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Shadow People and Dark Demonic Entities During Sleep Paralysis

by Barney Donnelly
(Dallas, TX)

{Editor's Note: While many religious and spiritual explanations for sleep paralysis can be found on this visitor-submitted post and within its comments, please view our own article about sleep paralysis to read about the insights biology and sleep science provide in determining the causes of sleep paralysis, and to learn this site's position on the matter. We are glad we can provide an open forum for discussion.}

I just made a video about my sp experiences, you can see it at are some of my experiences and my take on what sp is:

I had my first experiences with sp in 1996 when I was 16. I woke up in total paralysis and could see around my room. My room was exactly the same, the door creaked opened slowly and a dark figure entered. On this occurrence, I didn't have the chocking or sitting on my chest. Then it transitioned into an involuntary out of body experience where my spirit was floating uncontrollably above my bed. I could see my brother in his bed and I was trying to get back in my body.

I didn't have another sp or obe experience until 2005 and have had about 15 experiences since then. It usually happens to me just in the moment of falling asleep or shortly after. I feel the tingling feeling rushing down my body from head to toe as one would feel when a muscle is "going to sleep." I am conscious of the fact that I'm going into an sp episode and usually think to myself, "Here we go again."

At this point, I have had a variety of experiences but I will start with the most common: seeing one or two shadowy black figures standing at the side of or foot of my bed, they are staring at me and upon seeing them it is the worst terror imaginable.

Sometimes they aren't there at first and the door creaks open and it or they enter. Once they had hoods and red glowing eyes. Once a bright light shone into my bedroom window and i clearly saw the typical alien figure with the large round head and huge eyes. Besides the intense fear there is always the sense of an evil presence, even the times when I don't see an entity.

Many of the times I am being strangled and feel a real pressure on my chest.

There are also times when I interact with my wife and kids in my bedroom but when I finally get out of the sp, they are all sound asleep. Once, I heard my son calling for help in his bedroom so I walked over there to help only to find his window open, when I reached to close the window, a black cat with evil glowing eyes bite my hand and I couldn't shake the cat of my hand. At that moment, a hideous voice said audibly, "we're gonna kill your children!"

Another time the demonic figure with glowing eyes was at the side of my bed and leaned over my head and pressed towards me to attack. First I just head growling then he screamed his name in my ear three time, "Darius, Darius, Darius!" I could feel his hot breath in my ear, it was super real and scary.

Other times when there are no attacks during sp, I'm just fighting to get out of it. Some things happen to me that aren't so common but I have found other sp sufferers that have these too:
False wake up...several times I fight to get out of the sp and finally "wake up" in my bed and think finally I'm out of it. I look around and see my room just the same, get up and do various activities only when something happens that let's me know this is not real, I realize I never got out of sp, when I wake up for real, its all the more freaky to come back to the real reality.

I have also been talking to my wife during sp and then she turns into a dark demonic figure who then attacks me.

Sp mostly happens to me while sleeping on my back but have had several time when I sleep on my side. The strangest thing is that when in enter sp while sleeping on my side, when I sit my torso up to look around, I feel the distinctive spinning one feels when you stand up fast from touching your toes and you regain your balance.

Also, when fighting so hard to get out of sp, I had strained so hard to move a limb that I have actually moved my "spirit" arm or leg up out of my body. This is also how I explain the ability to look around the room while in sp, It's my spirit that is moving all the while my body is paralysed.

I have read extensive material on sp over the years and tons of theories but have come up with my take on what sp is. Although I am an active Christian, I don't agree with what most Christians say about sp. I believe what the Bible teaches about demons and that there is a spiritual dimension that is unseen to our human eyes.

I explain my opinion more in my YouTube video. I have yet to find a commonality as to why sp happens or what causes it but as sure as I know the reality we know and live in everyday, I know these are not hallucinations. Sp is so strange that it forces us to figure out what we truly believe in...and that comes with much unbiased searching.

{Editor's Note: While many religious and spiritual explanations for sleep paralysis can be found on this visitor-submitted post and within its comments, please view our own article about sleep paralysis to read about the insights biology and sleep science provide in determining the causes of sleep paralysis, and to learn this site's position on the matter. We are glad we can provide an open forum for discussion.}

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Dec 30, 2010
by: PK

I find it strange that other people would envision similar shadowy figures. I fought them, dare I say I killed some of them and cast them down to hell to await judgement. I never did drugs and stopped cold turkey on alcohol several years ago. Anything or anyone wants to attack me in my sleep or in my waking moments be prepared to see hell up close.

Jan 07, 2011
shadows/grim reaper
by: kayla

I have had so many encounter. One time the tall one standing by my bed told me he was Jesus, that he wanted me to join an army. The other ones were smaller and oh ya this was all in my mind, the conversation we had. I knew jesus would never put fear in me so i made a phone call to my dad who also has had bad experiences because i asked the tall one if my dad knew about it and he told me yes. My dad told me to go to the stress center but i think its a warning maybe from the lord and it just made me stronger. I would like to talk to someone who is educated about it cuz i seen the grim reaper shadow. I wish someone could tell me why.

Jan 07, 2011
Sleep Imagery
by: Kevin Morton

Hi Kayla, you may find either or both of the following pages useful:

Jan 09, 2011
Responses to Questions Posed in the Video
by: Anonymous

I just started experiencing SP in the past few months. Its happened three times. Here are my responses to your questions:

(1) False wake ups. I have also experienced this. I thought that I was awake and went on to do other tasks in my apartment, but then something would trigger the realization that I was still paralyzed and not awake yet. This happened three times in the same incident.

(2) Voices. I had SP again today and a shadowy hooded figure standing in the middle of my room was speaking in a raspy voice. But unlike you, I couldn't understand what he was saying.

(3) "Spirit-man." I haven't tried so hard to wake up that my "spirit arm" leaves my physical body.

(4) Marijuana. I've never done drugs.

(5) Physical/Spiritual Realm. I think you're onto something with your theory. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe that there is a spiritual realm that exists that we normally don't perceive as well as the physical world in which our usual existence takes place.

* * *

Shout out to the Website: I am very appreciative of this website and this forum. The fact that Stanford University and medical professionals are associated with this website lend it great legitimacy. To the students that maintain it: thank you! Its reassuring to know that the things I see during SP are not "abnormal."

* * *

My personal thoughts: Upon learning that people have commonly experienced the terror of hallucinations of demons/evil figures for centuries and across cultures, I can't help but think that this is spiritual warfare. I don't think that human beings would choose to hallucinate about evil figures that want to hurt them. So why is there a general consensus that when we do see things during SP, we are acutely aware that they are evil? People across the world and across centuries are not collaborating in their reports of what happened. I think this is a venue for spiritual attack.

For those who are desperate, try saying this in your head next time you see an evil figure during SP: "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave!" Even if you don't believe in Jesus, I would encourage you to try it. According to the Bible, Jesus has authority over demons/evil spirits. When you speak in His name, you are speaking with His authority, and this should make them leave. It never hurts to try.

Barney, thank you for sharing your experiences. My suggestion to you as one believer to the other, is to encourage you to go before the Lord and ask if there is any stronghold in your life that must be conquered. Also, if you haven't already, I would encourage you to assemble a personal prayer team. Satan doesn't waste his time on people that aren't a threat to him. My guess is that God is using you powerfully or planning to. Don't let Satan stand in the way of the effectiveness of God's ministry through you. Stand firm! :)

Jan 09, 2011
by: Kevin Morton

Thanks for the kudos to the website :) I'm proud to offer it as a platform for discussion, and pleased that you found it useful.

Jan 20, 2011
My SP Experience Is the Same
by: Anonymous

Thanks Barney for sharing your experiences. I just started researching this phenomenon today (which I learned is called SP) after having 2 experiences this week. I have had them since I was 8 (now that I think about it, that's when I became a Christian). I am now 32 and have had about 10 - 15 total experiences.

I've never done drugs. The experiences mostly happen when I have a breakthrough with my relationship with Christ, when I pray for someone, or when I'm about to make a difference in the spiritual realm (i.e. go on a missions trip).

I also have the head rush/spinning/swirling sensation as I'm falling asleep with extreme tiredness fully aware I'm "falling" into SP and thinking "here we go" to myself, bracing for the attack. The attack is always a demon/evil entity.

I get them when I'm sleeping on my stomach or when I'm on my back. Most of the time there is no sound, just the severe "pressing" sensation as the shadowy entity is staring at me. I've had several on top of me laughing once, and last night, one was growling at me while pressing on my chest. That was the first time I had one growl...EXTREMELY frightening.

I've only ever seen shadowy demon/dark figures, nothing in color (other than black) or with detailed/clear features.

I've tried so hard to fight off these demons with physical movement that I have also seen or felt my arm or head go up in the middle of trying to scream and yell at them...I get extremely angry knowing what they are trying to do and rebuke them using what I know from scripture. But I can never get the words out of my mouth because I'm paralyzed, so it's all screaming in my head and I feel like they won't hear me so, it doesn't seem to work. I end up having no choice but to submit to God and I fall "back asleep" (which sounds funny to say because I'm already asleep apparently..?).

I know God has ultimate power over the universe, including Hell, I still get very scared every night when I am about to fall asleep. I can remember the scary feeling I have when it happens and that doesn't go away. So I leave my TV on all night (even though it still happens - but it helps me at least fall asleep). I have not had one night of good sleep in over a year. It's almost as if I anticipate them now which doesn't help! So I don't sleep very often.

The only thing I can think to do is pray the armor of God over me each night. Which I haven't done in the past, but I am going to start tonight!!

Thanks again for sharing... I had no idea so many people experienced this same thing. I don't feel alone :)

Jan 30, 2011
by: tiger girl

I am so happy to find people who have experienced the same things.These shadow figures are seen by people all over the world so i don't think its just our minds. I am a Christian and if u try to say "leave me alone in the name of Jesus" it goes away.Whatever these things are they seem to either bother us when we are moving up spiritually (probably trying to fight our progress) or when we are vulnerable (sick, sad, tired, hateful and etc..). I am only 18 and for two years i have been free of REM paralysis until two days ago when it happened when I was sick.I used to have it a couple times a month but it has definitely calmed down. some tips are to stay away from horoscopes, tarot cards,Ouija board or anything that can be associated with the occult.Even though I know not everyone believes in god it is obvious that there is a need for spiritual protection.Try to pray. And don't go to bed with negative feelings because if they are demons they will be attracted to your negative energy. I used to be depressed as a child and SP was just the perk that came with it.

Jan 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

The attacks actually started when I was about 6 or 7 year's old. At first I thought it was the "old hag syndrome" and for the longest time I pawned off these experiences as said hag syndrome AKA sleep paralysis. Like I said these episodes started very young- I would feel this dark oppressive force with me when I would go to sleep or even upon waking. I could never move, it was always as if something was pinning me down or sitting on my chest-sometimes this dark force would even choke me. I usually could not speak while it was happening so when I was little (after I was able to become unparalyzed) I would scream and cry and my dad would come in my room. He even remembers to this day me giving the same story- it was some dark force or presence often I described as a "witch that come out of the closet", "dark figure" etc b/c I think I didn't known how else to articulate this strange phenomenon at that age. Years went by, teens and then 20's and still had the "sleep paralysis", didn't happen all the time but once every couple mos. or so is enough! It's straight up TERRIFYING, no other way to explain it and most people just think you're a whack job so you can't really tell anyone. Up until last night, I always tried to be logical about it not wanting to believe it was a dark entity, although that was in the back of my mind and I did research that option. I was pretty into occult matters as well esp. as a teen and in my early 20's. Aleister Crowley was one of my fav. authors, among other things. I dabbled into witchcraft but nothing too heavy. I wouldn't consider anything I have done to be black magic, per se. I stopped doing EVERYTHING (even tarot) about 4 years ago when we started to get hauntings at our house, see things and then of course there was the possibility (with the dream attacks) that I had actually INVITED a dark entity into my life.

Jan 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

Apparently, this can even happen JUST from doing heavy occult research, don't know if that's true or not. I also know a woman who is a Wiccan and we have never talked about her beliefs and exactly what she does (or does not do) however I always get an uneasy feeling around her, almost negative. Unfortunately she has been dating one of my very good friends for a cpl years now. Me and her had a falling out mainly b/c she is JEALOUS OF ANY FEMALE that comes into contact with my friend Jim. As a result, I have avoided that whole scene and barely even see him anymore because I know she's always around :( I have known her for about 5 years now. It is possible I suppose that she did infact put some sort of spell on me although I don't know how that could explain the weird sleep/nightmare episodes since I've had them much longer than I have known her. Fast forward to several weeks ago-note: these episodes ALWAYS HAPPEN WHEN I AM ALONE IN THE HOUSE AND/OR BED.

Jan 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

Was sleeping (sometimes it feels like I'm lucid dreaming) and I feel this omnipotent dark force which is always accompanied by a feeling of dread and fear. Also note: these encounters have NEVER been sexual which perhaps could rule out the incubus theory but this one isolated instance it did seem sexual, although I can't be sure. It seemed to me that HE (always feels like a male entity) was pinning me to the bed again and attempting to force himself upon me. As usual, I could not move and felt paralyzed in my sleep. I KNEW I WAS ASLEEP and was just trying to 'wake up' as fast as I could (which I always do before he started to do what I thought he was going to. Eventually I managed to awake, scared stiff at what just happened. IF, it was a dream OR nightmare it sure seemed REAL. So fast forward to last night/early morning. Again, I'm alone in bed as usual when it occurs. This time was different. It wasn't just a cloaked figure or shadow person it was a CREATURE type male being, almost looked like an "Orc" from Lord of the Rings. It was a lengthy dream which I won't get into because I don't want to bombard you too much more and also b/c it seemed unrelated and really didn't make that much sense. Long story short, there was a woman standing in front of me (who actually looked like my old boss) and I thought she had given me a bad reference for a new job. She looked at me and said "It's not me, it's the Devil" and I felt this rush of anxiety and terror as I turned around to see Satan himself (or what I thought was Satan) standing before me, leering at me with an evil wicked grin. This monstrous thing lunged at me and I just kept running and trying to get away. All the while, mind you, I am desperately trying to WAKE UP in real life as I knew bad shit was going down. Again, I could not wake up. He or it grabbed me and kind of threw me against something, hard. I ran again as fast as I could run and eventually after a few more minutes was able to jolt myself awake. What is extra interesting about this is I felt incredible PAIN upon awakening and a heaviness in my chest. I felt dazed, weird and like I had actually just got my ass kicked. Also interesting to note, besides these instances I almost never have "nightmares" I usually have cool and fun dreams. I swear it's not just sleep paralysis anymore. It was real and tangible and the pain and tingling I had when I woke up was very strange.
sorry for the long rant, there is actually a couple more things that have happened but I will leave it at this for now. If you're interested I can show you something that I had been looking into which apparently is guaranteed to haunt you once you watch it. Ever since then (about 6-8 mos. ago) I have experienced more strange occurrences including something blowing in my ear and whispering. I know this all sounds crazy but I swear I'm not. My husband even feels the "ghostly" presence here, esp. the bedroom where it's always freezing.

Feb 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Would you religious freaks stop blaming the occult. 'Occult' simply means 'hidden'. I agree that it has something to do with the spiritual realm but has nothing to do with religion. I've had these experiences many times, it has something to do with the approaching 2012. I believe these shadows to be reptilians from another dimension. I also think they are targeting people who might be 'threats'.

Feb 01, 2011
jeezuz pt.2
by: Anonymous

The real reason religion tries to keep you away from the occult is because they don't want you to find out the truth about this 'world' we live in. Religion is the true evil.

Feb 02, 2011
thank you for the amazing feedback
by: Barney

I want to thank everyone so much for taking the time to read my story, share your comments and even your experiences.
I use YouTube as my social network of choice so feel free to contact me on there.

Note to the commentor who is calling people freaks: this is not a website for name calling, everyone has the right to their own view. For example, I don't agree with much of what David Icke says like you do but I'm not attacking you for your views. Be Nice and if your words are important, put your name to stand behind them.

Kevin, thanks again for this website. Quick question:
I have had 6-8 sp episodes in the last month or two, they all seem to have a new focus. Instead of any of the experiences I described, I seem to always feel as if I'm floating away, or floating above my body with my feet up in the air and my head lower and I spin around like a tornado. It feels so real.
Also, have had a new experiences where I feel I get up
"in spirit form" and start walking around my house. This is so new and weird and I don't like it or want to explore it. Have you heard of these experiences before during sp and is there an explaination of what's causing them?

Feb 02, 2011
by: Craig

I was curious, during my episodes the demon/s or what have you, are never the same, typically are 'male' but when they are 'female' the attacks are when I'm awake and have been heard and felt by a friend who doesn't even have a religion...anyone else have different demon/s overtime with varying strengths and abilities?

BTW, these always happen when I'm getting spiritual strong as well. But not all blindly following, glazed eyes, born again extremist kind of way...intelligent religious research and praise.

Feb 02, 2011
To the person... jeezuz Anonymous
by: tiger girl

I respect that you are not religious but I don't appreciate the insult.Since you are not religious then I assume you rely more on science.You claim that occult practices can reveal truth and religion just hinders you from doing so. If you really believe that then I have a challenge for you. You obviously had enough time to be insulting so you should have no problem doing a kind of "scientific study".I challenge you to a month of various occult practices. Some things like the Ouija board,automatic writing, spells and etc...Engage in an an occult practice at least twice a week for a at least 30 min to and hour at time.Then at the end of the week write a comment on the site on your reaction and experience. If all you find is "truth" then you win but if not then you really would know the truth about the whole situation. Honestly if you don't take the challenge then you know on some level that your scared and occult is to blame for some(not all)REM paralysis.
P.S. let me know if you are going to take the challenge or not and if you do make sure this experiment last for one month and only a month.

Feb 02, 2011
by: Kevin Morton

Barney, the new experiences you describe sound like out of body experiences, or OBEs as they're called. I don't have any personal experience with them but you'd be interested perhaps in some of Ryan Hurd's experiences with them. Ryan runs a website called Dream Studies and is author of one of the best books on sleep paralysis I've read ( I actually just got the chance to have dinner with him the other night too. Here's the url of an excerpt from his book about OBEs:

Feb 02, 2011
thx Kevin
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate you man, for all you do. I'll check it out.

Feb 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

To the person who was given the challenge to perform occult practices for a month by tiger girl, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! I understand what points you were both trying to make, but interacting with the occult is HIGHLY dangerous. It is not something to perform experiments with. The truth is out there if you seek for it, but be safe as you do. Please!

Feb 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Omg I'm soooo happy I'm not alone, I've had these exexperinces since I was a kid, they started off as OBEs. N I was starting 2 c things n go places ouuta my body. But in high school even during the day a dark figure kept getting on top of me puttin pressusre on my chest suffocating me. I'd try 2 yell 4 help n I had no voice. It had been a while since my last 1 but 2nite was the worst 1 ever. I had just gone n2 my outta body exp faze n I heard sum thing get n2 bed wit me I was so scared n it got rite up on top of me. Suffocating me trying 2 cover me in its blackness. I never see a face or hear ne thing, I scared 2 sleep now. It was 2 real like always but I screamed out load potect me from this evil make it go away my voice was so faint. I left my body 2 get up n run 2 my front door, I opened it and the darkness closed it n took my breath from me. I feel 2 my knees. Managed 2 push the door open 2 get out n saw darkness outside n suffocated again. Tryed n tryed 2 wake up. :( :'( finally I'm up n more terrified then I've ever been all these years its happened 2 me. I'm not relgious but I'm very sprital. I belive in god, I'd fight 4 god, I do my best every day 2 love n help ppl n b a gud person. I'm not sure why these shadows have always wanted 2 hurt me so bad.

Feb 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

I started having this experience when I was in my first year varsity.
The first time I felt it I instinctively knew that it was an evil force and although I wasn't Christian at the time I wanted to call out the name of Jesus. It is the most terrifying experience, being totally wake and conscious yet not able to do anything and knowing that there is another presence in the room with me. It is so difficult to describe but sometimes feels as though something is pressing me down or feels as though my body gets numb and my spirit wants to leave me. I do not wish this experience on even my worst enemy.
Since I have submitted myself to Christ and growing in my faith I have experienced it more often, in January almost every night. I would be too afraid to fall asleep but even leaving the lights on does not help :)
Although I have consulted various specialists- neurologist, psychologist etc no one can help, only God. I was seeking answers because I was so desperate and thought there was something wrong with me.
I went on a fast and pray weekend this weekend and when returned last night I experienced it once again.
Although I don't always feel safe at night I have made a decision now that I won't be afraid. God will stand by His promise and He will not leave me. I thank Him for making me sensitive to the spiritual world and ask Him to use it to His advantage. These experiences has made me realise that the spiritual words is a reality and I now look forward to the eternal life with God. Fear will not rule my life and I choose to stand strong im my faith and in God. Jesus has authority over Satan when He died for us on the cross and as a child of God so do I because when I gave my life to him I inherited everything He has.
I believe in prayer and will keep on praying until I overcome this. I also pray for you. Submit to God and you soul and spirit will be safe.

Feb 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

thanks a lot for your message...I use as my social network of choice...feel free to contact me on there,

Feb 25, 2011
Now I am a free.
by: Josephine

Hello everyone thank you so much for sharing this exexperinces. I have the same exexperinced last year. For 4 or 5 years ago I lost faith in our God Jesus Christ. My life was empty always feeling down and always have the negative thoughts, feeling sad and tired. I must say alive but death. Since then I often have this SP every nigth or even day light I fall asleep I'm so scared to fall asleep beause they always attacked me. My body is Paralysis I can't moved or screamed for help, I beleive is a bad spirits doing it or so. But even though I lost faith in God at the time all I have to do is relax my mind and call to our Lord Jesus Christ then they all gone. What I'm trying to say is YES we have to beleive in GOD trust and faith. Evil can't win againts our LORD. Last year before I came back to our Lord that day the bad spirits attacked me it was daylight I went to bed beacuse I was so tired I need a rest, a sec' mins I closed my eyes they attacked me. So I fought hard and call our Lord Jesus Christ and they gone. After that I thanked God for always their for me.... Then I closed my eyes and saddently I saw a shadow right next to me I beleive it was our Lord Jesus Christ beacuse my body wasn't paralys I am feeling sheaking and not scared at all, and my arms trying hard to get my Bible then I get it and I was so happy, then after I have the Bible I woke up and open my eyes and I was looking at my Bible because I really thought that I have it. So I fegured it out that God wants me to have faith and beleive on him. I beleive that he came to touch my soul my life, he wants me to read the Bible and to listen to hes words. Since then I start praying and ask him to forgiveness to all my sins. My beleive in our God became stronger and stronger until now. Since I have our Lord Jesus Christ to my life again now I am free to those bad spirits and God heal my heart in soul I am whole again I can walk and talk to people happy without thinking negatives thoughts. I am sharing this to all of you who have lost and faith to our Lord jesus Christ PLEASE come back and talk to him and ask everything you want for happiness in life trust me he will heal and take care of us all who come and beleive on him. Not only beleive to our Lord but beleive all the heavently host of our God Angels and all the Saints. They will help us to have the happy life we just have to call them. God is good. I can't live without him now. Remember if you all have the dream of catching fish that means God wants you to be close to him. Dream of catching fish it means catching people too. Catching people means that we are sharing to other about Good things, sharing love to others to accept everyone to our life. My the God bless us all! Josephine

P.s. Sorry if my English is not good!

Feb 25, 2011
Re: Josephine
by: Barney

Muchas Gracias por tu comentario y no lo dudes, tu inglés esta muy bien, aún que tiene alguna y otra error, se entiende bastante bien. Lo que es mas importante que la gramática es la emoción y el mensaje que tus palabras estan transmitiendo, yo también soy creyente en Cristo y creo que este parálisis esta causado a veces por los malos espíritus.

Otra vez, gracias por tomar el tiempo de compartir esto con nosotros,

Feb 26, 2011
Now I am a free.
by: Josephine

Hey Barney! Thanks for the replied. Sorry I don't understand what you mean. I am from Denmark! God bless us all - Josephine

Feb 26, 2011
so sorry
by: Barney

So sorry, It's so funny I thought I read you spoke Spanish lol...I basically said, thanks a lot for the comment and don't worry, your English is good, there are a few spelling errors here and there but the message and emotion of what you are saying is very powerful and effective. Thanks again for sharing it with us :)


Feb 26, 2011
Now I am a free.
by: Josephine

Hehehe,it's ok Barney nothing to be sorry. I am originally from Philippines Denmark is my based home, and I thank you so very much for understand my words it means the world to me. How I wish I can explain it properly;(...Yes I noticed my spell error sorry about that, I didn't noticed it before posting my comments. I really don't like my English but I am trying my best out of it...I understand properly then writing. I really appriciated of what you are sharing and I am so happy I came across on your page, for some reason I was actually trying to reaches about this kind of things. Last night after reading the whole story I am so touch knowing that I am not alone of this scary experinced. Somehow I manage to get out of this sp. Since that day God touch my soul and I start beleiving him and start praying, never happen again I do really beleive that was our God Jesus Christ I saw, after the sp. He really changed my life and I will do my best to be true to myself and to others. To live life and appriciating everything and to be content. I am really proud of what you are doing I've just checked your youtube, homepage. I listen every words you have said in there. Thanks for everything you did I wish you all the best and keep doing what you doing is right. You and I have almost the same story in life. Lets Praise our Lord for changing our life! God Bless us more. - Josephine

Mar 06, 2011
similar experience to what others are describing
by: Anonymous

let me start off by saying I have always been an outspoken atheist, detesting the hate fueled rhetoric of supposed religious theocracies, but this lingering experience I had has really been weighing in on my thoughts lately. It was about ten years ago, and I was going through a rough patch in my life. Like Barney, I was heavily into smoking marijuana and was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was definitely leading down the wrong path, and if I had continued I would probably be dead, addicted to drugs, or in jail right now. The same people I was hanging with are all in those situations. That being said, this event has only happened once. Like Barney, I had just began to nod off, when I was suddenly struck with sleep paralysis. I could feel, and see a dark presence in the corner of my room watching me (which I could only describe as the devil), and a weight of some demonic force pressing down on my chest. As if I knew exactly what was happening, this demon was trying to enter my body, maybe to possess me through my chest. I tried to speak, but my lips were sealed shut. I began to panic, and I did the only thing I felt was instinctively right - I was able to force out three words from the corner of my mouth, 'Jesus, help me' and instantly, the pressure stopped, the force in the corner of my room disappeared, and a voice whispered in my right ear, "we haven't much time", and everything was over. In a panic-stricken frenzy, I grabbed a notepad and wrote down my experience. This was ten years ago. Since then, I have denied and tried to suppress these memories but they have recently began circulating in my mind again. This type of event has never happened before or since that night, but I will always remember it vividly. When searching on the net days after the event, I found numerous websites that dismissed my experienced as stress-induced hallucinations. Since then, I have been on the warpath voicing my misguided opinion against theocracy, but now I'm slowly beginning to feel different as I continue to age. I don't know what to do, what to feel, or what I'm supposed to take from this. I feel extremely embarrassed for how I've acted against god, and I hope it's not too late. I just needed to get this off my chest, with the hopes similar people who have the same experience can find our words and know they are not alone. What do I do now? Do I denounce my atheistic beliefs and join a church? The same churches that fuel hate and rhetoric against people they believe to be inferior, IE gay people, Muslims? I don't know. If anyone has any ideas or guidance please help. Thanks.

Mar 06, 2011
RE: similar experience to what others are describing
by: Barney

Hey, I enjoyed your openness and willingness to share these things. I relate a lot with you about the age thing, I just turned 30 and along with the out of the ordinary sleep experiences, it does drive me to spiritual self-examination.

I too have said Jesus help me without even thinking, as if it were a reflex. I have never had immediate results like others I've heard but I have heard of other out-right atheists and non-Christians saying "Jesus help me" too.

It's something meaningful that this experience is leading you on a search ten years later. I notice after a month or two with no sp episodes, I forget the deep emotions and fear but like I just had one last night, the feelings are fresh on my mind. Since I posted this story and video, I have had about a dozen episodes but they are different. It's more floating above myself, floating in circles, very strong rushes of tingling from head to toe that feels like an electrical current.

Also, I no longer have seen the entities but on some occasions have sensed them. As of late, the episodes I've had have been more like out of body sp experiences. I get out of bed and start to walk awkwardly around my house in the dark, there's like a magnetic pull and It's hard to stay balanced. Like last time, I have many "real life" experiences like interacting with people and my family. There comes a point where I want to wake up but I can't get out of it. I walk up only to realize my surroundings are the same but then realize it was a false walk up. Last night it was like trying to walk up four or five times before I really woke up.

With Jesus Christ on my side, I'm not so scared of the evil anymore because he is more powerful than anything in the universe. If it helps, I recently uploaded a video series about my spiritual journey after getting off drugs, it also explains my encounters with God and tragedy in a simple down to earth way. I hope you could find some inspiration from them. Well, hope to chat with you anytime, I use YouTube as my social network. My channel is


Mar 14, 2011
Now I am a free.
by: Josephine

Hey similar experience to what others are describing!

Thanks for sharing it is good the you open your self in here. Your in the rigth please. Anyway,
I just want to share with you of what I think is right. I am a Catholich but I believe it doesn't matter if you don't beleive all religion, what matter is you have to beleive our GOD Jesus Christ deep inside your heart in mind.
If you don't know what to do, try this and this is what I did I'm like you before I hate religion even though I am a Catholict. But I found out to myself religion it doesn't matter to comit ourselv to our God. When you are alone try to relax and talk to our LORD JESUS CHRIST commit yourself to him and ask him God please forgive me all the mistake all my sins. Say what you want to say ask him to give you straigth. We cannot see or hear our God but he can hear us see us, but I beleive he will touch your soul he will come inside your heart you can feel him, that hes listening to you. He will guide you and help you if you will trust him and everything. GOD is good he save my life. And is not to late to have him now, but you have to do it now before is to late. I believe he will soon come and jugde us all. God is good but people are crazy...remember without our Jesus Christ our life is nothing, if we have him it felt like im already in heaven. I have him everyday If i feel sad or something I rely everything to him, and he is always there for me. I pray everyday I never knew how to pray before but since I learnt how because I ask our Lord for him. Use this to pray - SIGN OF THE CROSS

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

Our Father our Father I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth,
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, Who was conceived by
the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified


Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be
Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done,
on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us
not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is
the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
now, and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Keep your Faith to our Lord Jesus Christ

- Josephine

Mar 27, 2011
My experiences... Part 1
by: Anonymous ~ * ~

I can partially relate to most of the experiences described here by everyone. I started my episodes when I was about 17 and have had countless of them. They finally stopped about 7 years ago. They lasted about 20 years, but now I've been freed of them.

I too would know when one was approching and would think, "Here we go again!". They would always seem to start within the first few minutes of falling asleep. I would feel some sort of force or sensation overcome me physically, paralizing my physical being, yet my mind was alert and I could always see around me. I could see the time change on the clock, (when young) I could see my sister turn in her bed, (after being married) I could see my husband breathing while he was sleeping, I could see. I would try so hard to scream for help so that someone would wake me. I would try so hard to move and will myself to awake but it was always such a struggle and so frightening not to have or be in control.

I too would float above my body or uncontrollably. Most of the time it felt as if there was a force that took control of of my spirit self and separated it from my physical self. I couldn't fight it no matter how hard I tried.

I have also seen the cloaked figures in my room on a couple of the occasions. The last time they seemed to be about 5 of them, standing in various areas around me, facing me. There was one closest to me by left side. He seemed to have a older male presence and not quite as evil as some of the others. They were all different heights as well varying by a few inches. I could never see the faces, they were overshadowed by the hoods of the cloaks. The one closest to me tried to tell me mentally, not verbally that I would be fine but there was something that they had to see or do. The communication was telepathic. You could just feel not hear the message that they were trying to get accross to you. Then I was somehow lifted by my ankle above my bed. I was suspended upside down and my mother came in the room and I awoke. She was trying to put some clothes away.
My mother has always been there and tried to help me through these.

Mar 27, 2011
My experiences... Part 2
by: Anonymous ~ * ~

At one point, a visiting family member saw me walking...actually he said almost floating down the hall and then down the stairs during the night but then was frightened and was up all night when he realized that I had been in my bed all along. That's when my mother and I tought that there was a possible link to a out of body experience or some sort of astral projection to this. After a few more episodes of being paralysed-physically yet spiritually-floating up to the ceilling and around my room without control I willed myself to take control by actually giving in to it and not fighting the sensation. My mother told me that if I thouhgt I could handle it, I should try to actually "Go with the flow" sort of speak and try to master it. If I did tho, I should always only go as long as a life line allowed me to go. This life line was described as some sort of unbilical cord between your spirit and your physical self. She'd read some books on astral projection that seem to touch a few of the points of what was happening to me. By now, I was in my early 30's and because I was so tired of what was happening I was willing to try just about anything to stop the sleeplessness and constant torment and fright.
I took her advice and tried.. I went with it.

Wow! The first time, I was able to stand up from my bed and physical self spiritually. I turned and looked down on myself yet still felt very connected. I looked down and yes, I was floating about 1/2 foot to a foot off of the floor as I was in the standing up position. I awoke ubruptly right away. Most likely due to the excitement and happiness that I was feeling.

Took me a few days to have my next episode, now experiment. I got up once again spiritually and I moved through the house about 20 feet. It was as if swimming under water (almost like a armless mermaid), the air felt so thick. I could breathe fine. I wanted to explore. I went up the stairs and turned the corner and realised that the closer I got to physical objects such as walls or furniture they would seem to become translucent and I could go through them. I saw my cat and she saw me go by because she looked at me and turned her head as I floated by. That was good enough for me. I went back but just as I was going to start to lay down into myself, I awoke.
That was my last experience. I now almost wish that I could have them again. I tried and tried..

As far as religion and the occult... I say to each his own. Whether you find yourself through organised religion, the occult, paganism, etc., call it what you will, as long as you accomplish and fulfill your full potential of being a conscientious, caring human being. I believe that the most important faith of all is all within ourselves. Why look elsewhere when you have it all right there inside of you? You just need to be true to yourself and you will find that faith. You are your own savior.

Apr 01, 2011
Re: Sleep paralysis
by: Viktor K.

I have had some of the same experiences of which you spoke on. once i thought that i was alone in them as well, but we are not. i have seen many spirits in my life i am 25, the majority of which were seen not in a state of sleep paralysis. I have also experienced what i would call like a buzzing o electric explosion in my head normally when these electric buzzes occur i am entering sleep paralysis. Afew weeks ago i was suffing from some of the most intence electric buzzes i have ever experienced during this time i was under paralysis, not a total paralysis however because with enough force i could bring myself out of it. During this time which was something like a half an hour in length i heard extreemly fast whispers in my ear, which freaked me out, and then a clear and raspy voice in my ear which said "im gonna fuck you til you cant get up" both of these occurrences shook me enough that i broke free of the paralysis and roused my girlfriend to let her know what was going on. i layed back down once more, the buzzing started in again and this time i heard breathing and growling and it sounds ridiculous but even the sounds of flatulence emanating from the corner of the room. The feeling in the room was extreemly evil, every hair on my body was standing on end, i shook myself once more from this "aura" and just gave up trying to lay down for the rest of the morning. i got up, put it out of my mind and started my day. Just thought i would share that with you, have you ever heard them speak?

Apr 01, 2011
Re: Viktor
by: Barney

Hey Viktor,
Thank you for telling it. Yes, as I mentioned in my video I have heard them speak, breath in my ear and growl. God has recently given me deep peace in this struggle.
I use YouTube as my way of staying in touch so feel free to watch my videos and talk further at

Thanks man, stay in touch,

Apr 01, 2011
Sleep Paralysis cloaked demonic figure
by: Ryan

Well I would like too say that I had have 2 of these experiences in my life i am 24. The first on was that I was awake in my bedroom and I felt like I was paralysed and that someone was holding me down. Ok the real wierd one happened last night I woke up in the middle of the night and could'nt sleep. I was sleeping on my left side and all rememebr thinking too myself saying too my friend how would you like if I had sex with my friends sister in front of him. My heart started racing and became very cold and I got the chills. After that all I could remember is turning on my right side and seeing this dark cloaked small entity staring at me right near my bed. My body froze after I put my fist up to the demon. Then I finally woke up being scared and not knowing what the hell happened. Yesterday, during the day I was talking about 2012 and when the world will end. Also, when you die you die and you there is no heaven or hell. I don't know why that happened maybe that sick thought I had in my head intrigued the demon. I also found out yesterday that one of my friends from highschool died. This was one of the wierdest things I have ever experienced. I wanted too know if anyone has ever experienced the same thing. Just write on the blog if you ever did..

Apr 01, 2011
Re: Ryan
by: Barney

Hey Ryan,
Thanks for writing, I relate 100%. I have seen the hooded figure " demon" before and have also experienced aspects of sleep paralysis that were very vividly sexually "dirty" and felt clearly evil in a sexual way. I know exactly what you're talking about...


Apr 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

After reading all of this site and listening to your video, i strongly suggest that you google what is called "spiritual deliverance". Bob larson is one who dares to walk in the name of Jesus against these powers of darkness. It is NOT about religion, but rather a true and intimate RELATIONSHIP with Jesus and God. When i realized it was the religious people of jesus' day that killed him it changed me altogether! Now, God shares things with me through the work of the Holy Spirit and His written Word. I have received deliverance and it has helped tremendously. I pray this helps all who read it and the power of God's love will lead you to know our Redeemer and the Lover of our souls.

Apr 25, 2011
my experience
by: martina harrison

to the guy on the v.t , i have had very simalar bad negetive entity experiences and it is frightning, but i only have these exp. in a old ladies house that i look after, not in my own home or any ware else. ive always been sensitive towards spirits etc ,but ave never had anything so negetive till now, i have realized this entity is connected to the lady an has been for years an becuase im sensitive its bothering me, i dont firmly beleive in sleep paralysis, its proffesionals and none beleivers passing the buck. their are other demensions and other realms ov life only a few ov us experience this, and not always pleasant,ive had it so bad in the last 9 months with neg entities that ive ad to protect myself with various things ,the most successful is holy water and calling upon the angels to help me, because it has tried to take my soul 7 times while i slept,. im not religous and it wrks ,like i said it doesnt happen to me at home, you need to do a clearing, i would but she wont give permission and its not my house.good luck and dont always beleive in labels people throw at u.

Apr 29, 2011
Dark figure
by: Michael Vincent Mitchell

I had this SP experience several times over and it's astounding to see numerous people with the same experiences. I was in my bed, unable to move. suddenly feeling cold. I was sure the room was exactly as it was. The door was open (the only difference from when i was awake) and I couldnt quite see it but i could FEEL something at the door. My chest started feeling heavy and I was feeling an uncontrollable terror. I tried to turn that terror into rage. I tried forcing myself up to move to confront it and the harder i struggled the more this entity seemed to be able to penetrate my mind and exploit the fear. I didn't have any thoughts...No reason to why I was afraid. I just felt my heart beating faster and faster.. I just clenched my teeth and stared at it...trying to move...

The second time...for some reason Myself and my entire family were in my room on the floor sitting against my bed. And in real life none of them were. But I could feel the presence again at the door, but none of them could see or feel it and I was yelling at it. Still afraid and unable to move that much ( But i could a little bit this time). The rage turned into terror once more but I still persisted. My little sister was calling me crazy. The figure was toying with me because I knew they werent really there. That time the figure spoke...and when it did the terror needles down the back. It said I would die. As soon as I got out of the SP no one was in the room. It was daylight, but during the SP it was dark. And I was on the floor. Since I joined the army, I havent had the experience anymore. I did get a bit closer with god since. But Im curious. I almost want the experience again. I want to find out who the figure is. I want to confront it.

May 01, 2011
how can it be stopped?
by: Anonymous

hi my name is chantelle im 23 years old and since december febuary 2009-2010 when both my grandparents passed away i have been seeing this tall dark figure in my room my childrens room i have heard a male and female argue on my old baby monitor i have heard a baby cry yet it is not my kids i have been touched grabbed i have felt the hot breath i have also felt it jump through me whilst driving it use to attack my elsest son who suffers a disability and also seizures and has night terrors... i have also had night mares to the point that i wake up in tears petrified of what i have dreamnt... it has also taken shape of my grandparents and attack me in my sleep i feel its presance and its touch i end up frozen to the spot please i need to know what to do i have never ever used the board or written letter to passed ones... please contact me at

May 05, 2011
its a real war!
by: Heather

I am so happy that I found this site!! I have had similar experiences. I am 26 years old and I have been having spiritual experiences such as these since I was 8. When I was 8 I saw a demon that was cream colored, bald,had wrinkled skinned,and red eyes. It tilted its head and then asked me if I wanted to play in a scary voice. I pinched myself as to wake myself from a nightmare but unfortunately I was awake (this is before I even knew about religion or demons or anything like this). Ever since then I have had dreams of shadowy figures (none with hoods though). Satan himself has visited me 3 times in these nightmares. One dream where shadowy figures were present I felt them coming into my body I simply would say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ and they would come out. when I managed to wake myself up(I was paralysed as well) my bed had moved off of the wall. It's frightening to experience these things. To this day I can feel evil presence around me. They scratch on my wall and make sounds that sound like water droplets in my room when there are no leaks. Moving on as far as the obe goes I have had several of those as well..all involuntary. I feel major pressure on my head and tingling also my bed shakes before my spirit tries to come out. Each time I have come out a bit but somehow I have stopped it from coming out. It has come out once in a lucid dream. It rapidly came out of my body (no tingling or pressure) where it started running then all of a sudden it floated fast towards the ceiling in which it jolted me awake. This experience was different than the previous because I knew I was dreaming and the others I was also asleep but it seemed more like a physical reality maybe because I was in my own house, and in this instance I was in a different location. Anyhow I can't rule out that these dreams, sp, and obes are connected somehow because everybody here is experiencing all of them and were all predominantly Christian. Maybe we are a threat and god is going to use us in special ways. Just keep him first and do his will. Stay in the word!

May 06, 2011
Knight's Templar
by: Michael Vincent Mitchell

Though there is a scientific tie to this common experience, there is probably a spiritual one as well. I think faith has something to do with it. I've been waning in and out of faith while it occurred and it was only when my faith was at its highest point that it stopped and the stress ended. I learned this after joining the military, but I am looking as far back into it as I can to see if there's more information. Though it seems the experience is common, only a fraction of the entire human race faces this, fewer report it, and many would reject any paranormal ideas. If you have shared experiences maybe we can talk. In the title is my full name, you can find me on FB, or email me

May 08, 2011
by: Heather

The scientific term for this is called hypnagogia. I did a little research into it and I'm still inclined to believe that these experiences are of a spiritual nature. Contrary to Michael (no offense Michael) when my faith is at its highest point (praying more, making better choices,reading the bible often, and telling people about Jesus) I have these fearful attacks more frequently. I encourage everybody to look into this scientific side and leave their take on it. I'm curious to know what yall think.

May 11, 2011
by: Vanessa

Hi there, I am so glad I found this site! I am terrified! I have been experiencing the feeling of being paralysed and pressed down! I have also sometimes seen the dark figure. It always starts with feeling the presence and it touching me on my arm or shoulder and then suddenly it gets on top of me and presses me down! I have had these experiences only a few times but last night was the worst! I felt the ussual pressure and suddenly this thing growled at me! Like some sort of beast dog or something! My friend says that it is oppression of a demonic entity and that opression can lead to possession. I need to know how to stop this thing! It is scaring me so badly I am afraid to go to sleep at night! Please help!

May 11, 2011
re: scared
by: Barney

Hi Vanesa,
I relate. I have been getting closer to Jesus Christ since I first posted this a few months back and have had a deep peace these past two months and haven't had attacks these past few months. There is a lot I don't know about this but this I can say for sure: Jesus Christ (The Lord) is the only one who has the power and authority over these evil entities (demons)

You may ask Jesus to help and protect you.
It doesn't happen over night but it is real.

Keep in touch,

May 12, 2011
Freaked out in Vegas
by: summergrl669

Ok heres the thing I am so completely freaked out because all the comments and stories I just read it was like reading about my experiences, but never took them so seriously until I got to a certain area of Vegas. And Im just now realizing that the experiences I read as you were at a young age with your 1st sp experiences that its been since I was young also. But my real strong one was in july aug of 2010. I had lied down to take a nap on my rm loveseat. All of a sudden im seeing myself sitting on the very loveseat and a girl was sitting next to me and i looked over at her with such hate and felt this drastic weight on my chest and I litterally turned Linda Blair my voice changed and I was so scared forcing myself to wake up, when I finally did only 30 min had passed since first falling asleep. I went straight outside and told my rm and didnt step 1 foot back in the house by myself. Ive had nightmares before but never do i ever remember one this vivid and so real. I was scared out of my mind. Another "dream" (lets say scarey ones) i had dozed on our porch and im at the neighbors house in the kitchen i believe to shut the lights off, no one else around and all of a sudden I felt like tiny little buts of very low electricity kind of until I read one of your experiences that a tingling like when a leg falls asleep. That would be the feeling I had and all of a sudden the kitchen light went out and I felt something not right, bad energy. I kept reading all your stories and I can remember some of your expeiences as a kid but never thought anything supernatural although I had my suspisions. Now this one tops it. I had fallen asleep and I didnt dream (having a vision while sleeping per se) but I seriously couldnt breath, then I saw how some of you felt like you were choked. My mouth dropped and now im really freaking out. But I will say this I believe in God, but i have my issues with God So I suspected that that was a gateway for this negative energy to take over. I really need advice here because Ive come to the conclusion that my neighborhood where I live here in Vegas is got a bunch of dead ticked off mobsters here. This is where the strongest of my feelings of dread, the horrible nightmares started. Im originally from northern Indiana and dont remember to much of experiencing these when I was younger but some things are familiar. Please need advice b4 another Linda Blair episode. I dont like them.

May 13, 2011
by: Heather

Wow sorry you guys are going thru this stuff too. It is refreshing knowing that you are not alone. Atleast we have eachother to talk to about this phenomenon. The average person would think we are all nuts. To address what you were talking about summer.. I do not believe it has to do with your location. Maybe since there are more people and they are more openly sinning (it is called sin city you know) that you became more sensitive to spiritual activity. I don't know this for sure just guessing. Anyhow as far as the dead mobsters walking around that isn't possible. To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. So these entities in which you are referring to are what the bible calls familiar spirits. They are demonic in nature. I agree with Barney we do need to pray for our protection and know everything is subject to the name of Jesus. He gave us authority over demons. We are his children!

May 13, 2011
please read
by: HB

I had an experience about a two months ago. I woke up and saw a black shsdow figure standing by my side of the bed. I couldnt move and I felt like something was on my legs and chest. I was trying my hardest to scream to wake my boyfriend up and I felt like my voice was just cutt off. I felt like i was being choked. It was by far the scariest experience Ive ever had.

May 14, 2011
by: TW

I have had SP since around 8 years of age. I am now 55. I was taken to a church that believed in casting out demons and speaking in tounges. I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. My expreriences have dark figures,too. I had oout of body experiences with these SP's. I would see a parent going down the hall to the bathroom and get awakend by the noise of their door being shut. I also would float above our pool table in our basement and wouldn't be able to get down. This doesn't sound terrifying, but it was to an 8 year old. I still have SP and can tell when they are starting. Like other comments I've learned to ask for Jesus help and I wake up. I've also awakened to quickly and see the dark figure fade away. So much more I could tell. If interested, ask.

May 17, 2011
Was it SP or was it a evil spirit?
by: MzKey

last night i did not watch any scary movies nor did i see anything violent. I went to sleep at about 1:45am and i left my tv on (i usually watch cartoons before i sleep)and around 4:20am i woke up but couldnt move my body i couldnt open my eyes i could only breathe and hear the tv while that is going on i feel something on my bed which feel like very small footsteps on my bed coming towards me like a small dog or something i cant explain it. it felt like whatever that thing was it was sitting or laying on my face or chest and i couldnt open my eyes or mouth to see or speak it reall scared me i prayed and finally was able to wake up i turned on every light in the house and couldnt go back to sleep.

May 17, 2011
Sleep Paralysis
by: Gemini F.S.

SP has happened to me for several years now. It first started when I moved away from home the first time, then later having to move back in with my mother is the the exact time that I can recall my first incident. In the beginning it was just that sleep paralysis, no shadows, no voices, no fear. Then as some years had passed these episodes got worse. I am going further into detail to say that it began to feel as though I was being raped and tortured in my sleep. One of several episodes that I'll never forget was when I felt the demon reach inside my abdomen and move his hands in a circular motion causing me to be in terrible pain! After fighting to come back to consciousness I could still the pain inside my stomach, I began to cry furiously, I immediately knew that it was a demon that was torturing me this way. Now when the attacks happen, they happen twice in one night. It used to be just one attack in one night over a period of five or six months, now the episodes are often. I recite prayers during SP, and its like the demons take the Lord's words away from me, I completely forget these prayers that I've been knowing since I was a child, how can one explain and get rid of this terror? Since the words began to be snatched from my mouth I grab the bible and sleep with it for superior protection and that is when the demons cannot touch me. The Lord is all-powering and He is awesome no job is too much for my God!!!

May 22, 2011
Strange feeling
by: Melissa

Back when I was 17/18 years old, my mom was sick with cancer. I was having a hard time with it. I got diagnosed with depression and panic and anxiety disorder. I don't take meds now but I was then. just zanax though. I tried antidepressants, but it didn't help. I actually suffered more from panic attacks. Well during this time I experienced alot of different physical symptoms even when I was awake. But I remember several episodes to where when I would drift off to sleep or be asleep for a few mins. And sometimes it felt like I had been asleep a while and I would feel halfway awake and half asleep. But I would feel the numbing tingling feeling all over and I would feel as if my body was lying there looking at a shadow figure directly over my body. And I felt like I had left my body or something of a sort, and I tried to raise up or try to get back to the shadow that seemed like my spirit so I would feel whole again or alive. It was really strange. And the few experiences I had was always the same. But I understand the struggle to try and move and feel as if your soul or spirit moves rather than your physical self. It can def be an uncomfortable feeling. It is somewhat comforting to know we are not alone in having these strange things happen as we sleep. :)

May 22, 2011
Same Thing Happends To Me But Not Often.
by: Anonymous

Well thank you barney for sharing your story cuz honestly i thought i was crazy never thought there where other people in the world with this. Im mexican so im really religious, ive had this happend to me 5 x since 2009, but more frequently this year 2011 since i moved alone to my apt. i get really scared when i cant open my eyes where i feel my eye lid so heavy that i cant open my eyes meanwhile i feel and see a shadow walking around my bed.

May 24, 2011
Shadowy creature
by: Bonita

Hi, ok so i have not experienced any of this sp, or out of body experiences. but i know it happens and it can happen as most of you have shared your story. For me the last 2 months i have been scared at night to sleep for the fear of what lurks in the dark. last night i dreamed i was asleep as normal beside my boyfriend, and then all of a sudden i saw a dark shadowy creature jump on me, and it didnt try to get inside my chest, instead it lunged straight for my throat trying to kill me. no sound or anything came from it. Like everyone else i couldnt move or speak, this is the first time it has happened to me and i am 21 years old. i am very freaked out, and seriously hoping it doesnt happen again. B4 bed i do pray and ask Jesus Christ to protect us keep evil away, and that he lets his blood was over us and through us and keep us safe.

May 25, 2011
Happened to me last night
by: Ryan

So I've had something similar to this happen to me about 3 times in my life. I'm 21 now. The first time was when I was about 15, I did not see any shadowy figures but I had a dream I was walking around my house and my house looked IDENTICAL to what it really does. My head was tilted to the side in a very awkward position, I made way back to my bed and from there I couldn't get up. Couldn't talk/move. Finally after saying "get up" several times, I finally could. A numbing sensation was running head to toe after. I didn't have any cases like that until last summer (2010). This one wasn't so bad, but I didn't see any shadowy figures at all, I just felt a presence. It felt like someone was standing right over me and I couldn't do anything. I also felt like my arm was going threw my bed. Last night, was by far the worst I've ever experienced. I was laying on my stomach and couldn't move at all, next thing I know, I was laying on my back with 10 shadowy figures forming a horse shoe shape around my bed. It was only for about 5 seconds then I thought to myself "okay, now it's time to get up" and I was actually able to snap out of it fairly quickly. I feel that since I didn't panic or felt frightened. I was able to snap out of it a lot quicker. It wasn't until today did I know what sleep paralysis was and/or heard about the shadowy figures. Freaky stuff.

May 25, 2011
by: yhamina

Hello. I'm very realived to hear that someone else out there has experienced what I've been experiencing for years. I've experienced everything you've mentioned plus I've had the entity run after me after the sp. I haven't been able to see it it since I've been 6 or 7 yrs old. I would love to know how to stop it. I'm tired of the sleepless nigts. I can tell you for sure that the drugs do not initiate these experiences because I've had them all of my life. Please keep me posted if you have more info.

May 28, 2011
I Wouldn't Believe this 2 Months Ago but...
by: Anonymous

I few months ago I would not have believed this as I always thought that people who experience this are always "dredging up" some sort of hyper-vigilance and focus on "Evil Spirits" or something. Well it happened to me twice in the past month and I will agree that it is scary and unpleasant.

It's good to know that there's a name and explanation for this. Of course it is additionally troubling to me that the "spirit" feels so real and is a male spirit when I am female. And there is this feeling of evilness surrounding the entire experience.

Because I don't want this to happen again, I will try more to think pleasant, grateful thoughts before going to bed that "All is well." I'm relieved that this can be attributed to stress and some sort of temporary malfunction of the sleep cycle. If it does happen again I will relax about it, and not take it so personally.

Last night when it began happening as I started drifting off I said firmly "I don't like this" and it stopped. Take care everyone.

May 30, 2011
to non beleiver up until 2 mon ago
by: yhamina

I agree with you. As I was dosing off I felt my self slipping into another SP. Insted of accepting it and sayng to my self,"here we go again". I took a stand and quickly started to remember everything our lord Jesus Christ said. I know our lord dosent lie the Devil is the author of confusoin and probably wrotte the book on lies. Any way Jesus said that you have complete power over the enemy, that all things are possible thrue him. I you read the book of acts in the bible one of the apostles healed a man. Another man saw this and asked him how he did this, the apostle told him that it is thrue faith (total beleife and trust in our savior) that this was posible. Jesus said that trough faith you are heald and can move mountains. So you know what I took a stand and said (in my mind) you can't do this to me. You have to power over me. I didn't fight this time like I usually do. Because there's nothing to fight. It's not our fight it's Gods! And guess what he already won it when he rose up from the dead. Evil has no power over me!!!! Period point black. If you beive that. Then like Jesus said through Faith you are healed. How can you call on him that you don't believe. It said that in the bible. I thougt that was so powerful because I allways wondered, "how is that I pray before I go to sleep and I still get sp or that I say in the name of Jesus I rebuke you ans STILL got SP or wouldn't stop. I figured that is was because it (dark force /demon) needed to hear me for it to work. But no it's deeper than that. It's your believe that God can deliver you from what your going through. In the bible Jesus went back home to Nazareth and it says that he couldt heal olt of people because of their lack of faith. This teaches me that you can say all the rigt words but if you don't believe that God can heal you. If you don't have faith in his power. Because it is not the words that will save you but your faith that will save you call on God and believe in him and watch your self transform. You gat faith by hearing the word of God. I will advise you to read the bible and believe without a doudt what is says. The truth is the devil only has the power you give it. No weapons of destruction can form againstme!!!! Haleluya prsis God!!!!!! I am free.

Jun 01, 2011
Sensitive in Connecticut
by: Anonymous

I have been searching for answers for the weird and ongoing experiences that I have been having since I was a child.

I had dreams of dead ppl who were killed in the late 1800's, for example, when I was pregnant with my second child, I had a dream of a woman hanging by her neck in a barn surrounded by to men who were also hanged. I wasn't scared in this dream, she jumped down and came up to me. She was dressed like a slave from this periods, her dress was periwinkle blue, and she had a head scarf on. She touched my belly, and I actually felt the warmth of her hand on my belly, and she said " This baby is not well". I woke up the next morning bleeding and I went to the E.R. where they performed and emergency Laproscopy because I had an ectopic pregnancy.

Recently, I had SP, and I saw a dark figure of a man standing on the right side of my bed, and a week after that I had a dream of a woman sitting on my couch trying to tell me something but I would not listen to her, and I began to pray, and I woke up.

I know I am sensitive to certain things, and I try not to scare myself or think about them, but when u have dreams that come true, like ppl dying and children being born, u begin to really speculate on how this universe really is.

I wish that I can analyze all of my experiences, at one point, I though the apartment or houses I lived in was haunted, but now, I'm starting to believe that its me who is haunted. I don't know how to control this and its irrtating me. I can't sleep because I see things move out the corner of my eye, but I refuse to acknowledge whatever is happening to me, so I just been ignoring them.

I always have dreams, and encounters with ppl who have past, like their energy, I never felt threatened, just bothered. I haven't heard voices, but I heard noises as if someone's in the kitchen early in the morning closing cabinets. I just want to be left alone and I feel that I have no one to talk to, to just get a better understanding of what's happening to me.
I do believe in the "other" side whatever it might me, my experiences have proven that to me a long time ago, I can also see a little of ppl's aura's.

Well, I just wanted to relate my expriences, oh, there was another weird one I had about 10 yrs ago, I had a dream about a Indian High Priest and he told me my future for the next 5yrs. I couldn't remember everything, but about me getting pregnant when my son turned 5 came true, and that's all that I remembered.

Jun 02, 2011
by: heather

Although I can stop the attack by using the authority of Jesus Christ I still was experiencing sp episodes nonetheless. I often wondered why I was still under attack even though I am a believer and not using his name as just "magic words". I came across a site called This website had a short video that was very informative and insightful in which it conveyed that this phenomenon can be caused by a generational curse. With that being said I prayed to the father to shut all of the doors my ancestor have opened and I haven't had another one since.

Jun 11, 2011
by: yhamina

thank you I will try that as well.

Jun 17, 2011
Dark entities
by: DreamPro

I will make no suppositions as to what this all was or meant, but one night I "thought" I woke up in a room that wasn't mine. There was a minor breeze flowing throw an open window that gave me a bit of a chill. So I proceeded to get up to close the window, but I froze once my eyes began to adjust to the low light. For lack of a better description my bed was surrounded by a bunch of small entities. Expressionless, and featureless the closest thing I can think to describe them was about 8-12 Eggplant-looking people. They said nothing, and did nothing to me, but they were moving with a weird vibration. They were all roughly the height of my bed off of the ground. They seemed to be crowded at the edges of my bed like a rock concert. At this point I was in full alarm, feral fight or flight kicked it and I woke up! Your thoughts?

Jun 17, 2011
by: DreamPro

You also mentioned that your wife turned into a demon in front of you eyes. I had an experience somewhat like this. Once many years ago, fully awake, I was helping a friend by bouncing for his house party keg. A little history real quick...I was adopted from a woman who followed the Amen Ra religion, or the Egyptian sun-god. Upon my 18th birthday she approached me to become a part of my life. Unfortunately she was a bit of a dark person. She taught a $1000 course in metaphysics, and since I was her first born she said the class was free for me. She also said I had the potential to be a very powerful warlock, and that she wanted me to be a high-priest in a Church she wanted to find. Merely because of my fascination of the unknown I took a course or two. First was the lesson on anointing candles with oils while you "Load" your thought into them regarding what it is that you are after. Next was imaging where you look at a white card with a red triangle or a blue circle or a yellow square,then after concentrating on it for a while you close your eyes and not only remember the image, but you reproduce it in the blackness in your vision. The 3rd class turned me off immediately; Chakras, which I get, but she wanted to be the one to anoint my nude body in a darkly lit room....She's my biological mother...Yeah I got a problem with that lol. Anyway I digress. One thing she did was gave me a necklace she claims to have spelled with an invincibility spell. Now I'm as skeptical as the next person, so I just wrote it off, and assumed my feral fight or flight would keep me alive just fine. Back to the point, the morphing girl...At this keg I agreed to bounce for a friend, was another friend who claimed to be a "Red Witch". I've heard of all sorts of witches in my day, but never one associated to a color...anyway I was talking to her about my experience with my biological mother, and she asked to see the necklace. She said she felt a pulse within my necklace, like the energy of the spell, but she said it wasn't an invincibility spell, more like a way to keep tabs on me or track me. So I asked her if she could dispel my mother's magic, and she said she would try to cast a "Blessing" upon it to purify it. Brandy was a beautiful redhead girl, but while she tried to dispel my mother's spell, her form manifested a different image in front of me. She turned into what looked like a demon, or perhaps a gargoyle - she even at one point looked directly into my face and asked me what was wrong, because I was clearly reeling from the experience. At that moment my hearing became more enhanced than it had eve been in my entire life; I could hear dogs from miles away as well as trains from the downtown area, even though i was out in the valley, roughly 10 miles away. Thoughts on that one?

Jun 26, 2011
Sleep Paralysis Anger a possible sollution
by: Joshua B.

I'm 23 year old Male and I've been having these sleep paralysis for years the earliest one that I can remember being when I was 8 or so I was actually sleeping with 2 other relatives in a bed and woke up paralyzed and scared seeing a figure in the window in the room, and it seemed like it was clawing on the window. After this i would not sleep near a window or if i was near a window i would cover it until i was around 14 and i grew out of the fear. Sense then i have had 20 or more occurences of waking paralyzed ussually with a tingyly feeling but like in waves from toe to head through out my entire body and a very fast heart beat, and feeling scared. Usually seeing a shadowy figure in the room or standing over me or just like a darkness sort of a cloud in the room, it has never spoke or made noise. Most recently When these SP's happen I've actually been getting mad (but also always scared) at the "figure". When in sp ill be so mad ill try to like fling my body up and like attack the image which of course never works cause i cant move but when i finally snap out of the SP i actually get out of my bed and either fling the closet open or door or so some other kind of agressive act almost like im trying to scare the "thing" or shadowy figure away. This actually seems to help me go back to sleep and i recommend it to other people, I just get this anger like screw this "thing" your not gonna bother me anymore and the scared feeling goes away and i go back to sleep without incident. I don't really believe in god, I more believe in energy and Consciousness, when we die maybe our Consciousness energy enters another world and we are eventually reborn when we decide to be.

Jun 30, 2011
Paralysis in sleep
by: Mitchelle B

Iv had these in 16 Iv been having these like when I drift off to sleep I can know that I'm going into paralysis sleep and when I enter I see everything around me like I cant speak but I did speak twice and I actually move a little when I do I try wake myself up but can't my hand is still in the same place this happens to me lots. And once I heard a buzzing sound and it bothered me and I heard a loud laugh a really deep laugh ... And once when I was sleeping I was paralyzed sleeping I was lay on my back and I was looking towards the door I could see everything and my door was shut but something moved it and pushed it , it was a dog I thought my brother let the dog inside but the dog entered the room it was big and dark like a black figure shaped dog when it walked in it turned into a human it was a black figure to it walked behind me couldn't see it, I got scared what will it do so I got up really fast ... that's it but whenever this happens when I sleep I feel like getting sexually touch like real when I'm paralyzed while sleeping ! when I get up there's nothing so I don't know if it was trying to do something its always behind me but I sleep on my bell face on the bed and whenever I sleep like that it sexually touches me ! and this still goes on I keep having these things happen to me.
Plus I'm only 16 I'll be 17 n' 2 months ..

