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Sleep Talking and Dreaming In Different Languages

by Frank W.
(Clark, NJ)

Hello- I am a high school psychology teacher. We were discussing sleep and dreaming and a student of mine said that something interesting happened to her. She reports all of her dream content to be in English. However, those around her when she sleeps claim that when she sleep talks, she speaks in Portuguese and not English. This has been observed on several occasions with her. Any idea why this may occur?

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Sep 18, 2011
different language
by: Mona

Its an interesting question, I have been wondering about the same thing for a few years now. When my son was about 8 yrs old, i would also hear him speaking in a different language in his sleep, sounded like hebrew or latin.. who knows,but it was clear and like a repeated sentence... I told my oldest daughter and she didnt beleive me. Until one night she was left alone with him and she texted me a little scared that he was doing it..
It no longer happens, but it is a mystery of what caused it.

Dec 07, 2011
Similar experience
by: Anonymous

I have had the same thing happen to me. My sisters tell me that I talk in my sleep almost on a nightly basis. The contents of what I say are either intelligible or else they are in mandarin. They also say I sound agitated. However, I have no recollection of dreaming and I dream in English not mandarin. I can't figure it out either.

Dec 28, 2011
maybe decoding the true meaning
by: Anonymous

I have had this happen to me since I was eight I keep a dream journal and have left a recorder on along with symbols and it seems to be in Hebrew. And symboligy in angelic script. All tend to have spiritual meaning Iits like decoding messages I wonder if its part of past life recall

Feb 07, 2012
talking in another language
by: Kristen

I'm 40 and this has happened several times to me. My husband told me that it sounds like I am speaking Gaelic. I myself would love to know why I do this!

Mar 18, 2012
Similar Experience
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me numerous times, even since I was a young child. I have been told by many friends who I have had sleepovers with as well as my parents that I speak in another language in my sleep. I speak clear and dictate every word in sentances. The only thing is that it's an unknown language, everyone tells me that it sounds ancient and that my words flow so greatly that it has to be a language. They have also heard me speak in English in my sleep saying "why are you talking to me in tongue?" but I never remember the dream or who was speaking to me. I do not speake any language other then English, it's interesting that this actually happens to a lot of people and there are many theories out there trying to explain what it is but no one truly knows.

Apr 02, 2012
so i'm not the only one!
by: Anonymous

This happened to me when I was about 7. My parents said I had a complete conversation in French- something about the people living in the garage, my dad only knew basic french so that seemed to be the gist of it... and when they asked me in the morning I told them about how I ALWAYS talk with the ladies in the garage like that. and also, i still don't know french, but I have had the same dream over the years, but now I realize it's not a garage. It's a cell- and it's more of a nightmare. gives me the heebiest of jeebies just talking about it.

Nov 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

My niece was in the hospital who had been born premature. My mother and I was staying in a Ronald McDonal House. My sister said the covers flew up and I sat up straight with my eyes closed & I would start talking (in an unknown language) I would also pause for breaths of air. I had repeatedly done that 4 times that night. While I layed down I would smack my lips, not literally but like you would smack your gum. The next morning my mother had asked if I remembered & I knew nothing about it. Later that day my mother and sister were at the hospital with my niece & had asked the doctor what was going on cause my niece was doing the smacking with her mouth. They had replied with, "she's having seizures" I'm very concerned. Who could I have been communicating with?

Jan 23, 2013
Latin. Hebrew. Gaelic. Spanish sleep talking
by: Jonathan

I have been a sleep talker and laugher since as long as I can remember. I will speak fluent Latin. Hebrew. Gaelic and spanish. only the spanish can I actually semi speak while awake all the rest I only know thats what they are from recording while I sleep and finding translation for what I am saying. No doctor can explain it. most of the time I am asking why are you stuck in this place let me free you with the ancient power the one of light have bestowed upon the brotherhood of enki I can control the bonds of time and spacee to free you from this prison. over 200 times I have said that very thing in all of these lanuages. whos the brotherhood and who is enki? Its scary to listen to.

Feb 16, 2013
Husband sleep talks different language
by: Tjohnson

I am excited to know I'm not crazy. Three years ago my husband started speaking a different language in his sleep. It spikes during oct, nov, dec. It is definitely a real language. He wakes me up speaking in a low monotone voice. I have tried to turn the recorder on during it, but one small noise seems to interrupt him and it stops. He has still never heard it. He laughs at me but I started wondering if he was possessed and this thing is talking when he is asleep. Who knows but it's crazy sounding and I'd love to hear anyone's recordings of them. Could it be the same language? All the descriptions I have read seem like what I hear from him. I just want to capture it once so I can review it, but it's so hard to catch

Feb 23, 2013
I too speak different languages
by: Anonymous

I was googling whether other people do this too, but my talking is a bit different as I actually speak languages that are my mother tongues in my sleep or when I'm really sleepy and tired. Sometimes I don't understand that I'm speaking the wrong language to my English speaking husband, sometimes I do, but I can't remember how to say anything in English, even though I speak it fluently on a daily basis. It's such a weird feeling not to be able to say a word in a correct language even though I use it all day long.

Mar 06, 2013
foreign talking in my sleep
by: Anonymous

Hi to all,ive just typed in this strange scenario like many on this thread and am amazed at how common it looks??Just to be honest ive better things to be doing than pulling someones leg on this situation but when i sleep or at least try at times i am speaking some sort of language i do not understand,i know it flows of my tongue ive heard myself in a semi unconscious way and my partner calls me a freak! in a nice way..Its been happening quite a while now and im considering recording my sleep at night to see if it happens again and to have a language expert check it out.Im also feeling strange the next day and in a strange way know whats going to happen??? Id be most grateful if some professionals could lend a theory or two on it.
kind regards.

Mar 18, 2013
dream in diffrent language
by: narges

I always dream and speak in English , actually my native language is Persian. today I sleep and have a conversation in Japanese and i can not understand it cause i have no information about this language if anybody knows why this happen tell me.....
one of the word i hear is sabaku that means sandy waterfall in English!

Mar 27, 2013
Life time sleep talker
by: Jessica

The only language I know is English and I'm turning twenty later this year. In my sleep I've been told I speak French, Spanish, sometimes Japanese, and rarely an unknown language. I've heard myself a few times when I'm half awake and my body is paralysised but I can't understand anything I say. I'm not sure that my dreams are in English because I remember what happens but not what's said. There has been a few times when my friends will call me and tell me to keep them out of my dreams. Why is this happening? Does it have some kind of meaning? If anyone can help or wants to talk about these occurrences my email is

Jun 15, 2013
my husband talks in his sleep almost every night
by: Anonymous

My husband started talking in languages that he does not know about 9 years ago and does so almost every night. He never talks in English even though that is our only spoken language . I sounds like an normal conversation ,with normal pauses for another person to talk. There are two distinct languages with different sounding voices.One sounds like Hebrew or some such language and the other sounds Manderin. We do not travel to other counties very much and never to countries that speak anything like that. I have even heard him sing what sounds like complete songs. He often wakes himself up but does not remember what he is dreaming about and doesn't have a clue what he was talking about. And although I do not understand what he is saying it is almost like my spirit does and it gives me comfort and I seem to have to listen to all of it.

Aug 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

It is the language of angels.

The voices of those who are trying to save or help someone in this world are coming through the conduits of spirits who are in their consciousness open to helping or saving others.

It is not about your language, it is about your spirit.

Sep 09, 2013
Sleep Talking
by: Anonymous

I'm a middle-aged white female attesting to the fact that foreign-language sleep talking DOES happen. I have been experiencing night terrors since I was a child. Many of the dreams I had as a child were so vivid and scared me so badly, I still remember them to this day. When I sleep-talk, it always seems to happen synonymously with a violent dream (one where I am battling demons). Not only do I speak in a foreign language (my partner calls it an "alien" language), I am usually yelling and physically lashing out with my arms and legs. I dream in English and have awakened on many occasions due to my sleep-talking, however, I had no idea my sleep-talking manifested itself in an audible, foreign/ancient language.

Sep 10, 2013
Dream in French
by: Anonymous

I'm in my mid 40 and since I can remember Ive been dreaming that I'm in France but in a different century. My wife told me I'll speak French fluently and without hesitation. My native language is Spanish and my second English and I've never taking French in my life. The other thing is that I can, remember in great detail my dreams like old piers and wooden ships, sewers, smells, clothing and buildings. Recently, I started noticing that our 4y/o also have dreams were she speaks in French when her native language is English not even Spanish.

Sep 27, 2013
Talking in a foreign language several times in a month
by: Vycius

Yesterday i was at a party.
I drink a lot of alcohol ant eventually i passed out.
My friends say that i started speaking to somebody in my sleep in a foreign language something familiar to Hebrew (thay think it's Hebew).

I never learned or knew hebrew, also i have heard people speaking in hebrew only a few times in my life. How is this possible?

Also i dont remember the dream.
Creepy moment: my friends decided to take a video, but since they started taking video i started talking in my mother tongue.
Over the past 2-3 years my friends and family said that i frequently talk in some language similar to Arabic ir Hebrew in my dreams.

Oct 23, 2013
Past life
by: Anonymous

I frequently have night terrors and can recall nothing of them.

My husband of 16 years says that I am always panicked in my plight and begging for my life. I am a middle-aged white non-ethnic female with absolutely no formal education in any language except Spanish and I can barely recall any words.
I am a Christian.
However, I have always been morbidly fearful of persons who speak German and there is absolutely no reapnable basis for this. I did once have a terror that I woke from and could almost recall the dream.

I was in a rail car and telling a person on the ground that there was more room for them and I was trying to help them into the car. But when I woke, I was not speaking English. I don't know the language, but I have never studied anything I can speak fluently.

I was terrified in the dream.

Nov 06, 2013
Talk and enjoy working it out ;)
by: Anonymous

The language of Hebrew is soft and amazing-some say the angels of heaven speak this language.
I fight demons on a regular basis and am now not afraid after 15 years , because if I say " in the name of Jesus" they fle
Night terrors are now no longer .
The spirit world is real -and can keep people from sleeping
Try record and translate the hebrew ;)
what your real farther is trying to tell you is probably along the lines of -" follow me - I want you to know me "
be carefull as to work out what spirit is of god and those that are a trick and a riddle from that filthy snake on the ground (yes I'm talking about satan )

Peace out

Nov 06, 2013
Reply to speaking hebrew and satan
by: Anonymous

Speaking in lanuages you dont or cannot know has nothing to do with evil. it is science fact that information beyond just genetic traits can and does pass through dna from mother to child. prime example the dog that knows to eat the skin shell that covers her puppies. to speak in sleep is a medical sign you are not sleeping enough and night terrors talking ealking happen because parts of your brain are still working that should only work while awake and yes parts that dont work also turn on and work for short periods.

Nov 07, 2013
Speaking fluent Native American in my sleep
by: Anonymous

I've been 'googling' this subject, because last night my significant other was 100% sure that I was speaking fluent Navajo or some other Native American language. I was convinced I had to have just been speaking gibberish, he said no, it was fluent indian language and that I was having an entire conversation with some one... I trust him.
Well, I have never been exposed to much of any Native American languages. None. I didn't ' hear ' it some where and re-live it in my dream... I will say I do believe in past lives, and that is my only explanation for why this happens to people who know for fact they haven't been exposed to a particular language in any kind of depth yet begin speaking it fluently while dreaming. We are taking some of our collective knowledge with us when we reincarnate.

That's my two cents and every one is welcome to tell me I'm crazy for suggesting it.

Nov 07, 2013
Sleep deprivation not linked to sleep talking
by: Anonymous

I'm the one who just wrote about speaking in fluent Native American..

Concerning the 'to speak in your sleep means you're sleep deprived'. I'm not so sure about that. I'm a heavy dreamer, a lucid dreamer, I actually travel places often times.. Places in the universe even. I sleep on average 8-10 hours a night, without any interruptions. NO insomnia either.

Nov 07, 2013
RE: Dreaming in French
by: Anonymous

You may not read this reply.
You are dreaming of a past life.
Sure, we can say it's 'genetic memory'
passed down from our ancestors.. I guess
its a theory. My higher self tells me these
are impressions of past lives that never
truly leave the soul.

Nov 17, 2013
Talking in sleep. different language
by: cw

My husband has been speaking in a foreign language while asleep for about a year. I have taped him. Today Was Informed That It Sounds Like Blackfoot Indian. We found a recording on YouTube and sure enough that's just what he sounds like. Very interesting.

Dec 18, 2013
dreaming not speaking
by: Anonymous

I dream in ukrainian, hebrew and german
I only know english
one dream, I was in ukraine (in a place, I have never visited)
in another dream a group of rabbis were chanting in hebrew
the german dream had me awakened with a slew of words to research
it doesn't happen much
my night terrors have shapes and the color brown
why am I screaming about circles or squares I dunno?!

Dec 24, 2013
Me too
by: Momof3

I have a sleep disorder. I have experienced hypnogognia, night terrors, sleep walking (my dad had to put bars on my doors so I wouldn't walk out into a road or endanger myself) and sleep talking (Somniloquy) I was recorded at age 10 (34 now) speaking spanish and hebrew. Some languages seemed fluent could not be identified. I went to a sleep specialist and now know how to wake myself from uncomfortable dreams. However I'm still not sure how I would know those languages. I grew up speaking only english, although I've picked up learning Mandarin and basic spanish very easily as of two years ago. It would make a great subject for a study. I would love to know the outcome.

Dec 27, 2013
I'm glad it's not just me
by: Anonymous

I've just read all of these comments with interest. I've been talking a foreign language (or is it jibberish?) for the past 2 to 3 years (I'm a 55 year old male). My trick is that I only ever do it when I've had several beers. My kids have recorded it with their phones (when I've fallen asleep on the sofa). I'm no language expert but it sounds Eastern European and there is ceratinly fluency with it - i.e. sentences. I was heard once to say (in English) it's those down below - whatever that means!.

