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I'm Afraid Of Hurting My Wife While Sleeping!

by L
(California, USA)

L - Afraid to Sleep

L - Afraid to Sleep

I've never been told that I talked in my sleep - not until now. I am in my mid-fifties, and a few years ago my wife noticed that I was starting to talk in my sleep. This was not too concerning and did not happen that often. My sleep talking was a novelty to laugh about the next day.

Now, 4 years later, this has become an almost nightly occurrence. As well as increased sleep talking I have begun to act out parts of my dreams. My poor wife has had to awaken me numerous nights (much to my horror) because I was hitting her! This was a bit worrisome, but I was not hurting her, so much as scaring her. However, that has started to change over the last year.

Apparently I have become much bolder in my dreams, because the hitting (and kicking) is being done with more force. I yell profanities at my adversaries, and never wake up. I am not aware that I am acting out the dreams - verbally or physically - but for the fact she wakes me up to tell me. In that moment when I awake I can usually recall what I was just dreaming of. The dreams seem to have an underlying theme.

My cohorts and I are always fighting against other individuals. These battles have been fought with everything from bows and arrows to flying futuristic craft with laser weapons. So, apparently my sub-conscience does not fetter itself with the restrictions of historical chronology. The dreams may involve fighting an enemy force as a whole, or fighting through a force in an effort to face whomever is directing them. There does not seem to be a good vs. evil "thing" going on. I do not always win either.

My last dream has prompted me to seek answers via the Internet. I was struck down in the dream, and my wife woke me because I was screaming. On awakening there was a particular taste in my mouth. It was the same experience (taste) from a time in my youth when I was violently hit in the head. I felt stunned, and was horribly shaken. I rolled away as if to sleep, but was not able to - for the fear that still gripped me.

I need answers. I don't have a particularly stressful life. I don't take drugs or drink (except the Rx meds that I've taken for many more years than this has been happening). I am somewhat sleep deprived. I am afraid that things will only get worse, and I can't abide hitting my wife!

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Nov 20, 2015
Damn NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem but the only thing is that I can't remember what my dream is about I don't wanna hurt my wife I'm scared IMA hurt my unborn child someone help us.

Nov 29, 2016
Re: damn new NEW
by: Anonymous

It is exactly a year from your post and I'm am dealing with the exact same thing. Unborn child and all. Did you find help?

Oct 19, 2022
Geoff cornwall
by: Geoff Wragg

Just come across your site never though of going on internet. Anyway I have had night terrors for 25 yrs it started after the death of my brother my life changed l have awakened with my hands around my wifes neck she trying to calm me down or me throwing my arms all over place many times hitting her. l have slept on my own with Windows & doors shut mattress on floor around bed as I stand on bed & five of or roll out of bed. This as caused me lots of cut fractures & many bruises. I also have sleep apnea I have a cpac machine to keep me safe. Does any one know if you can get any financial help with electric or equipment?

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