

Accept the fact that you may not be able to sleep tonight immediately.

It is good enough if you can have some rest(not sleep) at night.

When you can have some rest on the bed, eventually you will be able to sleep.

I know it sounds strange, but it is true.
Pushing too hard does not work for insomnia.

May 26, 2016
Pretty sure I can't sleep at all NEW
by: Anonymous

My body does not have the ability to rest anymore. I don't know why, but I started to lose the ability to sleep in January and throughout February, this started to have a negative impact on my body. I am pretty sure my mind turned off all of the pleasure areas of my body, and I absolutely can't feel any part of my body at all. So, in terms of lettingletting my body rest, it is impossible for me to do that.

May 26, 2016
It is a difficult process NEW
by: Joshua

I understand there is a stage where even resting is not possible.

In my case, there are 2 types of stress.
1 from whatever I am facing in life,
1 from insomnia.

First of all, we need to find out if there is any stress from our lives. Sometimes we don't even notice.

If there is no stress from other things, then it could be the stress from insomnia itself.

As you cannot sleep for a way longer period of time than me, it should be more difficult to find the feeling of rest again.

Cuz trying to rest would be a very annoying idea by itself.

If possible, I would suggest in daytime, try to lay down and find the feeling again.

Dont try to push yourself to sleep. Just lay down and see what happen. Try to feel your feeling.

It is a frustrating process.

Hope you can rest again.

May 27, 2016
relax and chillax NEW
by: Anonymous

guys we all experiencing this bcoz we are panicking and thinking that why this happen..the only thing that we should do is to relax and not to overthink everything...just do inhale exhale before going to sleep and listen to relaxing soothe may relax us and always be brave to accept this challenge bcoz the only way to solve this is to help ourself..enjoy everyday in our life just like its our last day...chill everybody

Jun 10, 2016
worse thing ever NEW
by: Anonymous

this is not just a couple days or a few hours of no sleep is it is totment meaning no sleep what so ever .life just seems so unreal .not one nap nor a night with sleep at all ...and people think insomnia is when you can only sleep a few hour ....that would be nice ...but when you can not sleep at all its fearful and yes of course that would cause anxity.but i dont believe its the reason .i dont believe it just because a room is not dark .i dont really no what to think .i like most of you am going to see a sleep doctor im sure to once again find no so very sorry for what all of us are going through its hard to explain to others.if any one is wanting to just talk leave a number i will call my story is to long to put into words .but im pretty sure all these issues have to do with the brain or spinal cord .

Jun 15, 2016
Maybe we are HSP NEW
by: Joshua

Highly sensitive people are easily stimulated and more sensitive to everything. This can be the reason why.

Search Highly sensitive people and you will find more about this.

Jun 22, 2016
Can't sleep NEW
by: Naing

I can't fall a sleep almost a month now I don't know why I lost my job I feel like I lost everything in my life I went to hospital to checked if anything wrong with me but nothing wrong I try everything but nothing else work for me Everyday I'm getting tired and lost more energy I feel so hopeless I hope I can fall a sleep again...πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Jun 22, 2016
this is the worse thing ever NEW
by: Anonymous

i do believe that all of us who have no answers to why this is happening should get together and approch the medical field or some type of show to obtain answers .people can think as they wish or simply put a label on this insomnia as depression or post tramadic stress .or what ever the hell they want just to get you out the door .with of course a new med .to treat a condition that really is un solved .....true insomnia is hell its not like we chose to stay awake in a state where we dont no whats wrong .something needs to be done ..without sleep you will break down the body will not repond to normal when there is no sleep there is nothing normal ..i myself want answers as its to much to bear.if you would like to speak about this please leave a number i will call and we can possibly come together.and approch someone in the highest fields of this disorder...

Jun 23, 2016
It's me again NEW
by: Joshua

I have started a facebook page for this issue.

I just want a place where we can share and communicate with each other.

We can't really communicate effectively here.
And we can't contact each other.

Please feel free to leave a comment in the page to share your situation.

With enough people, we can do something about it.
The so-called doctors really need to face this issue.

Jun 26, 2016
I'm scared please help me NEW
by: Anonymous

I just turned 19 I am experiencing the same problem I'm terrified don't know what to do can't sleep ever even when I am tired from a long day, I've tried everything I feel hopeless.i have not slept for well I don't even know anymore to be honest maybe3-4 years please help me where do I go for help please respond do I go? I'm lost my dr sent me to get analyzed by a psychiatrist but I know they are only going to prescribe me pills and maybe not even believe me I told my mom I have problems going to sleep and staying asleep I never told her I never get sleep or that I don't know what it feels like to even sleep anymore because I don't want to worry her I'm scared is this normal?? Please help me why haven't you all added your email or phone #'s we need to help each other and do something about it.

Jun 26, 2016
reply to person above NEW
by: Anonymous

i really am in your shoes ....please leave a number and i will call i dont really like putting my number out there ...if this site will even allow of possibliy your facebook name ...i will contact you as im alsways awake and trying to find answers ...

Jun 28, 2016
vaskou NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't sleep anymore too. Sleeping pills are addictive, they make things worse. I so much want to avoid them. Yet I feel so tired, so exhausted but not sleepy...that I do take a sleeping pill sometimes. Now the nights which I try to manage without a pill are sleepless for sure. It's scary, I used to fall asleep instantly when tired, now tiredness doesn't matter. I feel like a zombi during the day, yet sleep doesn't come when I lay down.