I've read the various theories. Gibberish because only certain brain cells are working? Don't quite get that as I would have thought that the gibberish would vary from occasion to occasion. Passed on through genes of foreign relatives - my family generations didn't get out of Leicester let alone England. Spirits - I've never believed in it. So, I agree with previous poster, I would be most intersted in more research into this.


Dec 27, 2013
Past Lives
by: Anonymous

I would say say more along the lines of past lives, and past incarnations. That is my personal belief. I speak fluently in a Native American language from time to time... I'm not sleep deprived, and I've never been exposed to any Native American language for any length of time. I don't say a few sentences, apparently, I say entire paragraphs of full blown conversation. But, my spiritual beliefs are that all souls incarnate on this earth. We are taking past knowledge with us and it comes out in our unconscious sleep at times.

Dec 28, 2013
Speaking unknown language in sleep
by: Anonymous

Just woke up from another episodes. These are the patterns I am noticing when I sleep talk:

1. I am sleep deprived or extremely exhausted.
2. I am having a nightmare. Almost always involving a negative or demonic spiritual energy. I find myself praying in my sleep, in English, which then comes out in unknown language or babble (this is often the moment my wife wakes me).
3. I am in defense mode.

If you are experiencing the same, please contact me at:

Thank you

Jan 29, 2014
by: Lee Ann

I WOKE UP CRYING SAYING SOMETHING LIKE "triste mortem" I looked up the words and they appear to be old French. I have been doing this for sometime now.It is disturbing to my husband.He says at times it sounds fluent. Is it some sort of genetic memory?If we inherit appearance can we inherit memory.Or are we phrophets of God.I've heard of speaking in tongues.

Feb 08, 2014
dreaming latin
by: Anonymous

My friend woke up from a dream speaking a foreign language and wrote down what she was saying, six lines all together. It turned out to be latin. They translated it with the internet and i've been taking latin for awhile so i double checked it. It just seems to be like some kind of warning about the situation of her life currently.

Feb 21, 2014
Talking Different language while asleep and even awake
by: Rhen

Hi, Glad to know that I found this site and knew that there are people with the same experiences as mine. I've been talking in sleep since Aug 2013 and even had recordings of it. It sounds like Chinese/Korean. But what troubles me is that I also did it while I'm wide awake in the office four times now. My colleagues thought I'm either possessed or gone mad. I'm seeking help for translations and why I'm doing this. I hope we can all find answers to our questions.

Mar 17, 2014
My Younger Brother
by: Anonymous

Well funny thing i found this site, im 16 years of age and my brother (who is 14) talks different languages in his sleep as well as english. with my experiences with him he usually speaks or yells profane word and sentences towards mostly aggressive and along the lines of 'shut the **** up' and 'Go away' and other cursing. my brother suffers from social anxieties and he get scared really easily. he always lets his fears get to him as well. my sister thinks he is just crazy but not to long ago my mother, who was sleeping in the same room as him for the night, heard him speaking a fluent language in his sleep with woke her up. she said it sounded like french but my mom isnt really good with identifying accents. i personally think it was tungs. the thing that baffles me is that the following morning i was in the kitchen. and the picture of daniel (theres 3 picture of all three of us on the wall) fell down out of nowhere. it wasnt wind because all the doors and windows were closed and i didnt think anything of it until my mum told me what happened last night. she doesnt take it as seriously as i do but i think this has something to do spiritually. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Apr 05, 2014
Sleep talking
by: Anonymous

Ok so hears the thing.... I wake myself up in the middle of the night talking.... Not sure what i am saying i only know it is in a different language. No clue what i am dreaming about. This has only been going on for about a few months. i am 43. The other thing is crazy stuff has been going on around my house. Like... Phone books flying out of cupboards, things are getting unplugged, games are going off with no one around. I did have co poising in feb. Every thing started after this. Any clue?

Apr 05, 2014
Reply to last two commenters
by: Anonymous

To the last two commenters - I think it's important to stay on the subject. This thread was started by a professional college professor, and I think we should honor the topic. It's great to talk about speaking in different languages while asleep, as it quite possibly could go deeper in explanation than any of us could have ever imagined. Sometimes, it defies logical sense. As many of us have claimed we have had no exposure, not even brief, to the languages we are speaking while asleep; which completely rules out the idea that we have at some point heard the language, then stored it down in our subconscious only later to find it coming out in dreams.. That doesn't explain speaking quite literally, fluently, in another language. I have not been exposed to any Native American languages for any length of time, and yet, friends and relatives are sure I speak it as fluently as an Indian while asleep... What's going on? We can indeed through spirituality into the works, as you both have mentioned.. We are all connected, we are connected to our ancestors, and who knows what information is carried on the DNA helix through out the generations. Possibly language as well, that can only be tapped into while in an unconscious state... However, let's not bring in poltergeist, ghosts, and the paranormal into it.. Those experiences are better discussed on forums dedicated to the paranormal. I will say those things do exist. As for them being related to why you are speaking other languages while asleep, it's doubtful.

Apr 17, 2014
Silencing comments?
by: Anonymous

I think you're wrong for silencing their comments. You can disagree, but that is along the subject because it happened along with the sleep talking in tongues. That was their experience and it could be most others as well. You will never know if you forbid them from posting about it.

Jun 02, 2014
Once at age 30 , now more common at 47
by: Chris

So when I was 20 I started , without much knowledge educating myself with Quantum Physics. I became very interested in theory but more interested in the philosophical aspects. I started meditation for some unknown reason. Eventually I started falling out of bed. I had Lucid dreams that included some very interesting and personal experiences. On one single occasion I awoke abruptly and said, Brokista Caldia. I have long looked for these words and never found an answer. Yes I recall them exactly after all this time as if they mean something. Recently I wake up speaking Latin. I never studied Latin. I know maybe 2 words in Latin. I am speaking what appear to be complete sentences. When I can recall, I try to look up what I can and they seem to be statements about freedom, Not standing still, having an open heart and an open mind. I am Buddhist and I do still meditate but Latin , that has been the furthest thing from my mind. My wife speaks Spanish so I would expect to wake speaking Spanish LOL. While I can not be sure of the spelling or dialect of the first words I spoke I would love to know. My gut tells me it ha something to do with , either open heart, open mind or open house. Almost appears either Russian or Slavic. Would be great to know!

Jun 10, 2014
Me Too
by: Anonymous

Hello, I did not believe in this kind of thing but it happened to me 2 nights ago and scared the crap out of me. I could here myself doing it and was trying to stop, I was sounding agitated at times and soft at others. I also laughed sometimes and at times I was signing. I am trying to understand this. Mine sounded like Chinese as well. It scared my kids and my wife and even my dog was barking at me I am told. My wife stated that before it started I was saying to let go of me and leave me alone. I am 50 years old...this is no joke I am perplexed and a little spooked by it.

Jun 15, 2014
Does your student speak Portuguese when she is awake?
by: Anonymous

To the OP, Frank:

Does your student speak Portuguese when she is awake? My husband says I sleep talk in both English and Italian. My first language is English and as far as I can tell, I dream in English, but I speak Italian with my parents. It is possible that I dream in Italian but I just don't remember the dreams (I rarely remember dreams anyway)

My husband says my sleep talking is not complete sentences and always sounds like half of a conversation (never statements).

Jun 27, 2014
The other languages come from the past
by: Anonymous

You all are not alone, though I fear if it is a past life regression, what many of you may have experienced are some of the horrendous acts committed by Nazi Germany. What's worse, I believe that my dreams point a finger at myself as an aggressor. My wife has told me on several occasions that I speak German among other languages, but mostly German when I sleep. I knew this early on because, though I seem to be speaking English in dreams, I've awaken in the middle of these nightmares and heard it coming from my own mouth. It can be disorienting. The things I remember are horrible. The sights, the smells, the sounds, are all more vivid than other dreams. It took me a while to admit it even though the truth is obvious. I've lived before this life. Many times, the last of which I was a monster. Though I suffer with these memories that are not my own, I am thankful to know that death is just another beginning. That peace is worth the many near sleepless nights.

Oct 02, 2014
sleep talking
by: candy

Thank God for im not the only one witnessing this im 25 my fience is 28 I moved in with him this year, once or twice every month he sleep talks in a very strange language that I dont understand, just reading your comments puts me at ease knowing that hes not alone and hes not possessed course I was thinking maybe he is passessed. I get so scared when he start talking this fluent crocodile language and I get goose bumps the same way I do when I read all your comments. I had no idea what to make of it course he would repeat each and every sentence fluently when I ask him what he is saying in his sleep but when he wakes up he doesnt know any thing and it upsets him that he doesnt remember. he asked me to record him so he can listen in the morning im still in the process of doing that I wonder if I will succeed. thank you guys for sharing I will ask him to read this site so he knows hes not alone.

Oct 04, 2014
Reply to Who is Enki
by: Anonymous

Enki is an ancient Mesopotamian God, known as one of the Annunaki. Look up Zachariah Sitchin for more reference. He was believed to be one of the creators or man, along with his brother. Very interesting that you were speaking about him and bringing light etc. I would definitely research more about that.

Oct 19, 2014
reaciving a message in a language that i don't speack
by: yuna

I did fall asleep and a voice women was shoting, saing somthing in a language i don't know it, i did woke up imediatly and note the words i have memorised "ishti gu ment" after i did get back to continuu my sleep, later, when i woke up i started to serch if the words have any meanings, and i was surprise to find a exact translation for them in belorussian language... if is that only i silly game of my subconsciouse or is there really a message for me, i have no ideea, but i still wondering how can this possible? i had a same story when i had 11 years and 18...

Nov 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

Go to this link and read about enki and the brotherhood. Kinda freaky. I'm intrigued by your story.

Nov 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

Go to this link and read about enki and the brotherhood. Kinda freaky. I'm intrigued by your story.

Nov 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

Go to this link and read about enki and the brotherhood. Kinda freaky. I'm intrigued by your story.

Nov 30, 2014
Mongolian sleep talking in English NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened to me yesterday. I am Mongolian so my first language is Mongolian. But yesterday my brother was awake when i started sleep talking in English and that lasted about 10 minutes.
I wonder is it because lately i was having so much work to do. I was kind of tired.

Dec 09, 2014
strange talking NEW
by: that guy

i am a teenager and have been speaking in a different language as long as i can remember. My mom says that i know what i am saying but she doesnt recognize the language. i dont know what to do about it. i have also done other strange things in my sleep.

Dec 13, 2014
Hmmmmmmm?????? NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 5yrs old and I have heard him speak in not only a diffrent language that sounded to be a ancient diolect of some sort.....But also in a grown mans tone of voice.......

Dec 20, 2014
Recording of unknown language NEW
by: Dave Haith

I have a friend who the other night woke up speaking an unknown language
He grabbed his iPhone and recorded it and I have a few minutes on a sound file which I am happy to post here if that's possible.
I've been looking for some software on the web to try to identify the language.
I've enjoyed reading the messages but most are anonymous.
I will do some research on this so any of you who want to get in touch with your experiences etc please email me on
I'm in the UK
Dave Haith

Dec 20, 2014
Recording of unknown language NEW
by: Dave Haith

I have a friend who the other night woke up speaking an unknown language
He grabbed his iPhone and recorded it and I have a few minutes on a sound file which I am happy to post here if that's possible.
I've been looking for some software on the web to try to identify the language.
I've enjoyed reading the messages but most are anonymous.
I will do some research on this so any of you who want to get in touch with your experiences etc please email me on
I'm in the UK
Dave Haith

Dec 25, 2014
Unknown language NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, the other night my husband was speaking in some form of language. He was being very aggressive in speaking while using his hand to express himself. I was petrified! I lay awake and listened to him. I am a very spiritual person. I don't fear easily. The hairs stood on my body and I pulled the covers up to my face. I was even afraid to speak. In that moment I knew that it was a demonic spirit speaking out aggressively! Yes, they have the ability to speak through people when they temporarily tresspass on your body. ie., Jesus told Peter who He Himself had anoi ted to get behind me Satan. The voice that was speaking through Peter. When we are asleep we are total spirit, the body lay as a dead person. We live in a spiritual world. Like it or not there are many things that doctors, psychiatrist, or spiritualist will be able to explain. But one thing is for sure....demons do exist! They are very real and are speaking out and showing up in the world today. Take this opportunity to get to know God for yourself. Will this help....mmmhmmm! It will help you to have someone that can fight your spiritual battles! And to the little girl who spoke about her brother cursing in his sleep...demonic possession! Same for the yound lady with flying books and such. Again we live in a spiritual world. We will return to a spiritual world. Our bodies are only temporary housing places for the spirit. May sound crazy but demons are attempting to make their presence known in any possible way. Call me crazy but I have scripture to back me up. And for all the movie watchers be mindful that every possession case involves unknown (ancient) spoken languages to the speaker, but most definitely a language that they do not know. Either way it is a familiar spirit speaking through the individual. You must not entertain these demonic forces. This is not your language nor should you be able to speak it. Pray to God the Prince of Peace to keep you through the night. Sorry to be the barrier of bad news... You do not inherit language from ancestors. I also will apoligize in advance for everyone that I have offended. Including my Pastor husband. Your anointing does not stop them from trespassing on you...again read Mathew 4:10 - Matthew 16:23 every time a demonic entity spoke through someone it was ALWAYS in an unconscious state in one way or the other. Meaning the individuals are not aware of it. Always remember that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities, and rulers of darkness - spiritual wickedness in high places! Amen and God bless

Dec 27, 2014
Speaking foreign language whilst asleep NEW
by: Russ

Well, judging by this site and others, it is interesting to find out that I'm far from alone. As I am the sleep talker rather than the listener, I can only go by what others have told me, principally my wife of over 30 years.

I am told that I prop myself up in bed on one elbow and talk fluently and with expression in a language that she doesn't recognise. Apparently it is not gibberish - I enunciate every word, but, in common with others, I seem to be agitated at something. At first she was scared, then she felt that she had to appear to be interested in what I was telling her and finally, she just became sick of me waking her up.

