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I'm Stuck, I Can't Move, All I Can Do Is Make A Soft Noise

by Lanera Brown

I'm presently twenty years of age and since as far back as I can remember whenever I would wake up from a good night's rest and fall back to sleep I would get stuck and not be able to move. I feel as if I am awake and can see everything but can't move any part of my body, just my eyes. I can't scream or talk all I can do is make a soft noise.

I hate the feeling so much. I try to pray to myself during these times and sometimes that works but not often. The only way I can come out of this is if I relax and lye there and after a while I'm able to kick which is the only way I can get up which is hard when I feel as if I can't move.

I have waken up and scared people in the room with me by kicking the wall or jumping up. Once a cousin of mine was in the bed with me and she heard me make the noise and woke me up. This was the best moment I've ever had during one of these times. Now she knows if she ever hears me doing that, to awake me.

I used to feel like I'm awake because there were times when I would ask the people who were in the room with me if they did certain things and I was correct. But recently I discovered sometimes I'm dreaming because I haven't been correct lately. It's the scariest feeling in the world.

Kevin: Hey Lanera, thanks for sharing this. Sleep paralysis can be incredibly crazy and frightening, but if you keep learning about it you'll be able to understand it better, and that can help a lot. In fact, this book by a man who's studied and experienced sleep paralysis for almost two decades, is full of strategies and stories about taking control of these episodes, using them as good experiences rather than very negative ones. I hope it helps.

All the best,

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Feb 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

When this has happend to me, i say aprayer and try to relax, and but the scary thing for me is right before im able to getup i hear screaming in my ear! Sucks

May 31, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jul 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

don't sleep immediately before previous sleep, or only sllep at night and not in the afternoon..... this has worked for me.

Jul 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

it is actually the paranormal as when i was around ten my brother did alot of witch craft and ever since then i have always been frozenen bed and can't move i asked my brother what it was and he tried to change the subject but one night when me and my bro were home alone he went to bed then i heard some wird noises and went to my brothers room and saw his face with terror then he looked like in pain but he managed to call out to the moon goddess, (trust me i now believe in the gods and stuff now cause of this)he told me what it was and how to overcome it, its from a ghost trying to possess you and if you ever have a fit after BLESS YOUR HOUSE as it is actually powerfull enough to control you. to prevent this is to pretend that nothing is there if you hear tapping just calm down and DONT BE SCARED THE SPIRIT WILL JUST GET STRONGER they feed off of negative energy which is anger depression and other emotions like those always be happy

Sep 11, 2011
Stuck in your sleep?
by: Anonymous

I don't know if you ever noticed but you can move your neck. What you do is, move your face to your chest and bite. Of course you will not bite yourself but you will bite the entity that is doing this to you. You will actually feel it unravel and leave you only to never return. It worked for me and I have been free from it ever since. Try it and let me know.

Sep 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I’m 16 and this happened to me four times am starting to freak out because everytime i try to move and open my eyes i see this ugly big person next to my head of by my side and I can hear that person laughing at me when I’m trying to pray. I try to call my mum but I can’t talk and once when that person was laughing at me my brother was getting out of his room and was calling me by the moment he came in my room my eyes was already open and he told me that he thought I was sleeping I was terrified

Oct 06, 2011
Happen to me
by: Anonymous

i don't know if its sleep paralysis or paranormal but when this started with me i was a teen and played with the ouija board, i never played with it after but at times,when it would start i can only move my fingers and toes , i try with all my might to move and scream for help after a min. i brake free, that's all you can do. it happens most when i am about to fall asleep.

Nov 09, 2011
ya its not fun
by: Anonymous

ya this sucks I hate it to, sometimes I'm like half awake and or asleep don't really know and I get awaken by a loud growl it doesn't really happen anymore but that was worse than when I get stuck sleeping and can't move. I experimented and realized alcohol before bed was making me freeze awake stuck a lot, and sometimes I would get that feeling in short dreams that were mildly frightening. Then I just wake up dehydrated. It hasn't been happening lately as I drink a lot of water when I'm done drinking, and It doesn't happen at all if I don't drink so that is good.

It happened a lot when I used my temperpedic because that bed traps heat like no other and makes you feel gross so I think it only happens when I am uncomfortable for some reason.

Dec 03, 2011
i have this same problem
by: Anonymous

i have had this same problem for over a year now happens quite often to the point where i aint really scared of it no more i just hate it coz it messes my sleep up -.-. let me tell you what this really is. when this happens dont you feel the shivers and feel cold? can you feel the coldness moving around you? this is not a problem that is caused by your body. its called a JINN they are unseen or as you would call them ghosts but they can show themselves if they want. i was really afraid of it at first but iv started practising my religion more (islam) and praying and now when they come all i do is ask god for help and they let go of me immediatly.

Apr 04, 2012
Methods and Reflecting
by: Tim

This happens to me a lot. The more I try and move the harder it is for me to breathe and always feel like someone or something is coming after me and i dont have enough time to snap out. Panic is always the first reaction when I go through this. But then I control my breathing as much as i can while in this state. This way I could get enough concentration to perform a snap or a "kick" (much like they do in Inception) to wake me up. I used to try and whisper or murmur out, but it's not very affective as people often see people talk in their sleep. The first thing that people react to when I go through this is they say I breathe like Im preparing for a run. My best suggestion is when this happens next.. find out what time it happened, remember the time u slept, and try and study a pattern . Mine often came from drinking late at night and crashing after a long long week. This is the same reason I dont drink much anymore. Once you notice a pattern, try and change that thing you know is unhealthy out of that and chances are this is what the issue is. Usually people that i know that go through this are athletes, artists, etc during the weekdays and professional binge drinkers on the weekends.. i hope you find your root for this. It's not the best feeling in the world I know but I've been having these since I was a teenager and I've learned to build my own methods of fighting it.

May 31, 2012
Grandma Said
by: Anonymous

I am 49 Years old and this has been happening to me since childhood. my Grandmother told me it was because of poor circulation, and to wiggle my big toe to come out of it. Strangely enough for the most part it still works . Go figure

Aug 16, 2012
Me too
by: Anonymous

Hy! I'm lora, I'm almost 16 and it happen to me too, since I'm at junior high. It was the worst feeling ever. Everytime I took a nap it always happened, I'm stuck at my bed an ant breath or move, I try to wake up but it was the hardest, the worst part is that after I awaken I felt so sleepy than ever, and then suddenly I can't move again then I realIze that I've already fallen asleep again, it scared me. Not just that, everytime it happened I always knew that I was asleep but I can't see and hear everything, well not always, but it terrified me

Aug 19, 2012
just this morning
by: amos

I have jut had another session of that ordeal right this morning and the same hillsong song that was playing on my pc was the same one when i snapped out of the condition...this is a very unpleasant situation to be in but before i got in it i dreamt of a man going up a flight of stairs that was actually pointing other words he was walking into the stairs' concrete..