Jun 30, 2011
The Shadow Man
by: Candice

I have seen a shadow the shape of a tall man but can never see it's face. It doesn't feel human but it tries to lead me into thinking that it is. I went to bed one night in my bedroom and thought i had awoken. So i got up to sit on the couch in the living room. when i was halfway down the hallway a presence grabbed my ankles and dragged me down my hallway back into my room but i couldn't see what had ahold of my ankles. when i would look there was nothing there......Then i woke up a second time that night afraid to get off my bed because i thought that the presence that pulled me down my hallway was a dream. But i decided to try to go out into the livingroom to sit on the couch and something invisible grabbed my ankles again and i scraped my fingernails across the wood floor screaming my lungs out. All of sudden i woke up in bed again remembering what i thought was a nightmare inside of a nightmare. Again i tried to make it out to the couch and it grabbed my ankles a third time and dragged me down my hallway back into my room. I will never forget that night although i wish i could. When i awoke in the morning i was on the couch i had been trying to get to. has this happened to anyone else. i've never felt alone since that night, i can always feel something with me now , and it doesnt like me telling anyone. i can feel when its angry. what does it want from me???

Jul 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

i have all these same things happen as well. mine started when i was 12, i am now 18 i have them EVERY night most of the time 4-5 times a night. they are the same demonic black figures you told about. i was sleeping one night, and fell into SP while still awake. i faught it and lost. but when i woke up i went to sleep on the couch. once again i fell into SP and there where 4 black figures two at the end of the couch and two at the front i could feel them grab me and started to pull me back to my bed room. i NO JOKE woke up in the floor at the foot of my bed. needless to say i didnt sleep for two weeks.

Jul 16, 2011
Glad I'm not the only one..
by: B.

I have had many demonic entities around me in my life. I have felt true evil more than once and have been attacked while asleep a few dozen times since my adulthood. I was abused as a child but dont believe that it has anything to do with the attacks.
During my attacks I see the dark shadowy figures, experience total paralysis, feel pain and pressure and overwhelming horror. Almost every time the 'demon' is not only choking me silent its also holding me down and trying to enter my body.
I have learned to fight off some of the smaller, less strong demons. The worst attack happened a few years back; I felt the pressure on my chest, it held my arms and legs down and as I tried to scream ( I was screaming although no sound came out) the entity choked me and entered through my mouth. I am always awake and after the attack is over I am freezing cold and exhausted.
Ive never talked to anyone as I'm sure they will ahve me committed.

Jul 17, 2011
Strange sound associated with SP/ OBE?
by: nocomment55

Have you ever heard a sound while having sleep paralysis, or OBE? I've been having dreams that don't seem to be coming from me, but external...somehow.. In one of these dreams, I would dream of waking up, as you describe. But it was the sound that caused all the false waking. Idk how to describe paper ripping, or when you pull duct tape from the roll, if it just never ended. or the sound of liek..when you make a pool ball in a pocket, or the roullette wheel when the ball is spinning around. The ripping sound and that, put together, but unending. It wouldn't stop, just got louder and louder, with the perception that this was a REAL LIFE sound, one that was disturbing my sleep and I then incorporated into the dream, like when you're crashed out and you hear the alarm, but your mind just makes it part of the dream? As soon as I honed in on it, trying to figure out what on earth could make such a noise, I dreamed it woke me and that I got up and turned my ac unit off to listen better. The strange but vaguely familiar noise then began to surround me, coming from all directions suddenly, and nowhere. I dreamed I woke up AGAIN, felt like I was trapped in my own dream. I got very irritated with this ceaseless, loud, creepy noise and woke up for real. I heard the sound of my backdoor clicking shut right as I came to, almost as if that was what finally snapped me out of this "trance"..I was crying when I woke up, I don't know why, and I was also sitting bolt upright. I had to fight to stay awake. There was a sensation as if I was being pulled back into unconsciousness. I was even more exhausted than when I'd laid down. I had laid down because I felt nauseous, light-headed, now I felt like a truck had run me over. I looked at the time and I had only been asleep for FIVE minutes. The door was my roommate entering the house, as if the door opening, another person entering is what saved me from my dream...I just feel that way, can't explain it...I asked my roommate if she heard what that noise was, she didn't know what I was talking about. She told me that the electricty had been going haywire for the last five minutes, turning on and off over and over again. It's still scratching the back of my mind, that familiar but I can't put my finger on where I've heard it, or what it was. I still feel as if it was a real, external sound, not one I imagined. I can't really explain it.

Jul 24, 2011
Is this normal
by: Vronie

Okay I'm not sure if you've heard about the recent china train crash that occurrd earlier this morning but I was asleep and wasn't aware at the time about it and I dreamt that I was under this bridge with rubble and I saw a women crying and she was dirty with these white sort of dressy pants and all if a sudden I picked up this child I wasn't sure if it was a boy or girl and the huld had no shoes on and I could describe exactly what he or she had on well I gave the child to the mother and she kept talking but I couldn't understand her... Well when I awoke I told my mother n she said a similar thing had happend earlier that morning n I began to read the article on the news website and my story matched up before I could even read it so I was told and in the article it said that an unnamed firefighter was citied and I think that was me u think I went unto someone else and was there can this be real !!!

Jul 28, 2011
by: matt

i am only 11 and i have all the same experiences i need help

Aug 01, 2011
Similar experience
by: Doug

About three years ago I had a similar experience I felt awake but could see myself sleeping i started to float away from my room and was trying to get back to my body when i suddenly fealt a great pressure on my chest as if somthing was pushing me downwards, followed by a feeling like my heart was going to explode. It was the most terrifying experience i have ever had.

Aug 06, 2011
all of you need to read this
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me so many times i cant count, it used to be a shadow figure, sometimes you cant even see that but she just holds you down, i say she because i watched this shadow figure turn into a woman more then once. but even know it does this, it leaves bits and pieces out they dont understand the human body. sometimes i can taste sometime i can even feel her skin well in that form. This isnt the only one that has visited me there were others that stayed shadow figure like and tryed choking me to death. over the years i have learned that nothing is pulling my soul out of my body i have been doing it on my own.I have had every sp expereince you can think of some scary some beautiful like being with a past lover clear as day, waking up not knowing how i felt for her and who she is but remembering i felt it. Anyway lets get down to it, Monks practice what happens to us in our sleep, they do what we know with control and they master it. We do it with out control because our body is dying or weak when we go to sleep our blood pumps slower, if were weak enough our blood pumps so slow our heart can stop. I know this because when it happens to me i feel a strange preasure in the part of my body the cancer builds. My suggestion to all of you. best think is to go to the doctor and find out what its wrong with your host because there is the spiritual world and there are angels and demons and we all have seen them and that doesnt happen with out a reason.

Aug 06, 2011
by: Mari

Thanks for for this site and thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences here. Personally, I believe in God but my faith certainly wavered throught the years, and it's something I'm struggling with right now. My first experiences occurred in my early 20's, I had anxiety, bouts of depression and drank too much alcohol. It would begin with my being able to see the room with clarity, I could hear the voices of my loved ones, the tv being on, but I felt like I was in another dimension. At times I could travel down the hall, see the furniture, again I could hear everyone speaking, yet could not see anyone. I could see out the window, it appeared that everything was the same, except no people, animals or signs of life. However, an extremely menacing, evil presence was felt, as if something was watching me, quite frightening. Of course I couldn't move and it was as if my lips were glued shut. After that the 'shadow' man would come, that was my name for it. A tall evil presence that would always get on top of me, strangling me, in one incidence violating me. I'd often feeling his hands around my throat or compressing my chest, as if wanting to squeeze the life out of me and perhaps silencing me from any thought of God. I tried to call out to my then boyfriend, although I gathered he couldn't hear me. The figure was a black, male, the dimensions were of person yet no distinct physical features, more like an outline. It's difficult to put it all into words. I felt that I would die if I didn't wake up. I asked my boyfriend to not allow me to nap during the day as the 'shadow' man would come to torment me, if he didn't just being in the room I slept in again it felt extremely menacing, and being watched..Of course my partner didn't believe me and made reference to the Freddy movies because I begged him wake me if I fell asleep during the day. Through it all, I geared to thinking that these experiences are some sort of sleep disorder, as perplexing as it was, afterall there must be some logical explanation. Later as the internet surfaced, I decided to research it and I was glad to have hit the nail on the head, finding it, 'sleep paralysis'. The scientific explanations gave me comfort, I was relieved, and recalled having the episodes when mostly being very tired, stressed.. But was astonished how so many people around the world have so many of the same so called 'hallucinations'? Forwarding over 20 years, my last experience was about 2 years ago, again under duress I'm 43 now. I've recently began to try to renew my faith and read the bible and things would just jump out at me. I always felt an inner peace when I was troubled, as if God was lifting me up in those times of anguish, but I didn't and still don't feel worthy, which is another story. Anyhow, since reading the bible again and trying to renew my faith, I reconfirmed how the doctrine teaches to search His word to see if it is so.

Aug 06, 2011
by: Mari

I'm having problems posting here, likely because my pc is rather old, sorry folks!

Anyhow, since reading the bible again and trying to renew my faith, I reconfirmed how the doctrine teaches to search His word to see if it is so. That's why I began looking into SP again and was even more astonished, looking at so many more accounts that leaves me to ponder whether there is more to it than just 'science'. My then boyfriend (who mocked my experience back then) is my husband now and he thinks it's more than just SP. I'm still confused and have questions, but my husband pointed out a few verses in Job that had me thinking. Thanks again for hearing me out and sharing your stories, it's difficult for me to write about it. God bless you all.

Aug 06, 2011
by: Mari

Here are a few verses that my husband brought to my attention. It had me wondering even further regarding visions/dreams from a biblical standpoint.

Job chapter 4
4:14 Fear came on me, and trembling, Which made all my bones shake.

4:15 Then a spirit passed before my face; The hair of my flesh stood up.

4:16 It stood still, but I couldn't discern the appearance of it; A form was before my eyes. Silence, then I heard a voice, saying,

Job Chapter 7: The Depths of Job’s Depression
Job was asking, “Why, why, why?” In later chapters, he said that he had previously tried to serve God with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength. He revealed intimate thoughts that were very unusual, showing his personal dedication to God. In his anguish, he was saying, “I served you wholeheartedly of my own volition in the past, when I was healthy and the sun was shining on me. Do I now need the trauma that I am going through when I tried to do my very best previously?” Job wanted an answer. Eventually the Lord did give him an answer, as will be seen in later chapters.

Job 7:13 When I say, My bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my complaint;
Job 7:14 Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions:
Job thought that when he went to bed, he would get rest and relief from the discomfiture and heat of the day and perhaps also some improvement in his health, but instead he had nightmares. Of course Job did not know that Satan was causing the bad dreams.
Job 7:15 So that my soul chooseth strangling, and death rather than my life.
The nightmares were so real and so frightening that Job was depressed and wanted to die. Satan conjured up terrifying dreams in his attempts to break Job down.

Aug 08, 2011
What sleep Paralysis really is.
by: foodogsoup

Oh this exact thing used to happen to me all the time. It terrified me. And many scary things would occur. It happend so much i refused to sleep on my back.
Here is the big secret. Your soul is trying to have an out of body experience but your fear is keeping you in. You have to muster all your faith kill the fear and let go... Keep calm and full of love.
you will leave your body and travel through dimentions.
If your really scared ask for your spirit guide.
If you think I'm nuts thats fine but I promise you, your life will be better if you take my advice. Your ready to evolve and your fear is keeping you down.

Good luck.

Aug 09, 2011
Shadow planes
by: Scott

It really feels like you enter another realm of reality, however only your spirirtual self may gain entry. Not sure what's going on there, but I think it's more than simple hallucinations. You have to try and fight off the shadowy figures through empowerment or whatever religious convictions you may have. Lose your fear and explore. I've been trying for years but still can't shake the shadow figures. Not sure what they want to do or what they are tryng to tell me. People talk about other planes of existence, perhaps some more peaceful but I have yet to "wake up" in one.

Aug 10, 2011
by: Will power

I know these situations can be scary and sometimes overwhelming. One thing that works for me is not to try not give into the fear that comes with these experiences. The more afraid you become the the stronger these shadows/entities get. They almost feed off that negative emotion. When you are in this state of sleep paralysis you can be in touch with something called your higher self. Which in essence is your spiritual body un-programmed by the mind or experiences in day to day life. It sounds strange but you can actually give yourself a command and your higher self will help you. I know thought of giving yourself a command can seem like a waste of time but try it. Also instead of being afraid think of something that fills yourself with the feeling of love and imagine that image this will make the experience end or they will leave.... Now one thing that will help all of this is how much will power you possess. One way easy way to gain will power is to do the things you know you should take care of even if they are hard and you don't feel like doing them. I know that can be a very broad range of things here is an example. Cleaning your house, running, telling somebody something that you have been meaning to say but don't want go through emotions, basic day to day tasks and doing them right when you feel you should take care of them not realizing that they need to be taken care of and thinking I will get to them later. Try doing this for a week every day all day and when you experience this again when you go to sleep use your will power to make them leave, access your higher self, and not let fear over take you. The reasons that sometimes these things can not be achieved is because we don't possess the will to do so, we don't have control over our mind/body. I hope some of this has helped someone. Good luck and remember there is a higher power everywhere at work that will help us if we ask. Persistent prayer is the easiest solution.

Aug 12, 2011
by: Mari

Thank you Will Power. That train of thought has helped me personally. Also there's a particular sermon called the "Rightful Place of fear" that ties into what you're saying..Whether you believe as I do or not, I think it
is very good advice.

Aug 14, 2011
Last night's experience!!
by: Anonymous

I too have been having sp for a little under a year, I've had this happen several times before, but this past 9 months have been consecutive. I can honestly say it happens 5 times a week, sometimes, I am lucky and it only happens once in the night, but most times, I am not so lucky, once I snap out, I am dragged right back in.

Last night, was the worst I have ever had, my daughter had been having night mares (very uncommon for her, she always sleeps like a rock, in fact it was the first time ever in her life, that I had to bring her into my bed, just because of night mares) anyway, she was sleeping and as I layed there soothing her, I said a protection prayer for my family, that we'd all be protected by the white light of Jesus Christ, safe from evil and safe from harm, I got up lit a candle and prayed for the Archangel to protect and defend us from evil.

As I was falling asleep, the usual clock work, except this one was horrible, I felt myself lifting, I seen my family sleeping on my bed, seen my candle burning, then immediately I was directed to the light on in the hallway, there was an evil dark presence standing outside my door, I'd never seen anything like this, even after all my experiences. It wasn't so much that I could see "it" it was more that I felt "it" then I felt this feeling to scream..but it wasn't a scream of was of anger and disgust, I cried the name of Christ, Casting this evil presence back to hell, but it screamed back at me, when it did, it made my whole body sting...then just as that happened, I calmly wen't back to a calmer state, instead of being afraid, I was so tired, I couldn't do anything but fall back to sleep.
Like I said, I have never, ever felt anything like this. I don't feel like it's here anymore, but I don't feel like I am not ever going to sleep peacefully again.

Aug 15, 2011
evil spirit
by: Anonymous

I started having sleep paralysis at age of 12 to 27. Thought my eyes would be open and my mind conscious, it felt as if an entity had been holding me down. It scared the crap out of me and I would sleep with my mom. I will never forget and do believe it was some evil spirit!

Aug 16, 2011
my experiences with sp
by: carissa farenbaugh

i started having sleep paralysis a couple months ago and it was just me feeling completely awake, seeing everything perfectly but not being able to move no matter how much i tried and how much energy i put into getting out of bed...i was glued to my bed. it scared me at first and have gotten it maybe 5 times but i have never seen anything bad during this time period. i heard my moms voice and tried to yell for her but could only give the slightest whispers.. last night is when things really started to get weird. it was probably the worst sleep of my life and i know that i did not get good sleep or go into rem. i would be awakened by this man standing at the edge of my bed and i could see his face perfectly! he was not a dark figure...i can see him so vividly. he would then try to enter my body...i think that he almost did. i could feel myself trying to fight him out and my whole body would convulse and shake like no other. this feeling of my body convulsing like this would last a min and then i would wake up...but i dont think i ever fully woke up because i could not get out of bed..i would fall back asleep and it would happen again. it must have happened 5 times before it stopped. i know it was not a dream because i have never felt anything so real in my life and especially the movements my body was going through. i was not scared of the man although i knew he was not good. i just remember fighting him out of me and thinking things like im stronger than you, you cant have me. the same thing happened to my mom a couple weeks ago...but i thought she was crazy until my experience... she said everytime she would begin to fall asleep a dark figure would try pulling her and draggin her out of bed and she would grab her bed post to stop him and try reaching for her cross... it happened to her about 5 times as well before he finally left her alone. i do not know what this means? i have never been at a better place in my life or happier...i do not think that i have these spirits because i do not believe in god. i do and i pray constantly. my family are very spiritual people and i do believe that we brought these spirits into our home threw the ouija board. however we have not messed with it in years because we now know of how bad it is. however i do not understand why this is happening to us now? my mom burns the house with sage and we pray to rid our house of demons. could u tell me what all this might mean or how to get rid of it?

Aug 17, 2011
by: Kris

one thing that quickly ends my sp and is very effective (for me) i've learned to overcome my fear and concentrate on my breathing and letting my fear fade with each breath i take... no matter what is there with me i just breath steady and within minutes its over... but im also never asleep when it happens but one thing i've learned being a christian is that god is always with me and that helps with how fast it's over and when the men leave. hope this helps

Aug 18, 2011
RE: Clarissa
by: Barney

Hi Clarisa,
I've had this exact experience many times where I felt the demon trying to enter me. I also have opened doors to the occult and through drugs. I had to get serious with God and get his help to close the open doors of access that these spirits had in my life. The most powerful defense is the name of Jesus Christ. We can pray directly to our Father God through the name of Jesus.

Thanks for writing,

Aug 23, 2011
You are not alone
by: Ast

I have had the same paralysis 4 times. Your body is paralyzed but not your mind pray to Jesus and you will win against the evil forces.

God allows this to happen for you so you can engage in a spiritual warfare of prayer.

Aug 30, 2011
HELP!! :/
by: Anthony

I'm 30 years old, a born again Christian and I've been experiencing the worst things with SP (which always happens around 3:30AM) since I was 16: scratches on my body, sexual assaulted, levitation, hear evil voices, see dark shadows of human, animals defecating on me. I experience this almost every night.

My house in waking life has been afflicted: cold spots, objects moved or balanced, footsteps, banging noises, feeling of being watched, my bed creaks as if being sat on, scratches suddenly appeared on the wall, odd smells, oppressive feeling. Please help me!! Christians I speak with just tell me to call out the name of Jesus and I do, but it's not fixing the issue. I've been told that people can sense a "dark presence" with me, but I never knowingly invited anything in my life. I never tried anything of the occult or witchcraft. I can sense it too and whatever it is, it follows me.

Is there a group of Christians that specialize in helping oppressed Christians that are menacing with a resistant demonic host?? Please..

my email is

Aug 31, 2011
Demonic Entities
by: Monique Berry

I have had a few of these experiences, 2 time I have woke up to a black formless thing hovering over me. It has never touched me or spoke. But I am frozen, I can't move or talk. And I'm full of fear, I try to yell out JESUS, but I can't speak. Then it just go's away, it only last a few moments. Then I have had the same thing happen but I can't see anything ,I just can f eel it. But 2 nights ago, my husband said that he woke up to a Demonic spirit floating on my side of the bed in the upper corner of the wall, trying to get him. But it could not pass me, it kept flying down & then going back up. He said I then open my eyes and he asked if I could see that? He said I didn't reposed, I was still asleep. Then he said he seen my spirit stand up out of my body and grabbed, my blessed oil on the side of my bed, and started throwing the oil on it and saying something, but he could not understand what I was said, and it left. And then I got back into my body. I don't remember any of this. If someone can help please contact me. Only spirit filled Christians respond.

Aug 31, 2011
Its the only way, just try your hardest to have faith
by: Believer who has experienced all of what you have before and never will again

Pray and ask Jesus for deliverance from all of the evil influences in your life, not just the shadows, oppression or what have you. THAT MEANS SEXUALLY IMMORAL BEHAVIORS, SINGING AND DANCING ALONG TO SATAN MUSIC! THAT MEANS WATCHING AND PAYING FOR MOVIES SATAN HELPED CREATE INSTEAD OF GIVING TITHE TO A GOOD CAUSE! Im not saying live under a rock but for God sakes live your live to the fullest for him and when its your time to die you will then truly know what true happiness is. Drugs and sex or money will never make you as fufilled with joy as living in the kingdom of God will! Pray and ask his son Jesus, who he created after his own spirit, to revive you and help guide you in the path to Heaven. God Bless Everyone!

Sep 02, 2011
Demons unseen
by: Janelle

I've had SP since I was a teen but it used to only happen every 2 or 3 years. I've never seen a demon or shadow but always was frightened as if something was there. One time,while looking around the room in sp, i saw a big cloud moving around the room and i watched as it moved into the room next to me. c'mon, a cloud is not scary so I'm not sure why I was so full of fear. I've always started praying during it so that I could wake up but I'm sorry, that does not work for me. I tend to find myself yelling at my husband to wake me up but of course the words don't actually come out, no matter how loud I think I am screaming. Sometimes, I try to force my hand to hit my husband in bed. I figure, if somehow my hand works, he will wake up and yell at me. Once I actually got a scream to wake me up. The worst thing for me is something is trying to suffocate me. I don't know who it is but I know they will eventually win. I can't fight this entity forever. Lately I've been trying really hard and I think I'm losing. I have a harder time waking up in order to get air. He or them are targeting us for a reason. I've always been spiritual in a christian sense but haven't lived up to what a christian should be in the sense that I don't attend church all of the time. However, from childhood til today, I've felt a bigger connection with God than I think others probably feel. I've also never done drugs and don't drink. Have you ever read from the bible and then had a bad nightmare or sp directly after? I totally believe that Satan is trying to keep us in fear and break any connections of us having a relationship with GOD. When I first started going to church I would have the scariest dreams. Please pray for me that I can continue to fight this thing off and I will for you.

Sep 02, 2011
5 years
by: NAT

I have had this problem for 5 years where i feel an evil entity pressing down on my chest, at times i could not breath.. 5 years ago, my BFF passed away, and that is when this started... i have never had one like i did last night. This happened in 20-30 minutes of falling asleep... first i felt myself falling and i jerked myself awake again.. i finally fell asleep and i felt the paralysis set in again this time i did not feel any presence of any sort... i saw it, it was 2 dark shadows, one was over my body and the other had fled upwards... I also Remember clentching for dear life on a sheet on my bed... i woke up and wasent holding anything AS soon as i start to pray the Apostles Creed i wake up and everything is ok... my e mail even my baby at home had trouble sleeping from 3:30am... she did not go back to sleep! please help...

Sep 04, 2011
My experiences and how I stopped it (part1)
by: K

Seen this weeks ago but was undecided if i should post my experiences up. My experiences arent something I like to talk about. In the end I thought the right thing to do would be to share this.
I had SP afew times when I was 17. I only started having horrible experiences when I was 20. The first of these was similar to one of the experiences Barney wrote about. Seen a bright light shining threw my window, and seen a figure that was like a 'typical alien'. (I only had the alien like experience once, all my others have been more of an evil presence)
I could see its arm stretched above me. I couldn't move at all, and just kept trying to get out of it. I felt i was getting closer to being able to shake myself but felt like my room went slightly blurry then completely blacked out.
I was terrified after this and spent the rest of the night in the living room, to scared to try to sleep.

This became the regular thing for me to do after my bad nights. I would spend a couple of nights sleeping on the sofa with the lights on, after my bad experiences. That was the only way I could deal with it at the time.

I never had a similar experience to the above again. The rest of my experiences felt very dark. I wouldn't see any figures though. They would always come from behind.
Here are some of them:
One night, i woke up and heard something speak in my ear, behind me. I was lying on my right hand side it was clear and in a male voice. It was almost a whisper. I can't remember what it said, but it didn't say anything sick, it seemed to be linked to the thoughts I had in my head at the time. Was something like "But that never happened". I felt completely constrained as if I had been tied up and felt it shaking me side to side. And could hear a loud, high pitched, creepy laugh. It would laugh and shake me for a few minutes and stop. As soon as i opened my eyes again and try to move my leg, the laughing and shaking would start again.
After that experience I felt hopeless and gave up. I felt there was no point even trying to fight against it anymore, because it didn't work. I would say in my head "Please stop this! Why God is this happening to me?!" and I could feel my tear running down my cheek.
Here is another night that really messed with my head. I was lying in bed on my right hand side again, along the right edge of the bed. I felt like I was still awake, with my eyes shut. Then I felt a bounce and heard squeaking noises coming from the bottom left corner of my bed as if someone was on it. The fear just hit me as I realized I was going to have yet another horrible night. I opened my eyes and slightly moved my foot to try and dash out. But then I heard a terrifying growl. To scared to move, I didn't even try to get out. I felt it wrapped around me as if I was tied up again. I would just cry and give up. I would try to speak and shout for help but i was lucky to get a slight squeak out before my voice was cut off.

Sep 04, 2011
My experiences and how I stopped it (part2)
by: K

Majority of my bad nights are similar to the last 2 I've described. It would happen when I'm alone, around the same time of night (3:20am-4:20am), I wouldn't see what it was since it came from behind me, it would always happen in my bedroom.
I only had one other night that was different from my typical bad night. I was away to another city with my mum. We stayed in her friends house and I woke up, with a man standing, staring at me, in the left corner of the room. It was horrible but didn't feel evil like my usual experiences. It felt like I wasn't welcome. I couldn't move at first, then just rolled out the bed and ran out feeling dizzy. I've never slept in that room again.


As I said before, my experiences aren't something I've ever wanted to share. Even writing it on here I'm finding difficult. I'm on no medication, never touched drugs, I do drink alcohol but not often. It was always too real, I felt there is no reason why I could be having hallucinations so made me wonder if I was actually becoming crazy.

My mum would constantly push me to tell her what my problems during the night are. I talked about it gradually, but was really hard as I would just get so emotional about it.

We found out that someone we know has a friend (Elaine) who does psychic readings etc. My mum asked her if she could get in touch with Elaine as I've been after a reading for awhile (we didn't tell her about my horrible nights). My mum knew little pieces about it but not everything. No one else knew anything, it's something I've kept private. The woman i know got in touch, and Elaine gave her information about me she could never know. She said I needed her help, said about my experiences, said I had an experience while away, where it was etc, family problems, described me physically and personality to a Tee. The mutual friend had told her that some stuff she said was completely wrong. None of it was, it was just things me or mum hadn't told her about.

I was brought up Catholic, but I don't follow it. I believe in God and Jesus, but all my friends and family have mixed beliefs. So i just think that if you are a good person that's the important thing. I'd consider myself open minded but I'm sceptical and need proof a lot of the time. Psychics etc i think there are some who do have gifts but there are many who pretend. Don't believe it's evil either so my information might be something you wouldn't want to try. Fair enough.

I seen this woman, and she has helped me so much. She does Reiki; crystal ball readings and I think she is into Wicca too.

Sep 04, 2011
My experiences and how I stopped it (part3)
by: K

Someone mentioned in a post about the problems being Generational. I had never heard of that idea until the woman I seen said that was happening to me. She said it's been passed down. It likes 'pretty' girls, the fact that I give up fighting it, and if the environment was right for it, it would bother you. Some of the women on my mums side of the family have had problems before too. Since I have dealt with the thing bothering me she said that it won’t get passed onto any of the next generations.

She told me about meditation and being strong and that I had to fight back.

-I had to declutter and clear my bedroom,

-burn frankincense incense sticks because it hates incense (and told me it's making me hate the smell too... when incense has been lit since my problems during the night started, I would get very angry, annoyed and just want to put them out)

-Told to get scented tea light candles in certain colours and light them when I felt like it and pick the colour I’m drawn to. (I was told white, blue, pink, red).

-Had to have a bath. I had to get a tissue and put in it
3 spoons of rock salt;
3 cloves;
3 spoons of good quality honey;
3 cloves of garlic;
3 bay leaves;
1 pinch of cinnamon (this ingredient was added when I said it wouldn't let me speak)

I had to knot the hankie with the above in it, hit it with a new hammer and while hitting it think of everything that happened during the night.
I then boiled it in a pan of water, everything from the pan into a hot bath.
In the bath, i had to wear new white underwear (I’m guessing it’s because white is associated to purity).

After this, i had to let what i was wearing plus the hankie dry (not to wash/rinse it), then stick it in a bag in my room (it has to be a low draw or shelf and not touching the ground)

-She also said about eating the types of things that were ingredients for the bath. After eating a dish that was full of garlic, I got the best night sleep.

-told the family arguments had to stop because it was affecting me too much and couldn't deal with it.

--When I did start making changes, I wasn't sure if I should just give up again but glad now that I stuck to it. I could feel it more at first as it was getting angry I was trying to get rid of it. I would feel a presence even before I would go to sleep. Whenever I would like the incense, the atmosphere would go back to normal and couldn't feel its presence anymore.

I've had no problems at all now. And I hope some of the above will be able to help somebody.

I understand many might think this isn't something they would want to try because of their beliefs. But it worked for me and I can’t see anything wrong with what i've done.

Sep 05, 2011
tired and scared.
by: Nikki

I haven't ever seen anything when i have SP. I do believe a lot of times it is astral projection or out of body experience. I have it almost all the time now (except when i was pregnant). Twice I felt the rushing through my ears when i felt something grab me by my ankle and drag me around the room. i could feel the carpet under my fingertips or the clothes that were on the floor. Does anyone know how to stop it? I try so hard to keep from experiencing it. Its not something i like going through (im sure yall arnt either).

Sep 06, 2011
I've seen them in real not even sleep!
by: Ebtesam

Hi, I am from middle-east...i'm 19 years now, I remember when I was 11 or 12 I had this experience but I wasn't sleeping or anything!
actually I never even saw them during my sleep only these years were so tough for me I saw them in day and night, but because my father had an experince before and once I told him of what I saw...he said there are some people who has the acknowladge they know how to use them...and we found out who did that to us it was a person who was close to my family who was trying to scare us . they are true creatures they do oby your orders only if you know how to use them!
They were taking the shapes of my old sisters and sometimes a young girl looks like a shadow and a man too!

Sep 08, 2011
Is there a demon living in me?
by: Anonymous

The black shadow entered my body through my chest. It was a long tail like skinny black shadow it was swinging from side to side while it was still connected to my chest. It was making waves in the air as it swung and made a distinct sound. It soon became shorter and shorter the my chest sucked it right in it sounded like a vacum sucking in air then it entered my chest and i woke up. Science says the black shadows we see are part of our brain wanting to dream. I do not know what to belive i just hope a demon is not inside me.

Sep 11, 2011
shadow army
by: Lord Ice

I've had expreiences with "shadow people" since i was 4yrs old but they were nothing compared to the encounters i have now (i'm only 20 and alredy an adept astral projectionist) the last couple years "shadow people" have come to and communicated with me, they even seem to show a sort of respect or fear towards me. They always seem to talk about the same thing: my army. Anyway, i was laying in bed with my girlfriend 1 night when apparently i started burnig like my skin was on fire and rigid like rigor mortis. My girlfriend was shaking me and told me she heard my voice in her head saying i'd be back before dawn. I sat up out of my body and saw about 20 pairs of glowing red eyes all looking straight at me then a chorus of voices saying; "your army is ready and awaits orders"

Sep 12, 2011
by: Gasheero

This is amazing I have been having this experience since I was Seven yrs old or even earlier. I have been slapped, choked and beaten by these dark forces and I even have scars of frightful events. These events happens on and off and I have even traveled far in my dreams and wake up tired and aching. I reached a place where I let them do what they wanted like slap me, then I would just turn and go to sleep, even though I was sleeping. Then I reached a stage where as my relationship with Jesus Christ grew and I began to fight with them and with Christ I always won and the shadows would walk away talking about how strong I was, but I never fought without Christ's name on my tongue or in my mind. Then I reached a place where I sensed their presence and as the bible says "resist the devil and he will flee" I would just resist them. These Dark forces have appeared to me in all shapes and's actually funny. I once had a dream I was being chased by a lion and it scratched me and when I woke I had that exact scar on my inner thigh, just where the lion had injured me in the dream. The bible says "the devil is a prowling lion searching for someone to devour". I also noticed the devil will only use your perception of what you think he is.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Gasheero

Just like oxygen does not need us to believe it exists for it to exist....the same goes for the spiritual world it does not need our belief to exist. The devil does not need us to believe for him to bug us or disturb our sleep...he will whether you invite him or not. The spiritual world is involved in a battle and the devil does not fight fair, look at how some of us started having these episodes at such a young age. I am glad that Jesus Christ saved and I urge everyone having this problem to TRY JESUS CHRIST...even if the attacks don't stop CHRIST has a way of HELPING you with it. My life is so much stronger from the SP ATTACKS. I had another such attack last night and i just googled my experience needing to know whether there were poeple who experienced this and WOW I amazed that there are people. I never ever thought I was a freak, I actually thought I was special having such a world revealed to me. I pray that God will continue use this site to encourage many who are suffering. And to all the atheists out there don't fight something that you believe doesn't exist just let go...if it doesn't exist then it should not bother you at all....but if it does then you have so much to lose! JESUS CHRIST REIGNS ABOVE ALL THINGS AND THE DARK SHADOWS ARE DEFEATED IN JESUS NAME!

Sep 14, 2011
Sleep deprivation or demon? Idk!
by: Donald james

2 nites ago, me and my girlfriend had a lil disagreement so I decided to sleep in my sister's room(which I rarely do) but anyways...i had trouble falling asleep cuz normally I sleep with a fan or some kind of cool air. When I got to sleep finally,i woke up in the middle of the nite(maybe I was still sleep who knows) anyway I opened my eyes barely, couldnt move, and couldnt speak. But I was fully aware of wat was goin on becuz I cud still see the room. I noticed this blacked cloaked figure directly in my face and everytime I made it aware that I was trying to awake, it wud look at me and I wud feel weak and start back to sleep. It did it 3 times. Anf the last time I fought out of it and woke up to find nothing there.except the dark room. I was so scared I went back to my room and slept in my bed with my girlfriend. Comment plz so I can get ur opinion on this. Thank you and God bless.

Sep 19, 2011
good info/more help
by: lindsay

Hi there.My husband has this problem as well,he explains it to me as someone/something dark shadow,evil faces,stand over him,sometimes on his chest,talks to him in evil words and voice,its scary as his wife because i dont know how to help him.He says it has been happening to him since he was a little boy and it started when his family lived in the "fly" house,a house they thought was haunted and full of flies all the time.The only way he comes out of it is to try to wake me up to wake him up,he claims he can see whats going on and see me sleeping but he cant talk or move its like hes frozen and i wake up to him moaning and groaning,i than wake him up and he is all out of breathe and shaky.This worries me,i asked him if we should get him someone to talk to about this and he just doesnt know,like he doesnt want to tell anyone for they may not believe him.I'm wondering..what now?What can we do to get this to stop..any ideas?you can also email me if you like

Sep 20, 2011
why sp
by: Anonymous

well, i have a ideal he say something about his neck, i think it comes from a mucle or bone in the neck when you sleep it get so stiff or somthing or from activity from the day put stress on it and when you go to sleep it stops and make your blood presure shoot up and down this make your brain pattern change and it is scrare make a lot of thinks happen in your body,when you try to wake up the muscle is so tide or death the feeling is there,this his happen to me this morning this sp problem just start with me but i have had troble with my neck for a while or back muscle i am a diebetic also barny it is my throught is is your bones or muscles not gosh but believe in your heart very strongly and in god and your family that they love you and they will not hurt you while you are going thur this so you want hurt them tell your dr. check your meds also that what i am going to do. thank you for let me know what my problem was giving it a name. i had a couple of sp scare monent in my sleep and when i was sitting on the couch and was about to go the sleep and also in the dentist chair after having my eyes dilated. i could not unstand this until i read your artical . thanks for sharing your problem on the web. it help me and gave me some ideals why this happen i may be wrong about this but i think this is the answer try putinh a massager in your bed try to put it in the spot you know you have muscle problem at when you feel this way try to reach and trun it on. it hard to move when this happen ,i know it is scare it make you want to fight ,run,cry ,or just scream help help .or pray please dont let me hurt myself or any one god ,i think his is wah scare a person the most think i will hurt myself i cant shake the feeling but remember god is with you he love you he made you call his name9 Jehova) AND TRY TO REACH OUT AND HELP YPUR SELF HE WILL DO THE REST. and dont think demons is taking over boby this what the devil want you to think it hart but whith god help i pull my self out of it with strong believe in god and knowing there is better thanking than this for my life cause god say so more than darkness and fear so fight keep on fighting do not let those miscle when and make you think you are crazzy i dont know if this is 3000 thousand word but i hope this help you, your truth have help me a lot try so track back and see what you did in movement during the day. use deep heat on the muscle you know give you trouble i think a heat pad will help also massagere and excise will help. excuse my spelling i never was a spelling bit god have all way gave me skin sense to hear and recanize and solve some peoblem thank you.

Sep 21, 2011
Email me your opinion please

Idk what to call it but I experienced it kind of similar but still different from all of u I felt held down but I didnt feel an actual presence holding me down I just couldnt move speak or breath. It happened to me 4 times twice in my child hood and twice at the age of 22. The third time was in june 2010 after my girlfriend got locked up and that was the first time it felt like a presence in the room. It felt like she was standing over me but I knew she wasn't and because of that feeling I was able to break free from whatever was holding me down. The most recent time was this month on monday 19, I was on my way to sleep but not quite there yet and same thing happened only with out the presence and felt a little more aggressive this time and if I did not fight it I think I would have died. Every time it happens it feels like im being welcomed and that I'm just dozing off but at the same time it feels like death please if u have any comments please gmail me

Sep 21, 2011
thank u, thot i was alone
by: Shannon

O my gosh, I'm 25 and I've been having spsince I was about 13 its only been a fee years tho that I've had it with lucid dreams and other entities. Sometimes they get so bad that I stay up all night I'm fear of falling into the same thing..could go more into detail but I rly need to know what I can do. Also after fighting this I have this weak feeling like I just had a seizure which sometimes causea me to fall back to sleep involuntarily.

Sep 23, 2011
strange happenings.

I saw the ghost of my grandfather at a young age. i felt icy cold kiss on my cheek and when i turned a saw the ghost leave my room. i told my family and they didnt believe me. Since then others that have lived there have complained of a hand running up there back whilst sitting in the kitchen. when told, my family went grey as that was what their father used to do.

after that experience i started to have the trapped feeling in my sleep, being chased and killed is a regular dream, i scream for my partner and i realise he cant hear me. its truely terrifying. when i was a young girl i saw a horned shadow with white eyes looking at me from the end of the bed. i walked through it and it went. To this day i cant explain it, there was no lights on to cast this horned shadow with white eyes. Although i was not afraid i have woken every night since then at 3am with a really uneasy feeling. my son is now in that room and i find his dummy that was in his mouth right under his cot and wonder how it got there. I went to church soon after my experiences not purposefully i just fell into it through friends. They told me to tell it to go away as a child and i have never seen anything since although i feel uncomfortable at night still and have these night terrors. My son now wakes at 3am and my partner has started having nightmares too. This all sounds strange but i wondered if anyone else had anything like this? i also found regularly items on the floor, left on tables etc while out as a child while i was going through this, a golden cross, a 1976 mary m necklace and so forth, which i also started to seem strange after the 4 or 5 finding. any one elses thoughts on this?

Sep 23, 2011
strang happenings cont.

i would also like to add that i too have have one false wake up and as a child had an imaginary friend. i am a teacher of science and so i do see that my experiences could be dreams continuing after waking up or an over active imagination as a child. But what i cant explain is why at 6 i would imagine a horned figure, they are in no childrens stories i have ever read???

Sep 24, 2011
by: @kayla

kayla have you ever heard of the book of revelation?... if you the book there was to be an antichrist. the antichrist cliamed to be the new messiah(saviour). It said he will try to recruit a new ARMY for the second coming of jesus. SO whenever this apparition shows again. tell it that it is not welcome and to go away. i am not tying to freak you out. its just what i belive .

Sep 25, 2011
Deliverance from these Demonic Entities
by: Prince Israel

For all of those going through this first and foremost seek JESUS! When having these episodes call on JESUS. HE is a very present help when you need HIM. Wen I used to have these attacks I try to remain calm and ask JESUS to help me. Another thing I do is Plead The BLOOD of JESUS. I just say "THE BLOOD" Instantaneously the oppressive spirit leaves. demons fear the NAME of JESUS and HIS BLOOD and all of them are subject to HIS name and must obey. evil spirits can not cross THE BLOOD Line. For all my Born Again Christians take Communion in your house or place where there is demonic activity also Anoint ur house doorways,bedpost,and wherever else u feel comfortable. I know u may think but I'm not a pastor to receive COMMUNION. Truth is once in CHRIST we are all KINGS and PRIESTS. Revelations 1:6 KJV And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. A'-men. JESUS is ALL that we need from here to Eternity. Those without CHRIST I'm not telling you what to do but just give HIM a chance and open your hearts to HIM. He Loves you and has your best interest at heart. He's not like how religious people portray HIM to be angry and out to get you. But full of LOVE,MERCY,and GRACE. There's a great difference in being religious and having a personal relationship with CHRIST!

Sep 26, 2011
mine started at age 6 or 7
by: gypsy guy

Wow, im still shocked that im not the only one going thru this, or that other non gypsies are also experiencing these exact same accurances.

I was warned of evil spirits at a very young age by my parents, its a roma (gypsy) culture thing. not to eat in bed before you go to sleep cuz u will have nightmares. if you feel an evil spirit in your room cover the mirrors at night. and when you dream of a loved one that has been deseased calling you somewhere where in your dreams, means that death can be near for you and you must be very careful.
i thought sp began from all of this shit with my parents telling me, but you people go thru the exact same thing my GOD! it hapened so much that im comfortable with it now, but what works for me is a short juses prayer, and a few minutes time, then a quick jerk of movement of the body!!!
I wonder is this something spiritual????? is it really som evil beings trying to harm us, communicate?? tell us something???

Sep 26, 2011
by: gypsy guy

I'm really interested in this topic now as i have discovered today that im not alone in this. I do believe this is something spirituel rather than scientific.
email me if you want to talk about this.

Sep 28, 2011
by: Barbara

Thank you for your informative video. I have experienced SP for many years. It began after the birth of my first child. I find the episodes occur when my days are less active and during times of stress, and have been less frequent the older I get. I can relate to almost everything that you have said. However I don't see the entities I feel them.

Last night I had the sensation of a dark energy merging with me ( in the chest area). Hence my internet search! It was physically painful, fortunately through focused intention I was able to steer it towards the light. It was terrifying and today I feel exhausted.

There is no doubt that there is a physical- spiritual link. These episodes usually occur during change or stress periods in my life. There is no doubt ( even in my rational lawyer mind) that these energies are real.

When I am disciplined about my spiritual practice ( meditation, yoga) these episodes do not occur. For me the answer is healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit! This episode last night has forced me to remember that!

I lightly experimented with drugs as a teenager - but don't feel that there is any connection.

Thanks again for the informative blog.

Sep 29, 2011
by: Ryan

Im 24 and last night experienced everything barney did, to a tee. I honesty am shocked after hearing him because it is exactly what happened to me all of it except people changing and red eyes. I honesty was scared to death when it happened ,I kept trying to get up but couldnt, as if i were stuck . I was on my side, when i tried to get up i kept rolling off my bed into my floor,I kept hearing the door open and thats why i was trying to get up! I also heard a noise my dog that recently passed used to make on the door from my garage to my landry room witch feeds right into my bed room door like he was trying to get in! After i heard that i could feel something come into my room and then i saw a tall slim figure standing infront of me to my left i tried to get up and each time felt like i was spinning out my bed, I was scared and i could feel like this evil feeling, finally i was able to get up but i could barelly see or walk almost as if i were drunk, i looked behind me and could see the figure standing in my door way! i tried to get up stairs but was stumbling and my vision was impaired, I walked into my fathers room when i got there i feel into his floor he awoke and said whats wrong whats wrong i was reaching my hand out to him,right after that i went back into my body and realized it didnt happen but was like fighting to wake up the whole time hearing voices but was to wrowled up to hear what they were even saying, WHEN I WOKE UP I STILL COULDNT MOVE AND IT TOOK ABOUT a min to get my senses back! When i woke up i was scared to death first out of body experience, I also felt this bad evil feeling that i couldnt shake it has me questioning my sanitym, I honestly cant beleave what happened< I wanted to cry and immediatly called my gf for comfort and went on the internet to find this site and what barney had to say, Everything he said is eriely similiar. It felt like i was in another world, what freaks me out is the noise my dog that died last week used to make on the door i heard that exact noise like he wanted in, this is very weird to me but it was also real. I am a religious person but very grounded and can make some sence of this but i do beleave, theres more to this than scientific beliefs, It felt like my soul was under attack or something like, something was letting me know it was there. Theres on more thing when i was about 4 to 6 years old i used to see three figures standing at my bed when i would awake on a regular basis its my latest memory i would scream histericaly for my parents and remember feeling like they were watching over me or keeping me safe but being a kid i was still scared tonight it felt like someone wanted to harm me. I know this sounds crazy and might well be but this is what happened and is very real to me and im serious about getting knowledge on the issue. I really dont think unless somebody experienced this personaly would they know or be able to judge what i felt or what happened.

Sep 29, 2011
Re: obe
by: Barney

Very interesting post, we're not is a breath of fresh air to know so many go through the same things. I know that drunk feeling as I have had many obe experiences mixed in with sp experiences.

It felt so strange to walk around my house was hard to walk and stay standing...also it felt so weird as if It's not supposed to happen.

Keep the faith bro,
I have sort of learned that this is a never-ending subject,

P.S. Thanks also to the many responses on way to reach me is on my YouTube page as I'm not on here much.

Oct 01, 2011
all so familiar
by: GG

I am a 27 yr old male and I haven't had a sleep paralysis episode for a while (thank God) but I have had a about 12 or so in the past. Most of them actually include aliens instead of dark entities, although I have had a dark entity once. They all happen as I come out of my sleep, not going into. Usually I feel myself wake up and I can feel my bed, and I know in my mind that I just woke up but I cannot move or even open my eyes. For people that haven't experienced it, it is the most terrifying thing you can think of. I can't open my eyes but I can see everything in my mind. I can see myself, it seems almost from above my body, like I'm looking down from the ceiling. I am trying my hardest to move but nothing is happening. Then I see the alien figure right next to my bed, and all I want to do is scream out, but not a sound. My entire body feels so overwhelmed by what seems like electricity and there is no way to move or speak. There was one time I recall that I could actually feel this aliens hands pressing down on my back, and running its hands from my shoulders all the way down to the small of my back. If you've ever felt the chills before, it's like that times 1000! I can feel the weight of its hands pressing down on me. My mind is racing but my body is still. I keep trying to tell myself...

Oct 01, 2011
all so familiar
by: GG

move, move, move. Finally when I sence the presence go away I can move a small part of my body like my fingers, then my arm, and eventually the rest of my body. There was one time when it was a dark presence, and I truly felt this presence was evil. Not being able to move, I kept telling this entity, "you don't belong here", "I represent the Lord and the light", "go back to whence you came". I even said whence. Of course I couldn't speak, this was all in my mind. Right after that it left and I was able to move. I also have had a "false wake-up" like you said. Aliens again. I was dreaming about running from a alien, then I woke up in my bed and I was relieved. Then not only did I feel a true alien presence in my room but I actually saw this alien face hovering over me. No body, just a face. It was looking me straight in the eyes and was getting closer and closer to me. I couldn't move but I remember thinking, oh shit I know I just woke up, this has to be real. It felt like forever but only lasted a second or two, then I woke up again. I'm tremmbling just typing this. I haven't had what you talked about having your soul moving out of your body during sleep paralysis but I have had 3 seperate out of body experiences. These were so much more peaceful than anything I've ever experienced. They happend while I was meditating on my bed. I would meditate on my back with my eyes closed when I would start to feel myself becoming very light. I'm completely concious as I've only been lying there for a few minutes and basically talking to myself the whole time. Suddenly I feel myself lifting out of my body and hovering over my body about a foot. It's so strange because I can feel myself lifting up and being in mid air, but at the same time fee my back against the bed. It's like being in 2 places at once. But it is such a peaceful and loving experience, I wish everyone could feel that just once. One one occasion when i was out of my body I could hear voices in my house downstairs. I knew no one was in the house and I kinda got scared because I was sure someone was in my house. I told myself in my mind, "I need to get up and go see who is here". I could hear male voices but couldn't make out what they were saying. I usually hover over my body about a minute or so, then I start to feel a heaviness, and I feel myself slowing decending back into my body. On that one occasion I heard voices, when I came back down I couldn't hear them anymore. I went to see what was downstairs and there was nobody. All of these experiences have helped to shape my perspective on life, the world we live in, and the world beyond. I'll take out of body experiences anyday but sleep paralysis is so frightening I don't wish it upon my enemies. Oh I do smoke weed sometimes but I had sleep paralysis episodes long before I started that. I don't know what the alien signifigence is though.

Oct 02, 2011
not feeling alone any more
by: Anonymous

I never knew until today that other people exsperiece the same things i do. I thought i was going crazy. I have tryed to tell people but i was always told that i was dreaming.When i was 15 i was in bed alone and felt something touching me sexually.When i started resisting it, it pushed me out of my bed.I dont know if i was sleeping are not.During my sleep i have seen my spirit leave my body.I would walk all around my house.I could see my family asleep in there rooms.when i would go back to my room i would lay down and make myself wake up.My last time i done this,there was a door in my house that didnt belong.I opened the door and i seen a bunch of evil looking people.I turned around and i ran back to my bed and i tryed to wake myself up and i couldnt.I was grabing my body and shaking it.I felt myself being tossed around.I finally woke up, but when i did i felt like i just ran a marathon.I was out of breath.I didnt close that door,and now when i am laying in my bed i feel like someone is standing over me.Now i hear voices.I feel like something is sitting on me.Is it possiable that the door was a way demonic spirits can cross over,and attach there selfs to the living?I can feel when im going into a deep sleep and i have to fight to keep myself awake.I dont sleep much anymore.I have developed insomeia.I dont know what to do, i dont know if i should go back in and close the door.I pray every night and ask God to protect me and my family from evil.Maybe i am going crazy.

Oct 03, 2011
Amazing! Also terrifying...
by: Dot Humps

This is so great to hear. However, I'm a little freaked out because a lot of these stories are hitting a little too close to home. About six months ago I had the most terrifying sp experience to date. It was morning and I thought I was awake. But there was the typical "humming" sound and pressure in my head (this is the usual deal for my sp episodes). I was lying on my side staring at the door to my bedroom. The door slowly opened and a man in a red hooded cloak began slowly creeping in. He had a maniacal smile and was absolutely horrific. I broke out of the sp and rolled over to wake up my wife, she was still asleep and I thought it better to not wake her since it was still early sunrise. When I rolled over the man in the red cloak was STILL THERE! Only now he was a step closer. I had been tricked, I only thought I was awake. I broke out of it again and this time decided to wake up my wife. She sat up in bed, but it was then that I realized that I couldn't fully open my eyes or speak, I was still in the sleep paralysis. When I rolled over the man in the red cloak was right IN MY FACE! I yelled out and moved all my muscles at once, like a convulsion. And there I was, covers pulled up tightly to my chin, door closed. I looked next to me and there was no one in bed. My wife had gotten up hours ago. What the heck happens? I've heard a lot of people talking about seeing a hooded figure and find that fact a little disconcerting. I still haven't told my wife this story, I don't think she'd like. Peace!!

Oct 06, 2011
Running the gambit!
by: Mastino Templar

I have experienced this many times! I am actually currently fighting these things at the moment! My whole life actually I felt that I could astro project(at the time not knowing what it is called)out of my body, which as a child I have done this many times and as an adult it I believed has been lost to me or I have over looked it several times but know have become more consciously of my abilities to do this. I have my whole life encountered these demonic beings, I think I even at one point have gone to hell or some place like it as a kid nad had to fight to get out of it and killed 4 demonic beings. Now I know all this sounds crazy but trust me, I've never done drugs, I hold a Top Secret Clearance and I've guarded some of the most important people in the world and important government sites so I am a very normal person, I just have this crazy ability. To be honest, our whole family has this ability, it is as if we had it pasted down to us. I just bring this up because at 4am as my alarm clock was going off I slightly open my eyes and saw a dark figure looming over me, I knew what this was and I attempted kick it in the face from a laying position as I did this, the thing reached down at me and touched my lip....has this happen to any of you? This isn't the first time these beings have touched me in my sleep, but this is the first time I've talked about this publicly??? How do I keep them out of my room while I sleep????

Oct 08, 2011
Ender Men
by: Anonymous

oh god, these things are living hell. i've seen them in the distance when i was with people... until i'm alone. one appeared across the road from me and we stared at each other, unmoving. then i blinked and i felt VERY weak and dragged home. when you see them whatever you do, dont look at the eyes. if you know too much or have too much *joy/success/ect* then they watch you. if they come to you, run. just run. run for your life because they're everywhere, they just are *invisible* to those with low IQ or those who arent psychicly active. they follow you and if you see them get closer, stop what your doing and make observations.

Oct 08, 2011
Oppression Sucks!
by: Tay

A couple months ago I was falling asleep and this is what happened to me. The room looked the same like when I had first laid down for bed but a couple things were off..1st the tv was on odd color, I sleep with the tv on, 2nd I sleep with my door shut I knew something had entered the room but could not see it, and 3rd the room had a funny feel to it. What seemed like a few seconds later I heard a voice whispering in my ear. It was a nasty, condescending old woman voice. I had recently been suffering from some hair loss and had been sad about it, the voice said "oh poor baby you losing your hair", and I could feel it touching the back of my hair. I called on the name of JESUS and the evil thing got mad and said something really evil sounding a=in a strange language and left. I was so creep ed out! I laid there for a while longer aware of everything that was around me but I was still sleep. After the oppression went away I opened my eyes and looked at my girlfriend who was lying next to me. She said my foot and my hand were shaking really fast when I was sleep. I thanked JESUS from putting it in me to know to call on HIS name when ever I am confronted with any natural/supernatural distress. I wonder if it is a spiritual test for us all to see if we will know what to do, and how to handle situations when the holy spirit leaves the earth and satans minions are unleashed to the email address is, please feel free to email me any of you so we can share our experiences and help strengthen one another! Blessings to you all in JESUS name!

Oct 08, 2011
Sleep Paralysis
by: SBS

This has happened to me since I was a child, haven't had it happen much lately. Was most experienced when I started interceding for my brother, a sinner at the time. Was so terrible I ended up sleeping in my walk in closet, which I had called my "prayer closet." I believe they are tormenting spirits who seek to deprive you of sleep. What I ended up doing was praying in the spirit and finally the sp would go away. Once I felt it coming in my son's room when he had been sick, I immediately laid my hand on my son and pleaded the "Blood of Jesus" After that I could literally see that spirit walking out of the room it was very tall, shadowy, and head was up to the ceiling with feet about 18 inches off the floor.

Oct 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

First of all this is supposed to be a sleep paraylis site, which from reading it thourougly, it is unlikly! Besides the phyc comments,drug comments & scarce biblical comments. What your dealing wh is members of babylonian believers seting you up. So I wouln"t surface this page if I were you. & many of the stories are affects of bablon believers. Which is not all supernatural & can be verfied biblically,secularly,scientifically, & yes some medicaly.speaking to the rigt peope,etc. Yet I"d caution who you speak to. Many of these stories set people up forphyc cases,attacks of the church& trouble wh some medical& police authorities. Sorry if some words are mispelled I am on a cell. Anyhow , I would first get off this site, know that supernatural is a nice show yet not real. Go pray, get the bible out & search for all passages pertaing to, babylon! You ca find them in th index, cordinance or just look up babylon biblically & you"l find the right passages!

Oct 13, 2011
Re: comment
by: Barney

Reading and spelling, it is hard to understand your point.
I don't even think you know what you're saying.
Lighten up your tone if you want to be taken seriously though

Oct 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am 19 years old. I had my first sp experience last night. I have been practicing lucid dreaming for a couple months now and sense I have started, I seem to sleep lighter. My dreams are much more real, rather than odd and fantasy based.

So in my dream, I was at my sisters old house. Only it seemed broken down, like it was going to be condemned, rather than the bright clean place it used to be. I was in a bedroom, but I heard a very evil sounding voice yelling in the kitchen, about somebody not eating their dinner. I don't know why, but I felt like the voice had this connotation that the dinner was poisoned. Naturally, in my dream of course, I started to yell at who ever was in the kitchen.

As soon as I opened my mouth a dark figure rushed up right into my face. I couldn't make out any facial features, but I could just see this dark figure right in front of my face. It had a very heavy and angry vibe to it, it seemed evil. I put my arms up to push it out of my face and it folded my arms across my chest and I was suddenly in my own bed in my own room.

I couldn't move. Just stuck there with my arms folded across my chest and a pressure pushing down on me. All the while this dark figure sat just inches from my face, breathing heavily. I couldn't see its eyes, but it seemed to be just glaring at me. It stayed like that for a few seconds and suddenly, like I snapped out of it, it was gone. I was just in my bed with my arms folded across my chest.

I wasn't so much afraid, but angry that this being was so hostile toward myself and my family. I don't think it was an actual demon. I think I was in a very light sleep, like still awake a little bit, and entered an r.e.m. dream state. It felt more like a conscious, waking life, nightmare more than anything.

If it was a real demon, I choose not to give any power to it. My bed is a place of sanctuary for me. Where I rest, relax, make love, and break down sorrows of life. Haha and it is far too comfy to share with any demon.

Oct 14, 2011
please help with my ?

im very awake when i was sitting on my couch turned the light out like 20min later a figure of a tall man in a trench coat and hat came down the stairs i froze thought i was nuts all sudden it turned so sharply and came at me i covered my head and prayed to god we hear things doors slamming waling noise what does this mean

Oct 15, 2011
My experiences
by: Eloykid

This only happens to me when i sleep on my back. Right away i know when it sp because of that feeling of evil that comes with it. It feels scary as if a demonic entity were there just watching. I alwayz snap out of sp when i get scarea enough to let outost time i experienced it i felt an entity that wouldn't let me lift the covers, until i let out a scared little yelp and woke up throwing the covers off my head. Second time ot grabbed my ankle, i let out a yelp and woke up. Third time it was a bee. i knew it was sp because of the evil present in the atmosphere. I could hear the buzzing of the bee and see it circling the ceiling. Then the noise got louder and the bee started multiplying. I tried to wake up w-o making a sound as to not wake up and frighten my sister. I couldn't, and there were too many bees that the room was getting to be pitch as black. I yelped and got out the trance.

Oct 16, 2011
by: jazmyne

ok. so im 17 years old and this has been happening to me since i can remember. the most recent one happened this morning at 7:59 a.m. i had just fallen asleep and then i felt it happening. my body became paralyzed and i couldnt move at all. i looked around and i saw a black shadow walking towards me. i could feel a extreme heat coming off its body as it got closer. i then began to call for Jesus(as my mom and grandma told me to) however it didnt work and the shadow got closer until it was standing above me and watching me. it then began to speak in a dark raspy voice and it slowly leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. and i could actually feel it kiss my head. it felt hot in the spot where it kissed me. and right now it is exactly 1:27 a.m. and i am scared to go to sleep. i can still feel the heat on my forehead from where the shadow kissed me. i dont know what to do. i think that im going to try and get some sleeping pills 2moro... if anyone knows of a way to stop this from happening plz let me know because i feel like i am losing my mind.. i just want to have a peaceful night of sleep.

Oct 16, 2011
Sleep Paralysis Again Yesterday
by: Dominique

I have had these experiences occasionally most of my life. Last one happened yesterday. I agree that it can possibly be, at least partly, a time when we are under spiritual attack. I do understand how SP is also scientific, given the way God made us (aka during REM sleep we go into a form of paralysis, so that we are not acting out in dreams). Anyway, I do not often take nap during the day but was tired and having a rough day yesterday so was perhaps in a vulnerable state. I was praying prior to going to sleep. Started waking up when the SP occurred. It was interesting to me to observe that having prayed right before going to sleep this time, there was no evil being involved at all, athough still scary and not a good experience. I woke up with the rushing, spinning, electrified feeling and paralyzed. Tried to scream and wake up. Not gonna happen. Felt the magnetic pull of my spirit wanting to leave my body, as has happened before, but my spirit did not leave or float around this time. Prayed Jesus help me. Next I was trying to get up and just fell in slow motion out of my bed and onto the carpet. Then I think I actually did begin to wake up some because was in my bed like nothing happened. Drifted back to sleep and heard a very loud original(with every precise beat) version of a Sammy Hagar if the radio was on. Where does this stuff come from? That was not too scary but of course no fun either when your head feels like it has become a boom box (am otherwise sane, meaning do not have problems hearing things in normal daily life - ever). That was the end of it. There was nothing too terrifying that happned aside from the feelings. A few years ago, when I had the SP, it was always the evil presence that I never saw face to face, but that pressed against me on one side as if about to attack me. It was real and terrifying. I eventually told a friend about it, who said it was an evil presence of some sort. He blessed every room of my home with olive oil - seeing the evil being hasn't happened since even though I have a different house. I hope saying this does not jinx me into having this creep visit again. I have have one SP event that was not scary, but was visited by good spirits. Woke up and saw my brother (who died years prior) and a very short dark haired male with him who was near my bed looking at me. In reality, this should have been terrifying, but it wasn't. I did not know who the short guy was and didn't know what to think. Then saw the short man walk through my closed bedroom door out into a hallway, followed by my brother. Then realized they were from the spirit world and figured were just there to help me in some way (was going through a very difficult time in real life). I was wide awake the whole time. There was never any fear because the spirits I guess because I did not sense evil this time. In either case, when I am having a nightmare or have the terrors in SP, God always helps when I call on him.

Oct 17, 2011
Cool :)
by: MAN

It happened to me But I've never enter the spirit realm, I will try though

Oct 17, 2011
2nd visit
by: r1burlie

Good Day. I had an experience last night and had to find your blog. 9 years ago my wife and I were expecting our first baby. After our baby was born, we were not getting a lot of sleep (as new parents usually do) she decided to sleep in the front living room to allow me to sleep so I could get up for work.

She said that she woke up in the middle of the night and there was a dark “cloud like object” somewhat in the form of a human, but cloudy. It was hovering over her. She could not scream, and her body was immobilized. She tried to scream for me but could not. After what seemed like a few min, it was gone.

Last night, on Sunday October 16th, 2011, I was sleeping in our bedroom not far from the front room. I went to bed early as I had to get up early for work. We have a hall light on so that the kids can find their way to the bathroom if they need to. So it’s dimly lit, but you can see the ceiling and wallpaper patterns in our bedroom if you need to.

At approx. 12:30am I started coming out of a disturbing dream. I opened my eyes and there was black, shadow on the ceiling. It was not “cloudy” or had soft edges. It was large, and had very sharp edges, (best way would be to describe it as a shape of a human, but it had jagged edges, like if you were to cut out a pattern with those pattern edged scissors ) or one of those speech bubbles comic books have, that look all zig lines

I could not move. But for some reason I was not scared. I was mad. I was mad that whatever was there was holding me against my will.

I actually said “f you! let me the f go!” and the second I could move my hands I raised both of them and give it the finger.

I’m not saying this to be cool or brave. I am actually pretty freaked out today. I was just mad at it because I am protective of my family, and I do not want it bothering me or my family. Especially my wife or kids.

After reading more this morning about shadow people, imp worried that it is a negative energy, and if I swore at it and told it to f off, I may not have done myself any favours.

Any suggestions? Please?

