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I Remember All While Sleep Walking

by Brandon Dryden

I'm attempting to figure out what's goin on with me. I sleep walk, talk and function but I remember everything while I'm doing it, I just don't understand why.

The other day I sat up in bed and told my wife there are spiders in the bed. She figured I was having a "thing" again, but I insisted I seen a spider in the bed. She started to worry and look and I suddenly came too and said, never mind. She ask if I was doing it again I replied, yes and went back to sleep.

This occurs all time and I'm awake but sleeping. I can walk, talk make coffee all while sleeping while awake. I realize its a dream but can't fully wake myself.

Recently I woke up and made a pot of coffee, and went back to bed. I knew what I was doing while at the same time couldn't control myself enough to say knock it off and go to bed.

Can anyone diagnose this? I have done this for some time and I feel tired all the time since I'm usually up doing stuff at night. I feel like I never get to fully sleep.

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Jun 11, 2013 NEW
by: Dita

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Jul 30, 2013
"conscious" sleepwalking NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same occurrences on a regular basis. It has been happening to me for roughly 10 years and seems to cycle up with stressful times in my life or times when waking up for a scheduled event are going on. I am a fire fighter and constantly wake up at home thinking I am at station and have to be ready. I will take out clothes and make coffee and "talk" with people who are not there only to snap out of it within minutes and remember everything after. I have been researching this for a few months and have no good answers as of yet. It seems to be some sort of sleep walking but more lucid or deliberate.

Feb 26, 2014
I have same experience NEW
by: Anonymous

Im 23 married and use to just have nightmares growing up now I have awake sleep walking and talking. I felt crazy to because everywhere u look u see people say they don't remember there episodes of sleep walking. But I do! I slapped my husband kicked him and have had conversations that make no sense. I know it dot make sense yet when I'm sleep talking I get angry cuz at the time it makes perfect sense. I feel I toss around all night and never feel I've slept we'll.... I would love to know what this is and why very few people in the world that I know ever do this. In fact I know no one who does this. But I didn't mean to hit husband. I was asleep!...

May 28, 2014
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same exact symptoms, and it's been happening more and more lately. It happened every night for a week recently. I'm so frustrated because none of the diagnosed sleep disorders seem to fit this, and I really want to stop because I feel like I'm not getting a restful night's sleep. Also, none of the contributing factors apply to me either: I sleep at least 8 hours per night, don't drink, don't take any drugs, etc. HELP!

Jun 04, 2014
Title desu NEW
by: Q

I used to sleepwalk when I was very young, I would speak out loud and remember nothing the morning but once I hit 13 I suddenly stopped.
Now I'm 20 and started sleepwalking again but this time it's a more dangerous form, I am half-conscious but I can't stop what I'm doing and most of the times i'm trying to harm myself by drinking nail polish or swallowing a bunch of pills. Luckyly I can regain control over my body before that happens, but the thought of not being able to one day is scary....
I'd say it's a very stressful period of my life, trying to find a job or simply figuring out what to do so there's a lot of pressure that comes out in such ways.

Sep 16, 2014
new at this NEW
by: Matt

I only recently started sleepwalking, I'm not sure why yet but in trying to find answers to what is the reason and how to control it, I found this thread. I've had three experiences so far, but my most interesting one was my first. I remember everything and have no idea why I did it. I got out of bed and went and grabbed one of my wife's tampons out of the box. I sat down beside the bed almost as if hiding, and began to try to get it open. I got frustrated with my inability to unwrap it and started using my teeth to unwrap it. Then I took it out, and began attempting to play it like a little slide whistle. That's when my wife, who had been watching me for quite some time asked me what I was doing. I answered "i'm trying to play this like a whistle" and then realized that what I was doing was strange. I admitted that I had no idea why I was doing that, and started to laugh.

I used to talk in my sleep and it would be nonsense, but I would insist that it was important. Now I'm moving around and not just talking. I want to keep my kids and myself safe...Any suggestions?

Nov 25, 2014
On your mind... NEW
by: James

While I have no explanation for what this actually is. I know it is a function of stress or anxiety in waking life that is causing things to play on your mind. With me, my actions and feelings reflect what's bothering me in life to a degree (albeit an abstract, dream version). I have had some bizarre incidents but so far not endangered myself. That tampon thing made me chuckle. I sympathise with you but maybe a strategy is to relax into it and listen to the 'dreams'. Your brain is doing great a lot of sorting and working out while you sleep and I think there is always something on my mind when I have one of these. Be gentle with yourselves and listen to yourself the way you would a child who has had a nightmare. Soothing and curious.

Dec 28, 2014
Frustrated Sleeper NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been having the same issue - a sort of semi-conscious sleep walking, but I seem to "come to" and then remember everything that I had been doing. I too find that it's stress related to my waking life. I often find myself in the closet and putting on clothes as if getting ready to go to work. For context I work construction and at times I'll have stress dreams about performing construction tasks and then I'll awake to find that I've been semi-conscious sleep walking and stressing out about performing a task that I do at work.

Jan 06, 2015
I'm not alone! NEW
by: Anonymous

I use to sleepwalk when I was younger and would remember it. Now all of a sudden it's happening again. I remember dreaming of something and actually acting it out. I dreamt I needed to let someone into my house and was attempting to open the front window and that's when I woke myself up totally disoriented. Last night I remember yelling something "eff this I am done" or something to that effect. I then got out of bed, don't remember what exactly I did, but I woke up trying to open the patio sliding door." I looked at the time for some reason and I remember it being 10:30 at night, so I was only sleeping for an hour. I obviously wasn't in a total deep sleep or coming from deep sleep to awake stage. I don't even know if it's technically sleep walking if I remember parts of it. I am glad I am not going completely crazy. Just don't want to end up opening a window or door and being stuck outside. (it's winter in Wisconsin so it's cold lol)

Jan 29, 2015
Same! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to have found this thread. All of my research said that people who sleepwalk absolutely do not remember the episode the next day. I always, always remember it. I used to do it all the time as a kid, I think it stopped for a while in my teens, but in my 20's it started again. I am now 28 and it happens multiple times a week. Most of the time I feel panicked about something and jump out of bed. I rarely actually leave my room, but I'll do random tasks, like rearranging small furniture, or I'll just swat at the air because I think something or someone is there. It usually takes me under a minute to realize what I'm doing and get back in bed. But it concerns me because I know I'm not getting a good night's sleep, and I'm afraid I will do something dangerous.
Has anyone seen a doctor about this? I am anxious to get some answers and get this to stop.

Feb 07, 2015
Thank Goodness I am NOT alone NEW
by: Anonymous

My experience has been scary as well. It is only scary to me though because I have heard of this before and people have killed people as well as walking and drowning themselves etc. I woke up in my dream and looked at the television which was on and thought that I saw a head talking to me on the television which was very strange because it was like it was talking to me and it was very monotonous. My husband was awake and asked me what I was doing and I told him (in my sleep) that the tv was talking to me and was kind of freaked out because of it. I woke up (out of my sleep) laying down and he told me that I was pointing in the air. I realized at this point that I was pointing to the television laying down and not sitting up like I was in my "sleep." Last night I woke up in my dream and then went back to sleep in my dream and then woke up in my dream. At this time when I woke up in my dream the second time I had doctors standing over me and I was convincing them that I did not want them to suck my intestines out because I was just fine. My husband was awake during this time and he said that I was saying something about someone being from the region after I woke up fighting the air. I am not sure what all this was about but I am former military and I am wondering if any of that has to do with that. Anyone else having this issue that was in the army? This is getting really scary and I am worried about hurting my kids in my sleep. It feels like I am doing things in my sleep that I am not doing awake so I know I am not awake. I know...weird. I do not have any issues with drugs, alcohol, sleep issues as far as not getting enough sleep (8 hours). Its not the common sleep walking/talking issues that they have studied.