Aug 21, 2012
why does this happen?
by: Anonymous


Sep 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

it happens to me often.. i thought i was having an astral projection. it scares me a lot. sometimes after waking up from this nightmare another episode occur again. ITS SO HARD TO FIGHT IT and sometimes i want to let it out and die. LOL

Sep 28, 2012
by: Blah

Happens to me as well. Has been for years. It wouldnt be as bad if every time it happened it was somewhere else besides my bedroom. But every single time I "dream" that I am lying in my bed, I see shadows, I feel some presence, sometime I feel weight on me, sometime I fight it and fall off my bed onto the floor. That is what scares me the most. If i dreamt I was outside, anywhere, but it is at home everytime, which makes me wonder if it was a dream at all. I used to work night shifts and sleeping during the day. I remember sleeping in the bed and feeling someone lye down next to me, I assumed my bf came home for lunch to take a nap. However, he said he did not come home for lunch. Basically I drove myself to a point to where i'm terrified of darkness and falling asleep now, I'll stay up till I cant function anymore and go to sleep after the sun comes up. I went to the doctor telling her i cant sleep at night and sleep till noon or later, she sarcastically asked me I have tried waking up at 7am like normal people do, which now also made me selfconsious about bringing up the problem. She gave me anxiety meds which did absolutely nothing, i took them for a week, threw away the rest and never took them since. I have actually found that drinking myself to sleep eases the fear, but I cant make myself drink every night. Its depressing.

Oct 04, 2012
idk wat to say
by: kamuda

this happen to me when i was reading the bible and history books alot... i reali didnt like when pesons where screaming my name and lions roaring in my ears.. but wat i do know is the more u try to get up it gets harder to move an u get tired quickly and uand the more i tried to get up the sreams get louder very unbearable... i was scared and am not scared easily

Oct 05, 2012
just happened today for the first time
by: Anonymous

So I'm lying in bed right arm fully extened and left arm across my chest and legs straight out. I start getting these feelings that I can't move and pressure on my right arm like someones next to me sleeping on it. At first I thought it was my brother so I try to say his name to move and why isnt he in school then I realized I can't move my neck to see who it is. So I start to panic then the "person" moved and the pressure is lifted. It starts walking towards the door which is right in front of me but I don't see anything but I hear the foot step by the way the house is old so cricky floors. He walks and then he goes into the hallway but without opening the door but I hear it walking away then I move again. Weird I must say I heard the garbage truck passing children going to school and see the sunshine through my window. I started to think paranormal but its not and its a disorder. I'm calm and happy to know what it is thank you for posting.

Oct 23, 2012
Not a once in a while thing... or even just once a night
by: Anonymous

I keep reading people saying that you canmove your neck and certain things to do to snap out of it but in my case i cant move anything. When i try to close my eyes and wait for it to pass all the noises just get louder and i feel the hold on me is stronger. Its been happening a long time and it seems lately ive tried fightinf it more and its just been happening more. This happends to me muliple times throughout the day abd night now..Wether i rest my head or are sitting up i can feel it like a wave course through my body into my head and i get light headed. For the last few weeks it happends so many times within 10-15 minutes that i get horrible headaches im dozzy and almost feel drunk.

Nov 01, 2012
Weight holding me down
by: Anonymous

I had this 2 nights ago. I was dreaming I was in bed but I truly felt weight on top of me. I tried to call out for help but I could not move or yell. I woke up with my husband shaking me, I had been doing a soft moaning, almost like a soft cry. Never had this before and hope I never have it again - it was very unnerving!

Nov 05, 2012
A Little Crazy
by: Anonymous

I find this happens to me a lot; however, sometimes it's because I'm dreaming, while sometimes I know I'm awake and experiencing sleep paralysis. Lately it's been especially strange because I've been experiencing episodes where I'm laying in bed and fall asleep, but dream I'm falling into a sleep paralysis. Some of these times I know I'm dreaming and I'm aware during the dream that it is such, So I just have to struggle as if it were a real episode until I wake up. The problem is it seems like it has been every time I fall asleep lately. It's a little unnerving because my entire life I've never had a dream where I was aware it was a dream before, but now I'll find myself in a strange place struggling to move when I know I was just in my bed so it's a tip off that it's a dream, but my entire life I've had ridiculous dreams that seemed perfectly plausible while dreaming. I guess lately it's a little hard to keep track of reality when I'm first waking up.

Nov 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

You are being possessed. Call a priest or any religious person. Hope I helped!

Dec 03, 2012
Try this.
by: Anonymous

This used to happen to me. Hasn't in years, I'm currently 25. But when it did, the way I'd wake up is close my eyes really tight and hard. When I'd open them slowly it would be me opening them awake. I can use this technique anytime I'm having a nightmare or anything else. But I learned it from what you're experiencing. Give it a shot.

Dec 22, 2012
I am a victim too
by: Anonymous

It also happened to me this afternoon and it happens almost evrytime i sleep no matter the time of the day. Normally when it happens I feel this sudden atiffness through out my whole body and it hurts. I also see people that are not there! Like today I saw my sister walk into the room that I fell asleep in. At first I heard the footsteps then i got scared and the stiffness got worse and more painfull. then she walked into the room and I started breathing heavily so she can see that I am stuck in my sleep but she wasnt actually there! I broke out of it by wiggling my toes but that felt like forever. sometimes i feel it as it is about to come over me and make sudden movements then it goes away< sometimes im just not that quick. This has been bothering me for about 3 years now and I would rily like for it to stop. If there is an answer or some sort of treatment or cure for this< the people who have it should please share with us because I end up not being able to sleep at all because of this and I always thought it happens to me only

Jan 01, 2013
I've had this way to many times.
by: Zachary Johnson-Yeates

Yes. Some of you can't move, you can see about 80% right? You hearing is good for you can hear the tv or others well you can also barley move. I have many of these dreams. Sometime I hear a person screaming really loud. A devil-like soul hurting scream. But I ignore those. Also many of you mayfeel actual pain. They say you don't feel pain in dreams. Well guess what? This isn't a dream.. I know. Then you "wake up" and have a weird energetic and a light headache feeling but just barely there. Yep. I know. Haha these last for only mins but seem to last hours. Many times you wake up unusually hot. Yes. I've learned after dozens of these ways to not have them. Its to get on a sleeping schedual. You know. Sleep at 10 p.m. wake up at 7 a.m and wakeing up is inportant to not hit the snooze. Just start your day. If you da that I promise you won't have any more because your body will adapt and get used to it. There for the switch in your head eliminates the "inbetween" stage. Either off or on. Hope this helped :) for any info on sleeping, lusic, astro projection, or just life help. Message me on facebook. Zachary Johnson Yeates

Jan 02, 2013
Shadows of Darkness
by: Ashlyn

If you know me, I NEVER sleep with the door closed and the lights out. I did this once since I fell asleep in the day time. I woke up at night, but was too tired to get up and open the door. BIG MISTAKE! I fell asleep and woke up staring at the door... There was a shadow. It was groaning and getting closer, mind you, the door is 5 feet from my pillow, TOPS! I was crying but couldn't move or scream. I pit my lip so hard it bled and woke up with blood on my lips. I shot out of bed and opened the door. Last time I fall asleep with the door closed and no lights.. even in the daytime....

