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I Was In A Jungle

by Frank...

I was in a jungle… this was the third or so time that I was here alone, but this time I felt something different in the air around me. I was here this time for a purpose. ---- The background quickly fuzzed into a place that I did not recognize other then the feeling of love in the air, totally different than that of the jungle. I knew someone was here in this stuffy warm air that I was meant to meet. I was in a wooden house on the second floor and a women was there now. Above her golden brown hair was a light blue halo, however when I spoke to her there was no reply outloud. Instead I just felt what she meant to say, and she meant to say “bring me with you, I’m supposed to be with you”.

Our hands touched and the air became blurred once again. We subtly formed back into the jungle scene. At this point the woman meshed into the form of a thin calf and scurried off into the underbrush. A leopard and ram now approached me, I took in an eyeful and I could infer that they needed something of me. I picked up two golden coins that were spaced apart down what seemed like a trail. The trail grew thicker with foliage then disappeared as I found myself infront of a large river that was surprisingly silent. I walked down the length of the river for a short amount of time when I ran into a silent and respectable looking alligator.

The shock of the sight blured my vision once more and I found myself back in the wooden house in the warm feeling village. Two older people sitting on two chairs looked at me and I looked back at them for a little while. A mother ran upstairs at this point and made drastic physical expressions as if to imply that she was looking for something.

I was offput my this expression and looked back to the elderly people who still sat in their respective seats, looked at each other then sent me off and back onto the head of the alligator that was now awake and still calm. Seeing brass and silver fractionals strewn upon the back of the beast clued me into an idea. I placed one of my three golden coins on his back, he then opened his mouth and I passed to the other side of the river safely. This side of the river was drastically different, and food
was plentiful. I wanted to search more into the land but there was a clear force keeping me from going to far astray from my mission whatever it was to be. The leopard and ram appeared once again on the other side of the river from which I came, now visibly starving. I threw one coin into the water and then the other and created food for them. They were now full and happy, and as I congratulated myself the starving calf and former young women stumbled into my field of view. With no more coins to create food with I urged the two now full animals to search, as I was stuck on this side of the river now. The calf who from here on I will call Dulcinea on account of her unconditional beauty, stumbled once more and fell. The two other animals wandered off and I soon realized the fate of Dulcinea. The Aligator slowly but securely pounded its feet in the direction of the calf.

My panic sent me into the more comfortable surrounding of my Highschool. I quickly realized however that I was in a class that was unfamiliar to me, with a teacher that did not tickle my fancy. From the dead empty silence came a piercing screech “Moraco!”. I coiled my fists and prepared for a fight, my senses were tingling and I sensed trouble. The world began to spin the moment a failing test flew its way onto my desktop, and it continued to spin into a happier time… a simpler time.

The world that came into view seemed the most sensible so far, the backdrop was that of a late nineties Japanese pop-culture video game. And thoughts where shown in interlinked bubbles in midair. The colors around me as vibrant as they were reminded me of my bedroom… or at least my dream-bedroom. But then again I felt comfortable so of course something had to change, suddenly a childhood fear of mine the household centipede flew out towards me at incredible and unworldly speed and size. Fortunately he transformed into an alligator, this may sound odd but I was relieved. Besides the fact that the centipede was gone, and on the Brightside… Dulcinea was behind me. Through my determination I was able to create a thought bubble chain a bubble of bad thoughts. Throwing the bubble of bad energy over the oversized alligator was enough to force it back into the icy waters. I turned around to find the angel that was Dulcinea back in human form.

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