Feb 15, 2015
Stuff NEW
by: Myrngkoyou

Same thing happened to me last night except I could not control my body. Maybe a bit but still. I was also thinking of Dragon Ball Z at the time so I though I saw Energy and such. Then I went back to bed and I woke up at around 6:30 AM. I could remember it all and I was also thinking "What the Fu** is happening?". Well that is my story about this.

Apr 06, 2015
You're not the only one NEW
by: Anonymous

I do this lots. My husband has become accustomed to it and tells me I'm sleeping and to just come back to bed. From imaginary spiders in the bed. Feeling the weight, breath and heartbeat of a child in my arms when the child is actually in their own bed. I bring them to bed with no control to stop myself. I search the house for things. See people that aren't there but are in the dream I'm having. Basically I describe it as having a double exposure picture. You see the real picture but there is an overlapping picture there as well. And the walking and doing this in my sleep while awake is like being trapped in someone else's body with no control. Busy days make it worse. Same with stress and pills such as malaria pills make it excessive.

Apr 21, 2015
yay not alone!! NEW
by: Terry

Hi, nice to hear I'm not alone in this. I have been suffering from sexomnia for atleast 10 years which means I engage in sexual activities in my sleep. This can be anything from full sex or dry humping my bed, luckily for me my lady is used to it and I tend to stop when she pushes me off her.
Sometimes I wake up during and it's like I'm watching myself in third person for a few mins and then I realise what I'm doing and stop but sometimes I have no memory of it at all.

I've never sleep walked that I know of but the other night I woke up standing over my bin in my kitchen and was urinating in it then went back to bed. I woke up the next morning and went to the toilet but it wasn't it's normal furious self and had a flash memory of what happened that night. I do remember trying to poss into a open jar that was in the bin so I went to have a look and it did have urine in it so I guess it did happen. It is a bit freaky but what can I do? I doubt the doctors will help much. I can't even have my kids over to stay now as I can't trust ill do something that will scar them for life.

Apr 23, 2015
Functional: No one knows I'm asleep NEW
by: Ossmosis

I really need to hear that I'm not the only one who does this because my son does this too and I want to protect him.
As a child, I would walk and talk in my sleep but would not recall any of it and the things I did made no sense so it was obvious that I was asleep. Now, as an adult, its not like that. I will get up, make phone calls, have conversations, text people, get online, make food, even have sex...all while asleep. The next day, I will not remember any of it but perhaps a slight memory of what felt like a dream... And then I will see evidence that it wasn't a dream. This morning I saw a text that I sent and my phone log shows I had conversations. I loose guys and friendships when this stuff happens because they don't know I'm asleep. When it happens to my son, I can have conversations with him, he can walk and talk but he can also get violent and I can't snap him out of it easily at all. It's like someone else takes over our body for a while and then gives it back to us after we have already done damage and have to deal with it.

Apr 28, 2015
You are not alooone. NEW
by: Rooza

I've always been a sleepwalker/talker. As a child, right through my teenage years I would sleepwalk regularly, usually never leaving my room.

I haven't been so bad in recent years, maybe I would sleepwalk once or twice a year, but this last week I have been very active. On Friday night, I unlocked the back door and went for a wander in the car park of my apartment block (in my underwear. I have never left the house before, and I always remember everything I have done.

Usually in my mind I'm doing things for a very logical reason. Last night I woke up thinking there were a load of people sitting around my bed waiting for a speech to be delivered, I saw them all sitting down. So i got out of bed, sat on my ottoman and waited with them for a minute or so... then I realised I was alone and went back to bed. Even this afternoon, I had a short nap, no longer than 45 minutes, I woke up and started tidying my room because I thought someone was coming round. Even when I realise I'm sleepwalking, it takes a few minutes to convince myself I didn't have anyone coming around and I'd made it all up.

Funny stuff.

May 07, 2015
Has anyone diagnosed this yet? NEW
by: ntripleaohmy

I share a room with my sister, with our two beds on opposite walls and her dresser in the middle. One night I went to sleep while my sister was still awake. I remember then, probably a few hours later, getting up out of bed to look for something on top of my sister's dresser.. I remember it as if it were a dream, but I was awake and half-conscious at the time. She asked me "what are you doing?" (probably because I was messing with her stuff). I know that I was looking for something and at the time it seemed so obvious to me. I told her "I'm looking for it!" or something to that effect, and then went back to sleep. I didn't remember it immediately when I woke up until she mentioned it. Then I had a faint memory of it. I remembered it the same way I would usually remember a dream. I know I was conscious sleepwalking but my family insists I was fully awake. I'm glad to have found other people who experience this, but I wish there was an actual name or diagnosis for it.

It hasn't happened since, and I am glad it was a harmless act of sleepwalking (as I have heard many other people on here who are scared about what they might do while sleeping). I just wish I had answers. It's really frustrating that no one believes me.

May 08, 2015
My brother NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 14 and my brother is 11. I figured there had to be a logical explanation for his random grabbing at air and non-existant conversations. It kind of creeped me out the first time he did it because I kept saying, hey wake you are asleep and he kept saying no, no I'm not im fine. He would slur his words so I knew he wasn't really awake. So this really helped me understand this a little more.

May 08, 2015
Quatum Physics NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok. So, I have read a lot about what others are going through and I think I came up with a solution that might sound completely far fetched but maybe no. There are a lot of people on here that say that they feel like someone else is taking over their body while some realize that they were dreaming and they are also performing all of the activities that you would normally do on a normal basis. I pledge that we are experiencing what they theorized as double-slit. This means that you can be in two places at one time in two different realities. This also explains why God is real. That explains ghosts (where some people know that they have seen and heard them - I believe this is ourselves looking at ourselves and examining ourselves...I know...weird...but provable). You can look it up on youtube if you want or you can go
I think when people experience the experience we have here which is almost like being possessed that we are literally possessing ourselves trying to make things right or some how the two interchangable us, are getting switched. That could also explain insanity. They are not really insane, they simply can not get out of the other body and they realize they are not supposed to be there....kind of like the fact that we know we are sleeping while we are awake doing things.

I just came across this information while studying reasons that God exists and somehow youtube directed me to the video rather then directing me to where I asked it to go. I had never heard of this before myself but found this theory to be the reason for many things that happen to that we really cant explain and yet psychologist want us to believe people are crazy, paranoid, and other things. I have always thought that they were very controlling people that simply want the world to coexist rather then being able to be themselves. Think about the drugs that they give people to make them so-called "normal when in fact they would be better off doing pot or something natural that will have less effects on their brains then the drugs that they give do.

After reading this and looking it up please let me know your thoughts I am considering a study on this.

Thanks :)

May 27, 2015
Sleepwalking NEW
by: Anonymous

Ah this is crazy! It drives me absolutely nuts. I'm 21 and the same sort of thing happens to me and it gets more frequent coming up to stressful times like end of semester and exams. I will dream that I have people over and they have knocked on my door and asked me where to sleep so I'll quickly tidy my room and wait for them to come in and they never come and then I realise that I was dreaming and that there was never anybody over. Sometimes I will wake up and I will be locked in my room. Like I physically cannot get out. I cannot find the door or even my bedside lamp. And I have to sit myself on my bed and calm myself down and tell myself I'm dreaming. I genuinely feel crazy when I try to explain it to people because it makes no sense at all!

Jul 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

Might as well add to the pile here- I sleep 'surf' meaning Iin my sleep, I cruise around online buying things, looking up scary things and self- diagnosing through WebMD! The other night I had a very expensive (per minute!) chat with a doctor online about my recent memory problems. The whole time I was typing, I was wide awake. I even thought- 'boy am I going to regret this silly crap in the morning!'
This kind of sleepwalking has been going on since I was a kid. Glad I'm not alone.