Oct 18, 2011
ladie in black dress
by: RRD

Upon having these I seem to catapulted into another realm of two of these occasions I am in a place of confusion and fear, their is another women their in a black dress she does not seem to be of this realm we are in, and just as confused as me. These experiences have happened more then twice but I have only seen this women 2 times on one occasion we seem to be standing in a street or infront of a structure, she is nervous and seems we both know we are not in the physical, their are creatures that are there but mainly I could see these large dark creatures very tall in hieght and dark they do not speak and stand guard, this is the best i can explainI they seem to be on guard. But anyway I have come to believe that this women is in fact at the same moment in time journeyed to this realm and we have somehow met up. She does ask me are we in hell, as I had said we are in very aware and realize we are off somewhere and not in our bodies, very conscious of the situation. I hope by writing this brief story mate this women can Identify this, or maybe I am just crazy.

Oct 22, 2011
Wide-brimmed black hat, black duster/trench coat
by: Savage

Astral Projection. Children do it naturally. the tall shadow like coroner guy is the snatcher of the young but the beast behind the red that stands apart from the berserk vultures in the dark twilight realm. In the red, is the flesh; the tar to bind the light and deceive. They are the makers of the sad an unhappy,,, they are the haters of heaven in hell.

Oct 23, 2011
Interaction with Shadow Beings
by: Iniquitous

Wow. I have had these same kinds of things happen to me. I find the commonality of these shadowy figures to be the most compelling evidence that this experience is an "out of body" conscious, astral, or spiritual type of experience. To me the sensation is one of vibrating. Often times I can consciously control my awareness when it starts and I have even been able to consciously initiate it on my own. I've had it happen dozens of times but only experienced the shadow figures one time. They looked exactly as described by others. There were three of them - one seemed larger than the other two. The two smaller ones grabbed onto my ankles and started pulling me out of my body - this is also the only time I have experienced a "spirit" version of myself, as I could see my "spirit" legs, luminescent representations of my legs, being lifted up and out of my body, and through the blanket I had over me. I was consciously awake enough during this experience to understand what was happening - these figures looked frightening but didn't really do anything or say anything threatening, except for that they were tugging on my spiritual essence to help it "out" I guess... I sat up and screamed at them - at this point I was most certainly fully awake - and could still see them and literally watched them vanish before my eyes. I haven't seen them since.

Just a few days ago I was napping on the couch, laying on my stomach. I was trying to go to sleep when I felt the first vibrations start, at that point I consciously held onto the experience... I no longer try to fight it, and actually try to make it happen... when suddenly I "popped" out and was floating above myself over the coach. I was able to move my consciousness about the house at will and look around. Some things appeared to be slightly off from what they would look like under normal situations, but I was aware of such things immediately.

It takes a little bit of practice, but each time it gets easier, and you can actually control the intensity. As far as I can tell it isn't anything to be afraid of. I think we are a small percentage of people who are able to become self aware outside the limited realm of our physical bodies.

Oct 25, 2011
demonic dream
by: Anonymous

This message?comment is for Kayla although I don't claim to know everything there is to know on this subject but I know enough to give you some helpful insight. My daughter just recently had a demonic encounter. . . I don't know if you're saved or not but please profess Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior as soon as possible. ( Romans 10:9-10 )that figure of the " grim reaper " is none other than death itself ! Satan's mission is to kill, steal & destroy . .God will never employ any of his children to kill another. Satan know his end is near & he is trying to destroy GOD;S children. He can't possess what isn't his but he can try an tourment you..the next time this mat happen call upon JESUS as loud as u can !

Oct 26, 2011
by: RRD

Upon having maybe some encounters or experiences I will go to a place where everything is confusion and chaos, I have not gained full control but am fully aware I am not in a physical realm I seem to realize I have left my physical body and are wishing my wife would try and get me out of this place by shaken me or something. Well anyway as I said the place I journey to on one occasion is dark, dreary and nothing but confusing and chaos as a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. It has other people their we either are not helping each other or just cannot help we are alone truly but pass, stand and run around each other. Their are creatures one is a dark figure thing with kind of beetle black eyes solid figure and very tall 7-9 feet tall they just stand and watch as guards other creatures that seem unnatural nothing seems good here I ( STRESS ) the word confusion teeth gnarling confusion. I seem to speak to a dark man who has some type of little glowing bugs or something crawling under his skin, his eyes dark and hollow like evil, a ladie who seems lost they seem to know that their is someone in charge and he is evil the tell me its hell ( the ladie and man on different experiences to add) Also I have joureyed to another one place seems like a carnival but that's another post. Anyway in this place I can't make sense of anything and just when I think I do everything changes but there's alot of chaos there I am there trying to wake myself but can't I know my wife is next to my body but can't scream I feel stuck in this place fighting to awake myself out of this trance. I wish I could talk to someone about this who has had similar experience please write would like to talk.

Oct 27, 2011
by: Dylan May

Hi guys,
my names dylan may and im 20years old.

odd things happen to me and my mum all the time,It feels like something evil is watching us,but then at the same time it feels like something good is protecting us at the same time.

The first thing what has happened to me was when i was 13 years old ,
I was wide awake and i heard the door open slowly! ,then it sounded like something big walked in to my room,the thing then touch my shoulder and i couldn't stop shaking for about 1min it felt asif my soul was being ripped out of my body ,after 3 minutes I had the confidence to look and my door was wide open and the light was off!.I looked towards the doorway and could hear women's voice calling me to my mums room,i slapped my self about 3 times! ,I then ran towards the voice and to my mums room :( ,i kinda thought it was just me dreaming and it was all in my head but i asked my mum and she said she heard something come in my room.

About 5 years later I talked about this to my mum again,and she said to me "dylan i didn't want to tell you but when two weeks before this happened to you it happened to me,and a women's voice told me i would be ok".

My mum has told me other thing which have happened to her .When she was my age,Three small men used to come in her room every other night and she said that they used to stand there and but they wasn't looking at her but looking threw her like she wasn't there something else.

if anything like this has happened to you email me please:

Oct 28, 2011
dark spirits
by: Anonymous

To all who reads this please understand I have never had an experience like the one I had last night, but it seems to relate to what a lot of people are talking about. Dark shadows are everywhere, that's what people are talking about and I had to experience this just to believe it:(
understand that I was half awake when it all happened and I can remember everything. I started to get the chills and notice a dark image floating around me. It started in front of my bed and it moved around to my back side write where my neck is. At that point I began to start feeling a shaking movement coming from this entity. I opened my eyes and my vision was also blurry to the point where everything around me was moving in a wave like motion. So I closed my eyes once again and began to fight this entity in my head sort of speak. The chills where going through out my whole body, like what you would feel being spiritually attacked and not having no power what soever. so I looked deep inside my self with one last attempted to ward it off, and I found the courage and strength within myself and thank god it all stopped.

Oct 29, 2011
similar experiences
by: Anonymous

I have had so many similar experiences to yours it is incredible! You are the first person that I have seen in my research to describe the "tingling" sensation that I have experienced. It happens every time I have sp. My whole body tingles like my foot would if it were asleep only much stronger. The few times I have had the out of body experience, the tingling senation drew up my body and concentrated (with extreme pressure) on the back of my head. I have also seen the dark figure in the corner of my room and the pressure in my chest almost as if something is trying to "push" its way into me. It is the most terrifying experience of my life and unfortunetly happens too often. I thought I was going insane before I found that it is a real condition shared my so many. Thanks!!!!

Oct 29, 2011
Encounter with Astral Entity
by: Dowland Lee

On 10-27-2011 I encountered this being after it woke me up during one of my astral projection sessions. It sat upon my chest with a huge grin looking down at me. I could not move or talk and experienced the symptoms of sleep paralysis. I was absolutely terrified and completely forgot where I had just been (astral projecting). My conscious reaction to seeing it was to say "I love you" in my mind. As soon as I did its solid form became semi translucent from the head down, then completely invisible. I know 100% that I was awake and not hallucinating. I attempted to go back to sleep about an hour later after calming down. The moment I managed to drift back to sleep it woke me up again and paralyzed me. This time it was behind me and I could not see it but I could feel it lightly holding on to my arm. It let go and I was able to move again.

Later on in the day I managed to remember where I was in the Astral Realm before it woke me. I was in a "place" that had no up or down though it appeared to be bright/sunny tho I could not see a sun. I had noticed that I was passing through a "double mirror" (from the center of two mirrors touching each other). I felt That "place" had a gravitational force trying to push me out. I resisted the force and pushed myself back in because i enjoyed the sensation of floating/levitating in space that "place" had. Suddenly I felt this pressure not on my astral body but my physical body I can only describe as follows. It felt like my physical body was laying on top of a box and the inside of the box was this "place" with the mirrors where my astral body was and when I felt the pressure on my body I also felt it inside the box. The sensation of pressure became what felt like "small hands" with great force crawling up my legs. When I rejoined with my physical body in this realm I saw that Being on top of me.

Oct 30, 2011
re: similar experiences
by: Barney

Very glad it helped....I remember that same relief in 2007 when I found it on Google!

I've had very sp the last 8 months, thank the Lord.

Oct 31, 2011
I've only told my sister this...
by: RMR

I was living in an apartment in 1997, it was 1 year after my son was born. I was taking a nap in his room. He was in in his crib and I was on the spare bed in his room. It was early afternoon. I was awoken by my name being called out. Not yelled out but the voice was right in my ear so close I could feel the breath. The hairs on my entire body stood. That was the start of it all. A few times after this incident it happened again only it would be louder and would repeat my name two or three time. Well a few years later we moved to another location..I thought it would be over and maybe it was the apartment or me. Not so. I was, again, sleeping late at night. Again I was awoke to this deep, stern, demanding voice saying my name in my ear again feeling its breath. I would sit straigh up and it would be gone. I would get up and walk around because I was so uncomfortable with the feeling inside my body. Something didn't feel right.
Well - we moved again to Florida for a business opportunity. I had no problems again until about 6 monthes after being in Florida. I awake again to the voice but this time it was not in my ear it was straight in my face, I could not move my body I felt like it was sitting on top of me, I couldn't breath. I opened my eyes only to see red eyes looking into mine. As I would struggle to move my legs were being held down. The eyes followed mne in every direction I looked to. repeating my name. Then I prayed and told it to go away. Needless to say I couldn't sleep for a very long time. Many years have gone by and I have moved many times it's still with me. I have had some horrifing ventures with whatever this maybe and I do not talk about. Sometimes it happens now and I tell it not tonight I'm tired!! And it goes away and others I have no choice but to deal with it. It has gotten so bad I can sense days before when it's coming. That's when I start take sleeping pills. Many times I wake up with bruises on my legs and arms that I can't explain and neither can my significant other can explain or he wants to know what I'm doing to myself. Anyways, I always feel this presence and I realize that it's something I will probably live with the rest of my life. I have always had a sense of out of body experiences since I was a little girl but this is not an out of body experience. I'm awake and when I do get up after the episode the entire house seems to have a spell on it. I cannot not awake anyone no matter how much noise I make. No one wakes up except me. I wish I had more time but I have to go for now. Thanks!!!

Nov 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had my first experience as a child in theform of aliens. It was frightening at the time, but I laughed about it later. Now in my twenties, I've experienced it four times all as dark figures. Arms soon as it begins, I know what is about to happen. The slamming of doors, being pushut, being lifted off the ground by abdark figureand in one case being pushed down by 3 figures. Every time I call out to Jesus and ask for his help. And immediately I wake upgasping and pale faced. My mom experienced this while pregnant with me, so I know this is an attack on my spirituality. I find so much encouragement in all of this. I know now, I belong to God and God alone and despite these awful feelings, my faith keeps me sane. Good to know I'm not the only one to experience this.

Nov 03, 2011
changed a couple of non-believers
by: NOT-Crazy

I used to experience this often as a young adult(19-24 or so y.o.a)ONLY in my parents house and ONLY in my room(I slept often on the downstairs couch for experiments).
I would wake up in the middle of the night after all various times of being asleep(never the same pattern of happening)I could only move me eye's sometimes my head would move SLIGHTLY,above my bed is a crucifix and it would for whatever reason be a source of light in a totally dark room.
I would see 2-4 "shadow people" in the room all at different parts of the bed,I would try to scream and yell but it was impossible,it would slowly end after repeating prayers for 30-45 seconds end and movement would return to my body.
For skeptics,I spent a week at my girlfriends home while her parents went on vacation,it NEVER happened to her EVER! 2 nights in a row it happened to me while alone in the bed while she was in the den chatting on the net,she walked in one time just as it was ending,she always believed me that it happened for I had no reason to lie.
1 week after her parents returned home from their trip it started to happen to her,REMEMBER it never happened to her before I slept there but more than a few times AFTER I exp it,I was the bad one who party'd and did the wrong things,so a possible answer was always "its from the substances you abuse" MAYBE,but what about when I was sober for 3 yrs and it still happened?why my girl who NEVER abused anything EVER?
It has'nt happened in a long time and dont miss it,but its something I nor anyone else who knows me could explain,and believe me I looked for answers,6th sense sensitivity runs in my family so SOME things that I went through were un-covered but this was one that could not.

Nov 03, 2011
My Experience
by: Risela

Hey guys, glad to hear we are not alone after all. Not saying is a positive thing for most of us but at least we feel supported in a way. I do believe in God but I'm not into any religion. I was baptized at the age of 9 under the Catholics belief and I got married in the catholic church. Even do , I'm not religious , I could say Catholicism is part of me in a way. I do like Greek mythology though however like I said , I don't practice any religion in any way. I do have SP too. Mine, started since I was 4 or 5 and probably even earlier but the oldest one that I can remember was in the age around 4 or 5. I could actually move and even fell from the bed when I suddenly woke up but didn't feel pain or anything from the fall. In the sp state, I went to the hallway across my room trying to reach my parents bedroom. In the middle there was a bathroom. The door of the bathroom was open, it was not completely dark since it was early in the morning and a little bit of light was coming through the window. When I got close to the door a demon shaped figure, which I associated at that time with the wolf of red ridding hood, came out of the door and scared me really bad. At that moment , I woke up. The episodes are not that often , maybe 1 or 2 every other month. On my teenager days they used to be accompanied by very scary, undefined deep voices and couldn't move at all. Sometimes I could understand even though they were not saying anything meaningful and others I couldn't . There was one that it looked like a shadow spider that crawled into my pillow and started whispering things I couldn't understand but the voice sounded demonic. Every time I'm having this episode my body feels a tingling sensation and I used to compare it more as electricity running through my body. On the earliest 20 , I have lost if not all , most of the fear towards this experience but I do respect it since it is still unknown to me. Sometimes I want to experience it when is happening and I decide to stay a little bit longer but I do always have controlled the end for the episode. When I want it to stop, it will stop. I have notice that the more relaxed you try to be on the sp episode the stronger the feeling of the tingling sensations gets. It makes sense though, in order to have Out of Body experience you need to be relaxed. I can't still control very much the movements but now at the age of 25, I can move a little bit. Last week , the reason I'm doing research for 4th time, I kind of had an outer body experience. Like I said , I can control when I want to get out of the episode but the movements of my body is still hard to control. In other words can't move that much but is getting better. I used to pray "our father" out of fear to get this thing out of my sight or head in the same SP event but to be honest, I have learned the one that makes them stop is myself.

Nov 03, 2011
My Experience # 2
by: Risela

Well continuing with the experience of last week, I could actually get out of the body. On the corner of the room I was seeing a shadow but I decided not to pay attention and keep going. I moved one arm first, right arm, then with the help of it I sat on the bed. When I was going to get out of the bed, this shadow reached its hand to me like trying to grab me or push me to my body, not sure what it was trying to do but I woke up in a snap, seconds when the interaction happened. It was very weird. I'm not scared but confused. I have never seen a clear visual of these things but just shadow and very dark. I have experienced most of the stuff you guys have however never experienced, chest pressure, heavy breathing or hard to breath. I did at a certain point thought these thing were holding me from moving but as I have grown with experience of more episodes , now I believe is us. We are the ones who can't move. The movement is a matter of relaxing not forcing the body to move. The harder you try , the harder it will be to move. Is actually a combination of both relaxing and trying to move. The more you relax, the stronger the tingling sensation get and it can be scare since is something we are not used to so we would try to force ourselves to move instead. Also if you don't like the sp event, just force yourselves to wake up like if you were in a dream. I'm pretty sure all of you can control it. That's your body you own it. The mind and the will is much much powerful than you can actually imagine. So, in conclusion, I started very early and still get the episodes, not that frequent and I still can't experience a full body out of experience but I have improved. Now what it got me thinking was the shadow in the wall that I decided to ignore from my last episode that try to reach me. I don't know if it was me that made myself to wake up or it was this thing. It felt more like it didn't wanted me to leave my body instead of grabbing me. The hand looked very demonic like a a claw with long fingernails.

Nov 03, 2011
My Experience # 3
by: Risela

Well like I said, I'm not religious but I do believe in God/Devil and an unseen world. I'm not obsess with anything just chocolate and sugar in general. I'm healthy and active. Also I finish my B.A. in psychology at 23 and I'm two years behind from starting my Masters studies but I will get there. I needed to share that info since everything is important in order to figure this out. The only thing I have found from your experience is that you don't need to be ill or be practitioner of any religion to get this sp. Therefore body state and Religion is non related to the sp experiences or at least they are not the common triggers for the SP. The only thing in common here is we all Believe in God and we believe in this so called Sleep Paralysis and the evil shadows that brings. I will like to ask something, how is the episodes getting as you grow older? Do they get worse or better? Have they changed in frequency? Anyways, I do apologize for my English since I'm Hispanic.

Nov 03, 2011
To NOT-Crazy
by: Risela

Yes, same here Not-Crazy. Actually the 6th sense runs in my family too I don't know to what extent but It does too. I'm actually able to sense few stuff but thanks God I can't see or feel more than that. I'm not into those things and I prefer it stays that way. On the contrary of my husband that doesn't dream at all or at least he can't remember not even one, I do dream every day and in every sleep. In a few cases I have experience the so called de ja vu but it was just that I dream about it. I do believe we all have that too.

Nov 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

These figures you have been seeing are called "striga". They are a troubled spirit who attaches themselves to people in hope of finding comfort.

Nov 06, 2011
I am an atheist and i experience dark figures.
by: David A.

I am asleep or i think that i am asleep.i can see and hear and smell everything around me but i cannot move i am paralyzed my entire body is tingling. i watch this black shadow appear in front of me walking towards me empty eyes no legs. Just pure darkness staring me in the face. i try to scream no voice i can not move it stares and stares i hear static mumbling high pitch noises. I wake up.Or i think i did. but i am still asleep.Then another shadow appears in the corner. i feel pressure on my chest i feel my throat being grasped can not breathe and then i truly awake.No shadows same smells same everything.nothing but Pure FEAR.

i saw these figures when i was awake walking down the road. Everything seemed to go into slow motion and i would see this dark figure 6 to 8 ft tall empty eyes staring at me then it would disappear into the woods or just disappear.I feel watched i am always paranoid. this first started when i was around 5. I was diagnosed With bi-polar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. and i have been off and on medications for years. And it seemed to stop until a couple days ago. Just dreams of that black dark empty figure and i feel as if something is watching me. I am confused.

Nov 09, 2011
sp - topic: crystals
by: Anonymous

just had one last night. been having them for the last 15 years off an on. this one was a bit different. usually they start in a dream where all of a sudden things 'change'. usually feel a very heavy negative force or energy in my dream and i sometimes see these strange changes or visuals in that part of the dream which causes me to wake up, but i'm in sleep paralysis. then i've had experiences of something sitting on me, whispering in my ear in different voices, like father (except it's not), etc. a couple of nights ago it was poking me and running it's 'finger' around my head while i was struggling to wake up. now back to last night. i believe i can feel my aura and it was very low last night (it's good right now though) due to stress, etc. happened i was holding a quartz crystal while i slept. now, the crystal didn't necessarily keep the thing away strictly on it's own by holding it in my hand, but it lent me strength to wake up really quickly and suddenly out of the sleep paralysis. it's like i heard this 'demonic' sound coming toward my head then i just snapped out of it - ended the show right off the bat - found it kind of humorous. i woke up holding the crystal in the air and telling the thing to "get out, you are no longer needed here, you may leave, go to the light, for this is a house of love" (following it's path out and sealing it with love, gratitude, and mercy (very important), i believe is also very important) actually was more annoyed than scarred and fell right back to sleep. my aura feels strong today, maybe i can keep it that way. i also burned some sage to help clear out any negative energies - i learned about sage burning and crystal protection in a book called The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing. this book specifically talks about wearing a clear quartz single terminated point (or amethyst one) over ones 'spiritual plexus' for protection - which is right at the point of the breastbone - supposedly where we receive all impressions, feelings and emotions that come from without - other people or entities. (haven't figured out how to do this in my sleep) so the point has to be pointed towards the ground and not completely covered up on the top end (metal, etc.) also it has to be worn on the outside, not just under the shirt (also works with the light) and has to be cleansed everyday (soaked in distilled water or spring water with sea salt - 1/4 tsp per liter for 20 minutes) and recharged (run under natural water or the tap for about a minute at least). the book also says this is the only crystal a person would need to wear for protection from other peoples negative energies or 'dark or negative force' or in general. (not letting anyone else touch the crystal is mentioned also as being important and the amethyst point being the one for even more protection). praying to God and trying to spend quality time with others i've learned is also very important. just thought i'd mention the crystal bit to share.

Nov 10, 2011
sp - topic: crystals & fear (continued)
by: Phil

wanted to add some more comments to my previous post concerning the use of crystals and on the topic of 'fear'. Wanted to add that an amethyst pendant for protection should not be worn by anyone who is hyperactive, autistic, schizophrenic, mentally handicapped, or extremely single-minded. (then clear quartz would be worn instead or by anyone else) -this is according to the book i was quoting in the above post. just want to cover all the bases as best i can.

FEAR: something the book also mentioned about that i found to be simple and empowering. i'll just quote verbatim:

"The human being is certainly much stronger than any bad entity because the human possesses a body, which a spirit does not have. It is, moreover, the reason why evil, negative and disincarnate spirits search out people in order to posses them, since they want to re-embody themselves. Because we have something that the bad spirits have not (out bodies), we are stronger from the outset.
On the other had, the evil spirit does have a way in, a means of influencing human beings: fear. It is this which feeds the spirits and gives them their strength. If you have absolutely no fear of the forces of evil, then they can have no influence over you.
There are two natural fears: that of falling and that of sudden noise. All other fears are creations of your imagination. You do not need them and they can even harm you and slow down your evolution. Fear attracts that which you are afraid of. If you are afraid of thieves, they will come. If you fear fire, you will be a victim of it. If you are frightened of the devil, he will show himself to you.
You can confront fear, because it is very cowardly. All the time that you run away from it, it will follow you like your shadow. The moment that you turn and face it, it will be the one to run away. The only way to get rid of fear is to tackle it head on, to analyze it, to find out where it comes from and why it is there."

"From the earliest age we are taught to respond to fear more than love. As a result we have created a very critical situation in the world. People are afraid, react to that fear and work with it."

"...the power of the voice and that of the body - if one does not feel any fear - are stronger than any evil being. As Jesus said in the Bible: 'Get thee behind me, Satan'"

Hope this is helpful to anyone else. God Bless!!

Nov 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi, I started researching some incidents that happened to myself and others when we lived in a house together back when i was 21. One of the incidents sounds similar to what some have described but not totally alike.This house I believe had paranormal activity on many levels.all of us had experienced the pressure on the chest,being paralyzed etc ,but while completely awake.objects would move positions etc, my sister saw a black hand coming at her from the corner of the room.Other things happened but that is enough background. Anyway my daughter (3 yrs old) and i were sleeping in the same bed when i was woken by a shadowy flying creature attacking us.I fought it off,struggling through heaviness of limbs and terror.i was shaken but unsure if it was a nightmare.However,the next morning my daughter asked me "what was the big black bug that attacked us mummy?" That sent a chill down my spine.Also a friend and I tried to read from the bible in the room that the hand had been seen and had extreme trouble getting the words out,as if our tongues were not working.Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Nov 14, 2011
Here is one of my experiences
by: Jessie

I'm glad to know we are not alone. I get them too. I have alot of them and has been happening for about 2 years now.

I was in my bed sleeping when i heard sounds like someone was choking someone. So I got up in order to help them but when i opened the door i saw some people carrying a young woman and they put her on the bed in the room across from mine. Well the woman was having a seizure. The people carrying her were trying to hold her down. Being a medic I knew I had to do something. I was looking at her and she was looking at me. Then I got this thought "In the name of Jesus be healed my child." So I grabbed her hand and touched her forehead and said "In the name of Jesus be healed." Well she stopped and then she turned into a demon. Yes crazy. It was very dark brown. I couldn't see any facial features to him. But he was screaming! So I grabbed him ( Of course the Holy Spirit did this because I could never do this on my own.) and had him against the wall. and told him to leave her in the name of Jesus. He screamed at me! and then left. (The screaming was the worst part)

Then I looked behind me at the window because there was two demons out there screaming at me. I couldn't tell what they were but they looked very evil. Almost looked like birds. I think they had red eyes. Anyways I don't know why but I pounded on the window.

Then i was running down this path. There was a fork in the road and i turned right. There was trees there. I turned around so I could see why I was running. I saw a flock of demons flying right behind me. I was a little scared but had this thought come to me that there was an angel there. I couldn't see him and then I woke up.

When I saw them i felt helpless but then remembered that I wasn't because Jesus gave us authority over them. I just never had to deal with those types of demons. There was alot of them too.

Nov 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

your fear is what powers them faith in god with Triumph over this force
i have many outer body experiences i seem to be able to leave my body and walk around this is usualy when i have these encouters
at first i tryed fighting them.. when they attacked me id throwing fists and kicking but it seemed to have no use they would over power me i turned to prayer and i would see a flash of light and a heavenly feeling and they would be gone
spirits had been bothering me for somtime i went to sleep very upset one night drunk (achual fuel these beings) and these forces came after me. unlike usual
I had felt somthing i had never felt before this night I felt a higher power fueling me a divine power within me usualy i pray untill it over but this time i left my body and chased this abomination away from me it was if it was overwheled amd feared me
i dont belive i have banished this being from my house but i know there i hope for salvation from these horrible things

Nov 16, 2011
freaks me the F*ck out.
by: Mike

Everything you described is the exact same for me, its been happening for the past 2 years. I have also had the "false wake ups" glad to find out im not the only one.. recently, last night actually i had one where i woke up, and i was falling back asleep well, this time i could move but not yell... and a lady was leaning on my tall dresser, drinking water....she turned and stared at me and came closer, i grabbed her by the throat and tried resisting, i could actually feel the water falling on me and like feel the skin of the person, it was so real.. but after she was about 3 inches away from my face, i was able to wake up. probably the worst one ive had yet. anyone who would like to connect on these experiences and talk about them, feel free to email me at

Nov 16, 2011
the tall dark figure.
by: Patrick Perez

i honestly do not remember when my first and so far only encounter exactly happened, but it was when i was very young. no more than 4 or 5. maybe even younger. i was asleep in my mothers bed, when all of a sudden i awoke to a tall gloomy, completely black figure. the only thing i was able to move was my eyes. and my eyes tracked this tall dark figure from the corner of the room, behind the door all the way around the edge of the bed. It went back and forth from behind the door to around the right site of the bed where i was sleeping at least twice. I remember being terrified. the memory still scares me. i told my mother about this. she tells me that my grandfather died when i was very little. she says that tall black figure was the angel of death. My only question is why did what ever that strange being come to see me that night.

Nov 16, 2011
My out of body experince with demons
by: Maria Valdez

Im 17 I stared having these kind of dreams at 16 and it feels so real that when I finally do wake up I run to my grandmas room and sleep with her the first time I woke up got out of my body saw my self sleeping and went to look that everyone was asleep I went back to my room and layed there for a while trying to wake up then I saw a woman that looked like the virgin mary but instead was in all black and she was laughing at me this time was yesterday I was in my room and I noticed three dogs I dont have dogs so realized they were dead or something a dog bot me and I bit it back I actially tasted blood in my mouth it was so real and then I layed on my body trying to awaken myself when a dark figure layed down next to my body I also felt my body move down I think it was trying to get into my body before I could but I got to it quicker I awoke and ran next to my grandma in herroom and asked her what time it was she told me it was 4:33am and it seemed stranged to me because they say 3 is the devils hour and I wasnt able to go back to sleep

Nov 17, 2011
by: richie

ive had a few of these first 2 scared me but the couple after that ive realised it as happend 2 me i just closed my eyes and ignored it and woke up just fine i feel if u panic thats when it starts 2 grip u its like whatever is doing this 2 u feeds off your fear i used 2 suffer as a kid with rearcurring dreams sp,s and used 2 see a dark figure with yellow eyes and pointy ears and now my son says he sees this dark figure when he told me it sent shivers up my spine i used 2 see this dark figure in my sleep and when i was wide awake

Nov 21, 2011
back in the early 90's
by: 34now

when i was in my late-teens/early twenties, i had these experiences.
the heaviness on chest, the palpable fear that occurs with the warning "tingles & dizziness".
it feels a lot like a RX drug that is "pulling you under" in terms of in your brain.
i would feel electrical sensations, and i would hear strange radio-type signals.
i was even able to "tune in" on what reminded me of a radio, when you scan through the channels.
i would be panicking internally, yes i could open my eyes...that was the way i would "fight" it from "taking me under".
i used to think i was being clever by curling up to my best-friend or sister at night, but even if the room was full of people, nobody could help you because you were paralyzed & could not talk.
i used to be like a person with their head strapped to a bed, and only my wild eyes could roam the room in fear.
then, a wicked laughter, such as a witch.
i would hear my friend maureen outside of my bedroom door along with seeing a whirr of movement.
this was of course, not was imposter maureen calling for her dog jake as she would at her home.
only, outside in my hallway, her beckoning jake would melt into a deep, slow-motion voice, eerie & reminiscent of demonic..."Jaaaake".
Electricity overtaking the body...a humming, a buzzing, a vibrating...something like that, with respect to how the physical body feels.
As far as aliens, never saw one up close...
but outside my sisters bedroom window my whole family of 4 witnessed an interplay of some type of craft(s). This house was 15 minutes or less away from downtown Minneapolis and these dancing lights, zooming in & out of the atmosphere were right over downtown, as my home was on a hill that overlooked the view from the suburbs.
so that could be one explanantion.
then my girlfriends & i played with ouija on ouija )i owned it), but i don't think i allowed it to be played in my own home.
Shame on me.
I was in biofeedback for unrelated anxiety conditions, and when i mentioned to my doctor that i felt i had been open to possible possession, she reassured me that there was an entirely *logical* scientific explanation for this.
it was a hypnogogic/hypnopompic state (associated with the brain waves), being right in between the wake & dreaming state, all while alert.
yeah, i am not so sure.
all i know is: learn the LORD'S PRAYER.

Nov 21, 2011
Amanda in London
by: Anonymous

I have had these attacks on and off for many years..I had a troubled upbringing with violence at home. I left at 16 and moved to London, from my home in Sussex... I am a strong minded and I got a good job and made a life for myself. I remember first experiencing thick air when I was a child and all sounds would become hollow and empty, the tone of a angry voice, like a dizzy spell, but electric.I was scared but they passed and were forgotten. I think I was damaged by my childhood and I had a lot of fear which I hid, I used to drink to escape , but still had a good job, home relationships. I started having out of body experiences in my mid twenties, but they were out of control and scary. I would sometimes try to scratch the ceiling to make a mark I could see when I awoke, but could not. Then in my late 20's/ early 30's the pressing started, I have felt arms around me, I have been touched sexually, But mostly it is a pressure pushing down on me, but I know it is an entity
, a figure I suppose... It is definitely bad, even angry... I have actually hit it away once, it disappeared immediately, but the next time my ' spirit self ' was dragged around my house, I do struggle and fight hard and I believe I give them a hard time. I am on a spiritual journey and I pray to the God of my understanding, I got sober in AA twelve years ago and when I have felt most connected to my higher power the attacks have not happened and any out of body experiences have been controlled, like swimming, more like a real dream and enjoyable. However, this last year I have been under stress and the attacks have got more frequent and more violent. I write to you in the small hours ( it is 3.17 am here ) as I had a bad one where I was being strangled with long tendrils... I was trying to wake up but kept falling heavily back in and I was trying to pull the things off my neck... I then heard a strong voice close to me saying my name over and over again ... It was a good voice, I am not sure who it was but it was urging me to wake up ... I knew I must be in danger... I have never heard voices before , bad or good. It was a mans voice I think ... I felt it was my higher self , maybe ... Anyway, I awoke and I got on the internet and found this site ... I know these are attacks and I know they are real. I think that some of us break down our protective shell through , drug or alcohol abuse , or even spiritual quests where we open up to the un known and the darkness can get in as well as the light , but when we are very spiritually fit , we are safe. I think illness and stress have made me vulnerable and I have moved house and I am rather disconnected from my AA groups . I have been sober a long time, but I need to keep connected... One last thing, after it happens and I am fully awake , I can often feel a slight pressing and tingling on my head and shoulders ... I can now.
Thank you for being there, thank God for the internet x

Nov 22, 2011
Has anyone tried to film their sp? like paranormal activity.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the site, it's good to know so many people experience this.
Had my second SP episode last night. It was pretty itense. Was in and out of sleep for a period of about 3 hours, each time i dozed off i would get the body rush/shudders and feel the looming evil presence although never actually seeing it. I was laying on my side facing the wall when i felt it behind me, it put pressure on my shoulder and back. I thought it was my girlfriend trying to cuddle but it felt too heavy. Then it growled.. a deep blackened demon growl, not like a dog. The thing is i didn't 'hear' it. It sounded so crystal and clear like it was growling straight into my mind. This is the only proof persei that it is all in ur subconcious. I'm not religious at all but i found myself praying to god, it's just the typical reaction to such an event. Praying did nothing tho. All up I think i went into SP about 4 times, going through the whole shudder stage and waking up. Pretty scary stuff. Would anyone who get's this frequently be willing to set up a camera? To get proof and put this issue to rest. It would be quite interesting and give us a bit of closure that our physical bodies are not seperated. Although this still leaves the whole different dimension ideas.

Nov 22, 2011
Re: Filming/Recording Sp
by: Barney

I want to thank everyone for their comments. This site is becomming a good source of information since I first posted a year ago.
That's a good idea to film or make audio recording of sp. I have tried to record an episode on my smartphone using the audio recording feature but I have not caught an episode yet. It would be amazing to see what is happening.

I just had another episode last night.
In 2011, my sp experiences have been less frequent, more mild, without an obvious evil presence or attack. More along the lines of floating, twirling around above my bed, intense tingling and rush of energy, "getting up" and walking around my house but still in my bed, stuff like that.

The episode last night and a similar one a few nights ago have again been scary. Last night, a dream transitioned into sp. I heard the blender turn on in my kitchen then I started spinning around and floating above my bed.
Then I felt I was being twirled around as if someone was holding my feet and spinning me around.

I was in my same surroundings, I slept on the couch so I could see the living room and part of the kitchen. I saw a black figure in the kitchen, this was more of a "female" figure. The outline was black and very defined.

I could feel myself gasping for air and I was struggling to breath the whole time. I found myself saying, "In the name of Jesus" a lot.

I was trying very hard to wake myself up as I knew I was in sleep paralysis. I tried calling for my wife and to make a commotion so she would hear me. I couldn't muster enough noise. I even started clapping my hands in order to wake her; I could feel and hear my hands clapping. Although my hands did feel "asleep" as when the circulation is cut of.

I felt like I was suffocating and each breath was only a small gasp of air that did not satisfy my need for oxygen. I finally broke out of it and stood up from the couch but this turned out to be a "false wake up" so I had to struggle some more to get back to the "real world."

When I came to for real, I found myself in the exact same position as when I had fallen asleep which was on my side facing the back of the couch (my back was to the living room and kitchen)

It's amazing how real the sense of touch and sounds are during sp. The visual is always a bit "off" and seems the same but it isn't the exact same.
For example, the kitchen was dark when I had seen the firgure there, but when I had awoken, I realized that the small light above the kitchen sink was on so the same view of the kitchen had a dim but good source of light in reality.

I have not been able to find clear answers for what is sp but I am comforted to know that there is a case of sp in the Bible written over 5,000 years ago. (Job chapter 4)

I have noticed sp happens more to me from Oct-Dec.

Nov 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Have you read into astral travel or obe barney? Apparently there's alot of people who use SP as the basis of their obe. I know it's hard but if you can overcome the initial fear of SP you can apparently experience some pretty insane OBE.

Nov 23, 2011
Question about sleep paralysis
by: Justin

Is it possible to move at all during sleep paralysis. I had an experience in which I actually turned over to see a bright figure and then was paralyzed instead of being paralyzed from the moment I wake up. Is this common in sleep paralysis or is this another thing all together?

Nov 25, 2011
sp experience
by: echion

I have had similar experiences my entire life.. recently the worst one was where I was sleeping on my side facing the back of my couch one night. I was startled awake and couldnt move, it felt like someone was sitting behing me and i felt it put pressure on me. the wierd almost painful tingling started, and I was screaming at what ever it was to let go. I started to fight against it and was able to move my right arm, as I did I felt it wrap around my wrist and pin it down... it felt like it was draining my energy. when it finally released me I blacked out. I dont know what you may think of those shadow forms but i have called them energy eaters since i was a child.

Nov 28, 2011
the dream with light shining into room and big eyed man..what is that?
by: Anonymous

Dear Barney, I recently have been thinking about dream I have had similiar to what your have said. I remembered it bc I was laying in my bed praying over my daughter-I am a follow and believer in Jeus Christ and I have what I believe 'discerning of spirits' as one of the gifts located in 1 corinthians yes thank You Jesus for giving me life-His life amen.anyways...I have seen images of spirits and God will get me to pray against them..I was 17 when I started talking to God and I was very sensitive to the spirit realm..I see images while I am awake, then pray. Once when I was 17 I was at a party (I didnt know my boundaried in serving God yet) and I saw black masses,spirit with no face circling over these young boys drinking.I was so scared that I asked God to shut my eyes..I am almost 25 no and have been sincerely serving God now and realized God is Holy not just our friend and we must have a fear to obey him..God is also love and does not leave us to ourselves to stay on the path of destruction-Praise Him I am a intercessor and deal a lot with things I dont always understand...My attention has been directed on aliens- I have seen ufo and disturbing dreams 1 of my spirit trying to come out of my body and I was stuffing it back in my body-this happened while i was staying at my motherin laws a couple of yrs back and I never will stay there again I believe a lot of stuff in her home is oopen up to the occult- believe me, we were also her neighbors and I had a dream similiar to the one you had- A light shone through my bathrooom window and a man that had a weird alien look had big eyes and goofy teeth, he came into the rooma nd my husband and i were sitting on the bed unfrightened, that was it and I woke up and was like what was that? It reminds me of the character on men in black- that sold guns- you know what I mean? well I googled- is the aliens in men in black demon? and it was like a culture shock I didnt read into much of it but i was shocked when i saw you had the very same do you understand what it meant? This finally lets me say none of this has occured since I moved- yes I have heard whispers at night that blaspheme and I just out of my bed and pray amnd worship God- but the other night I layed my hand on my little girl and I saw a image like usual when God shows me to pray against evil spirit, but this time it was an image of yoda off of star wars I looked it up and this is an actual demon channeled through the movie by the occult- Thank God for the Holy Ghoist and peace that passes understand my confidence is in Him, I jave no one else to relate

Nov 28, 2011
re: dream
by: Barney

Can you resend this message to me on YouTube?
I deleted your message and my reply by accident,

Nov 30, 2011
I Have exactly the same experiences
by: Anonymous

I just ran across this page because I googled Demonic spirits. I just recently had a sp thing and I've been having several of them. I have been wondering if they are just dreams but seriously they feel so real. It is getting irritating to have to resist the experience when you feel like you are going to die and they only leave you alone when you pray and ask for Gods aid. Any advice comment after this please . I'm tired of it and I'm starting to think they want me to negotiate with them or something.

Dec 01, 2011
more than sp
by: Anonymous

you wake up (not awake). why is everything moving at 3/4 speed? is this my bedroom? is fu*%ing has to be, right!? when you finally move in slow motion off the bed you collapse to the cold cold wood floor and tremble as an icy metalically electric (demonic) voice mockingly whispers through your poor head saying "there is no God". it's more than just a little 'sp'. I need Max von Sydow and the midget from poltergeist

Dec 02, 2011
Demonic Animals?
by: Caitlin in MN

Hi, all.

First, I am so relieved to hear of similar experiences. I have a twin sister and we both have experienced the evil spirit who enters our sleep and applies pressure on our chest. It happened for several years throughout college before we talked about it and realized we were experiencing the same spirit. It continued until I was 25. After that, I experienced a different type of presence.

When I was 25-26, I was bartending on a Saturday night and arrived at my apartment around 2am. I saw two dark four-legged shadows running, their shadows casted on the building nearby. I assumed they were cats, but I felt an all-over body chill. I told myself to ignore it and go to bed.

That night, I woke to my bedroom door being opened and I heard the pattering of paws across my carpet. I experienced the usual chill that starts at your forehead and runs across your entire body. The creatures hissed and jumped at my bedside as if they were trying to attack me. I could feel everything around me: my bed sheets, the way my body was laying, etc. I was half awake and could feel them tugging on the sheets, but it was as if I had this bubble of protection around me. It was so frightening.

Since that experience, I no longer feel the "man" - just the four-legged creatures entering the room. It happens twice a year. But one week ago, my puppy and my husband were laying in bed next to me... I was dreaming a pleasant dream and then it was suddenly interrupted to an evil presence. I was immediatley half awake; I could feel my puppy next to me and I could hear him whimpering, and I could feel my husband breathing. There was only one creature this time, and it crawled onto my pillow, sitting above my head and hissing. I could feel my hair move as it crawled around me. For the first time in this type of "visit", I was able to open my eyes but I was still paralyzed. I then did what I always do: I started saying the Lord's Prayer and yelled at it to "go away." It went away, and then my puppy stopped whimpering.

Does anyone else experience visits four-legged creatures? I feel so alone and unable to talk to anyone without getting laughed at and told that I'm just dreaming hard.

Dec 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have experienced sp before but, i have never seen any thing full of evil or hate. I just can't move nor breath very well it all most hurts and gives me anxiety. But my boy friend was telling me about this. He woke up to a pounding noise on his door and when he oppend his eyes hes had was faced towers the door and it slowly opened. There was this small figure standing by his bed staring at him. he said it was full of hate and evil.

Dec 05, 2011
floating shirt
by: nigel

When I was young I used 2 see a floating shirt in front of my bed floating and watching me and when I moved it made a growl noise . I seen this 3 or 4 times in my life and still scared of it . If u seen this get back at me on Facebook ass nigelcheslock . I looked on hear and cant find anyone els who hasseen this

Dec 05, 2011
by: Jim

The real thing I want to kno is how do I send these evil basterds back to hell. I am in fear before sleeping at night. Daytime is a safetime. I just have belived dont let them put fear in you and be amoung jesus. It works but I want more. I wanna destroy or doom them back to hell. another qustion is why people like us. Are we scikick. I can not spell. So please work with me. Im 20 years old. Searching for the right answer. If u have any supernatural capabiltys please let me kno. I feel the presence of a house with a soul thats been dead for a long time. I aslo go thru daju vu. Im told my mind wont unlock the future couse its to much to take on the mind. So it stores my visions in my own lock box in my head. Btw this is very importint dont ever talk about them. Dont call them names. They get very very angry. If you do talk about them make sure its not anywhere near your house. They get threated and in my opinion if u can threatin them you can rid them of earth. What ever they are do not fear them and keep a cross in the room.

Dec 06, 2011
My encounter
by: Anonymous

I have had three or four encounters in my life and had a scary one last night. I was lying on my back and was concious, but I could not move my body. I tried so hard to move and a voice in my head screamed like a demon! It did not say anything, but it was a scream that I have never heard before. I was scared and said, "Get the hell off of me." and I was able to move. I was pretty shaken and slept in another room.

I have had this strange paralysis before and felt something hovering above me once, and also something stamding by my bedside.

I have experimented with drugs and alcohol and there might be a correlation. I have done mushrooms and acid before, and I was wondering if those might have an effect in all of this over they years.

Dec 06, 2011
Night Terrors and things that go bump in the night
by: Anonymous

There are so many others who experience weird and unexplained occurrences in the middle of the night. Who do you go to? Even members in your own house might think you have gone off the deep end when you even try to tell them what happened. I have had these bizarre things happen to me, my first one being a resplendent angel of light (wings, and glowing robe, very blindingly bright) that came to call on me in the night. His or Her message was for me to pray to God, and even though I was young (guessing between 3 or 4 years old) it scared me so much I told my parents that I had seen a devil cause no one ever told me about angels. I now know that the angel was a warrior angel and not a cute little cupid sent to advise me, so I believe it might have been St. Michael. I know now that it came to protect me from whatever was shaking the bed at night, which used to terrify me. An object in the house was haunted. That was my first experience, which frankly I put away for decades because it was so weird. However, I did pray at night, all the time and used to make up my own prayers of protection as I was aware that something was lurking in the dark shadows.

When I was older, I had a sleep paralysis during the day, and felt that someone was sitting on my chest and I couldn't move or scream out for help. It happened during the daylight and I was sick and in bed. Still horrifying and I let out a scream when I finally was able to function.

Other weird things: seeing an ET like praying mantis shadow projected on the bedroom wall at night. The actual physical figure was invisible, but the shadow was clear and animated, rubbing it "hands" together. I was terrified and in a state of panic, but somehow managed to go into a dead sleep and wake up in the morning. My last recollection of the night was trying to get out of the bed and turn on the light, but somehow I was zapped into a dazed sleep. That happened in the early 80's and no one talked about ETs, so I naturally thought it was demonic... not to say that ETs are not demonic in nature.

Another odd thing was waking up in the middle of the night and sitting up in bed and watching a very bright laser type scanner search the pillow, sweeping across the surface and disappearing. This was before we had the UPC codes and scanners, but in hindsight it was sort of the same.

Please pray to Jesus for your salvation, Pray at night when you feel you are being attacked by entities, ETs or demons. Surround yourself with the light of God and thank God for his Blessings. Be the best person you can be, and turn away from evil so nothing gets a spiritual hold on you. Remember you are a child of God and He Loves you. Read your Bible and keep it by the bed stand. It took me decades to sort this all out.

Dec 08, 2011
by: Kevin Johnson

When I was a child I woke up with my pants around my ankles and there was a black figure with squiggly hairlines and yellowish eyes hiding at the end of my bed.I was terrified. Then I seen a white figure commingle into my bedrrom and it lit up the whole house as it moved and then it went out to the hallway and vanished.My mother saw the light too. Then as a teen I played the ouijia board and it said I wad going to be killed when I was 30.Im30. My exgirl friend wad looking at me and her eyes got black and the devil told me I'm next.When I was in the ER recently I seen a white tunnel with a dark hooded figure coming towards me it looked like the virgin mary or the black maddona.I need a special priest.I hear voices talking to me all the time in the past year and a half.

Dec 09, 2011
I know the feeling
by: Dream Warrior

Sence readding this i now know that its called SP. I also was not away an1 out there but me had felt sanything like this ive hade many Dreams as i like to call them, but 1 thing ive learned to do is train mentaly & spiritaly so god is with me sleep or wake ive also adapted to being able to do thing in my sleep i could never do in wake but something i've noticed that no 1 says any how is that they cant scream & yes i admit it is very hard & i have to keep trying & trying & evenualy let out a scream or or load moan wich wakes my partner up & she wakes me up she knows whats going on i have told her. but 1 last thing my first experince in this i was not asleep! well not till i came conscious any how I saw 3 figuers in black cloaks 1 stood in front of the other 2 he had a staff with a green flame placed inside a rack of deer horns & when it reached out to touch me from almost 1/2 a field away it felt like my bone in my right arm burnt from the inside out. but besides that was the awfull feeling that were in there presence hopelessness, dispare, sorrow, pain, suffering every negitve feeling that any 1 has ever felt all @ once in one big oara there are thing that def go bumb in the night arm ur self jesus is my sheild & god is my sword prepare ur selves & dont go with out a fight i really hopes this helps @ least 1 person. good luck 2 us all

Dec 09, 2011
I know the feeling...
by: Anonymous

As i'm writing this, there is this erie feeling in my room. Ive only experienced sleep paralysis about maybe 3 times in my life. The last time I had was the beggining of this year. I'm not terrorized by it, but those few incidents had a huge impact on me. Its terrifying, and something I know I won't forget. The one that stood out the most was when I saw a "demon" form at the foot of my bed. I "woke up" to a beeping noise, and was in my room, I felt that evil prescense too, but I didnt know what it was. I was on my side, and felt something In the room with me. When I somewhat turned (Not really turned, but just saw) then saw the demon. He said nothing, did nothing, but I felt as if he was trying to press into me with his mind? I then began saying in my mind, NO NO GOD WONT LET YOU, YOU CANT HAVE ME. Which is strange because at the time I wasn't too religous. I slowly woke up, I never "fell back aseep" I felt as if i had been laying there then slowly i could feel my hands, then everything else. I was SO AFRAID to even ook around my room then, thats how real it felt. After this dream, a girl died at my school. She was in a car accident and was decapitated. I didnt know her perosnaly, but had seen her all the time- we went to elementary school together, and i would see her every day at hs, and after school when i picked up my brother. I had even seen her the day before she died. Another thing, My boyfriend said he had such a wierd feeling that week, as if something were watching him (hes very religous) The accident with the girl happened a few blocks from his house, the same night AND TIME we were talking about this on the phone. I was so scared that I slept with my rosary in hand. It doesnt make much sense but it was all such a wierd and erie time. After the girls death I didnt feel much of the erie feeings in my room. (I use to get them sometimes when I was actually awake)I don't like blaming things like this on religion..but A few weeks before one of my wiccan friends made me an ouija board.I also started listening to this thing called I-doser (Music "drug") I was experimenting, but the names of the songs were things like "had of god" and "gates of hades". My boyfriend was extremely upset about the ouija board and the music. He told me to throw it away when I had gotten it. (This was before the dream) I never did, because i had forgetten were I put it. It's all stil a mystery to me, and im constantly researching. I want answers..Psychologically, spiritually? Im so afraid itll happen again. Im AFRAID AFRAID AFRAID of alien abduction, and having a dream with aliens would terrify me immensly. You have no idea :/ Im worried about it.

Dec 13, 2011
i want it to stop
by: Shannon

I too have had these experiences for years. I am glad to know that i am not crazy and other people have these experiences and it has a name. About 18 years ago I went to a Bible study. This was before my first experience and the leaders daughter was having the same thing going on. I remembered her saying she told her daughter to say "Jesus" out loud and it will end the sp. The first time it happened to me I didn't think to say it in the midst of it. When I was thinking about it the next morning (about 2 years after the Bible study) I remembered her saying to say Jesus outloud. Now everytime I have the sp I say Jesus. It feels like my vocal chords are paralyzed the first couple seconds but it eventually explodes out of my mouth then the sp is over. But it sure screws up my night. Why does this happen to me? The feeling in my chest scared me so bad. My husband says I am having panic attacks. No its not panic attacks. Its deamons. Why me???

Dec 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

well in my dream, i can get up easy. but it wont let me so i can't. the thing that always hold me back is dark "thing" an entity. Every time i walk in to my room (in my dream) it pulls me. I can't escape it. an whenever i break free i always end up in the same place. but why? and if i ever get too close it feels like its trying to take over. at that point i always end up praying to god. then i wake up. but why? this happened to me about 3-5 times.

Dec 26, 2011
by: missouri

I woke up last night in a dream, 5 figures entered my room and stood in a circle looking at eachother, then after about what seemed 5 minutes they turned to me amd attacked me. Im not the persom to believe this stuff, fairly freaked out.

Dec 28, 2011
Scary Critters
by: Anonymous

I am a 40 year old female who has never done drugs. I have been experiencing SP for as long as I can remember. Last night was the most frightening episode that I have ever had. I normally experience SP while sleeping on my back but last night I slept on my stomach. My husband was watching the game on tv (downstairs). I fell asleep upstairs. I thought I woke up when I heard my husband come into the room. Not realizing that I was experiencing SP, I asked him was he coming to bed. When he didn’t answer, I quickly realized that I was experiencing SP. I began to panic because I couldn’t move or speak (like all the other times). I saw several short shadowy evil entities moving around my bed. It appeared that at least 2 of them were getting into the bed with me. I began to call on the name of Jesus and soon woke up and within a few seconds I was experiencing SP again. This time I felt a larger entity standing beside my bed just looking at me. I could hear sounds coming from the shorter ones but could not understand what they were saying. As always, the entities seem to take pleasure in terrorizing me. I called on the name of Jesus again and soon was able to move. I jumped out of bed and ran down stairs as fast as I could. I had never heard of SP until today. I just assumed this was some attack on me from the devil because I'm a Christian. I understand science and medicine but to have experienced this phenomena for so many years, I believe SP has to be something more spiritual. Just my opinion.

Dec 29, 2011
Defeat Demons and Devils every single time
by: destroyer of Demons and Devils

My dear freinds Fear them not ,f for they are the fearful ones , and not us , they are cowards and are always scared , we can most ceratainly defeat them in every battle ! you never have to be afraid of then cowards any more ! i had the same kind of experiences many times in the past , i know i am awake but can not move my body , and many times there would be this very heavey feeling over my chest , God revealed to me how to defeat them in this situation and in all battles against the evil ones , when i know that i woke up but can not move any part of my body and there is this very heavey thing pushing on my chest , first i prayed in the name of Jesus for them to leave in my mind and spirit , they refused to leave , i didnt give up , i said the Holy Spirit is with in me , first time i said it the pressure lifted up a little , second time i said it the pressure lifted up much but not all the way , the third time i prayed it i said it with power and a loud voice and with my arms i pushed it of completelt and since even thought it tryed once or twice it failed against me , and it has never tryed again , and if it does this time i with the power of the Holy Spirit will send it to its death , yes you can kill these evil things by the Power of the Holy Spirit , and yes Jesus name is Blessed , but when he was asked how he got demons out , he said by the Holy Spirit
Fear them not , you can defeat them every single time with God and His Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen , Destroy the eiil one , go on you faithful believers of God , you are much more powerful than they can ever be , these evil things now are so afraid of me , because of He who lives with in me Amen

Jan 01, 2012
Shadow Entities
by: SmokeyBear

I have experienced SP three times so far. The most recent one was today while I took a nap after lunch. I am currently trying to pursue more insight into the spiritual realm and I've been progressing bit by bit. What occurred during my experience was the feeling of immobility, I couldn't move or speak but I could see around my room. I was sleeping face up on my back and could see a large black figure on top of me putting vast pressure on my chest. I quickly glanced around my room and saw another black figure in the center of my room watching. I tried to move but couldn't. I felt angered and was mentally screaming WTF!! It felt like these black entities were impeding me from astral projecting. What I did to wake up was let out of surge of strength from within to fight off the entity on me. I woke up feeling liberated from the pressure I felt. The other experiences I've had are only feeling immoble but no black entities.

Jan 02, 2012
Gone for years
by: Favian

Interesing stuff.. I was traumatized for an on and off period of 3-4 years. At the time I did drink a considerable amount of alcohol and did take some medication. Main "visits" were from dark shadowy guys of different shapes, sometimes smokey. They could touch me during sleep paralysis. Back then there wasn't much information on the net. Once there was a black cat on my chest, which I've heard is common. Religious? Human collective subconscious? Who knows

What interests me now is I was raised in a Muslim household (very relaxed not forced), and now have no set beliefs. In Islam they have Jinn which I was skeptical about until these experiences. Having let go of the religion 99% of the SP horrors stopped. It did happen twice after but noticed it occurred during binge drinking weeks only while taking antipsychotics simultaneously.

Am curious if anyone experiences this sort of stuff growing up in a non-superstitious home, school and community (and completely non-religious). Atheists later in life don't count as maybe traces of the spiritual conditioning may linger. Just out of curiosity of course.

As a note, I followed a Nutritarian diet and exercise well usually. Am medication free, and can enjoy the occasional drink without issues. It has been a few years since anything experienced of the sort and am grateful for the fear used as fuel to clean up. Hope this helps someone out there.

P.s. when I went from religion to atheism it did help as a stepping stone, however health habits I feel are a main contributor to the issue equally if not mre. Do they exist? These dark things? Sure, why not.. The universe is infinite. Just do not get obsessed with it let go ASAP you may be on the brink of deep peace without realsing it yet

Jan 03, 2012
l am starting to hear the spirits that visit me?
by: Mr. G

About 2001 when l was in the army l experienced my first visit of a shadow person and since then l am visited every 4-5 months for the first year l would go to sleep and l would tnink l was awake and the dark figure would come through the wall or from above me as l lay on me bed every time l would be unable to move as the dark figure pressed against my chest l would then panic and manage to wake up and would be left with red marks on my chest after a few times of this happening l would show no fear to whatever it was that was visiting me and then it didnt happen for about 6 months when l left the army. Then one night as l was staying at my grans l slept on my uncles sofa bed and he witnessed a dark figure floating above me and did not tell me until the next day. That night l felt as if l had woke up andthe room was cold and l felt the bottom of my bed push down and there it was again staring at me l showed no fear this time again and l asked it what it wanted there was no repy and it went away again, just recently l have had two experiences in the last month one from a dark dog like creature that tried to drag me out the bed by the arm and my girlfriend lyin next to me woke me up ask l was yelling noand when l woke my arm was sore but l just passed it off as a nightmare to her, last night a dark figure lay next to me and whispered in my ear"my army as l lay" l asked him what he ment he repeated it and went away, l have never understood any of this, and l still dont.

Jan 04, 2012
This has happened to me
by: Maggie

I am not a christian, however, I have had this experience twice. The first time it felt like I was being crushed in the chest and I called for God and He came and relieved the feeling and then summoned me out of my body and then the SP ended. I took this to heart, it was such a strange experience, and I started going to church. After a couple of months I realized that it was not for me so I stopped going for many years.

But last night I was sleeping and I started hearing voices..whispers. Then a voice said "May, 2066. Thats when it comes" And I knew it was telling me when I would die. It woke me up and I didn't feel scared because thats kind of comforting knowing that I'm going to die at such a ripe old age, but I found it pretty bizarre. Anyway, I went back to sleep and thats when the haunting happened. I dreamt that I heard my son screeching downstairs, so went down there to check on him. There was a chair balancing perfectly on one leg and it scared me so I pushed it down. Then I opened the fridge and the milk and a cup were balancing perfectly on their edge. It scared me so I pushed them back down and closed the refrigerator door. Then I turned around and it was there, I couldn't see anything but I felt it.. a real evil presence all around me. I was terrified!! And then... a LOUD growl in my left ear that sounded like a vicious animal of some sort and I woke up. I looked all around my bed, but found nothing.

Jan 06, 2012
Know Thy Enemies
by: Strong

The reason you feel the heavey weight on your chest is importnt to know , the evil ones push against the chest and draw energy out of people , it is like food to them there are many different kinds of evil beings and spirits that will do that , i have not been in a church for many years , but i am christian , i not only faced them in SP , but in real life face to face , i moved to a new apartment with my girl freind , and she would not sleep in the bedroom , when i went to go to bed , and while the lights were still on , this huge black shdow came sliding out of the closet and stood face to face with me , i got angry more than scared , and chrarged at it with my elbow calling it names , i moved through it and looked nothing was behind me , in 10 min i was sound asleep , those same creatures you see and feel at night , some are also living among us as humans , but they are devils , they call them shapeshifters , one beautiful blond 22 years old came over to watch TV with me , the sun ws shinig into the room , when i looked into her eyes , they had changed and looked like a devil eyes , and the same feeling i got in SP came over me , but i was awake , i could not move and my face was like frozen , i did feel fear at that moment , she looked into my eyes and said , when you are all alone at night you do get scared sometimes dont you , and with all of my strength i was able to speak and say , God did not give us the spirit of fear , but of Love Power and a sound mind , she sat back and told me that there is something pushing her and was shouting and running around the room in fear , that happend several time , those words had real power and the deivl , the shape shifter was getting pushed by some Godly power and is very scared , i never did see that girl again after that happend ,,the Word of God with faith will defeat them every single time , beleive me , they are cowards , and we have a much stronger spirit than they do , know your selves , and know your enemies , and be brave and have faith , you will need God to win , so go ahead and pray to Him , any one who seeks God with all of his heart , soul and strength will definitly find Him , He is Very real , and He Lives !

Jan 07, 2012
by: Ashlyn

I've had these experiences since I was 16. My evil shadow guy was a man with a tophat and cane with smoke swirling around his entire body. I've came to the conclusion that there are upper and lower levels to this dimension. These beings.. and the feeling of terror in general are all a part of what this lower dimension in fact "is". But once you allow youself to go beyond that lower level of shear ugliness...there are no limits!

Jan 10, 2012
In The Name Of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
by: Anonymous

To All That Believe In The Power Of God, There Is Great The Tests To Come. With Each Test Of Faith, There Is Equal Strength Given To Win, And Conquer Your Enemy. What Is Left Unto You Is Your Will To Fight. Lift The Name Of Jesus From Your Lips, Speak, For With Faith Your Eyes Will Glow And Your Soul Will Reign Above The Highest Light In This World. Kneel Before Jesus, Surrender Your Life Unto Him, And Gain Joy Everlasting. With Men This Is Impossible, But With God All Things Are Possible. Acknowledge What You Are; I Myself Am A Fool, A Sinner, A Liar, A Weak Hearted Spirit, A Man With Nothing. But As Foolish As I Am, I Believe In The One Who Can Save Me, And His Name Is Emmanuel, God With Us. God Touch These People, Give Them Hope, Faith, And Love. Amen.

Jan 11, 2012
Same Experience
by: Tonya WIlloughby

I have experienced the same SP since 1994. I could be asleep and would ajar from a sound of a door opening and closing in my bedroom. I can open my eyes and see my bedroom and be semi awake but catch a shadow figure coming around. I can hear voices while I am sleeping. I am sane as sane can be! This pass week, I had two experiences. The first experience was on Monday, Dec 26th. I had picked up my son (whom I put up for adoption in 1992 and had reunited with him two years ago). My mother was killed in a car accident in 1998. That night, I had my father, my son that I reunited with after all these year, my other two children, and my husband under one roof for Christmas. That night in my bed I was asleep on my side but I could feel a presence. I tried to speak but nothing came out. I tried to speak again and can hear myself speak. I said "Mom is that you?", she said "yes, baby it is me." I said "I miss you and love you so much" she said "I love you so much baby girl." That was the end of our conversation. Last night I had the same episode. I said "Is that you mom?" there was no answer. I heard a cough and it sound like my Grandmother. I said "Grandmother is that you?" she said "Yes, it Grandmother." I said "Hey" and she replied by saying "hey." I said "I love you Grandmother" and she said "I love you too.": That was the end of our conversation. I belive we can communicate with our loved ones. It is unexpected.

Jan 14, 2012
RE: Communicating with dead loved ones
by: Barney

FYI...demons spirits are very deceptive and go to any extreme to trick us. The Bible makes reference to "Familiar Spirits" that can take the shape and voice of dead loved ones.

I have done a lot of research on this subject. A man named Roger Morneau was involved in secret groups that communicate with "dead loved-ones." He wrote "A Trip into the Supernatural" where he explains all that he saw first hand regarding this.

You can actually watch the entire interview on Youtube by searching "Roger Monreau"

Jan 15, 2012
Wiccan comments
by: Anonymous

Wiccans dont put negative spells on people. False wiccans may try to use black magic but Wiccan is all about purity. The thing is, most Wiccans who do things that induce negativity and impurities like black magic tend to be teenagers or people without the true understanding of it who believe its witchcraft. Wiccan and witchcraft are actually considered two different pagan religions. Wiccan embraces nature and its purities.

