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Smoked Pot Everyday For 35 years, Then Quit And Had RBD 3 Weeks Later

by Anonymous
(San Diego, CA)

I have always slept like a champion, and have been a daily pot smoker for 35 years. I refer to pot as sleep therapy before bed. I have always slept like a machine, I power down when I close my eyes, and power up when I awaken. I have always declared myself a champion sleeper. But I never ever dream. None, nothing what so ever that I can recall.

Less then 2 years ago I decided to quit smoking pot for 30 days to see if I could indeed dream like so many others. It was a bizzar thing. After about the 3rd week I had my first dream. I was in a park smoking a big cheech and chong joint with a bunch of people I never met... Not bad, it kinda was ironic that my first dream would be of smoking pot.

But the dreams were starting to trickle in over the next week but with very few details to remember, so a friend recommended I try a nicotine patch (I haven't smoked cigarettes in 25 years). I acquired the most potent one I could, shaved my arm and allied it.

Holy crap. I was at war with live fish all night doing actual hand to hand combat taking casualties that were too great to comprehend all around me. This went on all night and was terrifying. Two years later it still bothers me...

So the next day I was smoking pot full time again, right away I was a champion sleeper who could do nothing more then power down and power up with nothing what so ever in between.

But 29 days ago, after hearing my brother talk about a recurring dream of stuffed animals eating vegetables from a garden he doesn't have I decided to try this again for 30 days to see if I could naturally trip in my sleep without any outside medicinal help...

4 days ago I had my first dream, it involved a cat and was rather redundant, I was chasing him around a house I never been to. Didn't think too much of it...

The next day I watched the presidential state of the union address before going to sleep. I have never looked at or thought of Michelle
Obama in a sexual way. But somehow I wound up in the back seat of a car with her having sex that was as close to convulsions as any sex I have ever had. I woke up gasping out loud with my whole body flying up and down like a out of control jack hammer. This embarrassed the crap out of me. I was a mental wreck. I sleep with a spouse that I have no contact with and was amazed and relieved she didn't realize what was going on.. or so I thought.

Next night I dreamed again. This time I was in some honky tonk bar and wound up in a huge brawl. I remember be 86'd and very vocal. But I woke up the next morning feeling very relaxed, so assumed all was going well...

Then last night my spouse informed me I was screaming and throwing my body and flailing arms everywhere, so she been leaving the room for the last 3 days and watching tv in the living room, until I calmed down. This freaked me out, because this had been happening and coincided with my dreams...

I went to bed worried that it would happen again, and it did, only this was the worst yet. I was asleep less then two hours when all I can recall is I was being stuffed in a trunk. I fought violently and woke up with my body lurching out of control and landed on the floor. It was pitch black I didn't know if I was still dreaming or not and preceded to make like a bull in a china shop, thrashing through the room and down the hallway. I came to sitting on the toilet with my head on the floor. I had broken the crap out of my toe. It's now purple and black an crooked as can be.

I am rather freaked out at the moment and am only on day 29 of being pot free. This self induced sleep study is way more then I bargained for....

Still reeling in San Diego with a big fat broken toe and not sure if I should continue being pot free. I love the thought of dreaming but never thought it would be like this...

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Nov 20, 2019
the real concern about your dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

so if you were thrusting and flailing in your sleep while fighting the fish and being stuffed into the trunk what was happening while you were piping Michelle Obama

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