Jul 16, 2015
Sleeping pills or stress NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine has stopped completely! I posted about 6 months ago that I begin having these same issues in different ways with different reactions and different dreams. During that time I was going through the most stress I had ever gone through in my entire life and I could not sleep. Therefore, I begin taking sleeping pills in order to fix it. That is when everything started happening. I think whatever causes this is our way of dealing with stress or it has to do with a chemical imbalance.I dealt with the stress in my life and therefore I was able to sleep without the sleeping pills. It stopped after a short while. I hope this helps others.

Jul 29, 2015
Sleep walking NEW
by: Anita

When I was about 10 years old I use to get up and leave my house knock on people's doors Malle up stuff like everyone left me. My neighbors would bring me home and my mom was afraid to let me spend the night any where. I did this for about two years and when I would get up the next morning I could tell you where I went what I said he and I always hated when I did it because I would have to hear about it and I was ashamed that I couldn't control what I was doing even thou I knew what I was doing. Thankfully after about 2 years I stopped.

Aug 10, 2015
Possessed? NEW
by: Kayla

This has happened to me when I was younger. I would sleep walk every night and I would be fully aware of what I was doing but I couldn't control it. I couldn't change what I was doing and I couldn't snap out of it on my own. I would always end up outside. One time I climbed the tree in our back yard and my dad came out cause he heard something and he was screaming at me aft seeing me up there. I snapped out of it and then got scared coz I was about 6 or 7 feet up and I ended up falling down. I was young at the time so trying to explain it to my parents didn't go that well. They knew I sleep walk but they couldn't understand I was aware of it. As I got older my sleep walking reduced and now (age 27) I do it now about once a year.

Aug 11, 2015
Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

It's like being awake, but the part of the brain that says "Hey, what you're doing doesn't make sense" is asleep. One night I went looking in the strangest places (couch cushions, cabinets, closets) for a half-eaten turkey sandwich. I knew what I was doing, and it made perfect sense when I was doing it. Weird.

Aug 27, 2015
remembering NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I do this a lot, esp. when under stress. I also remember everything, I feel like I know what I'm doing but I can't stop it. And when I start doing this I usually do it several times a night, many of my sleep walking events are not pleasant.I do have insomnia at times, and my doctor gave me xanax to help me fall asleep, but lately not even that is stopping the sleep events, maybe its because I just recently lost my mother, as I said stress bring this on much more intense.

Sep 01, 2015
:( NEW
by: Anonymous

I use to have this when i was little . I would sleep walk but be concious the whole time . My heart pounded super fast and i felt like everything was upside down i cant quiet explain because i never really talked about it i also had a fear of dying when that happend . The lastt episiode i had was when i was 12 now im 22 .

Sep 07, 2015
remembering it all while sleep walking/talking NEW
by: Cassandra L

I experience the same thing growing up. I would either have "number" dreams or dreams where I would be "collecting" items and I would get up and either be asking where certain items were and I had to collect everything as soon as possible as if it were a game. My number dreams felt like the matrix where all these numbers were going so fast and I had to try to keep up with them and would end up in tears not being able to. The whole time I was aware of my actions and was thinking in my head "why am I doing this?" I could see my parents behind all these numbers trying to wake me up. For the longest time I couldn't stop myself. I had them so frequently that I eventually was able to teach myself how to stop it. I would scream "Stop!" As it Took some time and practice but I Learned how to stop myself from proceeding.

Sep 07, 2015
remembering it all while sleep walking/talking NEW
by: Cassandra L

I experience the same thing growing up. I would either have "number" dreams or dreams where I would be "collecting" items and I would get up and either be asking where certain items were and I had to collect everything as soon as possible as if it were a game. My number dreams felt like the matrix where all these numbers were going so fast and I had to try to keep up with them and would end up in tears not being able to. The whole time I was aware of my actions and was thinking in my head "why am I doing this?" I felt possessed because i had no control of my body and I could see my parents behind all these numbers trying to wake me up. For the longest time I couldn't stop myself. I had them so frequently that I eventually was able to teach myself how to stop it. I would scream "Stop!" As it Took some time and practice but I Learned how to stop myself from proceeding.

Sep 26, 2015
This has happened since I can remember NEW
by: Abbie

ever since I can remember, I have sleep talked and hallucinated things in my sleep whilst appearing awake with my eyes open and sat up in bed.

When I was little, around 6 or 7, I used to think I could see spiders on the curtains, swarms of flies buzzing around my room, and, the most memorable for me, maggots inside my pillowcases. It would then take me a few minutes before I was able to convince myself that it wasn't real, but I would still feel uneasy. Often, these hallucinations caused me to perform actions like shaking my pillows, throwing them across the room, and frantically searching for whatever it is I thought I'd seen.

When I was a bit older, around 12/13, I started seeing people and having conversations with them. I remember one time vividly seeing two of my friends and asking them to go away so that I could go to sleep, but they wouldn't go. It was creepy and actually a little frightening for me.

Funnily enough, I moved away from home to go to university for 3 years, during which time i lived in two different residences. Not once did I have one of those hallucinations and as far as I know, I had no sleep talking episodes.

I moved back home a couple of months ago and life has been stressful as I've been searching for a job, and the one which I managed to get is not exactly great which is stressing me out more. The episodes have now returned and I have them so much more frequently than before. I asked my partner one night to take my mobile phone otherwise he won't be able to take a customers food order (my new job is in a cafe). When he told me he had no idea what I was on about I told him that he 'must be f**king stupid then' and then fell back to sleep. I woke up in the morning and remembered it all and felt so bad.

A few days ago I tried to walk into my wardrobe, which isn't a walk-in closet but an ikea flat pack! I thought it was a doorway which I use a lot at my place of work.

One funny story is that when my boyfriend stayed over for the first time, when I was around 16, my parents wouldn't let us sleep in the same room. I sneaked in anyway and was fast asleep when I thought my mum had come into my bedroom and told me to go back to the spare room! So I did, but it turns out she never did do it!

I always remember these things in the morning, and always have some form of reasoning for my odd behaviour, but it is starting to irritate my partner as he needs lots of sleep for his job!

Oct 10, 2015
First time NEW
by: Tarra

Hi, I am glad that I found this thread. Last night, I dreamed that I was in the office and my boss asked me to follow her which I did. when I started following her , I suddenly woke up and found out that I was already reaching the door of my bedroom . I felt disoriented at first , then looked at the clock;6h22.. My first thought was :" thank God, I didn't hear the alarm, but I can still make it to work on time". Next thought was :" wait a minute, today is Saturday!".. That allowed me to relax a bit and I took the time to think seriously about what had happened. I remembered the part of the dream where I was walking after my boss, and I also remember being conscious when I got out of bed and started walking towards the door... I usually talk in my sleep, sometimes I feel it, sometimes I don't but I have never sleepwalked.. Is this an evolution of my sleeptalking? Most of the people on this thread mentioned being stressed, is that common denominator the culprit ? Is it that our brain is so busy multitasking in waking life, that it overheats and keep doing it when we sleep? I am scared

Oct 22, 2015
I remember my sleep walking. NEW
by: anonymous

I remember my sleep walking. I remember doing it once as a young child, but otherwise I’ve only done it as an adult. Also, I’ve only done it when I’ve been alone. I do either traveling for work at a hotel, or when I lived in an apartment in grad school away from my wife. I’ll be asleep, "wake up," and have an overwhelming sensation of somebody being there. So, I’ll get up and start looking. I’ll be very aware of what I’m doing, and I’ll walk around without tripping or hitting anything. I’ll start looking in closets, cabinets, corners, drawers, the dishwasher, anywhere. Then, at some point I’ll be standing somewhere and will gradually be aware that nobody else is there, that I’m alone in a hotel room, and that what I’ve been doing is nonsensical. At that point I’m really awake, and I remember everything. Then I’ll walk back to bed and go to sleep. I never do it when my wife is with me, or when I’m at home. There’s nothing scary about it, and other than it seeming very odd, it doesn’t bother me. Its more a curiosity than anything. But, it is nice to read that it happens to others, too!

