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by Charles
(New Hampshire)

Second dream...tonight..03/13/2011....So I was out with my sister and her girls shopping. Seemed like a pretty quiet day, was outside next to her van smoking a butt. I looked at the sky, something told me to look up. Noticed tons of streeks racing across the sky, bigger ones started to show up breaking up as the flew across the sky. I heard a whistle, getting louder and louder...lokked straight up, and wham a small rock landed withion feet of me.

I went up to it, it was so hot, i could feel the heat comming off of it....wrapped it with a blanket, and the blanket started to burn....i poured water on it and cooled it. My sister and kids started to walk out, I ran to them to hurry them up (as I figure this rock would get us so much money, i didnt want anyone comming to get it)...we got it in to the van. thats when we noticed that something really wasnt wright. more and more of these rock began to fall, and more and more began screeming acrsoo the sky. got dark and gloomy. we fled, making calls on our way to wherever, (all i can remember now is bits and peices, remember at one point seeing a huge rock that could kill all of us, but then it dissapeared...all i remember is tords the end) now at my mom and dads, but at out old house on canal street in nashua (i believe)..we had other family with us my aunt nan, cousin jay but couldnt remember others being there... im running all over
trying to figure what to do. then i end up in a trailer, with plastic all around it.

Then i skipped to another random area where I had to save my dog (one ive never owned before) from a dog sitter, my bf was with me and so was my mom and sister and neices...we ran home, and asked random joggers what was happening (once again noone, like other dream noticed us) we continued on, saw planes and everything else being slammed by these rocks...this time the sky is glowin against the smoke with light of all the fires everywhere, the meteors are everywhere. we all get home, and one slams close by...everyone with me dissapear, i dont think they got hurt they just randomly are gone. i get back to the house, my dog runs to the fenced in yard, a bottle of milk on the window sill falls on neighbors flowers (she is pissesd at that, and doesnt care that her house is on fire)...i go to the living room, my aunt and cousin are there all dressed up....i jump over the couch, and find my mom in her beautifull black and white dress she used to wear. then my dad and i are together figuring what to take with us to leave, then wham i wake this dream it was so hard to breath, like i was being choked by somene, woke short of breath, felt like i was on fire and just totally lost. also the metoer that i got , it was so beautifull, sparkling like diamond, filled with many colors

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