I am not a believer in any specific religion. I only believe in things I have seen or experienced first hand. I have had these experiences for a while now. sometimes this shadow figure appears within my dreams and it strikes fear in me. the kind of fear that paralyzes me. The dreams feel completely real. Im in bed where I laid down, and i wake up and see my bf Josh going in or coming out of the bathroom or from the other room. But I know it cant be Josh and when I realize this, it becomes a shadow person that approaches and I cant move so i try to wake myself up. before it reaches me i finally wake up. The last time it after its repeated around 5 times, I still cant move or speak. Josh is usually next to me in bed or not there (because hes at work) and I'm struggling so hard to move but i cant. I can barely even breath. I get cold sweats from the fear, I try to wake myself or scream for help but i cant...but then i realize this time im not actually asleep D: Suddenly it vanishes and I can move and talk again.

I have trained myself to have lucid dreams, which is how i can force myself to wake up when I feel that it is necessary. Once I woke from a bad dream and I saw the shadow hovering over me in bed and I couldn't move or say anything. another time i was dreaming and it approached me out of nowhere and reached into my chest i felt that if i hadn't woken myself up i wouldn't be able to wake up at all. The pain was so real :/ Because of this experience i truly believe that we are able to connect to something supernatural through our dreams and subconsciousness.

shadow people are sometimes believed to be beings from another realm or dimension. they are often associated with demonic beings. Sometimes angels when they dont strike fear. it is said that the reason they appear as shadows is because they cannot completely pass through into our realm. I see them sometimes in the corner of my eyes, when i look back they are gone. Josh says that at work he sees them as well only when he has something with him thats mine. Other people tend to associate it with death. Some people have reported to see a shadow watching over them as they lie in there death bed. Others believe they are extraterrestrials.

I do not believe in the power of Jesus Christ because has never helped me, even when the church I regularly attended as a child would abuse me. These people used his name to cause pain rather than for protection. I do not believe that calling for Jesus Christ would do me any good when experiencing this. The ones I face do not fear him. Although I fear them, I enjoy the experiences. I feel that if I can understand who or what they are, many things will be answered for me. I feel that their is a good reason or strong meaning as to why they appear for me and why they follow me. I am attracted to the mystery. I feel that I must know even if it means being trapped into their realm; death in my waking life. I want to embrace their frightening existence openly, even If Ill no longer be able to tell anyone about the experience. It is something I want to be able to confirm. Have I fallen for their trap? If they are demons trying to turn me against "christ" or whatever it is that exists, I believe I've already reached that point a long time ago. I am not as scared as I was when it first happened. I use to not sleep when I was home alone or at night. But what is the use of avoiding my curiosity? Even if I fear it, I still want to experience it. I do not think they are as evil as they are portrayed. We fear what we do not understand, that is how things have went for centuries upon centuries. What I do not understand, I will fear as I try to embrace it. That is how i choose to believe in things. Even if it means my downfall. Nothing can tell me otherwise. In any case, If i do fall, I will try my best to pass on my knowledge of what I found. Perhaps the shadow people are people trying to do the same? Or perhaps they are beings who are afraid that somehow we hold the key to allowing others to pass that knowledge through due to a higher spiritual sense and they feel threatened? Who really knows? perhaps what we experience only seems the same but each shadow has a different purpose? I have noticed that some simply watch while others take action. Some appear before something bad happens, perhaps as a warning and some appear when something bad is currently happening. Some appear violent and some appear calm. Some have been able to shapeshift into people or animals. Sometimes they appear when I simply close my eyes. I have been afraid to close my eyes unless I am in bed because i once closed my eyes and a large black dog with red glowing eyes appeared. This dog is associated with death. I also connect my dreams to other things. All of my Birthmarks and scars for example, which are all linked in meaning to death and rebirth. (birthmarks are believed to be marks leftover from a fatal wound or marks received before death in a past life. Their shapes may also have different meanings...) }
if you have any comments pls email them to as I prolly wont see them on here.

Jan 15, 2012
an evil spirit
by: Hammad

hi all, well when I was living with my family in previous basement flat, my all family members had experienced that kind of tragic. you know when it happens you cant talk, move or even open your eyes. it gets harder as if your body is being forced to do so. however, it only happened in our basement flat not on ground flour flat. this clearly suggests that there is always someone or something hunting you in basement flat. well is it really an evil spirit or just a sleeping issue?? any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me on the following email id...

Jan 16, 2012
Freedom from evil spirits part 1
by: E.A.J

I have had experiences similar to many of you on this web site. Even as a kid, I had dreams about this demonic figure that was trying to catch me. They were re-occurring nightmares. I was just a kid and not knowledgeable about the demonic realm and even had a ouija board. I just want to fast forward to a time when I was an adult. I went on this ghost tour and even had my camera. I was the only one that had brought one. I took a picture at this Indian burial ground and tee-pees came up on the picture. Everybody was amazed that saw it and other pictures I had taken also. I have been attacked many times by demonic forces at night. I had to plead the blood of Jesus for this one spirit to leave and heard a high pitched voice scream. A paralyzing spirit would also attack me at night on my back. I said all that to say this I became a devoted Christian and burned that picture with the tee pees and the other pictures on the tour as well. Acts 19:19 in the Bible that says, " Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men ". The words “curious arts” means black magic and represents anything of the occult or any cult practices which may appear to be innocent. In recent years, I got married and have turned my life totally around only with God’s help. I just want to say if you want freedom from these experiences, you have to abstain from these things like ouija boards which open up the demonic realm to us. I think the use of the ouija board was one way that I opened myself up to the demonic realm. Also, we should not have any dealings with psychics, casting spells, witches of any kind, spirit guides, sorcery (where we get from the Greek and Hebrew the word drugs. This is different from medicine which is okay with God). We are also suppose to abstain from fortune telling and communication with those who channel the dead. These things are all forbidden based on the Bible from Deuteronomy 18:10-12 (The Book translation).

Jan 16, 2012
Freedom from evil spirits part 2
by: E.A.J

It says in verse 13 it is disgusting to God and you will be an object of horror. Sexual sin and alcohol usage are also other vehicles which allows evil spirits to gain a foothold into our lives. There are many ways to open the doors to the demonic such as watching certain t. v. programs, and participating in certain activities such as stated above can open up the door for demons to be invited to your house and torment you. I could talk for months on this subject and have taught about these subjects as a minister many times. I have prayed for many people who have been attacked by demons some have even started shaking and manifesting like people you might have seen on television who were possessed by demons. I love to help people get free from these demons. All I can say is that if you want to be free from being tormented by these spirits here are some things you must do. You must be in a good Bible believing church that specializes in deliverance and you must confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior from Romans chapter 10 verses 8-10, and read the Bible every day. You must shut the door to some things you are doing, and remove certain objects in your house that are drawing these demonic spirits and triggering there appearance. You don’t have to manage sleep paralysis like I saw in some book. I broke free from sleep paralysis through the help of Jesus. It is your choice. You must make the first step. God is always waiting to help you in all areas of your life, but He won’t force you to follow Him. He comes on scene when you are sincere, and will help you know matter how many mistakes you make in life. His love is unconditional and is always free. My God bless you all.

Jan 17, 2012
by: Jermy

I have also encountered this situation with demons attacking me and coming into my bedroom. It did not stop for a long period of time and I would recommend wearing your body down to a point where you are still awake but you feel as if you are about to experience this SP and you may go into a deeper sleep that will cause the SP to not occur as frequently. you can also try taking sleeping medication but id advise talking to a doctor before you try that. I believe that the SP happens when you are falling asleep or waking up so if you can skip the lighter sleep periods then you will not hallucinate.

This website will help you understand the certain stages of sleep and SP occurs frequently in stage 1. If you can skip this stage SP may not occur.

Jan 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Salaam everyone,
Here you are experiencing what muslims call the Shaitan Jinn (the bad ones, there are good ones too but they leave humans alone). The bad ones are the army of Satan and can appear in many forms. Thy seduce you by your weak points, since they are able to read your mind. There are ways to protect yourself from them. God tells us that he has revealed the chapter in the Quran known as Kursi to help fight these entities.
They feed off your fear and will entice you to believe they are good by playing with your mind. Once they get a hold of you, they slowly either drive you mad or kill you. They come as black shadows figures, black dogs, half human and half beasts. They like to be imaginative with how they look and like to scare humans. Generally they are made of energy (plasma) and live in another dimension alongside ours.

Play these verses from the quran and they will leave you. It worked for me. They get burnt by the Quran.
Also read the chapter Jinn in the Quran and sayings of prophet Mohammed.

Jan 17, 2012
Jinn Part 2
by: Anonymous

Sorry I also forget to give you the strongest Chapter in the Quran: This is specifically been revealed for protection against evil.

Surah Kursi :The Throne

Jan 17, 2012
by: mandii

I want to start by saying I'm a strong beliver in god! I have always been super sensitive to spiritual problems or things that have happend strang things have always happen to me I really don't know how you can clasify this but I had a dream that their were I guess you can say evil spirits in my house banging things yelling screaming doors slaming open and closed I felt my entire body tingaling and I was casting them out of my house prying and telling them how they didn't scare me and that jesus is here and a screamed GET OUT! And my front door slamed closed and everytning came to a stop....I know it sounds childish but I'm very fearful to sleep cause I'm scared I'm going to see thoughs things or experiance that again... I also used to see strange things when I was little my mother was the only kne who I could really talk to cause she used to see them to... It all stoped when I gave my life to got but I still have strange dreams and stuff.... Leave a comment please of your oppinion.. Thank you!

Jan 17, 2012
no more weejy board
by: Anonymous

ok the good times in the 60s, abut 15 years old and interest in the occult, astrology and the sort. My first experience was a night brother and father are in living room watching a war movie and mother is in the kitchen , im in my bedroom sleeping, but sort of not sure if im waking up . in the moment I can hear the tv on, all of a sudden i experienc a heavy pressing feeling on my chest and i think i see it seemed like 5 black clouked and hooded figures, no faces.. and i feel like im being pulled feetfirst from the bed. I can hear family voices, i try to scream out , but nothing is coming out. now im crying and wake up hesterical, and beyond frightened. call for mom, and tell her what happened . she comforted me and told me to bless my self and stop the weejy board . now at 63 years, i still have occasional happenings but not as sever maythe sensation of being pulled out of bed. just wierd and also can feel as if someone is sitting on edge of my bed and feel covers tightening near my feet. . lived in apt with boyfried and daughter. daughter had bad dreams about little man all in black sateen , would have long sharp blades as fingers. said he would stab her feet . when i was in living room i would hear like a swishing soud in the night while i was sleeping my daughter called out to me and asked me if i was makin noise, I said no, but she said she heard ruff growling noises,and i realized it was me and i was growling back at something i was dreaming about. and told her i was and i was dreaming .i got up from bed and looked in the mirror and almost died, because what i saw was my face and it was like a face of a ghost. .my boyfried said he had once had a wierd dream that he was floating around the apartment. the next evening i was leaving my room and shot my light off and almost tripped over my cat that jumped off my dresser.i go to living room to lock my screen door and the cat is outside and not in the house? my kitchen wall would have two little water leaks you could see and feel, yet it never leaked all the way down the wall to the floor. such a strange apartment. I wonder if the new tenant has wierd stuff happening.

Jan 18, 2012
Always watching, whispers in the dark
by: Anonymous

I have also had these experiences. They started back when I was just a little kid and I had a brief reprieve when I was going through college but it started back up after I moved to the town I currently live in. When I was a kid I would always wake up and feel something staring at me. A tall man would always be standing at the foot of the bed and I always felt like a young girl would be staring at me and if I turned my head or turned over to face the side of the bed her face would be literally inches from mine. During this time I also had a recurring nightmare. I would dream that I was running from something that had killed everyone in my family. Trying to hide but always failing to get away. Waking up just as I saw, usually an axe swing my way. It stopped when I switched bedrooms after my sister moved out. I try to never sleep in that bedroom anymore. When I moved to a new town after graduating and getting a job it started back up. This time I felt like there was a little boy and little girl. But the boy was mean, dark, and just downright scary. I felt like I was being watched all the time. At night, at around 3:30, every night, I would wake up and feel just an ominous presence standing next to the bed staring at me. I never opened my eyes to look. I was too scared. Then it began escalating and I began feeling it crawling on my chest, like it wanted me to open my eyes and show it how scared I was. Then the last night it happened it whispered in my ear "My name is _____. I gave my soul to you." For some reason, this night I wasn't scared at all. I couldn't hear the name it was garbled like it had to say it but I wasn't supposed to know it. I whispered back to it, "My name is Bobbie _____. My soul is my own." It felt like I had shocked it. It got off my chest and left. I have had some experiences since then but I will wake up and feel it but not be scared of it anymore. And it is like it can no longer come into the room I am in.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi All!

Just last night I had 3 dreams within 4 hours where some sort of black fume/smoke entered through my bedroom window and hovered on top of me. I then saw that the black fume tried to suffocate me and my body was totally numb. I woke up to the dream and said to myself that this was just a bad dream and went back to sleep however, i saw exactly the same thing again except this time i was saying to myself in my dream to wake up but something was stopping me from waking up. I then remember pinching myself in my dream trying to wake up self up and for some reason it worked. I was so scared that i started crying. I then tried going back to sleep again and I saw exactly the same thing. Knowing that I saw this three times within 4 hours, could this possibly be a evil spirit as I have never encountered this in my life. Also, prior to me falling asleep, I went outside for a smoke around 10.30pm and all I heard were dogs barking left right and centre. I don't want to be paranoid about this and would like your opinion!

Jan 19, 2012
Different experiences
by: Martinez

I dont get paralized in my sleep. But recently i have had things bothering me. Evil spirits, The other night something screamed in my face my name waking me up and woke up and stayed quiet for a little bit and heard nothing. My next experience is when i was at my sisters house i was alone in the room and all of the sudden i heard a voice say ssshhh!!! right next to me. I was the only one in the house. I was not threatend until last night. I was sleeping and all of the sudden something started yanking my hair, i grabbed my phone for the light and shinned it behind me and there was nothing. I do have a cat so i though maybe it was him ( i highly doubt that my cat could grab a strand of hair and yank it serveral times) so i called out for him he was laying on the opposite side of the room. I believe that demons exists but i also believe in Jesus Christ more and that he can help in any situation. I feel sick to my stomach and have really bad anxiety since then. I feel like something is watching me all the time. I used to have dreams that i was being chased by demons, and one time the devil came to me and said he would inpregnant me with his baby. :/ After those dreams i would have dreams that i was doing a exercisom on people. I would always be successful, but when i woke up i would be extreemly sore. One time i even woke up with sctraches on my neck, after doing one. I cant explain it and i know people might think im crazy. I know why the devil is after me right now. I have decided to share my story of being raped with my family. He doesnt want me to bc he knows ill be set free of that hurt.I grabbed my bible and opened it up and started reading it, and saying a pray over and over in my head. Then the fear left me and i was able to fall back alseep. I also have this ability to sense evil in people. People whos soul is diturbed give of this feeling of shame and i can feel it. It ussually make me sick to my stomach. But i do ask that every one say a prayer for me to get through this. I will also pray for every one who suffers from any demon attacks. We are Gods children and the devil has not authority over us.

Jan 19, 2012
seek help other than the skyline
by: jimmy the snatch

You're schizophrenic and need medication. Or you have something called nightmares.
If you wake up from sp wouldn't that mean you'd be sleeping. Think about it

Jan 19, 2012
alright last one
by: jimmy the snatch

Why the fuck would sp cause you to "see a demon world" anyway? Haha
someone please answer me that.

Jan 20, 2012
by: zaiba

dear zaiba and i like to tell u somthing my religion islam talks about.... the tall figures u saw standing next to u and smaller ones text to the tall figure is nuthing but shaitan (satan) islam my religion tells us that around us there are many jinns that exist !! these jinns are unseen ... what u witnessed is the same thing i witnessed few years back ... i related this to ma mom and uncle but they couldnt exactly guess what i was talking about !!! dear kayla, do not believe the deciever for truely he decieves u ... u need protection from god .... pray to him to protect u ... alaikum

if u feel wat im telling u is affective and sensible u can contact me for more proof regarding this topic ...

Jan 20, 2012
re: Jimmy the "expert"
by: Barney

Dr. Jimmy,
While your expert diagnosis is almost appreciated, take your infinite wisdom and extensive vocabulary to a forum not interested in intelligent discourse.

"Why" is a question reserved for those of us with an ounce of sincerity. If you already conclusively know the final explanation of sp, how did you end up on this forum?

Jan 22, 2012
Sleep paralysis/night terrors/shadow figures
by: Genocidal Dreamer

I have experienced this before. The first time I was in bed. I was 14. That year I started playing with quija boards, tarot, and many a literature such as the lemegaden and al azif and some stuff by anton lavey. The more fascinated I became with these things the more evil manifested in my life.I woke up one night that year after dreaming of a giant silver gate I stood at that gate and it opened. I saw a blur come through with massive black wings that were covered in hair rather than feathers. The wings were also scabbed and torn, rotting with disease.
I woke from that dream even more fascinated. Later I would see that figure several more times throughout that year.Toward the end of that year I had a similiar dream about that same gateo onlky this time a massive foot and leg came through. I woke that night and saw standing in the corner of my bedroom a very tall entity its back was arched along the ceiling and its arms leaked across the floor like snakes. Sheer horror. Whatever it was it was malevolent. That night there were also several figures standing over my bed with their hands in my stomach.A few days later my brother and I were playing in my sisters bedroom. My sister was asleep. When we shut out the lights and prepared for gijoe camp we heard the floors creaking. Later that night my brother woke me up whispering "look at the door"
There was a very large figure, darker than the darkness, standing there in the doorway. Its eyes were even darker. It too was malevolent. My brother and I were both awake at the time this happened.
Around 16 years old I started seeing those shadowy figures again but they were telling me things like "let it out" "give in" and "you belong to us".
I never say the winged thingy again. I never saw the tall thingy again either but the shadow things stuck around.
Shortly after my 17th birthday I was visited again by a shadow in the dark as I lay in bed. I was not asleep but I could not move. It sat over my head for what seemed like centuries forcing images into my mind of the horrors of men. Other images came as well. Impossible geometry, strange alphabets, symbols, names, places, and future deeds. Also the knowledge was put in my head that I was doing to die that night.
I asked "what do you want" and the answer was "you"
A razor was placed in my hand.
I wasnt high or drunk. I cannot remember much else about that day. When the shadow dissapeared I was standing in the bathroom watching blood flow into the sink. Later I counted 364 deep cuts about an inch long each all over my upper body. There were many words and texts carved in as well. To this day I cannot answer to why this happened. I do not remember inflicting a single cut.
Every night thereafter I have felt the preasance of the shadow whenever I lay in bed. It is always malevolent and always whispers terrible things to my heart rather awake or asleep.

Jan 22, 2012
It's Not Demons!!!
by: Maya

Ok, everyone can stop freaking out - those are not demons you're seeing. In fact, they aren't anything at all, except the result of being in the dream state while being terrified. YOUR TERROR is actually what is creating these things in your mind. Being scared = your mind creating something for you to be afraid of.

You know how I know? I know because I've suffered from sleep paralysis since I was 13 years old (I'm now 36). I've done a lot of research into sleep paralysis and even participated in studies concerning it.

When it first happened to me, I heard church bells and an evil demonic voice speaking. I had instances where I heard demons telling me they were going to kill me, or "saw" them walk into my room and stare at me. For the longest time, I thought Satan was after me. Now I know better.

Oh, and I'm also Wiccan and have been Wiccan for about 18 years (I was raised Catholic). There's nothing evil or spooky about us, and to the one chick who thinks a spell may have been put on her - I think it's more likely your disgust and intolerance of the Wiccan religion drove your friend and his Wiccan girlfriend away. Try growing up a bit and opening your mind.

Back to the topic -

The second you stop being afraid of the paralysis, the "evil beings" stop showing up. I got to the point where when I had an incident of sleep paralysis, I calmed myself and told myself there was nothing to be afraid of. You know what happened?

No more scaries. That's right - no more scary feeling. No more feeling like I couldn't breathe. Just the paralysis, which lifted rather quickly.

When you panic, it causes you to feel like you can't breathe. The fact is you can breathe just fine, and if you just calm the hell down, you'll find that out for yourself. And, like I said before - in sleep paralysis, your mind is still in the dream state, though you're awake. When you wake up terrified, your mind, in the dream state, automatically produces things for you to be afraid of. It's nothing more than a very vivid hallucination that you've created by letting yourself be scared to death.

Stop scaring yourselves, and the incidences will eventually become nothing more than occasional inconveniences, nothing more.

Let me reassure you that demons are NOT out to get you, and neither are aliens. (Why anyone thinks that THEY are so damn special that these things are after them is beyond me.) The only thing out to get you is YOU, and you can stop that by being reasonable about the whole thing.

Stay calm, control your breathing, and not only will your sleep be more peaceful, but you won't be afraid to go to bed anymore.

Jan 23, 2012
the solution ;-)
by: clmarie79

Wow, I'm happy to learn that I'm not alone experiencing this! It can be extremely frightening... I've had these experiences since as young as I can remember, it especialy occurs when I wake up in the middle of the night, have trouble to fall back asleep, and then, realise I'm dreaming, opening my eyes and seeing a dark shadow near me, usually I just try to close my eyes to try to wake up, but I can feel it manipulating my body ( pulling my neck, my back, sometimes I hear voices alos, or strange noises) I was always trying to wake up by rolling my eyes back whilst keeping them closed, but didn't have much success... I find it occured usually when I was very tired, stressed, or negative...
I never thought about it being a negative entity of some sort, I thought it was all a fragment of my imagination...I never even tried to research this... until today...

recently, I've been doing a lot of research about life, and spirituality, as I was never a religious person, but was always fascinated with the paranormal.
I've been realising recently, through my seeking, that we create our reality through our beleif, and that we have all the power in our own being ( this is an important point because every religion takes the power away from us, individually - putting our faith - energy into something else) so having this in mind is very empowering. Since this realisation, all my experiences recently turned out very humourious... for example, last night, it happened again, I was paralysed, and could feel this negative presence pulling me again, and talking to me (don't remember what it was saying,) but I decided to face it, I opened my eyes and tried to make it burst into light, and that's when the shadow actually took the form of bugs bunny!?? funny !

Jan 24, 2012
Same exact demonic dream, Help!
by: LL

I have been having the same exact nightmares now for months. Have almost come to the conclusion that my house is haunted with a freaking demonic figure until coming across this article.

I keep having a reocurring dream- everything is the same, my bed, my body , but then a demonic figure appears above me. It's a large black shadowdy figure- I can see it clearly- and it starts to lean down on top of me. I feel my chest getting heavy, and just then I wake up gasping for air. I always wake up extremely frightened and too scared to get out of bed, in feat that the black figure is still in my room.

I've been having trouble seperating my dream from reality. It's really scary. This happens frequently, even when I sleep on my side.

Any suggestions would be helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 24, 2012
RE: It's not demons
by: Barney

Hi Maya,
I'd have to disagree with you.
A blanket statement such as "It's not demons" sounds good but has as much evidence as saying, "It's demons."

There is no "evidence" to prove or disprove if it is demons or not but the fact that millions of people are having similar experiences and seeing similar entities, many of whom have no preconceived ideas about demonology or what demons are supposed to look like, says a lot about what is may be and what it may not be.

We all have the ability to sense danger and evil and to flippantly dismiss these senses during these experiences is not wise.

The fact that so many millions currently and throughout history are having very similar experiences is an indication that there is an outside force involved in the majority of sp episodes. If the majority of sp cases were seeing and feeling different things, it would be easier to accept your statement.

I too have studied sp for almost two decades and I've pretty much considered all the possible explanations out there but to me, in the majority of cases, it is most plausibly a demonic attack.

While sleep science offers some indications as to what they think causes sp they freely admit they are just theories and are not able to explain exactly what causes it and why people see similar things.

If a medical doctor takes my blood and does a test on it and determines I have a disease, that to me is proof of a medical condition. Apart from that, they are just guessing and theorizing with big sounding words.

Oddly enough, doctors who don't believe anything supernatural or paranormal exist say it's just the mind imagining these entities based one's own fear, conveniently fitting into their world view.

I guess that brings us back to square one. Similar to questions of the origin of the universe, Is there life after death? Does God exist? It is up to every individual to search for the significance to what sp is and why it is happening to him. Science was created in the mind of man, so why do we expect it to have an answer for everything?

I'm not being belligerent with you, I'm just letting you know that it is not so easy just to believe a statement like, "It's not demons!" just because we say so.

Jan 24, 2012
Re: Same Exact Demon dream, Help!
by: Barney

Hi LL,
I can relate. I am not a super religious person but I have a relationship with God via Jesus Christ and I have been meaning to share the Bible verses about demons for a long time. I find it interesting that the Bible talks a lot about demons and people being afflicted by or possessed by demons. The best part is that Jesus Christ said that He gives His follows power and authority over all evil spirits. This power over them is through the name of Jesus Christ.

CAUTION: The idea of using Christ name against evil spirits is that you have invited Jesus Christ into your life and asked for His help. As told in Acts chapter 19 There were some Jewish guys who did not know or believe in Christ but saw the way the Apostle Paul used the name of Jesus to cast out demons, they tried saying, "We cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ that Paul preaches." but it didn't work and they were
severely attacked by the demon possessed man whom they were trying to help.

I not actually trying to preach to you but I thought you would like to know some specific info that the Bible says about demons and evil spirits, I found the this teaching on a website--I will post it on the next reply because it's long.

There are many other resources you can find by typing in "bible verses authority over demons" in Google. I hope you find this helpful!

Jan 24, 2012
Re: Power Over Demons or Evil Spirits 1
by: Barney

Here's the info I was telling you about:

Your Spiritual Authority

When we have been given authority to cast out demons, but instead we pray that God brings the demon out instead, we are basically asking God to do something that He gave US the tools to do ourselves! Jesus told US to cast out demons! Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us to ask God to cast out demons!

Authority doesn't beg; authority doesn't ask; authority commands! We are not told to ask God to cast out demons, we are told to do it ourselves! We are not told to beg demons to come out, we are told to CAST them out!

Jesus cast out demons using His authority: Mark 1:27, "And they were all amazed, insomuch that they questioned among themselves, saying, What thing is this? what new doctrine is this? for with authority commandeth he even the unclean spirits, and they do obey him."

He cast out demons with His spoken word: Matthew 8:16, "When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word..."

Jesus has been given authority over everything: Matthew 28:18, "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

Notice in Luke 9:1 that He not only gave His followers authority over all devils, but also to cure diseases: "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases."

I also think it's interesting how Mark 16:17-18 tells us that healing can come through the laying on of hands: "And these signs shall follow them that believe... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." The laying on of hands can encourage the transferring of power from us into the person and heal them, just like the woman who felt power flow from Jesus when she touched the hem of His garment (Mark 5:30)! Jesus said that those who believe will have the Holy Ghost flowing out of their innermost being (John 7:38-39), and even Peter's shadow healed people (Acts 5:15)!
Authority to cast out demons

Matthew 10:8, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." And also look at Mark 16:17, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils..."

Luke 9:1, "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils..."

Jan 24, 2012
Re: Power over Demons or Evil Spirits (Part 2)
by: Barney

Luke 10:17, "And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name."
Jesus distributes His authority

Mark 13:34, "For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch."

Jesus is given authority: Matthew 28:18, "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

Authority given to Jesus' 12 disciples: Luke 9:1, "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases."

Authority given to Jesus' 70 disciples: Luke 10:17, "And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name."
Through Jesus' name

Notice that the authority Jesus gives His people is not to be used in their name, but Jesus' name:

Luke 10:17, "And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name."

Mark 16:17, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils..."

Acts 3:6, "...Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk."

To use somebody's authority through their name is quite an honor! It's like being able to go to the bank and draw out a million dollars on behalf of a wealthy businessman!
Authority has been given to "Them who believe"

Jan 26, 2012
Sounds like Jinn
by: Khan

I read your words and am not surprised. I can understand the torment. I would advise that you research other religions in this aspect. islam has an interesting concept of jinn. Research in this has been made by a Modern Scholar Dr. Bilal Philips.

I pray for your relief from this torment. may the light of God enter your heart and be your strength.

Jan 27, 2012
by: Nikki Love 14yrs

I have a incubus prob. But he isn't hurting anyone
At night i feel his hand on my stomach....
Could i be prego with his demon kid/kids????
Please someone answer me...... I wanna know.

Jan 28, 2012
Ghostly encounter of the 4th world
by: Anonymous

29/01/2012 Sunday 12:5am
My experienced with $Mahwah$ black magician is up to no good, there is a sound right under the spring mattress, a typical sound came and then I am in trance engulf underwater belief in my room filled with water and lots and lots of bubble and slowly trying to pull my subconscious my soul will be kept by a safe keeper of magical belief. I tried to open my eyes and my body was stiff and my mouth is just half a portion and I still can utter some blessing words. I can feel another person right at the back and these thing is a human movement and I was lying with my back on my bed. I can feel flesh movement and right hand goes into my flesh like real. During these ordeal in between the $Mahwah$ black magician kept asking if victim is sure sleep soundly and the other $Mahwah$ replied should have. And after that I woke up. It’s just an auto suggestion and the rest are just subconscious just like placebo.

Jan 29, 2012
My experience is vast
by: Messenger

It always amazes me to read others comments and how very similar they are to my own events. It took me many many years to realize that SP events are of a demonic nature. Science can say what it wants about these events and what it means to science. All I know is after over 20 years I am lead to wisdom. First of all- you are attacked by demons that wish to mislead or terrorize you. Once you grow beyond the fear- truly beyond it- then you no longer see things the same. I know that alot of you may not believe in the Bible or the Son that god sent but he is just as real as the darker than night ones. My experiences are too many to talk about within the scope of 3000 characters. That limitation is about as limiting to my experiences as the notion of overcoming the national debt. I have had the slow realization of moving from SP to realizing that it is the spirit awake and have often left my body. Physicality has something to do with it as SP is real but what science does not understand is the other side because they have not been there. Seek the Lord.

Jan 30, 2012
Demonic shadow in my dream
by: Anonymous

Once I saw this dark shadowy man very tall with no feathers, in my dream. I could tell he was demonic and was after me to hurt me somehow. In my dream I was having lunch with my sister-in-law who I had not seen for 17 years. As I look over the trees the shadow man jumped out so fast, he didn’t give us time to run. I yelled to my sister-in-law and telling her to run and for some reason I told her not to let him touch her; I don’t know why I said that. I remember that distinctly in my dream that something was telling me not to let him touch me otherwise I will be coursed or will get badly sick. The dark shadow grabbed her and I got myself out of there right at nick of the time. A week after my dream my husband found out his sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t believe these demonic spirits can appear in our dream and harm us in our real life.

Jan 30, 2012
brutal attacks
by: john

My first time was when i was sleeping on the floor in our spare bedroom. I was watching a storm going on outside when i tried to move i was stuck. I turned my head to the right and i seen a body kneeling over me. Not touching just staring! I tried to get up but still could not move. Then his eyes turned glowing green and it growled thats when i decided togive itmy all. I started to get up but it was like i was in super slow motion. I finally got up and got the f out of that room i was 25. Second time i woke there were 3 of them there nails were about 6 inches long! They laughed then jumped on me and started to dig there nails into my body i was 30. Third and hopefully last i was sleeping in my cousins bed and at the end of the bed it sitting there with its head down rubbing my leg it had to last for at least 5mins! Im 32.

Jan 30, 2012
alittle confused
by: Anonymous

I have felt evil presence in the past and had light exp when i was half sleep but i didnt know what it was and i never told any1.Since ive told a close friend of mine i had 2 with in i would say 3 weeks.THE first 1 i was in my living room half sleep on the couch i felt 2 and i kind of sorta saw 2 shadows 1 about 5 feet from my feet and another about the same distace from my head.The 1 near my feet seemed to come close to me and i tried to kick it but i only kicked air i was TERRIFIED.I prayed and went to sleep.LAST NIGHT I had another but it was different i was actually dreaming about a female who was a evil spirit and for some reason i was taunting it in my dream, i could of sworn i woke up, my face was towards the couch so i couldnt see what was behind me but i felt a terrifing presence,i didnt turn around i felt something push down on the couch right behind me i still think it was real,I WAS TERRIFIED, ALL of a sudden it came or sumthin came around to where i was faced and i kicked it but only hit the couch.THE thing that really bothers me is thati wasnt sleep i know i wasnt. IS THERE ANYTHING U CAN DO TO STOP IT

Jan 30, 2012
Its happens to me
by: Nicolas Patton

I've had the same exact stuff happen. Except I have actually gotten out of my body and walked around. I tried waking my grandma up not realizing I wasn't in my body. Its do crazy cos everything that he said is true this isn't a dream it is real... They have spoken to me open my door and say stud like piccaboo I see you they have even told me to not be afraid to praise them, while my grandmother was sleeping next to me it was a black shadow laying next to me my grandma was on the other side it was rubbing my hand telling me to not be afraid to praise him. As I watched me shake in terror tryin to wake my grandma up she woke up from my shakes an I heard her say he must be dreaming but I wasn't dreaming it was real and when I asked her the next day if she said that she said that she wasn't saying it she was thinking it so some how I read herons while having a sp. I've also seen 3 black shadows, 2 was at the end of my bed and one was by my window and it was like they was playing with my soul I was hovering in circles over my body watching me sleep. The first time it happend was at my moms house i was like 16 or 17 but i swore I was awake and somebody was holding me against my bed I couldn't yell, scream, or move all I could do was take in the view. And it wasn't a dream and I know this because I was stairing at my alarm clock before I had woke up and when I was able to move it was the same time... That how I know these are real and honestly ive been smoking marijuana because it got I the point to where I was having them everynight and when I noticed smoking weed stops the sp I continued smoking.....

Jan 31, 2012
Deliverance is the Answer
by: Born Again Christian

I have had these experiences throughout my life, I thought I was going mad.. many people including so called experts said that these were hallucinations/dreams. I had to live with these horrific experiences. I know these were Spiritual attacks. It was not until last year I finally got deliverance from some Church members, where I attend. It is like spiritual surgery, its not a nice experience but I now have peace. The Deliverance Ministers also blessed my home and got rid of anything in the house that allowed a Foothold into my life. Im free now and will never look back. I thank God through Jesus Christ that my children, me and my life have been transformed. Demonic Spiritual attacks are REAL... you can not see viruses or bacteria until they discovered the microscope.... be warned these evil entities exist!

Jan 31, 2012
Shadow Person
by: Ridgecrest, CA

Pretty strange. Last night I was sleeping and then I was attempting to wake-up but could not. My eyes were open and then I could distinctly see this short shadow person fervently working on doing something to me. I don't recall if it spoke to me but I remember responding to it with the Lord's Prayer. The thing may have been mocking me. I have in the past had sleep paralysis but never where I saw a creature. I may have been able to see it since light from the living room was directly behind the thing. I have been as of late been dealing with stress and I guess it could be attributed to that. Let's hope that I no longer experience it.

Jan 31, 2012
by: adam

Just wondering has ANYONE on here had these happen to them after learning things about the illuminati?

please dont comment if your going to try and tell me the illuminati doesnt exist...

Feb 01, 2012
From since I was four till now!!!!!
by: Shay

I can relate to eveyone's comments on this topic. I have experienced sp from since I was 4..the first time i remebered my mother and I had the same dream of this tall maybe 6 or 7 foot black figure(SHADOW MAN)coming out through the wall, the exact same spot where the AC was, i felt like I could not move as if my feet was bounded together. the figure went to touch me and I woke up terrified. My mothers dream about the shadow man was the same exact dream but i was maybe 2 years old at that 2 years before my dream..and she didnt tell me about her experience until i was about 10 years old...Also I use to sleep in my parents room because I was always too scared to sleep by myself however my parents room is where i wld have these dreams. I had this recurring nightmare that an entity would chase me to my parents bed. I would not see it because i did not want to look back but i could feel the evil presents behind me and also hear the stomping of its feet chasing me.I would jump into their bed aNd get right in between my parents and go under the covers i guess the bed was my safe zone because i would just hear it growling i would never look at it or feel it touch me.
I had this dream about 3 times when i was smaller. As I got older and even till this day
I would get stuck in my sleep or sp...i try to yell but i cant..i thought i would move my finger because they felt like they were moving but i wasn't really moving them. I would hear evil laughing and chanting i cld not understand. I would get so mad I would yell at it saying "I'm not scared of you get away from me" Then I would call out Jesus name and start praying, but it would put up a fight with me when I called on the lord. My body would vibrate and it would feel like an annoying tinglish ticklish feeling in my stomach and ribs but i still would call for Jesus and it stopped..Sometimes when I prayed during sp It would make me forget the prayer where I would have to stop and remember how to say the prayer another time i was praying and i heard something yell out FAG in my ear. I sleep with the tv on at night an I am just terrified to sleep. i seen spirits when i was younger havent seen them since i grew up..but i have heard maybe voices call out my name in my ear about 4 times in my adult life, the last voice i heard was in early 2011. they never sound threatening but still scary. My concerns is the night terrors. It has got me so paranoid I hardly get no sleep and wake up tired. If anyone has any tips that can help I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you for reading

Feb 04, 2012
I never knew there were others...
by: Meredith

I've experienced sleep paralysis occasionally all my life. It was only on one occasion (that I remember, anyway) that I felt the presence of something evil that I felt meant me harm. When I was about 18, in 1997, I was struggling with sp while sleeping in one morning. Probably 10 times I had to coax myself awake out of it by counting backward from 5, an I would jerk awake, then try to go back to normal sleep. During the last sp episode I began to feel pressure on the covers around my feet. The pressure, the feeling of being crawled on, moved up my legs. Couldn't wake up, couldn't wake up, counting backward had quit working. The thing crawled on top of me, it felt like a big man, and it just stayed there. It wasn't until I was just begining to open my eyelids, for only a micro second, I saw it: the dark outline of a human form, its head inches from my face. When I came fully awake it was gone. I have never doubted the reality of that thing, or the very dark and evil nature of it. It wasn't until I was cruising through facebook tonight and saw a blurb about shadow people and sleep paralysis on the Coast to Coast page that I knew that it was a phenominon others had experienced.

Feb 06, 2012
they believe me now
by: Anonymous

A few months ago I was sleeping in my cousins bedroom, and awoke to a scary deep demonic voice yelling in my ear " I'm in the dark , and when you go to sleep . I'm going to get you." I told my cousin and everyone and of course they didn't believe me . Although now the believe me . My cousin was asleep in her room when she felt paralyzed, unable to breathe and couldn't talk . It also talked to her with the same voice and said "go to sleep" also saying other words. Her boyfriend had to shake her and take her out of the room . We are no longer sleeping in there . Could this be a demonic presence ?help.

Feb 09, 2012
I had them too - until my house was blessed.
by: Ioanna

I too would wake up with the pressure of something sitting on my chest or choking me - or just plain waking me up! I would also see shadowy figures at varying times every once in a while. No evil men in hooded robes though. I got Holy Water from a Catholic Church, and a prayed a Catholic house blessing service. Praise God - the Lord Jesus has ended these horrible things. Avail yourself of His mighty help! He loves us intensely!

Feb 11, 2012
Happens to me too
by: Sarah

Ok people; if anyone thinks that this is anything aside from spiritual they have to be crazy. There is NO WAY all of us are going through this for it NOT to be real. I am not giving going to talk about my experience because there is NO need to since it's identical to what everyone else has been saying. It's not like we are collaborating our stories. We are obviously being chosen to experience this and we need to know why. Maybe it's so we can relay the message to others that good and evil does exist and that Jesus really is our savior.

Feb 12, 2012
by: SUFI+Norway

Your whole story is true.Its not only you, but many in this world, suffering with multi dimensional acts of creature following Devil.They can be defined as a creature, with intelligence but with negative work and follow thier father devil.They cant be seen by ordinary eyes, as this evil creature is made from a radiation or wave that holds very special energy.We human dont have ray detectors for this very sofisticated frequency and thats why we dont believe in this creature.Infact this creature is very powerful for a weak spiritual person and can be destroyed if human is spiritualy strong and follow some special exercise through proper guidlines from a teacher.If you still have this problem, i might help you free of charge.

Feb 12, 2012
by: i am his vessel not theirs!

i have had a lot of guidance from saints and prophets...and am a stigmatic both physical and emotional extacy feeling,and my eyes even glow WHITE now...i see the demons all the time bu they no longer can come near me...atleast not yet,only those closest to times are now i know it in my soul....the demons are much stronger than they used to be..after all this is their realm...its just the way perg wasnt until i got baptized and just started reading the bible without knowing anything remotely close to what i know now.make sure u bind themm to the cross for all our sakes...and pray pray pray.may god have mercy on us all.and no i am not a preist i dont even go o church on a regular (doesnt mean u shouldnt cause thats where i started my search)just a messenger....god bless ..ty..anonymous

Feb 13, 2012
Attic Fears
by: Frightened

I had always believed in such things like this. Shadow people and such. But I always had the little bit of skepticism in my mind. I went to my aunts house and offered to sleep upstairs since there was an extra bed up there. I'll admit the upstairs had always made me feel like something was going to hurt me, reach out and grab me, It made me feel like I needed to run. The night rolled around and I went upstairs to go to sleep. All my stuff was up there mind you. I fell asleep after talking to my boyfriend on the phone and soon after, I began to have dreams, like multiple dreams all cut together on one photo reel. Soon shadows began to show up on the dreams, as if people were standing in front of the projector. My dreams were silent, in color. I don't generally dream with out sound. Soon enough I could feel every hair on my body lifting in fear, only to find myself waking up, just before I was thrown against a wall. I left all my stuff behind and ran, stumbling down the stairs and slamming the door behind me. I wanted nothing more to do with it, and even had my uncle go up and grab my stuff. I ended up falling asleep on the couch with my cousin in the chair next to me. I slept perfect. That morning, my aunt told me that I was braver than her sons, they had refused to ever sleep upstairs since my oldest cousin had started having 'episodes' as my family called them..But I know what he saw was real...My oldest cousin and I have something... in common. That everyone else refuses to believe.

Feb 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

When I first experienced sp i was 16. It happens so frequently for me I learned how to cope with it. The first few months of experiencing sp I thought i was being haunted by a demon. One time, I remember laying in my bed and not seconds after I got a spinning feeling in my head, so I tried ignoring it and falling back asleep. During this state of mind, my ears began to pop and I slipped into the sp. During the sp episode I like to call it, I began to hallucinate and I saw a dark grim reaper figure standing over my bed, in complete fear I began to panic. I tried to move but my body would not let me, it was as if I was strapped down to my bed being torched. When i finally broke out if the sp I got up out of my bed and started walking around the house, if i hadent got out of bed and layed their trying to fall back asleep the sp would stay consistent,keep happening. This usually happends the most frequent in the winter for I have no idea why that is.

Feb 16, 2012
my experiences..
by: Anonymous

i to have simular experiences..i just had one..although i see the shadows,i never heard the doors is very scary when it i always force my self to wake up by shaking rapidly till i wake up..this is the first tim its happened in a while..but i hope it will always happens in a series before they stop..

Feb 16, 2012
We are safe. Be strong.

Hi everyone,
I'd like to share my three experiences with SP. My brother, a year younger than me and a good buddy, was hit and killed by a truck in 2009, and he was there for the first and second dreams.
My family was raised Christian at first but as my parents saw the negative side of organized religion they stopped going and us four children were free to believe what we chose. I still believe in God, I'm pretty sure he talked to me when I trying to go to sleep when I was six - I was suddenly in an infinite dark space and percieved the greatness of it and the goodness of it, and in the tiniest voice percievable I realized out loud, "I'm small." and God replied, "I'm big." and his voice boomed as loud and heavy as the universe and I was completely in awe. Since we came to that understanding I've always felt faith in the certainty of infinite love out there. But I also believe in dinosaurs and aliens and earth energies. Anyway, I digress!

The first SP experience occurred last winter when I was living in a house with a loud, always-fighting family upstairs and two other girls and me downstairs all going through crazy emotional/stressful stuff at the time (breakups, cheating manipulative boyfriends, school stuff)... bad energy in that place. I was asleep on my mattress on the floor of my tiny room, with my feet facing the door. I was very tired and two old friends from high school - J and M - were all of a sudden pacing my room, stepping on my bed and on me, worrying about their problems out loud and talking to someone on the phone. J held the phone to me and asked me to deal with it. I noticed my brother was sitting on a stool on the foot of my bed, and gave the phone to him. He smiled awkwardly and shook his head no, he couldn't/didn't want to deal with it, and J and M disappeared. My body started to rise off the bed and turn; I knew that once I was turned I would be able to see myself lying in my bed and I didn't want to so I screamed as loudly as possible, putting my whole soul into it, and returned to my bed. As soon as I was back in bed, my brother had disappeared, and a ghostly youngish person in a nightgown with floating white hair was looking in my door at me. I wasn't terribly scared, I just felt that my privacy was invaded, and I tried to communicate with the girl at my door. I tried to talk, to scream, to move, but couldn't. Finally I put all my will into raising my right arm and moving it to the floor beside my bed. It dropped like dead weight, and the second it hit the floor the ghosty girl sat on my feet and asked, "Did you go?" eagerly, and I woke up. I sat up instantly and said "Hello?" but of course no one was there. A big spider ran across the foot of my bed and I cried and spent the night in the living room. If there were any evil forces looking to bother me, I believe my brother was looking out for me and making sure I was safe in that weird SP realm.

Feb 16, 2012
We are safe. Be strong.


The second occurrence was at the same turmoil-ridden house, and my sister was visiting, we were sleeping beside eachother in my bed. Since the last dream, I had turned it so my feet faced the window instead of my door, haha. I had been dreaming of my brother, I was in some social situation and he was standing beside me. When I realized he was there I hugged him and said "I'm so happy to see you! Are you okay? Do you have to do anything you don't want to? Are you free?" My brother answered that he was okay, he had to work and couldn't stay for long, but it was fine. I told him that I loved him and hugged him, and he was awkward and nonchalant like it wasn't a big deal that his soul wasn't living with us in our 'reality' anymore. My brother left and I was back in my bed, becoming aware that my sister was beside me and was fighting, she was actually kicking her legs. I wanted to help her but I couldn't move, and started to make as much noise as possible, building to a scream until I snapped out of it and was able to be awake. (I didn't actually scream in real life, just inside my head in the dream.) I woke my sister up and asked her if she was okay, and she told me she had also been dreaming of our brother: There was a bunch of stuff being played over the media about a war against dangerous people without watches, and she and I walked to an old building. I tapped a keystone stone in an arched brick doorway, and a tiny frail ancient spider descended to sit in her hand. It was our brother, and he told her that the people with the clocks were actually the bad ones, and we had to break their clocks. As soon as that knowledge was revealed the businessy-looking people with clocks started coming after us and we were fighting them off and breaking their clocks. That's why she had been kicking.

The third sleep paralysis was the last, and after the initial realization that I couldn't move I screamed myself into a false awakeness where I went to the kitchen and started to make breakfast but I felt funny so tried flipping the light switch, when it didn't do anything to the lights I realized I was still dreaming so I went flying in the nighttime city. It was hard to control the flying and I ended up getting way up into the atmosphere and being scared and waking into another sleep paralysis - no one was there, good or bad, and I can't remember if I saw my brother in my travels that night. Anyway, I screamed my way out of that one and woke up a little frightened but no worse for the wear.

Feb 16, 2012
We are safe. Be strong.

... continued. last one! :)

To wake myself from the SP state, I just believe in the power of my own voice to free myself from the panic induced by the percieved paralysis. It always escalates to screaming as loud as possible. Sometimes I can't make a sound but I just try try try and it gets going and once it's ringing in my ears I wake up.

I wish everyone all the best in dealing with this, one of my friends went through an intense bout of it for over a month, I felt so bad for him. If it's tormenting you I suggest thinking of a special person, a personal angel, who can help you out, before going to sleep. Like really think about them, about who they are/were and your love for them and what they stand for. I think that by having faith in the power of love each and every one of us holds, we can wrap ourselves in that love and be protected by it.
Peace to you on your journeys! <3

Feb 17, 2012


Feb 17, 2012
A Figure
by: mary

I awoke in the middle of the night and saw a dark figure standing next to my bed. I couldn't see a face. The figure put off a strong feeling that I can only describe as evil. It's presence was extremely frightening. Im not sure if I was awake or not, my room looked exactly the same. I was in the same spot on my bed that I sleep in every night, after a few seconds It went away, it was just gone and at this point I knew I was fully awake. I prayed and asked the Lord to make the demons leave me alone because that's all I can describe it as was a demon... the feeling that came from this thing was only what can be described as straight from satan. I laid in bed and prayed for a long time and noticed my boyfriend was what appeared to be having a bad dream, so in my prayer I asked God to make the demons leave us alone. I pulled my feet tightly inside the covers in fear that what ever it was might get me. I haven't felt this scared since I was a child waking up from a bad dream. The next morning I told my boyfriend that I had a strange dream last night and I wanted to tell him about it, he said "oh really so did I, let me tell you about mine first" so he did... he said that in his dream he was watching a security camara video of our back yard and in the video he saw these demons carrying a dead body through the yard to bury it. One of the demons got straight up into the face of the camara and put it's finger up to it's mouth and whispered "shhhhhh" Im really blown away at this. It's really creepy to realize that there actually where demons messing with both of us in the same night and around the same time. My boyfriend doesn't like me talking about it. He thinks by talking about it envites the demons back to mess with our minds. I feel a strong bond with God so Im not to worried about them messing with me again, I dont want it to happen again but I feel better prepared if it ever does again.

Feb 17, 2012
I have almost the same issue.
by: Anonymous

As most of you have said you have all been religiously active or dabbled in some kind of witchcraft. I have never been into, dabbled or even been associated with any of the above.

Though in saying that i still get sp but mine doesn't stop when i wake, my dark figure stays with me. He is next to me as i go to work or school. Im 17yrs old and he first came to mewhen i was 12 in an sp episode, though unlike ther rest he came three nights in a row and said "i will be your brother, Grim" i thought he was stateting what he was but afyer so many years he's showed me that he is The Grim. I have trouble trusting people because of the things i've seen my Grim do.
I know this is a really really wacked out thing and possibly irrelevant but im just trying to see if anybody else has a 'Grim' that follows them or even assists them?
I have been diagnosed with depression but my psych has said this is the first she has ever heard off of a Grim. "Grim" has said he is Grim and all others are called "drakes" he wont answer me why but he has said they are the ones that haunt the plains. Which i think is the sp thing. I have tried to invoke name of God or Jesus christ but he stops and silences me saying he has no power in this realm.

Plz just tell me im not the only one with a grim.

Feb 17, 2012
Ive had similar issues
by: Greg

Ive had alot of smilliar issues my psychatrists and alot of people try to tell me its all In my head alot of it could be but there are some things that just are to.....REAL to be caused by just me, I think its people with abilitys not demons but no matter what it is there is mental illness but there is something that intensifies mental problem is how do we fight this?

Feb 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Pray to God before going to bed and ask for him to protect you with the blood of Jesus!!!

Feb 20, 2012
victim of this sp
by: Anonymous

well as i read in this article i have gone through the same situation! but mine get worse every time. i would go to bed and id close my eyes then i would open my eyes thinking im awake and everything is the same in my room. i get up from bed and see my mom in the living room and i would walk towards her then everything woulld go dark and she disappeared! i felt something running around me in circles and i tried to scream but i couldn't..everytime i screamed nothing came out of my mouth and everything would grow even more silent and i close my eyes and i would sit up on my bed and my body would be swetting and i would be trembling. this happen a few times already and a few weeks later i would feel like something was pulling me down. i would close my eyes and like usual open them and see everything normal but this time i felt someone pushing me down on my bed..i woulkd see everything around me and i couldnt move my body nor scream..i tried so hard to scream for help but i couldnt..i heard a voice right next to me telling me to shut up then i felt a hand on my back, a boney hand go from one side of my back to my shoulder and i couldnt move at all..then i awoke from that abd felt someone just looking straight at me...this thing has been following me for 14 years now and havent been able to get rid of it..

Feb 21, 2012
they r real
by: gabriel

i belive what u say demons ,when i was in my early 20s my sprit came out of my body ,i was in complete horror but did not see anything at first then i was looking outside and saw 2 shadows like comets floating by. yrs later a pastor toad me they were demons pricipalitys of the air what bible says ,ask a pastor to pray 4 u and your home!

Feb 21, 2012
by: karen

ive had a a black shadow of a tall man walk across my room the noise of the foot steps woke me up, but i couldnt move! it crawled across my bed and held me down actually felt the movement and arm around me... i have woke a few times feeling like something has been watching me and often see strange shadows of the same figure when im awake.. i read about sleep paralysis last night and decided this was why! untill i turn to switch my lamp off, wide awake something made the most terrify noise i have ever heard right in my face! was too scared to move but finnally got my ass outa there!!

Feb 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a question...My sister told me she was sleeping and she felt someone rub her leg ..then slowly moving up towards her body then started kissing her neck..she couldn't move she was paralzed only thing she can move was her lasted about a min..since this she cant sleep ..this happened to another lady that stayed with her..what does this mean? please help

Feb 22, 2012
Female presence
by: Anonymous

I had an experience last night. I woke to see a female 'something' standing next to my bed, staring at me. She was dressed in a large shirt with very long fingers and nails, and blonde hair but I couldn't see her face because it seemed to be black. I could just make out her sharp teeth and big eyes but that was it. I didn't dare open my eyes fully or make eye contact because I just knew that something bad would happen if I did and I felt like I couldn't move. She turned and stared at my face, then slowly walked to the head of the bed and bent over my head. I didn't move so she walked back down to my feet where one of them was sticking out from under the sheets, bend over it and stroked it with one, long finger nail, whilst whispering something (I can't remember what). I closed my eyes fully again and then forced myself to open them properly and she was gone. I turned over and tried to go back to sleep but I could still feel a presence in the room . I couldn't see her any more but I could still feel her there for a long time before I could sleep again. What does this mean?

Feb 22, 2012
What goes knock knock in the night?
by: Anonymous

I've also had my fair share of experiences... My first experience happened when i was about 8 yrs old. I had been sleeping with my parents and I got up to go to my bed. I remember that I had dropped something on the floor and when I bent down to pick it up an outline slowly began to appear on the bedroom floor. At floor I looked at it curious but became scared when I saw the red outline of a demonic face appear. I can remember the horns coming out of its forehead and that evil smile. To this day, it's the smile I remember most because it just exuded pure evil. Needless to say, my father had trouble putting me to sleep that night. Fast forward to my teenage years... it began one night when I went to sleep. I would wake up gasping for air as if someone was trying to suffocate me. Someone would tap on my window (mind you, I lived on the fourth floor)and i would wake up with a paralyzing fear that felt as if I were having a seizure. I told my mother what was happening and she began to believe when one day we came home from shopping and the moment we had entered the apartment the television turned on by itself. This happened for a few days before I finally went into my bedroom and told the entity to leave. Fast forward again to last night... I went to bed and could feel almost immediately that I was going to have one of "thoe" nights. I began dreaming about evil entities, killings.. almost as if I were watching a movie. The thing is I knew I was dreaming (don't know if that makes sense) but I couldn't wake myself up. And I remember saying in my dream that most non-believers usually start believing when they feel thae have no hope. At this point, my eyes just snapped wide open. And when I opened my eyes, I was looking straight into the face of a gremlin like creature that was hovering right over my head. When it realized I had opened my eyes, it ran off my bed. As if that wasn't terrifying enough what was most terrifying was that I actually FELT the creature running off the bed. So, I closed my eyes and opened them once more. My body was shaking with fear and it didn't stop for almost 10-15 minutes. I was so terrified. I remember it had almost like a football shaped head, was brownish in color (it was dark in my room) with big big eyes, long scrawny arms (and I assume the same for the legs). Either way, it's left me reeling and thinking I've gone insane. It's also left me with this feeling of dread that what happened when I was a teenager will happen again. The days of terrifying spooky noises, window tappings and the feeling of not being able to breathe. But as others have said, I do believe it has to do with there being another realm that we are not exposed to; only when our minds are "open." As I mentioned before, it occurred when I began to think about God and Jesus. I don't think it was a coincidence...

Feb 22, 2012
help yourself
by: Mind

I hope this will help at least one of you. I can not believe there are so many of you experiencing this. I had my first experience when I was 17 and the first one was the most terrifying. In the middle of the night I wanted to turn around but couldn't. It was scary not being able to move my body. In a few moments i saw a red and black glow from the side of my bed and two voices both male and female. I couldn't understand them but I could hear them whispering and felt their presence. It was without a doubt an evil entity which wanted to hurt me. It lasted about 30 seconds and I thought I woke up and was scared so i wanted to push myself backwards to my sister but still I was paralysed and again I heard voices but this time from a nother direction. I couldn't move but I could see the corner of my room from which the voices came. It lasted another 30 sec. When i woke up my soul still hurt from fear. I didn't understand what happened and I have never been more scared in my life. I taught of it as a dream although this was a much more powerful feeling than a dream can produce. So still I was unsure but left it alone with a thought that it was just a dream. But one thing was for sure- I couldn't move my body. I experienced SP a few times- first I was unable to take a breath so I panicked then the next time again and when time passed by I just saw that nothing bad ever happens I just have to wait to get out of paralysis.

Now as I am reading your stories I see a lot of you are religious and believe in Christ etc. This is beautifull but don't exaggerate. You are letting yourself know that there is evil because the Bible teaches you to believe and pray for Jeasus to avoid evil. By doing so you automaticly believe in evil and although u pray for good you have your mind set that you are doing it to avoid bad and by that you believe evil exists.
It isn't just about what the religion teaches it is about what the world teaches you and what you teach yourself. Everyone has their own believes, but please, for the sake of yourselves do not believe you have to do good or else bad will come. Just live your life by satisfying your needs and goals.

Feb 22, 2012
help yourself2
by: Mind2

Let's take a look- The first time you experienced SP it was something unknown to your mind. Being unable to move your body your brain tells you there is something very wrong. You do not know why you aren't able to move so you panic and turn to fear. The brain starts projecting things that it can relate to fear wich is evil, black, red, unknown, undefined creatures and figures, scary whispering voices.. (It is not necessary that you experience this kind of fear for the first time in SP because we all are different, no two minds react completely the same).

Fear is a primitive and powerful emotion, crucial for our existance and survival. As human beings we fear the unknown. Example- dark is scarry because you are not able to see like you normaly would. Same goes for not being unable to move your body. We FEEL emotions, and when we feel fear it puts some kind of a pressure on our chest and chills through our bodies.

Feb 22, 2012
help yourself3
by: mind3

At this point of your life your mind knows that something bad happens when you go to sleep. It has experienced it. You on the other hand have lived your life knowing that this sort of things do not exist. So in your sleep your mind catches you off-guard it wonders off and does what it knows. It knows what it has experienced in the past and what you have taught it by thinking about the past experiences. By thinking you gather more and more information about a certain thing thus making it bigger. By not thinking about it, it slowly fades away just like memories. So what you need to do is just to take control of your mind, teach it what you want for it to know. As more and more things you want your brain to know enter, the more things wich you do not think about fade away. So think about things you like, you want, you know would make you happy. The more u think about them the more you will leave others you don't want behind. You will always know about this experience but by time it will be just a

It is all in your head. Why aren't you harmed or even killed if this exists anywhere else than in your minds? Yes you can feel pain but this pain is caused by your emotions. Fear is so powerful it can make it hard for you to even breathe properly. We know this is not true by not being able to pin down what is happening. We can't define the figure's characteristics or the words they say (Just like in our dreams) But the more you think about it the more you define it and by that your mind will make up more details, which it would relate to bad. That is why it keeps getting worse and more realistic when you can actually understand their voices. And the reason you can see yourself or from another perspective is because your brain is capable of imagining how it looks. It mixes reality with fear so there you have it- figures in your room.

Feb 22, 2012
help yourself4
by: mind4

Help yourself:
Know that there is no other more powerful existance than your mind wich you control. The human brain is the most complexed organ that surpases any technology and still we use much less than a half of it. Look at things with a smile and laugh at them. Enjoy your life! Fear won't help you either way so you might as well just get mad at it, say you've had enough of it, yell on it and make it feel like an idiot :D you can have this conversation entirely in your mind while in SP. Have a laugh like you would with a friend that is clumsy and tends to mess things up. Don't hate it, after all it is there to help you in life threatening situations, but just let it know you've got this under control and that it doesn't have to worry.

Try this: the next time this happens remember to just not give any attention to it, relax. Do not fight it just ignore it. Don't figt to ignore it :) just focus your mind on how this will end soon so you can get out of paralysis and go back to sleep. Or even the shorter version: just say-yea right :D Realise this is just a sleeping disorder and is nothing to be feared of. Comfort yourself.

My problem was solved by this simple way of thinking. I hope yours will be too.

Feb 22, 2012
Sleep Paralysis occurs with me and sister
by: Shannon

Me and my sister suffer from insomnia as well as shadows following us since childhood. Even though I was raised in a foster care home, for me it was always there and my sister at our biological grandparents house would have the shadows their. Ive seen black shadowed figures and white shadowed figures neither feeling friendly.We have dreams where we wake up in them and see everything around us I was stuck in paralysis for an hour before my husband came into our room. It's very very real.Never let anyone say your crazy we've even woken with wounds.

Feb 23, 2012
Calvary chapel
by: Anonymous

He should go to church. A Calvary chapel if possible.

Feb 23, 2012
Am I Crazy or What?
by: Cthunder


I first started seeing ghost at around 12. Didn't know what to make of it & tolerated it every night I went to bed. The two women never harmed me so I just ignored it. My SP started about 10 years after I joined the Air Force. At first it started by my departed loved ones showing up immediately after they died. I could feel the pressure in my chest & they would hold conversations as if I was not there. Sometimes I would know when they would show by the sound of locusts prior to them showing. Now I am terrified to go to sleep because I was fine when I thought it was my relatives and my mom would just say you are more sensitive than your brothers and sisters. Now, I am finding out it's actually demons. I hate the unusual feeling that I get in my chest area. It's not the heaviness anymore but more like a tingling or some other weird feeling. It happens on my back mostly. But the crazy part is that when I sleep on my side I can feel whatever it is aiming directly center mass of my chest. I mean this thing or whatever was at me from midnight all the way until 5 the next morning. Sometimes it speaks to me in which I can't understand sometimes and it warns me. I've had them appear as little girls, a bloodied woman right in my face and other times just voices. I even felt electricity go thru my body with no pain & I actually heard it. I have always been able to see and hear things my family could not. My mother said my great grandmother told her than I was special and that I could connect to the spiritual world. I told it to get the hell away from me because God is my savior and it went as fast as it came. But I am ALONE and it is very scary because this has been happening for years. When my father died while I was deployed he came back and told me who killed him and I was able to tell my family things I should not have known. My family used me as a test subject when they felt like there was some strange activity going on in the house. They wouldn't tell me and sure enough I would confirm it by sleeping in the room unknowingly. I'm losing it. I was Muslim but converted to Christianity in 2006. I pray everyday & go to church regularly. I know there is a spiritual world but how do you all release the FEAR? I know calling on the name of JESUS works but I am still afraid. It leaves me alone for a long period of time and I guess when I get too comfortable it shows up again. I know we are not fighting against flesh and blood and Satan attacks you when you are weak and uses your fear to subdue you. I'm still afraid though. Knowledge is power and I think once I get passed the FEAR I will be able to deal with it. I'm tough but I guess because I was misled all these years and the reality of all this is a bit overwhelming. Always knew in the back of my mind it was something wrong with what I was experiencing. I'm so glad to have come across this website. Others don't understand & they think I am crazy or on drugs!

Feb 23, 2012
by: Karina

I expirianced my 1st SP when i was about 12.Since then i have it time after time. It ussually happens when i fall asleep somewhere on the couch and then someone will awake me to go into bed i would get up and sleepy me would get into bed and than shortly after it begins. Some pp say that this happens mostly when u sleep on your back, with me it happens in any sleep position. Usually it happens shortly after i fell asleep more rare shortly before waking up. I dont really see any dark entity im always focused on my breathing coz its really really hard to breath at this time, but i hear things like someone screaming or breathing on my ear, saying something.sometimes during night i can have up to 4 episodes of SP if i dont fully wake up and go to sleep again.

