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My Girlfriend's Complete Honesty While Sleep Talking

by Daniel K

I had a full conversation with my girlfriend whilst she was sleeping. First, she was incoherent and was talking about skateboards, so I woke her up. She then went back to sleep, and we had a full conversation where I was asking her questions etc. about our relationship, her past relationships etc. where she was answering everything honestly, completely - I trust my girlfriend and she only confirmed things I already knew.

She told me to tell myself (in reality) a few things that she said that she couldn't tell me whilst awake. I asked her who she was talking to, and she said she was on a bench, talking to a man with a blindfold on. She said that she knew she was asleep, and that she hoped that I would wake her in the morning before I went to university, because she would miss me knowing she wouldn't see me until later that night. I stopped asking questions and after a minute, she said, why have you stopped talking to me? So I asked who has stopped talking, and she said, you, the man with the blindfold.

She also moved a lot - if it was something emotional, she would grip me and hug me tightly. When I tested her and told her that Daniel (me) was cheating on her (which I am not) she ripped away, and hit me and started crying, saying that she knew it wasn't true and that I was a bitch for lying to her.

I eventually woke her up, and she was annoyed, not knowing why. I explained it all to her and she freaked out.

Wow. I can't find any information on any of this. Help?

Kevin: What an incredibly interesting experience Daniel. I have heard many times before about conversations with a sleep talker (such as this humorous visitor submission), and even conversations involving both parties sleep talking to each other (such as this one), but rarely are they this personal. Most of the time they are filled with pretty nonsensical things.

I can't offer you much insight from what I know about what would have caused such open, honest, and intriguingly strange responses from your girlfriend. But what you say about her moving around and responding physically to what you say leads me to believe that there may be some element of sleepwalking to what she experienced. Counterintuitively, sleepwalking doesn't necessarily have to involve walking, but rather episodes can take place completely within the confines of the bed. And communicating with a sleepwalker during an episode and getting coherent responses also happens quite frequently.

If you (or anyone who's reading) has anymore thoughts on this, please feel free to share by using the "Post Comments" link below.


(Please keep in mind that I am a student of sleep science and not a medical doctor. Please take any thoughts I give with my background in mind.)

Comments for My Girlfriend's Complete Honesty While Sleep Talking

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Sep 21, 2010
by: Registered Sleep Technologist

Complete Honesty? Not at all.

Sleeping brains do not represent the waking person.

Nothing someone says whilst sleep talking can be considered "complete honesty" no matter how much it resembles what you want to believe.
There are extremely important parts of the brain that are inactive during different sleep stages. - like the part that assembles sensory input (hearing, touch, etc) into experiences, and the part that assembles thoughts in rational + coherent ways.

This is why dreams are so often nonsensical.
It extends not just to dreams, but also sleep talking. You simply do not know when enough of the brain is awake to trust what you see or hear.

You are fooling yourself if you believe anything said during sleep talking represents true beliefs, feelings or emotions of the speaker.
Hearing occasional things that make sense to you tempt one to believe in sleep talking revealing what isn't shown in wakefulness. Don't fall for it.

Aug 03, 2011
Honesty During Sleep Talking
by: Kevin

Fascinating comments Daniel S. I'm glad sleep talking communication has proved a healthy thing for your relationship with your wife. And thanks for the insight Sleep Technologist. While there's no reason to *guarantee* that honesty is what is given during any given sleep talking episode, there is also no reason to deem it impossible that a sleep talker does honestly mention events or thoughts that are real in his or her life or mind. As Daniel points out, the dreaming mind is too complex to suggest an absolute on either end of the spectrum.

Aug 27, 2011
My boyfriend can uphold coherent conversations in his sleep...
by: Giada Thatiz

I have a similar situation to yours, except he knows its me and he knows where he is. I'd like to believe that the sleeping brain does not represent the waking person, however I think that is false.

