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Important Question For You Guys - PLEASE Read & Respond

by Bill
(Western New York)

So after reading these & writing a post - its obvious that we're all having the same thing going on. Growing up - my favorite movies ever were (and still are) the Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street series. Anyhow - if any of you have ever seen them - we're all like the kids in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors.... All fearing the same thing trying to kill us in our sleep haha.........

Here's my thing - i'm going through the exact same thing as you guys except:

When i'm having an "episode" - i hear this Squishing-like noise. It gets louder & quieter... and as this happens, i feel like my brain get's tighter & looser or like pressure is building up inside my head... the louder the noise, the tighter it gets, and so-on & so-forth... It's scaring the shit out of me - like my heads going to explode or i'm gonna have an aneurysm or something. My question is:

Is this just me or is it you guys too? If it's just happening to me - i should prolly go see a doctor in case it's something serious.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Kevin: Hey Bill, I haven't heard anyone describe it quite like that before. I think you're right about going to see a doctor--that'd probably be a good idea. Can anyone else relate to the extra symptoms to sleep paralysis Bill's describing?

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May 30, 2011
Yes! I do!
by: Stephanie

In most episodes I have, I have this feeling in my head that I cannot explain. But you have just described it. I hate that feeling. My husband always tries to explain that it's ok, but I never feel ok during the episode.

May 30, 2011
Exploding head syndrome
by: Namida

that sounds like Exploding head syndrome has to do with sleep also, try wikipedia'ing it lol

Jun 29, 2011
ringing in one ear
by: Ralph R Talamantes

i get a low ringing in my left ear and it starts to get louder and louder along with a bright light that looks to have a bunch of changing faces,it hovers across my wall from left to right when it reaches the end of the wall it rushes towards me getting even louder like a bunch of screaming faces right into my left plays around in there for a while until im finally able to wake up... but most of the time its two tall dark shadow people, one standing at my head and the other at my feet as they try to push me off what i happen to be sleeping on, couch, bed. I get the feeling that if i hit the floor ill die or something really bad will happen to me so i struggle to wake up. i try harder and harder to sit up I know its a dream but is it I dont know Im not sure I see my room and everything is real I have my eyes open I just cant move or scream the only thing that seems to not be real but its there so it must be., is the shadow finally i sit up and as soon as i know that i was able to finally awaken the shadows are gone but everything else remains the same I was awake or was I?

Aug 25, 2011
Squishy brain...
by: Anonymous

Hey, as for the squishing sound and the pressure changes in my head... i went to the doctors cuz i had the same thing. My doctor told me its normal because when you sleep your senses are increased because your senses are what made you dream, its your bodies ways of storing information... with that being said, your senses and higher so your hearing all your bodies noises that you normally do hear when awake. Hope this helps.


P.S What works for me when im in SP is try to move an arm to the edge of your bed so it falls off, that wakes me up every time!

Sep 23, 2011
where is my mind n my mouth?
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone,I too have episodes happen to me,and when I try to wake myself up it just laughs so creepy,when I begin to pray in my mind, suddenly I forget how to pray. N when I try to sing the songs that we usually sing at church my mouth completely vanishes.Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

Sep 23, 2011
where is my mind n my mouth?
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone,I too have episodes happen to me,and when I try to wake myself up it just laughs so creepy,when I begin to pray in my mind, suddenly I forget how to pray. N when I try to sing the songs that we usually sing at church my mouth completely vanishes.Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

May 24, 2015
Always sleep with pillow magnetic south to cure yourself of monsters NEW
by: Anonymous

Your sleep posture is making you vulnerable to nefarious entities!

What direction is your pillow/headboard of your bed facing?

I suspect you may be sleeping with the top of your head facing magnetic north or equally bad magnetic west. Magnetic north is called the "death position" because coffins are buried facing north and if you sleep north ghosts appear in your life, says the folklore.

The people of Bali say "sleeping magnetic west means you will have no love, everyone will hate you and you will experience violence" I paraphrased but Google search "Balinese sleep north"

Many cultures recommended that you sleep with the top of your head facing magnetic south and feet facing magnetic north. An alternate position is your head facing magnetic east and feet facing magnetic west. Use an electronic compass, it has to be exactly south, any deviation such as south west of south east makes you open to nefarious entities.

Never sleep with head facing magnetic north cuz you are guaranteed to see ghosts and have nightmares.

Also never ever sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back is the posture of the corpse in a coffin and "vastu" says sleeping on the back ruins the brain. Try to sleep on the left side of your body always to get wealthy. Sleep on the right side is ok but not best and monsters probably attacked you while you slept on the right side of your body of slept on your back. Sleeping on left side is best and you get rich wealthy. Never sleep on the stomach you suffocate, sudden infant death syndrome.

I recommend you read this website, it explains the significance of monsters in sleep.

Also Google search "vastu sleep direction" and search also "sleep facing south" to get more information. Sleeping facing south makes you wealthy and healthy, sleeping east makes you intelligent but not wealthy so east is for children still attending school.

The information I wrote was for the northern hemisphere, I dont know about sleep position for the southern hemisphere of earth.

Also, what is your blood type? If you are blood type Rhesus Negative (Rh negative) then this website might be informative

Best of luck! Feel free to Pass this information on to non-demonic people.

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