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Scared to Sleep

by Andrea

I consider myself a normal 42 yr. old female, other than my lack of healthy and restful sleep. I have suffered from Sleep Paralysis since I was 15 yrs. old. The "episodes" have always been terrifying. But in the last 4 or so years the hallucinations are becoming worse. I can be lying in any position when it happens nowadays.

Here's an example of an "episode" of my SP: I wake up paralyzed and cannot breathe, but can see. I hear something in my bedroom doorway and see to my horror a short, dark demon (for lack of a better word) watching me and knowing that I cannot move. He then floats to the side of my bed and paces back and forth rubbing his hands together. I can hear his thoughts of "She's mine now! She can't move". He hoists himself up onto my bed using his knuckles. It paces alongside of me on the mattress and then will straddle my thighs.
All the time I SWEAR I can FEEL the footsteps sinking in the mattress. I can FEEL its breath. I can FEEL it straddle my thighs. I become able to move a finger or some body part, and the creature will move in reverse. He'll float backward on the ceiling in a corner until I've fully broken the paralysis, when he then goes backward in hyperspeed to the doorway of my room and then gets completely "sucked" out of the doorway.

I'll get out of bed. Do the water-on-the-face thing. And pray that it will be the only "episode" of the night.

I am a bartender with bad work shifts. I may drink alcohol--approx. 4 beers once a month or less. I smoke cigarettes, but nothing else. I am not a druggie. Used to body build, but got injured. I have experienced waking panic attacks at times for about 20 years.

I've tried the good sleep hygiene routine to the best of my ability due to my work schedule. Basically, I'm tired of being so tired. HELP!

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Jul 16, 2010
by: Kath

Hi Andrea. I posted something similar a while ago ( The question I asked was whether it could be linked to sleep apnea (sleep paralysis), as I now know I have sleep apnea and since I've been treated for this (CPAP) I've not had any of those past awful incidents. I used to wake up with weird sensations and it was like someone (evil) was pressing on my chest trying to kill me, or at least squeeze all of the breath out of me. I've also experienced what I thought was someone's arm around me squeezing me until I couldn't breathe. Tell your doctor + see if you can be referred to a sleep specialist as it could be sleep apnea (as like I said, I've not had anymore of these frightening experiences since being diagnosed) or it could be another sleep 'conditon.' Maybe someone might reply to you with info, even though they didn't to me!! Good luck! It's awful when you're scared to go to bed, as I was for many years :(

Sep 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

I too have sleep paralysis that is really scary. I sometimes think that i hear someone breaking into my house, or hear my family talking. I always think they will see me with my eyes open and think I am awake. I swear too that I CAN FEEL during these episodes!!!!

Dec 14, 2010
RE: Kevin
by: Barney

I apologize for my rant, I have had sp a dozen times this year and I was probably unfairly venting my frustrations steaming from dozens of online discussions, the state of modern medicine and educational system. I withdraw my comment about the book :) I shouldn't have knocked it without first reading it, I was basing my criticism on the outline that mentioned spirit guides and turning sp into a positive experience.

This site is the first time I've read the term, REM atonia, although I have understood the concept for years. Let me clarify that as I state in my video, I agree with the hypothesis about sp that is on this website. I just don't agree that "everything" seen during sp are hallucinations. It's obvious many are but I'm convinced some aren't.

Thanks for the discourse, hope to talk again. Barney

Dec 14, 2010
Sleep Paralysis Video
by: Kevin Morton

For those interested in seeing Barney's video and reading some more of his writing, you can find both here:

Feb 28, 2011
Sleep Paralysis
by: Anonymous

I don't know if this is weird or not but I experienced sleep paralysis since I was 7. Only about a year ago the hallucianations came up. They aren't HORRIBLE but they are scary. I can't scream or anything. Sometimes I try to move and I seem to be able to move sometimes but when I wake up, nothing happened. I've gone through sleep paralysis FACE DOWN on my pillow.

Mar 04, 2011
I never knew.....
by: SA-HLZ

All I can say to all of you who have posted here is Thank you. I am 44 years old, and last week was my first ever episode of SP. I didn'y know this existed, so you can just imagine the horror I was going through, I didn't know where to go. Yesterday I decided to do a littl emore research before I went to go see a doctor and typed ina vague description of what I was going through, and low and behold, I found an answer to my scary question, "What is going on with me?" I don't know what to expect in the future, it has happened three time this week, nothing has change din my life, so not idea where this is coming from.
Thanks again all for this information and your stories. they ahve made me feel more at ease knowing I am not alone.

Mar 12, 2011
Maybe what you see is real
by: AnonymousGirl

Listen people I know you all are gonna call me crazy for saying this but what if what u see/experience while ur in ur sleep paralysis is real. . . I've experienced stuff like this and I swear I wasn't hallucinating because I swear I would hear things in my room and as I heard them I can feel my body slowly becoming paralyzed like some creeping darkness was slowly coming over me. Luckily I was able to break that in time and run out of my room. Another time the left part of my body couldn't move and I could feel this dark thing which I believe was a demon remove the covers off me but fortunately with my right hand I made the Sign of the Cross like 100 times and the thing left and I could move again. Now I don't want people thinking they're hallucinating this because I believe that in this world there are Good things and Dark things out in this world. Just because we've experienced these things DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE ALWAYS CRAZY.
note: I don't take drugs, smoke, and I'm not schizo or anything like that- I'm normal

May 18, 2011
Re: Anonymousgirl
by: Coco

I totally agree with you. I'm medical problems...dnt drink nor smoke...I've had similar episodes but worse. I tried to wake up and couldn't move, heard footsteps on my carpet, couldn't open my eyes nor scream for help. I've h3ard heavy breathing, seen dark figures, I've had cover pulled off of me, and seen something in a black hood faceless but a mouth like a wolf. I thought I was going.crazy..can anyone explain this????