The only language that I have attempted to learn (badly) was French at school and my wife assures me that I am not speaking French. I have no foreign ancestry; in fact my family tree goes back forever in the UK.

Of course, as I am asleep, I can't add anything to this, other than that recently I fell asleep in a chair so deeply that I started to dream. As I started to wake up, I was singing a song with a group of people and we were all dressed in Arabic clothing. I knew what we were singing about (I was singing the song too), but as I tried to grasp what was going on it slipped away as dreams tend to do. My lasting impressions were of sunshine, Arabic robes and that we were singing in praise of somebody called something like 'Essnood'. Does this mean anything to anybody?

Dec 27, 2014
RE: Russ NEW
by: Anonymous

I think it's time you look into reincarnation. There are some wonderful documentaries you can find on Youtube or Netflix regarding scientific evidence. It's actually been proven by some scientists. Much of the western world of course doesn't want to hear it, but it's a reality. This is a passed life you have been connected to. How many incarnations you've had, I don't now. But, quite interesting to hear your story like so many others here. I speak some native Indian language in my sleep. :)

Dec 28, 2014
Speaking a foreign language in your sleep NEW
by: Russ

Hi Anon

Thanks for your comment. The problem is that I find it difficult to take this life seriously, never mind explaining events that happen in it by reference to one or more past lives! However, I understand what you mean and it could provide an explanation. I prefer to think that it could be due to memories somehow being passed down through genes, although the complete lack of foreign ancestry in my case would seem to rule this out.

As I get older, it seems to be happening less often, as if my subconscious brain is losing touch with a prior memory. I think that this is a shame, even though it would be a relief to my wife!

The account from the anonymous lady above seems to be very similar to my wife's initial experience and her description of it and I have seen on other sites that the talker frequently seems to be agitated/annoyed by something. It would be interesting to learn if there are any other similarities, as so many other strange things have happened over the years.

Dec 28, 2014
Uncomfortable to accept - Reincarnation is a reality. NEW
by: Anonymous

I use to think the same, but recent research and scientific evidence has dis-proven the theory of language/memories being carried on the genetic code. Thousands, and I do mean thousands of case studies have been proven of children who can recall precisely who they were in the life that preceded the one they have now. All of their information/names/dates/locations were confirmed. IT is a very rare occurrence that children who come into this life still being attached to the old life, is a fantasy or mental disorder. When facts can be confirmed, it is very difficult to argue and claim the parents filled their head with the ideas. They're much too young, beginning to say who they are, their relatives, names, dates, locations by the time they are beginning to talk. Many parents who have had this happen are christian, catholic, or another religion that doesn't believe in reincarnation. They are forced to put their beliefs aside and look at the facts. Again, thousands of case studies are on file for this. Reincarnation has been proven, without a doubt, by many doctors (doctors of psychology, physics, and other fields). They themselves set out to DIS-prove it, not prove it, and were shocked at their findings. I won't provide the research here, as I really don't want to get in an argument with all of the 'church' goers who post completely convinced of demons/angels, and their boxed in view of "God". I'm an agnostic myself, but I do very much subscribe to Buddhist/Taoist beliefs without classifying myself a Buddhist, which by the way is not a religion, but more so universal truths that have been discovered over thousands of years. Humanity has lost touch with what it once knew, that I am sure of.

Dec 28, 2014
Continuation of reincarnation NEW
by: Anonymous

Short continuation of the last post -

Also, these children (thousands of case studies, on file again), will be re-introduced to the families who are still alive. They will know every detail of their brothers/sisters and other relatives who succeeded them. At least many details that are impossible to know. It is things like this that prove beyond a doubt that the ideas were born of imagination or fantasy, that they suffer a mental disorder of some kind, or that their parents told them these things. Parents who do not subscribe to the theory of reincarnation yet are witnessing this unfold before their eyes. One boy, if I recall, remembered his most previous past life as a Jet fighter in World War II. He met up with his old family, and knew things that were impossible to know. He took every one to the location his plane crashed. And it was confirmed. He knew all his old comrades in the army, some of which were still alive, and met them. He pointed them all out name by name (First and last name included). They all cried together, from being re-united. Quite a beautiful story to see. His parents? Christian. They still probably want to find some other explanation for what happened, it seemed, even though the proof was right there. These memories that some children have, usually fade away by the time they are 7 as the brain develops and the 'new' conscious self becomes occupied with the new life. But there are cases of people who never lose their memories. Typically these cases are always of the most previous incarnation, not incarnations centuries past. That is why if doctors can get to these cases in the beginning stages, they can confirm the information that is being given by the child.

So, I will leave this comment here, and may not post again. I hate to freak people out, as it's all very incredible to realize these things are true.

Blessings to you and your search for the truth,


Dec 28, 2014
Reincarnation NEW
by: Russ

Hi Angela

Wow! This is obviously a subject that you have researched very deeply and I will now certainly do the same, as you suggest!

Don't worry, you won't freak me out - I love this and find it fascinating! I am just searching for a believable explanation of what I have experienced in life - what else is life for? Like you, I have found no place for belief in any religion, although I would like think that I conduct myself in what would be described as a 'christian' way.

I realised that there was a flaw in my last post, which shows how important these exchanges can be. If my sleep talking was linked to information passed down through genes, then this should not diminish with the passage of time, whereas a reincarnation explanation may account for this. This is in addition to the fact that I know that I have no foreign ancestry.

Brilliant food for more research and thought and I thank you again!


Dec 28, 2014
RE: Russ NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello there Russ,
I'm really glad you're intrigued to learn more about it. I'm still on a quest to know as much as possible myself. Throughout the course of my life there are two past lives I am very familiar with, I transport to these memories on a weekly basis when I'm sleeping. Not every night, but it's been going on since I was 13. I'm now 29. They're very intense transports to these lives, and I am sure they are real memories. Over the last five years or so I've been desperate to find out what I'm going through. My heart of hearts told me I wasn't going crazy, possessed, or having a wild imagination. It's only recently that I've decided there no longer a reason to question IF reincarnation is real, it's a matter of WHY, the harder question.

Try this website:

Dec 28, 2014
Reincarnation NEW
by: Russ

Thanks again Angela

I'm envious now, as I don't think that I have shared that experience. I'll have a look at the site tomorrow.


Jan 12, 2015
HS student NEW
by: Anonymous

About a year ago I had a dream in latin. It felt like more of a vision than a dream. I remember that there were a group of men wearing togas and speaking in latin. The one guy was reading a list of people that died. I remember them to have died in combat. I am a female but in this dream/vision I believe I was a male. Also I believe I was hiding from the people bc I remember to be on the ground.

I take latin in school, but I have yet to obtain enough knowledge to understand it verbatim. I am in high school (idk if my age matters to the readers.)

Jan 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 "nightmares" in the last couple of weeks. My husband woke me up both times. The first one I remember dreaming of voodoo or witches performing a ritual on my father. I was present and I was helpless all I remember was that I was praying or reciting a bible verse in English. HOWEVER my husband says I was speaking a foreign language and it scared him I was very clear and sometimes repeating the same sentence and I was yelling then screaming and he woke me up. The second dream happened last night all I remember is being trapped in an a very old house at night and was surrounded by demons or ghosts or whatever you want to call them and I was screaming in my sleep according to my husband and when he touched me to wake me up I BIT HIM . My husband said he felt like something or someone was in the room with us. This has never happened to me until now. I am 42,

Jan 21, 2015
Satanic Latin? NEW
by: Anonymous

A few days ago, my parents decided to take a vacation, taking along with them my sister and I. I have never had expierences with this until now.
My sister recalls on the first night me throwing my blanket at the door, then staring at her for about four minutes.
She told me later that day about that. I nervously goto sleep that day. Upon that night She said that I woke up, sat right up and started speaking latin.. something about "Missing the birth". I continuously did this for five minutes. She also told me about this the next day.
Thethird night,I fell asleep on the couch. My sister told me in the morning that I stood up and started chanting latin.. I don't recall any of this. And now Im home.

Feb 27, 2015
Not demonic possesion! LOL! NEW
by: Anonymous

Religion and superstition still rule our lives and we need to evolve past that. Yes it's unsettling but it needs to be scientific studied so we can get past this "Demonic" nonsense as that thinking is primitive and needs to be laughed away from being taken seriously!

Mar 13, 2015
Interesting NEW
by: Dalton

I'm having similar experiences as everyone else here. As a child I would have terrible nightmares about these beings. I don't exactt know how to describe them, but they absolutely terrified me. While dreaming I would be doing my own little dreaming thing and the feel of the dream would turn dark. The moment I saw these beings my vision would start to blur, my motor skills would go out the window so I couldn't move, and I wouldn't be able to talk. Those things let me know that they were making me like that so I couldn't tell my parents or anyone about it. That happened frequently as a child (I'm 21 now). Every single night for the last 4 years I have talked in my sleep. One of the females who I had a relationship with up until recently said she would often hear me say "No, no, no, no, no!" Other friends would hear me talk in some crazy gibberish and they said I would talk in tongues. Last night I recorded myself and got some.. Odd results. I have no fucking clue what came out of my mouth but if there are people out there who are fluent in Hebrew or Mandarin or whatever I would like to send you a recording of the things I said. Maybe I can get some clarity on this issue that has plagued me since I was a child.

Mar 22, 2015
speaking in tongues whilst asleep NEW
by: sunsplash1970

For many years I have woken up from deep sleep hearing someone talking in a low gutteral tone within my bedroom, as I wake I can still hear it and am horrified to realise that this talking is coming from deep within my own chest cavity. It terrifies my husband and so he no longer shares the same room or bed. It does not happen every night but around about 3 times week..I am learning to live with it but am extremely curious to know just what is happening to me. My husband says that it sounds evil, he can hear it happening even from the room next door!

Mar 22, 2015
Look to Reincarnation NEW
by: Anonymous

There is 40 years of scientific research into reincarnation from Dr. Ian Stevenson (now passed), who's department at the University of Virginia has now been taken over by Dr. Jim Tucker. Reincarnation isn't really a 'theory' in my opinion any longer, nor does it matter what your religious beliefs are - it is indeed a phenomenon that happens. I believe most here (not all) are reliving past lives in these dreams. Some of you it sounds a little more paranormal and frightening and might consider getting professional help. But most, I don't think you have anything to hear. If you'd like to learn about the scientific research behind Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Tucker, it will take more than a quick 'google' search. You'll need to purchase their books to truly grasp this concept on an in depth level. Both men did not set out to 'prove' it, but rather to disprove it. Over time it became obvious that reincarnation is something that does happen to many of us. If every one would take the time to really do the research, you may not be so scared of your dreams and speaking in other languages. It's actually very exciting and you all could in theory find great meaning in it down the road.

Apr 17, 2015
talking in Sleep NEW
by: Night speaker

I've been told I have done the same thing , speaking fluent Hebrew or Latin , it was strange also that I had neighbors from Bangladesh in the duplex right next door to me , this must be a spirit possession or channeling , I think one should have a good relationship with God when these things happen no matter what religion you are , this is proof that a spiritual world really exist or .... that we are reincarnated ? I wish a genius would channel intelligence to me or channel science breakthroughs to me , Amen

Apr 17, 2015
Talking in dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

A few nights ago I recorded myself sleeping all night, the point was to see for myself how animated my nights are, as I have been told many times. At some point I started spelling out loud Gelaô which I found means: I laugh, in greek.

Later on in the night I began wimpering and saying malahelo which I found means: afflicted, sad, sorrowful, etc, in Malgache.

I found it quite interesting that both words represented a state of emotional being... If I had the time, I'd record and listen in each night Haha

Apr 18, 2015
I got video of me speaking in a weird jibberish NEW
by: Anonymous

My gf video taped me twice speaking in a really creepy tongue cause I had done it a few times in my sleep before. I meditate lots and astral project every few nights. Email me if you have knowledge in what this could be. yogaa1999pp at hotmail dot com.

Apr 18, 2015
Similar Experiences NEW
by: Anonymous

I experience something similar. I've been sleep talking since I was a small child, probably around 6-8, and from multiple people, such as friends, and in one case, a friend's parent, I've been told that I speak German when I sleep. A friend of mine knows some German and could confirm some of the words I was saying. One night I had to friends over. While they were playing video games, I was asleep on the couch. They tried to move me to sit down, and according to them I yelled the word nein, the German word for no. The strangest part is, I don't even know German.

May 23, 2015
Knowing English Before Knowing It NEW
by: Roderich R.

When I was younger, I would have dreams in a language I didn't understand. German being my first language and me going into business, I had to learn English. Well, once I started learning, I figured out that my dreams were in English. I had never attempted English before taking a class, and all of my dreams took place before that class. Strange how our brains sometimes just instinctively know, and I firmly beleive some of us just have languages wired to us.

Jun 04, 2015
This kinda happened to me too! NEW
by: Tess

I take Italian 2 in school, and things are just starting to click and make sense to me. And sometimes when I sleep I dream myself speaking Italian, but at a way harder level then I am at (like fluent) and the things I say come much faster then they do when I'm awake. Sometimes when this happens in my dream I will wake up seconds later really confused and saying the sentences to myself over and over again and sometimes I search them up, and it's all correct, I don't know why this happens, and I don't know why I wake up after it does happen.

Jun 15, 2015
Talk a few Hebrew words when I'm frustrated NEW
by: Abs

Im 36, I've always had lucid traveling dreams where I wake up knowing what happened to a certain soul I never met but in my sleeping life. I Google them later to find out the things I dream factually happened. Also ever since I was small I would get drop something say some words and this became such a pattern I looked them up. They are all Hebrew? My daughter and husband think I also have psychic energy that comes and goes meaning I will know the life of someone I never met such as my daughters friend, and total strangers. I dream also of what I feel is a past life where I was in the Holocaust kept working and was raped in this dream. I dreamt of names that were army generals at this time. I sleep well but what worries me is how I will blurt out Hebrew words not knowing what they mean until I attempt to spell them and look them up. They are always God related meanings. Email me at for any ideas what I'm going through. Thanks.

