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My two year old daughter wakes up every night laughing and rocking....

My daughter is two and a half years old and just recently we weaned her off of her pacifier. Ever since then she will wake up every night normally around 3am. She will sit up smiling and laughing and rock her-self back and forth throwing herself into the pillows. She will do this anywhere from half-an-hour to a full hour. I tell her to quit bouncing and she will say okay mom and then continue to do it. I am concerned that this could be a indicator of another issue.

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Dec 20, 2011
me too
by: Anonymous

My daughter does the same thing. Im lost at why.

Jan 07, 2012
did you touch her?
by: Anonymous

Did you see if she respons to you in any other way? Laughing and rocking are signs of nighttime seizures..are her pupils dilated?

Feb 09, 2012
4 yr old son wakes up n rocks himself to sleep
by: clara

my stepson witch i met since he was 8 months, at that time i remember it was hard to put him to sleep. He will constantly wake up n start jumping in the bed or playing with the blankets he would do it 2 or 3 times during the night. My boyfriend n i would go in there n put him to sleep, he will fall sleep for about 2hrs and up again. After at 15 months he will still do that but now getting off the bed n start playing with the toys. At that point we will walk in the room constantly to check on him, he notice that we would get upset because he will make all kinds of noise in the middle of the night when he had 2 other kids in the room so he stop playing around but he started with something new, he started rocking him self till falling sleep, in witch he will fall sleep folded in half(his head on top of his knees). until now he still does that n became a habit he does the rocking through the day when sitting down and rocking side to side when standing. he is behind on speech haves hard time listening is very active wants attention and haves dark circles under his eyes. we just found out he haves a sleep disorder about to take him to his first check from a sleep disorder specialist. we still constantly check on him during the night to lay him down straight. we love him

Feb 24, 2012
Laughing at night
by: Jess

Hey I just wanna say that my 2 year old does the same thing waking up in the middle of the night laughing and rocking herself for 2 hrs or so. I don't think she's having seizures cause she answers me when I talk to her and I tell her to stop it but then does it again. The dr says its no big deal but I'm very worried can someone please give me an explanation to why she's doing this.

Mar 30, 2012
2 year old laughing though the night
by: Anonymous

my 2 year old will do the same thing she goes to bed at 8 wakes up around 11:30 laughing and it will go on for sometime up to 3 hours, i have asked many people about this but no one has a clue. i have recently stopped my child from watching children cartoon "IN THE NIGHT GARDEN" and her behavior has improved both in morning and night.. Do any of you parents out there let there child watch this cartoon?? because it has been getting bad reviews and its causing the little ones behavior to be very bad. thanks

Apr 11, 2013
my 4 yr old son sleep disorder
by: fiona

my 4 yr old son was up every night sinceit has been happening since he was 1 yr old he used to laugh and run round or jump up an down and babble to himself and even have long conversations for 2-3 hrs at at a time the neurologist says nothing to worry about. iv monitored the cartoons he will watch and decreased the amountil of time he watches them. I have been praying for him..any more suggestions?

Aug 09, 2013
loco babys NEW
by: tone loc

smack her ass up and tell her are u fuckin serious then play that song for her bitch i aint worried about nothing awww i aint worried about nothing then u get rid of that problem ,,,,,,,

Aug 15, 2013
Worried mum NEW
by: Anonymous

My almost 4yr(he will be 4 next month) started laughing in the middle of the night about a month ago now its turned to giggling and rocking around on bed kicking off his duvet and all at first I was terrified to witness such I thought he wanted to have seizures or something but when I speak to him he responds and keep on with what he's doing even sometimes in the day he's like talking and smiling to himself I've been to the Doc he referred us to the pediatrician which I'm still waiting for their appointment as a christian I'm planning taking him to church for deliverance prayers am praying for him as well not that am saying it might be demon but then its not normal, this is really worrying and to read this other comments saying there's no known cause for this is scary I want any parent going through this to know he/she isn't alone and be strong with prayer I also will suggest a research on this so parent's mind can be put at much ease with this experience, I've turned fully to God on this cos there's no issue beyond him.