For the second time ever, my boyfriend and I had an over 30 minute conversation while he was asleep. However this time ended pretty ugly. I started off by trying my hardest to wake him up, yelling "James, James wake up its 8:30 you have to go you're going to be late" and shaking him but nothing, he wouldn't wake up but he was talking to me. It was kind of eerie and just the slightest bit disturbing. He kept making jokes and being completely uncensored so I began asking him simple questions
"James where are you?"
"We're in your bed."
"Who am I?"
"You are Giada my girlfriend."

Then I began prying deeper and he got defensive and things got ugly. He told me he thought I was a horrible person and he feels that no matter what he does its never good enough for me and that I ask too much of him blah blah blah... So I stopped talking and then after about 10 minutes of silence he sat up took his shirt off woke up for real and didn't remember a thing.

I keep researching this on the internet, but all I can find is sleep talkers who don't make any sense and that is definitely not the case.

Sep 14, 2011
Boyfriend: talks and walks in sleep
by: disrupted

My boyfriend has had many episodes of somniloquy/somnambulism which I have to admit are starting to really bother me. It is not the lack of sleep, it is in some cases the content, and in one case the outcome.
First of all, when my bf speaks in his sleep it is almost always very sexual, sometimes to the point of violent. I will not go into details but it can be quite disturbing.
The worst thing that has happened, is a friend of mine came over and stayed in the spare bedroom and said the next day that she woke up with my bf fondling her, he has no recollection of the event, but everything is really starting to weigh down on me. He is a sexual person, but not violent, and I am at my wit's end...
Would love to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

Nov 23, 2011
my wife
by: Anonymous

My wife talks in her sleep when she is stressed (eg., after our fights). Almost always, the conversation is with her parents discussing how the marriage is not working out and how our kids will ne torn apart.
Whenever I say something to her during such epiosdes, she almost always replies as if her dad said it or our son and replies accordingly.
I know whatever she says is true and frank and I have many a timea apologized to her after realizing how my actions hurt her on an emotional level. She doesn't remember it but it is the most honest conversation we could ever have.
Once when she was extremely stressed, she started talking to me as if I was her father, even though she was fully awake, if fact we were outside in public. That sure was scary.

Dec 07, 2011
Dreaming or not?
by: Abigail

I live-in in a hotel with my boyfriend. We have our own rooms

Last night he stayed over in my room. Because I like my room warm I had the heating on. At a point he couldnt sleep and it was to warm so he decided to go up to his own room. He 'woke me up' to tell me. I responded. Then he asked me if I was OK. I didnt responded. He 'woke me up' again and I respond. And then he left.

We both know I talk when asleep and I give answer to the questions etc. The weird thing this time was: I normally dont remember anything of what I have said. This time I remember waking up in the middle of the night being kind of scared and shocked. I cant remember my boyfriend was in the room or that I spoke to him. Afther waking up I felt asleep 30 sec later.
But he saw me waking up kind of shocked, thats why he asked if I was ok. And I cant remember anything that he was there. I dont know if I was awake or dreaming or 'sleepwalking'

I think it's just weird and scared. Anyone any explainations?

Apr 23, 2012
Sleep talking and memories
by: Ian

I'll be quick though this is a long story.

I had a relationship with a wonderful woman who is now dead (cancer).

She used to fall asleep and re-live a traumatic event in her past. As I began to learn about her I used to soothe her through it (essentially this meant that she didn't wakr up screaming, upset etc). As a result she used to have a very disturbed sleep.

Once I began to soother her through the traumatic memory one of two things would happen.

She would sleep talk and also 'sleepwalk'. We would hold very coherent conversations and actions (with permission from her waking self). I used to call this person sleepy (name). She was herself but without her waking inhibitions, things that bothered her about herslef when she was awake were not a concern when she was asleep. She was mischevious, sexual and just plain pure. It was really amazing and quite special, especially because she'd had trauma in the past and current ill health. I won't go into detail, but never was this self that I encountered anything else other than a less inhibited, scared or sad version of her waking self.