Feb 23, 2012
by: karina

for me really helped when i would leave my radio on during night, coz any sound and any touch would make SP go away. Its really not scary anymore when u know what u deal with, more scary and frustrating when u dont know what is happening with you and why.. im having SP already 13 years and i only find out about this sleep disorder 4 years ago.

Feb 24, 2012
still tormented by sp
by: Teresa

when i was younger i used to have weird things happen in my room. there were times when i would be wide awake and i could feel an overwhelming fear and then it would happen ,something would hold me down i couldnt scream ,move no matter how hard i tried. Once i was pulled from my physical body and my spirit was being swung around the room in a circular motion.I was always afraid in my room and at a very young age my mother became a drug addict and injected me with drugs also.she died in that house but i can still feel and fear the dark entity thst tormented my childhood,is it possible that -that sp became a part of me or follows me now?My son can feel eyes on him when he walks down our hallway in a totally differnt house i feel it also and it scares me.

Feb 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

I wouldnt say that i have had SP. But I do recall being asleep and suddenly waking up and seeing a tall looming figure. Cloaked in black. Probably about 7 feet tall. And ever since that remarkable and strange things have been happening. If you have any answers or want to know more and you could possibly help explain some stuff to me, then you can contact me at

Feb 25, 2012
I had these all the time
by: Anonymous

Hey, just surfed by your blog. I used to get these experiences all the time - I did a lot of research and came across some interesting stuff regarding parts of your brain that wake while parts dont - causing hallucinations.

Something that would help me greatly to wake up from them was this - the only thing I could move of my body were my eyes - so I would move my eyes quickly and the rest of my brain would start to wake up and stop the hallucinations. I also lived a very different lifestyle back then, I also must say that I stopped having them altogether only once I whole heartedly started living for God and others. Im not sure if this will help you, but I figured I would leave a comment just in case it does. :)

Feb 26, 2012
Shadow or man with no face
by: Amanda

So for the last 10 years I've had what I put off only as a dream, but seemed too real to be a dream. It's always the same thing, I slowly awake from a male staring at me from the foot of the bed. I don't feel threatened, I don't feel connected to this being either. It's strange there is nothing to show that it is a man, but I get the feeling that it is. he never touches and rarely gets close to my face, only a few time can I remember that it's gotten close to me face. I feel this being during the day at times. I've had sensitive people tell me about this, even though, I've never told them. There is no facial features. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experince?

Feb 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I tried to fight an entity the other day but I only got my arm about a foot up when it slammed me back down. Later that night I woke up and again it was holding me down so this time I lifted both of my arms up and it just pushed them back down and I had absolutely no more energy in my arms as if it sucked the energy out. I've heard these entities feed off negativity-anger, depression, sadness, fear. But I'm not scared of it in the least because I can feel that that's what it wants. So I don't think it will get to powerful. But I would still like to destroy it. So if anyone knows how please let me know.

Feb 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

When I was a kid sometimes I would get so scared that I would be scared stiff but this is different because now I'm not scared at all but I can feel that it's trying to scare me to feed off it. About a year ago I woke up and it dragged me slowly down my bed about a foot. And I know it was real because I had a wedgy and I never woke back up so I was completely conscience and aware. I have woke up before and seen things that seem to fade away cause I'm still kinda sleepy and I'm hallucinating but this is very different. It happened twice in my childhood then twice about a year ago. Now it has happened 4 times this month. I think I'm a target because I have anger and depression issues which I've heard is what they feed off of. But I still can't help but to laugh in it's face sometimes.I'm not trying to provoke the thing but I would like to kill it so consider me Switzerland to any rituals or lore to destroying one of these things. Any help would be appreciated.

Feb 28, 2012
by: Charlie

I woke up and could hear a dog breathing but knew that mine was outside my bedroom where the door was shut. The blankets shifted like it was walking up the side of the bed in my mind I knew it was my Siberian Husky that I had as a child. Then a weight on my chest like when I dog will jump up and just rest it's front paws and head on your chest. I wasn't scared of the dog more the fact that I couldn't see her and could only lift my head and slightly move my shoulders. When I tried to wake up I noticed that if I lifted my head and started to relax again I would fall right back to sleep and had to force myself to life the covers and at least sit up. The scary part was that my dad thought my dog was in my room the whole time because he heard movement in my room. Even though I was asleep. But I've told myself that it was the sounds of me trying to wake up so not to think into it to much. The wind was also blowing that day. This is my first experience since I was about 14. But when I was 14 it was right after my dog had died and then thought it was a dream emphasized by the fact that I missed her. I read a lot of experiences involving shadow people and evil presence. Are animal experiences just as normal? Thanks to those who read this and comment.

Feb 29, 2012
You are all not alone
by: Anonymous - PDX

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I'm 34 yrs old and have been in and out (had lukewarm) fellowship with Christ since 7 years old. I stumbled on this site with my IPhone after experiencing what I'm about to explain. I'm not a drug user, but I will admit that I've struggled with depression since age 19 or so. Had 2-3 major bouts but fully recovered each time. Take 75 Mg of Desipramine every day as a precaution, don't feel I need it, just a precaution. In fact, I'm fairly confident each struggle was heaven sent to direct my path. I'm a husband, a proud father, and I have a good career. Regardless, my story. This has occured 3-5 times from 2010-2012. This is my latest story: Right before falling asleep when tired from a long day at work. And, coincidentally, right after performing a self Baptism in my tub and praying a sincere prayer to remove sin from my life - I began to enter what I call a "trance" zone. My spiritual body began to rotate. It felt as if I was doing a 360 in my bed. Literally! Being an alpha male and a bit curious, I wanted the rotation to continue as I was simply curious at what might be the final outcome. Would I see something amazing? Would I spin uncontrollably? Immediately after this curiosity phase I instantly realized I was in the presence of evil. So, I forcefully woke myself up with a scared "Grunt" noise. As I somewhat awoke (aka felt conscious)I realized 1.) my wife and daughter down the hall were fast asleep and were safe 2.) there were dark forces either lying on my back or sitting in my room with me. My hand was on my pillow still as a board, yet I felt a stroking sensation that made it feel like my pillow was moving in a wave-like fashion. I KNEW they couldn't hurt me, I KNEW Jesus was protecting me. I prayed to myself, "in the name of Jesus, evil spirits away from me!" About 1 min later they were gone. I just knew they were gone. I feel like the evil spirits in my room were not visitors. They resided in my Angry, self-absorbed, sexually immoral body. Ever since, I feel the Holy Spirit has been poured out into my soul. I feel like a new creation. Heard that a million times as a lukewarm Christian - but never felt it. Now I feel it. I tell my wife I feel like I have a super power. I feel this time, after some evidence and time, that it isn't going away. And, I want to take the actions necessary to never lose it.

Feb 29, 2012
A fight for my life (I think) with a Shadow Man or Demonic Entity
by: Anonymous

It was Dec. of 1996 in LA and I was at my grandmother's house sleeping in her bed on her side. We were visiting from Florida because she was dying, to be exact she died minutes after my attack.

I rememeber that night clearly. I had a high grade fever and was sleep when I woke to a black figure with a cloak and hat leaning over me. I believe he tried to suck the air from me, my soul, or tried to bit my head off. Fortunately, my mom was sleep next to me and if it wasn't for her fighting this black demon or my aunt and uncle running to the room, I don't know what would have happen. However, my mom will not talk about it to this day. She says it was probably the angle of!

Since than I have not seen him. However, there was a man standing over my bed in July of 2006, which I thought was my dead brother and I had an outer body experience. Now I think it was a shadow man disguised as him. He had me get out of bed and look at my reflection through a window while he stood behind me.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

Mar 01, 2012
My experience and understanding
by: Lea

I have had experience with sp in my mothers house.
One night, Lying on my back, the being was like smoke and had no distinct shape. It hovered above me. It felt like it was actually death.(Many years afterward thinking about this experience, I liken the smoky entitity to a story of the Angel of death in the old testament, where the angel of death came over Egypt, (i think the final of 10 plagues) anyway I was unable to move or breath, and I understood at the time that this thing was evil, and that as it was hovering it was waiting. I felt like it was waiting for me to accept it, almost that it was tempting me, that if i did accept the darkness, it would come inside me and possess me. I knew for some reason that there would me no going back if I allowed this to happen.

I was paralized but finally for some reason was able to talk, and shouted out AMEN! The evil left and has not returned. I have slept with a cross under my bed to help protect from these evil entities.

I have done some reading about sp. There seems to be agreement that they are evil entities. Some say they can cause evil things to happen, incite them or help them along, even to aid in someones death, like causing sickness. I think its a serious matter if there are sp in your house.

The other thing I think is important to say which I have read, is that these entities could be drawn to dwellings of residents with a more developed sixth sense, who are attuned or open to the spirit realm, and thus a these ppl are more likely to respond to sp. This type of person likely includes those who are religious, who meditate, delve into wikka or magic ect. While your quest may be to communicate with good spirits, your enlightenment/openness might actually leave your home availiable to these bad entities as well.

What to do about it, well probably strenghtenning your belief in good over evil. And I did hear smoking out your house (a professional medium shoud so this ) can prevent evil spirits from entering doors that are open to the other realm (which you may have openned your self in your spiritual quests), so that the bad spirits can not enter. This may need to be repeated from time to time.

Mar 02, 2012
Religion is Evil
by: Anonymous

Its a shame so many of you ran to religion when you were scared. Religion hurts this world and our country in so many ways. The power you are getting from your religion is confidence. If you believed in yourself and your OWN power like that, then you would have similiar results in the spirit/sleep realm and would have a greater impact in your real life. Religion has always existed(long before Jesus and Moses, which are also recycled stories from even older religions)and was created by man to explain the unknown. Don't be a mindless sheep and believe ridiculous stories told by ignorant palestinians. They aren't factual and are meant to be taken as allegories to teach a lesson on morality. Take it with the grain of salt as it is meant to be.

Mar 03, 2012
when i was under but yet over
by: stephanie goff

my name is stephanie goff i am now 51 year old black woman and at the age of 40 i was with child and i gotton veery sick one day and i had to go into the hospital and why i was there laying on my bed i had a outter body exsprerence i remember floting over my hospital bed and looking down at myself and my doughter. it was one of the most wierd thing i ever been though and i was also taking to my grave and my two children was there crying and i remember asking the good lord to save me for my children and not to take me now and then i remember going back into my body and doctors comming frome every where.i lost the baby i was carring,but god save me for the childern i already had and for that i praise him.

Mar 04, 2012
my experiance
by: sophia

ok i had 2 times had experiance's 3 years ago i dont know what it is hope someone can explain to me ok so i use to go to church 3 days a week i loved going then one night i woke up something told me to look at my friend i was sleeping over her house for the weekend and above her was this figure a demonic type person was above her i tryed to get out of bed but i couldnt move i felt like i was Paralysis but i could move my head thats it i told it to go away it just laughed at me and came toward me and then vanished this happen 2 nights in a row was this a demonic entitie some one like to email me and explain this to me i was so scared i stop going to church.

Mar 05, 2012
Fighting off my demons while asleep!
by: Josh

I have read a lot of everyone's comments and post's and i find a lot very similiar to my own. I am 28 years old and have always had very lucid dreams. I have know God for most of my life but lost touch when i was a freshman in highschool, right after my mother passed away. For the last few years i have slowly develope a heavy drinking problem. In the last year i have lost my apt., my car, and my personal storage which contained about 98 percent of what i own! I have been praying more and more each day, and my dreams have been affecting my waking life so much more! I can feel myself becoming closer to God! It was only a week ago when i finally found the strength to stop drinking all together!! I hold the christian belief on most things. I have never, of all my dreaming, had and experience like this! I was surrounded by dark entities, most were just men in black suits surrounding me. I couldn't move but slowly began to repeat the Lord's prayer. Each time i spoke it stroger and louder and then the dark entities started to go away. The feeling i got from all of this was just the Lord was showing me how to fight off the demons that are keeping me down and he was telling me that i can fight them and i can beat them, but only with the help of God! These dream made me feel so much stronger! I feel blessed to have shared this experience with all of you!!

Mar 05, 2012
looking for truth
by: Dave

felt a hand over my face just before falling off to sleep one night 20 yrs ago. I awoke too this, and began looking for what I thought was a big spider in the sheets after turning on the light. Then I heard a voice say something in a different language from inside the room, from behind the recliner that I couldn't see behind! I was asking myself if I had just heard a voice, as it said the same thing again!! It sounded basically like "elo'ja" By this time I was fully awake and full of adreneline, but never went behind the chair. I felt safer making it make the first move, and it never did appear. From what I'm finding, it seems like it could be a witch. I know what I heard and I prayed at the time for protection and nothing happened to me. I have had episodes where I woke up but couldn't move or breathe. Could be related, or sleep paralysis. I know 20 yrs ago it wasn't SP.

Mar 06, 2012
f'd up nightmare
by: D. De Amicis

I myself once had something similar happen. I was in my room laying in bed with my girlfriend. She was semi using my chest as a pillow and I fell asleep. Now it seemed that I woke up perfectly fine until I looked at the top vent by my doorway. Now I don't know how to explain what I really saw but it looked like some sort darker black wet like figure poured out of the air vent slowly and hovered a little bit by the vent then landed on the floor at the end of my bed. It was hard to talk at first and even move. Like I was in shock. there was no noise for a few moments. So I just thought maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Felt wide awake and believed no way this was happening so I looked over at my girlfriend and she was still sound asleep on my chest so I assumed all was fine. Then I looked again and something resembling a woman with long wet black hair pulled her self up on my bed and crawled up on me just getting close to my stomach. The woman then tilted her head a little bit back and forth looking at me. Now at this moment I was talking to my girlfriend trying to wake her up. And I was telling her "please baby wake me up" repeatedly. it was like she couldn't hear me at all and I was still unable to move my body just tilt my head to look at my girlfriend and at this thing looking at me. it was f'd up and the most horrible thing ive ever experienced nightmare wise besides falling off a cliff to my demise and the moment I hit the watery jagged rock bottom, I woke up falling and hitting my face on my floor. (real
ly sucked!) Anyways so I'm starring at this thing looking at me and I am freaking out a little still trying to wake my gf up to wake me up. all of a sudden the dark woman figure tilts her head one last time looking at me then looks up same time she raises her arm. Couple seconds pass and she launches her hand into my stomach and screams as if she were in pain and frightened. I closed my eyes and moved my head towards my girlfriend and called out to her to wake me up once more. When I re-opened my eyes my girlfriend was there still sound asleep. I could feel my heart going crazy and my stomach felt like someone punched me decently hard. I looked around observing my room, catching my breath trying to understand what the hell just happened. So as calmly as possible I feel my stomach and nothings there, I look around my room, nothing is there also. So I assume it was just one shitty dream and closed my eyes then went back to sleep. Now I felt fully awake when I thought I saw this thing do this to me and felt the pain followed by what it did. it felt real, looked real, and that scream was beyond real. I have no mental illness or any health problems. Now I used to have brutal nightmares when i was 4-7 years of age. what kid doesnt but those dreams where not even as close as scary to what i saw that night.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

I really need someone who has gone through what I went through last night.. I have had previous sessions when asleep and can not move and know it is something from the other side and it takes over my body and scares me and I'm actualy physically paralised.. but last night, I had that feeling and I was scared and I could see myself but my arms where hoovering above me, I tried to wake which I has never been sucessful previously but then it ends. Last night I had this happen twice, I was scared, and I know I was yelling out " get out you dont belong here" I did this on numerous occassions. Then after sometime I had a figure come to me and I asked him who is he as still scared, but he was an actual figure to me. He said he was deceased and was going to his friend Thomas but couldn't find him and found me. I asked him questions about my life that no one that doesnt no me would not be able to answer.. He took care of me and we went to this dinning event that was beautiful. at the end of the dinner a guy started to shout at me that I was fimble through the night, to which I said that this is all new to me, and I don't know anyone. It was a fancy do, that we just appeared at. The spirit looked after me and made sure I was alright all night. I was not me, as I had spoke to this guy who told me he was from the other world and could tell me things that only I know, I was scared.. The night ended at the event and then all of a sudden me where down a street where he was telling me how some people live, which was like the bronces, a guy then said to him who are you and challenged him to a fight and the spirit person one, but then he went throught a door and I woke up, because he was gone. I asked him if God was real and he said that he never tells his friends, so I said ok you don't need to tell me.. I can't remember his full name but he was a someone.. he gave me a book before he lft and I wish I could remember what it was called. It was about peace and heaven, but no author.. He went through that door, and no matter how much I tried to get him back I couldn't.. Has anyone experienced this, cause I'm so confussed but really think it was real....

Mar 07, 2012
Can someone help me explain this?
by: Anonymous

I was just getting ready to go back to bed around seven a.m. i was trying to get some more sleep in before work. I've been hearing noises like silverware being thrown around, and my chair will creak (which it never does unless there is a person in there to rock it manually) but today i was almost asleep when all of a sudden I felt like someone had came into the room. I thought it was my roomates boyfriend trying to find our bathroom, so I thought nothing of it. Then out of nowhere I felt realy warm, like almost tignly, it reminded me of what a seizure somehwat. I had just got me a cat becasue i heard animals can sense things like that. it almost felt like someone or something was trying to "get into my head" i couldnt speak, I tried calling out for my roomate, I couldn't breathe, or even move. i dont know how this sounds so crazy, but i kinda, tried "to push it out of my head. i am not superstisous what soever but as soon as it was happening i knew it had to be something paranormal. while in the "trance" or whatever u wanna call it my cat came running up to my couch where i was, looked directly above my head and started hissing, he even arched his back and was in a defensive/ scared stance crouched on the ground after it was over my cat ran out of the room kept looking up at the ceiling and has been lovey dovey ever since. im afraid to sleep. im afraid to tell doctors. i battle with depression but i know this was not something medical. it felt unreal lke an out of body experince. i was complelety sober. can anyone help me. i feel threatened. i dont want something to happen to my daughter. i was a straight a student and im not making this up if anyone, and i mean anyone has any answers facebook me. or maybe give me a call i need advice, and i dont want to be categorized as crazy. my name is kaley brown look me up on facebook or give me a call or text 2174150656

Mar 08, 2012
Valerian Root Tea
by: Bradus Warnomoso

By reading Past This Line you agree no Liability to Me, the Writer, of this Blog. This is Personal Experiences and ONLY Suggestions.
I have had experience with "SP", and i felt the pressure all over my body, as if I suddenly turn astone. My wife was lying next to me. I was on my back as well as her. Her foot was about a foot from mine. I had a jolt of fear because i was paralyzed but wide awake. So i decided well nothing to fear but fear itself aye, and in a very subtle manner looked at my wife's foot, and Imagined her foot moving to mine and kicking to awake me. In a manner of seconds her foot jerks and kicks me and i shoot up, to find her still deeply asleep. I was confused but thought to myself I've seen crazier! I AM in fact a recreational drug user gone Spiritual Experience Seeker. Started with Alcohol. Then experimented with Marijuana, and Psychedelics( Mind -Manifesting Substances) like the Fungi Psilocybin, the derivated from ergot, LSD, and Finally The most potent, of which the active ingredient is DMT, in the form of a brew called Ayahuasca. After my first Spiritual Experiences my SP stopped altogether.Went from SP to the most wild lucid dreams one could imagine.Literally every night. I would foresee events happening in my dreams that would happen shortly thereafter. After a couple years it get's pretty exhausting so i began taking Valerian Root Tea now to help me into a long, most restful night's sleep. I'll have the super vivid dreams form time to time but i just try to learn from them and be a better Messenger the next day. I do not discriminate against any religion, what works for you to retain Solidarity within your Fort is most great for each individual. However i do not just easily encourage anyone to take Psychedelics. It will clarify your time here on earth for the remaining sun's. But if you find yourself in the midst of a most terrible funk, they cant hurt. I do recommend anyone that would describe there bouts with SP as suffering to try a Mind-Manifesting Substance. Journey to a place you feel most comfortable , and only if you can have someone with you that you trust in and out. Not to be taken lightly, but not to be feared at all. NOT to be feared at all.I would suggest to all American raised sentient's to start with the most basic of Mind-Manifesting natural substance, The "Magic Mushroom". If you are serious about attaining a more clear reason for being, you must travel outside of your comfort zone, your city/state or country and i would recommend heading to somewhere like Peru to undergo an Ayahuasca Ceremony. You will work out fine, Just remember always, 'Give what you Can, and Take what you Need'. - Wookiefoot(Check them out!) You've got to be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi And foremost, Our personal Health = The earth's health.

Mar 08, 2012
My conclusion
by: Anonymous

When i was around 15, maybe 16 at the most i had a experience .One i would never want to happen again.Just like ne other night living at my parents house, Being tied, jumping into bed.I had the lamp on, it was clear as day, but out of the corner of my eye i saw my blanket raising as if someone was also sliding in next to me ,yes it did freak me out a little ,i soon got over it fell asleep .

I do not recall the time i was woken. But i recall having Sleep paralysis ,looking at my bedroom ceiling watching everything in a 2 meter circle spinning and being ripped away into a deep black hole ,Where i saw a skull face that looked like a grim reaper .While i am watching this all unfold right in front of me i am screaming HELP!! HELP!! KELLY!! to my step sisters, her room was right next to mine ...but no noise was coming out.

The hole experience was unpleasant,like it was unnatural Demonic maybe.

It has been close to 10 years since i experienced that event & what brought it up was a conversation i had with my mum and i shared the story with her & her telling me how my real father had that happen to him & it changed him for the worst .She told me how he had the full Exorcism done to him.tho i was very young when he passed away.

My conclusion is....I was a lucky one.The Entity that try ed to make me it's own failed & was collected by That skull face i saw in that black hole.

If you happen to understand this field more then me, Maybe you could help me understand this alot better :)


Mar 08, 2012
Didnt know i wasn't the only
by: Anonymous

I'll try and describe what happend to me as best as i can.

I had, what i assume was a dream. It felt like I partially woke up in a groggy daze, like i was sedated or something. Which is wierd because i'm such a light sleeper a friend can come to my house and if the window is even slightly open, the friend can call my name 2 stories down and i will wake up at first or second call. I can't recall having any problem getting up at any point of the night, not since childhood which is ~20 years ago.

I think i managed to open my eyes a little, and it looked like about 2-3 creatures of some sort where pulling my left leg. I can't really remember clearly what they looked like only that they did not look human but more like rags of thin cloth or something, but i can remember that they behaved in a manner i would describe as rabid, cartoony like.

If you ever seen the movie Lion King, with the three hyenas, the one that was the most tweaked out of them. I think that would the best way to describe the behaviour or demeanor of them. What they were saying i can not remember, if they even said anything, but i do remember it was some kind of talking og noisemaking going on.

I remember i tried to drag my foot away from them, because it felt like they were pulling and tugging it away from under my bedcover on the left side and into the air above the bed. I think i managed to snag it from them at one point because i could feel my calf hit a footstool that is placed directly beside my bed, one that belongs to a recliner chair i bought a few years ago. What happend after then i don't know because i can not remember anything until i later woke up.

Now to what's troubling me. I have a cyst, or tumor thing, that was discovered summer 2011, on the plantar fascia ligament of the same left foot, that i'm waiting on getting examined closer after taking ultrasound in fall of 2011. Also since around the time of the ultrasound my leg has fallen more or less half-asleep from the hip down, to the point where i can not sit in a chair, or stand still upright, but have to either lie down or walk around.

I can not remember if i had this dream prior or after this was discovered. So it might just have been the irritating feeling in the leg/foot that caused it.

But i am a christian that believes in Jesus Christ, and i know the Bible talks about 'beings' that are not of the good kind. So i thought i would check it out, if only to see if someone had had a similar experience, and the first google search led me to this page.

I have not had any such experience prior or after this one, but it could very well have been sleep paralysis.

If you have some thoughts you'd like to share surrounding this, please send me an e-mail on maybeim[att] , you don't have to leave a name, or leave a comment here for me if that is possible. I'm quite puzzled by this.

Mar 11, 2012
Not all sleep paralysis or obe is evil
by: kabe

i guess most of the people here have had bad experiences with obe. Everyone can obe, it's a gift that we all have to discover. For some it comes easily and for some it takes meditation time. Have you heard of the quote what you think is what you get? That is true for obe. If next time you obe think that you want to go to a pleasant place, high frequency plane, and there you will swiftly be traveling at the speed of light. Dont think of a specific place jut think pleasant. If you happen to have an evil thought you will end up where there are spirits who are miserable, lower frequency plane. As for sleep paralysis, those dark spirits you see send some love and ask it to forgive u for the bad things to may have done to it knowing or unknowingly. And u dont even have to go through any religious cleansing or voodoo spell to keep it away. Nothing in this world is as powerful as pure love, mercy,forgiveness, being may be a good man in this present life but what about the things you did earlier in life or unknowingly your past life. See this is why we always live righteous now and it doesnt hurt to send good vibes to the people we hurt in the past by asking for forgiveness. contact me if u need more counseling on this.

Mar 12, 2012
I don't know what this is...
by: Miranda

I'm relieved to know that there's others out there that have the same problem as me. I hate to experience these types of things, especially when I'm at the age of 17.
I'm always scared to fall asleep at night, because when I do, I feel like there's something watching me on the left side of my bed. I always sleep facing the right of my wall with the covers over me, because I'm always scared to see what is watching me. I can't describe what it is, but everyday I see a shadowy figure either in my house, my room, or at school. Sometimes I even see it more than once in my dreams, as if this demonic shadow is attached to me or something. Few months passed, and everytime I fall asleep, I have these dreams that I can never understand; I'm in the dark and I can't find my way out, and I feel that shadow following me from behind and touching me as I go to God knows where. It either hits me (pinches, punches, or flicks) my arm or leg, or even scratches me on the stomach or neck. Once I wake up (this never fails) I wake up with a bunch of bruises or long cuts. My mom tells me that it must've been from my cats or my dog previously before I went to bed, but they never scratch me or give me any of those types of bruises.
I fear that this thing is really real, since technically my mom has experienced some activity around the house last friday afternoon while she was on her day off. She also saw the shadowy figure, and someone or something has been throwing one of my cats into the closet and locking them inside. She's the only one there, and it happened twice.
There's also these 2--um, I wouldn't call them little girls--but these little ones that were in more than one of my dreams. Whenever I see them in my dream, I'm always inside this dull dark house and I always see them coming towards me--and they call me "mommy". They even spoke to me in my dream saying that they were Ki and Mi (either that's their real name or I couldn't hear right), but their faces...they looked just like me when I was little! Like a dark and good side of me or something, but I also sometimes see these girls out of my dreams, especially at school.

Before we moved into this house, it was completely blessed from top to bottom, and I truly believe in Jesus Christ--but no matter how hard I try to ignore this thing, it just won't leave me alone. Right now, I feel that it's here watching me, just breathing on me as I type this. I usually hear it breathing; one time I heard it growl at me while I was trying to fall asleep, and even when I'm not asleep, it whispers something abnormal to me or it tries to get my attention by poking my arm, feeling my shoulder, or pulling my hair.

I honestly don't know what type of demon it is or what it wants from me, but for now I named it Tuli.

Mar 12, 2012
We're not alone.
by: SouloCutz

(written to my FB friends on February 21, 2012)

The weirdest thing happened while I was trying to sleep earlier. I had sleep paralysis on just my left hand twice. Both times I kept hearing this voice sounding like a robot or something saying numbers. I felt like I was being abducted because not only was my left hand numb it felt like a force was pulling it. I tried to break free the first time and the same thing happened a few seconds later. After breaking free that second time I got up to change my whole body position. Could there really be something among us? Was that just my mind playing tricks? I'm looking this up now.

(Written to my FB Friends today)

Earlier I had another sleep paralysis episode where I can actually see the arms holding me down. A few weeks ago, if you're just tuning in, I had one similar but instead of just holding me down it pulled my left hand as if it were trying to take me somewhere. My friends, I think I may have a demon.

Mar 13, 2012
hearing cats and evil vocies
by: lynn

My brother went through the same things. He hearing evil voices telling him to go to the woods middle of the night . We found out about the woods cause my mom followed him. Something he said about cats screaming, and growling. When he tried to commit sucided while bleeding he went to the woods and just stare in. Yes hhe still living and getting help.

Mar 13, 2012
I've always wondered
by: Anonymous

A few times in my life I have had very creepy episodes at night. The only correlation I can find is the times it has happend has always been when I'm extremely tired (exhausted). I've never seen a shadowy figure though. This is what happens. As I'm falling asleep I am aware that something is happening. I have a STRONG sense of being sucked downward and a buzzing sound that starts off low and gets progressively louder. I can't move. Sometimes I'm able to open my eyes which brings me out of it but as soon as my eyes close it starts up again. During these episodes I feel like I'm being swung violently in a circle up in the air and then thrown against the wall. It is so scary. I too, am a Christian and have always wondered if this was a demonic attact or simply physical exhaustion. I've asked people about it and I've never come across anyone who experienced anything like it. I haven't had an episode in years now and I'm grateful. I'm wondering if it is the same thing? I have never seen any figures around my bed. Like I said it has only happend when I've been extremely sleep deprived.

Mar 13, 2012
Nightly terrors
by: rk

Good day all

My story begins when I turned 21. My very first experience was a black shadow of a man in my bedroom door. As I lay there awake I asked him what he wanted in my house, not knowing that it was an otherworldly entity. It leaped from the door onto me and held me down for a minute or so, smothering me so that I could not speak or scream. I felt a fear unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
Then the insomnia hit. 3 months and little or no sleep. Soon I started seeing them. Large bat like creatures sitting in the corner of the ceiling or on my headboard, and always the choking feeling. Many times I'd hear the sound of wings, very much like a dragonfly's, only, it would grow very loud and sting my ears so painfully, that I would be driven to tears.
Then the sex, I was so embarrased and would not speak about it. Then they took on the shape of ppl I knew. Walking about in the house, or staring at me while I lay there struggling to be free.
One night as I lay sleeping, a deep dark fear came over me, I turned around in my bed (I slept with the light on for many years since it began) and there, sitting on my bed was what I believe to be Satan. A large figure with a hood covering its face, as black as the darkness of hell. It stared at me with no visible eyes.
At this point, eight years later, I had grown weary of fighting, turned around and curled up into a ball.
Not too long after I was having a nightmare that I was alone in a forest, mist everywhere. In the fog was a wolf creature millimeters from my face. I could smell its breath. As I woke up I heard its growl. There beside my bed lay a burnt body with its hand on my chest, trying to drag me down, possibly with it to hell.

I know this seems far fetched but its not even half of what I've seen. I thank the Lord I found your page and if anyone would like to share what they've experienced, or even pray my email is I am a christian and believe in Jesus, the name that has rescued me from these clutches. You may or may not believe me, but I believe there is a purpose for this suffering.

God bless all of you.

Mar 14, 2012
My sleep paralyzes....what's yours?
by: Kikyo

My first encounter was when I was like 11 years of age but when I was like 15 threw 18 they became frequent like ever other day... Before I didn't know what to do but until I started praying to God was when I got the strength to fight them off... For me it feels like I can't breath and my arms and hands are pin down to my bed I feel like I want to scream but I can't and yes it always is like right before am going to sleep like in the mist of it.... But yes my eyes are open and I can't move my mouth like it's stuck.... Now I don't see anything but once I did also see the grim reaper like laughing at me at the end of my bed and now I don't see anything but when ever that happens I start praying really loud in my head saying God please help me fight this devil that's in my presence.... That helped me for a while but after long it didn't help the feeling just got more intense after that so I wouldn't pray because it didn't help me.... But once it got really intense my eyes weren't open but I could see a dark red spiral mist with a black background and it felt evil very evil like I felt like I was going to die I could not breath at ALL. So some how I prayed and said to him forgive my lord and said out loud in my head " I AM GOD AND I WILL DESTOY YOU DEMON FIGHT ME SHOW YOUR SELF I FEEL NO FEAR I AM GOD" and then it stopped but I opened my eyes and started to pray and said to God to forgive for what I have said and I explain to him why I said such things... But ever since then they stopped.... I think God wants you to feel no fear when this happens like try to calm yourself and try your hardest to fight them.... Trust me if your confident in what your telling them they will stop bugging you. Well for a while at least because I had one just the other day but I was for a little bit but this time it sounded like something was climbing down my ceiling threw my closet door and feel in my carpet next to my bed it sounded like if it had 4 legs.... But I woke up saying out loud " God is with me you foolish demon God will always defeat the evil" my babies dad was tripping he was like are you ok babe... But having no fear and praying is what has helped me defeat the demon or sleep paralyzes....

Mar 18, 2012
by: tyler

like the one person said if u dont experice it youll never know the ture fear. im 24 now but my frist SP was when i was 16 and was by far the scaries one ive ever had. i came home for school and took a nap, i though i was awake but i was paralized could move or talk, only could see. a tall shadow/demon no face just soild black tall with long fingers standing at the foot of my bed it started crawling up my bed towards me i tried to yell but couldnt. then it pinned me to the bed and put pressure down on my chest as if trying to stick its had in my chest, fanilly i woke up scared to death, i felt if it want to harm me the image i still can remenber is awful.. im sure glad it didnt growl like it did to u guys. the shadow/demon was very scary looking just the 7ft tall with long fingers and i felt it crawling up me.... man the hair on my neck is standing up

Mar 19, 2012
Man in black
by: Anonymous

My son has been seeing a man in black. He's been seeing him for years. This man has hit him, and sent him in everyday living terror! My son has been sick for years. I am affraid for him and started to pray! It seems something evil is around my home! I'm starting to get affraid! Is he wanting to take my son!

Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

I've never actually experienced any of these but i'm
not saying it's not true. Since I've never actually experienced it i can't say if it's true or not but i don't doubt it and frankly won't be surprised if its true. I'm a spiritual guy and believe in the after life. You might wanna check this out, . I can't really say much but i think these are evil malicious spirits that may either be trying to posses your physical body or just there to cause any sort of harm.

Mar 19, 2012
Friends experience
by: Anonymous

A friend of mine said that she has experienced this before. She was sleeping then woke up (or so she thought) and felt like the was being strangled. She forced her eyes open and saw black bony hands on her face. She tried to scream but she couldn't.

Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure but i might have had something like this, though not as gruesome. It has happened 3 times and happened when i was sleeping on my stomach and my chin was resting on the pillow. I felt a pressure on my back and i thought i was awake but couldn't open my eyes. I never saw or heard anything but felt like i was being suffocated and there was something pressing on me. When i finally wake up i feel weird. Since i stopped sleeping on my belly it hasn't occurred anymore.

Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

i had the exact same thing one time and it was horrible. it felt like and hour and when i finally woke up a black figure came speeding through my doorbut he was just kind of floating and it happend in a split second and when his head almost touched mine i finally woke up and i was so scared, he had glowing purple like eyes. after that experience i didnt sleep for 3 days and when i finally slept everything was alright but i am really terrified of them and i just want to say that you shouldnt try this because how brave you may be, you will get frightened really bad and mayby even traumatized.

Mar 19, 2012
Other Dimesnions
by: Anonymous

I've been told that there are other dimensions/ spheres. We live in the gross material world (earth and all that) then there is the ethereal which is still in the material world but less dense than the gross material. Its the closest to us so its not uncommon to see stuff from there, usually stuff happen there before they happen here so when people foresee an event its from there. There are other dimensions/spheres like that, it gets lighter (possibly heavier as well but i will have to confirm) and for each one we have a different cloak that our spirit/soul wears. The higher above in the spheres the better, means your purer so you will meet purer souls there. I don't want to get into too much detail but it goes into minute detail in this book called in the light of truth: the grail message. i recommend you buy the book. Its by Abd-Ru-Shin

Mar 19, 2012
What was it really?
by: ANdrew

Hi, I only experienced that phenomenal only once 6 years ago when I was 12, Now I remember I could move normally, and that I was fully awake at the time, in fact it's just when I opened my eyes I saw the figure with it's blue eyes(after feeling a light pressure on my chest) I was wondering if my experience was the same as yours, because I didn't feel any numbness, or "false awake" feeling, and the figure ram away after I opened my eyes.

Mar 19, 2012
by: ann

i had a lot of experiences not as scary as yours but one that freak me out so bad that i'm still afraid.. what cought my attention here was the time that the entitie told you his name.. so i tried to found out what does it mean or is there someone related named that way and what i found is the meaning of the name darius wich i think the first meaning suits the situation perfectly: Darius is a male given name, etymologically it is the English transliteration of the Persian name, Dariush, its meaning is "HE POSSESSES" or "rich and kingly" wich for what i read is the first goal of the entities.. anyways what happened to me brought me closer to god and that helped me a lot.. sorry for my mistakes but my mother language is spanish.. hope ur ok!

Mar 19, 2012
Beliefs about spreading the secret
by: E

I won't talk about my experiences for now, but I was wondering one thing :
I always somehow thought that researching, talking or even thinking about these entities will "make them angry" and make them come.
Has anyone else had these kind of beliefs?? That was something that I just kinda knew (just like we all felt they are evil..). If they are really forces of evil or demons, that beliefs would really suit them, wouldn't you think so?
Thanks for your comments.

Mar 19, 2012
So why?
by: Anonymous

I'm shocked you all have had so scary experiences. I experince SP quite often, but I saw a black figure only one time beside my Bed. It didn't had any negative presentation at all, it was like a shadow staring at me. Later it caressed about my cheek and left.
SP is ALWAYS a bad experience to me, but my first meeting with one of these shadows was rather nice than frightening. It may felt pity for a little girl, I will never know ;)

Mar 19, 2012
My experences and how to escape sleep paralysis
by: Navitus

About my SP, OBE and shadow people experiences.

I have had many many sleep paralysis moments starting when I was a little kid of maybe 6 or 7 years of age I have not recently had them. Usually it would start with an simple dream that would turn into a nightmare usually one where I was chased by a man with no face then it would turn into Sleep Paralysis time where I would feel like a combination of getting stabbed and when you lose circulation in a part of your body right at my abdomen. It felt like an evil torture I always tried to wake up from.

I have not once seen the shadow people while asleep or in sleep paralysis there are the exception of their appearances in my dreams. In my dreams they sometimes appear, they are the most terrifying creatures I have ever seen or imagined. But the worst nightmare was what I call the underground golden city of evil dream; like the name suggests it was in an underground golden city but it was filled with evil more demonic looking shadow people the whole nightmare was me trying to escape the city. I do recall hazy memories of the shadow people while in sleep paralysis but not enough to be sure. when sleep paralysis starts it's like I enter my own dark secluded chamber sometimes still inside the nightmare I was having at the time all while being aware that I am sleeping and I have to wake up but I still feel the presence of evil even when not in SP. I may seen the shadow people while awake but I can't know for sure.

I have never had any kind of OBE and I have never seen my spirit or soul come out of my body.

Anyways there are 3 methods that I have found that work while in sleep paralysis for me.

1. Wait like a total helpless fool and try to struggle to get out of it, seriously this is the most annoying and worst way to get out of SP.

2. Try to move your hand to your eye lid and open it(Movement is possible during SP but it is hard to achieve). This should wake you up immediately but beware you may get a false wake up and end up fooling yourself because its not very easy to move your arm or hand while in sleep paralysis, it takes strong will to do this.

3. This last method is also a little bit hard. You must move your pelvis up in down. This gives the sensation known as the kick from the movie inception which will immediately wake you up and get you out of Sleep Paralysis also know as SP.


You may want to get up immediately and maybe walk or something because after waking up you may fall asleep again and return to your SP nightmare and not even be conscious about having fallen asleep again.

Mar 19, 2012
by: Marion O

I am 21 years old and I have been having SP since I was a kid.

My first experience was when I was just about 8 - 10 years old. I remember lying on my back when suddenly I could not move a muscle. I was awake, and I could look around using just my eyes. Suddenly, there was this floating black piece of cloth a few meters on my right.

This cloth resembled the veils worn by some religious women who pray the rosary in our country. It was floating serenely, in contrast to the frozen, chilling fear that I was feeling, as I was vulnerable to any kind of attack.

This black veil suddenly panned to the left, very, very slowly. I sensed some kind of an alien presence with it. The feeling that makes your hair rise, and your heart despair.

This happened decades ago, and I can still remember it vividly. I have had other experiences as terrifying as this, but my more recent experiences are more intense and frequent.

Just last week, I had one (1) to two (2) SPs EVERY day. I am so used to it that there are times when I would just 'sleep through it' if I could breathe properly . The most intense SPs happen when I was aware that 'it would happen in 3..2..1..'. Just as the other commenters recounted, they are aware when the event was just about to happen. In my case, there seem to be someone or something approaching (always from the open door), then instantly my body gets paralyzed.

My sensation remains in my body when I am in SP, I can still feeling the wind or anything touching my body, but I cannot simply order any muscle to move. Usually, I can only move my eyes AND my toes. One important thing to take note is that ONCE you find a part of you that you can move, start from that part and MOVE it until you take complete control of that part (e.g. toes up to legs up to whole body).

Taking complete control of the body relies on the strength of your WILL to move. It will be hard since as you try WILLING your whole body to move, you are assaulted by despair coupled with numbing fear. Whenever I 'see' an entity, it is usually hazy and is floathing in front of me. This happens NOT inside my mind, but in reality. This happens with my eyes open, seeing everything happen while I have no control whatsoever to the rest of my body.

Usually, I try to pray during this time, but sometimes I feel that it is kind of a 'dry' prayer. The assaults happen when I fail to pray and ask for protection before I sleep. Just keep praying and willing your own body to move. Nothing bad would really happen to you, unless the Paralysis keeps you from breathing. Remember you are still in control, it is your own body, and you will get over it soon enough.

Mar 20, 2012
sound fammiliar
by: Mike

i been having simmiliar experiance ever since i was 7 or 8... ussualy with me "waking up" but not being able to wake up and then see several dark hooded shade's standing around me sometimes even a white blurry something.
lately i am having more like "bad dreams" mostly me being chased around or my fammily being hurt or e ven my mother who turns into a evil entity that try's to choke me..
sometimes the terror's are so bad i just am afraid to go to sleep and i do not know how do deal with this...

if someone got some advice for me or help please do not hesitate to email me.

my email is :

Mar 20, 2012
i forgot
by: mike

i forgot to mention in my last comment that all of this mostly happen around 3:00 am

Mar 20, 2012
sp experience,dont know wether it's OBE or not
by: Barnley

well i'm still 16 y.o and i've been experiencing this kind situation several times. i wonder why in my dream i had very low level of consciousness and when i experience actually a shadow figure already stand in front of me,it's ALWAYS the same everytime i experience sp. i'm trying to wake but i can't,it's like hallucination that i have awoke,but surrounding still the same with different standing position of that shadow figure. in my dream i still had the same experience about difficulty in moving my limb since it's very heavy
and usually i awake by shouting in my dream,which also occurs in reality too,but in both of dream and reality i only can shout like dying people
i wonder if it's dangerous for my health
best regards

Mar 20, 2012
Lucid Dream about shadow figure
by: Anonymous

well i've been experiencing lucid dream lately and i wonder if what all i see is shadow figure without eyes / hood, but actually in my dream i'm being transported into different abbandoned building,but what the most frequent is my own bed room.
actually those shadow figures didn't attack me,but i'm always scared so once i tried to grab it,but when i tried to get closer i lose my strength,i fell to my bedroom floor, i still can move my hand to grab it leg,it was a successful attempt,what i feel is THICK BONE.
and the i tried to scream,but i don't have enough power to scream as loud as i can
i ended with my brother awake and tell me to shut,because i was shouting like dying people.
"hoorghhhh" that's what i shout in my dream.
and i also still in my bed,without moving any inches of my body,so i think it has similiarities with Barney story
i wonder wether it's dangerous for my health or not.
looking for your response

Mar 20, 2012
you're having the wrong reaction to this gift
by: Anonymous

hi, my name is augusto and i have 24 years old,
i've passed for this experience too, they are scary at first, a tall guy and a girl observing me with glowing red eyes while i sleep, this situation still occurs for a many times, i'm a mason so jesus is not a creed of mine. well i've been practiced occultism and witchcraft for a while, and my curiosity is always bigger than my fear, so last month i've tried to speak to them and they responded, they are guiding my research about the occult now, showing me symbols and asking trivial tasks in exchange for this knowledge, like some tatoos i've made and some animals i've killed, the girl asked me to stop seeing my girlfriend, but i'm willingly pay the price, they are good teacher's and not demons or bad at all.

Mar 20, 2012
Man in black
by: Anonymous

Well, I have gotten very serious about this black dressed man in my house bothering my son! I wen to go see the preist yesterday! He decided to come to my house and bless it and see my son! This darkness is really freaking me out and want my home to be better again!!!

Mar 22, 2012
happened to me
by: Some guy named %$@*

This had happened to me many times,but i didnt really see any dark figures. the 1st time this had happened to me was when i was 8 or 9 years old i guess. I moved my tongue to the left or right when i get that out of body experience thing, and i wake up when i do that but i know i was still asleep.

Mar 24, 2012
sleep attacks
by: kenneth

im 32 years old and has witnissed a excorcism in my grannys house by a pastor in port elizabeth at the age of 6. we grew up religious but in a broken home. my first encounter happened at about age 18 were a dark figure entered my room and said that hed been waiting long for this moment. i was rattled. soon after that i would wake up parilised at night and feel my body elevating above my bed as if something is trying to take my soul. its very scary and im totaly parilised. and it happens every few months.i sometimes manage to softly call my fiance anneline, but shes always fast asleep and of no help.when i regain my conscience and body control im scared to death and just hang onto her for comfort. its been 14 years of this ordeal. i need help

Mar 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Friends, if you need help, simply post your email address here, some (such as my self) will try to help you , give you advice as to how to control and counter it, etc. Goodluck to all!

Mar 25, 2012
Man in black
by: Anonymous

I been feeling alot better since the preist came into my home! My son has seen thing since he was 1 years old, and now is 17. Our animals see it to! First the experiences were good! But turned into something bad ! We have had things move around our home in front of our eyes! Strange thing doesn't matter where we move! I am terrified for my son! Now my youngest has been experiencing strange things now! I learned how to pray! And I am learning to deal with this! Just not learning how not to be scared!!!

Mar 25, 2012
To the Man in Black
by: believer

To the one who commented above, I am praying for you and your sons' safety. Keep the faith, and pray that you will be protected too. Remember, you will not be harmed if you keep the faith, you can feel fear, but you never give up. Goodluck and Godbless to us all.

Mar 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had a cold and had a dream where I got attacked by a shadowy figure with voided out eyes, they floated toward me from a ship on a black metal sea. The ghosts were shooting poison arrows at my chest. The figure grabbed me and touched my spine with it's claw. Then I heard a loud voice. "I AM. JESUS CHRIST!" The ghost let go of me and looked confused, it let go of my spine and I woke up. The poison arrows were my chest congestion. I threw up after that. Every time I have these weird dreams I pray in the dream and I wake up immediately.

Mar 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

WOW!!! Im totally breathless by all the people that have gone through this crazy sh*t! Ill tell u a honest to God life experince my gma was a very gifted woman she could see things b4 they happened it started when she was 7 she had a dream of overflowing water to the point she woke up screaming im drownding, well the next day they found her neighbor dead in the bathtub. Freaky right? ok well when I was 14 I lived in vegas with my big sis, my gma lived in cali My sis was married with a bby well she decided to go out 1 night I begged her to stay home My stomach was turning so bad cuz i knew something was going to happen to her well my phone rings about an hour later its my gma in cali 1st thing she said was whats wrong with your sister all I see is a gun something is going on!! I tryed to calm her and tell her she was ok with friends then i had another call it was metro police telling me my sister just had her husband chase her down and hold a loaded gun to her head she was shaken up but she was ok. I have always been bothered by there dark shadow things since i was a child they used to sit on my chest n hold me down but I had something happen to me the other night that straight scares the crap right outta me It was a tall dark figure I was awake and i watched it come up frm my basement right to my room it sucked all the air outtta me frm my mouth i woke up gasping for air. im a christian and i know for a fact only god can save me,the thing that gets me is my husband just found out hes skizo why do drs say that your a skito if you see and hear all these things?? i need HELP!

Mar 29, 2012
Ghosts in my house
by: Anonymous

Hi, just wanted to touch base and see if anyone has had this experience. My sis and I are seniors after midnight we lay in her new bed reading scriptures and listening to praise music, when a neading started at the foot of the bed you can feel the bed move like a light vibrator message. I picked my foot up and slammed it down and said not in the name of Jesus. It stopped, I went to my bedroom and during the night it started again at the foot of my bed, I tried to ignor the physical movement. Its a tormenting spirit and a harrassing spirit also a spirit of fear. Should we try to take a picture of it? What do you suggest?????

Mar 29, 2012
A Ghost in the House
by: Anonymous

Do you have a ghost in the house that can physically touch your feet or bed? He doesn't leave he is in the house at bedtime and keeps you awake in the middle of the night fr one til morning?

Mar 30, 2012
Midnight creature

I've always kept this a secret and tried to forget about it. When i was a kid growing up in Mexico, I remember encountering what seemed to be a black slimy reptilian creature. The best i can do to describe it is it resembled Randall from Monsters Inc. if you can picture that realistically. I remember it as a sort of dream that was all too real. It was pitch black and i remember bieng entranced as though something was calling me. It felt alot like when you realized you were just sleepwalking. Next thing i know i see a shadow crawl on a felled tree and all of a sudden it became visible. I saw the creature just freeze and then it just glared at me with its hideous face. I was paralyzed by fear and shock. After that all i remember is bieng awake and it wasnt like when your normally wake up. My theories now is that it mightve been a demon, something deffinaetly supernatural. Thats the only explanation i could think of. Thinking on it now that im older i know that no 5 year old kid could possibly imagine something that looked so real, I remember it so vividly. Just picture the texture of a salamander but about the size of a big dog and it was slimy black. If anyone has experienced something similiar, ols tell me...

Mar 31, 2012
thank you all
by: Travis vs

It is a relief to see these posts. I have been experiencing the same phenomenom. As mentioned it usually happens the moment I feel myself about to fall asleep. It is only when I've been on my back. Last time it happened the dark figure was a Old Russian lady- I called her the old corn lady- she sat on my chest and I could not move or breathe. It was absolutley terrifying. I also have what I believe is Exploding head syndrome. It's where you hear a loud popping noise, explosion or you name yelled at you by an unfamiliar voice right before deep sleep. I am suffering intense headaches and my neurologists can't do anything but perscibe meds. I'm frusterated. I don't know what has caused this. LSD maybe???

Mar 31, 2012
the best of service .
by: prestamo

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Mar 31, 2012
3 o'clock hour
by: 3am

I have had this happen since i was about 17..i have researched before several times over the years..It happened when i was young only when i slept on my back...I researched and found it was Out of body experiences, but unlike the free floating spirt like "out on a limb" movie i was terrified of being possessed,and i didn't know why,but i could just "feel" that it would happen if i left my body...I actually believed in science but science couldn't explain this so i searched all the religions and got saved and became a christian,,it happen one more time and at the time i was floating up i cried out "Jesus please make it stop" and it didn't happen again..

But here is how it went down...i would be going asleep and i would hear a loud ringing in my ears,,I would listen to the ringing and it would change from just ringing to a almost sleigh bell sound ringing,,every thing would flash like a strobe light and i would feel my self being paralyzed and i couldn't move,,i would then float up out of my body...if i could wake myself i would roll over and sleep on my stomach and it wouldn't happen again,,when i would wake up it was always in the 3am hour..

when i got older (about 30) my new wife said i snored and she wanted me get checked out for sleep abnea,, i had sleep study and they said my oxygen was great and i just snored,,then they wanted me to have further studies as i went into REM sleep immediately after sleeping and that was sign of narcolepsy...I didn't go any further as i researched narcolepsy and their is no cure and i didn't want that on my med record for nothing...but there are forums for narcolepsy and its funny how everybody experiences these exact same things!!!!!!

search narcolepsy and read some of the symptoms and experiences of people..ill post again with my opinions on this ..

Apr 01, 2012
Call Apon Jehovah
by: Anonymous

Jehovah is Gods personal name as pronounced in the English language. Those who call apon it will receive imediate protection from demonic activity, even if only in your mind you say it then he will listen and imediatly the attack will stop. Refer to Proverbs 18:10 where it says the name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous runs and is given protection. Also refer to Psalms 83:18 where it says: That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the most High over all the earth. The Demons shudder at the very mention of Gods name Jehovah. Once you reveive protection you should then start to take preventative measures in your life by identifying things that attract demonic activity, eg Bad music, Movies, Idols, spiritistic items books, pictures, second hand goods of unknown history, etc the list is long, refer to the 10 commandments at Exodus 20:4 to 17. May the True God now be with you who need his help.

Apr 02, 2012
its true
by: Anonymous

the oldest dream i can remember is about me banishing evil by the name of Jesus.

in all my dreaming life, i somehow manage to repel those nightmare just by saying in my mind / dream "in the name Jesus Christ i banish you" of course i say it in my main language, Indonesian.

then as times goes by, i feel ( knowingly ) that i am distancing myself from Jesus as i grew up with my rebellious teenage phase with all the substance abuse and sex going on in my life.

i had my first SP when i was 17/18, i have all the symptoms of not able to move an so on, and i see there is a dark figure in the corner of the room. i was scared of the dark figure because i dont know what it is, but that was it and didnt think much of it.

all of my bad behavior accumulated to the point i got a tribal dragon tattooed on my back, i was 21 yeas old.

about a week after i got it, i have a dream or now i think its more of a close encounter of demonic possession.

basically i feel something corrupting me, engulfing me and then try to go inside me through my mouth and throat, i just know this 'something' originated from my tattoo. i was rejecting it and again through years of habitual nightmare experience i call out to Jesus and tries to banish it.

i basically sat up in my bad i hear myself letting a demonic growl and can feel this thick black smoke coming out of my mouth and lungs, and as the smoke gets thinner i can hear my voice turning back slowly from a demonic growl to a normal scream. i know its like something out of supernatural tv series, but it felt that way for me and it is the truth.

i kid you not, it left me with no energy whatsoever, i never felt that weak, and im even too weak to feel frighten.. i lay back to bad and feel so tiny, like most of my existence was sucked out, and my small bed and room feels so big.. whats left is the feeling of humbled and saved.. and knowing Jesus is protecting me i could sleep like a baby after..

the next day i redone my tribal dragon tattoo to something abstract and pray to Jesus for forgiveness.

( to be continued )

Apr 02, 2012
its true
by: Anonymous

6 years latter i started learning lucid dream, did some research on it and manage to pull off some of them.. it was fun and all, but it feels like im having more and more nightmares after, like one nightmare every three normal dreams..

2 months ago i had another encounter, its different than any dreams because i know its EVIL.
its just plain EVIL. more evil feeling then the one i encounter in my SP when i was 17, or the dragon thing.. the shadow is on the corner of the ceiling, i know the feeling of love and hate, joy and sadness, but i never experience a feeling of something so EVIL, its just pure menacing ( sorry for my limited vocab )

i can never relate that evil feeling to anything in my life, even if i try to imagine a demon (with my limited imagination as a normal human would), and could get a creepy feeling out if it, it stills feels like sponge bob compare to that EVIL entity.
its an out of the world feeling that i thought i could NEVER know, but somehow experience. wide awake in terror i found my self praying the night off..

in one recent nightmare i actually had trouble overcoming it and had to call on Jesus more then once, i could feel for the first time im being overpowered, the feeling of me calling Jesus has less weight and power.. that i had to give A LOT more effort in believing those words, words that i have already recite hundreds of times in the past.. i never had this problem, in all dream experience i usually only need to say one sentence and it is more then enough.. this time i feel spiritually weak.

i didnt correlate the dark evil stuff to lucid dreaming or SP till i read most of the comments here, and i think im going to lay off my Lucid Dreaming adventure and try to get closer to Jesus instead.

word of advice, im not an everyday christian but Jesus knows im trying with all my limitation to become one, and with all my faults He still stays by my side with full of understanding and patience.

its never too late to go back, even when we thought we are the one letting Jesus go, the fact is He never lets go of us..

God Bless You..

Apr 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes in my last two comments above, english is not my main language.. and i spot loads of error but i could not edit or delete them..

thanks for understanding..

Apr 03, 2012
The "Choking"
by: Anonymous

The choking your feeling is a reaction of fear. You spiritual beings cannot harm your physical body therefore they couldn't choke you or push on your body, you just feel heavy because you're tired. I've experienced sleep paralysis multiple times and never experienced a single entity. I believe it may have been because I'm a generally positive person with no beliefs clouding my perception. I do have to admit I have felt some sort of evil presence as it happens and sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep as if it's trying to force me into it.
I feel like your choking feeling is more likely related to the fear of you seeing something that's not of this world, something that isn't supposed to be there.
Calm yourself before you sleep. Believe it or not find yourself a mantra or something. Meditate. As I've seen in this post it seems to be that a majority of you are practicing Christians or religious. I'm far from that, and I believe that may be why I've never experienced anything of the sort. Unrest is usually associated with stress which is associated with fear. Mix those with your beliefs and you get what you get. Why do you think people on LSD can have good trips (i.e. rainbows and unicorns) or bad trips (i.e. demons and entities)?

Apr 05, 2012
Death Angel
by: George in Greenfield MA

I saw this tall dark shawdow standing next to my bed in my sleep. I could not make out its shape only it was about 11 feet tall blended into the darkness. I could see it was looking down at me. I jumped out of bed, flicked on the light switch,my heart pounding. I figured I was dreaming,so I turned on the tv to try forget and calm down.A few hours later I went back to sleep.
The next morning I got dressed went down stairs out the front door onto the front porch. My landlady was watering her plants. When she saw me she asked me. Did you hear what happened to your neighbor in the apartment under you? I said no. She then told me he was not feeling good, so he went up to the hospital, where he died of a stroke.
That was the first time I saw this shadow. I saw it again while asleep pet sitting a friends dog at her apartment. After seeing it I blessed every door window in her apartment. I told her someone was going to die in that building, because I saw this thing.
She said It only a dream and thought I was being paranoid. About ten days later the guy in the 2nd floor apart died of a drug overdose. This death angel I know cannot touch me. I've have had the holy spirit come upon me years ago.

Apr 07, 2012
Believe in the demons and they will present themselves to you
by: Anonymous

Let go of fear, simple as that

Apr 09, 2012
all my life
by: Anonymous

Ever since I could remember, I have been dealing with dark entities. Especially when I moved to my dad's house in middle school. I would be sleeping and feel someone pushing down on my back and I couldn't move. I would feel my name being whispered. I would never walk down the hallway without the light being on because I saw a dark entity standing by my door. My niece, who was 2 at the time came over my dad's house and told me that the guy by my closet was scary. She pointed to the same spot I would occasionally see a dark shadow. Even waking up to my bed rocking from side to side. The scariest moment happened when I went to college. I was sleeping over my roommate's parents' house, when I woke up to be being pinned down and loud screeching in my ear. I was wake because I could see my roommate sleeping beside me, me trying to reach for her but not being able to. I smelled something burning and after a few seconds, it left me. I was so terrified I started crying waking my roommate up to pray with me. Lately, the entity has been pulling at my feet, pulling me off the bed. I can feel big hands wrapped around my ankles, pulling me halfway off the bed. I remember one time at school, I was sleeping on my side, I suddenly felt a presence walk up and stand behind me, when I turned, all I saw with black even with there was light in the room. I heard myself screaming but not really. While I pregnant sleeping over my boyfriend's house which he shared with his dad. I awoke to see the image of his dad standing in the doorway in the darkness. I couldn't see his face but only his body shape. He said nothing, just stood there. I nudged my. Boyfriend, but he didn't wake up. I just placed the covers over my head and held my stomach.
Today it happened again! I was taking a nap before returning to class lying across the bed, the tv was on. As the show went to a commercial and the screen went black, I saw a black entity but this time in a black cloak. Suddenly I was being held down and paralyzed. I felt again the pulling me off the bed, the tugging getting stronger as I resisted. I prayed, banishing the demon back to hell, praying to God.
I have talked to my mom about this, and she has a friend who studies demonology. She says that the demons know that God has a plan for me. I'm not even supposed to be alive. When I was four, my grandmother (my dad's mom) who died a month and a half after I was born came to me. She asked if I wanted to go with her. I asked if my mom could go and she said no. I said I didn't want to go then. The next morning I told my parents, telling my dad her name which he never told me. They were shocked. A week later I was almost killed by an 18-wheeler. . The is frustrating because I'm 23 and still scared of the dark, scared of silence because of what I might here. I'm always tired and emotionally drained. Every time I sleep somewhere, I have to bless that place. Rid it of bad spirits because I'm sensitive to encountering them.

Apr 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

ahahaha, these comments are brain washed fools and I have to find it hard to believe its not the author of this site typing this same stuff over and over... like who would even visit this site to comment as often as it shows? Honestly, what a laughable joke all this text is... holy ghosts and jesus, and people thinking they cannot be touched since they are blessed. ahahahah, yeah right you fools are wasting your life in hocus pocus made up stuff. There were no books or anything that long ago, so how could there be bibles and stuff? Its all made up to control dumber people to do what you want!

Apr 12, 2012
re: rofl "foolish" comment
by: Barney

You're comment is lacking any logical argument. You accused all those who've posted to be me but ironically left out your own identity. How did you end up on this page?

I don't think anyone here has the answers you already think you have so next time, unless you're willing to change your tone, choose a different Google result and move on and take your hostility with you.

Apr 12, 2012
re: rofl + (some more standard trolling title)
by: Anonymous

You might be right that there were no books, in the modern sense, with paper between to covers, im not sure. But there were scrolls, tablets and steeles and so on; all perfectly good to write upon. :)

So lets hope that He, who you say do not exist; forgive, chastise or rebuke you, whatever he sees fit for you. Until you realize that you shouldnt be so quick to answer things you know little about.

And it would be a smart choice to hope on the first alternative, and not the latter. :)

Apr 12, 2012
RE: name by Ann
by: Barney

Que tal Ann, soy Barney. muchisimas gracias por tú comentario!
Estoy muy bien este año, y tú como estás?

Dejame decirte que en ver el nombre "Darius" a la primera vista en lo que escribiste, mi corazón corrió muy rápido por que por unos momentos pensé que había encontrado alguien quién tambien escuchó el mismo nombre durante esa experiencia de parálisis.

Estoy de acuerdo contigo y si, he buscado en varias ocasiones el significado de ese nombre y aún estudié un poco sobre un rey que se llamaba Darius durante los tiempos bíblicos.

No te preocupes, tú inglés esta bastante bien, el que debe preocuparse soy yo porque el español es mi segundo idioma.

Espero que esas experiencias no te pasen mucho...

Apr 12, 2012
i dont know
by: chris

im not sure if im in the right place but i try any way i was in my bed thinking and i felt like i was shrinking i felt really really small i felt like i was in my bed but i was floating and i swear i could feel my heart pounding against the bed and i could my room mate snoring so loud like the sound was louder but in a smaller room i imagined my self floating in the bed not me floating but the bed and me or the bed spinning with me in it i used to get this feeling wen i was a kid alot i would be sitting in my chair at school and wuld feel like i was floating and spinning but i would feel like the i was doing it in or on i watever i felt like i was sitting on or standing on and wen i was younger than that i be in my bed and i would see the door open with a far away hallway light on and a dark figure i aasumed was my mom watching me in mt bed and i could see myself from a in the air poin ot view

Apr 13, 2012
Drained will.
by: Anonymous

I will wake up to this pressure in my head and my ears popping and I'm bound to my bed. I have to fight my way to move. This happens ever three months. And it only happens coming to a climax of falling asleep. Is it a demon?