Sep 07, 2011
just had my first hopefully last sp
by: Q

I was really tired trying to read things on the internet that claim to be dangerous information. i dose off for a short while and i wake up and think everything is fine. Very quickly a Loudly audible and increasingly rapid "clicking" noise happens and as far as i recall doesn't stop until i can move again. Thank GOD i had no hallucinations. As soon as a woke up and heard the clicking noise, it was ominous and i felt as if something bad was going to happen.. i was like here we go again.. cuz ive been in several situations far more terrifying than this in which the onset of a tortuous event takes place and i feel it coming but forget i have the power to control what happens. I never have quite been paralyzed or had paralysis related to sleep. Another thing- as soon as i started to hear the clicking noise take off out of control i was certain this was a conscious psychological attack targeted on me. Ive had other episodes of different natures in which i thought this was the case too. anyone else? Yeah i beleive in things and have had direct experiences that many people would think im crazy for-- but some advice that absolutely works for anyone in this situation that has actually saved me before is to call for help to someone like mother mary magdalane or Babaji. Any enlightened being you feel comfortble to earnestly ask for help. In my Mother Mary Magdalene experience, i had never thought of or neccesarily believed in the existance or reality that she could help or anything,, but i was absolutely indescribably taken care of by her with such love and left with such unconditional gratitude for her. Try it out yall! it works! i wish i could have remembered this time-- so remember to ask the beautiful many for help! it is important to clarify that only those who are of your true best interest (Loving Christ/Krishna..etc beings) are welcome in your consciousness. It really truly works and can change your life. still we need to support eachother. if you dont believe in prayer-- please send out the intention for you and everyone else having these problems to be helped. it works! i have scientific references as some evidence if you want. so let's help eachother out- and the more specific - the better. blessings to everyone. also, does anyone have any other helpful insights or techniques to share?

Sep 07, 2011
RE J and everyone else with attackers
by: Q

what i think is they are some sort of astral entities. When we dream, who we are (our conscious spirit) is partly or wholly in the astral world. this sleep paralysis phenomena with hallucinations seems to be having some of that spill over into our waking lives. Notice that none of you have been seriously/fatally harmed or raped like you think you might be? ive had scenarios like that too not related to sleep paralysis. It doesnt happen because you have mandate astrally and also physically and causally over what happens to you only if you believe you do. i think yall are so hopeful to not be harmed by these things that the higher self that you are is powerfully acting upon your own free will to not allow these things to mess with you. They are delusional fragments of distorted vibrations of the all that is who need help to return to a truly desired state of being. dont hate or fear them. it is the cliche: love is the answer. there are countless "light workers" here to assist you- it requires your conscious free will for intervention to take place. Whether you believe it or not- who you really are is infinitely powerful and has the power to live the way you desire. So remember this and send out the intention to help yourself and help eachother

Sep 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

What a huge relief I feel after reading these. I've had this for some time. when this happens to me I am only faced with overwhelming fear because I am unable to move speak or even scream. I try so hard to get up and feel as if I am being forced to stay down. This always happens shortly after I have fallen asleep. At first I would chalk it up to a bad dream but recently I've just been very bothered by it. Googled and here you all are. My hope is that nothing adds in over time. I hav never seen a person or anything in the room. And I often fall asleep in my daughters room across the hall
From my room. Can't say I remember a time it's happened in my own room. Just glad it's common and i am satisfied with the explanation given scientifically. Thanks you

Oct 15, 2011
by: Lanani

Ya I was reading all of this and holy cow some of you guys If I saw what you saw I'd never sleep again. Although, I've seen my share of things. I always have some sort of hallucination but for some reason After I snap out of it or the next day I realize that it actually did happen and it just blows my mind. I mean you can believe me or not believe me whatever. 5 years ago I was cohabiting with my friend and his uncle. This sleep paralysis kicked in and while I was still laying in the bed my 'self' got out of me and drudged heavily down the hall calling the uncle because I could hear demons in his room. The next day I asked him what was in his room he said they sound like demons but they're his allies. I dont know what that was about... Another time.. Mmm 4 years ago it happened and a little girl came in my room and started pushing me off the bed telling me I needed to leave and knocked all the books off the top of my bookshelf. When I got up i had red marks and the books were on the floor. Umm, in march of this year.. I was pregnant and had a SP episode. My 3 year old son demonized came into the room with my unborn babys father. The father was yelling at me crazy angry yelling and my son jumped on my and wrapped his legs around my stomach until i hurt all over. I had a miscarriage then for real. I dont know how to explain any of this

Jan 08, 2012
I had sleep paralysis NEW
by: Valerie

I started having sleep paralysis since I was 15 I'm 19 now,, & its been a year since It stopped.. but one time I was asleep are my friends house and a little girl was slowly singing in my ear ( la la la la la) & turning me to see her but i say the (Our Father) on my mind untill everything goes away.. and I told my friend what happened and be said that a little girl had died there many years ago,, it was very scary. I understand you all.

Jan 09, 2012
Listen. NEW
by: D

I think a lot of you are crazy. Not crazy because you're hallucinating - that's totally normal, and I have SP with severe, terrifying hallucinations myself. No, you're crazy because you're pretending that the things you see are real - spirits, demons, supernatural beings, whatever you might think. You aren't doing yourself any favours by entertaining the notion that the things you are seeing are anything more than projections within your own mind. Of course they seem totally real - they are created by your own mind, and your mind is the only tool you have to interpret the world around you. The best defense against these things is learning more about how your brain works, so I don't want to read any more garbage about "light workers" "spirit guides" "mary magdalene" or "astral beings". I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but we don't live in the Middle Ages anymore, so we don't have to be terrified that evil spirits are actually sitting on our chests at night. Okay?

