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Sleep Abnormalities & Terrors Since I Was A Child!!

by Liz

Hi, I have suffered with night terrors for as long as I can remember (I am 33 now). The abnormalities range from sleepwalking, sleep talking/shouting, actual night terrors & grinding my teeth. Sometimes I can go for months not being aware I have had any, then suddenly I can have 1 or all of these symptoms every night for weeks.

I have been to my doctor on several occasions especially due to the physical injuries suffered during episodes such as a broken toe, but the furthest I got to seeking help through the system was being referred to a "sleep specialist" who was flippant at best & could only offer me sleeping tablets. While I feel that might have been helpful I don't actually know when an episode, or a cluster of them, is coming & I don't want to have to take them when the chances are I wouldn't have one anyway.

Recently I have gone through some changes, such as planning a wedding & moving houses, which might explain why at the moment they are quite bad. But particularly I was wondering if the fact that recently I have had a contraceptive implant fitted 3 months ago. The reason why I feel this might be important is because I didn't have a period for the first 2 months & now since I have started periods again I have had a night terror/some kind of sleep disorder (as above) for the last 3 weeks & coincidentally I have been on my menstrual cycle for 3 weeks.....Can you tell me if there is any evidence if this is related????? Thanks Liz x

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May 29, 2011
Possible terror from IUD
by: Anonymous

I have also experienced similar symptoms since 2002. I wake up screaming "help me", I feel like I'm dying, I wake up running. I was diagnosed with panic attacks. But I got the mirena in 2009 and the attacks became more frequent, especially the last nineteen days, thats also how long I have been on my cycle. I am scheduled to have it remove in a few days. I am writing this 30 minutes after experiencing a terror/panic attack. But I do believe mine has increased because of my iud and the irregularity of my cycles lately.

Jul 02, 2012
Anxiety, Sleep Disruption Mirena NEW
by: YogiGirl

Had Mirena implant 3 weeks ago. Yep, right away night terrors started middle of night and also between 4 am and 7 am. Waking up with dread, terror, fear of what I've dreamt of, fear of future, a sort of hopelessness. Then, after an hour or so of being up I feel 'normal', like it never happened.

Also since Mirena have dull headache night before these and sort of sinking, heart slowing at night, scarily, as I drop off to sleep. My breathing feels laboured. Then wake up with this terror, heart pounding. I don't believe it's a coincidence this has started exactly same time as Mirena was inserted. I had a hormone imbalance 5 years ago and woke up with palpitations, so waking with heart beating rapidly is related to hormones. I didn't like the palpitations, but they weren't as severe as these frightening attacks. Taking vitamin C and Omega 3 resolved night palpitations until now.

Mirena has progesterone which also can contribute to constipation, slowing of gut movement. First time in my life I've suffered slow gut movement, I have a very high fibre diet. Since Mirena I also have bloating and am thirsty all the time. Which is a real sign that the pancreas is under pressure. Overall my adrenal function, hormone function and cicardian rhythms are messed up even though Mirena is supposed to only have very small amounts of hormone directly into womb rather than throughout the body.

I am getting it out, it cannot be good for my heart or nervous system waking up like this every morning, and a few times in the night too. I've been trying this coil to control heavy bleeding and endometriosis, not for contraception.

I laugh when I see on posts, people saying they 'only' have the coil and wondering if Mirena 'could' be causing all kinds of symptoms. Of course it can, it has had a very noticeable effect on every system of my body. Nothing is worth messing up your body like that. If the bodily systems are reacting like that, the body is rejecting the 'medication'.

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