Oct 31, 2013
My 2yr old wakes up laughing and rocking NEW
by: Blessing

My 2yr old does the same thing. I have been so worried don't know what to do. I will be taking her to the doctors. But please if anyone has had a break through on this, please shear.

Nov 14, 2013
my 3 year start laughing non stop for no reason NEW
by: joy

im a little bit worried about my 3 years old daughter coz she wont stop laughing after she woke up from nap or sleep....and i will scared....anyone what cause of this issue....need advice

May 31, 2014
my son NEW
by: Anonymous06

My son is 2 1/2 i catch him at times just looking at something smiling kinda twitching a little ,sometimes talks, but mostly stuff i cant understand like baby talk but nothing right there it seems like when i call his name he snaps out of it. I ask him what are you looking at he says nothing mom do u think its bad to question him like asking him what do u see is it nice are mean? Dont know what to do ? Do i see a doctor ? I do believe in God but dont know if its a medical problem if he should get prayer

Oct 31, 2014
mine does the same NEW
by: Charlene

It can be a coping mechanism. Check their diet and be sure not to have too much over stimulation. Be set in sleeping routines. I'm a stay at home mom which mages it easier.

Nov 28, 2014
Different approach NEW
by: Molly E.

My 2 1/2 year old son did the same thing for 6 months straight and I was at my wits end.

A couple hours after we would put him to bed, my wife and I would hear him talking to himself over the baby monitor so we would go check on him. That's when we noticed him babbling in some different dialect (hard to describe) while rocking, laughing and smiling.

We had our church pray over him, changed his diet, and even tried modified sleep routines, but nothing ever worked.

Kind of as a family joke, we started calling him 'demon baby' and ever since then the problem went away. Not sure if this helps, but it can't hurt to try.

Dec 19, 2014
Son talking laughing NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is two he wakes up some nights and talks to something or someone he laughs and points. His eyes are open and his movements are sometimes fluid and jerky? He seems to be interacting and talking with something. This last for over an hour each time. He has always seemed to be over sensitive with noise when sleeping he is not autistic or anything like that. I was wondering if this can be a neurological issue.

Jan 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem with my 34 months old son, getting up in the night frightened and then he sits up on the bed looking all around, twitching from time to time but the freaky part is he smiles from time to time when he looks around. He seems very restless bringing his hands to his face, and mouth, scratching his arms and just looking like he is in a trance. When I call him he will look at me then continue with this strange behaviour. HELP!!!!What is happening to my son, anyone has any answers. PLEASE!!!!

Feb 01, 2015
waking up laughing NEW
by: Anonymous

My Daughter is 4 and just this Friday has started waking up giggling...she won't talk to us while she is doing this then immediately after becomes cranky and upset when asked why she was laughing she says I don't know... calling her doc in the morning!

Mar 03, 2015
seriously! stop making out ya childs a devil NEW
by: Anonymous

My child is 4 years of age and he's been waking up at the same time every day which is 3.27am! He sits up and laughs and starts talking then dead on 3.59am it sounds like someone has stepped on a stair, I'm not worried about it at all as they will grow out of it think people are worrying abit to much if I'm honest there is nothing wrong with your child for giggling in his/her sleep! And even if there was what is the doctors gunna do???? Give her tablets to try and stop it happening? Let them go to a phychologist?? Wow......these kids are 2-4 years of age for christ sake they are not the devil or have any problems with them but they will if you push them into tablets to stop it!!!! Seriously should be a shamed of yourselfs

