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Monopoly Olympics

by Jessica

This dream doesn't make much sense... It's really scattered but bare with me. I'll tell you everything I remember...

So, I was on one team (it seemed we were the good guys) Me and my partner were both wearing super hero costumes. Mine was blue and yellow and really shiny. My partner had a really shiny suit as well, but her whole outfit was a chocolate brown. Her hair was brown and puffy and worn in pigtails. Her cape was brown and mine was blue. Anyways, we apparently had powers because my team mate had the ability to shoot melted chocolate out of her hands. When I attacked, giant fuzzy dice came out of my palms. We were fighting with this other guy who also had a shiny suit which was black and white, but he didn't have a cape. His power was electricity. We were running around chasing after him whilst attacking while he was trying to shoot electricity at us. The floor was a giant monopoly board. I don't really know how this was the Olypmics... but in the dream we knew it was, so.. Oh well. The dream faded when I looked up to the far side of the arena to look at the spectators cheering.

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Aug 26, 2011
Superhero dreams
by: Hawkmoon

Well, if you remove the shiny costumes, flying capes and shooting stuff from your hands, it seems pretty decent dream about competition. It's a theme found in lives of many people because we often have to compete for something against someone. It is helpfull for you that you're not alone, rather you have a friend to help you, even if all she can provide are chocolate bars :) Anyway, the struggle is tough, everyone uses his best, yet it seems that you should not forget that you have audience, and that you shouldn't cheat or do something unhonorable in that competition, especially since your subconscious is presenting it as a Olympic type of competition where honesty and fair play are most important. Stil i hope you win :D

Jan 25, 2012
by: Kat

lmao that is the coolest dream ever

Dec 07, 2015
Metaphors and Feelings I Got From the Dream NEW
by: Megan

I analyzed this dream for a class I am taking and here are some of the ideas that came up for me when I looked at the dream as if it were my own:
• I feel happy because I am one of the good guys.
• I feel powerful because I have superhero abilities.
• I feel a little silly because my superhero power is fuzzy dice.
• I feel proud that I am participating in the Olympics so I must be good at what I do.
• I feel excited that people are cheering for me.
Imagery as Metaphor
• Superheroes and villains walk among society every day.
• Blue and yellow like the sky and sun or night and day; resilience as without fail each follows the other.
• The color brown can represent of nature
• The female partner is brown, possibly of nature and Mother Earth
• The shiny suites they have on are like the shiny facades humans have to put on each day when they go to work to play a part
• Chocolate and fuzzy dice are harmless abilities
• Electricity is powerful and can be used for good (powering homes and cars, lights) or bad like when lightning strikes and causes damage and fire.
• Harmless abilities are not as powerful as electricity which can be dangerous yet they are the good guys and appear to win, good triumphs over evil even when it doesn’t appear to be as strong or in stronger position
• A lack of cape means the lack of ability to fly or soar (ability to achieve) thus the black and white man must stay low or on the ground, grounded, unable to go up (achieve).
• The Monopoly is representative of life.
• The Olympics is the highest ranking competition there is, the most important, the best compete here.
• The spectators are a support system.

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