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Sleep Paralysis: ALL OF MY LIFE!!!

by Dave

I am a 26 year old male. I have been fighting with sleep paralysis since I was 5 years old.

In my search for answers I began researching the web. I have shared my stories with family and friends. Some have said that they have had similar episodes, but none quite like mine.

My first episode when I was 5, I stayed up a few hours later than usual. This episode stands so vivid in my mind because of the illusions. As I read and study more about the disease I start to put myself into these different stages. This happens to me at least 2 to 6 times weekly.

For most of my life I was very active in sports, slept on a normal schedule, did not smoke or drink, and had a very healthy diet. Even during these times I had harsh episodes of sleep paralysis. To this day I have trained myself to make a gurgling sound with my throat for my wife to shake me out of it. I can not breathe and my jaw becomes locked.

At times when it happens to me when my wife leaves for work before I do and this happens I lay there helpless and terrified. I come out of it just before I feel like I am about to die. They say the disorder is not harmful, but as I get older I fear extreme heart attack.

I continue to fight through and research for more answers. For all who have problems with sleep paralysis share your stories and give all insight to help them with their fears and questions.

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Feb 07, 2011
Sweet dreams
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to comment - You shouldn't think of SP as a disease. I know it can be quite scary, but if you learn to let it happen and can overcome the fear... you will be amazed at the wonderful experiences you can have. If you are religious, put a bible under your bed. If you are spiritual, envision a white light around the room as you go to sleep. It will bring pleasant experiences to you. If you are not spiritual, read some books on the topic and I guarantee soon you will be. If you ever have a bad experience, just remember that nothing can hurt you and you will wake up... just wiggle your fingers or toes. I used to be terrified by SP, but I have learned to love it. Sweet dreams.


Feb 08, 2011
Rewarding Sleep Paralysis
by: Kevin Morton

On the note of turning sleep paralysis into rewarding and insightful experiences, the best book I've read about this is one that can be found here:

Apr 06, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jun 29, 2011
Please help.
by: Anonymous

I think I may have experienced this last night. I was dreaming that I was sat on the stairs and I saw a spider and felt scared then suddenly my eyesight got more and more blurred and I couldnt see anything. My head felt really weird and in my dream I tried to shout for help but words would not come out properly. Then I became aware that I was infact in my bed but I felt strange so tried shouting for help again but my words came out quiet and breathless and no matter how hard I tried they wouldnt get any louder. Then I suddenly felt like I was choking. When I woke up I felt terrified and confused. For a while I felt dizzy, my upper arms hurt and my throat still felt tight like someone was strangling me. Today my throat still hurts, is it normal to feel like this even after I have woken??

Jul 20, 2011
my expierence..
by: Hope

i don't remember this ever happening, or effecting me as a child.. but, now it happens all the time. i wake up, and i cant move, i cant open my eyes, and i cant speak.. i cant even make a noise to let someone know its happening.. i lay there, until it slowly goes away. i can slowly start to move my fingers, and open my eyes.. it scares me, because i have no control of my body. i just found out today what this was called. ive read about two reasons for this.. first, the medical reason. something about your sleep cycle.. second, a more paranormal reason..normally, i wouldnt pay attention to the paranormal reason. but i started to read about it, and a lot of people describe something that occasionally happens to me.. i have this nightmare, about this girl being in my mothers closet.. and i only have this when i sleep in my mums room, not every time, but when it does happen thats where i am. she crawls to the end of the bed, then starts crawling up. then i wake from my dream. and im paralyzed, like i just described. but this time, i can feel her there. i can feel her doing exactly what happened in my dream. and even though i cant see, i can feel it all happening... and then ill slowly start to be able to move. and as soon as i can, i either yell or ill hit my mum so she wakes up. this whole thing is scaring me, because ive had expieriences as a child with "paranormal expierences" that i never knew if they were real or not. im really interested to hear about your thoughts on sleep paralysis and if you can give me advice. im only 15, and its scary.