Oct 31, 2015
Examples of my experience with this NEW
by: Josh

With my experience I consciously know what I am doing however I have an overpowering urge to do a certain task, I see and hear everything which is normal however my mind tells me something is there or I must do something.

After about 30 seconds maybe longer I stop and realise that I am just in this state and go back to bed; I usually remember the next day. I believe it can be triggered by stress (upcoming job interview, or a big event) and it can be completely random.

Examples include:

Thinking there is someone stuck under the tiny gap between the door and the floor (being able to see that there isn't), putting my fingers under the door and trying to lift it up to help.

Getting out of bed and looking in the towel cupboard with my mind telling me I need a duvet even though I just took it off me to get out of bed.

Weeing in the downstairs kitchen bin.

Thinking people are missing and getting up looking for them.

Spiders... Having your mind tell you there's a spider not just in the bed but near your face and it isn't a small one, this guys huge with tattoos and an eye patch... Not for me that one.

Getting up needing to put clothes on.

And others that I don't remember include, someone telling me I got out of bed told them 'hurry up we are going to be late' left the room for ten minutes then came back to bed.

And my parents telling me as a toddler I used to stand over there bed in the middle of the night, oh and that I had an imaginary friend who I used to talk to constantly. Messed up right.

Nov 06, 2015
hopefully help NEW
by: need hope

My son has had night terrors for many years now n it has rearranged our whole life pattern n routine.he is 12 now n hasn't had one for about a year n we thought it was over .however this last month has been a emotional breakdown of terror worst than the sleep walking n nite terrors he had before he says he can't handle his mind n his sleeping or lack there of.
For the last couple days maybe a week he has been crying saying he feels like something trying to take over his body not hearing voices just physically taking over his body but can't explain what or why just that he feels like it's to hurt someone or even kill someone n he said it feels when he sleep walks like he's awake but has no control over his body.and he's scared that's going to happen n he's gonna hurt someone. He also told me (his father) that he feels like even when he's awake he feels like it's fake like a dream n vice versa. I HOPE YOU GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED N DESERVE THIS ILLNESS IS NO JOKE N I HOPE SOMEONE MIGHT be able to GIVE US SUM HOPE AS WELL . SINCERELY help

Dec 11, 2015
Similar experiences NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm glad i found this thread and hopefully some answers can be had if people continue to post their experience here.

I've been suffering from "conscious sleepwalking" for as long as I can remember. The most common theme recently is me lying down, propped up by my elbows. My eyes are open and I can see that I'm in my room, but I'm accompanied by other people. It's not like people are just lying in my bed, but it's as if i were in another setting, like in a kitchen or somewhere outside where people would normally be (even though I can see that I actually am in my bed.) The pressure is on me to do something. Everyone is waiting for me, like it's my turn. What's most predominant during these episodes is that i'm shirtless -- as if i've accidentally left the house without my shirt on. I cover myself up with my sheets and try to play it off all cool but I'm anxious and very self-conscious about it.

Even though i can see what's happening: that i'm safely in my bed, my brain fails to snap me out of it. The other night was particularly weird because I actually remember asking myself while it was happening "is this real or just an episode?" and for some reason i was convinced it was 100% real.

Some nights I'll just randomly start getting dressed like I have to be somewhere. This morning I woke up with 2 pairs of underwear on, lol. I remember one night trying to put my bed sheet on as if it were a pair of pants -- i remember looking at the sheet thinking "this isn't pants, this isn't going to fit" but still continued to try. Lots of weird stuff like that. There was one incident where i'd just gotten home from a trip which involved a lot of mountain driving. I recall sitting at the edge of my bed believing I was driving down a mountain. I could see I was in my bed, but for some reason could also see a mountain-scape. It's like two realities occurring at once. To make matters even weirder is the fact that this happens only when I'm sleeping alone and only in my own bed. I went on a 3 week long trip last summer and had not a single sleepwalking episode the entire time. They started as soon as I got back.

I've tried everything from melatonin to valerian root to l-glycine, but the only thing that works is clonazepam. I'm extremely hesitant to become dependent on it so i've stopped taking it, but I'm going to have to start again if i can't find another solution.

Dec 11, 2015
Similar experiences NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm glad i found this thread and hopefully some answers can be had if people continue to post their experience here.

I've been suffering from "conscious sleepwalking" for as long as I can remember. The most common theme recently is me lying down, propped up by my elbows. My eyes are open and I can see that I'm in my room, but I'm accompanied by other people. It's not like people are just lying in my bed, but it's as if i were in another setting, like in a kitchen or somewhere outside where people would normally be (even though I can see that I actually am in my bed.) The pressure is on me to do something. Everyone is waiting for me, like it's my turn. What's most predominant during these episodes is that i'm shirtless -- as if i've accidentally left the house without my shirt on. I cover myself up with my sheets and try to play it off all cool but I'm anxious and very self-conscious about it.

Even though i can see what's happening: that i'm safely in my bed, my brain fails to snap me out of it. The other night was particularly weird because I actually remember asking myself while it was happening "is this real or just an episode?" and for some reason i was convinced it was 100% real.

Some nights I'll just randomly start getting dressed like I have to be somewhere. This morning I woke up with 2 pairs of underwear on, lol. I remember one night trying to put my bed sheet on as if it were a pair of pants -- i remember looking at the sheet thinking "this isn't pants, this isn't going to fit" but still continued to try. Lots of weird stuff like that. There was one incident where i'd just gotten home from a trip which involved a lot of mountain driving. I recall sitting at the edge of my bed believing I was driving down a mountain. I could see I was in my bed, but for some reason could also see a mountain-scape. It's like two realities occurring at once. To make matters even weirder is the fact that this happens only when I'm sleeping alone and only in my own bed. I went on a 3 week long trip last summer and had not a single sleepwalking episode the entire time. They started as soon as I got back.

I've tried everything from melatonin to valerian root to l-glycine, but the only thing that works is clonazepam. I'm extremely hesitant to become dependent on it so i've stopped taking it, but I'm going to have to start again if i can't find another solution.

Feb 15, 2016
Interesting NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing happen to me. I know that I'm asleep but I can't wake up. I think that I'm in a different room and I'm trying to get out, usually trying to climb through a wall. Sometimes I am conscious enough to sit on my bed and wait to wake up.

Mar 01, 2016
Solved my problem with lexapro NEW
by: Renato

I had the same night walkings you are all describing. Consciously I used to see people in my room, they talked to me, slept beside me. Sometimes I jumped out of bed because a train was coming and some times the doors and windows were turning into thick walls, if I didn't escape in time there would be no exit. But after some minutes living and physically interacting, consciously, with those dreams I realized I was dreaming and things vanished away. But the night was very disturbing every night for 30 years. After 5 years of therapy I consulted a psychiatrist and he prescribed me a drug for panic disorder. After a few days I discovered how good it is to sleep peacefully. And that never happened again.

Mar 08, 2016
Episode Last Night NEW
by: Anonymous

I always thought I was crazy since my psychology teachers always said there was no such thing as remembering a sleep walking episode. I've had these since I was a kid and now at 23 they are just annoying and I have no idea what to do. I am totally aware of everything I am doing but I can't seem to wake up. I've never hurt anyone or anything like that but I do wander around my house and i normal bring my pillow with and leave it in weird places. As a teenager, I had a lot of the same ones about being self conscious that everyone was waiting on me but I was embarrassed to be in my pajamas or not wearing a bra (I now always sleep with a bra on) kinda thing. I actually had an episode last night. I can't remember what I thought was going on but above my bed, I have an American flag that holds my childhood stuffed animal and after bouncing and walking around my bed I had to remove everything from it and replace it with my pillow. Mind you my boyfriend was sleeping next to me and he was a little scared that I was standing over him this morning and when he asked what I was doing I told him "it had to be done", I placed the animals on the floor, and went back to bed. They only last a few minutes but they drain me. Him and I have been together for a year and a half and I have told him about these episodes but he has never seen one before last night. he always just thought I was imagining it. I'm just really not sure what to do cause it's one thing when I lose sleep do to this, but I don't want to ruin his sleep due to this as well. Please help!!