Mar 14, 2015
I hope God is a sleep specialist NEW
by: Maleko Paulo

This is for all the parents who are praying to God:
On one hand, you are witnessing something that is real, your children are waking in the night and having some kind of half sleep dream or delusion. On the other hand, have you ever seen God at a sleep conference? Stop praying to God, you idiots, this is your child's welfare at stake.
Do you think your child is possessed? Maybe your child is laughing because he/she found out that his/her parents put all their faith, and the life of him/her, in an imaginary being.
Your faith is for you, do with it what you will. Don't expect your imagination, and indoctrination, to cure illness. While you are praying to God, put a word into Santa Claus, to give your kid a brand new sleep pattern.
Maybe the tooth fairy could help. Failing that, how about an exorcist?
You are grown adults, for (imaginary, created by men and social control) God's sake. Have all the faith you want in whatever you want, but don't put the health of your child at risk, turn to science. Go back 150,000 years, or so, read up on the basic evolution of man, the medicine and the scientific studies, if you see mention of God popping around to cure any sleep related issues, please post it.
Your faith will give you strength after your child has turned into a blubbering idiot and needs 24 hour care, living in a padded cell and a constant supply of adult diapers.
If you believe that a God, sitting in some kind of Heaven, can help, you might as well ask Stephen King to write a happy ending for you or travel to the future in H.G Wells' time machine to find a cure, or at least see if your child turned into a serial killer.

Jun 03, 2015
god made doctors NEW
by: Anonymous

A rare form of epilepsy "laughing seizures " . I freaked out when she woke up like this sweet ghoust or a spirit farie was tickling her not at all demonic. I figured she was just having an awesome dream. I was still awake suffering from insomnia due to night terrors/ptsd so like a good neurotic i went researching on the internet and thought wow i should probably take better care of myself first so i can wake up when the dr office opens and call the nurse to see if i should be concerned. Then i must stock up on sage and cleanse my aura cause i am an expert in spiraling out about the most negative crazy worst case senerio things because i fear karma and dont feel like i deserve to be happy and have an amazing child. Just now she looks at me and says" be happy girl." Can gods/ demons speak through my unbaptized vulnable innocent child?...back down the rabbit hole...I just took her on a trip and came back to a move to a new home. Stress is evil and i am a crazy person trying to be a good mom. THE END GOOD NIGHT.

Aug 07, 2015
What NEW
by: Anonymous

The fuck is wrong with you nutsacks. Go die

Dec 06, 2015
To all parents those child waking up during night and acting strange. NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was little my grandma always remind me to read prayer before going to sleep. So its kinda routine for me to do that. I make a prayer saying please protect me and my children from any evil that could harm us. Sometimes if i forget to do that, my child wakes up during night cuz of nightmares. I am Muslim and there are special prayers to read before going to sleep that would make you sleep peacefully.

Children are weak and they need us to protect them anyway we could. These prayers are really helpful. Satan and evil is real and only god can protect us , only thing we got to do is remember god and ask him from our heart.

Jan 04, 2016
Scientific reason NEW
by: Anonymous

Self soothing mechanism not demonic possession!
Think about it.

Jan 22, 2016
To the guy that's swearing NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a site to help parents get advice on their young ones, obviously it's not for you! So please find another place to be a dick! Yes someone has reacted to you so you have won! Now get a life and get back to your PlayStation!

Feb 05, 2016
How to deal with the laughing and or waking up at night... NEW
by: Anonymous

We were there... In our case, we discovered that our son was alergic to the gluten/yeast and other things... According with the doctor from time to time he had a lot of toxins... so we started giving him probiotics during the day, a gluten free diet and for the first month we gave him one pill of activated charcoal (with baby fruit -peach-) one time per week for a month... after that we gave the charcoal everytime he waslaughing with no reason... (and now, every 3 months or so we still give him the activated charcoal) the negative side is the constipation... the probiotics we still are using, it is good for his digestion...
Also, we gave him melatonin for a while 20 min before bedtime... now, he is sleeping with no problem....