Jun 28, 2016
vaskou NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't sleep anymore too. Sleeping pills are addictive, they make things worse. I so much want to avoid them. Yet I feel so tired, so exhausted but not sleepy...that I do take a sleeping pill sometimes. Now the nights which I try to manage without a pill are sleepless for sure. It's scary, I used to fall asleep instantly when tired, now tiredness doesn't matter. I feel like a zombi during the day, yet sleep doesn't come when I lay down.

Jul 02, 2016
we can share in a facebook page NEW
by: Joshua

I created a facebook page for us to share our situation. One of us already shared his situation.
It is not a spam or ad.

Jul 22, 2016
Can't Sleep!!!!!! God help us Please. NEW
by: Anonymous

Is anyone who posted here still Alive?

Jul 30, 2016
can't sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Lol I'm still alive

Jul 31, 2016
Still alive NEW
by: Anonymous

Still Alive first time back from october been having great sleep till yesturday when I was just to energetic to sleep

Aug 05, 2016
sleep deprivation NEW
by: Anonymous

I hqve similiar case I have sever sleep deprivation my body doednt even feel sleepy anymorre I've gone about 4 yrs
Rs without good sleep I don't even feel tired just numb m

Aug 05, 2016
Not feeling tired NEW
by: Anonymous

Me too. I never get tired anymore. I can go 2-3 days without sleep and not feel drowsy. what is this?

Aug 06, 2016
The fact is NEW
by: Anonymous

It's not always a disease of some kind of invader in the brain, now mostly cause by neurotoxin that we are contact with or we breath, we eat, we drink or consume That Causing CNS neural loss or damage and end with sleeping regulator disturbance. We've been poisoned...

Aug 06, 2016
The fact is NEW
by: Anonymous

It's not always a disease of some kind of invader in the brain, now mostly cause by neurotoxin that we are contact with or we breath, we eat, we drink or consume That Causing CNS neural loss or damage and end with sleeping regulator disturbance. We've been poisoned...

Aug 07, 2016
worst shit ever NEW

Is there any way to clear out our brains from toxins?

Aug 08, 2016
Insomnia NEW
by: Liam

I've suffered from insomnia since i graduated from high school nearly 3 years ago and it's been on and off since. I started from not being able to fall asleep within hours to not sleeping at all. I've tried taking sleeping pills and they dont really work for me. Been to the doctors many times, they don't know what to do and I have recently been diagnosed with sleep apena too. Recently it's just come back to me after 6 months or so as it comes back those every few months and this time it's pretty bad and is one of the worst it has been. It's 5:30 am on Tuesday the 9th of August and I've had little sleep since Friday the 5th of August, yet I don't feel tired but I'm having nausea and dry lips. No matter what I do as I lay in bed something is just preventing from falling asleep and it feels like I have lost the ability too.

Aug 09, 2016
I am scared NEW
by: Turtle

Hello, Turtle here, 19 years old. I too am scared: a couple of days ago I stayed awake for 24 hours and did not feel a thing except feeling scared. I think I have SFI or something, however I don't necessarily feel bad; I just feel a bit anxious and paranoid. Before this happened, I was already having difficulty going to sleeping, I would wake up early so I could sleep early and had been sleeping very late for years. This time it finally got to me. I even remember saying how I wish we didn't have to sleep cause it was a waste of time. These past few days I've slept about 6-7 hours but it does not feel the same. My parents think I'm over reacting as I usually do. This time it feel different though. I'm not scared of dying just WTF is going on? I have a life to live! It is also important to note that I don't do anything the whole day at the moment except sit on my couch on my phone. Only until 9 PM when I go jogging for about 20 minutes.

Aug 14, 2016
I can't sleep NEW
by: Argh

I've been unable to fall asleep these few years randomly. But lately, its been frequent like a few times in a week. My eyes and body are tired, but my brain is awake. It's messing up. Like there is no mind and body sync to go to sleep. I would get like 1-4 he's of sleep, but I couldnt wake up the next morning, feeling lethargic. I could feel that the front and the back part of my brain are pulsing fast. It's 4am. I've ti get up at 7.30. What the f*ck is wrong with me? Help, I'm from Malaysia.

Aug 20, 2016
CNS DAMAGE BY TOXIC CAUSE inability to sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Its not because the toxic still stuck or accumulate in the brain. The toxic kills the neural cell and leave the body and flushed by our system. (Its a hit and run episode). Death neuron not because neurotoxic accumulation but by neurotoxic attack. Please add me in facebook if you want to share experience. I am a victim too and dying or death soon, because no one can help, not even doctor. Stemcell is 50/50 chance but I cant afford. My facebook name is Palu Siagian please contact me only if you suffer too. I will block religious preachers or supplement upseller

Aug 20, 2016
CNS DAMAGE BY TOXIC CAUSE inability to sleep NEW

What causing the mess here is, people with sleep difficulty, not complete inability to sleep. Billion insomniac and lack of sleep people out there, but total loss ability to sleep like couple poster here, many don't get it.

Aug 31, 2016
This happened to me for 6 months NEW
by: Victor

Same here. I'm 16 and this has really affected me. My summer was messed up. I've shrunked in size. mY pants and shirts got bigger and my facial skin is getting worse.

Sep 01, 2016
Cant sleep help help NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel dead i suffer from anxiety , i hadnt had proper sleep for some time i used to take escitlopram which helped me a lot but i quit it so many times on my own and i think it just harmed my brain whenever i try to sleep i dont feel tired just numb im so scared not to sleep again and im sonagainst sleeping pills i dont want to take them.

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