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Lost At The Beach

by Cindy Holman

I was at the beach with my daughter and my best friend. i was sitting at a picnic table rite up against the water line. i was watching them playing around in the water but it was between me and the life gaurd/security was like a tiny little mirage, a little ocean of thier own. i decided to join them but before i did i picked up my daughters shoes and her glasses and placed them on the table along with my own shoes and started walking tword them.but i got lost, i could no longer see them. every thing was a blurr like i was starting to loose my vision. i wondered for what seemed like hours.

i finally just by accident ran into the security shack where there was a female ranger type person. i was begging her for help but she was not verry friendly. i told her i was lost , that i was looking for my daughter and my friend but i could'nt see and i came with my mother that she had drove us and was waiting in her truck in the parking lot. she did help me find my mother and when i found her she would not help me. she just sat there.

i started out to find them again on my own. i was wondering all over the place. i traveled for miles . my vision getting worse. i now somehow ended up in the hills . it was like a verry rural area on a verry deselate little dirt road that seemed more like a dirt path than a road really. i was franticly looking for someone to help me. i passed several tiny little houses until i finally stoped at one ( but now i was in my car ) i pulled up at an angle and began pounding on the door. it was a little green duplex. a verry old black woman opened the door. she let me in and i was explaing i was lost and could not find my daughter and my friend and how i was loosing my vision. i explained i could see her but only an outline. i could tell she was wearing a dress and i could see her hair arond her head but i could not see her face. it was just a brown oval shape under her hair. we were talking and her son walked in.

i was startled , there was something about him that just didnt seem rite. he said he would help me but he wanted toget cleaned up first, he was in his work clothes i waited but when he was done he layed down on th couch and covered up with a blanket and told me to wait he was tired . this scared me so i left and strated running down this little road but i couldnt tell wich direction i was going. i stopped at several more houses
but no one answered the door. i came up on a big farm and had to make my way through a huge plowed field and when i reached this big old barn there was a man there and i could tell he wanted to just hurt me so i ran. i ran and i ran. i stoped at another house , no one answered so i just went in hopeing to find something to protect myself with.

i found something but i cant remember exactly what it was and i began to run again hopeing to find help and reunite with my loved ones. i saw another house and there was a verry tall man getting into his car. it was a little shiny blue volkswagon. he could tell i was frantic and needed help but he just continued to get in his car and drive away. i was devistated and had been running for hours and hours and hours without stopping. after he drove away i knocked on the door and a little boy opened it. i thought finally ! someone will help me. he went to get his mother but when he returned she was not with him. he said she said to come in and she would help me so i went in and she was lying on the couch completly covered up in a blanket and did not say a word. the boy went up stairs like i wasnt even there. this house was frightning. the living room where his mother was lying was so tiny barely the size of a closet , it was extremely old. it had red velvet on the walls. i was so scared, i ran into the kitchen which was hard to find the house was like a maze.

i found a drawer and found what i thought was a small yellow flashlight and wound myself back to the door and started running again. i turned on the flashlight but it was not a flashlight , whe i pushed up on the switch it produced a flame. i keep looking behind me to make sure the two men were not behind me. i just wanted to get help. the last thing i remember is i saw a store in the distance it was lit up with yellow lights i ran and ran i had such hope now that i had finally found help and would be safe. just as i was reaching the parking lot the lights went out but there were people still getting in there cars. i was looking for roger ( my husband ) i felt like he was there i felt saved but they told me he didnt make it . that he had died. roger has been sick going on two years now with stage 4 kidney cancer. the last thing i remember is being put into an ambulance and driving away. i dont know if i made it or if i died......................

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Aug 26, 2011
No help coming
by: Hawkmoon

Dreaming all that must have been exhausting experience. It seems that you're afraid of the future, what might happen to your husband, and what will happen to you if you end up being alone. So the dream starts with you getting separated from your child. In your dream you do not wish to accept your fate and you frantically search for your child, but notice that you don't actually look for her, you spend most of your dream looking for someone that will help you. And all the figures you meet either offer empty words or are outright uninterested to help you. Although in reality people are far more better, i believe that your subconscious is trying to rely a little bit more on yourself, however hard it might seem. The glasses that you neatly folded at the start could well be solution of your visual problem you experienced in a dream, but because of all the fear you forgot to rely on things (or people) that are right close to you.

Jan 22, 2012
Happy days! NEW
by: Anonymous

I think you are just afraid to be alone. You are scared that people are going to stop asking for your help. Do not let that drag you down. Always look at the bright side of the day and cherish those moments.

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