Mar 08, 2016
First episode happened a few days ago NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was little I used to sleep talk and have night terrors but I never ever slept walked. Until I was 10 I had my first episode of sleepwalking where I walked to my kitchen and had eaten a slice of cheese before going back to bed, I don't actually remember this event and only know due to my parents telling me. Since then I haven't slept walked. Up until a week ago. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet however I had no control of my body. I knew exactly what I was doing I just couldn't control myself. I stood in the shower for five minutes trying to get out but I was so locked out of my body I could stop myself. I obviously went back to bed afterwards but still had no control. For the past five nights I have been doing the same routine and am getting heavily tired due to the knowledge that I am actually up in the night without any controls. I hope that I will not experience this again tonight and would love to find out what the scientific name for this is and whether it could be treated.

Mar 28, 2016
Great Thread! NEW
by: Adam

This thread is hilarious, informative, concerning and comforting.
I have "episodes" that last only about 10 - 15 secs before im fully conscious. eg get up and take pictures down because i think they're about to fall off the wall, run to my door to open it because i think the room is closing in, throwing my pillow. All of these i realize very quickly and im now at a point where i just say to myself "ive done it again"
On a side note i would consider myself as nearly stress free so comment here about that dont line up with me. This has also only happened in my adult life from about 24yrs, im now 24 and happens about once a month and nearly always about an hr after falling asleep.

May 15, 2016
Weird NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been confused for so long, I only tend to sleep walk when I drink alcohol, it dosnt happen very often but I understand now stress is related too. I sleep naked, and only remember one I had walked out the flat (stark naked) into the block and down the stairs, peed on the carpet because I couldnt hold my pee in. knelt down and started tapping on my neighbours letter box, I only 'came to'when I saw a big black guy coming towards me. But then I can't remember going back to my door and going asleep. I brought them a box of chocolates and a card the next day for waking them up in the early hours of the morning. thankfully he didn't see me naked as the window the letter box was near was blurred,(I think) another episode my mum told me as I have no recoliction of this one I had walked down the stairs and had a fag but didn't light it. Just stood their with an unlit fag in my mouth for 10 mins. And literally last night my nan said the door was open at 2 in the morning she shut it and then again at 5 in the morning, she had asked us if we went out I couldn't remember but told her I slept walked so it might of been me, but twice is unusual in a night.
You have to laugh cause you just can't make this stuff up. I tend to bolt the front door now for those little trips :p

Jun 20, 2016
Strange sleep walking NEW
by: Anonymous

I slept walk and went to the toilet I then fell off the toilet and went back to sleep on the floor of the bathroom my parents woke me up frantic saying I was making noises and yelping I'm not really sure what happened either this is the first time it's happened to me but I remember everything I even put toothpaste on my hand which I remember doing. I've been trying to find it what it is and I think it was a form of almost lucid dreaming

Jun 29, 2016
by: Beckyc

\For years I've been semi-conscious sleep walking. I'll have episodes where I'm convinced I'm at work or doing a show and that I'm late or that I can't go back to sleep at work/a show. The only way I can snap myself out of it is if someone tells me to or if I 'finish' the task I started.
This has ruined my life, I don't like staying over at hotels or people's house's incase I have an episode and I barely sleep.
I've yet to find a diagnosis for it but hopefully will be going to my doctor soon to try and find out how to stop it.

fyi I now a lot of people say it links to stress, however I don't feel overly stressed when going to bed or even at work??

Jun 30, 2016
I haven't done it for a while but..... NEW
by: Anonymous

So, I left a comment about this happening to me a couple of years ago. It stopped for a while. I figured out that it was the sleeping pills I was taking that caused it to happen. However, I haven't taken sleeping pills since then and did it again the other night. I woke up, stood up, saw everything around me, thought someone tore an alarm from my daughters room which caused a women to start screaming....I mean screaming continuously. I ran into my room to wake up my husband and while I was waking him up I realized what was going on and I just we go again in my dream. I woke up while this was happening and I was indeed standing over my husband waking him up and he was we go again...LOL We had a semi good laugh this time but that was freaky. It is always FREaKY! I think it is related to stress. But, that might just be me. I hope everyone figures this out eventually. This could turn into a study.

Jul 08, 2016
Amazing to hear this happens to others! NEW
by: Michael (Melbourne)

I'm 27 and these 'episodes' have happened to me for years! As a kid I'd sleep talk and sleep walk but since I was about 16 I've had these lucid sleepwalks where I remember them.
Just the other night I woke up and thought that people were coming to invade our house. I walked to every room and made sure the front door was locked. Then (like usual) I realised I was actually asleep and this was irrational.
The most extreme was one time I woke up and thought I was in a prison. I remember thinking, there's a guard outside my door! For some reason I then believed I was going to get executed so I had to escape (but I couldn't got through the door). I decided I'd have to go through the window. I knew that if I punched the window it would cut me, so I grabbed my duvet, wrapped it around me and then jabbed the window with my elbow. As soon as I heard the window shatter I woke up and felt very embarrassed. My friends (who were over) all run to the front of the house as they thought someone had broken in. I then explained that I had been sleep walking.

It would be great to find out what this really is. The only people I know who have had similar experiences of remembering their 'episodes' are my siblings. It has been nice to hear from others who have had similar experiences. I don't think you should be worried or scared. I find the episodes provide very funny stories and I also think they mainly happen to me when I'm fatigued and stressed. (I don't drink a lot and the only drugs I consume are coffee and alcohol).

Oct 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

Just woke up from a similar situation as everyone's. I keep waking up looking for something, something that makes no sense. I wake up my girlfriend and ask for help in finding this "item," all the while everything makes sense to me. While she's arguing (nicely) about how I'm not making any sense, I continue disputing that I'm being very "rational" and I literally will state that I am not asleep lol. The next morning I'm reminded about the incident, and nothing of it makes sense. However, i do remember that it felt like I was making sense, but then you think to yourself, "what the hell could i have been looking for at 1am?"

Nov 23, 2016
I Always Remember NEW
by: Nicola (Glasgow)

I am 29 years old and I am like Michael from Melbourne. I have been sleepwalking since the age of 3. As a child, I never remember doing it however as an adult I always remember sleepwalking. When I sleep walk I remember the state of mind that I am.

For example, I was on a girls holiday with my friends and I dreamt that our apartment was getting invaded. I jumped out my bed and ran from room to room to see where the invader was trying to get in. I could see everything in front of me and I could communicate with my friends but even although I can't see an invader my mind is telling me that he is there. My eyes are telling my brain that there is no invader and my mind is telling me that there is, it then becomes confusing because its not adding up and I begin to realise I am sleepwalking.

Everytime I sleepwalk it is always something negative. I sleepwalk once a week and it takes time for me to wake myself up from it. When I am home, I manage to wake myself up a lot faster but if I am in a strange place it takes longer.

There has only ever been one occasions where I have saw spiders cruel up my wall where I have been hallucinating.

Sometimes when I talk, I don't make sense and you can see the confusion on other people faces while I am sleepwalking.

Anyway thought I would share my experiences with you all.

Dec 01, 2016
Saying weird stuffs NEW
by: Anonymous

Once i was sleeping and i knew i stood up to walk over to my parents room. Everyone else were awake , wondering why i enter to their room. I actually asked my mum ' mum where is a the liquor , where did you put them ?" At that moment , i knew i woke up and walked to their room but for no purpose at all. I didnnot have any control over my actions at all. My mum told me that i went out of the room but open their door again and peeped through. The next morning , i felt everything was a dream till i asked my parents about it.. Hahah it turns out to be REAL ! Now im afriad that i will spill some beans while alseep. It was unique how i had no control over my actions and words.. hahaha thank you !