Mar 06, 2012
by: kt

I have had so since I was about 15, I had a few really terrifying dreams/hallucinations that appeared so entirely real that I could not leave the house for a few days. I had another episode when I was 20 and I felt like someone was heavy breathing next to me, I was again petrified. Since then it has happened quite regularly sometimes I can go 6 months without an episode, but then I can go 6 months with one a night, sometimes more. I have learned to realise what it is and can now control.some of what happens when I am in not such a dream state. I know when it is going to happen as I can feel my jaw starts shaking and I feel like I am sinking in to the bed. I remember one night I managed to push my foot through the mattress and the bed base so it touched the floor (obviously not in reality) but it seemed so real. Unfortunately I seem to have cataplexy attacks only mild but it may be linked to narcolepsy and at the age of 33 I have finally been referred to a neurologist as I also have sleep attacks where I just cannot stay awake! I find the easiet way to deal with the attacks are to just embrace them, last night for example I got out bed walked over to the other side of my bedroom, and put a dressing gown on.....I woke up this morning with no gown on and it was in the place I had left it.

Apr 16, 2012
sleep paralysis, (in my opinion) solved! + TIPS AND ADVICE
by: ray


I've learned to first fear and then enjoy "SLEEP PARALYSIS" throughout my life. In my opinion

its the closest we'll ever get to a fully conscious experience into an alternate dimension were

we face ourselves and our emotions, so far for me. In my case, your own personal dimension where

you can teach yourself to manipulate reality. It is teaching yourself to teach yourself to

control yourself! You are what you belief. If it hadn't happen to you yet or just experienced

it, you will experience first what you feel, in this case intense and fearful for those who fear

the unknown. In life, we cannot get answers from outside sources as well as the source within.

Now, what i have learned is that its a personal boot camp induced by an unknown source. Whether

it be our subconciousness, our "higher self", natural phenomenon,2012 shift, benlevolent

beings,Extra Terrestrial's etc. i dunno yet how its induced but i know that it can help people

reach higher awareness about themselves and their environment. I believe it's a gift to

ourselves in our journey through life to serve us in the evolution of the human race to reach

higher consciousness, its our DESTINY! OR WE SHALL DESTROY OURSELVES!!!! I believe that we are

in desperate need of awakening ourselves to a new era of true peace and it starts with "YOU"!

Knowledge is power, but belief is our true power. Face life, now matter how shitty, with love!

and don't let others use ur mind for you!



-ACCEPT your experience! Trust it and go with the flow.
-your breathing will get better as ur mind calms your heart
-remember you are facing yourself
-think about GOD,as you will become empowered and settled.
-choose what you wanna feel
-anything you feel will instantly manifest and intensify
-heres one of my favorites...remember a song and pretend that its playing in a stereo

some where in another room.. you will hear it!



Contact Has Begun - James Gilliland ECETI ET UFO sightings- type ECETI on youtube for more info!

Bashar | 2012 - For more wisdom visit

Bashar - Infinite Number of Parallel Earths to Choose From

THE SECRET trailer

Oct 22, 2012
Be Grateful
by: O

Sleep paralysis is a gift that not all possess. From my experience and what I have read and studied upon, the environment you are on when you do experience these paralysis is called the Astral Plane. Please read Dr. Robert Morroe's books to learn more about. It is fascinating and you will be amazed of what you can do with this gift that you have.

Apr 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

This has only happened to me once, but it was very scary. I could not move or talk and something was coming into my room to attack me and right before it did I woke up and was able to shout.

Jan 07, 2014
cant breath
by: Eduardo manuel

Omg!!! this is exacly what have been happening to me all my life too i am afraid of one day asfixiate and die from it because i just cant breath!!! but i kinda found a way to fight it most times acc works!! moving you jaws omg man i thought i was the only one with this!! doctors didnt even knew what it was and u just said everything thts happening to me!! and i have rlly bad allucinations of ghosts i guess its because its my biggest fear... but i never see them fortunaly but last night my light ball just turned on by itself and i just shited myself and i couldnt move was the sariest episode i had so far!! thank you so much for sharing this is gd to know i am not alone!!