The other thing that would happen was we would re live memories from her past, I 'met' her when she was 8, 14, 25, 30 and various other ages. She would be re living a memory, I would become a stranger in this memory, but she would share some aspects of it with me. I was then able to tell her about the memories when she was awake and even remind her of aspects of them she had forgotten.

Because of her ill health and other things that happened, I'm sure this was her brains way of coping.

Rahter than see it as a problem we dabbled with the whole thing, which most of the time was an exprience I will never forget and I got to know an aspect of a person I will never see again. The pure sleeping self cannot be replicated by a waking person.

This was not gibberish, at first I thought she was putting it on, she was that coherent. But as time went on I realised it was very true and happening.

The closest thing I can use as an example would be hypnosis, it seemed to be a similar state.

It sounds like some previous comments have had a taste of this.

I feel blessed to have experiecned this with another person and really quite honoured.

Especially as the relationship was so time limited.

I'm a sleep talker too, but nothing to that extent.

If you are experiencing this, go with it, you may well journey with a perosn on a whole new and differnet level.

Jun 19, 2012
Half awake
by: Anonymous

My bf talks and makes noises in his sleep. But that's not the worst of it, it's the things he says when he is half awake. When he gets woken unexpectedly he is still half asleep and says mean and hurtful things and doesn't remember most if them. If he is only half sleeping, could things he says be real thoughts and feelings he is having?

Jul 04, 2012
by: Linda

I was on the phone with my daughter and my sleeping girlfriend was commenting on my conversation. I found that it was strange. When I hung up I tested to make sure she was actually sleeping and she was sound asleep. In the morning I asked her if she has any memory of this, she replied "No, what are you talking about.

It kind of worries me.

Oct 16, 2012
by: brittany

My fiance did it for the second night in a row now last night he said" your sleep hair is giving you permission to be in here" then tonight i just got woken up to him sayingsomething about the bank and our kids(we have no kids) it seemed to get triggered by my cat meowing loudly he said he was awake for it and it made sense in his head at that time and he well get made at me while he is saying this stuff for not understanding what he is saying please g help!

Dec 02, 2012
I sleep talk and sleep walk
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend has woken me up 3 times now asking me why I would say or act the way I have... Me not having a clue as to what he is talking about reply "What do you mean"... So about 3 months ago my BF was talking to me on the phone. I fell asleep through the conversation. Out of no were I told him to never talk to me again, then I said I could never love him and told him he was worthless to me and we would never get married (something he REALLY wants to do). He started getting upset with me that's when I woke up and he was VERY displeased with my behavior. Now being a wake I got mad that he for no reason would be mad at me. Then he asked me why I would say such mean things and it hit me. I didn't say anything mean to him "what is he talking about" So then I asked him what I said and he told me everything. I was shocked, I NEVER in a million year thought any of this stuff. I am unconditionally in love with him and I can't wait to be his wife. I told him "I think I was sleep talking or something" He didn't know what to believe. But he trusted that I loved him. 2 months later it happen again only this time I wasn't mean I just don't remember talking to him. And only 2 nights ago he told me he loves me and I said get out of my life and pushed him off the bed. He thought for sure I was a wake because my eyes were open, my speech was normal, my movement were normal. I showed no sign of sleeping. I woke up 25 minutes later to him setting on the floor almost crying. I was so shocked, I asked "whats wrong" he got mad and was like "whats wrong? You were being so mean and why would tell me to get out of your life, I thought you loved me?" I wanted to cry,I told him I must of been sleep talking again because I would never do that to you. He went home afterwards. I called him and he ended up sleep talking to me, he said he just wanted to sleep and not to call him again. That is something he'd never say to me, he treats me with a lot of respected and acts kindly to me all the time. I realized how badly it hurts when you don't know they are sleep talking and you think they are just being mean for no reason. I love this man so much and wish I didn't do these things in my sleep. I am very very mean when I am sleep talking and I say things that I totally do NOT mean at all. Some people might say what they feel but I can assure you I do not say what I mean in my sleep.