Jan 06, 2013
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
by: Tonya

So basically this happens to me less often than it used it to. It started when i was a child, probably around the time my parents got divorced. It took a while for me to figure out what was happening because i wouldn't ask anyone about it. anyways, when i finally figured it out it made sense. Anxiety attacks. They happen to most people who have anxiety when they are awake, but they can happen when you are asleep too. i believe these during sleep anxiety attacks could also be defined as night terrors.
now, some of you have stated praying helps (sometimes) this can be for a couple of reasons (so all of you skeptics/non-believes and those who hold faith continue to reading) praying is one of two things, something that works supernaturally because there really is a god, or something that works subconsciously because it calms you.
trying to wait for it to pass can work because anxiety usually (and i mean USUALLY) passes once you can calm yourself down.

Jan 18, 2013
by: melissa

Yea i just woke up for the second time i was layin on my right side and all of a sudden i felt diz nolt in my body but my eyes were close the second time n i felt like my breathing paused n i got hot n i tried to wake up n it took me a min but i was shaken then woke up finally but shaken and had a scary feeling i dnt knw wat this means but i felt like i was going to die ......this always happens to me I'm scared

Jan 25, 2013
i shouldnt be scared
by: Anonymous

I really don't know were to start....I'm only 16 years old but thi has been happening me since I can remember I every time I'm half at sleep I can't move nd I feel something on top of me I can move or talk I try to scream but I start losing my breath ..this has been going on for years I'm almost use to it already but this morning something really scared me this time I could hear a women whispering next to me and I t wouldn't go away even when I start it praying.. I NEED HELP PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME I need answers ...when I was 9 I felt the same this but I had my eyes open it was about 5 am nd I saw a black shadow standing in front of my bed nd it only when away when I start it praying that's when I was able to brake free after that I was terrified of going to sleep

Jan 31, 2013
Its a demon/ghost
by: Anonymous

The thing is dark and heavy. It immobolises you. You can't talk or move. Its a spirit. The thing fades any time you mention Jesus even in your mind cause your mouth is held. Pray before going to bed it has worked for me. Also if it happens don't be afraid to rebuke it openly and tell it you know what it is. Demons hear.

Jan 31, 2013
Cant move and speak and see ghost
by: Anon 17

Hey im 17 years old and the same thing happend to me a couple of minutes ago i couldnt move and speak but when i was a able to move i ran to my brothers room and there was a dog guarding the stairs as if it didnt want me to go through but the dog was quiet and i decided to run past the dog but instead i went through it like a ghost and then i woke up is that normal am i the only one who has experienced this please could i get response Asap!

Feb 02, 2013
Shivers and Flashes
by: Jon

Hi, It is currently 3:45am and I am new here. I have recently been having the same problems as many of these people. When I awoke, I could not move around nor yelp for attention. I am growing weary of this. I hear something high pitch usually when I awake scared or having an extremely vivid dream. I have only slept for about an hour and I have been up for about 15min and i am still have shivers--scratch that, it just went away(I will keep a table of how long these occur). I will post more about this later.

Feb 05, 2013
sp is my worst fear
by: daisy

I get sp alot but its weird because the demons or spirits try to have sex with me but i cant move or scream and they are always touching me and sticking there dirty toungs in my ears and mouth. Very scary and annoying it takes soo much energy to actually make your self wake up from sp. But the only thing that really works is praying to god.

Feb 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

This happens to me every night...sometimes it happens 4 maybe five times in a row. When this does happen i say to myself not again and i pray to god then i wake up.....sometimes after i wake up if there is anything there i tell it to leave me alone or go away i got work in the morning and it stops

Apr 03, 2013
so scared
by: Patricia

I'm so tired and so scared I can't do this anymore this is scary feeling I'm a single mom with 3 kids I'm so scaryed one day im not going to be able to bring myself out of this sleeping thing i can see and hear everything ive had this since I was very little this happens every night like 4 to 7 times a night how can i make this stop i will do anything there has to be a way if it wasn't for my kids i think i wouldd of killed myself a long time ago i dont want to die but i cant even take care of my kids the right way with this sleeping thing im so sleep and so afaide to slee what can i do

Apr 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I really don't know what it is but over the years I ve just learn how to,stay calm till I can move again most of the time I am only able to control my thoughts so I sing and have conversations with myself yea talk to my self I can actually hear things goin on around me and at first I use to think that my eyes were open an I saw thing but I didn't it was just old images from my brain now I just listen to try hear familiar sound to give myself a time of how long I'm experiencing this it very scary cus the older I get the more frequent it occurs wondering if its poor circulation what's goin on to disrupt my circulation so while I am sleep now I gotta look up what cause poor circulation but my foot did fill lil stiff an who most time I think I just might be about to slip on to a coma or som ugh this just terrible if anyone finds out more bout this please post

Apr 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I really don't know what it is but over the years I ve just learn how to,stay calm till I can move again most of the time I am only able to control my thoughts so I sing and have conversations with myself yea talk to my self I can actually hear things goin on around me and at first I use to think that my eyes were open an I saw thing but I didn't it was just old images from my brain now I just listen to try hear familiar sound to give myself a time of how long I'm experiencing this it very scary cus the older I get the more frequent it occurs wondering if its poor circulation what's goin on to disrupt my circulation so while I am sleep now I gotta look up what cause poor circulation but my foot did fill lil stiff an who most time I think I just might be about to slip on to a coma or som ugh this just terrible if anyone finds out more bout this please post

Jun 21, 2013
I call them night terrors
by: Baggy

I didn't realise this was so common, I'm 44 now and have had many of these over the years. Mine start of with a heavy oppressive feeling, this part is harder to explain even though the room is dark it gets even darker then I get the weight on my chest and can't move, I'm trying to shout out nod scream but can't my breathing feels loud and heavy and is a struggle. It's scary as hell, I try to calm myself and make myself relax, I sometimes speak to it and say 'I'm too tired, go way' would you believe this has actually worked, catch it quick though before it REALLy kicks in and gets a hold. I've had it with my hubby lying next to me..he says I don't move to make a sound! My mum had this too, I remember her telling me about a similar dream where she was trying to kick, scream but no one came to help her, Dad was lying next to her at the time. At least now I know what it is now

Jun 21, 2013
I call them night terrors
by: Baggy

I didn't realise this was so common, I'm 44 now and have had many of these over the years. Mine start of with a heavy oppressive feeling, this part is harder to explain even though the room is dark it gets even darker then I get the weight on my chest and can't move, I'm trying to shout out nod scream but can't my breathing feels loud and heavy and is a struggle. It's scary as hell, I try to calm myself and make myself relax, I sometimes speak to it and say 'I'm too tired, go way' would you believe this has actually worked, catch it quick though before it REALLy kicks in and gets a hold. I've had it with my hubby lying next to me..he says I don't move to make a sound! My mum had this too, I remember her telling me about a similar dream where she was trying to kick, scream but no one came to help her, Dad was lying next to her at the time. At least now I know what it is now

Jun 22, 2013
by: nearfar

That happened to me, when i went to sleep tired, after a few hours, my eyes, were so heavy, and it opened, i want to close it down, but i saw a man in white, and told me repeatedly "just sleep" i panicked, i cant move my body, my body is numb, and all i want to do is scream, but i cant. I struggled, and find myself as if i broke free and stood up touching the floor, but in reality i was there in the bed still struggling, i repeated it until i can move freely. i was scared.