Feb 22, 2016
Baby smiling and giggly at 3am NEW
by: Pops

My son will do the same like he's looking at one spot and smiling as if he's looking at something and last night I woke up to him kinda giggling and smiling and I've been telling my girlfriend that he's playing with her dad and my grandma that recently pasted away and last night when he woke me up while smiling and giggling and staring at one spot I told her I bet it's 3 am I looked and it was 3am on the dot after I said that it was like a light switch and he stopped kinda give me the chills while I made his bottle lol he only 3 months and he's responded to me when I call his name so I don't think it's a seizure and I don't think it's a demonic demon but I do believe it's a loved one who was close to the parents coming to visit and that's why there smiling and giggly

Mar 22, 2016
My 18 month old son laughs and babbles for up to 2 hours when I put him to bed at night NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 18 months old and some nights he will goto his bed and fall asleep without a peep. But atleast 3 nights a week he will sit awake for up to two hours laughing and babbling away as if someone is there. It's scaring me a little now and i just want to know if anyone has had this kind of experience with their child before?

Jul 19, 2016
Its not normal NEW
by: Anonymous

Its demons pls pray for ur children and keep the room clean from anything with eyes even their clothes should be plain no caracter so make sure sonebody come pray for the house to defeat whats in ther when they get up lole that pray pray.

Jul 27, 2016
Plz Don't Panic... NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't think there is a major problem. My child just turned 5 and I catch him doin the same thing. It kinda freaked me out, but as a child I also had a sleeping disorder. I was afraid and called my mother and she told me that I was the exact same way as a child, and I turned out fine. Parents I really Dnt think there's a big deal, but as parents I still advise yu to watch your child carefully during da night and monitor the cartoons they watch. Once again I feel there is no reason to panic, just don't make your child feel uncomfortable or afraid like you are...its for the better!!!

Aug 12, 2016
ease up NEW
by: Anonymous

Okay so I put a post up last year my son has now turned 5 and he's laughing in his sleep has calmed down a lot he wakes up once in a while now and laughs your child is actually asleep when she or he is laughing, even though their eyes are open and they are talking they are actually 100% asleep I know this because when my son was waking up at the same time every night i went in and asked who he was talking too he didn't answer i then turned the light on his eyes where open after 5 mins of me being in the room he just slightly laid back Down and his eyes shut? Pretty weird but apparently its a play back of what they did and the conversation they've had with someone they are not possessed or need doctors help a young child shouldn't be forced to take tablets cause you can't handle hearing! Just leave them be and they will grow out of it just takes less or more time for some children

Aug 12, 2016
ease up NEW
by: Anonymous

Okay so I put a post up last year my son has now turned 5 and he's laughing in his sleep has calmed down a lot he wakes up once in a while now and laughs your child is actually asleep when she or he is laughing, even though their eyes are open and they are talking they are actually 100% asleep I know this because when my son was waking up at the same time every night i went in and asked who he was talking too he didn't answer i then turned the light on his eyes where open after 5 mins of me being in the room he just slightly laid back Down and his eyes shut? Pretty weird but apparently its a play back of what they did and the conversation they've had with someone they are not possessed or need doctors help a young child shouldn't be forced to take tablets cause you can't handle hearing! Just leave them be and they will grow out of it just takes less or more time for some children

Aug 14, 2016
Wakes from nap laughing NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 6 . When he hasn't taken a nap in the day, and has been awake for 10 plus hours, and falls to sleep. If I try to awaken him from a brief nap, when truly we should be preparing for bed, he will start laughing. I can even ask him, is anything funny, he would say no. This could go on for 5 to 6 minute. If I left him along, he would return right back to sleep. This only happens in the daytime, no problems occurs during the night. I will inquire with his pediatrician.