Dec 13, 2016
Think I'm at work NEW
by: Mackenzie

I have similar experiences to these but I never seem to make it out of bed! It usually occurs after I have been at work in a restaurant. I think I am still there so I can't go to sleep even though I feel so tired, I even have moments in my dream where I lie down "at work" because I really want to go to sleep, but then I remember I'm at work and need to clear some tables. I also have moments where I sit up in bed, and I know I'm actually in bed, and look for clothes to put on so I can continue working. It's so strange and it drives me crazy when I realise I'm in bed at home and have finished my shift!!! Hopefully I'm able to stop this problem because I'm so over it.

Dec 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

I was watching Netflix for about an hour and my stepdad came bursting into my room saying "What are you doing?!" And I said I was just watching Netflix and apparently I shouted and he asked me what day it was Sunday but it was Friday! And the show I was watching for an hour? PAUSED!!! And all the little things scare me! I'm really scared and I don't know what's real and what's not real now! If anybody knows what this is please respond!!

Feb 05, 2017
Narcolepsy or hypersomnia?? NEW
by: Anonymous

About 8-9 years ago,@ age 25, I started sleep walking,eating and driving!! I'm 34 now but around the age of 27 I would drive in my sleep all the time. I'd wake up in random places scared to death because I had no clue how I got there. I'd just drive back home and go back to sleep. The longest sleep driving trip was about 5 miles. The driving stopped for a little while and I would just do random things inside my house/in the yard. Until age 30, I never remembered anything that I did while I was sleeping. After 30, I could tell you the next day what I did but I couldn't tell u why I did it. I've cooked rice in my sleep...I realized what I was doing in the middle of cooking it and just went back to sleep. It's getting bad though. About 6 months ago, i drank a chemical cleaner. It made me sick for days. I couldn't eat,my belly hurt and I was miserable. I recovered fine from that. I don't think I drank much of it. The taste is what woke me up! A few weeks ago I ate cat food in my sleep. I knew what I was doing...I just thought for some crazy reason that I was suppose to be eating the cat food. As soon as my taste buds kicked in,I spit it out and woke up!! I always fall asleep in the middle of the day. I can't drive on a regular day without falling asleep within 15 minutes. I have good days/week then I have bad days/weeks. Sometimes I sleep great and sometimes,it's horrible!! Sometimes I have these "episodes" for a week at a time then it suddenly stops and you'd never know anything was wrong with me. It's all so back and forth. I had a sleep apnea test and the docs said I don't have sleep apnea but there's "clinical suggestion of narcolepsy or hypersomnia". I had another sleep study scheduled for last week but I had to miss my apt because I couldn't get back in town in time. Ill reschedule it for within the next 2 weeks. I have to figure something out because it's getting very dangerous. I never sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time and I eat all night long in my sleep. I always jump and jerk as soon as I fall asleep. As soon as I get results from my other sleep study I will post it here so that maybe it helps someone.This has been going on for so long and I've had so many things happen that it's hard for me to remember it all. Actually, my memory has been horrible the past 5+ years. Thank you for listening:-)!! Ps: I fell asleep at least 4 times while typing this lol

Feb 23, 2017
This is me, too NEW
by: Hallie

It's so interesting reading all of these comments. I'm in this boat, too, and have been all of my life. I'm 31, and these days, I wake up thinking there are people coming over to my apartment, and I'm not ready. So I get dressed, make my bed, think of what we're going to do when they come over. I'm usually behind schedule (in my mind) and berating myself for being behind. It can happen over and over and over again in one night. As soon as my conscious brain takes over and convinces the other part that it's still night and no one's coming over, I go back to sleep.

Has anyone found anything to help? Doctors have offered serious psychotropic drugs, but nothing else.

Mar 06, 2017
Journal article published NEW
by: Anonymous

This thread is great, there are others!!! I have lived with sleep walking all my life (now 46), I have lucid episodes that repeat all night if I do not have the strength or help from my husband to wake me and tell me I am acting out a dream. I always remember what I am doing but as with most on here, believe it to be real. I have been quite adventurous and once scared my husband when I tried to climb out of a velux window and sit on the roof of my house "to meet and talk to my sister"!
I had associated my walking with stress however, I recently had new contraception which appears to have reduced the "walking" significantly. I had noticed that my episodes appeared to by cyclic and suspected that hormones may have played a part in the severity (sorry gents). Like most on here, no-one takes it seriously. I also found this article which acknowledges this is real and has been published in The Lancet - a very reputable medical journal.

Mar 06, 2017
Spirits from different dimension? NEW
by: Anonymous

Just wondering if anyone has thought about the possibility of quantum physics and themselves entering into their own body from that dimension? I realize that it sounds insane, but WTF! Anyone else have any idea why this might be happening to us??? I dont and I consider myself logical and I am a college grad. These "episodes are just absurd!

Mar 14, 2017
REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder NEW
by: Michael (Melbourne)

I've been doing a little digging around :) I email Antonio Zadra and he said he might post in this forum. I also just read about REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder which sounds very similar to what most people on this forum are describing, here's a link:

Mar 17, 2017
Looking for My Mother NEW
by: Anonymous

Hmmm... so last night , I woke up and realized that my mother was not in bed and wondered where she was. My mother passed away in 1992. She wasn't beside me so I got up and searched the house for her: the living room and kitchen,out the window to check if she had taken the car, back to the bedroom to check again, back to the kitchen and checked the floor to see if she had fallen; back towards the den where my husband was sleeping. This woke him up,and he asked "what are you doing?" I asked him in a near panic "Where is my mother!!?" repeatedly. He followed me back to the bedroom, telling me I was dreaming, which frightened me because I thought maybe he had done something to my mother. He then said with a sad look "Your mother's gone" and as that registered, it was as if he had told me she had just passed away and I turned away from him with that initial shock feeling which began to fade as I started coming back to reality and sat down on the bed.I was disoriented for a few minutes more before going back to bed. I am still bewildered by this experience.

Mar 17, 2017
Weird Experience Too NEW
by: Anonymous

I woke up hearing a loud boom underneath me which came from the garage (I sleep upstairs). The garage has a motion sensor so my husband checked it and nothing reflected that there was anything moved in the garage. I am not sure if I was awake or dreaming when that happened, but that kind of stuff has been happening a lot lately and it is getting ON MY NERVES!!!!!

