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Lucid Dreaming Can Be Scary

by Maia
(Salt Lake City)

A dream come true

A dream come true

I suggest you should only lucid dream a couple times in your life.

Lucid dreaming is awesome. You can control your location, what you're wearing, who's around you, maybe you have wings haha. As long as your felt, tasted, seen, heard, smelled, the thing you wish/imagined for it will appear right in front of you more realistic, but if you've only seen what you imagine/wish for you'll only be able to see it and touch it but it wont feel like anything, it won't sound like anything, it won't taste like anything, it won't smell like anything cause your brain has never experienced it before.

When it does it is SO realistic every detail and senses are spot on for it. One time i wished i was a celebrity and i was a billionare aghh so much fun it relaxes you in real life too. Its like a break from the real world, that cruise you've always wanted to go on? You could be there in a second.

But lucid dreaming can get really scary cause you can get stuck there.... I get a little creeped out by the fake buildings, walls, and people after a while, so I want to leave. But I can't wake up no matter what I try.

After a while your mind gets used to you lucid dreaming so it keeps you there longer and longer every time. One time I got way too distracted in my lucid dreaming I slept through almost the whole day. Time definitely moves faster while dreaming.... I was having fun haha. Just know that you're messing with a part of your brain that sets your mind in a reality where you're the god. (:

Comments for Lucid Dreaming Can Be Scary

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Jul 05, 2016
Scary? NEW
by: ToRi

with all due respect I don't think lucid dreaming can be scary. I mean, you're in your own little world! you can't be bored if you can do anything! once, I was lucid dreaming and my friend handed me a papaya, which I have never tasted before. and I t tasted amazing. The next day I tried it out for real, and now I love papaya. I believe that you are able to wake yourself from your dream... no matter HOW hard it is.

Nov 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

I don't believe you. Lucid dreaming can't be scary. It's your imagination . You can do what ever you like. You can ALWAYS get out of a lucid dream! REMEMBER THAT! I don't want to be an asshole but.... I am a lucid dreamer . I lucid dream my whole life. I never got stuck in it.... Lucid dreaming is very fun , interesting place. It CAN become scary if you THINK it's scary! It's all in your head. Happy dreaming. Haha :)

Nov 30, 2016
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