Dec 08, 2016
For the person that said Is not normal NEW
by: Anonymous

What the hell you talking about. You are demon..are from some african country? There mums abandon the kids believing they have demons...shut your mouth you silly person 😣😣

Dec 09, 2016
I have been doing it since I was 15 NEW
by: Samantha

I am 20 years old now and I have had this happen to me for that past 5years, it only happens when I'm only in my bed. I caught myself in the middle of the night twice last night balancing myself on the edge of the bed sitting crisscrossed and looking up at the ceiling laughing and I do a small rock it normally happens around 3am. When I wake up from it my heart beats really fast and hard and hurts so much when it happens. I also had night terrors last and night and sleep paralysis.

Dec 20, 2016
Possible Answer NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter has been rocking in her crib since she could sit up, the laughing doesnt happen every single nights but most nights. In our case it's something called SPD, Sensory Processing Disorder, there's too much to type to explain is so I suggest you google it and if your child is under 3 look into your states Early Intervention programs, it will provide an occupational therapist who comes to your house to work with your child. Technically this falls under the Autism category simply because it's such a large umbrella term. Really SPD should be its own category.
Basically it means your child is either not getting enough stimulation through out the day (physically) or too much, and this is a way of sorting that out.
We have plans to take her to see a sleep specialist and an allergist, I highly recommend everyone here first check into SPD, then a sleep specialist and an allergist.

Jan 03, 2017
In response to unnecessary comments NEW
by: Anonymous

Always good to pray. I have a older son showing similar symptoms. Always good to have Church support and Dr. reviews when dealing with unusual circumstances. Also, check The diet of your children. Kids are eating worse than ever these days and it does affect your cognitive, biological....etc functions.nothing wrong with going to a nutritionist via Nutrition. store and talk to people that are experts about nutrition. It's a journey, but results will come. Habakkuk 2:4

Jan 15, 2017
Get your child to a neurologist NEW
by: Anonymous

If you see any twitching especially than get appt with pediatric neurologist asap. They will do brain MRI and/sor EEG TEST which is completely safe for your child and make sure all brain cells are fully functioning properly.
These can be a child's way of self soothing as well but better to check and know now rather than risk not catching something serious.
I respect all that believe in god and prayers but understand that mankid has doctors that you see and can tend to your child and reinforce you that your child is safe rather than you play guessing games and rely on Dr google

Jan 22, 2017
Answers NEW
by: Anonymous 1

I personally believe that it can be jinn most of the time because the children are young and they do not understand much, they are also easy targets. Praying to Allah will help and reading some verses of the Quran, Ayat al kursi is the best. Just search Islam and Jinn's and you will learn a lot. Jinn are everywhere but if my child started rocking and laughing, I would be creeped out really bad and straight away I would read Ayat al kuri and would pray to Allah. If you want more info then again look at islam and what it says to read. There is so much to Jinn that we don't know.

May 13, 2017
Don't preach about Islam NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you but we don't need to look up information about Allah. We've always solved our problems and been fulfilled by looking to our God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Jan 14, 2018
4/5 of my kids have done this. NEW
by: Anonymous

And one (he's 10) still does.

Not one health issue... all are mentally stable & healthy (though I suspect their self esteem is a bit higher than what I recall being 'normal' when I was their age).

I wouldn't flip out. It seems like the opposite of a night terror or night mare.

Mar 20, 2018
Basically sleepwalking NEW
by: Anonymous

I did this as a kid, my 17 month old daughter does too.

Just be glad it is happy and not night terrors, if those start that is a lot less fun.

Most likely not anything to worry about, but what you can try if you want it to end sooner is just go into the room and hold them for a few minutes. Talk gently, don't turn on lights, and then just put them back down.

They may cry a little when first put back down but often this works like a "reset" and they will go back to normal sleep. Just be aware they often aren't really "there", do don't expect normal responses especially right after walking in the room.