Jan 22, 2012
Agree NEW
by: Carolina B

I agree with the last comment. I had SP since litthe chilg. Seen wiches and gobblins, but most of the time I just feel sufocated or imagine that i'm arguing with my mother, or boyfriend. And when i wake up, my boyfriend is sleeps, my mother is in her house, i hadn't died smothered. So, obviously, as the other things where not real, the witches and spirits were also not real.

That dosn't mean i don't belive in ghosts, or god or supernatural things. I just know i had experienced a dream, that felt real, but was really, just a dream.

Mar 07, 2012
Sleep Paralysis NEW
by: Rebekah

I'm 17 years old and I got these sleep paralysis episodes when I was 14.
Your episode sound so similar to all the episodes I had!
I can't breathe or move. It feels like someone is forcing my eyes shut and someone is strangling me.
I see demons all the time.
One of my episode was when this women was carrying a baby and she was crying, and I'm guessing the baby died. And than all of a sudden the babys' face came right at my face and smiled and I saw these demon eyes, it scared the crap out of me.

Mar 15, 2012
by: Michael

I can't believe how crazy some of the stories are about sleep paralysis. I've always had that same feeling of someone standing on my chest making me unable to move. For the longest times I thought it was demons and I was scared to sleep most nights. I would hear strange noises like something speaking in some crazy language and some nights I would see what looked like red eyes watching over me. I even tried to scream out once but all I could get out was like a low moan. I guess this was because I was pretty stressed and had a pretty bad sleeping schedule. I haven't had one for a couple of months now, but now that I know what it is I find sleeping much easier. I'm glad it has never gotten as bad as some of these stories here. I hope all you people can find help or something to make sleeping easier.

Mar 19, 2012
my sp experiences NEW
by: Anonymous

I have experienced sp too, 5-6 times since 16.I am now 20. I was able to see only once, but didn't saw any "thing" in my room. However i couldn't move, i was coming out of the dream i had that moment in a strong hum, like i was in the middle of a hurricane, and something was pressing my chest. Every single time i tried to cross my self, my hand wasn't moving so i just prayed in my mind. I repeated the pray again and again and in a few minutes everything calmed down, it was peacefully and i could move.

Apr 10, 2012
make it work for you!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all i have had narcolepsy for over a year now n i have learnt ways of dealing with each symptom and wen it comes to sleep paralasis n hallicinations u.must think positive thoughts trust me you can get this condition to work for ur benefit just think of someone hugging u and it usually works i have thoughts i need a massage n keep thinkin something in my room will give me one n i works the only doesnt . tryis wen u panic n think bad thoughts n get scared then something evil will come...try thinking about touching a sexy guy or girl or kissing them. i have even managed to get some great orgasins seriously like someone had sex with me n gave me oral n it was really good i stopped freaking out n actually went along with it. try this::: wen ur about to have a nap lie or.ur stomach and imagine your infront or behind someone n visualize touchin them over and over again and suddenly within minutes u start to feel ur head sink into the pillow n then u start to feel infront of you this person now try kissing them? Try it guys its great wen it works !!!!

Apr 13, 2012
The same halluciantions....... NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had sleep paralysis since I was 13.........reading everyone's stories for couple of years now......doesn't it seem rather weird we all have the same hallucination. I am not a religious person...I don't believe in religion but I do believe in God and the devil. Why is it that everyone has the same hallucination. the old ugly woman called the hag? The shadow man.....whom whenever see his face but always stand to the foot our bed? Or better yet the constant laughing and evil presence that we feel at times but we can't see? maybe science can't really explain Sleep Paralysis, maybe it has something to do with hell? I mean I know it sounds crazy but science always tries to find an explanation for this. I just don't understand how people all over the world that have never met or heard of sleep paralysis tend to see the same exact hallucinations. Is it weird or not?

May 03, 2012
1st and hopefully last episode of sp NEW
by: sara

im 37 years old and last night had an episode of sp, to say i was was terrified is a complete understatement, i couldnt see anybody but could feel a presence in my room, i couldnt breathe as something was on my chest and my body wouldnt move for me, i kept thinking if i could only get to my childs bedroom i,d be ok, 2nite im scared to sleep incase this happens again, i thought maybe it was a panic attack but have never suffered anything like this before and found this page when i typed in what happened to me, so i now know it has a name and would love to know if theres a way of controlling attacks. very scary and i feel for you people who have suffered this for a long time. heres hoping this was an isolated incident. sweet dreams 2 u all.

May 03, 2012
A way to control sleep paralysis NEW
by: Anonymous

There is not scientific way to control sleep paralysis. I been expericng it all my life it comes and it goes. My sleep apralysis ahs gotten a lot better int he case that the hallucinations are not as bad. Remember everything you are hallucination is being activated by an arae of your brain called the Pons. The more into panic you go the worse the hallucination will get! Try to block out the hallucinations, think of something else. block out the voices and sing if you have to. I know ti is hard to do but in time it will get better, sadly there is no treatment for sleep paralysis it's still consider an ongoing investigation i guess you can say. Stress can trigger sleep paralysis, a change in your sleeping schedule even bottling up your feelings can cause it! Try to find out what is causing your sleep paralysis and write down how often you have it! My last episode was April 1, 2012 from 3:00 am-3:32 am.

Jul 26, 2012
scared to tell people NEW
by: Tara

Ive had these episodes for quite some time. I feel this surge at times come over me n I know whats about to happen n I cant stop it. I see everything around me n i cant move, scream, or breath. I feel like this is it this time. Ive had this thing put its weight on my body, its touched my shoulders its even circled my bed as I lay hopeless. One time it lasted for 3 hours i would get up move to other rooms n it would keep happening. I wake my 13 year old son up or my boyfriend n im drenched in sweat n having panic attacts. I'm scared to tell my doctor for he may think im crazy. I dont know what to do?? .