Jun 15, 2015
Recording of dream language NEW
by: Dave Haith

Here's a recording to go with my post of Dec 14, 2014:

Jul 06, 2015
sleep talking unknown laugauge NEW
by: Anonymous

My ten year old did it last night 7_5_2015 Arabic I think

Jul 13, 2015
Dreaming in Spanish NEW
by: CC Nickle

I had a dream the other night and I was speaking fluently in Spanish and so was everyone(many many people) int the dream also talking in Spanish. I am English speaking and 67 years old .never before has this happened. Please does anyone know what this means. How do and who could I speak to regarding this dream. I was comfortable and happy speaking as natural as if it was my native tongue. Thank you , Ci Ci . silica

Jul 13, 2015
Questions NEW
by: Anonymous

Dreaming in Spanish NEW
by: CC Nickle

I had a dream the other night and I was speaking fluently in Spanish and so was everyone(many many people) int the dream also talking in Spanish. I am English speaking and 67 years old .never before has this happened. Please does anyone know what this means. How do and who could I speak to regarding this dream. I was comfortable and happy speaking as natural as if it was my native tongue. Thank you , Ci Ci . silica

Do you mean you were talking Spanish in the dream and didn't know what you were saying?
And how were you sure it was Spanish if you don't speak it?
Or are you saying somebody heard you physically speaking Spanish as you were dreaming?

Jul 15, 2015
Unknown language NEW
by: Anonymous

All my life I was told I spoke another tongue. Here in the past year or two I've noticed myself as I begin to go into deep sleep..I wake speaking in the middle of my sleep or as I wake In the morning.sometimes in tears I awake in tears..sometimes I rise out of bed..sometimes I wake as I'm in battle..
Recently when I'm awake and I'm tensefied angered out of no where I'm speaking an unknown language..
Only language I know is English so what is this unknown language I speak

Jul 16, 2015
11 Year Old Sister Speaks Foreign Language While Asleep NEW
by: Gina

I thought I would be the only one expieriencing this, but obviously not...
So about 2 nights ago my sister was asleep (we share a room and we have separate beds) and I personally stay up really late, until like 3:00am, and my sister goes to sleep at about 11:00pm so by 3:00am she was into a deep sleep. anyways, I got up to go get some water and climbed over her bed to get to the door easier, I didn't really bounce the bed I tried not to wake her up when I did it and when I went on the bed she moved a little bit but nothing crazy to the point where she woke up. So I was walking towards the door which isn't too far and she started moving a lot and she started rambling in another language like she fluently knew the language or has been speaking it her whole life. She sort of sounded like she was arguing or yelling at somebody. I was scared I mean I've never heard my sister with that accent I. Her voice or matter of fact even speaking any other language then English, my whole family speaks English only. She went on for like 30 seconds then she paused for a second, and then she kept going and the only thing I understood was the two last words she said, which was "Gymnastic" and then my name, Gina. The language kind of sounded polish, I mean I've heard the polish language before, but it also could have been German, so I looked up the one word I knew and I looked it up on google translate, typed in "Gymnastics" and then translated it to Polish, and it came out to be "Gymnastik" so I kind of freaked out and tried to translate it into German and it came out to be something completely different so I thought oh well it's Polish she was speaking then. I wanted to be 100% completely sure so I YouTubed videos of people speaking Polish to see if it sounded similar and it was the same exact accent and it sounded the same, so I knew she was speaking polish. my sister is 11 by the way i don't know if that has anything to do with this but whatever...
So I talked to my mom about it and we both thought that it has something to do with my sisters past life or something similar cause my sister never talked in polish, studied polish language or anything like that. Let me know if you know anything about this because we are all very curious!

Jul 16, 2015
This is Weird NEW
by: Levi

So, as a frequent German speaker, I tend to have dreams in German; but on the nights that I do, in which happened while I was at summer camp, the other two people I shared a tent with woke me up at 4 in the morning, saying that "you're yelling in Latin," and I had no idea what they're talking about. Then they played a recording of it, and it surely was Latin. Any ideas on why?

Jul 17, 2015
Spoken Hebrew NEW
by: On the right track

First of all, I notice that many people here have mentioned Hebrew, which I spoke last night fast and fluently; I am only English-speaking and I woke my child speaking Hebrew. The think is, I knew also exactly what it meant! It meant "For what one seeks, so shall he find." I can't remember the Hebrew phrase, but I am trying to decide whether to become Jewish or Jehovah's Witness. I think I received the answer concerning the choice I must make. I just began looking at Hebrew letters, and in my sleep I spoke it fluently!!!

Jul 17, 2015
what about writing??!! NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter wrote in latin!! She wrote: Be quiet they are watching. They are not your friends.
What do you make of that??

Jul 27, 2015
I am speaking in tongues even though my eyes are wide awake NEW
by: Red

while i'm writing this I'm speaking in tongues. I know this is a gift from God. I now discover that though your eyes are awake you can still speak in tongues. I just did it for more than a half hour. I just cried and beg for forgiveness, because i was drowned with my school works, virtual games and doing bad things to people. I know i'm not a perfect person and so do you. I'm grateful to receive this gift from God. This is not a Dream neither a Sleep talking, maybe while you are reading this doubts flooding now to your minds, dis beliefs and you might call me Crazy. In the name of Jesus, I'm doing it and I'm thankful. Prayer is a powerful weapon to sent off demons and evil spirits. God Bless.

Jul 29, 2015
dont record NEW
by: Anonymous

The things u are doing in ur sleep people are normal I have a gift that's all I'm going to say .but anyways do not!!! Record these conversations it is from past not from urself its hard to explain .but u are not too know you're own past it will only confuse u some things are better left alone if u are interested go too a cykick is better to hear from someone else than urself u can get enfactuated with ur words that u record and can consume ur thoughts take my advice if u like there also could be an important messages from your inner self or possiblee another spirit and can be useful but also may mean nothing at all be careful in what u do always pray and protect urself from the bad spirits try to put salt around ur sleeping quarters it may help

Aug 08, 2015
singing during sleep & tickling arms NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a 54 yr blue eyed female, B Rh Neg, identical twin, GP's on my mother's side are from Goose Bay, NFLD/Labrador & Scotland. Forty years ago at a sleep over at my BF's I was told that I was speaking aloud with a different accent while asleep, I had no recollection of doing that. Recently, I was told that I was singing quite loudly in my sleep. Again, no recollection. My sleep comfort is on my stomach, but for many years (for as long as I can remember) I become aware that I am on my back with one or both arms stretched stick-straight above me towards the ceiling, and I am tickling the inside of my arms, wrist to elbow. Is anyone else experiencing that? Over many years, I have seen my sister, brother and son do the exact same thing, one or two arms up in the that sleep walking?

Aug 21, 2015
Talking in Tongues NEW
by: Anonymous

Since I was little I've always been an avid sleep walker and talker but over the past few days, my brother has been telling me that in my sleep I've been reciting something in another language. I thought maybe I was just speaking random gibberish and he just said it was another tongje, but he was completely sure. Yet I have no recollection of the incidents.

Sep 11, 2015
Dream Speaking NEW
by: LadyNatra

Night will not always wake you to impart it's wisdom, look in your own dreams for relevant symbols. Interpreting such occult related dreams will be a personal affair. I believe you should not be fearful of anything happening in your mind because you are in control, always. I like to investigate and be knowledgeable so that I can make educated rational of meanings. What I choose to accept as logical, not what others try to impose based on their fears, beliefs or lack of educated information and that includes doctors, as they too are just people with a certificate that graduated above 65% of the required study, a license to practice. I decide to believe and trust their opinion as valid. Maybe!
I dream speak in a multitude of languages and I'm ok with it. Embrace your gift...

Sep 11, 2015
Hebrew NEW
by: girlfrommanila

I took a nap at work earlier today. In my dream I was in Israel. I saw myself wearing a scarlet coat. In front of me was a group of Ultra Orthodox Jews. I was giving them orders in Hebrew like I was a person in authority. I can't remember the exact words, but it has something to do with Sabbath.

After that, I saw a handsome Jewish man who looked like a famous actor in his mid or late twenties. He seemed to be my boyfriend in my dream. I asked him to sit in his car (We were conversing in English). I was watching a movie in the car (He was in the driver's, I was in the passenger's) when he interrupted me, talking to me in my native language, Filipino (Tagalog). I touched his face and arms while smiling at him as he continued sharing stories in Filipino.

IT'S SOOOO WEIRD! I've never been to Israel in real life and I don't speak Hebrew fluently. I just know a tinsy bit of it (I'm fluent in two languages, English and Filipino).

Sep 12, 2015
Eastern-European Sleep-Talk NEW
by: Leigh

For many years now, I have intermittently spoken a Russian-sounding language just before I wake up from a deep sleep. I can hear myself talking quickly and in a conversational tone. My maternal ancestors were Serbian, but only spoke English when they emigrated to this country. Hence, I never learned the language of the "Old Country"--aside from a handful of words. I have only studied French, Italian and Spanish. My nocturnal mutterings have a definite Russian intonation. After reading all of the stories on this web-site, I see that foreign language sleep-talking is more common than I thought. Interesting!

Sep 12, 2015
Eastern-European Sleep-Talk NEW
by: Leigh

For many years now, I have intermittently spoken a Russian-sounding language just before I wake up from a deep sleep. I can hear myself talking quickly and in a conversational tone. My maternal ancestors were Serbian, but only spoke English when they emigrated to this country. Hence, I never learned the language of the "Old Country"--aside from a handful of words. I have only studied French, Italian and Spanish. My nocturnal mutterings have a definite Russian intonation. After reading all of the stories on this web-site, I see that foreign language sleep-talking is more common than I thought. Interesting!

Sep 12, 2015
Eastern-European Sleep-Talk NEW
by: Leigh

For many years now, I have intermittently spoken a Russian-sounding language just before I wake up from a deep sleep. I can hear myself talking quickly and in a conversational tone. My maternal ancestors were Serbian, but only spoke English when they emigrated to this country. Hence, I never learned the language of the "Old Country"--aside from a handful of words. I have only studied French, Italian and Spanish. My nocturnal mutterings have a definite Russian intonation. After reading all of the stories on this web-site, I see that foreign language sleep-talking is more common than I thought. Interesting!

Oct 03, 2015
The language that comes to me NEW
by: Anonymous

A yat ka! kay lat a ko! es to a!

Any suggestions?

Oct 04, 2015
I just want answers. NEW
by: Anonymous

Last night was the first time. I slowly woke up speaking a different language. I can't even begin to repeat what I was saying. It's like trying to remember an old memory you know for fact happened but it feels like it didn't. I'm positive if I heard it spoken out loud I would recognize it. Does anyone have answers? Why and What?

Oct 08, 2015
My 5 year old speaks another language in his sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

Last night my 5 year old son woke up speaking in a different language. He sounded very calm like he was having a conversation with some one, but then he went back to sleep. I tried to understand what he was saying but it was definitely in another language. We speak fluently in Spanish and English but it was some other language.

Oct 10, 2015
What it really is NEW
by: Anonymous

Ussally speaking in sleep is from books youve read to people u know. I have come acrossed it from my mom telling me late at night. I was 12. I still have no idea and no idea of the dream or anything like that. But speaking in foreign languages could be from some languages you know. It depends. It was only a snitch of a conversation is what she could recall. She also said it would have been one of my Friends that is a girl. Thats all really its my only time i have ever spoken in my sleep after wards it never happened again.

Oct 17, 2015
Gibberish NEW
by: Anonymous

About seven years ago I had an experience at a neighbor's house. All of a sudden I felt myself talking, almost chant like in some kind of gibberish. I couldn't make it out and my spouse is embarrassed whenever this "comes over me." I even had a friend record this gibberish (I feel somehow, as if this is some kind of blessing coming through)and we played it for a Native American organization to see if they could figure out what it was and she couldn't figure it out but said it could be some other Native American dialect. On both my grandmother and grandfather's side are Native American-Penobscot and Wampanoag along with Celtic ancestry. When this happens my entire body relaxes and I've learned not to be afraid of it but just let it come through. My hands become extremely hot. This happened when my daughter in law was visiting and I grasped her arm and she remarked how hot they were. Any ideas as to what is happening here? I'm in my seventies.

Oct 18, 2015
makes you wonder ... NEW
by: Heidi

I am really glad to hear others experience this. I only speak and understand English (unfortunately), however; on a regular basis when I am falling asleep I suddenly become conscious that my thoughts are in another language.

It's interesting, I sometimes wonder if it is a form of speaking in tongues, as the bible refers to, or if reincarnation could actually be possible. I am actually not the most spiritual person, but things like this make one wonder. I like it.

Oct 27, 2015
hebrew and arabic NEW
by: Anonymous

Regarding the post from August 15, 2015

this does not sound like Arabic. I cannot personally speak that language, but I have heard Arabic spoken many times and to me this is not Arabic.

I have many recollections of me dreaming in Hebrew in the past, but I was in Israel and I was studying Hebrew, so I guess my dreams came from my experiences and linguistic recollections from the previous days. It was usually other people addressing me in Hebrew, then, and I would answer in English or my mother tongue. The first time I discovered I could speak Hebrew in my dreams was during my PhD in Paris. On a different occasion, years after residing in Israel and completing my studies, and having picked up an Israeli satellite broadcast, the next night I dreamt in Hebrew; this time it was me who was speaking it.

Oct 28, 2015
Sleep Talking, Hebrew NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad I'm not the only one. This first happened to me 10/26/2015 and it was a really intense experience. I've experienced night terrors and sleep paralysis on and off my entire life but this was totally different.

I felt the paralysis coming on as usual, like electricity surging through my body. Normally I'm filled with abject terror because I'm afraid of seeing the shadow people but this time I just kept muttering "zim-zum-zim-zum-zim-zum-zim-zum" over and over again. I thought about those words all day at work. Low and behold its a term used in the Kabbalah."tzimtzum" I don't even know how its pronounced because I don't speak any Hebrew.