Jun 30, 2013
its scary
by: Anonymous

This has only happened to me twice. Both times it felt like I was stuck in my dream but I could see my bedroom it just looked distorted and no matter how hard I tried I could not move. There was also always a figure in the corner of my room I am pretty sure it was a man but it was scary, not a friendly.

Jul 07, 2013
Sleep disorder
by: Anonymous

It has something to do with your brain growing. Like most muscles, after a workout, they expand in size while your resting. This should subside by the time you reach your early 30's. The neurons in your brain will make most of there permanent connections by this time and you will begin to sleep a solid eight hours without interruptions.

Jul 14, 2013
Not alone 2
by: Anonymous

Well it does have to do with stress yes. I have insomnia for most part and nerve damage in my spinal cord and main nerves that come off. Spine fused 4 levels and 3 artificial disc. Scoliosis as well. My nerves just don't function properly awake or asleep. Causing pain and paralysis causing sleep deprivation hence causing the panic episodes when wake and can't move. Lack of sleep can eventually tear our brain down. When I say lack of sleep I am talking maximum sleep 2 hours nite interrupted. No sleep rest of day. This is year 2 for me. Last bout was worse over a month. Finally slept 4 hours no interruptions heard nothing.

Jul 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

hi am am only 13 and this happend to me four times in on night .It felt like if someone was there and it was sitting on top of me.I could open my eyes but i cant talk and can hardly breath .and my brother was sleeping across from me and i tried to call his name but he was not hearing me the next morning when my father was going to drop me to school i told him and he look at me and told me just say Jesus free me and t5he same night it happend again and i said Jesus free me and it worked

Aug 02, 2013
Over thinking?
by: Anonymous

I'm 18 years old, I've had this happen once before. I couldn't move, talk or anything. I felt like there was a evil spirit holding me down. Mentally I was screaming for my boyfriend to wake me up, but I couldn't get anything out. Finally I got myself to wake up almost gasping for air cause I was so terrified. Then about an hour ago, it happened again. I have anxiety, and cannot watch scary movies. Of course I watched one a few nights ago, and my biggest fear is being taken over by a demon. I kept seeing this face in my dream that was destorted and I just tried and tried waking myself up. Trying to pray. I don't know if this is demonic or I'm just over thinking about that movie and letting it get to me. It was the scariest thing I've ever had happen to me.

Aug 04, 2013
Astral Projection
by: Dyl

This happens occasionaly to me it use to frighten me. I once had a dream someone was pushing down on my forehead making me paralyzed, when I woke up it still felt that way. What made this time different was that my eyes were open while I couldn't move. There was like a black shadow/mist hovering above me. When I broke free it looked like it hit the wall and went along the wall and out the window. Ive read that this might actually be the beginning stages of astral travel. The next time it happened I tried to get up and walk around. I managed to fall next to my bed. Then the though of monster under the bed made me panic and I woke up where I fell asleep. In the stuff I read it said that fear is the only thing stopping us from leaving our bodies and reaching limitless potential. Its also very dark near u when it starts, apparently if u can get away from ur body it start to become brighter

Aug 14, 2013
Paralyzed body
by: Anonymous

Im commenting here as I just 5 mins ago had a night terror, I don't have them often but when I do- they all seem to disable me in the same way!! I always am dreaming that I have been to sleep & something or mainly someone has woken me. This person is someone I am scared of, I cant open my eyes as they are too heavy and my legs won't work, my voice is really soft and my arms are very jelly like, its like my body is still asleep but my mind isn't & I know im in trouble but theres nothing I can do. I generally wake seconds later feeling very disorientated and Sluggish !!
Everytime I have this dream, it will be in the exact place I have fallen asleep, so if its my bedroom, I dream that I have woken to someone in there, or if I've fallen asleep on the couch I dream I have woken to someone there!! This happens a couple of times a month!! There surely must be a reason to this....

Aug 26, 2013
you all are wrong.
by: Anonymous

i am sorry to say but everyone who is saying its "ghosts" or "paranormal" activity is wrong. If you actually researched what it is, its this. When your body falls asleep, your brain releases a hormone that goes through your muscles to put them to sleep. It basically paralyzes you. If your the type of person who dreams when having naps, then that means your body skips the non REM sleep and immediately goes to REM sleep to make you dream. When this happens and you wake up, the hormones are still in your system so the affects of them are still there but will only last a short while. so while your brain is awake, your body is basically still asleep. its nothing paranormal or something actually wrong with you. its perfectly normal. A quick overview - when you sleep, your brain releases hormones to make your body sleep. You wake up during REM and your body is still asleep. Goodbye.

Sep 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

this just happened to my bf last night, he was able to scratch my leg just hard enough to wake me up and whe n i tried to wake him he wouldnt so of course i freaked out and turned the lights on, he had a boner and when i lifted the blnkets he climaexed all over but it was blood he finally woke up and said it felt evil like a dark spirirtwas forcing him to ejaculate with rough hands and claws. he said it was awful were going to the hospital now but im just trying to get any info if anyones had this experience before he said he was so terrofying and even tho it was dark he could still see something darker over him like sitting on him were both so freaked out we dont even know how to explain this to a dr without sounding crazy, it wasnt an average wet dream this was something else he had all the symptoms everyone else is saying except the spirit was swxual with him, someone please help he was basically raped by something evil!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP WITH ANH ONGO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST ASAP!

Sep 15, 2013
Nothing Supernatural About It
by: GodChaser

Most of us who experience this phenomenon probably have very active imaginations. I'm not saying this is all in our heads. I am saying we dream very vivid dreams - something I have done my whole life, and I am 44. If you research sleep and dreams, you will find that there is a certain amount of paralysis that occurs during sleep to keep you from injuring yourself while you're dreaming. What we are most likely experiencing is simply a dream that seems very real because of our active imagination, but we are not deep enough in our sleep that we are oblivious to our surroundings. Therefore, we are conscious enough to realize we are (naturally) paralyzed, but we are asleep enough that we do not realize we are sleeping. It is all a natural occurence - nothing supernatural.

Sep 15, 2013
Nothing Supernatural About It
by: GodChaser

Most of us who experience this phenomenon probably have very active imaginations. I'm not saying this is all in our heads. I am saying we dream very vivid dreams - something I have done my whole life, and I am 44. If you research sleep and dreams, you will find that there is a certain amount of paralysis that occurs during sleep to keep you from injuring yourself while you're dreaming. What we are most likely experiencing is simply a dream that seems very real because of our active imagination, but we are not deep enough in our sleep that we are oblivious to our surroundings. Therefore, we are conscious enough to realize we are (naturally) paralyzed, but we are asleep enough that we do not realize we are sleeping. It is all a natural occurence - nothing supernatural.