Jul 27, 2012
cure for everything NEW
by: Anonymous

marijuana helped me.Just smoke a joint, take a shower and go bed. i could sometimes sleep with remembering my dreams or have a good dream

Jul 30, 2012
cure maybe? NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all. I have had 1 expireince before as does 50% of the population but I wanna answer some questions. Ok first off, why are all expieriences closely similar. OK so the brain is still in its dreaming state and when we are concious of our dreams like in SP we control them or influence them, so the first thing we think of when we find ourself paralyised is fear aond dread so our brain cthreats a hallucination to match that often becoming a demon or rapist, e expierence of SP is what you want it to be if you dont fear it and instead make your first emotion something of overpowering joy your expierience will not be that of demons. But for this to work yoy must truley believe in joy not dread.

Oct 29, 2012
about to die NEW
by: Rose

This is the most frightening thing I've ever experienced, I get it at least every 6 months but when i do it seems to last for hours. I'm just drifting of, then suddenly my whole body and mind goes hyper alert, my eyes are wide open and i can see around my room, i sense something evel but I'm paralysed. Sometimes I see an extremely tall hooded dark figure in the corner of the room. But always it starts with me feeling like something is crawling on my bed pressing up agains tmy body creeping nearer and nearer my face . I struggle with all my strength to move, and to scream but I can't as it crawls up to my face. Its bloody terrifying. In the worst episodes my whole body convulses rapidly and I swear that if someone measured my heart I am bordering on having a heart attack. When i finally break free and can move...the whole things starts again within 30 seconds. It is never just one attack, it can go on over and over continuously - being paralysed, sensing or seeing this evil presence, unable to scream for help, feeling it crawl like a cat up my body, convusions - does anyone else get wild convulsions like this? The I somehow break out of it. I'm 36 but scared witless I end up in my Mum's bed. But I also had an attack last week whilst staying in my sister's house. It is so helpful to read other people feel and see this awful evil sinister 'thing'.

Nov 02, 2012
scared NEW
by: Anonymous

i had an attack similar to some of these i had just took my little girl to the toilet at 3:30 in the morn on halloween spooky i no,i was just nodding off when i got the feelings of pins and needles through my body i couldnt move or shout it lasted bout 5-10 mins but when i was able to move i got a sudden headache sweating and feeling sick i never want to experience that again

Mar 06, 2013
Gasheero NEW
by: Anonymous

You're absolutely right, Gasheero !
I know that saying the Lord's Prayer helps.In mind,of course, because I can not move or speak. Oh yes, you'll be distracted while you say the Lord's Prayer. At times you will look like someone who has a speech impediment. But stand in order to pronounce. Not to fear. You just need to make room for faith. You are not alone and you have a powerful weapon for the defense, the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of the Lord.
As Gasheero says, some things do not ask our permission to exist. Neither our belief or non belief in their existence. But if you want to sleep peacefully, use the most powerful defense, the Word of the Lord, in your mind or on the lips, it depends of what you are capable of that moment.
God's blessings to you all, calm night, and pleasant dreams.

Dec 02, 2013
terrifying 90% explainable NEW
by: neil c

sleep paralysis also known as "OLD HAG SYNDROME" i am very scientific and through psychology, i found that i would enter the dream state (rem sleep) but wake intermittenly while still dreaming. i read that i couldnt move because the brain paralyizes the large muscles to stop u acting out your dream. what stunned me was why i dreamt of this old which who would sit on me or hover towards me and even jam open my mouth. ive read that S.P is linked to sleep apnea and night terrors. night terrors are in rem sleep but still move. i have very lucid sexual dreams sometimes ( succubus) apparently the fear part of the brain is very close to the sexual part, so misfiring synapsis may explain dual dreaming. what nobody can explain is the old witch, the black shadow and sitting on your chest. the "NIGHT MARE" ill try add some pics

Dec 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from SP my entire life. It started from the age of 8 yrs to the present. Many people want to act like they have all the answers on these forums, yet if they had all the answers, we would have ours… yet here we are. I can understand the part of waking up while a cerebral function is still on bypass mode explaining this phenomena which is similar to everyone who experiences SP, but the illusions being similar as well? That is a little more than just coincidence don'e you think. How can so many people expanding generations all be seeing almost identical illusions? I have been fighting this thing my entire life and it never gets easier. The suffocating, the struggling to wake up… the terrifying shadows that come from the darkest corners and hover by you, studying you. Science may have some answers and maybe even all the answers, but one things is for sure…… YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THOSE ANSWERS!

Feb 08, 2014
I'm scared to fall asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

This is like the second time I had one of these but I'm not sure if it is sp , last night I had one and it was like I couldn't move at all not even talk but it was dark in my room and it was a thunder storm outside and I was filled with goosebumps and everything lightening would hit I would see these dark shadows in my room I trying yelling to see if anyone was awake but I couldn't talk . The was this one shadow that was a lady and she was standing next to my bed and she was trying to enter my body and than I felt like a hole in one of my k9 teeth and than the lady tried to attack me and than I woke up someone please tell me what I should do Im scared to fall asleep

Feb 08, 2014
I'm scared to fall asleep NEW
by: Anonymous

This is like the second time I had one of these but I'm not sure if it is sp , last night I had one and it was like I couldn't move at all not even talk but it was dark in my room and it was a thunder storm outside and I was filled with goosebumps and everything lightening would hit I would see these dark shadows in my room I trying yelling to see if anyone was awake but I couldn't talk . The was this one shadow that was a lady and she was standing next to my bed and she was trying to enter my body and than I felt like a hole in one of my k9 teeth and than the lady tried to attack me and than I woke up someone please tell me what I should do Im scared to fall asleep

Jul 05, 2014
Dark hole NEW
by: Anonymous

Whenever I have sleep paralysis, it feel like i am being sucked down a dark hole. There are no forms , witches or demons. Just a dark energy that sucks me down. I can't move or get up and I also feel like I am choking.

Sep 08, 2014
scared of dark and get sick from being scared NEW

I have spent a lot of nights sitting there being scared i think it all started when i watched this horror film. I have spent the nights being sick and not sleeping IM always tired in the morning.