My mom is Jewish and a very spiritual person. I became an atheist when I was very young and consider myself a pragmatic, materialist, skeptic.

I have no reason to make any of this up because I've been really busy trying to find a new job. I don't really have the time for this but last night the same thing happened again with the same words.

When I was a kid I was so afraid of sleep paralysis because I thought I was being abducted by aliens. Thankfully I learned that the monsters I was seeing where just hypnogogic or hypnopompic hallucinations.

Sorry for being so long winded...but can there be any scientific basis for this phenomena?

Oct 29, 2015
speaking another language when going to sleep NEW
by: Mark

As I get to the point of sleep there are times when I will start speaking words of another language for no reason,best I can make out is either Chinese or Hindu. What is this all about?

Nov 02, 2015
My wife sometimes speaks in strange language . NEW
by: Wang

My name is Quang, I am Vietnamese , I am 66 and I am living in Saigon with my wife. Today I go to sleep late and I hear my wife suddenly speak -she is sleeping-in a strange language which I cannot identify what kind.This has happened some times in the past -say,-several years. The language she speaks is weird, I mean it's completely strange to me as if it were a long lost language of a long lost civilization. I may say so. The idea came to me that why don't tell it on Web, ..and I 've found this interesting site.
I wil keep following this site since it's very interesting to me, and thank God, thank you I 've found that there ảe a lot of people having the same quest as mine.

Nov 10, 2015
so interesting! NEW
by: Anonymous

I've read stuff years ago about human beings would never speak a foreign language that he does not speak.It is so interesting to see so many comments that many people have had that experience. Amazing...

Nov 16, 2015
Speaing in tongue while sleeping NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been speaking in tongue for many years that I know....but here recently it has become a weekly- or bi-weekly endeavor....I am not sure what language it is, but I do wake up doing so sometimes, and sometimes there is a spirit at the foot of my beds edge....I am moving my hands sometimes very agitated, and others times not....I don't remember dreaming of anything, just seeing a black shadow spirit at the end of my bed, I trace it's shadow with my hands as I speak in this strange times I know I am asking this spirit to accomplish something for me....I had one the other night and the next morning when I got up my eyes where glazed over and I was not me, I was drained this was a 30min conversation per what my husband told me...the next night the spirit came back and I spoke again only 4 words and was done my husband asked me what I as dreaming....I am capable of meditating into an out of body experience.....I feel this as a gift given to me....but with what is going on now I have to wonder what is going on...I have been through regression several times and know this is not my only life I have lived.....I am what you call a Hedge witch a healer.....this I know from my regressions I have been burned several times and here I still reside in this place and time.....I do craft only for me...but I have a mean anger streak that sometimes I wonder when speaking in this aggressive tongue if I'm not summoning someone to take care of issues I don't want to do on my own.....has I don't want to cause question is what language am I speaking and should I have my husband record it next time it happens and have it translated to my computer to see what language this is.....or is this an ancestor speaking to me which I do not hear them speak only me.....when done I am told by my husband that I lay back down as laying in a is a gift and life is strange in the mind...Blessed Be...

Nov 26, 2015
This has happenend to me since age 3 NEW
by: Nicole

Since age three (my earliest memory) I have spoken in other languages in my sleep. My current boyfriend swears that he has heard Arabic, Hebrew and some other tongues that he cannot name, though they have been fluent. Each time, the voices are not mine. They are strong, manly type voices with lots of timber. The room vibrates and the sound scares the listener. My Mom stopped letting my have sleepovers as I child because parents of my friends thought that there was something wrong with me. As an adult, many friends and all of my family members have heard me speak in my sleep. Each time, they are very afraid. The events happen most times during a bad, lucid dream. I am fighting someone or something dark and the other tongue comes out as a prayer. I have awakened myself at times hearing the language, and it IS terrifying to hear--my poor family. My boyfriend will no longer sleep overnight with me. This "occurence" happens at least four times a week-every week-for over forty years, as I am now in my mid-40's. I have also experienced the sensation of something hovering over me, having sex with me (even as a three year old, though then I did not know what it was), and pressing down on me as if to suffocate me. More recently in my adult years, I have experienced out of body experiences during day or night sleeping. I can feel myself "pop" out of my body, float around my home, and then come back into myself. During these episodes, I sometimes speak in other tongues upon waking. Most recently, after these experiences, I am VERY tired all day and disoriented and very thoughtful. I wish, how I wish, I knew what the hell this is. I can only say that our spiritual lives are more complicated than we could ever believe. There are definitely paranormal or supernatural things going on. This is not jibberish. I don't even think it is a sleep disorder. I am starting to believe that we are communicating with another consciousness in other planes. This is the extent of my understanding. I hope this helps someone.

Nov 27, 2015
Similar Experience NEW
by: Schizophrenia

Well I'm twelve, and ever since I was four, I've dreamed in other languages. I only speak English, but in the dreams, I understood every word of the foreign languages spoken, but when I wake up, I can't understand a word of what I dreamt. I'm not aware of any sleeptalking, but my sister I share a room with says I speak to specific people in sleep in many languages. I also read other languages in my dreams. The problem is, my dreams feel so real. If someone hits me, I feel it. If I eat something, I can taste every bite and feel myself chewing on the food. I always dream in vivid HD color, and never black and white or light "reality haze" colors. Does anyone know if the way I dream is normal?

Dec 08, 2015
My friend speak russian while sleepwalking NEW
by: Anonymous

A good friend of mine speaks russian while sleepwalking, (we're mexican and he doesn't speak a word of russian when he's awake) One day I played a russian poem on youtube while he was asleep and he started growling in such a creepy way I had to stop the poem immediatly.
I've been researching somnambulism for quite a while and haven't found any convincing explanaition.

Dec 21, 2015
My neice sleep walks but this time was speaking Russian NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow it is very interesting to see that others have had these experiences. My neice is 11 years old and was sleep walking and speaking Russian. She was speaking like she was telling someone off and was very fluent in what she was speaking. I had to yell at her a couple of times to wake her up cause she was heading out the front door.
I later asked her what was she dreaming and she said she was dreaming her mom was trying to kill her and she was trying to get her and her brothers out the house.

Jan 18, 2016
whoa NEW
by: Anonymous

My father did this on occasion. Except when he did, it was crazy loud, but not like yelling or shouting loud, almost seemed to echo throughout the house. It was always just one short sentence and it sounded very old and deliberate. Freaked me out!

Jan 30, 2016
I need an answer NEW
by: JTG

How would I know my past life?

When I was 7 to 10 years old, my parents told me that I was usually speaking while sleeping. Problem is they do not know those languages.

Was it possibly related to my past life?

Jan 30, 2016
Husband speaks in unknown language during sleep and dies hand gestures. NEW
by: Anonymous

For about 7 years my husband has been speaking in a language that sounds Indian maybe? He also raises his arm up straight and stiff while talking sometimes and moves his fingers like some kind of sign language. He insisted we vacation in Alaska this year and while we were there he kept sAying he felt like he had come home and didn't want to leave! Is it possible the two are connected? My husband has lived in Florida all his life and does not speak any other language but English.

Feb 11, 2016
I think, the answer is Jung NEW
by: Anonymous

Yeah.. The same story happened to me in 53. Only one time by the now. My wife said in the morning that you were talking in another language. Litle bit stressing for both of us.
I think, there may be an explanation for this event. The answer is in Jung's collective unconscious theory. Somehow, some of us setting connection with this huge knowledge pool (reserve containing all historical knowledge of humanity). For children, i don't know why and how. But adults may activate the channel by spiritual studies. I'm interested in philosopy, astrology and mythology and i was studying --too much-- in last two years. I think, pushing the limits of brain, opening unexpected gates also. Anyway.. See "Collective unconscious" in wikipedia. Just an idea. By the way.. I'm not native English (Turkish), sorry for grammar mistakes if exist.

Feb 16, 2016
language unknown or spirtual encouter NEW
by: Anonymous

Today earmy this morning February 2016 I was awakened not by a dream or atleast I cannot recall what I was dreaming of... But I woke myself up, to the sound of my voice,.. my lips moving... Words being said, words in which I understood while waking up.. yet realizing after understanding that the words I was saying... Knowing that I have never heard of these much less used these words... What am I saying? and the bigger question how do understand this?....

I speak english, understand Spanish. know some French, a bit of german, and learning Russian. I studied Latin on my own time but lost interest after 3 weeks. But yet the language i spoke was none of these. Any advice or info about this?

Feb 16, 2016
language unknown. NEW
by: Anonymous

Today earmy this morning February 2016 I was awakened not by a dream or atleast I cannot recall what I was dreaming of... But I woke myself up, to the sound of my voice,.. my lips moving... Words being said, words in which I understood while waking up.. yet realizing after understanding that the words I was saying... Knowing that I have never heard of these much less used these words... What am I saying? and the bigger question how do understand this?....

I speak english, understand Spanish. know some French, a bit of german, and learning Russian. I studied Latin on my own time but lost interest after 3 weeks. But yet the language i spoke was none of these. Any advice or info about this?

Feb 16, 2016
unknown words NEW
by: Anonymous

Today earmy this morning February 2016 I was awakened not by a dream or atleast I cannot recall what I was dreaming of... But I woke myself up, to the sound of my voice,.. my lips moving... Words being said, words in which I understood while waking up.. yet realizing after understanding that the words I was saying... Knowing that I have never heard of these much less used these words... What am I saying? and the bigger question how do understand this?....

I speak english, understand Spanish. know some French, a bit of german, and learning Russian. I studied Latin on my own time but lost interest after 3 weeks. But yet the language i spoke was none of these. Any advice or info about this?

Feb 16, 2016
unknown words NEW
by: Anonymous

Today earmy this morning February 2016 I was awakened not by a dream or atleast I cannot recall what I was dreaming of... But I woke myself up, to the sound of my voice,.. my lips moving... Words being said, words in which I understood while waking up.. yet realizing after understanding that the words I was saying... Knowing that I have never heard of these much less used these words... What am I saying? and the bigger question how do understand this?....

I speak english, understand Spanish. know some French, a bit of german, and learning Russian. I studied Latin on my own time but lost interest after 3 weeks. But yet the language i spoke was none of these. Any advice or info about this?

Feb 23, 2016
My dad does and started after his stroke NEW
by: Ashley

My dad had a stroke in November 2015 now when he sleeps he talks and its never in english it seems to be in italian and its always the same thing between mama mia and something else he sleeps down stairs and i hear him up stairs

Mar 04, 2016
True story NEW
by: Anonymous

One night I was asleep next to my partner at the time and I woke up as he was talking to some woman I thought he was on the phone with loud speaker on I could here then both then I come to realise that they where speaking in a different language no I dear what as I tried to talk I couldn't as I tried to move I couldn't I was pined down but my shoulders on the bed I could only just move my right leg to beach free when I did I sat up I woke him up and said who where you talking to he said no one I said yea you was I told him all about it and he thought I was joking I said then why would I wake you he said good point no clue as to what was happening to him at the time but I was frozen stiff with my eyes opened laying there listening to them

Mar 09, 2016
talking in another language NEW
by: Kalique

hello I have been having this problem for years many friends
And family members tell me I speak a different language
While sleeping , recently like today it is 1:18 am I caught
Myself talking a different language. I for up to use the rest
Room and while in the bathroom I started speaking another language , I remembered one word and looked it up. It is Hebrew , I have no Hebrew friends not know any Hebrew speaking people, I am 49 and this has been going on since I'm
A child. Can someone tell me what this might mean. It's now worring me. As I'm writing now I have the urge to speak another language. It's in the back of my subconciance . Is this crazy or am I just sleep talking ... Kalique

Mar 18, 2016
God speaking NEW
by: Anonymous

I think God was speaking another language to me in my dream ,I repeated it 3 times but when I wake up I couldn't remember what I said.It was was peaceful so that's why I think it was God

Apr 16, 2016
Reincarnation as an explanation NEW
by: Anonymous

I didn't read EVERY comment, but I read several. Seems that everybody commenting has never heard of reincarnation, at least not to any depth below the surface. There is a FaceBook page dedicated to reincarnation.Reincarnation can explain a lot of things involving people. And no, not reincarnation as some kind of animal. That idea is pre-kindergarten.

Apr 23, 2016
spoke Latin in my sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a black woman and had never spoken in Latin, yet a few months ago under a very debilitating bout of depression, I found myself waking up from a dream and repeating a Latin phrase. Somehow in my dream I knew it was Latin. It seems the phrase was to admonish to see, or watch. I don't believe in reincarnation. What I do believe is this: The soul is a receptacle. It receives. Man has a soul and as such he is very open to the spiritual influences that are so rampant around us. Those influences are intelligent. They need expression. In a time of trauma, weakened state, meditation or spiritual exercises, these spirits draw close and can actually try to press or mount (possess) upon a human spirit. The result is a battle of wills. If one is strong in his resisting the spirit redraws. God through the Bible has opened our reality to those spirits and has actually given us a sure fire way to defeat them. James 4:7. Some experiences are definitely of God. He will not try to forcefully submit a soul though. Your soul which has been created by him will willingly discern Him. Any other spirit your soul will try to fight off. Please remember that These influences are not coming from you. Your spirit is uniquely created and you are known by those who love you. That's why people who observe these experiences on their loved ones feel fear or some other negative emotions. They know it is not you.

May 21, 2016
aloud Sleep talk unknown language NEW
by: Angie

On rare occasions I wake myself talking in an unknown language. I have no idea what it is. It is very fast spoken. Anyway, I have no way to really examine it since it happens so infrequently and I don't know if there is a trigger. However, at least now I don't feel like I'm a loner as it seems like many others have the same types of experiences. Would be nice to understand it some day.