Jan 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

you are all retarded or at least half crazy, well most of you. I believe one out of every ten of your stories and think most of it is because you dont trust the other person and seriously making yourselves believe this nonsense and that the (sleeping) person isnt totally awake and fully aware of what is going on. especially if your sleeping person remembers exact dates, time periods, or actually moves arms or legs and hits or hugs you.
your brain is a powerful thing, look at the nonsense it has tricked you into believing just so you can feel better

Feb 09, 2013
My boyfriend is rude when he sleep talks ?
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend & I have lived together for 2 years in the first 3 months he started talking in his sleep he would ask me things like "why won't you share that with me " or why are you talking to me that way" which both times I couldn't sleep and happen to already be awake. Over the months he would tend to get full of rude comments. Which is compleatly unlike him ,'one night I herd him talking so I thought maybe he was half awake so I asked him to push over & he got so defensive ! And one night I asked him to move a little to cuddle him ( he's huge on cuddleing at bed time ) & he responded by saying " your not my girlfriend I don't have to do what you say " some things he says are pretty nasty and when he's awake he's a big teddy bare ! So could this sleep talking be how he honestly feels ?

Mar 07, 2013
My girlfriend is also a 3 year old when she sleep talks
by: Anonymous

We've been dating for two years now, and me and my gf have full conversations when she's asleep. At first I was skeptic because everything she said would match watch she says while awake, I wanted to make sure by asking her something I don't already know about her and I did, it was a topic about an ex boyfriend and I'd asked her how far she'd gone with him, she told me the same story but added another piece of information that she had ommitted earlier, she speaks in that cute baby voice some girls can pull off and after asking her a few more questions about our relationship I realized how much she loved me, I confronted her with it and she admitted to leaving out the one thing she thought might hurt me, but apart from that she tells me everything, completely honest and pure as some of the stories up there, sometimes she would get emotional and cry if we'd had a fight and she remembers it, she always talks to me as if I'm a stranger and she usually doesn't tell me anything until I assure her that I'm a good friend of (me)
I think it's simply amazing, these conversations really helped me better understand her and how much she cares about me, she would tell me details about things she otherwise would have kept from me in order to avoid a fight, every now and then I make sure she's asleep by testing it and she always passes, and most of the time she has no recollection of it. And if she remembers she only remembers that we had been talking but not what about. As for the guy who called us retards, on what basis? You haven't experienced it and don't know how it's like. I believe I was talking to the 3 year old her, the one that isn't held down by lies or courtesy. And I fell in love with her even more because I believe she was being completely honest. If I were to call (me) A name to her while she was asleep she would get mad at me (the one in her dreams) calling me an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about. She says it like. Fact and instantly like she doesn't need to think twice about it.

Sep 04, 2013
I'm a sleep talker with an upset husband.
by: Sleep Talker under stress

My husband said I've been sleep talking for the last 6 months and that: (quoted from a message sent to me on Facebook)"I just wish I knew why you keep telling me these things in your sleep. Its very unnerving and its really getting to me."

The only problem is, he won't tell me what I say to him. I've decided to record myself until I catch what I'm saying. I'm pretty sure it is due to stress.

I'm about to start some counseling and depending on what I talk about in my sleep, I hope it can help guide the counselor in helping me.

Feb 19, 2014
sleep walking
by: Anonymous

Why i cant remember what i m saying in my sleep my sis tells me usually that i speak something to me or say dont do it plz leave me etc in my sleep and she just cant understandand sometimes she orders me to sleep i sleep what is the matter why m waking up at night all talking to myself or to the person m seeing in my sleep.i m having a boyfriend and we re in arelationship from about 3 yrs my age is 18 tell me some solution

Apr 09, 2014
Sleep talker warning.
by: Sarah

This happened to me several years ago except I was the sleep talker I told my bf things I've never told anyone and things he dosnt wanna hear like jokes between my x and I. I know it happened b/c the info he recited was so detAiled and accurate. This ultimately ended our relationship and I felt sorta violated. Like id been given truth serum against my will. The new guy didn't need to know wt my x and I called each other. It's not that I wouldn't of told the truth had he asked while I was awake but that he used it against me. Just sharing a different perspective and confirming sleep talk honesty is a real thing.