May 24, 2015
Always sleep with pillow magnetic south to cure yourself of monsters NEW
by: Anonymous

Your sleep posture is making you vulnerable to nefarious entities!

What direction is your pillow/headboard of your bed facing?

I suspect you may be sleeping with the top of your head facing magnetic north or equally bad magnetic west. Magnetic north is called the "death position" because coffins are buried facing north and if you sleep north ghosts appear in your life, says the folklore.

The people of Bali say "sleeping magnetic west means you will have no love, everyone will hate you and you will experience violence" I paraphrased but Google search "Balinese sleep north"

Many cultures recommended that you sleep with the top of your head facing magnetic south and feet facing magnetic north. An alternate position is your head facing magnetic east and feet facing magnetic west. Use an electronic compass, it has to be exactly south, any deviation such as south west of south east makes you open to nefarious entities.

Never sleep with head facing magnetic north cuz you are guaranteed to see ghosts and have nightmares.

Also never ever sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back is the posture of the corpse in a coffin and "vastu" says sleeping on the back ruins the brain. Try to sleep on the left side of your body always to get wealthy. Sleep on the right side is ok but not best and monsters probably attacked you while you slept on the right side of your body of slept on your back. Sleeping on left side is best and you get rich wealthy. Never sleep on the stomach you suffocate, sudden infant death syndrome.

I recommend you read this website, it explains the significance of monsters in sleep.

Also Google search "vastu sleep direction" and search also "sleep facing south" to get more information. Sleeping facing south makes you wealthy and healthy, sleeping east makes you intelligent but not wealthy so east is for children still attending school.

The information I wrote was for the northern hemisphere, I dont know about sleep position for the southern hemisphere of earth.

Also, what is your blood type? If you are blood type Rhesus Negative (Rh negative) then this website might be informative

Best of luck! Feel free to Pass this information on to non-demonic people.

May 29, 2015
I suffer too NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm 33yrs old and I've suffered from sleep paralysis since high school. I get it every time I fall asleep! And it usually happens about 3 to 5 times before I finally can fall asleep. My jaw starts to shake, what I imagine a seizure must feel like. I feel this wave like sensation in my brain, then hear this static buzzing sound.I can't move, can't breathe, but I can see and hear everything. At first it was terrifying. Mainly the not being able to breathe part. This may sound weird, but I think if I sleep facing up my tounge lodges into my throat making it hard to breathe. I learned to sleep on my side and try to breathe through my mouth when falling asleep so my jaw isn't stuck shut. Then I focus on my breathing while paralysed and that usually seems to help snap me out of it. I wish there were more answers out there. It is a very frustrating thing to deal with and most people look at me like I'm crazy when I bring it up.

Jun 25, 2015
Sleep Paralysis and Sexual Abuse NEW
by: Anonymous

I have experienced sleep paralysis with hallucinations since I was a child. It use to scare me because I didn't understand it. I now understand it's a common experience related to childhood trauma. Not everyone experiences it for this reason. I was molested from age 2 to 12 by my father. Now that I understand what it is, I'm not as frightened by the experience. However, depending on the intensity of the episode or type of hallucination it can be very emotional and at time, creates a panic attack. I believe there are things that trigger this for me, one being tough counseling sessions when dealing with the molestation. Almost always, sleep paralysis follows. Meditation helps me before sleep and after an episode. Trying to relax during an episode and let them happen is also, helpful. Avoiding emotional triggers help, as well.

