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My Daughter's Bed Rocking And Singing

My daughter is 5, and since I can remember she has rocked side to side and sang or made a weird wailing noise.

It started off as head banging when she was about 18 months then moved onto the rocking and singing. She does it to get herself off to sleep and also a couple of times in the middle of the night.

In the morning it can be a real struggle to get her out of bed as she is very tied. Her behaviour is not always good and she can be very wingy. She is at school now and I am concerned it might affect her at school.

For the first year of her little life she had a NG tube as she had laryngomalacia (a breathing problem). She is all well now but I can't stop thinking that this has something to do with it. I have asked her doctor before about it but they say she will just grow out of the sleep problem. I don't know what to do??

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Mar 18, 2015
sleep singing NEW
by: Nic Nz

Hi firstly wow I feel your pain! My 5yr daughter also does this and has done since she could hum. Have you found a solution yet? I've not and would appreciate any tips you have tried that work!

May 14, 2015
totally ok NEW
by: Anonymous

I did this as a kid and am now a typical healthy 32 year old mom who has a Masters degree and two healthy amazing children and wife to a great husband. I don't remember exactly when I stopped doing it to fall asleep but I would guess some where between 8-10 yrs old.

Aug 09, 2015
31 Year old boyfriend does it NEW
by: Anonymous

my boyfieend of 31 rocks all thought the night for moments at a time, I've tried googling his symptoms but nothing comes up. Could it be a coping mechanism? Or a trauma that happened as a child? He doesn't realize he's doing this, but I've mentioned it as well as his previous relationships, he doesn't remember how long he's been doing it.

Oct 18, 2015
Bed rocking and parasites NEW
by: Anonymous

My three year old daughter has had some concerning digestive issues for a couple of months now. I'm searching about parasites this morning at 3:30 and found that bed rocking is a symptom. Throughout the day she puts her head on the sitting couch cushions and throws her feet against the wall over and over again. She also puts her head on the floor with feet on the ground and just hangs out in that position for minutes at a time, far longer than I think she should. I thought she would just be a great gymnast some day. 😉 Now I'm searching to find a parasitic cleanse appropriate for her as well as my entire family!

Jan 21, 2016
Rocking and Singing NEW
by: Armyvet

I also rocked and sang to get to sleep at night in childhood up until my teen years actually. I think it was just my way to wear me down, tire me out so I could fall asleep, though I wasn't really aware of the reason I did it then, it was just something I did. Fortunately, my parents did not make a big deal of it, or try to force me to stop. They actually use to shout out requests for songs from their bedroom! My poor twin sister shared a bed with me. I don't know how she ever got any sleep!

Into adulthood, I do not do this but still have a very difficult time gearing down at night so I can fall asleep. Most over-the-counter sleep aids do not work for me, in fact, have the opposite effect. I have asked to be prescribed low dose Trazodone to try, but since there has been such a crack down on these types of medicines recently because of abuse of them, my doctor is reluctant to prescribe. I wish I could back to rocking and singing, but of course, folks, especially my husband, would probably think I've gone around the I just deal with it as best I can.

Apr 03, 2016
Autism NEW
by: Anonymous


Sep 05, 2016
Rocking head and sing to get to sleep. NEW
by: Anonymous

I have rocked my head to get to sleep and sing when I was 10 year's old up to my twenty's, then I tryed to stop my self .I still do.I don't know why.I was going to go to see gp, but I never go.any ideas what I should do.I don't sleep much and still have nightmares, cry,shout. Any idea's why??

Sep 25, 2016
16 year old son has done this all his life NEW
by: pa10sion

My 16 year old son has done this son he was an infant before he could even roll himself over. It started with him lifting his legs up and slamming them done over and over. Then went to rocking his head into his crib (we had to put padding around the entire crib) or banging his head into his mattress. He still bangs his head into his pillow but now he sings too. He doesn't only do this at night though. If he's bored he'll announce that he's going to sing and off to his room he'll go. Happens randomly throughout the day if he has nothing to do. It wouldn't be so bad if he could sing. Other than that he's "normal" or as normal as you can be at 16 lol.

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