Apr 14, 2012
Old Hag Link
by: Madison Meadows

I've had many experiences over the years w/ dark entities. I have blogged about the Old Hag. Please go to: to read more about my encounter w/ the Old Hag.

Apr 15, 2012
by: Andy

When i was a kid around 6 to 8 years, i used to see Shadow type figures move around my bedroom sometimes passing through me. Terrifying as it was i managed to get to sleep by repeating the word 'white' over an over.

I don't know if my recent experiences have any connection, but they appear of a different sort.

I am 24 now and in my opinion not very spiritually evolved. However..
As i am falling asleep i feel my imagination transforming into a dream. (a dense cold sense is sometimes felt) Its usually about that time when i feel an external force hit me like a jolt or slam. It is quite painful if only for a fraction. It knocks me out of thought and my reflexes kick in. One thing i feel sure of is that it is an external force that does it. Occasionally in crucial moments before hand i manage to open my eye's to to see an unrecognizable form about a foot above my chest. This form seems to take a couple seconds to disperse from sight. Iv come to believe that whatever is doing this to me doesn't want me to imagine creatively? I getting very concerned because these jolts/slams, are possibly doing serious harm to my brain. (and i get my fair share)

I am out raged about the situation, to suffer this sabotage from a cowardice bullys, taking shots at me from an unprotected and unexplainable position.

Can anyone shed some light on this at all? Any knowledge someone has is appreciated.

Apr 15, 2012
Enlightenment Pt.1
by: John Walker aka. SyxNyne

When I was 3 years old I was on the back of a tractor about 100 ft from the house as my father was driving the tractor somehow i slipped and fell down between the front wheel and the back tire. As the enormous back wheel was seconds from running over me I heard a loud scream and the tractor shut down then my father looked down and saw me. Ever since God has sent signs or I have witnessed only what as can describe as miracles. one of these which occured when I 15 yrs old and I slept on a fold out sofa that was in my room in front of the window. I had the lights off and I was laying on the sofa watching tv attempting to fall asleep. I closed my eyes the first time and could not go to sleep I closed my eyes again still couldnt fall asleep. On the third try when I opened my eyes the room was 3 times darker than it was. I thought what in the world and tried to move and couldnt. I was paralyzed from the neck down the tv was way off in the distance and the voice of the tv was of an echo. The light shined from the moon into the window and as I turned my head to look up at the window, there was a black shadow figure as that of a person sitting on the back of the sofa over me looking down at me. It had no eyes or way of determining whether it was male or female. I was terrified. As the tears rolled from my eyes I tried to scream out and behold no voice would come. I closed my eyes and began to pray from within and instantly when I opened my eyes everything was back to normal. Child, I jumped up off that sofa and ran through the house turning on every light waking up everybody. I never knew this wpuld be the beginning of many incidents in my life of the supernatural and spiritual including visions that come true and a relationship with God that doesnt quite fit with religious persuasion. He has shown me my mistakes and loves me enough to help me correct them and love others. I dont ask God why he has given me these blessings I just ask him what to do with them. I will share more of my witnessings later. Thank you and God Bless!

Apr 17, 2012
They won't leave me alone
by: Jerry ABRAMS

Use your motion detector on your iPhone download it from market. Set it up at night they stand at the foot of my bed all the time an put me under paralysis is true. OMG its true! !!!!!!

Apr 21, 2012
dark shadows passing as angels
by: melissa

i dont do drugs but i drink and this past three days ive been drinking in a huge party but when i finally rested from all the party thats when i had my last experience because ive seen the shadows, and all but this was different. First i dreamed there was this wedding who i didnt know the person and as i walk closer to the bride, the grim reaper was there he told me i had a few days to live a screamed no. I woke up well no i didnt i saw an angel a very handsome man but something was wrong telling everything was gonna be alright and i had 6 angels watching me weird. i woke up for real then i fell asleep. then one my angels was dying as i held his hand he turned on me touched my forehead and i felt i jolt in my chest and i got out of my body my room was trembling and i couldnt move and they were throwing my pillows to the floor and i beg to stop and i woke up. This morning i see my tile on the floor cracked where the angel or something evil made me get out of my body. I need someone to help me on this i dunno what to think about it.

Apr 21, 2012
by: jamie

I just came across your story by accident. However, I'm completely spooked out. I promise I have gone through the exact same thing. It's been rare through out my life but I had an apartment once that had an evil in it and for the 3 months that I lived there I was pinned down nightly completely utterly terrified. Worst experience in life by far is sp.

Apr 23, 2012
Demonic Lettering
by: Jim11

Someone please tell me what I experienced. I was in a deep sleep about a week ago and the dream as completely positive and then all of a sudden demonic lettering starting scrolling and a creepy ass noise was going off. While this was happening it felt as is something was entering the back of my head(stranges feeling ever!). I am not religious at all...but I instinctly started repeating Jesus something over and over and then the entity gave up trying to enter me or something. I woke up feeling as if that was 100 percent real...and I can usually differentiate the dream world from the real world but this time I was clueless to whether this actually happened or not. Please let me know any info about this.

Apr 24, 2012
its getting really bad.
by: richard.

i`m 35 yrs old and for the past 20 yrs i`ve been getting people in my room, over the last few yrs the man(shadow man?) has been getting closer to me, when it started he would just stand near my bed or at the door but lately he`s now getting really close, i hear him enter the house by the front door walk up the stairs to my bedroom door, next he starts to open it and slowly walk around to my side of the bed and thats when i unable to move, i scream my head off and try to wake and move, he has no face he`s in black with a big black hat, last night he was telling me its time i went with him, i try but my body does not let me go with him, why???? i need to found out where we are going! please help me,

Apr 24, 2012
It happend again...somewhat
by: Written before

A couple of nights ago, i apparently woke in the middle of the night, and could barely get my eyelids open. I could hear some russling in some papers and dvdcovers by the side of my bed, and then below the bed (also a place full of clutter lol).

I tried to rise up and force my eyes open but i could barely lift my arms and sound i tried to make didnt come out eventhough i bit my teeth together and tried forcing some kind of sound.

I think i managed to get my arms a little off the bed but im not sure. My right leg i could move and i lifted it a little above the bed and slammed it into the mattres. That when i hear some kind of growling noise from under the bed just close to the wall on my left side, and i got the impression the bed started shaking.

Lately i've grown accustomed to having one earpiece of my mp3 player in the ear with the kjv on, and i did not feel so frightened this time as when the group of tweaked out lionking-hyena-eyes looking kind of floating rags visited. So i started praying and went back to sleep. I surprised myself at how calm i became then.

Could be the bible listening that trigged the dream, i dont know, but i had not the habit of listening while sleeping first time it happend.

Apr 30, 2012
My deonic blanketing experiences explained
by: RA

I am going to first say that as a Christian in my soul and heart,(devoted deep down, cannot be shaken)not very church y though.I know who these strong entities are. I always knew I had a spiritual gift,I know now that as a seer for GOD, I comfort others.Yet, I will tell you that I was not infallible to demonic interference. I will share some profound real experiences in hopes to encourage you to trust God with all your heart mind, and being (soul)at all times. The reason I say this is, because if you do not you may become possessed because you are weak willed and self dependent, and they know this. You must be strengthened by the partnership of the holy spirit. DO it! I had a butterfly land on my hand twice when I asked it nicely. I was driving drunk (stupid)years ago and there was a large body of water directly to my left. I fell asleep, I felt this push on my shoulder wake me up before this car in front of me (10 feet in front)killed me, I also felt the wheel tug me to the right(too drunk to do myself). Now for the bad stuff. I was dealing with getting off cocaine and my son who was 14 at the time had been doing Ouija, and acting like he was a demon, pulling butcher knives on me saying he was going to kill me.etc. One night I pulled his bed into my room and talked him to sleep (boring mom)then I dreamed (not a dream) a bright green monster was gripping my right wrist with sharp claws,and I felt weight on my chest,I kept shaking my right arm and mentally saying get off me! Suddenly the lady of the house turned on the light she heard something. Just then the monster jumped of my wrist and she asked if I saw it? I said what? she said this black mass just jumped off me and flew out of the corner of the ceiling. I think this thing jumped off my son and onto me. I have had more experiences. I just want to tell you that We are soul. We are encouraged in the bible to seek peace and pursue it (at the risk of sounding boring) and also to be strong. WITHIN!!!!!!!!!! FAITH that cannot be shaken,I fought that thing and it could not get in cause I was already filled up with faith. Now do you understand?

Apr 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

pray and hope Jesus will do it as promised

Apr 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Many people think that they are saved when they are not, and they are attacked just the same as a nonbeliever. One must have the Holy Spirit in them. It causes a shield of light to surround your body, and anything demonic just bounces off of it. Just ask God to bring His Holy Spirit into you, and you will never be bothered again. I know this because black magicians have told me that they cannot touch some Christians or send demons into them because they have a protective light surrounding them, and I ceased to be attacked when I received the Holy Spirit.
God Bless

May 02, 2012
Shadow men
by: Spacegal

I had the same experiences back in the 90's.It would happen every few months, but nothing predictable. When the first one happened,I felt a small feeling of dread before I went to sleep.I felt like maybe something wasn't right in my family.I called around and everyone was fine so I slept.I immediately had an out of body experience. Then I suddenly got pulled back in by the shadow man standing at the end of my bed. He jumped on me and I felt him pushing my chest and pushing my neck back so far i thought it would snap. I finally was able to move - but thought i was going to die.I sat up and put the light on, my heart pounding. Nothing happened for months.The second visit I was at someone else's house.I fell asleep, same small feeling of dread. Immediately into my sleep a door opened from another realm and the shadow man walked in. I immediately went into sp and he jumped on me. I looked around the room and saw two pictures behind the bed. Pinky and Little Boy Blue. I finally got out of sleep and there were those two pictures behind the bed. I saw them. Months went by and I had a horrible experience. This time I fell asleep and the shadow man crawled across my bed toward me slowly while I was paralyzed. I tried to scream, nothing. When I finally got up I freaked out and left lights on for months. Almost a year went by. My then boyfriend and I went to Mexico for a weekend. We came back and fell asleep in his room. I felt the dread, then I saw the shadow man in my boyfriend's window coming in. He jumped on me - but I was able to get out of it faster than usual. I was awake and able to move so I rolled over to my boyfriend and hid my head in his back, as it was to me. He asked me if I was awake, I said yes. He said, did you see that in my room. I froze. I said did I see what? A shadow man? He said yes and we both freaked out. HE SAW IT! I was not imagining it. So he had a bible and I asked him to pray to his God, who is became my God after that day. We got baptized later, months down the road. I was asleep in my room at home, and I felt the shadow man outside my room the night before we got baptized. I actually told him to get out, I am being baptized in my mind of course. Then I started screaming prayer. He went away. I have not seen him since, but I was partying a lot then. I no longer go to church, but I have never forgotten the behavior that got me to that place. If you have never experienced the Shadow man you don't know the terror of death that it brings. My ex boyfriend is now a pastor in a church due to that evening he saw the shadow man jump on me. it's another realm they live in. I feel sorry for the kids that experienced these visits young. They are innocents. I was able to get rid of it, but I still think about it all the time. They are real.

May 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

i read alotta of these comments and the sleep thing happens to me often. i lay down and bout 3 mins later i i feel like somebody is laying on top of me. every single piece of hair on my body is standing up. its soo hard to explain. but for some reason the last 2 times this had happened to me when i finally gained strength to get up i have heard a very creepy mans voice on the tv speaking a different language i think? it was very scary. i just want to kno if this has ever happened to anyone else. i never really talked to anyone cause i dont wanna sound crazy. the first time i ignored it but the 2nd time it happened it was at like 3 in the morn and the sound came from my little brothers room and dora the explorer was on and everyone was sleeping. i have also laid down and i felt and heard a very loud breath right in my ear. all the windows were closed and i had no fan on and when i looked around the room noone was their.. idk whats going on but its pretty scary..

May 09, 2012
me too
by: Anonymous

from when I can remember I was about eleven years old and I felt a sort of sitting or force on my chest and I couldnt see anything at first but i felt the evil pulling me from within if that makes any sense. Then I remember as a teenager i felt it again it always happened as soon as I would fall asleep and i couldnt move or make a sound but i was screaming out jesus name in my spirit thats the only way i can decribe it. Then the other time when I was about 25 years old and it was happening when I was sleep and my three year old at the time told me she saw a black shadow man with a hood and red eyes looking at us as she was trying to wake me at the exact same time i was in a paralyis state then the last time which was recently I was at my old apartment and i began to fal asleep and I felt that pressure in my chest it was almost like I was somewhere else but still in my bedroom and in the left corner of the ceiling was a black shadow figure of a man which put me in the mind of like spiderman no not literally but the shape of the shadow in the corner of the ceiling looking directly at me as i struggled to scream in my sleep and even wake up I pleaded the blood of jesus . That was this past december.

May 11, 2012
Place a mirror above your head/bed
by: Anonymous

My first experience was when I was about 10yrs old. I awoke paralized and with fear sayimg to myself, the devil, the devil and a cross on my wall popped off onto the floor.
It wasnt until I was in my twenties I began having more regularly, I am now 40. I've gotten used to them now and am able to talk myself thru them. It's always the same impending doom with death sure to follow. Sometimes a figure in the room, sometimes a voice with hot breath.
With research, I do believe they come when I am in deep emotional termoil with a decision to be made. Always while sleeping on my back tho my resent was while sleeping on my side this one associated with alien type visit & strange dub-type sounds and strong physical movements.
Someone told me to place a mirror above my head while sleeping to scare away domons. This worked until I took it down. I had an episode the next night!

May 11, 2012
damn you deceivers
by: Anonymous

Is this a creepy christian site? Theres gotta be sompin in d buybull about deceiving people. You guys are creepy sneaky slithering parasites.

May 15, 2012
not the occult
by: Anonymous

ive been having these issues for as long as i can remember even my 3-4 year old brother gets it but i in know way think its the occult i met someone when i went away to basic training that was in an occult and he told us about stuff they would do i believe its simply evil spirits in another realm that and i believe the god/s u all believe in are actually just beings not from this world and most of the evils committed in this world is because of religion wars in the name of god? i mean come on i find most religions to be so contradicting but thats just my view

May 17, 2012
Sleep Paralysis/Demonic Attacks
by: Pants

Ladies and gentlemen,

I started experiencing SP back in the late 90's. On one occasion an evil spirit pretended to be my grandmother and entered my body (I felt an electrical pulsation go throughout). Things have become way worse since then.

I have a question for PK: how did you manage to kill them or send them to hell? I've recently been able to break free of the paralysis and throw punches at them. I really want to develop my ability to fight.

May 21, 2012
My Sleep Paralysis beliefs...
by: Ricky

I too have recently had a similar experience, just woke up a couple hours ago as well from sleep paralysis. I am also a strong Christian believer, however I no longer attend services nor hardly read my bible...

I am 29/m ever since I could remember I have told my parents "The devil is after me", why I do not know...

What I do know is what just happened, I thought I woke up several times but these feelings were false only to terrify me more...

I could feel energy of an evil nature flowing through my body and recall seeing the color amber flowing through just as fast, It is the opposite of what the holy ghost feels like, and with a color instead, to put it simply my entire body felt immobilized with a force not of this world as if when one's arm falls asleep but all over and very evil.

What I found most terrifying was that this force was stronger than my vocal chords as in I could not scream out no matter how hard I tried...

The second to last element was if I touched my head I could feel a bolt sticking out of each side above my ears, apparently when I grabbed these the force was even stronger...

After several times of believing I was kicking and screaming towards my fiance I saw to men focusing on me and talking as if they were in an altercation about to go bad with me involved...

At this time I screamed to where my fiance woke up and shook me awake, I woke up sweaty, clammy, terrified, panicky, but relieved to be wide awake after only 2 hours of sleep last night.

What made this all too real is that I experienced much of what was described ahead of this comment I am leaving. I knew I was in bed, I knew my fiance was sleeping, I could see down on us and feel the cold air of our A/C unit etc...

Not only do I share this for knowledge, but I too seek answers...Can the human body be haunted like a house and not possessed?

Feel free to email me at if you wish too. I am very open to discussing this to learn more...

May 22, 2012
Sp my whole life
by: meredith

I grew up in a very during christian house hold. Never missed church. At a very young age I encountered demonic spirits in my room at night. One night in particular I some up to a very talk man and short woman standing in my door way. I knew it was demonic and I was in sheer fear. I was paralyzed from head to toe. I could not move, talk, scream etc..I started to command thademon out of my house in the name of jesus and quotedthe scriptures in my head until It went away. I have had this happen many many times since in my life. I believe that some people are more in tune to the spirit realm. I pray the blood of jesus over my house and family daily and since have not had any encounters. Where the Lord is the devil can not be!!

May 26, 2012
Get Saved
by: Jamie Thompson

Let this be a warning to the unsaved and non believers! My advice is to seek out a good Baptist Pastor and ask how you can become saved !

May 27, 2012
may 27th 2012
by: Jeff

im 17yrs old, ive been having these nightmares of these figures ever since i was younger i recall an instance when i was 4 where i was in my parents bed with my older brother and he was sound asleep and a dark shadow crept around the bottom of the bed and i was fighting to scream but not a word came out. since i turned 15 for two yrs the nightmares have been happening often, i fall into a almost inbetween sleep and reality i see everything in my room as if it were real. it is the most horrific thing i endure. i woke up from one of these nightmares and heard a voice tell me "you are going to die" im not sure if i was still in the state of sp but i heard it as if it were crystal clear. that night after waking up i was frightened of everything around me, due to the fact it was so real, the nightmare. i am writing now because i just woke up from one of these episodes. it was different though, because my door crept open and i felt a demonic or devilish presence and it felt as tho my spirit were taken out of my chest. earlier in the dream i remember seeing almost above myself throwing up into a toilet in my bathroom for no reason then calling my mom then waking up into the door creeping open. these nightmares in my case can be triggered by drinking arizona ice tea before i sleep im guessing from the caffene.. these nightmares have really effected my performance in school due to lack of sleep, i have trouble sleeping in my own bed because im scared to. i can go to sleep for 5 minutes then fall into sp. its something that is difficult to deal with, but it is something you must realize is JUST A DREAM! tell yourself instead of trying to move to "go away" if you see a shadow figure because your in control of your thoughts. i have been scared to the point ive stayed up for almost 3 days and many days with either an hour or less of sleep. try to clear your thoughts and worries before you sleep.

May 27, 2012
evil forces attaking on your sleep
by: Juan

Desde que era un niño queria encontrar la verdad y eso me a dado muchas experincias buenas y malas tanbien. No soy religioso pero me deleito en las cosas espirituales, se que existe DIOS y todo probiene por medio de el ,hay muchas experincias no muy agradables que nos pasan para nuestro progreso personal y otras por meter las narises donde no nos corresponde y tenemos que sufrir la consecuencia de eso, quiero relatar mis experiecias sobre el tema de sleep paralysis, lucid dreams ,false awakes and evil foces attacking me.
I want to start with evil forces attacking me, the first time it was when i was trying to make a change in my life and live a more spiritual life according to my limited understanding, one night i was sleeping face up and i could see the room but I could not move or speak then i felt that someone jump on my chest and start to slapping my face real fast at this point i was in terror ,I try to scream at my cusin that was sleeping across from my bed and i can clearly see him but no sound would come out of me, then in my on head i said in the name of Jesus be gone ,I soon as i said the pressure of my chest left and I recover control of my body it was the scariest thing ever happen to me at the time. The second time i was trying to go to sleep face down (this was years after the first time i was married with 2 kids) then I thought to my self Juan you forgot to pray then i heard some one why don't you pray to the devil instead then i said no i only pray to my heavenly father (i probably sound like a nut job by now but is the true) then I felt like someone grab me by my hair and pull me half way out of my body (i can see my self laid in bed face down) I could hear someone luke he was talking in slow motion i did not understand anything and i also heard like people were opening doors with a svranchie sound, this time i was not afraid and i didnt fight it and I repeat the same words as before, he left me but before he did he laugh right next to my ear my spirt drop to my body and i can move again. The 3rd time happen 6 years after , i was sleeping on my left side the for some odd reason I start to feel scared for no logic reason then I said to my self don't be afraid cause when you do the devil win then i felt someone embrace from behind and couldn't move I quickly repeat the words I said before and he left but this time a heard a voice in my head never to be afraid because there is an Angel per person watching over us.....this were not sleep paralysis , I hope some one can relate to my experiecias

May 28, 2012
SP is Demonic and videos and such will do nothing
by: Warrior For Christ!

The whole reason why these things happen is because we have opened up the door to demonic depression either by sinning or opening the door to some kind of demonic power, games, books, etc once your free will decision opened up access for them to try and take possession of your mind, body and spirit, the only way to get rid of it is accepting Christ as your Savior and denouce the evil and sin in your life call them out and decline them with the name of jesus and cast them out of your life with giving your life "spirit" to Christ. Doesn't matter what you believe it is the truth and when Christ is the center and first in your life, then you can conquer the demons no other methods will work, so denouce whatever it is that is holding you back from coming to Christ or if you already are then it's something in your faith or believe that is not in accordance with the truth, Victory is in Scripture, the Word Of God defeats the demonic power. That's it NO JOKE!

May 28, 2012
This is interesting . . .
by: Anonymous

Interesting, I myself had an encounter. At 4:16 am (remembered the time because of how freaky the phenomena was). I usually wake to get some time for breakfast before school (In 2006 I was 16 atm). I have a curtain on my doorway instead of a door. I turned on my lamp and expected to see my grandma in the doorway when I heard something open it and there I saw red eyes with blue irises staring at me. I could feel it was reading my mind so I told it in my head 'I know you are reading my thoughts and you are only craving attention but unfortunately you have picked the wrong person. I like all creations of God whether they are good or turned evil. If you really want to hurt me go ahead, otherwise pls leave.' Its eyes widened as if surprised and it scrambled off.

May 28, 2012
Continuation of 'This is Interesting . . . '
by: Anonymous

. . . Also to add, this thing would played pranks on me and knew how to switch power in the house on and off using the circuit breaker. It would only play pranks when I was the only one conscious or around. (This explains why some people blame mental illness for activities). Christ is the suggested way to keep this from you. Stay with a positive belief. I have also noticed the activities shrunk greatly when I met my husband in high school (which I don't know why - maybe happiness?) Whatever the case heed others' warning and keep from the dark stuff unless you know what you are doing cause it does get serious. Get professional help if things still happen even when everything else is said and done.

May 30, 2012
Demonic Attack
by: Kevin L.

Fellows, you are all under demonic attack. Satan is attempting to prevent you from doing something. Yes there is a spirit realm, unfortunately, most of us are not able to view into it and keep our sanity. Pray daily, because I believe that Satan wants to affect your relationship with Christ… Yes, I have had sp. It’s not a good feeling. I have seen people walking through my bedroom like they were natural people. I do not and have never done drugs or made a habit of being drunk even though I did drink socially at one point during my younger years. I can tell you something that may help! Read the bible daily! Especially, read and ponder on Psalms 51 and 91. This will help you to overcome your attacks. You don’t have anything to lose, if you prove me wrong but you won’t. Be Blessed.

Jun 10, 2012
by: Oddfellow

Its re assuring to hear so many people have similar experiences. Regardless of what you believe shadow people can't hurt you and fighting the choking feeling or attacks and feeling of dread are counter productive. BEST THING TO DO is remember, if you can, these experiences can't harm you physically mentally or spiritually and you wont suffocate. Fighting the paralysis makes you panic more and thinking they are demons or something will only add to the terror. There is no heaven or hell outside of your own mind.

Jun 13, 2012
It happened to me too
by: Nia

Hey there, my name is Nia, I'm from Romania and I've been experiencing SP since I was about 14. Fortunately, these experiences stopped when I was about 18, but 4 years of sleepless nights changed me for ever. I used to be a very sociable outgoing girl, but I feel that the demons sucked all the life from me and turned me into an evil girl who joins watching horror scenes and who hates everybody. As I said before, the SP's stopped when I was about 18, unexplainable. I have to mention the fact that I had that experiences only in one house, in other places having no problem in encountering SP's. Lately, I began remembering about these horrible moments from my life ( because I was convinced that I was just crazy and I obliged myself to forget all these moments and to think they never happened, that they were not real), and I'm afraid the SP's will appear again. I am not religious, I became an atheist because of the SP's because I was praying for help every single day, but I got no help, things getting worse. I am very thankful that I discovered this website, it feels great to know that other people lived what I lived, and I feel understood. It's terrible to tell my parents what I've been gone through and my father to take me to the hospital for insane people. I think that these demons attack weak people, because since I became a stron g woman, I didn't encounter any other demons. And I hope I will never have again! It almost drove me to suicide, being very desperate. Be strong my friends, be strong! All the best!

Jun 14, 2012
I see and feel them too
by: Anonymous

When I was Young I saw Spirits and Demons. At first I thought I was just dreaming, but then I woke up agian and saw them. My Perents were told that I am demon posest, but what they did only made things worse. I now hid behind my walls with a fake smile to everyone I know. The Pain I have in my head never goes away. I Tried everything. I am very awear of what is going on my Eyes are open to the lies hidden behind the Walls what you people call life. It is good to live a lie you don't have to prove anyone right. I am 21 Years Old now and I can still feel there presence. I wake up a lot of times at night trying to move, but can't. I have gotten stronger and stronger this past year I learned to live with this curse or not. I see the future of othere people and I can even see things that happen in the past to people I don't even know. I have proven this to a lot of people. I can't not control it. I sence something comeing this Year. BE awear and awake ! I can't save I can just warn. I Never told this to any one Thats why I am now I don't care anymore. My life is over in the inside. I just wish people would wake up. Anyways you all shared so I will too. Good Luck world.

Jun 14, 2012
I have seen them
by: jimbo

I have also seen these two dark shadow men. I was sleeping in a tent in the back yard and I awoke during the night and there was two men in the outside of the entrance talking about me, I got up and they walked away, I thought they were my friends messing with me, when I went were they went they disspared like within 4 ft of me. My mother has also seen them, they were talking about her in her room, and when she got up they walked into the kitchen and dissapred. I do not know what these things are, they could be demons, what ever they are they can move into this world into theres pretty quick.

Jun 21, 2012
I had a similar experience when I was younger
by: Anonymous

When I was young, this shadowy bishop like figure would walk out of my closet. I would normally hide under the bankets and it would leave until one day. That one day, I had gained the courage to fight the shadow and watch it disappear. I let it get closer, and closer till it finally held out its right arm. That scared me right under the covers. I never have seen this figure after that. These occurences always happened on a Sunday morning, right after I would wake up. I told this story at a friend's, and his fireplace went out after the words "I never saw it again."

Jun 21, 2012
Im scared
by: Alondra

Im 15 and So i have never seen any scary things while im in PS but today i had the wierdest PS ever i was asleepbi could hear my parents going of to work and i wanted to say bye but put of nowhere i feel an electryfing feeling and pulls me i get back to my body and then again tryes to pull me away i dont know what it is but im really scared ,

Jun 24, 2012
Sleep Paralysis
by: Hazii

Thank you for sharing this information. It helps me to understand what am going through.

God Bless - Hazii

Jun 26, 2012
Resisting the devil
by: Anonymous

I read your story and some of the comments and it sounds like it can be a very scary time. I do agree that there is a spiritual realm that we cannot see. I do not believe that its God's will for us to be tormented by demons and we do have power and authority over them because greater is He that is within us than he who is in the world. How about getting an Audio bible and playing it in your bedroom the whole night. The Word of God spoken in your home will drive the enemy away. Play worship music too all night. REBUKE that devil and RESIST him by living a holy life and he will flee from you. I pray that you all get God's peace in your life. Amen.

Jul 06, 2012
I can top it
by: Tommy

I am agnostic. My new girlfriend is as I call her....Hells christian. She has a devout love of god and Jesus but she made a pact with a dark one. It is with her always. The price she paid is she lost her ability to have real emotions. Her therapists are always in awe of her. They've mever seen anything like her. Because of her and her friend, I am starting to believe. I am just afraid of what it could do to her. She's considering a nunnery until it leaves, but what can she do if it wont leave?

Jul 10, 2012
My experiences
by: Anonymous

I have had occurrences where i have actually stopped breathing 2 times now it is the scariest thing I've ever been through and I'm not one to get scared easily mine have a single dark figure that has repeatedly try and physically harm me i actually just had one where this figure was literally choking the life from me my little brother tried to wake me but when he screamed for me to wake up the figure squeezed harder. So yeah anyone that has these experiences my heart goes out to you cause they can get scary.

Jul 11, 2012
agnostic, new girlfriend pt 1
by: Texas

I'm not an expert. Thought I should let you know I'm not claiming to be a source of authority. Yet, I believe in Jesus Christ, the awesome power in His name and the authority He has over all things including the spiritual word. I've had terrifying experiences every-so-often for most of my life, most of which I now understand/believe to have been aimed at misguiding my belief system and getting me off my spiritual path.

I can't know much about your specific situation, but I do firmly believe Jesus Christ has authority over darkness. If she is 100% willing to submit to the power of Jesus Christ and have a priest or person of the Christian Faith lay hands upon her with intent to exorcise the dark entity... the power of Jesus Christ will prevail. If even an exorcism or laying of hands fails, I would be very concerned that she is unwilling to let this evil leave.

Seek help. Don't wait. Be alert. The situation you describe could very well be intended to lure you into something dark. Like I said I couldn't know, and I'm not trying to judge her. She very well could need your help.

I never understood the idea behind the saying "a wolf in sheep's clothing" (search biblical scripture if you're interested) until I met a particular person in life. Someone who sounds similar to your girlfriend. I always thought if a person claims Christ, certainly they are "good" and have "good intentions." Then I read biblical passages about such "wolves" in the bible and put deep thought into the passages. Did you know it was the "super religious" (at least outwardly) who conspired to have Jesus Christ killed? There are in fact false prophets and people who claim to be religious living among us who have very ill intentions. It is hard to accept, but when I re-read biblical passages as an adult I found so many mentions/warnings about these "wolves."

Jul 11, 2012
for Tommy the agnostic w/ new GF pt 2
by: Texas

I am spending my time writing to you as I also am experiencing the negative impact of dark forces at work, and understand how confusing it must be for you. It's odd that this is the path which had brought you to the brink of belief in Christ;but for some people seeing is believing.

First and foremost, please reflect upon the situation and consider letting Christ into your life. His spirit will guide you through this very difficult situation and will shine a light upon the path in which you should take to resolve this.

Please don't attempt all of this alone. If what you said is true and not a need to seek help from the community of Christ. If she loves the God the Father and truly loves Jesus Christ yet cannot break this pact alone, she needs to be exorcised.

From what I know, Catholic Priests take exorcisms seriously. I know how difficult it is asking for help, let alone even talking about this as even many people of Faith will question you/just not understand. For her sake, and your own-- as I am concerned you have already become entangled in this--please seek help from a strong believer who can guide you through this.

No matter what-- GOD is in control and Jesus reigns. Darkness flees from light and the mere name of Jesus Christ has the power to drive away dark forces.

I understand where agnostics are coming from when they have no experience on which to base deeper beliefs. This is the understanding I've gained through my experiences: Evil exists. I have seen it, I've felt it, I've been hurt emotionally, damaged spiritually and even physically injured by dark forces. How does good still exists when we are all sinners--when we have all made bad, perhaps even "evil" choices in life? How does LOVE still exists in this life, when the forces of evil are so strong and widespread? You'll find Murder, greed, and lust in any culture yet you'll also find the beautiful innocence of a child and the unexplainable LOVE we can capable of feeling for one another. The good that remains here on earth despite all the evil around us-- that is GOD--that is what's left of his beautiful Creation. Satan has come to destroy (evil stuff mentioned) but satan will never destroy the work of Jesus Christ.

Jul 11, 2012
for Tommy the agnostic w/ new GF pt 3
by: Texas

Make sure your girlfriend gets help from a Priest and if she continues to refuse, you should part ways, pray for her and pray for your cleansing from this. Continuous refusal to part ways with this evil force signifies her preference of darkness over light---demonic forces over Jesus Christ. That is not something you should continue to connect yourself with...

You said yourself, what makes perfect sense to me...she paid the price of losing her emotions. She can't LOVE, she's been robbed of our greatest gift. This means she can't LOVE you. How could she prioritize your safety and spiritual welfare if she can't and doesn't love you? How can you believe anything she's saying if she's so entangled in darkness that she can't love you?

I will be praying for both of you. Bring Jesus to this battleground and you'll come out ok.

(to the admin, I'm sorry these somehow double posted, perhaps you can delete the duplicates. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. This is a great outlet for such a hush-hush issue no one seems to want to talk about)

Jul 11, 2012
agnostic w gf
by: Tommy

Thanks for your reply. This is no joke. As our relationship goes on, she gives me more details. She said she is looking for something and it is not evil. The fallen angel has protected her from physical and emotional harm. She has few friends and has become very attached to me since I am receptive and numb to supernatural events. (my ex gf had a ghost that pretty much lived with us). My current gf has gifts that are impressive to watch. With a touch, she can tell you if you are currently being lunished by god, or about to be. She can also tell what evils you have done since her last contact with you. She is constantly checking up on me like this since she has trust issues. She shows no emotions. Like Spock, logic and complete supression of emotion drives her. She has the beauty of a christian and humanitarian and the evil of a demon on a mission. I want to help, but not sure how.

Jul 11, 2012
For Tommy
by: Texas

Please realize she is NOT doing any of these future forecasts herself and she is NOT capable of knowing the things that you do alone. Anything supernatural is NOT part of your girlfriend. The supernatural comes through us--we are just the outlet. For some, the Holy Spirit can guide our words and direct others to the light. For others, dark forces "guides" can use our bodies/minds for their own purposes. I don't like to use this word due to the stigma but what your describing is an agreed demonic possession.

That information she "knows" is being collected from demonic forces, and it seems pretty clear you now have something with you all the time per her request. She could bring up your attempt to reach out here (help her/understand her) and try to convince you you she doesn't need help or she's not in any danger. This dark force has protected her you say? Protected her from emotional and physical harm? Maybe she was abused or neglected? From an outsiders perceptive--she may have been an easy target. She was in a bad place in life when she accepted this "bond." Maybe she wanted to feel special, important or just safe and this force took advantage of that need she had.

It doesn't seem like she's being protected, it seems like she's being USED. How is stealing someone's JOY, ability to LOVE or the experience of HUMANITY helping or protecting? Satan came to earth to kill, steal and destroy.

You need to ask Jesus Christ to guide you through this situation. What a way to come to Christ--nevertheless--you can't get through this on your own. Neither can she.

All I can think to tell her is that she IS special for who SHE is, without supernatural forecasting, or whatever. GOD created her, GOD created the most beautiful things about her, of which she doubts and may have forgotten. Stealing her emotions is the same as ENDING HER LIFE, as she cannot LOVE. Again she CANNOT LOVE. The GREATEST JOY IS LOVE.

Jul 11, 2012
for Tommy pt2
by: Texas

If this force is actually "protecting her" it would care about her. If it cares about her, it would want to do what's in her best interest. If her best interest has now become that she desires freedom and release, then it would release her. If it is as easy as her asking it to leave, great. Unfortunately, I highly doubt this force cares about her at all and don't think it would ever put her first.

I have always wondered if a fallen angel could be forgiven. I wouldn't know. I just believe GOD created both humans and angels and GOD is capable of forgiving us through Jesus Christ. This sounds certifiably insane but I'm guessing you're in a place where you'll read it anyway-- despite what it/she will tell you--they both need to remember the LOVE that JESUS CHRIST has for all of creation.

I am only human so I can't "understand" this.

I pray that everyone involved makes it out ok.

You know the bible calls Satan the enemy. It also teaches us that we should pray for our enemies. I don't think I fully realized the depth in that truth until reading your story and praying for you both.

I think if we can learn to forgive our enemies we can learn to truly LOVE as Christ tried to teach us.

That's huge. People are going to read this and get totally confused. Oh well it was meant for you Tommy.

Jul 11, 2012
agnostic with gf
by: Tommy

Yeah. What a way to find spirituality. This story keeps getting better. The agreement ends on her birthday next month. She wont tell me exactly what it is she's looking for, but assures me it's not evil. She is actually trying to play both sides here. She prays to God for guidance in case she steps out of line, but allows the fallen angel to do its work. She says it is speaking to her at all times. It's all she can do to stay sane. I stay only because I know how wonderful she is underneath it all. You nailed it about her being down and out. She was living in an all black section 8 housing and she was beaten, stabbed, nearly raped and killed numerous times. Funny how God never stepped in, but if everything happens for a reason, a fallen angel helping her out of a serious jam has a purpose. I now see the evil for what it is, but I'm dogged in pushing her back to Jesus. Imagine that. An agnostic fighting for my gf to fix her relationship with God. As a little spiritual tidbit....angels do not have wings. But they do burn you when they manifest to protect you. She had a Neo moment when a car nearly hit her. I'm convinced. I originally called it an alien, now I'm pretty sure it's something else.

Jul 11, 2012
touched by everyone's struggles
by: Texas

For the young woman who wrote in June and everyone else who feels depressed about this experiences...

It took me a LONG time to accept these forces were in fact DARK. I tried to rationalize, I tried to justify, I tried to forget and suppress.

Months would go by without an attack or experience and I'd start
to kind-of-forget the terror and it became easier to brush off as delirium or nightmares (I never really believed it was but I tried to.)

These experiences always happened at times in my life where I was vulnerable to confusion. I've felt demonic suppression, been thrown off my bed, had SP and even waking paralysis. I have seen orbs, bright lights, and visions (wide awake pinching myself.) I have been physically harmed. For months I'd wake up with unexplained bruises all over my legs. I have NO mental illness (aside from the periods of depression I would go through following the attacks) and I have no major health issues that would cause this. I also DO NOT do any drugs.

So, as I'm sure you are all experiencing-- talking about these things is very difficult as is sounds unbelievable to anyone who hasn't gone through it. I wouldn't understand or really be able to believe someone if I hadn't gone through it myself...

Jul 11, 2012
to all
by: Texas

My main point is this: Most, if not all, of these experiences are meant to get you off your spiritual path. For the girl who "gave up on God when she prayed and didn't get relief" ... that is exactly what dark forces want you to do! They are no longer bothering you because you lost your Faith--that was their goal.You are not "stronger" now bc they stopped--it stopped because you got off your spiritual path and became lost. That is not an insult. We are all weak when it comes to the spiritual realm. We NEED Christ to see us through these experiences.

Your depression, grief and confusion stem from your disconnection with God. Jesus will repair that relationship if you're willing to let Him back in.

A secondary point: I find it very interesting how people post comments trying to convince others to "submit to darkness" "just stop fighting it" "its easier to give in and it won't hurt you"... sounds pretty calculated. I have at one very dark point, even had a live person search for me, find me and try and convince me to "let these things happen and not be so afraid." This person wanted me to astral project with him "and see the world." He became very angry when I refused and left a note by my bed saying my intention is to follow God's will and trust in Christ.

He spoke of Christ in such a resentful way--ironic, huh? The point-- if your heart, gut and Faith warn you that something is evil, dark, and dangerous-- it IS. Don't make the mistakes I made by letting your curiosity wander and forgetting who is in charge.

Also interesting how people of many different faiths or complete lack of faith have, in their moments of terror, instinctively called out to Jesus for help and are released from the holds of dark forces. There's even astral projectors or reiki "masters" who say they don't believe in Jesus Christ yet if they are ever in trouble-- they call to Him for protection and it works... How could they not understand that connection?

Don't let depression and confusion win. Ask Jesus to come back into your life and into your heart. Realize that when you do this, there could and very well may be difficult times ahead. Just because something dark is messing with you does NOT mean Jesus Christ does not LOVE you. He LOVES you.

I am starting to believe/understand these things happen to people God is going to use for big things. You're special and Satan wants to take that from you. Satan wants to destroy God's plans for you and keep you from your spiritual path. Jesus will repair you, you're situation and guide you back to the path that lead to Him.

No matter what you've done or how lost you feel, it is never too late to call on Jesus.

Much love to everyone going through these difficult times.

Jul 11, 2012
by: Texas

I don't know what you mean by "neo." I don't have much additional input aside from-- her birthday comes and this is not over--exorcism to save her. She doesn't agree or want to, move on. Whatever this is, it is NOT good and will take you with it.

It is often said fallen angels lose their wings, so your mention of it is interesting. I can understand how all of this is intriguing, as you're learning things we are really not supposed to know in this life. Just pray for your own protection(and hers) and try to keep in mind at all times how dangerous this is and how it needs to end asap.

You already know it is with her always, thus you understand you cannot hide anything you do or intend to do. Just try to keep this in mind as well.

My heart goes out to both of you as this is a situation in which there is no reference guide. Humans make mistakes, and I believe we can be forgiven. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

She is precious is the eyes of God. God LOVES her. Her inability to love keeps her from putting Christ first--which is the only answer and only solution to release her from this captivity.

May God shine His light upon this situation.

Jul 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

The nightmares I have Is very frightening,it seems so real,but there's absolutely nothing I can do,I was awake in the morning say bout 8.30 then fell asleep again.then I woke up in some hospital straped to a wheel chair and opened the curtains and it was dark,then I look and suddenly I'm on the bed in the hospital and then I hear a voice telling me I'm not gona leave this nightmare and he's gona get to my body first,in a deep very deep voice then I try my best to beat him in 3 minutes before I got to my body I couldn't move any part of my body it was very stiff and suddenly I did,I was extremely scared,I got so afraid when I woke up I wanted to scream out aloud for my brother to save me,I'm in desperate need of help,I'm only 17 years old its not right for me to experience thes things,I had these from the age of 6

Jul 13, 2012
do not be afraid
by: Anonymous

i used to have sleep paralysis and see a shadowy figure at the bed side and it terrified me. later i used to have nightmares of bad peoples or daemons trying to hunt me or make bad things to me and it also terrified me. But recently when i experience such nightmares i managed to train myself to not feel fear and wake up in the middle of my nightmare and change the events in it i will make myself the person hunting down these evil figure and kill all of them. after that i have never experienced it again.

Jul 14, 2012
Agnostic with GF
by: Tommy

Just an update. I agree that my gf is dragging me down. I had an incident this morning that confirms it. She cares about nothing but a childish vendetta against God. Funny thing about all this is, it has done little or nothing to change my beliefs. I wanted to know if you had a contact I could reach that was SUPER knowlegable about all this. From what I've seen, the run of the mill pastor or reverend is a rank amatuer that wont be able to deal with this level of manifestation. No kidding, this is biblical. Exorcism is out of the question because she planned this all out thoroughly enough to put it in the bargain that if this thing gets removed before her birthday in 2012, it will kill her. I don't want to carry this conversation any more on a public forum, and have probably shared too much as is. Any help identifying or counteracting this thing is needed. She is salvagable and in need of forgiveness. I know deep down she wants to change.

Jul 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

When I was a child I woke up and saw two huge glowing yellow eyes staring at me, I don't remember much but I was so scared I tried screaming but couldn't, I hid under my duvet and refused to look again.. I don't remember any kind of paralysis but I felt cold all of a sudden and my window opened and for a brief moment felt like I was flying, it was a horrible experience and I've never forgotten it... I was wondering if that was to do with this stuff or something different? Can anybody help?

Jul 28, 2012
Night terrors?
by: Anonymous

I've only seen them once. Lots of them, filling my room.. I remember being happy that I had pulled myself out of sp but when I looked up towards the ceiling I saw what looked like objects slowly floating up, I remember thinking that gravity must have reversed itself. I saw them as I sat up in bed. I was looking straight ahead to where I should see my bedroom door but I couldn't because it looked like Grand Central Station, all of them wearing vague, dark robe-type clothing, as more came in from the wall to my right, others disappeared into the wall to my left. I don't recall any patterns but I remember that as I focused in on one as it passed 5 feet in front of me, he casually turned my way and then nonchalantly turned back. It was too dark inside the hood to see anything... and then I just started screaming for my mom. My mom hit the light switch as she swung the door open. They were all gone
That was 18 years ago

Jul 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had similiar dreams all my life i couldnt wake up and i felt like i was awake and i got choked and just now it happend again but i wasent scared i just heard souls yelling in my ear. The reason why i wasent scared is because im an intercessor now for THE LORD JESUS we intercede in the spiritual realm for the kingdom of God if you have dreams like this you can become a warrior for the Kingdom of God he put it in you to know about the spiritual realm

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.International Standard Version(©2008) Ephesians 6:12

We have power in us we can bind and rebuke demons in the name os Jesus Christ we also have spiritual gifts of tongues prophesy ect its in the bible Jesus wants us to use it Angels also dont have free will we command them to protect us
and they will!

Ps the spiritual realm is very real

Aug 02, 2012
the truth about the shadow
by: Anonymous

Generaly jinn or demons dont ask permision to inter any body,what most of you saying is build on just theories and /or illusion,thier is nothing called human spirit ,when human die the spirit leave to the other diminsion and never appear to the three diminsion world,what you see is always either jinn or kind of demons they are different in how they appear ,yes it is hard for jinn (jinn is kind of demonic entity,some are bilievers and most are nunbilievers in God) to inter the human diminsion or to appear for him although many wich,but in few cases for many reasons like when human give him the thourity or the code or magic or wija board or when human violate his place then he might appear and inter the human dimention,youhave also pure demons wich they comefrom the satan or azzaziel or shaytn or the devil or the diabolo he have many names but he is the father of his pure evil dark race ,they appear mostly as black shadow becz they are made of smoky fire and not from heavy cold electro waves like the jinn,remember dear humans when ever you feel or see any thing real,what ever it is surely it is not good for you in any way,thier is secret word well protect you and make the unseen entity scare or run a way ,i cant say it in publicly to not be used in rong way but thier is wepon in your hand wich God gave it toyou to scare us,i know i breakmy lows and rules when i say it but i hope with this God well reward me and forgive me for what i done before,if any human need help or suffer any unexplainable thing just write me( for my english,yours zodda

Aug 02, 2012
defense against demons
by: Anonymous

I experienced the same thing growing up (early 60's. I stopped all their attacks by creating mentally a flaming sword that I attacked them instead. God Bless

Aug 02, 2012
It is spiritual warfare!
by: Bonnie

The sins that we commit, or are committed by our parents and ancestors, give the demonic entities the right to mess with us. This is a curse. Once we confess our sins, and the sins of our fathers, we can forgive and seek forgiveness for them, removing the curse by the power of the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua (Jesus). Then, and only then, do we have the power and authority to tell them to leave and never return in His name and they are required to obey. As long as there is still hidden sin, they have the legal right to harass and immobilize us. Confessing and forgiving are the keys to release their hold on us! We must turn away from the sins of our past and turn back towards our God so He can cleanse us.

Aug 04, 2012
Fight Back
by: Dominguez

Hello, to every one.Sorry to hear about all of the troubles at night. I have had my share.. You must confront what ever it is. You have nothing to loose,even if it is scares you. No one can help you, only the Lord. Say it out loud,I am not afraid of you,The Lord is my shepherd,and battle is what they want then battle is what hey will get.Get rid of of all of your occult stuff burn it to high heaven. If you see it in a store buy and burn it. Stop checking your zodiac.Burn all that music.It is all ready in your house. You must fight,no way out of this one. Take the Bible to bed,place it under your pillow. take a kinfe as well. Pray for strenght and courage. At the first sing of it react,by saying you are not afraid. And will your self to lunge at it.Do not be afaid. tell yourself that over and over. I am not afraid. God will help you. For what ever reason you have been targeted.The only way is to fight,you have nothing to loose,you must go for broke,Attack it ,attack it,on all levels..Stop drinking,smoking,and all that other stuff. I know it seems like a tall order.But, I too was in the same situation. Untill I fought back. They take advantage when we are at our weakest,a sleep in the dark.Get over the fear of the dark,walk into a dark room and say you are not afraid any more.. They want you terrified.No more. I hope this will help. it will not go away over night. When you start to think about it,and we allways do,tell them you are not afraid any more. Get out of bed if you hear a noise,and confront it. Pray, pray,and don't stop praying.God Bless you all..Stand your ground The Lord is with you,and he has a Big army behind Him all willing to help you at any given time. stay strong and fight..

Aug 06, 2012
My experience
by: Ryan H

I am a reborn christian for about 2 years , but for the last year or so i lost my faith snd gave up and turned really bitter, Ive had wired dreams and a very wired experiences since loosing faith, I have had around 3 or 2 dreams of a dirty nature and I felt physically then the ones I had after that were evil and had a lot of the theme of death and suffering of myself in them which would normally end up with me waking up after being shot or tortured in a dream, never had any about daemons, but I did have sonthing wired happen like 1 day ago, I was in my brothers room and I closed my eyes and put my hands over my face, I then saw really evil and sinister looking faces, and other evil things that I don't want to discuss, I then thought what I seen was a daemon or Satan, I can't really describe Wat it looked like but it looked evil, it was like a wrinkly scale looking thing looking straight st me sitting somwhere, now these thing I saw were in black and white and sometimes in like s pale maroon red colour. As soon as this happened I prayed and rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus, now I don't know if this is a wake up call that is invented to show me if I continued to rebel where and Wat I would be seeing in reality, but I just praise god that I'm starting to acknowledge him again, praise god.

Aug 07, 2012
by: Anonymous


Aug 08, 2012
Good News for you all!
by: Mr. Logical

I don't want to step on anyone's belief's but I do offer some valuable experience! I've been enjoying SP (Sleep Paralysis) for 25 years! I was frightened by it at first, I finally gave in and decided to do some research, hit up some of my friends at Indiana University medical center, and I purchased a few books!

Symptoms Inlcude:

* Dark Shadowy Figure pressing down on you...
* Feeling that you are unable to move, despite the fact you are trying.
* You seem to be attempting to communicate but words are not coming out.
* Sleeping on your back

It's called predormital sleep paralysis but in the scientific community it's referred to as hypnagogic. What does this mean? Simple. People often associate Sleep Paralysis with Sleep Atonia (The Natural Paralysis the body exhibits during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) this is done as a defensive measure so you don't act out in your sleep, (be thankful for it). This is happens when the body is shutting down for the night, you've entered the REM phase and sleep atonia is setting in, and the mind is still aware. Your body cannot move because it's under the affect of sleep atonia, a physical chemical is created that paralyzes you, scary as that may be, the mind is still awake, you try to move and you cannot, for obvious reasons physics wins here, your body is paralyzed, it has to realize it needs to wake up, for that to happen you need to realize your dreaming.

The reason you seem to talk and yell and you cannot hear yourself is because you are not actually talking. Remember, you are paralyzed and those vocal chords aren't doing anything :) The mind thinks it's speaking, but in reality you are not. Hearing is just the intrepretation by our brains of audible noises, you aren't making any audible noises!

Ways to avoid it...Ensure the mind sleeps before the body, if your minds racing, read a book, (drain it) whatever, and no sugar/caffiene after 9 PM, or 2 hours prior to sleep. :)

It's all normal, it's a just a misfiring of a piston in your brain because you are either extremely tired or something is bothering you.

It's all normal! Some of you report mumbles, or the fact you can wiggle your toes and fingers, that's because you are fighting it so hard your body is responding to those stressors and secreting adrenalin to help move things along, which is why you wake up, sweaty, energetic, wide awake, alert...:)

Aug 09, 2012
It was real!
by: Terri

I had gone to bed late and the last time I looked at the clock was about 2:15am. The next thing I knew my eyes popped open because I heard an intense swishing. I wanted to turn over and look in the direction of the sound in my room; however, I was unable to move. I tried to scream and nothing would come out of my mouth but my mouth was moving. Finally I got one word out...called out the name of a dog I had as a child...thinking that whatever/whomever was in the room would leave thinking the dog would get them. As soon as I did that...a dark shadowy thing came up behind me in the bed and draped what looked kind of like what may have been a veily arm over me. I used all my might and could lift my right arm and grabbed at the arm...there was nothing there! Then I could suddenly turn over and sit up in bed. I looked all around the room and there was nothing there. I grabbed my droid phone off the nightstand and turned on it's entity sensor (something I got when I purchased the phone...just for fun) and it shot up immediately to over 2000 with the red lights blinking.Then within a matter of micro-seconds it zoomed down to 200 before my eyes. This verified to me that what happened to me was NOT a dream. I knew I was awake but never had an experience like that before!

Aug 10, 2012
by: Dominguez

Since , I found this site. I have been praying for all of you, that are suffering these attacks. I belive we should unite in prayer every night. Pray for all of the people, that have posted. I do not suffer from their attacks any longer. But what is to keep them from coming back? The Loard. I belive his name is Y0D-HA-VEH-HAH. YOD-HA-VEH-HAH, miss pronounced JHEHOVA. Say it YOD-HA-VEH-HAH, help me Fight. I will pray for all you tonight and every night untill, my last breath. You are not crazy , nor let someone with some sientifc data,try to explaint it away. Know this You are suffering alone at night,but you are not fighting alone. Please start praying for the folks on this site all of you. Do not pull the blankets over your heads or shuts your eyes and wish them away. That will not work. Direct confrantaion is the only way. I know you are scared,but stay strong. You can no longer just go to sleep,with out geting ready.Got it. One more thing,do not be so frighten,by the little noises they make in the dark.Gather your composer. Love you all..

Aug 11, 2012
Diagnosis PLEASE
by: Anonymous

I woke up in the middle of the night and all I felt was this heavy pressure it felt dark but I wasn't asleep I could barely breath then I would see a different place and fall to sleep and ignore it

Aug 17, 2012
A sure cure
by: Anonymous

Seek a Catholic Priest that adheres to the Latin rites. They are trained in these things.

Aug 21, 2012
Yeah that's it
by: Kristin Williams

I do have Sleep Paralysis I see them to it scares me so I ask why me who always get's attacked while I Sleep and why does it attack during daylight and why.

Aug 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have experienced a lot of these things also - they started in 1999 and I eventually came to understand and control it by reading the trilogy of books by Robert Monroe on Out of Body Experiences.

If you want to understand it in even great detail there are books by Thomas Campbell - My Big Toe.

I would suggest anyone dealing with this to read Robert Monroe's books to begin with, some more info on him here:

Aug 27, 2012
alissa watkins and others like her
by: Anonymous

i have heard many women and younger unmarried ladies who have had sexual experiences with this same, do not worry you are not the only one ............

Aug 28, 2012
Sleep Paralysis
by: JP

I'm only half way through reading some of these experiences and I had to skip ahead and leave a comment because of how similar some of them where to mine.

Please e-mail me anytime if anybody wants to talk and speculate about these strange occurrences,

I had my first Sleep Paralysis experience last year and it only occurred after I had been reading online about abduction experiences etc., I had three at this point then they stopped until this week when I had another one. Not sure if it's been a full year yet but it may have been.

I had recently been reading a lot about the Occult Aleister Crowley, Grimoires, SL Mathers etc. I'm not sure if this is directly related but maybe their are some sort of astral beings who can target certain thought patterns within people who are open to the idea of Demons.

I love the idea one post above says above that it's Reptilians and they're targeting people who may be threats. I'd be honoured to be considered a danger. Whether it's Reptilians or Reptilians are just one of the forms these beings can't present themselves as it's all interesting to me.

I've never been religious although I can't dismiss any possibilities at all, I'm even open to some of Scientology's ideas. I like to remain as neutral as possible because in the words of the great late Robert Anton Wilson, "Only the Madman is absolutely sure."

I had a false awakening last year and was in my own bed I looked over the side to see if my Dad was awake as he'd passed out on the floor. Instead of seeing my father however a small child like shadow entity pure pitch black darkness no features at all popped up instead and it sprung at me instantly. It held my quilt over my face and continued to beat me violently until I woke up into Sleep Paralysis.

Around about this time I had another SP experience I never saw anything I don't even think I could open my eyes this time but I felt as if something was about to happen. I kept screaming in my head, "You don't have my consent!" "Get tae fuck" lol you've all been there I'm sure you can imagine some of the colourful language I used in my mind.


Aug 28, 2012
Continuation of Above^ My Experiences
by: JP

Eventually these experiences stopped and I stopped giving the whole thing too much thought. Recently after getting into some of the Occult stuff I woke up into a false awakening and a large black shadow entity more wide than tall was standing with two very piercing eyes but I'm unsure what color they were. I looked at it and unsure why I turned my hand into the shape of a gun and aimed it at the dark figure upon pulling the imaginary trigger I woke up terrified, much more scared than I was in the dream. Then a few nights ago I was having a strange dream that I was in a large house with some other females around my age I can't remember all the details but I was talking to one of the girls about demons and we both went to a cupboard and opened it up, as soon as I opened the cupboard I awoke into sleep paralysis. I felt as if my arms were frozen in motion but I couldn't see them to make sure. I couldn't speak but earlier that night I had read that music brings it to an end instantly if you're listening to it, the room was silent so I instead started singing in my mind, Born to be Wild for some reason lol I don't know why. I was expecting instantaneously to wake up but it didn't work. I could see my room door while I was in SP and felt like something was about to enter I remember thinking, "I don't want to fucking see you!" I eventually woke up quite freaked out, tried to relax myself and enjoyed some of the cheesy violence Friday The 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan has to offer.

To the above posters who have mentioned seeing Satan what was his appearance like to you?

I recently, before I got deep into the Occult books I've been reading, saw a red skinned male when I closed my eyes. This was while I was wide awake and it was a very clear vivid image of a red skinned mischievously smiling man with pitch black hair and eye brows. He had this wide strange grin that I couldn't tell if it was playful or mischievous, instead of horns in the traditional sense there was an inverted triangle in between his eye brows, pure golden triangle almost as if where I'd imagine my pineal gland to be when I visualise my third eye opening. Maybe this vision is what spurred me to start reading up on these books.

Aug 28, 2012
Continuation of Above Experiences Again...
by: JP

Before this vision may have been the day before exactly I saw a floating black box just below my ceiling one morning when I awoke at around 6am. It felt extremely real and not like some sort of dreamstate but the thing that was strangest to me was I didn't feel the need to take a picture or investigate it I was overwhelmed by a tranquil sense of calm and I just went back to sleep. I've been looking online and eventually found a couple of people who have seen this same rectangular black box. Some have said it contains my soul which wasn't very comforting.

Not sure if that and the vision of the very cool looking but also very mischievous red skinned being are linked?
I had a dream where I awoke and my POV was being pulled towards the corner of my room. The noise of demonic voices speaking some strange language I couldn't understand was all I could hear but as soon as I protested they let me awake. I'm curious as to if I would have been taken somewhere if I hadn't protested then again maybe it was just purely fictional thoughts created by my mind. I'm a romantic though and like to think some of these experiences are spiritually real.
I've written down all my experiences that I have recollection of recently and even drew pictures. I'd love to hear from anybody with similar experiences.
I don't have a polarisation type view of good and evil with these entities I'm sure there's some who are like humans with both good and bad qualities. Please feel free to e-mail as I wish I had some of your e-mail addresses as I was reading through your experiences, a problem shared is a problem halved. Truly appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Sep 01, 2012
by: Cassie

I am 31 years old and experienced sleep paralysis for the first time about 6 wks ago. I was unaware of it up to that point but have subsequently realised it has happened at least once to the majority of my friends and family. I'm in Ireland. I have done a little research since my first experience and came across an extremely helpful interview with a leading expert. At the end of this interview there is a link to a documentary on SP. If you are extremely frightened by your experiences and/or finding it difficult to sleep then I would not recommend watching the documentary. Some of it is unnecessarily dramatized with music etc. I didn't read all of the comments so apologies if this has already been mentioned.

Sep 02, 2012
To Mr. Logical...
by: Clara

It was a June evening at 7 pm. (8 yrs ago)I was lying in bed resting with my eyes closed next to my 2 mos. old son. Suddenly I become aware of a presence hovering over me. I didn't try to open my eyes, I didn't try to move, I didn't try to talk because I didn't want to wake up the baby. I just felt that entity there. It felt like something very evil. It didn't touch me but I felt like it wanted to harm me, maybe not physically. I believe in God and so my reaction was to start praying in my mind asking for protection from that thing. In my mind I also started singing hymns. Within minutes, I felt that thing leave. I didn't hop out of bed,I continued to lie there resting.

Sep 02, 2012
Over Twenty Years
by: Anonymous

I have been dealing with this for over 20 years. It began when I was a middle schooler and got worse as I went into High School. I became involved in the Occult and then into Wicca. I still suffer from these incidences but they are no longer as debilitating as they once were. A few years back I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and asked for forgiveness while I was in the middle of one of these episodes. At that moment I felt as if I were being electrocuted but it was not painful. It was more of a feeling of being cleansed with electricity. The next day I woke up and everything seemed brighter and newer.
Now, when I get the FEELING that I am going to have one of those nights I begin to pray in the name of Jesus for a covering. Someone had made a mention that they ordered an Angel to protect them, let me worn that you have no authority over an angel. You can make a prayer to God, in the name of Jesus, that He will send an angel for your protection, if it is in His will, but you have no right to demand such. Angels predate us, they answer to Jesus, and Jesus said ASK in HIS NAME and it shall be given. We can COMMAND demons in HIS NAME, but not angels.
Do this and your sleep will be much more restful.

Sep 02, 2012
They are out there
by: Lilith

I have had astral projections since childhood. Many many dreams but one that sticks with me the most is where I looked up into the sky and flew up into a constellation. Upon being there I made myself invisible but was peeking behind stuff. Don't know what stuff it was because I realize it didn't exist on earth. there were aliens. They were putting this "chip" into the neck of human beings that were up there. Somehow they seen me even though I was invisible. I tried to get away but they could see my shadow. Somehow escaped. I was scared but it was very very real.
There was another time I lie in bed and wasn't asleep yet but was in that "state". I felt the covers move....I looked out the window but was still lying with my eyes closed, there were glowing eyes peering at me. I was paralyzed. My pajamas were off when I awoke and I had marks across my chest like claws. Nobody ever believes me when this stuff happens to me. And no, I do not do drugs either, or drink.

Sep 04, 2012
wow, I experience the exact same thing!
by: Anonymous

It's crazy. As I read your post I was like this is exactly what happens to me. I've had many so experiences where I accidently came out my body and when I think I'm awake only to see its just a trick of evil spirits. I have also experienced them appearing as my husband or just other ppl. before an attack to get my guard down. What led me to your post was the dream I just had about 1hour ago.I dreamt I was in my room laying down and this girl who I didn't know was just talking to me. I don't remember about what, anyway she was soon floating in the air and then sitting on my stomach. I was like oh no you don't! Me and my husband are expecting our first child, so wasn't having it. I told it to get off my stomach in the name of Jesus and she disappeared. But then I heard my door knob turning. My body was paralyzed. But I was saying leave in the name of Jesus. But then my mouth paralyzed. So then I felt a hand on my shoulder and see a black figure floating above me. It had the figure of a woman. I couldn't move my mouth so I.prayed in the spirit! She left and i woke. I just moved into a new home so today I will be praying and annointing my home with oil. An awesome book to read if you deal with spirits is, Prayers that rout demons, by john eckhardt! It's powerful. Anyway God bless!