Sep 15, 2013
Nothing Supernatural About It
by: GodChaser

Most of us who experience this phenomenon probably have very active imaginations. I'm not saying this is all in our heads. I am saying we dream very vivid dreams - something I have done my whole life, and I am 44. If you research sleep and dreams, you will find that there is a certain amount of paralysis that occurs during sleep to keep you from injuring yourself while you're dreaming. What we are most likely experiencing is simply a dream that seems very real because of our active imagination, but we are not deep enough in our sleep that we are oblivious to our surroundings. Therefore, we are conscious enough to realize we are (naturally) paralyzed, but we are asleep enough that we do not realize we are sleeping. It is all a natural occurence - nothing supernatural.

Oct 04, 2013
Scariest experience ever.
by: Charlotte

I'm 20 years old, I have problems with sleep anyway but this ha stopped me over the edge tonight... My eyes are open, I can't move.. Can't make a noise can't do nothing it feels like I'm falling but I'm not, I couldn't wake my partner to get him to help me because I couldn't move I was so scared. This is the first time this evr happened any suggestions how to handle this?

Oct 06, 2013
by: SleepParalysis

It is called Sleep Paralysis, half awake and half asleep.... well u can look up sleep paralysis and read all about it, but if u do have this alot i will say that isn't a good idea... it could make it even scarier..

I have had this 2 times, when i was stressed after school and fell aslepp.

If u have felt that someone is standing behind you, like i felt and comes closer, closer and then it stabbes you in the chest(and hurts like hell) the only thing you can do is to fight it with your mind.
Believe that you are strong enaugh to wake up!

I hope no one felt it as strong as i did!..

Oct 10, 2013
very scary thing to experience
by: Pinay

first of all im glad that im not the only one who experienced this, but of course I feel sad for us guys cause I know how frightening and crazy it is.. 1st time I experienced this, Is I really cant move, but I can see everything and hear everything .. I saw someone standing on my door, and I can see his eyes is red and I can hear him laughing at me , I panic a lot and it tears me.. but when I closed my eyes and relax I can finally move .. and I believe aying and praying to God will help ..

I don't know why we experienced this kind of shit, but I will always pray for us ..

Oct 24, 2013
by: ken adams

It use to happen to me but I've grown out of it a long time ago. I don't know what it was but I'm sure it's not a demon!! It would happen to me after I had a good night sleep and try to take a nap before bed time. You will grow out of it. Don't be afraid.

Oct 31, 2013
The matrix is real
by: Anonymous

they torture you because they don't like competition. you will be the one to free your thought and mind remember. this universe is made out of energy, and the ET is for another demission, the real world. never be a slave to the system. this is a clue, Jesus use a avatar body to show man the way the flesh is weak. in the beginning man created his own image a i his superior

Nov 08, 2013
I'm Stuck, I can't move
by: Melina

I had all the same experiences for years since I was a little girl, am in my 30's now and I started taking Melatonin 30 minutes before I sleep and has not happened to me since.

Nov 16, 2013
This is not a Disorder or Religious thing!
by: Anonymous

This is perfectly normal, because when you sleep you dream and sometimes you have lucid dreams(being able to know you're dreaming in your sleep)which can often cause your brain to think you're awake. You wake up, you can't move and sometimes you see a black figure approaching you. All you can do is go to sleep, knowing this is perfectly normal. P.S go to for more information.

Nov 20, 2013
it used to happen to me
by: Anonymous

its been 2 years since the last experience . i was suffering with these moments often .i felt frozen , could hear and see ,couldnt talk ,coudnt move ,and felt a strong force pushing me down . always in my room on my bed? it scared me alot. my boyfriend was there and i had warned him of this.when it happened i tried to scream out and was able to manage a soft scream and move my hands infront of my face using my full strength . he said he could not hear me at all but said that he did see my hands move?? i also struggled to breath.Things i feel contributed to this was: i had depression, was mentally weak.
Eventually,i ended up taking drugs,was set up by the boyfriend and sent to jail as a result of something i didnt have anything to do with.(surrounded by evil)lost my kids and life a total mess. definately happens when i was vulnerable and was being victimised in life.happened 2-3 times a day . hasnt happened since i have recovered from depression , drugs , and the effects of the negative experiences .GOD has given me strength, there fore i feel strongly it was something evil. not meaning the person is evil , rather they are being taken advantage of by the evil . i suggest doing all you can rise above any negativity. if there are things bothering you , adress it , you cant ignore it . you will find this will help you to process the issue and move on from it .If you hold onto things eventually you will become weakened,vulnerable and can become victim to this kind of thing.

Dec 01, 2013
Hate it so much
by: Anonymous

This happens to me and I can't move any part of my body it's scary sometimes I couldn't breathe and when I wake up I would breathe heavily but when I could breathe in my sleep I would hyperventilate it's scary because it's been happening since i was 13 I'm 18 now and most of the time it would happen there's nobody in the room to wake me up I hate it and wish it would go away it kinda makes you feel like you're paralyised

Dec 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Does anyone else pray during the dream and feel even more pressure? Like as soon as you mention God the pressure becomes even more intense? Like whatever it is that's making you feel this way gets mad? Their was this one time it was happening and I started praying the Our Father prayer. As soon as I recited the first line,I felt like I was being attacked or something. Like it didn't want me to pray. I find that extremely scary.

Dec 14, 2013
This May Help
by: Anonymous

Make sure your hands are not on your chest. Dont give pressure on your chest while sleeping. Avoid putting hands on your chest. Nd If you are Paralysed in your Sleep just try to open your eyes forcefully. If it doesnt open on first attempt. Try some more Attempts. Relax and then go to sleep. Worked for me :)

Dec 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am relieved to know I'm not alone in these happening. Even though it sucks. Iv had these things happen to me many times usually it is just me being held down, being shaken and hearing voices. But I have been lifted off my bed as if I'm hovering I can always see but can never move. I have always been aware of the spirit world since my childhood. Its very scary and I would like to know more of why this happens to me.

Dec 31, 2013
cant move or wake up
by: Anonymous

I have had this since I was 7 years old I'm 33 and this thing won't let me sleep world starts spinning right when its going to attack me then I can see my soul moving from my body like something trying to take it for a few minutes then I fight with it or I pray or cuss at but I still can't find the cure but the good thing I'm not alone a lot of people have the same problem so Fuck you satin!

Jan 07, 2014
this is scary
by: brandy

I have the same problem and its crazy and scary but when i ask my mom questions or my friends they look at me like im crazy idk what to i just hate when it happens to me they dont happen much just every now and then. I hppe this cant harm anyone or myself that has this problem thank you.....

Jan 11, 2014
by: Elijah

This used to happen to me a lot about 3 years ago, then it stopped, and one day I decided to learn about it. I can now sort of control it. It can be scary as it can cause hallucinations, or spirits? Which ever you prefer, My belief is that you are aware but on a on another level and that is what causes spirits. I used to pray in the name of Jesus but i found that YHW works best, but you have to use authority and speak to it. Now one experience I can remember that scared the poop out of me was: once i awoke (at least i felt like I did) and felt something moving around the room, in my closet, and by the window, i tried to make a move however it came at me, pressed down its weight on me, it grabbed by head and turn it slightly as my head was already turned and started speaking to me in some language i didn't know but kept repeating the same line over and over again till i finally was able to muttered 'in YHW's name leave' name and it screamed and left. woke up told my mom and we prayed as she had just dreamed something also. Weird, yes...scary, yes...but we have a god who saves.