Jun 03, 2016
Sleep talk NEW
by: Anonymous

I would recommend for everyone to get the sleep talk app. I do this most nights and I have like 20 recordings of my sleep. They are very clear, too! It is very interesting to listen to myself sleep talking

Jun 03, 2016
Sleep talk NEW
by: Anonymous

I would recommend for everyone to get the sleep talk app. I do this most nights and I have like 20 recordings of my sleep. They are very clear, too! It is very interesting to listen to myself sleep talking

Jun 06, 2016
Early human language? NEW
by: Jack

Hello everyone. I am a 66 year old white American male. Last night I woke up slightly at the sound of speaking aloud in my sleep in a language which I do not recognize as any language I have ever before spoken or heard. I was too tired to write down what I heard but have a vague recollection that the last word was "hu-ta" or "ta-hut". Definitely not any word in any language with which I have any familiarity.

I am a native American English speaker, studied French 4 years in high school and college, I have a basic understanding of some Thai and Mandarin. The language I was speaking (one full sentence) seemed to sound like Navajo. I have no recollection of what I meant when I spoke it, but I do recall that it had meaning to me as I was dreaming, and that I was speaking to someone, as opposed to doing some kind of a monologue. This is the first and only time I recall speaking in an unknown language, although I commonly talk in my sleep. I also move from the waist up in my sleep and have done that since a child.

My thought is that genetically we may have traces of early language hard-wired into our brains. I would be interested in participating in a study to see if people in this thread were speaking in the same unknown language. THAT would be significant and bizarre.

Jun 17, 2016
I wonder... NEW
by: Anonymous

I have always had a bit of trouble remembering the exact words of my dreams,and would always get really confused and frustrated when trying to tell someone else about them. I woke up from a dream one night,and not only had I been speaking another language in this dream,I could not remember a word of it. I think this is the reason words and conversations are remembered by their meaning in a feeling,and not actual words. Perhaps some of the words lose their full meaning when translated into english. I also saw a sign written in an Asian language. (It looked Chinese) Also,my dreams are very rarely in first-person,something I only recently realized. My vision is more often scoping in and out like a camera in a movie. Dreams in first-person are always night-mares,and they are becoming less frequent as I grow older. I discovered this after waking up from one such dream,and still half asleep I ran to my father and told him about it. Since my mind was still foggy I had trouble conveying my words and even more trouble understanding his reply. I couldn't remember a word of what he said later,but I still remember the meaning. He suggested I was dreaming in the ancient tongue/the language of angels. After this I realized how tired I was and went back to bed. Later on,I wanted to know exactly what he called it,but when I asked him after waking up a second time,he claimed no memory of this conversation. I am convinced it was a dream,and that there is some truth in what my dad said. I have never slept-talk in my language,so I have no real proof. Just glad there are others.

Jun 27, 2016
I'm honestly becoming scared NEW
by: Anonymous

My fiancé has never had a problem sleeping soundly at night. And he's never once spoken in his sleep. But tonight he has spoken Korean in his sleep. The first time tonight he was speaking it very fluently and clear. I shook him & he awoke instantly, he claims he wasn't dreaming and doesn't remember any of it. The second time (only a few hours later) he did it again. He started almost yelling in Korean and he became angry sounding and was moving around a lot (which is also odd, he never moves) It took me almost 5minutes to wake him up. It's very scary to me and I'd like to know what's going on. He doesn't speak Korean at all but now magically he's fluent in the language in his sleep?

Jul 07, 2016
chinese and other asian tongues NEW
by: thomtoh

I speak English, Chinese and Taiwanese,

There are many kinds of Chinese dialects though, like Cantonese and Mandarin. I speak and understand these 3 , and Hokkien Minnam, the dialect of Taiwan,

Being in Southeast Asia, I am familiar with how Korean and Japanese sounds like as well.

So, if anyone has voice recordings of supposed Chinese languages, do email me. I may be able to help you , at least to ascertain if it is any one of those aforementioned languages.


Jul 13, 2016
Reincarnation, demons, etc NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all, my husband speaks the gibberish in his sleep. I've never thought to tape it but I will now. I am a Christian and he doesn't believe at all. This is so interesting!One night we were both dreaming the same dream and satan was trying to get on a plane to grab him. I woke up speaking in tongues to ward satan off ( he wasn't getting my hubby). I didn't know we had the same dream until later when my hubby told me about his freaky dream ( remember he doesn't believe in God let alone satan). Now, I wonder what he is saying in his sleep. People can be possessed and the bible speaks about certain meditation practices because you open your mind to anything including spirits. It speaks against altering your conciousnesz for the same reason. It also talks about familiar spirits or demons which follow us around as they could have also done with our ancestors... Another language does not prove reincarnation as the familiars with you could actually be the ones talking/teaching. We are spirits living in this world placed in a human body so, talk to God and stay safe. Speaking tounges is biblical as it is the language of the spirit. I don't know that earthly languages are but that's where familiars could come into play so get educated and if you're afraid just talk to God and ask him (Jesus) to keep you out of harms way. Also, you do have the power over your dreams. Just say in the name of Jesus get out of my dreams and anything that you don't want in them has to disappear. I was taught that long ago and it works each time.I secretly hope it is the language of the spirit for all of you speaking a type of gibberish or Hebrew etc, but, I will have to research it all more. I'll keep watching this blog though :) God bless!

Aug 03, 2016
speeking different languages mainly ancient in my sleep NEW
by: nmt

To whom it may concern, I often speak strange languages in my sleep to the horror of those around me. it could be latin or something older but always awake not knowing what they are talking about. but the look on their faces worries me

Sep 05, 2016
My 5 hear old son spoke a different language while sleeping NEW
by: Anonymous

So my 5 year old son, who speaks only english sat straight up in bed (still asleep) and said "maw-ti maw-ti owdi". He then laid back down without a peep. It sounded like an actual language and was very clear as if yelling commands or a warning to someone. I am curious to see if someone reads this and says it aloud, may know the language and translation...

Oct 17, 2016
Gaelic in Dreams NEW
by: River

My husband has told me that I speak Gaelic in my sleep. How is that possible? I only speak English and Spanish. I have had dreams were I do speak a different language. My husband said that I repeat the same phrase twice every time, he said it sounds like I am giving a command.

Oct 29, 2016
Reading unknown foreign language in dreams. NEW
by: Terri

I recently grew more interested in my dreams realizing the amount of time I am spending sleeping at night (10 hrs)! I started wondering why so much, am I living out another life or fantasy in my dreams. I found myself reading a letter in my dream but it wasn't in English. English is the only language I know. Being aware that I was dreaming something told myself you've dreamed all week reading in other languages. So I told myself remember the words to look up later when I'm fully awake. I was in a half awake and half asleep dream state and repeated the letters. I knew I wouldn't remember a whole sentence so I repeated the letters of just one word repeatedly until I fell into a deeper state of non dreaming state. After I awoke hours later i remembered the dream and the letters came to me that I repeated in my dream. A I m E . I decided to look it up knowing it probably won't mean anything just random letters. To my surprise the letters translated to love in French!

Nov 07, 2016
Speaking an unknown foreign language to a female energy while I was asleep and for 15 minutes of being awake right after NEW
by: Lauryn

This is a first for me and just happened tonight (11/7/16). As I was going to sleep I found my body moving like crazy as if electricity was running threw me. I smacked my lips a couple times, like someone would with gum but slightly different and I couldn't help the weird movements. I was half way to sleep during those instances. I believe I finally did fall asleep but I was also awake. I was moving a lot and I was talking in a foreign language and I did so very fluently. I saw a black angel above me to my left and I asked him if he was bad but before he could even tell me I had wrapped my arms around his head as he was spreading his dark angel like wings and I told him before he could say anything, "no you're good." I could feel he was not trying to harm me and he quickly vanished. As he disappeared i was loudly and very panickly introduced to a female to the opposite side of me and she had a huge sense of urgency. She told me her name is Nihetta, (a name I've never heard before and guessed at spelling it). She rushed all the energies around me in a urgent way I've never felt before almost like wind and leaves.. She was trying to beg for my help and I was reaching out to her even though I couldn't see her. I tried to get her to tell me what she need but then our conversation turned into talking in a foreign language. We conversed back-and-forth for a quick minute or two. She was hard to understand because she was in such a panic and I don't know that language but some things she said I did understand. She quickly whispered in my ear (in English) that "something bad is going to happen." I then immediately woke up with huge urgency, threw the blanket on the floor, walked across my bed , jumped out of bed, repeated what she just said to me and I repeated her name serveral times. I could still talk in the foreign language after I was awake. I even remember most of being asleep and how I was moving my head and my mouth all crazy and tossing a little for what seemed like a while as I fluently talked to her in this foreign language and I would start to cry several times during our conversation because I could understand what she was saying even though I didn't really understand much of her words or the language as it's coming from someone else's mouth.This foreign-language I've never spoke but I understood some of what she was trying to tell me, and some was too hard to understand with how much she was freaking out.I could reply back fluently in the language and I know I was speaking aloud because I was asleep but I could hear myself and see part of my surroundings almost like I was fading in and out of a deep sleep I couldn't serperate from. Nihetta wanted my help, and I was fully ready and willing to help her even after I woke up. I recorded myself for 15 minutes speaking in this language and towards the end of the 15 minutes it's like a switch flipped in my head and I just start speaking English again. It was really weird to hear the English again even though it's the only language I know.. During the 15 minute conversation of being awake Nihetta told me I was pregnant in a foreign language and I denied it and wondered if maybe somebody else I know is pregnant. I don't understand what this means and there's not much on the internet to explain it. In one of these same forums a lady described a black angel who had hovered above her and 2 weeks later she found out she was pregnant. I'm hoping it wasn't any type of negative energies but I could feel and talk with her after being awake even though I could not see her or physically hear her talking, rather she was talking with my soul and that didn't take a human voice. She wants me to help her do something important for a certain community or something very special of the sort. The longer I was awake the less I was able to speak the language and the less I was able to pick up her voiceless but foreign language communication with me. I felt way different than normal during those 15 minutes maybe because I was sorta in sock. It's so unlike anything I've ever experienced that it's kind of hard to remember it all and I wonder if maybe something is wrong with me that this happened or if I'm just becoming evolved with my new higher-self/higher-frequency life style that I've fully taken on since last month on 10/10/16. It sounds ridiculous but it is far from It. I can feel warnings in the form of strong energies that aren't mine or others around me. I could feel a couple days ago that someone I know who was not present at that moment in time, was not okay but I couldn't figure out who it was until an hour later my dad told me one of our family friends had passed away that same day. Two days after that I had another warning/sign high energy feeling (these feelings are not something I'm use to st all/ it's not just energy but something more), that brought me a message with out words and it told me something important was going to happen very soon and that I had no clue what it would be and I knew it was going to be something not super typical but I didn't think it meant this especially since I don't experience such strong cues and connections. I believe it meant what I just discribbed in detail and that I need to see if I can translate these phrases in the video to see what Nihetta tried so hard to get me to help her with but it felt like it had to be a current or soon to be happening issue that she needs a human to be able to physically do something she can't. I wish there was more on the internet for me to truly understand these spirits or energies that came to me and touched me and talked to me even while I was awake. I couldn't see her but I could feel her like nothing I've felt before in the awakened sober state of a human being. I have my 15 minute recorded video and I'm going to see if I can figure out what any of these words and phrases mean. This is all new to me and I'm amazed.

Nov 19, 2016
Very weird NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm an American and all I speak is English but I've been having dreams in which speaking, writing and being talked to in Russian and my girlfriend has also heard me speaking in Russian, i have no idea how to explain this I've never attempted to learn Russian and I don't know anybody around me that speaks Russian so it's a big mystery

Dec 09, 2016
Just Started NEW
by: Anonymous

A couple of nights ago my boyfriend heard me sleep talking. While this is a normal occurrence for me he didn't pay attention until I started speaking Spanish. I carried on a full 15 minute fluent conversation and it seemed that I was agitated with whomever I was speaking with. This is the first time that I have spoken a language that I only know a few words off, and it is an interesting phenomena for me. I have also been attacking him in my sleep and tossing and turning. I am under a bit of stress lately but again this is the first time I spoke in a different language and I am hopefully looking to find some answers as to what it means.

Dec 16, 2016
Weird experience NEW
by: Anonymous

A couple weeks ago, some friends and I were traveling and we were in a hotel room together. I went to bed before other friends because I usually have trouble falling asleep. I feel like I fell asleep perfectly that night because I was so energetic the next morning. But what is really creepy is that my friend told me that I was speaking complex German in my sleep. The weirdest part is that I barely know any German, I know maybe 3 words max.

Dec 18, 2016
Sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

This is my story . My mom says that I sleep talk but she does not know what language. An unknown language. How , I don't know any other language except my home tongue , mother tongue , english and arabic. Help me ...

Dec 18, 2016
Recording? NEW
by: Dave Haith

Lauryn, you said you recorded yourself speaking the language. Earlier in this thread I posted a friend's voice talking a foreign tongue.
Maybe you could post the recording here so people could try to identify it?

Dec 18, 2016
Message for Lauryn NEW
by: Dave Haith

Maybe you could post here the recording you made Lauryn?
Maybe somebody could identify it.

Dec 18, 2016
talking in unknown language NEW
by: hawk

My spirit lead me to this site woke at three am had speaking in another language on my mine.I have to go back to read what was said by person me to.I'm just like all of you.I'm glad to know I'm not alone any more.I've dreamed on and off for some yrs.searching for answers.most people can't tell us nothing unless they have had same experience.I have spoke in dreams in another language.wake up speaking the language so it's true I heard my self as I woke up.I've seen Arabic writings on walls in dreams.I'm of mixed culture native American some of my family look Pakistani.I speak more than three languages can't tell which one.if any one can help please text me.thanks.hawk.