Sep 10, 2012
Cloaked figures, shadow people, and other entities
by: Anonymous

I've read a few of the comments and it seems like a lot more people are experiencing this than originally perceived. I've been researching this for many years, and tried many things. Initially I thought I was losing it or it was just a bad dream, but after knowing that my logical mind is still intact, and with various experiments of trial and error, I've come to find out that its a reality that our minds ignored for decades. I've looked through multiple theologies and various mystical practices seeking an answer.
I've experienced the shadows since very little. As I think back I remember as a teenager I was able to escape the hold and even hit a few of them (not sure if I physically hit them or if my spirit is what was able to hit them). Ten years ago I had a weird encounter with one, I was doing Homework in my room with the light on and I noticed it just standing there silently and transparent, I looked at it and asked what is it doing here and sorta cursed it out, because it just stood there an pointed to a direction down the street, then telepathically it started demanding me to go back to my grave, and I was like "WTF I thought spirits was suppose to help me", then all of a sudden this cloaked figure blew pulled down the scarf that covered his mouth and blew smoke in my face. weird thing I found out it wasn't demanding me to go to my grave rather it was demanding a spirit that was with me, of person who died down the street. Nights following the initial event I had other cloaked figures visit me and test me in different ways, after overcoming my fear, guilt, and shame. I started to gain the respect from these cloaked figures. Then it seems the world around me started to become less and less a mystery, but I tell you this, I have had many sleepless nites testing theories and seeking the truth. The key is to have faith in whatever spiritual practice you believe and to know yourself mind, body, and soul as one. In earlier comment someone mentioned demanding demonic spirits with "by the power of the holy spirit, and words of Jesus Christ" will work (silly but I learned it from the exorcist (the movie)), repeat it till it does what it does what you want it to. It seems we are nearing a new enlightenment, and each time the there is a solar flare (increasing as we near 12/21) it seems to be opening up our perception more and more. So people who were never aware of this things are now aware (or awake) and those who have been aware are getting stronger or more open (gifted). Some actually think that this is World War happening in the spiritual/mind field.
Theres a lot of opinions and beliefs out there, but there is a lot of people trying to confuse others also so be careful.

Sep 12, 2012
Shadow People and dark Demonic Entities During Sleep Paralysis
by: Anonymous

I have had numerous encounters of my own, I do not take drugs have only drank a few times this year and I am a LaVeyan Satanist.

the first that I remember, is when I was young sleeping, awaking to see a figure down the hall slowly makeing its way towards me, going on to hold its hand out as if it was reaching out to me and then sucking in all the air around and from within me i felt the room get cold and i tryed to yell for help but my voice was gone, it began to rush forward and then i tryed calling for help again the answered was called from my mother she ran out to me hitting the figure causing it to evaporate or turn to dust, it was quite strange.

the most recent being on the 9/9/12
during some heavy lucid dreaming i awoke slightly to see a figure standing tall beside my bed looking down upon me, also another tall figure passing through out my room as like it was thinking trying to make a decision, also a smaller figure sitting with its legs crossed on my bed near my head. unlike other comments i have have read i was not met with violence etc... i did not have fear i felt safe enough to reach out to them and to fall asleep full knowing they were there and i feel as if i can feel thier energy some times calling upon them i geuss

another account my mother has told me of what has happened to her... she awoke to chattering or chimes of some sort to find the room filled with a dim red light and a creature as she described sitting on her chest starring her in the eyes and she was unable to breath her words describing as if something was pushing upon her chest not alowing her to breath she now sleeps with a cross beside her bed! a fulse idol of safety! in my opinion haha...

if you need to get a hold of me or just want to chat about these types of things that seemingly most other people think we are crazy just email me at

Sep 15, 2012
read this please
by: Anonymous

Ok now I'm 100% serious. I've had simular things happen but not exactly the same. First, I remember when I was in school my mom would wake me up for school in the mornings and she would turn the lights on but I would be so tired I would just drift on back to sleep but I wouldn't know I'm sleeping because it feels kinda like I skipped everything in the morning accept when I'm dressed and ready for school(hope that makes sense). But I'm real happy- like and feeling good about the day ahead. But then all of a sudden I hear my moms voice yell my name and I feel very confused(thinking I've woken up) and I just finally get up and its felt like so much time passed but then I look at the clock and what do u know its only 6:05am. now I've only had this once but your story sounds simalar. so me and my mom where staying in an apparent for about a year and nothing like this has ever happened to me before(that I know of) so I wake up from a long nap at around 8:00-9:00pm.i didn't wake up something some me and it was a huge black mass like some would picture a black hole looking like, covering me and it said " I've got you now". I know it may sound corny but it was real because I knew where I was and my eyes were open. but I was still very tired. now I have the chills right now. by the way I'm 18 y/o and I don't scare easy. I'm also a very logical person. it hasn't happened since and hopefully will never again. oh and I forgot that I think I suffer from r.e.m sleep because I will wake up sometimes at night but not very often and i can't move a muscle I can't talk or anything only breath and occasionally lift up my forearm. thank you for reading this and please he if you would please message me anybody I'd be very grateful. my email is I don't know if I'm allowed to leave that but farewell.

Sep 22, 2012
shadow people
by: Teresa

Hello. I am so glad to have come across this website.
I am looking for answers too. I have experienced this terrifying form of sleep paralasis several times in my life. When it started I was in my early 20's. The first few time i felt woke up gasping for air as if i had been unable to breath on one occasion I felt in a dream state but I coulg feel someone sitting on my chest and they where putting something in my mouth and I couldn't breath. I mentioned it to my doctor and he told me it was sleep apnea probably brought on by stress. Later in my thirties it began happening again shortly after my mother died suddenly. Now the episodes became more terrifying and I could feel great preasure on my chest as if someone where sitting on me and I could feel hands around my neck strangling me....each time i feel awak and my eyes are open. At one point in my life i was separated from my husband and my youngest daughter and I lived with my father for a yr (this is the house I grew up in. Now I had never experienced this growing up in this house but at 3 i saw a disembodied had at another apt where we lived ) When I stayed at my fathers the the atackes became so strong. At night I would lay in bed and I could see several dark figures around me, also there would be flashes of lights all around the room at times. The most terrifying experience was when I woke up paralyzed unable to breath and my eyes where open and right in front of my face looking down at me was this dark entity and his eyes where glowing red and sunk in.....i am alawys unable to speak out....but the state of terror I felt I can not express. I left the house and reconciled with my husband. I wonder if any of the things i experienced could have been caused by the fact that in the house where 3 urns of ashes which was my mom, grandma and a child i had that died at birth/ I havent had any recent experiences buit i still fear that it could happen again.

Oct 03, 2012
S.P.--Demons AND Angels
by: Anonymous

I too have experienced S.P., demons on the chest and around the throat, and thinking I've gotten up. . .only to really wake up and find I wasn't up! (And of course, the TERROR! always the terror.) This began happening to me from a young age (7) but didn't happen very often, thank God. My theory is that people who have been very abused in some way--and it only takes one (physical, mental, or sexual) OR someone who has done drugs (that includes alcohol) are more prone to this experience. (I was extremely physically and mentally abused as a kid.)

A number of people in my Pentecostal church (I mention the sect ONLY so you'll know the hmm. . .extremism? (I have nothing against Pentecostals, I'm still one) but a number have told me that AFTER they "came to God" they experienced (mostly only)the choking/strangling and or sitting on chest dark demon with terror. ALL of us have agreed that if you can mouth the name "Jesus" that they disappear.

My daughter just came back to God, and (sorry, not to make this religious) but during the time she was out of church she was smoking weed, drinking, and -- here's something interesting -- exclusively dating a guy who was adopted at age four. He had been born with crack and fetal alcohol syndrome. He had SP, choking, chest pressure, dark demons walking around his room, etc. The poor guy usually only got two hours of sleep a night (that's enough to make anyone crazy!) but the interesting thing is, these 'demons' started switching off, if you will: they'd either be "visiting" MY HOUSE (my daughters room) OR they'd be over harassing him.

Now that she's back in church, we decided to anoint her room with oil and pray over it, she keeps her Bible open and swears it helps, taped tiny pieces of paper with scriptures on them (I know that sounds crazy, but desperation will do anything, right?) AND she uses the name of Jesus. She is able to see much more than I ever saw. She says there is a little one that used to "whir" under her bed to put her to sleep, and that she believed the tall dark one (looking somewhat like the grim reaper) was the one who inflicted the terror dreams. Both of those are easily gotten rid of by using Jesus name (she says) but there's one who paces the floor who's not so easily deflected.

My two cents, I hope it helps.

Oct 03, 2012
Spirit War prt1
by: Sentinel

To the many people who share this experience I wish to offer you my advice. I also have been born with this and have realised that the spirit world around us is more real then the world we call real. I use to live in fear and felt if I did a little wrong they would leave me in peace. I learnt that to have courage vs these demons and yes ive met the devil himself, we must realise that the opposite to fear is faith. Faith gives us hope and courage to overcome the fear that we get. I learnt that fear makes the demons stronger and they enjoy it. I must also tell you that if you believe in god then you must also recognise the devil and his angels are just as real. I must also let you know that I have had wonderful experiences where gods angels and guardians have come to my aid. I would like to share just one experience (there are many) and keep in mind I am not asleep anymore when I have them, I use to have them during sleep but I accepted the spirit world and now see when im meant to see and while im wide awake. I was visiting a sacred place where a temple was. I would sometimes go to this place behind the temple as it was night time and the temple was closed to offer a prayer for direction needed in my life. One evening as I did this I finished my prayer and started on the path heading back to stairs leading to my vehicle. As I was walking I heard marching like army soldiers behind me. I turned my head and saw 8 armoured beings who looked like knights in glass armour with a beautiful white cloak drapped over one shoulder. I turned back to the path and when I turned again I could not see them but knew they were still with me. I felt no fear but was suprised and drove home. When i arrived home my wife was awake and I proceeded to tell her what happened. My wife wide eyed with amazement then told me she was afraid for me and had knelt down and asked god if he would send warring angels to protect me. My wife has never seen a single spirit or angel or demon. I was so greatful to my wife for having such faith. She unlike me never sees anything but believes in god. I told her anytime she wants to pray for me I welcome it cos of what I saw. MY adice is If you are prepared you shall not fear. When you feel fear Call on jesus christ this gives you faith and before long the evil runs , it will try again but the more you call on christ the greater your faith the less fear you have before you sleep and the demons power become dimished.

Oct 03, 2012
Spirit War prt2
by: Sentinel

Last word is dont place yourself in unholy places, demons are in large numbers and will follow you and try to destroy you and your families. And never ever invite demons they can actually possess you. Lastly read scriptures if you feel good and understand them you are experience the power of the holy spirit, all good books come from god and all good people do gods work. You may know them by the fruits of thier labours all good come from god all evil come from the devil. Dont bash other peoples religions or beliefs offer the truth you have found if they desire to hear it if not be at peace christ said come follow me he never forced anyone to become a true deciple. As for war I have been fighting this war before I was born and so have you. War in heaven was real but it didnt end satan and a third was cast out of heaven It didnt say the war ended god won a great battle the war continued on to earth and we are born to this world to both fight and be tested. Soldiers of god fight for the souls of mankind you were given this gift to know the truth of the spirit realm do not be afraid this is why they try to destroy you. You have the power to know they exist you have been born with the gift of discernment, or in other words you can discern spirits both living and dead. All of you who have experienced this will understand me when I tell you that when you are around poeple you can feel and tell if they are living a life of evil or good, you can also tell those who have joined satan and fight for his cause, they are dangerous even moreso then the demons you meet in the spirit world be very catious of them. Trust your feelings and instincts you almost never can explain why you feel what you do but you are gifted. God knew you would be strong enough to understand these things pray always and follow gods voice in your heart, serve him and fight his war help others to know the truth and love those who persecute you they cant see what you see. I admire poeple like my wife who dont see and yet she believes with great faith. We were born with spirit sight for a reason embrace it learn as much about the enemy and those who serve the devil. The world is being overun by his tyrants and we may be the only hope the world has left to warn the people .... Christ will come a second time I know it be safe and keep up the good fight


Oct 05, 2012
by: jahana

My boyfriend and I were happy as far as I could tell and I never thought that we would break up. When his cousin died in a tragic car accident he went back to us for a week to be with his family. I could not go because I was in the middle of entertaining out of town clients for work. He did not seem to be upset that I could not go so I let him be. The next thing that I know, he reconnected with an old friend from high school that he had a crush on years ago and they started to have an affair! I had no clue what was going on until a month after he came back from us .He proceeded to see both her and I until I caught him testing her one night. I confronted him and he told me the truth about what happened. We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about a month of not speaking to him I became sad. I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be with me and not her. I contacted Dr.Ancient from ANCIENT BENIN SHRINE for a love spell and he totally helped me! he was able to get him to miss me to where he wanted to get back together again. He had a lot of regrets and felt bad for not fighting to keep me and for cheating in general. He values our relationship so much more now and we are together now! You can also get your lover back with the help of Dr. Ancient contact him through

Oct 06, 2012
by: logan

hi, nice to know your not alone, thinking, " if i try to explain this to anyone other than a believerand follower of Jesus. they'll think im crazy!"
I have had a dozen or so episo.des. all
within a 3 or 4 year period. mine were not as bezarre as some. but just as scary no doubt. however they are all so similar,
like its evil, dark figure, attacks just prior to knofding off. pins you down with unbelievable force. some are calling it choking (not sure if they' re fighting to
breath, or like me cannot speak)
snd the scary hair standing split second
I also noticed ot happens more to Christ
followers. allthough it happend to my nrother back
in 1983. his was different
than mine. his pined the blanket snug to jim and hovered over him face to face. i do rember him saying the spirit had red
eyes. but everything else the similar as mine.
what i wanted to say is this. unlike my brother i sleep on my side. so i never seen a face. infact i remember looking at my dog peacefully asleep while fightto break free if this demons wrestle hold. but from the first incedent to the last one thing was certain i was awake and this thing was evil. icould hear the tv and see my dog. imediately i with a mumbled tone because my jaw was locked i thought , i cant cry put to God. but i was doing the best i could. any case i was crying out in my heart and mind. it took a few minutes but it apperently didnt like Jesus. because every episode i did thesame thing. i said you loose me in the name of Jesus. i love him. then i would just say over and over. imnot afraid Jesus i love you. like i said it didnt like that. it had tolet go of me. seems the scariest part is the onset. its always the befor the fight that bothers me more than the fight itself. anyways i was trouble that this was happening to me. so ifollowed the advice in the Word and had
theeldersof the church pray over me specificaly about these attacks. all three pastors prayed onme. its bewn several years now. and i havent had one incedent. if i ever do i will post it.
also there is a pastor named chip ingram
on the radio. and has a taped message where he tells of his attack. until then only mine and my brothers were known to me prior tothis website. i think i read some sleep paralysis nonsence onthe webyears ago. but i know evil when i encounter it. thank you for this wesite!
God bless ya all. Logan

Oct 16, 2012
Dark Shadow Person
by: Shaye

Last night about 3 am I woke up and could not move. There was a shadow person with a hood standing over my bed looking down on me. I tried to yell for my husband but could not speak. I fought so hard to move or scream it felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest. Finally I was able to scream and the shadow disappeared. My husband wrapped his arms around me and told me to go back to sleep, that I was having a bad dream. I fell back asleep and it happened again. I'm too afraid to sleep now. This happened before when I was a about 7 and then again later on when i was a teenager. I have never had these shadows talk to me, they just stand there and stare down at me. I am scared todeath. I don't know what to do or think. I'm thinking about calling my pastor. I don't believe in SP. I think that sometimes science cannot come up with explanations so they give it a fancy name. I do feel better knowing I am not the only one though. And if there is anyone out there who has any suggestions on prayers or blessing I can do, please let me know.

Oct 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

almost everything you've described has happened to me. the shadowy figures, for me it was a man in a red hooded cloak. the false wake ups, even seeing my wife sitting up in our bed, only to wake up and find that she was already awake and no longer in the room. the worst part is not knowing when and why these experiences will occur.

Oct 22, 2012
damonic shadows
by: tyler

it all started when we where whachting tv about theme so that night i was asleep in my bed then somthing woke me up at the foot of my bed was a dark shadow it dissapeard when i made eye contact
the next night i was sitting in my bed then i heard growling and we have no dogs so then i stuck my hand out it was cold i felt its hot breath on my hand can some body please give me an explination

Oct 25, 2012
My Experiences, If You like To Talk (616) 634-7575
by: Charlie Brooke

I first experienced this when I was 12 years old, but It didn't fully occure. I was sleeping at my Friends house, and while half asleep I was looking at the Window and saw what I could describe as a Blue Mist coming in through the Window (even though it was closed). It was not able to take hold of me, but I sensed something evil and terrifying about it. I periodically would experience similar things that would only get more insane as I got older. I have experiences it at least 100 times over the last 12 years of my life, and typically it happens more when I am doing what God want's me to do in life.
I've heard words, seen figure and hideous faces with evil eyes, and I've felt absolute emptiness and terror in their visits...but I have learned through them to fight within myself in the face of such terror, and never give up because that is when they can get inside and start to twist you. Also I have learned to trust in God to win the fights I don't know how to win.
The most vivid and scary event was when I woke up upon being Grabbed on my Chest and then a 2nd sudden grab to my legs. Then I was pulled from my Bed and dragged to the Corner of my room where I could see my Body still in bed. Prayer is the only things that has been able to suddenly stop an event, but not always the case...sometimes I have had to just fight and wait it out.
I would say this has contributed most to my belief in God and how He wants us to Live in Peace and show Love...the fact that something comes in my sleep to try and stop me, says more than enough to me that I'm doing something right.
Keep doing what is Right, no matter what Darkness itself will try to do to you, The Sun always rises.

Oct 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this. I have had similar experiences my entire life. They happen so often, that it doesn't even scare me anymore. I have "floated" above my bed also. It has "sucked" me off of my couch. Some times the only thing I can manage to think is "Jesus,Jesus,Jesus!" These attacks are really annoying. I just wish I new why. The presence of evil is definitely there. I hate this is happening to you, but It's nice to know I'm not alone. So thanks again.

Nov 12, 2012
by: Unknown

I just wanted to get across to you that since you have seen a shadow be wary of the things around you. Because you have seen a shadow in its lowest form. I have done research and among my research I have seen different types of shadows but they all start the same. I leave that to you to decide if you want to look them up in your spare time but I'll assure you this not all shadows can be mean and vicious as people put them out to be. Understand this though most of them are not here to make friends. They are like humans but in a different form. They have their own sets of emotions just like we do but you can never necessarily tell whether they are feeling the emotions you think. I have honestly no clue why those shadows were after you but rest assure they were probably angry with something either about you or your living being in their presence. But I have something else to tell you. Have you ever seen a shadow master?

Nov 14, 2012
Similar experience
by: Anonymous

I had something similar happen to me. I kept hearing knocking sounds coming from the desk in my room and also knocking on my door. I definitely felt a presence in the room of something without physical form, I tend to be hyper-sensitive to emotions and people.

The knocking continued for several nights and I knew something strange was happening, I felt fear, but I also like to know what is causing it, which overrides my fear.

Anyway I woke up one night, and I could not move my arms or legs, but I could move my head a little, and floating above me was this darker than black or shadow...Mass of smoke or something, and I managed to fight it off, somehow forcing it through a wall in my room.

Do not confuse these experiences with something of good nature. I am not religious, but it was a deceptive "force".

Nov 19, 2012
thinking your awake
by: jason t

thepart were you say you think your awaje i suffer from that so badley i will go thru the process about 5 TO 6 times befor i actualy wake up. not a nice feeling i kbo wheb im sleepibg because i cqnt see the screen on my phone.clel

Nov 26, 2012
It started with my two year old seeing "monsters"
by: Anonymous

My daughter woke me up at 7am this morning to tell me there were, 'monsters in our house and she had to hide or leave'... I have experienced paranormal activity but today was really frightning. I dropped her off and I did not sleep last night as things have mysteriously appeared on the floor out of the refrigerator. A half gallon of milk, a whole pack of sliced cheese, I am such a light sleeper and live in a 900 square foot house. My dog did not awake nor did I. My daughter has a morning playmate, Hannah. She is very descriptive about last names and dates. I checked and this girl existed at this address. My concern is when I had the sleep paralysis episode this morning, is it my fear working in overdrive? I have seen demonic entities before as a small child myself, and I was terrified at what she told me. I shut my eyes this morning on the couch. It was like I was drunk with sleep. I could not fight it. But it was nine am, and light throughout the house. I could almost see gray through my eyelids, and then the image of my house appeared but in black and fuzzy white. I saw a dark shadow peep around the kitchen entrance. I 'awoke' in total fear. Then once again I drifted. Then what I saw as a child, appeared out of the hall. Dark eyes, long face, teeth like a conehead. It smiled. Once again I 'awoke' terrified. I can handle ghostly activity but not evil. For a third time, I drifted. This time, my pillow came around my face and mouth. I was drug to the floor against the wall. I yelled, 'STOP! but nothing was coming out of my mouth but a small hiss... That was it. Up for the day! I am frightened and confused of what to do.....

Nov 28, 2012
cat hissing and terror in my room
by: cornea

I usually sleep with my lamp on, after an encounter I had last year with a dark entity during sp. I was fighting to fall asleep while watching my tv and I see two hands (black inked) that were menacely approaching me, one after the other. I suddenly woke up and the hands moved backwards and hid beneath thefurniture. Today I had a strange experience when I turned off the lamp. The empty bottle lying on the floor made a click, then later another one. I woke up and turned on the light again. I fell asleep and turned off the light and while in my sleep, I heard a cat hissing and something a force that was pulling down my covers while I was holding them tight. I was terrorized and I was trying my best to get heard but my voice was low and just couldn't scream. I said 'help me' twice and the third time I said it outloud but strangely no one I turned on the light and the entity left. I woke up and there was a rain storm with dark skies

Nov 30, 2012
dreams i don't understand

some nights i go to sleep or lay down for a few with my night light on but when i wake up my room is dark in it look like im doing the something i be seeing my people walking around the house but before i wen't to sleep all my people was in bad so i try to say something but they can't here me so i be hitting myself so i can wake up some time i wake up fast or some time i wake up slow. like i can't wake up.

Dec 07, 2012
SP/nightmares with dark shadow.
by: yolanda,CA

I'm relieved to hear that I'm not the only one going through this. My sp began at about 14 and this was when I was in Oregon. Now back home in California I been having sp ever since. As many have described, I would wake up but in dream mode. I'd be paralysed and only seem to be able to move my eyes. During this I would have this great fear come upon me, I felt evillness. At first I was trying to believe it was just a nightmare and as it kept occurring then I started to think maybe its a health issue but I ruled it out because after a few episodes more thats when the dark shadow began to appear. Now the dark shadow didn't speak and I definitely didn't want to speak to it. This thing always would pressed down on my chest as if trying to suffocate me. In sp I'd be breathing much harder and taking deeper breath as is, so this dark figure was making it much worse. Throught the many episodes the dark figure would pull on my legs, it would try to pick me up but whatever the reason it just didn't have the strength to do it. At one point I remember seeing three of them, two of them began holding each one leg and spreading them apart, the third shadow I can see hovering above me. I pretty much knew their intentions where then but I must say though I never endure physical pain throught out my experiences. I occasionally would have sp during the day but won't see the dark figure but did felt its presence, most of sp occur at nights. Sadly I kept this to myself all this years. I am a believer of god and yes I have called out his name during sp and god has taken the fear, I just can't help it but I still fear that it wants to take me and won't stop till it does. I'm 27 now , I still want an explination of what is going on, what's it all mean....well at least I know I'm not alone in all this.

Dec 10, 2012
To help people suffering from sleep paralysis
by: Akshay

Hey u all suffering from sleep paralysis i want to help u all and i am sure u all will be helped or either find some precious information from me.
My name is Akshay ,an indian ,I started having sp since 2008 And till now i am having it while sleeping and it seems it will happen all over my life. Usually i am having sp 10-15 times everymonth and also lucid dreams and obe experiences.During sp i have experienced very weird ghostly things like shadows, old woman,bright tiny light having tale ,shadows in walls ,very high pitched screaming sound of a lady,
a very high pitched sonic like tingling sound which seems to be unbearable
to ear(this happens in every sp) also i had experienced that any force is sucking me from my body upwards in sp apart from this i have also seen very divine things.But now i am able to deal with this and am not even not afraid of it. I have very deep interest in meditation and meditating since i was 10 years old. I have practised different forms of meditation including
om meditation, laya meditation, kriya yoga, kundalini meditation, tratak meditation, sahaja yoga etc and experienced many things in that too.

I can take time , but will surely help to whatever i can

Dec 11, 2012
Evil Sp
by: Anonymous

I too, have had the "evil" demonic entity enter my room and sit on my chest throughout my life, peaking in my teen years. I cannot move or talk. It never talks to me. What I find strange? When i addressed it, stating "Leave me th *&%* alone!" and saying the Lord's prayer and the Hail Mary in EVERY room, and beseching my deceased father and God for help, it got better... Maybe placebo, maybe not.

Dec 12, 2012
by: Anonymouszo3

Idk anything about this but I do think I exp my own sp I woke up at 2am and I heard a slow deep laugher twice then my hole body tighten then idk my hole word was spinning then I could realize that I could move but it took a lot of concentration then everything stopes

Dec 18, 2012
So I'm not just weird!
by: RainLE

I have been telling my finance and friend about this SP happening to me, but I really felt like I was just crazy every time I would share a new experience with somebody.
I had experiences where this demon (dark force) sits on me, sufficating me and of course like everyone else has shared, I feel paralyzed. I use all of my might, every ounce of strength to try to 'wake up' snap out of it, that it hurts when I do snap out. I always feel like it is a matter of life and death if I snap out of it or not I feel like I could actually die from this. This evil thing/spirit is horrible! I am a Christian and battle daily this spiritual battle of (life) or spirit world. It's all so surreal, as much as I hate this for everybody, I'm glad to hear that I'm not just crazy. It's nice to finally put a name with this.
My experiences, may not be able to be seen by anybody else physically, but they are just as if not more real, and even more terrifying then anything Iv ever experienced in my life. I usually find that after an episode Turing on a Christian music channel or having the Bible being played out loud on my iPad helps me feel safe and able to fall back asleep.
One of the hardest things about this for me is after it happens I look to my spouse for comfort but he has no idea the severity of I what I have just experienced so there isn't much of anything. Maybe that's Gods way of showing me that I can not truly depend on anybody but Him-Lord Jesus.
It's 3am, I hope I don't wake up to this (SP)
My prayers are with everybody that has commented on this page. BTW-I'm not sure if its Barney or Kevin or both. Thank you so much for creating this place to share, it is a huge relief and I'm truly greatful!

Dec 18, 2012
do this and everything will be ok.
by: lkb

Ive had many astral and lucid dreams, so many that I find it normal now. Today I had an experience. It started out by not being able to breath so I tryied 2 wake up but it was impossible so I stayed calm since it wasnt the first time like I said it doesnt scare me like b4. So I started to breath deep through my nose and exhale through my mouth that sometimes works like magic but today it didnt so I was like damn if someone doesnt wake me up ama die so then My last resource was to breath through my mouth and exhale through my mouth and YES it workd! Usually after controling my breathing and getting it back to a state of where I can breath again I usual have out of body experiences so I get out of my body and today I seen those dark figures people are talking abt. but I wasnt scared of it, it was scared of me lol so I screeamed at him with my mind not with my mouth and it went away. Theres alot more to it but just wanted to tell u guys this: dont panic try to breath in deep and exhale deep and try not to feel frightened in many other experiences I just say in my mind when theres scary things around ^I order you in the name of my god all mighty to vanish ^and it goes away. If theres identities just imagine you are a glowing powerfull light that kills nething that comes close to u and with this simple method ur safe :)

Dec 18, 2012
Responding to lkb
by: RainLE

Thank you for posting today, I got a lot out of it. I have not been to sleep since the last episode because I am trying to avoid the situation all together. You are exactly right though, and I should know this by now, Iv had experiences like this beginning at about the age of 7 and I am 26 now. There were several years at a time that the episodes didn't happen, its only recently (the past 2 years) that they are pretty consistent. (3 to 10 times in a month) I haven't been logging them, but after reading some of the comments on the page, I'm going to start.
About what you said about the breathing, and controlling it. It seems so logical and one would think that I would have tried this by now, but I only started talking to anybody about this in the past few months. Actually its been on 4 occasions that I have even spoke about my SP. That is another therapeutic aspect of this page, just having a place to process it all.
In telling how the demon was scared of you, to me its as if now that you know you can control your emotions during your(dreams, SP)(I'm sorry, i don't know quite what to call it and don't want to offend you.)The demon has no power therefor he has no control therefor he has lost and can not toy with you any longer. Wow, that must be such a freeing feeling.
Thank you again for sharing your experiences, im going to try to get some good rest tonight.
One thing I want to share and get some feedback on if possible.
When I wake from SP I can always feel the dark, evil lurking in the room. Sometimes i feel like it has such a hold on me that anything i speak or pray about the evil will jump on it. My first reaction after waking is always wanting to pray for my son, because it is perfectly clear to me that something very bad is in my home at the time and I would never want anything to happen to him, but Its been so bad that I was afraid to pray for him. Has anything like this ever happened to you and if so do you have any facts, scripture or just knowledge from your own experiences that you could share that might lighten this issue?
Thank you, Truly.

Dec 27, 2012
spirit power
by: Atman

Just fly into the fuckin cosmos if theres a threat while your in spirit form...
You control everything

Dec 27, 2012
by: lkb

I have felt it before but it isnt continouse, It happens just the way you said feeling something negative around me even after Im awake but I just ignore it and try not to think about it much I wouldnt Know what to tell you to make it go away completly but I can share my knowledge on my doctrine whitch is real good and you can decide what to do and what not to do. Its to make ur vibration higher and that way keeping away negative energies ok, first of all a vegetarian diet because animals have low vibrations, try to eat healthy as most as u can like no junk food ect.. exercise is good to eliminate toxins from the body and that being said keeping your vibrations in a higher level, try to listen to classic music a relaxing music, try not looking at negative things, (scary movies to much killing porno ect...) One good thing is to wake up at 4 am or 2 hours before the sun rises that momeent is a time to receive alot more energy than any other time of the day. Clean your house daily because bad energies dont enjoy clean enviroments, try to meditate and control your mind and the last but most important thing is to never release your sexual energy (orgasm) because the most powerful way to get you vibrations up is by not doing so and Cultivating and trans-mutating sexual energy!

Jan 10, 2013
Dark figure
by: Crystal

I Have had some of the same things happen as i have been reading on this site. I think it started quite a few years ago when i still lived at home with my parents. i was the only person in the house to have ever seen the tall dark figure and he had said my name in my ear when laying in bed one time as well. That was the scariest moment of my life at that point when it comes to paranormal or whatever it is going on. When i lived alone in my apartment i had those vivid dreams where you wake up, truly believing you are awake, and then something triggers you to know you arent. I had that repeat itself about 4 times that same night only for the last time to wake up there was a dark figure in the entryway of my bedroom door and before i could really look at him someone else put my blanket over my head and pinned me down on the bed. no matter how hard i screamed or tried to move nothing happened. There was many years where nothing happened for a while after that. I would still feel like there was someone in the house when no one was there. or feel a presence watching me. But nothing as bad as before. Now its been many more years and they are now worse again. I live with my Boyfriend and whenever he leaves for work in the morning and can sleep in a little while longer before i have to get up to get ready for work i get attacked by some unseen force. It feels so real and yet after it happens i wake up for real. kind of like the dreams from before where i would wake up thinking i was actually awake just to find out i really wasnt. Well in the most recent events a dark figure tries to pin me down. a couple times i have been pinned down and its almost a sexual thing, which made me think of Incubus.. but i have never actually been raped yet from this dark figure..although i have always been able to fight him off. This last one which happened last night, i woke up and went to see if the cats were still in the room with me and i saw him standing at the side of my bed, and the moment i screamed he lunged at me and tried pinning me down. Someone had told me to try to get it to tell me its name because if its a demon i can find a way to banish it as long as i know his name. (I myself am not really a religious person. I dont disbelieve but never really truly believed. Im more undecided) But never the less i was fighting him off and trying to make him tell me his name. He didnt tell me his name but i managed to keep him at bay long enough to be ok. i woke up to my alarm clock feeling very scared and sick and tired to my core of this. I Dont know what i can do to get rid of this dark figure. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it. i dont know what to do anymore and im not sleeping well with all this going on all the time. my e-mail addy is if anyone can help.

Jan 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

Pray in that state whatever religion you are as long as it is to a love source or an aspect of God Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Or a Saint etc. or if you have a mantra. I chant Om Namah shivaya and it stops. Been having them since I 2 or 3 years old. Homeopathics helpful and any cleansing or bannishing or intent to bannish or cleanse and eating well and sleeping earlier.:)

Jan 23, 2013
a haunting
by: Anonymous

when i was 12 years old i went to bed then i woke up in the middle of th nite to see a woman floating over me she had some roses in her hands i tried to reach for them then she vanished i would like know what that means i also smelled the sent of roses all around me

Feb 04, 2013
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Feb 10, 2013
trapped in a dream
by: graham

I can relate to several of the thing you have said. I also find that when I sleep on my back is when I have the worst experiences in my sleep and the paralysis upon wakening.I have nightmares where I know I am dreaming and I cannot wake up. I am being attacked by demons, several of them. The dreams seem so real, and I cannot wake myself. Sometimes the demons move in a slow stop motion effect then all of a sudden they are on top of me with lightning speed. Other times I am being pulled down by thousands of dark figures, and sometimes I will see someone that looks normal and their face distorts I have the false wake up dreams where I seem to wake up several times in my dream and I think I am safe walk around, then I have a false wakening again and I will be paralyzed and a dark figure will be either floating over me or is on top of me, then another false wakening, and when I finally wake up it is freaky. When I wake I am usually hyperventilating. Sometimes when I wake up when I am laying on my back I am completely paralyzed and it takes a long time to be able to move and it take all my will power to do so.

Feb 13, 2013
My First Time ever Looking Into What Happend to Me years Ago
by: Brandon C.

I had this experience happen to me many years ago when I was 19 years old. I am 33 now and have not had anything like this happen since then, although, at times I have had the feeling like there was some kind of presence in a room with me. This presence that I had felt from time to time was not a good presence; conversely, it was more of a dark and evil presence, which would give me a very uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Anyway, back to my experience.

I remember clearly and vividly the entire experience. At the time of my experience I had been a drug user, but I remember that the night this happened I was completely sober minded. At first I had told a few people about this and they would accuse me of being on acid, high, or drunk but I insisted I was not. Most people do not believe that I am telling the truth.

I was lying in my bed; I remember it was very late at night. Everyone else in the house had been sleeping for awhile. With the bedroom light still on, I dozed off fully clothed. Like many people have posted before me, I experienced a very vivid dream. I remember standing in a dark abyss. It seemed almost as though, although it was me in the dream, I was my spirit or soul standing in this dark abyss. The darkness was infinite and I remember not being able to see my hand directly in front of my face. The feeling that I got from this darkness was complete emptiness and hopelessness. I could actually feel the darkness itself, it was a feeling that I felt deep within my soul and all around me, complete and utter dread. Then I heard an eerie whisper that said, "Help Me!" After I heard the voice I saw a vision of a small boy, blindfolded, and bound to a chair in front of me. I could see it clearly as though there was a spotlight shining down upon him, as something you would see in a rock concert or a play. Then I heard the voice again! This time it was louder and seemed to be standing next to me whispering directly into my ear, "HELP ME!"

I then immediately woke up frightened and terrified. As though the dream were not frightening enough, I looked to the left of my bed, and there stood what seemed to be a dark cloaked figure standing directly beside my bed. My first thought was that my eyes were playing tricks on me in the dark. I turned my head to the right, and then left again, and I saw this figure clear as day. It stood about 6 to 7 feet tall. It had no face, no arms or legs. It was just fully cloaked from head to toe, almost that of the image of the grim reaper but no skeleton. Just as soon as I began to realize that this thing was real, it began to bend over me. I tried to move but could not. I tried to scream but could not. In fact I was screaming at the top of my lungs and only a small sound came out, like that of a small groan, kind of like the sound the boy in the "Grudge" makes.

Feb 13, 2013
by: Brandon C.

Frightened and completely terrified, I closed my eyes and began to pray to Jesus. I just remember repeating over and over in my head, "Help me Jesus, Jesus please save me, ...” When I finally got the courage to open my eyes back up I saw this cloaked figure standing back up at the side of my bed. It then began to float, not walk, down toward the foot of my bed and then out of the door. When it got into the doorway I could clearly see this figure in the hall light. When it was gone I remember sitting up in my bed hyperventilating.

The strangest thing about this, other than the fact the entire experience was strange in and of itself, was the fact that when I fell asleep in my bed, the bedroom light was on. But while this figure was there the room was dark. Then when it left the room it was light again. There is no doubt in my mind that this thing was a demon. Why it came to me I do not know, like I said, this has not happened to me since then. Though at times, I do get this strange feeling that there is something in the room with me even though I can't see it, but the same feelings I felt when this (I call demon) was present is the same feeling that this unseen entity gives me in the pit of my stomach. Ever since that night, I have slept with a nightlight on the side of my bed, even to this day.

Another strange thing is that, this happened to me while I lived at my mother's house, and since then my sister-in-law stayed in that same room and said she saw the same thing, only not as vividly as I can recall it. Since then I have become a Christian and can't help but wonder if this happened to me to test me or whether this experience has some greater significance in my life. It is a total mystery to me.

I did get saved a couple of years after this particular incident, but backslid for a few years although never forgetting or denying the truth of what I learned about God and Jesus Christ, my savior. I am happy to say that for some time now I have been trying to fall back in line with where I am supposed to be in my walk with Christ. Only I feel as though I cannot forgive myself for walking away in the first place after finding the truth about God. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to how I should ask God back into my life? I have asked Him back in but do not feel His presence as I once did. Also, after reading some of these posts about people who are trying to grow spiritually, I am frightened that one of these demons might come back and visit me in the night. Although this experience happened to me over 14 years ago, and I know from experience what I should do, the thought of going through this again terrifies me deep down in my soul. The feeling I felt during that night so long ago is as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

Feb 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

It would be good to track how many people on this thread pass away and how they passed. To see correlation of sp and their type of death. Heard many who had specific heart issue also experienced sp

Feb 18, 2013
This is utterly idiotic
by: Secular

To suggest that you're interacting with demons. I 've had my share of experiences but I never assumed what I saw was real. Come on, reality check time guys. They're not demons, they're figments of your imagination and it's time to deal with a godless reality ffs.

Feb 22, 2013
Praying out LOUD
by: Anonymous

Hey guys. I just had my third sleep paralysis/demonic encounter the other night, and I have spent quite awhile reading these comments. I have marveled at how many people have experienced very similar things. I have had the whole "someone is sitting on my chest" thing but the other night was seeing (visually) a woman standing next to my bed. I turned away (I was not physically paralyzed but very very frightened), and began to pray in my head. "In the name of Jesus, the Name above all other names to whom every knee must bow, I command that you leave my home in Jesus' name and with the authority He gave me as his disciple". Upon praying this, I felt this...jolt of electricity hit my entire body at once, like a mack truck. It wasn't painful necessarily but extremely frightening, and I still felt the presence as thick as smoke in my bedroom, even after praying. So I decided to up the ante and prayed the same thing out loud, adding "I am not afraid of you because I have dominion over you through Christ." Again, another shock wave hit me and then I had peace. The thing about demons, guys (or evil spirits/presences, whatever you want to call them; Satan's little minions that attempt to scare us), is that they don't have access to our thoughts. As crazy as you may feel yelling a prayer in the middle of the night you HAVE to. They do not have access to our minds, Christ has not allowed them that but they can hear what we say. And you best believe when you speak Jesus' name and command that they get out of there they are OUT of there. I just thought this was an important point to make as I was perplexed as to why the presence remained after I had ordered it out of my home by praying in my head. I hope this helps some of you guys out...let these instances not dissuade you from God or your faith. Often these attacks come as a result of you doing something right in your walk with God, doing mission work, even something as simple as bringing someone to church. Satan DOES NOT want to see God's Kindgom advance, and he will do whatever God allows him to do (see Job, some things are forbidden) to scare, dissuade, discourage, depress, etc. in order to knock us down to our knees and weaken our faith. I have always had these things happen at times in my life where I was actively seeking to love in Christ's name and show others what that love looks like, and after the other night I realized that I had invited a friend to come to church with me who hadn't been in years, and she LOVED it and will return again next week. That pissed Satan off, and I am proud of that. God is the winner guys, and if He is your master then you have the authority of Christ as a believer. Do not forget that.

Feb 23, 2013
shadow people
by: huntbchsocal

I was laying in bed next to my girlfriend I knew I was having one of the experiences as I heard the shrill noise starting to emanate in my room. I was above my body but also still in my body and I could fill my energy if you will being drained out through my feet. I looked down towards my feet and I visually seen red light almost like fire being drawn through my feet down the length of my body. The red light was also sounded by a bright white light around the edges, as I started to struggle against what was happening A one dimensional being stopped what it was doing by my feet looking up and making contact with my eyes. Even though it was featureless I knew it was looking at me just as I was looking at it.As I mentioned it was like a flat piece of paper about the 4 to 5 feet high.Upon it becoming aware that I was viewing it within my own body the draining of my energy stopped immediately. I could sense that it was in shock at how I had gained mastery over my body and was now viewing it. I was not afraid I was more in shock that I was seeing what I was seeing.It then slid down the foot of my bed out of my vision almost like a piece of paper sliding down the bed I imagined it on the floor flat. It then reappeared flat on my wall near the foot of the bed it stopped again to look back at me. Then it slid along the wall just like a shadow would.With no form it moved along the wall glancing back at me often then it went around a corner out of my sight to again come into my view near my door still only appearing on the wall.As it maneuvered along the door to the opposite wall it again looked at me even though no eyes did it have. I again did not feel it was going to attack me it was more amazed that I had viewed it. As if this had never happened to it before and I had the sense that it was in fear of me. It exited my room flat against the door and my door was cracked in such a fashion that I could view the wall out in my living room.I knew it was still in my house and I kept my eyes focused on the the cracked door looking out into the other room, it reentered my vision and stopped near a window in the other room and looked back at me again and it exited through the window.I woke my girlfriend and asked had she felt or heard anything at all and she responded no.
I was amazed at this occurring and I know that somehow I had bested that being or spirit in such a fashion to never fear these experiences again. I have had many amazing psychic experiences that have nothing to do with the sleep episodes and I feel that perhaps the people who have the experiences are more able to touch the spirit world and the psychic world.I do believe in our creator and Jesus and was baptized and accepted Christ at a young age of 12. I know many hidden mysteries and secrets have been revealed to me divinely through the messiah and our creator.
Have faith and trust in our Creator

Feb 28, 2013
I Absolutely Understand What you Describe
by: Believer

I have had experiences with demonic entities that attacked me while I was taking a break from playing beer pong with my 2 brothers.. I was talking with my brother Mike in my room while he was on my computer. I was standing back 8 feet, looking at Mike as he turned to talk with me.. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow move slightly, but once I locked eye contact with its black eyes.. "I knew its thoughts, intentions.. felt its hate for humanity, hate for me, hate for my brothers."... This thing had been at watching me for a very long time, was very smart.. I mean, this thing I would not want to play chess against.. I fell to my knees after threatening it to leave & began praying the "hail mary" prayer. This thing felt my words as pain & its pride was struck with not being able to possess me. It left my presence & I heard it crawling along the ceiling moving through my house. I ran through the livingroom shouting "what the fuck? I'm not done with you bitch. Get the Fuck Out!" .. went into the kitchen screaming, "I can feel you, Get the Fuck Out!!"... Turned around and standing at the backdoor in the dining-room was a black figure standing nearly 6.5 ft tall. I fell to my knees praying again, asked for grace/ mercy/ strengh.. Stood up yelling for it to get out, turned around saying "Im not done get me Holy Water".. this thing pushed me to the floor.. went on fighting for 1.5 hrs, pledged allegiance (body, mind, soul, humanity) to Christ. Felt invincible & raised my hand saying this creatures name, & commanding it to leave.

Mar 01, 2013
by: marla

You are the very best at what you do. This site has made my deepest desire so simple! This has everything I could possibly need. Ekaka thanks for all your love and help. Your love spell brought my love back to me, after 3 years from the moment we broke up. And this evil woman finally disappeared. You chose me even if you can only take two clients a week and I am glad I chose you

Mar 02, 2013

My dream I asked him to show me who he was? N it was a clear demon. N he made it through my protection. N almost chocked me with my leather protection. So scary. He was some what powerful. The creators more powerful.. I HAVE INNER PEACE N SHOWED UP.AS THE creator. Don't be afraid of them. Say "The creators most powerful"

Mar 08, 2013
by: Dream Interpreter

No human with a sound intellect will believe any of you...until and unless they experience it for themselves more than a few times.

Firstly, let it be clear that neither Jesus nor any historical person is the reason behind your protection from these uncomfortable otherworldly experiences. I'm not saying that because I disbelieve in him, on the contrary, I believe in him, agree with him and favor him. However, it is the Divine Hidden Being (the Heavenly Father, Allah, Brahman, Ahura Mazda, Elohim, YHWH, etc.) who these "shadows" seem to acknowledge and fear.

In all fairness, both masculine and feminine vibes emanate from these strange beings as well as both good and evil.

Only one thing is certain about these creatures; they exist (whether in our subconscious or in the plane of another dimension similar to our own). The question is; how do they have so much power, knowledge and frankly leniency to do what they do?

Being a scientist from Yale University I tend to research, evaluate, verify, repeat and look at things objectively, that is to say, without bias. That's the only way you can discover the reality of any matter.

Dreams, visions, and strange voices conveying revelations all belong to the metaphysical (a plane of existence beyond the physical, material, and tangible)and as such require interpretation. What is the meaning of these occurrences? Sometimes only time can tell.

Interestingly, I have had a multitude of similar vivid experiences whose happenings sometimes materialized. As I am inquisitive by nature, one time (less than a year ago) I had asked for the figure's name but he (masculine) was quite. An unknown young boy next to me on my left told me his name was "Sidr" meaning upper-most or leader or lote-tree very similar to the meaning of Darius. Another time he came to me as "Amir" meaning leader, commander, instruction. He had lifted my left leg and either pulled something out of my foot or put something inside my heel. either way it hurt like A LOT! He was wearing something around his head like a huge hat, turban, or helmet or it could have just been the size of his head (highly doubtful) and was very skinny and short in stature. He had a very powerful presence and I felt like he could crush me with two fingers. The other night someone saw him writing some ancient letters on a baby's head in my house and when they tried to stop him or it, the figure turned them upside down but eventually left them alone.

Obviously it seems like specific people are being singled out or chosen and followed. Seems like they might be marking those they choose or have an eye on...but for what?

I would appreciate collaborating with someone intelligent and open minded but who believes in the Higher Power and hidden realms to do serious research to find out at least commonalities between experiences and people. And unless it is the will of our Creator, we might not get anywhere.

Mar 10, 2013
by: AJ m

i was haunted by these beings shadow people which i called them this since i was about 7 or 8 and had those sort of night terrors every night until i was 15 but now i think im being huanted by them unconsciously because ive woken up many times where all my limbs are to heavy to move and sweating and i dont know if this is the same thing but ive had many people see me stand out of bed and scream random violent shit and go back to bed shaking

Mar 10, 2013
by: AJ M

when youger they huanted me so bad that i could see them even awake are they real or wtf?

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from SP since I was a teenager over 20 years ago. It usually starts out that someone in my life is trying to get me to wake up by telling me that the evil one is coming and I need to wake up, save myself. Then it is too late, I see my bedroom, I can't move, my voice is gone. The dark shadow comes to the edge of my bed. I feel intense evil, I am terrified. I am fighting as hard as I can but I cannot stop him from pulling me out of my body. I turn away from him and see a silver cord attached to my spirit and my body. I am moving fast through the air, I try to grab the cord to get back to my body. I hear demonic voices but can't make out what they are saying. I fight hard enough to get back to my body. I wake up terrified. If I go back to sleep, they are there again. I have to get up and let time pass before I can go to sleep again. Just this last week, the experience was completely different. There was no warning, no time to try and wake up. There were two of them. I felt pure evil standing next to me. They were standing beside my bed, right by my head. The tall one used the voice of my boyfriend. I could not understand what he was saying but I knew the voice. Instead of pulling me out of my body through my feet, he grabbed my face. He started to twist my head into the pillow. I heard the second one laughing. I tried fighting as hard as I could. Finally, they just disappeared. They have never grabbed my head before. Why now? If anyone should have any answers for my please email me at:

Mar 15, 2013
Stop Sleep Paralysis
by: sab201

I had sleep paralysis, real bad ones, a dark entity paralysing my neck, I somehow use my strength to overcome it and I move my neck, the paralysis stops.

There are very bad side effects of this sleep paralysis which is caused by this black entity. I feel like I am weak, drained of energy the next day, sometime could not even walk or stand the day after the event.

At last after a long time I have found the solution to stop this. I do not know if any researchers like Proud have found this solution, but I did. Anyone reading this please pass this message its really very simple. There is no need to say prayers of keep any GOD pictures, they dont work at all. All you have to do is you have to sleep with your head towards the South, East or West directions ONLY. DO not sleep with head towards north, this means you are facing SOUTH which is the demon direction according to HINDU VASTU. SO sleep with head towards SOUTH or EAST. Make sure you don't put cans of water near your east wall and place something heavy on the southwest corner on top of your building.

This worked for me 100 percent, its vastu, if these rules are folowed, the shadow people will never harm you.

Mar 21, 2013
hallo lord, byebye fears.
by: Anonymous

Welcome to become a beeing of fear in hell. Fear noone but the lord... its just a test! I had it since years now but jesus always gets u out of it :) anf i been loosing gravity for so many times i cant count... i had worms inside of me too
Thats good thou! It means ur on the right way to the lord by not having no fear.. or u did something wrong whcih would make the test end up beeing in hell.....
Jus today one rape me and i liked it but then i realised that it was a demon again.
Those are signs for u to not do what u just did... whatever felt wrong you shouldnt have done.
but this whole woRld is just a test for the self/sin.
Read the bible nd u will understand.
God bless you and be happy you wake up at all and dont see the lake of fire! And the screams... shit innnnsssannnne, lol.
But also to be honest its good because after all i been trough i can say: satan fucc u and ur demons can kiss my white booty! U loose ur fears which is great!

Mar 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

There are science theories and things that "prove" this is a disorder. It's not. When I was six, I would wake up and be paralyzed. Don't ask me if I didnlt have enough sleep, okay, I slept healthily. Anyways, I would look over and see a dark figure crouching at the side of my bed. Me and my sister had to share a bed at that time, so it would be about three feet away, but it watched me. I couldn't see it's eyes, but I know it was alive. When the paralysis thinned a little, I would turn over and face the pillow. It would simply climb onto the bed and crouch over me, and I felt it's BREATH and it's weight and the sides of me. The paralysis has returned, but I haven't seen the figure. But I felt it...

Apr 01, 2013
2 personal experiences but my brothers have had many
by: Anonymous

I have an older brother and a younger brother who have both had experiences with shadow people. I'd always believed them since they aren't the type of people to make up wild stories, but until you actually experience the terror of going through one yourself no amount of retelling or description will ever make you really understand what the other person has gone through. My first experience came about when I was living alone, I''d been single for most of my life but had just recently moved out on my own for the first time and gone through some pretty tough times at work, with relationships and was experiencing troubles with some of my neighbors, I didn't live int he best of apartments.

I was going out a lot at the time and was a casual drinker, no drugs, no real anything, just living without much responsibilities. I have a history of watching lots of horror movies and reading books plus true crime, the stranger the better. Well one night I went to sleep and felt the most intense fear I've ever felt in my life, I was lying in bed and absolutely knew I was not asleep, but I couldn't move, I saw a shadowy man I outlined by the foot of the bed, but instead of having a hood on I remember it as a hat, he was reaching for my foot, my right foot I think. I struggled to wake up before he actually grabbed it. Just knowing that something horrible would happen if he touched me and managed to break through the sleep paralysis and actually say the words no or go away. I immediately woke up and was not able to go back to regular sleep for weeks. I'd always make sure the light or tv was on and I could not even sleep in the same bed, preferring instead to sleep on the sofa in the living room. A moth or so later I met up with a friend and she suggested I leave the radio on all night on the Christian channel. That helped and I was able to return back to normal nights of sleep. My second experience, I remember less vividly. What I remember the most is a black figure not unlike, the Spider man costume worn by Venom or maybe Kraven. Wrapped around my chest trying to squeeze me or suffocate or merge into me. Once again I was able to break out of the dream. Two of the most physically and mentally tough things. I've ever had to do. I've had a few othe rain stances where I've managed to wake myself up or shout no in dreams, once waking my husband, who actually heard me talking. Since then. My mother has told me that I used to sleep walk as a child. I've all but given up horror and negative commercial "entertainment". Why put yourself through all of that and although I still have some strange/bad I've not had anything like those two that I mentioned.

Apr 01, 2013
Mercedes left the Venom comment earlier
by: Anonymous

This is the best site I've seen so far as to providing information and experiences which seem the most nonfictional accounts of the experience. This is the only site that I have seen so far that has explained why they would want to grab me by my foot and wrap them selves around the chest area. I wonder if most of the other people who post here have had very bad night mares? I've had some where dead people or bodies would be in dreams not focused on them but just have them in the background or as income case I had a dream a bat flying over my head in circles. I know that sounds cliche, but I was worried about a friend and trying Tom go to sleep and it was very life like. I've seen many bats up close and so they don't hold as much of a mystical allure as they might do to others in a cheesy movie, so I'm not sure why I had such an outrageous symbolic warning symbol.

Apr 02, 2013
by: Anonymous


Apr 04, 2013
Common visions seeing aliens NEW
by: Anonymous

This is Mercedes. I don't think I've seen Aiens, but I have been in the car with my mother and brother in thelateto mid seventies and they did see one in Port Arthur Texas. I've never been very observant or maybe that's its just that I blocked it out of my memory. Could this be a common link?

Apr 12, 2013
Do this the next time you have sp NEW
by: Anonymous

I am an alien abductee. I just woke up when I turned 33. My youngest daughter since 3 years old would tell me theirs demons in her room abducting her and the stuff she was telling me there was no way a child could know these things. If you told me you were an alien abductee I would have laughed and said whatever.I cant tell anyone I suffer from this because they would think I am all 6's and 7's. Then I started really paying attention to my surroundings noticing things. Shadow beings all through out my home all last year. My oldest daughter was seeing them as well.We also saw 12 stars in the sky and they moved and disappeared in Feb 2012. My youngest daughter and I are RH negative Blood I am B- and she is O-. Do you have Negative blood or anyone in family negative blood? This seems to play a factor in the sp and abduction experience. I started getting paralyzed in my room but I wasn't resting and wasn't sleeping. I had a hand wrapped around my wrist. Pulling me but nothing was there. Now I am not a religious person. I was watching a you tube video of a priest telling abductees when you get the sp say in your mind Please help me Jesus. I said it like 3 times and it stopped. Every time it would happen I would do that and it stopped. We are not dealing with aliens but they are fallen angels. Read the bible, book of enoch, koran, torah. These books are a spiritual guide warning us of this. I feel with everything that is going on in the world that they are pouring into our dimension. Holy water stops the abductions and sp. So this is my advice if your not religious try to have an open mind and stop the trauma you are experiencing. It won't work if you truly don't believe. I make sure I pray to God to put a protective shield around my home, all four corners roof and floor. I ask God to forbid them from coming into my home, forbid them from harming us and forbid them from taking us to do experiments on us. I then bless every room in my home in the name of God and I make sure to put holy water around my bed, windows and doorway. It has not completely stopped them but it decreased their appearance. Last year and this year there have been so many UFO sighting reports. Shadow being reports was the highest last year as well. I truly hope my story helps some that are feeling hopeless experiencing this scary stuff.Also did any of you see an eye above your bed and were awake. I saw that first before I started seeing them. I think its the eye of Satan.

Apr 13, 2013
evil NEW
by: Anonymous

since I was little my parents can always talk to spirits or see them, they always told me be careful where you go, or step. really meaning you can attract spirits any where, if they want to come with you they will. some that come and wont leave and you can sense when it coming. you bought if with you, from some where you gone. these spirits always want something, they will keep doing it until you die. if you don't find some kind of help to get rid of it, soon make you sick, or kill you.

Apr 13, 2013
evil NEW
by: Anonymous

since I was little my parents can always talk to spirits or see them, they always told me be careful where you go, or step. really meaning you can attract spirits any where, if they want to come with you they will. some that come and wont leave and you can sense when it coming. you bought if with you, from some where you gone. these spirits always want something, they will keep doing it until you die. if you don't find some kind of help to get rid of it, soon make you sick, or kill you.

Apr 13, 2013
evil NEW
by: Anonymous

since I was little my parents can always talk to spirits or see them, they always told me be careful where you go, or step. really meaning you can attract spirits any where, if they want to come with you they will. some that come and wont leave and you can sense when it coming. you bought if with you, from some where you gone. these spirits always want something, they will keep doing it until you die. if you don't find some kind of help to get rid of it, soon make you sick, or kill you.

Apr 14, 2013
First Experience with this... Freaked! NEW
by: Mercy

I found this site by googling whatever the heck just happened to me and my husband last night. I am quite freaked to find that we are not alone in our experience. Here's what happened just a few hours ago. I was sleeping on my stomach but facing my right, toward my husband. I had a hard night's sleep because I have a cold and the coughing and swollen throat glands keep waking me up, so my sleep was in and out and not restful. Anyway, I suddenly am "awakened" by a firm, pressing feeling all over my back and head, down to just under my buttocks, as if someone is lying heavily on top of me. But I didn't feel any hands or bony limbs but rather a constant, even pressure that was cold and evil. I was instantly scared and wanted to move and scream but realized I couldn't do either. I was trying in vain to reach out to my husband, who was audibly snoring next to me but it was a huge struggle to move my hand. I remember hearing myself moaning even though in my head I am yelling for my husband to help me, that someone was in the room and pressing me down! Finally I somehow reached my husband's arm, felt his warmth, and poked it until I could grip it and squeeze to wake him up. I felt his stirring and that's the last thing I remember. I woke up later, with a sense of calm and no more pressure on me and I was alone in the bed. I went downstairs to find my husband sitting on the couch in the family room, where he often goes upon waking early. I got a cup of coffee and recounted my horrifying experience to him, asking him if he remembered me grabbing his arm and yelling for him to help me. He said that he did not, but he shared with me what woke him up around 4 this morning. He said "something" woke him up and he opened his eyes and saw the figure of a man, about 6'3", wearing a hooded cloak that appeared to be gray in color. He could not see a face but the figured waved at him. When my husband realized he was wide awake and what he was seeing was real, he never lost eye contact with it and slowly got up out of bed to approach it. As he did the figure disintegrated (vanished) into thin air. How can TWO PEOPLE share this experience?

Apr 15, 2013
Can Relate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had the experiences described here as well. The paralysis, but eyes wide open with the dark energy crushing my chest making it hard to breath. There are times that I can feel it (something) sitting on my shoulders, holding me down, and too, hear the growling in my ear. It feels very evil, and you try to scream and move away from it, but you cant. Sometimes I can see it as a black fog moving up and crushing my body from my feet to my chest, other times it is just there. One time, a man with white hair and glasses appeared by my bedside, shortly after freeing my self from the black fog. All I can remember is that he took my hand and said "it is ok, there is a better place". I dont know who that man was, but he has never appeared again. But I still get the "shadow people", "black fog" and what I would describe is, those little "gargoyle things" huffing and puffing and growling in my ear. It is scary and am glad I am not the only one experiencing this.

Apr 15, 2013
Can Relate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had the experiences described here as well. The paralysis, but eyes wide open with the dark energy crushing my chest making it hard to breath. There are times that I can feel it (something) sitting on my shoulders, holding me down, and too, hear the growling in my ear. It feels very evil, and you try to scream and move away from it, but you cant. Sometimes I can see it as a black fog moving up and crushing my body from my feet to my chest, other times it is just there. One time, a man with white hair and glasses appeared by my bedside, shortly after freeing my self from the black fog. All I can remember is that he took my hand and said "it is ok, there is a better place". I dont know who that man was, but he has never appeared again. But I still get the "shadow people", "black fog" and what I would describe is, those little "gargoyle things" huffing and puffing and growling in my ear. It is scary and am glad I am not the only one experiencing this.

Apr 16, 2013
feelings NEW
by: Anonymous


i start to dream about a woman telling me bad news about a demon in a creepy voice and when i quickly woke up i was thinking for 2 minutes and i feel my head slowly lift off my pillow and ran out the room.

What i dont understand is i was awake..

Apr 18, 2013
These are devils or demons. Watch this. NEW
by: T B Joshua

Apr 18, 2013
As i slept NEW
by: veee

So i woke up feeling stuck yet i could feel a strong energy, i look up and there is a very tall dark solid shadow, i got so startled yet could not move, my body convulsed and as i stared up at the figure it stared back then turned and left fast swiftly away and out the room. that was one of many expeirences since childhood. only time i awoke to see the sp looking down on me. Most def. one of my most startling expierences.

Apr 18, 2013
As i slept NEW
by: veee

So i woke up feeling stuck yet i could feel a strong energy, i look up and there is a very tall dark solid shadow, i got so startled yet could not move, my body convulsed and as i stared up at the figure it stared back then turned and left fast swiftly away and out the room. that was one of many expeirences since childhood. only time i awoke to see the sp looking down on me. Most def. one of my most startling expierences.

Apr 19, 2013
scared out of sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Tonight was the first time I myself have experienced a shadow of an arm coming out of my closet. It first started as my mirrored closet door opening then I would wake myself them fall back asleep when I did I would see my closet door open again I woke myself up again the third time the door started shaking and a dark arm came out. I then got out of bed turned on the light opened the door and looked inside and nothing was there. So I walked in my childrens room to see if they were okay and wanted to see if they wanted to sleep with me. I then thought I can't go back to sleep I was going to go watch the church channel and pray and read my Bible. It had to be God that lead me to this site because here I am and I'm starting to feel better. Not sure why I had this experience but I will put it in Gods hands.

Apr 24, 2013
thanks to dr atakpo NEW
by: deborah

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Apr 29, 2013
Sleep Paralysis Hereditary? NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a Christian and I've been dealing with sleep paralysis for more than 20 years, along with the out of body experiences and seeing dark shadows. Could the dark shadows be demonic entities? It's possible, but I refuse to put too much thought into it because it freaks me out as it is because I cannot logically explain it. It is still scary, but through practice I can limit the duration. I noticed that it will usually happen when I am sleep deprived, and more often when I'm lying on my back than on my side. One commonality I have found is that this phenomenon is related to narcolepsy (just a side note). My father and his mother also experienced the sleep paralysis. Grandmother saw the dark shadows. Makes me wonder if it might be hereditary. My son has also at the age of 3 screamed out because he saw a shadow in the corner of his well lit room. Granted I have never to this day shared my experiences with him. The one thing as far as attacks from the dark shadows I found that helped was calling on Jesus. I would say a simple prayer, called the "Jesus Prayer" I found in a book and recite it any time I remembered it, even while awake. "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner." Every time I got to Jesus' name, the entities would disappear. Even when I had lucid dreams/nightmares, as soon as I said Jesus in the dream, I would wake up. If you do start calling on Jesus more and more as this happens, you might start to notice the frequency of the occurrences of seeing these entities increase. I know I did. Scientifically, I cannot explain what exactly is going on, although I wish I could. I just keep the faith that Jesus will always be available to help me.

Apr 30, 2013
It was too Real NEW
by: Anonymous

About an hr ago I was sleeping & this just happened to me, My room looked exactly the same as it does but I saw a very tall shadowy figure right in the middle of my room. I felt it choke my neck & I was struggling to breathe. i looked next to me & there was another shadowy figure next to my bed. I was struggling to breathe & to get out of my room. then i said "Get behind me Satan!" but my voice half sounded like me & half like them (dark & raspy). I heard them laugh. & i struggled more to get up but couldn't & the 1 was almost blocking the doorway.. I started praying in my head then they disappeared & i was truly awake but could most definitely still feel their presence & i still felt them choking me but it was less & less. my alarm clock made it's normal static noise & my closet made a little noise (which i hear those noises occasionally) but i've never put 2&2 together & thought it was the demons until today. after i heard those noises the choking was gone. But i heard them laugh again. I am also a believer & this past week i've been growing in God rapidly.. I want those things to leave but I don't know how.