Jan 12, 2014
had these few times
by: Anonymous

1st time this happened i was 14 and living w/ girls at grouphome. i remember not being able to breathe and i swear it was demons pulling me down.. or holding me. my roomate said i woke up & screamed out 'Rachel' .(i didnt no who that was or why i said it,.). i had these happen at least 3 more times im now 29.. but no evil stuff visual but just same being 'held down' feeling, cant breathe, cant move or shout just soft whimpers,(soft noises.) only thing i can do is kicks and punches til i wake myself. it is a trip. also when i dream about fighting someone, in my dream, i dont make contact w/person ill swing & ill miss or the punch is incredibly soft. i feel helpless..;;

i can feel wen i just entered that, whatever it is, ill be going to bed but sum reason ill be half awake, frozen, uncomfortable feeling suffocation, so i began the kicks n punches again...til i wake myself up.. my little 5y/o was next to me she got scared seeing me sleeping and kicking n 'wimpering' she woke me ;)

Mar 04, 2014
here's what to do
by: Anonymous

if you cant move your body try to move your toes and its gonna be easy to wake up, that happens to me almost every night. and my grandma said stop drinking alcohol coz it might be one of the reason why that always happen to me.

Apr 25, 2014
Possible possession prevented
by: Anonymous

I had eyelid surgery last week not sure of final look yet. Me and wife who I been with for 26 yrs aren't getting along seriously thinking about leaving but my daughter is keeping me here. So for the last week I've been overly depressed. Tonight after a long discussion with my wife I was falling asleep on the couch my daughters walkie talkies kept seeming like they were being pressed so we cut them off and both of us said strange. I continued to fall asleep sudden I was in experiencing some ghostly events. 1st spirt had enter my home as a playing card which I forced into the floor then it wrecked my tv which my wife fixed then my daughter rsn out the apartment and I was closing the door but it wouldn't let me then I was pushing it open but it wouldn't let me then I told my wife there's a demon here and if we fall asleep and grabs us yell out then suddenly I was on the couch falling asleep and it grabbed me holding me down and seeming as if it was putting it enormous tongue in my mouth so I couldn't talk all I could do was moan. Then I heard my wife's voice asking if I was alright and that broke it's hold and I woke ( jumped) up. Supernatural, depression or what? I ask. I heard when your depressed, angry or emotional your weak and vulnerable to possession? Was it that? I believe that their are entities that can take over ppl and have them do things they would never do. If that is true I pray I never that weak again. Nothing will ever take over my mind, body or soul. I'm not religious but I'm spiritual and I will always be on the side side of the righteous amen.

Apr 26, 2014
Had a weird experices after closing my eyes
by: Joanna John

Hi, I'm Joanna John , 17.

This once happen to me from last night. I was very curious that everytime I closed my eyes, I saw red spot in the middlle facing at me. So I'll decided to look closely into that red spot . Then it begun. I was bought into another dimension . I felt like I was lying on the ground facing a standing trees. The leaves are moving as if there were winds. After looking left and right, I started to noticed that I can't even moved nor standing . Just laying on the ground staring the standing the tree. I can zoom in the trees that I was able to see the leaves movement and yet I still can't moved my entire body. I actually can move my head left or right but not for my entire body. The tree look glowing . Can't tell what it was, where am i or what am I doing. After all these happens to me, I have more than 1 weird of mind's world or something. It keeps me moving into another place. I also realizing that I can feel myself into each of weird places that I have bought in by something.

May 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi there this happening with me over a year I sleep durning day suddenly stop breath try to wake but can't move my body it's really very scary sleep please tell me the remedies of this what could be a problems mail me

May 27, 2014
Know about this
by: Muslim

I'm from Malaysia and this occurrence is not unusual. My friend and sister have experienced what you all have been describing.

There are other beings besides humans that we can't see; jinns, as we call them. The Quran mentions them. Where I'm from it's a fact that we all believe, and know to be true. That doesn't mean we're not sceptical of "paranormal" happenings, some of these situations may well be purely medical, but we know jinns are reality.

While most of us can't see them, jinns can see us. I think most don't bother anyone but some do interfere. Especially if we bother them ourselves. Generally the people who get affected are the ones more sensitive to these things.

Yes please pray. But there is no god but God, Creator of everything, same God of Adam, Noah, Moses, Solomon and Jesus and Muhammad, who were all His messengers and the best of mankind, to remind the people.

May 29, 2014
not able to move
by: Jose blue 72

I just woke up right now but what happen was i open my eye and i saw a dark figure like in front of me but on top of me like looking down at me. I wasnt able to move i ask this figure robert is that you ( little brother) and it answer Noooo with a screaming voice, thats when i really freak out thats when i tried to yell but i couldnt if sound like i was wispering . I swear to God i was screaming so loud and i couldnt.but somehow i was able to ask him where are you from and this dark skinny figure he pointed to my window. Yeah this what i just expereince idk if this just a dream or i really couldnt move. Anybody can explain thia to me thanks jose

Jun 01, 2014
Stop denying the obvious and do your research
by: Anonymous

A doctor will make up any kind of condition because they get paid to. this situation is paranormal. they are called mare spirits do your own homework.

Jun 02, 2014
Not cool
by: Anonymous

We'll I has the same exspiriance I am a paranormal in vestigater and I had a ghost but this ghost was not what is expected it to be. I saw this person and it look like Satan red with horns and a long trangulre tale he said god hates you. Come to me . Then I tread screaming gods name couldn't do it it felt like he was covering my voice and I tried to signal got then final god came to my rescue. God is awesome I believed in him all of my life. Maybe god was testing me with satan at Least I didn't resist and went to Satan. It's scary do you guys ever exsperince this ?

Jun 04, 2014
this is tru read this
by: Anonymous

this happens to me all the time i feel as if my eyes r open but idk if they really are i feel the weight pushin on my chest i get really scared i cnt move at all i tryed to wake up my wife 1 night wen it happened i could not yell like i wanted to i can barley breath wen it happens but i managed to hit her she woke up gasping for air i asked for help i recived the most demonic look i ever seen n wen i told ppl they acted as they didnt here methis didnt happen till i sold my soul to the satan its not sleep wat ever it is a demon i know for a fact i feel it wen it arives in my home then it happens n each time i lose a lil bit of myself

Jun 04, 2014
power in faith
by: iamsecond


Jun 04, 2014
God exsits
by: Anonymous

Power in faith I am really offended by your comments god is very real and your talking crap. Why don't you believe in god oh wait a minute your a low life atheist! Get out if you wanna curse god go ahead you'll end up in hell! I know god very we'll but he didn't like your comment so keep out demons exist and so dose god! So leave Jesus Christ alone stop messing with him he sees and hears everything so if I were you I'd think before you say things like that Christian can easily become offended by that comment

Jun 04, 2014
by: iamsecond

This comment is for god exists.
I want you to know that not ondo i believe in god but that i love him with all my heart...that being said please read my comment more carefully and you might realize this! Please dont be so quick to judge and point fingers. I hold close to my heart the truth which is the WORD OF GOD! EVEN THOUGH YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE IN GOD I GET THE FEELING THAT YOU WANT TO STRAY PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE TRUTH. GOD IS THE ONLY TRUE JUDGE AND MOST PEOPLE WITH THE NAME IAMSECOND IS A BELIEVER..THERE IS POWER IN FAITH AND BY THE WAY JESUS LIVES!!!

