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Lucid Dream, Sleep Paralysis Or Out Of Body Experience...OR ALL THREE AT ONCE???

by Shaheena
(San Francisco CA USA)

I don't know whats going on...if it's sleep paralysis or lucid dreams, or an out of body experience. It started off with me going to sleep then waking up to something on top of me holding me down and suffocating me. I couldn’t move, breath, talk...NOTHING! At the time I believed I was being haunted by a demon...I went to went away...

Then recently it's changed...its more like I realise I'm sleeping but can't wake up...I can see through my eyes (I'm guessing from the little bit from my eye lids being open) and I can see myself laying waving my hands in my face but don’t see my hands...i see them just laying there motionless...but it was like my soul was moving...I FELT them moving around!

Then today it got worse! I was dreaming a very real dream...where in the dream I was trying to determine if it was a dream or not because it felt sooo real but certain things just didn't make room looked just as it does....every little thing was where it was suppose to be...I even felt real pain and sensations in this dream.

I was almost convinced it was real life until I looked over at my bird cage and see a bunch of different birds in there that I know I didn't have and that’s when I realized it was a dream. I suddenly tried to wake myself up and now I'm in the bed laying there I can see myself...(the good thing was that I didnt feel suffocated or another entity not anything like that) but I couldn’t move...i saw my room, my body
laying there and I wave my arms in my face again yet dont see my arms moving...they just laid there...

Finally I tried to get up and I kinda saw myself getting up or so I thought but I still didnt have full control of my body and I felt myself falling off the bed and I'm thinking OMG I'm gonna fall off the bed and end up hurting myself really bad because I'm still not being able to brace myself for the I fall it felt like I was endlessly falling, I opened my eyes and suddenly I was back in my body where it had lay motionless the whole time...I finally reallly wiggled what felt like my soul and finally got my body to was crazy!!!

It was almost as if I had a lucid dream, sleep paralysis and an out of body experience ALL together....i didnt mind it too much, specially since I could breath just fine the whole time...but what I fear is what if one day it takes longer to get myself up..what if one day I never wake up...would that be how a coma feels? I have sooo many questions but not enough answers.....please help


PS- I do have a bad sleeping pattern/habit...I have insomnia and often dont sleep at night till bout 3 or 4 am and sleep in as long as I could...I eat late too which is a BAD habit I'm trying to break...but a lot of times when I have these experiences it's about 1 or 2 pm...not sure if any of that has to do with anything but thought you should know lol...

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Oct 27, 2014
Thank You For Sharing
by: Kevin

Hi Shaheena, thank you for sharing your story. You may want to read Ryan Hurd's book, Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide. I know he experiences sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and some OBEs in tandem, and he offers a lot of insight into them in his book.

Dec 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

for me, it is a fun experienced, well if u didnt want to, just try breathing hard until u awake, when u awake u`ll feel like the 'filter' has been tear off, that always wake me up anytime i want the sensation to stop, i love to walking around through things its fun for me haha

Jan 08, 2017
A cure for you or at least i hope you get well NEW
by: Anonymous

Its simply a sleep paralysis which i had until now, i struggled for 1 year to get rid of it & its really hard everything feels so real, but as soon as i called god in that sleep paralysis to protect me i woke up, here's the trick you have to pray to god & say "please god give me beautiful dreams & protect me" before you go to bed always pray otherwise im afraid they'll never go away

Oct 03, 2019
Sleep paralysis NEW
by: AngelEyes

My first episode was maybe 12 yrs ago. I woke from sleep my tv was on i could see and hear everything around me. Im on my back and began watching tv when i notice a black fog on the ceiling above the tv! As the fog grows larger it begins to stretch across 3/4 of the ceiling i hear the creepiest demonic chuckles ever & red eyes begin looking at me! The eyes start popping out everywhere and a black shadow figure begins growing at the foot of my bed! It was as tall as my room had bright red eyes and horns and begins climbing over top of me pinning me to the bed! My heart was racing i couldnt move couldn't breathe! Im trying to scream for my husband but i couldn't speak. After satan left the room i still couldnt move i thought if i fall out of bed i will wake up! I focused with everything in me to roll across the bed. I managed to move myself enough to fall off and as i woke on the floor I felt so relieved to wake up. Too my surprise when I stood up i look to the bed and I was laying there still asleep!!! Felt like forever till i could get back into my body and finally wake up for real!

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