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Sleep Paralysis With Hooded Figures

by Andrew

So I am fairly conditioned to my SP problem, it has been happening since about the age of 6. I am 30 now and I believe that its time to find out more about what is going on besides just taking medications and being shrugged off as just dreams by everyone I talk to. Of course I am not looking for medical treatment or advice (unless grave concern is warranted).

Most nights my SP occurs within about 10-15 minutes of laying down and falling asleep. I mostly sleep on my side or stomach, rarely my fiancée has noticed I was asleep on my back (which is odd because I have fears of swallowing my tongue and attempt to avoid any possible way of falling asleep on my back).

Once the episodes start its basically the same every time except for a couple notable instances which I will discuss later in the article. The episodes being my eyes open and I am laying on a cold stone table, surrounded by thick , hazy darkness. Slowly the darkness recedes expanding back into the room revealing several tall figures dressed in old robes. What is odd is my sense of smell is active and I can smell the musty old room and their dusty robes, they lurk just on the edge of the darkness staring at me like statues. An overwhelming feel of terror and darkness creates a weight on my body , not allowing the movement of any part of my body. My breathing stifled by the pressure almost as if someone is choking me.

Most nights this is where the dreams/incidents end.

I will now account for the rare occurrences that have occurred mostly in the past 10 years.

On one occurrence I was in the same situation as previously stated, but there was a hooded figure whom had their cover removed
from their head. It was a female brunette with green eyes and a soft tone to her. She did not seem afraid or hostile , yet more of a beacon of light to the room. I noticed the other figures were not concerned with me but more this lady who was in the room. Shortly after this occurrence I was discussing my SP episodes with a friend whom was of Pagan following, she had described a friend of hers whom had these close dreams. While she was describing her , she had described the same figure as in my dream , more notably her picture was identical to the figure I saw in my dream.

Another occurrence like the rest before I was in the same cold dark room, the figures had gathered around the stone table that I was affixed to. I begin to hear them almost in unison chant in a language I have never heard , it felt like it went on for a little bit , I woke from my episode just as one of the figures had turned its head towards me bringing its arm up from its side.

I was just falling into my dream state when this third occurrence happened. during my episode I was able to remove myself from the table and walk a short distance , one of the figures approached me but I had not felt threatened , I was how ever still unable to make out what the subject was trying to tell me , I turned around back towards the table and see my body laying there. I awoke from this one in a sweat.

I am not sure how any of this data might help anyone but hopefully there is someone reading this that can give me any kind of insight.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

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Dec 23, 2016
by: Itez


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Oct 14, 2018
Scented Oil NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure how old your post is, but I have a suggestion that could be potentially helpful. You said your sense of smell is active, so what if you heat an essential oil before bed and perhaps when you 'wake up' on the stone table, you will still be able to smell the oil in your bedroom.

Once you smell the oil, it will remind you that you are "in your bed, in your room, and safe" - say that to yourself. Smell the oil and remember that you are in your bed, in your room, and safe.

You can buy a night light with a little bowl to diffuse oil on top. As the light heats up it will burn the oils. Just remember, you are "in your bed, in your room, and safe."

Good luck hope it helps.

Aug 22, 2019
I have had the same experience with hooded figures at niight
by: Anita

It started since i was 9 and now i'm 18. It still continues, i wake up at the middle of the night and figures out that i'm having SP. There will be hooded figures with no face, twice i've noticed that one of the figures had a lighted lantern with it. I said it to my younger brother who's 12 and he said he too had the same experiences in the night. Finally we built up the courage to tell our parents and figured out my dad's also seeing it. Dad said that it followed him to the toiled at night and disappeared once.I have found out another person online who had the similar experience. We'll figure it out if you want. Here's my instagram @anita_caby

Oct 28, 2020
My personal recommendation
by: Anonymous

I had similar occurrences for years. It stopped after I got Baptized.

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