Jun 06, 2014
Temp possession
by: Anonymous

Ok do this so awkward reading these stories. I am Hispanic we believe a lot in spirits. From what I know this us know as a dead attempting yo posses your body. We know it as the dead laying on too of u to feel alive and hopefully posses your body
Thus happens a lot to my husband not to me but I gotten do good at hearing muffle some painful or distressful noise!
Yes u are supposed to wake up the person which I always do. U r not to pray but to cursed the spirit it is said that some spirits only do this not to posses u but to have u pray for their soul . So just curse away

Jun 07, 2014
by: Anonymous


Jun 07, 2014
my testimony!
by: power in faith

after Feeling air getting blown into my ear I moved my head to the left and bam some spirit had paralyzed my body! It was a demon and it spoke nonsense into my ear that I couldn't understand. The spirit did not loosen his grip on me, I could not move shout all I could think of was to breath heavily until someone heard me! Of coarse it didn't work there was no answer and eventually after three minutes I was able to move again. being an unbeliever at the time I did not pray. Once I told my family about this they all either thought I was crazy or just didn't know what say! (they also were unbelievers) Feeling alone I began to choose a different route for my life. Using drugs drinking alcohol and acts of injustice became the norm for my life from the age of 14 to 24. I did these things to help ease my pain from these attacks but of coarse it didn't work AND SOME THINGS GOT WORSE. At the age of 24 I had been in jail twice and was left homeless due to my addictions and drug dealing and began living at a church for A WHILE. LIVING THERE DIDNT CHANGE ME I STILL DID ALL THE THINGS THAT I WAS DOING BEFORE BUT THE ATTACKS ON MY BODY BECAME WORSE! ONE DAY I TOLD GOD TO HELP ME BECAUSE I WAS TIRED OF LIVING THAT LIFE. AND HE DID.... HE TOOK MY ADDICTIONS AWAY THAT VERY SAME DAY BUT THAT NIGHT I WAS REALLY IN FOR A SURPRIZE. WAKING UP IN MY BED I NOTICED THAT I WAS SINKING INTO MY MATRESS AND THERE WAS NOTHING ON TOP OF ME BUT I BEGAN TO FEEL A LOT HEAVIER AND THERE WAS A SPIRIT(DEMON) IN THE ROOM WATCHING ME AND I COULD SEE HIM. STILL I DIDNT REALLY KNOW WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH SAY THE NEXT DAY I EXPLAINED WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PASTOR OF THE CHURCH. TELLING HIM THAT I HAD LOST MY MIND AND WANTED TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST THE PASTOR PRAYED FOR ME. WHILE HE PRAYED FOR ME HE I TOLD HIM THAT SOMETHING WAS TELLING ME TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE AND RUN AWAY! SHORTLY AFTER HE SAID I KNOW WHAT THIS IS KNOW ITS SPIRITUAL! HE SAT ME DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHURCH AND ALL OF THE CHURCH MEMBERS BEGAN TO PRAY FOR ME! TO MY SURPRIZE THE DEMON SPIRITS WHICH HAD POSSESSED MY BODY LONG BEFORE BEGAN TO MANFEST THEMSELVES WITH CURSE WORDS ROARS AND SHOUTS. ROARS THAT COULD BE HEARD TWO BLOCKS AWAY! THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF MY WALK WITH CHRIST AND NOW I CAN SAY THAT BECAUSE OF CHRIST AND THE POWER GIVEN TO HIM ON THE CROSS OF CALVARY I AM SAVED AND I HAVE BEEN FREE FROM THOSE DEMONS!!! ACCEPT CHRIST IN YOUR HEART AND LET HIM TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! IT WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU COULD EVER DO!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE

Jun 14, 2014
what is really going on
by: Anonymous

OMG I thought I was the only one this was happening to but after reading lots of these post's I feel im not alone anymore. It has been happening to me for years and always wondered what was going on as I could not move, speak etc and was very scared. My two friends witnessed it once, when I was asleep they heard me calling softly and trying to struggling. My other friend said "wake her up its a demon on her". My other friend laughed and said dont be silly. At first I didn't know what to think but having done loads of research since I do believe it is a spirit of some sort trying to get in to my body. It used to start by coming in to my side but now since my partner has been on a long vacation it ia happening a lot more and all over my body now. I need some help and will try to try some of the things suggested. I cant take it anymore its driving me crazy!!!

Jun 15, 2014
Jerk free head ache
by: Zoë

I had this expense only a few ours ago i opened my eyes but it was like they were stuck then i tried to move my hand and grab my kindle but it wouldn't budge and i knew what was happening so i tried to yell for my dad but nothing came out then i saw a bunch of flies fly across the room so i freaked and i felt tingly and so i forced my head to jerk which set me free but know i have a head ache! Worst thing ever!

Jun 16, 2014
by: francine

Hi,my situation is very similar to others,but different in one way. I feel like I'm dying and I have to fight to live. When I once laid there to see what will happen, I went deeper into my comatose state of mind,I was suffocating and and flooding oxygen.

Jun 20, 2014
Sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

It isn't anything paranormal rather sleep paralysis, google it and you will see your symptoms described.

Jun 24, 2014
I thought I was the only one
by: Dylan B

I thought it was just me that had this issue, when I am sleeping I wake up and I can't move my body, can't open my eyes, and can only Make soft noises, sometimes when I do get the strength to move my head to another position I see a black figure staring at me and it freaks me out even more so I pray and pray until I can move my body again or someone comes to wake me up. Scares the crap out of my roommates when this happens.

Jul 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

I use to get that alot ppl say it's when a spirit is holding u down i usually pray andit lleaves like 5 mins after

Aug 06, 2014
Spirits are hurting you "Med"
by: Anonymous

Med I want to encourage you to consider going to a Christian bookstore and reading about spiritual activity also known as paranormal activity from a Christian perspective it is very real and what you are describing is what it is there were some incidences I did not put in my post from the other day the one by anonymous it posted way too many times I apologize everyone it kept giving me an error message (so I just kept trying to post it I'm so sorry) I did not put in my post the other day that I have seen the dark spirits floating around above me too but I was afraid to look I just started raining calling on the name of Jesus there is power in the name of Jesus I know you have heard this and it is true! One time I heard footsteps in my home on the floor they walked right over to my dad and got in the bed the bed went down just like it would is if a human being had walked over and got in the bed all I could do is just calling to name Jesus also want you to know that people around us can be involved in spiritual activity they can also impact us there is normally some type of a gateway in our lives that allows or is the porthole for this activity I encourage you to find out what it could be for yourself