Dec 30, 2016
foreign language NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all...its gud 2 hear that there r similar cases as well.My father shouts in some unintelligible language .while asleep and even while he is awake he goes in some form of trance .And he has been doing this for last 35 yrs it seems..And he does not want 2 c a doctor..bcoz he believes it 2 be spiritual...which for oders is nothing but nuisance.It has not affected him any way...but way
I worry about is dat he is getting old...N it shud NT affect him...Any expert who has information on dis case...I wud appreciate if some1 explains the ordeal

Jan 09, 2017
I do it too NEW
by: RFW

I am a native Romanian speaker, and speak English at a native level as well (started learning it in 2nd grade). I was recently told I speak in English while asleep, which was surprising because I assumed my main brain functions were still in my native tongue.

The brain works in mysterious ways and I'm sure that for most of the other comments, speaking in a language you don't know might be your brain repeating fragments of things heard on tv, street, etc. It's cataloging and sorting them

Jan 12, 2017
Past lives? Help? NEW
by: Air

I studied psychology and I am currently a Behavioral Interventionist for children.

I have always had a very sensitive soul and could pick up on people's energy. I have had strong visions of the future of tragedies that came true to loved ones close to me.

Every since I was young, I have had astral projection experiences. I have them on a regular basis, especially during times that I feel my soul is vulnerable. (ex: very sick, going through new life transitions, ect.)

I also occasionally have vivid dreams of what I think could be past lives.

Last night, I dreamt I was a young girl in Japan. I spoke Japanese in my dream and understood it. It was current era, I was poor. My mother was dead and my wheelchair bound father was missing. I would constantly shoot up heroine and I was homosexual. I felt so much anger and pain. The dream was so real, I woke up with a panic attack and sweats. Hours later im still shaking from it.

Does anyone have advice?

Jan 22, 2017
My brother spoke latin in his sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

My brother has actually experienced sleep paralysis three times. I just found this out recently, and from what I know about it, you not only wake up unable to move, and you start to hallucinate, but he doesn't get hallucinations. He told me that this one time his girl friend heard him speaking in Latin. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but my brother doesn't know a WORD of Latin, so idk what could've caused it. I'm worried that that could have been a sign of something trying to possess him, idk, but it scares me just thinking about it. What do you guys think, could something paranormal or evil try to get in his body. I'm just scared for him!

Feb 01, 2017
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by: virus

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Feb 01, 2017
Virus NEW
by: Virus

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Feb 01, 2017
Virus NEW
by: Virus

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Apr 13, 2017
Speaking translatable Italian - but I don't know Italian! NEW

I've woken up speaking foreign languages, out loud, on many occasions (several times I have slept through it, but my husband has heard me & told me about it). When I talk to him about it, he says he didn't understand it & I was probably just talking gibberish. When I've told other people, they either say the same or (my super religious friends) say I'm speaking in tongue.
Here's weird thing #1 (and believe me, I know I'm saying this, but it even sounds crazy to me): the talking wakes me up, like I'm hearing someone else in the room - kind of like hearing a noise & you're all like "What's that?" and get startled awake. Then I realize it's me speaking & I'm listening to myself as if I'm listening to someone else. I hear the words coming out of my mouth & I'm like "What the heck am I saying?!" So, I sit back (metaphorically not physically) & listen, but don't understand any of it. Now, I know we can do 2 things at once - like shaking your foot & reading a book - and this is because it's completely different functions. But I thought we had to think about the words we say & then we speak them. I did NOT think it was possible to speak full-on sentences while listening to those words that one part of your brain is making the decision to say, while another part of your brain tries to understand what the other part of your brain is saying! Holy crap - I'm getting confused just trying to wrap my brain around it to explain this!!! I can't fathom how I can SAY words whIle THINKING 'What am I saying', listen AND try to analyze what I'm saying.
Here's weird part 2: After having this happen on several different occasions, one night I tried to pay closer attention to what I was saying. But I was speaking so fast & 'fluently' that I couldn't understand - all I knew was that it was either gibberish or a language I didn't know. But I kept repeating two words in my monologue. I finally stopped speaking & fully woke up. I got out of bed, grabbed a pen & a tissue box (it was the only thing I could grab in the dark to write on) and went into the bathroom. The words I kept repeating sounded phonetically like 'cap-pay ben-nay' but for some reason I wrote the words as 'cape bene'. Note: This happened about 7 years ago - and let's just say, I was not aware of Google translate at that time (sad, I know). Anyways, I was convinced, that if I was speaking actual words, that it sounded like Latin & that even though I don't speak it, it is a language that we encounter almost regularly, even if we don't realize it. So I thought that maybe my subconscious had put Latin words together that would make no sense - like knowing a Latin word here & there (like words for 'trust', 'dog' & 'color') - then putting them together in one sentence "Trust dog color" - which makes no sense. Even though the sentence make no sense, the reason for creating does.
Jump forward to now, me remembering those words again & putting the words 'cape benne' into Google translate. The first language it detects with 'cape' is Italian & it stays Italian - the phrase translates to 'seize well'. #1 I don't know Italian, have no friends or family that speak Italian, had not been exposed to the Italian language & have never been to Italy. #2 As I said above - even if I we're exposed to random foreign words, the words need to correlate & we still need to be able to put those words together in the CORRECT ORDER #3 The skeptic in me says, well MAYBE I heard those words somewhere (doubtful but plausible), but then why would I know how to spell them? In my sleep ridden stupor, you'd think I'd spell the words as they sound, but I actually visualized how they should be spelled. I could've HEARD those words but I didn't SEE them.
I'm at a complete & total loss. This all sounds crazy, even to me. I like to find the scientific basis for things - and when science fails to explain something, it screws with my thinking process. I just wish, that somehow, that what I say could be recorded then analyzed.

Apr 16, 2017
My first language is Greek but in my dreams everything is in English while in real life i'm a fluent speaker in both languages NEW
by: Anonymous

So for years now i've been dreaming in English. I have been dreaming that I communicate with others in English or that everything is read in the dream are in English! I can't recall any moment that my dreams have been in Greek ever since I was a child. Why is that?

Apr 16, 2017
My first language is Greek but in my dreams everything is in English while in real life i'm a fluent speaker in both languages NEW
by: Anonymous

So for years now i've been dreaming in English. I have been dreaming that I communicate with others in English or that everything i read in the dream are in English! I can't recall any moment that my dreams have been in Greek ever since I was a child. Why is that?

Apr 24, 2017
Speaking my forst language to a friend NEW
by: Anonymous

My first language is Polish and I dreamt about speaking to my friend in Polish but she is English....this happens in real life too because sometimes i forget she is english and i start speaking polish to her 😂 And in my dream I dreamt about this boy from my school who had an accident and the paramedics were taking him to the hospital and i said to her in Polish "omg imagine if that happened to you" and then i said oh sorry I forgot u're I was wandering becauae Polish is my first language does it mean anythying?

May 06, 2017
Phew! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am ten, and once I woke up with Scottish Gaelic in my head. I'd never even heard of this language! I didn't know until I did some deep research! The words I thought mean 'the message he enters fire' My friends say I'm a werewolf, and this certainly didn't help in my attempt to prove all fifty+ reasons wrong! Thanks for reading

May 13, 2017
me too... NEW
by: Anonymous

I was around 10 the first time this happened to me. my mom and sister said it sounded like I was speaking in tongues then in plain English said "now let's pray." now I'm 21 and last night my husband said it sounded like I wad clearly speaking a different language. I don't know where this could be coming from since I only speak English

May 15, 2017
I think my bf gets possessed..??? NEW
by: Anonymous

My bf sleep talks to the point he is saying derogatory things to me in his sleep. He thinks im delusional. I'm very spiritual and a sensitive soul, an empath and feel energy. But just tonight a random friend sent me a msg saying.. Do I see anything in the back ground. Of a picture that was taken of me n my daughter yesterday. He said there was a demon in the pic. This was right at the time my bf was sleep talking. I am in another room right at this moment petrified of what is happening... I've prayed to God to keep me safe. But he just keeps talking. It is in English and it's like he knows what his trying to say. Yet when he wakes says he loves me or gets angry coz I actually hear what he says. Yet tells me I'm crazy. To which I don't think I am...
HOW do I interpret this?? It's affecting our relationship. Can anyone help please?????

May 16, 2017
An Olde Soul NEW
by: Anonymous

I do alot of wandering and fighting over alot of Fields and Glens in my sleep this i remember as when i wake up i Ache all over my body.My better half say's i also talk or shout in old Scots Gaelic

Jun 06, 2017
question NEW
by: Laura

Please contact me at My boyfriend has dreamt a few years ago of this and asks me for help finding answer. He's on a deserted road and ends up in a building like the old testament. Big colosal building with men dressed in silk garments. One is lying on a rock table/bed. He leans forward, points at my boyfriend and talks in what I've found to be Aramic. The English words he understands is Bacca and Septer. I can't find anything about this and wonder if you can help me figure this out. Please let me know by my email. Thank you so very much.

Jun 25, 2017
Dream in Old English - Exact Words NEW
by: Anonymous

In 2008 I had a very simple dream that triggered the most intense feeling of deja vu I've ever experienced. It startled me so much that I woke up, documented the dream and began to research. It's only now that I realize it must be tied to genetic memory - the fact that all of you also experienced the same "unknown language" dreams .

I know some of my maternal ancestors came from Scotland & England 10 generations ago. My paternal family immigrated to the USA from Norway. Obviously, when you go back 10 generations, there are 2^10 ancestors, or 1028 total ancestors. We're all the same; we'd all likely be surprised at some of the other ancestral origins. English (Wales), Scotish and Norwegian are the known ancestral roots.

I speak English as a primary language. I've picked up some Romanian from my wife who immigrated from Romania and some Spanish from school.

The contents of the dream are as follows:

1. Occurred in an ancient forest.
2. A girl appeared directly in front of me.
3. She was between 12-15.
4. She was wearing a white dress.
5. The white dress seemed to have a slight glow.
6. She was holding a white paper with the words "Lacuna becumen"
7. At the same time I read the words, she spoke it in a dialect of english I've never heard - deeper and more pronounced than a typical english accent.
8. She had a somber, worried look on her face as though she was trying to warn me of something.
9. I then woke up and proceeded wrote down the words so I could ensure I remember.

I looked up the words - it appears they have an old english etymology, spoken for 700 years between 500 and 1100. I was previously never exposed to or interested in this language.

I can only trace my ancestral roots back to the 1600s, so the dream contained content spoken between 500 and 1100 years prior.

I have seen a recent study from Emory University proving that some memories can be retained for up to 14 generations. Hopefully we'll all be able to eventually piece together the meaning behind this unusual genetic phenomenon.

Aug 22, 2017
mine is getting scary NEW
by: Anonymous

i wake up screaming in languages ive never learned and when my family recorded what im saying they sound like proverbs, i woke up screaming a phrase in gaelic and in my sleep i wrote out 私は死の使者です which roughly translates to i am a messenger of death, the phrases just get weirder and weirder

Sep 06, 2017
Sleep-conversations in German NEW
by: Lynn

This year, during the night of 24th May I started sleeptalking in German. I say complete sentences, I answer to questions, talk about my family, my cats, my life, about what I would do to help others. It's not gibberish, it is loud and clear, I also remember something when I get up in the morning, but having no idea of the meaning, I run to the translator. I record my sentences, too.I wonder how is it possible, as I only learned the greetings and the "How are you?" question, years ago and I even forgot...
Can it be xenoglossy? Meanwhile I have also discovered I have some Austrian genes, beside the Hungarian and Italian that could be the cause of speaking in German.

If you want to know why exactly you sleeptalk in a specific language, maybe you should do some research on your family history and genealogy, so you can find some clues which would help you a lot to find out why this happens...

Oct 04, 2017
Not Quite Sleep Talking NEW
by: Tim B

I am 51 years old. I speak primarily English and very little Spanish. About 2 months ago, I had a dream like none before. I was in what appeared to me to be a European Town square. The square was filled with people singing the words "Sotta voce au pais" to the tune of O Say can you see, over and over again. The dream itself did not disturb me, but I couldn't get those words out of my head when I awoke. A Google translation later, I discover they are Corsican. Meaning "leave your country". I can guarantee I have NEVER been exposed to Corsican. I had to Wikipedia it to even discover its location.
I have spoken to friends and family about it, but we have no clue how this could happen.
I was just going to forget about it, when I had a 2nd dream a few days ago. In this one, I'm on an island in what appears to be a tropical location. I have just taken out a dugout canoe into the ocean and returned to the beach where, I'm dream at least, a friend is waiting. He looks Polynesian. He asks about the canoe, to which I reply "pa ala ui". I wake up and as before I cannot get the words out of my head. Again I Google translate the words the way I see them in my head. This time they are native Hawaiian, meaning "follow the steps". I've never been to Hawaii nor have I ever spoken to a Hawaiian.
Why is this happening?

Oct 17, 2017
I speak Swedish in my nightmares? NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a really weird nightmare last night

I was walking around a neighborhood close to mine at around dusk. It was cold and I came across the house of my old friend, who has moved out a couple years ago. I then came across a lost toddler, who was crying and speaking in another language I immediately somehow recognized as Swedish. The toddler was speaking in Swedish and I was speaking and responding in English. One of my friends lives a street down, so I told the toddler to wait and I was going to get my friend to figure things out. When we came back, the toddler was dead, but something else started chasing us and screaming at us in Swedish, it killed my friend.

I woke up in a cold sweat, but I immediately acknowledged it as weird gibberish speaking and stuff. However, when I came downstairs, my dad asked me what was going on last night, apparently I sleep-walked out of my room, went into my parents room, and spoke a weird language. They told me I was urgently asking/ begging for something (which I did do in the dream, such as when I asked my friend to come out and help or when I begged the killer to not hurt us)

I have multiple experiences with this, but its always just with nightmares, my parents say I come out of my room and speak this "weird language". I don't remember my dreams very well, so I don't know if its "Swedish" every time, but it probably is, what else would it be?

Thing is, I don't believe in any of this past life or reincarnation crap, I'm a firm science believer. Problem is, I have zero experience with anything Swedish, unless you want to count Ikea.

