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Long Conversations At Night While Sleep Talking

by Gracie

My husband tells me that a few times a month, if he wakes up during the night, I am involved in a long conversation. Well, it has the rhythm of a conversation and he can almost understand it, or understand a word here and there. (He thinks I converse more often, just that he doesn't always happen to wake during the night and hear it.) I'm told that these conversations last about half an hour and that I talk in a very happy, younger sounding voice. Last night my husband woke up thinking I said something to him and responded with a question (which I answered in my sleep-talk voice/manner).

Apparently I converse for up to 1/2 hour at a time. I generally wake up the next morning in a great mood (without knowing that I've spent the night conversing), feeling really well physically and very optimistic.

Anyone with similar experience/info?

Kevin: Hey Gracie, thanks for sharing this! As a matter of fact I've received a couple submissions recently having to do with conversations while sleep talking. You can browse people's thoughts on those experiences here--just click through to the titles that include the words "conversation" or "all night", etc.

Anyone else have any additional thoughts on the subject?


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Dec 03, 2013
sleep conversations NEW
by: Iva

my husband tells me I do the same thing, but he noticed it in the morning when he would get ready to go to work. he said we would have a complete conversation which I could sometimes remember.

May 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

Yes! I have done this for the past 8 years and i am turning 20 this year. Sometimes my roommate has 30 minute conversations with me while I am sleeping and he wont know i was sleep talking until he asks if i remember the conversation the next morning. This happens 1 to 3 times a week so its common but its never done me any harm... at least i don't think.

May 18, 2015
sleep talking and walking NEW
by: Anonymous

I do this almost every night except I know that I am asleep and talking, sort of but not exactly like lucid dreaming.

It hasn't really worried me to much until last week when my taking actually got me out of bed.

I had (while asleep) been taking with my five year old grand daughter. She asked me to turn on the bathroom light for her because she can't quite reach it.

I got out of bed, put on some shorts and a shirt got into my wheel chair and only then did I realize that it was a dream.! Arghhh this has happened alot since then. A bit worried.

Oct 25, 2015
Am I sick? NEW
by: Anonymous

I do sleep conversations and tell people my secrets :3
Is this a disease or something?

Apr 14, 2016
Sleep conversatin NEW
by: Anonymous

My friend whom I slept on FaceTime with last night told me that around 3am I started mumbling and he said my named and I told him that I was on Facebook stalking my moms friends which really creeps me out because I was doing that earlier in the day and didn't tell him I was doing that iether

Oct 07, 2016
Two hours long.... NEW
by: Tammie

My sister just told me from 5 am to 7 am I had an full on conversation with someone... She was in sure if I was on the phone.. Talking to my kids.. Or what. I'm kinda weirded out Cuz I have a lot if dream that come true.. I'm very intuitive.. Amoungst otber.. I've also been told I was either talking in different language or speaking in tongues.... Scary to me any thoughts?

Jun 08, 2018
Sleep talking on the phone with my gf NEW
by: Anonymous

Here recently my girl friend told me that i was talking to her in my sleep over the phone this might sound werid but i face time her everynight and fall asleep on the phone with her ive done it for about a mounth but just last week is when she told me that i was talking to her she said i was talking in a sweet romantic voice i have never talked in my sleep before she said if she asks me some thing I'll answer it like i was awake and no hasatation has any one had this same thing happen

Apr 13, 2019
Sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

i also talk while i sleep and i can have full conversations with the people in the same room as me. I will even laugh, scream, yell, or cry. I think i might be posessed.

Jun 24, 2019
I sabotage myself NEW
by: Anonymous

My sleeping self occasionally comes out and finds my phone wherever it is in the house and I messaged exes or people I don’t even like and try to hit them up I don’t understand. It’s causing so many problems. I don’t remember any of it. I’ve had to delete my social media accounts so I couldn’t contact anyone in my sleep to wake up to an embarrassing mess in the morning.

Mar 13, 2021
Non stop sleep talking
by: Scott

My roommate talks in here sleep every night all night . Screams yells has full conversations. She's very loud . I wake her and she talks to me ,it's almost like it isn't her. Then she comes to . She then falls asleep again and it stars over again. It's getting really creepy and I'm very worried about here. I'm wondering if she is possesses or something . Any comments would be appreciated.

Mar 13, 2021
Non stop sleep talking
by: Scott

My roommate talks in here sleep every night all night . Screams yells has full conversations. She's very loud . I wake her and she talks to me ,it's almost like it isn't her. Then she comes to . She then falls asleep again and it stars over again. It's getting really creepy and I'm very worried about here. I'm wondering if she is possesses or something . Any comments would be appreciated.

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