May 01, 2014
my bf is talking about other girl during sleeping
by: charlotte_alexandra

when he came over to my house after his 2 days seminar. he is so very tired and sleepy but he got a chance to talk to me that he met his friend at college and they talked about her love life now. when he is sleeping he keep talking and calling his friend name. I don't know if i will understand him or i will get angry..then suddenly he wake up facing to me calling me on a name of his friend..

can you please tell me about what's the meaning of this because i started doubting him??

May 14, 2014
Talking about someone else in my sleep
by: Anonymous

So for the past month (Been living with my fiance soon to be wife for about 3-4 months) I've been randomly calling out someone elses name and its really hurting our relationship. I know for a fact that I love my fiance but I for some reason end up calling out that name.

Jul 17, 2014
is my bf cheating
by: chantel

dear Kevin... my bf seems to be spending a lot of time with his boss in another town not far from where we live; and since then he has been talking in his sleep.. the other night he was laying on my chest he told me he loves me and soon after fell asleep.. not long after that he said (why do I think that chicks hair was blond huh) I woke him up and asked him about it.. he said he has no knowledge of what he had said... lately his been making jokes that he had slept with another girl in that same town... but when I ask him if its true he says I wish u would trust me more and I can't believe that you would think I'd cheat on you.. and then he would get angry... what does this all mean.. and it feels as though he might be cheating... he stopped posting on my wall and there always seems to be space for other stuff in his life except me.. his got time for other things but when it comes to me there just isn't time for me and when there might be a slim chance its always rushed...

Oct 06, 2014
Sleeptalking (Ex-)Girlfriend
by: Joe

Bloody hell, pretty much all the comments since Feb 2014 are spam. Anyhow, just thought I'd share my short but humorous account. My ex girlfriend used to always talk in her sleep, at first I didn't really understand what was going on, but I soon cottoned onto the fact that she was (and probably still is...) a sleep talker. Most of the time it was just gibberish, but one time I decided to engage her in farcical conversation, she spoke of having to return some colouring pencils to Ben. When I spoke to her the next day about it, she remembered that she borrowed some colouring pencils from her cousin Ben when she was a little girl and never returned them!

Jan 25, 2015
Talk about to me In his sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Me and my boyfriend broke up about 2 months ago and we still talk often a few nights we even have fallen asleep on the phone and most night he starts calling me "baby" again and saying he loves me and he wants to kiss me. He Sometiems will think I'm at his house with him and will ask me to scoot Over and to not put my legs over his because he's cold. I've made sure he was asleep and he never remembers what he says in the mornings. I love him and want to be his girlfriend again. Is he just saying random stuff in his sleep or is he telling the truth?