Apr 18, 2017
Glad I'm Not Alone! NEW
by: Amy

I'm also searching for some answers! This has been happening my entire life, even before I can remember. I'm 19 now and I've never had any sort of breaks that some other people have had. When I was younger I rarely remembered anything the next day but as I've gotten older I almost always remember what I did. A lot of people describe themselves feeling like there's someone else in their body, but for me, whatever I'm doing makes complete sense in the moment. I don't have any inclines to wake up or stop myself, I just do whatever I feel like I need to do and then crawl back into bed. Whether that is look for something, turn my light on and look around the room because I think I saw something, make sure my pets are still in their cages, etc. It makes sense to me as I'm doing it, I then go back to bed but when I wake up, I have no idea what my reasoning was. If I'm simply just talking in my sleep, sometimes that will wake me up (I'm such a loud talker that I wake myself up, how funny is that?). Other times my talking will wake other people up and they will tell me to go back to bed, although I will always insist that I'm "really awake" and try to convince whoever is with me that I'm not dreaming. Sometimes I will have complete conversations with people... here's a story (one that I don't actually remember happening but my brother told me about it the next day, somewhat freaked out): it was around 1:00 am, and my brother (a night owl) was downstairs in the kitchen but heard me talking upstairs in my room. I was around 11 or 12 so I wasn't supposed to be awake. He started listening but then I started coming down the stairs. About halfway down he said "who are you talking to?" to which I replied "my brother, Michael". Obviously, this freaked him out considering HE is my brother Michael, and he kind of just stood there for a second as I continued my way downstairs to get a glass of water. When I was heading back upstairs he said "but I'M your brother Michael" and apparently I said "No you're not" and went to bed. This is an instance I don't remember but it is one that my brother loves to remind me of as a joke. There was also a time when I was very young, around 4 or 5 probably, and my mom walked into my room and saw me petting the wall next to my bed saying "good boy". I've had some pretty weird experiences, some that I remember and some that I don't. There's this type of experience that I have quite often, but there will be variations each time. It goes a little something like, I'm dreaming that I have something with me (usually a small animal or something of the like) and I'm in my bedroom with it, but then it gets out of my reach and gets itself into a precarious situation. I will then try to retrieve whatever it is, but somewhere in between looking to see where it went (even though it's not actually there) and finding it, it becomes whatever is in my actual room that I manage to pick up... ???... For instance, I once had a dream where I had a kitten with me in my bed, but it somehow fell into the crack between my bed and the wall. I stuck my hand down there to try and retrieve it and as I was doing that, the idea of the cat disappeared and I pulled out a sock, but it made total sense to me that THAT was what I was initially looking for... I then took it downstairs to my mother for help because I thought it was dead. The sock. I thought that the sock was dead because I accidentally let it fall into the crack. And it made perfect sense to me in the moment, but the next day I was so confused about why I was doing that. This type of thing happens so often, in the past week or so I've done something on 3 or 4 nights (usually it will happen a couple times a month or so). There's no sort of schedule to it, I don't experience this stuff more during stressful times or anything. I've looked online many times for an answer but nothing definitive has ever come up for me. And what infuriates me is that almost everything online says stuff like "don't worry, they won't remember doing any of this the next day!" BUT I REMEMBER, 95% OF THE TIME. At least after reading all of your entries I know I'm not a complete freak of nature, I'm not alone! I would love some answers though!

May 12, 2017
First time NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok so this is my first time sleep walking it happened yesterday and I thought it was a dream but then my sister asked my about it this morning and I was confused because I thought it was a dream. So she asked what I was doing last night and I'm like what? And she said why were you crawling through my dog door at 12:00 and then I remembered omg that wasn't a dream so here's from my point of view or what I remember: so in he middle of the night I got up and opened the window went through it then went on the sidewalk in my pack yard then went in through my dog door. Then my sister asked what the hell I was doing because I was crawling through the dog door at 12:00 am and I didn't say anything. then I went in my kitchen and I saw my mom and she asked what I was doing and I said I didn't know and then I went back to bed . Creepy right because this is first time and I'm 12 my other sister says I talk a lot in my sleep like mumble but I'm confused please help.

Jun 18, 2017
Finally others! NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been searching for my thing for ages and never considered it to be sleep walking until now:

It typically happens only about once every few months, but happened every night in a row when I WA taking shot term sleeping medication.

My most memorable expressive was when I was sharing a hotel room with my mom when I was a teen, and at about 4am I "woke up" and then forcibly woke her up too flickering the lights and screaming at her. I still remember now that add the time I was CONVINCED I had a swimming race to go to in the morning and we needed to "get our stories straight together" cos the FBI were gonna question me want my alien status. #Ridiculous (plus other then the obvious that I'm not an alien, I'm also terrified of water and haven't been swimming in over 10 years).

Last week I had another episode - which prompted me to google it today - that had me yelling at my cat all night (who was very much real and hates me the morning after) coz she needed to "shut up and go to sleep", so I'd push her up and drop her out the room, as we needed time alone before or joint political party broadcast tomorrow... I was running for president and my cat was vice of course...

Aug 11, 2017
fully self aware night walking NEW
by: Anonymous

i developed a sleep walking problem a while back. i am fully conscious but have no control over my body. i even shout at my body to get back to bed. it also works vice versa. my body will not allow me to smoke while in a daze. i feel like someone has taken my body for a drive and i am shifted over to the passenger seat. i can communicate as an aware wide person but cannot control the body and for some reason it ends almost same time every morning. and i regain control of the body as if it never happened. though i am exhausted. i have thought it could be a alternate personality even some kind of streange possession. seems though when googling for reason all i get a a book sale and find it hard to get past google trying to sell you crap you dont want depending on the key words.

Sep 04, 2017
I do this NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so glad i found this post. This has happened to me on and off for about 12 years. I have sent weird texts in my sleep , woke up thinking i had been baby sitting or tryig to find my light switch. I do a lot of sleep talking and will walk in to my partners room and stand over him while i am asleep i can remember most things but some i cant. Apparently when we went on holiday i was trying to switch a calagas heater on whilst my fingers were in the grill. I have gone downstairs unlocked my front door and gone back to bed, in the morning when i found the door unlocked i realised what i had done. I have at least one eposide a week when im stessed i can have up to 6 eposides a night it is a horrible feeling and i get confused and feel embarassed. My latest one i woke up twice punching my wall and shouting . My partner is used to it now and will ask me what i am doing, if i tell him what i am doing he tells me to go back to bed, which i do. If he asks me what i am doing and i say nothing he knows i am up to something but apparently i never tell him what i am up to.

Sep 11, 2017
Conscious sleepwalking NEW
by: Chris Williamson

I've been searching the internet high and low for a explanation as to what is happening to me but to little or no avail. So like I said I'm sleepwalking but I'm fully aware of what I'm doing. And at that moment to makes total sense. So far it's been a 50/50 mix with some randomness thrown in just for fun. I dream that someone or something is in my house. And sometimes I even hallucinate seeing a shadowy figure looking at me. At first I'm paralyze with fear but I quickly force myself into action. Most of the time I'll grab a knife and I'll start searching my place room by room. Once when I finish my search, I'll snap out of it and realize that there's nothing there and I'll cautiously go back to sleep. The other half of these hallucinations is me thinking there's spiders or snakes crawling/slithering on my bed. Which will result in me yelling and jumping out of bed and throwing my bed sheets to the side. Again I'll snap out of it and go back to sleep. Wish I can find out more about this and get a better understanding it.

Nov 28, 2017
by: Allie

Holy crap. I have been looking for articles similar to my situation for YEARS!!! And I finally found a page with similar stories.

I sleep walk and know I’m doing it I just can’t wake myself up quick enough and get so mad at myself. And I remember everything. It just gets exhausting because I know I’m tired and I’m like, why am I up cleaning my room right now thinking someone is coming over when literally no one is? (Although I do get a clean room out of it). Or I am like looking for a friend in my apartment? Looking in the bathroom, hall, my closet even sometimes and then I wake up like wtf go back to bed no one is here. THIS happens all the time.

I also do talk in sleep good amount and realize I’m rambling when my boyfriend asks what I’m saying but I’m too tired to tell him I’m sleep talking so I’ll just be like "nvm" and go back to bed lol. Leaving him very confused. I don’t ALWAYS remember when I sleep talk but it wakes me up a lot and I know I’m doing it/usually what I’m talking about.

Last week, stayed at my moms house for thanksgiving - woke up eyes wide open saw huge spider on wall - immediately jumped to other side of bed and screamed (was EXHAUSTED that night). Step dad and Mom came running out, looked all over for spider said they never have spiders and am I sure. I was so sure...until then. Was like damn maybe I made that up.
* this story is pretty rare for me though, it has happened few times.

Nov 30, 2017
23 years of this crap help! NEW
by: Anonymous

thank God I found this article its been happening 23 years iam 25 years old male stared when i wad 2 years old. Just last night i had several of them i stoped for a few weeks. In my opinion I watch the scary story and it triggered but I don't know if it if that's true. I just wanna know whats this is called so i can get med when i was 8 i bite open my blanket thinking my dog was inside. I usually give myself a panic attack with my heart racing the first time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack and called 911. Please if anyobe know what this crap is called please from the bottom of all of our hearts here on this post tell us.