May 04, 2013
fear NEW
by: sinner

When i was younger i was in New Age,and i meditate and i was trying to open third eye.Once,in mind i hear knocking during meditation and after that i had sleep paralisis.It was teryfing experiance.I look on the internet and find that many people had similar experience.I stoped with meditations and New Age,i trow every book from my house (this too brings dark entitis),books,objects,artifacts,amulets etc.Now i am an Orthodox Christian and i never had a similar experience.Now,even if normal dream go to strange way i pray in dream and wake up instantly.
Protect your soul with reading of New Testament,Psalms especialy 23,50,90.Read books of Saints ...Saints Anthony the Great,John of the Ladder,Serafim of Sarov etc.

May 05, 2013
sleep paralyis NEW
by: Anonymous

can anyone else feel their sp coming? i can as I'm laying there, sometimes i let it happen ( bad decisions ) or i just move around and it will go away. Sometimes for the night or it continues to come back. if anyone can figure this out for me it'll probably save my life. thank you

May 13, 2013
need help NEW
by: Anonymous

ok if its just a dream or our thoughts why the heck are we seeing this same shadow figure how? i would like some one to answer that because its weird that we all are seeing it..anyway im trying to get to the bottom of this because its driving me nuts because other times i didnt see a shadow one time i saw a young girl age around 10 or 11 she was black standing outside my window it wasnt night either it was in the morning and when i look at her her eyes was still on me not blinking at all like she was more shock then me and all of a sudden i started suffocating i force myself to go to sleep and the crazy thing about it is that i didnt want to get up and look at my window something woke me up and made me look at the window its like the girl woke me up and wanted me to see her it was like she needed help like something was alter her and its real crazy i dont care dont judge me but what if this is a gift that we just dont know how to use a doorway maybe the dark shadow is the one who wants to stop it maybe hes death im just saying im not 100 percent sure and let me tell yall this too when i was younger i could sense that something bad is about to happen before it happens any of yall did? and one time my adopted grandmother was given this statue of something i dont want to state to much about it but did any of yall seen it if you know what i mean and it was evil looking and a next couple of weeks she past away. and i think this statue is what causing this and i also seen other children if you have please give details about them.

May 16, 2013
Good to know this post is still open since my last visit on 2012... NEW
by: Joseph

So I've been experiencing this SP phenomena almost all the time I go to bed, and by experience, I just realized a couple of things:
-First, these things usually happen to me from 3am (witch's time) to 4am. During this period, most of the time, I see or feel a bad entity trying to scare me (last thing, when I grabbed my cellphone during SP, a video of red demonic faces appeared..), and the only way to get out of that dimension was to give a short pray in the name of Jesus, like I always do...
-Second, when these things happen after 4am, or when the first beams of light enter my room (I always leave the windows' curtain open), I feel safer and able to control my SP. For example, when I am inside that "dimension", I try not to get scared, so I keep strong. Then, when all the fear goes away, I am able to move my spiritual arms (which is shown as a white aura) and experiment. I can even touch my face, which feels like if I have anesthesia. I can look around and it just looks like my room. However, when I try to sit up, I feel so heavy that I just fall down, so I guess that's why they call it sleep "paralysis", yet it is not a complete paralysis. I can also do it around 3am during whitch's time, yet it is not a good time to experiment...
-Third, I have learned to distinguish or predict when I am about to experience SP. First, I feel a weird pressure or stress inside my head, or an annoying interference. Then, I try to stay as calm as possible, and.. plop! I am inside this weird dimension, and if it is 3am, I am fucked because around that time, all the bad entities hang around...
-Fourth, I've realized it is always good to have a source of light turned on around you or in front of you, because when something around me is emitting light, I can sometimes avoid SP.
-Fifth, I always have my cellphone next to me, so when I have SP, I grab it and see what happens to it.. one of the things I saw was a text on the screen, however, when I try to read it, it constantly changes... It is not possible to read during SP. Other thing is that when I try to turn on my cellphone to use it as a light source, it just doesn't turn on, but the cellphone's signal light indicator is always on.
-Sixth,a couple of time I suddenly appear standing up inside my house during SP. In this dimension, everything is dark. My furniture and things are just misplaced, and when I try to explore, I feel someone is watching or following me, and if I feel scared, this things appears to attack me... One time I was able to see it face to face. It had various limbs and its face was just deformed... it was a brownish humanoid creature with many arms... I told him "The power of Christ compels you" and the creature vanished...its face slightly remained when I came back to reality, or woke up...
I am also interested on supporting SP research by providing my own experiences, so if anyone knows about any organization researching this phenomena, please let me know at, thank you.

May 18, 2013
I'm the original poster of this blog NEW
by: Barney

Hi guys, I'm Barney the one who originally started this discussion. I wanted to update you on what has happened to me. 2010-2011 were very dark years for me when I had so many of these demonic attacks and involuntary out of body experiences during these sp experiences. I went on a spiritual journey to find out why this was happening and have gotten somuch comfort knowing that this is a common occurance although it's not much discussed among friends, classroom or even in churches.

Although I had a belief in Jesus since a small child...I really wasn't giving him all the areas of my life nor actively seeking Him to be the Lord in charge of all of me. At the beginning of this recent spell of sp episodes when I posted this, I knew that the cause was "open spiritual doors" in my life but I didn't want to believe that was the real cause. I didn't want to admit this because when you are so attached to a sinful behavior and believe there is no way to change, it's easier to change your belief system because I tried and failed a million times to change certain sinful areas of my life.

I felt abandoned by god during this time of extreme fear and darkness when I was even scared to fo to sleep and this vicious cycle seems to get bigger and bigger.

May 18, 2013
I'm the original poster of this blog NEW
by: Barney

Hi guys, I'm Barney the one who originally started this discussion. I wanted to update you on what has happened to me. 2010-2011 were very dark years for me when I had so many of these demonic attacks and involuntary out of body experiences during these sp experiences. I went on a spiritual journey to find out why this was happening and have gotten somuch comfort knowing that this is a common occurance although it's not much discussed among friends, classroom or even in churches.

Although I had a belief in Jesus since a small child...I really wasn't giving him all the areas of my life nor actively seeking Him to be the Lord in charge of all of me. At the beginning of this recent spell of sp episodes when I posted this, I knew that the cause was "open spiritual doors" in my life but I didn't want to believe that was the real cause. I didn't want to admit this because when you are so attached to a sinful behavior and believe there is no way to change, it's easier to change your belief system because I tried and failed a million times to change certain sinful areas of my life.

I felt abandoned by god during this time of extreme fear and darkness when I was even scared to fo to sleep and this vicious cycle seems to get bigger and bigger.

May 18, 2013
I'm the original poster of this blog NEW
by: Barney

Hi guys, I'm Barney the one who originally started this discussion. I wanted to update you on what has happened to me. 2010-2011 were very dark years for me when I had so many of these demonic attacks and involuntary out of body experiences during these sp experiences. I went on a spiritual journey to find out why this was happening and have gotten somuch comfort knowing that this is a common occurance although it's not much discussed among friends, classroom or even in churches.

Although I had a belief in Jesus since a small child...I really wasn't giving him all the areas of my life nor actively seeking Him to be the Lord in charge of all of me. At the beginning of this recent spell of sp episodes when I posted this, I knew that the cause was "open spiritual doors" in my life but I didn't want to believe that was the real cause. I didn't want to admit this because when you are so attached to a sinful behavior and believe there is no way to change, it's easier to change your belief system because I tried and failed a million times to change certain sinful areas of my life.

I felt abandoned by god during this time of extreme fear and darkness when I was even scared to fo to sleep and this vicious cycle seems to get bigger and bigger.

May 20, 2013
I'm the original poster of this blog (2) NEW
by: Barney

I had to come to a place to really want to face this darkness of my past and current practices and habits and really ask god to give me the desire to get closer to him for real. During a very long process of seeking Jesus with all my heart I have made a full commitment to let God have all the areas of my life and when I came to the place where I was ready to hear, god showed me that these attacks were caused by open doors of current sin and past sin in my life and that gave satan and his demons an entrance to attack me. It was God's love to allow me to see my true situation and his power that has been changing me in deep places in me that I didn't even know where there. I spent years looking for answers in the paranormal but I have found them in drawing closer to jesus and reading the bible and getting to know god as a true living being involved in my life. Some may not be ready to hear this but all I can do is tell you my journey. God promised that if we sincerely seek him with All of our heart, we will find him. In my case it took me several years because he doesn't answer until we are in the place where we are willing and ready to hear what he has to say. Jesus showed power over all evil forces and we will not share that power that's available in and through his name until we have a true encounter with him.

Here's an interesting question: I know I had so many encounters with evil entities so why did I wait so long to have a real encounter with the creator jesus who is the only one who has power over these evil forces?
This is something you'll have to answer for yourself but in my case it was because these evil forces wanted me to stay away from Christ

May 24, 2013
scary NEW
by: Laura

I'm a 14 year old girl and stuff like this already have stopped happening to me recently when I pray to God and ask him to please not let it happen to me. Before, it happened to me several times, I'd be Lying in bed then I'd open my eyes and I'm still in the same room and position but I couldn't move. I felt as if many many hands were holding my body down and I couldn't even move my head or my mouth. And I'd see a tall dark figure by my bed and I'd hear many things whispering things I couldn't understand in my ears. And I'd force myself to wake up and not close my eyes whenever it happened. I just want an explanation on why this use to happen to me. I've been born a Christian and my parents practice it along with me and I sometimes pray to God.

May 25, 2013
dream.spinning NEW
by: Anonymous

this is so crazy I cant beleive othera are out their......I usually know when im.dreaming and have done the spinning technique since I was a child yet until now.never knew it was a technique. I too have had numerous sleep paralysis momenta with a shadow figure and have stood up better to my fears within those episodes to wake out of it. have experiences other spiritual and paranormal events....just glad to hear their are others but still have trouble sleeping :(

May 27, 2013
how far is too far? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have done about everything I can with this disorder I have mastered out of body and ridden my fear of these shadow men I actually use a scapegoat
shadow man he is the tall man that looks over me usually appears in the morning I kind of trust him he never attacks or in a sense "TAKES WHO YOU ARE"
I say takes who you are because when I first got out of my body to see if it was my brother that was whispering it was the darkman who attacked now he was a real asshole pardon my french. But I'm glad the tall mans there ever since I grabbed his hand and felt that shock I feel protected somehow weird huh wish I were making this up sounds crazy. anyway I got bored and to be honest afraid becuase the further I would stray away from my body my heart beat would slowly fade I opened my front door once and let me tell you nothen but dark outside execpt the sky it's soooo beautiful but yea I found more intresting things then this like being in a dream and talking to someone while you are sleeping and they are awake pretty cool althogh my bro hates it when I shout his name lol

Jun 11, 2013
Being pined down by evil NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy that I found this page because i have been harassed by evil forces that i can't see for many years now, And im not the only one!. As a Christian i believe in jesus and the devil because i have experienced both! As i was sleeping last night, a powerful negative force woke me up by pining my whole body down on the bed and could not move. So i cried out lord jesus help me and the negative force was instantly gone from me. Every time it happens to me i call out to the lord and he helps me every time. I have experienced many of these attacks and in some cases 7 attacks in one night! When it happens to me i can feel this evil, negative energy pushing hard all over my body not just my chest!. This evil makes me so uncomfortable nd i know when its watching because i can feel its negative energy.

Jun 11, 2013
Being pined down by evil NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy that I found this page because i have been harassed by evil forces that i can't see for many years now, And im not the only one!. As a Christian i believe in jesus and the devil because i have experienced both! As i was sleeping last night, a powerful negative force woke me up by pining my whole body down on the bed and could not move. So i cried out lord jesus help me and the negative force was instantly gone from me. Every time it happens to me i call out to the lord and he helps me every time. I have experienced many of these attacks and in some cases 7 attacks in one night! When it happens to me i can feel this evil, negative energy pushing hard all over my body not just my chest!. This evil makes me so uncomfortable nd i know when its watching because i can feel its negative energy.

Jun 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi I just awoke from sp I had it 5 times in a row, starting with voices some foreign and some not making sense one bit then I went into sp it felt like someone was right in my face laughing at me and talking jibberish It also felt like I was being shook and that feeling like someone has walked over your grave all over my body I daren't open my eyes cuz it felt like that was what it wanted me to do I'm fed up with having this happen to me now 1 in bout 20 times it can be a great friendly experience but the rest no thankyou, I've tried a few spiritualists and they just say your special you have a real gift and need to learn to not fear death then things will really start happening, ummm no I don't think so I want it to stop, they say its when people are awakening they get it, I get it straight away from nodding off and have the warning sighns before going into sp which I can get up and turn over but as soon as I've nodded off bang. I've had it for 20 years and it doesn't get any easier! Help!

Jun 14, 2013
help NEW
by: Ethan

Look I am 15 years old and a firm believer in Christ, I started having these dreams and things just this year. It starts out with me asleep and then I kinda feel this wave of dread and terror was over me, it feels like someone is sitting on my back/chest and I can't move breath or talk. I can sense an evil presence just floating above me. I try to wake up and I cant the only words I can say are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And its like that every time, I say Jesus three times when it happens. And instantly they disappear and I wake up terrified, there is nothing more scary than this and i'm afraid to go to sleep. Like barney said the devil would not mess with you if he didn't perceive you as a threat to his evil plan. God promises that he will " never leave you nor forsake you." God has proved that to be true with me and every one of you who have called on his name during these periods. Other times I am barely asleep and I start to hear whispers in the corner of the room when everybody is asleep, I jolt awake and everything is quiet. I know God is there every time this happens, God says that he will not give you more than you can handle. There will always be a way out through the Lord in situations like this. During these attacks I can "see" the thing coming towards me, I don't know what it is but I get SO SCARED!! And I start to get real cold. I don't know what it is that's causing it, I play baseball and I pitch and right now I am up to my eyeballs with sports and it is so stressing. Pitching puts a TON of pressure on anyone who is in a tight game, and that's happened recently. Right now I have school, baseball, family, vacations, tests etc. Right now I am worrying about my pitching and plate performances, I am in a wood bat tourney right now and the pressure is on for me at the plate. For those of you who have not experienced hitting with wood it is the best feeling in the world when you square one up, no other feeling like it. As you can imagine the pressure to get a solid shot with wood is very high for a 15 year old. I think I am just to stressed about baseball and how I am going to do, I worry to much about it and don't get enough sleep at night. please help.

Jun 14, 2013
help NEW
by: Ethan

Look I am 15 years old and a firm believer in Christ, I started having these dreams and things just this year. It starts out with me asleep and then I kinda feel this wave of dread and terror was over me, it feels like someone is sitting on my back/chest and I can't move breath or talk. I can sense an evil presence just floating above me. I try to wake up and I cant the only words I can say are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And its like that every time, I say Jesus three times when it happens. And instantly they disappear and I wake up terrified, there is nothing more scary than this and i'm afraid to go to sleep. Like barney said the devil would not mess with you if he didn't perceive you as a threat to his evil plan. God promises that he will " never leave you nor forsake you." God has proved that to be true with me and every one of you who have called on his name during these periods. Other times I am barely asleep and I start to hear whispers in the corner of the room when everybody is asleep, I jolt awake and everything is quiet. I know God is there every time this happens, God says that he will not give you more than you can handle. There will always be a way out through the Lord in situations like this. During these attacks I can "see" the thing coming towards me, I don't know what it is but I get SO SCARED!! And I start to get real cold. I don't know what it is that's causing it, I play baseball and I pitch and right now I am up to my eyeballs with sports and it is so stressing. Pitching puts a TON of pressure on anyone who is in a tight game, and that's happened recently. Right now I have school, baseball, family, vacations, tests etc. Right now I am worrying about my pitching and plate performances, I am in a wood bat tourney right now and the pressure is on for me at the plate. For those of you who have not experienced hitting with wood it is the best feeling in the world when you square one up, no other feeling like it. As you can imagine the pressure to get a solid shot with wood is very high for a 15 year old. I think I am just to stressed about baseball and how I am going to do, I worry to much about it and don't get enough sleep at night. please help.

Jun 14, 2013
help NEW
by: Ethan

Look I am 15 years old and a firm believer in Christ, I started having these dreams and things just this year. It starts out with me asleep and then I kinda feel this wave of dread and terror was over me, it feels like someone is sitting on my back/chest and I can't move breath or talk. I can sense an evil presence just floating above me. I try to wake up and I cant the only words I can say are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And its like that every time, I say Jesus three times when it happens. And instantly they disappear and I wake up terrified, there is nothing more scary than this and i'm afraid to go to sleep. Like barney said the devil would not mess with you if he didn't perceive you as a threat to his evil plan. God promises that he will " never leave you nor forsake you." God has proved that to be true with me and every one of you who have called on his name during these periods. Other times I am barely asleep and I start to hear whispers in the corner of the room when everybody is asleep, I jolt awake and everything is quiet. I know God is there every time this happens, God says that he will not give you more than you can handle. There will always be a way out through the Lord in situations like this. During these attacks I can "see" the thing coming towards me, I don't know what it is but I get SO SCARED!! And I start to get real cold. I don't know what it is that's causing it, I play baseball and I pitch and right now I am up to my eyeballs with sports and it is so stressing. Pitching puts a TON of pressure on anyone who is in a tight game, and that's happened recently. Right now I have school, baseball, family, vacations, tests etc. Right now I am worrying about my pitching and plate performances, I am in a wood bat tourney right now and the pressure is on for me at the plate. For those of you who have not experienced hitting with wood it is the best feeling in the world when you square one up, no other feeling like it. As you can imagine the pressure to get a solid shot with wood is very high for a 15 year old. I think I am just to stressed about baseball and how I am going to do, I worry to much about it and don't get enough sleep at night. please help.

Jun 14, 2013
help NEW
by: Ethan

Look I am 15 years old and a firm believer in Christ, I started having these dreams and things just this year. It starts out with me asleep and then I kinda feel this wave of dread and terror was over me, it feels like someone is sitting on my back/chest and I can't move breath or talk. I can sense an evil presence just floating above me. I try to wake up and I cant the only words I can say are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And its like that every time, I say Jesus three times when it happens. And instantly they disappear and I wake up terrified, there is nothing more scary than this and i'm afraid to go to sleep. Like barney said the devil would not mess with you if he didn't perceive you as a threat to his evil plan. God promises that he will " never leave you nor forsake you." God has proved that to be true with me and every one of you who have called on his name during these periods. Other times I am barely asleep and I start to hear whispers in the corner of the room when everybody is asleep, I jolt awake and everything is quiet. I know God is there every time this happens, God says that he will not give you more than you can handle. There will always be a way out through the Lord in situations like this. During these attacks I can "see" the thing coming towards me, I don't know what it is but I get SO SCARED!! And I start to get real cold. I don't know what it is that's causing it, I play baseball and I pitch and right now I am up to my eyeballs with sports and it is so stressing. Pitching puts a TON of pressure on anyone who is in a tight game, and that's happened recently. Right now I have school, baseball, family, vacations, tests etc. Right now I am worrying about my pitching and plate performances, I am in a wood bat tourney right now and the pressure is on for me at the plate. For those of you who have not experienced hitting with wood it is the best feeling in the world when you square one up, no other feeling like it. As you can imagine the pressure to get a solid shot with wood is very high for a 15 year old. I think I am just to stressed about baseball and how I am going to do, I worry to much about it and don't get enough sleep at night. please help.

Jun 14, 2013
help NEW
by: Ethan

Look I am 15 years old and a firm believer in Christ, I started having these dreams and things just this year. It starts out with me asleep and then I kinda feel this wave of dread and terror was over me, it feels like someone is sitting on my back/chest and I can't move breath or talk. I can sense an evil presence just floating above me. I try to wake up and I cant the only words I can say are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And its like that every time, I say Jesus three times when it happens. And instantly they disappear and I wake up terrified, there is nothing more scary than this and i'm afraid to go to sleep. Like barney said the devil would not mess with you if he didn't perceive you as a threat to his evil plan. God promises that he will " never leave you nor forsake you." God has proved that to be true with me and every one of you who have called on his name during these periods. Other times I am barely asleep and I start to hear whispers in the corner of the room when everybody is asleep, I jolt awake and everything is quiet. I know God is there every time this happens, God says that he will not give you more than you can handle. There will always be a way out through the Lord in situations like this. During these attacks I can "see" the thing coming towards me, I don't know what it is but I get SO SCARED!! And I start to get real cold. I don't know what it is that's causing it, I play baseball and I pitch and right now I am up to my eyeballs with sports and it is so stressing. Pitching puts a TON of pressure on anyone who is in a tight game, and that's happened recently. Right now I have school, baseball, family, vacations, tests etc. Right now I am worrying about my pitching and plate performances, I am in a wood bat tourney right now and the pressure is on for me at the plate. For those of you who have not experienced hitting with wood it is the best feeling in the world when you square one up, no other feeling like it. As you can imagine the pressure to get a solid shot with wood is very high for a 15 year old. I think I am just to stressed about baseball and how I am going to do, I worry to much about it and don't get enough sleep at night. please help.

Jun 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

I recently posted on here and thought right I'm going to fight the next sp I've had enough of being teased by this thing, yeah right, the feelings i had from sp has got more intense and now i have it every night
I tried laughing at it and saying is that all u got stop it your tickling me, I couldn't hold on no more and shouted my partner help me and she helped me out of it and darn me as soon as I turned over to go back to sleep well hello again, try ignoring it I find that helps a little, I tried talking to it but just gets laughter, even when I call on Jesus or god just get laughter, I feel I'm starting to get more courage less afraid and to be honest it feels like your having an outer body experience and something is either trying to stop you leaving or when you are leaving you are trying to stop something from stealing your body from your soul that's what I'm starting to ponder. Can anyone else give me any info?

Jun 25, 2013
demon trying to enter through feet NEW
by: CY

Last night, I was in the middle of my sleep when I became aware that some demons (they look liked the little monster from Lord of the Rings) were gnawing away at my feet, trying to enter, but I pushed them away with my legs. I was a bit freaked out, so I googled to see what people said and what it meant. I came across this website, so many comments to go through, but I read one to say "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave." After saying it, I felt wind come out from my lower body. Hope there's nothing else to worry about. Thank you!

Jun 26, 2013
Mother figure? NEW
by: Anonymous

First off, I'd like to give a side note on how all my life my mom wore these long gold necklaces that used to belong to my grandfather. When he passed, my mom never took them off, even up to this day she wears them 24/7. Anyway, when I had my second sleep paralysis experience, I woke up on my back with my hands right by my sides, I basically looked like a corpse. My eyes were wide open, and all I wanted to do was bend my wrists, which in sleep paralysis is completely impossible cause your body is completely numb. I started looking around, hoping that no one was around me. Suddenly, my eyes were focused on the door like I knew someone was going to come through, and they did. You can hear the squeakiness of my door in the whole house, so I was hoping my parents would wake up and save me. Coming from the door was a tall shadowy figure. It didn’t resemble a human body and it didn’t resemble an animal. It was a big blob of darkness coming through a crack in my door. As this figure was approaching me I heard my mom's necklaces jingle, like she was walking to get me. Suddenly I felt uneasy, and very scared. I was panicking but I couldn’t snap out of it. I then, closed my eyes and woke up the next morning paranoid. My anxiety attacks came back and I knew something didn’t feel right. I go to get my mom to ask her why she was in my room last night, and her response was that she slept the whole night, she was too tired to even get up. Something about that uneasy feeling had me thinking about this experience even till this day, a year later. I have no idea what that “shadow” was, a ghost, a demon, even just a dream, but I'll never forget it.

Jun 26, 2013
Mother figure? NEW
by: Anonymous

First off, I'd like to give a side note on how all my life my mom wore these long gold necklaces that used to belong to my grandfather. When he passed, my mom never took them off, even up to this day she wears them 24/7. Anyway, when I had my second sleep paralysis experience, I woke up on my back with my hands right by my sides, I basically looked like a corpse. My eyes were wide open, and all I wanted to do was bend my wrists, which in sleep paralysis is completely impossible cause your body is completely numb. I started looking around, hoping that no one was around me. Suddenly, my eyes were focused on the door like I knew someone was going to come through, and they did. You can hear the squeakiness of my door in the whole house, so I was hoping my parents would wake up and save me. Coming from the door was a tall shadowy figure. It didn’t resemble a human body and it didn’t resemble an animal. It was a big blob of darkness coming through a crack in my door. As this figure was approaching me I heard my mom's necklaces jingle, like she was walking to get me. Suddenly I felt uneasy, and very scared. I was panicking but I couldn’t snap out of it. I then, closed my eyes and woke up the next morning paranoid. My anxiety attacks came back and I knew something didn’t feel right. I go to get my mom to ask her why she was in my room last night, and her response was that she slept the whole night, she was too tired to even get up. Something about that uneasy feeling had me thinking about this experience even till this day, a year later. I have no idea what that “shadow” was, a ghost, a demon, even just a dream, but I'll never forget it.

Jun 28, 2013
first experience NEW
by: Anonymous

hi there. i had what i think may not be my first encounter of sleep paralyis. i thought i was awake screaming but after some research i may have still been sleeping but i could see my room. i remember a female creature with its head by my right ear whispering something to me. i couldn't move at all or scream although i was trying and eventually i got faint sounds out. i was laying on my back when i finally woke up. i was paralyzed and sweating and never been so afraid in my life. i knew for sure that there was some negative thing in my place because i felt very uneasy. my whole body was tingling and i felt terrible. will this happen again? has anyone else had this woman creature whispering in their ear? please help me. i am scared.

Jun 28, 2013
dark shadow NEW
by: Anonymous

ever since august 2012, i have dreamed about this figure in my room, this only happens when i'm asleep and i can see my self sleep,at first i began to see him at the end of my bed, then as time went by it kept moving closer,i was scare,i don't what it is? but all i know is it can be good or bad? after couple of weeks this never happen, then on June 28 around 2 in the morning i woke up from the same thing i saw months ago, this time i saw the end of the bed first but he wasn't their then i looked to my right side and their it was just looking at me. so i decide to see if anyone else had this problem and it seem like this isn't only happening to me.

Jun 28, 2013
dark shadow NEW
by: Anonymous

ever since august 2012, i have dreamed about this figure in my room, this only happens when i'm asleep and i can see my self sleep,at first i began to see him at the end of my bed, then as time went by it kept moving closer,i was scare,i don't what it is? but all i know is it can be good or bad? after couple of weeks this never happen, then on June 28 around 2 in the morning i woke up from the same thing i saw months ago, this time i saw the end of the bed first but he wasn't their then i looked to my right side and their it was just looking at me. so i decide to see if anyone else had this problem and it seem like this isn't only happening to me.

Jul 09, 2013
My Monster NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey, when you're talking about that alien-looking demon, I know exactly what you mean. The beginning of April, my ex-boyfriend and I started having problems in our relationship, that's when I started seeing this entity. I refer to him as my "monster". I only see him when I'm half asleep. He is very tall, he maybe even floats. I've never see his feet or hands, I'm not even sure if he has any. He is very skinny and pale white when he passes in front of light, when he is not in the light, he is just a shadow. His head is alien shaped, his mouth is just a line, his mouth never moves. His eyes are just two huge holes in his head. he has a very small nose. He comes and stands at the end or beside my bed and stares at me. He has a deep raspy whisper, but as I said, his mouth doesn't move. He has never physically touched me before, but he whispers things to me often. He follows me everywhere, but I only see him when I'm half asleep. He whispers that no one cares about me and that I'm alone. That I'll never be good enough. He always brings me down and puts me into depression. He never leaves, he just is in the back of my mind constantly.

Jul 12, 2013
I need help NEW
by: Affinite Aguirre

Well I've always had that moment where I'm awake and can't move but since I've moved into this house I felt a presence you know.I can't tell if it's evil or Good but recently I was stuck again in my sleep or I was awake .. But while I was awake or asleep I turned my head and I could see my body lying there while I looked like me just light I prayed and then just snapped out of it idk what happen .Then I've felt a presence follow me kinda like it ran three me idk hats going on

Jul 14, 2013
A follower NEW
by: Anonymous

My very first experience was when I was 7, then it gets dormant for me. My next one was when I was 12, but the worst was when I was 15- until now. I am 22, and afraid of the dark because that is when they come out. I woke up one night and saw my hand levitating in the air when I had only been sleeping for 5 min. I opened my eyes amd my hand dropped. I sobbed horribly. The next night,I slept in my mom's room and she sat up in bed and went around the bed and hit me over and over again. I was terrified. I had a purple bruise on my cheek amd she asked me what happend??.. I noticed that at night there was always a sound of someone's ankles popping. That's when I knew that entity was around. I have seen spirits all mt life, but I can never get used to it for the dormant part. I have seen black shadows, they have just come to me, I feel them trying to use my energy, but at the same time, there are more evil entities. My younger brother, 10, now carries this horrible burden. This has been in my family for years and was passed down to us now. We have seen things you can not imagine, taking form of human and flying off into the air, creatures that you read in books, and feeling of evil. My parents brought a preacher to preach our house... She told my mother there is something dark attached to me that wont go away. I moved out this past december and it followed me. I moved back in with my parents and it came back. I pray to God that he protects me. As of now, it is dormant, but I pray that it can remain this way because it started to effect my relationships. I am now recently engaged to a man who accepted this burden, but now he says he feels a difference in his home and it does bot feel good. All I can say is pray to God and do not lose faith. This is not our world, this is God's and he knows how to protext ua against this evil that lurks people deluxe no one knows or believes is just a myth of God and the devil. God is real and the devil sure is too. Dont let him scare you even though it feels like that night may be toue last. God bless you.

Jul 14, 2013
shadow people and evil entities(part2) NEW
by: Anonymous

I as well am a Christian and it did get worse for me when I was baptized. I read a challenge that was given to a man who I van tell is a nonbeliever. That was horrible to have someone do that. Shame on you. I see a lot of people have some of the same stories, but has anyone seen more than dark shadows or one entity? Has anyone seen different ones, hears voices, seen it take human form and disappear, or seen creatures that no one can explain or believe you?

Jul 17, 2013
it keeps coming to me at night NEW
by: edwin

a shadow attacks me every night and i can't stand it anymore

it even said something to me just last night

it said you will suffer!

please anyone any addvice?

Jul 19, 2013
Coincidence? NEW
by: Tinkgrrrbell

When I was 17 years old, I had an experience where I was lying in bed, and couldn't move. I couldn't open my eyes. And I felt as if I were floating above the bed, suspended in mid air. Suddenly I felt this overwhelming feeling that satan was controlling my body, causing the sleep paralysis. And I heard the most terrifying voice, and all he said to me was "I hate you." I lay suspended in air, unable to move, until I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, everything was back to normal, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was NOT a dream. I didn't want my family to think I was nuts, but I was so freaked out that I had to talk about it. So I was in the kitchen and said to my mom and sisters "I had a dream that I couldn't move. It was weird." And then my dad says, "I had a dream just like that last night, only it was satan controlling my body." At that point my entire body was covered in goose bumps, and I started crying uncontrollably and told my dad it was the EXACT same dream. He basically just brushed it off and told me to calm down, but how in the hell can you tell me we would both have such a specific dream on the SAME NIGHT when neither of us has EVER had sleep paralysis before?? Something was definitely f*cked up about it, and I'm not a superstitious person in the least. Fast forward to 12 years later, and last night I had an extremely disturbing and similar dream, that involved satan and some pretty graphic and vivid possessed individuals. Once again, satan was a part of this dream, and I awoke completely covered in goose bumps. I'm trying to research whether or not Satan can influence your dreams, because this completely freaks me out to the point that I don't want to fall asleep. It's like a Freddy Kruger syndrom!!

Jul 19, 2013
Coincidence? NEW
by: Tinkgrrrbell

When I was 17 years old, I had an experience where I was lying in bed, and couldn't move. I couldn't open my eyes. And I felt as if I were floating above the bed, suspended in mid air. Suddenly I felt this overwhelming feeling that satan was controlling my body, causing the sleep paralysis. And I heard the most terrifying voice, and all he said to me was "I hate you." I lay suspended in air, unable to move, until I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, everything was back to normal, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was NOT a dream. I didn't want my family to think I was nuts, but I was so freaked out that I had to talk about it. So I was in the kitchen and said to my mom and sisters "I had a dream that I couldn't move. It was weird." And then my dad says, "I had a dream just like that last night, only it was satan controlling my body." At that point my entire body was covered in goose bumps, and I started crying uncontrollably and told my dad it was the EXACT same dream. He basically just brushed it off and told me to calm down, but how in the hell can you tell me we would both have such a specific dream on the SAME NIGHT when neither of us has EVER had sleep paralysis before?? Something was definitely f*cked up about it, and I'm not a superstitious person in the least. Fast forward to 12 years later, and last night I had an extremely disturbing and similar dream, that involved satan and some pretty graphic and vivid possessed individuals. Once again, satan was a part of this dream, and I awoke completely covered in goose bumps. I'm trying to research whether or not Satan can influence your dreams, because this completely freaks me out to the point that I don't want to fall asleep. It's like a Freddy Kruger syndrom!!

Jul 19, 2013
Inter dimensional demons NEW
by: Jamie Thompson

Demons are smart and can shape shift, they play off your experiences and fears, I think they can be easier to detect in a dream state. But we have control of them through Jesus. Even the name Jehovah sends them away,,as the name itself is great. They've been around for centuries and aren't,going anywhere. They like to torment and trick, but they cannot hold,shape or form for long periods of disguise. I've noticed when I call out in prayer it becomes silent and I can here a reverberation from my voice,

Jul 20, 2013
Dark shadow NEW
by: Katie

Last night it was as I was half dreaming but awake their was a dark shadow man above me an thou I couldn't see it face something about it I assumed it WAS a man. It started kicking me an I tried screaming for My mom but couldn't. It or something told me NOT to open MY eyes but I finally got the courage to look around an I WAS in a empty room kinda resemblance to MY old bedroom an he was gone SO I guess I completely woke up or something an went into MY parents room which is down the hall from MY room an I could STILL see it as if it was waiting for me.

Jul 22, 2013
the man that help me get back my man NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks to this great man of spirit called Dr 0shogum which I don't know how to thank for the good work he has done for me and my family. It is out of joy that I want to share this testimony with you all. My name is Annabella Montessori; I was married to MacDonald Shaw and for six years now he left me with two kids with know reasons for leaving. As at that time, I was in a dilemma; i felt the world was on my head; I was totally confused and dejected because I loved him so much. One fateful day, I was in my friends place when I exposed my pain to her about my depression which I have be looking for who to help me out of it; then my friend called me closer to herself, telling me on how she got this great man of spirit who helped her find her way to get her husband back. Due to confidence that she placed in this man, I had to ask for his contact. She quickly fetched her computer and gave me his Email ID and his number. So,that is how I contacted him (Dr. oshogum) for spiritual and psychological help. He was ale to resolve my issues as quickly as unimaginable. Now, I'm so happy with my family and with a happy home. If you are in such pain, kindly reach this great spiritual healer and counselor Via
Have total faith in him (he is God sent to mankind especially to all those who suffer broken relationships and other psychological issues pertaining to relationships) and he will help you. The ball is in your court now. i really appreciate your work in my life dr great oshogum

Marian dosi

Jul 24, 2013
Being attacked by the Darkside NEW
by: David from FortWorth

It first started wile asleep waking up from getting the hell beat out of me an not able to move or scream for help , until a week ago. This last attack seam more evil with a black figure with 2 glowing eyes with a vicious growl at the foot of my bed. I've always seen spirits all around me no matter where I'm at. And catch them on a digital camera. The more I seek God an Christ the more they attack. I'm not scared of them because I know God an Christ is with me and that seems to really piss them off. It be nice if I could set down an talk to someone who knows what I'm saying is the truth an that I'm not some nut case. Because there's more. So is there anyone out there who would be willing to talk an help me? If so e-mail me at

Jul 24, 2013
Being attacked by the Darkside NEW
by: David

It first started wile asleep waking up from getting the hell beat out of me an not able to move or scream for help , until a week ago. This last attack seam more evil with a black figure with 2 glowing eyes with a vicious growl at the foot of my bed. I've always seen spirits all around me no matter where I'm at. And catch them on a digital camera. The more I seek God an Christ the more they attack. I'm not scared of them because I know God an Christ is with me and that seems to really piss them off. It be nice if I could set down an talk to someone who knows what I'm saying is the truth an that I'm not some nut case. Because there's more. So is there anyone out there who would be willing to talk an help me? If so e-mail me

Jul 24, 2013
@ David NEW
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you have an evil spirit that is stuck in pergatory, it might be your house or something, any ways you didn't leave an email...were the glowing eyes red ? I know I spotted a red sphere like a burning amber at the foot of my bed once and while half conscious,I heard the phone rang, I remembering picking it up and hanging it up so that my roommate couldn't answer it, which, is a dick move and something I wouldn't normally do..strange

Jul 26, 2013
Thank you! NEW
by: Prettypitybella

Thank you Barney Donnelly! I sincerely appreciated you having wrote such an honest take from a Christian's point of view on this subject. The first time that I had astral projected, I was so scared. My first experience was very similar to yours. Like you, I also wanted to get back into my body but I was unable to. When I first arrived on the astral plane, I had seen somebody who gave me a very evil look. They looked like any other normal person. But there was something evil about them. It was something in their eyes and the way they looked at me. They looked at me as if they could just eat me up. This really scared me and I did not want to go any further onto astral plane. I didn't want to tour it, I did not want to go meet anyone, I just wanted to get the heck out of there and get back into my body and wake up. I tried shaking myself to wake myself up, but nothing happened because I was paralyzed. I kept calling out to my roommate, but again there was no response. Then I got the idea to pray to God and ask God to wake her up. So I asked God, "please tell my friend to wake me up, please God". Suddenly, at 1 o'clock in the morning, I hear my name being screamed from the other room. I suddenly popped back into my body jumped up and ran into my roommate's room and I asked her what was wrong. She stated "I don't know. Something just told me to scream your name. I don't know what." At that point in time, I just broke down and cried. I knew that God was there and he had answered my prayers. From then, I've had many experiences of astral projection. While they were all scary to me, none was scarier than the time that my spirit never went in to the astral plane. Instead, I was stuck inside my body and yet having an outer body experience all at the same time while being paralyzed. I've heard that this is called dual consciousness. Suddenly, I felt a creature jump up onto my loft bed and begin crawling/walking on my back. I could feel the creature slobbering around my neck. I could hear growling and heavy breathing in my ear. It felt like it was on four legs, like a dog of some sort. However, the sound of it and the size of it was much different. It was much bigger and scarier. I was going through a rebellious time in my life, so I assumed that- that incident was due to having allowed the creature into my life through my rebellious actions. The only way that I was able to get it away from me was through prayer to God. Over the years my life has calmed down and I am no longer "rebellious", I'm still faithful and close to God, and I continue to try to engage in more Christian ways. Since then, I have not had any experiences such as that again. Other people have painted astral projection to be so wonderful and beautiful. However I have not experienced it in that way. So having read your experience, it has made me feel so much better knowing that someone else has experienced it similar to the way I have. Thank you again for sharing your experience!

Jul 29, 2013
How to stop "sleep paralysis" NEW
by: Anonymous

Had satan's minions visit me at night. About the 3rd time it happened, I said "in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave." The roaring inside of my body and the circling around me faded, and I awoke.

Happened, almost I should say, twice in the last 8 years, but as soon as I felt it, I prayed, "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave." And I woke up, the presence did not get to that same level as before and I wasn't afraid to go back to sleep.

During the times in my life when this happened, I was going through very tough times. Once, trying to leave a very bad relationship, Second time, it was when I was being harassed and stalked by someone. It's been about 8 years since I've had any evil spirits try to come near me. I send them away in the name of Jesus. They don't frighten me.

Aug 11, 2013
god, demons are also aliens NEW
by: Gordon

Glad to find other people that have seen them. Its like being awake is another dimension where they can only watch. I know they are watching sometimes when Im awake.
They wait at the side of my bed and as soon as im technically asleep they attack (but Im actually still awake only with the sleep paralysis thing).
They are dark shadows they are like anti-light/radiating darkness and they also radiate horible dreadfulness they try to scare me on purpose as much as possible and they really do feed on fear. Its crazy! its like a horror movie scifi. Ive never been christian and ive seen them since at least early teens. I have been deeply looking at the patterns of the universe (eg. branching patterns and spirals on all scales) and I think we are in a sort of computer simulation or dream (which is same thing as brains compute and simulate, predict our perceptions. This also led me to read hindu and recently the amazing Gnostic Nag Hamadi gospels. -lots of stuff that was not included in the new testament- Jesus really seems like an alien. I have stood up and shouted at them (in my room in dream dimension) In name of jesus christ, get out and keep away from me! I had no fear and shouted it so loud! so I dont know... jesus is out there whether you call him alien or god they are same thing really but without all the loaded words and connotations of centuries of oppressive religion. Im gay also btw and yeah Ive had more attacks as Im figuring that this world is not real and I know they dont like us to know we are being basically farmed/enslaved. Ive never seen the glowing red eyes but just shadow figures. also a old zombie-like man with his hands up like craws waiting then attacked sucking my neck when I was asleep. So hard to wake up it takes so much effort! Thanks Im glad its not just me, it is really real.

Aug 11, 2013
has any one had this b4 NEW
by: Anonymous

ok SO I had a very strange experience, I was sleeping and suddenly i woke up, but it wasnt astral I actually woke up in real life & in my bed there was a motorlike ball the size of my fist and it noticed when I woke up and panicked and quickly vanished making a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound as it left, it had a glow but not very bright it was very deem and took off very quickly! I was soooo surprised because it wasnt a dream or astral it was real!!!!!!?? Ive had many many astral & lucid dreams during my life but this was just something crazy! has neone felt this please I want to know if anyone has seen this b4

Aug 12, 2013
i need answers NEW
by: Anonymous

can anyone help me figure out whats been happening?
i've never looked in to this before but it's starting to really scare me.
is it normal for two people to have this experience at the same time?
i was laying in bed with my friend, and we were both woken up in the middle of the night, my friend had a moment of sleep paralysis and i can't remember if i did or not, but we both saw the same shadowy figure above us, my friend was in sleep paralysis and was trying to scream or get me up because there was a dark shadow of a person above me holding a knife, i saw it but i was like half awake and confused but i was definitley really scared.
i'm curious if any one else has any info/insight to share or any similar experiences etc.

Aug 12, 2013
i need answers NEW
by: Anonymous

can anyone help me figure out whats been happening?
i've never looked in to this before but it's starting to really scare me.
is it normal for two people to have this experience at the same time?
i was laying in bed with my friend, and we were both woken up in the middle of the night, my friend had a moment of sleep paralysis and i can't remember if i did or not, but we both saw the same shadowy figure above us, my friend was in sleep paralysis and was trying to scream or get me up because there was a dark shadow of a person above me holding a knife, i saw it but i was like half awake and confused but i was definitley really scared.
i'm curious if any one else has any info/insight to share or any similar experiences etc.

Aug 18, 2013
jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

rebuke in the name of the lord jesus Christ everday

Aug 18, 2013
jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

rebuke in the name of the lord jesus Christ everday

Aug 18, 2013
jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

rebuke in the name of the lord jesus Christ everday

Aug 22, 2013
An article from NEW
by: Aim

I found this article on
Hopefully it will help you make sense of what is happening to you.

Sylvia Browne's view on Sleep Paralysis

July 7, 2010

American psychic Sylvia Browne believes sleep paralysis is caused by “astral catalepsy,” which can occur when a person awakes physically but their spirit (soul, astral body) has not yet fully left or re-entered the body.

“Several times a week, whether we’re aware of it or not, our spirits take temporary breaks from our bodies during sleep to go visiting, exploring or simply running free outside the confines of these goofy earthbound vehicles we occupy while we’re here,” she notes in her book Phenomenon– Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal (© Copyright Sylvia Browne Corporation 2005, published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., ISBN: 0-451-21949-X).

“These breaks are as refreshing for our spirits as they are for our conscious minds, not to mention a frequent reminder that our spirits can and do thrive as the separate, eternal entities they are, no matter what happens to our mortal bodies.”

Browne believes that our spirits can slip into and out of our bodies with ease during sleep. But on rare occasions, the conscious mind awakens and catches our spirit either coming or going from our bodies. When this occurs, the mind awakens but the body is unable to respond in any way.

“And in its less than alert state, the conscious mind, realizing the spirit is half in and half out of its body, jumps to an obvious conclusion. The body must be dying.”

It is this conscious thought that causes a person to panic. The body is immobile, unable to cry out for help causing other “short circuits’ in our consciousness. That’s when a person may experience all kinds of strange phenomenon from heaviness in the chest area and shortness of breath, a feeling of being watched and/or touched, loud noises or buzzing sounds, apparitions and/or strange lights.

Browne affirms that everyone goes through this type of experience at one time or another and although it can seem frightening, there is really nothing to fear. While we sleep, “our spirits are off having beautiful adventures, reunions and Homecomings for our benefit, whether we’re consciously aware of them or not.”

Astral travel has also been coined as out-of-body experiences, a subject that will come later in this series. Astral projection is yet another method whereby you prompt your spirit to leave your body while awake but in a meditative or hypnotic state.

  

Aug 22, 2013
An article from NEW
by: Aim

I found this article on
Hopefully it will help you make sense of what is happening to you.

Sylvia Browne's view on Sleep Paralysis

July 7, 2010

American psychic Sylvia Browne believes sleep paralysis is caused by “astral catalepsy,” which can occur when a person awakes physically but their spirit (soul, astral body) has not yet fully left or re-entered the body.

“Several times a week, whether we’re aware of it or not, our spirits take temporary breaks from our bodies during sleep to go visiting, exploring or simply running free outside the confines of these goofy earthbound vehicles we occupy while we’re here,” she notes in her book Phenomenon– Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal (© Copyright Sylvia Browne Corporation 2005, published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., ISBN: 0-451-21949-X).

“These breaks are as refreshing for our spirits as they are for our conscious minds, not to mention a frequent reminder that our spirits can and do thrive as the separate, eternal entities they are, no matter what happens to our mortal bodies.”

Browne believes that our spirits can slip into and out of our bodies with ease during sleep. But on rare occasions, the conscious mind awakens and catches our spirit either coming or going from our bodies. When this occurs, the mind awakens but the body is unable to respond in any way.

“And in its less than alert state, the conscious mind, realizing the spirit is half in and half out of its body, jumps to an obvious conclusion. The body must be dying.”

It is this conscious thought that causes a person to panic. The body is immobile, unable to cry out for help causing other “short circuits’ in our consciousness. That’s when a person may experience all kinds of strange phenomenon from heaviness in the chest area and shortness of breath, a feeling of being watched and/or touched, loud noises or buzzing sounds, apparitions and/or strange lights.

Browne affirms that everyone goes through this type of experience at one time or another and although it can seem frightening, there is really nothing to fear. While we sleep, “our spirits are off having beautiful adventures, reunions and Homecomings for our benefit, whether we’re consciously aware of them or not.”

Astral travel has also been coined as out-of-body experiences, a subject that will come later in this series. Astral projection is yet another method whereby you prompt your spirit to leave your body while awake but in a meditative or hypnotic state.

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Aug 22, 2013
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Sylvia Browne's view on Sleep Paralysis

July 7, 2010

American psychic Sylvia Browne believes sleep paralysis is caused by “astral catalepsy,” which can occur when a person awakes physically but their spirit (soul, astral body) has not yet fully left or re-entered the body.

“Several times a week, whether we’re aware of it or not, our spirits take temporary breaks from our bodies during sleep to go visiting, exploring or simply running free outside the confines of these goofy earthbound vehicles we occupy while we’re here,” she notes in her book Phenomenon– Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal (© Copyright Sylvia Browne Corporation 2005, published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., ISBN: 0-451-21949-X).

“These breaks are as refreshing for our spirits as they are for our conscious minds, not to mention a frequent reminder that our spirits can and do thrive as the separate, eternal entities they are, no matter what happens to our mortal bodies.”

Browne believes that our spirits can slip into and out of our bodies with ease during sleep. But on rare occasions, the conscious mind awakens and catches our spirit either coming or going from our bodies. When this occurs, the mind awakens but the body is unable to respond in any way.

“And in its less than alert state, the conscious mind, realizing the spirit is half in and half out of its body, jumps to an obvious conclusion. The body must be dying.”

It is this conscious thought that causes a person to panic. The body is immobile, unable to cry out for help causing other “short circuits’ in our consciousness. That’s when a person may experience all kinds of strange phenomenon from heaviness in the chest area and shortness of breath, a feeling of being watched and/or touched, loud noises or buzzing sounds, apparitions and/or strange lights.

Browne affirms that everyone goes through this type of experience at one time or another and although it can seem frightening, there is really nothing to fear. While we sleep, “our spirits are off having beautiful adventures, reunions and Homecomings for our benefit, whether we’re consciously aware of them or not.”

Astral travel has also been coined as out-of-body experiences, a subject that will come later in this series. Astral projection is yet another method whereby you prompt your spirit to leave your body while awake but in a meditative or hypnotic state.

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Sep 02, 2013
Black Shadow and red eyes NEW
by: Ninapukiu

I've had vivid dreams and premonition dreams all my life, but the one that was the most interesting happened on 2010. I was sleeping, in between dreams, I turned right and I felt the sensation of falling and the drums that I always hear when one of this dreams and the fear are about to sink in. I always mention Jesus's name and this usually makes the oppression and the fear go away, after the struggle of getting his name out of the paralysis, this time it happened but it took a little of effort for it to happen. After I woke up, I turned left, and I got the same sensation again, I struggled and after an effort I got to say Jesus's name again, at this point I was wondering why it wasn't working, usually after the first encounter and the end of the struggle I am able to sleep, but this time I felt like I wasn't being heard, by God. I woke up and turned again to my right, I though that maybe it was a full stomach or the position I had, so like I said, I turned to my right again, making sure that my hands weren't on my stomach, and again this sensation came to me, but this time I didn't want to run away, I was mad because this thing didn't want me to go to sleep and my prayers weren't working, so I thought to myself "Ok, what the heck are you, and I want to see you and confront you", at this time, as is usual on this time of dreams, I was looking at the room, as if I was wide awake and at the end for my bed on the ceiling was this shadow, more like a mist with bright red eyes. I mean, this thing was floating and we both were staring at each other at this point. For some reason, this made me wake up and I recited with my normal voice the prayer from when I was a child "God is with me, I am with him. He is in front of me, I am right behind him. Holy God, mighty God, eternal God, protect me from all evil, AMEN", as soon as I said AMEN, there was a very loud sound like something or someone had slammed the door, and my husband, jumped out of the bed and looked at me. He had heard me praying and the coincidence of the door slamming, scared the crap out of him. We both run towards the door, to look through the little round things to see if maybe the neighbor had slammed his door, but no one was there. When we came back to the bedroom, I look at the kitchen clock and it was exactly six o'clock in the morning. This hasn't been the last of my vivid dreams, but I have a witness, which makes it very interesting. These dreams are still happening, and I still fight them, but for some reason they are more distant from each other.
I know that science has a logical explanation for these, but I have to tell you, these are SCARY, and for SURE are evil.

Sep 02, 2013
Black Shadow and red eyes NEW
by: Ninapukiu

I've had vivid dreams and premonition dreams all my life, but the one that was the most interesting happened on 2010. I was sleeping, in between dreams, I turned right and I felt the sensation of falling and the drums that I always hear when one of this dreams and the fear are about to sink in. I always mention Jesus's name and this usually makes the oppression and the fear go away, after the struggle of getting his name out of the paralysis, this time it happened but it took a little of effort for it to happen. After I woke up, I turned left, and I got the same sensation again, I struggled and after an effort I got to say Jesus's name again, at this point I was wondering why it wasn't working, usually after the first encounter and the end of the struggle I am able to sleep, but this time I felt like I wasn't being heard, by God. I woke up and turned again to my right, I though that maybe it was a full stomach or the position I had, so like I said, I turned to my right again, making sure that my hands weren't on my stomach, and again this sensation came to me, but this time I didn't want to run away, I was mad because this thing didn't want me to go to sleep and my prayers weren't working, so I thought to myself "Ok, what the heck are you, and I want to see you and confront you", at this time, as is usual on this time of dreams, I was looking at the room, as if I was wide awake and at the end for my bed on the ceiling was this shadow, more like a mist with bright red eyes. I mean, this thing was floating and we both were staring at each other at this point. For some reason, this made me wake up and I recited with my normal voice the prayer from when I was a child "God is with me, I am with him. He is in front of me, I am right behind him. Holy God, mighty God, eternal God, protect me from all evil, AMEN", as soon as I said AMEN, there was a very loud sound like something or someone had slammed the door, and my husband, jumped out of the bed and looked at me. He had heard me praying and the coincidence of the door slamming, scared the crap out of him. We both run towards the door, to look through the little round things to see if maybe the neighbor had slammed his door, but no one was there. When we came back to the bedroom, I look at the kitchen clock and it was exactly six o'clock in the morning. This hasn't been the last of my vivid dreams, but I have a witness, which makes it very interesting. These dreams are still happening, and I still fight them, but for some reason they are more distant from each other.
I know that science has a logical explanation for these, but I have to tell you, these are SCARY, and for SURE are evil.

Sep 11, 2013
sp NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had sp but my experience was a heavy presence pressing on my back and I could not move.

Tried to speak I could not speak. Then by sheer will I started chanting the lords prayer in my head repeatedly. For some reason I realised I could speak with clenched teeeth forcing the word out. At the time I thought it was my flatmate playing tricks on me. I asked him to get off me. The voice was male and it answered me telling me it was not my flatmate. I got so frightened but was filled with strength and pushed my body up and threw this entity off my back. It landed on the floor of my lounge as I was asleep on the couch.

I looked up and screamed. It was the loudest scream ever. This thing frightened me. It had a face like a cat but had human body. It stared at me for a second but it felt like a minute as it appeared like it was in shock. First that I had managed to speak to it, but also because I was seeing it. It had that face people have, that they have been found out. It appeared unsure. It looked scared. Then it sank into the ground and behind it it had left a black cloak on the floor. I carried on screaming but realised I was making noise for the neighbors as I live in a bloke of flats. I shut my eyes, opened them again. The cloak on the floor was still there but was melting away slowly like there was a wind carrying it like sand on a breeze. Sweating with fear I looked around. I was awake. I remember gathering my bedding tightly around me and going back to sleep but funny enough the next day I was not sure.

This was one of them. I have had quite a few of them since childhood, well a lot but I have never counted. At other times I have two beings standing over me watching me but it is never evil. Feels like they are watching over me in my sleep. I miss these two a lot but it happens rarely for them to appear. When they do I feel happy and safe but I always wake up and pretend am asleep then they leave.

Not sure at times what to believe if I am really dreaming or awake. I do sleep plenty, eat healthy, have people around me constant. No mental health problems as studying mental health subjects I do not fit in any category. All in all I am a healthy person. Why am sharing this?, no idea but I believe they is more to this world than we understand. These beings I believe live with us on this earth, good or evil and they found a way to keep us humans in the dark. and believe there is a different world/dimension right beside us and our simple minds accept it. we are not ready to accept we were never alone. Other intellectual beings are sharing this world with us and attacking us at times unknown to us.

Sep 14, 2013
Encounter and paralysis including high pulse rate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had similar experiences with this phenomena, what I have recently found out is my sister in law, my sister have also had the same frightening encounters, however the dark entity was above them while they were paralyzed.
My story is a little unique, I was going through a divorce and moved back home with parents, While I slept on the couch in the downstairs level that faced the stairway, and with my body positioned so I could see up the top of the stairwell. One of the nights I was at my parents home, while my divorce was in the first stages I felt it would be cheaper to stay at my parents home, that I had stayed in for 8 years before this incident. I was wakened because my heart was beating like I had just ran the 100 yard dash, then I looked on the top of the stairwell and saw what was a black shape that was darker than the night time,it was about 2:45 am. While this thing slowly glided down the stairwell towards me I found that I was unable to move one muscle, I could move my eyes. And the thought that entered my head was that this shape looked like a side of beef that had not been skinned, no visible head either. It was floating down to the bottom , that's when I just closed my eyes and apparently woke up 20 min. Later, with a normal heart beat and no sense of fear, that was overwhelming previously. Needless to say I moved out to a friends house the next day.
What I find to be interesting is that 25 years later after my mother had passed away, and my father remarked to a black widow type, and brought into the home her band of gypsies as part of her family from the 5 previous husbands , the stress level became thick in the home, my sister in law was 40 years old and my sister was 46 years old. They both had the encounter and became so frightened that my stepmothers daughter asked if she could sleep with her in the room , my step mother was an evil person and I will not give this anymore energy, but she felt that it was just ridicules that her 40 year old daughter had become so frightened that she said she was acting like a 6 year old child . Now I am sure there were more experiences , however due to the situation and my father dying of cancer no body that did not know me or felt comfortable talking about approached me.
I have been in the dessert also with groups of people and we also saw several shadow people,there was about 25 obfuscate at night. This phenomena does exist, and until you experience yourself we can understand your doubts.
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Sep 14, 2013
Encounter and paralysis including high pulse rate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had similar experiences with this phenomena, what I have recently found out is my sister in law, my sister have also had the same frightening encounters, however the dark entity was above them while they were paralyzed.
My story is a little unique, I was going through a divorce and moved back home with parents, While I slept on the couch in the downstairs level that faced the stairway, and with my body positioned so I could see up the top of the stairwell. One of the nights I was at my parents home, while my divorce was in the first stages I felt it would be cheaper to stay at my parents home, that I had stayed in for 8 years before this incident. I was wakened because my heart was beating like I had just ran the 100 yard dash, then I looked on the top of the stairwell and saw what was a black shape that was darker than the night time,it was about 2:45 am. While this thing slowly glided down the stairwell towards me I found that I was unable to move one muscle, I could move my eyes. And the thought that entered my head was that this shape looked like a side of beef that had not been skinned, no visible head either. It was floating down to the bottom , that's when I just closed my eyes and apparently woke up 20 min. Later, with a normal heart beat and no sense of fear, that was overwhelming previously. Needless to say I moved out to a friends house the next day.
What I find to be interesting is that 25 years later after my mother had passed away, and my father remarked to a black widow type, and brought into the home her band of gypsies as part of her family from the 5 previous husbands , the stress level became thick in the home, my sister in law was 40 years old and my sister was 46 years old. They both had the encounter and became so frightened that my stepmothers daughter asked if she could sleep with her in the room , my step mother was an evil person and I will not give this anymore energy, but she felt that it was just ridicules that her 40 year old daughter had become so frightened that she said she was acting like a 6 year old child . Now I am sure there were more experiences , however due to the situation and my father dying of cancer no body that did not know me or felt comfortable talking about approached me.
I have been in the dessert also with groups of people and we also saw several shadow people,there was about 25 obfuscate at night. This phenomena does exist, and until you experience yourself we can understand your doubts.
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Sep 14, 2013
Encounter and paralysis including high pulse rate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had similar experiences with this phenomena, what I have recently found out is my sister in law, my sister have also had the same frightening encounters, however the dark entity was above them while they were paralyzed.
My story is a little unique, I was going through a divorce and moved back home with parents, While I slept on the couch in the downstairs level that faced the stairway, and with my body positioned so I could see up the top of the stairwell. One of the nights I was at my parents home, while my divorce was in the first stages I felt it would be cheaper to stay at my parents home, that I had stayed in for 8 years before this incident. I was wakened because my heart was beating like I had just ran the 100 yard dash, then I looked on the top of the stairwell and saw what was a black shape that was darker than the night time,it was about 2:45 am. While this thing slowly glided down the stairwell towards me I found that I was unable to move one muscle, I could move my eyes. And the thought that entered my head was that this shape looked like a side of beef that had not been skinned, no visible head either. It was floating down to the bottom , that's when I just closed my eyes and apparently woke up 20 min. Later, with a normal heart beat and no sense of fear, that was overwhelming previously. Needless to say I moved out to a friends house the next day.
What I find to be interesting is that 25 years later after my mother had passed away, and my father remarked to a black widow type, and brought into the home her band of gypsies as part of her family from the 5 previous husbands , the stress level became thick in the home, my sister in law was 40 years old and my sister was 46 years old. They both had the encounter and became so frightened that my stepmothers daughter asked if she could sleep with her in the room , my step mother was an evil person and I will not give this anymore energy, but she felt that it was just ridicules that her 40 year old daughter had become so frightened that she said she was acting like a 6 year old child . Now I am sure there were more experiences , however due to the situation and my father dying of cancer no body that did not know me or felt comfortable talking about approached me.
I have been in the dessert also with groups of people and we also saw several shadow people,there was about 25 obfuscate at night. This phenomena does exist, and until you experience yourself we can understand your doubts.
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Sep 14, 2013
Encounter and paralysis including high pulse rate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had similar experiences with this phenomena, what I have recently found out is my sister in law, my sister have also had the same frightening encounters, however the dark entity was above them while they were paralyzed.
My story is a little unique, I was going through a divorce and moved back home with parents, While I slept on the couch in the downstairs level that faced the stairway, and with my body positioned so I could see up the top of the stairwell. One of the nights I was at my parents home, while my divorce was in the first stages I felt it would be cheaper to stay at my parents home, that I had stayed in for 8 years before this incident. I was wakened because my heart was beating like I had just ran the 100 yard dash, then I looked on the top of the stairwell and saw what was a black shape that was darker than the night time,it was about 2:45 am. While this thing slowly glided down the stairwell towards me I found that I was unable to move one muscle, I could move my eyes. And the thought that entered my head was that this shape looked like a side of beef that had not been skinned, no visible head either. It was floating down to the bottom , that's when I just closed my eyes and apparently woke up 20 min. Later, with a normal heart beat and no sense of fear, that was overwhelming previously. Needless to say I moved out to a friends house the next day.
What I find to be interesting is that 25 years later after my mother had passed away, and my father remarked to a black widow type, and brought into the home her band of gypsies as part of her family from the 5 previous husbands , the stress level became thick in the home, my sister in law was 40 years old and my sister was 46 years old. They both had the encounter and became so frightened that my stepmothers daughter asked if she could sleep with her in the room , my step mother was an evil person and I will not give this anymore energy, but she felt that it was just ridicules that her 40 year old daughter had become so frightened that she said she was acting like a 6 year old child . Now I am sure there were more experiences , however due to the situation and my father dying of cancer no body that did not know me or felt comfortable talking about approached me.
I have been in the dessert also with groups of people and we also saw several shadow people,there was about 25 obfuscate at night. This phenomena does exist, and until you experience yourself we can understand your doubts.
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Sep 14, 2013
Encounter and paralysis including high pulse rate NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had similar experiences with this phenomena, what I have recently found out is my sister in law, my sister have also had the same frightening encounters, however the dark entity was above them while they were paralyzed.
My story is a little unique, I was going through a divorce and moved back home with parents, While I slept on the couch in the downstairs level that faced the stairway, and with my body positioned so I could see up the top of the stairwell. One of the nights I was at my parents home, while my divorce was in the first stages I felt it would be cheaper to stay at my parents home, that I had stayed in for 8 years before this incident. I was wakened because my heart was beating like I had just ran the 100 yard dash, then I looked on the top of the stairwell and saw what was a black shape that was darker than the night time,it was about 2:45 am. While this thing slowly glided down the stairwell towards me I found that I was unable to move one muscle, I could move my eyes. And the thought that entered my head was that this shape looked like a side of beef that had not been skinned, no visible head either. It was floating down to the bottom , that's when I just closed my eyes and apparently woke up 20 min. Later, with a normal heart beat and no sense of fear, that was overwhelming previously. Needless to say I moved out to a friends house the next day.
What I find to be interesting is that 25 years later after my mother had passed away, and my father remarked to a black widow type, and brought into the home her band of gypsies as part o