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The Pink Killer Social Bunny

by Claire

I have very vivid dreams, this one I had a about a year back. I'd be interested in any input of why my dreams are so messed, or anything. Enjoy the story :)

I was running down a street, knowing that something, or someone was chasing me, but I was too busy looking for an escape to look back. I turned down an old, yellowish brick alley, and just in time a cook came out of a back door that is normally locked form the outside. I got in just in time and the heavy metal door slammed behind. It was pitch black but I could tell that I was in a straight, narrow stair case going up.

I could hear the thing clawing at the door behind me as I ran up the stairs with both hands on the wall for support. About half way up the stairs (They were very long stairs) I herd the door break down and the sound of the thing chasing me up the stairs. I popped out of the staircase through a little door in to, what appeared to be the second or third level of a very fancy hotel. It had red carpets and gold trim on the white walls. To my left was a huge staircase with the same red carpet and white marble hand rails. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, swinging from the hand rails as I jumped many steps at a time. Finally I lost the thing. I was in the hotels restaurant.

The restaurant was very much like the rain forest cafe if any one has been there. Sections of the restaurant each set up differently. Rain in one, ocean in an other, etc. Well my boyfriend was there, along with my brother and mother. It was a buffet and so we all got food, but then we all went to sit at different places. As my boyfriend and I sat down in a booth (There was a knight in bronze armor on the wall near us), I watched both my mom and brother die. One was from a shark attack while the other was from a lighting strike. (I can't remember which was which) It was at this point that I realized that the whoel restaurant was after me, I yelled at my bf and jumped on the table just in time. Dozens of poisonous snakes came out of the knights helmet on to the floor.

We ran jumping from table to table, and chairs to chairs trying not to touch the floor as the horrible snakes came after us. We got to the entrance of restaurant and there, infront of us was a giant pink bunny. Like the social bunnies from the sims 2. It must have been what was chasing me before hand. Slowly it hopped toward us. We skid to a halt turned around and ran back. The snakes had dissapeared. We ran down a small white hallway in the
back and got to a shiny silver elevator. I could hear the bunny coming down the hallway as I frantically pushed the button over and over again. I could see its shadow. The door of the elevator opened and my bf pulled me inside. I could see the bunny's pink face as the elevator door closed shut.

We rid up the elevator, and now instead of being in a hotel, we are in a super fancy mall. Several stories high with a glass ceiling at the top. Above this glass ceiling is a roof top garden, which you could stand on and look all the way down past your feet through all the levels of the mall. Below the mall were two levels of parkade. It was night time and no one was in the mall, and the stars were out so when you looked up from anywhere you could see stars.

Now the issue was that whenever we got out of the elevator to run, their the pink bunny would be hopping toward the elevator, perfeclty calm like. The dream went on for a while, getting out at each level and the bunny being there, us running back to the elevator and trying a new floor.

Finally we attempt the parkade ground level for the 3rd time, it looks clear and we can see a car waiting for us at the entrance (or exit) to the parkade. We run, but there comes the bunny. My bf pushed me back standing in front of me and pulled out his sword attempting to fight off the evil bunny. The bunny got a hold of me, and then all went black. I died. Or so I thought.

A few seconds later I woke up in a car with my bf driving frantically to his friends place where he was staying. We were going there to get his stuff and then get out of town. Now this house was in a corner of a crescent. With a large child's play ground. Somewhere along the way a child was also there. My bf went in to the house to grab his stuff while the child and I played on the playground. I noticed that there was a black van driving bakc and forth around the crescent. The child and I stopped and hid behind the playground watching this van. Then the van did a wierd transformy thing like a transformers truck. I realized the evil bunny was inside it. I ran inside to grab my bf yelling that we were found and under attack. Then the house blew up and it was all black.

I slept for a while after that, then woke up later.
Anways, pretty normal dream for me, but I would love to hear others theory behind that dream. No I was not overly stressed at the time, I was at the end of grade 11. As far as I could tell at the time nothing special was going on in my life.

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Comments for The Pink Killer Social Bunny

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Jan 13, 2015
I thought bunny was suppose to be adorable but I am wrong o.e NEW
by: Anonymous

Sound like a interesting dream!? I get dream like that when I was so tired that day or deep in sleep or was ill that day. Maybe that why you get dream like that, but then dream can be very weird at any time because they just does.

Or you got creative imagination :P

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