Sep 08, 2014
scared of dark and get sick from being scared NEW

I have spent a lot of nights sitting there being scared i think it all started when i watched this horror film. I have spent the nights being sick and not sleeping IM always tired in the morning.

Nov 23, 2014
voices NEW
by: Alice

My episodes usually only happen in the spring for some reason and there's always someone talking to me and it's my own voice but not me. I had a random episode last night where I heard someone that had the same voice as me whispering "that's fucking control" really fast in my ear. I've also had it where I talk in my head with the vioce and once I heard it laughing and I "shut up" so the voice laughed and said shut up repeatedly and kept getting louder until it got mad and started screaming shut up and I woke up with a headache. Another time I heard a really deep voice talking to me in a different language. Whenever I see a dark hooded figure it's always in the doorway or closet and it just stands there and laughs because I can't move and can barely breathe.

Dec 02, 2014
ur not alone NEW

Please dont be scared. Ur not alone. I see exactly the same thing im 41.
its so common that nightmare translates to riding witch. Or something.
If u just want it to stop then close all doors and windows to your bedroom and most importantly do not sleep on your back.

Dec 02, 2014
placebo effect NEW

For the people who say prayers or wiggle fingers
im happy they help you, however, i like to take a scientific approach
i suggest that upon awakening some have done this. This has conditioned the brain to wake up.

Ex. U cant move! Why? The brain suggests "someone must be holding you down" who? whatever it is your terrified the brain tries to remember fears that have previously scared you for example ghosts, witches, "chainsaw man"

now for those who snap out of it, im afraid all you have done is conditioned your brain with a defence mechanism.

Ive looked deeply into this, and suffer myself.

I hypothosise that i see a witch because of childhood fears exactly like the evidence for salem witch trials.

Ive found SP cases involving demons and witches going back hundreds of years but alien SP episodes only recent years.

I would be very happy if any gay SP sufferers would post or contact. Im very interested in what attacks you? Male or female gay SP sufferers may have same sex attacks during lucid SP

Dec 02, 2014
theories NEW

1. Head trauma as child. (cop out)

2. In Norwegian and Danish, the words for "nightmare" are "mareritt" and"mareridt" respectively, which can be directly translated as "mare-ride"

3. My own

i believe our dreams of wish fulfillment/emotional needs ( i dream i am in love, a love so strong, with a stranger.
we practice fight or flight while dreaming, for real life situations. Personally i believe this accounts for waking from SP terrified and explains why some jump out of bed arms punching wildly.

I also believe that many people have their first episode as early teen during puberty? did u know the fear and sexual areas of the brain are close to one another?

If your brain is firing synapses at the fear area, a misfire can lead to many reported dreams of the SP attacker sexually assaulting them.
Vice versa
if your a teen and synapses are firing at the sexual area of the brain more than ever due to puberty, a misfire can lead ones first SP episode?

Dec 04, 2014
a beep sound.. NEW
by: Anonymous

m a 20 yr old!! i got my 1st sleep paraylsis whn i ws 14 yr old..its a diffrent experience.. whn i hd a word regarding dis wid my mother she jst ignored bt den i hd wrd wid my father..n he sd evn he use to experience it whn he ws of my age! n believed me bcz evn he hd the same experience, whn i gt a sp i usually pray to god at dat moment..der is a beep sound same as we get whn we on the tv..n whn i continusly pray to god at dat moment the pressure on my body n beep sound increases alot!! n i gt a feeling dat my ears r goin to burst!! sp last fr 20 dad recommended leave ua body calm n cool as if the spiritual power hv won n u loose..spiritual power leaves ua body soon!

Jan 25, 2015
The experience of a terrifying, Horrific paralysis sleep state. NEW
by: Anonymous

Just googled for answers about what I have just experienced tonight around 2:30am.
This is the website I have found and reading other people's posts has made me feel a lot happier as to why I have just had a terrable horrific sleep state tonight. I'm still trembling as if it was physical really happening to me in my so called sleep state.
The story is.. Me & my partner went to bed as normal dog in his dog bed in the room... All is normal.
I deliberately in my dream woke myself up shouting as loud as possible could reciting the Lord's Prayer.
I was awake to find I had disturbed and woke up my partner who wondered what was going on and my dog was scared running to my partner cowering because I must he said he heard me shouting the Lord's Prayer and as I was finishing the prayer he said I shouted it even louder. He said my body didn't flintch as far as he's aware but he said I sounded as though something was restricting me from speaking the Lord's Prayer out loud yet I was laying still no movement. He said I totally scared him as I've never done this ever?
In my let's call it dream state then, I was laying asleep. I suddenly sensed an evil spirit at the side of my bed. A white tissue floated pasty face and I freaked. I had a feeling it was going to harm
Me. It did! It started to touch me down below and rub it. I thought it was going to rape me... As I screamed my dead mother appeared to stop the evil enterty someo but it shit my mum out of the door. She seemed real like when she was alive years ago.... I said to the demon, ' in the eyes of the Lord you shall be banished to hell' I said the Lord's Prayer and the spirit applied pressure to my mouth trying to stop me from saying the prayer.. It didn't like the prayer and it was pressing my whole body in to the bed... As I got towards the snd of the prayer the spirit released me and that when I awoke...
I'm sweating down below which I though was wierd and I'm absolutly been harrowed tonight.. I really don't want that to happen ever again.

Feb 05, 2015
Remedies when in SP NEW
by: Anonymous lola

Hi guys, I had about 8 sleep paralysis episodes and they were pure terror. As you all know.
Yet, at the time I didn't write or talk about it- i thought that Something was wrong with me. Yet, it wasn't.