Aug 18, 2015
Strange Jaw movements and breathing NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been experiencing some very bizarre things while sleeping. I do take ambien, I have PTSD and insomnia. Over the past 6 mos or so, I wake up briefly to find my lower jaw moving very fast, left to right. It happens at least a few times per week and I have never mentioned it, it sounded to strange to discuss. It's like my jaw is having a seizure and afterwards, I feel sick to my stomach, vague memory of stopping breathing and I am wore out. In my dreams I am aware of this happening and they are getting more vivid.

Nov 10, 2015
Sleep paralysis, night terrors, or both??? NEW
by: Brian

I have been reading these posts and they have brought me some comfort,for wen I was a child around the age of 11 or 12 I had my first experience with sleep paralysis. I was very frightening for me as while I was sleeping I was having a nightmare (or night terrors) and the dream was so bad that I came to realize that it was just that. A dream. So I tried my hardest to wake up. And as i finally began to do so. I opened my eyes and realized I was awake but could not move or speak and it was very hard to breathe. I struggled only for moments until my mind drifted right back into the same terrifying dream that I just woke up from. Almost as if I never really left. I struggled to wake myself from this nightmare and repeatedly went threw the same failure of trying to wake myself about 3 or 4 times all in one long episode of going back and forth between a terrifying dream and then my mind waking only to find that my body is still paralyzed. When I finally became fully awake that night I jumped out of my bed with tears in my eyes.and ran upstairs to tell mom way happend. Although I was extremely tired at that time I did not let myself back asleep for the rest of the night for a fear that I would not wake up again.a fear that I was going to die if I fell back asleep on that fateful night.
This was my fist experience with this and although I did experience sleep paralysis at least a dozen more times threwout my adolescents. None of my other experiences were as severe or as terrifying as my first one.
I'm 24 now and it's been about 8 or 9 years since my last episode.
But then it happened again last night.
And as I woke from another nightmare to find myself paralyzed but with my eys open. My comforter was over my face and my heart was beating so hard as I struggled for air. And struggled to remove the comforter from my face I could not move an inch. my girlfriend woke to the sound of my very heavy breathing and she said ( babe r u ok? R u dreaming?)and since my body was facing away from hers as I was laying on my side. She could not see that my eyes were open and that I was panicking. All she heard was the sound of my hevy breathing. I tried scream for her to help me as soon as I heard her voice. I wanted her to pull the blanket from my face so I could breathe again. But I could not get out even a single verbal sound. It lasted for only a minute or two. Then after my body finally awoke (allowing me to move freely again) I tore the blanket from my face and took a few deep breaths trying to slow my heart rate. Then said to my gf ( I'm ok It was just a nightmare.)
I've written my experience here because threw my reserch I found a site stating that ppl often confuse night terrors with sleep paralysis. But I belive the opposite. Yes night terrors and sleep paralysis are two totally different things,but I belive that they go hand and hand together. Or rather sleep paralysis goes hand and hand with night terrors. For in my experience evry single Episode of paralysis that I have ever experienced happend while I was waking up from a nightmare. But I have had plenty of nightmares without experiencing sleep paralysis.
If anyone has any comments or thoughts on my hypotheses.
Please post them.
Thank u

