Sleepocalypse - Save Dement, Save The World! [Official-ish Trailer]

An Outreach Project by Kellen Asercion, Max Wernecke, Adrian Sierra, and Ana-Karen Zavala-Zimmerer | Return To Outreach Projects 2010

In the year 2028 the evil UC Berkeley has taken over the world and controls every aspect of our society. They have discovered the dark power of sleep debt and are depriving the nation of sleep education.

However, one hope remains. A young and dashing Dr. Dement, immortalized through good sleeping habits, leads a small underground resistance fighting to educate people about sleep. To thwart this threat, Berkeley has sent a highly trained assassin back in time to kill Dr. Dement and eliminate the final threat to the Berkeley empire. Fortunately, Dr. Dement has gotten wind of the plan and has trained his own elite super-soldier to send back in time and guard his younger self.

Will Dr. Dement survive to lead the world out of the clutches of evil UC Berkeley? Or will the world be doomed to lead a zombie-like existence deprived of sleep knowledge?

Only one man can save us from drowsiness...

Watch Sleepocalypse

**This trailer is a student-made project for Stanford Sleep and Dreams. There is no movie coming in the summer of 2010, despite the awesome acting chops of Kellen Asercion, Max Wernecke, Adrian Sierra, and Ana-Karen Zavala-Zimmerer.**

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The Stanford Sleep Book

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Dr. Dement's pioneering textbook has been the core text for Sleep and Dreams since 1980, but it has just recently been made available to the wider public for the first time.

In it you'll find a more detailed account of the most important things you need to know about sleep, alertness, dreams, and sleep disorders. Studies, statistics, plus plenty of Dr. Dement's classic anecdotes painting the history of sleep medicine.

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More Sleep Resources

The Zeo

A revolution in personal sleep tracking, the Zeo is a wireless headband that transmits your brainwaves in realtime to a dock (pictured here) or your smartphone. The result? You can wake up and see exactly what stages of sleep you were in during the night! Unprecedented personalized sleep knowledge.

Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide

Sleep Paralysis Treatment Book

Ever woken up paralyzed? A surprising number of us have, believe it or not. But few know the actual causes of this phenomenon, and fewer still how to exert control over it. Dream researcher and sleep paralysis expert Ryan Hurd shares breakthrough insights into how to do just that.

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