So, duirng the first episode, I was just terrified and had to wait until it would end.
Yet, when the same things happened the next time, i thought to fight back... Even I couldn't move, scream or do anything at all... So I decided to use what I had.. MY BRAIN. As the feeling and experience was pure and utter Darkness with demonic presence etc.. Horror in other words.. I decided to PRAY. In my mind. By the time I recited Holy Father in my mind for the 10th time, it was gone ( and i could feel the presence shrinking in the process).

So, pray at least ten times or as many times as it is needed to get the sp out. Also, it helped to keep the eyes closed - I knew that something horrible was around. So just focus on the prayer. It helped me all the time. And also I have told ( in my mind) that i banish them in the name of God, Thanks God, it never happened ever since.
The other Important part was that i wasn't a church goer, or practicing catholic, it just came to be that the only way I could do was pray, so I did and it Worked! Maybe it will for you as well. And also, please try to focus on something else, much nicer in your daily life, as what we focus on, multiplies, So please, focus on something positive and the horrors will leave your life.
Wishing you peace and Sweet Dreams!

Mar 06, 2015
Don't Drink before going to sleep . Go to bed early and wake up early and eat food in between your somewhat shifts NEW
by: AmyNaglowsky

And get another Job like maybe u could work at a daytime Restuarant and then afterwards get the application in and then go home and take a nice warm relaxing bubble bath and quit your Bartendering Job that has no good Shifts at all

Mar 08, 2015
someone with answers please NEW

What os this and why let me ask you are these same people luke me scared to sleep or can hear through out the noght or go to sleep to hit a deep sleep 2 hours later and wake up out of no where and feel like you slept for two days but when you lay for noght your almost instanly asleep sorry to ask so much just cant figure it out

May 24, 2015
Always sleep with pillow magnetic south to cure yourself of monsters NEW
by: Anonymous

Your sleep posture is making you vulnerable to nefarious entities!

What direction is your pillow/headboard of your bed facing?

I suspect you may be sleeping with the top of your head facing magnetic north or equally bad magnetic west. Magnetic north is called the "death position" because coffins are buried facing north and if you sleep north ghosts appear in your life, says the folklore.

The people of Bali say "sleeping magnetic west means you will have no love, everyone will hate you and you will experience violence" I paraphrased but Google search "Balinese sleep north"

Many cultures recommended that you sleep with the top of your head facing magnetic south and feet facing magnetic north. An alternate position is your head facing magnetic east and feet facing magnetic west. Use an electronic compass, it has to be exactly south, any deviation such as south west of south east makes you open to nefarious entities.

Never sleep with head facing magnetic north cuz you are guaranteed to see ghosts and have nightmares.

Also never ever sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back is the posture of the corpse in a coffin and "vastu" says sleeping on the back ruins the brain. Try to sleep on the left side of your body always to get wealthy. Sleep on the right side is ok but not best and monsters probably attacked you while you slept on the right side of your body of slept on your back. Sleeping on left side is best and you get rich wealthy. Never sleep on the stomach you suffocate, sudden infant death syndrome.

I recommend you read this website, it explains the significance of monsters in sleep.

Also Google search "vastu sleep direction" and search also "sleep facing south" to get more information. Sleeping facing south makes you wealthy and healthy, sleeping east makes you intelligent but not wealthy so east is for children still attending school.

The information I wrote was for the northern hemisphere, I dont know about sleep position for the southern hemisphere of earth.

Also, what is your blood type? If you are blood type Rhesus Negative (Rh negative) then this website might be informative

Best of luck! Feel free to Pass this information on to non-demonic people.

Jun 22, 2015
Scary! NEW
by: Anonymous

Last night on Father's Day of 2015 my brother was asleep in his apartment and heard footsteps outside of his door and thought it was just his roommates but then heard the door lock jiggle as if someone were trying to get in and then he said he felt someone get on his bed and hold him down and heard a demonic voice that said "So you think it's funny, huh." When he was able to move he grabbed his keys and drove to our house and slept there for the night.

Jul 20, 2015
Facts NEW
by: Axo

These are gambits and descriptions of my experiences.

I have anxiety issues and panic attack (some say this is relative to SP).

My first episode was when I was perhaps 8 years old. Traveling and at hotel while parents where in separate room.

I wake to see four shadow people playing cards/poker at the little table beside my bed. I was kind of scared but, mostly confused.

Next episode I remember was 23ish again alone in a old house. Wake up, can't move hear footsteps coming up my wooden stairs. Shit.

Most recently it has came every night and been like this for weeks. I hear random Shit like a cough or walkin footsteps. It is horrible.

This has never happened to me when I sleep with a partner.

It is used to only happen if I was laying on my back and I was really tired. Used to..

Last episode little over 20 mins ago of this writing. For the first time I was aware that I could control my experience.

I hope this might help someone in someway at some point :)

Sep 11, 2015
sleep paralysis is connected to your mind's conditionings and confusions NEW
by: Anonymous

This is crazy.. my sister is 16 yrs old and she just had an SP she said there was a shadowy figure.. which she called the ulluminati/demon/devil.. while she was sleeping.. she was sleeping on her back on the bed.. while hugging a pillow.. and she moves like she was falling like in our usual dreams when we are almost asleep.. we would have this dream that we are falling... so i asked her in a joking way why she was falling.. falling in love.. i was whispering and joking but she didnt haveany comment so i thought she was dreaming then after thT she stretched her arms.. and she was awake.. and she was like "i had a nightmare" in tagalog.. we are filipino after all.. and then we talked to each other on fb.. because it was about 3-5 am in the morning.. my other sis had anexperience like this as well when she was 14 years old.. and yes there was an old hag.. on her chest.. she cant move and breathe... then she woke up then she cried.. theres always a dark figure but i think it always comes from our darkest fears.. that we havent faced and we kept on saying pray to god and theres a lightworker blahblahblah instead of finding this out and observing it thoroughly.. can you see how fast we can assume.. something as dark figure can be something like a devil.. see how much we are affected? We arent even that religious.. but we dont have to rely on god or whoever it is.. we always think of fighting instead of understanding and how these dreams actually projects it in our reality.. can you see how scary it is to connect the reality from your dreams and mind? These confusions and conditionins are affecting us deeply because we lackto observe or mind patterns.. we rely on god because we cant handle it so may be he should fix it.. but why? This is really crazy.. how much scary it is and how misinterpreted these things.. we say describe it as a devil or a demon because they said so and they just look like that.. why did people made god even if t is real or not.. why care about it? Why dont we question and understand this?