Worth mentioning though, I had a close friend throughout childhood who moved to Sweden when we were eight. I also have a school friend who moved from Sweden last year, but I never spoke Swedish with them. I am not genetically Swedish either.

Until science has an explanation, this is all gibberish. Or until I manage to record myself and have my Swedish friend determine it as Swedish.

Nov 20, 2017
Sleep Talked in a Language Close to Spanish, but Definitely NOT Spanish NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a middle-aged woman. When I was in my early twenties I had been up for a few days and I was exhausted. I remember I was falling asleep and I was starting to speak in Spanish, dreaming that I was at the deli where I was an assistant food manager at the time and most of the customers spoke Spanish. I speak some Spanish, but I am far from fluent. Then all of a sudden I was shocked wide awake. My mouth was moving and I was speaking in what definitely sounded like an unknown foreign language. It sounded close to Spanish, but was definitely NOT Spanish. I did not have a clue what I was saying, and I had absolutely not control over my mouth what-so-ever. I was also speaking the language fluently and forcefully. To me, it did not even sound like my own voice. My boyfriend was there at the time and he said I spoke for about a minute, or two.

A few days later I stayed over night at my twin brother's house. He knew nothing about the incident. When I woke up in the morning he was a little freaked out. He said I woke him up banging on the wall in the middle of the night. When he went in the room to check on me he said I was thrashing or moving about and my knees or legs were hitting the wall, and that I was speaking in a foreign language. I had no recollection of that incident. I did not wake up while it happened.

As far as I know this has not happened to me since then. About every five or six years on average I try finding others on the internet who have had a similar experience, but it was very difficult, and then when I did find a similar incident, the site gave no contact information. I am thrilled to find this site. I am not religious, and I do not believe in demons, or even reincarnation. I know there has to be a scientific explanation. So many of us have had similar experiences! Since a professor is running this site, I ask you professor; please, look into getting grant money to fund a study looking into this. I have toyed with the idea of attempting to get hypnotically regressed, so what I said could be recorded, and then I would be able to find out for certain what language (if any), I was speaking. The cadence, the fluency and the sound of it was not unintelligible goobely-gook, it was a language. However, I am definitely open to the possibility that there may be some part of our mind that can be activated in a certain way to make us believe and sound like we are speaking a foreign language when we are not. That is why it is so important to get a study funded, so we know if we are really speaking unknown languages, or not. If we are, we NEED to know what we are saying. There are people that babble nonsense in their sleep. I went through a short period doing that years later when I was on some good drugs and worn out, but what I am talking about above is completely different than that.

I know those of you who have experienced it too, know exactly what I am talking about. We need a sound scientific explanation. It doesn't have to be a grand explanation, it can even be a quirk of the mind (though it really doesn't seem it at all). Those of us who have truly experienced the same thing really, really need a sound, scientifically obtained, definitive explanation.

Dec 30, 2017
As I wake NEW
by: Anonymous

When I am about to wake, a phrase in ancient Greek would appear in my mind and the pronunciation of the phrase is perfect in my head. And when I do wake and google, it means something, sometimes the phrase is gibberish, and sometimes it makes complete sense... But I don't know why this happens, it's as though someone is feeding me these phrases.

Jan 17, 2018
Dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

I was spending the night at a friend's house and before we went to sleep she told me that she is told by other people that she cast out demons in her sleep and she can see the room she does recall it so that night we went to sleep and I could see the room and here things in the room I heard my friend that had told me about casting out demons in her sleep she started to talk in a foreign language which sounded like Latin kind of sounded like a demon which startled me I started praying and casting out the demon saying I cast you out demon in the name of Jesus her girlfriend turned to me really fast and I can see her turn her head I thought a demon was going to pop out of her but she just said my name and try to wake me up I couldn't wake up but I was telling her my friend's name over and over I couldn't get the sentence out but I was trying to tell her my friend needs help when I did wake up they told me I was singing Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah they had heard me say at the beginning I cast you out demon in the name of Jesus but when they went to wake me up instead of me saying my friend needs help which I thought I was saying they said I was singing Hallelujah

Feb 02, 2018
Me too, thank-goodness this is "normal" NEW
by: Brit

I had a dream the other night where a man was trying to advise me about something, and holding a business card out to me he yelled "Stop! Nisan!" right in my face. Then I awoke with my heart racing, and wondered what in the world I was doing thinking of car manufacturers. I awoke and looked up the word "Nisan," which is Hebrew meaning "Miracle" or the first month of the Jewish calendar. I wouldn't give it a second thought, except that last year I discovered I am part Jewish, and I have been learning some basic Hebrew but I'd never heard of "Nisan."

Feb 03, 2018
Just happened last night NEW
by: Anonymous

This has been happening to me on and off for the last six or seven years. I wake myself up speaking a language I do not know. It's really strange, because it's like I have to finish whatever it is I'm saying. It all has to come out. And it's almost like I I can keep it going. And, I feel like I know what I'm saying, but it's coming out in a language I've never heard before. Last night I woke up after about two hours of sleep, got out of bed to go to the bathroom, something startled me and I when I spoke, the other language came out, which surprised me. I think I said about two or three sentences. I don't know if I know what I was saying because I was surprised that it was not waking me up, and happening already after I was awake. i'm super glad other people have this happening, too. I have no idea what it is but it is interesting. And I don't find it scary.

Feb 12, 2018
read the bible and understand NEW
by: Anonymous

When you speak in different language, tongues, its the HOLY SPIRIT that speaks through you, to your Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows of things you do not know of. What Does the Bible Say About Speaking in Tongues?"

1Corinthians 1:5 " For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge—

Acts 2:4"All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them."

Acts 19:6"When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied."

Its also possible that you might have conversations with demonic forces. It is therefore important to safegaurd your dreams and ask Gods protection and guidance. Protect your dreams

I myself had these experiences for years and over time had radical changes on how I perceive things.. I continuously changes, but this was not a good change. I would wake up whilst having a deep conversation about what and with whom i never knew. bUT WHAT i KNOW WAS THAT i CHANGED. I almost lost my life , BUT GOD saved me

Now I still wake up sometimes whilst speaking in tongues, but positive change is happening.. The Holy Spirit intercede for me and pray for the things that I do not know, but thats important. My life went from being wreck to being beautiful..

God is speaking to and through you, you have to listen, ask Him to give you understanding. JESUS LOVES YOU

Feb 12, 2018
Supercomputer controlled by punch cards NEW
by: First Time Adult Talker (i think)

I just had this happen to me last night and I think I have done it before as a child.

From various things I have read about the physiology of sleep, there is a process that paralyzes you in your sleep so you don't kill yourself when sleeping. (most of the ancient ancestors who lacked this probably didn't have the chance to pass on the troublesome genes) Sleep walkers have that issue and it can be very dangerous.

So maybe people that speak in their sleep have a mild form of this where the motor nerves for the head are active.

Then there's the foreign language part. that's where my title comes in. From my perspective, our conscious self is merely a punch card (very early primitive input device) to a supercomputer - our brains.

So when our supercomputer (brains' subconscious) all of sudden has free rein to talk - watch out. I think if our brains can model the complex physics involved in throwing a dart or throwing a bowling ball it can spit out it's own unique language, or piece together bits and pieces of another language it's heard over the years. It may have gone over your conscious minds head, but it's in there somewhere and when your brain is bored it can come up with amazing things.

Apr 12, 2018
Two Voices NEW
by: Number 11

I am not sure if this has happened to any one else but it scared me last night. My husband speaks in a different language sometimes at night. He will have a conversation with pauses like he is replying to someone. He doesn't believe me when I tell him that he speaks in a different language. But our daughter and I both heard him one night. I have tried to record him but any slight movement and he stops speaking. This is kind of scary this morning. I woke up because last night I heard a woman's voice in our bedroom talking to my husband. I could understand her in English but I can't remember now what she said. He responded back in his strange language. She said something else, and then he responded back again. They were having a conversation. This happened probably pre-dawn. I remember thinking, I can hear you too. He doesn't remember anything about last night. If this ever happens again and I am able, I am going to tell her that I hear her too.

Sep 09, 2018
Native American Language NEW
by: Anonymous

I to a nap one night only awaken with my girlfriend and her son watching me. They said I was speaking what sounded like Native American, I was describing something over and over and touching my arm from my elbow to my wrist during the description.

Sep 11, 2018
Clueless NEW
by: Anonymous

My cousins told me I sat up one day with my eyes wide open turned my head and looked at them cursed the word and then spoke in like pig latin language and then laid back down and fell asleep. They said I looked like I was possesed. I have night terrors and usually curse and scream but now I'm starting to sing and speak in different languages.dont know why or even that I'm doing so.

Oct 13, 2018
I talk in diffrent languges in my dreams spanish ,cherokee and hebrew what does this mean.. NEW
by: Amanda

It happenns more when i have night mares.people say its ralking in tounges others say its demomic talking.this is been going on for about 5years.what does this mean.

Oct 14, 2018
Sleep talking in different language NEW
by: Alexvaj

My wife creeped me out last night. Can anybody explain. She was talking in her sleep in a different language. It does not sound gibberish. Only way I can describe is it sounds like an old language. Her words were very well pronounced and she spoke very clear, not stuttering and no pauses at all. She spoke English twice in between. In the beginning she said 'I curse you'. The second time she said 'you will hurt'. I got scared and woke her up. She said she was a witch and was putting a curse on a man that hurts her. Next time I will record it. Anybody has any experience and explanation?

Nov 01, 2018
The way of life NEW
by: Shaun David Grace

Lots to say where to start magic master magic man not magic monkey.I can guarantee that it is the dead past life that are not dead trying to do something of communication with you good or bad.There method is complicated.You can not see them but they are there.Whether it is your loved ones or the bad of life trying to hassle you they are there if you are tuned in and listen, that is the voisses you are hearing around you welcome to the After life.Your not mad just miss informed

Nov 04, 2018
Not your dream NEW
by: Shaun David Grace

When the past ie hollowed,Ghosts,Spirit,Energy lays apon you sits touches you,your energy is in sync,even when your eyes are shut you still have energy that energy you can’t still have it when your dead but not dead only the body decays,the same thing that created this is still around the light,energy the creator the master container the one that contains space itself GOD it is the proof you need to understand our energy does not fade just like the creator where we come from not the monkey the creator created the monkey is not the original, we came from the space who made the space where the original came from and made.Easy to understand the magic in that when you are dead but not dead.The language is not you,what you see through there eyes is there sight of memories not yours it is old sight old language.This website is proof enough of what is happening and I say is true

Mar 04, 2019
Speaking in a dfferent Language in sleep
by: Anonymous

Yes I also when just going off to sleep start talking in a different language it just happens with no forethought mostly happens maybe once in every 3 weeks approx. I do not understand what I am saying and cannot repeat this in an awakened state Just started watching the Outlanders series on Netflix and the Gaelic language sounded very much like it Glad to see it is not only me this happens too

May 23, 2019
For the last year or so I experience it to
by: Anonymous

I became aware of this when one night I literally just sat right up I was screaming in a foreign language and sub consciously thought wtf was that went back to sleep and didn’t worry about it. But a month or so later I starting talking it while awake no English would come out of my mouth I tried to record it but got very little recorded.
Time went by and I didn’t think about it but then I started having odd recollections of stuff happening in my sleep so I started recording my sleep. To find quite often I’ll be talking some type of foreign language.
It sometimes is so intense recently it happened but I was hysterically cry and screaming this language it always seems to be traumatic but I was aware of it yet I could not wake up I could hear my partner trying to wake me but I was like paralysed.
It now happens so regularly in my sleep but what concerns me is it’s now regularly happening while I’m awake as well.

I have in the last four years gone through a horrific trauma and still going through it I fell this is caused from severe trauma.

May 23, 2019
Does anybody else have this happening NEW
by: Kim

Hi I have again came outta my sleep screaming and pointing my finger speaking another language that I don't know what it is but I am speaking well yelling an pointing my finger in anger and I speak this language fluently an it happened lastnight again. I have dealt with haunted houses,witnessing a exorcism of a ex,had to move outta a few homes because they were getting way to powerful an had to leave my things in different places because I was scared it would attach itself on to my stuff! I have had incubus situations that were terrifying and my dreams come as warning alot an are very vivid. its like I live in 2 worlds bc of this but I only had this happen to me where I wake up screaming in a different language in past 5yrs? Im very baffled by this,especially bc I am angry an I cant record it bc it doesn't happen alot? anyone else?

Jun 23, 2019
I had a strange dream. What does it mean?
by: Anonymous

In my dream my husband was sleeping and I could hear him talking but couldn’t make it out, I tried to wake him and he grabbed my throat and started saying "oh hem oh ky oh tet" (or that’s what it sounded like) his voice was raspy and didn’t sound like him at all I tried to scream out his name but I couldn’t because he was choking me but he kept repeating the same thing over and over, and then I finally woke up.

What does this mean? I’m a firm believer your dreams can tell you something. Please help!

Jul 14, 2019
Same here.... NEW
by: Anonymous

I have always had disturbed sleep patterns for over 60 years, walking, seeing major things with my eyes open and sleep talking. My late mother said when asleep as a child I always spoke as if it were in a foreign language.

Nov 25, 2019
Speaking Polish in sleep NEW
by: Anne

English is my normal language. I only know a very little Polish, not enough to carry on a conversation - just some words here and there. But I was recording while I sleep (found out I snore) and then there was this period between snoring where I was involved in some dialog where I seemed to be speaking Polish or something similar. I was speaking quickly like I was conversing with someone or telling some story. It was weird.

Mar 05, 2020
Husband speaks different languages in sleep NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband is an alcoholic and the nights he drinks which is almost every night. He speaks in his sleep right when he passes out he speaks English and curses and then speaks in another language it sounds like Hebrew to me. He’s an ex preacher and his dad was a preacher his whole upbringing. I really feel it’s spiritual and demons in him and it totally freaks me out to be honest.

Sep 09, 2020
Movie NEW
by: Anonymous

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