Feb 14, 2015
re: Sleep talking and memories by: Ian NEW
by: albert

thanks for your post Ian, I've been looking for this for a long time it sounds very very similar to me and my wife (we've been together for about 12 years and its been quite steady throughout the entire time), also i think her's is affected or enhanced by some traumatic experiences when she was young, she was raped at a very young age and that lead to many issues as she grew up, frankly shes very lucky to have come through alive. But recently there's been a change, a few nights lately rather than talking to her while shes asleep, she claims to be the person living in my wife's head, its like something out of a movie, she talks to me about that shes not supposed to let me in (into her head that is) but says its OK for a little while, she says she sees everything that goes on through a screen and has been living in there since my wife was born, she talks to me about some of the bad things that happened when she was young, its quite strange she almost talks with a different voice, i asked this "person" if they loved me and they laughed it off like it was a stupid question. it seems like its a totally separate person judging me a good person to be with and care for my wife but not being much concerned otherwise. I'm not spiritual though some might think this presence a soul or some representation of it, or that she is schizophrenic (though she defiantly is not while awake) some other weird things about this is that she says while shes watching through the screen she can sometimes see the people living in other peoples heads, i asked her if she could communicate with them but she said that's against the rules and would break the universe because telepathy isn't allowed, i asked who made the rules but she didn't know (i keep saying she because its my wife's voice more or less but when i asked what this person looked like she said she didn't have a body she was more like a big ball of silly putty), we're not religious or else i might have expected her to say god there. i think the whole thing is some kind of coping mechanism for the abuses she suffered when she was young, she wont seek therapy though i think it could help her, I'm somewhat well read in those areas so i do what i can to help her work through things without forcing things too much, but there's only so much i can do, anyway just thought id share my story, I've been thinking of recording some of our nocturnal conversations and maybe doing a bit of a case study of her with her permission and cooperation.

Aug 07, 2015
Need big help NEW
by: Anonymous

I came back from work tired around 1am in the morning. Had a long talk with my mom and went to lie down and browse a little. My mom called me to pay the rent bill online and then I went back to bed to sleep. I got a call by 1pm from a guy with an unknown number that asked, "r u still sleeping?" And when I told him that I don't know him, he called my name and said that he met me two weeks ago in logansville. Yet I have never been there. He called me 6 more times and the two times I picked he kept rambling on about some things I could not hear well. I told him, its a wrong number and dropped the phone. He did not call again, but this morning, I checked my phone log and saw that he called me by 3:36am and the conversation continued for 124minutes. I m really scared because I do not know if I gave out my personal information. I don't sleep talk by 124 minutes is too long. Could I have given out my personal information? Please I need answers.

Aug 16, 2015
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Nov 06, 2015
i want to make my woman talking to me while she sleeping NEW
by: volsaint doissaint

i want a prayer to make my woman to talk to me while she sleeping

Feb 13, 2016
Gf remembers NEW
by: Anonymous

My gf is a musician. It happened a few times when I play piano music while she was sleeping, she started to move her fingers and shook her head (she is not familiar with this composer). I started talking to her; she responded coherently and I apparently took part in her dream. About 50% of the time she remembers at least some part of the dream. However, she never recognises me in the dreams. Even after I identified myself, she said no, stop lying, this guy does not live here (she has a piano in her hometown and I have never been there).

I later realised when she is showing signs of dreaming (murmuring, flipping, etc.) I can normally start a conversation with her by asking her a question.

I told her about the incidents afterwards and we had good laugh. However, there was one time she had a bad dream and she thought I was doing stuff to her and she still believes the mysterious voice that annoyed her was me. I do not know how to convince her that it was not me..

Mar 24, 2016
by: Thomas Zack

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May 05, 2016
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Jul 29, 2016
Dont hug No Guys..... Lol NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello i just read your article, And i have to say i am happy that i see that im not the only one!!! Yesterday i went to work came home did house work ran errands cook dinner and then decided to go lay down.. Now keep in mind ive only gotten maybe 9 hours of sleep in three days... But i felt tired but not sleepy. So i laid on the bed and not even a mintue later my boyfriend gets up and grabs his keys i ask where he was going he said the store i told him no wait till the morning i might get other things he said fine i felt my eyes extremely heavy im gone... Now im talking to my boyfriend and he says i got up gave him a hug and told him not to be hugging the guys and he said i kissed him and laid back down i asked him what? That doesn't make any sense why would i say that and i told you not to go to the store so sure in the heck wouldn't hug you bye but i dont remember anything just makes me worry cause he wasn't going to even tell me until i made him think of it? What if he asks me things that will hurt our relationship.

Aug 09, 2016
Completely True NEW
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend also engage in conversations while fast asleep...she even read stuff and laugh..When we are watching movies together, after a while we would still be talking yet she is dead asleep.

Sep 02, 2016
by: Singh Darren

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