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Threw Myself Out Of Bed. REM Sleep Disorder?!

by Kaiser

Somewhere like 10 or more years ago I fell asleep watching TV in my recliner and during the night I had a dream where I was fighting a guy and went to kick him and I ended up kicking the footrest of my recliner and breaking it.

I hadn't thought much about it except for regretting breaking my chair, but last night I was in bed and had a dream where I became aware of a person trying to stab another person with a knife. I felt I knew the person being attacked, but cannot name them. I came to the attacked person's aid and wrested control of the knife and stabbed the attacker. I then pulled the knife out of the attacker and became aware that he had an acquaintance a short distance away with a rifle. Knowing that I wasn't going to win that fight I started out to escape the gunman.

I came to a wall and went to clamber over it and that's when things got interesting. As I threw myself horizontally over the wall in my dream I also threw myself much the same way out of my bed. The funny thing is that though I am currently sure I didn't wake up until I hit the floor, what it felt like was as I went airborne for just a moment I had woke up and I had a wiley coyote moment where I awakened and realized what I was doing - kind of like those moments when the coyote is hanging there just off
the cliff and getting ready to fall. It felt like I was suspended for a second or 2 and then hit the ground.

The funny thing is when I felt that suspended moment I knew I was supposed to be sleeping and was throwing myself out of bed and I started laughing. When I hit the ground I definitely was awake, luckily was unhurt, and realized to I was totally and completely awake unlike any other time in my life when I have awakened from sleeping. No grogginess, no sluggishness, just complete and I might almost say heightened sensory awareness and cognitive sharpness. And although I was not laughing out loud as during the coyote moment, I found myself to be highly amused and verging on laughter. I spent the next few minutes doing a self check for injuries and found nothing, not even any soreness, and proceeded to pick myself up and go back to bed.

When I woke up about 3 or 4 hours later I have been thinking bout that wiley coyote moment and I just tickles my funnybone to no end. It is now about 8 hours since the jump and I am even now feeling amused.

The reason I make this submission is that I went on the internet and saw that REM movements like this are usually not good and usually the person experiencing night terrors wakes up feeling bad, and I would like someone to maybe tell me that since I am not feeling the negative aftereffects that I hopefully have nothing to worry about.

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Jul 08, 2015
Sleep disorders NEW
by: Sam

Hello. My name is Sam and I'm working on a docu-series about sleep disorders and getting to the bottom of these disruptions. While I don't have answers per se, we are hoping to document the behavior and help you find an answer. If interested, please send me an email at associateproducersam[at] Thank you and I hope we can help.

Feb 12, 2016
cant stand it anymore NEW
by: ben

For the last 3or4 years ive had vivid violent dreams that seem to go all night ive jumped off my bed numerouse times trying to help a freind in danger ive nearly jumped out a three story building window only to wake up in time punched walls and got cut up ive just found out about bsd im also on setraline 4the same time gonna see a specialist ill let youse know what happens

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