Apr 15, 2018
My 2 1/2 year old recently runs to me & acts terrified NEW
by: Anonymous

I wanted to see if there are any parents who had the same situation that I been noticing my daughter do twice already within 1 week. So it first happened Monday night it was almost 3am we were getting ready to go upstairs in our room & she ran to me scared, shaking & pointing then would cling onto me really tight. It just happened tonight about a hour ago (sometime after 1am) I was finishing making something to eat as she was in our room watching cartoons then suddenly she ran all the way down to me screaming & acting paranoid or something & once again she was trembling, heart racing a little she was clinging onto me & pointing. At first she was scared to be in the room even with me in the room with her then when we were in the living room she was pointing toward our sun room. I am really worried cause I hope she is not seeing anything that's not supposed to be here or god for bid anything horrible? I just don't know what I can do to help her or make whatever it is go away? (If there is anything god for bid???) of course I am scared as well but im trying to be brave for her & protect her. Sorry if it mighy2sound a little crazy but I haven't ever dealt with anything like this plus I lived in this house with my family for almost 20 years now & haven't ever noticed anything out of the ordinary. I just always hear children & animals can sense entitys. All I can think to do is pray to god & my deceased mother to protect us.

May 24, 2018
My 3 year old wakes up laughing and talking NEW
by: Anonymous

I've read a article about this problem my daughter wakes up talking to her self and laughing. It's more then likely from having too good of a imagination. Basically she is replaying happy moments in her head and projecting them into reality for her self to her it's real but she is still able to communicate me. Supposably kids will grow out of it. Most doctors won't know what it is. There is very few people who specializes in it. Hopefully this is helpful

Jun 06, 2018
My 2 and half year old daughter NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter wake up every night at 3 o'clock.She will start laughing and sometimes talking.She also looks at spots and laughs.She makes jerky movements but when when you talk to her she responds back.We thought she was busy having a seizure.We took her to the doctor he send us to do EEG test on the brain to see if she has epilepsy but the results came back saying there is nothing wrong with her brain.And now she still wakes up every night at 3 o'clock laughing and do movements and whe don't now what else it can be we are very worried.We sit up with her every night for 2 hours then she sleeps again.

Dec 11, 2018
Same thing
by: Anonymous

Hello my daughter is 18 months old and has been doing this for a while now, shes done it for hours i dont know what to think of it anymore her dr sent her a EEG and it came back normal but she still does it, if anyone has had any answers please let me know i have been worried to death ..

Dec 17, 2018
Demons? Lol NEW
by: Anonymous

Your poor kids..having retards as parents.
My little girl came out giggling. Sounding like she was crying
I look at Her and said come here hunny. she looks wide awake, picked her up and she's out cold
2 minutes later

Your a moron.
The human brain is a a supercharged computer
You put a toddler In front of tvs, give them sugar, plus regular stimulation of playing u may get odd results
Just wanted to make sure it wasnt a lead,mold,or environmental chemical issue.

For those of u that have kids rocking.
That's a comfort womb thing.
Anytime ur kid is crying what do you do?
U ROCK THEM. Believe it or not they will do that on their own.
it's engrained in there subconscious
YOUR KID EITHER is working some shit out while sleeping or in serious cases go see a doctor.
Seems pretty common so I think I'm OK.
If your kid is walking around doing crazy shit u should go see a doctor.
If ur kid walks onto the ceiling backwords
Then start praying (but until then stfu)

Jul 11, 2019
by: Anonymous

The best ones is IM PRAYING FOR HIM, sure god will help!


My toddler is on the spectrum and she does the same. Wakes and laughs. Just relax and dont over stimulate your kids.

more excersice and chill time before bed

Jul 08, 2021
Are basal memories so short that evolution is impossible? NEW
by: Anonymous

It is not natural for humans to sleep 8 hours at a stretch.

Just because your short memory doesn’t remember any other mode than what exists for you now does not mean that there was not a better, non genocidal/slave labor based societal framework in play before the Conquistadors crashed the life.

0h, and- Electricity shifted humanity.

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