Aug 07, 2014
by: Petra

It happens to me too. But it only happens in my Chemistry class, or around it. The first time it happened, I had rested my head on the desk because I wasn't feeling well. I heard this really inhuman Metallic voices talking (I thought it was someone's ring tone) and as I looked around, I saw nobody was reacting to it. Then I heard "All systems shut down." and Boom! My body was immovable.I couldn't move anything, except for my eyes. I started breathing deep and heavy, trying to get my torso to move just enough where it would snap me out of it, but it didn't work at all. This went on for another minute or two, and right before I began to move again I heard engines powering off. The second time this occurred was in the same room and I heard the same voices, except they kept fading in and out like some sort of radio signal. That day it happened twice. It happened again to me not half an hour ago. I'm not in the same room, but I'm directly below it. I heard those voices again, but it wasn't as difficult to snap out. It was the same faded quality, like static interrupting a radio signal. I have no idea what the hell is going on. I do know that a couple of weeks before this started happening to me, things would move around in that room. Mrs. Cherek would stay oblivious to it, but a few of us noticed. I was one of the few and I was the only one who refused to ignore it. I don't like that this is happening because I want to see whatever it is I'm facing, if there is indeed anything to face. If anyone else is experiencing something similar, please email me: Lable the subject "Robot Voices". I know, cheesy title, but it's the only way I won't junk it. Thanks for reading.

Aug 08, 2014
by: Orao muhamed

Sometimes it feels like am dead. Am 22 years old boy and i live in the boarders of kenya and uganda. This rtarte when am young. I could get stuck during my sleep. I could hear everythin around me but couldnt talk or move a finger. I wonder whats happening to me.

Aug 20, 2014
Sleepless Years
by: Anonymous

This has been happening since i was 6 im 16 now and it just gets worser as the years go by it has gotten to in a point that since i turn 8 i have to take pills to sleep but it only last for so long because my dreams become more and more realistic for example to day i was cooking burger and then went to sleep because im tire i dream that i dream that a voice told me listen to my mother and i try to move because the voice was suffocating me but then i open my eyes but they were heavy leading me to close my eyes then i could walk and i ran to the kitchen and i was eating a burger and a ghost was next to me and i try to leave but couldnt move and when i woke up i was out of breath like always and my neck throat section hurted what can i do

Sep 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

Your body shuts off while you sleep so that you dont act out your dreams. when your body shuts off and you're still awake your brain thinks youre asleep and you'll start dreaming. if you are scared, it will be a nightmare. TO GET OUT, START BLINKING AND THEN GRADUALLY MOVE YOUR FINGERS AND TOES. DO NOT TRY TO "JUMP" OUT OF THE TRANCE. It's not paranormal, and it happens to everyone at some point. It can even be self-induced for meditation, which might help someone who gets it regularily to feel more in control

Sep 16, 2014
You cant fool us!
by: power in faith

Its not paranormal?! Smart people know what they see and feel and know it is for real and yet you try to say that supernatural MEDITATION is going to help them! lol THE BATTLE FOR OUR SOULS IS FOR REAL! THERE IS A HEAVEN AND HELL AND WE HAVE HOPE THROUGH ALL THINGS IN JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! THIS USED TO HAPPEN TO ME BUT NOW IT IS SOMETHING FROM THE PAST BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST! I THANK HIM SO MUCH THAT I AM FREE!!! LOOK TO JESUS AND HE WILL RESCUE YOU FROM THESE ATTACKS AND DO SO MUCH MORE! Invite him in your life take a chance and Jesus will show you the way!

Sep 26, 2014
by: godd

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Oct 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

It does not always happen to me but it sometimes does an I just hate it. Nobody comes and helps me and I'm just a kid . Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it

Oct 18, 2014
first part-Kathy
by: Anonymous

I'm 53 years old, and waking up and not being able to move and unable to make a sound has happened to me off and on throughout my life. These experiences were terrifying especially the very first one I experienced as a child. I had these experiences off and on until my late twenty and then they stopped.

Oct 18, 2014
2nd part katyh
by: Anonymous

I had a complete post on here that explained what I did to being woke up and not been able to me, and they have removed it.

Oct 23, 2014
scared NEW
by: Anonymous

This jut happens to me. Twice and when I opens my eyes I seen a white statue and when I tried to move I would start shaking please help

Oct 24, 2014
don't be afraid of this regardless if its medical or spiritual NEW
by: MunSung1075

This SP has been happing to me for as long as I can remember. I'm 25 now. I dont know if its medical, paranormal, or sometimes both but I know it scares people. I went through a phase where I thought it was a demonic attack and I wod hallucinate and hear voice durning g it. I tries to rebuke it but could not speak and it gave me a buzzing mocking laugh. Then I thought it's god that rebukes it so I can pray in my mi f and it works regardless if its peace or prayer. So remember to stay calm and not panic.

Nov 01, 2014
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by: Anonymous

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Nov 14, 2014
I have the solution NEW
by: Ahmed. NYC

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Nov 24, 2014
Sleep paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sure it's sleep paralysis. I am 29 and I have had this condition for a long time. At first it was frightening to death but over the time I learned how to fight it. One of the funniest and most painfull ones happened while I was in the bus. My head was hanging down while I was seating in the bus and I was fully concious but I could not move my head and get over the pain that it caused to my neck but I still could hear people around me. When I am paralyzed, I immediately remember this is going to happen for a short time and try to jump start my nervous system as you would start the car engine. It's like as I am in a hole and have to get all my muscles to move at once. It wont make me move when I wake up though. Dont be afraid and try to fight it.

Nov 28, 2014
The appendix does have a use NEW
by: Wiccan

Okay, so that christian person who was typing before me, said that the Appendix has no use in the body that has been discovered yet. I did a little bit of research (aka a quick typing in Google then a copy+paste) and this is its actual use.
The cecum is a pouch-like structure of the colon and the appendix is near the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine and has abundant infection-fighting lymphoid cells, which suggests it plays a role in the immune system.
Just because you believe in your god doesn't mean science cant prevail in discovering things, Hun.
Don't be so arrogant to subjects like this. This type of thing has happened to me and its not something like "God's will" for me to be terrified.

Nov 28, 2014
something same happened NEW
by: ivettalol

It happens to me mostly when i want to awake from a nightmare. I try to scream or open my eyes , but i cant. And when i knowdes it i fell like i have no exspresoin on my face and i just lye there, but inside i try to fight it and open my eyes like nothing happened and i can move again. It almost like what happens to you but i cant open my eyes or have any expresions on my face.

Dec 17, 2014
Strange feeling NEW
by: Anonymous

Have you ever had someone tickle you on the armpits whether you liked it or not?
That is the closest i can relate with when it comes to that time when all of a sudden i become aware of a presence during sleep time and before i can "think",there is an entity touching what i believe to be my astral body and causing that very negative sensation; like av been skinned and it's touching raw nerves.
Last night i suffered again -twice- getting a feeling that small feet were jumping up and down my lower back as i slept face down. I also felt a sort of finger step through the side of my torso about five times.That's when i "woke up" and asked my self - "what shall i say?" and i begun to softly cry "Jesus" many times until i was freed and came back to consciousness. Up til now i feel the weird sensations hours later and some body aches.
This begun about twenty years ago when i was going thru a really hard time in life. Does anyone relate to this and is there a solution please?

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