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My Son Is Falling Asleep Throughout The Day In School And Home

by Lori
(New Jersey)

For the past 3-4 months my son had randomly fell asleep during the day. He's 6. I have mentioned it to the doctors but they didn't seem too concerned.

His school has informed me he is doing it every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. He can fall asleep sitting up, talking to's just very random and when he falls askeep he's out.

Now his doctors are finally concerned--his neuro doctor, pediatrician, and ashtma doctor. But they can't run any test until after he recovers from having his tonsils removed this up coming Monday....

They gave me a list of tings it can be and of course I googled it..and now am freaking out... He's never been a kid to take a nap..napping stopped around age 2...anyone else go through this?

Kevin: Hi Lori, Thank you very much for sharing your son's experience. When you say that he is falling asleep at random times, including when talking to people, it makes me think immediately of the autoimmune sleep disorder narcolepsy. You can learn more about narcolepsy here and see if any of the other symptoms match up with what your son is experiencing.

All the best, and feel free to update this page with anything you learn. Other visitors may be able to offer you advice, or learn from any additional experiences you share.


(Please keep in mind that I am a student of sleep science and not a medical doctor. Please take any thoughts I give with my background in mind.)

Comments for My Son Is Falling Asleep Throughout The Day In School And Home

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Aug 03, 2015
I'm in the same boat NEW
by: Savannah

My daughter is doing it to. She's fine throughout the whole day then she just falls asleep. We took her to the emergency room. They ran all kinds of tests that came back perfect. They saw her passed out non responsive. The dr informed me he thought it was a mild seizure. We talked to her dr that said it may only be a one time thing so we left it alone. After a month she did it again. We took her to a special seizure doctor that had a test ran. She had to have the eeg done for 2 days. Nothing came from it. We were told to watch her and call if it happened again. We waited and watched. She had another episode (all together she's had 4). We called the dr and had another eeg done. Again we were told there was nothing. Were lost and confused and desperate for answers. What else could it be? She goes months without episodes. I just want to know my baby is okay. The last episode she seemed confused. We got her to wake up and she was talking about us saving a squirrel and a birds mommy. She didn't remember we were going to go to her great grandmas house which is odd because she remembers a week ahead. She didn't know how old she was or what that even ment. Any ideas?

Apr 10, 2016
My son falls asleep in high school NEW
by: Laura

My 17 year old sons sleep pattern is all off, he's in high school they give these kids a ton of work to do at times he may be up until 1am we gotta get up in the a.m. already at 4:30 or 5am, teachers tend to think these kids are just staying up looking at tv, not the case. Now his body out of no where will start to jitter. Anyone else have this issue with there teenager?

Feb 23, 2017
staying awake at school NEW
by: johnny

has any one find if a something sugary that would come a vending machines help them stay awake in class.

Feb 28, 2017
10 yr old son can't stay awake NEW
by: Shannon

I am having the same issue. My 10 year old son is falling asleep almost instantly, as soon as he gets to school on multiple occasions. His teachers have informed me that it will be loud in the classroom and he's in a deep sleep. He does it pretty much any time he stops actively moving. My concern is that he had an accident in October of 2014 that busted his front cranium and scattered shards of bone fragments into his frontal lobe. He had emergency surgery done at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston (one of the best in the country). Now a little over 2 years later and this is starting to happen to a point that my straight A student is making low C's because he can't stay awake in class or focus. He seems scatter brained all the time now and he used to never be this way.

Feb 28, 2017
My son passes out in school NEW
by: T. J.

My 10 yr old son will pass out in school shortly after I drop him off. He autistic, And will sleep good at night. (9-11 hrs a night) He's OK for weeks at a time then he'll start sleeping again. Some times still dressed in his out door clothes like today snow suit and all. It's gotten to the point where he actually has a sleeping spot at school with blankets. Doctor's have found nothing wrong. I think I'm gonna get him looked at again.

Aug 17, 2017
10 Yr. Old Granddaughter Sleeps During Home Schooling NEW
by: Anonymous

My granddaughters are home schooled, and the youngest of the two, who is 10, cannot stay awake during her classes. It does not matter how much sleep she gets, as soon as she knows she had to be online to do work, she gripes, than passes out refusing to stay awake to do the work at all.

Mar 06, 2019
My son sleeps all the time NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 10 he is sleeping in class,as soon as I pick him from school he sleeps in the car a few minutes after his lunch he sleeps what is causing it ,please help me.

Apr 10, 2019
Sleepy 6 year old
by: Anonymous

My son is doing the same thing, he is getting worse after weeks of falling asleep in class now he can't stay awake and often falls over due to sleepiness
Blood tests have come back normal, he is eating a drinking normally, we have an mri scan and eeg booked but I'm terrified because his symptoms are worsening. Does anyone have any answers?

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