Aug 26, 2016
how I overcome my sleep paralysis ASA NEW
by: Annabella

as a little girl I had few sporadic episode of sleep paralysis, but when I moved to London all of sudden I started to have terrifying dreams, and during the years increased so much to the point I was afraid to go to sleep!
AllI could sense it was evil, I could feel hands touching me and I desperate trying to wake up, obvious I wanted to scream but no sound would come out, I called Go, Jesus, the Angels but the evil presence wouldn't let go of me! At time I would have 3 episode per night, plus the 3 o'clock terror at 3 AM every night, at work could barely function also because after I wake myself up I would turn on all the lights in the house and do something!
then I come across the orgonite I bought all ingredient and made few for the house and my bed.
I started to sleep with my cat in my bedroom and one day when my cat and the orgonite where not with me I had a terrible attack whoever presence was there was putting his hands all over me, I was terrified but I made a decision to stand up to him with an unpredictable move I shook him off me and then I opened my eyes and there he was a man I never ever seen before in my life, naked and with a big erection I put my foot on top of his body and I said to him laughing that he was a pathetic creature the. he disappeared and I wake up still smiling ! You can believe or not, that is the truth 2 years later today I haven't had not a single episode of sleep paralysis, before I was afraid to fall asleep, and if any scientist come to me to say that is normal I do not believe, it was evil, it was not normal, I believe that during the sleep we may stop breathing for a millisecond and we go out our body where not all spirits are friendly and the terror we feel his the contact with those evil spirits that are in a sort of limbo, or perhaps they are all around us and when we are most vulnerable in this case during the sleeping hours they try to attack us only because are evil. the best is for once to face them because are weak and once they know you are not longer afraid the will leave you alone! I wouldn't mind to face that one again I would really teach him a lesson, because they are weak.
I hope this is useful to any of you

Oct 10, 2016
I get it too. NEW
by: spguy80

I am in my mid-30s. I experience SP a few times per month. Sometimes none for a few months, and sometimes on consecutive nights.

I tend to get them when going to sleep, rather than in the middle of the night or when waking.

Avoiding caffeine near bedtime may help avoid it.

Jaw shaking / trembling is something I always experience during SP. Not much noise that I remember.

I too try to learn to control the experience, but it still ends up scary rather than fun, most of the time. Fortunately for me, I don't experience fear beyond a few minutes after waking.

May 10, 2017
Born with sp.. NEW
by: Anonymous

Since birth, from the day I was born I was very sick and had real high temperature which led to first experience of the world was not of this world. I was born 1977 October 28 before people had an answer for sp , so through my childhood of seeing this dark figure standing by my bedroom​door every time I was in bed , it was deemed as some kind of demon haunting me..shift nearly 40 years later an I'm still going through it, I have had times when I'm in control of it which in effect becomes a lucid dream ,which is the most amazing feeling ever ,but IV lost control an lapsed into a state of having my do whiles in my dream, a dream within a dream..
It's terrifying when uncontrollable it is the greatest gift an feeling if you can control it.. religion is not the answer..the answer is in you.
I'm still with all the years of suffering just recently started understanding it an I'm still learning..peace to you all

Dec 12, 2017
It’s not fum NEW
by: Anonymous

I’ve had sleep paralysis since I can remember. I have been through every sleep study one could think of and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not medical, it’s either spiritual or psychological.

I am often woken up by this phenomenon and despite being able to speak I still can’t snap out of it. I have screamed and even moved but am still very much "under attack." Sometimes I can "see" my entire room though I’m pretty sure my eyes are closed. At this point I think I’m more annoyed than anything else, I’m sleep deprived most of the time and have very low energy because it happens so frequently. I just don’t understand.

Feb 15, 2018
Not too sure NEW
by: Anonymous

Last night I feel asleep I don’t even remember dreaming or what "woke" me but when I "woke up" I couldn’t open my eyes or move my body but my jaw would slowly open. I hate sleeping with my mouth open (weird, I know) and I kept trying to close my mouth and I couldn’t. I kept trying until finally I closed it, still the rest of my body asleep and it opened slowly again. This continued for awhile until I said "what the ****" and woke my fiancé who the in turn woke up the rest of my body. This doesn’t sound like other sleep paralysis stories I’ve heard, does anyone know what I experienced last night?

Jan 29, 2019
Also dealt with sleep paralysis my whole life NEW
by: Anonymous

I have similar cases to you, except this time I'm only in my teens this time. Usually, I can wake myself up harshly and I even set up rules in my childhood to avoid it... sadly it only lasted for a while. This time I had a nap, I had SP and I COULDN't wake myself up this time and I'm scarred. Apparently, a cure is to take anti-depression pills but I don't want to ask my parent's such things... what should I do?

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