Nov 30, 2017
23 years of this crap help! NEW
by: Anonymous

thank God I found this article its been happening 23 years iam 25 years old male stared when i wad 2 years old. Just last night i had several of them i stoped for a few weeks. In my opinion I watch the scary story and it triggered but I don't know if it if that's true. I just wanna know whats this is called so i can get med when i was 8 i bite open my blanket thinking my dog was inside. I usually give myself a panic attack with my heart racing the first time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack and called 911. Please if anyobe know what this crap is called please from the bottom of all of our hearts here on this post tell us.

Mar 05, 2018
I Remember All While Sleep Walking NEW
by: Anonymous

It was alarming needless to say when I read about the spider incident. The first time I "dreamwalked" I opened up my pillow case and bee’s flew out and I have no fear bee’s but do hate spiders. The first time I figured out I was actually hallucinating(18 yrs old) - I had been jumping out of bed and SEEING spiders in it for a minute- tearing my room apart looking for them... Then it dawned on me about the bees. So, the next time the spider **** happened as I went to go get something to kill them with; I stopped to keep looking at them and sure enough right before my eyes the **** disappeared. I was first told I was sleepwalking at about the age of 10 but have no recollection. The "dreamwalking" as I call it; started around 16 and has typically been involved with my day to day actions or fears. On occasion though it will be random nightmares or very odd dreams that I am literally walking through. As you stated; by now I usually can tell myself that it is not real- yet it still continues until I fully awake( which does not seem to be long). I’ve also been told by professionals that these instances are likely stressed induced. In looking back, that statement has a ring of truth. The dreamwalking has lessened with my age, yet it still occurs as well as sleepwalking with no recollection(as I’m told). My grandfather would sleepwalk as well and ultimately lost his mind in the end with dimentia

Apr 06, 2018
I think this happened to me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm a first time mom. I have not been sleeping good since I have to wake up every 2-4 hours when my baby cries. And I can never go to sleep right away like she does. So I end up being awake for the most night. My fiance said I elbowed him very hatd mutlipe times, but I don't remember that happening. All I remember is my baby crying I got up calmed her down. Went to bed moved my fiances legs to get blanket cause he had it all. Then he woke up upset with me. He said I was elbowing him hard. But I don't remember doing that at all. Now I'm scared that this could happen again and that I'm a danger to my baby.

Apr 06, 2018
I think this happened to me too NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok. So I was looking more into this and I found this article.

Apr 17, 2018
Sameee NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 15 years old i started talking in a yound age i didnt hear myself but as i grew up i started hearing myself and knowing what im doing but i just cant stop . Im rarely able to stop myseld and i dont know what to do

Apr 23, 2018
Same here NEW
by: Sleepy TP

I too am having the exact same experiences. I am yet to find a real indicator of when the disturbances will occur though - as even on truly peaceful evenings, when i feel happy and relaxed I can wake up and go about the bedroom doing peculiar things.
Mine are often quite scary for me. I will wake up in the pitch black of my bedroom and think that I am somewhere completely different. Last week I thought I was in a gangs home and I was trying to sneak my way past the the gang to find an exit. My heart was racing incredibly fast and sweat beads were forming on my forehead. I only snapped out of it when i managed to stumble on the light switch and then I instantly realised, 'Oh its just one of those damn dreams again', and then I go back to sleep quite promptly.
Other common occurrences for me is trying to move furniture for reasons which are logical at the time, like looking for a hidden hatch in the floor, or trying to find something (non of which exist in reality). One of the worst is when I fear that the walls, ceiling or wardrobe are falling on me, and I push on them as hard as I can and wake up exhausted and in utter panic from pushing these things for no reason at all.
One thing I'd like to know if anyone else has any thoughts on is memory loss - I've noticed that my every day memory has become quite poor since these sleep disturbances started happening to me around 10 years ago. I wonder if perhaps I am missing out on or negatively affecting the part of sleep that is required to successfully process and consolidate memory.

Jun 26, 2018
Happy I'm not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

So I have anxiety and recently had a panic attack about 3 weeks ago after starting a new job that was really stressful I notice that I do this when I am really stressed out (sleep walking and talking). So I woke up in bed trying to put some imaginary eye drops in for a cough that I had lol when I actually woke up I remembered everything just couldn't make any sense of it, just last night I woke up and pulled one of my fake lashes off for no reason so I had to take the other off to I've called my kids and they come and then I'm like I was sleep I'm sorry lol I have been really sleepy from this stressing a lot about my anxiety which might sound crazy lol my 4 kids are out for the summer so I'm spreading myself pretty thin this happened before when I was like 23 I would call my job text friends and tell them to come over at 3 in the morning but again I was really stressed so I'm just going to try to work out my issues and see if this helps but I feel better knowing I'm not crazy..

Jan 01, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,
I can't believe all these people have the same experiences as me.
I've researched and asked professionals, but I've never felt less crazy about my sleepwalking awareness.
I stayed a night at the sleep study ward of the hospital, I had 3 episodes that night. I didn't walk around at all, because I had wires attached to my face and body. The nurse that was monitoring me through the night said I went from deep REM to sitting up in 2 seconds.
I thought I was going to receive the help I needed, and so did the overnight nurse you was astounded by my night sleep.
A few weeks later I went back to speak with the doctor. I was told that sleep walking was not really a funded thing and the prescription hasn't changed for 10+ years.
I requested not to be piled up to sleep before I did the study, I was begging for help and got a bottle clonazepam for my troubles.
So frustrating but it's a realitie that we all live with.

Feeling presences in the room that are demanding I sleep in the other room and they take my side of the bed is the main episode I deal with most nights. It's becoming strenuous on my relationship. As I imagine it is on a lot of you out there.

Good to know there are people out there like me.

Jan 23, 2019
I remember eventually... sometimes NEW
by: Restless Sleeper

Sometime during last night I went into my kid’s room to get something specific but could not remember what I was looking for so I grabbed a couple of stuffed animals and headed back to my room. When I got there I could not recall why I had needed them in the first place so I set them down on a chest and returned to bed. It all made perfect sense at the time.

I didn’t remember anything when I woke up but around mid morning I was tidying up and spotted the stuffed animals. The whole incident came back in a flash, much like when a dream is remembered later in the day.

This is the third time I’ve remembered sleep walking due to evidence reminding me, and a couple more hazy memories I’m not sure about. I have one other confirmed time I slept walked because I woke my poor brother up and scared him. But who knows how many times I’ve done it, really?

I don’t think I was particularly stressed or sleep deprived during these incidents, but I have always been an active sleeper and I talk, laugh and apparently even sing in my sleep. A friend witnessed me and another friend talking back in forth in our sleep once in my early twenties. I also have a difficult time getting to sleep and waking up again. I suppose sleep will always be problematic for me.

Feb 25, 2019
Spiders and crazyness
by: Cat

I've been sleepwalking for years usually I would see those dang spiders and tear the bed apart with my husband in it. Or wake him up by shining a flashlight on the bed to find the spiders. I've pulled the blankets right off him too looking for them. I've seen people, nasty clowns etc it never surprises me what I do or what I see. Lately my 8 month old German Shepherd has been getting the blunt end of my dreams. The other night I had thought I seen white fluff from like a pillow next to him but when I got out of bed and grabbed it it unfortunately was his boy parts. Needless to say he woke up fast and woke me up in the process. Just yesterday I had another one where I woke up and thought I seen him eating my heart pills next to our bed where he sleeps. I went into panic mode and was on the floor feeling all over trying to find pills that weren't there. Even went into the kitchen walked around the island trying to figure out what I was going to use to find these pills. I would day 90% of the time I can tell you everything that happened. I just dont know why I do it. Sometimes it a lot then I won't do it for months. Idk but it's an out of body experience for sure.

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