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I Thought I Was Going Insane...

by Debbie
(Los Angeles)

I've never felt this before and am so comforted to know it's not uncommon. Last night, after having just drifted off to sleep, I dreamed that I was speaking with another person who was crying and holding back on telling me about something traumatic that had happened to them. I reached out to touch that person's hand. Suddenly their eyes rolled to the back of their head and they charged at me, pinning me against a wall. I couldn't breathe or scream or move. I could sense that it was a dream and tried to wake up but couldn't move and felt pressure on my chest. I slowly tried to move, but felt so exhausted for just making the effort.

I thought I woke up and splashed water on my face, only to realize that I was still asleep and dreaming. When I did finally wake and get out of bed, I had this eerie feeling like there was an evil presence in my home and that I was being watched. I was terrified. I checked all of my windows and doors and locked my bedroom door. I was too scared to go back to sleep. Awful! Does anyone know why many of us get this evil or creepy feeling when we're in it?

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Aug 30, 2011
Hostile entities?
by: Hawkmoon

Well in your case you were assaulted and pinned by the wall in your dream, so you don't get any better reason to feel fear and hostile entity lurking. Fear is most important reason for bad experiences, and our inability to move our body by itself is enough reason to feel afraid. Regarding other causes for "evil and creepy feeling" we have, it comes down to the question what do you believe in. I believe in certain theory, but it doesn't have to be correct. In any case, have in mind that human emotions are very powerfull tool, and what you project during dream or hypnopompic experience can turn bad dream into bearable one. So for instance singing some familiar merry song that will give you courage could help a lot.
(Which song you pick is important. Cure's Lullaby is obviously bad choice :)

Oct 06, 2011
evil spirit or demon attack
by: Anonymous

you could've been attacked by a demon. There are myths and legends about SP and alot of people all over the world think it has something to do with spirits or demons. So, you could've been attacked by a demon or an evil spirit.

Oct 13, 2011
negative energy
by: Anonymous

I had a very similar experience this afternoon. I was taking a nap at mid day and felt myself wake up. Then suddenly I couldn't move my body. I lay there for only an instance and then suddenly it felt like i was getting pressed into my bed. I fought this sensation and i awoke to a overwhelming feeling of negative energy in my room.
I question the demond theory but it did feel as if negative energy was part of the dream. My best advice is prepare for the next time you encounter such an experience in a dream.
Just by saying a single line "I am powerful" the body begins to wake for me.

Nov 09, 2011
my sleep will be sweet
by: Anonymous

Well for me i sleep with the bathroom light on.Thats how scare i am of sleeping in the dark.I also sleep with the tv on all the time.But my biggest fear i have is that scary movie with linda blair as a demon.Also this move call abby of this black women that has her body taken over by a demon.I have had this fear since i was 10 years old.I know when i gave my life to the Lord my soul is his.But i still sometimes have these crazy dreams.I remember two weeks ago i was dreaming i was on my way out the door to go to work at 5 in the morning like i always do.As i got to the door i heard the beautiful abby calling me,then when i turn around it was the demon abby.I woke up fast.but now everytime i leave in the morning im running as fast as i can to get out of the house.But my Lord says in his word,my sleep will be sweet.

Feb 28, 2012
Just the two of us
by: Daniel

Well A few things. The mind is ingenious and has the capacity to create a whole world with and without the benefit of sight. Most attacks on the mind tend to be interpreted by the brain as some kind of negative energy manifested into something we familiarize with Evil ETC...

I understand the science of the issue.. But..

Last night I found myself in Extreme fear and vertigo in sleep paralysis. I felt as if something was attacking me. Knowing my girl friend was next to me and being paralyzed I was careful not to over react but found myself reciting useless prayers. I was woken up by my girl friend who had literally just had the same experience for the first time in her life who was also scared. I'm not ruling out coincidence or some kind of sub conscience communication but for those of us who have experiences this a lot it's hard not to think it's something evil haunting us.

To take it a step further. I used to play with a Ouija Bored with a Cousin. We thought we where speaking with dead people etc so it was very intriguing. I was age 13 and a little over confident at the time. One of the things on there said it was going to get me. I said you are nothing more then a few words on a board you're not going to get me. It responded oh no not now when you're asleep at age 19. As the years past I forgot about this experience. At age 19 I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. I was being overcome by something really powerful and evil (in my mind). I had felt that it was evil so I channeled all the energy of love I could muster to counter it. Still Paralyzed a Beam of dull light left my eyes I felt a punch in the face and saw a skull like face. A Clear voice Exclaimed "See you Later Danny" (I hated being called Danny). still paralyzed I was able to see a grim reaper like character with his arms folded floating around and up my stairs.

Was tough stuff at age 19 to be pretty sure I was crazy but lucky for me it really didn't happen to much after and no experiences after that was quite as scary. It's hard for me to stay scientific on this based on my own experiences. I think there are forces at play like a spiritual parasite of some kind. Jewish Kaballah Rabi's have their own spin on this which is interesting as well as other mystical explanations.

Another thing with this disorder I haven't seen mentioned is that most of us know before it happens that it's going to. I feel like somethings following me to bed then it happens. Well I'm done just had to get that out there.

Jan 09, 2013
happens often
by: Anonymous

This happens to me a few times a month. I'm never attacked in the dream, but I become aware that I'm dreaming but I can't move at all as if I'm totally exhausted. I can't scream either.I'll wake up in my bed only to sense that I'm still dreaming and still I cannot move. I've had this loop continue 12 times in a row, during which I began to feel delirium and suicidal. Scary.

May 18, 2014
now I can turn this into a lucid dreaming session
by: Anonymous

Had this happen twice. The first instance, I was laying on a friends couch, asleep. I awoke in the middle of the night unable to move and able to see the room about me clearly. To the left in my peripheral, was a girl, with a white dress on and black long hanging hair. I tried to yell for my friend but found I could only make small squeaks instead of loudly yelling with all I could muster. Then the girl moved, raising her head. I could see her eyes so clearly. She flew at me and through me, and all of a sudden I could move again ( however, my eyes were closed, so this told me I had been asleep. I told my friend; first thought was demons. However, recently, I had this encounter again. I was thinking deeply trying to get to sleep. My thoughts were on music, and at times, I could literally "hear" the music playing. Then I tried to get up thinking Me trying to sleep wasn't working. I found I couldn't move, and I was no longer at home. Then I was able to move again, but I couldn't speak. At this point I realized I was dreaming, which subsequently woke me up. So now whenever I try to go to sleep, I try to hear sounds as if they came from outside my head, and voila! Lucid dreams ;)

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