Oct 22, 2015
how to stop sleep paralysis NEW
by: Eleonora

I was dealing with super often sleep paralysis, voices,terrible fear and feeling that some very negative energy is near me, etc... for 5 years, until I learned how to get out of this state. It has been more than a year since I had a bad experience with paralysis. I hope that some of you will find this useful :)
Before I went to sleep, I was "clearing" my emotions. Forgiving somebody if I was still angry, releasing jealousy, fear, sadness. And I was practicing feeling more gratefulness, thinking of somebody I love (in a nonsexual way) and trying to feel as much joy and love as possible. Also, practicing breathing techniques or meditating/praying during the day helps a lot. Then, when you get paralysed and the terrible fear comes, you need to concentrate on the good feeling. I used to repeat "I am full of love. Only love and light can come near me. Nothing can harm me. I am love." And while during it do your best to ignore the surroundings, just concentrate on that feeling and make yourself believe that you have a SHIELD of some sort. Also, it helped me to concentrate on my breathing and feel like there is love in part of my body where the stomach and heart are.
It is very important to do your best to STAY CALM. I know it seems impossible when it is happening, but it gets easier with practice. Also, I sometimes said to this negative entity "you can't harm me. I am strong and guarded by love". If you feel vibrations in your body and hear buzzing, high pitched noise in your ears, like I did, you might feel that the vibrations are getting faster and stronger, and the high noise is getting higher and higher. I do not know why, but I found out that if I stayed calm and believed that by having higher frequency, I am more protected and clean and full of "positive energy"... then the terrible hallucinations and the terrible fear and the feeling that there is some shadow near me - it would DISAPPEAR! And what happens then is really wonderful... i often felt like this vibrations are a beautiful "massage" and felt refreshed and healed after the vibrations and high noises slowed down and stopped! Also, after I practiced that for few months, if I had hallucinations, they were always very pleasant... for example a very loving voice telling me "it is all going to be alright" , and a feeling that some positive energy is near me (instead of the usual negative energy we all feel during the SP). The last experience I had was: opening my eyes during SP and feeling strong vibrations and what I saw was a beautiful crystal-like light ball near my doors, and suddenly the light jumped on my chest and my vibrations got wildly strong and quick, the high sound in ears got higher and higher until it reached the point when it seemed like it got above on a "new level". As I was very used to all these things, I stayed calm and believed that it is something good and helpful (it had to be, the last thing I was doing before falling asleep was "sending love" to the people that weren't nice to me). I felt very refreshed, healed, relaxed and full of energy when I got out of that SP.

I study psychology, and neuroscience. But I think that science can't explain all these thing, especially that these experiences and descriptions are so similar.

People, check if you have a low blood pressure, it can trigger SP more easily! Drink water without mixing it with food for a half an hour! Do some exercise few days a week. Meditate during the day, try at least 5 minutes, try some breathing exercises.
!Oh yeah, and a very weird suggestion, but only if you find yourself awake lying on your back and your head looking up to the ceiling: If you can't fight the fear yet... try not to move at all for few second and during that bring all your focus and energy to do a one fast move: try to move your head (and only your head) fastly to the left side (90 degrees). I don't know why, but this simple move makes the SP and all sensations disappear in a moment. What is interesting is that I realized that in many movies/series when people get out of a trans state- their head moves the same way like I did. So I guess I am not the only one who realized this is the "closure" move.

Good luck people! You can find a way to get out of it!

Dec 15, 2015
my friend went through this NEW
by: Anonymous

I've known my friend for about three years and she just told me of her experiences. I've been doing some research for her to figure out what might have caused this, and sleep paralysis sounds like the best explanation. For her, every morning for many years she would wake up, and see things. Sometimes she would see, what she described as, "Dobby from Harry Potter except really tall and skinny and black and shadowy." The creature would stand next to her door and she would have to run past it into her hallway. Another recurring vision would be a large white rabbit with red eyes. One night she even remembers being chased around her house by this "evil bunny." She told me that eventually these episodes stopped, but they were terrifying for her. I can't imagine feeling terrified to fall asleep for fear of the inevitable horrific episode waiting for you in the morning. What's worse is the fact that even though you explain to your parents the tormenting hallucinations they will just tell you "it's all a dream" "Just go back to sleep." She must have felt so trapped. I hope none of you ever felt like this, and although I have not experienced anything like this I wish you guys luck in overcoming this.

Jun 01, 2016
Wake Up NEW
by: Anonymous

It is real for the person having these SPs. Some people choose to remain ignorant and think that we are the only entities living in this world or universe. There are many unexplained things and remain so. They are real, especially when they leave physical marks, scratches, and begin to physically harm you! You cannot leave cuts or scratches in the middle of your back where you cannot physically reach or with objects not physically in your room.

Nov 11, 2016
ringing NEW
by: Anonymous

i have never really seen a figure though i have sensed one,my thing is the paralysis and very very loud ringing,almost as if i am my body is a tuning fork

Nov 19, 2016
So scared NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had sp since I was approximately 8 years old...I'm now 37. I don't have sleep apnea. Some episodes are horrifying and it got worse since becoming a's like battling evil forces and the only way out is thinking of Christ or praying in my head although it's difficult to do because of being paralyzed. My eyes are slightly opened but how can it be scientifically explained if I'm well aware of what's going on and I'm not dreaming it nor crazy?..I don't even want to go into details because it's difficult and scary. I read about the rem stages but I don't know what to think but I know I'm scared.

