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Ninja Attack (S&D)

by Anonymous

I was in my old house with my family and all of a sudden a man in Chinese traditional clothing tried to sneak into my room through the window. As soon as I saw this I called my parents and they killed him as if they were spies or ninjas or something.

A few seconds later another person tried to get in, but it was a young girl. It’s as if they were sent to kill my family. She came in and we attacked her. I started choking her, but then my mom told me it wasn’t necessary to kill her because she was good (since she wore Kpop socks).

Then later we were in a hotel and tons of these ninja-like people were looking for us, and I escaped by walking on the walls and hiding on the ceiling.

But later I was found and I was fighting them, when all of a sudden I saw that young girl again. It was wrong to let her go that time. We started fighting and then I can’t remember what happened.

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Comments for Ninja Attack (S&D)

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Jun 07, 2013
girl NEW
by: Anonymous

if you know this girl in your dream you either love her or hate her im not really positive

Aug 20, 2013
Nice NEW
by: Michael M.

Was a nice read, sounds like a fun dream and maybe you know this girl or she represents somebody in your life who you hate, but you may become best friends/boyfriend-girlfriend with her as for some reason you stopped choking her.

Oct 02, 2013
jeepers NEW
by: Zipline

Sounds a bit like inseption... Or teh matrix! :O
Either kill that girl or talk to her and find out why shes such a dream stalker! she might even be the one bringing the ninjas there with her tracking device socks... O_O and is it too much to ask to "close the window"? Expecially if its going to be cloudy with a chance of ninja.

Feb 22, 2014
Beat them up !! NEW
by: Abhishek Sainani

You've been watching too much Naruto !! :P
I got a similar dream once... some guys were beating me up wherever I was, at home, in office, anywhere in public... then I trained myself and once again when they started beating me up... in next two minutes, they were all lying on the floor, groaning !! :D
Nobody messes with me in my own dream !! ;)

Jun 02, 2015
Meaning of your dream NEW
by: Anonymous

You were in your old house a familiar place, where you feel secure/safe. You are with your family, most importantly your parents are who you call on for protection which means that you rely on them to protect you. You believe they will always help with any situation/always the problem solvers. The man in the tradition Chinese clothing is the enemy and intruder who threaten your home and life. I believe that he is what you think, a person whom you know is considered dangerous by their looks. A wolf/snake that you know is dangerous. The second person who attacks is the young girl-innocent looking I might add is a wolf in sheep clothing. This person also threatens your home/family however, you respect this person not to kill her. Because of her innocent looks (kpop socks), you must realize that she is your greatest threat/enemy of all because she is deceiving. You end up a hotel not your home. The hotel is the world unlike your home it is not familiar and not in your control therefore, you hide and evade dangers(army of ninjas). You being able to climb walls and hide mean you learn to avoid dangers and are skilled at it. However, dangers(ninjas)/problems will catch up to you at some point of your life. Your life is a constant fight of endless enemies(problem?/dangers?/Fears?). You do not know the out come because you have not determine your fate or made a decision within your life. Long story short people who you find threatening are. People you find innocent might be a threat, be careful in those you trust. Your parents are always there to help you fight and you need to rely on them for support/help. You think you can evade and fight the world's(hotel)problems/dangers(army of ninjas) however it will catch up to you. Do not fear you are a fighter and fight you shall. The outcome will be determine by you. The girl is your biggest regret whatever, that may be. It will always come back to fight you however, you have learned your lesson. Don't make that mistake twice.

Feb 09, 2016
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

Omg, I had the exact same dream some years ago!!

Jun 12, 2016
Warning dream NEW
by: Anonymous

the dream is basically there something that happened in your family in the past. maybe an attack. Your parents thought to have overcome and defeated that issue. But this time its gonna come in a way they dont expect. But God has given you the ability to know and sense when this attack comes. This is something you are going fight though in the later part of your life. but you need to pray to God to help you overcome it.

this is a warning dream God gave to you.

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