Jan 24, 2017
the episode of paralysis i will never forget NEW
by: Anonymous

@before i sleep@ i realize something punch like knocking me on my thigh.I struggle and finally manage to punch it but when,to its surprise realizes that, it quickly transforms to some rodent,i felt its movement,and move
inside my body through my left hand.Then i woke up.i just guess it was my soul because i saw my image in my hand very briefly.But why did my soul beat me?

Feb 22, 2017
rats NEW
by: hillsnake

Rats express fear of dirt
I had one rat sp episode after moving to a flat I wasnt happy with the overall cleanliness of

Feb 22, 2017
rats NEW
by: hillsnake

Rats express fear of dirt
I had one rat sp episode after moving to a flat I wasnt happy with the overall cleanliness of

Apr 01, 2017
Asleep NEW
by: Barbara Holmes

Hi my name is Barbara and I have dramas that I can't aspolan to you but one day I was just laying down and I think I was awake but at the same time I couldn't move or talk or scream for my mom or dad I was scared there was a man with a hat but it was like a shudow black feger and it just wanted to harm me or something he was talking very slowly and it says that I was going to go with him I didn't know what he meant but I was scared and I couldn't move or talk or scream for my mom or dad I was crying and I finally could move and​ it went away and I could wake up I ran out of my bed and upstairs and cry to my mom said that it was just a bad drama but it wasn't it felt real... I don't know what to do help

Sep 10, 2017


Mar 18, 2018
my dream NEW
by: alexx gonzales

Just last night i had a dream as if i had never fell asleep i was laying in bed but the lights were off except. My closet light .... u was being choked by no one... i was trying so hard to breath n couldnt ...all i could hear was static and someone saying "fucking die" ...i woke up n told my husband about it freaked hin n me out ... idk what to thik of it

Dec 22, 2018
How to NEW
by: Anonymous

I know it sounds hard and it is but you need to untrain your body from having sleep paralizes
1. Shake your arm or foot or any body part till you fall asleep
2. Before you sleep dont feel afraid
3. When it happens dont be afraid.
4. it is really bad if you try to move because you only make the experience more real.
5.Instead of trying to move you should do the opposite go back to sleep and dont think just go back to sleep. is all in your mind it only has as much power as you give it
One time it happened I purposely imagined it stabbing me and it happened it hurt like hell. So its just a reminder that it is all in your head. The best advice is dont feel scared

May 01, 2019
by: Bill

I wish there was a way to record our dreams. Because who really believes what we say? My son says, "Dad , you were trying to yell or something." He said it came out mumbled. I remembered seeing a figure in the back part of the house and I tried to run but couldn't and then tried to yell to no avail. But why do we forget them sometimes? So quick to. I wish I could reproduce some for movies,lol. Some no way! I was on Ambien for awhile and that made it worse! Lucky to be here! My friend would drive for hours and not even know he did it. That's scary! I'm also afraid to go to sleep sometimes. But one invention would be to somehow record our dreams, can you just imagine? God Bless everyone!

May 29, 2019
Easily stopped by understanding S.P

Sleep paralysis has been about since we climbed down from the trees
Our brains are wired to make split second decisions, as cavemen these decisions,if made wrong could be life or death.
Our brains are still doing this today.
Imagine someone in front of you on the street!!
Our brains take PREVIOUS life experiences to determine whether this stranger is Friend or foe, or simply a stranger.

Now apply this to sleep paralysis!!
Your asleep, your sixth sense stirs you, but not enough to Wake you.
If you are in R.E.M sleep (dreaming stage of sleep) your brain will try to make sense of what's going on!
Imagine my old witch comes in paralyzes me and sits on my chest, forces open my mouth and sucks the air out of my chest.

What has really happened is my R.E.M sleep (dreaming) has slightly overlapped me waking momentarily.

So remember I'm still able to dream, but I'm awake for a few seconds, my brain has to work out what's going on, relying on past experiences (good luck)

The part of me that's awake is trying to make sense,while my dreaming part starts to put in its own story automatically.

There's no witch on my chest however real it feels, it's where I've possibly fallen asleep on my back (gravity, although slight is gently compressing both lungs simultaneously). Along with asthma, this could be enough to rouse me into a Sleep paralysis episode.

My brain is now in "fight or flight" mode, because I can't move.
My brain understands that as I can't move, therefore someone must be holding me down.

So half my brain is making conscious decisions, while my dreaming half is having a field day filling in gaps very quickly based on past experiences.
Can't move, someone's holding me down, who, witches scared me as a child, "must be that"

Remember how shallow breathing may of started this, well now my heart is beating so fast coz I'm terrified, my lungs are trying to keep up feeding enough oxygen to the heart.

Anyway, half awake, half still dreaming, both these working together is a problem which causes Sleep paralysis.

SP is also called " old hag syndrome"
You look tired and "HAGGERED" comes from this.

Feb 12, 2020
I’m scared.
by: Danielle

Ok so over the past year this has been happening to me. First it was like isolated incidents. Now it’s normal. I can be asleep already and fell myself being "pulled" in to. I’ve Done so much research. I try to wiggle my nose, move my toes, I calls out to Jesus, Michael the Archangel and God.... it almost feels like the pressure intensifies when I try n speak. I know I’m dreaming. I know my psychical surroundings as well: I never see entities or anything (thank God) but the energy of the situation is enough to leave me so incredibly anxious and scared. Many times I’ve thought i would die and tired to prepare myself for that. I have false awakenings as well. As far as the scientific reason for this is does make me feel better but my spiritual side gets a bad feeling from it. Why does the pressure increase when I call on the Holy?? I feel like something is putting me thru this to feed on my fear. This last episode affected my whole day. I’ve had a weird vibe and been super emotional. I hope you all find solutions and peace:)

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